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College Park, Thursday - Zab-e-lee

Dinner Tonight Atlanta

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College Park, Thursday - Zab-e-lee

"Welcome to dinner tonight. Atlanta you guys still can't make up your minds about where to go. Forget it I got this. I'm Susan Cooper taking you neighborhood by neighborhood hood week by week through the restaurants of Atlanta can't decide where to go all the side for you know reviews. No restaurant sponsorships just decisions this week. We're going in college park. It's Thursday we're going to Zab ille- forty-eight thirty-seven National Highway it's Tien Sushi place. And it will hit the spot. Tonight I want some spring rolls and subtype ice tea. Some spicy drunken noodles. That will make your taste buds drunk with pleasure. I'm Susan Cooper from dinner tonight Atlanta Lanta. Somebody's gotta decide where you're going to eat. Have a great time tonight.

Susan Cooper Atlanta Atlanta Lanta
86 - Grieving During the Holidays (feat. Lanta Carroll)


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86 - Grieving During the Holidays (feat. Lanta Carroll)

"You're listening to this podcast. See exa majors. A podcast at the intersection section of faith and mental health. Hey welcome to the show. My Name is Robert Forum one of your hosts and I am joined by my co host. Dr Holly of Holly. How how you doing today? Hey robber I am doing. Well how are you. I'm I'm good. Yeah sometimes we come into these and we don't know what we're GonNa talk about and I have a handful of questions when you talk about so awesome. I love it. That's good. Well what's been happening. You know in the past couple or the past week before you now I get into my icebreaker questions I the last week has been good. We I know we. We didn't don't even get much of a chance to like touch base before recording this episode. 'cause 'cause this has been a busy season but I yeah I just I in pretty late last night from a meeting with some of our previous guests so can parliament Michelle. Pierce and Cassandra via deny met up in Baltimore just for a day long meeting with a couple of other colleagues and Yeah we're just wrapping up that grant that we had talked about before so so that's been good like getting that kind of wrapped up and getting to see see them and then also getting ready. This week I've got my tenure review meeting my last one before it's all done and so actually when this episode facade comes out the day it comes out I will be in that day of my last meeting so so I'm really excited for that and just an opportunity to are to gather with my senior colleagues in Tak about the last five and a half years Baylor so it's good. Yeah but what about you. What did y'all been up to lately? not nothing too exciting not out of traveling or anything like that like you know. We had talked about last last week. But you know we're headed into the holiday season which relates opposite to the the topic today. But I'm excited for the the whole season. It's one of my favorite just that whole last chunk of time of the year I love it so yes. Yeah I remember talking about batted a little bit last year and you know just how excited you get around this time and I'm right there with you. This is a sweet time of year so yeah well let me ask you this time. Is your Thanksgiving meal. Oh I don't know oh you know what. This is a pretty true to go to to just me I guess is that we have no idea. It is not planned and and we actually just texting with my sister last night when I landed from Baltimore like hey are you coming Wednesday or Thursday or what's happening being and so we have no idea what about y'all is what time is it. What time is it like? Normally you know whenever release giving meal what do you think we I think of everybody rushing. The doors have finally transitioning from whatever they've been doing to finally being together We don't we don't we usually have have it a little bit like in the middle of the afternoon. Yeah fights but yeah we don't wear just too happy to have folks folks show up and be with us and spend time with us so I don't know so it yeah but then we just eat like all day long. Yeah what about. y'All won't what I think this year like. Four ish or something like that basically on you don't figure out a couple small children schedules and naps and stats right. Yes it that's why I asked you committed the afternoon right. Yeah I don't get it. I want somebody to tell me if they know. Awesome to like send us an email and explained to me. why Thanksgiving dinner is it? Like three in the afternoon could not identify. Yeah I yeah although no I could totally see the argument being that the food is so good that if you there's a way to like get first dinner at three o'clock and then like second dinner at like seven or or something like that because I feel like that's usually what happens in our home. You just green all day long because it's so good. Yeah I would make that argument for like if we're having tacos for dinner as performed a simple that you should eat it twice. Oh Gosh no no. No you know someone. If there's some some history there probably Ben Franklin involved that D- love Tacos and messing with time. That's awesome now. I yeah I'm just I'll be honest so I'm really excited. Just that we're having some family who is going to be ACTUALLY GONNA be coming over to our house. We my family as you know they kind of moved out to Atlanta You know I don't know alcohol on. No no no no actually. That's the thing. My sister just moved back to Texas US and I don't know the I don't know but she just moved out to Texas so I think we're going to kind of come back this way but Anyway so I'm just I am excited for like just to have Thanksgiving with my sister again in her husband their kids and what about y'all how did y'all do it. Do you spend like you go. Do do Thanksgiving at your house. Do you go over to family. Members homes. What y'all do last year was the first year that we hosted? Obviously we had gray and he's very small and so this year we're just we're hosting again But we're there kind of hosts where like like like my parents will bring the Turkey and then like other people will bring other things and so everyone kind of provides the one thing we're not like the we're hosting so we're GONNA GONNA make all of it because that's Oh that's impossible to do all that. Yeah so yes so. We're hosting again this year. That's fine forward. I mean no especially with your brand new big beautiful table that y'all have to that first Thanksgiving with that beautiful table uh-huh yeah we won't have I think last year we had are like very small table that we brought from our very small apartment in that we had a card table that we set up and we just like you know. Put a big big thing over both of them so it kind of look table. But they weren't they didn't match so yeah so this year we have one big table. That's awesome that's awesome. I love that. Well well let's in the in continuing the conversation we're having we're both just mentioned having around and Thanksgiving and things like that right in this. This week we talk with Lanta. Carol who is a fellow Atlantan I heard a couple years back and she is a licensed counselor and also has an MD of she works on staff at a church and so she has kind of both of those aspects and she. I saw this. Is You know a little bit of how these how these episodes come around. Follow Linda on instagram. She did a story a couple weeks back about running like a five six week group on reading during the holidays like four people. That were like a therapeutic group and I saw it and I thought we need to talk about this like this. This will be a great episode and so I responded to the story said Hey would you be willing to come on. And she said Yeah of course so then we you know do we worked out the scheduling. But that's yeah yeah So I think I know as as you and I are talking about having our families and stuff I mean I mean. Obviously it's important to kind of pause and say that a lot of people maybe don't have family for a variety of reasons right or not everyone that they wish would be there. It will be there and things like that and so I think into does a great job kind of talking around that. Yeah I I totally agree. I think she does a great job addressing that apple also just the various forms of grief and the complexity around grief. And just take good care of you through this season and just be mindful in sensitive into that not only for taking care of you but taking care of those around you who are struggling through the holiday season then. I'm I mean I I love this conversation. I loved to actually Connect Act with meat. Lanta through this chat but I thought this was an important conversation. I'm really glad that you brought her on the show It's an important conversation for this time of year are so that's good. Well we can transition enjoy this episode with Land Carol. Hey we are so excited today to be joined by Lanta Carol. -LANTA is a licensed professional counselor as well as an ordained minister currently on staff at Church. You in the Atlanta area as well as doing her counseling practice she specializes in areas. Like grief and loss spirituality anxiety depression and more as well as offering classes in mindfulness and hand lettering which is so fun to watch like an online watch. You talk about that but Atlanta. Thank you for joining us today. I'm so glad to Mesnier. Thanks for having me aside from all the things that I just mentioned. Is there anything else that are already in strewed. Know about you just as before we can get into. Oh Gosh I'm in toddler mom life so I feel like that informs like every moment and every you know every waking hour in this season is is Robert I know you can relate to for sure with our little lives in that same age bracket Her name is Riley and she'll turn to in February so posi a consumes our life and all the good and hard ways both and yes. That's as I mentioned you work as a counselor and have of an MD of and work on staff at a church for ten years. Now you yes you just mentioned to me before we started. What can I ask? What kind of what got you into wanting to do both those things? 'cause a Lotta Times it's kind of one of the other but you know you're right here at this blend where we are. Yeah what what led you into that work. Gosh you know. Back in. UNDERGRAD UNDERGRAD. I was doing the at Mercer in making their Major was Christianity but in most undergrad experiences the religion major yes and I started minoring in psychology and it just became so fascinating to me that I stayed with all of the courses to the degree that it was like. Oh I could actually double major into so. It's so funny. I didn't know that I would be really inner finding that intersection. -ality ability but at the more you study both the easier. It is to see where the blenders also were the nuances right leaning into the mystery of the connection That lies within all of us of like how we belong to each other in the ways that our thoughts in the ways that we find the mystery of God in the world around us like all of the different things that connect us but I started off doing children's ministry and Family Ministry and really had a pretty sheltered life and so there is this realization for me that I can't do children's ministry story well if I don't have this mental health Lin's and an understanding of how to sit with journey With with families that are going through some really hard things that I hadn't experienced before so that was kind of the poll into I really need to do like clinical mental health in addition to my seminary background. And I'm so so so glad that I did that at that intersection that blend because I found the same thing the more that I studied counseling and psychology and all that the more that was like how. I'm how I'm seeing. This is like understanding. Good evening. How God created people and the you know all sorts of that overlap and so I love that yeah absolutely and I? Yeah I mean that's me so much of the heartbeat of this show is seeing that so so welcome welcome. I think you're in good company with us and I and I think it's beautiful that you notice so early on to because I think a lot of times folks they they kind of start with one and they stay in that space for a long time until they realize. Oh wait this other. You're part of people's eyes is intricately connected to this this area that I've been working whether you start in ministry or in the mental health field. Eventually I I think a Lotta Times folks. They do begin to see this this intersection. But for you've noticed it's so early on. I think is amazing so yeah I always kind of laugh at it just fell into my lap. Even you know I'll give some credit to just leaning into God was calling me but you know God knows what God's up to let's say. Yeah that's so so good while I know today we especially especially wanted to be talking a little bit about Greece and particularly around grief during the holiday season Um mm-hmm and the other complexity. You know that that comes with this very heavy topic during a very complex time of year so I pink with that. Were you know we were curious. Why is it so important to be talking about the role of grief and the grieving process particularly during the holiday season? Yeah absolutely well. Grief in general is something that culture too often denies our right to do yes. We're or not cultured. Just doesn't accept like that. There's a process of grief that exist past the funeral right. You go back back to work and you have the funeral in you move on but of course once. We approach holiday season. That has so many rituals and traditions that are so so intertwined into who we are as a family in our who were connected to of course it kind of makes those those memories bittersweet when you're grieving the loss of a loved one and whether that's fresh somebody that you lost just this year so you're approaching the first first Thanksgiving or Christmas or any other holiday ritual that you honor practice if this is the first year without them present in it of course that is its own weight that we're carrying differently but every year looks different after you've lost someone that you've loved and journey through life with and I think in my own personal life. I've experienced a lot of loss right before kind of the holiday season when my aunt passed away from Terminal Liver Cancer in two thousand twelve right as fall was approaching and then my grandmother a two years ago that same time of year. So I think personally I've also felt this. Gosh I'm GonNa Miss. What am I gonNa Miss About? All these people in my life as we approach each holiday season so that we can all have we all have our own unique stories in that way right but I I think just the way that we honor the the part of us that is grieving and make space for it in a world in a culture that it doesn't try to give us that room one even you talking about. They're not being kind of this allowance of space. I think what most of us thank of and we. We did an episode on this a few years back but about the stages of grief right like that's what most people kind of POPs in their brain when they think right Riefenstahl. Okay you go through exactly athletes process and the new order. He goes through them all in order. And then you can check it off. Lean not at all. Yeah yeah now. Of course it's helpful to know those stages are but to make room for the nuance and the realization realization that we're each going to grieve in our own ways plays into for sure. Yeah Yeah and especially during a season of time that we're getting into here here where there's so many kind of like traditions and big impactful moments that you only maybe experienced once a year and so it's not like you know you're going about your day to day and so you still really kind of get used to your day to day without that person if you've only decorated Christmas tree once a year and all of them have always been with someone and now it's not you know it's it's easy to imagine that that kind of comes back up every year a new absolutely so. What would if I'm a listener? I am grieving someone you know personally myself during these upcoming holiday seasons I mean what would you say in terms of navigating the next couple of weeks couple months that might be helpful. Yeah definitely the I think the first thing is just make space to be mindful of your grief in notice if it is coming up and ways that you didn't anticipate of course grief can surprise us when we think we're done grieving it pops back then. I think holidays like we're discussing or such in a time where that's so relevant so being mindful of it so that you can actually give yourself permission to grieve. Because no matter how many times you've heard word the use should be over it already from people who truly mean. Well it's okay if you are still grieving. No matter how long ago you lost your loved one than I think again the complexity of the holidays add to that so I don't think you should have to just cover up your emotions channel just joy because it's the holidays holidays so its normal expected for grief to be such a long process so no you shouldn't be over it already. it's okay to to grieve and just giving yourself at open permission. I think setting healthy boundaries becomes important for this to you know. I think there's a part of us that sometimes may feel like I have to go to all of the holiday functions or I have to show up with a smile on my face and you know it's okay not to do those things So taking time to notice really the things that are triggering to you so so that you can be informed on what boundaries you need to set. I think plays into that. Yeah I think that's really good well and I think following coming up on that do you have any. What advice would you give? I mean just just in terms of thinking about like how to be mindful and attune until like what those potential either those those triggers are those things that might cause that that reaction like how. I'm being gentle gentle and slow and through this process. I don't know. Do you have any any recommendations are ideas for folks just to kind of stay in that space and remind themselves to to be gentle through the season. Yeah absolutely you know in mindfulness world. It's so much about like creating more and more space between I mean like you're active thought and ceiling and like how much it can consume our heads taste right so I mean even if we're noticing like okay. I'm observing that. Grief is coming up and it can maybe feel overwhelming right now. Okay let me breathe through it. Let me honor any tears that are coming up in the here and now like so you might just be the target. Okay you know like honor what you need if you need to step out and go into the car while you're doing whatever holiday shopping like take a breath anything that just helps slow down the thought and create a little more distant so you can still give yourself like like space to move through that moment but not suppressing it at the same time. And I think that we can so often confuse like like creating space between ourselves in thought as emotional suppression and they're not the same thing so just honoring the part of us that needs to take take take a breather and really sit with whatever is coming up in you know. I think we can quickly go into memory mode like Oh. I'm in the islet target crying. Because I'm remembering the time that I was with my mom and we were shopping for whatever we were GONNA get for or my dad. You know little things like that that just surprise us and we're not expecting them to come so if we can be attuned soon to wear that emotions coming from in knowing that it fits the facts. It's valid to feel this overwhelming sense of Greece. That's triggering us in that moment even though it may not seem valid to anybody else if we can learn how to validate with ourselves and know that it it comes from a place of of love. Yeah yeah no that makes that makes perfect sense to ask in navigating some of the boundary things and we're talking about things that can trigger these painful memories. There's obviously some things that maybe you too. Okay I just can't maybe I don't. I can't do that yet like it's everything's still too strong so maybe I'm not GonNa go do this activity but then other things you say. This is going to be hard. But maybe it's worth going to the family dinner anyway even though that's can be really hard because there's people there they don't WanNa see and we can kind of grief together. Do you have any thoughts on kind of navigating which things are maybe like okay. kind of avoid things in which things are still maybe beneficial or a deeply personal thing to sort through but I know a lot of people in that space are Kinda trying to navigate doing the painful thing versus versus kind of avoiding the painful thing yes. I'm so glad you named that because it is so you need to each person but overall if it's going to be something that escalate isolation then it's probably something you need to lean into because you don't want to stay isolated but you also also have to be attuned to what's healthy for you in terms of your family dynamic or the dynamic with your friends so so knowing what leads to that right like asking is this because I want to isolate myself because it's uncomfortable or because it's really not gonna be a good thing for me to go to this thing and see this person that still like is triggering or reminding me of a memory that I don't need to open up right now or maybe even as you we're talking US thinking about if your family dynamic is like well you should be over this you know like so if something gets stirred up. It's not going to be a supportive environment right. Like trying to thinks through those types of things as well right and as we know I mean it's not only just how they're helping you honor your loved ones lost but it's you know so many other family dynamics at play that your grief is only one component of and so if if that's going on and and because of your grief on top of that you need to step away okay you can find a group of friends to stay in do Thanksgiving with Or are you know. Do things that you need to do for yourself. But I I do think there's a lot of nuance in it because you don't want to ultimately isolate yourself off so if you can still attend please do right like try to make space for that but maybe within it if you do go have some options in place for ways to take a break during your time together if you need it. So maybe that's again as simple as stepping out of the house to take a brief walk outside or protecting time like if you're staying Overnight at a family function like give yourself space to go and take a nap or go grab the coffee or be the one that offers to go make the grocery run right right like whatever those things are that help protect the boundaries that you need in the process I think are pretty important. I love even the practical ideas. You're you're saying there. Oh I'll go get the groceries or All get their little as that. I get to park in the back of all the cars. I don't know if I need to lever exactly bathroom room for a couple of minutes to recompose myself. Even those practical things to where you know having having some plans in mind for okay if there are parts that are painful because that is very likely having some sense of like Oh. Here's some options that I could do. I'm not just try to pretend like it's not happening or things like that. Yes a game Klan like that can be so helpful and I have so many clients that are just dread the holidays for so many reasons others in grief alone right. But how do you guys gang of setting that plan up I think really helps. You feel more empowered to know that you can get through it and you can do hard things and and you can show up and still enjoy the parts of your time with family or friends that you want in need and also have some options to to help you. Just allow some space for breathing room in the in the midst of that too now. That's really good. Well one thing that I'm thinking of as we're talking is some of the experiences that those who are grieving through the holidays not having a loved one for the first time versus someone who's has more longstanding grief Are there some different things that you'd suggest for the the folks who are navigating the holidays again either. Are you know this is the first time I you know each for Thanksgiving for you know Christmas or or whatever. The holidays are that they're celebrating versus those without that longstanding grief. Yeah no I'm glad you're pointing that out too. Because a lot of people that I work with are adults and they lost their parent at a young age and so in their mind they almost never had too many memories even with their parent. So it's I think a lot of they often use as language like for me. I didn't get a before. I only gotten after when a lot of people who are grieving can say well before I used to remember all of these sayings that I used to do with you. Know your loved when my with my mom or with my grandfather but for some people the memories hardly exist especially if they were a young child who lost their parent at a young age age. So it's important to remember that some people don't have too many memories so the ways that you're honoring the memory of a loved win who you didn't have as many memories created with really is a different thing so I would say Rituals in general are the the Go-to like how do you practice rituals over and over again. That honor your loved ones so if it is something that you did with is your family. Altogether don't stop baking the apple pie recipe. That was your grandmother's just because she's not there anymore are still do that together. Right honoring those little rituals along. The way are going to be the things that helped like some some in your loved one back to your mind in the moments where you think you forgotten them and help them feel very present in your keeping their legacy alive through three participating in these rituals Favorite vacation spot that you went to still go. Oh Go together as a family and you know make space for that but if you are somebody that didn't have as many memories then you know if it's the parent telling the child stories and helping keep the memories that they had fresh and passing them on you know you're honoring that legacy and showing pictures and a scrapbook. You know. This is if you were young and you didn't have have those same memories like you want to hear the stories over and over again even if you weren't there to live through them and that's another way of just is keeping those memories alive My Aunt Kristen actually started a nonprofit while she was alive for young families that were facing the loss of apparent with a terminal illness and it's called inheritance of hope. And what they do now is actually work with families through anticipatory grief. Right eight this knowing that you're going to lose somebody that you love and hoping and holding onto the hope that you're going to have so many more memories stories in years of memories with them but if you don't then how do you go ahead and create lasting memories that leave a legacy in. I think that's such a beautiful saying that. She did and she got to see it. Developing grow for five years. She and my uncle co-founded founded together. Isn't that beautiful days. I mean I'm I'm really glad I mean I wasn't thinking about this but even just this idea of anticipatory fantastic grief. I'm also really that you brought up. What this term is in and just thinking about the messy Nessin complexity the of anticipatory grief in even thinking about it through the holidays? But I love you sharing the story about how your your aunt and uncle had kind of elevated aided the the value of paying attention to and walking on side folks through that he knows beautiful so beautiful and my cousins. My three cousins were very young at the time when she first got her diagnosis. And to see I guarantee you. She has a letter for them at every birthday. Like you know she yes she she really did embrace this like. How can I live with intention right now? And of course everybody's given that opportunity and it speaks to how intentional we can choose to be in the memories that we're creating now and the rituals that we're creating now While we are here just as much as they're the rituals that we know we're going to carry with us when we're not That is so good it is yeah I think that that add reminder to to seize the moments that we are given into sewer them well and to be mindful of our spending our time with with that sense of intention I loved that. Yeah so whatever those rituals are would I you know. I think it informs the rituals that were choosing using to create just as much as it does help us know which ones were honoring for the ones that we've lost so if it is drinking a favorite beverage bridge Watching a favorite movie cooking a commemorative holiday meal making Gingerbread House together whatever it is a AH my family actually goes to Lakeland Florida for Christmas. And that's my mom's hometown and so there's a lot of lakes around what's the name and so one of our things to go and see ducks. We would go and feed the ducks growing up as children with my grandmother and so I loves it. That's something I get to do with Riley. Now I get to see the wonder and curiosity in her eyes and connect with that in my childhood hood self and know that that was a special memory that I did not only with my mom that with my grandmother. And you know it's just how do we carry on these traditions and keep passing them down from generation to generation and I think that speaks to how not only we're so deeply connected did with our own families in ways that can be so beautiful in Sacramento. Alright but also how we're so woven together into the family of God These moments where we just see. Gosh this is something that my grandmother did with me and now I get to see my. Hi Mom do it with her granddaughter. Who's my daughter that will you know? So whatever simple thing it is I think it just like instantly widens your view you and says whoa like there's something really deep and profound in the mystery of God in the ways that we are just passing these rituals however small all in subtle. They are like these are the rhythms of life and their the the moments that just fill our hearts with gratitude to. Yeah yeah the fall that so speaking of like the kind of bigger lens of community and we're all private harvest family of God if I'm not someone who maybe personally has like an immediate. Hey I'm grieving through the holidays upcoming in the next couple of weeks or whatever it is but you know I have friends or have family that are in kind of a an interpersonal relationship. Do you have any kind of thoughts or ideas on how I can best support or or walk alongside people in my life that may be going through grief during these holidays. Yes absolutely so the biggest thing that I always jumped to and I think it's so subtle shift in the way that we ask what somebody needs is to ask like offers two or three specific things sayings or times to meet and grab coffee instead of just asking like or saying. I'm here if you need anything like taking a moment and reframing the way that you say that that really says hey. I'm free Monday Wednesday or Friday this week at ten. And can we go to starbucks or can we go grab coffee and you know being pretty specific about the timeframe takes away this like wait. Ah of pressure on the person that is grieving to feel like they have to come up with an answer on the spot because it's hard for them to identify what they need and even though they they want your support in they want your companionship and your friendship It's hard to know how to ask for anything specific because the weight of the grief can be so strong in certain moments that it's hard to say yes. Can we go get coffee on Monday at ten. When you're not if you're the one that's grieving? You're not thinking with that specificity. So I think if you're the friend or the family member that's it's trying to come alongside offer something that's pretty tangible like. Hey I'm gonNA come over and we're GONNA make Tacos like the what works best for you right. So here's what I'm offering and still giving them some space to have a say so of course you're not just barging in on their lives but I want to. I think it changes the way that we offer that support instead of. Just I'll be thinking about you. Which of course goes to a certain level but in a way that's almost the sympathy versus empathy thing is yeah to say like yeah thoughts and prayers? There's like I'm thinking about you. Let me know if you you know that just adds more weight unintentionally but it does puts more weight on the person who is grieving to come up with the answering. Get back to you and send you the you know the. Hey what about this. And what's your schedule. Can you hang out with me. You have time for me. You start to feel more and more like like a burden when of course that has the complete opposite intention. Yeah yeah that's really. That's good I think taking off Burnett and being mindful of cognitive load of of you know wanting to be supportive but and I think a lot of times books probably have good intentions ends of being like well I. I want to be helpful but I WANNA be helpful in the way that you really are wanting help right now or you know just to be sensitive to that but I think think those practical suggestions of you know. Here's what I can. Do you know what time works for you or you know at that. That is good did I. I like that. Yeah and as we know I mean if if that's not the right thing then they'll tell you yeah really obligated. They'll say okay. Well actually know. What about this? So at least fosters the creative thinking of what do I need allows them the space to think about it in more tangible ways even if they don't have that answer upfront. Right without the person grieving. Having to think I'd like to do this but I don't know if that is what the person who's offering is wanting to do you know. Yeah well so a similarly along these lines What about Those within church settings ministries other faith communities. Like how can they be helpful or sensitive to and supportive of Those who are grieving in this season absolutely a we host every year at my church in southeast Atlanta Grieving during the holidays service us and I think we often hear a blue Christmas service other services that just make space for grief and our services at church is actually actually for grief in all forums. Right not just the loss of a loved one in particular but I think that's also important to name the ways that we hold onto grief in so many different forms right. It might be the loss of what might have been That is so broad broad but we know what that means for us on an individual level so just grief in so many different forms grief with the state of the world that we live in. And how do we just hold space for that heaviness but I think in general churches can open up that space from a pastoral Lynn's in we can do better write that in this season of advent as we're waiting for light that's a longing that we all have and and the grieving parts of ourselves that we all hold onto in our own ways Are Looking for space in that season of into circulation in waiting for light but we can connect to that the that symbol. In that way I love that I. I think that's beautiful. I I actually had it. I was just texting messaging with Robert and our little chat box that we have come but just saying that is such Chad great idea. I've never I haven't heard of that before but I think what a beautiful way to not Bypass the pain. That many folks folks feel during the holidays when it comes to grief for as you're meshing like a variety of reasons you know grief is so woven coming into so many parts of our lives but we don't create that space for it and I think that with all the ways that Holidays kind of elicit some of these extra emotions. I think that's a great really good idea. I hope those of our listeners who are in ministry capacity. I hope that something they you know take into consideration. Yeah and you know. Winter solstice season comes with that to society some churches choose to do a service that longest longest night. And you know there's a way of offering to God are lament and asking God to hold us in God's embrace and to being near to us in the longest night until the light returns and morning comes so the imagery is there. We're just not always taking hold of it to help People connect to the depth. And the the ways that grief is connected to that so yeah I think I mean in any way and it does take this this intentional thinking right but because the Christmas season and the logistical calendar and even just like the New Year coming tends to be like a forward thinking kind of. Here's all this hope and joy and all this excitement I think finding ways if you're in a ministry capacity to recognize like there's a lot of pain and grief that uh-huh alongside that in a variety of forms and they don't that doesn't take away from the coming joy that doesn't take away right like these two things we can hold them in tension and it's not like this weird dichotomy because I think that's potentially what a lot of people end up hearing is. Hey all the about overcoming about lighten about all the the new happy things news and there's never this moment of like and things can be really hard and painful and so I think finding till like create that space to to demonstrate we can hold these things intention. I think is brilliant. Yeah absolutely and you know even in the second week of advent win. If you're doing hope peace joy love love as far as thematically like if we're waiting for the Prince of peace than how are we seeing where God is showing us peace in times of despair and peace in times times of suffering and in times of mourning and even elevating things like psalms of lament that when we jumped to the songs even you you know we jumped to the celery sing praises. But there's a whole structure in space for Psalms of lament in the Bible that gives us this structure to move through our grief in a different way to like cry out to God a psalm. Thirteen is like one of those Goto. How Long Oh lord have you forgotten me forever? And then it transitioned. Structurally into a space. Where there's like this journey towards hope so you cry out at first but then you say but God? I know that you are good. And I clean to your steadfast love and I and I hope for your light to come like this type of language. That reminds us that God is with us in offering that piece to us in in his present present along the journey. Yeah absolutely hey. If you want to connect with Lanta you can find Atlantic Carol Dot com or at letters by Lanta Dot Com and you can find her on instagram at letters by Lanta will have links to all of that in the show notes. Lanta thank you so much for joining us and giving us talking about this topic today before we close out. Do you have any closing thoughts listeners. Know I've really enjoyed or this conversation. You know words the often come to mind for me that I think are so beautiful in eloquent or by Friedrich Big Ner in his book whistling fling in the dark. He has these words. I'll leave you with them when you remember me. It means that you have carried something of who I am with you you that I have left some mark of who I am on who you are. It means that you can some me back to your mind. Even though countless years and miles may stand between us it means that if we meet again you will know me. It means that even after I die you can still. I'll see my face and hear my voice and speak to me in your heart for as long as you remember me. I am never entirely lost cost. Isn't it so good yes just remember. I think that's what we all hoped for. After we're gone that we are remembered. So how are we making space to remember. Those who we have lost and holidays are such such a great time to honor those rituals and this practice of remembrance and of course as I say that I've heard those words from Jesus every time when you eat and drink remember me so good. Linda thank you so much for coming on the show this week exciting. Thank you so enjoyed this. Thanks for listening to the C. H.. podcast one of scores a major brownie points. EXP Five Stars in an honest review on itunes. Follow us on social media at CSM as podcast and emails with questions comments and interview requests at CSM CBS PODCAST AT G. Mail dot com a final note. God if you're in a dark place today struggling with suicidal thoughts you are not alone. Professional help is available. Twenty four seven at one eight hundred two seven three eight two five.

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Transform Squadron 018  I dont want an HHH

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1:08:34 hr | 6 months ago

Transform Squadron 018 I dont want an HHH

"It's February twenty twenty. And you're listening to transform squadron. The PODCAST BY ZONE BASE DOT ORG. My Name's Rob. How's it going? Thanks for listening this month. There's just a few things I wanted to talk about. First and foremost beasts more furs beasts more. I will be coming back for a brand new season at the end of this month. We are currently in that of February. Twenty twenty two thousand twenty. Wow it's the future really looking for this show coming back as I've really enjoyed it last year. Now I was last month when I looked back on beasts more I for a second not really looking back just spoke about it for a second. I said I hope there would be a beast more representation at ranger stop since then. It's become apparent. I might not be able to make it ranger stop. I every year for the past three years and my wife and I have planned to move and for one reason or another decided to stay where we're at for another year this year. We're really really wanting to get off the Get off the seat about moving. Actually do it and that would be the time my moving. When that show show starts I might not be able to make it you know? Hopefully I still get to moving or not but you know if I don't know bill. Hope those who get to go have a great time and it's a a good time to be had if you've ever been to that show now one show. I am definitely going to would not miss it for the world. It's coming up here in March and that would be toy LANTA. I go go every year as you know myself. Industy head up the transformers panel. They're really looking forward to go. Always have a great time. I've already told Sean start driving arriving now. So he'll be there early. You know we're GONNA be great this year. Marty Abrams. The Guy Behind me go will be. They're really looking enforce that some other things one thing of note We're GONNA be in a new building this year and I kinda don't know how I feel about that from what I'm excited because if you've been to toy Lanta in the past few years you know the show just keeps growing growing growing. It's safe to say we outgrew that hotel years ago and there's just no room left so we need more room and we've got a bigger space a two floor dealer room and I've got the feeling that still won't be enough room if you've ever been to Toyland I you know there's if there is a nook and cranny there's somebody set up business in that's Yorker just a great show really good time to be had. The new building makes me just the little. I'M NOT GONNA say doesn't give me anxiety or anything just makes me a little little antsy because I'm so used to the other building. I know everything is or the bathroom is if I need to go in a hurry a time for lunch or to go to eat I could always go to the really delicious hotel restaurant or I could go down the road. There's McDonalds there's a quick trip with food you know. There's an Ihop if I go the other way and there's like a mellow mushroom and other places and others play. I know where I know. Where things are you know is new place I do not? Although I'm certain it will be just fine. There'll be plenty of places nearby for that run for a Burger or whatever or you know. Hey I've got a headache whereas walgreens you know that sort sort of thing Hopefully you don't get a headache home and have a good time. Just kidding I always bring medicine to these things but still boy. I really hope it will have a headache. I don't have a good the time I told Sean to get on the road. Man Sean. Are you on your way yet. It is like just under two months away. You're like in another state. I'm not gonNA take you five years later. Thing is he'll be there for I get here in. I live like hour and a half south of kind put a B.. He'll beat me there. I'll be I'll I'll leave that evening when my wife gets home and will head up to will head up to the the convention and get our badges and take place in the take part in a Friday activities the Friday night activities. He'll already be there and I'm like how do you do you that I guess he takes the day off. That would make sense. I maybe the year off. It's gotTa take forever to get there from another state but totally looking forward to that. Like I said Marty Abrams will be there this year. You know I made a mental. I do this every year and every year I totally dropped the ball on it but make like a mental stole things to look for list and if I buy them or not. That's the question but I plan to if they're in meeting the requirements I have for buying these things such as price conditioned that sort of thing. If you've ever been to Toyland. It was formerly known as Joe Lanta a Gi Joe Collectors Convention that in two thousand fourteen expanded banded they started calling themselves Joanna and the great Atlanta toy show and they just. That's when I started inviting me out to help head up the transformers panel and they are basically the being a general toy show. Of course the Joanna guys have their own little little hideaway for their stuff. Because man if I'm gonNA tell you if you're into twelve inch is gi Joe. Those dudes are cool. There's a lot of customizing lot of love. Art Stuff they do. You know making things to work with their their figures making dioramas and such and Ma'am titles. Diagrams are so cool to look at last year was awesome walking dead one. That was just a really amazing. You know come to think about. It was a really awesome walking dead one a few years ago there to actually I think this is a world. War Z one last year. I'm speaking of. I'm not as familiar with that movie. My wife isn't she she was like. Oh Wow yeah this is that part you know but there's some really good dioramas there. One guy just set up a table in in Diorama room where he just put a table to side and he had a US flag sitting there and a bunch of Gi Joe Night Force vehicle sitting on top of it and what you know. UN You got a great display here. This is awesome and we stayed there looked at for a few minutes a day. You know good diagrams. One guy had this awesome death star. He had made like it was. It was huge to scale with Kenner starwars vehicles which he had placed all over it. And that wasn't the only one in the one in the other display rooms. There's two other a massive kiner scale star worth Dioramas as you. So great such cool con They've been expanding their gaming section. And this shooter have quite the gaming setup for various Role Playing Board Games that type of thing as well as video games aims. I you guys know. I'm a big retro Gamer. Gramer wow what is that. A big retro Gamer as well as just I like to play video games in general so I'm totally looking afford peaking my head into that things. I'm looking for this year. They're not that different from last year last year. I I wanted to get a bio tron backslash robot man The toys name is robot. Man In micromanaged micro Nazis Bio Tron. And there's several different variations of this toy and this one guy who's always there always has great selection of robots transformers. He'll love globeop. You have sometimes diack loans stuff like that. You know he had. He had a good bit of those guys and had had a good one for like fifteen bucks which I really should get. But he was missing the chest Canape and look if I'm buying a toyboy from the early eighties for fifteen dollars. I'm expecting it to be missing a few pieces. But the thing is with that bio Tron backslash robot. Man That chess canopy makes up so much of the look of the figure. You know it's like buying an optimist. Prime missing the will fold over windows where where you would unfold it to stick the drivers in. It's like if that was missing. You know it just takes away so much from the look of the figure side kind of you've all hit. Some other ones had some different variations of figure. It's a really good-looking figure. And and funnily enough I was about crap my pants writ to look at one I picked it up and put it back down and a whole bunch of fell like these metal. lunchboxes fell another group. Australia stop them from grabbing and the guy was laughing his head often sean was laughing from corners. I guess I was humorous to view but I was like coke grew up and I saved today nothing broken but it was a scary situation for that split second. The guy also had a holy grail Israel Of Mine he had a water rose in his display case. Once again it was one of those things were a mix of price hitting missing just enough things he wanted. Sixty exte- dollars for it which is not a bad price at all for a water rose but once again missing a few of those components that make up that visual jewel. That's him look you know although I guess I could have bought it and just try to find the other parts later on. Though these days I am not as inclined and to do such a thing I remember back in the day late nineties. Early two thousands. I would do this all the time. I would buy junk or toys and just find find the parts as I could and basically make myself of coal toy I did. This would be one matron. I probably have about four or five. Megatonne parts laying around where I completed a complete mega tron in like a one same with Dino bots I remember snarl was very hard to find for a while but for some reason I could always find junk her snarls that were just beat. The crap like dollar are too so I just got buying and buying those buying those and then one day I felt like I had enough. I had plenty so I sat down with a screwdriver and just assembled a full snarl out of like all these parts. That's what you had to do and day not probably still have to do some of these guys you just got to sit down and get working. And that's probably what I'd have to do. The difference prince is I am like forty one. I'm not some twenty year old kid who stays up all night watching good times reruns while taking apart broken figures to assemble a complete one. I don't have as much time as I did. Then so I don't know if that would be something I could do is easily easily though I would probably set aside a few hours on a Sunday to do such probably Yakin to see that. I don't know why I'm act like I don't have time for stuff stuff but sometimes it just feels like I. Don't you know another thing that guy had that I wanted was he had rock lords. I won't some rock lords also bad but the thing is once again you gotta play you gotTa be smart with such hits go head first in throwing money at the wall and seeing what sticks you gotta you gotTa be smart about. You're buying older toys. Sometimes you might buy one and it's like broke and it's one of those cases where you just try to fix it you know. It's not one of those times where I can buy five junker snarls and put together one complete one. You know. Sometimes you just broken away. I can't do anything about you. Know I bought a G. Two megatonne one time for fifteen dollars not even paying attention. Not even paying attention. It's picked up a tank felt solid. Yeah sure fifteen dollars. I was aware he was missing gun. I was aware he is missing. A fiery missile. I was mentally paying fifteen dollars for the bulk. Body as it transformed immerses head you know and this is not like a head you screw on its glued to a plate that is part of a spring loaded flip around and that whole piece was just straight broken off. I guess to do made a custom awesome from it so little things like that. You have to pay attention to you have to be you know you just gotTa Watch what you're doing you know and it's funny to Aleve situation. I bought a nother. Junker G to megatrend for five dollars off of FACEBOOK marketplace didn't exist at the time it was like something message board or whatever and the one I got for five dollars in berry condition and the one. I was trying to fix so I just got one without ahead. You know these things happen but you gotta pay attention Sir things but that same dude with the robot stuff always good price. I remember one time I got a a pipe. G One pipes from him for five five dollars beautiful wonderful condition like the crumbs not chipped. Upper anything he's got all dirty. It's like I wouldn't say you would think just opened the card up and took pipes off of the package but it's not that far from it condition for five dollars. The guy has good prices he has rock lords for fifteen. I don't know if they they had their weapons or whatnot. He had a few of them he had a few of them. I couldn't tell you right now which ones he had I know he had a MAG Mar.. I think he had a brimstone but he had had a few you of them and I was totally wanting to get it was one of those cases whereas like I'm a shop around I'm we'll come back and if I see I will pull the trigger. You know. Sometimes we do that and then next thing you know. It's like a month later crap. I forgot it was one of those situations You ever like you leave the house and you're like Oh the coffee pot still on. I mean if you're I mean you got to curb. The things often meant you major cup but I think the examples there ought man good thing. I work at nine call home. Hey Hey wife yeah. I'll have to shower on yet. Yeah I'm not in there. No it's not goes taking a shower or could you turn that off. I know I'm sorry. I'm very in their. Let it finish when we WANNA clean ghost clean ghost in our house. They'll know in the last time that goes took took a bath was let him use my old spice swagger smell nice but you know how it is you forget things later on and I totally was like that that Sunday that Sunday my wife and I do the grocery pickup often from Walmart when we order our groceries and he said time to pick him up. I said yes set. It is time. I'll probably done with the COMBI- I can swing by the grocery store on the way home and pick up our groceries long behold it was like an hour till pick up type Shannon. I are talking star. Yours doesn't kindly couple who dealers at the college we were just chatting away. And then she'd text me. Hey Are you going if not I can go pick it up crap and you know I had to go and go pick up groceries. But it's one of those things where he just kind of a month later. Oh Oh let's go by rock lords from that dude so this year. I've definitely GONNA try to get a couple of rock lords. Maybe from that dude. He always has a great setup he has like like I said he has a good set of robot toys transformers and go bots microdots dia clone. He'll have pardon me one second there. They are to seasonal allergies. All right no one cares but rob. Would you please stop having sinus problems all right well once I stop being being human. I'll get back to you now. This guy always has stuff like that. You'll have health tronto form. You'll have great stuff you you know he'll have Also Kenner Star Wars like eighties Kenner Star Wars of some nineties to you know. have all this cool stuff. I remember Martin Martin's Martin's won't the guys who runs the show. He has his own personal collection. Of course he has a store where he sells stuff and he found a What he needed to? I think it was pretty much complete. I he used pretty happy where I got. It was a Java hut place at return of the Jedi. The Kenner one. I got it for Christmas at the time when I was a kid but I think he wanted to complete one box stuff and I think he bought it. I I don't know if those missing any pieces or not be seem pretty happy but he he got one of those from the guy you know. He's got a cool booth. You Know My guy who's there. For the past. Few years he was there last year The fortunately heated. You didn't have anything I wanted last year. So I'm hoping this year. He brings the noise again like he didn't thousand eighteen this guy he has he has the craziest booth in this world world. It is like it goes along the back wall of. I'm we'll say dealers room but if you ever go to Toyland to you know one of the dealers room is that the show has I was like I think last year I counted five six dealer areas in particular nets accounting. People just set up wherever selling using the larger dealer room SIPA among the back while usually there and he has like things like sideshow collectibles goals and stuff like that on the back wall. You know the high end stuff. The MEDICOM is a medical whatever. Did you hear that noise. I made those things along the black back while he has been the boxes. And all that if you if you want to see one he'll let you see it before making a purchase. But in front of him he has tables and on these tables he he brings. The noise is there every year he has you know those little baskets you buy like the dollar store or whatever for putting things on your desk or your whatever ever and if you're someone like me you have tons of those little plastic shoe boxes for putting you know like your thoughts and stuff like that. He has a ton of those and each one will be full of toys. Ladies and have like just a handmade sign on each one category and price you know one year he had these GI JOE SCUBA SCUBA divers. I forget their name from real American hero. They're actually vipers. I want to say here from one of the lines in the two two thousand it must have came with a vehicle because these figures were all poly bagged okay. They they weren't on cards. They weren't in Ziplock bags. Whatever like when you buy a Toyota toy show often as they were all poly bagged and had their look cesary and all that in there as all the same viper and he had it just full of for ten bucks a piece I guess? He bought them at a liquidation sale. Or I don't know how he got a hold of them or like one year. I've talked about this four. He had the best said basket. That's at enemy. Knows like five dollars a piece or like Africa. I e the more you bought cheaper was I forget exactly to deal but he had like oddball figurines in there and stuff. Actually No. It was like one for three dollars so many whatever it doesn't matter and he had like oddball anime figurines and then he had just like a ton of beast Saga in there. And I think Sean I camped at. They're just getting as many BASSAC officiers. We could I think I completed the entire series yet and there was a it was a clear clear blue series they had done twenty in the B. Sagas or maybe not towards the end. I might be speaking out under. It is a clear blue series they had did and I got like each one of them out of there as well as a many Superhero Samurai cyber squad superhuman super human good man. It'd gotten so some of those that are there that was solely on the little mini figures. They had made for that line. Really cool that guy last year he he just didn't have anything. I wanted the beast year with all the beasts saga toys. He also had like a basket full of just monsters and I remember regretting not buying into modules. They're just a little little little army. Man Style mini figured out. She's like mummy and Frankenstein and all that I remember agreeing buying any from because there are only a dollar a piece. I should bought some but then toward October. My wife ordered me the hundred piece bucket of monsters off Amazon. Every single one of those is in there so I guess he just had one of those he just opened up important to the basket because it was like that was it. You know I guess I didn't miss anything whatsoever but just a cool. He's a cool dealer and I'm looking forward to seeing him again even if I don't buy anything thing from him even if it doesn't have anything I want per se it's always cool just to look through those baskets the high end stuff on the back. That's totally cool. That's totally cool cool. I'm not there for that. I'm there for the weird stuff. I can buy toys all year round. I buy toys all year. Round the oddball. Stuff like the basket full of factory liquidation. Gigo heads okay. What do you got? Oh snake is you know how dare for that. You know. That's awesome totally looking forward. Lord it opens. Sean makes their time. He said he started driving last week. I think he's driving from the neighboring State Alabama. So you know it's GonNa take them five years I'm kidding. He's coming from Alabama looking forward to seeing the guy actually. It's funny he. He lives and works in the town. My grandmother lived in and it's so funny. How many Thais we probably cross paths before? We knew each other. Just me spending time at my grandma's house I remember I spent a summer there one ear and he's a little older than my brother. So chances are he probably called me a name once and we didn't know each other at a time now he calls me names and we know each other so it works out so looking forward to con- looking for the Sean Hope you make it there in time. Manny yet like ten year. Drive ahead of you. How do you do it but Toyland Kate wait now? I also wanted to take just a minute to talk about some other other cool things going on Lonard makers of the core and in the past few years makers of some really neat stuff. They've got a cool new aliens toy light here in America. It's exclusive to Walmart. I think I don't know when it began I. I noticed him being exclusive to Walmart here in America around a two thousand fifteen could could. This relationship could lasted prior to that. But I don't feel like because I knew I was seeing their figures at target and stuff enough for the longest. They've got an aliens toy line. That's they started out this year. It seemingly replacing the dinosaur figures. Here's they had last year which I loved and bought everything. One of 'em primal clash primal clash. I keep getting mixed up. Because there's known as drastic clash clash in the UK. So get the I get kind of a little mixed up a little but I bought a every single one of those last year and this year. It's like a replacing that with the aliens line. They had gemology edge showman. Gee I think I said that. Wrong Jumanji how do you say that crap toy line for the newest movie that I didn't really wanting the toys They had that in addition to their regular core figures. Now they got this aliens line. It looks great so far. I've gotten the Alien Queen figure which is a large figure. Scott about twenty dollars Maybe over foot tall. It's a pretty big figure like it's it's the you know it's it's about as wide as tall and I mean white is in the arms and stuff is just as great big toy. Just pure up toy you know. No it's Purple Metallic Purple The aliens are actually very a variety of colors like reds and yellows and stuff and then might turn you off. It totally doesn't turn me off because one it looks cool. Second it makes me think of those old Aliens Video Canes you know like the like the arcade beat him up up or some those oddball things like Alien Syndrome or water reward air clearly stealing from aliens or if you've ever played ask dynamics. Sdn Ex. I wrote a post on it recently. The game by Jellicoe the Arcade version last level takes place in. Hr gator painting apparently and there's HR giger style aliens Geiger and it kind of falls into that thought process to me. Well I got. I got the Alien Queen Queen and last week. I've got one the sets where it's a generically just called the soldiers space marines. You know not giving really names whatever and I got a few sets. I got one second astronaut Dude with a gun and Scott a gold alien and it's got a EG with a little chest burster alien. That's all in the place that when you buy these places or ten dollars you get a soldier in alien and then like whatever like there's one it's got a motorcycle or there's one that's worth the EXO suit and the lawsuit is a release of the. The soldiers are queasy. Some prior coil toil lines and they're good toys so some people like to crap on the core classes inexpensive Toy Line. Everyone made the joke about knockoff. Gi Joes or whatever you put that snobbery aside for a minute I'm joking but put that put that aside for a minute. There good figures they're good toys and they're using what they can with the brand new parts. These are brand new alien scopes with these little more Sifi ish core figures to be the space marines means you know and the EXO suit was from about two thousand fifteen they had made these two exo suits one for or they're bad guys and one for their good guys and they're using the good Guy Xhosa to be the The the extra suit Ripley War in aliens you know and it looks great. It's I it's painted yellow like in those safety construction color. It just looks really good. I want to get that to improperly. We'll get all these guys and they're at a price you can't help but to the Alien Queen was twenty dollars. That's the most expensive toy in the series. Everything else is like ten dollars gift set. It sounds like a place that is boxes full of toys and the packaging is wonderful. It's in bright. neon fluorescent green were bright colors. And you're saying wow that doesn't make me think aliens no but it doesn't matter it's awesome it like it. Just looks awesome so-called so it's like they went early nineties with this packaging with these colors and it just looks great. I almost don't want to open my felt bad opening my alien queen because the pack she looks so Nice Nice. I didn't want to disturb it. One thing about honor toys when you buy a larger figure bolted into the box. They got like zip tire to hold them in place but like like what about that. EXO suit from the main core line years ago it was screwed into the box at the feet. I mean there was metal screws I had to take a screwdriver and unscrew unscrew the toy from the box. This an alien queen had plastic screws. That is he screwed up by hand but still like. Wow that's cool. I'm trying to remember if my call from from their skull island line had that but I don't think so it's been a few years though so I can't remember so well but these alien toys are Super Great Mega Constructs by by Mattel. They've made some really good alien figures in their Mega Constructs Heroes Line over the past year or so and they've got these blind packed eggs where it's like an egg and you open up. There's I guess it's in the slime or whatever and one of the mega construct aliens different colors in their death super cool. I want to get some those two. I've been seeing them. I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. It's going to be one of those I've up-to-date on other guys looking for I when I buy these you know because they're always there you know the these eggs are always sitting there. They always have their That mega beasts or wherever called line Whitson eggs and you open up nurse like some sort of giant Dragon Dragon or wolf or whatever type creature I need to get some of those two. I've kind of kind of really slept on those. Haven't really bought any of those and I've been meaning to it's it's along those lines of that type of packaging the egg figure inside totally need to get some of those. I won't some The reason I won't does mega beasts once is the mega constructs hemans figures. I seen people so using those as rides for the Hemans to ride the meshes of the universe figures and he looked great. I saw one guy come up with his own creation using various parts and I was like Whoa. Those are cool. I kinda think the upcoming battle cat and panther figures will be Kinda using that same construction. So it's a good good bass player I see I saw the Three printed prototypes of those and they look like they follow the same basic idea. So it's not too far off. You know you can really kind of come up with something for your guys. This mega mega constructs had various masters of the universe toys. In that heroes. Line as well as they've you know he did the air reiter last year which I got from my birthday day. They did battle bones which I wish I would've gotten at castle grade school which I really want to own They've done that but now they've got their exclusive measures universe Nice. Excuse me outright measures the universe line coming out which they were going to do this around fifteen. I remember seeing it in the planning manning and I guess they held off on it or whatever and I'm glad they finally come up with because I I love this of you know mini figures of mashes universe characters in the first series is out now and I bought those all last last week at five dollars a figure you can buy an entire series without even think about. It's like twenty bucks you know. And they're the packaging is miniature replicas of the old measures the universe packaging and the same colors and everything you know and even though some easier reason actually they're all we see. Yeah they're already uses a multi scale towards the same aim skeletal mold. Evil ends the same evil in mold. Mosman came with. I believe Castle Gray. Skull and battle bones Moss man has always been just just a remote just a re color of the beast man mold so it's the same as the basement. Figures orders came out. Just Maas Manny although the ones that came in those hold on. I need a drink. Sipa this Hawaiian Punch as refreshing that Mossman was flock and and the retail version is not which doesn't bother me at all but it might bother you I'll have to tell you if she was not that serious. But the Moss Man's available in that it's you know it's the same old prince. Adam is in his mole and of course prince atoms always been re color of he man but they got new colors. They're not just repackaging of the ones that were available in the Meg Constructs Line Evil Land looks closer to her cartoon appearance being that her original toy had that green skin and the mega constructs heroes version had green skin. This one's got the pale skin like she hadn't a cartoon stratus I don't don't have the I I missed and never saw never could find scare glow and stratos in the Mega Constructs Heroes Line. I never saw those. Apparently they're popping popping up now so I'm still looking. I still like to get those even though they're getting re released here in this line so I don't know how different stresses cause I don't have the other one here to compare compared to. I'm sure he's a little different. I'm going to get them regardless they got this version strategies and it's really nice figure. It's got his backpack and his little arm wings and stuff really looks great. I think straddles is body is the same as beast. Man's I owe a belief Sarno the old toy it was and I believe so it is here as well would a different ahead but his His outfit he wears is a whole new creation. Show get reused at some point but it looks really a great here Skeleton Warrior. Say Mold again his coloration as different. I hasn't to say he's colored more like the cartoon. 'cause the cartoon skelter was pretty much destroying dilatory. Look the mega construction on was a good reproduction of the original skeleton. This one's got like brighter. purples and his skin is more Vike Teela sh- like a light light blue as opposed to a dark blue. You know but it looks so much better these brighter colors just pop better on the figure. It looks hate to say like a premium fear because there's only five bucks but is a much nicer paintshop for five dollars our toys. You know what I'm saying so I'm really happy to get that. This line just looks great This year Mattel is bringing a whole lot more. He meant stuff out You know she rose. New Cartoon launched I guess was last year on Net flicks they got what is it to new net flicks. He man's cartoons coming out. The movie was in planning stages for next year. I think it's been put on the back in the planning stages again and that's fine really as long as versus a good cartoon. I'm happy doing with this. He mattel's been reintroducing he-man and these mega constructs ones I'm more interested in and because it just works better for me as a mini figure line. So I'm totally cool with these guys. I've been looking at figures to come gotTa Merman and when you got Merman you got stink core which I like stink incorp better but I'll totally get both. I'm really looking forward though. Always really like fist. Oh silly name and all this looks like a great little lion. I can't wait to get every single one of them to cry like a baby for the ones I can't find and I guess I could just order them. But here's the thing about ordering a toy at target you know but but really looking forward to that part of the Leader for Neiman figures is a new series coming out here at the end of the year toward fall called mashes universe origins. Which is of course I love? I love my masters of the universe. Bob super-g one about outed and these are up on those g one style original meshing versus designs just updated figures. You know sort of like what Mattel was doing with the classics. Pardon me some came up sound like they're doing with the classics line but a brand new set of figures well those figures due out till fall and at S. D. C. C. hadn't exclusive figure. Set what he man and that was like if you got it. You're I look at the mold. I think he's still available. I'm not sure sure I if he has a probably by one but what they've been doing In the meantime and this is super cool I in the states. It's exclusive to Walmart. I don't know about other countries he's not. I'm not sure availability there. Maybe they're not available. Sorry guys it sucks. Is this cool masters of the WWe universe line and I've said before I'm a big wrestling fan although I don't really watch. WWe these days. All I watch is a e W before for that I was watching a ring of honor impact. I haven't really watched. WWE SINCE THE MID two thousand lost my interest. Everyone I keep if your friend of wrestling. You can't help to know what's going on with. WWe being that. They're the biggest game going. You know. They're the big show so any kind of news. Whatever they're dominating? Thanks so I know what's going on even if I don't watch it aside from clips here and there you know but with this line. They're doing a lot of legacy wrestlers undertaker sting immuno ultimate warrior. Macho man la the guys. I've always loved so even even unified don't want to buy a Roman reigns figure whatever. I don't have tutors all these guys. I D like but what this is is I said it again. They're using those IOS mashes of universe origins molds To make he man style wrestler figures. But they're not just wrestler straight. He man toys that are the wrestlers. There's for example. I got the ultimate warrior. The other day he's to- against the ultimate warrior data have to do much to hear he's just the ultimate warrior in and he man but imagine a human like imagine a straight up Mattel he man action figure and this one's just hulk Hogan that's what she got going on like it's got the armor got the weapons it plays into the wrestler's Gimmicks for a I'm not a fan of triple h although I'll probably end up getting his his figure because he's got this cool skeleton armies clearly being skilled were the series. And so there's this cool musclebound guy with skeleton mask and armor and all that it's like it's just it's a neat you know. I've got the at Christmas time. They put out a gift. Set is kind of starved. Line called Grey skuld mania. You can get the gray skull ring and currently if you go to the section where they have the wwe figures at your Walmart. This is where to have these guys. Also it's a castle great skill themed wrestling ring. It's got the same sculpting and details like the skull head post on the Ring Apron and all that like it. It looks like it'd be in the backyard of capsule grey skulls that same. AM sculpting it's honestly. Looks like I could probably take one of my old old school castle grey skulls and it would blend in. Someone might not know different you no. It's that well sculpted to look like the old one that's available now. I think assault for seventeen bucks which is a pretty good price. I guess I don't know what she's wrestling rings cost. I don't buy them. You know but at Christmas time my wife got me one of these. The head as gifts at called Grade School mania which was one of those wrestling rings in a box with had tariff clause triple h and John Cena Like I said I'm not the biggest fan of these guys but these are really good toys. Johnson of course taking the he man role he had the armor. He's wearing as little shorts and sneakers of course because they're still like mixing the styles of the guys so these guys like his shorts in his sneakers but he had like this he man style armored at snapped around on them and had is like saying like thug. Novocur whatever on the armor acts and it was he man's battle axe and unshielded. He comes with. It's just a translucent. Blue it looked really good. So you have to say it's like it's cool hybrid like here's just Johnson on attorney and a triple H.. One may kind of phoned in it was just straight up triple h with the tariff clause tariff clause sculpture is my favorite version of skeletons. So it was just kinda weird see like triple Leitch standing there. But still the origins body. So it's a masters of the universe body the new style justice triple H. You know so it's still it's still cool. Got The ultimate warrior other day. That if you get if you're interested in this line getting that grade school mania is the way to go the box really plays up teaming and it's it's it's in that old school art. It looks it. You're not going to be fooled that this is an old. He Montoya Sitting on a shelf. It's not that well done. But they're playing it up. They're really they're really hamming it. Up with the Gimmick you know and it really blends in. It's not the same colors. It's a nice looking color set. I actually ultimate. Were sitting right here. It's like a light purple with yellow stuff it fits in you know it fits then while being its own thing. It's really cool. Same and everything but the grade school mania sets you. Get the ring and two figures I. I think it's like thirty dollars. And that's really good because one of these figures is fourteen dollars and that ring a seventeen so if you bought two mashes of the WWe universe figures figures. That would be thirty dollars on. Its own and you add this wrestling ring. And you're just coming to brought forty dollars. Maybe a little over after tax. So you get my saying thing if you can find one of those great school mania gift sets left from Christmas. I seen some places having a Walmart's had a few left guy more clinics around fifteen ten jump born that man if you're really wanting to get in line that's a good way to start off. I'm totally digging it like I said I don't love the newer dudes that I'm not interested in. I'm not sold sold on. You know some have really cool figures so it's kind of a You know like I said. I'm not a fan of triple h skeleton on the shelves now at that's a hard one and and some of the mashes universe groups I'm in I seen some guys really having a good time with these guys and and men are making it harder for me to not by the sky. I want the Macho Man. He's wearing like a battle armor he meant at armor. He's wearing he's pretty much in that outfit outfit. He's wearing to battle armor but instead of the he man cross on his chest. He's got the. It's like a macho man. Sure he's got the macho man sunglasses and stuff really cool Ramos Stereo. You're Yo- is themed to look like stratus like he's basically stratus with a Ramos Stereo mass going. It's the shadows. It's cool flight mask or whatever really cool figures undertaker's coming at some point. And he's scare glow scare glow so awesome like I said I'm still missing that. I didn't get his. I couldn't and find his mega constructs figure though re release of that is coming in the masters of the universe packaging. I don't know if they'll be coloration difference or whatever I'm sure there will be scarecrows. Always been just the Rad looking villain. You know stuff like that actually have another John Scenic faker and once he gets like man. I've it's never been that big of a fan of John Seena. I guess I'll buy another toy for faker because I love faker. You know that one came to. I played with that John Cena figure all Christmas Christmas night I was like putting him in poses and all sorts of stuff. It's a great. These measures of the universe origins figures they they have the appearance of a classic he man but a billion joints on them and so you can put all these poses stuff and I was just having a great time posing him triple h around this ring. You know so totally looking forward to getting more at fifteen bucks a pop. It's kind of hard to buy a whole bunch of once. I mean I can do it but right there is new transformers out as well as other toys so I got kind of space. It out. Like last weekend's hold on one second. Pardon me. Dirty came again at seasonal allergies. What's your take on them? Yeah those are cool toys. Like last weekend I went inside a Walmart and they for the first time I had just given up on finding those thirty thirty fifth anniversary siege figures. I'd give it up. I'm never going to find these things. They're they worse. I bought each and every one of them. So that's like one hundred dollars worth of figures and then I bought the G.. One reissue issue Astro train. That's like one hundred fifty dollars worth figures and then here. was those Meghan strikes. That's another twenty dollars worth of figures and they had the siege eight face and it was about the by him to. That's like a thirty dollar figure but unfortunately I guess a monster truck ran over this one because the box and figure were mashed poop so I put it back like well. I'm not buying that one. Find another one this past weekend. I didn't find eight face at all. Unfortunately I looked at a target and a Walmart next week. In a mogul visit my mother. She lives out of state Hopefully I can find eight face at her Walmart. I'm sure I'll find him. I think eighth face is one of the figures like astro trained. That's Kinda Moore will be released and earthrights as well as siege. So if I don't find him a siege kind kinda think I'll find him as an earthrights figure. I've got the Astro train so I've seen he's popping up at Earth right so I'm hoping I can do that. I just won't I just won't eight face man come on could behaved. Don't hate Walmart. Let me get him but about all those guys and then I'm at Walmart and I see all these Mesh. WWE Universe and I'm like oh by the way upon an alien figures sanitize up on two hundred dollars worth of toys not Mitch not to mention to all the stuff I bought my wife. It was her birthday last weekend so I took her rush shopping just spoiled or rotten and I was like I'll wait till next week as you. The universe wrestler figure this past week and I bought a bunch of stuff. Still couldn't find it frigging face again but about ultimate warriors. You know what I'm saying guys. It's one of those things where you kind of pick and choose at fifteen dollars a pop. That's not super expensive for toy now. Oh but it's easy to say you know. Just that's triple h man. I don't know if I want it or not. It looks really cool. But it's like triple agency I don't know it's one of those things I'll probably end up getting. It are definitely. Won't that sting being a guy from Georgia. Of course I grew up with. WCW and Jim Crockett doc it on TV all day. You know so sting is one of those. I have to have it figures. And he's got a cool. Of course he sting so that are playing up the whole clause and Scorpion. Tell appearance of the Stinger Anatoly digging that. Because he's very similar to cloth who was one of my favorites of the original lineup. So totally looking forward to get him. He might be my next one because I think in series one it was like ultimate warrior fin baller triple H and stink. Thank the thin Baylor looks really cool. I was a fan of him when he wrestled in Japan and apparently would make appearances in not apparently excuse me occasionally. He'd make ring of honor references. He was in bullet club. If you watch ring of Honor Day swap back and forth with new Japan wrestling. He wasn't there a lot better since since he's come to. WWe I just haven't even paid attention. You know so I'd it feels a little disingenuous to buy a figure of a guy that really that concern you know and the triple h guy has never been a big fan of his. I have been watching this guy on TV since the ninety since he was terrorizing WCW. So I might get them. I kind of wished at ter clause triple h was Tara rising triple H or whatever but whatever man whatever they could at least give outfit triple h ric laws in the heat but made out of the human body. Luckily it's cool body us. Let's talk about transfer is a little bit so I'm GonNa close us out talking talking about transformers. You know siege sieges over sieges is is transferring out into earth rise and I love me some siege. There's still some stuff I I want to find like. I said I wanNA find eight phase. There's those mini cons. I need to get an I got the wrong. And singe battle masters found the third batch with the the news of an found are see figures I still want and a hoping someone will make their way into earth rise or at least become available to me available available to me even though arthritis coming in but boy does earthrights. Look Amazing. I Like I see these pictures on my. Wow is this real. Is this really a figure. That's available bull this. I made that joke. This looks looks like a premium toy often and often. This seriously looks like a toy. At years ago you would pay a premium price for these really nice figures. No people made the complaint with Titans return power the primes and stuff that newer generations are like G. One joints. This totally is these are straight up. The Dia Clone Figures Modern Day. And I'm digging it so bad. I can't help helps see that hoist and grapple without just wanting to scream at my computer and or a phone screen as labs. I can't like man I won't so pad of alone of Midtech. Annoys you know but gave loudly these stupid with the Huby so stupid but I really want these things. They look so good earthrights. Looks like such a great line clunky name and all I want I want to go by Earth Rice Bran Muffin and have it with starbucks and going to target and by earthrights things earthrights is a brand of vitamins. If you go looking in the area with with vitamins and supplements at your local store you'll find the earth rise brand. It's funny to me weird name alone. It looks like like a great toilet. I can't wait to get as many of them as I plan to buy. I would say every single one of them. But here's going to be one or two. I end up missing. Not Fool myself over here. I definitely want to score a knock this past weekend. News of the the Corporate Titan figure I always I always get the Titan figures I get every single tighten the past couple years. It's been one of the things. My wife gets me for Christmas so looking forward to getting Scorpion next year. If I don't just jumping on a bite for myself commander Commander Class Sky Lynx really good really so happy to have an abandoned Mini cons of battle masters. Excuse me micromeasures imbalance masters boy. If they brought many he comes back might need to change my pants. I might make just absolute he. It'd be really uncomfortable for everyone like what's that smell. That'd be standing there it's really cool. It's a skateboard guy. You know but man that'd be great too. They've brought back in the past but they just weren't the same as the armada energized. John Cyber Tron ones. You know those were the best. But so happy for micro masters and Battle Masters and siege having them come back is amazing and having all these toys turned into micro master basis like iron works ironworks was a micromeasures base. Now he's micromeasures basically a robot mode you know that's super cool I got. I got the astro train. Like I said he's earthrights. Figures released a siege isn't micro master base mode has really really cool. You hear that voice. I Made Oh man I was like listen to this. Weiner man micro master base mode. I drive drive up and down. The ramp and connect good job has for all their kudos to you. Yeah that's what people sound like on the Internet anyway. Really looking forward to the sites name zone base. I gotTA think for Michael Masters meant if you didn't pick that up. I don't ought to tell you. Explain to you here in Cyber Verse Man. I got those got those gifts. That's natural gas. Missile sets. They put out earlier got hot rod and acquitted sunset. My wife surprise me with them. She went to target her her work. Her workplace place is like a few minutes away from a shopping center so occasionally on her lunch break shields pop into target. Just look around for a minute. And she was there. Just Kinda peeped the croissant. Set and hot rod set with the Shark. Turkana grabbed them for also thankful for it because they are really good little sets. It's funny the hot Rod said I think even last episode I mentioned it was the Warriors Stealth Hot Rod. It is not. It's the one steps to turbocharger which gives me a reason to buy that warrior class at Walmart all Marx's it looks so cool she even said wow why do you not own this. I was like I don't know I have a buddy I need to because it looks so sharp that that black and Yellow Deco looks great on that hot rod had mold. Those are cool sets. Diverse has got some good stuff coming. I this past weekend saw those larger. I don't know what you call them. The twenty dollar larger figures they make I saw some of those who got the newer ones with the flip over armor the hot rod the Bumblebee. And it's not lug nut the clobber robber farther. Yes it's really cool toy seasonal allergies but they had those figures there. Really look those up that hot rod. I like hot rod a whole lot. I I'm not gonNA pretend and say I get every single hot rod toy comes out but he's one of those characters. I try to get as many as possible. Like sound wave. Save hot rod that sort of thing. Those guys always. I tried to get as many as I can Look really cool just old school style. Robots if you're not into old school style robots I totally understand if not your thing I totally understand. It's my thing. It's my jam if I could put it on toast I would upset did so. I had for breakfast and for lunch it because you know what breakfast for Supper is fun. But the really cool. The newer turbocharger starting to pop up. I I showed they. Did they get leaked out last spring last summer. Or you're kind of making the rounds on the Internet. Various things are starting to pop up stores I saw were a dude found a repugnance local store. And I gotta get those. Those are so old school robot. They're just wonderful. I Love I gotTa have him. Transformers is so cool. Aw I spent a lifetime buying them but what's coming out right. Now is super awesome. You Got Earth Rise. You've got totally dig into cyber stuff to you know. Bought lots of Super Red Eye. metallo bought Butts. I do two guys so much stuff to buy so triple H. I might get you later. You're like fifteen bucks DANGAM spending five thousand dollars on transformers this weekend day totally by ultimate warrior. Oh you're coming home with me that that's it's as I'm recording this. It is February third. I don't I know when you'll hear this. I don't know when we'll go up. I'll submit this a little later today. I'll I'll submit it to kilby. Say Please Sir please Sir Hostess on Your Network. It's the the newest episode of my podcasts. And a couple of hours later he'll say okay cool You know if you if you heal grace me with its appearance on the network work and be like Bam news episode of Transformed Squadron and then Bam. Here's another show it's busy network there. There's a lot of programming so I am fortunate to be on such a scene network. I'm joking I've been been a member of these guys as crew for a long time to health so they get my sense of humor now people do one of them. I think I'm picking up. You know who you are. I'm doing an awkward silence now to make it weird but almost omitted hopefully be up here soon but there is a dark side. I'm kidding I actually forgot while I was going to say so. What that means is right? Now I'm totally digging everything that's coming out in transformers and man if you if you're a listener of T.F. Radio Network you clearly like transformer so you hear the song. I'm singing to you. You and kilby singing singing along with it going Ding Ding. I WanNa buy that stuff. I WANNA buy of that stuff and we're all singing. I WanNa buy that stuff so most like not not as much but you know. That's what's going on here at zone base. It is only the third of February as recording this meaning. The year just started. You know you make that joke. January is like the longest month of the year. Some people say it's the Monday of all months. It is seriously it is only a lot of thirty one day month and it felt like five years. Just went by didn't didn't it who and that's just now the third of February and are so much awesome. MM stuff available that I WANNA buy and I'm sure you listening. WanNa buy as well and I hope I hope I hope. I hope you're happy with what's out there. There's some really cool stuff outside of transformers and he meant that I just spit talking about. There's a new DC LINE TRA Spin master almost trend grandmaster spin master. You know their DC toys are coming out now now they've gotten the license from way from DC the DC license away from Mattel and now a spin. Master's got those guys look awesome. I get these cool little three and three quarter figures that come with mystery blind packed accessories. Like there's Batman Robin Superman. There's all the dudes and they come with blind packed accessories guys know me and blind pack toys. This is red. This is awesome. I'm totally like wall. I haven't bought any yet honestly the way I do things I do pretty well for myself. I do pretty okay for myself. You know but I still got to be smart about the way I do things or I won't be doing so well for myself and so these. This is the kind of thing when I'm caught up with transformers and he man's and stuff that I'll buy because of like okay this weekend what I WANNA buy well. I've got all these dudes I've all these days. Okay okay talk to people these guys you know you gotTa do these things guys you got to be smart. You'll be smart with your money. You can't just go throwing it out if you want. You want to have nice things. You just can't spend it the minute you get. Yeah be smart and each week. I'll be okay this this week you know this week I bought a bunch of bought bots. I bought Hoffman Warrior from Measures Universe Universe and about a new pair of Nikes. You know that's what I bought this week. That was funny. That was my fun money. y'All aw that's what I bought. Oh Scooby Doo Playmobil. PLAYMOBIL has been making ghostbuster figures which I love love love so much up spoke about last month but they started making scooby DOO figures. And Scooby Doo ones look great but the shoe of the line is a blind bag series featuring the various monsters. There's any ghosts from the scooby cartoon and I'm trying to decipher the codes system. I found various threads and whatever For other Playmobil. People trying to decipher these codes. The codes are not very clear. There are not very clear. It's hard to figure it out because I won't headless horseman. Oh so bad. Oh Oh so bad. So far I've gotten to Cloud ghosts and I got the Gypsy yesterday. Epic Gypsy us. They got they got a whole bunch of the creeper reaper is what I want the most but I'll probably end up most. These are just the right skill from ghostbusters to fight. They're just awesome. Go Buy some. So that's what I got this weekend so the weekends when I'm caught up on other things I'll probably buy some of these. DC guys. Because I love me some Batman and and blind packed accessories. What thank you spin master? This was a genius. I didn't know I needed to know about. It's amazing guys have rambled on for a while now about he man and transformers and before I get out of here I talked about Toyland to at the top of the show. I wanted to talk about something that came up Friday night out of the blue straight out of the blue out of the area blue. That's almost green. Green Weird area of the blue came right out of and that would be the bought cod. Social Networks showed signs of life. They said pay attention. Space sums coming soon if you went to con dot com which is on there is under construction page and if you go to the transformers collectors club page. It's under construction. I did one more I went to the GI Joe Convention page. It's under construction. The Fan club page is still the same. Wants Ben it is what it is news media said. Something's going on there and no one knows anything yet as of this recording as the February third at it's about to be ten o'clock in the morning ah I'm watching South Park reruns muted right now. Something's going on and knows anything by the time you hear this. Someone might know more but right now we don't know anything and a couple of US got nosy and who is on the web address not still says belongs to fund publications but says there's a pending transfer going on now the next time I look at it might be tonight. Maybe sometime later there might be some information. Might be some more to it that we might know. Maybe who's this transfer going to right now not who who's transferring to it. Is someone else going to run DOT COM and transformers collectors club. And maybe even the Joe Con maybe maybe has rose just since they running has Khan and all that. Maybe they're running something. Maybe you know knows no knows yet. It's cool though. It's cool to have of that mystery. It'd be cool to have bought con back. I don't know if I'd be able to make it to it or not. You know I've said before I'll say it again. It's getting harder to want to travel to conventions of within the state within the neighboring state. That's one thing but you know across the country at weird time of year you may not be workable. You know you know T.F. Con is happening in the same week as Toyland do you. Don't go into Toyland. I love Toyland on part of the gang. You know I'd love to go to another t.f con but it's the same weekend you know I gotta make choices are making the choice. I'm I'm I'm choosing my family you know and not to dimension T.F. Con Dead I think to have like fifty T.F. Qazi Year now because I know the have another one fall. But this one it's taking place in Orlando which is the state In Florida which is state estate over. But it's also like a eight ten hour drive and not to mention if I'm going to Orlando. I'm probably going to universal or Disney. So that's a hard choice to make you know last year they had Chicago or DC. And that's that's a hard trip to make. I really want to go but dude you gotta work me. Some here are really want. It's one of the things I really WANNA go. But there's other things kind of hold back a little. So if they bring dot com back it could be like has con where it's just at a time of year where I'm tied up with other things. Like hey guess what in fall. I've been halloween mode. You know. Oh y'all know. Take a shot adventured Halloween and a show and it was across the country. It's kind of a hard pill to swallow. Oh you know when I was younger and I went little less than check to check every week it was easier to do but now you know sometimes just like that's yeah that's a lot of money you know so I don't know if I'd be able to make Abakan depending when and where they'd have it but I'd really love that fan club to be back. I would totally join that again in an a heartbeat APP so frequently I I was a member of the official transformers club from summer. Two thousand three two posts split it when fun pub took over joined. The first day I joined at three h version of I deals available to join. I'll join us the first days available joint. I will do do that I I. I love a good fan club. That fan club exclusive. Give me that periodical. You know there. I'll be there cod. I WANNA come I will but it would be nice to have some sort of officialised fan organization back maybe someone else will be running it. Maybe you saved will be running. We don't know we don't know anything right now. A lot of people act like they know everything they don't always together. We just know that Nacho Fraser back at Taco Bell I gotTa Soggy Batch left home about some. I'll buy a love Nacho fries for it or not soggy but we don't really know anything so I guess we'll just have to pay attention. See what comes part of me wonders. If it'll be so sorta news take on the has has commenting just each section. has its own name. I have to wonder I really have two wonderful do that because that would make sense. But I don't know but like I said having an official Fan entity back is a welcome one so if that is what's going on high fives all around guys. That would actually work out with the Walmart Jiwan reissues. I'd like to think I think that'd be a cool something cool with that you know but we'll see we'll just have to see will guys. Thanks for hanging in for another episode of bad jokes SNIFFLES and random randoms. My Name's Rob. And this is transformed squadron. It's the podcast a zone base dot org which can be found at. WWW w. zone based dot org. It's a site full of monsters. Robots and misadventure actually it's phrased robots monsters and misadventure. Did you you hear a crackle. That was not the microphone. That was my nose. Hang on one Second Lor my mistake. Seasonal allergies are son of a gun and and it's the time of year where I've got a cold all the time and I'm expecting before long to get the flu because they usually get the flu like a good week around this time of year so far for hasn't happened but it's a site full of robots monsters and misadventure which is a nice way to say cool stuff so if you could check out. WWW you dot zone based dot org totally appreciate it and while you're there please also check out my instagram. That's at Robo Rob Springer Springer last month. I mentioned for while making videos for Youtube. Since then I decided my videos would be better At home on my instagram. Before last month I was making occasional videos and putting them on my instagram and I got at the site system. That's the best place sometimes like I. It Youtube no no. I got like five years of videos instagram. I'm not pretending. I have a thousand and one followers. I don't you know I have a modest set of followers obnoxious and influence her. I'm not a celebrity. I don't mind but I get a lot of likes a lot of us on my videos on my pitchers that's clearly my place to be so if you could check out. Please do at Ro Rob Springer on instagram. Follow with with me if you would like that'd be cool if you're not a spam Bot I'll probably follow you back if you're a questionable spam block you because I'm a married man and that just estate respectable men at least check out my instagram and this podcast. You're listening to transform squadron. My dear a good friend Brian. Kilby hosted on his network to radio network which can be found at T.F. Radio DOT net. And while you're there my dear Fred Brian Kilby. I've saying this to make up for patch jokes. I said earlier. That probably weren't very funny and not to mention I. I love the guy. He's one of my best friends he would give you a hug at maybe a kiss on the cheek. If you check out the various ways to support the network he has listed there. I'm sure he would appreciate it if he did that. Speaking of appreciate I appreciate each and every one of you for listening and thanks everyone who keeps reading zone as we've had a had a great month this month some months I have like Nanya hits and then some months I have like a billion hits. This month has been closed at billion hits a Mutt. So I'll know what I'm doing right all right guys. I hope I'm doing it right still this month of February. So thanks everyone for checking out zombies and thanks for listening I will be back next month. which will be March? Hopefully as long as everything goes right with a brand new episode aw.

