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The Power of Forgiveness with Laura Avolese!

Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald

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The Power of Forgiveness with Laura Avolese!

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And you are taking action into your consciousness by tuning into contact Talk Radio. Dot Com ammo. Contact talk radio this is alcohol from CBS Radio. Thanking you once again for taking time out of your hectic schedules to tune into another fantastic weekly episode of living fearlessly with Lisa. Mcdonald's another shout out of wholehearted gratitude to living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald's corporate sponsors health and Honda forever. And Aha that give reviews clicks shares downloads feedback and testimonials or always appreciated leases purpose and mission is to uplift you to fearless and to live more to appear as perspective guest on living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald or to connect with Lisa regarding her suite of products and services. You can reach Lisa at living fearlessly with LISA DOT COM so for now. A are fearless. Friends is Lisa living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Good morning everybody. Thank you so very much for joining me. Rejoining me again on this lovely Friday morning. My name is Lisa McDonald host of living fearlessly with the contact talk radio network LISTENERSHIP SPANS. Two one hundred and forty five countries. Two hundred twenty. Tv radio terrestrial satellites and the potential for millions of I tuned downloads. Once again we are joined by yet. Another phenomenal guest. So who is my guest of this Friday? Well what I can tell you is Laura of Lese is an Italian Canadian author mother and Real Estate Agent who has devoted her life to personal growth through positive transformation. Laura has shouldered heavy burdens and unimaginable hardships throughout her life. And in memory of her mother has dedicated herself to sharing her story to support and to uplift other victims of domestic violence as the author of four books including breaking barriers three sixty five empowering stories and dreaming big and being bowled lower uses her inner strength to share the lessons. She's learned from Abuse Addiction. Pain and forgiveness to empower others to pursue their dreams and to overcome the past. Laura has been featured on several television programs including C H C H TV. Morning Live and various podcasts. Laura is proud to be involved in a documentary which was released in. May Two thousand and nineteen with this and future writing projects. Laura continues to shed light on issues of abuse addiction and reminds us of the power of forgiveness. Welcome to living courtesy with Lisa McDonald. My friend how are you today Laura? I'm fantastic thank you Lisa. How are you doing very well? I mean it seems like forever ago. We had scheduled to do this. And we had had our initial in the background conversations. And I have to say as I was then as I am now. I'm just so enamored by your story. Your perseverance the fact that you continually not only show up for yourself but for everyone else in your plight and your mission of going forward To eradicate all of this into reinforced the importance of forgiveness. So you've certainly had a lot in which to grapple with the whole concept of forgiveness. So why don't we talk about some of the trials tribulations some of the adversity that you yourself have had to overcome in order for forgiveness to be the main message that you choose to impart to listening audience into the podcast subscribers. Sure absolutely I'd love to share my story with you Lisa and In hopes that it inspires others to learn the true power of forgiveness so as a little girl I saw. You know quite a bit of abuse happening in my home Towards my mom During that time at home in Sicily I you know had things happening to me by older men that were inappropriate In though my life was not you know that as a child it just wasn't that happy place From the moment I was born My Dad being an Italian man Italian mental want their first child to be his son so there was a little bit of apparently disappointment that I was born a girl in any event Growing up Up until the age of nine I did witness a lot of abuse that boards my mom and my dad Was just a a very nice person I guess and and he was. When I was nine I was living with my maternal grandparents in they were back in Italy in Sicily and Where the abuse continued for my mom. Who is only twenty eight At the time but She was ready to leave the abusive relationship. As you know some of US women decide that we've had enough and we were ready to move on and she and fortunately didn't make it. My Dad ended up murdering her In cold blood in the kitchen while she was doing dishes and so experiencing not from a very young age it was very hard Growing up and buried difficult back in the in the seventies. We didn't have any any type of help especially in our culture. It was something that you sort of didn't talk about. It was hushush obviously being a child. They didn't tell me a lot of things but I was always always beyond my years as a child so I always more than I should and again growing up was the former mayor just went from one thing to the next I became