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"lapointe fleury" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"This trial. Tahoe Hamilton trying to clear good step up, Hedman holds in right circle stamp go straight point to breaking point. It's like a plot just off the stick. The point follows up the right point break point plot. Going to go cross ice Deflect Stamkos Love circle a lot of pressure by Carolina and finally stepping clear out to center ice. Or the Hurricanes is need. A rider of great single drop came out of the zone went behind. Ah hope Brady shade bangs it back in. 13 20 left in the second period. No score in the game. Hedman past Stamkos Center off the stick. And need a writer will poke it right back in mass Lost. He waits for it to come into the trap is oId behind the net being said around the near side. It's grab my point with room here down the left wing. Across the Carolina line, you know, skip to the right circle. A dropped pass came out of the zone. Look, Shan having a cheesy with nature's on his tail, Shen flips it back toward the Carolina blue line. But Nino Niederreiter is there to grab it and being it in by the Lightning net. Champion's head of the near corner will touch pass. Blake Coleman tough play. He's had a magic bean, who has stepped down low. Where's that pockets grab by nature is Working right point throw check left point in ages. Already. Nature's whines it for need a writer by the dead a centering pass cut off by Barkley. Good road Trying to get this out. Couldn't held in heat and Fleury left point lady turned it over right there. Where he goes across a true check right circle. Left corner in a GIs. Lapointe Fleury shoots a made by Vasyl Lasky. Big Stop long rebound a point with room down the left wing across the Carolina line, he pulls up left circle point. What's the point? Good row shoots reflect the white left by Coleman of the side of the net. Coleman's got it back, right circle shot blocked in front by being Jake Bean ransom for Trocheck in the far corner. He's How to buy Yanni. Gord gets away and scales it out. It's back in the lighting it Under 12 minutes left in the period, no score in the game. How flipping landing in Lobs it out. This is going to be a nice thing, though. There's the whistle clock stop of 11 50 left in the second, no score. I think he's on a post pattern there. Miche the first that fast but couldn't quite get there. But what's playing more games more? Tonight than he has in his past games. Mama's a regular shift out there, and I.

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