Walmart Sean I WWE Mattel Toyland WWe John Seena toy Lanta headache McDonalds Alabama Maas Manny Marty Abrams walgreens gi Joe Joanna US Atlanta
Mia Jackson, Will Miles, Amy Schumer, Roy Wood Jr.

Stand-Up w/ Chris Distefano

33:09 min | 9 months ago

Mia Jackson, Will Miles, Amy Schumer, Roy Wood Jr.

"You're listening to comedy central he goes before we begin I want to talk newses with today's advancements in science keeps offers proven treatments that can combat the then and now thanks to keeps you visited Dr Online and get medication delivered to you drug bust when they're delivered discretely all from the comfort and privacy of your own home and we're here you'll save so act fast if you're ready to take action and prevent hair loss you're going to go to keeps E. P. S. dot com slash standup S. T. A. N. D. up she decided she wanted to introduce me somebody and or his early sixties uh-huh she shows me his picture ads are Brown and have hope right I was like why did you try to set us up I said we don't look like we're in the same it's fine it's fine is due to a combination of skincare avenue so I told her I said you should have been able to look at him and let me just say this hour's beg the much shit like I can't talk to him the way I would somebody my the You you're welcome he's like I can't and I'll be like I am so sorry Mr Stand up with Chris Distefano Episode Number Twenty Eight that's how old Albeit Amel episode for you today I know I always say that this it's truly incredible the other ones from her so if you liked that you know the deal stick around for the interview where we Jay they're very exciting before we begin webster's missing Chris during these half hour episodes it's crazy that anyone let's it felt like a weird icebreaker like I don't have it I don't think go anywhere from like one fifty two to fifty on a given day anybody name is big Keefe he's obviously a black comedian you could've just said like three years Jack Curly Hair Chubby so obviously go into commercials where it's like this bacon on it but I go on auditions and that's usually what I do like walk and then I walk in I go aw I love we'd more than anything though all just I won't be able to function without it and that sounds like addict behavior and is true but I can't really tell I was high because thing to say I never seen this one before it makes the whole season couldn't there's like thirty three states legally you can go to all those states and just weed is legal there it's it's no different I'll just do it illegally and it's more fun but that's weird you can possess we'd what you can't buy or sell weed and all of gifts which means you have to buy other shit and then they give you the weed his and that just made when the wind blows a gift of we that's the dumbest shit and the whole war I was like Yo yo Yo real quick that's why I call people and we'd what do you think this is I can't tell you eat it all that's illegal what I can do though Arosa earlier drug deal again and he goes you will yeah Koko Kuku title one Walmart rewards card earn unlimited by percent back on everything you buy at Walmart online it's the perfect I present back on the laptop your sister had carolers sing turtledove job for carry with some more shown a second before that I wanNA talk to you guys being exciting comedy central's prank call never before heard in the guessing space and featuring alice talent such as Jimmy Kimmel Start Your Day with a wakeup call you'll actually enjoy subscribe and listened to new episodes goes drinkers worse snow your mind goes to sleep but your body's like ten asthma he's mad doing out guys never uh who is going to roll this out the it's hard they're calling me so weird age they're like among it's weird and there's nothing more awkward all right nothing going on the first birthday party I stand by my decision I'm sitting here with Mia Jackson who just recorded her half hour for comedy central the world famous probably standard with Chris which one is more nerve-racking and yeah you're like and promotion mosaic you put in your stuff out searched due to tell you what it was yeah it's like a mini special slash Doku kind of thing so yes that was very l. just a bunch of random stuff I've done the mom and my sister what am I friends who just like you should totally do it recorded my first ever set ever oh my God she's like we're coming I say well I think my dad enjoys it I think he likes it because he seating then I'm like Oh this is who that jokes about I will sail more like again was do you like a process before you record like what what was to sit as much as I could bothering people all over the place like that so and then like the week going into it I was back in Atlanta which is pretty much where I when people aren't getting half hour spa close out the show can I do thirty the thing worth like we've got one shot at a tape the Spaghetti I got to we're GONNA ride on paper but the paper was like oh I know what the city is like I know what you know and I kept telling myself you know these jokes a fun it was fun listening to listen to I love it was very fun the feeling after I mean it's just yeah it was just like yeah I'm trying to think there were a couple of jokes that were I think I'm GonNa put it you're GonNa win you're going to put those in there yeah yeah yeah and then I'm GonNa try you crazy a whole different ending phone okay I'll different in fort but yet there were a couple some of the jokes in there probably some of them probably like you know because I tried to go with the most evergreen all right well because people listening I mean you can watch on the CC what what is it. What's the stuff that I was the most relatable you know like what what's relatable look we hope hope it was going and you said you how does your family know people from Athens so I went to Lanta yeah what caused so if you liked it open mics and then you're like okay I'm starting was I don't even know what I thought at the beginning at big it was just like you don't even know what Jin but you can do but yeah I think at some point I'm like Oh this to be what's your sign by I am a I'm a cancer ooh I know yeah so I have I have a little bit of the nurturing yeah it is yeah because I think I've had to come to terms with that recently where I was contingent in other parts of life you know like I don't yeah like I 'cause awesome you want to be active we're going to start doing stuff up Blah binny's these groups on really talked like wasn't like a loud person you know it wasn't a house Yeah Yeah I was like others data no I don't think I can't think of too many people I know that knew that from the beginning and that is what causes tension just like a little bit something's wrong but I feel like the class clown thing I don't know you'd have to have such a good childhood two o'clock like all of those people they were like the popular and they were they were uh-huh jokes like quiet comments in school and then people next to me would say them louder we're we're we're going deep going particularly five minutes the team and I was terrible most likely to just be there I was just like yeah most likely be I yeah I had

Dr Online Jin Athens Lanta five minutes three years
MsNickee Mack - Episode #251

The Chenese Lewis Show

36:00 min | 11 months ago

MsNickee Mack - Episode #251

"This is the sinise. Lewis show the number one for women with your host Queen Lena Kirby Conversation Sydney's Lewis welcome to the show on your host and he's Today is Monday September twenty third twenty nineteen make sure you're following this show social media pages on facebook at the Shany's Lewis show in on instagram and twitter at shinnied show and make sure you subscribe on apple podcast Google podcasts. Oh cast spotify or your favorite podcasting APP. Today we have a very special guest Miss Nikki Matt is the CEO CEO and founder of Diva Day International Modeling Agency Makeup Studio and Development Firm. She is also a brand ambassador acid or fruit several brands and represents models on their journey as ambassadors and signature models for various clients in twenty sixteen is Nikki. He added author their list of accomplishments with the book your guy to a perfect fashion show production in addition. She is the Atlanta Lanta regional brand director for our s olive all natural hair care line and has built a team of certified natural hair product advisors Eiser. Nikki is set to co host the full figure industry awards coming up November second in New York. Let's welcome Miss Nikki to the show hi hi I'm. I'm actually how are you. I'm good so this is my first time interviewing you on my podcast so is this is long long overdue and I have so much to ask you about. I'm super excited so let's start from the beginning where you hopping it growing up or was that something you had to grow into as you got became an adult. You know what it's so weird because as a kid I was always a tallest and a little bit thicker that middle stick size and and I didn't know not to be confident of that because everybody in my family was so once I got into school I saw that I was a lot bigger than and you know the girls my age and you know but I still cool about it. It was like this is me and I liked who I was then. But of course you know kids call but you know as you grow older which it took you know for me to go out to understand. I you just stick with it. Accept it. Keep it moving. So how did you discover the plus size community and initially get active well again. I I was younger. I did work with my English literature teacher. had uh-huh modeling school and I guess she saw something in me. Her name was Joan Scott. I remember her to this day and I I would be only thick girl in her sort of fashion squad and she said it's just something about you and and from that point join I just kept going because I sai- a Lotta Times I was at a show and that'll be the only plus girl but they'll be fifty miles or there'd be thirty miles but I was the only girl and at that time I will size like twelve fourteen and to the super b but there was only one of me and I'll be in one scene in a show that had about seventeen and at an early age and we've seen that unfairness always he's made me want to do something about it now. Were you born and raised in Atlanta. Did you grow up and start every a child in Atlanta no in Athens Georgia and then Cincinnati Ohio. Oh Okay so when you moved to Atlanta. Did you move specifically to start a career in entertainment I did I actually started my company in Cincinnati Ohio Ohio and for me there. I Love Cincinnati the people in their cold but there's almost a cap as far as you go go and at that time when I started they weren't really ready to accept the girl and we coming from Georgia knowing the land of the hits and curves on me. I go back and get comfortable in the area there because I know they're more accepting of curvier women and see what the what exposure they're not getting so you know me coming from Georgia Peach Stan okay. Let me go back and see you know. How can I make this happen and then tap into the other and I started so that was about the company. You have beaver even day international. I don't like that Do they is my baby. even day and diva for US stands dance for divine irresistible vibrant attitude and that's something diva have begun to have a bad name. You know how people oh seats and the something bad when people say but you know realistically achieve as a woman of class you know for me. It was because the people in my I live for my grandmother. You know with long silver hair and you know the the chantilly lace doilies on our table here. That's diva stuff to be but name so I started the day international and then just automatically put under diva divine. I've attitude to draw ah the women that I wanted to come in contact with women who appreciate who they are but they needed a little tone and they wanted to show other women how to appreciate themselves skin. They were in and I remember way back when you were saying well. We got this name. People saying to us you are eight plus for the industry and we took the plus as something great as well like we're in a pause for the industry because we were plus women coming together to build something that hadn't been bill and we were talking to teenage girls who were dealing with their issues are being bigger and because we we all have been in that situation so really cultivating. I in Cincinnati Ohio because there there was a lot of discrimination on size and we weren't looked at as beautiful and we dealt with women younger women but they were dealing with kids that you know uh-huh could handle it so we just kinda incorporated that into a situation work at a dinner and we call the young girls JC TV which was a junior then Cincinnati so we will help them build their self esteem and confidence and stuff awareness and and they just kept popping up in places where we were actually working with girls who needed guidance outside the TV and radio so as they grew Ooh we began to see it wasn't a discrimination and the courage of unity for curvy women but the standardized fashion industry. I didn't know how to accept. US didn't know how to see really so we had to put it out there because you know they always talk about the bad good and every time we get promoted you'll eighty something negative about our size but we began to fashion shows and and different things that show the coughing and the beauty and the curry so you do a lot of facebook live videos to your frustrations about the industry sometimes sometimes you barry passionate and these video one ars some of your biggest complaints about the plus size industry how you know ah it's so funny. I love the word that is passionate and passing directness so many different ways emotionally and for me. You know a lot of times heard and that's frustrating in itself. I'm my biggest complaint is about the fake empowerment of our industry tree because not everybody wants to empower everybody here and that's what any level but it's so common on our level because we don't have a Lotta the platforms that we can go on because they still consider the knots in the in the hip union fast answer just a couple of bitter but on our level in our community because we're still discriminate against I hate when these panels get together and then they speak well is beautiful information can't but after that panel how instrumental are you into reaching out to those that are trying are reaching out to those opening your door and not turn goes up and not stubby and not being in the clinic where you ostracize other people because they don't have money or they don't know this person or they don't know that person and that's all kind of combined that not support thing. How can you not support someone now. You're not liking this fan but if he's doing amazing job in the community at what they do you not talent they can't you can't deny the skill. You can't deny their them. Educating themselves get to the point that they are but because they include that what you don't like and that is so rampant in our community there's no appreciation Asian for people and what they do our appreciation for the time that whole you know if you don't know this person or you had to work with that part of your little company. I more to hear somebody talk about somebody else company and say Oh yeah. She's got a little agency. Oh yes she got a little book out. Oh Yeah and she got a little bit. She's doing. There's not the little about it because that person is making sacrifices to build something bigger than their than what they have now they see. I put a picture and it's hard work being entrepreneur part time or full time you know you've got to really make some sacrifices and that in itself if something to appreciate other people who get out and go grant and try to build in thin build it in and then have a fulltime job have children have have whatever or those that just have a fulltime nature super folks hyper focused on building back in itself if something to to be appreciated and it bothers me you know I'm passionate as very passionate. The disliking of others really blows me off the water. You dislike others because of how you dislike somebody who's never met how you gonNA speak on somebody. You never dealt with you. Mean wrote a check to you haven't sat at a table and eight. You have a hung out with. We have a pick up the phone. You haven't like supported. Click share nothing and you just actors partially because of what somebody else said to you that happens in our industry a lot and it's sad you know people don't want to make our relationships and building collaborate or real into sound good to say and this is frustrating because it happens way more often often and the way more than not really fresh tiny so do you feel that you support a lot of people in the plus size industry but not reciprocated yeah but I'm GonNa tell you something with growth for me. I and I'm going to be all the way one hundred I come from a lot of broken okay and I dealt with a lot of things that I had not healed and in order for me needs to get an understanding of the industry that I'm in an instinct that I wanted to grow in and build in I had to. I understand me so I had in this. a life coach. business codes homeopathic there different people that help you hill from your childhood or your young adult Thomas or you know your bottles of issues that you have back in the day that you haven't let go up. I didn't know how to let go so how appreciate you know anyone else. If I was a he'll have a walk through my so I really had understand that if a person does not support me that doesn't mean that they don't see and I can't expect expect me from them. They are who they are and they have every guy giving right to their opinion of me. You might be but that doesn't have to bother them. I can truly be the definition of the word unbothered because it it does what they think about. Me Doesn't wake me up in the morning. Don't Cook my meals. It don't pay might be so you have to understand. I think what you WanNa take onto your plate. You don't put in place it just all money so I had to take the emotion out of the fact that I wasn't being disorder and still not something I had to take the emotion out of that and say okay. It's cold because for you five people don't WanNa see me. Let's not act like you don't say and not support me the fifteen over here I do and I love the relationships that I have with them. So a lot of times like the focus on what's wrong and what's not because that hurts it reminds us of pain versus. What is what's beautiful and you know maybe now but it don't have to be small salons that you put. I don't want anything in that. That makes you smile. You don't forget about that was makes you sad in cry and be angry who in reality every day right right and despite these obstacles you've had you've you've still been able to succeed and one of the compliments you recently added to your list is an author now. Tell us about your guy to a perfect fashion show production. Let me tell you you know when I said I had to listen people to help me. Challenge me and check me and put me in my place 'cause I was in my mouth but they had checked me was was tipped Jones and her husband own Gani Pat Megan publish him and she she said the things that you talk talk about our so enlightening and you know so much about your that 'cause I don't nobody lane I stay in my lane of expertise and she said write a book and I was like please what happened you know and she said okay. Since you WANNA take like that. I'm going to give you a homework assignment and a challenge. I saw a lot you know you go and see talents meets right down what I know and when I did that I think reindeers solutions if I'm not mistaken but see I did it. She got her proof. We in company to go over and look at it and she's like this is amazing. She's a and you're talking. You're talking to them and not acting in this book is like it's in in your voice and I love it and we're going to publish it. I'm not terribly whatever and you know I still wasn't believable because again you have to think about how within the transition vision of beginning to really at one hundred percent belief in myself and let go on my hangups. Am I paying so I heard her but you know I'm just like okay you know whatever and when she just walked we wouldn't came to life. It was such a it was like a mind blowing experience and they're not just the whole you like to write your forward and you know I respect we devote so much 'cause I ah her for years and years and I said my wish would be we'll reach out. I'm like you know your ego. I The reason that you've always been cold for years. You know it was it was a respect level. She feel the effect of what I do came into. That'd be the time for that and I I asked the interesting thing yet. I mean you could not be over with a seven. It was a good they in the morning. Four were in the book came to life and I feel to this day that same sense of accomplishment because I know what I I know the years that I've been using my income tax to be the money for the money before fashion show that I'm producing putting together charity events for the kids that we were meant so I you know I didn't have support where at sponsors and things the nature it was all out of pocket but I was doing and then people begin to hear about like began to come to the show. I note was good. They were buying clothes off of the okay backs. You know at that time I was designing and there was a hobby. I was designing clothes because you know people wouldn't even close to winning bidder than five make yeah so I had girls. I have create and you know that book help that that experience we write that book putting in order together for people who are producing shows. You have to follow up order. You have to get things before you get talking about what you put out there and a a lot of times people skip that because they're so excited about the project but you get out of these buildings hold in your foundation for decided to write a guy and it what happened was that is awesome and I've been to a lot of shows in my lifetime and I know a lot of people need your book agree. I I've been very limited resources to I made sure that in the back back of the book in any city that you're in you could find hair and beauty school than volunteer resource like it's a job in the back back with okay. I'm in Oklahoma. Okay about school. We contact you know at the time that's one of the major situations you you'll free and say her girl so I'm musclebound. GonNa come to your makeup and people show up and you got fifty miles. No Go plus taxes director here point points so that they can earn credits doing your show for that class. They love stuff like that. You know not those do here they have so they may have a quiet in here. I don't want for works on both ends so a lot of people just don't reach out and do that or they wait a week before you can't go to no school a week before an extra fifteen eighteen so you don't job and do it in order who can work out of order and think that the end result is. GonNa be phenomenal exactly exactly and besides being the author you're also in. Hove and you have a big event coming up in September very year going to co host the full figured industry awards now tell Okabe came about. Oh my God you know what I love to WanNa on a in Philip one of the owner of NSA around blessing me. I think that's how you see how she honoring editor of Queen Seismically and then she approached me about being cover and I had already loved her like love and I remember my first beating. I've heard was at the last four fashion we could just happen and I just hugged because we have been faithful train. Dan some you know fill up in her long but we had never met each other and we uh top and she's like I got to get you on my good. Let's us go you know me I eat up so they ended up kind of weekend talking about it and they end up saying like unless sued out so what am I have a studio here and then my studio is a full photography studio classroom setting I also own you our and so we have a showroom and runway classroom so they said let's do a shoot out so I ended up hitting up all the models that I work with it and they ended up having a huge shootout here studio which I call the Doghouse and they came and they side they sat me for the cover and ended up shooting some girls. They shot or in the magazine as well. You know surrounded Graham Berry in for their it's a quite a few girls were in the man who was exciting to see it happen and then see that. I got something coming. you know and I'm I'm thinking about some things I said Okay and so she you know she thought announcing forefinger industry that was like girl whatever support you need you got it. Would you know let me know because I'm also a supervisor for Oh. Are S. director here in Atlanta or as olive oil haircare. Let me know how support you you know. 'cause I'm the Atlanta Director we acted kitchen some stuff for the flag you know we're just talking in general and she had put put out feelers about one and a host and when I feel you girl I pull it was on it and it was so many amazing hope that were doing they had in the rain. Oh that's it okay and it was hoped that Meyer and I looked up to and I'm like. Oh you know and I think I'm a great house. 'CAUSE I like to engage with the audience but I also think they are too so I said you know what I'm just GonNa say. I WanNa do it in a and once I said. Ooh God is so good. I'm sorry I feel emotional in this moment right here when I said that I wanted to do it and put my name on there oh so many people that support are like my hosting bio began to post on her post and Insee the sneaky Atlas Nikki Nikki and I'm looking at this like wow like okay. That's what's up and then out of the blue. I think maybe it'd be a monk or two later. I got an email from her and she said I'm going to announce that. You're going to beat out girl I could've ran all the way round my whole community that day because it made me feel good because I respect higher you know when I how does she got an award for her and Philip for magazines up here and look to me. There's so many magazines out here here that really don't thermos well as a curvy community and her magazine and I really wanted to its major distribution out to pay for it for her every day but I I've always loved the people that she had on her covers and the content and and I felt really good she wanted me. You know Outta Outta those people well. I failed some great hosts listed and you wanted me it was it was it was the most beautiful thing is not cold is the man in who pay my hair for her cover. May Day who celebrity I'm have salad and he my hair for the cover of her magazine. Going an hour. Chemistry was so like stupid it was to be so much and I guess she looked at that like why. Let's get them and we didn't know each other. We lose got some facebook of course but to meet him personally into my home and everybody was just like wow how like I've been on forever and it it just it was natural and here we are now today the whole for show hurt well congrats on that and and for everyone listening tell us why you feel this event is important to the full figure industry and why you should be there okay. I feel that this industry I mean this show is going to be the host who of the industry and I'm not talking them out. People who are not work because this process of selecting these people was truly by out and it was voted on pot you know some of the the peers in industry and people really thought about whole is impacting our community and it is an A. You'll give if you'll do the service to yourself to not be there to engage with these people to form your own relationship with the people 'cause everybody that was nominated. Nominated is amazing now thinking about their tribe. That's going to be an audience there. Also maybe like we summary but her whole full figure fashioned production teams on be in there in the room. I mean people have their own situation going on within her company and others. It's it's going to be something that takes the respect for what we do to the next tax level and for who we are to the term union fast industry. We are industry professionals. I wait our height right our color. I none of that matters. It's the work that we put in and these people that are getting these awards and people that are attending there are putting in work and why would you not want to be in a room with people that inspire us to bigger and and better and bolder things make bolder moves and you know think outside the box. You don't WanNa be with the people you used to be when he was sixteen seventeen. Not Everybody is comfortable on one level. These people are never comfortable. These people are kicking down doors taking doors off the hinges to to help uh-huh uh-huh to these things and this is going to be an electric electrifying room with some spectacular people on my I may be people in this room and the people are getting awards and I am going to be able to look at these people in the faith and smile at them because they inspire me to be a force to be reckoned with because they are forced us to be recommended and what is the website website for the full figured industry awards. It's figure industry awards DOT COM but I think it's F. F. I A. Hey so you don't have to sell the whole thing out now. Do you have anything else happening that we need to know what about and be on the lookout for yes all the time in Atlanta. I am doing shows on shows on shows on Chauve. Love is definitely something that I I do on a regular basis. I'm doing a cancer gala which I've done for the last seven seven years where we are. It's it's called direct giving you know. Sometimes you do events where you go. You give the money to a foundation yeah. They'll distribute to whomever sometimes we'll meet the health right now and this direct giving situation is where the people who need help. Are there the invited their and their health immediately you know they're they're cancer situation. There need there. You know you that they they desire. Try to make that happen through a cer- this malet situated. That's what's called. Cirque like circus. La Lake is by the way can't. I'm hoping that right after I come back for a full figure industry awards it's we just built our photography studio so we are extending our studio to up and coming attack. I come in do their factory in the studio the open just launch launched a UCLA. I can see our dot Com online. Which is our company for you need him. Hurry very everybody and we are offering brand brand ambassadors job through the company. I'm not just getting frigging eyewear but also aren't money for a lot of times. We have tomatoes out here trying to get work and people want to give you some free stuff behind the coin. We like okay. How can we help you make money and I am just building bridges and connections with people that I've fascinated. I'm booked for for a fashion in Cincinnati Ohio Ms Angelou reverse that she does every year and I've been booked for for her show for the last us. I hope a lot of shows. A bit are repetitive like their major shows and they book me in advance to do. You know those shows and that feels good. News is that means they enjoy my hosting style so with that being said I'm going to continue to host. It's the Ohio Kirby Fashion Week and I do that every every year as well so and I also have the runway brand experience which is to boot camp that I do this this month. We have a Florida team coming the traveling clean up together to do the bootcamp basically basically teaching models that are coming in industry if he chose to be. Please have skills to build. You're praying so we're teaching them how to become brand ambassadors how to present themselves read them runway insensitive one on one training providing them with headshot showing. I WANNA make up one on one case. They're in or ATM event works. I make up is not available in because I'm a licensed edition and make up artist. I could show them how quick they they face. Donald Quick last look presentable for the camera for all of these tools. I'm giving to the models in the boot camp. Call the runway brand experience so I'm throughout the year right now for that so on the weekends on a Friday Saturday or Saturday and Sunday and right now I think but I think December is might be on my I have a week available for because every other weekend book for and I'm excited about that because these models are now learning how to invest in their own success now. Tell us your official websites and social media profiles okay. Fisher website for DVD International is dealer day international dot net also for you see I wear. Is you think it spelled out while you see I anywhere dot com for those fabulous. I wear then on social media. It's everything everything is m. S. N. is CK. You can put in there the facebook profile for my hosting the brand and everything else from instagram twitter some blurred youtube is all miss nick and I say one word period. Well congratulations on all of your success. I'm proud of you and you know I've known you for over thirteen years and we never had and I don't think I don't think you ever dog me out on your facebook live video yeah. I WanNa say something to you. For All of these years I have watched you. I have seen you grow and Globo and I appreciate everything thing that you've been to this industry and and what you do I've seen also hope the irs spot at some of the trade shows shows and you know when they asked me about bloggers your name among three or four always you know how you are in the street and it's cold to sing glow thank you and likewise and and that's how it should be sister support insister so hopefully this spreads the way on that one hymie it enjoy the rest of your day and keep into I will I will always around all right bye. Bye All right bye bye and thank you my fabulous guest today. Miss Nikki make sure you check her out at Diva Diva Day International as well as co hosting the inaugural full figured industry awards happening happening November Second Jamaica New York. I've been your host this evening. She needs Louis. Thank you for tuning in supporting until next time. Keep thriving living in your curve and be blessed You've been listening to the need for more info about this. Show visit is in Sydney's. Lewis show DOT com.

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David Tennant launches new interview podcast


02:12 min | 1 year ago

David Tennant launches new interview podcast

"The latest from called news dot net hollow podcast land. It's David Tennant here. Surprisingly, I find myself doing podcast. Yes. David tennant. Does a podcast with dot dot dot is a new interview podcast from the British actor with impressive access to big named guests the press release promises. Current doctor who Jodie Whittaker is a future guest. Poppy. In a podcast host has unveiled audio recording and editing features in its app. It offers background music too. And other enhancements it's available for both IRS and Android. How can you get funding to do your podcast, judaica, Lanta Williams, spoke at the work it conference about how to find grants to support your work and how to apply for them ominous studio, the enterprise podcast host has partnered with headliner to offer one click access to create best in class podcast audio grams these help share podcasts in social media. Westwood One have appointed Corey Smith as VP digital sales marketing and operation he'll be focusing on. Casting. If you're thinking about doing a Super Bowl podcast. Yeah. You might wanna think halfway about that says a US lawyer at age notes the current fight for podcast dominance by Spotify. And Pandora to interesting things in the article firstly claims that cost box is the number one podcast app. And also says that Spotify has one hundred and seventy thousand podcasts on its platform while the US only Pandora apparently has more than one hundred thousand podcasts which is interesting because Pandora's official blog claimed hundreds of podcasts with over one hundred thousand episodes a month ago. So either they're growing very fast. Somebody's got something a bit wrong in March. We'll be at the rain podcast business summit in New York. Pod. Fast in Orlando and radio days Europe in Lausanne in Switzerland. If you want to register for that you can use the promo code, which you'll find in the show notes and the newsletter and save one hundred and sixty euro on your ticket or. Or as the Swiss call it short taxi fare, so expensive there, and that's the latest from our newsletter at pod news dot net.

David Tennant Spotify US Jodie Whittaker Corey Smith IRS Lanta Williams Lausanne Orlando VP digital sales Europe New York Switzerland Westwood official
Hot 'Lanta

Baseball Tonight with Buster Olney

46:43 min | 1 year ago

Hot 'Lanta

"Great news. There's a quick way you can save money. Switch to geico geico could help you get great coverage at a great price and it only takes fifteen minutes to see if you could save fifteen percent or more more on car insurance. Go to geico dot com today and see how much you could save baseball tonight the podcast this is the baseball baseball tonight podcast for tuesday august twenty seven two thousand nineteen buster only and our producer of course roy farkas back in bristol and troy you told me before. We got started last night with a late night for you and i i'm curious. What what time is that like two or three in the morning given the fact that you're twenty three years old poster i was out and about until until about ten thirty last night thirty late nights yeah ten thirty some late night next door neighbor joe. Tomorrow is eighty six okay and he's up way later than you are think about that. Hey i'm trying to live my best life buster late late. Night is ten thirty come on man. What is it that it was a monday night though ten thirty on a monday that's crazy that's wild. That's insane lane. Oh my gods boy. I you know i i usually feel old now. Feel a really young like the the fact that i stay up later. Pets that's unbeliev late night. Ten thirty all right news notes of the day the original tampa bay rays owner bits and bali passed away the at age eighty one the team said on monday that he died sunday nearly five years after being diagnosed with an uncommon brain disorder. The rockies and the braves played a makeup game name on monday afternoon. The rockies lead one to nothing top of the ninth inning in this happened runners going it. That's going to bring in korea and we'll get that from the braves television network and yeah you heard the crowd there. It wasn't colorado. Those are a lot of braves fans out there representing representing a team. That's played really well this year but the rockies would recover than that blown save blevins delivers mac delivers down the right field line. Stay ah shut wooding touchable time ryan ryan mcmahon eight fifty k._o._a. Dodgers and padres and the bottom of the sixth inning three all manny machado broke that tie. Here's the one zero to manny hard. Hit grounded the right side a look at home for months. Even he'll go to first r._b._i. Ground out and the game is now four to three the padres with their first lead of the night. Oh how quickly the tie turns from ninety seven point three the fan and that would be the final score afford three and by the end of the night the dodgers would be fall back into a tie for the best record in baseball. The brewers have been playing really poorly lately. The cardinals on the other hand are streaking and saint louis took off in the top of the second inning against milwaukee on monday night the pitch on the way ozone ribs up to right field affair. The ball goes to the corner fowler and edmund score here comes dos man he's digging the white he makes it on a bases-loaded to double by marcello zona john rooney on the cardinals radio network saint louis wins twelve to beating up on gio gonzalez is in this start. The diamondbacks beat the giants six to four with help from the very underrated ward. Oh escobar mussa slow to alexander sonata to pitch to war. Ardo escobar had it slide into right center fail. That's it. It's gonna score a couple. Canada third marseille kelly escort also coming in castro a cheer on single for escobar great solti arizona's sport's ninety eight point seven f._m. Oakland blew out the marlins nineteen to four and marcus semi-in had himself a day now. Here's the pitch and that's one hit the right center up the alley. Nobody's there one run on his in. Davis scored profiles around third. He's gonna trot home faculties at third. They're going away of him. He is going to score the throw goes to third. It's a triple by semi and driving living in three days of five nothing lead in the top of the second the two oh belted deep left. Gordon turns takes a look it into the fountain's for marcus simeon. Three run shot a six r._b._i. Night at its ten to oakland those calls from eight sixty. Am the answer the yankees the final series of their west coast swing in seattle in gleyber torres continues to add onto his big numbers torres drives that high indeed to center field crazy leap back the labor torres orange his thirty third home run. A year on the first peach throwed the malone right ruko on the yes network. Now there was an unusual ejection in this game and the bottom of the second three to yeah not real pleased got thrown out of the game. He threw a glove back in a hitman again. Consolidated mandy just random root sports northwest television. Dave sims with that call. Cam braxton was ejected. He he is helmet came off. The bat went down and he threw his gloves backwards in he accidentally hit the plate umpire interface which acknowledged after the game was his as mistake the yankees win this game five to four satterfield kenya the game of the day in philadelphia without pay up the phillies and the pirates philadelphia fighting for a playoff spot in the national league on this night bryce harper been away on paternalist became a father for the first time him he returned to their lineup in the phillies trail forty two bottom of the eighth inning harper came to the plate deep right center field back at tom mccarthy n._b._c. sports philadelphia the rally would continue for the phillies runaround based corey dickerson at the plate wanted to take take old friend john crook adding some color there the phillies took that lead into the top of the ninth inning five to four and you no what the pirates plunge back and he swings and since one deep shedder and this one is gone homerun four josh josh bell he ties the game with a soaring home run to center his thirty third and we're not at five live from sports radio ninety three point seven the fan the phillies threaten in the bottom of the ninth inning loading the bases but they were unable to score in the bottom of the eleventh. There was still bill five. All swung hit the down the line towards a quarter. This bought his players it. It's over shaw on rodriguez with a bullet out to live right down the line. It's his fourth career. Walk off home. Run phillies win it in eleven six five. The final got france ski sports radio ninety four w._i._p. You know that felt good for expire sean rodriguez to hit that walk-ups to the phillies win their game. We'll be talking about the nationally playoff race coming up with dave schoenfield a great conversation with alex anthopoulos. The general manager sure the atlanta braves about what happened at the trade deadline and sarah lang's will play the numbers game. Let's get to the show. Welcome to the show show show into their show. Welcome to the show. Maybe you're in the show. Oh with david show feel of e._s._p._n. We're in the show this week and we gotta start with us. Dave <hes> so i can report to my son of course last week locked in on you to heirs grievance about the braves dropping to number eight in the power pole for e._s._p._n. The braves jumped three spots after their weekend sweep of the mets. Where did you personally have the braves in this week's powerful well just for your son i i put them forth but then and they've been so hot they've won or tied nine series in a row. I thought about moving up to number three couldn't quite do it. I think it's dodgers yankees astro than some order but i think the braves with their recent hot play as your son would pointing <music> now a strong number four this week yeah and because he's fifteen. He's gonna complain about everything. Well actually based on what we saw with andrew luck this week. <hes> in any age people are complaining about everything. He was wondering you know how could put people put the twins ahead of the braves. Braves are clearly better big man. I i don't know if i would necessarily agree with that but he'll he'll be very happy to hear that you have the braves that high and we're gonna be talking with alex and topless their general manager coming up here but i noted polling bikini sent out instead yesterday about how ab- since may eleventh i think the date is there. Maybe it's may fourteenth. The washington to nationals are fifty four and twenty six so they're basically playing sixty six sixty seven ball over the course of three months half a season and yet incredibly dave the braves have have held firm like their lead is can still continue to be very sturdy in the national league east. Yeah it luck one reason. We saw on sunday with those two home runs. Josh donaldson got off to a slow start. Maybe still rusty from you know the injuries last year. He's played like the m._v._p. Josh tiles from a few years ago. He's been tearing it up for two plus months and how so you have three a big bats and that lineup with donaldson freeman and the kunia they can score runs. Even though they're banged up dandy swanson just came back last night that'll help <hes> <hes> their rotation remember this terrible at the start of the year especially the back in the solidify that a little bit <hes> especially ah dallas krecko find the bullpen hasn't been great. It's been all the pack and i think a lot of people think that defense been terrible but it's middle of the pack it's attack. That's hung in there so yeah. It's just a d. team <hes> that i know they were your preseason pick buster so maybe this isn't that big of a surprise yeah yeah johnson's the top of my list of things that i was going to ask alex about because he of course traded form when he was general manager of the blue jays and then reinvest invest in them <hes> for this year's team agree with your assessment one hundred percent about their bullpen but i gotta say i look and i think you'll agree with me. What contending ending team has a good bullpen like great bullpen. I think you know when we were. I was watching the yankees and sunday night baseball. That bullpen is a great bullpen. I don't know of any other contending team has a great bullpen because even the dodgers you know kenley jansen real questions about his performance. Joe kelley has been terrific the last three months but and let's face it we get into october two different game and you wonder if he's going to be as good as he was with the red sox last year or more like it was the beginning of the year and pedro buys reminded us again on sunday night that he's capable of being up and down so i don't. I don't even know if there's a national league team. That has a great bullpen. No which is why try once we get to october and we try to predict what's going to happen in the playoffs. Forget it. We can't predict what's going to happen because of those bullpens and maybe that makes the yankees. He's a little better <hes> in october. You know that his greatest been in the regular season. They might even be better october team yeah. I can't remember a year like this where for so many playoff teams have just huge concerns about in the book. It's it's crazy. You're down in new york. He saw the u._s. Open yesterday yesterday later today. The mets and cubs begin what i think is an absolutely potentially a crossroad series and i think there's more potential in that for the mets the cubs but let's face it. This series begins. Both of these teams. Desperately in need attraction of the cardinals have been playing well. The cubs are drifting back in the national league central and the mets face a situation after there. They were swept three games over the weekend by the braves if the mets were actually get sweat by the cubs this week that they effectively finish them. What do you think yeah i think so i was down there last week when they swept the indians and they even came in nisa. Maybe the hottest team in baseball mets really beat them up pretty good and they're all happy and the crowds were loud and enthusiastic. The big and it's like it's fifty years later since the miracle mets the whole city was like we're gonna do it again. Then the braves convince we've been suddenly the mets are in a little more trouble trouble than they were four days ago yeah. If you huge series you know up until this weekend and that's been great at home all year that cups of course as we know have been terrible arab on the road so i don't think i certainly would not predict a cup sweep. I would if there is a sweep. I think it might be the mets i just like. I i know they did score runs this weekend that that rotations been really really good lately. I don't think the mets are gonna fall out of it. After with this series according to fan graphs the mets chances for winning a wildcard spot down to thirty two point six percent interestingly the phillies were ahead of the mets and the standings their chances assessed by fan grabs had nine point two percent <hes> some of these <hes> statistical models systems that are used they make you scratch your head a little bit but that's where we stand as we begin that series so i wanna ask you about the american league cy young award race which is fascinating because it looks like it's going to come down to two guys who are teammates now in three guys who are teammates last year you have just burland garrett cole the houston astros and charlie morton and tonight tonight charlie morton in the race scheduled to pitch in houston against ver lander and last week after the most recent starts berliner garrett cole their numbers were basically basically identical. It's incredible that you see contenders have numbers that had this similar the e._r._a. For garrett cole two point seven five the era for justin verlander two point seven seven burland has one more strikeouts than garrett cole and while we don't use wins and losses the way we did. He say thirty years ago in assessing cy young candidates. They're identical fifteen in five but the more that i thought about this dave. I feel like that gerrit. Eric call right. Now has an upper hand. Maybe even a strong upper hand because in recent years we've seen the voters really like guys trending stronger toward the end of the year. Maybe like picking the n._c. Double a. field and there's no doubt that garrett cole since may eleventh has been trending better than ver- lander since then a a two point one three year a is one hundred and sixty four strikeouts in one hundred fourteen innings. If i were to pick one of those two guys today i would pick garrett recall. What about you. I saw staff the other day. That bothered me a little. That probably shouldn't because this is the way pitchers are handled in two thousand nineteen gear hasn't pitched in the eighth inning all year which but he's still you know first or second in the cy young race yeah. I think we're orlando the number that pops out at me that thirty three home runs allowed <hes> cold. You know a little better at twenty four so i think as a typewriter also look at that home run total and overlander. He's kept his e._r._a. Down because there are a lot of solo home runs but i'm with you. I gave a slight edge at the moment to garrett cole but it can certainly changed the last five or six starts if you were filling out a ballot ranking order the statistics that matter the most for you well. It's so about runs allowed you know and i i know there's some flaws e._r._a. Team defense and there could be some some walking there but i go e._r._a. Then i go endings pitch then i go strikeouts. Are you dominated charlie morton clear third. He doesn't have the strikeouts <unk> out that colin lander but like it's all about rent prevention whether however you dissect did the goal is to not allow the other team to score but that's why it's close their their neck and neck <hes> pity area right now. Yeah i totally agree with you. That's the first number i go to get it that the statistics are becoming more of all would say this <hes> this year demonstrates traits for me that maybe wins above replacement for pitchers is not necessarily a great number because max scherzer missed the better part of a month and he still i think the last i checked running away with that. That seems a little odd lance. Lynn according to wins above replacement should win the american league cy young award and while troy farkas is back in his texas ranger lance lance lynn. I'm sorry he's not the best pitcher in the american league. What do you think i mean. I think he should win. The cy young based on this give him the cy young and come back where of the year and give him a new contract unbelievable okay dave. What do you think troy yeah yeah. The fat graft reading on on on lid and minor are interesting. They're much. I think there's some severe park affects going on there and their evaluation <hes> yeah now the grass numbers also they rely on ship fielding independent pitching which basically just looks at <hes> home runs and strikeouts as as far as workload <hes> so burland during cold are going to fare very well as well as sure 'cause they rack up the strikeouts like yeah every pitcher sure you want us record every batter right. That's perfect game if you strike out twenty seven guys but <hes> that's not factoring. When are you giving up your hits. You know if you're struggling with guys is on base your i._r._a. Is going to be higher than your fifth and that's you're going to allow more runs <hes> but yeah the the lance lynn say it's worth investigating its sticks out as a number. That doesn't make a lot of sense this year right hall of famer. Ken griffey junior was on sportscenter speaking with scott van pelt. I don't even know what he said. I haven't heard this clip day but i know you being seattle guy. I knew i'd want to play what he said for you and then we'll talk about what he said. Well we think give a lesson you still you gotta hit whether they they got the launch angle or not you know my job at my swing to make good solid contact and if it happens to go out and goes out if it doesn't it doesn't my era was win you know getting on base was just as important as the home run probably more important nowadays guys think about driving the ball out the ballpark apart but if you look at it when you hit the ball out to ballpark what did that next guy do does. He have a letdown because there's nobody on ricky. Henderson did a great job of getting on base and helping his team out being that ultimate leadoff hitter in in putting pressure on defense. I think that is a little bit of you know the guys nowadays don't matter put pressure on defense. What do you think about that and and it's interesting but of course he was a teammate with alex. Rodriguez worked with on sunday night. Baseball and alex feels the same way. I think watching the game yeah well i i. I guess i'm happy be that wasn't i was expecting the old man ran right. Get off my wand. Today's baseball is terrible. It wasn't quite in that direction so so that's good i agree. I mean look we all know all the home runs that have been hit this year. It's turned the game into that. I think in agree agree in two to one dimensional the game i liked the variety of action that we had in the eighties and even in the steroid era guys were still still stealing fifty plus bases. You don't see that anymore <hes> although it can't griffey junior it's funny. He always called himself a line drive hitter but he he became an ultimate launching guy look at his ground ball fly ball ratio. He went up there after his first few years and tried to hit home runs because he was really the hitting home runs so it's not like guys did learn to launch the ball back in the day. Now it's funny you mentioned that because i remember covering a game when he was playing in yankee achey stadium and in each of his parents in this particular game he was trying to hit home runs and i remember mike stan was reliever for the yankees at the time they all realize is that and so they just begin to elevate the ball more and more and more and more untried it home runs yeah he could do that better than anybody. I was there in camden yards when he won. I don't know if the actually one that homerun derby but when he hit became the first person to ever hit the warehouse right on the fly he he was tremendous and before we go you know as i listened to him and i thought about a swing and he was talking about launch angle and that sort of thing i think you and i should start a process us today dave if you want where we could vote for an updated version of the m._l._b. Logo maybe ken griffey junior. Replacing harmon killebrew the iconic economy as the logo because nobody had more beautiful swing than ken griffey junior. What do you think hey you know. I'm gonna be in favor of that. I do they come on no offense to harmon killebrew a lot of forty homers seasons but yet ken griffey junior perfect swing make him the logo with with you and you know what have the cap on backwards. Could that be if you wanna make an younger kids interested in the game so jazz jazz it up a little. You know what that sounds like a pretty cool article on e._s._p._n. Dot com coin on who gets to write it there. We go all right dave. Thanks for doing this all right before we speak with alex anthopoulos d ever feel like ticketing websites may getting to the event difficult on purpose. It's as if they're so big they can get away with not caring about the customer experience. The real question is how easy could it be if those ticketing sites actually cared with million of live events tickets and a price match guarantee seeking proves. There's a better way search sports. Live music comedy and more seekie has the tickets. You're looking for all in one place. They built the fastest way to find tickets. You can stop searching for the perfect seat start enjoying it. Why seek better than the rest. It's better process. Seek pulls together together millions of tickets from all over the web then it rates each deal on a scale of one to ten finally seeking displays them on interactive seat map seekie breaks down the details green dots mean good deals red dots are overpriced and every purchase is fully guaranteed so you can shop for tickets with confidence and i did that recently getting who tickets for september thirteenth at fenway park and i can tell you this troy. I'm going to be out there a little bit later than ten thirty. Okay my late night even even in my advanced age. It's gonna be a lot later than your late night at twenty three wow you just got to start the day earlier. See that's what i do. Everyone always wants to go out. Hey hey let's go ten o'clock on my know what start at seven that's better <hes> okay yeah. I thought you were playing that early morning card. You can't can't do that with me buddy machine. I admit it alright. Seagate will even give you ten dollars off your first seeking purchase. All you need to do is user user promo code download the gap today and use promo code buster for ten dollars off your first purchase. That's promo code buster for ten dollars off on your first purchase general manager. The atlanta braves of course lead the national league eastern alex. How are you doing today. Well thanks for having me on <hes> <hes> last offseason you move quickly and striking a deal with josh donaldson and it was the second time in your career is an executive that he invested in him and and he's having a terrific season hit thirty. Two home runs this year. What made you convinced you early on that. He'd be someone who could bounce back from the injury issues that he had with the blue jays we had <hes> you know we were looking for a middle of the order bat in terms of free agency. There was three in our minds harper machado and donelson elson. Obviously the first two we're gonna take significant lengthy deals <hes> harper having a qualifying offer test on top of it and donaldson. We felt like though not the same place in his career and all those guys twenty six he had as much upside as those guys had a chance to be you know from an offensive standpoint defensive standpoint you know as good as good if not beyond those guys twenty nine nineteen so i think the big thing is having the training staff here that was in toronto when i got there that knew him well <hes> the fact that he came back with the indians and even though the school sample and he didn't necessarily play every day. That's september was really big as well and you're still only the person to make up before those two times. He never been on the eye out. <hes> prior to twenty seven twenty eight twenty seventeen still put together a fantastic year yeah so he'd never been heard before. This is the guy that had been durables entire career. I do believe there is a mentality that comes up that now when you break down with your body you break down down but <hes> if body could just get right and we felt like he was very good chance of doing so <hes> we knew he out there and all the indicators september timber that he still had it in them yet losses. We're still good is it was stoke up things like that and then just knowing the makeup the drive to work at that and also the fact that he was going to bet on himself do one year deal. I mean that's probably try to do one year deals with guys and tell when they kinda shy away and <hes> knowing josh awesome confident he is and he was very comfortable doing it and believe you can have a great year so so far five months and it's been great for us yeah and you mentioned changes dr. He's someone who always plays with an edge and and look front. Offices don't care about emotional stuff <hes> as as much as they did. Maybe twenty years ago. But how much much did you did you put into how his personality would play with your other guys 'cause i. I thought when i saw it was like boy. He's a great complement to the other guys that they they have. I think it's real. I think early on my cruiser jim. I didn't pay attention to it. I think you know you would call around and they'll just as good guy bad guy. Whatever like you met with yet but i think i just started to pay attention more to fit in. There's plenty of good players and <hes> and so certain players thrive in certain environments certain clubhouses hello susan. I don't think you have too much of one type of individual. You know twenty five type of guy but i did feel like how intense he is. How competitive years um somehow accountable. He holds himself and also teammates as well with the mix that we have with guys like freddy freeman brian. Can i even great mix of those guys. That obviously perfect to go out on the field is the performance well but we definitely talked about the fact that he grew up a braves fan. <hes> live pretty close. It's going to mean something jump into it was well. There will be a comfort level with the training staff as well. <hes> you know all those things <hes> were. Something really talked a lot about the really be a good fit good force as a baseball fan. I've always wondered what billy hamilton would be like on a contending team <hes> because he says the impact speed and you guys picked him up <hes> what so you see in him adding and and was october in the back of your mind as you made that deal for us we we weren't not really planning on pursuing him. <hes> we had entrance entertain that went down your ortega who was in aaa four student nice job but we just thought if arctic takes the entire month september. We still have a lot of games left. Should something happen or one of our center fielders and adapt point. We don't have any any coverage at all all <hes> and then you know more importantly though as a bench piece to be able to pinch ron defensive replace the play joyce quite a bit against ray zander's now with it's just all the injuries that we sustain with riley arteta's and and inciarte day so we figured it was a pretty good pretty good spot for him to come in late in the game play defense coming late in the game to hopefully you'll basin argue is more if he can help us win a game or two with the way the n._f._l. Is is showing all these tough games have coming up in september. He might really help us <hes> swing the balance to get back into the playoffs so we didn't think that far ahead to october. I hope it's something that we talk about in october at that point but <hes> we're just so locked in on trying to get in and more importantly just kinda win. The what do you think that the industry learned about the new july thirty first trade deadline headline this year and would you be among those who'd be in favor of. Maybe nudging it backward well. I think i worked through hats on on <hes> this. Thanks so from a personal selfish standpoint. I liked having the month of august i thought it was still fun and exciting and still you still can make trade. You still can secretive. It was some big players that have been moving the parents like the lander and so on <hes> in past years in the month on this which i thought was exciting. I also i also order stand <hes> from the player standpoint for the most part they know once the thirty first so i- comes and goes. They don't have to worry about it. They get to stay put and they get to breathe a sigh of relief. I also think for parody standpoint. There was a lot of clubs that were on the fence. Two months left that didn't want to sell through teams down so <hes> i do think the last few months there'll be more competitive games or competitive teams <hes> especially for the month of september so as challenging as it is as the end of the fact your you guys get hurt. You've come so far. It's harder to make changes and so on. I actually think it's good for the for the game and the competitiveness rather than having to continue to strip down down at the end of the end of august which makes it september with expanded rosters instilling <hes> not really the same game. It always felt like to me that the in august the the big market teams always had advantage because they could potentially add more money. Do you think that <hes> that there's gonna be discussion. This fall about you know at least a review process says about how the july thirty first deadline played out. I i don't know i guess i'll be curious <hes> when we get to them meetings you know that topic. It does come up. I mean i think everyone went in with their eyes wide open when new rules. I think i know from our standpoint. Try a little bit more than we normally would have done at the end the july just knowing that you don't want to have any regrets come artist and you can't you can't <hes> to know you can't really know what's going to happen. Obviously players getting hurt her downturn in performance <hes> i think just internally we've talked about it a little bit. I think there's one little tweak we might change and some things might look to do <hes> for next year but i think for the most part it went through everybody expected. I think where you really start to lament miss. The old rules is when you're in our spot and players start going down player. I are getting hurt and <hes> they're gonna be out for a while. You really have nowhere to turn sure you need that. You try to start pilots here in the winter but meet during the year <hes> ticket to get through the year and now you have an added layer of that's neat to try to find <hes> especially when you're only dealing with twenty five guys so it's challenging but we're all playing with the malls also <hes> i do think it's good for the game as as as hard as it is for. You say that guys will be packed. Get get hurt. You mentioned the one little tweak. What would that be. <hes> you know i wouldn't say just because <hes> i think it's a small thing but i think it's a little competitive advantage that we could have gone on <hes> something that we didn't talk about him for c. So i'm not trying to be cryptic or say. This is some huge thing. I think we could have done some things. They beat up create a little more or insurance for us. I think there's something there that <hes> we look back and we would've maybe added a player or two in a certain spot. <hes> a certain way so you know what i can't really get into the details of it. I think you know a year from there. Hopefully i'm still here and everything's going well but <hes> you know if we were to make a move like like that. I'll be able explain to you then. This is what i what i talked about a year ago. At this time you guys are playing the blue jays now and of course <hes> you know your history with the blue jays and you get a lot of questions about that but you also spent some time with the dodgers. What was your takeaway from that time working with andrew freeman and his staff yeah that was great. I mean obviously my internal turnovers tremendous loved every minute and got amazing experience and then. I was really grateful that l._a. Called offered a job and <hes> getting to work with with andrew and far hans. I eighty <hes> for the for those two years. I wish it had been four or five but you know the atlanta opportunity came up and it was something that was too good to turn turn down but i just think <hes> one being somewhere where i just got to learn a ton and i think he got so much better than it. It'll be on the fact that it's a great place to live and great relation an in android four hundred so me and my family we moved out there and i plan on being there for a long period of time and <hes> you know being around teams that have a chance to win day in and did they out but they're just so well run. <hes> the organization is so strong in such good hands and <hes>. I think there's just a lot of things they took away from. There and i was just like i said if i had had a few years that would have been great but the two years that i got from there i don't think i would i would give those up for the world. I think i got a lot better. I'm from my current role last one for you. Speaking to the dodgers i feel like an underrated part of what they've done and what the yankees have done is identify for lack of a better way to describe crime sort of diamonds in the rough the guys like mac muncie and chris taylor <hes> and you were there when <hes> when the dodgers added chris taylor and helped him out yankees with michael talk men and other a player like that. Why do you think that <hes> that they've had that kind of success with that. You know i can't obviously speak to new york <hes> but you know i can say just speaking andrew andrew and four hundred specifically the both of those guys came from <hes> small-market clubs. You look at oakland's done it quite a bit tampa for years the work that i did there ah speaks for itself you know competing against him in the alleys winning division of the play offs so they they been able to combine the best of both worlds and then they also signed some big contracts and they done very good job of scouting and player development so <hes> i'm not surprised <hes> just being there and seeing how they they did things. I think they're obsessed with having depth. They're obsessed with making sure every player gets better whether that's one percent five percent whatever it might be and <hes> i think just having a strong forty roster at all times something that they really prioritize alex. Thanks for doing this. You guys are playing great. Are we going tonight but thanks for the time hi maurice smith here my friends at marathon or really helping you say because right now you get five cents off every gallon every day with mickey count rewards from marathon plus you can earn points for additional savings on fuel airfare hotels and more it's quick and easy to join just just visit make it count dot com slash radio or download the free app so start saving today with make it count from marathon offer ballot only at participating marathon locations marathon fueling the american spirit numbers game day reporter and producer melby dot com and sarah just want to get your opinion on this thing that popped up organically and my conversation with dave. We all know that the m._l._b. logo for years has been harmon killebrew hall of famer great hall of famer moore and no disrespect to him. I do wonder might be a good time to update the logo and i thought a perfect candidate. How about ken griffey junior at the most beautiful swing ever you're just at that moment when he struck the ball and my addendum to that besides having ken griffey junior for being the logo how about having a cap backwards to appeal to kids kids. What do you think i love that. I feel like i've seen that image on twitter you know every now and then people decide to photoshop very random things we see around and i feel like people like to mess with those logos. Sometimes you see it all be and i feel like i've seen that i can envision exactly what it would be. I think that'd be fun. Why not i mean we saw you know different. Logos different things going on with players weekend everything else i like it. I like change. The numbers game number three number three is ninety nine nine so that's how many career home runs aaron judge is now sitting at after homered anna all three games of that dodgers series. If he gets to a hundred in his next five games <music> he'd have the third fewest games to a hundred home runs of any player in m._l._b. History and of course we just saw his teammate gary sanchez get there in three hundred hundred and fifty five games which was the second fewest the only guy quicker than that in terms of games was ryan howard three hundred twenty five games to get two hundred career home run so obviously it's commentary on the state of the game but pretty cool for these current yankees that they'd have number two and three in terms of fewest games two hundred the home runs number two number two sixty four so speaking of all those home runs. The yankees have been hitting. They've hit sixty. Four home runs in august which is a single month m._l._b. Record the prior record was fifty eight so they have broken this and then some and just as for how little context here and i'm sorry to the marlins but they hit sixty the marlins hit sixty four home runs from the start of the season through the end of june and the yankees have hit sixty. Four home runs in a single month and again. We've seen these kinds of records. Follow this year but i still think it's pretty crazy to think about that. They lot of home runs in one month. Which still has three days left number one number one hundred five so jorges solar had a home run on and three strikeouts on sunday which was the one hundred fifth time this season where a player had at least one home run and at least three strikeouts in a game that total one hundred and five ties the two thousand seventeen season for the most such games in a single season in m._l._b. History and of course it's just late august so so again to the point honestly and all of these numbers today showing kind of these trends that we've seen really growing and growing exponentially over the last few years increased strike. Doubts increase home runs this idea that they go together but i think it's pretty interesting because three strikeouts is not a good day but a home run is a pretty good day and it kind of shows how that definition is. Maybe maybe changing or at least what we're seeing so frequently changing. It feels like we should name that. Find a player like a who is a model of that. You know we talk about the mendoza nine where if anyone is hitting below two hundred we need to identify a player who most commonly has a home run and three strikeouts and say hey you pulled off a date king. Men are whoever that would be appropriate for in two thousand and nineteen before you go. You know mets cubs big series. It feels like that both these teams have so much in stake a sweep either way would be devastating for the loser. How you feeling yeah. It's interesting. You know i feel like it's like a conglomeration of a lot of story it lands right. We have the the cubs. Don't play on the road. We have the mets who swept a really good team in the indian and then got swept by a very good team in the brave so you know we'll see what happens evans but i would say that this is one of those almost make or break kind of sears for the mets right. I mean they're throwing theoretically three best pitchers right in stroman who hasn't been absolutely great for them yet but certainly has been good syndergaard who's been really good as last five starts and then jacob degrom who is jacob degrom they're facing yu darvish kyle hendricks and john lester western. Maybe lester struggling a bit but certainly those are three of the best pitchers for the cubs so you know i really don't know i. I have expressed my reservations. I i don't think the mets are quite as good as that. Little fifteen one stretch showed but this was certainly be a statement series now. I don't know if you can take it to be the end. All we all if they do beat them because we've seen how much the cubs have struggled on the road but certainly i think avoiding a sweep on either end feels like what needs to happen here all right sara good luck with the series. Thanks for doing this thing so traveling buster bleacher tweets okay foster aso's find bleaching tweets for you this morning. The first one comes from ben swinnerton at swinnerton. Be i'm reading trevor bowers comments about how the game is covered and he seems right t._v. Coverage on any network would improve with more focus on pitch sequence and game situations. It makes the fan more educated and engaged. What's your reaction buster mr ben troy who's a better pitcher me or trevor bauer probably trevor bauer probably trevor bauer okay and i'd say this who has a better feel for how to present information in a public forum me trevor bauer muster. Only i would say that's the case. I can tell you this. He's absolutely wrong. I can't imagine a fifteen year old son. Who's a big sports. Fan loves loves to watch the braves. If we started on the broadcast while thirty six percent of the time <hes> there is a curveball thrown here but it might be better if he throws a slider because twenty the eight percent of the time he swings oh my god would eyes glaze over and i can understand tremor watches the game in an advanced level and i don't think people would be able able to keep up with that and i think they would find that to be colossal bore. What do you think i do think the same thing that you said however. I think if it would make a great e._s._p._n. A._m. plus series. Maybe a detail thing so next one comes from montgomery bob at m._j. Bob two four the yankees starting pitching has been a huge weakness weakness but there first and runs scored and have the best record against teams over five hundred are these stats being undervalued when considering how the stack up against other powerhouse teams i it's funny i do feel like the yankees are under rated because of the questions about their rotation i think people say well. Of course they would lose to. The astros who had clearly on on paper have a better rotation but the rest of that team is so good in fact. I had someone in the red sox organization this summer say to me. There's no doubt in his mind that the yankees are the best team in baseball right now. We just have to wait and see how that plays out yeah especially when we get to the postseason all the pitching the normal conventions totally go out the window so who knows what will happen then next one custom jake baker at the great jake three seven so when cole hamels hit bryce harper and admitted to doing it should max muncie get suspended for into faking an injury to prevent gleyber torres from scoring and that happened <hes> after saturday's game max months he was lying on the dirt. People thought he was hurt and he acknowledged afterward. That was kind of playing it up. Maybe to get a time out call which is exactly what happened and prevented the case from scoring around now. You can't suspend them for doing that. It's not that big of a deal next one customer justin simmons at justin lance sim one. Hey buster any chance the braves re-sign either josh donaldson or dallas kaikal. We know this alex and topple us. Is we talked about has invested multiple times in just donald sidney appreciates and maybe they'll work something out same thing with kyko the one thing about the braves they do have a lotta young starting pitching and that means they probably won't necessarily be desperate in in going after kaikal in the way that maybe some other teams could be last one comes from shane christianson at fig jam zero about the team that always stumps us in our power ten. Why does the media continued to predict. The cubs will win the n._f._l. Central based on quote superior talent. Haven't we seen enough to know. Their talent isn't when everyone thought it was. I don't know shame because you go player by player again. You look at their roster and you just wonder why they're not more consistent because as you know what kris bryant is having a good year. He's a really great player higher by a terrific player. Anthony rizzo is a really good player. One healthy wilson us a good player yu darvish no doubt he's been pitching great john lester it is best. He's terrific and i. I don't know if i can necessarily say we've been wrong and how come they're not better. We know this come front. Office is looking at them in the exact same way. Thank you for the tweets this morning. Use the hashtag tweets we when you bring them on twitter. That's it for today. Thanks to alex anthopoulos to sarah lang's dave schoenfield in detroit farkas true i mean i know you had a late night last night ten thirty thirty six tonight that's the plan. That is the plan. I'll have a nice you know. Maybe two o'clock dinner and then go to bed and hopefully run six six thirty very nice. Get good solid ten hours of sleep way to go have a great day everybody for listening to the baseball tonight podcast. If you're playing fantasy baseball don't forget to listen to the fantasy focus podcast checkout all podcast said e._s._p._n. Dot com slash pod separate baseball tonight the podcast.

