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"lash gad" Discussed on DSC On Demand

"Do you know that song as originally called. Black our yeah. It's another one. They had to tone down at sullivan was the producer on that number. Seven is jumping jack. Lash gad's floods nobody so y'all just put satisfaction number six is painted black render the top five. You're reading what's matter chain so nervous. Visit get nervous because you try and pick something a little weird a little too esoteric. Little to scorsese may have in the top five and no one has scored number five is. You can't always get what you want. Oh man gory either. All brilliant overall stupid. What do you think it is. Why you're asking me what i wrote now. No i'm asking. Do you think we're all brilliant. Who do you think we're all stupid. I think we know the boy versus the team would say okay. The fourth greatest song in the entire library of the rolling stones is street fighting man. Burford that one not told me. That's the fourth best song of all time. Come on we're in the top three right. Who's on the more. No one no one number. Three sympathy for the devil Ding ding dong. What's a matter. Ding ding jay. I i think. I'm going lose their spot clip at three songs. That i can think of that are solid. Never heard a guy so upset to be the only ones too big. Cahoon is number two satisfaction narrative later chainsaw gone..

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