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Fantasy Mock Draft

"Welcome to the N._F._l.. Talking Heads Fantasy football jess show here a your hosts jeff carrier. It's law everyone welcome in to the N._F._l.. Talking heads podcast back at it again for my second time this week but the boys back in for the third time this week four fourth while counts hard math artists wealth but burlingame night oil I guess but anyways that was mulling over some potential opening question today but given the fact that Jeff and seth were about to tear each other's heads off in the pre show over third round reversals. WE'RE GONNA learn opened up today talking about how you feel about third round reversal drafts and I'll <hes> I'll start with you jess yes so the context is we're going to do a mock draft here. Twelve man now is just moaning and groaning and complaining like I love to do do about there's no third round reversal march graphs anywhere I might as well have to create a new platform just so I can do tests mark grass with third round reversals and the purpose of the third round reversal is so that we can give equal balance of the people at the end of the draft Rasa when you're selecting eleven twelve and obviously you have the turn in the second round will instead of the turn happening to the player I overall pick saquon Barkley so instead of him getting say someone like Don Williams Dalvin Cook at the end of the second round and then turning over in getting keen Allen or Zachert or whoever it flips back to the twelfth overall pick to start the third round and that balances off the the level of players that are being distributed by the teams. I I think that's completely fear. I think everyone should be doing that not only that you pick twelve and thirteen twelve overall then you all have to wait all the way until number thirty six we're number. One overall gets obviously number. One Twenty four twenty five. I think completely fair seth is clearly doesn't know how to do math or valuations because he is disagreement in the pre game. Show I mean if you have if you have the for the for the for the first overall picking saquon there is an advantage no matter what because they have saquon sake one is just head and shoulders above everybody else but if you have picked two three four your added you're at a if you do the third round reversal. It's more tipped in their favor or it's the the opposite. It's not into arguments well. Here's the thing if you pick for second or third. You have to wait forever until you can make your second selection if you have picks eleven or twelve twelve team league. Let's say you have picked twelve. You can go oh Odell Beckham tyree killer Odell Beckham Schuster James Connor Schuster. You can take two studs back to back so I think it's kind of balanced anyways i. I don't think it is at all because because you're not taking Schuster at one overall or two or three or four or five or six I mean that's a whole point of why Schuster's going twelve overall or Michael Thomas or Devante Davante Adams even going before that so you give the person would saquon Barkley a chance to also get the most elite tight end they can with their third pick yeah I can Zakar. It's call it twenty five overall pretty common pick and not only that they can get elite wide receiver in say like Mike Evans at twenty fourth so they get saquon. They got a stud elite running back wide receiver anti start the board. You can't get that at the twelve overall pick without third round reversal. I don't feel strongly one where the fact that you're so obsessed with their own versatile and it's like you're so passionate about it just makes me like it less yeah. Can I can fully agree with that for me. My two senses that I'm of the avid believer that you know you expand the N._c._A._A.. Tournament to sixty teams and people still complain so whether you a third round reversal or whatever you do someone's GonNa Complain Side Haddish Open draft. That's my strategy and anyways just tell you take an stride. Most of us are worry about drafting team in Jeff's obsessed with the third round reversal. I mean I'm on the Progressive Person Okay. I'm always looking to enhance things make things better the fact it no one cares like at all like no one is even aware or oblivious to this. That's that's maybe the bigger issue I have no one is even aware that this is an option to them. They just go on the goddess. Take the overall no man you deserve better rights. I'm fighting for the man for the people yeah. You're a real man of the people all right. We got a macho about the start here in thirty seconds so set us up Ryan. What are we doing here so yeah? We're doing a twelve team. P. P. R. Mock draft which is where this whole fight started tonight <hes> so it'll be jeff myself and seth in here. <hes> looks like we got jeff in the five whole drafting seth thrown me off because he's got. I own Jefferson's team name so I thought I saw jeff twice. He's in the ten spot and he's so clever. I do own Jeff though I'm not trying to be controversial I guess we'll see tonight right but I took the top spot because because I actually prefer that that that one to turn in the back end and I don't need a third round reversal so I'm pretty happy where I am yeah well. You guys can say what you want. I still think that that is a fair fair league setting that everyone should implement in their leagues okay so I I guess I think we've probably killed the third round reversal topic here complete convenient to the grounds. I'm sure there's a couple people out there right now. Scrambling trying to figure out what they're brown versus are but you know jeff good analysis of any favors with my side