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How Do Tanuki Work?


08:42 min | 7 hrs ago

How Do Tanuki Work?

"Today's episode is brought to you by serve pro who want you to know that no matter what happens in your home or business the clean up and restoration specialists at certapro be with you every step of the way in your journey back. So when fire or water damage hits a little too close to home like say the relief valve on the hot water heater fails pouring gallons of water into your finished basement or a fire breaks out in the office kitchen, setting off the sprinkler system and flooding the entire floor call on the one team that can help make it like it never happened at one, eight, hundred, serve pro and serve pro dot com franchises are independently owned and operated. Welcome to brainstorm a production of iheartradio. Hey brain stuff lauren bogle bomb here. In June of twenty, two, thousand, nineteen, a couple in a small village in Nottinghamshire Great. Britain woke at four am to an eerie sound they ventured out and discovered an animal that never seen before his thing and attacking a goat on their farm. After rescuing the goat they took a photo of the beast and promptly posted it online. The animal was four-legged and fluffy. It moved like a dog but had a face and markings like a raccoon. It turns out there unwanted visitor was a canoe Katie sometimes called a raccoon dog. To learn more about these unusual critters we talked by email to Jennifer Andrew, a member of the carnivore team at Zuid Lanta she helps take care of zoo, Atlanta's to to NUKII or and Loki. Zoo, Atlanta is just one of two zoos in the United States that houses to not the other is the Oklahoma City Zoo. Indra explained to new key our dogs genetically and morphological logically speaking they get the nickname raccoon dog primarily because of their similar coloring and coat patterns. The only other true similarity raccoons is that they occupy the same niche as raccoons do in nature even though they live on different partners. To NUKII range in size from about one point, five to two feet long that's about point four, five, two point, nine meters with a tail adding another six inches or one point, five meters they weigh anywhere from eight to twenty, two pounds around three and a half to ten kilos therefore can be golden great or reddish brown but their shoulders, legs, and the tips of their tails are blocked and their facial markings are similar to a raccoons including the black mask around the eyes. They're originally from eastern Asia including Japan, which is where the word to new key comes from, and where the animal is a cultural icon images of have appeared in everything from folklore and literature to anime and advertising the mythological versions sometimes called Buckeye Nukii, our spirit creatures, tricksters, and shape shifter's that love gold and are often depicted with a big belly and a particularly large scrotum. Many modern Japanese businesses, displays statues of to represent prosperity and good luck. To not the animals, not the spirits where brought the northern and Eastern Europe due to fur-farming back in the nineteen twenties it's believed some new key managed to escape and began to live and breathe in that region. The HABITAT, they're most comfortable living in would typically be described as forested everything from deciduous trees to evergreens, but they can live in urban and coastal areas they like living near water. When they're in the wild Turkey to picky about meals as forager's they'll eat anything from frogs, birds, and rats to berries and carrion that is vet animals to not have been known to forage in garbage cans or pick over roadkill areas inhabited by humans. But do life is a little different, not only art Niki given different food to eat including kibble hard boiled eggs, veggies and fish. But because they're naturally forager's and a non foraging, setting their caregivers look for ways to make feeding time a little more challenging. Andrew said, we like to scatter their diet throughout their habitats to encourage natural foraging behaviors. They also enjoy interacting with problem-solving enrichment devices that encourage behaviors such as biting, chewing, ripping shredding, smelling digging, and dragging. Canoe key in the wild especially, those living in climates with harsh winters can enter a state called torpor during torpor. A thanou key conserves energy by reducing their activity and thus conservative survive on little or no food for days or weeks. Andrew said if whether is mild to Nukii, may wake for short periods of time to forage but otherwise, their activity level is significantly less during torpor. Severity. Of Torpor behaviors is also dependent on how well the key fair during the fall when they entered hyper Fengxia hyperplasia is when an animal's appetite increases in response to environmental or biological Q.. In this case to Nikki Enter Hyperplasia in the late summer or early fall, they consume more food gain weight and grow their winter coats in preparation for the winter ahead. Enter says Niki, living in captivity also go through torpor but the activity level and dietary needs vary depending on where they live and how harsh the weather is. She added we even see behavioral differences between individuals. The were always seems to undergo torpor deeply than Loki even winters are milder both Loki and thor will usually get up once a day during torpor to check their territories and have a small bite to eat before returning to their preferred resting location, which can change from day to day. Andrew is quick to point out the Takhi are wild animals and despite appearances they aren't much like dogs. She said Tim Yuki eat a varying diet including raw meat are naturally skittish are very stinky and have other needs that generally can't be met in a human household. There also classified as an invasive species of the United States and throughout the European Union so it would be illegal to keep one as a pet. However, she describes Zuid Lantis Nukii, litter mates, and brothers, or and Loki as fund guys to work with she said their mischievous and are interested in interacting with their environment and enrichment unity's during the majority of the year. They can also be interactive with animal care. Team members however, they mostly like us because we bring them food they do tolerate care team members being in their territory. However, they do not attempt to interact with us in ways that domestic dogs would, and we respect that preference as wild animals they will approach care team members for feedings, training sessions or to inspect their work in their territory, but otherwise, they choose not to interact with us. Loki and thor arrived at sued Lanta together and lived in the same habitat for many years until recently when they began giving behavioral signs that they didn't enjoy each other's presence there now living in separate habitats in the zoo. Enter said, this is normal behavior Takhi as generally only male female pairs stay together long term. To NUKII typically mate for life forming monogamous pairs that share in foraging and in the care and feeding of their offspring called pups together. The mating season occurs in the spring to station lasts about nine weeks the litter averages about six pups. Sadly, their lives in the while don't usually last long just eight to ten years. Today's episode was written by Patty Rasmussen, and produced by Tyler Clang for more on this lots of other curious topics visit how stuff works dot com stuff is production of iheartradio. For more podcasts my heart radio, visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts, or listen to your favorite shows. Today's episode is brought to you by Mazda back in the before times before covid Nineteen Mazda invited a few of US I heart podcasters out to drive there do see X. Thirty from Palm Springs to San Diego, and that trip encapsulates what I miss about traveling and being on an earlier road feeling the grip of the curves enjoying the world is you only can from a car with the windows down in the music up their whole lineup. Of Cu vs is made to be agile in sippy on city streets or winding mountain roads but roomy enough to bring long whatever you need for either or both their sleek outside in designed to reduce distraction and give you the control and confidence to really enjoy the drive for more information on Mazdas see UV lineup including the first ever see X. Thirty go to Mazda USA dot com slash iheart, and don't forget to explore their strongest finance options.

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Ep 5: Women in Hunting Series Part 1  Lana Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy

Pursue the Hunt Live

42:48 min | Last month

Ep 5: Women in Hunting Series Part 1 Lana Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy

"Welcome to pursue the hotline where we aim to connect you with stories, experiences and experts in the industry to improve your odds in the field. Pursue the hunt was founded on bringing a well rounded approach to hunting from offseason prep to packing up your trophy. We pursue the whole hut. Everybody might freezing here with pursue the hunt. Thank you for joining us on this podcast episode very excited to be launching our women in hunting series part one today real special guests Lanta Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy joining us today in the studio and we're GONNA be talking about. The challenges that they faced getting into hunting Caitlyn actually started into her hunting career here a few years ago, finally harvested her first animal last year, a really nice six point also with to share that story with you today and Yeah, we're just really excited to get into this series. It's a it's a great series learning a lot and just trying to. Kind of get the other side of the coin with. Women in hunting, and maybe some of the different things and story isn't perspectives that they bring to the hunting industry, so we're just excited to bring you that series, so yeah I. Hope You enjoy the episode. Don't forget to click that subscribe button. And also we want to thank our show. Sponsors today piece fail meat shop. Check them out on facebook they take care of you, and in all the butchering aspects cutting in wrapping and also. Show supporter. Eagle vision video productions so enjoyed today's episode. Welcome to another episode of pursue the Hut live super excited as we are getting into our first episode of women in hunting serious, so really excited about that and we've got to special guests with us today. We've got lanta Hamilton and Caitlyn Bellamy and we're just GONNA be chatting about unseen today. We're going to be talking about maybe some of the challenges they faced and some hunting stories, so it can be recited so welcome here. Yes awesome so. Let's. Let's introduce you to the audience. Okay, so let alone just tell us a little bit about yourself. And I am a photographer I have kids. They are tending Lebanon Lebanon twelve soon. They actually both just got their core at the beginning of this year yet so there they will be official. We've got lots of Elliott charity works. Awesome. I've been with my husband since you've been nineteen, so it's been. A Long, long time. About eighteen eighteen years. I'm and he introduced me to hunting in so here. We are now also an WHOA. You KAYLA. Well I'm a personal trainer in a gym manager here. Forcing John I also have tickets of my son is fifteen and my daughter's nine My son is not interested in hunting at all, and that's totally fine, but my daughter will be taken for the series well, so she's come hunt with me and my husband Jim. You manage, manage prevail athletics. There's replace K. Per. Awesome, so, let's talk a little bit about. Kind of getting into hunting, so what kind of? Kind of intrigued you about hunting. WHAT WAGON INTEREST! I actually grew up not hunting. So that's kind of interesting, so I grew up not hunting. And then I moved up fourteen John when I was nineteen, and basically my my husband right away, and he grew up hunting. He's always been super passionate about it. And he introduced me to it, and I immediately fell in love with it just for all the outdoor aspects going plotting camping and just kind of everything that. Surrounds hunting. And Yeah I. Really enjoy eating out so when we got into hunting. Lick before he moved to fourteen John, husband. Were was just not an opportunity you had, or you just had interest in it I think all all the above. No interest may never had entrust. We, didn't the city as well. Against it then fell in love with it. You just really didn't have that Opportunity Yeah. Wasn't didn't have any knowledge about it either so. Once, he introduced me to hunting he. taught me all about it. In the more I learned about hunting. The marlins like wow, this is such an awesome lifestyle to have and I think there's a lot of people out there that don't realize what like it's not just going out and shooting animals right? There's more to hunting men, just that And I think learning that learning all everything that surrounds had team. It's just I. Love with it, also yeah. I actually had a completely different experience because I grew up in a huge family. My Dad has hunted ever since I can remember. He used to wake US up before school. My mom would be going on business trips and he would us into the truck at four am when we were maybe like six and seven, and he was up deer hunting, and we were sleeping in the back season. We'd go to drop US longer. Just zombies me and my brother, and the teachers like what's wrong with me to school hunting before Sur-. Before school. My mother. Like a few years later, but those are like my first memories of funding with my dad I was it actually hunting, but being drug out before school. And then as I got older I kind of like the typical teenage girl, my brother stayed on the hunting truck, and was hunting with my dad, and I lost interest in wanted to go hang out with my friends and Boyfriends, and all that fun stuff, but. I married a hunter so here back on back. And then okay so as far as experience wise. How long have you been hunting and just started hunting? So the first couple of years I was married my husband. He was actually just getting into a tube. He wasn't raised. But my dad got hold it and he was going to make him a hunter. So, he started hunting again and then I don't. Like the typical hunting white thing I was like well. I'm not going to stay home by myself all the time to go to. A couple of years after that I went and took my corrina got my pollen away went. It's a great. It's a great thing to do your husband. Yeah, totally like I think it's better than staying at but sitting at home from September tool when when this season. Learn. How in February so really home by yourself till March. Long to sit at home for. Okay okay. So. Have you have. Have you encountered any challenges like maybe when you initially started like? Did you find it more physical maybe than you were expecting or did you just Kinda? I didn't say that I encountered a lot of challenges beginning. I just kind of always along for the ride I. Think I've encountered challenges within certain hunts. Some. Like overall, there's not I. Don't have one specific challenge would say over this, but there's been a lot of like small challenges within different hunts. That I've been on, have. Do you have you? Have you shot a gun before you kinda got into the hunting. Yeah, okay, so so I learn that. Challenge. Well I get. I guess I was so long ago. Per Do, you remember anything about that experience like raised super nervous or you holding it wrong or your husband's like no to ensure I remember there is a little bit of like Arjun. Like Victor, you safe and yet. This is a funny story. Actually do need to tell us. Currently I apologize. And up when I was planning on getting engaged with her, we love to go target practicing together because she was kind of the same way of grew up in a city, didn't have the farm life, experience or anything right, so we would always go after work. Shoot the twenty two minute stuff like that and. So I thought well. Why don't cooperate this into my? Proposal so like I set up this target, but just bear head on it, and in in the middle of their head, I wrote. Will you marry me right so I knew when she would look through the scope. Of course I did have the forethought not too low the rifle. gave it to 'cause. I knew she was probably going to throw away toward resolving inaugurating. Remember that it was voted, and so sure now she's like I'm going on loaded for you. SAFETIES on. You know whatever so she? Thinks she kind of knew. Maybe it was coming at some point. You didn't know out like we were kind of talking about. And of course when she saw it totally draw the rifle on the ground. So excited and then the first thing. You dropped a loaded gun. I'm kidding. Back It was. Pretty funny because she was still kind of familiarising herself with, so it was, it was pretty funny, so. Yelich! What did you find? Anything like getting into hunting or you? Know, not like big challenges. After that like I said. There's maybe little challenges and stuff like that. I was actually super nervous even to take my core and to go take my pal and stuff like that somebody. That was even a little bit of a challenge, but I was lucky. I ended up taking a all women's of course, so that made things a lot easier, but I remember being terrified in it and especially the gun. When you told that story about that immediately. I remember working like you point that gun at the instructor you fail automatically don't like. Your. So maybe like just getting over with, but I did well, and I passed, so thank goodness for that. And then. Maybe, some physical challenges I'm just coming off of my third knee surgery. So I haven't had to do any big. She funds or anything F I'm really that I can go and do that, so I doesn't biking last year, and that was a little bit challenging with my knee, but yeah nothing that is becoming a well and you know I have said previously to where. Hunting is a physical swirly, and it doesn't make free. No, so it's all just get in shape when I hunt. It off. Yeah, but it will be very challenging especially if you go into the back. As well. You're out there in the field, and you have the heart to be out there you push yourself like way beyond any oil will be yeah, and you push yourself way beyond anything. You probably would have ever thought that you could do like me went. Cheap hunting are my second time I. I I pushed myself so hard that I. Looking back, I'm. Blown away that actually like made it to the points that we need to I'm not. I'm not like a gym, buff or anything like that I'm that type of person on okay, we're going. She panting like I should go head chrome. I field time business. So many things like yeah Wentz. You're out there and you're actually like in it. I think you're like you just push through soon ago. So. Would you consider yourself more of like an agricultural like? Hunter or up that country hunter. What would he met like, do you? Do you prefer the going out tenting? Being in the woods for the hunt or do you like coming back home at like? You know maybe doing like the fringe field. Both so I've done a couple of trips in the wall time with my husband and stuff and I I love the. We went when it was still like fairly nice. Oh, I can't say that I was like Matt really roughing. It was October and it was still pretty nice, but no I love that I love being in the middle of nowhere and. Being the being with nature and stuff in like the day trips alphabet. Just dependent huge defense I can't say that I've done like the extreme extreme Lakeland, but hopefully yet. I would say for me. We definitely are agriculture hunters like we don't rarely do. We drive around, didn't we don't have permission either. For like fields in staff so we're more backcountry hunters and I. Guess depends on the season kind of like what we. What we do during deer season, it's cold. When we were younger, we used to do a lot of Welton tenting. Now that we have kids. We usually just we actually have a cargo trailer, a small cargo trailer that we kind of turned into like our hunting shack so. Like a small counter in their woodstoves, and we drive the side by side in and taken out when we get there and we have some fold down beds, so we kind of really rough late in the winter. and. It's super cold, but that Woodstove so nice to conduct you, Joe. You know that's. Going to be awful and then the only other words. Is Hard to hunt with? If you're with cold, lives are time. We're going. To. Being stuck in a tiny tent with your husband. That's a really cool experiences well. Then there's elk hunting and we do a lot of camping elk hunting. Were pretty spoiled with a motor home. It's an older motorhome, but we usually take that out in be the novel so Kinda depending on the season and what we're hunting, I'm but yet we're definitely I would say that country do diy hunters do. been given hard time by my buddy. Sometimes all. Why do you like taking holiday Trillo there? Only because it's nice and. Insured Yeah in my. Head If it's raining and you have a place to dry out all it makes because I've been out in a tent where you don't really have. Please drive and it's. Not Convince us. Women in hunting. We're like Oh. Yeah, bring the. Campaign but you can you know that you could come back there? If the weather turns crappy and you have to drag replace to cook food. Yeah maybe if you hold water with me. HOW QUICK SHOWER! Kicks as you, so it's definitely nice to have a space for them. Dry Unhappy. Mean during this cove. Time I've never hunted spring bear no more than have this you're. Had some extra time off. Work can stuff, but. Okay so let's get into some huntings. Stories 'cause I'm really excited about this so. I know we were talking about the outcome. Before we starting owes pretty quick, but what I'll tell me tell me about the. This was kind of like your first big. Adam that you are yeah, and it was yeah. It was and my only today so far is the. Okay Yeah. So I've been hunting for I think this is my third year. Hunting and I had gone out with like with my husband lost on Wall Street art chips in La will tent on day trips. We did have permission to handsome fields and stuff by that's I had been out quite a bit the last couple of years, so it was opening day last year, and my Stepdad's this gopher drive mogo walkie hasn't thoughts, so we're going GONNA go for a walk and go hiking. Shut my cameras and I said okay, no problem and of course games like yeah, no problem you. Opening Day totally fine, so he picked me up at five. Am Drago tourist spot and we were hiking all the sudden? He let go to call, and it's just all around us all you could hear elk bugling back and I. was just sitting there like this an the coolest. Yeah, so we want. We must have walked for probably about an hour. And he was calling some more he's even directing. Is this actually? Three years checking trump castle. By the tree get ready and all I just saw six by six, running straight on me down the hill, and now said yeah, it was crazy, but We're so being at the first handle you've. Was it the first ceremony? UK You've ever. Gone like chicken hunting stuff like robbing game, my first big game. So. What were some of the emotions running before and then after? I think it was that. Just like holy cow right like is this actually happens so complete shock and then like. It happens to server mowed my gun like my be able to do this. And they running out there and my Stepdad. You like okay. And I did and then actually saying that I shot it and hit. It was like the next big thing, so that was pretty excited, did you? Did you feel you? Kinda just zoned in or were you? Or did you just own this? I don't think it was frantic I. Think like I knew I needed to do and. But it was. I think it was just like moment like just unbelievable that it was happening so a song them Control, but it was almost kind of like it was like slow motion, right? Yeah, and then. How was it walking onto their? Oh I myself. That hasn't videos screaming because I was so excited. Do not. Because you don't like everybody? Typically remembers. L. Yes. What was the for several years? It was a white tail deer, is actually it? We were off at spotlight had just snowed. I don't even know how many feet overnight it was crazy. The fresh snow and we woke up in the morning. It was like a Bluebird Day, and we any speak hike up aside hill, and in spotted is back in like a ticket ticket in I got down free handed like on my needs which I'm still shocked. And then. Like not even a minute later, we spotted another Bach and so we actually double doubleheader D- in that so that was like such a cool experience I got my first book in. He got an like a buck as well just like moments later. So that was really cool. I touching exposure kinda like this rush of emotions to the happening. Okay, did that just happen? Yeah I! Don't I? Can't really I can't really talk my way through my emotions because it was so long ago. This was we had just gotten engaged so. Two thousand six, so yeah, quite a few years ago, so? So I just I remember. Feeling like it was just such a cool moment that there was another back there after I got mine, and I remember like saint in like shooting shooting. Ten elected smaller than your. I don't know like I have always thought right-back I saw a big Mac than him. That year is probably shot a few dear before. You have yet. As a super cool like you just so memorable. That doesn't happen very many people know. Boston like doubleheader. Know it's it's yeah for sure and okay well. That's super cool, awesome Let's talk about a little bit about your sheet hunting? Then I know you've been on a few yet. I've been on three she wants. To doll she one stone. We were really had like an amazing run of luck. Surf years for all of us like me, my husband, my husband's best friend. We all getting doll she. Knew, it's not so the first time we went on. It was my husband in his best friend. We all had tags. It took us about a dean half check. All three of US had most We took a slow plane in Chad I was like an amazing experience because I had never been on a small plane like that our, so we took up took. It took us about a day and a half to hike in and we just had. The most beautiful campsite surrounded by. John Normal Mountain Sandy even like a little spring rate there, so we could. Yet with tons of spring water everywhere on, but we really liked took it easy. That's the point we glass from that point and the boys would go for day hikes and. I think we did run into a ram that hunt, but a believe Jesse miss did. And then my, we went home. We not got anything on that that hunted in the second hand. Mean in went on two years ago. Same thing took a floatplane plane landed. It was the weather was terrible. Same spot on, so we were super familiar with would have been third time up there my second. The weather was terrible. Even getting in the floatplane, it rained, it rained. It rained for like two three four days straight, so we hiked in because it was raining, we hiked all the way to our camp in one day like we did not start and clicks us. and. No I don't. But took you the majority of the day, yeah! I took the majority of the day. We literally just didn't stop because we didn't want. He didn't WANNA. Stop and set up camp early. We don't Wanna get everything soaking wet than have to read, so we got to camp and on this hunt. I was the only one that had a tag I told you I said. If we go I'm not going to hold myself back. We see around or we need to go for big day hikes like I'm. GonNa do it, and so the weather has finally cleared. We did a lot of ten Ted coddling for the first few days. The weather finally cleared. We spotted some rams like. Miles and miles and miles away, and they were in these crazy block cliffs and like well. Do you WanNa? Try to go for them and I was like well. They're the only rams that we see around. And that was the most one of the most treacherous hikes I ever been on like we were hiking over. Back rush or whatever that was. This high off of the mountain and like your feet are touching the ground. You just had to like just snags. Yeah. It was crazy the stuff that we had to you to get these rams, and then we got to them and stay weren't quite legal, which was fine, it was like still such an amazing experience and then we decided to take a different route out of there and that. We thought we could take a shortcut. We got to this clip and it was like. You got to the edge of this class, and it was like straight down fifty feet and I remember feeling like I might be was like. We can't like we can't down we were. We're GONNA. Die, even try. There was a tiny little shoot that you could try if you're really brave, but we're not even out hero, so we had to find this new route. There was no trails to this other lake where floatplane was picking us up, and that was another two days of literally Bush whacking, and I've never seen so much fair crop in my life. Rivers yeah it was. So we were. Just made sure. We were super loud, the whole time and the one night we finally found say it was right beside lake, fresh, fresh Christly poop and I was like. The only place you be find the camp. And then finally like we had our spot with us to get GPS joining. Need it too late that we had to. that. We were getting picked up. The flow claimed got their finally. It was very late and got the sandbar. So then at that point, we had to wade out into the lake to get to the plane, and it was over. It was over my hips comedy. Dis was this into the heart that Hamas Elliott gaming issues attendant about attending. Yes, you're pretty tired. Right at point real deal. Yeah, so that was the quote that is. So. My coat that I I posted pictures on Facebook, so I wrote we didn't come home with the. Ram honored backing me for the freezer, but we have over fifty kilometers DC mountains under our boots from hiking for eight hours in the rain, hunkering down on the tenth for two days to stay dry, glossing in spotting rams on the mountains far far far away across the Valley Bush, whacking for days, list heels and bruised shins, cold, windy weather with lots of cuddling to keep warm camping next to bear poop waiting way seat in late to get to the floatplane. I. On My. Couple back. Never be replaced oddly enough. It was fun crazy adventure. Moguls things like. Usually when everything goes. Yeah you remember it was a great time. Yet win. You're faced with like the cliffs in the Bush and the ring and the the relentless wind mountains. You there, it is a different level of like respect and memory that goes along with us through sure like for that too I cannot believe like how mentally strong and even physically strong wise like in that moment I didn't think. Going into it, I. Don't think I've ever realized or thought. That I would be able to be mentally and physically strong enough to do something like that, but when you're like I said earlier like when you're in the moment. Just. Your heart your heart takes over the years. You just gotTa dig in to go for it so equipment question for us hiking poles or a don't love using polls I have one why. The reason I ask is because like I didn't use to yeah and I started using the yeah felt like a freaking. Four nights. Yeah, my husband uses the. For us. I've had some issues, too. Yeah, I can cry for however long yet sixty pounds in my pack Nova. When it comes to downhill, and you use your legs to rate doesn't on my knees. As well and I can Yucel foles actually. And used by itself so when I see people using polls I give the. Yeah because I've seen a lot guides and stuff south polls to yet another trying to be tougher, just don't. Like. It's to like if I'm GonNa Rob Something one tonight you and especially when you're crossing water. Ross Yeah, but it's I think getting used to. Like the coordination of it is just. Are you guys wearing again this year now? We're not I. Don't well I. Don't know we might stone cheap renting so last. Yeah. Last year we went stone. She painting a little closer is awesome, but there are so many people up there in now that come from all over the province right so we we found that really challenging last year because we had a spot in mind that he had been to before and literally on our drive up there every every stop that was a pullover. Truck at least like to five vehicle Aula, so it will. Go, sometimes slipstream right people coming out you gotTA. Timing! I mean I've hunted up in northern BC six years in a row last year was the first year. It's diy yet. And the last year was the first year my brother-in-law went out and we actually hold something out. Get Out! And, but it was, it was one of those things where it was kind of a slipstream timing where people were kind of coming from cheapening because turning into out season now. You know worldwide. It's probably. And whatever we just? Like. Three miles, 'cause like the the park boundaries. My can't sheep in our numbers. We make sure we are well passed out. But and it was just kind of left with the job at thing, the mental aspect of the wind and we had some bad weather. And stuff, and it was the Stupor Tarp flapping. Do the night through the just wouldn't stop. Your. country. Yes? Barely big enough for two guys and we were in that. Say Goodness. Job. My brother-in-law. Calls like thank goodness for I had like we. We both had these solar panel phone chargers. And because we were using them for videoing pictures to right, thank good like everybody should have a little cooler charter anyways. Sudoku that could play offline. Yeah, it like literally probably saved our relationship. Because it was a wind and rain. BE Last year, but we check our dog with us. We've never heard never taken him with us the force. We got him a pack and we took him with us. It Was I. don't know if it was just really dry last year or what it was, but we everywhere we went. We could not find any water sources like there were no fresh springs and I. We were shocked at how much that dog drink water how much water he needed, so there was a night few nights that we had to sacrifice not eating ourselves just to give her dog water. Because you know you need your water to make your mountain house. He's actually I remember the one night. We're like well. It's either the water. Don't eat and. So we. Dogs can go a decent amount without the food, but the water is. Keep. Them immersed you. Days of that hunt with it was really hot some and then the last day the weather set in, it just was raining. We will go to. We woke up to snow and we're linking Hobie, maybe should pack it in. There's people everywhere were not like there's no water people everywhere and let's go get her kids. Actually get out early meant to the hot springs, so that was a nice little. You. Know. We should. So you're you're Walton hunting stuff. Yeah, so were you guys like in the back country? Come stuff to yeah. At, my husband has a revolt. So that's so. He went on a boat and we set up on an island. That was my first year that I think I. Went Hunting. Islands on the peace instead of the Walton for three or four days We didn't get anything that Shit, but that was my. That was my first experience with hunting. It was awesome on us of really good trip. Decent weather, we camped. We had fun We also have like some bear issues that trip. It was maybe my only thing, but have you heard of bear letter, a distress call like baby bear letter to detail that is like the most verifying. Thanks Very Long. Yeah, so we were sitting camper like my first night, my first hunting trip out, and we listen to I. Swear I'm sure it was far away, but you've never seen. Two people run so passing, trying to get back to. Get. UP WE'RE UP IN NORTHERN BC I was with a actually Tony and actually talked about this on that episode is he sleeps with flipping earplugs in yeah. Keep your legs in. He's like so I can't hear anything outside the tent a bear. I guess I all sleep, but I'm the. Ignorance is bliss gasoline Muslim. Folks is heading the ten. I guess we don't have to worry how. You can hear the news outside the. That's a good thing. Now you're lucky, be having. I know. No honestly I've been up in the northern parts of BC. In a different areas so altogether seven years. I've seen one. Yeah, and he was running away from us because he always us yet like it wasn't like any he was. He was a good five hundred yards, going the other direction kind of thing. And, you know I've walked on top of fresh crews attracts didn't even see the grizzly right now. Because the grizzly population's growing and now you can't really awesome here. This is I. Noli Yeah. Thing is like eight minutes always. Unawareness for sure it won't prevent me from going back now. No, but I mean like I usually like i. don't ever sleep beside a loaded gun now, but I have my beside me in the tent. Should something occur Celtic? If I'm texting like if I'm on holiday trailer, I don't worry about it, but like if I'm out spike camping. Yeah, so lower with a friend. Yeah, I have like my protection exchange for sheriff, but you know I could probably ramble on about the non grizzly hunting. Probably get into the. Our. Anything but. You know it's it's unfortunate, but it's I'm hoping it's one of those things where science aways emotion and the bring. The BC evolved by federation everything back into it. Actually, this needs to be managed because the ups GonNa. Go Down News. Like the needs to be managed, that's also why work here hunting. Grizzlies Ellen, withdraw integrates. It wasn't situation wasn't like people were just going out and slaughtering them like it wasn't Eliot draw anyway. Lots of people that got the draw out and still didn't get one concern rate and throw it. In my opinion needed to be a little bit more matched rather than completely discontinued, but like I said. Let's. Let's talk this year two thousand twenty hunting. What's what are you on our own husband's convincing me? GonNa sheep onto so. Regretted I know. so I had my left knee surgery. It's sits feeling good so I. Think I finally. I think I'll be okay to go out to the beaten hills. I know so. We're going by river boat, so we're not going to go. But if you're going to go up to the sheet, get up to hike. For sure I know yeah, but we'll see. Stories scared, but I guess. You know it is daunting like you know you get those mountains and you do realize. You are the guests know that environment, but there's something so freeing about that though I. Don't have. Don't you don't ever deter you. Wake up, got breakfast. You look for sheep. Don't find cheap oil now, but like you get to explore places that you may never would have like it's just. Gorgeous you will never regret sheep onto doubt even if you don't ever shoot a sheep in here. Never. Reject going still lucky that we can drive you hours and there. She is backyard. Loud Yup Yup. and. You got anything other big plans. Going on nothing big local stuff. Moguls of yet will vote for again this year. I'm pretty big on only harvesting when I'll eat an I mean. Are we eat mostly elk so? I'm not a big year eater I. Before, we ever yeah. Yeah. I I grew up hunters. We have like me coolers in the garage. We don't behind known. Also. Crossbow yeah, because like all through came across a crossbow cable. November view meal there, yes, or pepperoni jerk. Like it, but it's like I. Don't know I guess I. Haven't I haven't tried it in a long time. Tail until. An elk every year. Right See K. if you bow hunt. Yes, you can shoot a meal deer in September. Yes, here and I will tell you what the first time, so I shot a mule deer Bo timber. Out there. To be honest with you amplats own tender yet fat on 'em. Man It was just like hunt with a spoon. Yeah. Oh God. Yeah, it'll because not all stinky you. Almost needs so. Reagan rose meet. Will calebs gotten a a moose almost not this year, but pretty close every year in August when it's open, then they're all legal and. Those young are so immature, said the so many. And for so many people are like I. Hate Me and I'm sitting there and they come for dinner and I'm like. What about you? What what's going to your plans route I? Think classroom is hard to. It's going to be hard to talk for me because I. Finally got enough last year as well yourself roots hands I. was with all four. Family was there. And like it was just an amazing. The kids were there. We bugle in elk across the river like to write to me. Just to experts say yeah, it was a textbook. Kids recorded it all on my phone for me. Yet. So. That was I like it. is going to be. It's GonNa. Be Hard to be that last year, but I think I'll probably go. What for sugar elk hunting elk hunting every year in office? will for sure go I'm deer hunting white tailed deer thinks that every year, and then we'll see about stone sheep. Goat. I would you buy go takes you golden. She take with you. To. Go Bibles because you're. GonNa see. Late, did you and is good? Ohio Yum y'all. When we shot the goat on day two of our trip, we got up to camp roof stone, sheep right over the hill from cap my. Great no ramps, but had used the lamps with that was cool. And then day to in the evening we spotted the goat, and it's on our youtube channel. We raised across the full Ashley that my brother-in-law take net the go now because he's from Kamloops and I'm like you don't. He's not going to get another other cheek. And it was it was off the chain, but I always Li- tech's. By, the sheep and the goat. Because you're going to see you're gonNA. See how. You'RE NOT GONNA go Jaeger vice versa scientists to. Use You. Don't see anything. Shake this year too so I, okay. So that would be super. Young man, we also were fingers crossed that we can get a big horn folk knocking. We got plans to. Exist. Was Four people that go to draft lucky. Hunter and then that'll be good, too, but my son's out of it maybe when he's older, how? Yeah! Yeah, well. The Big One would be nice guy. Goes down from full to a three quarter. Curl rates. So that's yeah, it's pretty huge. Se fingers crossed, but maybe we'll see you on the trail. Enemies this year, but We'll definitely be doing elkin tail and meet Mealy to cool. I've never gotten a mule deer I've. We don't do a lot of your mule deer hunting. Don't anyways, but watts whitetail hunting. Okay! Yeah, so that's fingers crossed. Hopefully, it's a good season. Sweet all thanks for being young the today. That was really great, so yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this episode of I in them. Women in hunting series don't forget to click the YouTube. Subscribe Button because that would be awesome if he did and follow us on Instagram and facebook at pursue the hunt all right well. Thanks for watching. All right well, thanks for listening in today, and we hope you enjoyed today's episode and the first part of our women in hunting series with Land Caitlyn. We really hope you enjoyed it and don't forget. Click that subscribe button so that you can continue listening to our content as we really appreciate it and we look forward to next week's. Women in hunting series apart to where we'll be talking with Joanne torchinsky and her sheep slam as well as some of the cool opportunity. She's had hunting polar bear, so stay tuned for that and we'll catch on the next episode.

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Handheld Transceivers

ARRL The Doctor is In

16:47 min | 1 year ago

Handheld Transceivers

"This is the doctor is in here. Biweekly podcasts at discusses all things technical and up so technical the doctor is in podcast is produced by a r l the national association for amateur radio. And sponsored by the x engine earing, helping you shrink the globe, either website at WWW dot the engineering dot com. And now, here's your host Q S T editor Steve Ford WB eight I m y and the doctor himself Joel Halis w ones at our. Hello. And welcome to the doctor is in. I'm Steve four WBZ. I m why I'm Joel Halas w ones at our Joel. Let's talk about hand held transceivers. I'm sure you own dozens probably how many they just every time. I opened a drawer. I find another one. Well, you know, they've been around in ham circle since the beginning of the grand FM craze was roughly I think the first amateur radio handhelds came into being sometime around the early nineteen seventies of end up say, that's my recollection. And now, they're just huge everybody virtually everybody owns one. Right. I think that's true. It's not see that. I I remember two meter handhelds were the the commonplace. I of course, now, you're, you know, you're hardly fashionable. If you don't have a at least a dual band, if not a Tri band, right transceiver, hand-held transient, even do h f for some reason. Well. The earliest listened down there. But if we're talking to somebody who may be does not own one what sort of feature should one look for. Well, that's a good question. And I think typically these days the first transceiver most hams get is a VHF VHF UHF hand-held that seems to be the trend lease around here. Technician licensees. Yeah. The clubs tend to focus around public service and other kinds of community activities that sort of lean towards that kind of operation. So if you have a hand held you can participate in the road rally and check people off as they go by or whatever, and that that tends to be where people start, unfortunately, a lot of people stop there, which is too bad. But, but, but that's where people start as you mentioned for years, the standard was to meet her FM using analog modulation that was right. That was what they did. And in many areas that is still the most common kind of situation. It is still the most common VHF moat. Yes. I think that's true. Now added some years later were CT CSS or private line tone generation on transmit which allowed you to access the repeater station that you wanted rather than all of the repeaters on that frequency in the area, which used to make people crazy, and that is now almost always universally available amateur, and I wouldn't consider. Getting a FM to meet meter hand held that didn't have a private line or or C T CSS. Oh, absolutely not. No. It's just almost useless. I have a couple of them. But I use a mainly for within the house, inter calms or something. Yes. To car. Another thing that used to be popular on FM handhelds is not so much anymore is having a touchtone pad that would allow sending out dual frequency tones that telephones used for dialing. They were used primarily for this auto patch function that repeaters had in which they had a a device adjacent to the repeater connected to phone lines. And if you access to with the right coating, you could bring up a dial tone and make typically a local call from your repeater for connecting to something off the network. So you could get you couldn't order a pizza because that was commercial. But you could call your spouse and say, I'm I'm my way home from the meeting, and I'll be ten minutes later, two hours, late, whatever, right. Very handy and good for emergency. Use. Do you call the police call any emergency services? The touchstones were also useful for controlling devices. They still are. And and in many cases, the repeater control operator uses those same touchstones to 'cause functions to happen in the repeater. So you can if there's something going awry with the repeater if you can if it's not transmitting steadily of it. So you can get into it. You can shut it down or you can cause it to change power level. Whatever needs to be done or you can turn off the peel tone. If you need to have wide open access for some emergency, or whatever. So that it can be handy. In fact, used to be there all kinds of functions that people did you could get the repeater to tell you whether you were on frequency or not, right? Yes. Okay. I think people do that anymore, but it used to be all kinds of fancy things that people would build into repeaters, especially now that those touchtone pads are vanishing off most handhelds. Yeah. You don't see them? And I it's too bad. I guess I'm not a great cellphone fans, and I kind of miss. Having auto pass. But anyway, so you don't, you know, you don't need that anymore for most folks. But it doesn't hurt to have it on there. No and some analog hand holds off also offer built in APR s now that can be it onto separate equipment. But it's kinda handy to have that Incan support some kinds of emergency communication, something that other people have procreate equipment and to do that it has to have a global positioning system receiver built into it. Of course, a number of handhelds, do it was kind of a rarity a few years ago, but it's becoming a little more common at least among the higher end more expensive handhelds. Yeah. So you know, where you are. That's always getting it's always helpful. But for me memories are critical and how many memories and how I could sort them. And so on I have trouble, remembering what's in memory? Anyway, I I don't use these at that often. But but I think the biggest change in the past decade or so has been the profusion of digital modulated. Schemes. Yes. And that's kind of changed the whole structure of VHF handhelds. The early amateur providers started with Ikom offering radios using the Japanese standard d star system, which provided digital voice operation as well. As network data communication using special repeaters. Yes. Now, the problem with that. Or a problem with that is in many areas, repeater, pairs are very limited. And what that meant was if you're gonna put an E star repeater, which wouldn't support doesn't support analog FM you had to take down a repeater that did support analog FM. So somebody with a regular old analog hand-held couldn't get through that repeater anymore and put up the the d- star. But it had a lot of advantages this provide digital voice operation as well. As network data communication, and the repeaters were special type that could handle this. And they were could be network over the phone system or other in other ways between the repeaters and a lot of capability there. In addition all star transceivers that I ever encountered also supported standard analog FM. So yes, there are backward compatible that is true. And now Ken would also provides transceivers and repeaters that use star. I don't know if anybody else does. No, it's can what with that that one particular model, and then of course, all the icon d start unit and not too long ago. Ye soon entered the market with its own proprietary digital voice and data system called c four F M or eight all it system fusion. Yes. Which is another digital system that is has similar features to star, but is not compatible with and then to this has been ended a number of systems designed for commercial users. But now popular with amateurs as surplus early equipment has become available at low cost some manufacturers in the far east also make compatible equipment can support amateur as well. As commercial users. Some of the popular systems are Apcoa p twenty five a trunk public safety digital only system that. Clues products offered by multiple manufacturers, another digital system that has become very popular digital mobile radio. Oh, yeah. DM our? Yeah. Our standard system that a similar but not compatible with the other system. So we have three primarily if you don't count p twenty five we have three digital systems that you might find in handheld transceivers that are all incompatible with each other. Yes, exactly. Kind of to me. It's kind of not a great one of the things about ham radio. Is you like to be able to talk to other hymns? Yes. So we have to say well, see what kind of system are you on? Well, I can't talk to you. Sorry. You know, you can always shift back to analog. But if you want to participate in what's going on in some kind of a group, you need to be able to have the kind of equipment that that they use drew now, I'm moved to digital. If signals are strong digital voice will generally have a higher signal ratio than FM. But if m is strong, it has a high signal noise ratio anyway, and yet voice, so what's the deal? But anyway. While FM gets noisy that gets weaker digital stays about the same until it reaches a threshold at which point it suddenly is no longer useful at all goes chunk. And it's just the garbage whereas FM can usually still function at that point yet. It's more gradual roll out roll off. And of course, the the digital radios. In addition to voice, carry data channels, call signs, what have you that are going separately, and they can send data much more efficiently than analog systems with modems and so forth. So so digital systems have their advantages. But the big disadvantage, in my view is the fact that they're not compatible with each other, and you have your own little island of of some particular modulation. That's true. So how to pick a a hand held? Well, the answer is simple go with whatever your local group is settled on. Yes. No matter how much or how many whizbang features your favorite digital mode offers. If yours is the only radio that type in the area, you end up only being able to talk to yourself or your buddy that happened to buy the same radio. That's right. Yeah. The same day. So your local club or public service group has probably put up a repeater to support the mode of choice. Whether it's analog, or it's a one of the digital modes that usually the case, and if that's the case, you know, get involved with the club. And if it's a club, you wanna be doing things with you probably want to get the kind of radio that works with a repeater. They will always still be a place for FM transceivers. So don't toss them but lineup with what your group is doing when you go to towards digital transceiver. Absolutely. Let's take a break, Joel. And we will hear from DX engineering, and we will be back ever talked to a salesperson who didn't know the difference between a rotator and the rotary phone or Yagi and a yoyo or a ballon in a ballerina. He'll never have that problem with DX engineering when you call us, you'll talk directly with knowledgeable, amateur radio experts people who speak your language when you contact the x engine hearing, you dealing with operators who are as passionate about the hobbies. You are this means better. Service expert, technical advice and a commitment to your complete satisfaction. Even long after your purchase has been made. Whether you're newly licensed or longtime operator you'll always find a friendly ham who understands exactly what you need on the other end of the line. Plus, you'll find a huge selection of amateur radio equipment. Get the fastest shipping in the ham universe, and shipping is free on most orders over ninety nine dollars. Let's talk about your station. Visit us a DX engineering dot com. That's d x engineering dot com. We're back Joel. And I have an interesting question for you. This one comes from Mark w f nine y and he's asking one of my Tana's is g five RV die poll a ham and Canada recommended. I put a bunch of ground radios beneath it, the more the better he said that he did it and it helps us performance. I've never heard of this before what what are your thoughts. I've never heard of this either. Frankly, I'm going to be curious to see what you have to say. Yeah. I guess it's interesting because I think what it comes from is many antenna publications show antenna patterns of antennas over a perfect ground antennas over less perfect round and so forth. Oh, well, I want an antenna over perfect ground. So it looks like that pattern well by putting ground radials underneath it. You kind of our approach ING that. But the question is is that what you really want? And it depends very much on what your needs are certainly will will increase the ground connectivity beneath your intent few ad radios. And this may help or maybe an issue depending on your check and improve ground beneath and connected to vertical. Monopole does improve the efficiency beginning more power into the Antona. Oh, no question. But of course, in this case, we're talking about a horse. A horizontal Lanta with a horizontal antennas such as your g five RV. What will happen is that signals will be tended tend to be reflected upward which if you're an antenna has less than a half. Wavelength? High will be good for short range or medium range near vertical incident sky wave propagation, okay? Which can be you know, that's that's very important for a lot of people, and this will improve your regional communication not by a lot by a little especially on eighty and forty meters. But the other side of that coin is it will reduce the power available for lower angle long distance communication. That's what I thought. So it depends on what your objectives. Are if you wanna work the ex you don't wanna do that. I mean, ten is very high and actually it won't even matter for that. Because for DX low angle radiation. You don't need the ground enhanced below the Antony needed some hundred feet away or something for the low to support the low angle radiation. So I can take a big sheet of metal and put it one hundred feet from my intent and that will improve it in that direction. Now thought I would ever seriously do such a thing I've been involved in programs like we had a worked on h f over the horizon radar system at one point for one of our government agencies, and we had a ground screen that extended at eight hundred feet in front of the plot that purpose to support low angle radiation that happened to have been vertical antenna. But the same thing what it worked for what works for a horizontal as well. And my wife wouldn't permit that know probably some of your neighbors. Not like having a wire mesh over lots of chicken wire. Yes. So that that can be done. It has been done. It takes a lot of money to do that. If you figure out how much wire that takes, but you can get a sense of how this all works by looking at those radiation patterns in those books where you have one that shows the radiation over a perfect round look at a low horizontal antenna and you'll see the radiation going mostly up and you look at a pattern or the same over free space and you'll see that the elevations is equal at all elevations. Hang of course, even real crummy. Ground is not quite that. You're not gonna penetrate the earth and go towards the center, so the radiation going straight down is not going to go there. But, but you see that the a lot more radiation going off at low angles in that case than there is the case with a perfect round under now the radiation at the low angles will not be as strong as it will be when it's reflected upwards where you get the benefit of the reflected way, but nonetheless radiation. Low angles over free space will be higher than it will be for a low horizontal antenna over perfect ground. So that's kind of what you're up against. Yes. So the real situation that you have will be sort of inbetween and one thing you can do is you can go to take a trip to your town engineer's office, and he might be able to give you some ground. Connectivity information about what the connectivity is in your area. And then some simple antenna modeling can show you what happens in your situation, and you can actually try putting the radios in the model and see what happens now most antenna modeling programs will not allow you to put radios underground or some exceptions. But they tend to be quite expensive on the other hand if you model the radios a few inches above ground programs can handle that and that'll be very similar to what the performance you get from having buried radio. So you can actually find out what it will do for your situation that would be helpful and decide whether it makes sense for you. So if you want near vertical incidence sky wave that will help a little, and if you want DX it will hurt a little. So that's that's basically it. Well, thank you. Joel my pleasure. You have a question for the doctor Email us at Dr at a r L dot org. The doctor is in podcast is sponsored by the ex engineer at WWW dot the engineering dot com. Background music provided by purple planet at WWW dot her. Dash planet dot com. This podcast is coffee. Right. A R L. Alright a reserve until next time. I'm managing editor Becky Schoenfeld w one be X Y seventy three and thanks for listening.

