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"lassen einstein" Discussed on The Two Shot Podcast

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"lassen einstein" Discussed on The Two Shot Podcast

"Making music getting its bounds. Wherever so so they got me a job with all guys from the factor? Canto shelter the sandwiches and a lot so I got the job. They're real good money. Shit working conditions really dangerous were combined and guillotine chopping. She might look health and safety at all. Yeah well it wasn't a thing by then and it was like it'd be on the other side so I was one all of the junior on these mustard guilty. And why does this like fifteen foot wide behind it. Picking a little bit of Bob cut mouth all the time can occasionally the guy that was ruining John. John Currie Goodlad it frog through. Oh seaver fever. And there's some folks through an Johnny author it's called Stockwell's shemale well. I did that about six months and it got very dark. You know even though I knew why was doing it was getting some into Kuwait which one a new what was why zip. I've got to a point point wells into really dark place with that and a site. Talk into mimets on the same about go. Remember somebody saying to me and once you start working you never get those people who'd been there for like twenty and thirty years old guys. It would be coon into shops options. Moved in in nineteen sixty four sixty four and I thought you know what I'm going to come out and I did go. Yeah give them one. I I'd money's sake stop buying more records little bits of recording equipment and all and and the way I've got one of the guys at cancer the sheet metal wanted to collect. Some steal other was an old friend. Moon Doubts Mike. Mike Milner on our talking to I said I'm not really enjoying the ears. Good Morning Boys. Dangerous Dangerous Stir and he didn't work for me. I've got furniture company and Ashton and you can come work done over your arms. It's a long trip on more by what I enjoyed the work. It was easy to clean SEF and after about eighteen months to work in maybe clears Mike Business partner pulled out and he said to me. Do you want to become a partner. You WanNa buy shares in Finnish. Go ride sauce. Let's do an aborted someone woman dad birth some of the bank. Thank ball a chunk of the company so by Twenty One h twenty one of those director. Wow and because I've been loyal to this guy's business. It seems bizarre to me. It's wasn't looking for shares in Nettie die right so he can't some random inside our defense and I said why Maysville because you see your graft very loyal to what we're all about and obviously there was trust them and always be nice support because he is one of the best mayors back in the day so and and so became darts at twenty one. This is all built in spirals again. So the company expanded pre equipped them between eight nine eight eight eight forty five but we expanded pre quake. I'm by early. Eight four died taken over some of the office space in the building. An ability. Slow Flo studio so instead of doing imagine making music and Mitchell in this anti office in the mill South St Ashford line and then then I started letting pounds come in to rehearse local bands Audubon society you know. Abundant form per second year card is a demo tape in commitment at a four track cassette best system retirement very busy. I think you just charge three hour to rehearse in I think twenty. They quit today to record a Ted. You know what I mean. Very busy doing sideline thing but you know it was all about passion for it rather than I was making a lot autobahns music illness room you know and they wonder got call from disband from Oldham. Say No gun recordings foul copies can move. Can you record a demo all for it. I think this is in Poland eighty-five Graham. I'm a sports on the phone. Come down to the mill because Demo three songs not pointing spouse in other keyboard pledges for Peace Guitar Bass Jones vocals very show a punk music Roy. By like me because it's punk the punk thing they would transfer more psychedelic or more Gingrich for. I just saw it right whereas the energy was brilliant on the lack of the lack of skill appeal to me as well we'll go back to the sex pistols as well. I don't think he may mind got a talking. Sixty sixty five which also got and I didn't follow over the music. The came back a few weeks after did another tips. Those there's two demos on the spot without me play on it enough to second just sets a gray and if I bring in this organ that got in the other room which is a definitive Steve. Sixties garage sounded transistor instrument rather than the dog in a lot of people went full. Senate we bring that any of these solid seeds or you know question mark mysterious and we'd shoot one day and I wielded in a joint in the rehearsal session not Ni- jammed along just seventy Berlin and that was it was in this band. Inculding spirals which nobody doing deal gig around Oldham impulse in the so. We started working together and did some more demos started joining on the ryen process and things tied up really quickly from eighty six. We went from playing old plan. The cool Bazi Mancha so places like Cobb years years and also call. We doing gigs