of the argument the opening twenty seconds pick five overall draft starts in two minutes. Obviously I know the top four players that are going to be coming up draft in so at the at the five that whole which I think is a pretty difficult spot because in Seth Mentawai before we started seth is getting vic- with me on every comment that I have apparently why don't you think that's such a difficult spot to draft. Well like well. It's more difficult because in the probably the case that Ryan would make them why he sought after the twelve is that he you might see a lot of similarities with picking Jewish Doodoo. I absolutely love you get him at twelve overall. Is that much worse than say the Andrea Hopkins at five so that's what makes potentially the five pick a lot more difficult but since we don't have the third round reversal I went with the five spot a knowing I get the early third round pick and that's a long segue of me basically saying that I've been pretty consistent on saying that I'm looking towards David Johnson and the five spot because he's a running back. I believe it was going to do this season so I plan on drafting him in this mock draft and seeing how my team works out. This is actually really my first non best ball mock draft so I'm very curious to see how my team works out and I'm excited to get this going. So I think we should do is after so after somebody makes pick the next person recaps. Perhaps all the picks leading up to their pick so in other words Jeff You pick and fifth you you read off the picks. They're being made ahead of you in. Give your analysis on your pick and then I'm next on the clock all recap the picks from six to to where I'm picking at ten song a good idea. We'll try and stick to that plan and best weekend. I don't need a filibuster the whole draft your breakdown analysis. I'm sure everyone's just waiting waiting for okay so give me an idea since just starting in ten seconds we gotta wait for all these picks seth and then and then you Ryan because you're picking last who who is the likeliest person you would love to land at ten for Yussef Twelve Ryan <hes> I like David Johnson fallen me or Michael Thomas Yeah for me. I've had <hes> not to cheat ahead but even that twelve thirteen because all of those two picks back to back at this turn a lot this season I've been able to take Julio Jones and Juju back to back picks <hes>. I like going a little bit. I like going zero rb to start sell that's. I'm hoping that those two guys are the ones that follow me late in the first and early in the second year so you're so you're just fell to pick to save. One's got picked second so you're so you're not interesting taking tyreek Hill Ryan in twelve thirteen turn man history a curveball casino. I'm thinking <hes> I've done a couple of in this is before the tyreek Hill News so yeah. Actually I'm at the scratch that tyreek Hill is there is there then that's the guy I'm taking the bottom. The Wave Kamara false you jeff here at five so the first three and a half the board Christian McCaffrey Three Barclays Zeke if Kamara false five this is exactly why I don't I don't mind the fifth pick is something crazy could happen. You could end up with what would make you think Kamara is falling just because he's a last running back available at the top four. I mean do things have happened. No I have seen crazy stuff happen. which is you know? It's not a bad point like I've seen very crazy things happen. We were GONNA draft last year where I think the consensus <music> six overall was like the Andre Hopkins and someone took seth in our real men's league. I completely forget took someone else and I was sitting at seven petrified Hopkins would go and I'd be second bad spot and then they took doc someone over the Andre Hopkins. I forget who the player would have been but crazy stuff does happen. This person apparently is taking forever really difficult situation. You know pick four overall. He's probably never done a march madness. Life didn't realize Agassi legacy is I is that like Andre Agassi tennis play like maybe this is the first crack N._F._l.. Stuff oh man and this is. This is the only downside I do mock draft. Is You get entered in league with you know Tim Morrow so here's an interesting thing. I think we talked about this. When we talk about the best ball drapped? which was that your platform that you draft on especially early in the draft could have a significant difference could play a major impact in terms of the players that go David Johnson is ranked eleventh on the board here so bell would be technically next and that's terrible so who you pick it here? What do you think in your your fifth now? We're running backs rough. I went ahead and did as I as I mentioned that went ahead angr drafted David Johnson. I thought he'd be him or De'andre Hopkins and when David Johnson consistent if nothing else on on D._J.. There Yep yeah I mean you know Melvin. Gordon obviously is should be dropping. I don't know if because his rank is still still high on E._S._p._N.. Here he's going to go higher than he should. Melvin Gordon at this point is the second round player just because of the uncertainty Julio Bell back to back as really high for Julio Very questionable pick this is this is by far the weirdest draft board. I've seen so far no idea what's GonNa Happen at twelve year so seth I mean go ahead and walk us through your up next. John Hopkins is still on the board and knowing my lock. He's clearly going to go this pick. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa try and pull no try to pull the reverse JANK's in there. He goes nine <hes> so I'm Standing Melman Gordon obviously a you can't take him when they're still Melvin when the sole Michael Thomas on the board and I'm not gonNA overthinking. I'm just GONNA take my boy Michael Thomas here yet Micheal Thomas over tyreek Hill that I am yeah. Is there anybody. But he also considered there or is it Michael Thomas. You said you're not gonNA over think it. What would you over thought it I mean I I like I do like Schuster? I do like higher killing Kelsey <hes> but I I'm just GonNa go with Michael Thomas. I'M NOT GONNA I'm just GonNa take the sure thing with Potanin Michael Thomas going to be a stud <hes> no off the field issues none of that other stuff going on my you know I'm GonNa go with Michael Thomas. I think he's he's he's going be a stud and I am going to you know pretty happy with that. So Ryan you took tyreek Hill and Juju Schuster all right. I think I've got an influence on on Ryan here and I'm sure that he's made his own decision but this is the exact spot that I would love to both of these wide receivers and I think you could end up with wide receiver one and two at twelve pick which is just crazy yeah all right and this is a position that this this is an unfortunate position to be in because right now the best to running backs on the board or Melvin Gordon who I'm still not taking here and James Connor. I I like James Connor. I don't love him as Odell Beckham Antonio Brown keen on and I'm GonNa do some absolutely crazy right here and I've never been able to get all the mocks redone all the best ball drafts have never been able to get Mike Evans because I just haven't been picking in the right spa goes before me. I'm GONNA maybe overdraft him a little bit but I love Mike Evans this year. Yeah you see I've seen him a lot. <hes> in any format kind of that tooth return so where you're picking again. You probably weren't going to see him there and for my two cents I I've railed against <hes> Gordon just to talk about the the back like you where there are not Gordon <hes> Todd Gurley <hes>. I was actually GONNA take once. Julio got overdrafted in my opinion. I was GONNA take early there that switch with tyreek once he was off the board. It was pretty easy for me to go hill and Schuster believe if you're going to be the next one up Rachel up on the clock now I'm on the clock now and the the run of James Connor Win O._D._B._C. went normally at the fifth spot. You have Mike Evans sitting here as a pretty attractive pick if you like him <hes> depending on how you feel about Antonio Brown I was doing the numbers on Tonio Brown and they could be kind of ridiculous. I haven't drafted him a lot. I think in the spot. I'm going to go ahead and take him. I really like Amari Cooper for two obviously Joe Mixing like a lot I've got D._J.. I I would not let D._J.. Influence my pick on Joe Mixing for example like I would have taken James Connor in the situation because I'm I'm just going for the best upside and elite player that I can get and it just because I draft to running backs in Rhode. I would not scared off at that at all. I want to go ahead and take Antonio Brown. He is going to see you could argue at least twenty five percent of the target shares out in Oakland this year. I'm GonNa pull up numbers on what that kind of looks like twenty five percents. I think he could get even higher. It would be reasonable Oakland. Tina has a horrendous defense. They're going to be passing at least five hundred fifty times if they have a better offense in general the probably say on the field more score more and pass more with twenty five percent target's share higher. Antonio Brown is looking at one hundred forty targets this upcoming season. It's hard to ignore that I realized by looking at the numbers especially this late in the draft in terms of being late second round or so. I like him I agree. I like more than most people in for all the reasons why for you know by people don't like him going to Oakland <hes> that's already baked into the cake you you're not gonNA get Antonio Brown in the middle of the second round if he's still Pittsburgh so you're getting him a full round more than a full round later so I still think that's really good value for somebody who's probably still has at least one more dominant and just a quickly get in here because my forty seconds left back second clock back in the third round so I love the Earth early third. This is why I love the early third. Usually I'll be targeting Marlin MAC here but Nick Chubb just fell all the way to me and the third round in twelve man draft. I mean this has got to be the easiest pick on earth. Maybe on the history of the universe thick then I just made it so this is this is perfect for me because well we'll see I got impediment picks up a few picks you have. I am targeting Marlin Mac or carry on <hes> do the agreement is when thank you and no interest in him. It's hard to get Marla Mac. You need to have that early third rounder Yep <hes> and I'm going to consider or Josh Jacobs here to Josh Jacobs carry on and then also you know this particular form Ab is too. It's too wide receiver one flex so I was GONNA say A._J.. Green is somebody else had seriously consider <hes> but right here you know Joe. What are you guys thinking? I'm GonNa Make My picking like twenty seconds. What do you think what would you guys do Josh Jacobs or carry on a really interesting dilemma A._J.? Ugo A._J.. Green I would good. I'M GONNA go running back here and I think I'm GONNA lean towards. I am going to lean towards Josh Jacobs for the the sheer fact that I think he has a little more upside than carry on. Perhaps a lot more upside. Did you go oh with running back because you already went back wide receiver. No I just think A._J.. Green doesn't quite have the upside anymore