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223 All About She Podcasts Live! The Conference

She Podcasts

30:27 min | 1 year ago

223 All About She Podcasts Live! The Conference

"Hello everyone, welcome to she podcast. This is just a cover men with me as always, my lovely co host, Elsie, Escobar, and our producer, John tennis. How's everyone doing today? We have a bunch of stuff about the sorry, I guess, I should give you a chance to answer. Go ahead. We're PT. Now. No just kidding. This is she podcast take to just go. We'll have her shit together. Although so far, it's not going well, so. How's everything going? You got a lot going on. L C. The league doors are finally closed. Did you get a new crop, ladies and new crop of chicks? I yes, they're amazing. I'm stoked and incredibly busy, which is like when this is going live. I am. I'm sure you know, in my kitchen, drinking some hot drinks, and preparing for a very gelling day in terms of just, you know, lots of things to do, but it's gonna be great Mahouz were excited, we're excited. I couldn't tell the -ssarily. But worksite. Right. I know it's like it's yet I am excited, but it's just a it's a lot. It's a lot of like this is like when it's like, oh my God, you're we got. Yes, like you know, it's down to for your first marathon or you're going to do your, you know this is when you do it, this is like the thing this is like triathlon day. It's triathlon begins for five weeks. She's going the distance. She's goings, right? Worse. He'd she's all alone alone time of no, my God. That's Elsie right now. She's just that's her theme summer. Now. Yeah. That said, though, just this, I'm not the only one that's going through some of the stuff because no wasn't going on. What's been going on? I mean, I've been planning these sheep e live, the women podcasters experience conference, a live conference happening in as Lanta, this fall, for those of you who don't know or haven't heard about it. We have a Kickstarter that we launched a couple of weeks ago. She pike house dot com. Ford slush Kickstarter. It has got to be funded or no event sqi because we'll couple reasons podcast movement, didn't event Kickstarter before their event years and years and years ago. And since then, the concept of podcast or conference has been proven but not I mean, there's one women's one but it's primarily focused on women who are employed by networks that do podcasting. This is sort of the, the Indy. Well, it's for everyone, but I want to make sure that this is what we want before I pledge. My heart and soul into it because well first of all, if I can fund enough tickets. And I know there's a need, and I can book a hotel, and everything will be fine. Also, if I can fund enough tickets, I can go to a sponsor and say, look all these women bought tickets, and they wanna come. This is how many we expect, and then they'll say, oh, great sign me up to do the passes, or sign me up to do a lunch or sign me up tradition that we've already had some sponsor increase and some speaker inquiries. And actually just so you know that will be available soon. It's just that I'm not thinking about sponsors, yet because I only want to fund this Kickstarter. So if you're listening, and you want to support me, or Elsie, or the show, or even this concept, or even if you wanna by buying a ticket is the actual dream. But if you can't go or you're not sure at least do us the favor, send us a little bit of support so that we can from this kick starter and know that the community backs us and wants to happen. So that's what's been happening. Lots of pincher sports for me nights. Right. No. But I think that it's really important to. A lot of conversations that we've seen we've had a request for that, right? When are we going to have a conference like that husband come up along a lot of the time? And I mean, I'm gonna table this that I'm going to say right now to just acknowledge the fact that I have been the resistance in having this not happen. All me. I'm the one that's been putting the brakes on this, but I'm gonna table to the side, because I want to get to the conversation, which, which is this, which is the fact that a lot of people and this happens online all the time, though, saying, like, oh my gosh, we need to do this. Oh my gosh. It would be great if you guys did that. And then nobody actually commits or no. That will be found us actually a couple of times, just like just our group has done that a couple times with us. But I don't wanna give you all the credit for the resistance because I probably would have done it. Whether you resisted or not I was just waiting for the right time myself. You know, I was waiting for the apples to me, right? So I could pick them whether you wanted to eat, apple pie or not. Does that make sense? Yeah. No, I understand all I'm saying is that the reason that the Kickstarter is really there and the reason that it is super important. I am so so confident in fact, we have gotten so many people who are interested in this event for sponsorship. It's create s it's been off. Companies are literally ready to just be so happy. But here's the thing people. We cannot fund this with sponsors because then what's going to be it's going to be, Jessica. And I and sponsors. Yeah. We have to make sure you don't trysts. And that's even if it's just that you buy it online ticket, it would be enough for us to know. Okay. People do want this. They're just not sure they can afford it. We're going to be selling tickets all year. But if we can't raise twenty five K, I can't promise the hotel will be able to spend on food and beverage. And when there's no venue, then there's no vendor lay out. There's no breakfast. There's no hotel block all that stuff needs to happen in order to have a decent conference. You gotta have hotel rooms. I got to be able to tell people it's at this place. I can't do that with that a funded Kickstarter because I'm just trying to be for once in my life. I'm trying to be conservative and not pull the trigger without having learned how to use a gun. That's terrible. No, it's like, yeah, no, but I totally understand. So if any of you guys, the have really wanted to have that feeling of being a conference where people get you, you know, that people get what it's like to do this, which is what Justin I have been doing now for four years where we record wherever. As that we can through people being sick through the fact that my wife, I has gone down through the fact that I have people screaming in the background or we have children trying to tug at us. The entire time to understand that it's so hard to juggle doing all of these things to get behind the microphone in that sometimes you feel like people don't get you being in a room. Full of women who are doing the same thing in that. They understand what a microphone is understand what recording. And Skype is they, they know what it's like when you lost the darn recording, you're paying, you know and with happiness with all happiness, and joy and colors and glitter in sparkle Elsie and all about. I have to ask you something else because. Yeah, I feel like I could be wrong, but every time I send you a picture of something that's either colorful or has glitter feel like you're brightening up about the event, a little more every time like you're just like every single time. Yeah. It's like right anything that is. Yes. I am. Totally right. It's like glitter sparkles paint anything that's has to do with colors. I'm so stoked. It's so cool. How could anyone be unhappier overwhelmed in a rainbow chandelier room with Herpel and blue spotlights and balloons covering the wall and peonies and glitter, and snow and Fareed us? That's this event. I don't know what I promise, but I hope it looks something like that for you. That's what my goal actually, maybe, maybe we just need to get like colorful glasses for people. Maybe we d really oh my gosh, you know what we could totally do that. So when we went, this is total tangent, but when we went to Phipps conservatory in Pittsburgh, which is like one of my favorite places ever. And they had they had Christmas lights outside, and it was all snowy and Christmas lights. And then they gave you these snowflake sunglasses things and you put them on. And then when you walk around, and you look around everything was. Snowflake how don't even the decorations we just need glasses just thought. Oh my God. A look into that, because that would really help me out, we'll turn terrible food and good food. I'm not sure but it would make things pretty to look at. I'm joking. I'm joking. This is gonna be incredible. I'm not there's no it's gonna be amazing. You know, I mean Elsie no matter what we always have good food there. We've never done anything with food, even to risk our own lives because that first thing we did. We brought in food, and it was delicious. And we weren't even allowed to do it. We got in trouble member. We got in trouble because of the good food we spent so much money on that food, you guys that's for another day to grant, ladies the hotel stuff stood in the back of the room and watch us all throughout our plates, because we weren't allowed to have it. We had to throw them out in like fifty like we had to throw out all of bed. Anyway, that's completely different story about that. She podcast live experience where we're not going to be throwing away food and. We want we just want to know that there's a need, and we can't know that, if you don't go over to the Kickstarter, because that would make I mean, it would just it would be so incredible to see that and then it can actually become to life, and then we can really make it happen. And then we can really make the deals and talk to people and have speakers and start having those conversations because I know that there's a lot of you guys to that reach out like I could be really good at speaking about this, and that, but you know what doesn't matter if you really good. If nobody's there. Yeah. I do want a lot of a lot of speakers. I want speakers and I want hot seats and I want panels, but I don't want to think about that until I know we can book a hotel. There's no point in thinking about there's no point without knowing as no point, you guys want to be there. So please be there pleased by ticket. They will probably be transferable. If you're not sure you can come at the very least by the ticket and. Yeah. Like Elsie said show us that there's the need that you guys need you need it, like we need it. We really need it, and it's not that there's anything wrong with the events that are out there already. It's just that the way we do things a little different. Little fun, a little bit of laughter, a little bit of mindfulness just different. And so we want to share that with you. We really wanna share that with you, and have you all share your knowledge and experience with us, too. So she podcast dot com forward slash Kickstarter, and I had a one last thing to say just has been putting up. She actually put it up on our Instagram page. And in the group as well where she has this lovely image. And I think what I'm gonna do is in the show notes on a link to the Instagram post for. She so Instagram dot com slash podcast where she asked, what does your dream conference look like, and I want you guys to go in there and then comment and to go ahead and just let us know and make it a dream make it to the point where you're like, oh, my gosh, I've always wanted tend to conference that had this and just give voice and put it in there. And then that way, we know something that we can plan and maybe it would be just Superfund and it's a lovely image that she put up there. So thank you maybe guys want milk and cookies. And maybe you guys want a ballet performance, and maybe you guys want to hear from Terry gross. And maybe you guys wanna hear from a and maybe you guys want to sit in a giant circle with thousands of people and introduce ourselves. Or maybe you want something more like world domination. Or maybe you want something more like the. Essence festival, or mom two point. Oh, but we wanna know what's your dream event. What and also for me, this is something my, I'm just going to start it because this is the reason why ask the question. My personal dream event is where nothing starts before ten AM. And because I've said that so many women have been like. Thank god. You're going to do that. I do really want to do it. Even if it means we go a little later, because mom's, especially never get to sleep in. And when I go to a conference, I want it to feel just a little like vacation, and I can't fool myself up at seventy m I just can't I wanna fool myself. Let me wake up at eight thirty one flipping day, you know. So I really do want are things not to start until ten even if that means we're having lunch and dinner together instead of breakfast and lunch, or even if it means we have one meal together, I don't know. But so that's the kind of stuff I wanna know like what other what things have have other conference has been missing for you. Are they? They missing like super lush goodie bags. Are they missing like I said, milk, and cookies at night, is it missing, you know, deodorant in the bathroom is it miss? What stuff do you want to feel happy and comfortable at an event when you think back to the events, we've been through for podcasting different years have different things some years, there wasn't enough water and some years, like Philadelphia like the flippin air conditioning wasn't working? That's not something I can help certainly but, like tell me about the stuff. That's, that's why I said, don't tell me what you don't like or necessarily, what other shows have done that you don't like. But just what you need and want an order for it to be a great, great experience. And I'm going to try and provide it. I want all your feedback. I've never I've never done this before I've done some events, but not like this. And so I really want to be special for us. We like it. We want a love letter. It's my love letter to the podcasting community. That's but you know what? What do you know what though I'm gonna tell you something if we're going to talk about this. We're gonna really talk about it. Can we? Yeah. Okay. So I was going through the little work book. It's called. I found this woman online, who is the cutest thing I've ever seen. And she has the best branding, it's called Adventist by a leash. And she's got all these little, she's got all these articles about, like, how to be like a boss event planner and how to become competitive, and how to have a great, the IP experience, etc. And so forth. Well, she has this little workbook, that I downloaded that's just like the fundamentals of planning your first event, and I went through a lot of it is, like, what do you want it to do? Why do you want it to do that? How do you plan on making that happen? You know in the when I got to the Y, you know, the wise, funny, because even though I've never done this before also, you know, I've always wanted to do one, but like, you know, when people ask you the question. What would you do if you win the lottery? What are the things you would do with the money, you don't my answer's always been no throw a big ass. Brewster's millions type of party, a big party, I would take that money and through the biggest possible party invite everyone, I know to come and have a good time. That was that's my what would you do with a million dollars answer? So when I got to the why the answer is just like 'cause nothing would be more fun than hosting people. I love and watching them. Have a good time and eat amazing. It's my favorite fucking thing. It's the reason why I'm always like stay with me. Stay with me. You can stay with me. I'll feed you. We'll have it is. My favorite thing is the host people. I don't know that I realized about myself until I was filling this out. And then I was like, oh, my God, I love throwing parties. The best I could do that. Just from the fact that the way that you've thrown Isaac his party's where I'm just like, how did you even come up with for, I know? I know every time I do that. People ask me about it like you're so good at it. I'm like, natch the one time I get pincher STI, I don't know where it came from. I was never liked up before just happened out of nowhere of what it is. When Pinterest happened, that's when I started doing I didn't realize that birthday party could be so cute and fun when we were kids, it was like a pointy hat with a uncomfortable strap under the chin and a cake from Weiss market and the tail on the dumb ass. Right. It was never cute. Little relabeled water bottles with my name on them, and like Choo Choo tires, and it's so fun and cute. Whatever you know what I mean. Pinterest change my life. Benches is ruined my life but for the good for the meta. I mean it's like, that's, that's one of those things where like I'm happy that you enjoy it so much because it's the because remember the party, I threw you had one chair. You had a birthday party for child, and she had outdoor ten and one chair for people to what I guess, fight over. I don't know. Do you remember my reaction? When you're like, I guess you'd sent Randy to store with X amount of dollars and he came back with an outdoor tent and one chair, and you're just like yeah. Chairs. Chairs and I was like, I guess, people just stand around, but wow, y'all don't know you chair at a party. Wow. So. I mean, it was hilarious. It was like not. It was one of those things where in the we yeah. Between the two of us were like, what are we going to feed them? Like, what are they gonna drink? And then rans always like oh, they can bring their own stuff like him. Can the party honestly, almost food Asheville that day to help you? That's how I was that he only about one chair. I was just like what the hell people going to sit on not realizing that they're all like Elsie, and they're just like look at that chair alone has a vision of ibe. They're all like Elsie, and they're like going to be like one chair. It's a statement. It's modern art. It's wonderful. No. I think it's one of those things where everybody likes it's on the ground. Like, yeah. That's the kind of people. Think around they're doing this. But even that, though it was just one of those where I was just like what, what, what are we going to eat, what in Rennes he just he's really into like they could just bring their own stuff? I'll just tell them to bring extra chairs. Oh my God. You know, if I told my parents, the kids parents, the JC that they had to bring their own food and their own chairs. I would never have another friend ever. No, no friend would even they wouldn't even talk to the swimming pool accidentally splashed them seriously. I would be talking about. See what I'm talking about, like as in like, why I this, the whole conference idea is just so I mean, I was the one that was telling told my mom for years, still for years was like, please no parties. No parties. No parties. Do not make gave me a birthday party. I do not like ever since I could have a the, the, the will enough the self possessed nece enough to say to her, no parties. No mom, then she stopped because. Well, it was like she. He wanted to. And then I was like, no nobody's well, this is also while you were fired from the planning committee, you're on the marketing committee now. That's right. You're the marketing rain, you're not allowed to be on the planning. The planning team is Elsie free and let me tell you listening planning on come. We are the better for it. I assure you one fucking chair and bring your own food. That's kind of conference. She would've made us do. One. I was so funny. The first round of the league that we did. We were so excited by the whole experience, everybody, you know, because I didn't I mean, you know, when you do something for the first time, it, there is a magic to it like, especially the first time you attend something or the first time you run a course that really is life changing. That's what happened with the league. And then so towards the end everybody was, like, you know lovey-dovey and it was like, oh, my God, we should have a physical, like re tweet and all the stuff, right? And of course, guess what I said. Where would I have just where would I have them in Asheville? Well, yeah but in. Yeah, but in a Yurt, your did you really say that I did, and half of them were like yeah. I've always wanted to stay in at your and half of them are like I geared listen. I'm going to say this. Now, if any of anyone out there, ever decides to throw LC, and I a sheep podcast, the party in anniversary party. It's not gonna be our commerce because our conferences about you, the listener. But if you ever want to a party for us I expect a your cake. I expect your rat. I expect a cat crying in the background, I, expect all kinds of like Elsie. And just I mean, like, actually, you know, who would be perfect to this Emily, because she did she did. She podcast. Bingo, never even talked about sheep. I guess. Bingo, she did the bingo card. It's like everything on the bingo card needs to be some kind of decorative element in themed conference. Like, once the conferences is funded because I'm putting that out once. Conferences funded, then we could just have like these little tiny hidden on e-e-e-e-no insider, what are those called, you know what I mean? The hidden things inside of websites and stuff Easter eggs. Yeah. We can have Easter eggs, all over the conference. That is like only like somebody that knows she podcast would do it like somebody would look at it and go like, why is that? Cat, right. Right. That would be really cool. We can have bingo going on the entire time. Like people give you watch. That would be if we played she podcast. Bingo and gave away prizes sponsor prizes. Wouldn't that be cool? That would be great or like what are those things where people like height stuff, and you have to go find it not hide stuff, but scavenger hunt? Yes, governor, hot early treasure map that they did a podcast seriously, what without having to talk to people. That's like a scavenger hunt almost like Easter egg hunt kind of. Yeah. It's sort of, you know, when you go to trader Joe's and then there's they hide that monkey or some kind of other have you gone into two jobs lately, you know about that. Yeah. I do know about that, though. He lied look a something. And then you have to find it in the store. Yeah. And usually the little kids, obviously love to do that. But maybe we could have something like that maybe could be fancier like some kind of sparkly something or other that's hidden somewhere. It's a great idea. I love that idea. That would be that'd be amazing. So this is a conference of all kinds of fun stuff. And maybe we will talk about. No, no. It will be about podcasting as well. But, you know, it will also wanted to be a conference where like there's some you can learn that you can't learn at the other places. I don't necessarily want to teach how to start a podcast or how to be a good interviewer. I mean, there will be some aspects of that. But I just wanted to be different. I wanted to be approached differently like interviewing new people or I've never seen that or how to interview someone you are obsessed with, like celebrities or that kind of thing. Like I just wanted to be like a different take something that women might have a struggle with that we are community might struggle with that would never be highlighted on in other podcast conferences. You know what I mean? Yeah. I'm cool with that like that. That's totally fine. Okay. But, but still, though, I mean, it could be totally, like she podcast like our show, where it was just random tangents. How could we do that in the like, you know, when you're writing down like what like that without goats is the question. How can we do? We have to go. But that's what I mean. We can have goat cheese ravioli, if you had the party, she has party with, we have little goats everywhere, like little plush goats. Well. Oh, they smelly. I don't want go poop everywhere if you can have goats. Unless she goats. Plus, she, you know, like the fluffy, not that. Plus, she's talking about when it take my goat s-. Plush means something else, isn't that what a plus she isn't those little fuzzy thing? What do you call those things those toys with the fluff? They are all. Yes, stuffed animals, but also. Okay. Gene stuffy isn't isn't. Plus, she another term for people who have a an affinity for who. Get turned on by animal costumes. What John talking about ferries furry. That's right. So, yeah. My kids act was when they were your kids age. They started calling their stuff animals furry and I had to have full conniption fit about it. That's what it is. I thank you, John. I don't even know you never finish the sentence. So I don't know what this is. The you said something about when people are turned on by wearing whole ary furry animal costumes. I saw episode of CSI way back in the day about that. Yes, they put on animal costumes, and then they interact in an intimate way with the costumes on, and that's called furry not. Plus she's, but I thought it was plush I couldn't remember and then John reminded me it was furry and yes. So furry are not, plus she's for Reeser people who engage in that particular. Fetish okay, yell. Not that I'm so glad that I do that up for everyone. Okay. Anyway, so, yeah, I think that whoever's gonna plan a she podcast party needs goats, and yours, I can't believe you would suggest that. Are you gonna do yoga retreat? Have you thought about whether or not you want to run yoga for? No, I don't think that I'm for that dude. I want to do yoga. Oh, you want someone to do it with you. Okay. You don't it's such a good to know because it's it doesn't matter if I'm good at it or not. I need yoga more than I need to teach it. Well, who doesn't? I mean I see your point. I'm just being different. Airport. I don't wanna do I wanna sleep until ten to? You know, or till whenever than, you know, scientist, you know, we talked about it last last time, eight o'clock. I get up at six just to get ready to be there at eight. You know, it's too, yes. Seattle want that I want people to be able to have a nice luxurious breakfast. Get ready for their day journal, meditate workout do yoga. I don't want people to have to get up at five in the morning to do that. I want us to be refreshed and take really good care of ourselves at this event. That's kinda my point. That's my MO. Yeah. I think lovely fantastic. Love it. It's gonna be really go. All right. Bottom line funded. Yeah, please help us funded. Please. She podcast com for slash Kickstarter. And now do we have anything to talk about or should we just say goodbye? Do we? Well, we have we, we had the sheep podcast live kind of stuff that we went having gone on here, and I think that there's a couple of. I mean we could stop we could just leave it like that. Yeah. We could just leave it at that we could stop, like a special sheep. Eli episode short sweet to the point. Yes. Short sweet to the point. Yeah. We could totally do that. There's podcasting news. But guess what it'll still be there next week? Start whereas starter tick tock tick tock to talk to top. Well, that's what we have for this episode because we want really, really wanted to just talk about the sheep podcast conference experience, that we want you guys to kind of check out, especially with Kickstarter campaign, and hopefully that at least the conversation made you imagine the possibilities of what an event like this would be. So we would really appreciate it. If you went into it out other than that, I think we're going to be closing early today. We just wanted to make it all about this. So all minds are focused and you can actually just click the link in our show notes to go directly to the Kickstarter campaign as well. And tell your friends. So maybe this isn't your thing. Maybe you're like you know what? I really love these ladies. But I just either don't have the funds or I'm not gonna tend share it, share it on social media share it with your friends. Talk about it, and especially if you're a podcast, her, yeah, share or someone who you think needs their own podcast because you. You all know one person that's like you gotta have your own show here, girl. This is really good quick barrier to entry into having any kind of your own show. So if you know, someone like that who has an amazing personality, but they don't have their own show of any kind YouTube cetera. This is a great way to start into that world. Podcasting and you guys know that if you're listening to this, but just saying, send it to your friend, who has a big personality nowhere to put it like me, that's me. I'm not girl mind. You Jess is going to Georgia next week and there's a possibility. We won't be able to get a show out to you guys next week because she'll be traveling. And I'm not sure if I can fit it into my crazy schedule as of next week. So if there's no show next week, expect one for the next week after that. But if you have any feedback about this, we would also love to hear from you feedback at she podcast dot com. Plus, you can follow us in all of the different places in social media. You can find us by we are she podcast. So it's pretty easy for you to find us all over the place. And I do employees to go to that instant. Post were just asked for some feedback, and let us know your dreams because we as well. Next week we're gonna have we're starting a new segment called super squad sample because Elsie are doing as in our super squad group every week. And some of the questions you guys been asking have been really interesting. I know a lot of you wanna know the answer. So the next time become back to this show, we're going to do super squad sample where we take a sample of one of the more common or more complicated questions that are being asked of us in the super squad, and we're going to answer them together live for you. So I'm really excited about that actually because I had someone. Right me with a couple of questions. And now I'm gonna have to answer in Email. We didn't do this. That's okay. But we will do it. And that way, you guys will get at least some answers here, and we'll have that. And of course, it's going to be time coated, and you guys can just if you just want those questions, you can check them out in, if you want to have your question answered you would have to be part of our she podcasts. Five dollars a month. Guys, five dollars a month on our patriot. Yep. She dot com for slash patriot. Do you like little pretty links? It's very convenient. All right. Thank you so much for listening fighters on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at she podcast. Join our for free and the super suave for five dollars a month. Thank you so much for listening cenex week in Atlanta, and hopefully we'll have another show for you next week. Love you. Wreck.

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84: #HandmaidHalloween2018 Pt 2

Mayday: The Handmaid's Tale Podcast

1:03:06 hr | 3 years ago

84: #HandmaidHalloween2018 Pt 2

"Made as brought to you by. Hey, there is crystalline. I'm one of the host of the may Handmaid's tale podcast. I wanna tell you about fats it fun. It's a seasonal bucks with full-size beauty fitness in lifestyle products. It has product vegan leather free people. I'm ask glam blow bubble mass a Haba mineral handcream, some really nice makeup precious message just the beginning of it. Don't miss out because they sell out fast checkout, WWW dot fab fit fun dot com. And use the code mayday to save ten dollars off your first box making only thirty nine nine again. That's facet dot com musical. May you deserve treat yourself? Hey, mayday people this Tian ah. This is part. Two of our scary movie podcast. We're gonna finish on our list of movies that truly scared us plus will break down the twenty fifteen movie the witch starring on you, Taylor, joy Ralph innocent and Kate Dickie. It's about a family in sixteen thirties. New England that's torn apart by the forces. A witchcraft black magic and possession. Plus a discussion on how our experiences create differences between men and women when it comes to considering her movies to watch don't forget you have until November seventh to enter a costume contest. Visit our website at WWW dot all consuming content dot com for information. Here's Justin to tell you all about it. Yes. Happy handmade Halloween. Two thousand eighteen everyone you have until November seventh one more week seven more days to inter are Handmaid's steel costume competition. You can go to our website all consuming content dot com to enter there are three categories pit individual in group. You can also tag us on a post on social media. You can find us at handmade podcast like Handmaid's tale Hannemann at handmade podcast. We were on Twitter Instagram and Facebook, you can tag us with our social media handle at handmade podcast and use the hashtag handmade Halloween twenty eighteen tan made Halloween twenty eighteen once again three categories you can enter as many times you want in as many categories as you. And you'll be eligible for some awesome prizes. Some things that we haven't even talked about yet from the behind Lanta finished sticker club charm, boxer shadows, Hulu, author Mary singer and the feminist pencil project will have more on all those coming up, and you will be judged fantastically by famous people ever cared and Stephen King who you will know as Naomi Putnam and Warren Putnam from the Handmaid's tale. We'll be judging our individual competition and the phenomenal lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band. Hailstorm will be judging the group competition none other than Lizzy hail. You can find out. More permission about hailstorm at hailstorm rocks dot com. They've just wrapped up the European tour in support of their latest album vicious, and they kick things off in North America in mid November believe off in Virginia. So get more information on the new album vicious and tickets for the tour at hailstorm rocks dot com once again, happy Halloween, everyone be safe out there. Enjoy your time and find more formation about our costume competition at all consuming dot com. Tom or on social media at handmade podcast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram enjoy. Dan. Yes. The witch. Never heard of this movie until two days ago. Really? Yeah. Lived up to expectations. I would say. Concerned at the beginning. Yeah. I think I I I was afraid it was going to be like a lot of tank, but not a lotta genuine scares especially in. This was heavy in the beginning. The. It was genuinely some serious. He wear the goat. Other things. Interesting at the ended said that it was a lot of the dialogue was taken from. Fake tales and fables and recor Ted letters from back in his era, which I think is this the sixteen eighty years. Yeah. Yeah. A friend of mine at work who recommend this movie. When I put the call out for scary movie recommendations said that she was told it was like the only scary movie ever approved like officially approved by the Golden's cult of Satan. Well that sounds legit. Another thing that said at the end is that he's also taken from like which craft records, and like all of the so it's about as accurate, I guess as we can get. Yeah. Well, I mean, it leaves it leaves a lot of unanswered questions for something trying to be very accurate, which I think is probably appropriate given that at the time lake everybody believed me which things in the unexplained was just not uncommon in a time where you know, not a lot of science happening. Exactly also as we learned in the movie like they just arrived there that long ago from Yanling from England again, that's that's an interesting dynamic as well. As like felt like it was like trying to be, you know. New people in this new place in they're being corrupted by it as the movie proceeds this country kind of corrupting. You thing when they were very sure that it was their own human nature was the crushing actor true. It was intense. Yeah. It was there was a lot more. Scary components. I guess I would say than your average scary movie. There were there were just a lot more things happening. It wasn't like the exact same thing happening over and over. No. Or, you know, lots of little things leading up to win big thing. Exactly. Like, most of the little things would have been a big thing. In most other scary movies. I agree. It said it's it's a slow burn at the beginning about halfway through his win. There's a certain thing that happens in that was when I looked at you. And I go hokey it's about to get real from. And that was pretty accurate, but they don't go over the top with it. And it's it's fairly well paced. I thought the performances were all really good. Yeah. The performances from the kids in this movie were fantastic. Which is not something you get to say a lot on scary movies. I think the other two twins in this movie that I feel like if I would have seen this at the movie theater. I would have gotten in trouble that a tendency to like laugh at things that given the overall tone of the movie probably shouldn't be funny. But those kids were hilarious at the beginning. When they were Hanes the as yes. Yeah. They were to phony. However, they found those kids never realistic pains in the ass. It works. How hold you think? They were. Oh, I don't know nine night. Moga? It does a lot of things. Right. So covers a lot of ground in like one little. Yeah. It is. You know, it's a it's a small cast movie. Yes. So like, you get a lot of screen time with all of the main characters. Which I think lends itself, you kind of feeling like, you know, them a bit even though clearly you don't and you don't you don't get much backstory at all, right? So I think that helps a lot make you feel like you don't want to rebel things to happen to somebody because you don't know any rarely done. Right. One thing that I was impressed with and this is just because you see it a lot in these this type of movie or this era of America, or you know, life was that the father I was expecting a whole lot of violence towards the women towards the children. And none of that good. It was very like spend. Yeah. I was kind of shocked by that. It's actually kind of the opposite. In the end, surprisingly, which is another surprising thing there. Several components of this that actually kind of shocked me, I'm giving the end especially since it's based on fact records that they have. That's even more interesting considering what we usually see from normal kind of Senator movie, they tried to pace on facts and things that they could. You know accounts they could find, but I don't I did not get the impression that the family was based on a real family. So. But I do think it removes some complicating factors of people in the family, maybe already being traumatized if he had been really abusive or something that would have added. More confusion around like what Israel and what's not. You know, it goes a lot of it goes back to women not being believed when they say that have or haven't done thing in this movie. And so that was very interesting very timely, obviously. It's just none of it's over the top. Now. It's very understated movie. Especially for a scary film. But yeah, there were a lot of late touches on dams lake that like women being believed a woman a girl coming women being like a terrible scary thing. And that dot must mean that she has doing something wrong. I was a little surprised at how. Well, the family seemed to be functioning given that they were kind of all in terribly kind of not voluntarily leaving their community while they seem to be fairly tight knit family the father. I mean there it's pretty interesting that they were like basically banished because they were too religious. I think he thought that the church was not pious enough, which I think again lens this like sound Dacian of this country being the corrupting factor of everything because like they've been banished from their community because they are too religious will not obey the laws of the Commonwealth of essentially what they say the beginning. So this guy say ghetto the eight calls fake Christians before they come out. And so it's basically this guy is family knees. Trying to live by very very strict version of prestige entity that is more or less like we're born centers in the new e-end attain, redemption. I guess it's it's a surprisingly tame version of extreme Christianity. Yes, I feel like the is all on the same level about that. Which is a relief. It's not as f- one family members trained to impose this level of presence on all of them know, the family dynamic was interesting because again. Usually in this kind of era of movie, you get a very domineering male figure. Yeah. He was definitely in charge. Like, it was definitely the father was the was very patriarchal. But it wasn't. Yeah. He was flooded in other ways. Yes. But everybody was right. And I think that's the interesting thing is that the big thing thing that they harp on a lot in this is communication and not telling the truth and who's telling the truth about what when they decide to tell the truth about it. You know, what people value over other things in? Why did a lot in one little movie? Like, I was like barely over hour and a half. Really? Oh, wow. Yeah. That was a lot for that ninety two minutes is what is is about. So does on Netflix right now. I'm sure it's all over other kind of places that you can find. But yet time for scary movies streaming channels. Yes, for sure. You can find a lot of them. Don't watch it on folks. Do not watch it alone. Let's talk about that talk. A little watching scaring about the dynamic of. 'cause I had this realization a caller woke moment the other day. Whoa cash. Yes. We'll so is thinking about this project 'cause we had come up, and I was like it's very different for me as a guy man, white straight dude to think about horror movies, and what I can pick and watch. And why I have things that I don't like that. I like to watch the freak me out. But for entirely different reasons than say, like a woman or person's color or. Oh, yeah. LGBTQ person or some combination thereof or some kind of in somebody who was a survivor of or views or someone who's had a family member that is is all kind of lend themselves to those kind of things which is stuff that I don't have to think about and we talked a lot about this in the context of. A hamid. Yes. End who can in can't watch him its tail and why that might be. But yes, scary movies. I think are one of those things that people think about even less known 'cause it's just it's almost a rite of passage here. They, you know, you start watching scary movies when you're old enough to like Goethe's sleepovers without your parents there inevitably somebody has an older sibling who gives the slightly too young kids too scary movie. That's how I saw a lot of scary movies. But yeah, as an adult and even somewhat as child lake there are some that for some people are just way more trickery, Wayne were trickery, you know, not even necessarily because of your personal experience. But because of what is a genuine fear for you. I do not watch scary movies that have lake that I know will have a rape scene or something very close to a rape scene or a threat of rape. That is to real of thing that I legitimately afraid of in life. I don't I don't need to. Add that to my dream scape. In for me. It's like the basis of what I would be afraid of is really silly based on I would raise like you. And I were both kind of you you younger in going to church a lot. I was raised Baptist until I was like eighteen years old. And so that kind of lays the foundation for a lot of things that you're afraid of dot and not that we were like fire and brimstone. Crazy, we don't dance we don't have fun like Baptists, but still, and so, you know, the statement is real and like all of it is like ingrained into and so it the Baptist church. I went to was not. Satan, focus, you know, it was not it with love focused. Definitely not fear focused, and I definitely expected. It's a really different experience for people who grew up going to church that was a lot about fear. Definitely colors. What what scares the crap out of me? Just because of what I especially for someone who either doesn't believe or wasn't raised to believe this kind of movie involving Christianity Satan or witchcraft would necessarily hit them as much because unless I believe that it's real whereas like the exorcist. Certain component of that that still freaks me out because it's like. I think that that maybe could really happen, especially given the history of things have happened in the church. Yeah. That's that's interesting. Whereas the things that are super scary for me because they might really happen. Are like super scary men you meet at a bar, right or walking home alone. And there is somebody following you. Those are the things that are verging onto creepy for me. I can watch any monster movie. I can watch movies like the witch. I can watch a lot of scary stuff. But things that might really happen to me or my loved ones is verging on too much this. It's interesting that I have to have things that are probably never going to happen to me, probably mostly. We're told you alive make believe that I have to be afraid of have to make shit up to be afraid of basically. I mean, I feel like most. White dudes probably this is right. Where you know, the world is yours. But I don't think that many guys people see tonight. I don't I don't think people do people are conscious of that. But I definitely think that's a component NY somethings are scarier to some people than others. Yeah. Which is not more interesting because I look back like the people that I know that a biggest fans of horror movies are mostly winning at least that are very vocal about is. You're one of them. My wife was one of them not so much anymore. I tend to like more I attend to like less realistic skirmish, Sherry movies, though. I'm a big fan of Stephen King movie. I'd like monster movies quite a bit. But I don't like movies, and I don't watch movies that are about a killer breaking and entering into somebody's home. That's very that's that's the thing that legit happens in the world. And I don't generally watch those partly because I don't think the movie. These are as you know. But definitely like I can watch some of these scary movies by myself as I kind of have to shoot. 'cause I'm the only person in my house likes them. But I even if I wanted to I wouldn't be able to watch those by myself alone. That makes sense. Like, I even think of. I was actually have a conversation with two people that I work with this week one who's of probably twenty four year old woman, and she was talking about watching scary movies. And she lives by herself. Apartment by herself. And you know, she was even commenting on you know. Oh, she only has one set set of blinds in the how in the apartment that are even remotely like able to be seen in because the plants are there. She doesn't screen right. She doesn't watch. Like, you're talking about like realistic things like that alone. As yeah. It was. So it's it's and I don't think a lot of guys think about it. And I thought about it just because I do this podcast. Yeah. And this is not a thing. Put a lot of thought into over the years. Why watch some kinds of scary movies? It's really just because we've been talking about this lately leading up to the show, but the more I think about it more like oh make sense. I see what's happening there. Now so much what that other something. I don't think a lot of people are conscious of when they're going to pick. Any gotta move. It really is like what are the person that? You're yeah. No. I'm definitely more aware of it. Another parts of my life like fears that are just like women fears than in something like this related to entertainment. I know I don't feel super comfortable wearing lots of dresses and heels because when I was younger. I remember thinking intensely like I can't fight in heels and can't run away fast in heels and dresses. Some just didn't wear them much solve that fair. Just things we don't have to deal with. Yeah. So guys out there or women who have never thought about it before keep that money time. You're picking your scary movies for the next couple of weeks as your Halloween time is around not everybody might be excited about just ask everybody. That's gonna watch them xactly. Maybe get some opinions simple movie. Do you wanna watch might give answers? I in leading up to this episode. Justin asked me, what kind of movies are off limits, and I had never really thought about that before in context of scary movies. And then immediately the first thing that came to mind was nothing rape. He can't do it. I'm Burke, I'm burqas that even side of this. Because for a long time when I was in my no watching horror movies on I would watch things like you said like alien four monster movies, very unrealistic thing, you know, for me outside of like like, I told you when we were picking movies. I was like we're gonna scare me we need Satan, we need atmosphere. And that's what I mean. Well, this mentally. And so like for me for a long time. Like what I like to do if you are a person who is worried about being freaked out, but still likes were movies. What I do all the time is go to I'm db in. There is a parental advisory section that basically outline in various sections, like sex and violence language, all of them are gonna laid out as to what is in the movie if you can handle being spoiled by it, then it will give you a lot of information as far as what is going to happen in the movie, I have several things that I do not like to see it's kind of like common sense media for grownups. Yes. That's very true. So it's really good source of even to be as we're pretty much. Everyone goes to get their moving permission. If you don't you shut the best app ever settles more arguments than I've. No, right. That every time. If what did we do before we had? I am d tell us really what year was that who starred exactly so that really Johnny Depp was at that other guy that looks like Jon steelwork. Who's in screamed, which is really good scary movie. Yeah. So in a scream. Yeah. That the like there might be somebody outside on the loan like that per scare the shootout Amigues the rest of the movie not so much. But that part scared the shit at me this. So the witch a lot Sam I really enjoyed. That was now that I've seen the whole thing. I could probably rewatch it alone. Be okay. Tolsey on. This is a movie I've been avoiding like the plague and immediately my response was well now we have to see that one. So yes, thank you for the recommendation. Sally. Absolutely. All right. One more quick break in the action. Everybody we got a new sponsor to thank beehive Atlanta. We are very excited to welcome that you can find out more about them at WWW the beehive AT L dot com when Tian and I went down to Atlanta back in April to see an crabtree's exhibit at the scab Fasht museum for person. I call my good friend Mari who manages the behind her sister. Mullany Davis is the owner Mari runs of things. And I call them to make sure that we could get some gifts. And thank you things to send to an an all the people help us get down there and support us while we were there. And of course, they came through and I- horse called them when we needed there. C- could get some help and some prizes, and such from some of their designers that they work with they are not in Atlanta, Georgia the boutique collective comprised of independent designers with focus on local entrepreneurs are products include apparel, housewares accessories. Baby goods local food goods and jewelry for everyone. Super awesome Tian. And I went into the store when we were there. Anna Lanna definitely look up the beehive. If you are not Atlanta again, you can go to the beehive AT, L dot com and Trump everything their store, their new designers all the time. So keep checking back once again that is the beehive and Lanta the beehive AT L dot com. All right, guys. We're gonna take a little break in the action here to give a shout out to some of the people helping us on the podcast for. The costume competition. Our sponsors who providing prizes and much support for this competition could not do that with Optum. So listen up about Lizzie HALE lead singer rhythm guitarist for hailstorm. You can find out more information about Graham on hailstorm rocks dot com. Currently they're having a sweepstakes over in their website. You can get a shadow box. You can be entered to win chatterbox containing some awesome hailstorm stuff like set list signed by the band copy of their new album vicious on some sweet looking purple vinyl. A pair of drumsticks from RJ and some good carpets from losing Joe. And Josh again, check them out hailstorm rocks dot com. Thank you again to visit HALE who will be judging the group competition of our costume competition. So now, I feel like we need to run down the rest of our list. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Movies that legit scare the crap out of us. So I'll start with number three a month. I have great stores for this one. So Rosemary's bay which is good movie. If you've not seen it, I'm giving reasons not to watch it one is because I can't watch it anymore, which makes says the movie version Nunca TVs version, I don't even know what you're talking about his movie version starring Zoe said Lanna, there's absolutely not. There is one version into says version, I can't watch it anymore because Rome implants, directed it. And for those that don't know Romo plant sqi is a fantastic director, however is not allowed to enter the United States of America because in nineteen something or other seventy something I think he allegedly will say it's been van pretty much confirmed. He had where as in the term allegedly very loosely raped a twelve to thirteen year old girl at a party that he was at the Hollywood. So he's officially on the no watches own as I call it. It's like the no fly zone in mind moves in the watch them. So. Very sad. Because I didn't know that at the time when I watch them because it is an amazing fantastic. Specially for remove again is another horror movie that does not have any really goer or. Atmosphere aspect to it. But it is mess with your mind here. Yeah. The first time I saw it was when my wife, and I were dating and I used to work a blockbuster video. And kids out there. That's right. That's where you used to go to rent, VH tapes. Ask your parents and DVD's will eventually they were DVD's. I was there for the change of. That's right. So we're watching it. Right. And we get to the very end of the movie, and I'm gonna spoil it for everyone. So it's the book has been out forever. Yes. If you haven't heard the end resumes baby you have a moment now to turn down the volume. Okay. So at the end of the movie, it's obviously revealed that the baby is father is Satan? Right. So we're done with. I'm probably not even eighteen it's still going to church, and she turns looks at me, and she goes. Well, you know, I'm not the devil. What? Does that? Great. Societally owning rate. It's fantastic woman. I am married to look after in which state and father the woman's job. That asked me, how do you know that I'm not the devil in you kept dating her later. Awesome. I know damn what are you go on your list that have you seen use? Obviously seeing this. Okay. Yeah. I've seen both versions. Yeah. It's legitimately. It's a way better buck, but it is a good movie. And I don't I do not think that every single time without fail. The book is better most of the time goes better. But in this case, it's lot better. So next on my list is another Stephen King movie. The original it never saw. I saw it. And thus now don't like clowns. Yeah. Scary. Just so many terrifying. Things in that movie. It's a really good mix of realistic. And completely unrealistic scary stuff. As Stephen King is kind of master of where like there are elements that are real, you know, children disappearing things like that sewer. Totally scary place to begin teenage mutant ninja turtles notwithstanding. I generally think of bad things happening in the serious. I don't know about you all anyway, it's really good. I do not recommend watching it alone. Also, if you have children, the age of the children in the movie baby not for you know, let's say a little fundation for the people that don't know about this version of the movie version of the story. So it was a TV movie miniseries. It came out. When I was in like seventh grade if middle school I remember coming out. I remember certain parts of it because it was on like three nights in a row or two nine hundred they used they used to many serious lake a Cup. Couple of nights in a row or like couple of weeks in every Monday and Wednesday for a few weeks. It just kind of dependent on how many hours they needed. It was very it was very different when you had to watch like just a couple of hours, and then like wait days or a week until the next installment like everybody is terrified to find out. What happens it's it was a really different thing than it is now when everybody can stream stuff and talk about it online. So I was aware of it. And obviously, not a Stephen King person. At that time was not a horrible person or scary thing personal. So I knew about it. I knew the story vaguely with a clown kids to begin for some reason in my head. I I saw the part in the shower. The. Don't ever want to talk about again, you just made me think of another movie that's end. So Tim curry is the place pennywise in the this version of this gene is available. If you look it up. It's about four hours long. I think it is the one that most people are mean we say that it terrified them as Travis. It's it's really the that's what curry is. So good. He couldn't everything I have not yet. It's legit. Reminder of it even existing was mill. So I'm sure you'll be shocked to your yes there. Several more Stephen King on my list. I'm not shocked at all. Okay. Do you wanna do another of your because as told before I unpack the boxes at your house? I forgot about that. And. I own a lot of student Kate. You want a lot of things terrified me. I do I read. Yeah. I read a lot of happy things. No, sometimes I put a Rita comedy. Which is just just makes it up. Yeah. I read a lot of scary things than design book. And then a comedy what linen back to the scary things. Something to flush it out. It's sure I'm reading a book right now. I'm rereading the hunger games, though, that's very light, by my standards. That is very like, you're staying for sure. Children dying at the hands of way lifestyle. Terry books, period. That's very true. That says everything you need in all of humanity isn't dying in it, which next one pet cemetery never seen it. I don't even know. I couldn't even tell you what pets Matarese about. Oh, really? Well, I mean, you kinda obviously aside as a mature. Yeah. So there is a particular scene in this movie. There are also scary children's movie, there is a particular scene in this movie on ice thought when I was way too young to be watching movies of this level. When I went to stay at my dad's house over the summer, and I had never been exposed to HBO before. And I did not know that there were premium cable channels that showed waste carrier movies than you could see on regular TV. And I, you know, kind of Tom knack in also was child end. So I watched this movie late at night by myself. And never wanted to put my bare feet down in front of a piece of furniture under which somebody could hide ever again. For a lot of people coming off Monday for of. I'm not going to say what it is. Because it's terrifying. In like, it's not a thing. You should know is coming so. It's there are a couple of terrifying. Utterly terrifying. Things in that movie. But the thing with the yeah. Under the furniture. It's very scary tendons, arm, -portant people. The sense awful. Now, I knew remaking this. This is coming up very soon like the trail that until today from what I read I've not watched the trailer again. Well, it's a trailer. So you know, it's horrifying so appropriately. So I'm gonna give you one of mine, and this is a fairly recent one watched it mostly because an Dowd was in it felt idea too. Because of the inmates to. But I had seen a trailer for this. And it was one of those that was at the Sundance film festival that I knew she was in. I saw the trailer four that had Tony and everything. She's awesome over that. All also, awesome everything. And in this way, if I could pick a if I could pick an older sister. The only would probably be at a. Awesome. Awesome. As we. So I watched hereditary about really only about four or five weeks ago. An aside from the number one movie on my list here. I haven't had a movie like make me question. Whether I should turn a light on while. I was sleeping like this movie. Wow. I told you I screamed out loud, not like theater new assault right here where we're sitting. Okay. It is one of the most terrifying of receiving my time. I really wanna see it. Now, there are any number of triggers for this. If you have children. And you have an issue with children die not your movie. If you are not a fan of decapitation. This is a thousand percent, your movie side, note, decapitation one of my favorite words. It the person who directed. This was his feature debut was like the first full length movie. Really, right. He did a bunch of shorts that are like those really well done and very scary in whatnot. But I think didn't direct anything for a while because he wanted to write indirect at all himself. He was a prince he wanted he wanted Jett. Yeah. All right. I'm gonna do all do all the thing. I'm not gonna let it do anything until I can do all the things. Well, damn. Without giving anything away. I really can't say much about this movie other than it is absolutely horrifying. It is very much in your Rosemary's, baby. It's very supernatural vary. You know? You know, religious stuff. But they're imagery wise. There are things in this. I have not seen done the way they're done in this movie. Which is part of the reason I yelled out when I watched it. There's a thing that you like you kinda knows going to happen. But it doesn't happen. The way you think it's going to happen and out his awesome. Toni Collette like I wouldn't be surprised in it might not happen because it's just kinds of movies. Don't get this kind of attention. If the word season rolls around in this might be more of a Golden Globes kinda thing, but for performance in this movie is amazing like legitimate Oscar worthy performance overall, regardless of kind of movie was but. I wouldn't be surprised if like she randomly pops up on some end of the year award list of this performance because there is a lot of motion a lot of grief and a lot of it on display in very intense ways from her and it is incredible. Is it the kind of movie where like you really really hope she had therapy throat after? Yes. Yeah. I was reading things is the only thing I do a lot of from nothing. Luna does this as I immediately go to the I m d be like trivia in digital sections of every movie, I watched on that guy, the deep debt guy wanna know, everything why you're good at trivia. I know right, elope trivial. So barely told her agent. She did not want to do any more like dark moving or movies because she did United States terror which was like United nominal show. My words, I don't know what the you'll you'll be able to tell me the official name for the disorder. Had secede of personality. Everything was what it is. Now, the lay person personality disorders used refer to. So it's pretty heavy. It was multiple present comedy show. So it was it was it was pretty heavy. It was at media was up and down parts were like a Larrea this. But it was the parts that were funny. It was funny because. You kind of have to laugh at it. It was a laugh so you don't cry kind of situation for the family in the show fairly told her agent wanna do any more dark stuff like let's get away from that you read the script and she was like except for this. What to do this? So a great performance from her some things like horror wise that. Surprise me. Like, it's very hard like in this John road to kind of not do please share things like the jump so much. You know already been so much already been done, but this felt very fresh and even for having a story that in probably more mainstream studio hands would have kind of felt for million probably been done incorrectly. It totally stands up and goes places that I really think it's gonna go scare the crap out of me. Like, I really want to see this movie. What's the next year list next on my list? I'm bumping it up because pet cemetery. You're talking about pets attorney reminded me, I was really afraid of arachnophobia came out. Oh, yeah. I'm not generally like super scared of spiders, but. Man. There are a lot of spiders in the house. I lived in when the movie came out. This is another one that I probably saw younger than I should. I wanna say this came out when I saw this at the theater. Yeah. I wanna say this came out when I was in junior high at I'm not exactly sure how old I was when I saw but junior high issue it would've been around that age for me to buy like freshman year in high school or something. I liz. Just the idea of something like that being everywhere everywhere with kind of terrifying. And for some reason invaders being in your home so much more scary late to sleep in there. You're you're not on your guard all the time in the air everywhere. And if you look around your house, like there's a million places spider could hide right? They can be down the shower drain in the in the couch cushions in your pillow, anywhere. And that was that was really scary to me. It was also one of the first like mainstream studio. Hera comedies that was kind of marketed that way, there's a lot of movies in the eighties in the seventies that are kinda campy horror movies that are funny because it's like, oh, my God believe they did that not on purpose. Right. Yeah. Right. Yes. John Goodman, wasn't this exterminated. Awesome. Fantastic. And you know, aside from Roseanne, I don't know that I knew John Goodman from a lot. I don't know that this is a fairly on his film career is like this in like king Ralph which one. Where he'll it's basically mover. He ends up being the king of England somehow related by four hundred lines really knew John Goodman movies until way later. Right. So this was one of my early references for a great of yet is terrifying to have any light really weren't. A little bit afraid of spiders. This is ninety. Don't watch it though. It's very scary. It does do a pretty good job of while out of it is realistic. And how it could happen the majority the when it gets towards the end the climax just like, yeah. Not so much. Yeah. But the rest of it. It's like, yeah. The scary. The the scary moments leading up to the end are very real in very scary. So number one that you just made me think of this is like like, all of a sudden just can't believe it. Some of the birds offered his cO, really. So part of this is that movie part of this is my grandmother has intense. Fear of birds, always LA. Yes. Thomas be hard. Yeah. Also, I went to DisneyWorld when I was ten years old. So one of the first things I saw when we walk into Disney walk down thing and there's like a snack bar area. And there is like this shirts inflated in my head at this point from what I was just this huge flock of starlings that is just like because there's food everywhere. They're non outflow people. Yeah. Food drop everywhere. And that I'd never been. I'd never been to zero before never been a big up into six flags. But there's nothing like that. It's it's just not the same for that amount of people. Not like it was the first time that I've been sitting somewhere in the bird hopped on the table. And like, oh, yeah. Like right in front of you. I was. Happens at the zoo here pricks meal. It really so birds like that was like, no that terrified me. But number one on my list number with a bullet. This is my father's fault. So my dad is a big hormone. We've always talking to your number one is also probably my number one always talked about watching horror movies has great story about going to carry when I love. Kevin my mom were dating with another couple and a spoiler alert for you Kerry fans out there. The very end of the movie where they go to her the houses all gone, and it's just the dirt and it ends up dreaming. But she put the girl puts the flowers on Kerry's hand comes out, so but at tells the story about how they were dating at the time there with another couple and the guy a suit as that happened stands up in the middle of because it got so scared. The top was long as on what has favorite stores celebrate. So number one. So he decided like when I was in. This was eighth grade. He's like where it goes through this movie. No, not carry. No. I think I know. No saw this legit in the theater all my God. My number one is Candyman. Yeah. That's probably my number one to what just happened out in the podcast listener land was a whole bunch of people that have seen this movie with. Yep. Absolutely terrifying. I saw it at a sleepover with two other girls in all my God did not sleep wing new. I was fourteen years old. My dad loves the story we went, and I was messed up after this movie for those who not seen it. There's a lot going on movie you take your child to it. Isn't it end not Darby for r rated horror movie even back then like even? Bouncing daily scary for adult is it's got a lot of things going on. And I know there's a lot of at that. I didn't get because there's a whole like slavery component to the story that I don't think I really understood at that point. But it's got like this correct me if I'm wrong, I think it was one of the first like urban horror movies that was based around an urban legend that was like an inner city kind of. Type of removing where set their character that was you know, supposedly from there from that area was kind of a rigid netting out of that area. Because usually, you know, it's all like suburban stuff or on farmer. New England in the middle of the sixteenth century. For those that don't know give it a little bit of a backer not gonna give you too much on. So it's based around of urban legend that they made for booby. Which is Stanford of the music. Mary situation. Yes. So there's entire generation of people that saw this movie that if you say Candyman more than twice somebody's prog knockout. Yeah. And for good reason. Yeah. Because this movie, so we get home. And I'm like dad, I'm gonna need to leave the hall light on. I said the next two weeks about paulie, I would've left my own bedroom line on it messed me up. I was scared. The guy that plays. Tony todd. Todd who's been in a lot of things you'd recognize the in real life. Is he enormous human being yet? He okay that was just for the movie. Yes, he he's I think if I like saw him on the street now, I would like. I would run away. I would run the other way. No, there's ATar people might that are terrified be run in Jason direction. So that I can keep looking over my shoulder make sure still really far away absolutely horrified. And was what made me go layoff scary movies for say twenty years done. Now, the in twenty thing, I know I'm not the one person's done this either is I made my friends go with me because they hadn't seen did that to your friend did because I wanted to see them, and I laughed my ass away. I watched okay, you made your fencing after I'd seen it because I knew it was coming. To do that. Because it was fun. Somebody's feel my pain. I think that's terrible. Yes. Candyman number rangeland. There were couple of Candyman on our Instagram lists for people today. So I definitely respect. And number one on Tian is this what your top one is Candyman your top wacky. Man. Is my scariest one I had two other ones. I wanted to talk about or biking. Probably the scariest bigger scene. What did what you recall from your candidate spirit SU said, you saw summer party, Ted? I saw it with alley and Chris and we were at Ollie's house in. I'm not sure maybe we got this from hurled at remember as older siblings. Maybe tasha was there to tasha might have been there. I don't know. There was a group of like five of us that were together a lot. And I remember watching this movie and trying to pretend like I wasn't super scared during the movie, which probably was not believable at all. But like I didn't wanna seem like I was super scared. You know, I was just laying. Yeah. I was old enough that I thought that I should not be scared scary movies, and I was really terrified. And so later when it was time to win like getting tired like clearly everybody was sleeping we needed to go to sleep. I was trying to present. Like, it would be okay. The lights were going to be turned off. It was not. Okay. It was really really not. Okay. I was so. Scared. Like, I wouldn't be surprised if I was actually physically shaking. I was so scared. I did not sleep, wink. I tried to pretend like I was leaping. I did not sleep at all. I cannot attest whether or not everybody else's room was actually asleep. But I thought it was going to die. It's that that move. It was feel like people have seen this. You're like what talking about? And maybe it's not as scary. If you see it as an adult, I have I've only seen like twice ever. I saw it again at like a friend's house waiting in highschool or something where later go back for way back because I wanted to. People were watching it there. And so I saw part of it again. And I was like. Still pretty scary with the lights on a room full of people. But I didn't watch the whole thing, and I have no desire to oversee good wetness. Good bad news for good. The remaking. Of course, they essentially, of course, there are. No, that's. Bad news, not one either one of these could be the bad goodness. I would have zero faith in the fact that they were remaking this. I wouldn't be concerned with it. Except for the fact that the person who wants to remake it is. Jordan peele. Oh, yeah. I feel like that's one of those in the right hands could potentially be more terrifying. He's probably about our ages. Yeah. That's a he needs exercises demons by my favorite people. List a famous by racial people. Yes, I do. Good. So quick mentions of the movies. I really really loved the missed. They came out in. I don't know two thousand two thousand five Jane loved that. I thought it was great. I've heard now the the bad part for me is that I've heard good things about it. But I know the end which I know the end, and this is one where like if you know the end it does kind of their win it. So definitely not gonna mention the end here. Although there were alternate endings. Oh, which is maybe something to check out if you know, the Annan's, and you kinda wanna see it maybe try to find a copy with an alternate ending. Anyway. Super good movie super good, Stephen King story check, the is that one of his some of the stuff is based on like this rings or novellas. I I would call. This short story. On the other one that I saw that. Really scared me at the time. Although I'm sure I could watch it. Now, no problem was the Blair witch project. I saw it in the movie theater with a bunch of friends and the front. I was sitting next to Alison is lake the chick that like nothing. Phased like, nothing, and she was so scared. I was like oh my God. Maybe this is real Alison super freak. I was like exactly the right age when this came Allah Tikka theater with a bunch of my friends and be really really scared. I can't remember we like we did not go home right after that. Would know we went out and did stuff 'cause nobody wanted to go home and go to bed after that. Now, we're you big camping person. I'm not a big person. I think camping a bunch of times we have camping when I was a kid. I like ten campaign. I if you're not camping in a tent or out in the open, not you're not camping is the vast majority of people that I know that really freaked out about this movie where people hunted a lot or spend a lot of time outdoors. I've never having a lot and I camp to the kid, but like with groups of people in big things, not anything like this where it was just like me or my dad with which I could see why that would freak you out problem again with this move is that I knew that. It's sort of blows my mind that people thought it was real to begin with. I think that was just one of the first times at least in our lifetimes, where that was that sort of rumor before the movie, you know, that seemed like kind of believable, but you know, like, maybe half people that it was the us that only kind of make some people believe it more interesting. That was not a thing. Like there was not guerrilla marketing like that. At that time. We'll end it hit right about the only time that could hit to exist because if it hits like five years later in the internet exist terabyte knows about today's from that movie released orient during production. So this is it came out in a time. Where like the internet was not something everybody had at home that was useful for things like this. You could use the internet at home for grad school. But not for a lot of that. It wasn't the social media did not exist. Like, it does now to where you could like go to the movie texture friend tell everybody everybody now texture friends pager. Yes, you could pay you you could page or friend. All about at the nine one one. It's they know it's Wednesday with the extra Astra's in everything never your coat is. So couple things about this movie. I'm reading article in a magazine about the production of this movie prior to me sing and talking about the way they made it, and I don't know if you know anything about it. I remember hearing about it at the time. But I really don't do much of cool. If you look it up there's will go into too much of it. But basically they guys at directed produced. It tried to make this a realistic as possible we're gonna talk about the end of the one we can spoil this. It's been off. I I do have to mention the room that you see at the end of the with just like a room in in the corner of the unfinished basement of my house, and it was really I was super scared to go downstairs into laundry after this movie for a long time. So if you have not read up on how this movie was fair because the way they did it was very interesting. So these three actors were not these amateur people went they grad students, they were just like like not actors, and these guys basically what they would do is. They would give them a film canister, but directions on where to go, and where to be so all the dialogue is basically improvised realize for real little bit the second beginning around. But the majority of what I'm gonna say is accurate. So they would get to the next place. In would find another film canister that would have directions in whether supposed to go with a scenario supposed to be in what they would do is when they were camping at night, the guys were making the movie would come around and play like little kid laughing noises, and like Jit mess with them to the point where like they were sure like what was going on? And so there's a part where the. The girl who's in the movie is like running for her life out to this is the part. The movie I've ever eaten. It's just really interesting like to think about like if you haven't seen this movie if way like it's all fan. Yeah. It's it's supposed to be found footage. It's handheld camera. It's really jerky. The camera gets dropped multiple times. You know, there's lots of things that are not perfectly focused. It seems very you just found this when you were looking for your loss friends in the win. It was like that to my knowledge. It was like at least mainstream was the first of that kind of movie saying that I I wouldn't be surprised to hear that. That was a thing that we just missed out on generatio- only. But for our generation, it was definitely the first liquid kind of touched on before. The I had like a guerrilla marketing campaign hind where there was like a legit effort by the filmmakers to make. It seem scare than it was going in that. Because when the Margaret see motto is basically like the trailer in the commercials were all like. Three students went onto the woods in such and such year. They were never heard from again such done. This footage was found at it's everybody's like. And it's basically there were a lot of rumors that it was real. Yeah. And that it was just being marketed as a movie which would make which teams ridiculous like hindsight. Raise would essentially be snuff film. And. Yeah. It seems ridiculous. But if you're like, a young teenager industry movies in it's actually fall. And like, you know, everyone is getting another scary stuff for Halloween, and you wanna go see this movie theater with your friends like. You know, even if you were very skeptical seems kind of extra scary. It seems like something that might happen. The people in the movie or not much older than you. It's it seems much scarier if it's just even a smidgen possible. So like some of the stuff that happens in the movie like really happened really lost the map the Mathis lost. Now that seem legitimately. I lost by the dude. So when he's freaking out he's really freaking out. I win. This girl is running for her life. She's really running. And they said in the article, I was reading the they basically had to like, they're all like all the guys that made the move the director is through like all the crew guys. So they had to grab her and like whole her and be like, it's okay. As all part of pay for these people's therapy for maize horrible. But yes that movie I knew about it beforehand. Really didn't scare me. We saw way after it was in the theater. Oh, really? Yes. Seeing it in the theater I thought in the theater, but it way after like been on for a while. And so I know about it. So to me, I I really it was there's a lot of funny to me just because I knew and so these people just get screwed up in the woods was pretty amusing. Especially the part where there's a whole part where the guy goes on this rant about missing Cal Ripken junior setting the ironman record for most consecutive games played baseball for that. At he yells out, the number of whatever the games are. It's like thirty thousand six. Just lose it on his buddy who lost the map. And it's about missing Cal Ripken junior. 'cause they're from that area, Maryland or something and Isla lost it in the theater because funny watching this is mine, but but that boy, which was a lot on a lot of people's list too. It just I knew too much about it beforehand for. Yeah. So what other apple now that that was the last of mine? Yeah, there there are a lot on that list that like I really love and rewatch regularly. But as regularly as I can being that, I only get to watch like when movie month, usually. The last one I would say for me on this goes back to my buddy best friends with we had like one house in between our when we were growing up. So it was just like fourth all time. But it's been the night a lot over there. Older brother until the other would watch us if his parents were out, and though it always watch sound like you'd get in trouble at all out of even a little bit. Like, they knew that. I was kind of the kid didn't like to be scared could be scared easily. So it was one of those movies that like. Yeah. And so I feel like that the first number elm street is legitimately fantastic movie. I really liked it too. I think I didn't find super scary when I was watching it. But like later on being reminded of it would freak me out a little bit. I do. I just always have had a lot of nightmares. The younger. I was more. I had which is probably normal. But I still have a fair amount of neighbors in the idea of like things in nightmares being real in terrifying. Being attacked or not. Yeah. What the die was really. Yeah. For a long time. When I was a kid. I really did think if died in new drain you die in real life. Like for a long time. I was convinced that that was true. Previous part for me in the part of the most was the kids singing the phrase will really to. No sorry. Thank you see myself to the door. That's that's our that's our top five. So that our top five less stuff. I plus. So that's it for us. Yeah. I need to watch something happy. Now. I know right. Need to get some happy stuff going. So I'm breakable Kimmy Schmidt or the good place compliantly. So you hit us up on the consider Twitter's let us know what you're watching. You're scared movies or not scared selections for Halloween you'd I've seen the movies. We watched that was like to hear about it tells what you thought about our top five list tells what you are truly scared of. Land also offered through our website and into the costume contest. All your friends to do it. It's gonna be great deals. Later. Podcast everybody. Once again, remember, you haven't tone over seventh that is next Wednesday. If you're listening to this on Halloween next Wednesday, November seventh to send us your photos, the handmade Halloween two thousand eighteen Handmaid's tale costume contest that we are throwing on you can enter at all consuming content dot com has our website or tag on social media with the handle at handmade podcast. We're on Twitter Instagram and Facebook that's at handmade podcast handmade Handmaid's tale, here's town to tell you about one of our grit sponsors ministers to them. Have you heard us talking about the funnest club feminists, ticker club in this awesome? Delivering club where they will send you that ask them stickers for only three dollars a month. You can sign up at feminist sticker club dot com. And the best news is we have this coupon code mayday twenty five for twenty five percent off of your subscription every month. Twenty five percent off the only three dollars description. That's coupon code mayday twenty five am a UAE DIY to five also like to thank author Mary was singer for her contribution for costume contest. You can find more permission. Brought her at Mary. Whistler dot com. That's W I S S I N G E R Mary was singer dot com. She is the author of two fantastic book series offer kids, my percents textbook and science wide. Open. Science opened opening all about women in stem. So if you have a younger Kitto and want to get them into some science, and let them now boy or girl about some great female contributions to stem again, Mary singer dot com. Now, another new sponsor that we brought along that rediscovered randomly on the internet. Like, you do is feminist pencil project. Which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a nonprofit they make pencils with all kinds of fantastic feminist themed quotes on them that have one that is beyond say, they have one of our political. Oriented. They have all kinds of things I'm we're working with them to maybe get a Handmaid's tale themed born, so definitely check them out. You can find them on Facebook at at the feminist pencil project at the feminist pencil project or you can check out their exc- store for those not familiar s y you can find them at feminist pencils that at C dot com. That is feminist pencils dot at C dot com that pencil project. Check them out. 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So check that out once again, hailstorm rocks dot com. Thank you, everyone for listening. We'll see.

