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"larry steph curry" Discussed on Puty's World Cup Podcast

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"larry steph curry" Discussed on Puty's World Cup Podcast

"All right all right welcome back. Everybody sam's army episode two point. Sixty six. We got a lot to talk about here. We got tomatoes bombshell. We get some interesting results from the weekend. We got a couple of crazy scores from champions league. of course we've got power rankings in a preview. What's to come this weekend. All the big games and some best bets in importantly stay tuned for a phone interview with keeping parks in james sands of nyc afc. But i already and goes welcome. Back sam's army episode two point one one to eleven so this is going to be a a mailbag episode. I think our i almost exclusively mailbag episode. Were were at the sort of the calm. Before the storm with The us benz national team in women's national team tournaments just finishing up and now we have permanently in european soccer starting very soon but not this weekend so we're going to do a little mailbag episode. We've got a lot of cool questions from from the audience that we will get into in the order we're going to do. Is us men's national team slash cup obviously Champion us women's national team slash olympics not champions vin premier league preview. The real previews coming next week. So stay tuned for that and then just a random assortment grab bag section and then of course after goes 'cause everybody stay tuned for that. Stay tuned at the end of this for a fun interview with nick. Kelly the new president of charlotte f. c. Which is the the mls team that is going to start in. Twenty twenty two. We talked about our shared distaste for falcons. Fc the squad in atlanta. It's a fun fun. Talk next cool guy so stay tuned for that but now let's welcome in my esteemed partners this week so a long time. No see back on the program. Larry nance junior. It has been a minute. How you doing larry Doing great you know i had. I had luebeck with you guys after the friendly win over todd of today did you guys. I don't even know what i have like pre preseason. I just don't don't ask me if we want or not. That's a civic. that's a silly question. Getting i thought tottenham was in a band spot but if chelsea fans are focusing on preseason now i feel like we're all in bed spy press. I'm reaching for any any good news anywhere so yes preseason big guess interesting questions on chelsea that we'll get into it a little bit. But i so larry steph curry just got a quarter billion dollar contract Your thoughts Gotta be honest. He's worth every bit of the at if possibly more that franchise so i love it all right okay. I'm not actually going to disagree with you there but are we in the midst of an nba contract bubble. Is there such a thing of a bubble bubble too much. There's so much. I can't even like somebody like credit. I'm not a huge fan of fan. But i'm not like a huge fan. Somebody just got somebody from atlanta. Just got like a hundred and some million dollars. And i hadn't even heard of him just makes me think maybe we're in a bubble now. I don't know well. St john collins got it john. I don't know if you're not an nba fan and it's it's hard to. It's hard to argue. But i think you know the more money. The better the tv deals. I think more money the better right. You feel like you just. Did you get screwed by sat in year extension a few years ago rather than this year. No comment who on miss Tell us so. You are very unhappy about this picture of in using on instagram. And tell us what you do not like about this dick. Yeah that's like a three year. Old picture i look more esteemed More mature now. I get hit on by bombs more often. I i think you should use them more current photograph of me. I think that's i think that's perfectly normal Thing to one. Also i want i want to kinda back. Larry innis overreacting to preseason. Results is a right that every sports fan has doesn't every sports fan has the right to overreact to preseason results So that's something that i hold near and dear as a venue probably should tell you that Shocked he didn't bring up your posters ation of some small child. I i did. I did larry now. We're playing pickup last night I drove drove baseline and rose up. I only have like a forty five forty six inch vertical But we're trying to get it up there. I think i east it to kind of blacked out. i don't really remember. I was up there for so long but Yeah yeah it was a hell of a poster. Wish everybody saw it so this thirteen year. Old's name was those. Larry i yeah probably yeah. It was a thirteen year old I don't know take greater freshmen in highschool but yeah no i post as a thirteen year old last night and i am not sorry if it felt fantastic. I'm not apologizing anybody for the doug dunk. I don't even know what that feels like so Thirteen-year-old named larry has got a hard life from poor kid. Forget now. let's stay with the profile takes here. So tommy i know you've seen this your profile pic on fought mob or whatever. The that app is what are your. What are your thoughts on that. Like you sort of look like some sort of peaky blinders bad ass in that going for they'll have a ten inch neck and it was just missing and this is like rectangular head's tilted slightly sideways. It is you got gotta like sort of like. Are you looking at me. Kind of look in your i like you. You look way more bad. S in that than the well. The now i'll say that's very fair. Yeah it's very flattering. It does it. Looks like you've got big muscles in that one. Which maybe you do. I don't know it doesn't look like a full moustache. Which is what you're going on now. That things coming in luscious my muscles or anything like we mustache. they're awful. Got a tough levity. Do okay all right. So there's a we got. We had to tweedles. And we got larry back in the mix. We're supposed to have a third tweedle but mikey. Apparently can't do math conversion on on times anymore so we don't think he's going to join us maybe he will later. But let's get to the good stuff so this is i said as a mailbag episode. We are basically taking questions from the audience and we're going to run through them relatively quickly allaster with us. Men's national team the now reigning defending gold cup champion of twenty twenty one. It feels good. Feels real good to say that to to trophies in one summer Which in my up. See if i carry the one. That's two more than mexico. Got this week or this summer. So that's That's pretty cool Before we get to the questions though. Let's quickly just sort of. What are you guys thoughts on the tournament. The game itself in the fact that the us actually won this thing start with anybody wanna raise their hand tommy raise. My hand is awesome so fun to watch both games. Both different games a thought. But in that stadium against mexico's just as a fan as glued to the tv. And just don't disagree mitch lady off. I think it's a testament to to greg. The the final at least is I think i think boys executed the game plan exactly as they wanted to. They never looked like they were the that we were the most threatening apart from that like chancellor areola stolen at the top of the eighteen I i would like to give give greg flowers here and say that he did a damn good job of organizing them And we we came through. We wanted it and it was pretty evident especially in extra time that we wanted that game more than they did And shot up miles for big old. That was that was electric. I had a great time watching that game. Huge huge yes. I think you're right. The first half mexico look like they look like they thought they were just going to sort of walk away with it and they. They were the better team that first second half pretty even extra time was all. Us like we were all over there. S larry any thoughts Roth world cup champs basically right. That's essentially what i gathered from it like you know. Not a knee-jerk reaction at all but i think we're winning the next cup so i i've been cena for years. Finally people are getting on the bandwagon with me Thank you for joining larry. I've got a nice little window seat for you in the near the back But yet feels it feels real good. It feels so good that I dunno it's like i've been saying that like we're on the moving in the right direction. And like i've been saying it for years but like this summer feels like it's just sort of cemented the fact that like we are actually doing things moving in the right direction headed off. Let's let's go onto the questions now so we got a lot of questions that basically asked the same thing. So d- heller. Ted nick kicks. Fts data ftse See.

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