if this was A._J.. Green three years ago I probably lean A._J.. Green but Josh Shakeups is a clear rb one potentially and has a lot of upside anare have to I receiver so that I think that they're close to the same and I think the tiebreaker is. Positional need at this point brand cooks carry on. What are you thinking? What are you doing here so I just took cooks? I'm thinking that I there was about five running backs. I thought we're GONNA fall to me at this. Turn here that just this all went about in the last six or seven picks so carry on went Josh Jacobs one Aaron Jones went devante. Freeman went Marlin Mac Nick Chubb all in the Third Round Yeah so big runs affected me here I think I'm going to you weren't and just another reason. Why I'm GonNa Overdraft James Wait a little bit? You know probably mostly because <hes> the situation I put myself in there with those picks shook out very very questionable. Pick a call Ryan and a little bit there. It was a that was <hes> I feel bad bill. I'm just calling jeff out nonstop. I've got I've got to be an equal opportunity offenders. How can you call me out when I have predicted a y want the early third round right got Nick Chubb D._J.? If you want to you know in general not your your pick so far but it's in general. I just like all right so this is. I'M NOT GONNA take Derrick Henry here so a couple of players. I'm looking at receivers are still stefan digs and there are you know there's a cooper cop. Robert Woods Tandem Damian Williams here is interesting. Why is he this low this is this is got to be just E._S._p._N.? At even realized that I think I think I'm just going to have to take Damian Williams here. Even though is it kind of player they I never go into a draft saying I want to draft Jimmy Williams but why not in that offense he should get the lion share of the work and not to worry about Carl Carl's hide nipping at his heels. Yeah a lot of catches. Damian Williams would have gone earlier if this other platforms but if you're drafting on earlier is David Williams go a full round potentially up to a full round. You think you'd think you'd normally go ahead of James White pro. Hey I'm happy with my pick so I. I'm James what I do like James White. I'm not as high on on Damian Williams as other people. Are I just for for me. I I'd have to see him. Put it together for sixteen game stretch and say what you want about James White that offense last year in New England. I think there were ten in one when he had twelve or more touches would it's. It's something like that. It's a bit of obscure sat but like when he's a main part out of their offense that offense go so p._R.. Format I know it's a bit of a reach but considering again to six guys we just rifled off that went ahead in the third round there. I'm taking over <hes> Damian Williams in my personal opinion there. This is this is why do my traps. Though I mean Ryan twelve thirteen whole got the best possible outcome. I think that you could personally hope for but when a little bit untilt on the next turn so this is what you do mocks prepare for those third round runs I think those stir third round running back Rawnsley pretty consistent across the board which is what makes the dirt around a little bit challenging depending on where you're picking from now. We're in round four and around four on back on the clock. I feel this draft is just it's just coming to me. I mean they're going to be anything easier right now. Robert Wood sitting there again Tony Brown Robert Woods. I probably got two hundred fifty receptions mid two hundred receptions easy to sitting Adami starring wide receiver spot and then on the turn again. I've got we'll see I've got a few spots here but can't golladay still there Chris Godwin which is probably my top candidate to draft. I hope that he falls to me that I've already you got to running back studs and proud when I go back to the wide receiver well Yeah Sean Jeffrey who are team team Lee taking out on Jeffrey really bad pay care yeah. What do you believe you're the next one out of the three of us who or is it? Jeff is going back to you. Jeff lost by next. I'm on Chris. Godwin just went what a son of son son of a D. Bag Sammy Watkins which I found a little bit more on Sammy Watkins I've ever been in my entire life. I remember last here said remember walking and had a couple of games and we we felt bad but we had some people talking Heads Nation A. K. C. Fan who were just we convinced him to stop going after Sammy Watkins and because of injuries every year we've been more or less right this year. I like him a little bit more but his A._D._p.. Is still not reflected enough with the return of Tyreek Hill for the full season tyreek Sammy Watkins. We'll keep falling so right now. I'm clearly looking at Tyler Boyd Calvin Ridley Jarvis Landry. You know if I had a small roster like these E._S._p._N.. Rosters as I would definitely look at a tight end but I'm gonNA pretend his a much larger roster got pretending to start three wide receivers maybe to flex because those types of leagues I play in so I just want to project this out to a similarly that Ibn and draw the line with either Tyler Boorda Calvin Ridley. I want to go with the better offense and Calvin Ridley. Thanks that model Mount Monologue Drain ended down like ten seconds. I'm giving giving everyone a snapshot in my brain dues that way they can. I was actually hoping Khan really was falling me but the chance he wasn't happening anyways. Sammy Watkins Montgomery's off the board card find by me so I'm looking at t Aaron. Rodgers went okay. This is one of my favorite things to do is make fun of everybody's picks and these mock drafts <hes> okay so this this is