like that. And then the law collides local faces started to in our geeks so people would see what your new order or the fall. Yeah the face is saying this is our gates stash codeine. Alex is a big big music. Not Musician but one is a big appreciation using yeah and he still is now in when he started coming to our gates. That's what I knew. We were onto the eagles. All the big gigs like Zola. Big Gigs he still does so we always. He's is one of those first on the same. He still is. He's still assume cakes now and he's always recorded secretly these days like it's not really really used to be that we've always set to even recent gigs even in two thousand fifteen did our last gigs. Alex you know it. It ends on the guest list record it centers record as well if you don't mind so people outside zone open. We knew that things would grow. Nice let me start sending out demo tapes. The people cassette tapes were recommended called venues. Radio Stations Radio Stations. That would be getting played on local BBC Monte. The first people in the world to play and inspirer shackling but then donaldson deny song key one or three which piccadilly I think at the beginning Tony Degree created a Sunday night. Show I appeal. Yeah he sai- PLANO's an we sent us off to John Peel. He played it the day. Got It did. He played played our first single thing. He was keep the circle around. He played it but I remember Riley whoever was on before him and it might have been kershaw's it was either Kershaw Kershaw. It was just before him and they ended the shore. We keep circle around an Giampiero came on and started at. When you think okay now we do not want to smush Olympia? Pledge Music Back then that was you form to begin the next day. God Wii doubts phone wherever you live in. Everybody wanted to sign inspired. I wanted to speak about deal so up really quickly before you know. It would unaware to London talking to all these. GM manager at all we. Just I think we did at this point I think got onto John. I think he was looking after then. By that point so we will get an sommes appear to be schmoozed by these massive levels by then it was like CBS. Sony Warner's these companies. Were all they wanted to his signature. Yeah I think for a while we did. Our cells require on singles on cow records for a little bit. I mean just played the game plan to build breath. We're very much a cottage industry for bill. It would be billups. Amazing teasha empire selling t shirts Callan. Who came up with the cow may come up with Cola's folk may it was? It was the California Okamatsu the minute we what we did was. We've been self-sufficient we're being very working class. We didn't want to sell out too early with seeing vans lightly wedding present and I'm not sure it up into itself did science these messages and then the first album but because a sales were in the with Ralph back teller ever to get dropped but Dan getting dropped by level at a big stigma with it so we saw up into a couple of buttons and I think opens a wedding present and we were watching that thing. Let's just keep building. Our cells sells before we do a delia. Sorry this point. You still learning and growing maturity as a learning to play with to UN's only machine you know what I mean it's site so we were growing and development and learning about the industry selling not shifts because not nothing could do record recorded first album. I think the thousand quid. Maria is all lot money through selling cassette tapes on t shirts dot pets for the record in the sand time again. Now to you know games ends at Wembley to watch some fake final with Pepsi. And Shirley I think with us. Or Daphne and Celeste some big at the time I did they they brought the already so the salt and pepper. Everyone is gonNa Sweet and nice girl we didn't we we didn't. We didn't go with any of the major vendors. Will eventually we had a friend of ours. Called Nikki policy was applause Radio Pogo and she said the boyfriend boyfriend at time. Daniel Miller owned records. Big Independent label is urged. About what you do in some advice defensively in with him so at this trip to London literally just to get an objective opinion of this little indie label. Yeah there were quite big label time to speak to Donald. Who is going to because we were friends of his girlfriend is going to give some advice? No no question in the world it might sign. That wasn't even part of it. Me Records by like the night and eight to nine was depeche mode Rasiah an abundance of you never know dame under lassen Einstein's end to know about and all the German music show in all these going on a lot. There's no way we wanted to tell me. Records went down to Daniel's office in London and he came into it. It's just so you think throwing it all away what he means. Look what you've dormant look at what you create it on your own on your merit records. American t-shirt empire the all this kind of still. If you signed to magic the worst thing I've ever done name on it and he was more or less encouraging us to carry on down the indy ru McCain away from the main still been all intention attention to sign with him. We're left a of the recordings of the album..

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