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#23 "Getting Ready To Be Paid In Crypto Currency" with blockchain expert Peter Rehm

Go Beyond Disruption

31:42 min | 2 years ago

#23 "Getting Ready To Be Paid In Crypto Currency" with blockchain expert Peter Rehm

"Welcome to beyond disruption for you'll learn. How emerging tech is changing the world of accounting business and finance our guest experts break down the latest news and everything from flock chain robotics, artificial intelligence to human intelligence. Tune in to find out how you can stay ahead of the curve. Hello, welcome to the Gobi undisrupted podcast weekly series from the association of international certified professional counselors from London office. I'm Kyle had this week's episode getting ready to be paid in crypto currency. And we'll be talking about how to make sure you're set up to be paid in the currency of the future in a way, which makes sense today helping us do that is pizza ream who is an expert in blockchain. Hello, peter. Where are you? Joining us from today. I'm joining you from Atlanta Georgia at the moment, you're a couple of hours behind us. But it's a pleasure to actually catch up and show you insights without global community. So let's start with this. You've described yourself as a CPA who is also a technologically oriented blockchain ah. What does that mean? I say, I'm technologically oriented because. I have spent a lot of time implementing and correcting large scale, your pieces have enjoyed working with computers, and it's just something that. A lot of accountants field at this point also, and I'm a blockchain because now I have spent the past sixteen months learning about blockchain and trying to figure out how blockchain will impact the accounting profession. I'm very interested in that area. Getting paid in blockchain is something that a lot of people are actually talking about. So tell us how you connect with this topic in the past sixteen months, I've been working on research for blockchain I've been trying to understand how blockchain impacts accounting. I've been working with groups that are interested in the business side of crypto currencies and blockchain, and I've gathered a great amount of information and expertise and how blockchain will impact or. Possibly could impact business and future. You told us that you based in Atlanta, why Atlanta people say the city of London maybe the city's pace like Frank fitting, New York with cities that may be at the heart of the economy, apps nationally, Sydney globally, but I don't think most people round the world would to massively think of Atlanta, which may be a city at the heart of any kind of transactional economy. Why Atlanta don't London has a has a great background historically as a center of of money as those New York, great tradings cities, but for Lanta in the late nineteen eighties financial firms were attracted to the area after state legislators passed bills that allowed firms to earn more on their loan than other states. I don't know if that's still the case, but we have managed to hold on to many of these firms that arrived around that. Time and subsequently we've tracked many others such as is which is the intercontinental exchange the owner of several enormous stock exchanges. The blockchain darling bid pay and I stayed at which processes payments for major credit card companies. Those are the real attractions biggest attractions to Atlanta at this point. So surprised you base that, but it is surprised to hit its people all really talking as much as we make specked about off king to be paid in cryptic. I'll think we'll quite familiar with initial coin offerings. You sing various cryptocurrencies being talked about and people may be online when they make payment. They may be offered the opportunities to pay for things in cryptocurrency belts. It's look at it from the other perspective. And this is why you're so interested who is offering. To be paid in cryptic Cohn. C- because we can understand we would pay for things said transactions of games such not something we do every single day. But they're all companies that are offering it are wanting to be painting trips at why would they do that? You know, I hate to talk and stereotypes, but it kind of may be appropriate here. There are typically young. Well, educated technically skilled people who have seen what happened to the worldwide financial fracture during the financial meltdown of two thousand eight obviously they've come a and some are working in the blockchain industry developing systems that they think will give society more control over its financial future. They believe the crypto currencies is one avenue that given that type of control and they're putting their money where their mouths are. A second part of question. Everybody has their own reasons for this. Their peers are doing it and their peers think it's okay. This generation is less risk averse than generations before them. Remember, everybody gets less less risk versus you get older. I would not take half of the risks that some of the young folks are are taking at this point. But that's up to them their careers have just started, and they know that they will be able to recover from financial mistakes, or at least they're hoping they'll be able to and they're just starting on the process of making more money every year. The other issue is that it's not an issue. It's it's it's a hope for them. It's the possibility of price of pre she is always on their minds. Remember, these people are generally, not working with a large publicly listed firm, and the people working for crypto currency view it in the same way a manager at a large public firm with you stock options, they see the case of something like bit pay where the your early employee's were given cheap bitcoin options and the price of them has gone up dramatically over the past few years. Many are now doing financially. Well, that's a road example of why people are thinking that's a good idea to get paid and in crypto currency now that's really interesting because I think for many of us we know that we may casually pay for things using cryptocurrency online. But if you actually see the other perspective that this is. Almost a wave saying I'm being paid in gold because the price can go up go down. And if someone pays you one gold coin for something that you may have done in the past providing a service providing product to them that gold coin will go up down in value, depending on what the price of gold does which is completely. Unlike most currencies because if I get paid in pounds or dollars. It's very unlikely that in five years time that money is going to be with twice what it was when I go paid. So what you're saying is people may want to get paid in cryptocurrency because they have a clear sense that it may be worth much more in future. And that's not something we've been able to say about most currencies today. Eight so explains why people may want to actually get paid in crypto. But who would want to pay in crypto? There's a couple different part. Who might definitely wanna pay crypto? I they've possibly acquired it through going through an ICU or token issuance process at this point with with these folks, it's their only real currency that they have to spend they may not have a whole lot of feed currency sitting in their Bank accounts at the time, they may be sitting on millions of dollars of tokens that they acquired during their their ICO, for example. In two thousand seventeen when there were a whole slew of ICO's. These ICO's were receiving subscriptions of for their tokens in something called ethereal. Now that became the only currency that these companies can spend at this point in the theory, and thankfully has held up in price nicely. Even though there has been a decline, but it is relatively speaking held up in price. The companies would be looking to pay their employees in a theory. And of course, the employees who are signing on to work with these companies. They understand what they're going to be paid. And they're going to be paid in theory him or they're going to be paid in another well-known currency that they can understand that they think will will hold up in price. These corporations also are required to pay the employee's based on a certain amount of money. If the company says, I'll pay you two thousand dollars a week. Well, this company will have to relieve itself two thousand dollars of theory each week, it has value and people will will wanna do. This. Secondly, for these companies that wanna pay crypto they have to compete for talent to complete the project and the competition for talent right now is very hot. So they want to be able to provide a stable kind of currency for these people to be paid in. You've talked about a theorem. You talked about things like ICO's will be talking about some of the general buzzwords relating to cryptocurrency and a few minutes time just to remind people whip focusing on technologies like this because if copes no conversation about s- cryptocurrency can be separated from conversations about s- security, and because it's all Tova that's recording. This interview it as the fifteenth cyber security awareness month in the US. It's also cybersex months in the use at this type of conversation is take you. Really relevant. But of course, it wouldn't be relevant. If the crypto economy was tiny. But it isn't. So let's just get a sense of how big it is. Let's go that's out of someone sits down measures the size of the crypto economy. Just how big would that be what type of scale we looking at pita right now. The size of the crypto Konomi worldwide is pretty small the value of all major crypto currencies such as bitcoin in theory fluctuate substantially from day to day, let's say for argument's sake in round numbers that the value of bitcoin theory has been in the range between two hundred billion dollars in four hundred billion dollars for the past six months. It's a pretty big range fifty percent change. And my figures if anybody's interested in monitoring, this might figures come from a a website co. Old market cap dot com. Getting back to this. You can't go to Starbucks and buy a Cup of coffee right now with crypto currency, and you may have trouble paying the babysitter with it. Or would you? I think you might have you might have a babysitter who might arrive with her or his. Crypto wallet? We'll talk about that later. And then on the other hand there are not many landlords who will take crypto each month. But firms like square were bid pain will act as an intermediary. And we'll pay those parties in currency if the vendor agrees to it. There's also a lot of sites on the internet or show, you how to live using nothing but crypto so for those folks who are being paid nothing but crypto you can live on it. You really can heal negoti on disruption podcast. We often focus on what's happening now. But change is a constant disruption. Never stops. Even the most people may think that crypto counting bulk chains relatively recent. They've probably been around much longer than most people realize before we talk about the common jog on an abbreviations on now in common use. Let's go back a bit too when they would so widely known when did you see this disruption? Cryptocurrency, I pay the. Organizations in the groups you spending time with pizza. Well, I've only been in encrypted for the past sixteen months, but I've heard a lot of stories from accountants down here in Atlanta who were involved in the original order of bit pay. They said that the audit of bid pay which which is the first audit of crypto currency company took two years and that was four years ago. So I've been in the space for only a small amount of time compared to as much time as crypto has just been starting to disrupt the accounting field and the and the economy, I'm a computer game. I've been a computer game if he as looking for graphics cards every couple of years for the first time recently, I've started to run into discussions online about why graphics cards a gang up in price will be sometimes really difficult to find in that. Is because of bitcoin mining so I've heard of things like bitcoin mining. I'm now familiar with head of Ed drops. I've seen benches of bitcoin debit cards. They're banking teams out that like KYC, which has nothing to do with chicken AM L and so much new jog much new vocabulary. So many different abbreviations that I look like the same thing. Pizza to help us out here. Where do we go to get this whole explain to us, the Evan of all these new terms is very confusing, but there's a place to go. I go to a website called bitcoin dot org, and they have a vocabulary tab out there. You can go out there and research anything you want to on any of these new phrases that you haven't heard of before. And that's bitcoin don't old. Did you say that coin dot org? Look for the vocabulary area. All right. So we've understood that's surprisingly, computer graphics cards gaming cons of very useful in the will give bitcoin, but let's no other devices. What else they can be used full? Let's talk about security what kind of devices would be used him pizza with bitcoin or with any kind of cryptocurrency. You should be holding your crypto currency in one of four places. You can hold it on the exchange where you purchase the crypto currency. Place coin base a bit tricks something like that that their their whole list of crypto currency exchanges. That are out on the out on the web. You can you can hold your cryptocurrency there. It's not ad visable. There are other places that you can you can hold it that we're this. Crypto currency is under your control, for example, hardware wallet. When you decide to go with a hardware wallet. You'll be given an opportunity to purchase from a firm like Tresor TR are easy. Oh, r or ledger. You know, that's something that all accounts should understand. They have a very good hardware wallets. There's another sprained word cold cold Wallops. It's putting your crypto in a place where it will not be lost or destroyed such as paper base. Backup that you'd probably want to put into your safety deposit box. Another method is to engrave. Some security questions or some security answers onto a device Colt. Crypto steel now we can go we're going to go through that later on. We're gonna talk about some of your recovery words, and the other other place, you can put your your crypto currency is on a hot wallet say you've got your phone sitting in your hand, and you can put a wallet on your phone. I suggest if you wanna do that, and you would use a hot wallet. If you're just going to a place that takes cryptocurrency is payment you want to put small amounts on your hot wallet. Don't put something very large very large amount of cryptocurrency on your hot wallet. Someone had the two million dollars in their hot wallet and was compromised by an entrepreneur Bula salesman. Neta store. Really unbelievable that someone would put that much money on a hot wallet. So this makes very good sense. If we are getting ready to be paid in crypto currency and a lot of this relates to individuals and Papp's very small operations. But what would you do if Pepsi you relatable is aviation where would they stole that crypto currency because obviously not everyone would have control access to many of these ways of storing crypto actually, the the large firms are using the same methods, but it's really restricted only to hardware wallet. For example. You can set up a hardware while it so that you have multiple people who have to sign off or they have to put their crypto Kate into the wallet in order for any. Transfers to be made from the hardware wallet. That's an industrial grade type of thing it's called a multi sig wallet or a multi signature wallet. And the reality is that sometimes if you lose the keys, if you lose, these recovery woods, the impact can be very damaging to organization, we read these toys every now, and then, but people do occasion news bitcoin any idea of how much what percentage what ratio of existing bitcoins of being lost. When you set up the hardware while wallets, you'll be given a grouping of recovery words that you must write down and secure in a safe place. So if you ever physically lose your wallet, you can recover your balance by buying a new hardware wallet of the same type and entering those recovery words into that new harbour wallet, pretty simple. But remembering where you put those recovery words may be difficult. That's the biggest issue that people are having at this point remembering where their recovery words or are put I would suggest you put those recovery words in your safety deposit box. Maybe with of the trusted lawyer. I don't really know. But. If you know on the other hand, if you lose paper-based cold wallet, it's probably gone forever. So that's an issue. You would you would wanna put those paper-based cold wallets in a very very very secure place. And on the aspect of you know, how many bitcoins were just talking to bitcoin at this point. And it's probably. It's probably somewhat common for for the other chains. Also, but slept that seventeen to twenty three percent of existing bitcoins have been lost. So all that capital. People will never get that money back that there is literally no way of getting that back, but we have to remind people that this is not new we've been looking at paint with currency in exactly the same way since it was invented. If you lose a coin down the back of a couch. If you've got banknote stuffed under your mattress amid a fire. There's no backup for that. If it's gone, it's gone and peps that's one of the reasons why people are accepting currency more and more that trusting at mauvais sang trusted by his interest in it is going up and down in relation to the market value of psychology, and that's often driven by stories in the media. Some of the accurate some not that's as a professional who be paying attention to all of this. They will be looking at cryptic currency in a different way to to the rest of us. So give us an idea of how a finance professional would be viewing crypto currency. Well, a lot of finance professionals have not been will schooled in cryptocurrency at this point. As a matter of fact, there's very few people who have been schooled in crypto currency at this point. And for many people many finance professionals that I've run into at this point. Crypto currency is looked at rather poorly. Many of the people think that you might be a crook or that you might be a drug runner or something like that. But there are ways that you can get around that the practices you really need to have in place for a pain companies you need to have good. No, your client and anti money. Laundering practices in place. Those are very important from the standpoint that you have no who who it is. You're paying you have to understand whether you're paying a person who. May be untruthful. But who who they are? They're not willing to pay income taxes, for example, o or they are on terrorism list. You have to understand who it is. You're penny for a person who's receiving cryptocurrency of good practice that you'd wanna know about is what kind of currency my going to be paid in is this currency. A bankable currency is this currency a scam on is this currency of something that can be looked upon well by other people who are going to be receiving so with without some form of confidence in the currency that you're holding the currency is will be worth nothing. So all of this makes sense. But of course, that's dealing with the here. And now, let's look a little bit further down pipe and seeing what's come. Up. You're very much at the heart of this bitcoin economy this crypto currency, and you sing along stuff that most of us went so pizza. Give me a sense of what's one big change that you see coming up around the Conan. How do you recommend? We get ready. What's the next disruption that we as so practitioners team lead Izzo heads of enterprise level finance divisions? Have to get ready full. I was thinking about that. I've been around for a while. And the biggest destruction I've seen in the course of my career was implementation of significant large scale earpiece systems in the organization up to then a lot of corporate data had been silenced in the functional areas. And it was such a problem to get information from any of the particular functions. In a strange way this same problem. And it's out growth is occurring because you have centralization of data in these large systems and blockchain his seems to becoming a round to perform the same disruption on these large earpieces to me, that's really significant. And then for anyone who liked to find out more about this topic in general peps about your work in particular. Where would you recommend? They look if their own line is that a resource that you could point the mat you did mention bitcoin don't for a good place. Stumps. When it comes to understanding jog, and, but if people are peps ever in the Atlanta area, and they want to go to some of these bitcoin cryptocurrency forms of groups that you know, there as well as then he kind of community that they would be able to access if they're in the area just suggest that they start and where they end up. I'm a director of a couple of large. Cryptocurrency communities here in Atlanta, and the largest that's an Atlanta is a meter cold tab, the Atlanta blockchain tab holds meetings every month, and we discuss things their technical basically technical things about crypto currencies and blockchain we've invited all the large counting firms to attend our meetings, and some of them have take have graciously taken us up on the invitation and others are waiting for a time where possibly they have more resources who will commit in and look at our community, but we're really looking forward to growing that community and being able to enable more people to learn about blockchain. So if you're ever in town, look up tab, T AB the Atlanta block. Chain. The second group I belong to is the bitcoin embassy, and they are a crypto currency advocacy and learning group here in town. We have weekly meetings with them, and we just get together and talk about crypto currencies or Blockchain's, or whatever it is for Kripo NAS tick, then if this websites have resource baps links to some of the works that you may be doing way could you point people lying? Well, I would point people to some experts sites that I've been using for the year that I've been researching crypto person I would most like to send people to is James Sohn LOP LOP p dot net. It's extremely large and very comprehensive James and lob was just yesterday name. But as one of the hundred most influential crypto currency people. So I would suggest you his website and start from there for me. I just go to where the real crypto punks hang out the sites that I go to most often to find out about a BAC prepped. Oh, currencies and blockchain is I find some of the various experts who are posting to Twitter, I suggest that you not go to the Twitter crypto currency form itself. But that you find someone that you identify with like James lob or several others who post on Twitter find out what they're what they're saying. And what's going on in the industry and keep current as to what's going on nothing like would have mouth has moved more and more into the vote of high-tech? So pizza. What's one message? You'd like to leave for counting and finance professionals who help them go beyond disruption in the context of getting paid in crypto. That's a great question. I think people in the profession have to learn that in order to learn more about crypto currencies that you have to become uncomfortable. You have to get out of your own comfort zone. You have to get out and talk to the people who are experiencing these issues if you get out there and talk to them, they will accept you. And that's the greatest gift that you can get things out. There is so much more to explore around the topic of getting ready to get paid in cryptic. So we'll make sure the show notes include links to the results as you mentioned there to other websites. We'll be linking to as well. You'll find additional material courses webinars professional development resources to help you take this further if you're already using ASEP. Stool dot com. Discover to K store dot com slash go beyond disruption. And if you a CD may still use then go to CJ still dot com slash disruption talking of places to go. You can get latest episodes every week. You can find us an apple podcasts. Google podcasts. Stitches spots FAI by the places to feel free to pass it on show to the friend colleague with anyone in your network who you think would find it useful will be back soon. As more insights that help you and your profession to go beyond disruption Bye-bye. Thanks for listening to this episode of beyond disruption. Brought to you by association of international certified professional accountants learn more about today's topic at AICPA dash c I m dot com forward slash disruption. This podcast is designed to provide illustrative information with respect to the subject matter covered and does not represent an official opinion or position of the association of international certified professional accountants or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates. It is provided with the understanding that the association. It's affiliates and subsidiaries are not engaged in rendering, legal, accounting or other professional services. If such advice, or expert assistance is required. The services of a competent professional person should be sought the association its subsidiaries and affiliates. Make no representations warranties or guarantees as to and assume no responsibility for the content or application of the material contained here in and expressly disclaimed all liablity for such damages arising out of the use of reference to or reliance on such material.

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Podfest Orlando Florida

The Digital Vibe

28:56 min | 1 year ago

Podfest Orlando Florida

"Hello, everybody. And thank you for tuning in. Sue, the digital vibe podcast at Saad. WWW the digital vibe dot com. This is a net. I kinda think you know that by now. And glad you could make it here Wednesday again a date with me on Wednesday. For the month of April. I am going to be sharing my story of my visit my time at pod fest Orlando in Florida and. It's it was my first time, you know, it was it was an amazing experience. So if you didn't listen to last week's episode, I want you to go back to the website and listen to that. And then you begin the journey of the story, right? But. I won. I said that when I decided to go ahead and. You know, share my story and do my thing. I said, you know, one thing I find that's amazing about doing a podcast is that so many people you never know who's going to be listening to your podcast, first of all and. Going to podcast convention, especially one that's new for me for the first time. Anyway, is something that for the first time, it isn't experience and a lot of people go to them often. But it was my first time. And so I going to anything doing anything when you've done it for the first time is something else, isn't it? It's like, wow. And it's an experience that stays with you for the rest of your life. So this is what pod fester Lanta did for me? It's going to stay with me for the rest of my life. You know, as well as the podcast movement and everything else that's related to podcasting because it is me. It's me. And as Pat Flynn said it starts with podcast. And that's how I started my journey of people starting to listen to what I had to say. So I landed literally in Orlando, Florida. And I wasn't able to make the convention for the second because the convention actually started Wednesday. So as Wednesday Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But I wasn't able to make it Wednesday and Thursday. I had another appointment. And so this is why when you make a decision to say, yes. So your life and yes decision to possibilities and opportunities in life. It sometimes interrupts schedule that you already had plan, but it's a good interruption. Was the great interruption. I was Jenny. I was at the dentist. So I had to recuperate a little bit from that. You know, when you go to a dentist, you are getting some invasive things done, and you don't feel good. The experiences. Sometimes scary enough when you don't wanna go you have to go. You don't wanna go. But you have to go. And I had to recuperate from that one. So I wasn't able to make it Wednesday and Thursday. And I needed to rest. And because I had the previous things done a week ago. And. And I was recuperating from that as well. So. So I was able that was not I was so excited, you know, to be able to go, but I had to Reno reality set in you can't go yet you have to rest, so I did rest, and that's one thing. I always make certain about when it comes to my health as a priority for me. And even though I get so super excited about some things and a little girl in candy store kind of moment. I don't eat that much candy anymore. Can't do that. I was able to say, you know, what? No, you know, was so energy. 'cause I knew what was coming. No. I didn't know, but I felt the energy apart fester. I felt the energy. But I couldn't go yet. I it's like it's like it's like I said it's like. Christmastime, and you expecting these gifts, and so many Santa to arrive kind of thing, and you know, you intimate it and you're waiting and you're tipping. You have this high expectancy you're excited? But you can't quite get there yet. Because you have something else to finish something else to do. And is that thing that your your mind says? Yes, yes. Yes. But you buy is saying hold up. Okay. Can't do that one. Quite yet. So I knew everybody else was they I know everybody that I the family was gonna meet was going to be there. But I couldn't I couldn't be a part of that just yet to had to take care of myself, and so I- rested. But believe you me. When the next day came around. I was there. Okay. I was there with bells and whistles as I arrived to Orlando. And I was just like. I couldn't I just something else. I mean, it's like so much to take an so much. I didn't know what to look for. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know who to meet who to say anything to all I know is a net. Just listen take it, you know, try to take this in. And just listen to everybody, you know, just listen. Instead of you being on the one end telling everybody else to listen. Listen, learn, you know, just just just take it in soak it in I had much to to take in. You know? But this was the thing that gave me the clarity. Is I was always on the right track. I was always doing what I'm supposed to be doing in my life. Know my right. Livelihood was podcasting. Because it gives me that opportunity to have a voice mind voice. And so when I landed in Orlando when I begin to to to look at all these things and watching people in his Irving it for the first time. I mean, I look like, you know, I'm limited fish out of water. But at the same time, I'm amongst friends and family that had yet to get to know. So that was that that is something to experience that is like I'm in the story. But in that step back a little bit get out of the way and observe. You're in that story that is your own story. They're part of your story. Because they're part of the pot fest family. And I'll podcasters. And so we all have something to say. So as I. Walked around. And the first thing I did when I walked around as I went to pod being dot com. Or them so used to being on the internet, right? I went to buy beans table and Mike site -ment was I get to meet Shannon Martin for the first time. And if you don't know who she is. And you don't know the team at Pont being in what they do. This was the lady. That made it possible for me to be at pot fest. Orlando. She was the one that made it possible for me to to to to to to have this experience. And that platform that I use. I could not see myself using any other platform because when I needed her. She was always there. As some woman thing, you know, we support each other. And every time I needed her. That's just service. That's just outstanding customer service. And she was always there when I needed her to to anything any concerns. And now that I've met her. When I went to the table, and I met her. I said the first thing I said was I need tell you who. I am. No, no. How did I say it? I said. I don't know what I said, I I don't remember what I said. But all I said was that. You are the one that made it possible for me to be here. I must thank you. I simply must. And I met her, and then we took a picture together. And so she's now we have a kind of a face, you know, face to a person. And now she gets to see who I am. Because now I see who she is. And. She made it possible for me. You know, when you are taking a journey of self discovery and finding out who you are in this world and having a voice your voice, your offensive voice. It's wonderful. And I tell you this. It's a blessing to meet people like that who encourage you. And to have supporters who encourage you and to have women like that that support you in your endeavors and to take time out to do that. That is rare. That is rare. I believe women should be doing more often. We should not be envious or jealous of each other. Because no one should be ever in anything. Really? I mean, really. Because when you are authentic when you're doing you doing your unique podcast with your unique approach. No one should be jealous invisible. At simply because that's you doing you. So why would I get upset or bothered or jealous of somebody else? Doing their thing. Why why I don't get it? Why do people still do that? I have never been. I honestly, and I'm not lying. I kid. You not every time. I've looked at an observed someone that I wanted to learn from them. I was never envious of them. I said I admire them, but I learned not to be like them. And a lot of their stuff rubbed off on me. And that's it was good stuff. I don't want the negative stuff. Right. But one thing I always found is that I admire so many different people. I have mentors have made a difference in my life. And but one thing I could never be. Is envious jealous of anyone? I never could be. I never understood that. I never understood why that even happens. I thank you should be. So busy doing you that you don't have time to be jealous of anybody. You don't have time to stop and to to waste time. Whether it's tweeting. Whether it's Facebook. There's no this not enough hours in the day to have the time to spend. To be hating on anybody. My gosh, if you are so caught up with you. And you love yourself, right? And you dig yourself, then why in the world? Do you have any time to do anything else? Then to to to really get mad at anybody else out there in the world. I never understood it. I never understood it. And every time I that happens. I you know, what my responses get a life. Get a life. Please get a life. So back to my story. So here I am. Walking, you know through the Wyndham hotel. It's was at the Wyndham hotel in Orlando. It was cold. It was cold the rooms of cold. I don't like coal co like that. It was too much. I wasn't the only one because a lot of people was like, oh my God. This is too cold. So I went to her table. I am Shannon. And we introduced each other took some pictures. So then I went in the star to mingle and talk to the vendors get to know some of the vendors that I knew online ready that I chose not to do business with. But I met him. And I, you know, just kind of you know, was taking it all in and seeing it you know, what everybody else was doing. Then I started socializing. Getting to know some of the people that were there, the exhibitors and things like that. And and then looking at some of the different schedules breakout sessions in workshops and stuff. So it was a lot. It was a lot to take in. But I tell you that one of the most incredible things about is that when people it's my husband, right? He say about podcasting. And I said welcome to the world a podcast thing. 'cause this is what we do. Right. This is what we do. So he came in there, and it was like for for me. It was incredible. 'cause it was my first time come into convention, but for somebody who's new and is on the fans and thinking about podcasting. He was like blown away. And so he's finding out what his lady does what is wife does while she's while the lights are off right after net after dark in kind of thing. He's finding out what what his wife really really enjoys. So he was there to support me. But then he also got interested because he'd been talking about doing a podcast over the past year or so so he got to really see that he needs to jump into this thing. And I was just beginning my podcast convention going to kind of thing and meeting people meet and greet s-. And so that was new for me. So he's just starting. I'm I'm at the point where I'm meeting and greeting those people who admire. That I that. I that have come to to to read about that are experts in the industry that have been using podcasting as a platform to be successful in their business. So that's what was about for me to meet those those guys, and it was quite interesting. You know, and to meet those people the different vendors. That I thought about doing business with like that I did Lipson one time and blueberry and all of those to meet the the founders of them. And I met them, and, you know, the experts in the industry to get to meet them in their panel discussions. Was something else. And I learned like I said, I learned the business of podcasting before I even met anyone that does podcasting the family, I should say. So the business side of podcast because I'm a business person as the business of podcasting. You know, you you get to know Lipson those kind of platforms, and in in buzz sprout, and like I said berry and podcast one. No, well, no, they weren't and all these different tools and different things that you can do for your podcast. So I knew a lot of that. I knew a lot about distribution. And all that. So I knew how to market podcast, you know, my podcast. So there's a lot of things I knew, but to actually get to meet some of the people and to hear their expertise was was was was great stuff. And that's why the time to listen to because I know that they are experts in the industry. Now one thing that happened to me is that while I was walking album. I matter of fact, I was walking through the isle I was kinda like going down like in the lobby of the Wyndham hotel and lo and behold, Pat Flynn, and for those of you who don't know Pat Flynn is he is one of the premier podcasters an internet entrepreneurs. And I saw him in the hall. I said well. There's Pat Flynn and saw walked over there. I spoke with him. I said. You one of the ones that reached out to me and said to me. And I ask you a question and you answered back. And he says that's what it's all about. And said I want to personally thank you for reaching out to me when I started podcasting. And he didn't hesitate to to to to pay forward to reach out to me, if that mindset of you're not he was not so high and mighty that. He forgot. Well, he came from. And I hope I never become like that. You know, high minded and forget where I came from that. When I started podcasting. Well, obviously, I didn't forget why came from nor did he. So when he reached out to me couple years ago. I remember that. And when I saw him in the lobby. I said, thank you. For being there. But he understood what like when you starting out. And as he said in his keynote speech. At as a matter of fact, his son gave him thought that we are pulleys for each other. He was a pulley from him back in the day couple years ago. He was a pulley for me. But it hit home in pot fester, Landau it hit home. When he did that keynote speech when he talked about us as podcasters being pulleys, and that we are family. It. Brought it home them part of a bigger picture. I'm not just a solo podcast doing it alone. As a whole bunch of sat there. Out there, and we need to be police for each other and help where we can. And that's that's the whole thing that I think the podcasting being an independent podcasting podcast or does that I don't know if you know, I it's like that family. Because we are doing. Sometimes we doing this alone. We have our little Mike and are set up back rooms, we have a little place a little table or something that we're doing our podcast. And we hope that people are listening because we're gonna talk anyway. And then when we meet people that are actually telling us that what you have you gone ED's. And you remembered the fact that you never stop. Doing what, you know something inside of you is telling you to do. And then when you have people that you've met. That said, hey, I was where you were. And I still need to pulley to. So when I met him in the lobby and then listened to a speech, I said. That's what it's all about. It's about being pulley for each other. So that's what podcasting does. It's intimate your intimate with your audience. You know, when I do my podcast. I I want you to get to know me. And like I said those of you have met me at the convention, and I will that that's an ex-. That's next episode. But I got to meet the people, I admired. And that I respected in the industry. I got to meet them. And those that are media giants. Like blurb berry, and and and Todd Cochran I remember reading about him and all of that stuff in well Lipson. I didn't because I don't know what it is Lipson. What's up with them? Because you find that they are. So, you know, hey for those of you use it. Hey, more power to you. But now, I got to meet them. I said thank God. I don't do business with them anymore. And then I went as I met Pat Flynn bus. Brought was there. And so they were trying to interview me, and I said that hold up wait a minute now. I said I used to use you guys. But I no longer use you guys as a platform I use pod bay. Now. I can't do anything. I said there. That's like, let's that's a legion. I have an allegiance to pod bean. You know, when you guys and giving up time to talk and you only limit your your your pie castle certain amount of episodes per month and monetize time. I went to pi being okay? And pod bean will we'll do that way. I mean, unlimited bandwidth unlimited episodes unlimited time unlimited audio. I'm not trying to sell them. It's just reality. You know, and they wanna to interview with me. I sent I'm to do an interview I can't do that. That's not right. I gotta stay true to the people that made it possible for me to even be in Orlando. Okay. How does that look? When you align yourself with something or someone. It. Oh, that's like sleeping with the enemy. I can't do that one. And that's like sleep literally it is. Because here you are the ones that got you there is like the wedding. You know, it's like, the Gotcha. To the what the Gotcha to there. And it's a relationship that I built with pod over time. And then we former relationship a partnership, and then I'm telling them, I no longer need them where at the alter getting married. I don't need you anymore. I can't do that. I can't do that. When you start a partnership of business relationship with anyone Ernie kind relationship. You know, you say long term because doing doing a podcast for me. Anyway, is long-term. I'm this is my livelihood. This is what I do. And I will not abandon anybody who helped me who's list put it this way. I never will. They saw me. They understood me and the acted upon it for me. That is why. To be seen heard. Understood and valued is all we as human beings ever really want. We want to be seen. One be hard. We wanna be understood. And we want to be told that we matter what we do matters. So podcasting for me. And for any other podcast is about we matter. What is it? What is the tagline on the pod the pod fest Cup say? Right. You'll voice matters. You've always matters. That's what it says. No, I just don't find any other platform, any other medium that you can do any other thing that you can do that gives you that ability to say you don't have to pretend you can be yourself. You can say how you feel you you can share what you're going through. And it matters. Podcasting. Does that? It does that. It's opened the door from me too, many possibilities. I wouldn't be seeing any of you and meeting all these different people that have all I could ever do is read about online. It opened the door for me to experience that. Wow. You know? I mean, it's something else. It is something that's quite an experience. So I got to meet a lot of the industry leaders and experts. Got to talk to them meet them. Listen to them. Incredible stuff. Incredible stuff. So. Next wednesday. Right. I want you to tune in. I'm gonna I'm gonna share with you some of the people that I met I met quite a few people in I'm going to share what they did for me when I met them, and what they said to me what just being around them. You know, really really did for me. So next week. Next wednesday. And like I said, this is gonna be four episodes. And next week. A third episode for those of you who haven't been listening playback the other to play back the other one I should say. But next week is a third one. And I'm going to talk about some of the people that I met. Now, these podcasters not industry experts or people in the industry. But everyday people. Just like you and me podcasting and doing what we love. So tune in next time. For the digital vibe podcast. And this is that. And I thank you for listening. See ya.

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The Baldwin Of Our Discontent

Keep It!

1:06:57 hr | 1 year ago

The Baldwin Of Our Discontent

"The biggest news of the week. Khania west met with Donald Trump in the White House. And will that that on Tani on the way to the bottom of it. Thank God. That you guys got everything? Yeah, you other news y'all. I'm is love dead. I think love is dead. Love dead Arianna Guerande, Pete Davidson engagement off. Do you guys remember when we were bonnaroo it, they were my keep it which I sort of feel bad about. I don't feel bad about it because I, I continue to believe the news coverage on them was asinine, but I have since become a little bit of an arena STAN. But it was just at bonnaroo where I was like, why are we talking about them so much and already done done a Romeo and Juliet of stones at Disneyland. I thought they were gonna at least get married. I thought they were gonna make it to that. And then whatever happened was going to happen thirty day marriage or something at least get married. Yeah, this basic pop culture take, but when the tattoos get involved, you know, it's doomed so many, tattoos, they got, they got more than one. It's like they're, they're clearly rolling on the relationship. It's like, I know you're going to come down from this that plus she named a song after him, right album called Davidson. That was clearly assigned things. We're going to go back. The only funny line in that terrible SNL sketch that he did about their relationship was that he wasn't going to get royalties from the song. So I guess that worked out for her. And it works for him. He does not have to spend thanksgiving with Frankie 'Grande anymore. That is a monster ninety. I actually think that would have been just desserts because Davidson played that gay character. And that was that zoey Deutch movie on Netflix anyway to be around upset us all the boys loved in the elite. To be around Frankie Rhonda after that would have been pretty poetically just I think I feel like they're getting back together though. Let's be. So I'm starting to wonder what if they're like a Liz and dick, wow, they're they're on again off again like they get together with other people like chalices across the room at each other monotony. But in a cool wet, I feel like he throws away a Dave and Buster's commemorative Cup show across the room forever though if they do not get back together fear, yes, that he got to sit VIP at a Rita. Franklin's funeral next to like Bill Clinton, like acting like p Davidson. Was worthy of that. I mean, we knew whatever we knew he was her date, but that will those pictures can never be a raced right? Because if they never get back together, that means that years from now, people are gonna look at that. Exactly this joker hair Fantasia had to storm passed him to get to the state. Well, hope you. Okay. Are you Ana at least the album's good. It's probably for the best and you got the tour coming on. You know, I'm just do that. Rush that pony tail put on some of those high boots girl live your life pig. She said a Walsh shit fall on her, do have to say, so I am Sheree Asli rooting for her a year, but that's how you become an iconic popstar true anyway, cutting out later in the episode we're going to be talking about voting and how you can save. Beca staff, but but also America l. k. capital Tashkent we're gonna talk about vote, save America. Funny here. I just didn't understand the word. You're saying guard comedy. Sometimes. Well, you know, I feel like I'm the UNESCO of crooked media. He's Romania very good. We will also be chatting with author comedian and rival podcast, Phoebe Robinson, how dare she come on this show. We'll be right back. How many episodes are we gonna open talking about what the t- the girls are fighter. The answer is going to be most. I can't stop thinking about the phrase of the girls are fighting. I wanna use it all the time. So bags isn't trenchant get another Twitter feud this time with Lana del Rey. The fight began after Lana criticized Khania Wests I'm sorry. Mr.. Kardashians support for Trump and his remarks calling for the repeal of the thirteenth amendment. Zia tweet it back at Lada. Wow. Okay, Lana. This would be cute. If you were consistent with your outrage and refuse to collide with ace at rocky, who was physically assaulted win to to me, this just looks like the typical white woman using our weakened target to pretend to be an ally. Kept going on and. Ass threat has multiple are usually see one point, and then that's when my stop is, and I'm like, I'm going to get off the train and look at it later Lana in response to hope, zillion on Twitter. Pull up, say it to my face, but if I were you, I wouldn't. I wouldn't fuck you. What was so funny about this response from Lanta was we didn't really initially know who she was tweeting it right because her handle right. First of all, I always forget that as handle at the moment is like shot cheapie x. because she's she's selling her on her soaps. It looks phone came up with that name on. I'm glad she changed because she blocked me a couple years ago. You're backing? Yes, she blocked me. And so I had missed all her tweets and now I'm back in. I remember what I was tweeting about liking her new song. She tried to come out may with of belief you shaded me many times in the past, and I said, I was a shading you. I was calling you out for the racist thing about saying now, but I always liked the music and then she was like, oh, okay. And then she followed me. This was like sell. Like I feel like I have to say this. Every time we talk about this girl, but she so frustrating because she's never fully wrong, right Landau it was like, did maybe lenna del Rey just really hates Trump and racism. I don't know, but it's like, did she say anything about Roseanne and it's this conversation. I think she's already had about like she did remember. She did witchcraft to try to curse Trump on inauguration day, which, okay. Thank you, but it's like it is the sort of selective thing with some white celebrities or whatever where you're like, what you're going and uncon- Konya and there's a lot which yes, you should, but this also should be a general criticism. You're leveling leveling towards people like this, a free for all. Yeah, go after everyone. So she's never as never fully wrong. And then what she always bucking does is then says something about their appearance because she's actually pretty funny and usually on point when she's trying to make her like normal arguments. And then as soon as I came back to her, she was like. Yeah, ruined. Exactly. Also, here's the thing. Just the prizes me that land responded at all. Because as you'll have is sort of like, appears Morgan figure on Twitter where it's like always in it. For some reason. I don't know what credentials you need to be a part of the conversation, but she is always in the middle of the conversation. And for that reason, you can ignore that person's. They just insert themselves appears more than tic. TAC Laron. I am always so mad when people quote sweet that son of a bitch, how I did that much. Threat. It's just like I had him, blah. I have do not wanna hear anything. Piers Morgan has to say he only thrives from the attention that people give him when they try to like dunk on him on Twitter. Yes. Remember we like a stretch where I got into it with him. This is like years ago, like pretty consistently. And then one day I was like, no, I'm better than this and I blocked him. And that was right. And everyone always thinks it this joke about Piers Morgan is going to be the funniest one, and he's finally going to be ended and stub it. I don't wanna know what he has to say. I don't even know he exists tomb, you, you clearly didn't much the first season of America's got town where he really nailed it. I'm kidding. It was horrible. What is he good at? He had a newspaper before, like what? Fighting Omarosa on the celebrity appraiser surprises, Yulia and Piers Morgan. Haven't had some weird crossover event yet. Oh, yeah. They just seem convention troll. Yeah. Right. Won't maybe after you know, Landa, pulls out moment with musk, show hop on the Piers Morgan train. That was also weird was when Lanta tweeted something like the, I was the only person that supported your had your back. And I was like, what that was where, because I'm like, you know, used to kick it right. That was when I was like, Linda, you're overstepping this, you're ruining this because you had it with your little pull up thing. That was cute. That was funny when she came back to her about the plastics. She was like, I'll give you my surgeons number and I was like, what a funny response was kind of ablest was, you said I think you're off your meds. Yeah, it just like everyone. Everyone just before you want to stop stop. That's a good ruler. Something even wanna keep going stop because both of them would have come. This would have been like a more. It would have been like a funnier sort of back and forth, and then it wouldn't have gone ugly. We're, we're all like, is this your basic out of touch. Ella tick, but I consider a very serene person like someone whose entire thing is. I'm recovering from a difficult nap like all the time. So I'm very shocked. She just went for it that hard and had that much. I'll say it comedy in her. I feel like always is skirted with, you know her adjacency to hip hop. So I feel like she always enjoys when she gets to, you know, be fo- black for bit. Right? Because that was like, listen, Zilya is a lunatic. Zillion respond to there. She said, she said, DM me what's your dress LA. We will fight 'em public. We could film it exactly. 'cause she's desperate and unstable, and that combination of traits is very dangerous has like she might kill you, like you're, you're doing your tweet, but I was like a Zulia serious also, didn't she also tell your lawyer? It's a promise, not a threat or whatever. It's yeah. What are you? Sean Claude, van Damme. Girls are fighting. Also mostly about that. This happened literally seconds after we record it. Yes, why we hate that. Why do why do people scheduled their nonsense for twos down now when we record right, we got this fervor for seven days. Have you also these fights are so much better on the weekend when you know, I don't wanna read like Trump news. Yeah. So just give us the celebrity drama over the weekend. He hasn't gonna fight a Sunday evening. Chore would be great. Give it a little time to breathe, give us some time to cultivate our takes come in record, particularly. There's not an award show and Sunday. I've got nothing to do. Lewis is just sitting in his outlook bath. That's right matching the marinating waiting for someone to hand out in the war. That's somebody went best new something my God. We're back. Alec baldwin. Keep it is brought to you by swell investing. There are things we all know we need to do, but just don't want to that six AM workout scheduling an oil change. I barely even understand what that is, but mostly organizing your finances. We know investing is good for us. We knew we need to do it. So why do we put it off? Because we're broke. Oh. At over may today the day swell investing, which is for me because I as well makes it easy to start and allows you to grow your money in line with your values. 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Where can I get this book? Well, you can go to audible. Why am I so angry. Go to audible guys try it free for thirty days by visiting audible dot com. Slash keep it or by texting. Keep it to five zero zero five zero zero. That's audible dot com. Spelled AU de IB l. e. I won the third grade spelling bee dot com. Slash keep it or text. Keep it to five zero zero five zero zero. For your thirty day free trial. I won the Putnam county spelling bee, doo twenty. Are you Jesse telephone Persson maybe I'll write read about. Sunday. Alec Baldwin took a break from playing himself. Impersonating Trump on SNL today, beat his new prime time. ABC talk show the Alec Baldwin show brilliant. This show described as an intimate and candidate one on one conversation as Alec sits down with some of the most compelling celebrities and cultural icons was the ratings loser on Sunday night. Have another show get. I feel like the one in March after the Oscars was a preview of this. Wasn't that on Netflix in my crazy. No, it was on ABC right after the Oscar, but it was a preview. I miss them BC show years ago. What's so weird podcast, right? No, for somebody who is deeply temperamental and deep and kind of obsessed with like having quotes that blow up in the media, he is also obsessed with witty or pardon me, light banter. He's like, I need to have a podcast host the match game. I need to have this show on primetime. It's baffling to me work to do everything. He's an unemployed actor. He's in every movie. He was in black klansman. Right. He was good in that though. Unfortunately, he is talented. That's star stars bored. No, he's not. He would. When alley does SNL it's Alec Baldwin's the host. He goes up. Ladies and gentlemen alley. He accepts into a lot of stuff. Yeah. No, you don't think about him. He he played the husband of two best actress winning roles in the past ten years, blue, jasmine and still Alice. Just again, you don't think of those movie starring Alec Baldwin. They do start like all Baldwin dick gets you an Oscar. Okay. Okay. That's. And also by the way after Hailey Baldwin, we've been inundated with her just I deserve a Baldwin break. I've been very attentive to pop culture and I've had too much. But Hayley Stevens daughter, correct. I feel like we don't get enough Steven or like essence, that Haley is Baldwin. Really. It's I feel like we just talked much about Justin Bieber in the media, and I really wanna know more about. I feel like maybe she has a journey you think I feel like from Calabasas to Sherman oaks or wherever. Maybe she stopped at anthropology on the way, shake shack. Oh, yeah. Just you pick up some crystals. Okay. At home? The son for her UPS delivery. I wanna know Haley. Yeah, call in. Pull up, but in a polite way. Oh my God, no, Alec Baldwin. So this week made somewhat incendiary commentator about rose McGowan so and about black people list. Oh, that's well, that's no. Let's talk about that. Go ahead. This nigga. I give a Hollywood reporter interview. Were he said. Ever since I play Trump black people, love me. They love me everywhere I go. Black people go crazy. I think it's because they're most afraid of Trump. I'm not gonna paint every African American person with the same brush, but a significant number of them are sitting there going. This is going to be bad for black folks finey to. I want to people who went quote, unquote crazy. Just to black people because there's before this quote, there's an extended moment in the profile. One name Tyrone walks up the as like Allie you, the man. He seemed like a plan. Right, exactly. That did not seem real. That is also not what I would describe as going crazy walking up to someone on a Manhattan street and saying, hey, out Baldwin is not going crazy for his ass. My favorite part is when he's like, I don't wanna pay with a broad brush everybody, but then he's like, but about ninety percent of them with my ass. The funny thing is I, it sounds like he interviewed all black people including YouTube. Why did you say you love it so much. He says he doesn't wanna paint them all with the same brush, but he thinks a significant number of black people don't like Trump. That was his quote. He is still insisted that must lack for left, but he did not hedge on that. It's also like that doesn't. Do you think liking you and disliking Trump like they're, they're not really related as much as you would like to think like, oh, our savior, Alec Baldwin is making funny faces on SNL and because I'm terrified about Trump's stripping everyone of their civil rights. I'm now in love with Alec Baldwin. I don't understand what you're trying to say. That flow chart doesn't flow. First of all, how many people who are blood are still watching us. Ever right also can. This is. Yes. It's surprising to me always that his impression of Trump is so ultimately toothless like you just never think about it. It's like a face more than anything. Just the lips that he's got a tan, you know, I, I guess thinking about old SNL impressions that stick like the Sarah Palin like Dana Carvey George H W Bush. They benefited from like adding a Daffy folk seen as to the character, but he really adds nothing. And yet we gave him an EMMY. I'm sorry, let's weird. EMMY mistake. I think the Emmys rarely wrong. He's played himself because his Baldwin is basically Trump here, especially like you remember when Trump gave that interview to Albany talk radio, and he said, I have a great relationship with the blacks always had a great relationship with the black lacks the black, the blacks, at least Alex said black people that is like slum, Lord, vocabulary. The worst. He also had some words to say about rose McGowan. He said, she's a tragic front person for the me too. 'cause and I say that because you don't stand much of a chance getting where you want to be. If you're going to arbitrarily alienate at exit innocent men, it's like all of a sudden she's one of the crypts, the head of her own gang. He pauses smiles and ads. You can print that by the way crazy. What do you mean arbitrarily? You can print that by the way. What is crate also Frank Sinatra tossing off bone mutt I, she's clearly more of a blood because she wears the red lipstick and it is better for her complexion starters. Alec rose is not even the front person for the me too because they don't like her. She is always in the media being like eight, it's Toronto Burke who started this shit years ago. Movement. It's not rose McGowan. It's not any of these actresses she'd been doing this for years already. I mean, why? Why would we expect Alec Baldwin to know that I don't even miss learning something about this from him? Yeah. He just wanted to say something about rose McGowan and he's defend. He's not been a unsurprisingly a fan of the metoo movement, but like it is it's one of those things where going after Rosemary rose McGowan. It's like the only kind of in that you have like she's been. She's been a little unstable and inconsistent controversial little bit. So that's the only sort of person that you can probably lampoon and that enough people will be like, okay, you're she has had moments that we don't necessarily agree with. Prizing though because you would normally, I mean, like five years ago, you would list him next to like Michael Moore and Jane Fonda famous super liberal people, but then he like wanders into this lane it just he's like a kind of confounding person secretly. Other than being like a hardware guy, what's Friday about his connection with rose guy would is, I don't know either. Have you saw her TV show her the Documenta documentary in the premiere. She's an a just I think, like a gas station or something. And this black man comes up to her and it's like. Basically giving her a pep talk, like Morgan Freeman in any Ashley Judd. And I was like, who the fuck found this black man to go over here? It'd be like you do it a good job girl. Wow, that cast that probably probably tyrod. There's one black person who goes crazy for these people, and you know what? I hope you're collecting your checks Tyrone, hope you getting rich off of this nonsense birthday frequent. Can't wait to meet this Mark. I watched that show. I forgot all about it. Yeah, I mean, right? Yeah, right after the the first wave of Harvey Weinstein, that's less than a year ago. We're all in our nineties. Now. It's been a one year anniversary of that on like October tale, like forty five fucking years also by the way and like nine. We obviously there's been. Yeah, we were politely ignoring that you say, no, I was leaving the room. No, we'll be able to ignore it when I e. Got that's crazy. Or the thing about me to the impression everybody has is that like so many people have been outed by meet you now? It's like, no. We just had like about thirty stories or something. Weirdly it still to me just feels like deeply the tip of the iceberg and half of them got their jobs back, right. Yeah, we forgot about most of them, right, right. Because this week we also have bride Sagar knowing social media saying that Esquire is about to publish a false story about him as a takedown before his new movie. But he Mian rhapsody comes out so. Is your movie when you get fired athletes? Got fired. Yeah, it's not your movie. Yeah. Also, that's like another person who like we thought he was taken down right now here he is like slithering back up like either news ready to take on a new movie also. That's so I mean, like I know Esquire has legitimate journalism in it and stuff, but they're gonna publish that expose and they're going to publish ten more photos of Ryan Gosling in a wet white shirts. You know, just a very, it's a packed issue that is important. Dribble a, no, I man all wet. I don't know. I can't write copy. I. I, I. What are we doing. Derail conversation. Woodward back Phoebe. Robinson joins us. If you've seen the movie double indemnity you now that life insurance is not always sexy, but also really important. And that Fred macmurray is weirdly hot, even though he hasn't lantern jaw, go on. Let's sit one. Third of people don't have it. They don't have life insurance. Yeah, that's because it's really hard to buy. You have to work out what you need, then do the research to find the best quote and hope you don't get swindled along the way by the great brain. 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They also compared disability insurance home insurance and auto insurance. If you care about it, they can cover it. So whether you know a lot about life insurance or nothing at all, or you wanna take out an insurance policy on one of your co hosts start your search at policy, genius dot in just two minutes. You can compare quotes and make an informed decision for you and your loved ones policy genius, the easy way to compare and buy life insurance. You know, we talk a lot about the importance of voting on this show, but not everyone has that right in California prisoners have their right to vote revoked for the duration of their sentence. Crooked dot com. Editor and chief Brian Boyd went to San Quentin state prison to talk to prisoners about what they think about voting and many of them wrote personal essays. Shay. Sharing their thoughts on civic engagement and what it means to participate in an election. You can take a listen to his interviews on crooked conversations and read those essays at votes, have America dot com. Slash restore the vote. Here's more on the episode. We're nearing midterm elections at breakneck speed now, and a lot of people still have not registered and many others just won't turn out to vote, but millions of our fellow citizens don't even have the choice to begin with. Currently six million Americans who have been convicted of felonies are prohibited from voting by their state governments for that reason. Earlier this year, I visited San Quentin state prison in northern California. I didn't realize. How what of voice was I think I kind of took on the stereotype of my vote. Didn't matter before I commit my crime. I have the right to vote. I didn't value it. I didn't take it seriously until I lost. And I realized how pointed this look at rehabilitation? This part of getting acclimated back into society, voting feels like you're being responsible. Listen to more on crooked conversations. This episode is called restore the right and check out, vote, save America dot com. Slash restore the vote to re personal essays about voting written by prisoners at San Quentin. This show. Sounds amazing. Out everyone. Check it out. So Disney is at it. Again. They have had a lot of casting controversies lately. There's a lad end because both of the two actors were playing jasmine and Aladdin are not Arab. There's that whole Jack Whitehall playing the company's first gay man who's supposed to be a feet and full of camp for what is it river cruise. Death on the Nile. I don't know anyway. There's also now rumors that lady Gaga may be playing Arcilla and people are in an uproar. That's terrible casting. Yeah. Well, to get into it, we have joining us author, Phoebe Robinson. Hello? Phoebe meeting caster. Yes, clean weekend podcast on keep it rival. Do you think that these Disney casting decisions are trash. You know, I just think they're not well thought out. Like I, I know the lady Gaga Ursula thing is still just a rumor at this point. But I am just kind of like guys, she can't play her. Player and I love. I love her. I think she's amazing, but I'm just like just get someone who's plus is just do it. Like, what are we? What are we waiting for? Like, why are we just trying to avoid it? And like everyone wants to talk about by positively and representation. And it's like when you have a softball like this, you just can't even, you know, knock it out the park. I just I don't understand right, like Lizardo or so. People even suggested like a Latrice royale because the character was originally designed after divide. Yes, yes. You know, who has the flavor of Ursula to meet Jennifer Lewis actually, that'd be pretty hilarious. What an I so funny. Yeah, I will. I also want to know, do we need live action disease? I hate them. I hate them. These Vanity Fair shoots turned into movies, stand the. Like, let's just my favorite Disney movies, just put through a computer and make it HD and release. It can't do that. I would just go see a rerelease of Aladdin just cedars. Exactly. Yeah. No, might might controversial tickets. Genius should be drawn. I don't want to see genie in person taking up space, not cute. Take that Barbara. That's no. Besides. I'm dealt with the live action remakes I'm I'm for it. I think it could be. I don't. I don't know if it's going to live up to the, you know, animated originals, but I, I don't know. I'm just kind of beauty. No. The live action originals. Okay. I'm open to them. I'm not racing to the theatre to see them, but I. Do you know. I honestly think I've only seen beauty and the beast, and I've seen the Allison wonder leads I don't. I haven't seen Cinderella. I haven't even Cinderella. Yeah, I haven't even seen Melissa sent. We'll show you saw the old one hundred one donations live action. Oh, okay. Well, I feel like. Different era that barely counts because that was like, I don't think Disney is like doing wild shit like that anymore. Like, let's have Glenn Close to running around in these jackets, try to kill dogs. Because you know, they, you know, they've been taking forever to make the. Of the Oregon story. They have Emma stone attached to a Cruella origin story, but they can't seem to make it work. I'm like, yeah, I don't know how you're gonna make an origin story work where this woman is just killing down nation, Don Keller one other question. What's your favorite? What was your favorite Disney movie, and who would you cast in it as the lead? My favorite Disney movies, probably The Lion King Lion King what beyond says in that one. So. That's perfect casting. Yeah, yeah. That liking is just like, I also love Mulamba's. Very cool. I really wanna see a great mouse detective, please. Yeah, remake that that would be fun. Yeah. We make our rebate Hercules with that. Noah Cincinati boy. Can he saying listen, it doesn't matter. The price is right. Off the certain I'll be like, oh, those are vocals. Never the same. Never never be the voice actor and then they used to have a little Marnie exa. But now they want people to saying though. Yeah, yeah, you have to. Sorry, actors. Gotta have hair body and face. By a stars. Your second book which is out now everything's try, but it's okay. And I just wanna know how you read all these damn books girl. I am workaholic through and through and I tell people, I'm really not that exciting. I stay home a lot. If I go out is I try to go like I tell the story before about how I went to a friend's bachelorette party. We like organize this whole evening out and we went dinner at seven strip club at eight. So we can you back at the hotel at eleven, let's get the hell back. So, yeah, everything is trash all the time. What was it like having to Wade through? I just assume monster piles of trash to write this book. It was I, I will say this. It was kinda stressful for multiple reasons. The first one was mostly my fault in that the book was originally supposed to come out next spring, but I had to queens, come out, you know, February. And then this movie I was in on Netflix caught a b.'s came out in may, and I was like, wouldn't it be great to have something in the fall? So it's like a nice trifecta. And then everyone at my publisher with plume, which is a division of penguin and they're like, yeah, that sounds great. And they're like, well, how far along are you in the book? And like totally like lied. And I was like, oh yeah. Oh my, you know, they're the way done. Like almost halfway done. They were like, awesome. And I was maybe like five percent. So I just really had to cram and like just any second that I wasn't like doing stand up or like shooting something. I was like in either my apartment like or hotel room without pants on eating cheeses and just writing, and I was able to to get it done. But I think you know, just the sort of climate that we live in as been kind of like a sucky one where you're like, oh, these are some dark times. And so it was nice to kind of sort of escape with this book. It'd be able to like make myself laugh. And I'm talking about how I was avoiding Oprah's phone calls initially because she blocked her number and like I owned forty five thousand dollars in student loan debt. And I was like, oh, I'm not answering this phone because I don't know who's going to be. So like those kind of moments like made it better when I had to like go on the internet and see the news in and see what's happening are get that. And I really love the first book. So, I mean, you can't. Touch my hair and other things I still have to explain was in New York Times bestseller. So I know this one will be too. I hope it will be a sous stare. I don't know. I was gonna ask you quickly also like the three of us on this show like probably never thought in our lives. There would be a thing called podcast that would be doing podcast, making money doing this weird job. What satisfaction do you get out of hosting a podcast that one people love and to where you actually discuss things that probably need to be heard. I mean, I think to queens reason, you know, one of the reasons why Justin I wanted to start working together outside of really enjoying each other is just seeing a bunch of comedy shows or being asked to be a bunch of comedy shows are just straight white guys on it, and we're sort of like what we know. So many funny women's funny queer, people's funny people color. Why are these people not on the show? And so when we had to queens where like this'll be our chances invite like are funny friends on and just have a sort of host up top and just have the sort of banter about hot topics or things are going on our lives and just sort of. Of sound like to, you know, average black women just hanging out. I think we thought it was going to be fun. I don't think I there were like, oh yeah, this is going to take off and blow up. And so I think we're really sort of kind of pleasantly surprised at how much our show like resonated. And you know, I just I love film and TV and flicked. So many times celebrities are like interviewed in a way where they have to feel like, hey, come by. My thing come watch. My movie may sometimes you feel they wanna have more fun, but they're like, oh, I gotta see a message. And so I think with both to tutto queens and so many white guys, I was able to just kind of like talk to people in a real way in really try and get to know them and make them feel comfortable, make them laugh and reveal size themselves. And I think that's kind of worked out so far. Thank you so much for being on the show, Phoebe, you know, we love you. Thank you for having me. This was great and pick up fees, new book which is out today when we were. Recorded. So by the time he listened to this, it'll be no already shipped to you. If you're an Amazon prime. Or you can walk, you can use your legs and go to day shipping or or working mortar it from your local mom and pop Barnes and noble the one last border. But last. All right, five Vivey guy sakes. When we're back to personally save America with voted. Thank you. Election day is so close. It's getting real voter, registration deadlines are flying by an early voting is happening. I've already got my ballot. It's not about, but it is. It is sitting on my kitchen table. I registered to get my valid by mail. These, I'm going to be out of town. I'm going to be in Canada. So depending on how this goes. We never see me again. But it was super easy. I got my ballot by mail. I am ready to go and ready to vote on November six. I'm deeply conventional Miskin, go right up to that booth cry than filled out. Walk up like a suffrage set. Yes. Oh my God. What if I dressed like one that be really stupid, I don't do that. I'm, you can check out the voter guide at votes, save America dot com. Then get your friends to sign up at votes America dot com. So you guys can decide what you wanna legalize together. We call that democracy people, and sometimes you have to read through a few things to figure it all out. It's an info being informed, goddamn voter people, the spirit of votes America launching the interactive voter guide. We wanted to highlight a few initiatives in a game. We're calling bitch vote to shits bed. Title. So was calling it that Kevin. Or intern, Travis. Perhaps somewhere anyway, are we ready played game? I got the first question for you. We're talking about Louisiana. My my mother country, the television show. Tra- may go on. Of course, of course, amendment to this measure would require a unanimous jury to convict people charged with felonies who supports it, the Louisiana, Democratic Party the Louisiana Republican party, and John legend who opposes it, the Louisiana district attorney's association. If you vote, yes on it, you want to amend the state constitution to require unanimous jury verdicts to convict and felony cases if you vote, no, you want to preserve a Jim crow era law that allows non unanimous jury verdicts to convict in felony cases. Is this a real amendment? I believe the political leanings of John legend's. I'm gonna go big old. Yes. You know. I'm gonna go, yes as well. You guys few are correct. This is a must pass amendment in Louisiana right now. Only two states in the union do not require unanimous jury to convict someone of felony Louisiana and Oregon. We're all out. Louisiana only requires that ten of the twelve jurors believe the person is guilty. That means in Louisiana. Someone could get sentenced to prison for life. Even if two jurors believe there's reasonable doubt. In the case, I don't like that either Louisiana and Oregon need to start trail in behind the times. Jerry Springer final. All right question over to. Missouri amendment, four. This amendment would remove the constitutional ban on advertising, bingo, games if you vote. Yes. You want to remove the constitutional ban on advertising, bingo, games if you vote. No, you wanna keep the constitutional ban on advertising, bingo games is this a real amendment. It feels so silly that it feels like it. It is. That's where I am to also by the way is big. O. technically a game at somebody saying numbers, moving on. I'm going to say it Israel because it is baffling. I'd rather dramatically play Mahjong. That's what I'm saying. My fiance's mother, crazy rotations, call out. It is a real amendment is yeah, Missouri has a constitutional ban on leading organizations, advertise bingo, games. So bingo was a legal in Missouri until nineteen eighty when voters decided to permit bingo in the state, as long as those wild crazy, bingo organizations only advertised on their premises and made sure the person running the bingo games had been part of the organization for two years. The ballot measure would remove the constitution of ban on advertising, bingo games lessen the amount of time the bingo master needs to have been part of the organization to six months master since printed reading. I've turned g fifty nine moving. We are now down the Rockies Colorado amendment. A this measure would amend the state constitution to repeal exception to ban slavery. Wait a minute. This measure would amend the state constitution to repeal an exception to ban slavery which allowed compulsory labour, involuntary servitude or slavery as we like to call it as punishment for crime who supports it, the Colorado Democratic Party and abolish slavery, Colorado who opposes it. Who opposes, I assume the KKK the yes vote. You would want to abolish slavery in the Colorado constitution. If you vote no, on this amendment, you want to keep a form of slavery in the Colorado constitution gentlemen, is this a real amendment sniff poppers to get through. On the ceiling. Yes. Real. It is real is wild article, two section twenty five of the Colorado constitution says they're never be in the state, either slavery or involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime whereof. The party shall have been duly convicted. This amendment would change the state constitution to read their shall never in the Peter sleep for your involuntary, solitude, crazy that you have to put that in constitution. This is all pretty straightforward. A amendment like this actually failed by a narrow margin and do sixteen because the wording had a confusing grammar guys. This feels real fucking straightforward, Colorado get your shit together. Please tell the get you. I was in Colorado, once. Got arrested. That's high, worked for BuzzFeed for you. Traditional origin story. All right. Here we go. We're in Idaho, no Luther Burbank country. This measure would amend the state constitution making cannibalism illegal. All circumstances who supports it the ACLU and pita who opposes it, the Donner party's living ancestors. Now, if you've, oh yes on it, you want to abolish cannibalism no exception. But if you know, you understand, sometimes people have to turn to unfortunate means for survival. Part of me wants to vote now just because I don't like pita. If pita hates cannibalism, I love it. I am going to say in my infinite wisdom. I think this is maybe not an amendment. It is not an amendment. I have to say, I underestimated how Zanny yours would be almost come up. The ones we read it was like maybe have to think for that right for just a second. Although the current law states that cannibalism illegal except under life, threatening conditions as the only apparent means of survival. This sound similar to Florida's stand your ground laws. So if you ever get the taste for human flesh, head over to Idaho, put yourself in a threatening position and champ away. Idaho sounds sounds like the backstage of dynasty. Stories. This skin is burnt. Good. I in Carol shoutout everyone. If you live in any of those states get your amendment voting plan together, you live in a different state. You need also figure out what you need to vote on. Goto votes America dot com. And please vote on November six or I'm going to be really irritated amnesty in Canada. Never see people again, that's that's the threat, not the looming threat of our democracy crumbling. It's Karume span. Cancer care will build a new life in Vancouver. Who are we going to have to replace with? You know God? Yeah. Who would it be? Domingo general brain. Maybe her go through that coming up, keep it. I feel like I'd mostly just want to keep it to the world. It's been a week the year. Decade the CARA, what is your keep it. Let me just take us back to October twenty fourteen when young writer named care Brown started a column at bell dot com. And she called it shade court, and I tried to spend my brief and finite time on this planet trying to help you. God damn people understand which shade is. It seems I failed. I'm reminded daily of my failure, and I was reminded again this morning when good Morning America had Pete Souza, the tougher, the White House dog refer on the show. He is a book out called shade, which I have already voiced my objections to. But today, good Morning America called him the king of shade, the king of shade. They called this man who just posted a picture, a Brock Obama every day, doing a thing that Trump was doing on that same day shade him. It's it's, it's not shade, and I feel like I, I was actually still writing shade court when he started doing this because so I put him in shade court. If you times an, I ruled numerous times the shit wasn't shade and as usual, no one listened. I wasted my in my life, my effort, my time, trying to just help people. It just seems like we live in a world with a riana in it. So just to immediately assign this person, the new, the king ranting, king of shades seems a little wrong or people who think that this is like stupider frivolous, whatever like it, really. I, there's like the jokey portion of this, but also that language exists and it's a real thing. And I think to misuse these words and then to ascribe it to a straight white dude. When like this word came about in the ballroom scene, Dorian Corey watch. Paris is burning. It is not a book, but it would also be structural for you mother fuckers. So there should be a pairs of burning pop. Yup. Total, but it's like this, it's it's this. You're just taking this language that like mattered and meant something to a group of people in had needing. You can't just decide that it's something different. And then in particular to be like, this white man is the king of sheet, and I know none of these people are talking about. They have no idea who during Corey is they have no idea what pairs is burning is, but it's fresher. But he is still the Kenosha is will forever be the king of shape. Just go sit by his tombstone hill. His from beyond. So God damn good Morning America. Get your shit together. That is very annoying, concur, Louis, what's your keep it Mike, if it is to Oscar movies that are what I call to-. Ask te'o w. ASC which is there's one woman. She's concerned. The new movie in this vein is first man in which clarify thinks things like, I don't know if my husband should be a wonderful astronaut I'm concerned about my wonderful astronaut husband, my wonderful astronaut husband did it anyway. There's a whole category of movies, competent men are hurting my husband. Who's radio back on this is Ryan Gosling? No. And who's new Armstrong? One of the bigger sign? Yes, he did a good job. Yeah, worried for nothing, but, but the whole movie to is get getting into Armstrong psyche and it's basically that their daughter died. When she was young and he became emotionally closed off. And so he's just an right. Right. He wanted to leave this planet. I like I love just by the way how gravity goes by the way. Sorry to interrupt you. I love clarify way. So this is upsetting news. It's very disappointing. I was ready for her to serve. Yeah. I mean, I'm sure she's great. She just probably as you pointing out Lewis is given little to nothing to run. On YouTube. Totally. This is just a category of movie going back to like the deer hunter Merrill, just like as she put it herself, they needed a woman to stand between the men. The king speech is a little like this with Helena Bonham Carter giving an Oscar nominated hug to her husband shit like this. It's just like when like the only novelty of the characters that it's the, the one woman, it's just that's not like a related character. That's not it's sort of like if you saw the movie the post, which is not a movie like this that I'm talking about, it's if the only female character and it was the Sarah Paulson character who's just like, let me tell you the stakes of what you're doing. My husband that kind of role spotlight. Right. Well, well, that's an interesting case because she is the one woman, but I would say she's the least developed of those characters and still just concerned. So it does count. Yeah, imitation game. Another movie like that. Moving the Hello on while there shouldn't really have been a woman in imitation game anyway. Right? Yes, even care who's like I finished this crossword puzzle or whatever. For her part in that movie should've been another man for him to have sex with. The Nick machine was his anyway. Yeah, keep it to that. You know, that's from j. Damian Chazelle the director of LA La Land, but also whiplash which I do love an has no women in it. Sorry, moving on anyway. My keep it this week. I feel like I just keep it to democrat party. 'cause they have been having a week annoying. The fuck outta me first off Hillary Clinton thinks she is sink. She and her husband are being on saying, Jay z. as they're embarking on this tour together, and she was recently asked on CBS during the show Sunday morning. In retrospect, you think Bill should have resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. And she said, absolutely not. And she was asked, it wasn't an abuse of power and she said, no, Lewinsky wasn't adult. Well, that's bad. I wish she didn't say that. He just you just what did your pantsuit? Why are you doing this for like a month out from the midterm. Where are you talking unless it's, hey, Georgia, unless it's driving people in fucking Georgia to the poll? I don't. I we have right now. I would love Hillary just pulled up in a bus, a moated, some voters and took him to the poll go to Indiana charter every bus in Indiana. Like, yeah, it wasn't just her though. Elizabeth Warren, one of one of my, what are you say? She's a white Fave instead of watching ballers and my own business, she decided to respond to Trump's incessantly racist comments that she's polka Hanis because before she said that, you know she has a native American person as one of her ancestors. So she finally released DNA test this week, deep Maury cred providing quote, strong evidence that she had a native American in her family tree, dating back six to ten. Two generations. I almost give credit for what she said. Like I guess Trump's that if she found evidence that he she, he would donate money. But then of course, guess what he did said, literally, who cares and his moved on right play with him on his level. He doesn't care. He just dismisses you on doing stupid shit, look dumb. I was I was on the plane and saw two people watching Fox News where you know that evil villain, Laura Ingraham was cackling about this with a panel and I was like, I can see why this is funny, right? It's so absurd, six to ten generations. Aren't we all related to each other at Cherokee then? Yeah, right or whatever. No, I don't go around calling by self white, but we know slave masters of a good time that certainly wasn't fifty ten generation. That's like three to four. This is like with Demi Levato tweeted that she one Africa. Raven. Simone says she was from every continent and Africa, except for one Elizabeth. Florida's from every native American tribe. Generally, if you do a DNA test, maybe just keep it to yourself. Yeah, I think I don't know that we ever ever need to the weird, murky thing of like eugenics words like white people. Love talking about how you know DNA determined certain things and it's like, oh, it's fun. Like I have this native Americans again a in me. But like what about actual native Americans who are actually part of a native American community didn't we just disenfranchise. Jakoda who like so many of them are not going to devote because of a raises fucking law that they that you have to have. You can't have a PO box as an address to vote. You have to have like an actual, you know, whatever like street address and so many people who live on reservations. They use PO box addresses. And these people know that which is why the law traditions, how they made their streets and things and they, they also have to have PO box because we shoved them on exactly. You know they're not just down the block from your local kolber shop. PSU think when Trump does is next rally. He's still not gonna call her focus exactly. The also grocer sort of thing about when she came out with this is it was also sorta proved that because part of the Pocahontas thing was the fact that she used her native American ancestry to sort of get jobs like her teaching job because it was like an affirmative action thing, and it was sort of releasing this and being like, I got this job, you know, because of my skills because I was smart, not because of this DNA and I'm like, it's sort of this weird thing where it's like a look. This didn't hinder me like, right, I'm smart because of a white woman. I don't. It's the whole thing messing messy. And I wish he hadn't done it just it's a good lesson that every time you try to. From several you looked on, there's no one who ever best him because he's so stupid and he's willing to go so much lower than you and like the stakes of all. This are stupid, like the stakes of release your DNA tests. Now donate money. That's stupid. You donate money. You don't need Trump to donate money. Carnival, he's not the only person with money and like, oh my God, if he doesn't do it, they'll never get it like, it's just the stakes are dumb you only ever looked on, and it's crazy to me that after two years of this shit people haven't figured that out. And when it's like six to two generations ago, that's just going to be fodder for people to make fun of you. It's not like it was your your dad. The test has. Its final person is sometimes democrat, Bernie Sanders only when elections coming up. He told Jake tapper who recently on following me because we dragged him about tweeting about Obama beyond onto, yeah. He told Jake tapper I am not a great fan of being rude or disrupting activities when it comes to liberal protesters, sir. Mr. I marched with Martin Luther King, are you out of your guy, Dan mind, eights, like everyone, forgets history. Does anyone remember the Boston tea party? Does anyone do you remember the revolutionary war? Do you know what the word revolution means? It did not mean that down and chatted what is wrong with no one knows any. I mean, the Boston tea party was an actual tea party. I had a lovely time. It's just such a like a historical bazaar weighed at again. It's like you don't. Why even why? Why even bring that up? Why talk about that the the wording of that is real bad, really gross. My final point is people doing too many stunts giving too many interviews when we are mere weeks from midterm elections buses and take people register doing voter turnout. That's what you should be dealing. Yeah, you don't need to be on CNN doing whatever. What was he? What was even like origins for this for this interview hockey about he's just talking the Jake tapper. I don't know dance competition show. Yeah, he's got to promote. And also this is part of the stuff that prevents young people from wanting the vote because they see politicians pulling stunts and like making a mockery out of things, and they don't feel like, you know, wanna be involved. Also look at, like, for example, like the parkland students were like they have. There was this wave of demonstrations in protests that they've been spearheading and it's young people and that super important. So then to have this old, ask white man be like, I don't believe in disruptive politics. It's just like, what are you doing? What are you doing? That's literally the thing that is energizing people that's making them feel like they have any fucking control over the country. They live in. Why on earth? Would you say anything that can maybe even stifle that at all to suggest that like the status quo somehow preferable. That's to me what that quote says. So, yeah, that is gross in very much the opposite of the spirit of the parkland does black ladies who who shut him down. That rally, four or five, whatever the month was probably about. Okay. He was like, can we be little nicer? We know do this March, you know, on a on a Sunday morning, people aren't trying to get to work. Shut up. It. That's what happened. Well, we'll never know anyway when we're back. Nothing because that's show by.