not. I don't know envy my position right now. Tara Boy Jarvis Landry Great Analysis Seth nobody should N._B.. The position in right now break it down give people. An idea of what you're dealing with 'cause I'm clearly going for the best player available. If I do that as either Jarvis Landry tire boy or I would take a flyer on dairies geiss. Maybe over drafting him a little bit. <hes> you know what I'm GonNa go. I'M GONNA GO Jarvis Landry. I dislike the addition of Odell Beckham Per Jarvis Landry Odell Beckham Scibilia stretch that field drives land. You'RE GONNA have a lot of room to operate a must be really good. Offensive Baker Mayfield so Jarvis Landry is going to slide right into in my flex their perfect really liking how some of these people are still left later like we're in the fifth round and Terry Co and still there and I really liked that play. This is a lot of players in these mid- middle rounds that I think I like more so this year than previous years yeah and would that said Cohen just came off the board so I'm up. Obviously it's why I'm struggling to speak and and do the same thing at the same time here because I just see things at once set. So maybe maybe we should appreciate the fact that I can actually give rail analysis while I'm on the clock versus you to my analysis. I want to restart so <hes>. I you know getting a draft where you're now. Everything feels. It's slanted in the wrong direction that third round running back run has just got me going for an absolute here and and I thought either co-winner Montgomery was GonNa fall to me here at the end of the fifth round and of course they have not so now reach in here. I think it's a good analysis of me basically absolutely executing and killing this draft wouldn't going on tilt and seth over talking out of his ass me over talking talking I've liked having the fifth pick is good though because you're constantly in the action you like me and Ryan have to wait forever until we're on the clock again so I had overdraft half. Mike Evans a little bit. He overdrafted James White by three rounds which is fine but I mean like this position that we're in Jeff. You have the luxury of Sydney pick five. I'm going to take this player in you can set up your cue nicely where you know who's going to be there. I think it's kind of like when you watch Antonio Brown create separation and catch the ball and it just makes it look so easy I mean that's what you're just because I'm in his position. I make it look easy doesn't mean it actually is all around you took dearest guys pick. I liked areas guys this year and this is great valley for dearest guys thinking as my rb to here but that's where I met so and then and then I went D._J.. More with the pick after that I didn't say but I'm just adapting or adopting your philosophy that we're pretending this the three wide receiver league now that I have four my roster self took D._J.. More there because you guys moving the goalposts so I just I'm looking at my screen and I see Coleman Lamar Miller just throwing up in my mouth over here <hes> Robbie Anderson Editing Allen Robinson just see all right so this is interesting so three options here who hard when you have seth both do I go for the high upside player and potentially Mile Sanders. Do I go for the tight end I think O._J.. Howard is a pretty good? I think you can make strong cage taking O._J.. Howard here at this point six around and then there is sick and I'll give you the analysis on it in my Weenie more jeff now says on other people's takes two man? I know I'm GONNA go nuts. How many times Miami wrong about Mike Williams? How many years am I going to be on the Mike Williams bandwagon until I just crashed into a stop sign or something I'm GonNa go? Mike Williams though well on that pick I we ran Iran poll on twitter this morning asking about the number two wide receivers receivers versus their A._D._p.. In the A._F._C. West and I haven't checked in a little bit here because of the draft my phone but last saw Mike Williams was was the highest of those of those four guys so in general that looks like our twitter followers would agree with you who's WHO's Oakland and Denver's number two though so oakland just based on A._D._p.. On fantasy pros there number two right now is it's tyrel Williams and then Denver's was Emmanuel Sanders. <hes> Portland Sutton's is going number one off their board right now so I'm up in two picks have not really been fan or thought of drafting any of these middle round tight ends but it seems like now looking at my team. I've got my two running. Backs got three wide receivers and hold on nevermind I should have looked at what was drafted right in front of me. There's three picks into my tyranny and both Evan Ingram and O._J.. Howard just went so scratch that I was literally going to think about taking them right at the end of the six round if they were falling a bit? That's a good spot to grab him now. I'm GONNA move on. I'm knocking draft Hunter Henry Little worry about that staying away from Mile Sanders. I think that would love to love Mile Sanders but I think we know I think the signing Darren sproles tells us everything that we need to know about Philadelphia which is they don't care. who gets the ball in Philly? It's going to be a timeshare and we're still in six around and I can't trust that so a player that I've been kind of on this off season has been with some high upside is fuller obviously barring health issues. He you know outside of health. He could potentially be a wide receiver one. We're getting him at the end of the six round. I think as devalue for someone with his upside I agree we'll follow he was he was like my number one person person