Defiant Child I was Getting into a lot of trouble in my teenage years ended up with the Physically abusive boyfriend at the age of sixteen and and then married into an emotionally mentally abusive marriage. Though there was never from the time I was little till I was twenty nine. I had a lot of Traumatic experiences and tragedy. So you know such a young age. I experience emotional mental physical. You you know you name it. I've I've I've gone through every type of abuse the risk but I believe that in the years I prayed and asked for guidance and ask for help because I certainly didn't want to be on the live. I even tried taking my life. I think I was about fifteen sixteen years old time When I was twenty eight I believe that it was a gift from my mom from heaven and I was Given the gift of a transformational seminar that I went to it was three days and then I did. The intensive and I learned a bear The power of forgiveness and you know people hold on to so many things On a regular basis which creates a lot of illnesses and our bodies. Yes yeah so I had a lot of I had really bad allergies really bad asthma and when I went through my forgiveness at the age of Twenty eight twenty nine everything disappeared and it wasn't till recent that I realized my mom was twenty eight turning twenty nine when she died with three small children and so on that day I was maybe nine lost my mom my dad and my brother Who was not given to my maternal grandparents for custody In any of it when I went through my forgiveness it released sparked a completely different world for me. It changed my life completely and ever since then I've continued to use the gifts that I've received. I certainly gone through a lot of other issues. Wrote my life but who says life is perfect right and I just believe that everything were given were given to become stronger and today I feel so strong so amazing and I have one passion in that to get my word out that to get my message out forgiveness you can really create a positive amazing and have the greatest life that you can possibly think of if you decide and choose to go through that forgiveness at some point in your life whether it's from a small thing or a big thing like mine right absolutely well Laura. There's a couple of things I want to say to that You know and as I said to you when we first had the opportunity and the pleasure and the honour of of connecting before coming onto the airwaves here is I really won. I mean there's no way of properly adequately expressing my wholehearted condolences to you for your loss And you had loss upon loss upon loss Particularly under those Heinous set of circumstances but what I will also say to you too is the fact that you triumphed and the fact that for something as life altering as that was which would take most people People would not be able to emotionally survived from that That's already happened in real life. we know that the psyche can only handle so much And the residuals that people are grappling with and the and the scars that that indelibly leaves On your imprint of who are your soul going forward so the fact. That forgiveness was something that was very paramount to you. Did you immediately know that forgiveness was going to release you of this and can you on the healing journey or was it something that was impressed upon you based on religion or no it was one of those transformational weekend courses? You take like you know where they teach you about meditation and how to take care of yourself from the inside out of being Italian. I was very sheltered. So I never even knew that this stuff like that existed so it was my mother-in-law's a time who had done the course. The Nice said wow. I said if if I could be something like that you know she said if everybody in the world had took this course we would have a different world and so in the weekend course I you know. They do a briefing on on forgiveness. And I certainly couldn't forgive at that moment but when I did the intentional. Which is the six day overnight retreat? It was a very intense stash in that. We go through forgiveness with mom and dad is what they do and I don't know if you've ever seen the movie by out Wayne Dyer where he's at the grave of his dad and forgiveness there and then sees his father standing there. Well for me I was this twenty eight year old sitting on a chair going through this forgiveness with my eyes closed and I swear Lisa my body I felt like was being lifted when I finished this this Forgive while I felt like my entire body was being lifted. It was almost like two million pounds. Just came off my my body and then what I visualized than saw like an I. You know I meditate but I I'm not one of those people can see when I meditate And I saw this little girl in pigtails which I have a picture of the exact thing that I saw and I was holding my mom and my dad hands and we were all grass and trees and all I saw was the three of us like our back that we were just walking towards. It was almost like a light you know. It was a got goosebumps talking about. I've got I've got goosebumps listening to you. Talk about it. Wow that's led. I said that was that was my experience of forgiveness and I didn't I at that time. I still didn't know what was happening. Or what changes would occur from there and then after I went home I learned how to meditate and I