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Streak stretches on: Twins take 16th straight playoff loss

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Streak stretches on: Twins take 16th straight playoff loss

"I get the final from Minneapolis the Yankees end the season for the twins they beat Minnesota five to one the Yankees sweep the series and they move on to the A. L. C. S. for Chris singleton buster Olney our producer Beth favor and our engineer al Rosenberg and insurance saying so long from target field as we sent it back to mark caster sure the studio with the vivid seats postgame show dancing you thanks so much we'll talk to you on Saturday night as the Yankees are the first team to advance to the L. C. S. around and Minnesota of course sick of seeing the Yankees over the years sixteenth straight loss in the post season they've now lost thirteen in a row to the Yankees in the Yankees thirteen game post season winning streak against Minnesota is the second longest postseason winning streak against any opponent in the four major sports second to the Edmonton Oilers who won sixteen straight playoff games against Winnipeg in the mid nineteen eighty so the Yankees advance in a sweep the face either Houston or Tampa Bay in the

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