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"larry oconnor" Discussed on WMAL 630AM

"Left say well okay if everything is going so well and it is then why do we need the tax cut right while a couple of figured about i hear the same thing when i when i go on cnn now i you know i'm confronted with her or a gaggle of liberals who who make dole i know that i know that you know first of all i mean this is the irony of this was so rich i mean first of all they've been saying period over the last eighteen months out trump's never going to go so three percent growth and not we're at three and a half percent growth is that well our economy is growing so pouched we'd on the tax cut a huntsman routed hell yes we do and i used to be uh talk to trump about this stuff during the campaign and larry kudlow and i would say to him in a larry another uh regular a wmel we used to say uh you know i don't we think if you've got this tax cut through we can get you to four percent growth and he into a swear to guide us steve useless held up his hands with five fingers up and saying i 5 percent to season larry oconnor show and wmal i mean this is the this is a very rare occurrence because yoga to give us the corporate rate a slash big bigand give the corporation's advantages and the the the pass through companies and so that's the business side at the same time the tribunal you're going to be adjusting and giving the individuals it up in a leg up as well so it's a rare combination right it is a rare combination of luck when we started this process which are just about two years ago with with donald trump and canada trump you know the whole heart and soul the plan was getting her car business tax us and i know wmal listeners know this but most americans still don't realize that that our american businesses are taxed at a higher rate uh than any other country in the world that we compete with china india.

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