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"lansner qasim" Discussed on Behind the Steel Curtain

"High school and a two time captain ladyship quality between north the steelers Really focused on that and they draw kouassi she. He's a based in. He was athletic as well. He was actually in high school. The puttering kika so he's fairly athletic. You wound up taught end offensive and defensive line and even play a little bit of linebacker and fullback scott can do. Everything is massive jack-of-all-trades so to speak any ease career Off so he's a local to north dakota as well his ability to dominate in high school. What led him to north dakota state. The he's got a general agriculture major that he's studying he read showed his first year as well in a second. Full season ended up in nine games in twenty attain Sophomore he was still a back into the bison but plaguing whole thing games and special teams lost season. He dominated that beim season. Two thousand twenty. He was the first team all missouri valley conference play. He'd started all sixteen games at rod tack on how to tame high one hundred knockdown blocks in average eight point three knockdowns per game and seven hundred twenty full snaps. Allowed half a sack. This is numbers of light kendrick grain. That resources where gave up very few blocks and on you know. I think you like one sack. Boston is heading inches redshirt senior year. And you know they expect him to continue his dominance they gonna be you know. Nfl teams are going to be looking for quarterback protect. Why did he use. And if he can put on a clinic. Lockheed loss g the nfl teams are gonna fall in love. Run pittsburgh steelers waiting to tackle win at a tackle. We'll get to the fifty three man squad from my perspective but we need we need ause at a wing need gauze sit there and protect. I think big ben back next year they prepared for. We wanna protect big ben. We wanna keep big ben up. We've nauseous harasses. Well you know we need to tackle. That can do a bit above them again. We'll get we'll get to. The full turned drop. Break that they they issue that it's going to be but battling szucs really sit there and think banshee works are going to be there in threes time in five years time even threes. Tom i don't so therefore i think we need to get younger and even still went into depth. Even if those guys you can hand the baton off. he's seeks sakes. he's an old conference all american as well. He's absolutely solid prospect Twelve pounds and. He's one of the best defensive lineman in sorry offensive one in in the college game right now. however he's small school and this is where he might be ten prospectus position in what will be available when steals coming to pick might will be available if i woke Had to saif say about him as well. They basically sort of shed that year. He's going to be one of the tough draw. Draw pecs draft picks from the f. c. s. he's gonna take over the left acquisition They think from dylan rod. Newt's you went fairly early in this used. Twenty twenty one draft. You played nine hundred seventy full snaps at right tackle in twenty nine pain but they wanna use these versatility. He's a tremendous. Paul spoke aw Containing allowed zero secs twenty. Twenty half sack. Twenty nine knew he allows nor sacks They having listed at six seven Child with that is going to be a massive difference early success. It's up to the up to individual preferences but he's had multiple preseason. All america teams twenty twenty in the year before Any e one of bunch of rewards from that perspective drop network who i listened to what of their articles for him expecting him to come out in the twenty twenty one draft. He fits. i'm blocking game. He's third tackle the upside to develop into a stotka demonstrates olsen Typically plays good run control. He's a nasty main finish up. That's what clinton likes. You can tell that with the steelers. He plays hard from snap to we. Sold sewn seemingly wants to end the rep with meltdown at these stages run blocking ahead of the posit. That's good if he could be steelers. Right tackle Getting with goodlatte strengthen his hands he doesn't have the best lateral movement which will keep him as right tackle from that perspective but he could develop into an. Nfl started with once he gets protein. In terms of walking. That's code l. Also watch out for kotova degree. Say they go with quarterback giner for north dakota state because we know trae. Lansner qasim wins. We know they've been really successful. Not quarterback physician it to become and little bit of a quarterback me say factory That but green. Shoot if you like in the college game for nfl. Teams diplock from cordova ulsan. We usually wanted to say how he can play the she for suffering drew. What have you because hey someone had loved san the steelers right off. You know he someone. You might be small school but be potential. I also wanted to bring up I was listening to back to the hanging. Not hanging roses Bads two. Am podcast. You know of the lost ones of because we are into the season and i thought it was interesting. Someone brought up call. Hamilton at safety given the terrell edmonds was yet to like you know the steelers had picked up his fifth year option call. Hamilton is a fantastic plan. He plays notre dame. He's a potential. talk fifteen. Pick the steelers realistically a knockin bay. They're in that top fifteen or we don't want them to be in that top fifteen we also could still sign edmonds on a much more friendly deal this also in and dad said he's not completely great in and he would know that i genuinely do believe this. It's not a copy because of what we talked about for this year's draft with some of the other safeties that were coming out you don't need to spend a first round draft pick on safety look at terrell edmonds right you whether you hate terrell erdman's will you love to relevant tournaments is actually almost equal. The average Are you tastes evaluation. Mark of a first round draft pick safety yet. People still think he's terrible. Terrible is a first round. Pick people if it was second round pick people might feel fifty fifty people. Think he'd he's lots out. You really wanna go down the route of picking a call. Hamilton particularly vertigo. If it's patrick now because not likely to be signing minka to a six seventy deal a wuss. What's called follows seeks. You know maybe not seven if you're gonna do that call. Hamilton's not going to pay to safeties when you got. Tj what they're paying devon bush then he gets by cut clip and then there's a few other guys makes his while you can have belts and coming through by that stage. Highsmith is well like it doesn't make sense to bring in someone a position in the first and i actually just purely dicky's gonna be there available. I think he's gonna move into a top eight Standing point given where we sold quarterbacks drafted in. She's dropped the log with that. That wraps up pot. One of steele's worn for this week. Join me for pot. Or we're going to go through that fifty three and what. That actually means minimized fifty three. And what not shops. That actually means to to watch out for in this week's game.

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