learned how to write a grateful journal and I would journal every day and those in those days Might Teachers where people like Thick Ziegler Dire and I was upset. I never ever. I've read two books in my entire twenty nine years at the time and I became this avid reader and I couldn't get enough deepak. Chopra books were falling on my lap and Marianne a return to love and it just end for men on. I've just been on this major Dernie I have had again downfalls. You know in later in years and stuff where I suffered a massive depression but what I can say to. That is that You Know I. I had the tools and I knew how to get myself up quicker than someone that doesn't have the tools or before I had the tools. If you don't understand what our say like life we still have. We still go through life and we still have challenges but for me. What I believe is is that now. I handle things way differently. You know Grandfather no go ahead. Glad my grandfather who raised me my mom's dad you know. Just if he was here I would hug him big time him and I never got along but near his death. We got along great as because of my forgiveness and He ultimately at seventy two committed suicide and at that point it was just after I had done all my courses and stuff and at that point I was so healthy in body. Mind Spirit that I was able to release him and say okay. You're now out of pain and you know I hope you're right. And it was such an amazing experience just to have even with my grandfather in his room In the hospital in it with his last breath that he took beautiful well. Let me ask you this Laura because I mean we can only ever speak from our own experiences but for your work and interfacing with people around your pivotal message as as pertain specifically to forgiveness. On what do you say to the person who vacillates in and out of forgiveness and what I mean by? That is somebody who understands that. It's the gift that you give yourself first and foremost right so when you're not carrying around the shackles. You're not carrying around the pain. You can surrender it. You can release set. So people who can conceptualize Particularly those who are even involved in our bodies of work within personal growth personal development those who truly at certain points perhaps have reached a point where they feel that they have truly forgiven but then something like a trigger comes up or they realized that because of the person who they have forgiven in any particular moment was the one who is responsible for having perhaps taken away. Somebody else as is the case for you with your mother. You know things like mothers day or your children being denied a grandparent because somebody else's culpability so for people. What is your understanding or your own insights or perception as it relates to forgiveness. Can you say that you've truly forgiven? If you're still grappling with the in and out nece event absolutely yeah it's it it I mean life life challenges happen to all of us and yes. How much forgiveness you go through but what. I went through the forgiveness with my father. But I don't I don't hold onto and people that know me say. How can you just let that go? I just don't hold onto resentments. Anger I still obviously I get frustrated. Obviously I have life challenges but the true forgiveness is with thin and it's in my heart and so like my dad is is alive. He lives in Italy. He has a wife and children and grandchildren. And there's you know I didn't bite him back into my life back then for a little while until I realized he was being dad. I don't when I was growing up. I had hatred hatred to the point where my sister and I used to talk about. We wanted to see him. Suffer wanted to him be tortured. Those feelings are not there when you go to be real forgiveness you do get maybe sometimes like I'll get upset not upset but like just like wow you know. He's breaking bread with his family and my kid than I have not been able to do that in our lives like I still at my age. I still cry. I miss my mom like I have pictures of her. And you know sometimes I'll fly. I'm thinking about her. I'll cry and misery crave her right but I don't. I'M NOT. I'm not angry like I'm not resent full. I'm not angry. I'm not eighty so I guess that hatred that you have for someone is no longer there right. That makes any sense absolutely absolutely. Well let me let me ask you Laura because the listeners would be interested to know You know particularly for the cultural aspect Sicily Italy for how many years ago this would have transpired. Did Your Dad was your dad on incarcerated for four years. He got four years for years and like he shot my mother lake in cold blood but my father was part of a at the time. Apparently part of well it's Common Knowledge. It's been in the papers that he was A Mafia Matt so my understanding is that he was well behaved in the Mafia on him out whether those are words or not. I don't know but that's what I heard But he went on to get a get into trouble again years later where you know smuggling drugs and stuff from Italy to Canada. So he's he's been in jail a few other times after that but yeah. Did you ever so two questions? Did you bear witness to your mom? Having been murdered. I was living in Canada with my maternal grandparents so I did not grow. Brother saw her on the floor. What I did see is in Italy. They