here open and fall. You're always hoping that people fall we'll do we. We have to wait like twenty picks into our next pick so yeah. We're always in the position. I'm hoping somebody falls wouldn't do that if it was a reversal draft yeah just kept them reversing to the top for you with easier yeah well. Hey we're not the ones complaining about our picks are Vicks spy. You're the one saying you know. The big fit this so hard saying is more difficult <hes> but obviously making look pretty easy right now Larry Fitzgerald so we got a couple of quarterbacks finally coming off the board at six point twelve Andrew Lock than Larry Fitzgerald Robbie Anderson Matt Ryan Mouse Senators comes off the board. Here's a player I am super not super but I am quite high on. Let me real real myself back in this is is probably as high as I would like to take them the office encourage Christian Kirk the obviously the offense we expect a dramatic improvement. They don't have that boring boring defensive coordinator anymore. I obviously don't know where the target percentage is going to be but he's at least has a leg up between all of the rookies that come in he might play from the slots lots of light from Christian Kirk caught over forty balls as a rookie has decent targeted cheer percentage on a low volume so Christian Kurkin seventh-round. If only the other people in this mock knew that you would claimed you're making that pick out at one twenty and then didn't pull the trigger on it till thirty seconds left at the time for analysis though gotta give the analysis. Here's here's the all that build up to take Christian Kirk Sesto might most most most anticlimactic pick ever all right so I am going to be so commanding about yours here and honestly nothing honestly this. Isn't I mean this is a really so I'm looking at two players. I think this this point the draft number one. I like to get a third running back. This is where you kind of start pivoting to position a little bit if all things are somewhat equal and and I think the two running backs have good upside are Durell Henderson and AAs neck ler given the injury concerns Todd Gurley in the hold out potential with Melvin Gordon. I like I like automatically here <hes> so he's who are probably lean towards and there's the pie the best receiver available is Marvin Jones at this point. I already have four wide receivers not really jumping at the opportunity to grab Marvin Jones here. I'M GONNA grab tight end. I mean a running back either draw Henderson or Austin heckler and and then I have some ideas my next pick. I don't want to give those away at in between there's only a podcast about fantasy football giving advice. You don't WanNa give that away to you. I don't I don't Wanna tip. I don't want to hit my hands so Ryan can steal my guy. You were Ryan my seal your guy from around ten. If that's what we worried about panicking draft James Wait in the fourth round one time. It's definitely grabbed the Harris right here Michelle billable no so in the U. bringing up here. How do you feel about Justin Jackson? I like him. I like him an actor cler. I like Eh cler. I mean Equa demonstrated when Melman Gore went out last year that he he was the guy who want to own. I do think there's a a scenario where Justin Jackson ends up kind of taking a lot of that stuff but I never going to be a work load and I think safer bet at this point is Austin cler given what he can do in the passing game so they're both worth getting attention to this person in the in the chat room. We're not even in August. We're doing a mock Catherine round seven and this guy's messaging people in the end democtrats. He's got that fire and his belly love that love that I should met. I asked my the thing like doing these march talking talking trash. Is some of these people okay. You know what this is a really hard decision. There's also Jordan Howard who's a pretty saw would be a pretty solid pick it as point. I'M GONNA go. I'M GONNA GO Austin Heckler. It's not sexy but I think it's pretty solid pick so I'm up now and I'm looking to grab some running backs here. I am not obey Henderson guy personally so I'm fill in the love and Rashard Penny in your oh you're too here. I've been big on Chris Carson last couple years. I think penny gets more of a workload this year. So I'm going penny there and I agree with Seth that the Jordan Howard value there is good so try to rectify running back a position a little bit. You're GonNa Grab Jones the next Pixie you can grab all the bus from last year's draft but so to carry the ball and tip and you guys you guys in your Bruce Arians fan club surprise surprise. He hasn't gone yet here. I know I do on a serious. I do like I do like Guy Slot. I do like Rashard Penny <unk> sharp penny believer all right man all right so who you taken. I'm GONNA I'm going to pivot and I'm GONNA go tight. Andrey here and I am going to scroll way down and I'm going to take you know what it's not. My fault that Iran has fallen pretty late and draft. I don't I don't WanNa Love Eric von Actually think his he's not GonNa get thirteen touchdowns again but at this point in the draft there's really no receiver that entices me. There's no starting caliber running back really available and I can grab Eric Hebron. He's getting double digit touchdowns with Andrew Walks. You're going to go down and steal the guy that I wanted. which is David Giokoo again? We're in round eight if this is a real draft getting David Giokoo after already having seven other players basically the rest of my team filled up. Up I'm going to be pretty a static of definitely taken a joke who over Eric Hebron so I'm going to take him. There's a couple other running backs that