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PMS 2.0 074 - The Most Electric Weekend Of My Life

The Pat McAfee Show 2.0

2:05:28 hr | 1 year ago

PMS 2.0 074 - The Most Electric Weekend Of My Life

"Out tell you what. Today's show is good. I had the most electric weekend in my life. With foxy, in Atlanta, in Hartford, Connecticut Todd lived, like an Amish man. Nick went back to Pittsburgh, nNcholas got killed by a couple of talian Gorman was on chopper Bopper at one point, you're gonna wanna hear this hanging out with a billionaire Zito. Got lost in Chicago tie, sock, you on Reeves in game of thrones ended. I mean this show is filled with stories filled with laughs and I think you're going to say, I'm excited that I listened today, Tuesday may twenty-first this show is brought to you by are presenting sponsor who just so happens to be the greatest ticket buying platform on planet earth, and the Lou. Yes. The moon a place where Buzz Aldrin went. Mhm place where Neil Armstrong won. Is that right? Walk to say, walked out gore you fucking start to I'm not I'm just saying what they say, who's they are you a part of the guy that guys they who's they the same guy who anytime you say. That's what they say. It's him. You're not saying you're one of those. No. No, no. Oh, so you're saying they didn't care the moon. I'm not saying either way, but I am right sitting square on this fence. I'm looking down to my right looking down to my love Thai. How do you feel about that? Guys the worst Gorman. Yeah. Anyways, if you were to definitely go to the moon like buzz in Neil, no matter what, anybody says, no matter how much evidence there is potentially against the case of going to the moon, potentially all fabricated, fabricated facts. If you were to go there, you would want to buy a ticket to a live event, you at UC key, because seeking scans all the other ticket buying platforms, both here on earth, and on the moon to make sure you're getting the best ticket at the best value. Let me tell you why they do that because they want repeat customers you know why. Because there are company filled with good individuals because it's more than just an app. It's the people behind the app that are not just selling tickets or selling dreams, or some memories are selling stories, and this is a story that you want to be sold a ticket at the best possible price available to any sporting event, any comedy, any theater, your friends at seek avenue right now, if you use promo code pack get ten dollars off promo code McAfee twenty dollars off. Once again, it's self awareness here. Forever. A lot of money in the Bank count, yet gun use McAfee, get twenty dollars off. Nice little bit of cake gave a little bit cake. If we just got our student debt paid off by the guy speaking up at her. Graduation. That was awesome. Those electric, we'll talked to JJ watt on Thursday's episode definitely asked him, why he didn't by the student loan debt, Wisconsin. He spoke at a week beforehand. Shoutout to Robert Smith. Is that right? Sounds is the most wealthy African American man who paid off the entire thing was awesome. If you if that happened to you use promo code packet, ten dollars off instead of the twenty let's softwares, China Zeki, green absolute greatest. And also out the lease. I can't wait to get back on my leesamattress we've been on the road here. I can't wait to get back on my leesamattress. When you're in hotels, you never know what you're going to get. When you go to a mattress store, your rolling around in other people's sweat, other people's hair, other people's. Yeah. You'd never know what's going to happen. You're like, oh, is this big comfortable? You don't know. Are you really going to be comfortable with old cousin staring at you and you always ask if you're gonna pay one hundred dollars though, you're not gonna be comfortable? It's all a guessing game. It's all a bunch of bullshit until we came around and said, this is where we're going to do. We're going to give you the most comfortable. Had you ever slept it, and send it right to your doorstep? So nice in a box and box in that box can be too heavy, and take too much. It's going to be this is going to be that. No, no, it's half the fun. Unblocks that mattress in three minutes you have the best bed you've ever slept on at your doorstep in three minutes on boxing. You're sleeping better immediately. You gotta Lisa dot com forward slash McAfee. You get fifteen percent off any mattress right now. And to free pillars. L E S, A dot com forward slash McAfee. MCA. F. E E. Gifting percent off any mattress answer free Bill shot at the Lisa's shout at the seek shelter you for Tuesday to listen to me at mccombs at digs at McMurdo at Gorman everywhere. Zito at Schmidt, Nadan. Foxy put on a fucking storytelling paradise for the next hour. So juice. Wild weekend to say the least for FOX. Friday, we traveled down to the beautiful, it Lanta, Georgia, which, by the way, it is summer down. There is one hundred percents. Is thick down there soon as we landed just started sweating immediately. I had khaki shorts. Oh, I khaki shorts on. Figured I was going down south. Sure. But bad look sweater. In the back you see, so I get off the airplane, because we're sitting on the runway there in the Atlanta starting did silken. Yeah. Yes. Starting to come into plane it. I'm sitting there, I'm sweating. I'm like, oh my God. And I just get up. I don't even think about it, and then I go to grab like my ticket and my back in my back pocket. I'm like, whoa, wait a minute. Normally in the George world dot a problem because you can't even tell them the George world because normally get a little dark patch banned by properly. You can't even tell so now I'm gonna bad situation. I'm walk through this George airport with looks like I wanted to do. But it was a good start to the weekend. We have a bunch of traffic. Traffic is no joke. We turned around the corner, and it was just two hours worth of traffic. We're going wide open eighty miles an hour per. I think we got here at the perfect time, like, right before Russia's conversations happen now God because it was a wedding in Atlanta, where we flew into the airport, which is on the south side. The wedding was on the north side and Buckhead, which is where all the money that it was. So it was a little bit of a drive. Eighty miles an hour, patting ourselves on the back. We turn a corner, and it was like almost got into an accident. So we sit through traffic. We do it Lanta for a little bit. And then it was time for this. Welcome party. We did nothing else. There was a rehearsal dinner before that. I guess where there was a little practice rehearsal. It's in the name, then, then there was some speeches given gay there. And we weren't there for that. We went to the welcome party afterwards, which is at Saint Regis, which is the nicest place. I think in America sounds glorious. I think it's the nicest place in America. It was very expensive. I it was very very, very fucking. There's Bentleys and Ferraris lined up out front. It was it was asinine. So we get there were the first people at the welcome. The first people at twelve so there's the rehearsal dinner was running late. I guess the speeches lasted a little longer than they thought. So there were so dinner was running late, by the way, we're the only ones I think that weren't invited the. Rosal titter. All right. I by the way, I would've brought us either just does no harm. No foul there. So we're at this welcome party all by ourselves. It's me. Foxy seven bartenders, this guy called the mad violinist, or you might have seen on America's got talent. He's working because he was assigned to start working at this time. So we're getting our own personal concert from this guy named a mad violinist. He's playing every top ten song, but with a fucking violate crushing by the ways just absolutely slaughtering. So we're befriending bartenders servers at this point. Right. This is a good idea. This is gonna end up helping us out later, just for future reference when you go to Vegas, what do you do it take you grease up the bouncer? So when you have to go to the bathroom to bounce runs you to the bathroom moves. Everybody out of the way you go, you take care of the bottle service, people also take care of the bouncers. That's what we did this thing. It was a good idea. So about fifteen twenty minutes later people start filtering in, and we'll just we've already. I mean we basically claimed territory this like this. Seventy couch literally sitting on one of the couches four or five couches. I'm wearing a polo and pants. It was prom. Everybody else walking. There's three piece fucking suits walking in for this welcome party. I'm like, oh, my God Kuehnen, who's one of my agents is dad happens to own the of hawks basketball team. He was hailed. It was him getting married in tune in is what I say this. I mean this he's just an electric individual he's five foot three. He's five foot three. Jewish guy who is just everything's dude doot, like everything. Everything is gonna work out better than you could ever fathom the most optimistic human. I think I've ever been around dude. So he walks in after this. I guess it was a little bit of a row session in rehearsal. Derek? It was a little bit of a roasting situation. He walks in sees me dress, like issue comes up. He goes do talent. Does it have to dress up like less, bro? Would've foxy foxy, dude? Fox's a talent. So they were like everybody was so thankful. We were there, literally everybody was so thankful. We're there off Matthew Stafford as soon as he walked in came a beeline, right? Over to us like everybody, everybody was happy. We were there. It was like, oh, I'm happy. We know wedding gift. So for me FOX, we cash zero wedding gifts. So I just decided like tonight, we'll just by everything and whatever bar we, it's like. This'll be my gift to at least the groom's tonight. If we go out if we're invited to go out anywhere out just by everything for everybody like that'll be my gift the night before the wedding. Let's go ahead and get slot. So as the things wrapping up the Saint Regis people like pushing everybody out busy. It's getting Larry. It's expensive time here. Can't be there. An extra twenty thirty minutes don't even fucking think about it. They'll one of coon's boys though he is a group of boys down there. I think a lot of money, but they're Bros, like Matthew Stafford's in that group it is just a bunch of broS these dudes. They fucking these dudes get down, these dudes are good time. So as leaving the one guy, he's a little bit taller. He's handsome guy. He hits me goes you going out with us tonight. I was like, yeah, man, I was I was hoping it'd be cool. He's a we're going to supply and demand. And I was like, okay man, I thought he was like fucking with. He's talking like a Home Depot type. So I look at FOX, it was like one of the little fuck boys. He just told me we're going to some like fucking hardware. We're not going fucking groups. So then coons dad who owns the hawks. Incredible life story. Like he started out as a salesman like literally worked his way up. So I was talking to him about his story. He was thankful. We came everybody was so nice in the neck guy, walks over to me again, he goes, are you coming with us or not? That was it. I'm not gonna fucking hardware store. Braille, it get out of here. I don't know what the fuck you think this is we'll have a good time. Flocks of you will have a time. No. That's a fucking bar. Dude. I was like, okay, I'm so sorry. Just rich white kid from Atlanta. That's one hundred percent on me for judging you. So we went there, and I mean, we went we went there, and we went it was unbelievable them burned it down. I walked in. I mean I did the. It was classic function. How many people do you think are here foxy, how many people, you think are gonna voice right now? Fox's start suing the fucking police. Had kelly. He's a fire. Just that's in the bar. I think it was like sixty people. Yeah. Okay. Thank you foxy, so I go to the bartender. I go, yeah, I'd like to one hundred and twenty shot. Two shots. Everybody in here in the lady goes get the fuck out here. She says to me that was like, no no I'm being hundred here. So then the owner comes over, it's always like a double check. Hit boss. Sir. What you could make that hundred thousand dollars. You're splitting. Yes, put him up up. So the owner comes over or manager, I don't remember what you're on any goes. What do you want to do by shots is for everybody in here? He's like, doesn't matter what type of us went to taste, good, because kinda early in the night, you know, he was like you got it. But and then they gave me the price in. I paid like five times at the price was, I was getting me like two more, though. Like I want to more you keep two of those for a tip, but I'd also like to more rounds at any given moment, and they're like, okay, so these people are all in my side belt. So this place is all on our side, though. So about five minutes past everybody's talking foxing. I have nobody to talk to so. What everybody a drink. I it was like a high score a union the party before make friends. You make friends. I mean it was it was a lot of I mean, we be I feel like everybody likes elbows. I feel like everybody likes us, but you go back to high school. These people haven't really not even us to by other people that are bar. That's all like people that are back in town at Philly. Right. So we just saddled up to the bar, and I looked at the owner was probably like three minutes later. I was like, I think. I think. Second three hundred in order. So then as we start going I do that a few more times. I think hindsight the next day. We looked back on it. I did it probably four times today. So before the weekend starts paddlers at the Bank, and he, he gets a bunch of money, right? Here's your car doesn't work. So what happens if you go someone you order shots like this, and then you give them your card, and he doesn't go through your, the worst human. You're spot fucking arrested. California, and I was like I'm never falling for that again. So I always go and get cash cash, and then he hands me Awad, and he goes, hey, you know, it's going to be a good weekend. Let's have a good time. Are you tip people? Make sure you take care of everyone. Let's have some fun. And I didn't know this until literally today. I haven't even told you this at that bar. I spent six hundred dollars. Oh I won four to you. Sounds like you want, at least two. So we were doing it. Everybody's getting after everybody's having a great time. This is one of the most positive bars have ever been in my life, by the way, when you buy everybody like ten shots. If you'll just if everybody's on the team, you know what? I mean everybody's on the same team in its wealth thirty one AM or a twelve. Twenty one AM one or the other of to check my screen shot twelve twenty one AM to us. Dude, fuck code red, bro. And I was like, oh my God. What happened this night before his wedding? He's oh my bro. I just got textually rabbi like certain laughing. I've never heard that before doubt never heard that under started laughing. He was gonna go. He goes outside like to was boys. Go out and foxy and I are still like partying inside. Right. So we're still having and I see, like there's a little bit of a crowd, though out the front. Like with all students boys. I'm like, oh, there might be like a fighter. Need at least show face in this situation. I don't I'm not gonna find anybody, but he'd hold that guy. I need to leash o- face over here. You know, I mean, these people are being very nice, though, silver by texting do Israel Cy certain ships. Hold on. So funny, you say that because we get up to the, the front and in reads, the text after the rehearsal dinner. The rabbi had a long talk with himself, and he finally came to it. Because Kuhnen is Jewish his wife like Baptist or something. So a pastor was representing a one half of the congregation the rabbi representing the other half of the congregation and at the rehearsal dinner, the rabbi was fed up with how much the other side was. So there was real beef between the two heads of states. So the rabbi sends this emergency Texas says after further consideration I cannot do the wedding. Wow. So twelve thirty at night, twelve twenty maybe twelve twenty or twelve thirty. Dick, so, by the way, tune in get paid pretty well, hold on Kuhn's reading this come on. Exactly. So we're love me of foxy, like I understand, it's probably not situation where everybody would laugh. But I was like this is one of the most epic things I've ever heard life and everybody in the group starts laughing, you know, and I was like, you know, like if these to get along, I can easily get ordained again right now. It might be spires. And he was like, dude, you, you could do that right now. So I go onto universal life church where I've been ordained one time. But it is expired. I got the fuck it thirty five dollar overnight with the badge got re-ordained, and it was right there in the conversation. Tuning goes, I gotta get out of here because I'm going to go talk to my wife, but if the be prepared, bro. I'd be doing wedding bready talking about. I'm ready. So he leaves. I guess they had to go put out some fires. We stayed out till three yeah. Very nice of us to do that. It was good decision. Obviously, we really didn't regret it at all. But we're walking through bucket in one of the bouncers knew who I was. So we had to stop it. A couple of places lot of lines at these places. These bouncers were being very nice to us. So we stopped at a couple of other places we go back the next morning, we wake up absolately feeling like dogs. I mean I was just so. It was just one question. You know, you know, in the hangover whenever all causing walks into the bathroom, and there's like a tiger there whatever, and I did that walk into like the hotel, which I didn't have a remote to my TV, by the way, I didn't have any towels. Foxy had a end of the hall suite with a fucking TV I don't know. I don't know like fucking home movie theater. Fucking remote or how did dry off with t-shirt. They're only three t shirts. Patsy. But I did like that. Zach off and ask you walk into the bathroom know how they show like in baba, I walk in, and I look in the mirror, and I look at my face and I go. Why, why do you always have do? I said it out loud. Why, why, why, why do you have to do is sell? Herself foxy, a text a Mike? I think it was like a whole water night, and he was like, what nine? I was like, I'm dead. And he responded dead in all capital, letters. So the only pass back out for a couple of hours. I'd go buy toothpaste. I didn't pack tooth but tells too. So I can pick up toothpaste. And then we pick him up and we go to get pizza. Right. And while we're getting pizza, which you don't go to Atlanta Yippee TSA. There's this place called Buckhead pizza that is fucking delicious. I don't know. I don't know. No clue. But it seemed very good. Yeah. It was very good. It was in that nice buckets. Nice part of town enjoyed it. I think so. I think we, it was better than fucking shit. He called the best pizza in. Yeah. Better than that one thousand percent. We'll see. So we're struggling through that. Oh, thing, I get a Texas dude. Could you really do the wedding tonight? If you had to, and I respond with absolutely at that exact time foxy was just getting back from his first puke. Getting back from his verse buke, which I documented on idea. I was loving it because he had sunglasses on inside refused to take them off. I mean he already looked to Larry's. And then disappearing out of nowhere puking and coming back. Oh, I had to go pee first time. He said a false alarm close alarm regard, like ten minutes Butte. We are appeal, but I get a text then we wrap it up there. And now it's time to go to the wedding, and we go back to the place. And I get a text that hey bygones have been bygones. These two are ready. They're good to go the so I'm no longer being called into the batter's box by not happy about it. I haven't. No, I was not happy about thirty five bucks for that. I think overnight fifteen dollars per ticket. You know what I mean that could have been a fifteen dollars per ticket? It was McAfee wedding smack in marriages, potentially too busy. You have come with a great offer. You're gonna get a lot of offer. I mean when I posted a photo, I was still like that was coming fresh out of that bathroom. Visit so I wasn't really coherent. And then when I woke back up, I like a bunch of, like may twenty-first two thousand twenty may bub-bubba. What are you doing? What are you doing? And then I got some brides, even coming in that were like my husband already asked, but we would love to and I'm like, I just don't know if I can do what I just did. I don't know if I knew what I just did again, that was like a big trip. So we, we go to the wedding, and you could sense, the big dick energy between the two leaders of the state, she's awesome. Awesome sense. Like the one trying to out Jesus your God. All. Yeah. It was awesome. It was like a it was like a back and forth situation. And there was only a few of us that really knew what was going on. You know what I mean? There's only a few of us knew that these two twelve thirty last night. I'll row about the fucking throw over whether or not Jesus came back out of that cage crusades. Honestly, they were ready to go at it. So it was a beautiful ceremony. This Saint Regis place, the spared. No dime. I mean no diamond all Kuhnen freestyle. His what's his? Always gonna acapella o. I didn't prepare anything. All the rapid improvisational freestyle. I guess I you're, you're right. You're. Me. Well, acapella clearly means like he's saying it no music. Yeah. Well, he did got those of you know what every day, you know, you and I do. All right. So what's different whenever we go? Music. So she gives these beautiful house, very beautiful house, you know with the Lord and everything and Kuhnen, I firmly believe that he either forgot the right vows or didn't know he was supposed to write valves. And he just so happened have like an index card in his pocket that he pulled out and ripped he did the rip up the vowel saw almost speak for parts. I wonder I wonder when he was told that she wrote out her vows and he realized classic the. Rip. It was crisis. So he doesn't tire thing. It's electric obviously, he starts speaking to the crowd like he's doing stand up. Awesome. And it was beautiful. It was funny. It was very, very funny. It was it was everything they did it. They get married mazal. Okay. We walk out. It's a good time Jewish wedding first time ever at this thing. So we didn't really know what to expect. We get into this cocktail hour beforehand, all beautiful, and I feel terrible. But there's a couple of people who are fans of the show. They're, they're coming, sim Martin punter for the lions he's fucking like pouring it on me thick because he didn't go out the night before. So it's broad. But wait for one of these nights with you. And I was like, well, you could have it last night. Could here last night. I got a flight tomorrow. I'm not doing anything tonight. So, like I was being forced drinks bartenders from the night before were there again. They didn't realize what happened after I left. Let's say this thing. So I was getting back into it having a good time. And then they debuted where the reception was in this room was fucking. It was like straight out of like a like a chic Smith, who was like a Ashiq had just like so there was a five six how set what do you call like a band? There was four backup dancers lead singer, a drummer a saxophone Appiano guitar. It was like a fourteen piece band up there with a FU performance, the ladies were dancing the entire time while singing and rapping. It was they were good. Good there, jesse's girl, I. Follow a jesse's grow. I g they put on a four hour performance when stop didn't stop on time. So we sit down, we're having dinner, you know, or eating food was very good very small but very good. I'm a bigger guy, though, like I eat more. And we only thing we had was a pizza since his point. So I was a little hungry. But it was some of the I would say it's the best lamb I've ever had. Molly key. So that the entire wedding the way I describe it was if you had the first round pick for everything. That was that was exactly what it was. That was exactly what it was. So speeches start happening, though, gay at the wedding speeches, start happening and Kuhn's dad goes up there and speaks and he does. Oh throwback. He rips up the vows like he's like, I'm just going to do this from the hardy rips, whereas laughing, and he ends the speech with. It was it was nice. You know, welcome to the family way. We gained a daughter today, you know, as Okla stuff. Classic classic stuff. He ends it with the only thing I ask is tonight. We drink every ounce of alcohol. Every single bit of food. We have in here in till they kick us out of this joint, and then walked clapping. So then Kooning gives a speech Kooning gives a speech and it's like a it's like a seven minute. Stand up routine. It's good though. I mean I, he got six pops out of me loud, pops out of some one particular part. Not everybody was laughing, but I gave a loud pop because it was just a very comical thing romantic, obviously. And then he goes, they're gonna start singing he let's get it on. So like the mood out of everybody in that particular from the Jewish side of the wedding was, like, hey at these types of events, we get very fucked up. That was exactly what it was because you got to remember the split in the congregation was there, the entire time in the Jewish religion was being represented there wanted to make sure that it was represented in a proper. Hey, listen. This is what happens. Let's get it on was backwards. There's an ice bar in the back of the entire thing was an ice bar kitty, massive ice bar. Obviously, it was open bar. The whole thing, so we're getting after it banners. Playing food's. Good. Fox gets served dessert. I don't get service. Picture of it actually everybody in the whole wedding. Got services are except for me. It was a wild seat. I don't know. Show you know this week that I was I ate, everything that was in front of me the pizzas, so fucking good at might be why by the way hadn't had. There's also a problem Friday night. I think yes. Had a carbon awhile. So anyway. Anyway. Hit us quicker. But on the backside on the upside of the backside was very high because I it was it was one of those things where I felt good the entire time, very active. The entire time out dancing feeling good. Great conversations with people learning. A lot about people. I just didn't expect to feel the way I felt I not expect to feel that way. We ate no food in. We mixed in zero waters. That was the mistakes. That was the missed. So then we. The party kids going in a Jewish. Wedding is the most electric thing on the history of fucking. When I say this I mean, this, the Labenie Han. So that is like a bird, call for everybody to get on the electric side. They do that. They do you know yet the cupid shuffle they do that. We have that. Softer. No, we have that one as well. We have we shall shout. We have shout as well. They did that as well. But then they have this other one that is literally, it's a bird, coal forever, human at the place, you go running up to the dance floor. And then you dance in a circle everybody has their arms around each other, and it's like a fucking like it's a tornado I almost seventy eighty caught it. There was a drunk guy that was leading their particular side of the tornado in a circle in his older. Lady was the no he was coming at the rate he was. And I was like, I don't know if I was stopped this situation, she was his dancing by herself. And then somehow she just add this awareness level, that was much better than anything. She literally just dance around the guy in the group is when around her she was an old lady, I dance tornado. So at that moment, they take breaks in that song, by the way, that love LA hia. I don't know what I think goes K, and then there's like brakes enduring the brakes of that song, they're just playing like the instrumentals almost people are getting on fucking chairs. Okay. So then the chair thing happens in the in a seat belt on the flip. So these people you get into you strap it up. You literally strap it, like buckets, one's or just across the way, just exactly how was doing it right. What's that? I have these. Seven times, and you don't have those. Yeah. You know, nobody has this. I wish I had those. But what you said. I met say. Imagine. Rollercoaster. No, they just had a lap belt attached to the chair in. Then there's this one guy called the empire. He was the, the largest man there dude. Six eight Jewish guy, probably four, he might have been forward pounds. Yeah. He might have been forwarded pounds, but he was in the middle of the tornado. He was in the eye of the tornado rallying up the chairs that are getting tossed into him. One hand very much. Let's get it on situation. So then Kooning gets up there with his bride. They're two different chairs and they're holding a towel a napkin to connect each other, and they all the groomsmen start lifting them up and tossing him. Right. And it does seem as if they're trying to throw him, it's like it's like a fucking hang clean. They're trying to like fucking shoot him. Seatbelt was necessarily, but was they say normally they go wrong? No seatbelt. Lot of Jewish. Roker judging the were they were judging the particular chair because it was a softer chair 'cause there was a CPA on there. But I don't know how it would have Kuhnen would have fucking hit the. Throwing him. I mean it was obviously electric more spins were happening around it. So then they go down. And I'm like, oh, that was awesome. Fox's filming this entire thing. So FOX as soon as things started I was like I do. That's that's, that's what they were on. I I've been waiting for this. We're watching the movie. So I we literally, I sprinted to the dance floor scare to get in. It was a little bit of a double Dutch situation, what the tornados. Out. I'm out because all the, the people that believe in sequel of the bible, they were on the outside. Right. This was the most I've seen inside outside type operations. It was it was like that. But then the Kuhn's family were like forcing them in basically get your fucking ass in here. And I got into the wave one way waived in. Yeah. And I was in there and I'm in the middle of the fucking eye of the storm there in old. Dad gets on the straps up. Guess who's got the back, right? Back left back left peg in like, oh my God. I'm a part of this right now. And then there's a like a one two three. It's like feel the rhythm feel the rod get on type thing. And then we start and the guy standing next to I felt him trying to throw coons data. I felt him trying to do it and I was like this, where we're doing tunes down was you spoken up there. Oh, jesus. Off your cesary essentially, if he dies. Yeah. For sure. But I felt like the thing I was worried about was if he falls off. I think somebody catches him because there's a big enough wave there. I think that might be something happens but for me the car sickness. I don't know how they're doing it up there. I mean we drive on these bottles here fuck. These are getting their stomachs punched up in, by the way, that ten piece band performing only twelve fifteen minutes, straightening, performing ATar time with dance moves in the back. It was electric. It was absolutely electric Electric's that ends. I'm dripping sweat, everybody is sweaty at this point. Michael Klein, my other agent goes rule of Jewish wedding, by the way, two to three dress shirts because you're going to do what you just did through your judgments every single time. By the way, we think this might be a four dresser wedding. Saying electric Rupa humans coming through here. So you back to the bar with drinking a good time. We get yelled at for not being on the dance floor 'cause everybody leaves the dance floor at that point. So then to go drink, and a cool down. There was some people that weren't happy, we drink everything in there. Well, and let's get it on. I mean, we're we were doing doing both so we go back the dance for after parties. Great having a blast and I get called to another room. Oh, okay. I get called to another room. What like, hey, there's. Yup. Like please. The aluminum. Luminosity. We gotta remember too soon as I showed up in those shorts tux, soon as I walked in as soon as I walked Saint Regis, every human in their stopped inserted laughing. Vado exaggeration pop I got in from the people that worked at the hotel to the people that were just passing through the lobby there to the people work in Valais outside as soon as I got out of the car. There was literally just a look at me. A finger point. Yeah, you're God. Damn right. So I thought potentially somebody was like, we don't know who he is. But the motherfucker that showed up in the shorts we'd like to talk to. So I told that there there's a bar on other side of this floor. It's like back through some things so people want to see you back there and I'm like, fuck it. Yeah. Let's go FOX if I'm coming we go in there. And it's the head of the, the head of CA sports, the head of CA something else, it, it's just like to roundtable, weather couches with it's like a barn virement with some fries and wings on the table in the middle. There's a TV on above their shoulder. There's a couple of other people in the room, and I literally just walked in, and I was like, oh, Jesus, This is a pretty fucking big deal. Share my own chair in sat down boys, how we doing here, and it was a twenty thirty minute conversation with the head of CA media. And then it was a twenty thirty minute conversation with another guy in. Then I get Jimmy Sexton who Repsol the SEC coaches. I guess he's like his first official quite I fish client was Reggie White. He was friends with Reggie White. It was actually a really cool story. This guy is friends will Reggie White. They were meeting with a bunch of agents. They didn't like an even read use ask them. Why don't you do it now? He just reps basically, everybody on. He's very he lives in Tennessee. Big big. He's awesome. He was an electric figure talking to him. He, he gave less than zero flexible. That guy. I'm not going to be a coach zero folks, but he was just an entertaining human being great conversation with them. So then I go and sit on the other side of the table gay. I said, don't yo say table. I go and get a red bull vodka. And I come back in, I sit down dealer side of the table. And there's this character who his name is vino gay levino is all anybody said, is that guys my boss? So everybody said that guys the bosses. So I don't know who he is. I don't know exactly what you know, is, but I know vino is one of the most incredible humans I've ever talked to what are you doing? What are you doing even hearing about you? I am not a sports agent. I'm a sales guy I happen to be. You a lot of great things about you. Let me tell you what I like about you. I'm like, oh, I did not know that was coming out. What are you? So what I like about. You is known only Attala incredible down. I'm not an agent. So I'm I'm a salesman you an incredible talent. I love watching his shit, but also you an entrepreneur when you put the entrepreneur together with the talent on fucking. So I start. Exactly. I start dying laughing I'm like, you know, vino urine electric guy. He's like lab. Just fucking. I just try to make business to make people happy. Honestly. That's all I try to do it. Been doing this for a long time. He goes. Oh, mike. Francesa. Oh, just learning about my friends, by the way, he goes. Okay. So I've been listening for thirty use big fan, Guoping area. I wouldn't sat down meal United doing business together now. So we gotta get you to linked up. I was. He's okay. We have no problem out. The client, Mike, Mike guy out Tech's Mike on Monday. Talking to Mike Tuesday. Vino. You are the fuck in Manning's. You do it like each other. So it'd be good. Good for me. Do right. This dude. I wanted to sit there forever. Just talked to this guy. He's got a wealth of knowledge, obviously, he's done a lot of things. I think he's the he's knows everybody it sounded like, and he was one of the most down to earth. Humans like he literally sounded like he said at a couple of times, like I'm not an agent sales guy. So apple to fall it at that. But he was just a cool fucking guy, bald head electric like electric individual. Just he had a lot of ago. He seemed like he was probably in his forties. Yeah. Like he was in his fourth. Everybody was kind of, I would guess, fifty sixties. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. He was like in his forties. Everybody was a lot younger than I fall. Sure. So it was kind of inspiring man. These guys are a lot younger than I thought it'd be like seventy year old people. Get it with me or anything vino complete opposite. Love your shit. Fucking drafting. That's brilliant. Everybody could have done that everybody could chose not to white 'cause you, you did it. That's what I'm saying. So you talk like twenty thirty minutes. We got summoned to the dance floor again, because there was a death row on the other side, still open. It was kind of emptying up. I guess we got someone back to the dance floor so we all go back over there in fucking vino is crushing it on this. Studies crushing dance. He's got like glow sticks in his ears. This guy this guy is fucking guy. Sarah, Spain and her husband were there. They Senator table, they were dancing Allie. Laforce was there. She was dancing a good bit. We're just having a good time out there FOX our last off, though. Of course, everybody disappear, because we're kind of I mean it's gonna when you're at these weddings, a lot of people are couples. Right. So whatever your summoned to dance dance by yourself, and I'm okay, but then out by myself like water moves so I started just dance by myself. Fox's star dance by next thing, we know we're like thirty forty five minutes dance by ourselves in their kind of bouncing around the and then all of a sudden everyone's gone. Everybody was gone. Well, we're not. That was that picture. Picture was when everybody was gone. And we already been summoned to the dance or a couple of times last buckles on death just wanna let that be known that we were the last book on a dance or having a blast. It was awesome. Then we go out again, that night, we go out after that, obviously to the same area that we went through the night before, because at this point we we'd made friends. Choose. Right. That's a good move. So he put it work, and we'd made friends and I had like six red bull vodkas. I was nowhere near no, where the near sippy. And if I ever that, that short tuck, pseudo shorts on where I look that good utilize it. I'm not just gonna take this off right now. There's no way what are we talking about? You're gonna make it a night. Come on. So we go out and Saint Martin's at a place and he calls us there. It was called Big Sky or something how to stager it was like a pretty cool spot. It was awesome. We walked there we get through there. We do the thing we get in there. We link up with San Martin's date. Nostril Lucan, the Olympic gold, medal gymnast, nausea. Lucan blonde headed girl Simmons. Are they seem like a very happy couple? Very, very dancing. The whole thing I think they're gonna potentially. I don't know. Chance. Oh. A law love as is we meet up with them. We sit there places packed and it was it was a much different demo than the room where the night before. So I was starting to get stopped by a lot of people. We've got a pretty good little fan base to other Georgia Tech per sheet, you guys down there, by the way. So I was getting stopped a lot. Now granted I walked in there, wearing shorts talks talks on you. I had a fucking headband on that was a glow in the dark thing. I mean, we walked in there we were calling attention to our salary, but there was a lot of people that are like walking up saying what's up? What's up? What's up? I a nice meet you guys. It was very cool. I enjoy those conversations with people, especially from our town, because I don't know. Like we got people I had no idea. We had people there, then we have a lot of people was ally. Somebody else crashed Uber. The car was sideways in the middle of the fuck street, three guy to kids hopped out of their overtake. Picked told the guys stop like in the guy like pooled. Walking down the street. I was pretty cool. And we sit down with San Martin and their little group in the back. We're having a couple of drinks, we get hungry again. So we go out to there's a food truck out front, and it was at that moment. I realized that I never seen a city that loves cocaine more than never in my entire life. I seen a city love cocaine on real. I want back to like, I don't know. One token has big boom like the eighties. Maybe seventy. I don't know when it was it felt like that's what they were living in, we I add, no less than ten kids, come up to me and offer me with bags in hand opening it in public on the dance floor. Not not like yeah. You hear these stories like in the bathroom. Obviously somebody's doing cocaine you hear those stories these kids report out, like sandwich side. Sandwich size bags you want some, it was so normal. Oh, my mom for me. In, in front of probably two hundred three hundred people these kids were just fucking doing cocaine. I was like this is insane. This is absolute insanity and they're like you don't want any like no, no, no. Okay. And then they would do one for me. So they would it would extending. And then they would just put Interpark spilling everywhere that is not I, I've had a couple of friends that have had to run with the old white devil. And that's not something that happens in I'd get three feet further. And it would be somebody tapped me on his shoulder, if you need any cocaine. I feel like we're pro potentially the cocaine capital here at Atlanta. Go to the bathroom. There's fucking a line like. Actually, ask like you go to the bathroom or no, no, no. Okay. I must play this, okay. Yeah. Yeah. We're just waiting for the stall. Yeah. The stall out the door the door. I'm like, you'll I feel like I went back to that club that we watched the studio fifty four. I was the never never guess people do this with cocaine still walking by people. And you would like look at someone in the is it'd be like. Yup. I know what they're doing. And then it'd be like the next on the street to think big star was on the street. We're getting stops. I'm very sweaty. I was just a Jewish wedding. I don't care. But it was everybody's having to best life through school era was having a best life done that I didn't see a single fight a single rest. I saw cops all over the place. It seemed to be all very orderly. It was very it was almost it was impressive. No drama. No drama except where the rabbi. And then I went to, then we flew to Hartford, Connecticut, w watch along, then released the, those good time, a lot of humans humans, it's kinda hard talk people in his forty five people talking down say, yeah. That's what I was gonna say. Oh, schefter. Good call. So I go to I go to P in there and it's very nice bathroom very nice bathroom in Schefter is in the middle urinal of seven. And there's nobody who's right? Nobody was. Not flanked by anybody. Okay. So he'd been in there, either the longest or he just got in there. He had two phones out and he was peeing in a soon as I walked in. I was like this is the most Schefter thing. Tower life. You got to phones or in like you just you can't turn off Kenya. And he was like, well just trying to catch up, you know, just trying to catch up talking really fast like just trying to catch up just I paid for the wedding love love, you know. And I was like, oh, I respect only respect too. So I go to the end urinal. Right. Which is I feel customary. So I go to the end you're normally I don't by the way, normally goes stalls. I'm strictly stall guide. But at this wedding, I was nowhere near anywhere near importance. So I there was no reason for me. And I was so as soon as I start being he gets he gets done, and I have my phone outright. I'm scrolling through Twitter and he goes, I look at you like he's sorted. Judging me, you know, because I literally just made fun of him for doing it. He takes the picture comes up. He goes care for tweet this. I would love. He was like, what am I scream? I was like Hong loafers. Loafers Facebook deals like. He was like. So funny to me, I so funny. Y'all. You just go to YoM. I'm not. And I saw him patch like Evan. You're gonna see what shefty just tweet it. So we all go to chef the he's talking giggling. Awesome. A lot of heat and the comments. Creepy, I would assume bathroom photos aren't the past. I Russia told him that, but who gives always hilarious. He did ask me. Your smile looking at him. So. Well, I you know, the only thing I, I, I wish I would have staggered my legs, little bits. He could get a little depth on a cath. Marble is in the background. Let me know if you can take picture. He kinda did it was an amateur mistake. Now that I know that if some issue. Director back the leg up. That is one of the first thing Stafford said you at the wedding. He goes looks at your legs. Holy shit. You really got some canons down there. Thank you. Matthew. Matthew staffer coca might throw for ten thousand yards. Everyone's always said he's the coolest his wife, by the way. Very she's battling right now. They're having a good time. Having a good time. It was just such a positive firemen man. I, I wish more people could go to Jewish yarmulke work. I mean, they say with the bride, or the groom and in the hand, you know, it was a commemorative yarmulke. Oh, by the way, spelled yard MLK. Didn't know that. I know I do I was just learning about it your Moke commemorative. It has a dean J on there with the date in the place. Now, I did hear from other Jewish at the wedding that it was a cheaper gum. Oh, it didn't have clips inside of it. You had to get a, a separate clip to put into your heart. Because we got gifted yarmulke zero. If you guys do remember, and they have clips on the inside so you just put it on your head. And then, like it's like a twist cap like you just gotta push it in locks in, so this one, I put on, and I thought I had on inside out because there's no clips, I flipped the side and feel right? So I looked around and I was like, why is sticking to my hand separate clip? I was like, oh. Oh, yeah. Pay Jason Collins issue. In atlanta. It was it was. So I think the thickness of it was thick thick asks you. So I don't think they could put the clips in it is what I was actually told later after being wide. So I think by the first juice. Awesome. Everybody had fun though. Man. Everybody had a blast. I just think that when you get a chance to go to something like that you have to go. Yeah. Never experienced before, but also what the humans over there. I think the amount of money in their much toppled a few billion dollars. I think you're right. Like there might have been a few billion, you know, that song where Jay z and Beyonce air like what he thinks there's a billion dollars elevator. I think there was. It was a couple of those elevators thing. And everybody was so nice to us. I would've never guess. I mean, let's come on. I did not deserve to be there. When we're saying with those three agents, I'm talking to another agent lady. And she was like those three agents. Right. There are like the most powerful people in all of sports heard the way I was talking. Hi shouldn't be right now. She's like, well, I really shouldn't be either. But I, I didn't know that until after by the way, FOX's told me. Yeah. So I wasn't told about the importance of the people, I was talking to after I talked to you could tell. They were so nice. Very casual open. The didn't have ties on had like open button nouns had worked coat. I mean, drinking, I think drinking beers. Tuition like that thinking, they're bigger one thousand percents. Now, I've been known to very much act differently. If you're higher stats. Nobody would have been in the one guy. I did know like the one guy is the guy. His name's Nick con strictly because Joe Tessa toward tweeted a photo of me and him at one of the WWE events, not me, Joe tested door. Did and a one guy who knows sports media was like ooh. Not often pictured Nick con. One of the most powerful humans on earth. Basically, that's only reason why I knew that I didn't know who the other guys were until after would flock seems like that. That, that lady just said, like those are the most powerful humans in sports. Literally, I was like oh, shit, go out, you know. Awesome. I don't know why he isn't on microphones. I assume he's doing, okay. He's doing, but he was a letter like making me laugh very, very hard for being such a high up executive, I would have never guessed, but very thankful to everybody. I know you guys had some great weekend, how old on. Oh, will okay you have these two credible days. And then you've got to sleep that night in Atlanta, you wake up flight Hartford have enough juice in your veins. Two and a half hour flight those a lot longer than we thought it was all juiced to be able to carry this broadcast on Sunday night, while how did you shit? I mean, if you watch it, it was not a great performance. One hundred people in room. I couldn't talk to anybody. A one point is gave up a disturbed watching. Watch TV. Washed. What's going on knows good shows good time. Those things are so simple, man. She's you're just having a good time watching it. And he got incredible human beings that come in their jet with a mean. It was really court. Learn a lot about people, but I was Tucker out there. There was no food there is no food at the so I was getting out at by rybody that will come in there from the WWE about, not having food. At least they could leave and go to catering. I couldn't go anywhere. I was sitting there. Dr but it was a blast. It was really cool. Brockley came back ruined. Everybody's dreams and hopes. It was awesome fin Ballard tweeting me this morning. So he's good. Corbett four I wanted to, to film a watch along, and he was walking eight look, as fluid as he normally does like living into fucking old Raziq. Just got done wrestling for fourteen days in Europe. That's why I'm walking. Stretch to go sit in a room. Nikkan. I. Yeah. We've tied one on Friday Saturday, not as many shots probably. Well, we may have done. We might have done it as many shots, but not bought for the entire bore. Remember, like I'm not drinking all the shots rang. Those now granted though. Sometimes you get stuck with them. Seriously? Sometimes you get stuck with them and you go. I think we're, we're on five. Yeah. I'd say so, I'd say so this is one of those ones where we start recording literally. No clue what's going to happen. No idea what memories we're gonna get brought up from this wedding this weekend. But the ones that were popping up. Very proud of miss a couple of little facts, probably. But as America's was electric. I don't know if we've heard about Todd's Amish show exhibition yet, but you're gonna want to hear that you're to want to hear that it's coming right up. It's almost time. And speaking of time, how's your watch? Look great. You shouldn't have to choose between overprice designer sunglasses, and watches and cheap shades in watches that won't last you through the summer through, you know what I mean. That's why our never wear anything other than movement, sunglasses and watches. 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We went out Friday night, and then Saturday, we went to golf outing for ARCO. Chew it passed away. And my highlight of the entire golf outing was nNcholas killed that why couldn't feel worse about a year ago. Maybe it was almost the year. Maybe I'll coach digs was on a green and was hitting the head with a golf ball and had to be taken to the hospital. So here goes, Nikki billion. Yeah. He's feeling good. Okay. I'm feeling great. I've got the perfect blend of whiskey in vape juice, and whatever else two hundred seventy art par-four. I had everything going through my body. Yes. They had the teas pushed up. So I want to nine. I hit that big hook. Right. So I'm just going to drive this ball hillside. It was the last one of our group. We were playing with five day two. It was the second to last hole. Yeah. So I just went up there. I was I'm just gonna kill this ball. I'm just gonna put right in the hillside. We'll get up there will chip. I smack the shit out of it. And I was like, oh, it's going taking a flight here. So I was like, we'll be all right. I, I didn't even look to where it actually ended up. I assumed it was either gonna fly over the green or just hit the trees. So I put my I would start walking towards the cart. We ride up the hill, and I'm like, oh, they're looking down there pissed like that's that's fucking on. I was on the on the eleven t that's there it was my group and then my dad's group in the Knicks group. So I was watching Mt often, I yelled, four on the curtain, and they didn't hear me, it was like two feet from it. My dad. Oh, I saw about six feet from the hole. It was a great shot. Agreed. He was. It was ten feet. It's kind of tough to upset about almost guy whatever your fucking ten feet. They looked at me, and it was three little fucking talion guys when the poli- and disease or whatever the fuck its. Pulling complex off fuck, and I was like it's Nick, Nick. I don't know what happened when he came up, he probably said I walked up, and he could just see the glare. I could see it in his is was just one of those looks like when you were a kid and you disappointed your old man fucking. You didn't fucking yell. I didn't think it was getting there. I'm so. Sorry, I apologize. I'm sorry. They impress all your within ten feet. They were once they cooled down old. It was a great, okay? The first thing that happened on Sunday morning. When I woke up walk downstairs, go say, make sure Nick knows I was just fucking with him yesterday. Everything's good. So you. But it was it was funny. I giggled the, the entire way down the next fairway because Nick text like, I'm fucking done, potentially very, it was the same hole that he got hit on previously. PTSD. So I was playing great all day after that confidence was shattered fell apart last three coach. Take it eas- eventually, we met up at the bar afterwards. Thank god. I wish you might have been dead. Nick might not have made it off the green. This one I had a top hat on the funeral back top hat this areas gangster suit. He was doing the smile thing with his cheek to me every time like winking and I was like a digs. I think might just put on. Officially. I don't know. This guy's the most human, and then you pay them next a little coach, dick. These two little fucking tag team Italian kill and slaughter snowshoe West Virginia one time and they were fucking drinking all day. And they like in this guy, apparently gave a look from across six seven, and these they could've stood on each other's shoulders in the same fucking like five three five four five. Yeah. There it is their right down there with tune in size. Ready to go to war. We go back to Pittsburgh. And like last time I went back with Christmas, and it was so condensed that I didn't get with anyone in. It was probably been like eight nine months seen. Everyone got to go out. So every time you go out now it's just just schedule like the worst over time. And then you and then you wake up and golf and start drinking again. You see, like dude you haven't seen in a long time. Great weekend. Oh, Pittsburgh, used to be a vacation for me. Yeah. The off-season vacation in Pittsburgh, which was. Wild scene once out on a boat and it was the because guitar guitar is a gambling. We're not in the water though because they put it dead body either today's beforehand. In the rat. Get on the anyways. I think Pittsburgh deserves more credit for beta good times to this. Same Atlanta, by the way, I'm under that. Well, if you can avoid the snow. Cain, bro. You want some snow Cain, bro. They all have their own little like fucking lingo, lingo for each one. Awesome. They love it. I don't know how we shut down a dance floor. I wasn't at the wedding. It was a strictly whatever we got those outside the one particular strip of bars that was just like. Sure. Okay. When you're on vacation in here, another place. You get hit up because you're white guy that's tall. In New York, even go to New York. It's like gain we put gain we consigned there. It's just a bunch of southern white guy. Fuck embarrassing bam for that. A little bit of a recovery day here on Monday appear my fucking. We, we did the WB watch long FOX until eleven thirty we got out of there. And then there's the whole city of Hartford shuts down Sunday night hosting Hartford shutdown Burger King was closed. Everything was causing food, except for at the hotel that we're staying at the hotel, we're booked at to stay at W W, the hotel that foxy led us to. Putting his own fucking directions. Hold other hotel that we did never is rationing. Similar names the hotels, the whole same named wrong. Doubletree by Hilton. So Hilton Head ones at the airport ones downtown. So I twenty five thirty minutes separation, I will say the one I picked right across from the venue. The made sense. Yeah. Thank you. Well until. That long. Ian sole twelve thirty one in, then you have a seven AM flight. So you have to wake up at five AM to go there it was. We've been coming off. It's been seventy two hours seventy two hours of really getting after it. But it's better than somebody who didn't have power. Oh for seventy two hours sixty two hours you went on time. Let me tell you shit this week like a fucking settlers. I literally just Finally I was like fuck it, I'm gonna load up every cooler I have with all the ailing that I have. Get rid of all the ice before melts is loaded them down and set out and burned all the would drink all the England until about yourself. Empower. Slept out there. Woke up outside a water fucked by the do the next morning. The best is, you're just like when people was planes are delayed or something like that. They start tweeting at the airline. He taught was just tweeting at the power company that he. Bromo on them. On a Soviet video saying that this is now a war of will. You said you weren't. Throw the powers on. They want you to live outside will continue to knock if you pal. I, I forget, what state I was in a bad state. I watched that and I, I did like to put the phone down in like actual start belly. Just the thought of some little fucking intern running that Twitter account. That's like fifteen years old. It's like dad. His guy I was thinking. I was harassing the fuck out of them every time they put out a tweet. We're down to five thousand four hundred and I'd be like your coverage map says eight thousand nine hundred seventy two corrective every time. Zoo kept going down these announcements still gets down to the last eleven hundred and we're still in that group. I just fucked us. We're going to be the very people because I'm trying to go to war with NFL training camp. Threw out how was it when you found out? Hey, it's on what was he? I woke up. Didn't even get to enjoy. 'cause I woke up like two different times. And I tweeted I think tweeted them again something like three thirty four in the morning. Still don't have power. At this point fall back asleep and I wake up and I could see shits on because I all the light switches were on comes on. I wanna know. Because it was like mid eighties. Donc fucking, you know, 'cause all yachts, cold shower, nothing. And then, so I didn't even think about that water. Not heating. Yeah. Power's back. Right sunday. I'm like, all right. Good. Daggett cleaned up. I fill embedded that day will energy. Emmy we planted some plants had little brunch. Brian had gotta get fucking day game and throw them. Tonelli's coming on ten minutes. I'm gonna turn it on and go to bed. Morning finish off the stage us, right? Which little game thrones finale being no fucking cable. Says boot on the front of it. It's all welcome on my screen, three different languages. No matter what I do power power. Colin the company in seven minutes. Fix it. They're like I'd sorry, nothing. We're doing to work. Well makes sense without power. Being foxy, or hoity. Toity. Women like bear grew. Melissa start my own fucking bad on time. Going to be my own army. People to know that I told Todd he can live in the office. Lad power here. I, I don't know. I told him he could come live here. It was a true war of wills and I think you want, by the way, well, and then it became a slave to the fucking generator, generated, because it would run out every four hours of gas. So it was like, why can't came and go get a fucking hotel or something, because all my shit's going to rock, the fridges. Mardi pick out the generator, somehow finds the loudest generator. It's the worst loudest. Generators got no power. Judging generator. My neighbors, it is looking out the window. That is a tumultuous situation for ship. Guys, you thrive kill each other. There was tension. Right. Because all the generator generates that was. Close the house. I'm like, well, he's fucking hundred pounds a month moving every time. Move. It. So finally, you know, find these burden we have to bird nests and one, I thought that was never longtime most her that one down, you know, whenever and I grab it up bird in there. It's like an hour. Just born an hour ago. Put it up there. She's freaking out you touch a desk. Now the. Will wives. Tell. It's gonna Instagram video this the pictures yell. If you that birds never gonna come back. Fuck you with that necessarily, you didn't show you Tony. Hoard. Any mean were really tense? Get. Squirrel. Tarzan todd. Those incredible did for you, man. So somehow. You should feel a lot worse than FOX FOX chose. One hundred percent are put on a show. I wish I would have done a wedding that way. That's the only way the story gets all the groomsmen all the groomsmen were coming up to me during the reception there like we were pushing so hard. You have no idea. How close you were? We were we had. We were like five minutes away. I think from really having you do it because they were trying to mend the, the peace between the two leaders of the state in as they continued beefing all the boys. I guess we're like fuck it. Ages McAfee are we could you imagine everyone in the hotel staff? The shorts is doing the wedding I practice at the bar. I got the picture of the certificate. Dearly been eleven. All the groups that were like. Yes, he can do need that, and Klein, the other agent of mine he was going to be up there, next to me to make sure that we satisfy the Jewish portion. He was to tell me things to say during the Jewish stuff, it would have been that I didn't think that wedding could have got any better. I think only way could have got better is if I was doing the what exactly and that's strictly for myself. I don't know how. I don't know how that would have been for me. Well, I mean, I think there's a lot of pointing. Somebody in that group. Gorms parts of here. Listen. We're with a couple of billionaires, potentially Gorman was just like literally sitting right next to one for the weekend. A chance meet to who was on topper Mike weekend. Yeah, just hanging out with jimmer Sega, who little jimmer say, little fun for what's here. So he says, hey, be over at the house, you know, for thirty ish, five know, come out with some food and stuff ready to go, and in gyms, you know, entertaining as his brother. Don't worry about transportation. I got that covered tonight. And I'm thinking, okay, good. We're going to take a couple of runner vans out there. He owns a great runner band said he gets around town tour bus because by the way for those that don't know the concert venue is like, forty five minutes away from every human lives in no matter where you live is interest to lane entrance single file highway in there. You're it's going to be traffic, so I'm thinking, okay, the big man's he does it right? He's he's he said that police escort out there before tour bus Boston. Everybody just kind of moves over. Let them in been, you know. So I think, okay we get into Rutter van we go outside. We get into the van I'm thinking, okay here we go. We're gonna meet the police escort we stopped two and a half miles later and we're at the helipad. I'm looking at the biggest wurley bird, I've ever seen. Let's go beat this traffic. Thank. And I'm going, I say. The pilots are, and I'm like it cannot be more than a four minute trip. He's like, well actually five. Five minutes from Carmel the Noblesville hop in the bird go land in the field. There's too to van's regular bands, waiting sealed in a field. There's two vans out there. Walk about sixty feet getting the van. Okay. Here's the tickets. Here's the things everything here we go security, another, you know, four hundred yards away open the door, wisk them. Right in, I'm shocked because any meat to Jim and men earlier. So here's an I had found out. He had taken the wurley bird with Mike want chick, who was also with us like watching the bandleader for John Mellencamp has been there for his whole career. So this guy's been around Mellencamp, the whole time, and they had a chance to go out and talk with Pete Townsend, and Jim just hit him in Jim went out there at about two o'clock tick, the bird out there and just sat with Thomson just set, the whole didn't, there was an actual law made because of this wurley bird set wurley bird, because you guys had to drive those vans that, well, he's still ended at his property and his back yard in the middle, which is enough. Room because you got a big backyard and the neighbors are like walked out. Is going on at one eight in the morning. You know. Like I said, no more. So he had built another helipad. Two and a half. So we get into that. So I'm thinking, okay, I'm thinking, okay, there's one about five people there and to scaredy guards, Jim. So I'm thinking, well, he's going to go up on, I'm not asking questions. You know, I'm just I'm not there for the right. Yeah. So I'm thinking, okay, they're going to whisk them up, and he's like, gyms. No. I'm seeing this up close. He's in row to right on the end. He's got two seats over there in the rest of us were probably eight seats away in the row in back. He's real one. We're row, too. So he sitting right into walk into the crowd, and everything. Now, he's doubled up with security, and everything. And I was just stop say what's up everybody? As the fucking man. Yeah. Everybody like Sukhumi. Oh, cool. Got the hun does out and stuff. You know, he's a good. It was great man. I'm sitting here watching, you know, from fifteen feet away watching the who up there and he's having a great old time. And he's like, all of a sudden we're seeing the whole show. I mean, the whole show it's couple hours in and we're over here on this side we're looking over at him because he's not gonna go when the rest of, let's add to that. So he's got to know exactly. So he had already worked at all with towns. And when he went and talked earlier of what the second to last song is. Food to get. Let's. Rolling out there. Man. Everybody's giving you know, everything is going on buying. We're whisked away out back to the van back to the field. Five minutes five minutes looking on believing. I mean beat traffic. I mean it's the. I was fortunate don't get me wrong fortunate, but literally, the stupidest the stupidest way greatest way. But also, to see a concert is literally took us ten minutes from his house to we were sitting basic like, within ten to twelve minutes doesn't get set enough. No jimmer Z is the fucking man. He Jim hers as the fuck. In that traffic looking down. Actually, Jim every. With you. Fuck. Mercy's, the great big spread of food. I went and saw the stuff that he had say. Hold on. Because he just recently broke news. This is only time eight jimmer say, does something that's not expected of a billionaire or not expected of a person is the only time he makes news. Right. So he's legendary stories, get told about him, except for when he does something ridiculous. Antibody seven hundred seventy thousand dollar piano. Very ridiculous deal, though. I'm I'm not being funny. Literally is a steel for that. I mean, what Pinot is it it's Lennon, John Lennon's, piano that makes it. Okay. And he wrote a handful of songs. But you know that graving on. There was awesome. Yeah. He wrote a day in the life on that which was running a big woke up got out of bed drug to comb across my. Yeah. We. Yeah. We don't. All right. Well you play. But so he got that, and it was his baby man. It was sitting in there. And I said, hey, gimme the code. Let's go. Give me what's the code is go change anew. The code from four codes change. Brother. Let's try this. So I'm down there, pushing buttons it's not opening the door. It's not opening. We'll try the pound before maybe. After it's not opening. Oh, so we go back and forth, there sprint backup serves go down to narratives. Like it's right in the memorabilia, room took a bunch of pictures. But the best thing about it was a museum donor. Yes. Two rooms down there that have more billion in the complex fifty six street here in Indy. The, the football has got a ton of stuff even there in mostly football, the musical stuff scattered about but he's got two of these rooms. One of them's done. I'll say it small of the other ones getting done. You know, awesome. Though he was so beautiful look at everything he's got his selected guitars up there. And I told you about a guy named Mike want check, who I was there with and to see his face. And if all you gear heads out there understand what a fifty nine fifty nine Fender. Strat is like, I don't know if we have a single gear. Well, well, I'm thinking gear I'm not what I'm saying. I don't know if we have that I, I don't know if this is going to be appreciated enough. We mean 'cause I don't even know what a gearhead Aguirre music terms. If you're a car guy, your gearhead, but in music terms guy likes gear guy likes amp skylights, everything guy like. Oh, okay. Oh, anyway, he sees fifty nine strat. And he's like to see his eyes. I'm telling you, it was unbelievable to see this guy. He's played music his whole life, and to see a fifty nine street. There were so few made in Jim has one of them. It's well over a million feels as if he's doing the music world, by the way not a favor, but he feels like he's he owes it to the musical, right? To kind of keep all this soli, bro. He's put stuff on tour all over the place under the radar. Nobody nobody's talked about, like they, they tire from Jerry Garcia, which was one point, whatever ten twelve years ago, one point two Bill. One point two million. At that time, he's put it on a tour is giving it to San Francisco to say, hey, go look at this piece of musical history. This is what you guys want the music. Yes. Always same thing with the girl that he bought for one point five, or, you know, the people in there's all over the world that want to see that puts it on tour. I mean it was just in Rome last summer, you know on, on, on tour, but yeah, he calls himself a gatekeeper of this stuff. So it was really watching them so problem with that. Channel and watching, like watching is light up when he sees his fifty nine strategies heads. Get hard. It was crazy. You know, and, you know, enough food to choke horse you walk in. It's funny McDonald's. You wanted KFC wanna Chick-fil-A? You wanna Burger King? Oh, by the way. Great Italian spread over here. Homemade hear anything you want. You know, it's like. It's like wasn't a single Toronto. He's got forty five. It was just he did it. Right. And you know, it was just fun to see him with the who you know, watching, like while they're out there doing it. Because he's like fan. Yeah. Yeah. What he was ten years old. Like he was like, man, I was buying who Elms and thinking, like men, one day, you know, I'd like to see these guys now. He's seen. Roger Daltry haven't haven't tea with Townsend for an hour, you know, before it's favorite meal. Like what's he really did? He go chick flicks. Same thing, everything. Yeah. He did have a little chick flick. When he goes to a restaurant, there's always three to four entrees order just by him. Try it gotta try gotta stay here got a fish there. Get some crab there. We've got a that move. So it's all around and everybody, we're going to try everything I'll take. One of everything out cart guy. I'm a huge fan. Does he play instruments himself? Oh, yeah. Dude, he was supposed to play at the Super Bowl after party can pick that fit. He was supposed to play the one that we, we lost the entertainment was going to be brought to getting up there and play. And after that loss. No, there's no performance loss but was supposed to be one. A special guest performance by jimmer say I, I was I was late. He's an electric individual good for him daughter's wedding. He's plugged in with friends that have been there and played played galore while while the dance force going on played at a birthday party. He was at that I was asked to go to. He was at a birthday party somebody, he knew in, I was asked by his assistant day of those, like, is there any way you can be a Bubba at seven o'clock tonight? And I was like, I don't think so. Is there any way that you could be at seven o'clock? I honestly don't think so. Okay mister Cee was wondering. