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"las vegas sports raiders" Discussed on KDWN 720AM

"In the history books for Las Vegas Sports Raiders come away with the victory gave a lot of people close to some heart palpitations and heart attacks in the fashion that they won, But in the end, they were victorious. Not all that's all that matters. Lamar Jackson couple costly turnovers to break this down for us to break down the game. What are the Raiders do? Well, what do they need to improve on while the guy joining us on the line Right now he knows this Raiders team inside and out. He's the founder. Of Silver and black Today, the editor of Vegas Sports Day. Also a good dude. Scott Gold Bernsen joining us right now on the line. Scott, I appreciate you coming on. How are you? Hey, what's up, Scott? I'm doing well. Hopefully, everybody got some sleep and the football hangover real, but it's a good morning Vegas. As the home team wins their first real big game at home, Really with fans in the stands, So it's a good morning. No question. So Scott in brief terms, I'll say the first half Raiders defense keeps him in the game thought Derek Carr was a little off in the first half. And then midway through the third quarter towards the fourth quarter. Derek Carr, it seemed like that first fumble by Lamar Jackson woke up the Raiders offense a little bit, they traded blows back and forth. And I mean to me, That's what sums up the game. The defense in my opinion, even though Derek Carr is phenomenal in the fourth quarter, and there were guys on this team, there's no question that made plays. Darren Waller was incredible. Uh, you know, listen, we can name several guys. Derek Carr was very good, But let's be honest to me. It was the defense that won this game for the Raiders. Do you agree with that? You know, I do agree with that. I think you look at this game in the context. Guys of the last two seasons. If the Raiders are in a similar position and had not made all the moves on defense, improve the defensive front and improve the linebacking corps would they have been able to create a turnover like they did? They gave their cars the chances to go down and score. And the answer is no. They were terrible at takeaways the last two years next to last in the league. It's not last in the league, and so you're absolutely right. The defense kept them in the game, and that's what they blasted. Think as a black The ability to give that that offense, another opportunity to get them to get the ball back into the score. And so that's what you need. Sometimes you know that you can't put it all on one side of the ball. You have to play complementary football. And the Raiders were able to do that last night. Let's talk a little bit about coaching. I don't think the coaching one this football game I like Jon Gruden. I think he's a great guy. I'll say he's a good coach. Not sure he's worth $100 million contract. That's another story. Maybe I'll ask you that a little bit. But you know they this is what confuses me, Scott. Maybe you could help me out. With this 2nd and 92 more downs. They have plenty of time to kick a field goal. And they bring the field goal unit on it doesn't seem like they know what they're doing. There is confusion, and then they get a penalty. They lose five yards. They say, Oh my gosh, We might be kind of out of field goal range, and then you know, Derek Carr gets back on the field. That's not on the players. That's on the coaching step. I just feel like there were a couple bone head coaching decisions There were. Maybe it wasn't even a decision of just they weren't making the decision fast enough. Could have cost him the football game. What are your thoughts on that? Yeah, That's an interesting one. I couldn't believe that and and after the game, I know you were at the press conference. Um and Rudin said, Look, we were trying to find the kicker. The kicker was over at the net. We couldn't get him on the field at the right time. And you're right. That goes to coaching staff that goes to your special teams. Which sake? Who's a A long time. He's the associate head coach. Not having your guys ready was a weird situation and and certainly could have cost him because on that next play, Derek Carr gets back then what? Right then you're looking at a whole different situations. So I think there was a lot of rust on this team I expected on offense frankly, because that offensive line is rebuilt. But a lot of inexperienced guys a lot of second string trying to make the jump off, including Andre James Center, who struggled. Let's face it for most of the game, but came up big in the end. And so, yeah, I think there was there's There's some concern there. Look, it's one game. Everybody should bask in the glory that was This overtime win, But a lot of the concerns that we brought up during the preseason, I think still remain, and there was lots to see how they address it. But the coaching listen to coaching was uneven. At times. I do think I have to give Jon Gruden credit on the play calling on offense, especially in that fourth quarter, But let's face it, Derek Carr. If you if you watched the game, he audibled out of many calls, which is a credit to him, and he made the right call. Because obviously, the Raiders were able to drive down and score at the end of the game, of course. And over time, you know, a couple a couple things that I was concerned with in the offseason was was one. You know you lost Rodney Hudson. The offensive line has a players have been taken off the offensive line. You have you have Kolton Miller? First round pick you've got you Can you know that stage? You've got a couple of players that are that are coming back. You traded? You know, Trent Brown is back with the Patriots now. The last night, the Raiders gave up three sacks. Seven QB hits How Do you think the offensive line play? Did they play up the expectation, considering what they lost? You know, I thought they did pretty good guys. I wouldn't have said that in the first half. I thought in the first half, of course, Denzel Good goes down early with an injury, which which did not help Alex Leatherwood, the rookie out. Alabama played pretty well until that costly penalty obviously down at the one yard line at the end of regulation or overtime. Excuse me when they were trying to win the game. But other than that, I thought they came on in the second half. There's still a lot of question marks there..

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