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"larry michael boyce" Discussed on Paul Allen

"A. Sight for Sore Eyes, that's debatable always works definitely aside is, but I don't WanNa. Go down the Larry Michael Boyce of the REDSKINS I. Simply going to say. I look over here and I say a cipher or is. How `bout, a sound for sore ears in, did Gender de Saint. In Studio Sway? Human outside of Matter Labor and Paul in in the Oh and Aaron gleaming. how we miss people kinder- as you know man. Everybody misses people. Don't they sprayed? It was like a ghost town. Walk in here. All go last night. Okay, been great. Job, yeah. We had a good time. I mean was goals to discuss. It's always Nice Nice energy to the game I think both teams came out kind of fire, and so it was a little chippy, some fouls. I don't. The REF was great. You know kind of makes it more exciting for us. Especially on radio I know yeah, kinder-, D say knob in Minnesota United and Elisa soccer for profit and joins nine to noon frequently last time. Time, she was on phone line order was out and that was right into the winner. Take all I mean the MLS bubble bit, and now here we are with today being the final day of the group round. Yeah, and we get that knockout sweet sixteen set united in Sweet Sixteen. I know since our last text last evening that you've been super excited for my hardcore Minnesota united soccer takes after watching ninety percent of the game last night. Yeah! believably I didn't say. A couple times even during the week. When I tune in and you guys are discussing your pets and your your year picks in your teams. I mean it's been entertaining to listen to Youtube and Glenn kind of go back and forth and analyze and breakdown. I don't know who did pick L. A. Galaxy and cheat anybody. Thereto, he's got the galaxy. Wow, that's so now! In League, still in the leader let's let's pump the brakes. Storm. Often walk ahead, write A. Particular moment all number your ears. Is it Allen or a elaine scorer for for heads of city. We talked about. Hoop Alito. Alan Vega talent, so you had mentioned teacher Reto ever, era val. Thereto Times ten. Oh, yeah, okay, yeah, he's! He's teacher Reto with hot sauce. Yeah, okay, so we're five now. The Tech is run away from us in the WTA. I put at least two twenty one piece on him last night. Police show with two assists. And I think I got a couple of wins, or at least one win out of them I. Have Cincinnati Okay Hey I'm. Almost one their group for goodness, sakes try said there's no way that I don't know if Nordahl is absent. There's an opportunity for mad producer to really tease me. I don't know if he's absent minded because of the perjure and his phone too much, but there's an opportunity to just get after me with Cincinnati winning twice for it was I who actually watched a cincinnati soccer. Game FC Cincinnati first game, and right when I got back I'm like what's What's Eden Prairie A. Y. S. O. Doing. A group of like great city sake soccer players together so FC. Cincinnati has a chance I mean the Cincinnati bit in that first game was the worst sporting event. Here's how I put it. That was the worst sporting event and I've ever seen in my life. It was the most monitoring seen a lot of the worst because there weren't chances. There wasn't a lot. Lot of action, and it was scoreless scoreless, but then Cincinnati. All of a sudden becomes a freaking juggernaut after that wins two games. Yeah, you know what hey. They sat back and they sat behind the ball, and they countered, and they finished their chances i. mean that's the that that can be the game of soccer and sometimes people are critical of teams that put eleven. Players behind the ball. You do what you gotTa. Do some time to get out win I've seen it in world cups well part of it, too, though I mean whether it's east mentioned La. Galaxy I'M GONNA mention Atlanta you. Teams among man. I, mean they just wanted to pack it in and go home, they they didn't want to be the. You watched it. Lanna, yes, because I I never watched a minute of an Atlanta game. Either I'm calling races bad time whatever, but like, during the first half of the first galaxy game when old ask teacher Reto San San. Penalty kick I get with with. MECO Beckenbauer yeah and I'm like. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? No galaxy has no desire to be in this bubble and we might need to take take a trip to Diamond Joe's. Whoever they next I might want four thousand on it. That's what we're seeing and you saw with Atlanta Ju- ATLA- Atlanta. They lost several players, but from a on paper talent perspective not score a goal in three games to not as is king. You know whether it's chances it's. Whatever you would expect from them was trash and that's just. beat Atlanta Atlanticist. Goal now now. How about that neighbor on this struggle? Boss did you have any Atlanta players on your team at Barca other guy was. Game which I mean, you should feel good about that choice. Yeah, correct pre. Apple Tournament Right. You should be excited about okay. Then he comes off the bench. Okay Miss Quiet. Storm Miss United Okay. Miss United I should feel good with all due respect about having Lisa Marie on my team who? I mean seriously. Can we get one shot I mean? Ten point goal. Okay, we at least get a shot. Okay a shot, but I think he also yellowcard. Who didn't have a yellow card in that match. was very poor. That fight was almost legitimate the end. Who was your guy, so you got the guy with the dreads Abu Bakar a for four Colorado. Okay, who who was Argyle, kept pushing him well, which one? Is the Alonzo. You had Michael Box. Lonzo tough toughest. Here's the tough gene. He was not afraid. No, he was. He was not happy. At that moment he wanted to go want to put some clear. Hold on. Yeah, he is I. Mean That's and he's the Captain Armband, so he's got in I. Don't know what lawless is doing. That's kind of his Mo to. Say the heart CORETEC for both of you to analyze because you both know a lot more about the me. Minnesota United from the ninety two percent I watched last night. Absolutely dominated the pitch, and it finishes to two so that that's part of soccer right? Am I wrong? Did we not that? What's that tech? I? Don't read the text the way I phrased it. Let's rephrase it. Minnesota united just absolutely dominating Colorado, but but couldn't couldn't like open a big lead, or whatever is kind of how it works. Yeah, I think that's a fair assessment. Assessment, that's the way this game can be played our you can have seventy five percent possession and lose the game I mean. We saw that in the other FC Cincinnati match. You know has somehow some way you can just dominate and not finish your chances. Your opportunities I also think the first goal that Colorado scored. There should have foul at midfield and they never happened. So you know I just think there are different things that go different ways and penalties and and Minnesota. I thought looked really good last night I mean they're not going to look their best. They're not gonNA look like they would in July. If this season had gotten normal, they're not midseason form right now, but considering all the circumstances that have been going on that this game three in the bubble that this was week four in the bubble of being out of hotel, and away from your families and turning night heat. I thought that every game they've gotten better and now they've got Columbus on Tuesday night in the knockout round, and that's going to be a big Game Columbus. Now, people are kind of picking Columbus to win. Put any prediction you had going into this tournament. which actually kind of would make deputy even more funny is that they all just go? They all are thrown out.

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