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I be there for sure. I get there and he's just having a good old time. And then he fucking plugged into guitar playing. It was like. Yeah. He is. He's an awesome guy. Shouts. You get live and incredible experience. We're on a plane yesterday for two hours kill. Kill. It was when we did today. Leinna Hartford and back Hartford. Orlando indianapolis. From Hartford to Atlanta and Pittsburgh. I watched them do it right in Denver. Katina's. That's tough stuff. Hartford, can I get by the way, don't get me started you like to sit or not? Dump. Sorry, pat. I, I mean I know you've got fans out there and stuff for all. But I've been there handful of times in the last twenty five years, and I've got not what's it known for all the way? I love all the big insurance companies are out there right now. Now the one out there. And for a training for work once there's nothing there is a millennial festival, though street are festival that happens every single Sunday. Just bunch of millennials standing, on, like thing, spray painting, chip. Time with the music as good art, Ed nipsy hustle. They had a big nipsy hustle, and they're adding to it on this other wall over here, but there, there wasn't much. There was a cool street, though. I think if anything was to be open though, I think it could have been a good time. That's what I'm saying. I think there was one particular street. We walked down that was all bricks everything was closed. It was a done. Early ghost town. It was literally a ghost town, which makes no sense the arena, which is in the middle of the town is letting out a lot of people have just been sitting there for four hours, makes business was doesn't make much sense. Neither here nor there. We walk through though. It looked like there was at one St. that could be good ad lights hanging from the Todd potential potential. So let's cool. I don't want to judge it too much. Gorman did. In a few years. Backpedal. Was playing both. It was tough though, do we walked around the whole fuck city, not a single thing and other people were to there's a hookah bar though. We almost wanted had food or not doubt. It. Doubt it no way they had food. I don't think I've ever been known for their you shouldn't. Yeah. They're not why twelve what do they do? I don't know what is. Tobacco, what tobacco and hookah hookah things. It's just a bunch of those young like hippy, like kids, that are old enough to go to a bar. There. A lot of red bull and muffins. I would love to hear about Z Chicano trip. I went back to Gago for a Twitter vent. And I went to the wrong location. It was a different different. How's it even? Yes. So I take Uber ride from my parents house to downtown Chicago. There's two locations for this into helicopter ticket colors. Callback. Hey, it's actually, I was told by, like five six different people when I was talking at the Jewish wedding. Ling Oga callback. They were referring to things that are happening through the day. And then they were noticing was happening in, like, complimenting me on it. It's like almost like you'll do when you talk to paddock easy. Comedian. Anyways. Let's go back to last week when you chose not to go Pittsburgh with. That is up for massive contrive recy-. That is a huge controversy trial. It's a blatant lies every invited by me. I think I didn't even go. Yeah. I didn't invite you though. So you could claim that if you wanted to clearly invited you wanna wholesome invite if that would be the what does it even mean it was a wholesome for Knicks on a wholesome guy. Wow. Invite because I would have been the in his car. So you're saying whole as in the whole group wholesome though, I don't think is forced them God, because it's golf really wanted to now we're talking. But you clearly said no to Nick, he said, I don't want to go there. I have a big twitch event in Chicago. And I was like oh, are we being that, you know, I got tickets for it. Right. Is that not the gas, given twitch enough money? No, it was a free free event gave us stick. It's okay. And so it's a twist Kogyo. There's two locations. One in Skokie Illinois. It's up north Skokie, and there's one in Chicago. Like there's not a bar like gaming center thing. So I was like, oh, has to be in Chicago. Why would they call it twitched Chicago spoke? It would be twitch Skokie, but it wasn't. It was Skokie. So like from my parents house was, like thirty minutes to go Jacobo, but it would have been another hour in, like some change to go downtown and in Wrigley Ville Downer. Interesting, though, we're going to grow the twitch instead, we're taking hacks at the fucking battery. There. They have another vent, actually downtown Chicago in December. So I'll be going to that. Hopefully. How do we what is it though? Like, greedy, concent- craters. They call each other, and they like all say hi to each other. There's view one of those, I guess those okay so you're not a viewer though. You'd be considered one of the twits before. Which influence what I'm saying is that can't be happening like, if you're not being treated with respect you, log in twenty hours a week onto their thing. I feel like you should get a little bit more respect. They should've told me what I'm saying. Actually said the ticket say was not on the it was in bold, not Takagi location. Oh, it said that in bold, because on the reservation and all right tin airy for the hotel. Rape below the name. It had the address right? And foxy sitting shotgun. I should have, you know, we've been around the world. Now you I always do where we going and FOX's very good. Very good at this, this particular time, though. The address was literally emboldened rate below it saying here we are. And he got wrong. The pub- the pilots. This is having a problem with the small things suspended. The mice the direction the specis that's why we're big one eight two guys, right? The. No. But so I just I was like Siri take me to ignite as at a bar. It's like the place. They had the event at and it was like two spots accused. And I was like it has to be around. So you got a great weekend. Yeah. That's how matters I missed on a big opportunity. But summer's coming around the corner. Quarter. More than twenty people watch in this dream. Little by the way, zero is electric on this twitch stream gay you can't hear half the conversation. It's happening. You can only hear Zito out of the conversation, but he's an electric individual, and he logs so many hours in these video streaming, so many he's on there all the time. And there's only sixteen people to watch him every night, and I think more that should grow. I think that's a loyal sixteen chat. Chat group day. No one, it's happening. We're going on for hours tonight. We're hanging out with zero the boys and it's sixteen of 'em. But as a person that was presented, this twitch thing as a business plan as a business plan by Zito, strictly, Zito and Boston Connor as a business plan. That's kind of an interesting thing to go there and see every night. Just you and your friends, playing video games, more front where we're family in there. More people should be watching them, and that means a lot. Thank you know, I do. I also believe that you're gonna let or just subscribe, like I don't watch, but I subscribe for that means a lot. A lot of people. Into the numbers. It was just what's, what do y'all? Im- imitator. Immaterial twitch dot TV back slashed up hammock, Michaud affords a slash four figured out leans forward, right? Cheese, getting so Z I would like to let you know the RV was definitely mentioned on the watch along. Yeah. So. Yeah. She said that it was. To me first, and then I what I let her know that it wasn't me. It was a guy named Zito said, well, it's for him. And for you. For me. I wasn't even on. I was I was with you. Excuse me, Sonia. She slapped me though, to Sony slut me in the face. I'm not a fan of hers anymore. I buy maybe a couple of times. So again, she carried another. We're back. She carried a woman up a ladder like she was a firefighter during the money in the Bank match. She carried Mandy up there. She's pretty I think she's like a really cool like she saw to face, obviously. But I don't like that. I mean, that's, that's something we change. The RV's is gonna follow you around the WW, eventually have live on thing and then off camera. It was like it got destroyed somebody in the bath. Yeah, you know, a recipe moment. Tide you go to island. No, I didn't stay such haircut though. I dig get my hair. Appreciate that. You know, sometimes you just can't take chances in the office and you gotta you gotta go somewhere where he notes. Hi. Yeah. But I've been very vocal about that from the get-go you have been, you know, they're not they're not hearing anything. They don't know already. You look good. There looks good. Appreciate. Yeah. No this weekend held down the, the roots here. I think outside of Todd, you know, and we're very much exactly. I considered it but I had our. Went to John wick on Saturday. That was really all I wanted to do all weekend loved it. I think that was the most fun. I've had in the movie theater and probably like I heard it was amazing every ninety six percents of the nut that the those tomatoes matter it doesn't happen, if you know if you're if you know what to expect going in, and you're just I mean, shutting your brain off and just enjoying it for like two hours and ten minutes. It's fucking perfect. Yano Reeves kills like one hundred seventy five so many headshots big like set pieces with knives and axes and shit is just fucking credible. I did. I didn't tell digs though, like it's the first time that I've ever in a theatre like when I sat down, I plot my escape, because I was like, you know, who knows what kind of people are going to become watching John wick. Oh, come in with the backpack, and I was like, I got my pockets to be gone at a moment's notice. That, that was crazy. I've ever done that before and mood changes everything to knowing that it's really him doing all that shit. Wants to behind the scenes shit on core berry does it to her. Oh, yeah. The scene in wander. Fucking on the floor. Billy bob. She's naked favorite sex. Yeah. That's a good one sip when she starts crying them. Impersonation. I can't remember the exact words. Make me feel. It's awesome. It's always that list of top ten sexiest but it's like it is one of the best ones did. It's also like the Sanders. He's not wrong. He's, he's describing. I have no idea about, we'll just check for you to look forward. I opened yet tragic. Okay. It's a lot of that probably can find the just the YouTube clip. I'm sure always in the top ten whenever shows, you know. Speaking of not being seeing I'll help you do that. By the way, somebody in here had to go watch a movie. Everybody was talking about it everywhere. I'm happy somebody in here, did it lives up to billing thousand percent. That's awesome. Ladies and gentlemen, we interrupt this program for reading from ITO. Thank you. Hiring is an easy as putting an ad on the paper or post. All right. Thanks to. Sometimes you got kinda reset yourself reimagined yourself. And then you reread that some blown the cartridge, shake it out callback two before we went on the air. Hiring hiring isn't as easy as putting an ad in the paper or sweating. I'm sorry. Sorry. Jesus christ. Hiring isn't as easy as putting an ad in the paper or posting on a job board. With more qualified candidates than ever you need something that helps you find the right people for your business, and Lincoln jobs, does that for you. With more than five million active members people come to Lincoln every day to make an actions. Grow the careers and discover new job opportunities. That opportunity. Oh, yeah. And ninety percent of Lincoln users are now open to new opportunities. Oh bath, Joe. But not actively scanning job boards. This means Lincoln jobs, give you access to any an entire different demographic than anywhere. Else lethal jobs uses knowledge of both hard and soft skills match you with the people who fit your role best Yuban. Tell us about these hardens all you guys about this all time, what happened there with the word older. Somebody's all time. It's just like you, you in the middle of the word decided to use an accent. That was I don't think user all time like that. Hey, you h l l. Chris guys like you choking. It was not joking. Don't listen, all the hate things like collaboration work think that what was. Ability. Are all taken into consideration. So Lincoln jobs, can help you find someone that's not only qualified but only matches with your company's culture. Lincoln jobs. Get your job Lincoln jobs. Get your job in front of the most relevant qualified candidates so you can focus on making a higher. You're excite about. Yes. All right. I'm gonna call to action here. This landing jobs in the planes land. The plane posted today, Lincoln dot com slash McAfee and get fifty dollars off your first job that's leaked in dot com slash McAfee. Terms and condition may apply is Lincoln dot com slash McAfee point. A point on that one. You've never failed impressed with the reading ability. All. We meet, that's always been saying. I think that's a nine of ten writer. Really? Yeah. Crushed you I think linked to get a really? Absolutely. You actually read these after. And they never hear these. What's that? No. We you mean like after everybody leaves. Yeah. No, no. I, I really roll the dice. I really, really dicey Lincoln's going to be like, what if we put up oppose for you for fucking address? Lincoln because Lincoln is the place to find the greatest job can your business will only fly as far as the weakest bird will flip make sure you don't get any week birds in your flock. Can't have call while you guys look at me this week bird. I didn't either. Nobody applying Burke, Zita strong bird. Also blind Burks. They'll be looked you burn in your house. Yes. Yourself conscious pertinent callback. The land, welling bird ostrich. On the fly. Like a yard Burt Turkey Turkey Turkey. Yeah. We got a good bird. Everyone likes the penguin best bird. Yeah, I do probably behind the eagle. One core. Turkey back to show. Sunday night, something happened while I was watching along. And people are watching me watch long. There is a series finale that happened, and before we get into what actually happened. I would like to talk about the masterpiece the two guys in his office, put together that we tweeted out that is probably gonna suspend me from. That's so worried when I saw process. People probably gonna suspend me from Twitter because of this video, but it was so incredibly well done we had to run with it. And, and by the way, my response, whenever you told me that USA rockets were suspended in the Auburn football team suspended in these other teams spended my response was leading mostly because the amount of time you to put into into this in the preparation was very noble in how it is reacted on the internet was incredible. I've inc. You U2. digs in zero deserve to watch that video go because that was an awesome video YouTube, put together. I think, honestly, I think you guys really fucking did it did it. We prepared the, the, the office prepared for something. We did. Was incredible. We just wanted to. Well, first off, we knew, like even though games of thrones. There's fucking people out there who are never going to be happy and they're not happy with the last season but six seven seven out of the eight seasons have been great. So we knew that we wanted to memory, the show in some way, and they positive in a positive fashion. So we went through when we've found a clip of every main character that's ever been on the show, and we put it together to the music from wiz. Khalifa and Charlie poof poof from fast and furious. Pretty good recipe by you pretty good. All the notable figures in the most watched television show in history. And one of the greatest like commemorative song in the history, it was genius. It was not good pool. And we just wanted to remember the good times. That's what that's what that video was about was to remember the good times, because it's this last season has been a long day. See. Literally, all those guys were dead dead. And without them this last season, you know, kind of falter amongst, it was just nice shining lights amongst all the negativity. It was. And by the way, done good done good, you left out the little fellow. No. He's got a lot of tweets. People. People four people apparently they just didn't watch good. So that's what happens. I skim through it, and they start making responded to any of those people going. I wasn't fucking take a little ownership Innis thing. You're you weren't tag today. It was it was, obviously my video. I looked at them until I fell asleep, which was like half an hour. Somebody's a night king spelled K N. And I was like, come on. That's not right. Wrong. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. I would like to be known that I did not want it on my Twitter because I put zero work into it. It was a business decision this, if you have a platform with one and a half million people put it on there. If you wanted to go, which, by the way, the fact that it is going is probably going to lengthen my suspension. From winter. There have been suspended before. Oh, you gotta get one. Get your credit. Right. It's like he's got he doesn't have a record. You'll have a record. I need to work on anyways. Treat me that good. Anyway, I walk into that office. They don't even know so that guy or that woman Jack just who is. That's like. Yeah. Suspend that one. Well, no, it's a robot. I guess that goes on YouTube YouTube. They have like things that they pick and choose that aren't allowed to be aired or shown, like, for instance, we learned about it, whenever we had the Minnesota miracle video in normally gifts are okay because it's not that long so gift, cer- quick and gifts are everywhere available for everybody. So if you put a given their normally, it's okay, but I think the NFL logged in to their database like there's a couple of plays that you can't fuck in use the Minnesota miracle probably the snow kick probably the catch by the forty Niners probably the that. Yeah, the, the big notable place and we in that's just run into like a little bit of a bought. I think that just scan through videos and nice soon. That's what happens with Twitter to we've, we've gotten emails before the music royalty people. They, they built that they forced every. Body to use your from. Khalifa gets me suspended. I mean that's a wild move by. Oh come on, guys. Grow christ. Figure the same age you grew up the same years in the same streets. I mean, different streets down there, Rick, not there. But he was down a different area. Oh. Older. Taylor elders. Donner still mega veggie. It's a it's a didn't we play? I play soccer probably did. I think I did. I played Taylor. All played with talk boy. Just like. Just absolutely lying. So if we get suspended because of that. I mean it happens, but people were very, very, very angry about the way this whole thing, and I didn't get a chance to watch it yet because I was watching something else. And everybody knows that I like to save my watching for DVR so I can posit on the more finer points, the bottles of water that are scattered around in star bus going that, that I was I've been playing that game for a long time. People go back through season. See what you can find in there, by the way. If you wanna start getting a little judgy that exactly it, you should see what's in the background to a personal fan misters in the background, I used to watch because that's all I. Although they were our episodes normally took me about an hour. Twenty hour thirty to watch diligent multiple times. Yeah. Well, and also, you got to go back to make sure you fully understand all the term. So going into last season. I knew with all of that diction in all of the things that are happening. It was going to be very difficult to wrap up all the storylines. It's gonna be very difficult to do that. I've watched every scene. You know, I'm such a big runner. And I think that is what everybody's mad about is the fact that all the storylines of just been kind of shot the shit here, this last year just to end it is that, right? Yeah. Pretty much the, the race to the finish line was because they had so few episodes when they could have done more HBO initially offered. They said, hey, you can do ten more for both of these seasons. The guys created it said, no fuck it worked on it. We wanna be done with it. We'll do seven and six so because of that stuff, basically, fell by the wayside HBO, let the world know that HBO leak like if you has hating the way, this is going, by the way, we were feeling the same way did HBO do that. The creator said that from the get-go, they were like, hey, we could've we could've done ten more peace and beat this thing into the ground, but we want to be done with it. Do. Why don't people appreciate that, by the way? Why don't people appreciate that these writers, mostly because I understand why large from barstool? He's on breakfast bar silver hearts, vist, good show, by the way enjoy those. Enjoy the quotes come out of that show large said they could have had the greatest ending of all time they could have like they're supposed to be as great as show and supposed to be all these things, and instead, they put me to sleep like they could have had that in that kind of sway, my opinion. By the way, on the whole thing, because being able to just crush an ending of show is a big deal like when you're working on stand up, especially for storyteller, your last stories, the hardest one to piece together. So if you see a stand up comedian, like a year or two apart from each other, and they have the same wrap-up story that means that they've done zero work. That means like in the last year and a half, they have a good set. Maybe worked on their set but to write the last. Thing to ties everything together is the hardest thing to do like that is actually the hardest thing to do. So the fact that they chose not to do that. I do think that they should be held accountable. Hi, Pat, I thought about this last night. And I thought you would appreciate this, because you always say about Emma may fighters. Like these people have been doing it for ten years. They've made a lot of fucking money and these Scott to be hard to wanna wake up and right wreck their onset for fuck and fifty days at a time in these creatives. They always wanna move on to something new. They got tired of doing the same thing every single day. Just like when you when Connor McGregor pager like he's not fucking waking up at five AM to put in the same work that he did in the beginning true story, though. Also. But what people fail to realize is like they were handcuffed from the get-go, the guy who created at Georgia are Martin told them. Hey, this is how I wanna end it. This is how I'm going to end it. They had to fill in the cracks to get to that point. That's why. Oh, so hold on now. I'm completely surprise. I should've known as a great thrown or if they're not allowed to pick how the. Ending. They, they give them basically, like bullet points right? Yeah. That's exactly what the last episode was. It was bullet-point. It would actually played the way I describe it. When someone asked me what happened. Yeah, I give you four or five quick joints. That was the episode. That's how lazy it was presented. It was a cliff notes version of finale, and that's what you saw a lot of shit let him off that easy. That was a fucking disgrace. A lot of people aren't happy with it a lot of divorces, laziest production. I assume they're gonna crush Star Wars because it's something new and fresh, and they get a whole new motivation to it, which I appreciate and respect very much are saying that, but the ending of something as somebody who is a storyteller every once in a, while, the ending of it is everything you got the ending is everything. So I don't like the fact that the what they weren't able to choose. I mean, I'm sure they could have to an extent. But like that what happened last night is that's what's going to happen in the fucking books. That is, what is going also taken the guy writing the books nine members since he wrote the last one to even and I mean they've blown past his storylines in the books to the point where it's like it's laughable. How far behind this guy's right better? If you to give me a two and a half hour, the last episode was two and a half hours and this continued after the battle instead of breaking it off just like all right. Let's cut out of shit. They wake up the next day. Everything's fine. They pick a guy a couple of chuckles at the end. Oh, by the way, tease, aria spin off. Awesome. Are you having a spin off? She's going to sail into the west to find new world. She alive that white horse. A lot of people saying potential death situation, the whether the wrong criticize the writing, but the cinematography is still insane in every single episode. I watched that is telling days and I told tie, I've never ever ever watched a minute of game of thrones last night, it was going in overtime between the bucks and the raptors there's like ten minutes to ten and I didn't know it was like an hour and twenty minutes. So I thought screw it. I'll watch the last ten minutes. I turned it on. It was when no, no spoilers, but the guys walking up to a castle John and the doorman of the castle is a fire-breathing Jag dragging his covered in ask who then raises up looks up and down and then gives them the nod like he's okay go in and I'm like, what the fuck of I've been missing. It was awesome. So I did rewind that back. But I didn't see the end and when they gave when she was at the steps, and she. She was giving a speech, the solid, and she's walking up and the dragon lifts up to fly away, and it's behind her, and it looks like she has drag Owings was like one of the cooler scenes that I've, I see a lot of people saying that's cool. And I saw a lot of people saying that was so corny and dumb. So it's like how can you please even a fraction? The diehard Vanja can't please. I think WW runs into that problem. You can't please them. They're going to be there. They're going to watch everything. But I think NIA Nick about this earlier. And I and I think this is like an interesting thing to note like me and him a lot of the people that are in here that, watch it are diehard fans. And yeah, and I was okay with it. I think a lot of the people that are pissed are the people that have been made. It like very recently got everything. So like they've noticed like drop in quality, a lot quicker. But I mean, I, I don't think that many people who are like super diehard fans of the show or piss. I mean I don't know. But I feel like more people were okay without the positive the positive video that the Z digs put together gotten a lot of loves there's a lot of people that are, obviously. I mean it's twenty million people week or watching it. I just from what I haven't watched single finale there. But I do know as somebody like the wrap-up is a big deal. You know, that's a hard, sometimes it is miss their tend to. Line's going. Right. And they're going to be a couple of loose ends here. And there and you can argue I didn't personally like the choice that they had at the end who sits the throne. I wasn't crazy about that. Or the way they came to that conclusion. But I was like, okay, I get it like it made sense. I just didn't love it personally. But I'm like fuck me. What do why matter I knew he was going to get it? But I wanted to be like explain to me, why the reasoning they picked him with just like it was almost like they were doing a parody of game of thrones. Yeah. No. I agree. I agree. What you've had a pretty rough, you should be the king. Everybody's like agree. I tend to give shows a break on the finale and last season's, because all the greatest shows of all time, there, every single last episode is criticized like it's every single good show. It's talking about this. Breaking. Oh. I said this, I tweeted this. Like, when I followed that show, I was always interested in, like stark storyline of things. And to me, it was interesting like all Ned Stark's kids ended up, like kind of right where they wanted to be in the beginning or you gets to be an adventure and gets to go off and travel and get into fights Sohn's. It gets to be a Queen of our own kingdom in the north what she wanted to do. John gets to go, maybe in the night watch. Maybe the new king of north beyond the wall kind of ambiguous, what they do them. It looks like he's free up with the free folk up north. So it was like, that's where all these people started. It's kind of brought them right back there. But now they have like the power and the freedom to do whatever they want. That's a question about, you guys know it way. More the story line. The did he abandoned the watch their like the meal go, and I. Yeah. Fuck it. We're not gonna hold this down. We're going to do. Yes because any threat, we're gonna see from up there anyway. So. Second warcraft. That is a worker. Post there's somebody in right now. It's pretty pretty notable. American abandon posts. That's gonna dig too deep into politics. That's a big fucking. People over overall ten years of greatness. Yeah. Great great. Great show. Congratulations. You guys congratulations thrown. Yes. Really did some damage to Sunday nights there. The world change entourage was on Sunday nights day. All the good soprano. I started watching or Sunday watching sopranos visit. Yeah. They're going to get into. You're going to get into products you do we talked about last week. Perfect perfect perfect perfect ending. So what he was saying was going back to what you said, earlier 'cause you said, there's no show that's really had a good ending. That's what he was just very divisive. Oh came out. But, like fucking what I'm saying, like, I don't know. I think we're pretty reasonable people. But there's yes, yes, yes, yes, people the there's like Seinfeld at a terrible ending. It's one of the greatest secons we'll time. But like I think people look back on it now. And they still watch it in syndication. Religiously like ended. So somebody, somebody tweeted that history is going to look, fun Lee upon the way game. It's rice did everything. And I think that's probably an accurate statement. I, I honestly, think they change TV the budgeting. And now all the work, they put into this movie production, a blurred the lines between, like a major Hollywood production in TV show. Because you know, you silverscreen zone it's called. I remember. I'm just trying to think back to already. Trying to think back to already talking to Vince about how he can't go down. Can't go out and TV now taboo anymore. I think everybody does it all. Now, if, if you were in your hey, day at this time, oh, you could've went back to TV after deep waters. But no excuse me, what's that, let's called dark water. It's on me Jeffrey, congratulations. On video the boys things could potentially ruin business. Let's take it down. Yeah. Probably, so it's yeah. It's already it's run its course numbers. Proud of yourself for. Oh, yeah. They're Zito's phone couldn't handle success. I wanted to get twenty do you not Zito's phone couldn't handle success, text or FaceTime? Anybody whatever this video was going. And I guess that was nationwide problem, but it was Zito's phone couldn't handle successes. When I was calling, because I wanted to call him and congratulate him on the video after texting group you respond respond. I'm like, Zeno should at least see this video go, you know, wanna face on them. No answer. Then he's texting FOX like nothing's working. My gosh. Sixteen thousand retweets one point one million views. Nice that's. It's an incredible incredible fuck and run. Honestly I'm gonna have to delete right now. Gives a private. Brad says Nixon. My account so. You know, it might be nice maybe thirty days off. What it is still scroll through Twitter. I don't know. I don't know how it works. Deleted. Enough time. Plus, he's like three months September for office suspended for three months. Wait until that welcome backward. Twitter to send me an Email saying, hey, take it down. Will you we've never had one before they'll give you slap on the wrist. I right. We must remember been in multiple Twitter headquarters. Yes. And they have no idea who I am not. Well, their loss you just you just rubbed up weekend with some people. So. I didn't. Good people. And we did good dancing, legs were very sore, so sore legs were very. I told Corbin that whatever he told me. Wrestling fourteen days in Europe was like he's just. What I did last night, this word everything. What do you mean everything every move every move I do favorite? I do I do. I do the floor. I never said that. I never said that. I tried to tell the guy that, that video the Twitter account that tweets video is good for Francis. I said the only way I learned about francesa is that one house Twitter account or whatever it is. Likes it. I just wanna make sure yes, the only way I know about Francis is through that. Yeah. It's good thing we should keep we maybe asking for more this and every time he says, I never said that I've become a bigger fan. On bigger fan. The shoes wearing were not exactly. So for the moon walk the moon. Walk is my favorite dad's of because anytime you do it. It's kill states. A show stopper. Stops everybody in their path. But the shoes were not built for the, the moonwalk. So I didn't couldn't do it. The non-slip. It was just some, some woods, you know. Some fin when you get a seat or with that type of vintage, it's gonna get stuff on the DJ was blowing massive vape clouds. I don't think I've ever seen a DJ this heart. I mean he was blown fucking four on Cumulus. Yeah. Yeah I'm about a hundred percent sir to I've seen only about three episodes. They're all the championship once. I probably do. I don't know the only issue be remembering the moves back back. But if it was just strictly off of rhythm and dance purposes, and things that I could do with my feet. Yeah. We're winning night one. The pro athletes do very well. Yeah. For good reason. Yeah. You guys are gift feet feet play. Good feet. I got pretty good feet legs. Retired legs were tired. We're walking through fuck Atlanta airport. PF changs up fucking escalator. There's a PF chains that has its own escalator up to it. Like the escalator only leads the PF changs airport in, in the eight terminal. It's as soon as you get in the eight town is soon as you get off the train. It's literally, you either. Go to your gate, or you go to PF changs. And we saw him or like blue PF changs for sure we go up there, meet the bartenders been there since day one breaks. Denis, they made thirteen million last year. It's thirteen million it was packed. And I was like, I know I d- PF changs was in fucking airport. You'll lettuce wraps Dono Chang, spicy chicken, fried rice and spicy tuna roll. Atlanta airport might be the busiest place on the earth. It's not, that's not like might be. It's actually it was outrageous. But even the people that were working there were telling us how outrageous it was last weekend. They're like I don't think I've ever seen like this. It was just like mobs of people and it was just one after another after the cocaine mysteries been answering. Airport. It was a good time. Kids are having fun to watch what they do. Their brains. Man. I don't know if that's good for you. Just not my thing. I can James Earl Jones here at the sound like heart that heart. And all he's not James Earl Jones, the other guy Ving rains. Big rains, I don't know was he saying to the singer talk talk actor Pulp Fiction, these Marcellus where well Pulp Fiction. Okay. Yeah. Mission impossible is another mission up to the one get killed. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I guess. Send that one out. All right. We're done here. It's been. Has to end gang. Hashtag endgame. Send us mix left Tosh may hit the music. It's span. Without you, my friend. I'll tell you about when see. We've come from where we. You see. See. On a plane things. We'd been through this be standing right here talking about another pan. I know we've hit the road Trump told me to put implants. Last. Switch up things different see too. Big pitcher bills for the day, hard work forever pays Nazi you win the bed a place when. When? Talked about family families. Thing out with them in there and you living. Without you Fred and I'll tell you about it. When see. We've come. We. Story. Bush go watch away in the Babbit spill stronger was smog, Cratia friendships. No, never be broken level. Never get laws. Caused. In that land at join in that land is what we remembered me when I'm gone. Talked about gambling. We got everything in there. At. Every road. It's. Without you. Fred handle tell you about sees you. We've come. From where we. Tell you. See.

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Vulnerability in Faith, Friendships, Love, and Motherhood  PART 1  (with Kiya Lee)

Life Things with Maquita Donyel

1:05:29 hr | 2 months ago

Vulnerability in Faith, Friendships, Love, and Motherhood PART 1 (with Kiya Lee)

"Luke what's Welcome to the six episode of life things with included on yell. This is your month of May episode featuring one of my most favorite people. I have a very tight circle. This is one of the ladies in that circle The has just been a on simply put. I love her so much. I respect her. I admire her so much Let's see to say something else. That's right the episode. Actually end up being so long. It was like two hours because we'll be talking talking some good stuff that I've had to split into two. So this is actually part one of the episode with Miss Kia Lee and you can get partout very shortly leads. Drop that Andrew. Hey guys this is Makita Danielle of Polish pistol. And you have reached my podcasts life. Being here we talk about the things that happen in life whether it be up sir down for moments in our lives that feel like they're gone sideways else importantly here we are safe here. We are free and on publicity. Is the name of the Game Dude? I have podcast and this is going to be fun. So hey so glad we get to have this conversation. The conversation that we normally have and then Just share it be the podcast open special. Thank you for granted you this. You are welcome super excited. You getting out of my shell while we're fourteen. I'm trying all new things right. Yep that's of opening yes so just similar to like the conversation was having the other day With regards to just I guess operating this world as us in that like encompasses being single and being a single mom and you know facing it going towards goals and dreams and all those various things that we talked about. So just it's yeah exactly exactly normal life via so it's interesting because Kia Re recently took a. I guess like we were just saying it's been a year now so KIA recently. Took a big leap of faith from the northeast to the southeast with her and her beautiful baby girl but yes so Ki- kinda describe like what what led you to do and then what that process was like for you. Was it something that you plans like detail by detail a year out or not? Yeah well the reason why in the first place I think is where I have to start the story just kind of recent office. It's got divorced and less a toxic relationship and leaving a toxic marriage also realized that my family not toxic but it was just the same but wasn't able to change the narrative and change the past staying in where I was from and so I made a decision just myself that I wanNA start a new journey for myself and my daughter now that was completely different and I realized that that jury could not happening just being in the space where I grew up because you know sometimes with family and the people that have shaped who are and where you come from has constant access to You. It begins to those same cycles begins to seep into your life and I just saw that happening and not just into my life but into my daughter's like and like how because I think sometimes we as people can forget that right especially when it comes to children. Yes it is. It's not something that happens at one time. It's just a little thing that you see changes that she wanted to make. I come from line of women who were a single mothers. Rain had children and lived with their mother live with generations of families in the home and the cycle was continuing also live with women who are very strong and amazing and powerful black women but who also said to be vulnerable and or carrying a lot of anger and bitterness of things that they have been doing and I started to see seeping into my daughter and even into the life that I had tried to create differently when I was with her father and so I did not want to continue their fight goal anymore. I mean conscious effort in raising her to raise her different patterns and just be back in that environment and not that they had any. Ill will toward her. It was just. They were just doing what they knew. Generations OF WOMEN IN PEOPLE. Just doing what they knew. Yeah and I've begun to see that. She was not used to that because her home had not been that her home had not been volatile. Her home was not a Lotta yelling screaming and was a sanctuary for her. She was not used to a house with a bunch of people living in not her by somewhere. That was her space. We'll leave with huge for me. She started having her space and that is important for children is so important people. I think overlooked all the time. Yes the EH. Just learned even learning that early on. Yes that because you need as an adult but it starts. I and I never. I never understood that because my life was all I knew I didn't know anything different. So at the once I got older and are cultivated my wife and I cultivated my space. I protected that fiercely and I understood that for her she was unhappy. She beginning to withdraw and I realized that I had to create a different environment for her. So that and I realized that environment cannot be in a space where my family had access to us on a consistent basis. I had lived away for so long and coming back home going through. My divorce was exactly what I needed. It was exactly what I needed because I need it. My village around me. I needed my people around me. I needed that support system. I'm going for that. I have that and I'm grateful for it but I understood that I needed. So what triggered that because I think that Some I think that with working on yourself. Some things are like more than others like they make sense but How did you even know Mike? Okay this stage is done. It's time to move onto the next stage like for instance. This state was helpful. Because I need I need my village around me to help me through this part of my marriage or in leave him family. I mean do you want to speak on well? In my marriage my marriage would really was distraught over the camel's back from me was I was approaching forty three years away and I could see vividly and prior to that I had started to become comfortable in saying no. This is not working for me anymore. And the closer. I got so forty realize I was having the same conversations in my thirties that I was having twenty s and I just made a choice to refuse to have those conversations in another decade of my life and I accepted the fact that I can't keep looking for somebody else to make that decision for me so instead of asking him to fix us. I had to fix me and do what needed to be done for me to be happy because you get one no life right and what opportunity to live. That was sal- key which you said instead of asking him to fix me. I decided I need to fix myself. You didn't even say I decided to fix us. That like myself. Part is I mean that's insightful. It's it's important and there are space around us as a reflection of our styles. Yes yes and it's scary is scary because once you begin to realize they should fix yourself. You gotTA accept this. I'm wrong with you right right and we love to do that. Look for those opportunities all the time we have to accept. Oh I'm not perfect. What happened so that was the scariest place to go? And Yeah what made me realize that I needed to then create? I needed my village around me because my family has just been my safe haven that has been my place of refuge and I know for the rest of my life they will be and I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful for that every day. That's a blessing. Everybody has a no but it was as grateful as I am for that. I also understand that. I have to do that in doses. I understand that because we are so close and because we are so ingrained in each other's lives that one a day to day daily basis. And when you're trying to navigate your future in your once and girl dreams that can also encroach upon there and so I had to make a decision to remove myself and to be able to create the life in the past that I wanted with our everybody else's inputs decisions and not just that but their fears. That's a huge to. There was something that you said. I lost it because there was something you had said before. You started talking about the family that I wanted to touch on but that too. There's just gyms in here but that to that Mike the Fears. I feel like and that's like from families. Are WHOEVER WHATEVER. Your family looks like whether you create a family of friendships. That's your family or you were born into that family or you know whatever your family looks like. I feel like that. Fear part is huge. And if you don't take the time on your own to learn how to Here what's right for you like for me? That's my communication with God and the Holy Spirit leaning leading me and practicing hearing that even over my own wants and definitely over the people that love me. 'cause it's their advising and giving you those fears. Yes is out of love more than likely but it if you allow it to dictate your life and you're walking path that's not even your own but if you haven't even learned how to walk your own path like you haven't even separate yourself in provided them on space to walk your own path. It's hard to tell the difference between like you. Just do because you know it's my mom knows the best thing to do. She wants the best thing for you. You know but ultimately your life is your own. You know it's that fear pieces. Yeah and their shave from their experiences. Yes experiences that you might not even been allowed for that you probably have. You have no clue as to what happened. What users getting one side of that pitcher and they will inflict those upon and so making the decision to realize that this was what I needed I he was of course. Healing isn't something that we do forever. But I realized that I had. I had healed from that space. I had accepted the end of that person. I accepted the end of that portion of my life. And so now I was ready for the next chapter. I cried the tears I was gonNA cry. I had the breakdowns that I wanNA have over that and I said there is now a time for me to create this new life whatever it may be and so I had a conversation with God and I had a conversation with my child and that was and made a decision to say. We're moving at plays a Lanta because it was somewhere that was familiar with. I had enough people here that if I wasn't completely alone. But they were not people who will be in part of my life everything they have every second but I still had a village here where I could say you know. Hey if I want to go to the mall of I WANNA GO. I WanNa do things and my daughter can have some typos point of reference. And he also gave me enough of a city feel because I didn't want to be completely in the country thinking me enough of a city field but enough open space to where I felt like people were not gender because growing up in the inner city. That's how you feel and then I moved to the south and I've loved the openness of it I was an and physical Lanta gets any amount of snow. It's done y'all house. True true true. Yes I like those kinds of things where it's like way what snow we don't do snow out. That's the place for me and it doesn't get any like this. The the weather's been great but it just rains a lot but a lot but with my daughter told me and I asked her because a lot of people faulted for this. They felt like I made her like she was a friend of mine's asked her. Because you know I'm not a parent and I understand my role as a parent. You know that I'm thority to figure but I actually because this is her life. I'm not just dragging his child along on this journey of me trying to figure it out. She is a part of this. These things are happening to her as well and so I had to make sure that she was in a space that she was constable and she understood that she is just as much a part of this journey and I live my life for her and about her and so I wasn't asking permission. I was asking her implants and I think that's important for children. There's just so many you know like children and then the added the added. Whatever I don't know the right word but the fact that they're not just children they're also girls. I feel like one. Children are often times been situations where their voice people are ignoring their voice and what their opinions are and they are just told to do life over people are telling them to do it and then as the girls. I feel like that's also reinforced. In various ways you know and behave a certain way. Talk a certain way not to allow you know not too aggressive and and so I think that in reinforcing that because what people constantly forget. Is that these children. Become people as adults were usually healing from the things that happened to us as a kid that we then somehow created again in our adulthood because we hadn't healed from or whatever so. Yeah so it's that's why that's so key because now your daughter gets to learn early on that my voice matters my opinion matters and the way that my life happens matters it's not necessarily belonging to somebody else and instead my mom is there to protect me and help me through it instead of dictate how it should go correct. I'm just guide. God has placed me in her life to guide her right. And I understand that that is a privilege for me to do. Yes yes and each day that I make the right or the wrong decision. Right right affects her. It is going to affect everything that she is. And you know when you have children and you become a mom you think of all of the grandiose things that she wanted to write to you know give them the life you never have financially you want them to be. Rhodes scholars you want a life things with clear. Donyo. We'll be right back after this commercial. Break Amongst all of the unfortunate times that we're experiencing and his country in the world right now a friend and fellow artist. I decided to take our pay and poetic rose sessions online. Hating pros isn't that like a paint. Inset Yeah but better paint and poetic prose as the virtual something different that you've been looking for. He bringing a open mic like experience and a an sip like experience bringing together. We bring them online. Let you can choose to either join a general class and meet New People or host your own private session inclusive of you in your closest friends and family to celebrate a birthday or a holiday for an example. We have a mother's Day event. 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Fire or Water Zuhdi clever lover. This is right up your alley. All right it's your turn. Go to the website right now. Open up a TAB opened up Safari. Google chrome wherever you are supper you're doing go to. Www dot paint and poetic prose DOT COM explore the options available. If you do not see a date and time that works for you had us up in a message. Go to a right now. Here that previous attendees had to say about their own experience. I was a little bit kind of intimidated in the beginning. Because I don't know anyone in the group are. They really thought really walk on. There was Severi warm women on sometime. Sisterly Hard Tom. You know if if you don't know people but that's that's we great so I think that the form adds up just being you know yourself. Participating is such a great idea and I'm not sure appeared just limited this to women the now but that this particular format is really very. It's very powerful to me because I think everyone's struggling. I think we have any struggles as women so I really appreciate this. Thanks for inviting me. Just getting this little snippet. I'm not I want more Yeah definitely something to look forward to you yes today. Yeah For me this has been a great experience. Just because I'm a girl girl. I love meeting amazing. Women that are unapologetically themselves. And they like to share a vulnerable and being strong envy. Funny N being emotional all same time. I know that that as women as wives as sisters as friends. That's mothers and business when so many times when we get to take a moment far solves. I WanNa thank you for taking this evening to share that time with us because we so then many times and to have the opportunity to just to other women in really spiritual and artistic and calming every time you read a home. I closed my eyes and I just heard it. I didn't look at anything. I just was listening to free. Climb to know something I. It's really interesting juxtaposition between all of the senses of listening. She's something and taking it without seeing anything creating your own photograph in your mind and then opening your eyes and creating something. That's actual tangible hard onto something that people are going to need more and more please please please and thank you so much Everyone for your. I'm stories for sharing your time your energies by this evening up making this community and make it amazing. 'cause I think it's really important. We have a weekend be website again. Www DOT in poetic prose dot com. Wait we are headed back into our discussion with Miss Kia Li. It'll affect her. It is going to affect everything that she is. And you know when you have children you become a mom you think of all of the grandiose things that she wanted to you want to you know give them the life you never have financially you want them to be. Rhodes scholars you want them to be wealthy and famous and you want them to be all those things but is very important to raise emotionally healthy humans that yup because that is missing so much and I think to any small thing to correct any of the damage that was done to me rain inadvertently because I just feel like my parents didn't know any better. Not because they wanted to earn ten to they just they just do what they could exactly some of. It's like survival instincts. Yeah I just gotTa make it and So including her in this process was probably the best thing that could have done for me because it was something her and I shared intimately just between the two of us because intimacy should be included in all of your relationships and that was something that we shared just the two of us and I specifically let her know this is just us and this is just hours to make decisions and began to work on my mom's without letting anybody know because I did. I did not want everybody's thoughts and fears and opinions. And who were when why how to already encroach upon all of the theaters. That I already had. There's that just doing myself. I will be honest. I could not see my life where it is right now a year ago. I could not see this even when I made the decision. I am guaranteeing you. None of this was actually a pitcher from me. It was not clear at just. Put it out. There said this is what I WANNA do and start at. Just first thing I started doing was looking for jobs and all of that but I couldn't see it so I was. I was moving. Faith what is that? Like get is moving on face is scary but it's exciting and balls eating all at the same time. I was beautiful. That was so accurate. Yeah exactly Yes yes it is it is it is. It is scary because you just don't know known and yes I mean we all say like Lord I'm trust you but God knows how difficult activity. It's easy to trust wit. Something's corrupt and then with the other things. It's you know not as you weren't but I believe that he knows that he wishes why faith. I think we just creative things I believe because he wanted to to build you up for those fears. He wanted to wanted to prepare him for those fears and so it was scary. Just because I had no clue could not see the picture and I had no vision but I just knew that this was what I needed to do. It was exciting because I felt like I gotta I was like I created this one life and when you create a life for yourself you think that that's your life like this is who I'm one of the forever. Wow and waking up one day realizing that you have the ability to change their pitcher completely well yeah is amazing. Powerful new shown up in your own life. Yeah you are the narrator of your story and that is an amazing feeling and it is nauseating because you have both of these emotions playing against one another so your stomach is just like okay. What am I supposed to do? And that was probably the hardest time in my life in the best time in my life at this time There was two things that so the nauseating being for me is What I have now identified as eighty. It's costantly thinking of like all of the possible outcomes usually negative like you were saying before. I've already thought of those outcomes. I don't other people reinforce those young. Yeah there's that in trying to turn them off but oh shoot the last part that she said what did she say key you that last story. Life Yeah I lost him. That's fine so that leap of faith was amazing. But I can say that now. I couldn't say that here ago because they had about twelve thousand breath. Dowse the hardest time. That's what it was the hardest time in the most exciting the best time that part. Yeah that I thought was very accurate and very interesting like can you explain that a little bit? It was the hardest because I did. I had probably about a breakdown a day because I did not know how it was. GonNa do it. My whole life was in one place and when I left my marriage with nothing and so I had to figure out how to create a whole life and humid off of just my own sheer determination and perseverance and will end it all and so it was scary and it was somewhere that was fourteen fourteen hours away from where elected as on seven hundred dollars where I lived at so it wasn't like I could just go kind of try it out and see what happens. I head to truly do so many things on faith and God please all the people in my life at that every person every every person who was afraid for me there was someone in my life who is just as excited and push me and could tell me. I could do it and told me that. I got this on the days when I had no clue And so it was hard just the task of it just finding a job somewhere. Fourteen hours away and to get back and forth quick question. Can you go deeper into Because that's important the people that you have around you not only because like not only like toxic relationships ray like it doesn't have to be toxic for it not to be the relationship that you kind of go to for advice or encouragement or what have you. So can you describe that like you said you had a purse like for every person you had another at did for every my family was afraid because they just they couldn't see it. None of them have left the area that we grew up in That was all they knew and so I was starting out by myself with a show and they just could not see it for me and I realized that I have some of the most amazing women in my life. Who told me every single day you got this? You don't have to question yourself. You have question your choices and the Lord also pleased me at that time and our relationship with a man who support everything that was me for every fear that I had. He calmed it and he gave me a solution for and he held me worked through all of the ways that. I could not make it happen. Not just by talking to me but you know by giving me ways to get back and forth where it gets to go the lorries place in my life people. Who made it possible for me to be able to do with physically? I did not know when I left. My daughter had to stay for month to go to school and my family could not keep her so a friend of mine's showed up for me. Just a girl scout troop leader that I had met and said I bet you see. That's that's the beauty of fade. That's because when you it's a lot of times sometimes you can see the end result and you can't see the in between but that's the thing like you can't plan things like that if you are obedient and you listen and follow through. That's that's incredible. You can't even play in a girl scout troop parent like being the person. That's like. Oh I got you yes I can't make this up. I can I to not write this story if I sh- ride if bride. That was like it was like you have a job. You have somewhere to stay one of my family friends and move into my apartment right away and I had talked to her on a regular basis. She was like you need to calm. You could say we'll move. Don't worry about it and I was like. Oh Hey and it was right by my job. I mean there were all of my friends who Ahead my friends that I grew up with and I'm thankful for those friends But I will say I went to college in probably made some of the best friends I've ever made in my life ain't going to college also allow me to move and meet more assured women and My friends from college were like what? Why are we questioning this? Why why rushing this. Why are you breaking down? I I'd get one day to be a little afraid but we're gonNA get this together. They would not let me stay in the fear. I seem I see because it's important to experience feelings and let them happen because I know I know that I'm really good at picking picking myself up way before my mind and my body and my emotions were ready to keep it moving. But I'll just do it anyway. But you're saying like in terms like dwelling to the point of it affecting your everyday that you don't move yes and that you say never mind. I can't do this and that you allow yourself to fall victim to that and having people in your life and especially women in your life who say's see you live He. This is not where we live. This is not where we say and the reason that I say is important to have women in your life because men oftentimes are can become very detached emotionally from things. They can compartmentalize much easier a lot of times. I believe the women so for women's understand that they understand that you you commotion everything. A lot of times in your life will affect you emotionally and women will understand that and they also understand a lot of times their journey that one women whether their MOMS whether they're married whether they're businesswoman but they understand the journey that we're on so when they can see that and they can say again. I get I get all of of it and I get just gear and get your worry but I kinda describe like that part of it too like I described the other day to like a black man right like this whole like women thing. I'm like imagine like you trying to explain to blackmail trying to explain to a white male. What you go through every day. There's a piece of it. It's a lot of unpacking. Is things that they'll probably never get in. That's exactly how it is with being a black woman store exactly with the you can communicate with the woman and it's like I know because that's my day agree industry of why in the bed and I can't do this why I'm breaking down and saying no I can't make this happen. This isn't this isn't going to happen grassy. Yeah and so those people being in my life You as well because there are many days that we have set in talked and I have said to you. I don't know what I'm GONNA do. I don't know how I'm going to do this. But why you do it and seeing you go through the entire process. You're my hero because I feel like one thing about you creek. Aided the narrative for your life that you created what you wanted your life to look like in so many ways and not just down to you moving down to. I remember when your daughter her birthday party. And you're like oh learn how to make these kind of cakes because I wanted her to have these special case for her birthday. And because this is what you want your life to look like in your child's life to look like you showed up. He said this is what we're GONNA do. Or You said that I want a salute this Halsey lifestyle and I would tell you know you just reason and I remember packing of your kitchen like. Where's the food narrative in the picture that you wanted for your lies? Dole's were the cheeses and you those traces unapologetically you picked up and moved and said I'm moving and when I walked in you see that that was gonNA happen and you made it happen anyway. Everything was still on the law. As this woman is amazing. She can see that end. You made me see that sometimes in the midst of it all you can still see the you can see that. This is not where I'm one of these stuff. Yeah that's truly like that. Was the confidence guy in that stage of my life it was off the chain like between I was in custody about all that time as well And there were so many people telling me not to do it and for valid reasons and for scary reasons and then it was truly like God's voice when he said it it was unmistakable. And so you know that it's a choice. Like am I gonNA decide to follow what I clearly here. The guys telling me to do or am. I going to just confined myself to what it is that I already know for the sake of it logically making sense he now and it that scares me. I think more than going yes and I learned that from you. I learned that from you so many years ago. Because you know at that time you know. I was dealing with a lot of the things that I dealt with three years ago when I finally decided at least and so I thank you for that for planning that. See to me that you probably didn't even realize that you did all of our conversations and all of our times of just being vulnerable with one another inefficiencies and thank you for being one of the people that encourage the process that came to my house to help me pack up my stuff. That was not ready to be packed to bring the wine that I needed for sure that evening. Yeah those those are the Times that the like you know guy understands who you need and what you need and he brings people in your life That you are supposed to be forever people. But he can't do it if you choose to. Not Listen to Lee's asking you to do because then you're you're you can't if he's not gonNA force you into the next step you gotTa make that decision. It's just that we don't realize is that the next up does come a lot of nausea and fear and craziness but also it comes. Those blessings like the friendships and experiences. That we wouldn't have had that make us better women and people you know correct correct and I'm so grateful for all of that and I know that I could not have done this without any of those women or that man being a part of my life and And being vulnerable enough to share that with people. Because that's that's the scary part of it. So can you speak on that too because I know like I feel like one thing? I do talk about often as being vulnerable but I don't want to and being authentic but I don't want ignore the fact that it's not safe to do that everywhere because there are some people who will use that misuse it and use it as a tool to work against you to hurt you because of whatever it is that they're going through that they haven't healed from but so can you kind of explain like how you and your journey chose to be vulnerable win. How to WHO? Actually that. Today I chose to be assault like I have been through so much of to their families that it was like okay. It's either all or nothing right now. At a point of you've just gotTa let it all hang out and so in doing so because I don't think that I don't think that has anything to harm us but I do believe that he allows us to go to things that will break us down. That will teach us. He is got all by himself. That's that's huge here. We are that he will he will. He will allow them to see that. I am all alone and I need your help. We we can't do this and so endorsed because I have been through so much. I was at his face. Where you know even sharing like I said like Sharon With micro style leader that I didn't know where my daughter was to go when her father didn't WanNa take her. You know that was like somebody who looked at me like are you crazy. What do you mean righteous person? He doesn't want keep a shot. But I was as face of just understanding that I'm going on in this for a reason and so and then I have. I created a select. A village of people right now with this very moment in my life is a village of women who are my safe havens. I have learn through hard work. It will hurt of the people that I can be completely myself with and friends. I can call and say I can bear muscle that I could bear my soul to and Of course there are different people that I can at times have different conversations with or have that conversation in different ways. Because everybody's different but I understand that I can still be my authentic self and they will accept me as I am in my relationships romantically. I don't think I figured that part out yet because the the the men that I've had in my life I have biz owner with and I have loved even including my father and they have not reciprocated that so I don't know if I figured out in that aspect how vulnerable I can and if I'm being vulnerable or open for the right people but the one thing about me as a person is there is no middle ground with either love you all the way. I don't love you at all. I don't know how to half. Am Love because it is something that is in me. And it's what I do and so at this time. The reason why I say if it was funny me that because the man that was in my life that was there through one of the hardest times And I was completely open and shared every fear with him every desire with him my dreams created a lice. At this moment. I feel like I don't know if that was a safe space to do that or not. And I haven't and I just feel like maybe that's not for me or maybe address. Don't know how to love that way. What is something that would have you questioning whether or not it was because the way that things have in between us made me feel ally it was never real got you and I feel like I bare my soul to someone who did treasurer it and did not protect it. Because I'm the type of person when I love my friends and my relationship you off and the people that love me know that I will go to war for you and I will also do anything you need and so one of my favorite things about you because even with like the kids like when Kate will come over. I just knew like you're just the way you just you. Yeah the way that you just love. Intrigue everybody the same. If was going to act out she was going to get it like Kayla was gonna get it but if somebody does something to Kaitlin they were going to get it like if they did it to Kayla and I'm GonNa give you whatever I have if I'm shopping. We all shopping. If I'm a week wanted dinner we all wanted dinner. We're doing anything it's for everybody and when I fall in love I fell in love at a time that I wasn't necessarily looking for and I feel like I've bare my soul and time when multiple looked at me as if I was crazy for doing that they were like. Are you nuts? Like you just went through this tower. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and this open to this man But I don't know but knowing you any other way to be because I love him with everything Andy and I still do but I. I don't know I don't know how to Gauge. Suppose the not be you know because it's like then that's not real and that's not authentic and s fake and that's not me and I'm in consistency from is important and I did not flip in chains like the WYNN meets a day meets and next week. I am next year when I when you are in my life you are there and so that's what I say. I don't know if a figured out how to navigate whether or not I'm supposed to be vulnerable enough but sometimes I do think that it can be my doubtful. I hear you. I understand because people will use it. Sorry people will use it against you. Yes yes say like one thing that stood out to me though. Is that no matter what happens today or yesterday or tomorrow you all did. Share that moment where you needed in your life in order to get you to where you are now like voiced earlier those conversations or those moments of encouragement. Those can't be faked. Those can't be manufactured in a way I think I don't know I think to be completely honest when my partner but when his I can't say you know because people can do what they need to do in order to get what they need from you at times. You and I believe that if somebody can hurt you when you don't deserve it that there has to be a space. Something in the was not genuine at the time. So yes those moments were real but if the emotional is real if the emotion was real the moments were real but the emotional Israel so I say that to say I don't know if I figured out whether or not I'm supposed to be as boy and right now in my life the like that light has been taken from me because I feel like that vulnerability about is a part of my life in that light has been extinguished right now and that's just like that is completely honest. I can at least I can at least share like for my from my experience of of knowing very well that feeling of like why was I even like out here? I don't know like was I really just like this was all fake and I. I won't be in play like what was like was this. I'm very familiar with that feeling and also feel like when you're constantly especially when you're giver in terms of like love in and in other ways but you give a lot of yourself like emotionally and all of that use any don't get it back star still like what am. I doing this all four but I will say that because I in February is when I like fully fully let go of something that was just it had served a very I think is served a very important purpose in my life and I think that I was allowing it to be drawn out way longer than it needed to be Because of the purpose that it did serve in my life and he constantly referencing that but I and I was kind of Pushing against where God was trying to bring me and for whatever reason that was one of the relationships that was kind of like that fork in the road. Kinda like so now. It's what April so it's been like a spent a lot of time just And it was the very end of it so obviously had gone through these thoughts before but at that point I had spent a lot of time. Just pick myself back up and really identifying things with myself and all of that but I did eventually come to. Even though I didn't start that way This is who I am. This is who I'm going to be in any relationship because not like you sound like not being. That isn't being me but I also heard like an another podcast and it was With the MANZIEL'S. I can't remember or call who she was speaking to but she mentioned or the other person mention something about going in Steps that was huge for me because she said it was like some sort of like a tunnel right. Say it's like a tunnel and they make it past the first game minute. Didn't they have access to this? And then there's a second gate and there's access to this what I didn't realize I was doing was I had all my gates up like after you made it past that I gate. Yeah and so and then also like the other thing was and this was in therapy. Which was crazy when she pointed out. So what is the that essentially in other words because of the topic but what is it that makes like what is it that someone else does. It makes you happy. Like what is it and I? I know as an individual what I do with myself. That makes me happy but in a relationship. I think I'm always considering the other person I learn them. You know like what do they love? Were They not love? What makes them happy? But then on the flip side it was very difficult for me to even something like that let alone kind of expected which in so I don't know if that I don't know brings any sort of anything that's like forward moving or positive or whatever that there was that and then when it comes to the other like individual finally like unfortunately like. I don't know if it's like this other people but for me sometimes takes a lot. If I really really care about you and believing you it takes a lot for me to just be like. Nah I'm done. I will allow myself to break and I have in the past. I won't say now but I would have allowed missile to break in ways that maybe I shouldn't have that. No I definitely shouldn't have for the sake of loyalty and love for this other person but now that I'm outside of that I can say that whatever I can say that during that time what was needed it happened it was real and it was genuine and now it's just is so whatever it is an individual like it's it's completely him like I'm my own self. He's his own self and everything that has to do with. That is separate is separate from my experience altogether at this point because done. Yeah if that yeah and I'm trying to get there because it is very new. It was so out of the blue it was and then there was no explanation like because it was. It was his decision and there was no explanation. There wasn't a why there is no was your amazing in your but I just don't want you so that is like very hard to accept because you question everything about you and then you question what did I see. How did I allow myself to be open to give you so much? And you're just so cavalier with with that but I do look at things and I say I try to. I'm trying to figure out the lesson in this year. The intro Specter's yes he at all because I don't WanNa make these same mistakes because I feel like I've gone through the phases of my life. I'm supposed to go to like I. Have you know left? The toxic relationship created the new life for me and my child you know created a home for US created a career for myself and now this space of I'm ready for love and I mean for genuine real love and it's like people say it's okay for you to go after your home and your lice and but why is it okay to go after love like why not okay and not saying like you're walking around like. Oh my God I want these people love me. But you know you're intentional about it and so you know. I guess I'M GONNA figure this. That's the part of this journey that. I'm one now I that that is the step where I'm at and I do know what I have accepted One Damn be able to the that Nia get just not today yes just today or maybe a different version of it. I don't know yet. Maybe a different version of it. You know people have these conversations when they're already at the space of I had this figured out and I know that this is exactly why I am here to tell you I have no clue I have I have. I have no clue. I just know that right now. I have not figured out that disarmament of how not to be open with the people that I love and how not to give all of if I love. You haven't figured out yet but hey that's for this year's journey yes last year last year. Shrimp get here right now. It's continuously making yourself a better person learning more about yourself all of that because now you have the space and the time to do it. Yes yeah yeah. Thank you for sharing that. It's very real. Thank you thank you allow them to. I told you tonight. I'm open book and you call me you corby in a space where all of this was happening in my life right. It's always something it's always like. You said it's never easy peasy never does it never easy to. There's always something going on. It's never just like and I'm just sitting around of them. I thumbs no never never not life. Click plug for my book. Stories of Polish pistou unpaved available on Amazon Dot Com. Yes never does it. Whenever we have conversations no matter if the every other day no matters has been too much three months a year. Whatever it's never just Highgrove just chilling. Now I've decided to change my whole life today. Sorry to disappoint you. But that's the end of part one of this episode so I hope you enjoyed make that she subscribe to the Pine on whatever platform. It is that you listen to podcasts. And so that we notified when the second part of this episode is posted. We are covering essentially a whole new by topics. We go further into some of these topics but yeah continuing being cue to my love. Kia for meeting me here on life being with Daniel and will head out life. Things with Makita Danielle was the Parkas was actually listed as a top. Let me pull up the exact title so I don't mess it all right top ten single mom podcast. You must follow and twenty twenty so share Radio Free Screams. I'm just saying and that's on our feet spot out pulling in as well being feet spot because when it's real and authentic and when you're happy with what you're putting out there and it's rooted in your purpose. It's bound to connect with those needs. Connect with it. And I'm grateful for the opportunity to create and connect with you. This is life things with Danielle of Polish pistol. You can follow me on social media at Quetta don yell that's on Instagram. Facebook gets CETERA. You can follow future blog posts and check out the blog post on Polish pistol dot com and se on the next episode consumed by.