I am looking at right now as well and while picks go around. I'M GONNA go ahead and swap over. If you're on video. I'm GONNA show everyone who's watching on Youtube our draft teams right here. This is what my team looks like here. On the left David Johnson Nick Chubb Antonio Brown Robert Woods naming a joke who Calvin Ridley will fuller in Christian Kirk Gut the top running backs with debt that wide receiver obviously going to be looking at running backs on the way back. Seth Has Josh Jacobs. I'm Dee Williams is Damian Williams Michael Thomas Mike Evans Eric Hebron Jarvis Landry Mike Williams Austin Heckler and then Ryan has here James White Deer Geiss tyreek. Hill Juju Brain Cooks D._J.. More Sharp Penny and Jordan Howard all right so and I am hoping most name Heinz I was hoping would fall to me didn't happen. I took the joke who because I thought it was more important and let's go ahead here so I'm looking at running back because obviously violent Jones Jerick McKinnon was also considering latavius Murray's. Unfortunately they didn't get any of those two to come back to me which was expected now. I would say this is the first time I've done a pick where I'm like. I think I'd just rather pick a later tight end in have one of those running back to be completely honest. What are you guys have thoughts on that? Would you rather have a joke who in Ronald Jones or nineteen hines and trae Burton. I guess the swimming back I'd rather have Ronald Jones Dave and the joke I just don't. I'm not a huge team hines guy I know higher than normal people. Most people questioned tackling until last year but I think Mac is going to take the major workload there all right well. I went with Ronald Jones just because it touches don't exactly love it but we are around nine so you can't exactly hated either and I really love to go quarterback here but in one quarterback league it's still it's still too early. Take quarterback so I'm looking at the best player this point I got enough why receivers enough running backs and it could could use a running back with his slim pickings at this point <hes> so I'm GonNa make this. This might be overdraft as player a lot. I I like Emmanuel Sanders. We talk about our Ben Strategy Jeff all the time. Male Sanders fits that mold perfectly <hes> I ho- but I think what I'm going to do is I'm gonNA overdraft this player. That'll probably be there at my next pick. Should I risk it. See this is this is what happens when we have to wait so long to <hes> man. You know what I'm going to go back to. The Guy. I'm kind of liking is Sean Jackson. You're looking for someone that could basically is going to get points. You'RE GONNA get touch is going to be on the field is what it sounds like. I think Emmanuel Sanders is definitely a good deal right. Now I mean we cannot argue the fact that he did not start on the publis. I actually when I was just doing my projections. FINISHING OUT DENVER. I have him as wide receiver one for Denver that I take him and I'm hoping that my player falls to me because as a player at this point given my particular roster okay instruct shells who that is is I mean we're we're not all mine readers well. We told Ryan makes his picks. This is this is so important shelters and then give our analysis here storm thing Carl's hide here. I Have Amy Williams my roster. I'm taking crawls hide in that offense. I am going to make sure that I have that position locked down on that particular offense was that worth the hype the build up no no absolutely not so. I'm on the Carl side this year for this okay. We're GONNA clock around ten. I'd love to take a stud ish or above average really good quarterback Russell. We'll still their golf. Still there column Murray still there. Tom Brady still there. Mr Drzewiecki is still there for Russo there James Winston still there can't do it too many people. This is why you do to quarterback leagues so let's go back to the well. Damian Harris James Washington Shawn Hamilton looking at M._v._S._A.. Marquees Bell does gatling out in Green Bay. You know me I love second and third wide receivers to offenses. I mean forget the Robert Fosters the World Marquees Brown. Just give me the second and third person to a team that actually scores points. That's that's usually my philosophy even later in these drafts APPs O- on a go with M._v._S. in this case all right so that's our tenth row. Let's let's let's give some recap analysis here. We pick markey's Brown before he ended. They keep the street going. I'll start us off. I guess my only kind of tricky situation was picking Naven joke who over the other running back that I like a bit more especially when I have Nick Chub and D._J.. I really like the Naim Hines Latavius Murray who are going to be guaranteed touches even more so in that game hines with the passing but but let Latavius America easily get several opportunities near the goal line. Mark Ingram was always still use their good bit so that was my only spot that I was a little unsure about how to handle that everything else obviously thought when a little bit my way Tony Brown in the second round was a little bit trickier because I would've liked to have taken Mike Evans over him but set you took him but other than that happy with my draft got tremendous death got upside. Young players like we'll four Christian Kirk. Don't have a great third running back right now. It's Ronald Jones but injuries waivers not to worry about it because my top two yeah I think my my my toughest decision was when I took Josh Jacobs and the third round and I had A._J.. Green there and then I had carry on and I do like the carry-ons prospects this year. He had a really good rookie season before you got