do the autopsy In Ohio and so they stripped my mom down to her district underwear and took photos and put him in a newspaper with her eyes open and blood everywhere and I saw that as a nine year old child Laura. Yes that's the tough one always everytime sorry. No don't apologize. I mean I don't know how it would be still impacted by that but you know I honestly really WanNa truly say that the the forgiveness who I am today like I'm a very light knees going person and I had a broker one one time one guy went in and complained about me about something and you know what he said. If you can't get along with Laura you can't get along with anybody vile so that was very powerful statement via has you know people are always obviously going to be people like me built like the or whatever but if we genuinely get to know me I'm very easy going. I've got a huge hearts and but that from the the struggles in the TRAUMAS and I was scared to have children. You know how they would turn out but I can proudly say that I have two amazing kid. You know for a long time. I didn't give myself the PAT on the back that I was a part of that and people are like Laura. You're the mom you have everything to do with it. Hit so okay. Yeah so I'm really proud of Bat and my accomplishments the main now I just you know I I think I've sabotage myself for a few years in trying to get my message out. But I'm really becoming more vocal by doing a lot more You know TV stuff in books. I'm going to be in another my fifth book coming up last year. I was nominated for the Toronto Waterfront Award and actually won the People's Choice Award. So that was lesion Sarah thank you. I was really that that when they're just kind of you know. Stop me on my on my toes that I thought to myself Lau Laura. You've really of accomplished that. You know and you should be proud and I do. I write in a grateful journal every day. I do want to say that you know I continue to like if someone has done some years ago. I had a best best friend betray me and do things and I was extremely upset. Extremely hurt I. It was destroying me and I just. I know how to go into my meditation room and I and I do my forgiveness cycles. Sometimes it happens in one session. Sometimes I have to do it. Might take a week or two weeks or whatever it takes until I don't feel You know the the hurt and nine and the you know the the resentment and stuff like that so once I let that go. Everything is good foam. Well I just WanNa say outside of your tangible accolades and what you've achieved for yourself. Which is remarkable in itself given the back story. That you have so candidly so vulnerably Shared with us which I appreciate But I I think I would speak for the listeners the podcast subscribers and anybody who is tuning into your story here the fact that this did destroy you. I think that's the biggest accomplishment in and of itself because people would Go under for far less and people have gone on record as saying I should have been able to overcome that I should have been able to recalibrate my mindset. I should have through therapy self help. Books mentors coaches. I should have been able to get myself into a much different position than the once upon a time but some people can never Get out from underneath that. I think for what you've endured and for loss upon loss and even having it within you to get to a point where you are not only capable of genuine forgiveness but that you embarked upon wanting that needing that seal seeing that as part and parcel of your healing journey and knowing that that's by large the gift that you give yourself so as to release yourself and live a life going forward that you can create for yourself when that you definitely deserve when that you're definitely worthy of In spite of all your losses so I just WanNa say you're indomitable spirit that's what's inspiring to me. Not How many books? Not How many awards That's all secondary. I think the fact that you have not taken your own life which I would never encourage anyone to do for whatever their set of circumstances But people would be able to appreciate the mindset of how that would be possible for someone you know somebody who is you know. Can't get out of bed every day on people who do turn to addictions but never outgrow addictions or seek therapy. They need to a to get out from underneath that abyss. So I just WanNa say I am most impressed by you. First and foremost by your indomitable spirit. That's what's most inspiring. Thank you and let me tell you there were times where you know. I'll tell you a tell you what kept me alive with my kids. Knowing knowing the pain that I suffered and knowing the pain I would leave to my two children. Had I taken my life and that is an I got into major Drinking so you know. I couldn't say that I was an alcoholic but yet when I looked today I'm like wow that was bad and people say you know. My book has hit with a beautiful outfit on the beach with a bottle of shampoo. A but what I can tell. People is that with any addiction. It controls new So I've learned a power of knowing how to control things. I continue to transform my body at this age. And you know I mean anything I put my mind to. I do know that I can do it. And it's just yeah have that willpower and I am but I want what I what I am not. I'm sharing that because I want people to know that