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"larry king hank aaron" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"But there's some strings business and they fired. Just not all there, announcers. Do you know about this? Jim 100 They fired today. 100. Tom Davis, Born in Derry, Thorne. All over out. Wow. I don't know what I mean. They were better than team. Yeah, but they kept Jim Palmer and public dollar. It must be a money issue. I guess I'm well, Their contracts are probably Yeah, I know, but all of them, I mean, it's kind of unusual that they were, well, the fire Tom Davis, just like You know, Taking the Orioles out of Baltimore is for David's reaction in this town that she's going to Yeah, Dempsey, too. I mean, it's But Tom Davis has been here longer than all of Yeah, you know, I mean, and that's all I'm saying is still a money issue. Jim 100 thought he was. He was very good. Joe. Angela liked him. Also, there were all we're good. You know it, Z they, You know, the Orioles always took here their own and it seems like they don't do that anymore. All right, well, In other sports news. I'm sure you all know that the Ravens will pick number 27 the draft In late April, they released Robert Griffin. And if the 39 years of consecutive indoor soccer the Baltimore blast season is canceled. Do the cover because they can't have that many people in the room and they moved to Towson. Yeah, that's where they were. That's right there at the testing, right? Ronnie Stanley Marlowe Humphrey Wink Martindale of the family of Eric DeCosta all Ravens. They have donated lots of money to help local restaurants. He didn't make. It made a nice donation. That was very nice. We acknowledge this week the passing of Senator Senate President Mike Miller after career of nearly 50 years in the Senate and House of represent House of delegates again, we mentioned Larry King Hank Aaron. For the readers among us out. They're the number one hardback fiction book. This thing this week is Star Wars. The high Republicans the number one export. Did you know Bob But you didn't that the horseshoe crab is very important to saving human lives. It is. I know you're looking at me like it's possible but has something to do with their copper based blood. They're even thinking about using it to fight the covert. Hmm. So that's interesting. The number one film in America is the marksman. I think it's still right s O from me. Walker, Texas Ranger is back without Chuck Norris. The new guys named Jared Pedal Lucky I never heard of this guy. Terry Bradshaw will be back with his family with Bradshaw both seen on the TV. And if you like Girl Scout cookies, you'll be thrilled to know that they're now going to be delivered to you via Grubhub beginning February, 1st. And just this week, Tom Brokaw retired after a very illustrious career. I'm done. Well, what did he retire from? What was he doing on NBC? He was doing specials. Okay. Well, he was the anchorman for the longest time, right? But he has an anchor for all that time. He did certain specials for them for the last I think, 10 years. Yes, he did the elections to him. Yeah, I like that. I thought it was good. Yes, it is an icon. He's no Walter Cronkite. Of course, Nobody's Walter Cronkite. Okay, Before we go to your stories are way need to talk about just a few minutes about Another death and in the baseball Family. I mean, another call of Famer. It's just amazing. The many number 44 Atlanta Braves and hammering hammering hammering Hank Gone. I mean, this has been a horrible year for For baseball and a great players, and he was one of the top five baseball players of all time. Hank Aaron. He was. He was a great he He was a class guy. He was He worked for the Braves for over 50 years. Include C major leagues and R B I s He's You Know they everybody ton people don't acknowledge Bobby bonds as three home run. King. But Hank Aaron's really the home run king because he did it legitimately grief, though in his life. Yeah, well, he you know him and Jackie Robinson probably took the brunt of Larry Doby. The brunt of racial hatred and everything so well, I tell you, you know. Recently we had the movie 42 about Jackie Robinson. I think they should do a movie about Hank Aaron and call it 44 might absolutely not. And I think baseball to retire that number that no other player can wear that number. No, he like they did with Jackie. Because May. He's right up there with Jackie Robinson. Yeah. And Willie Mays. It should be up there too, because he was one of the greats of all time. Yeah, I remember seeing the home run that Hank Aaron hit. And let me tell you, it just got over the fence. Yeah, but he was a line drive like a rocket. Yeah, he was. He was all wrist because that's the big guy right now. I'm kind of a guy. He was all wrist. Women Earn. Roberto Clemente E. Had the greatest risk in baseball. It's a technique too, right? Yes. Fast spat. Yep. That's a shame, but it's just been a rough year for a lot of people and Tell you You gotta get. But the good news is treatment. CD's coming back. Yes. Yeah, And hopefully we'll have baseball in a stadium and write. You can watch the games. Absolutely. I'm hoping and praying for that, So I mean, we needed people need baseball. We need to get me stadiums we needed All right. Why do you wanna you wanna? Yeah. I'm gonna wait. Captain Gil. He has some questions, and I'll do the story. We're listening to Eddie's dissertation just previously. He mentioned the movie again. The marksman. And Eddie and I were driving to the theater. A very nice theater, Beltway Horizons Theater. And, uh, Going to the theaters to Eddie. What heralds this movie in popularity. House of raided. And how is it rated and Eddie said, Well, probably Ira to let you know exactly how it was the number one last week. It's the number one this week. Um and you know, because there's nothing really released this week of any consequence. It was a lot of independent films that Marksman is one of the few films or it's all over the country, you know, So why release and normally would do probably five or six times the amount of business that normally does, because people would be in the theaters and watching it and Liam Neeson has made himself a. He's the Clint Eastwood of the Action movies Now every single one of them. But one of his greatest movies was love, actually. It was a great Christmas movie, and I was one of my favorite Christmas comedies. That was it was a comedy drama. It was a little bit of everything it was. It was really terrific. If he never saw it. He was who else was Hugh Grant? Okay, Emma Thompson was great Great Christmas film, and the music was great at the Mariah Carey movie song in it, and Really one of the best Christmas love, actually, okay? So all right, well, we're gonna take a break and we'll be back for our.

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