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"las vegas invitational" Discussed on The Her Hoop Stats Podcast

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"las vegas invitational" Discussed on The Her Hoop Stats Podcast

"It didn't hurt that there were so many children in the crowd. Screaming, wanting autographs, actually to the point that the cow players who went first in the postgame press conference did not want to leave the autograph signing and had to get pulled away and were disappointed to come talk to us because they were signing autographs. So we need more of all of that energy. On NBC bringing coaches home, making little kids hearts explode, like all of it. Yeah. I agree. I love it. It's so much fun. Also, like, just the fact of having a huge woman's basketball game in a place that doesn't normally get big woman's basketball games, I think, is really important too. Like getting to play in that little tent schools that usually draws a huge fan base and playing in other places is really cool as well. Yeah, and I mean, the enterprise center in St. Louis, which is pretty large, held the 2001 final four when Neil ivy wanted a player. That's fun fact. They didn't fill it for that game. This year. But that's okay. That's okay. The teams had a great time. The fans had a great time. It was a great opportunity for the city of St. Louis. The coaches high school's mobilized a good chunk of the crowd was Neil ivy's high school, people who knew her current students, it was a while. They held a pep rally for her with the Notre-Dame band and cheerleaders and leprechaun the day before high school. Around the country. Yeah, I love it. I want to see so much more of it. Obsessed. It's very cool. There's like watched all of this happen and they were like, wow. Awesome. Even literally sitting and folding chairs on the baseline and all of these current high school and younger students were in the crowd. Had filled the entire bleachers in this tiny gym and were absolutely going crazy for like everything the cheerleader said, the leprechaun was possibly their favorite person aside from the entire thing. It was just, it was great. That's my soapbox for anyone who needs an alternative to whatever happened in Las Vegas. Other tournament ideas just like bring some people home. Whether it's Carla going back to Yukon or whether it's like meal and charmin coming out to see Louis. Homecoming's good. Vegas. Yeah. Exactly. We haven't had an episode since the biggest debacle for yikes. We need to summarize that for the listeners. Yeah, probably. So in short, there was a one of many tournaments in Vegas that was for some reason organized to be held at a ballroom. I think that's the best description of where it was played at basically a court on floor in the ballroom. Just overall nightmare, not proper venue, not proper medical staff, which caused the problem with the player that did go down. I forget which team from, but they didn't get medical attention for far too long. They had to bring their own hand towels from their hotel rooms. The ballroom was not great, but not the problem, the not having EMTs on staff, having folding triggers, but no actual seats for fans is a miss bringing your own hand towels, like, come on. Yeah. But there's another, there was another Vegas tournament coming up this month and teams pulled out of that. So I saw that today. So that's something. But yeah, yeah, it was not great out in Vegas recently. No, not great. And it was a fair bit tournament was called. It's the one that Indiana played in. As well. The Indiana Las Vegas invitational. Sounds good. I don't know. But yeah. So yeah, overall, not great. I think we saw lots of great events for Thanksgiving. That was not one of them. We saw them if flow hoops was cooperating. Yes, yeah, that too. If a tournament is success, but it's on flow hoops. Did it really happen? Did it even happen? That's how I feel about the biggest gifts right now too. Why do people don't create who are both ranked players on a Friday night? It's just upsetting. Yes, Ken, where are you? I don't think you have better programming than that on a Friday night. It is Fox. It's a fox problem, but still. What else is on Fox Sports water Fox Sports too that you couldn't move that game to flex sports? They said like the good broadcast crew too, they sent like Jon Fanta, the full biggie's crew to broadcast a game on flow sport. Make it make sense. I just felt talking to a cardboard tube and like to know. And that is the flow of sports experience. That's what Princeton played on tonight because they were playing at Taos and the camera did some like weird zooming in things where you saw like one player and it's like, well, I don't know what's happening over there. But it's fine. Eventually. Yeah. You have $30. Yeah, I think that's what's the most, if it was like $30 for the year. Okay, whatever. That's like $30 a month. It's a ridiculous. It was $30 a year it would just be leaked us. We all complain about, but it's like tolerable. $30 a month is a whole nother universe. That's insane. Especially considering how many different things you have to subscribe to to get like every other channel that woman sports around. Yes. Yes, I don't need to pay for 12 add ons. Thank you. But here we are. Got into the Ivy League, which is on ESPN+ much easier to navigate. Yes, yeah. Honestly, I would be here for it. I have no problem with ESPN+. It's like, what, $6 a month? It's now 9 9 9. It was a pretty decent job by itself. But you can also bundle it with other things. Yeah. Because yeah, you can bundle it with the ones that work. And it's got some really good quality. Exactly. Yeah, I have no problem with the ESPN+ situation. Honestly, it's cheaper than adding all the cable packages to get some of these scare channels that other things pay play on, so. Yes. I feel like we I feel like we always complain about how hard it is to know what WNBA games are on because they have Facebook and Twitter and blackouts for college games are like low key just as hard if you are not sticking to a single conference or a single team. Like if you want to kind of mix and match the how can I economize this is very complicated. Yeah, exactly. Texas only plays like half their games on the log hard network. Yeah. I do have it on slimed out, but I have so many things and I'm like, I don't think Tesla is good anymore, maybe I don't need long at work. You know, not a lot.

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