we can all achieve any level of success. Meaning emotionally mentally spiritually physically. If we just take the time to practice on a daily basis it doesn't happen overnight. I haven't morning teen every single day every single day and I get up. It's the gym. I meditate I just started a new meditation in December. That's another life changing experience that I'm having and you know I pray and I write in a grateful journal And I tell people people say I don't have time you know what like twenty four hours in a day? Find the time to take half an hour for yourself. It will g your life and what I saw my life falls apart. I went through my depression. It was because I got to comfortable after ten years of doing it that I saw in my life starting to fall apart again. I can appreciate that. I can reshape that right. And that makes absolute sense because you home to discipline muscle that was not only empowering and uplifting for you but it was part of the healing journey it was part of the recipe for what you needed to continuously due to stay on the straight and narrow so that you didn't go down the rabbit hole again Right so let me ask you this Laura so because you also wear the hot Israel turn and you know you're interfacing with people all the time and we know got you know. People who are uncoupling divorcing with or without children were fifty percent of the demographic so although professionally. You wouldn't be going around necessarily disclosing to a woman. Who Do who had disclosed to you. I'm looking for a smaller home. Me and my partner have You know we've uncoupled. We've divorced whatever the case may be your field of resonance would be so penetrable for people who could relate to you even without the Three d communication but I really believe that energy attracts energy. And people can intuitively pick up on other people's experiences have women who have utilized you as their realtor who perhaps have parallels in their story for why. They're needing you to help them. Find a house either as a result of domestic abuse or or whatever. The case may be have you been. Have you found yourself in that? Krier hat of so. Yeah it's it's funny you at you say that and asked that so. I have to identities I Have Laura B. Lock the realtor and I have Laura Amylase. The author and speaker and motivator. I do not talk about my story when I'm when I'm working real estate right on. But if we with social media now somehow they seem to because I have two two facebook accounts to instagram accounts. And so they end up finding somehow seize on the Laura Appalachian. I'm like I'll another clients adding dislike. I just go on a great. 'cause I just don't know how people I've I haven't put myself that way out there with my business. I don't know how people relate or react to that young but I just recently sold a house to a young couple from Toronto moving to the Hamilton area and they were referral from a friend of mine back in the eighties. Because I've been in the business since the eighties and I started in Toronto. So those connections are still there for me and obviously they knew about my story and my book though. He says she's Kinda creeped you out on on on. But I find no problem when I went to give them their client gift. It's the first time I've ever or maybe not the first time but only two others that have asked for it but have known that I actually gave them my book and you know. She was super excited to receive my book into two that she was going to read it. So I don't mix that as of yet I haven't Really figured out if that bad well you know I. I've always been one who airs on the side of whatever platform that's available to you and I mean I my areas more prudently just solely media so whether it's speaking whether it be my own books blogs radio podcasting you know so it all makes sense because I think the people who are the most vulnerable. The people who can really comfortably bravely put themselves out there therefore being living breathing talking example of allowing other people to have the permission in which to do the same for whatever it is. They're going through or healing from or bouncing back from but I can understand. I can appreciate when you wear those two distinctly different hats and not everybody who's in the market for a realtor or a house comes with those set of circumstances where it would be seemingly appropriate right so I get that but we also know that a good portion of people who are looking for houses with children particularly if they're single moms we know statistically based it's because they're fleeing domestic violence or they've they've encountered some level of violence or some type of life altering circumstance Where they had to exit that home or that marriage or that relationship so in some respects I could see it being a good synergistic fat but I guess you're kind of you would have to Susilo taking cue from your your client from the realtor standpoint in order to know how to navigate that right right like. I mean I do a lot of I tried to get out there and get involved in the community and stuff so I'm Alan tear now for the halted women's shelter which is amazing because You know like for for my mom. There wasn't such thing right especially for ultra even if there was there was no such thing so it. I'm really proud to be part of that association today. They're