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"lattimore marsano" Discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show

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"lattimore marsano" Discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show

"Media group, the wonderful former colleague vine Doug Ferrara's here. Doug, how're you? Bill. How are you? Good. I am a little surprise. We didn't get any upsets. And I am also surprised at the game that ended up coming closest to one as the game. We're going to start about here, which is the eagles saints game a game or the eagles started. I think it's surprising to say at least to me got up fourteen nothing in the first quarter. And then basically did not do anything else on offense for the remainder of the game. The saints rolled off twenty consecutive points to win the game. Of course, they had a a little bit of a late scare it be missed field goal by will lutts and the ensuing eagles drive which ended with the Marshon Lattimore interception off the Sean Jeffrey dropped but Doug start here. In terms of this game. In terms of what changed over the course of the game. Why were the eagles succeeding early in this contest on offense? And what were the factors that caused them to basically just shut down and shrivel up on offense for the remainder of the game? Happened and over the last few seasons. It's been in the the sort of Morphing Dennis Allen's defensive loss than really weird because you tend to start off a season playing a lot of his own all of complimentary coverages, and then he realizes all I don't really have the players for that. And you need us to mand slash match slash slash press. Covers and as to follow people more as opposed to you know, kind of a homogeneous, you know, go with the guy you're closest to kind of thing. The touchdown. I mean that was just a blown coverage. But in general what happened in the second half and flows. Had a lot of deep incompletions in the second half was couple of thin. Lattimore Marsano more started shadowing on Jeffrey. And and the saints played a ton more press coverage. They also started running some games and stunts to pressure flows because the saints realized okay, this is three step drop quick out offense, and we have to at least get full off his spot on those types of throws it certainly winning five to seven step drops as he ever see has two for more deep stuff. They have to get to them and full has never been a good passer under pressure, one of the reasons that workout Celo freedom last year was they kept in relatively clean. We'll spent. Not only got pressure on fools, especially in the deep stuff. I I don't have the numbers. But I would imagine he was at least like Oprah four or one for five on stuff twenty year. More in the second half. It just didn't work and part of that was press coverage to disrupt his reads part of it was just this pressure in his face with his do. Oh with us, and you know that change there. I would say on the other side of the ball. And I wrote about this last week to the certainly the concentration of saints fans who were only on Twitter for a couple of days that drew Brees is driven. It did not have the December. He was greatly affected by pressure and especially pressure in his face, which is getting a lot of which with the saints offensive line having their own issues, he tended to shorten his follow through on rose and the Lancashire reception was exactly another example of that for whatever. The reason Philadelphia was not getting pressure in the second half breezes. The move around the pocket find the furring lanes. Like he does so well and complete those passes. Michael Thomas, also made some great contested catch receptions, which is certainly going to have to do in the NFC championship game. Because he's about to be a key to leaves best, buddy. But those were the things that changed for me in the second half. There is let's let's unpack those a few different things to talk about there. We can begin with the saints defense. Were you surprised? They didn't start this game with Marshon Lattimore shadowing, all Sean Jeffrey. I said give them the tendencies where I think it's funny. I I was reflecting on this this morning on what how like the chargers. Played that, you know spot drop cover three things breeding to everyone celerity man coverage. And it was even worse because they're not a band coverage. Not man. They're not man covers personnel. I think in the selling wants his team to play good zone..

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