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"last twelve months years" Discussed on 10 Bestest

"Okay my next cool sheet. I'm going to be talking about an article. And i loved this article so much possibly surprisingly probably not it has to do with creating which is this supplement that lots of people have been taking for years usually male bodybuilders. Or do you like to work out. Whatever is the you know what people think of. I think of creating but this is what happened. Is that the journal of international of the international society of sports nutrition realized that there were so many people who were still thinking all these different things about creating and there's a lot of discussion about them. There are a lot of people who were still arguing. Irish should say debating on different things about it. So they're like okay once and for all or at least this year. This is pretty recent came out in the last twelve months years. So i think it's either from twenty twenty or twenty twenty one And so what they did is they got all the exercise scientists together from each of the different quite main questions that people are still debating and they got each of them to answer all these questions. This article has two hundred citations. So they're all scientifically backed. And i'm like yes. This is my kind of article. It's all like i can trust this gay. Okay so i'll give some examples of some of the debates and so one of them has to do with water retention and they say yes over the short term there might be a little bit but then over long-term no. A lot of people are confused as to whether it's an anabolic steroid. No it is not if you look at the chemical structure it's not does it. Cause kidney damage or renal dysfunction. No it does not. Does it cause hair loss or baldness no. It does not so it goes through all these things. And there's way more than this that i have time for but One i wanted to point out is that it is beneficial for older adults and it is beneficial over the lifetime of females at various points in their life so some of these might be surprising to some people. But i think it's really helpful for people who are trying to understand creating so again. The name article is common questions and misconceptions about creating supplementation short. This is really cool. Yeah creating. I've been using on and off since i was twenty. You know that was when it was really yes thinking infancy and yeah was huge all the guys anybody that lifted eighteen and you had a new this weird like you stacked it in the first week and so that's not trying you don't have to do the goodness that anymore because it was a real pain in the butt but yeah i still have creating supplement and so i'll go like a week where i remember i just i always forget to kind of take it. Yeah but i always have a really good source. And i have some because yeah. That's one of the things out of all the body building things that i've read about sense. Twenty to forty five twenty five years read about end done myself That's the one that is one of the only ones that has lasted the test of time where they've actually said it's actually better than we thought. It does more for more people than even we thought back. We're first testing and it looked so promising. I mean aside from like eating healthy getting sleep and drinking water yet right. you know. Those are the obvious ones you know. But like even protein intake that's overrated and you know most people e wait especially the united states diet way too much protein and then bodybuilders. Still think you have to have like massive amounts of bodine and you do not. It's totally but creating super backed by science. And yeah that's really cool that you're talking about that because i kind of forget one of the things that i know because i've read about it for twenty five years that i forget about i. I must admit. I just sort of blew it off. The app stereotype for. Yeah but then. I guess it was. Two years ago. I started working out and lifting and stuff and i heard about it and i was like okay. You know my trainers told me about all right. I'll try it. So i got it and that was like well. This may be but this article nailed it. And i was really stoked to read all this about it and now i feel really solid with it. Cool that's so cool. Well thanks again for sharing this. Oh my pleasure right. My next cool sheet is a new podcast from a former cool sheet. Who used to have a podcast. She stopped doing that one. But it's as she's been a koshi like five times. I don't know how many times but it's called the doria row show so she started a new podcast. I've talked about her individually. I've talked about her as the food. Food est which was our old podcast in book. And i've talked about mindful eating. I think that that i learned from her. She was salem speaker. And so i feel like I'm i am a fan boy. There's no denying that but but it's because she's doing so many amazing things and she's super super smart. she's also a scientist and a doctor in really knows her stuff. And this new podcast. Because she wanted to kind of food. This was a lot about food. Obviously it's in the title in nutrition and things and all these things that are super important to me but she wanted to even a broader scope than that. Because there's other things that that make you healthy and it's mental health. It's physical it's diet. it's everything else and so right away. I was like this is going to be an amazing podcast..

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