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"To learn is Ron Don from my eyes large somebody, somebody kid. Badeah fun. Somebody. Alexa play hits from Queen. Okay. With Amazon music of all, you need get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today is Ron. For about it. Somebody. A fun somebody. Alexa play hits from Queen. Okay. With on using of voices. All you need, get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today. I. Looking all line. There were plans birds and Roxanne things were saying. The first thing that was about. Star. The name was. Brown was dry air. The ban on throne. To be on. Dawn. Rain. Again. In desert must end again to turn. Three days in desert. The story. River. The band as Moore's would no-name felt good to be out. The desert. You can't remember your name because there ain't one. They give. They give pain. The horse. The desert. Plans and. Sand. They quit. On there. Pay them. Been through the desert. Good. The being the rain. The desert around. No. Again. Well, the white lingua your is now at establish celebrity in Midland city, and from time to time the intrepid crimefighter was called upon to make personal appearances. Midland's that video n TV show gun evening. This is the Wallace name show. This is your program because the magic of all of invention, the telephone you the listener can take over and express your opinions. Now the host of your program while the Howdy and welcome to my program. I'm Wallace helium. Well, as helium saying, thank you of upper and now Mr. the first guest on your program, broker Midland city's crushing answer lawlessness, evil, the wonderful white wing warrior chicken man. Well. Yeah, welcome to my program wedding warrior. Thank you very mom. Wallace helium this opera. I know people are going to call them my program and ask you questions, fine. I'll look forward Wallace helium call right now. This telephone number is Wallace for four. We call ask for me Wallace helium because its program. Halo this is not the way why able to leak tall buildings. You want the winged warrior to answer a stupid question. Like I'm sorry, what's your name? Daughter Lanta Tishman you ever go me with a stupid question again. I'm only in verse you in public on our right yard front of millions of listeners. All right. All right. Go ahead. Answer these stupid question. What was the question again? Look, if you're going to be on my program, you write down the question. I'm sorry. But it came. I broke the point shot in for you one time, but if you break it once more, you're off the show. Right? Hello. Your question, please. These two Haleem is I, I think the most wonderful program I have ever heard nasty. I ask your name daughter, Linda, helium daddy. Thank you for calling. We'd hard. Your question is ROY Lee, tall, building, good quiz the I'm running down the question very, I'm hearing I'm. Oh, okay. You're off the show. That's my files of people trying to call here. Yeah, forget him. It just trying to take over my show anyway. Wow, that's a lively give and give talk show, isn't it? Did you notice? He hero chicken man's strength in breaking that Vissel. So. Where then her. When I see. We can be. Remembering the, we may. You told me. Stood. Nothing could take. Oh. In this room. So many traces of you. So men name nights lying. Yours. Sleeping with Christy inside. She could din. One small. With. I'll say. I found Joel. So. Secure with the. Two. Scene. So. Thank us. Rid ball. Never. Jess. His smooth. With. Bye. Funding. But the. Make is much more than just. Now that you're. Good. Jalen. He said. Time. Greyhound. She. Syncing. Thousand. She. Clouds. Say. Chai. Two. What I'm in trouble. Law. In the heat. Or meal. She free. On spout. Her life. We just thought mama. All way be he. A fall. Came in without. Finally got. Bye. Still. And the greater. Will be with. Some. Missing. The end. Family. Don't seem son. Without. I'll win. And mama's still. All we. And the coal wins. Now, mama. With all. And there I and. I sound. Any missing. I'm more on. The in. That family. On sunday. But it don't seem live Sunday without. Oh, it don't seem like Sunday without. Company is on onto stand every represented critter trae spot government. Everybody providence. Foundation. Complaint. Imprint padding. Amateur. Got it. The human resources encompass. On the standard cystic live life aside from what it was worth our into winter. People say some money, money, shorter. Hurt by surgery to never. I heard on the scope Lekra chew. It will get confused. Privy to. Eighty two. I'm ready to explode. Resorts some way to explore. And I'm waiting to. Company company liberty that got me. Stanley play the way the comic. Sign. Known. Thanks. Company. Tax. We see. Basis. This. Last. Spill, comma, coffeenated same Missy. Faced. No, just. Have this. Seeding. Seems people. Tell me. Wait a minute. But I. Three. Be a one. Okay. From across the room. I just need your. What you. Listen. I can't wait to get to school each. And way for you. Joel. So gone. Heavy into take the long way. Yes, came. Then. Stay. The. So. Girl. I can see. Yeah, I scared. I'm john. What. And this. Can't stop thinking about. About. The. What he has done that. Bringing the main. Bringing. Treats. Hugh. Nights. Morning was when I hit pack. Doing. Not a. Broke assail every week. Out of back on body Ono body always on fucking job. Got, no, he's got to city fucking because I'm all grown up and not more at my phone Leamy loamy on my own. My daddy genetics. I heard. The contract should be shredded. My dogs on the private from the public housing that Kemp achier click stars like the paramount money. Everything I do is ride says bad. No means the Reivers even in the fuck crisis also decide. I use it at night shift in Leiden, God's to me aside, but I hear maybe time. Thanks. Wickham Perry Naina comes. Real when it. Joining. Not about. Check. Every week. Real. Look, I woke up in base mall. Gratis beauty in peace. Nigger sleep only Dana soda is deceased. For me and I respect my story. If you fuck flory, I'm bailing gig. Borey did everything. Say Bory, Helen drama, my life story vague. The must've see growing knew that this was for me mortgage change more than wishing wells come come around wishing live like amona limitless pill cutesie like I'm crazy check strapped, Nick, I don't, but I act a Brown paper bag packed up bag back back back. That would say, lose my temper. You can knock out. One, two, three, four, five, four rules for sizing. Too many seem both. Take it back to the. Grows cost us what you call never take some more fall. We stayed at committed toy. You just fall down and never far Las. Thanks. Thanks. When. Check them out. Every week. Real. Uh-huh. Bounce bounce. Yes. Purchase. If. These. The back. Was just. Why. Shit. Control. He lifts out. Just. I'm sorry. In. Yes. Don't care. This. Kathy's in with. Thanks. Right. Payment. All she may be with. Young girl they do give. But which she gets. Ten. You know she the way. Yes. And tips painting. Back now. Napa, napa. Wow. They're waiting. Them. Ten. It's not. Septa. No, no, no. Creek k. Two. We. And. Been said, my girl is fine. Just bought a house. Got a real good man. I told her our plan for you that one the, but. As bound me happy with now, let go. And so. But something about. Let you go. What if we. Then. Every. Can. In. Saying there was no one in particular is just myself, and I told her that dream, you just cut her. She said, you got. So just. Can't be. Be my. The. Monday. Clean. In. Don't seem. Just. And the family. Dave. You. Company. Kevin. All right. Thank you. Stay case. What. There's such. Same. What. What. Maybe I don't love. Safely. I don't. Me. Take care. Yes. Same. Still. Not one of the night. Forty, seven. Free flow Rison in a suit of. When he's practically free from any of the people in the park, read the definition with free. Just love. Never pretend to be anything other than the man myth to be tropical get to come a day of free. From my nephew when a few of the penitentiary meditate, meditate show. Thanks. I never have to take a part of this, put the pedal to the metal, see what part you're back as noble his party, make it really, really because you choose to say good, pointing. Somebody who's a bubble. Very from the. The power capable whenever we feel rating out returning to never number. Cool. This ritual full. But never take the credit for because that'd be searching for that had to be. You've got to work everything that. I. I. The sun up at the crack, the Mike awake. Enjoy in the morning, stretching. Infamy of Hilton. The like the smoke from incident sick knighted. If you can't the brain of toppy. The poor from the progression. If you'd be flexible. And everything you learn. Sure. Oh, be free for me. That takes time off. Let you. The Sean me too. Read the contract. Fakes time off. We got in. We will be sky. In china. Go. Skirt. Your. I can see. Now. And that. Well. It's crying chime again. Gonna. Steve. Oh. You love. That's the way it's every time. Crying time. We'll. Crime, tom. You're going to leave. See. In your. Four. Dying. People in. Ask him. No one. Mr. One. No. Fighting. I really can't. Fresh. Spend the night. Miss. Away. Eckstein. She's. British. The girls. No. When she was. She. Girl. This, this is. This is the. The best. That's. Feel. What about like some. Looking. Free. We start. And. And. School. What kind. Do we. Have. If we give. When. In. School. Sleep begun the quick nightmares on. Cooking. Charm. Watching. That'd be like. Pedal profit. Yup. Chachi spot with the chocolate. Clear. Mother. White star. I'm. Powerful. Task test. Put the ham, hocks name. You all came up. The couple Cussing if not. Just follow. Just like Bill Clinton. Got your flow. Chick fil statue up to change tibi. What. Down. Stuck in your home. Couldn't talk. Can hope to get close to me. Supposed to be the first time you start. Tuck weighing. Promise, Thomas trucks strap around long. Strain, fab. Stop. What. The we. Thirty. Baby. Talk. Thomas missing with miss Mashad listening. You miss seeing pops missing, Dame's care. We missing you for. We let us for pace lettuce. Have you ever loved somebody sticking the party party party has reached the being in the Hamptons party with the breakfast. The we used to make special name. The power play twelve day told me tell people well to the circumstances could have been failed. You ain't got it. So you look at eight, you know missing you, Detroit is missing you all really Smith. History. Families missing, listen, you. We miss you. Stars mad, I will if you. Cusi issue. Can you believe the is still because your memory won't bring it the pistol, but he got. Pain and your parents paying, but I know 'cause tech that you see the soda? No. Thank you all extra texture. The more it's that you are so professional, a little purple star for her. Miss Smith's that you call those. God is. Plead miss Chinese. What a way big we missing you. Presents just not in physical all across the world. Bob Smith for boy, this about us rich in the closing question. Swear him properties, not sending. You got to be more. Put price on a game. They finish playing filling named cook Saint in the same. Doing what I came trying to follow your them relay main you'd be ashamed. See y'all gang. They feel same thing and you should name fame, but I guess that's the issue and how much if it's really been missing you missing missing missing Jim. Scott. Worlds. Michelle. All the soldiers. So. Number. Remembering deaf. Celebrate you. Me. I was walking downtown when I saw the man who appeared to be just an old land sitting on the street telling the people. As they passed. And because it was all raggedy and dirty people would just laugh and make fun walking. And he said because of the way, no money, no fancy close friend homes cars. A lot of people consider me as nets and say, I don't know what I'm talking, but there's one thing that really touched my and stayed on my mind when man looked up and say, I'm just a. I'm just. And he's playing. A problem in. That I just deal. So I started drinking. Bad word. So what Accu. And that's when my game change. But these people think I'm just. Just. Any say on the street. That's. Just street. From the. They all say, poll. Was to be. Can bring. The way I feel. Macur trip. No. But. That rave. Got all. And people will listen. Hello, everyone. Relax here up and coming Florida rapper in current viral sensation kid. Boo, didn't interview with DJ Vlad from glad TV. And in the interview, the rapper claims to be a second generation clone who excape from cloning center. I guess originally reported jersey. Yeah. Yeah. Originally my first gen a second. Now that's why you see the celebrity bursts born in Toronto, but that's false. My first gen was born in jersey. However, I was cloned by Clonaid in Canada. My model number zero, one one, two, five, six. Anyone wants to see the registration cloning. Okay. The end up in south Florida. Yep. Okay. Wouldn't actually Sicilian Puerto Rican? Okay. So Cillian Puerto Rican. Okay. That doesn't two genomes. Okay. Who's the Puerto Rica was a silly what. When I was cloned wipe a lot of memory. But when I stole the documents before scaping I read that the mother was Puerto Rican and the. His father is surrogate, you could say was the sperm donor was Cecilia. Okay. So you're testing baby. Yeah. And I guess you have a fraternal twin brother. Sister brother. Okay. So you guys, fraternal twins, you know, is different from identical twins. Do you guys kinda similar or not really think anyone looks similar is. Okay. You guys close? Yeah, we're close. I really. Okay. So you're actually raised by single mother. Yeah, yeah, that's true. Mom, single father, Andrea. That. A lot of the memories from Clonaid where he race, just so that way the new gen can move forward with whatever new programming was made. I believe in new norm now, believe in a new norm of. The creation citizen DNA that we can live like immortality, like immortal clones, transfer our consciousness living proof. Now. Yeah. I mean, I'm actually looking shot up. Was that shut Clonaid. You could actually as soon as you die, they could actually freeze your body will what what happened with with my first gen is they took the skull 'cause he initially had written a will to the really movement that if something were to happen to him, they can ship the skull over immediately to Clonaid so they can remove a fragment of bone that's located here and in describing of bone stores all of your memories and consciousness. And with that, they can make a sufficient replica of yourself reproductive version of you, including your memories can be selective as to which ones you keep don't keep this process has been around for quite some time Dolly. The sheep was cloned back into it seventies early eighties of sticking out, and they want a lot of animals Clonaid. Don't want to say too much information this is going to be brought in, but the trust, the actual memories. Yeah. Living proof. A lot of don't have because drugs and alcohol, abusers teenager. So it's kind of like burning MP three CD. Right. So let's say. We don't do this more back in day with a bootleg CD. He would need the original copy. Put it any reads, the dish transfers the files the same exact, see the same thing, all the tracks. Everything every bar re hit from every everything's gonna be on there. Now, if I scratched that see. I mean able to read all the files making impossible to transfer make a new one new copy. I think it's amazing that even Gucci coochie man, they called him. Yeah. I mean, I don't know. Clone did pretty sure like that was not from supper company, but clearly saying he was quoted as soon as he got jail look different. He talked. Even Tif and small. Right? You smile a lot more. Yeah, definitely. I like I like New Relic second Gucci second, Jan Gucci Gucci was the first half call. The second may maybe if there's others. I don't know. I, I don't even think just pop consider myself like more of a rockstar popstar. So Michael technically was a first few people think he was. Michael jackson. They definitely perfected the process by got to somebody perfected something. This is another example of hidden in plain sight. This will just be passed off as a joke or an attempt at trolling in order to associate any conversation about cloning and cloning centers as jokes or trolling. And thus the masses will just ignore it, pass it off much like with Kodak black, no matter how blatant it becomes. Everything's just ignored or soon to be a joke. However, this is not the case. This obvious form of symbolism has become far too frequent to be considered a coincidence by now. You should know that when it comes to the elite, there are no coincidences. Let me know what you guys think in the comment section below. Thanks for watching guys until next time. This is relax. Found. This. One. Reading God's Scott call of children. One. Purse to typing. I cried Tomo pay no miserably. Tim, spotty. Jefford killer with heart, not to. No one, Jim, not crazy because I got. Treating wall. Great. Traumatic from wisdom that you should know profits. Amana, gain the world soul minus my gun in the words, prince. Prince for the bird on the corner frees with the medal of the greater the sacrifice that the more that I gained a trillion that I cannot explain don't care what it is playing. I don't care what it is. I am not a team. CBS chirp, keep it. The hoping tolls. Clud women secure when there's something Jesus film not capable of Jesus coming norm, not making it up. Read the bible when you're stuck between Hague in the love spoken to pay hoping change trip to open the cage. It's up to us to open the pages, don't know God. He's wasteful. Just like in the by the hopefully he told them. When he told them they did. Lee will fall from truth from follow was all skull treated while talking when he died. He said he called for. No strikes. Maintain that. Clave don't care what it is playing. Don't care what it is. I am not ashamed. Speak to me is keeping industry. Just open up. Hoping. Things never zone. Roman, try to stick pride. I don't think life my own, but I gotta remember always keep my throwing after this like no more than the dark. Been attested value deaf when having a white, plus they're all my knees and going to Pap. That is right for the passionate credit Africa was cast off, but try to bash the hike. Kasese. God, but God is. She's basin man with a c. was saying, just raised my hand. Gus, Gus, the cost, the cost for the gospel. CBS churches keeping the street bummy outside the whole. Opened up. 'cause the gusto. Speech. Hope. Hoping. You mean even on the sides. Hoping. Church. Soft as any. Russia's the mall. The new snow. Spirits. Ageless and. Cubes, keeping beach close enough. So that space between. The way all Dan sense way into the muse girl, the body and you move every time cross my girl, lose Alexa, play the country heat playlist. Okay. With Amazon music voices. All you need get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today is maybe them is my left me no all stars full sure. Jars full. Tell me what you do to me. Cafe ain't nothing new. TIMMY, you could bring a bullet, bring us for bringing more, but you can't bring the TIMMY. Alexa, play Kendrick, Lamar and says, okay. Amazon, music voices. All you need, get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today.

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154 | A Royal Mess

Best Case Worst Case

37:02 min | 8 months ago

154 | A Royal Mess

"It's unbelievable that anybody would think that. That's a believable statement. This was a lifestyle style. Clark you cannot convince me that his security people were not aware of it made sure he was aware of it before he went. This is someone that doesn't understand that he is not believable. He's overselling and then backpedaling. It's finally the holidays the best time of the whole a year. We're all thinking about getting warm and cozy with our loved ones and about gifts. What's better than giving a gift to someone you love? That will make them feel warm and cozy or maybe you'd like to treat yourself yourself to the gift of comfort. The company store has you covered. You can give comfort beauty. And even a great night's sleep they have puffy down comforters. With lifetime guarantees. He's and the softest flannel sheets. The super soft Egyptian cotton sheets. I got make me want to stay in bed all day with a hundred years of experience. You Know Oh you can trust the company store to deliver premium betting your holiday guests will love they also have beautiful and fun holiday thing decor to help you show off your home and your friends and family come combi everything. The company store has makes a great gift this year. My husband and I got matching snowman pajamas for the first time ever will be Christmas selfie. Ready with these funds snugly. PJ's Tis the season for giving this year give the gift of comfort for twenty percent off plus free shipping rest easy returns visit the company store dot Com uh-huh slash best case again. That's the company store dot com slash. Best case a LO- fiscus worst-case this is Jim Clemente retired. FBI profiler follow former New York City prosecutor right producer on CBS's criminal minds with me. Today is hi everybody. It's Francey Hague's former state and federal prosecutor. I am in Atlanta Lanta for the Thanksgiving holidays gem. I know you're sad that we're separated. Yeah it's always tough frenzy when you're away three three thousand miles. Is that far enough debatable. But again we have one of our favorite return guests and friend and colleague other on Bobby Own. I am also separated from both east to the best thing I do is be in the room where they had together so I can referee. But I don't have to today because we're not in the same room entrust from three thousand miles. They won't be many desktops to well. Well all depends with Francis on her best behavior. Never so Jim. I'm really excited today. Because actually we've had lots of listeners writing in since the last time you and I discussed the latest the Jeffrey Epstein case after he committed suicide in some of the case developments and they've been asking us. When are you going to talk about this again? Winning to talk about this again and of course now there have been some very very high-profile developments two things in particular and I wanted to talk to you too about them in order. I today very recently just this this week. We have the United States Attorney General Bill Bar come out and talk about his investigation into Epstein's death he has said number one on he's confident that Epstein committed suicide because number two surveillance cameras in spite of what we heard several weeks ago surveillance surveillance cameras were working sufficiently to tell investigators that not a soul approached. EPSTEINS sell for eight hours in spite of the fact that the guards were required to check on him every thirty minutes. No one approached his cell for eight hours hours which of course implies that nobody went into kill him either in that he did in fact commit suicide well Francey. I wish that were the case. But but I don't know if these were analog video recorders or it was some kind of closed circuit camera and system that was recorded digitally or whether they were digital video cameras but all of that can be messed with all of that can be doctored and in a situation like this. I would want a little more than just a video saying that. Nobody winning that cell now did they actually have a camera on him. Doing it killing himself. I would say absolutely not otherwise. That would be incontrovertible proof but to have a camera that points down a hallway. Not See anyone going that hallway. It doesn't mean that somebody didn't doctor the evidence I don't know I'm not believing it yet but I want the investigation to continue bobby. We've heard that that these two guards that were responsible supposed to be checking on obscene every thirty minutes and in fact representative federal paperwork that they did check on him. Every thirty events have now been indicted for falsifying federal records. That's the kind of the. FBI might have investigated. What are your what's your take on? It will be investigating again resulting the charges. They were with other bureau prisons internal affairs and came up with those charges by my reading the logs. It was about ten hours at least eight possibly ten hours from the last time. He was checked too when he was found. Dead was at least eight hours and as much as ten hours when nobody went and checked his cell is one time where a guard is seen going up to the door of the wing of this jail where he was just the wind of of it and not even enter it in the way at that point so there was a good eight or ten hours of of no round no patrols and no checking on him when the procedure was every thirty well and also we learned Jim that the Guard station if you will where they were apparently sleeping in surfing the Internet shopping happening during this at least eight hour period was a mere fifteen feet or yards. I've not been quite clear on which but not very far off from the Adore of Epstein. Sell Yeah well let me start it. It is possible that this lack of oversight it was just coincidental was simply a matter of laziness and nonchalance on the part of these guards maybe they. I didn't think it was serious enough job that they were supposed to be doing. But it's also possible that that was delivered that they wanted to give him time to do what he did. But the thing that pisses me off the most is that the victims of his crimes have no justice. And the fact is that What Epstein should have been doing was telling everybody in law enforcement? Who else was part of his ring of have sex trafficking that he had been carrying on for last couple of decades will Jim? I think that by all indications that the rich and powerful people people who he was aligned with in the scheme you know. It's my opinion that he probably did kill himself and the situation was set up to allow him to do that so he had injured himself. Previously Jalen was put on Suicide Watch and then unexplainable. He was taken off suicide. Watch for some reason very quickly by the way and the last person that saw him my understanding of it is before the guard that escorted back to his cell. The very last person he met with was his attorney now in my opinion union. It's quite possible that attorney delivered a message to him and then he carried out what he thought was his only alternative based on that that attorney may have bought to him and with the rich and powerful people that we've heard associated with this thing You know I find that quite believable and the reason why I hope that in this investigation doesn't die with Jeffrey. ABC's DAB is that the nature of this case. This isn't a one time pedophile winter out. This is a rain. This is an an international child. Sex trafficking rates by definition rain. Has Many people involved. So Jeffrey Epstein was simply the leader of the. You know the ringleader of this but certainly there are so many more people involved in. I hope that the investigation continues and the victims get justice from the many people who were involved the scheme. And that's you know there are people who recruited these young women. There were these children. There are people who facilitated their movements around you know and I'm talking about people who rented boats and planes and flew those planes and kind of knew what may have been going on. I mean this could be dozens if not hundreds of people involved in so. I hope that this investigation doesn't die because Jeff ribs the night we may actually get a little more information very soon soon because reportedly now one of the guards has indicated that she is willing to cooperate and to me. I smell proffer so so. Let's talk for a second about what might happen if she and her lawyer has told the assistant United States attorney assigned to the case that she wants to cooperate. Well I think that obviously this would be the perfect opportunity for a queen for a day. which as you know Francey is the agreement that the justice this department will make with a defendant through their attorney to come in? Tell the absolute truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth about these incidents and any other criminal conduct that they may have been engaged in or know about and about any co conspirators and that in the end we'll we'll give them an opportunity to get five K.. Letter which will allow the court the judge to depart from the sentencing guidelines and and give them a better sentence based on the level of their cooperation. And as we all know that is not. What happened Jeffrey Epstein case? He got that deal without any any cooperation without naming a single person and he also got immunity for other people that were potential subjects of that investigation. So in this case if that guard does cooperate she may or may not tell us that somebody told her not to do this that this is a systemic problem that she's he's complained about the four. There's a number of things that she could be coming forward to say not necessarily that. She was forced not to do it or that. She that everybody. Nobody knew at advance that this was to give him an opportunity to kill himself now. It could very well. You Know Morph into a public corruption investigation in. That's why we've heard the phrase thrown around since the head of the bureau. Prison testified before Congress talking about the FBI may be investigating criminal. Enterprise in to me that says there may a B of a vast network of corruption where everyone understands that. No one's actually doing their job in. They're all falsifying logs. And signing off on and falsified documents and so it may very well expand into a much bigger public corruption investigation. That ends up having very little to do with Epstein yet agree and I do do hope that the FBI does get to the bottom of this. This is incredibly important case. And when you talk about important people that are involved in this is obviously one of those rich and famous and important and powerful people is Prince Andrew from the UK. That's right I mean he's been he's been tied. Hi to abstain for some time now in in addition to other rich and famous people. But this week he He put himself right in the middle of it with an interview over in the UK and based on that interview. He's facing a lot of criticism. I was actually called onto beyond the BBC. This week. I did an interview with television view about it and I actually was called because of that did another radio interview this morning on a radio station in London because the British people are up in arms over this interview nephew that as they should be Andrew gave his answers. Were bizarre the trying to figure out why and how he would number one even grant this interview and number two why he would give answers that he gave in that interview. Well I think we can give our listeners some insights and let's go through that let's go through that interview and right from the very start at about one minute and five seconds. In the interviewer asks Prince Andrew about his close personal friendship with Epstein and he he immediately obfuscates he immediately tries to back pedal and say well. It's kind of a stretch saying that. It was a close relationship. I only saw him two or three times a year. The fact is he will later say in the same interview that the last time he saw Epstein he had flown to the United States spent four days living living in Epstein House with him quote to end the friendship to break up with him four days for somebody who isn't close living in his house for somebody somebody who isn't close. That's just that's absurd. It's it's complete and utter bullshit. There's no there's no way that's true well and again and I. I agree with Jim in particularly because the nature of this crime again. We're not talking about a crime that was hidden. This apparently was done fairly on the open. This was almost to me. What would I call lifestyle crime in other words Epstein was living this lifestyle where he had these young women underage women around him old? Josh there were on planes is an boats and in mansions and estates and so this was a lifestyle and anybody that was friends with him even on a casual basis would have been aware aware of this lifestyle. Okay now you asked. You posed the question. A lot of people are questioning whether why he would agree to do this interview. I believe if he agreed to do it because of arrogance and ignorance I believe he thought he was talking his way around this and talking his way out of this situation quote note explaining his behavior and what he did though is leak out information that he didn't know that he was projecting through his answers. And we'll go through some of those answers and explain to our listeners. What those answers indicate to us? So Prince Andrew's asked during the interview whether he he was aware he was questioned about the allegations that Epstein was involved in sex trafficking and prince. Andrew says there was no indication agents to me that that's what he was doing. I Know Bobby that you've stated that publicly that you don't believe that I don't believe that Francey. Do you believe that. We'll hello Jim. It's absolutely absurd especially considering that Prince Andrew as the I think than seven sixth or seventh in line to the throne had security detail protection from UK authorities round the clock twenty four seven three hundred sixty five days a year. And when he proposed going going to spend four days with Jeffrey Epstein in New York in twenty ten it was after Jeffrey Epstein had pleaded guilty to the state charges involving sex trafficking a fourteen year old girl. You cannot convince me that his security people were not aware of event and made sure he was aware of it before he went right and he goes on to say that when he stayed at Mr Epstein houses in the United States there was no indication absolutely no indication that that's what he was doing and then the next words out of her mouth were and if if there was and if there was. There's he's already affirmatively. One hundred percent said there wasn't and then he said and if there was you have to understand and he tries to backpedal again. This is someone that doesn't understand that. He is not believable that he is not this incredibly powerful public speaker who can convince anybody who listens to him of the truth of what he's saying he's overselling the absolute lack of indication and then he's backpedaling saying but if there was there's other reasons why I didn't see it and and so the fact is it's clear that this is not a honest person this is disingenuous and as the interview goes on. Ah will see more and more of that when I saw him either in the United States United States or what I was staying. And he's highs in the United States. There was no indication absolutely no indication. And if the walls you have to remember that at the time I was patron of the species. 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It's very clear that he's showing signs of deception option. Like you said the backpedaling in the same sentence what's incredible to me is how unselfish aware he and a team of people that he has around them must have been before he gave the interview because one assumes he would have been prepared for the interview but he's a prince. He has literally early grown up with silver spoons in his mouth and so he's been told his whole life House special he is because of how he was born or the family that he was born into an every time he speaks. Everyone respectfully listens. He walks into a room and the entire room of people courtesy. The and now this one who lives in reality. It's not happening. But what happens is he then goes on to say that at that time he was very much involved. And I'll quote to you hold on in those At the time of of getting rid of of of Of the abused children so I knew what the what the what the things were to to But I never saw album. I mean it's it's like strange. Could Julie I mean it's unbelievable that anybody would think that. That's a believable statement. Again I hate to keep bring it back to. This was a lifestyle. This guy was living this life. Anybody that was in his life was exposed to it. Right Bobby. This is an incredibly ably articulate. Very well bred man and the only time in this interview that he stumbles stutters. Doesn't know words and he's using things he's he's an expert. He's trying to say in the field of preventing sexual victimization of children. And he's calling it things and and stop the. It's it's so glaringly obvious that he is indicating stress here and I believe that stress is indicating that he's lying here and he knows damn well L.. He's lying and let's talk a little bit about the allegations against him Jim. It's not just an allegation that he knew Epstein and then he should have known what was going going on in broken off contact or better yet reported the conduct to the authorities which he clearly never did no. He's actually been accused by a young lady. Who said recently that when she was seventeen years old she was trafficked by Jeffrey Obscene? For the purpose of engaging in involuntary voluntary or that is rape or sexual assault perpetrated by Prince Andrew and she gave a great number of details about locations in times and send. It happens re times and so he was asked about this young radi in this interview as well right and we'll go to that place an in the interview. He's confronted with the fact that this victim Virginia. She claims that she was dancing with Prince Andrew and that he was sweating heavily and and when he's asked about this by the interviewer he says well that's not possible. Because you know when I was fired upon in the Falklands War I a suffered a condition that prevented me from sweating and so I couldn't sweat at all well not that much and not that often and and of course I can sweat now but I couldn't swear back that so you are trying to convince us that you didn't meet this girl and sexually sexually assaulted her because she was seventeen at the time and you were very much an adult. You want us to believe that you didn't sexually salter because you weren't capable super bowl of sweating so her allegation that you were sweating when you dance with her before you had sex with her. It couldn't have been as opposed to saying doc look leaning forward looking into the viewers eyes and saying I never had sex with anyone outside my marriage period. That is a lie. He didn't do that what he's trying to do is undermine the credibility of the victim and that is just incredibly insidious insidious and ridiculous and there were two two other times during the interview where he tried to do that. And he was literally confronted with confirmatory evidence that he was lying and those were one where he said he couldn't have happened that way because my wife and I would never outside of London same time one of US always stayed back act with children. Then he produced logs that show that travelogues that showed both him and his wife were out of town out outside of the country. I ed different places by the way at the same time while the children were still in London the second one was. I never dressed that way while I'm in London. He was dressed in a certain clothes. There's photographic evidence and so he said. I never dressed that way in London so that couldn't have happened and now of course there's other photographs of his public life is. These people are very photograph that show him in that kind of casual clothing in and around. London these were like blatant lies right. He's probably you're so right not only only does he accused her of lying when she gives sensory details about his sweating and when he talks about the clothes that he wears but he also outright outright denies knowing her he says he's never even met her and he's then presented with photographic evidence of him in London in home home of Epstein's procurer with this victim when she seventeen right and as a picture of him and the victim with Glenn Maxwell ax well in the background. But if you look at that picture there's a number of things that that picture shows one is that Prince Andrew's hand is in motion. His right right hand is moving away from the victim and the victim's left hand is away from her body in a very uncomfortable way. An Andrews left hand around her waist pulling her in and the victims right in is around his waist. But he's pulling her into his crotch. He is actually facing sideways to her and achieves between his legs and he is clearly pulling her in by the waste you can see her body slightly bent away from him. That kind of thing thing I understand does not happen with the Royal Family member unless the Royal Family member makes it happen in other words no individual could ever ever get that close to a royal family member without that person that rule family member wanting to happen and then the other thing that of course suggests suggests is an intimate contact between the two of them because what seventeen year old girl meeting a strange man. which even if you give him every benefit of the doubt and say? He doesn't remember meeting because he takes pictures with people. That photograph in and of itself shows you that it is not not a casual encounter. What seventeen year old girl will allow herself to be pressed up against a forty some year old strange man who is a prince of the realm no less ended occasion where it supposedly just a casual contact such that? He can't even remember later. That straight jewelry read it does strain credulity and if you listen to the rest of his answer about that. He said as bobby talked about he said that he and his wife had an arrangement. Admit that if she was out of town that he would be home with the kids. Actually we all know that when a spouse is away the chances of that that's the the time when the other spouse is more likely to engage in sexual activity outside marriage so his explanation actually fails there but he also says that he very well remembers that he took his daughters to a pizza place at that particular time and so it. It couldn't have happened and again. This is the kind of thing that people who are lying and trying to cover their tracks will say they won't address the actual allegations. He never said I did not have sex with that seventeen year old girl. He said I was at a pizza place. So it couldn't have happened. Couldn't have happened is a non on denial. It's a protest. It's not a denial of the interviewed. People like this and you earlier he says I take a lot of pictures with a lot of people. I couldn't possibly Wrigley. Remember that particular day or night or whatever and then all of a sudden when pressed further he remembers exactly where he was that night he was at some pizza parlor with children. Well what is it is it that you don't remember. Remember exactly what you were and you weren't. There is so when they start flip flopping that that's a clear indication that they're hiding something the right so again. He fails miserably in trying to convince the world and as a result what happens he quote asks the Queen if he could step away from official duties. Come on really under Queen. The yeah reluctantly agreed right. I mean come on. He's getting fired he got fired. He's disgraced the royal family. Somebody's calling him to account for it. Hopefully this investigation will plow forward a word and actually get a chance to interview him but I have a feeling that he's going to stay in the UK that he's not going to fully cooperate that he's going to claim he doesn't. I don't remember anything that he's going to say. He was mistaken on these things where he was definitely contradicted by the evidence. That's there and I think that he's he's just GONNA walk. I don't think I talked about was asked about this on the BBC this week at eight hundred to let people know in the UK that you know because they were not even aware of this. The item that I was talking to that the FBI opened an office in London in Nineteen forty-three and we've had a permanent office there of a sense so we have FBI agents on the ground working in what we he called a legal attache office so they are on the ground there they are assisting the FBI agents here in the US mainly New York in the southern district of New York or investigating this this case and they are in contact with illegal shave off his over there and from what I understand there may be soon coming a request from the FBI in New New York to the FBI in London for them to contact their counterparts in law enforcement nuke to begin to set up the procedure of the FBI. Interviewing Prince Andrew. And I I think and I hope that's going to take place in the near future right. I don't disagree that that would happen however I do disagree that he is going to be eh one hundred percent forthcoming and honest. He's already shown that he's willing to make public statements. That have every indicator of deception. And I don't I don't know what he did with that particular girl the seventeen year old victim. I don't know what he did with other victims. That were were traffic by Jeffrey Epstein or what Glenn Maxwell setup for him but clearly not picture. Glenn was very happy to be part of that photograph. And I'm telling you that just looking at the body language and looking at those circumstances that is not an innocent picture because he should be extremely proper he should not be pressing his crotch area up against a seventeen year old girl. He's a married man. He's a dignitary very from a foreign country is absolutely no way he should be doing that. There's something more going on. There's something behind that and I just hope that there's some way to get to the bottom them up and I don't disagree with you for a minute jam and I think that one of the things this lifestyle thing lifestyle crimes that live and this photograph I think is living proof of the the fact that if you were part of Epstein sphere in any way even if and I'm saying even half as a potential even if you weren't involved in the actual act you knew who was was you knew what was going on. They want to name names. Who are these parties? You're at how often it happened. WHO facilitated it? And that's all information that he you should be able to give. Who was at this party when this photograph is taken you know who ran it? You know all of those things. Even if they don't get them to admit that he took part in some of activity he needs to come clean needs to name names and your list over the many years he was part of obscene circle. He didn't meet one on one he went to the party's he went to. He went on boats and planes. And these are the where these crimes took place. And so I think this is one of those areas where he better be prepared to answer these questions. Russian bobby. We both interviewed people who have who have been in a position like that. Who only tell about the people? They don't have information that could tell about him will question. Yeah you're you guys make great points. It's important to note that we have a formal treaty with the UK. It's called a mutual legal assistance. Treaty are M Latte for just such an occasion if the prints were to give any trouble or law enforcement over there were to say that he doesn't WanNa give an interview in that's just through direct talks with the FBI in law enforcement there than the US government can actually get involved in file. What's called formal requests are under this 'em Latte and ask for his cooperation and they would be put into a very difficult position? The Royal Family would be if they were to refuse news especially given his statement recently that he would cooperate with the FBI on any investigations. Now I agree with you. I don't think there's any chance gem and he's GonNa Fly United States. I think that's entirely too risky. I think they'll want him to be interviewed on his home turf. They're gonNA WANNA try to intimidate the FBI. I agent by having him interviewed in the palace. Real probably refuse to come in to any law enforcement agency Got All the trappings of his royalty. He and his mother's majesty all around him but he'll probably be in his in his military uniform as well but the fact is is that he is going to be put in a position where he would have to incriminate himself. I can't imagine that he wouldn't I don't know what protections the UK government government affords citizens and whether or not those are extra special for the Royal Family. But I believe he will end up hiding behind that. I believe that he will make some excuse. And unless the Queen actually wants to throw him under the bus I think he's going to get some workaround so that he doesn't have to incriminate himself and perhaps he will do that by giving up somebody who's important like let's say Glenn Maxwell however Glenn Maxwell maybe the one that has the most damning information about him so I think he's between a rock and a hard place and he's GonNa find the best way to avoid ever fully cooperating with the FBI. You may be right about that Jim. But we're going to follow this case too and we just wanted to tell Bobby Chicago own. Thank you so much for joining us. You have given your expertise to the BBC in those in the UK so we appreciate you giving us yours as well thank you. It's all right we'll till next time. Thank you for listening to the best case. Worst case case is an next jeep production produced by JIM CLEMENTE AT EMPIRE STUDIOS LA engineered and edited by Mike doddle music composed and performed formed by Simba Samba and hosted by one in listened. Best case worst case on your favorite listening we are on spotify stitcher apple podcasts. And wherever you listen to podcasts. So if you want to do something about Child Sexual Abuse Darkness Delight can help. Did you know that more than ninety percent of the time. Children are sexually abused by someone. They know Jim. This isn't about stranger danger. It's about learning the true risks darkness to light. Training can help prevent recognize and react to child sexual title abuse in your community. When you make the decision to get involved? Kids can be protected. It starts with you visit. WWW dot the to l. dot org to take the training and learn more that's Di the number two L. Dot Org.

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6 Tips on How to Sell Without Selling

The GaryVee Audio Experience

10:37 min | 1 year ago

6 Tips on How to Sell Without Selling

"The. This is Gary v. Audio experience. What's up podcast? This episode is a YouTube archives clip from January that feature six of Gary strategic ways to sell without selling. Each is so important, and can really help you win in the macro hope you enjoy and let us know what you thought on Twitter by tweeting at Gary v. Number one, brand is greater than sales. This answer focuses on. Why branding is more important than monetization. If you're selling self published books and digital courses you're limiting the upside of your speaking career because you're doing sales over brand. The reason I'm one of the highest paid speakers. It's because all of you are. So bought into me because I don't sell you thousand dollar thing that you will do something like this, or you will pay two thousand bucks to get a ticket to a bit. Like so one of the things to think about you. It's your business. You abortions you have more like what I had, which is you have 'economics in the business that are doing well, I would tell you to not monetize your audience for as long as you possibly can because that's going to build more economics in the back end. But I do I only Bill Brank selling it to use it now the one caveat to that is you need enough sale. So you don't go out of business. And your idea logical marathon. Right. But as much as you can build on brand brand always pays, the reason, Tommy hilfiger and feel our back on fifteen-year-olds bodies is because it's a brand it wasn't because they are good sales. Brand always brand. That's why transformers and Spiderman, and aqua man and wonder woman open. Number two, scaling a business. Gary says growing your company requires two important traits humility and patience. People don't scale. Well, is they liked. They don't even realize it. You might not even realize your sub conscious. We talk about subconscious bias for, like, female minorities, their subconscious bias as an operator, you get the high that you're so good at everything you actually don't want to hire somebody to do something that does a better than you or you love doing it, you like love knocking on the doors. So you don't wanna let somebody do that, while you make a podcast. But scaling a business comes at two very important traits one humility, and to patients also auditing, you're fucking twenty four hours. So if you're sleeping six seven eight nine hours. What are you doing the rest of the time? And what do you need? Like you might say, Gary cool. I listen to all your ship, but I need three hours a night of Netflix. That's how I d compose mazal tov than like let's go back to your eight hours that you work. Like what are you doing every minute? That's where this has gotten. So the reason I can do, it's scary to me how lazy. I think the twenty nine year old MIA'S and he was a workaholic. It's not that I try any harder, it's dramatically more efficient a game of, and this is for a lot of you, scaling is predicated on your ambition, verses what you're interested in, in your lifestyle at that current moment. The reason I'm great at scaling is. I don't want anything fancy my most devastating business. Decisions have been predicated at the moments when I bought my two homes. I passed, I've never said this, this clearly I passed on Uber because I bought an apartment by just stayed in the apartment, I was in for one more year, I would have four hundred million dollars. That I don't have right now that's about as basic as I can say it. Number three go all in on Lincoln figure out what form of content is natural to you written audio or video, this is important if you're gonna be to be business as linked in is crucial for you. Be producing it on godly amount of Lincoln content in whatever form of communication comes more most naturally to you written audio or video, I couldn't be more bullish on Lincoln as a content to be place couldn't. I'm obsessed with it. It's grossly underpriced the ads are expensive ish because they have floor. They don't do what Google and Facebook does which starts at the bottom. They have a cost on the. Mm-hmm. But organic traction is real like just putting your linked in profile that puts out content you are L in your Email signature as somebody who emails, a lot is enough of a match to start your linked in content career. Number four, creating ads on social media. Gary believes you need to make more content specifically to use his ads. This will allow you to get hyper targeted to your different types of consumers like everyone's like Facebook doesn't work anymore like no no, the ad that was working for you has been thatch rated, and it's costing you more and converting less, the people that would convert on the first thing have converted and the feeds getting more competitive, you need to make more content. This feed is busy, if it's not contextual. It's not getting consumed, you can literally be like, hey, are you a forty two year old woman and run against forty two year old women. It is crazy, you will scale from eight hundred to two million pretty quickly. If you get Facebook and Instagram ads, right? And the way you do that, as little your fucking phone video after video after video now, you may notice how framework works so well for you. Now that you're all in on you fucking can do it on the FaceTime, you don't eat shit. You don't need Iraqi fucking like hey Atlanta. I'm coming through hate Lanta falcon fans. I'm coming through running against falcon fans. Guys buying ads for everyone is real like I don't care what you do concrete pools, like so, but the magic is in the long tail of it imagine if you're only talking to African American females what you're gonna say in that camera versus talking to middle America, sixty year olds who care about our military completely different video. People people say things to me, like in YouTube because I've so many blogs, like Gary, why are you changing adjectives? Like they try to razz me for paneling to my audience. Like, like when you're in Atlanta, the hood, you're you're using slang unlike. Right. That's subconscious, like, in the same way that when I'm talking to a six year old talk like adjusting to your audience is my natural state. It's not a bad thing. It's a great thing. It's why connect with so many different people, you know. So that's how I think about content. Like, that's we should be doing number five influence or marketing, the value of underpriced. Attention is unmatched. Make sure you're taking advantage of it. When Seinfeld the number one show on television, you run commercials. You shouldn't be sitting around predicting, if Sally Magoo the surfer is going to be around in five years. You should buy her when she's underpriced attention. If you tell me that the three five million people are so underpriced based on your budget, and based on what you or us thought the value of that post was or video content will, then I'd be like let's do it to me. It's a by it's like like you buy one home or three homes. Well, if you can buy three homes for one one hundred of the value that home. If you can buy a four hundred thousand dollar home for a thousand dollars, they want to sell you that home for thousand dollars, and you have to buy all three of their homes that are worth four hundred thousand but you're paying three thousand you buy those three homes and figure it out later. That's how I think about influencers. There's micro influencers that are worth their fucking eighty dollars for the little photo and the nurse people that are, you know, the holy grail is creating an influence for team that understands how to work with seven billion people and understand if they're good deal or not, and make that deal. That's how I think about it. That is my holy grail of influencer marketing, I can price every person on earth. And then when I speak to them, I can know if it's a good deal or not, and that I want to maximize my one hundred thousand dollars on the one hundred thousand dollar best buy bought eighteen million dollars worth of awareness for one hundred thousand now that is fantasy land, but the closest you can get to that. So what does that mean? You start casting long wide nets. You have fifteen interns work for free or minimum wage to everybody on earth, and ask them how much they cost, there's a lot of things you can then decide to do, but it is not an either or do we bet on these three people, and they're going to be fifteen million followers versus because because, you know, because you're doing it. It's not about how many followers. Number six creating content as your leverage in this segment. Gary explains the important concept of hosting the party and how to use it to your advantage. My favorite marketing principles the highschool party rule, which is if all you think back to high school right now. And think about the person that was a CD popular kid by junior year. But started throwing parties cool kids could go and drink and hook up. They became way more popular on the arbitrage of their parents weren't around. That's basically how I think you should handle this. I think you should start a podcast and just interviewed the people that you actually want to do business with. And now you've won literally the entire you setting an Email with the title saying, I'd love to have you on our podcast to know your journey and thoughts of the current state of blank are going to get a hell of a lot more responses than do you need to place, a front end developer. Now all of a sudden. You're the first person ever to say that Karen or Rick the technology decision maker at a company is worthy of a forty five minute podcast. They share that with their thirteen friends on Facebook. It's also going to be the fact that you're going to be the first person they reach out to like, literally, you host the party. That will work. Thanks guys for listening, please, please. Please share the podcast and make sure you've subscribed because a bunch of you aren't subscribed, and more importantly, a bunch of you. Listen every day and having told you friends it's the best podcast in the world. I'm watching have a great day.

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