doing and I'm hoping that I know I've I've been invited to talk I was on one of the. Tv shows that one of the girls has growing up in an abusive home. And you know as I said before my passion is to inspire people that you don't need the there's no no one should live. I can't believe that it's twenty twenty. Were still hearing about abuse to women and children whether it's physical or sexual it. Just I don't get it and I got a B. A voice for those people for the women that are going through that and for them to know that you're you'll be okay. Just have to get the right help and you know do what you need to do. When I left my husband I left him with nine hundred dollars in the bank. That's all I had. He closed the account I left with just you know. They say the man leaves with the clothes on his back. I left with just the bare minimum that I needed to leave that House. I walked out. I had no job I was twenty nine years old. Had No job. I had nine hundred dollars. I had nowhere to go and you know I myself having to go to welfare which I thought to myself. I'm not gonNA feel bad or embarrassed about this because he's not giving me anything and I have to feed myself and I have been my only. It took me two months. I left them in November. So I thought you know what I'm not gonNA look for a job December as WHO's going to hire in December but I'll tell you I hit the hit the pavement in January and I got myself to part time job eventually. I ended up getting a full time job as a manager at a business center. And you know so my life started to change and it was really incredible that I was moving up on my own people say. Let's see the problem. Is that women are afraid. Because what am I GONNA do? I have no pay or you know he's not going to be able to survive without make. Trust me the good Lord will take care of you. You just gotTa do something it will happen. You're the subject that you're talking about is is near and dear to my heart to because once upon a time in my prior vocation for twenty five years in senior management the last position. I had off because I've worked with various populations of people in need but it was women and children fleeing domestic violence and So you know what you're saying so crucially important because a lot of the women who were fleeing their partners in their abusive relationships with or without their children in many cases English was not their first or second language. They had no access to money so they had no Documentation no health cards. No nothing on their person and in many cases didn't even have a a high school diploma like they had nothing They were so so Predominantly dependent upon the abuser and that was part of the reluctance for having departed the relationship sooner when it was already initially warranted up eight because it was those types of fears and those types of situations and circumstances that ran through their mind. It's like how am I ever GonNa Function? How may ever GonNa Reinvent Myself? Well when it comes down to safety which is first and foremost you know. There's always an answer. There's always gonNA be resources. There's always going to be somebody. Who's going to help? Navigate you in the direction to get your needs filled on. But that's never gonNA happen if you die at the hands of your partner which is always a possibility. We know that happens more often than it should so I just want to applaud you once again Laura because you had so many things working against you your whole self dialogue could've talked you out of Departing situations or even not embracing forgiveness. I mean who would you be today? Had you not braced forgiveness or had not. You're exactly with the here and rate sadly to say I probably wouldn't be here because I know what I I know what I was going through. I know what I fell and it was unbearable. The pain was unbearable. I mean the I couldn't breathe properly. I mean it was just an I just gotta say. I thank my ex- mother-in-law and I and I think my mother in heaven who I believe you know was heart of this and I and I believe that God gave me that chance and you know and I believe that he's given me all these challenges so I could be that voice today and as you said because so many people you know. Don't don't turn out that well sometimes a lot of people. Everybody's medicated today. And I I've always refused be medicated. Adult believe in it for myself. I believe that our our our our our mind is waste longer than having a medication and it just anytime I try to be careful with my words but when I asked when people were Fred. Tell me that they're medicated. Unlike fleas can you just try this for thirty days? Just yet take thirty days. I promise I promise it'll change. It'll make a difference. The problem is everybody wants things now so they don't sticks through. Oh but I tried meditating. For How Long A? Week will no you gotTa keep you yet? My ex- mother-in-law introduced me to a new meditation this past December and now I've been avid meditators. Since the nineties I learned at to forgive and But this meditation is taking me to a completely different level and so. I HAVEN'T MISSED ONE DAY. I go morning and night. It's twenty minutes in the morning 21-minute that night. Whatever it is it is legally again changing my life because it's bringing me closer towards my My my sole purpose and not