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"last late spring early summer" Discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

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"last late spring early summer" Discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show

"Happened recently one is the fast swath of empty seats for Redskin game. Which I never never in my life in unimaginable. Absolutely. And two were those watch parties for the capitals last summer last late spring early summer. I just amazing. But when you and those two because I I've saw the footage when people headed into that arena for the. Unle Cup finals. It's like you could light a matching blow up the whole place. It's absolutely electric. It's tender. It's ready to go. Don't you think completely agree rate? The feel that you've got a lot of games. Yeah. I think the wizards it does take an opponent like the warriors. Lebron would play their Cleveland all the time. But there are certainly some nights they really get up and then for the chicken fillet sandwich the The business. business. Chick-fil-a sandwich. Always come prepared phone and misses two free throws in the fourth quarter like in one trip if they miss both everybody gets Chick-fil-A designed to get the crowd like crowd. However, I was there outside the arena for those caps team because I couldn't afford to get inside. So I was. Just this. He can get me like premier-league tickets became America's Humphries the third. I got a call Scott hall. Get a press credential. I still got my own hill credentials dissed off there, but that energy outside of the arena last summer was unparalleled in a lot of from just how long the city has desired to have sham. Yes. But I will say this in. In contrast to the Redskins thing, which it's been a very slow burn. But we have seen coming. It's not like, oh my God. How did get that ask you the caps thing to to Luke's point? Although wanted so long it was so spontaneous. It was. So just sort of overnight all of a sudden, these tens of thousands of people. You saw this report. Dan, Snyder has one hundred million dollar yacht with an IMAX theater on. I think it was three hundred. How does he get any tax payer taxpayer money? I pick it up. He cannot that boat permanently. Deke you from asking for a set from anybody from anybody. Why think that they were done on that? But but. Like last night. I haven't been there in a long time. But I did sense. I sense that it was very special to the people who are going to go in and watch that game. It's really big out here. We get out. We'll have Email and jingle when we return. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. All right. Soon. Now going sing song? It's allowed djing real import. But I've got no who experience draw. Regale you with some lyrics to one of the store without stand. History would go rather. Now, caging and Sekouba seeing something funny. Cast. It's the cold. Now, seeing about diary seeing the words and the good mother sheen. If I sing at fund about underwear as sand, see. They pay gene. La. I'm singing jingle about LA every I'm Pete in this words again 'cause they're important. I'm singing jingle out. I'm playing the same coal over and over. I bet you didn't notice less you pay since you..

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