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"laszlo gore" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

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"laszlo gore" Discussed on The Adam Carolla Show

"With gina grad on news and bald bryan on sound effects and now he's against mandates to put a mask on but four mandates to get it on adam karol. Yeah get it ought to get bigger a mandate to get it on for tune in for telling a friend who loved that about you right. Gina grant right and ball ryan. Thank you for being the shit. Our right back from minneapolis. We had some trials tribulations. It looked like a fun trip. It was a fun trip but as we were leaving the club and It's about twelve thirty at night. We'd done the late show. Late show ran a little late and hung out sign. Some autographs got a recipe for goulash. I will get into soon. We're leaving so we pack up the cases and the merge bags and all the stuff in the hopper the bingo hopper and now we're all piling out the front door club is empty. Streets are quiet a torrential downpour just just torrential now the club is we have a picture of it or footage of or something but now the club is less than a quarter mile away from the hotel where at but it. I mean it is really a three minute walk but it's raining so hard that we cannot walk it with the equipment we have because it's raining that hard so we take the world's shortest uber drive on record for the world's shortest overdrive this academy up. There was like the jerk going to the fence. Yeah we've got literally apologized to the person that picks up because they're literally taking us down one one one residential block brady much dropping off but it's thunder lightning. It's weather which is kind of nice when you're from la just some weather now. Just something's going on in the sky the managua than smog. So we now we have a. I believe max pat it's eight. Am straight up flight. Yeah aimed apart. Airport not in the neighborhood. Airports half hour drive plus and so we already know or meeting in the lobby. Because we're gonna be wheels up at six thirty. Am it's twelve thirty in the am and we're staying front waiting for an uber. So it's not going to be big night's sleep but we get the pile into the uber. N- strives us up the street drops us off and then when we get to the hotel everyone is piled out out into the street but now it's pouring rain so they're just sort of pile out onto the front stoop coming. Yeah and as we go into the building Fire alarm is going off. And i mean it's got some decibels happening. It ain't your grandpa's fire alarm. It is louder got it. Yeah you can turn it up. That's tough noise okay. Okay yeah max. Practice wet and that it's not a real. It's a solid. Unbroken high pitched shrimp and this and by the way i had to wear earplugs. This is insane. Everyone just covers. They went outside in the rain just so they didn't have to hear this employ. We'll turn it sorry. Turn it up normal volume because it fuck of a lot louder than what we were. Just listening to right. Yeah that's what. I tell my dog's going crazy right now. And everybody's just filed out into lobbying. They're all standing there and they're good pod pajamas and while you wasn't going through and it was in every room it was in every orifice of this hotel. This is my this. Is my hotel stairs just to get some beers cause saving the bears right and this is i ever. That's why everyone's outside because this is what your room with flashing lights and just right so experience through i just. I ended up just opening the doors because they closed automatically to block the elevator. But i just opened one up to my room. Just laid on the bad. Like i had tonight and i was just trying Obviously we're getting up at six. Am it's one. I just did four shows this is. I'm done nothing can stop you for what what triggered alarm well. I obviously didn't find out. Tell tell the following day but from fire axa pat found out. Yeah so hotel had a lot of college kids and they wanted to smoke some weed and they thought well we can't smoke in our rooms because alarm will go off so they all went to the hallway to do it. Well i will also say. There's cleaning deposit to smoking in your room now so i think a lot of guys that are smoking the weed or the cigarettes now. You're smoking a cigarette. It's kind of a weird thing because if your smoke a cigarette you step outside like you gotta go out front. You gotta go stand by the pool and you got a cop that smoke for some reason we. We don't have the same relationship with weed. Smoke but smoke is smoke to a smoke detector. So these guys went in the hall to talk out proudly covered because it was raining so hard and but they still. I'm sorry go outside. Walk down half a block. Stand under a stoop and get high but they did it in the hall. The alarm went off and a little metaphor for our society which is three dudes fucked. Everyone's shit up royally like one. O'clock of many people were awoken and got up and has a sweatpants and stand out in the lobby. And one of those geniuses couldn't have brought a toilet paper roll and piece of fabric softener. And none of this would have happened really of how that work you just take a piece of fabric softener square dryer sheet. And you take that or put a rubber band around one end of a toilet paper. Roll slow into that traps in the smell and everything smells april fresh. There you go guys. Wow doing that for twenty years really is restricted by the guy pushing his dick threats. It is we didn't have ray at our parties. Yeah all right. Well now we know. Is that in your repertoire. I've never used that stand out in the rain and get high all right so that was that so. That was tough. Sledding specially meeting down in the lobby at six thirty the next morning then There was The bigger front. Which was the goulash recipe. We alone tip for the show. I was handed by a fan a goulash recipe. That was his grandmother's goulash recipe. Gotta be perfect. So i have my grandfather's recipe so I thought i thought all right. So i do to flee sat in the green room and thought. What is this goulash recipe. How does it compare to laszlo gore recipe joy at the bottom any ingredients the same as you remember an anya and the first thing i saw was one pound of hamburger now good no not done done with cubes of beef all right then. I looked under that. It says one package of dry spaghetti mix and i was like you have to use no cattle or no kelly after us the the dumplings. If you're gonna do that's not what spaghetti mix is and oh it is what up. We figured it out. It makes doesn't mean spaghetti. It means like think of like the package you shake of grandch- mix spaghetti. 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