the passion that I have in helping people so the war store to places like doing this podcast on your show doing a TV show over there. The more people I can get in front of the more people I know. I'm going to help and that only the only thing I want whether it's paid or not paid I just want to help people and because the suffering is just too much at light in bed with crystals in my hand with prayers. Begging Begging Lis Lis out me is not something I wanna hear. People are doing in their beds right right well and you said something there. That was quite key around medication and I can understand. You wanted to tread lightly because there are people who would be tuned into the show who may in fact be on medication and there's different schools of thought with any subject matter that bring to the airwaves between myself and my guest of each week But the one thing is to yes. I mean T- to catapult True growth true expansion and and to infiltrate clarity to be possible. You can't do it in a my numb state right and I think that's where you're coming from too because a lot of people whether it's addictions based on alcohol sacks Gambling whatever the addiction or the affliction might be. It's it's not because people want to numb themselves necessarily it's because it just can't continuously endure the pain. But you do have to go if you really want to get out from underneath that you've got to feel the pain you've you really do have to feel the pain but you can still lighten the load of thought by getting assistance either through a therapist or a gratitude journal or You know like a support group on there. I mean there's a whole we live in twenty twenty so resources are abound plentiful. They're out there You know we live in the the day and age of education and awareness. So unless you're committed to putting your head in the ground and still living. In a state of denial. The resources do exist. Do absolutely so Laura I wanna give you an opportunity for the benefit of the listeners in the podcast subscribers and for anybody else who might be tuning in who's completely inspired by you and sees you as a good fit for their media outlets their platforms or they wanted you to be a speaker on their stage or they want to read your books. How can people connect with you? Where can people by your box Sure so I mean. My book is available on Amazon. It's called breaking barriers. And those that are baseball fans todd. Stottlemyre fire Who IS T- Blue Jays? Pitcher wrote my forward but in how Amazon any different country. Yeah it's exciting He's an incredible human and So yeah you can go to Amazon. My website has a lot of information. I keep adding to it And that is. Www Mora L. A. U. R. A. Lese A. B. O. L. E. S. C. DOT COM. And you can Go on my website. You can Message me through there. There's lots of Places that I've One of the interviews from the health in women is there Other interviews that I've been on on. Tv shows lots of information on my website. Instagram facebook. I'm Laura Avalon everything. If you just Google that you'll find me and would love to connect. I would love to anybody that is listening in has a platform that I can share my message. Please call me your show. And if people want to reach out to you in the capacity of you being there realtor. Is there a different alternative contact information associated with that? Yes that would be Laura B. Lock and the last name is B. As in Bob I e L. AK and again if you google that name I'm I'm all over Google You'll find me and so I mean you unpacked a lot of I mean everything that we talked about here was a wealth of knowledge. It was educational. It was inspirational. It was transformational. But if there was one specific takeaway or breakthrough that you would hope would most penetrate and resonate with the listening audience in the podcast subscribers. What out of all that you've said or have not as of yet said would you want to impress upon the listening audience. I'm GonNa keep saying what I continue to say is forgiveness whether it's the guy. Cut You off across the driving your car this morning or whether it's to forgive yourself That is probably the one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself so. There's two things that a meditation. Those two things are extremely extremely life. Changing if you don't do anything else but even just to start meditating The forgiveness will come through that as well. Just those two things honestly will definitely change people's lives Nightfall and I can say that because I've been through it for twenty five years that for twenty five years and I use both forgiveness at meditation. News them both trust me. Well I think for how extremely well you've remarkably turned out and and for your back story. I think you are truly a leading authority and expert on this subject matter really Now clearly you embody what it means to live fearlessly But it means something different to each person. So I never make the presumption that what it means to me is what it means to somebody else. But what does living fearlessly mean to you specifically Laura? So you know for me. I don't worry about hardly anything and people are right now. Trying to get on going away next week and people are trying to put that fear in. May of you know the the virus. That's going around. Just you know what? Live your life What