injured pretty balanced I just you can pencil him right in as a it probably a low end rb one high rb to so I went with the top decision but I think a lot of these players are pretty easy decisions who the first five or six rounds for me <hes> <hes> looking at mine I obviously I do cakes hill and Juju at the turn cooks at the back end of the third I mean we were talking about him. Debatable mid fourth round on our poll earlier this week so as as my third receiver on a on a three wide receiver team with flex because that's what I mean Jeff move the goalposts too. I love that I obviously just lost my mind on the white pick. Hey I hate it still but as I look at my running backs coming out of it with White Geiss Penny and Howard <hes> <hes> you know I need to those guys the catch on obviously so it's it's no guarantee but I don't hate that walking out of it <hes> I hate trae Burton as as my number one tight end but I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Paramount Chris Herndon for down the shuts just just for you Cecil. I'll be okay there. <hes> that fourth round I mean my overall strategy with zero R._V.. In the beginning as in these guys a lot of love that <hes> C._B._S. fantasy today show and they had done a recent one and I've seen a similar thing happened where people are able to get you know Freeman and Marlon back at the three or four turn that was like two weeks ago. That's clearly very different now. Those guys are not lasting that far and when that happened my whole plan blew up. I'm surprised you guys in each. Take Two quarterbacks and say almost GONNA call to quarterback back league very funny seth I think Marlin I think depending on the League obviously you're GonNa have a lot of different players kind of moving up and down. I think seth in our hometown league I could see someone like Devante Freeman definitely dropping like I. I think that he's the type of player that is kind of more polarizing in his value. MARLA MAC is just just keeps increasing in value in. He's tough to get outside. The early third round just seems like such a great value for someone who who is going to be getting most of the workload when it comes to the running back carry percentage goal line carries. He just has to stay healthy and could be easy talk twelve back yeah well. This is exactly why we do mark traps to get into these certain different positions as you keep doing them. You put yourself in even weirder positions like maybe you go and you draft Zakar Travis Kelsey just to see your team looks and then once you're done it Dan you can review it and say okay yeah. That's not a strategy that I want to deploy 'cause. I don't like the way that my team looks any final thoughts from you guys why does have one question for the both you because this is somebody and talk about at the time because some of us can't multitask but <hes> what I did at the one to turn that I ended up talking myself out of and then you mentioned later you of getting guys from the same offenses but I know there's there's a limit to any rule and with Kelsey tyreek hill sitting there at the one to turn there was a second that I almost was pulled the trigger on that. I ended up swapping in Juju over Kelsey. What would you guys feelings be in in that position? If those guys are available about taking both in from the same offense I mean I wouldn't be opposed to it because it from the same offense but I I like how you want to clear move there. I think Juju in in hill would be where I go but I'm not gonNA. I'm certainly not going to be scared off you know by for taking Kelsey because I have tyreek Hill my team. I think they approve last year. They can you now both be very very dominant in their own right even on the same offense so yeah pretty much in the same. It's has nothing to do with them. Be On the same offenses just more of us. I don't like the value of of of Kelsey they're never even when Gronk was always going around never understood it. Almost feel like Kelsey is definitely worth more this upcoming year than almost any year. That gronk was valued in the second round but it's more so on Kelsey value than anything else budgets just have reemphasized like I'm okay drafting all three rams receivers to be honest like I'm an auction league. I'm literally GonNa Target Altri because I think all of them have decent value so if I can get all three then I'm perfectly content with that. That's what it means either view or you've given your final thoughts semi final thoughts not wanting. This is a lot of Jeff mentioned the three rams receivers and there's a lot of wide receiver combos are wide receiver trios that you can stack and you can start at the same time like Chris Mike Evans you can roll them out every week. Tar Boy aged green. You can roll them on every week. Potentially Nikiel Harry and Join Edelman you have tyreek Hill Sammy Watkins and Kelsey because a lot of of those combos this year here where like maybe impasse years you know people might not want to take them if they're on the team but I'm just not shying away from that at all. There's a lot of those examples this year where you know in cases I might even like having calcium my team more if I have hill because the areas away to hedge against the other one potentially getting injured makes sense I will say as one shameless plug at unfortunate. I didn't have some kind of a tool rule like a some kind of a draft great something to tell me what to do there. In the fourth round I was I was panicking reaching for James White Cell great point guess all those have to look for a trade calculator down the line to see how to rectify some of the holes on my roster.

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