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"laura atkin" Discussed on Talk 1260 KTRC

"Afternoon, Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. Happy Thursday, 14 Day of January. Another warm went 49 degrees. Toasty out for January Wind has died down from last night out Pretty crazy. Last night is whipping point about 10 right now. Way exceeded the forecast. I already 21% humidity down in 21 tonight, mid forties tomorrow Saturday, partly sending 47 Sunday. 47 Monday Martin Luther King Day 47. The Snow is disappeared for Monday, but there's still a chance it's snowing Tuesday. Kisses, knowing Tuesday is 60%. Come on, Stay south Bump into New Mexico Storm right now. The 49 nice degrees. Some light clouds out there. All right. It's coming up in eight minutes after one o'clock. Busy show today by 1 15. Today we're gonna be joined by the Attorney General Hector Ball, Derris. We'll talk about security. In the capital and across the state. 1 30 Today, the host of a new show, which kicks off Saturday morning at 9 A.m., the show's called roadworthy Drive the host. Can Chester will join us Two o'clock today. John House, Laura Atkin from Represent US, New Mexico to 30 Today, Paul Gibson from Retake Our Democracy. Three o'clock today, the chairman of the state Republican Party, New Mexico Republican Party, Steve Peers at three o'clock today. That's the plan anyway. See if we can pull this off at 1 15, the attorney general Hector Balderas to join us. We will talk about security. In light of all of the.

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