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"lars nessa" Discussed on Against The Odds

"Four thirty pm august. I two thousand and eight. Cecilia school stands on a vast snowfield staring up at the summit ridge of the second tallest mountain in the world. She's been climbing nonstop for almost twenty hours except for a short nap can't four but for a moment. She forgets her aching muscles. The site is breathtaking. The snow sparkles in brilliant sunshine. And the top of the mountain is finally visible silhouetted against the immaculate blue sky. The most dangerous parts of the climb are behind her for now the icy traverse steep narrow bottleneck now. She just needs to put one foot in front of the other and dig in as she makes slow trek up the thirty degree slope through the deep snow. Her breathing is labored thin. Air at twenty eight thousand feet. Many of the climbers on the mountain are using supplementary oxygen but cecilio left her bottle below with her husband. Ralph without oxygen. It feels like breathing through a straw with a ten pound sack of potatoes on her stomach but she tries to keep her mind on the goal she turns to her teammate. Lars nessa. Have you ever seen anything so perfect. I've never seen anything like k. To lars is twenty eight years old and the most junior member of the four-person or weeds and team. He's not a full-time climber. Like cecilia. and rolf back at home. He's a nurse when he agreed to the trip. He never imagined he would make it this far if they reach the top. You'll be one of an elite group of mountaineers who summited k two. Cecilia looks up to see climber coming their way. He has a confident easy. Walk and he doesn't wear an oxygen mask when he gets close. Cecilia sees its alberto's iran q. Remembers him from camp to on the way up. He's a solo climber from the basque country. In spain she saw him helping pemba sherpa earlier. That morning laying rope across the traverse his faces ruddy from the fresh air. Lars is first to speak. Wow no one would guess you just summited the second highest mountain in the world. You're in really good shape. Suddenly cecilia feels strong urge to move. How much further is it. She sees alberto hesitate but she can't read his face. Finally he says at least two hours maybe a bit more cecillia nods and continues walking. She needs to hurry if she's going to keep her promise to ralph and get back to before sunset over to watch a cecilia as she heads towards the peak thinking of how strong and beautiful she looks in the sun. She's full of life. He wasn't sure how to answer when she asked how far he could take years. Maybe four what he wanted to say was it's getting late term back and it's not worth the risk. But he saw the excitement in her eyes and didn't have the heart to discourage her he's worried about. All of the climbers. Now making their way to the top the sun will set soon which.

Lars cecilia Lars nessa twenty eight thousand feet Four thirty pm august cecilio one foot alberto cecillia Ralph first k. To lars eight two thousand twenty eight years old spain second tallest mountain four-person Cecilia thirty degree slope