I believe is that we my grandmother always said to me. We all have destiny. And so you know if you're a believer or not whatever when your time is up it's up and so I live my life honestly from the edge of icing if somebody calls me tonight to say hey. Let's go like a way tomorrow for the weekend. If my schedule is clear. I don't hesitate. I'm not one of those that I've gotTa do research. I just like I wanna even as I'm going I've gone side Ivy. I I gotta give you a quick little plan for You know I thought maybe I would you know do one of my bucket listings. And it wasn't on the bucket list but I like to say it as a joke but you know I was having fun with friends. We went to a wine tours and Agra falls and I decided that I wanted to ride the mechanical ball. Well I thought that mechanical woman when I fell that mechanical bull both my ankle To you and I ended up with surgery enough play six crews and but you know what it was an experience and you know like it was a freak experience but I had fun. That's awesome any makes for good storytelling. Does it not absolutely when people ask me and tell? The Bay started howling. So I don't mean to laugh. I know it's funny. It is funny I myself. Feel free to laugh alongside. Well Yeah I I. My dream is that ultra-modern are treated with love and respecting given the opportunity to live their own conscious choices. Now I am a powerful loving intelligent and limitless woman forever and now trump. So I'M GONNA listen. I love being limitless it. You know it's it just I. Would you know? I mean the day that they have gone. I would love to hear my obituary. 'cause it's GonNa say wow that girl you are live. Well I love that Laura and I think for the ways that you're choosing and again I underscore that it is a choice. I say that everywhere right once upon a time. Perhaps when you were at the nine year old girl who was you know? Subjected to all of this and You know you didn't necessarily have your voice at the time but when you get to this age stage in life and trust me none of us come out on skates but for the ways in which we execute navigates seek the help get on the path of healing get on the path of forgiveness all of those things which are again under the umbrella of choice we can certainly transition the whole trajectory of not only our outlook not only our mindset but the quality and the caliber of the trajectory of our future going forward. That is a choice. We don't need to let whatever happened once upon a time dictate the parameters for the type of life we can seek out for ourselves. That is the truth and you. You you demonstrate that you embody that and the fact that you've got the credible sense of humor and and the the less for life that you do in the sense of adventure that you do. I mean I'm totally off you. I think you're just one of the most amazing women and human beings I've ever encountered. Truthfully I've encountered a lot of amazing people. Thank you that is so awesome. I love that. Thank you thank you. I really appreciate well. Thank you for the gift of You. Your time your message. It certainly have a powerful and a profound one and I just want to say you're always welcome to come back to living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald because knowing you you're going to have a plethora of additional stories. You're going to have more books. You're going to have more content. You're going to have a whole plethora of other things that you would want to impress upon the listening audience and share with the global audience. So please know that. You're always welcome back here. Laura truthfully and I'm looking for to you and I have in coffee because it's not very often. I'm geographically positioned in close proximity to my gas. You and I are going to be capitalizing on face to face huge hugs. I absolutely ten for sure. We got to wrap up here but I do want to say once again. Thank you to you Laura and I do WanNa thank once again the global loyal listeners and the podcast scrubbers for also taking time out of your busy schedule to joined myself and Laura today here on living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. I'm extremely clear on my purpose. Which is to uplift you to fear less and to live more until next Friday when we're joined by yet another phenomenal. I would like to wish you a safe fearless weekend. Love and gratitude to all of you and to you as well Laura. Thanks so much to go by. Take Care bye-bye this is alcohol from CBS Radio. Thanking you once again for taking time out of your hectic schedules tune into another fantastic weekly episode of living fearlessly with Lisa McDonald. Another shoutout of wholehearted gratitude to limit fearlessly with Lisa. Mcdonald's corporate sponsors health in Honda forever. And that your reviews. Clicks shares download speed back and testimonials early appreciated. Lisa's purpose and mission is to uplift you to fearless and to live more to appear as a prospective guest on living carelessly with Lisa McDonald or to connect with Lisa regarding her suite of products. And services you can reach Lisa at living fearlessly with LISA DOT COM and until next week are fearless friends. This is alcohol from. Cvs radio telling you to be your own hero. The Euro Chiro. The your own leader and be your own best friend. 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