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"lang gretzky" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"He's brought to you by Valparaiso University and they had a big upset win over Drake. The other day, who was undefeated and ranked Val Post smacked him by 17. After ball in the lead the day before in that two game serious so congrats to Matt Logic and Valparaiso, Albert Breer Tristan dwarfs had the highest pro football focus. Great of any player in the Super Bowl. He was a rookie. On the offensive line. I guess it proves that if you have a good offensive line and you protect your quarterback, you can make plays. And if you don't I don't care who you got back there. Even Patrick Holmes. You know what? It's interesting because, you know, I think that like for all the only made over Brady in the homes and the different skill position players, each team had all the different story lines going in and You know, football still a game one of the line of scrimmage and you know, I ast much of anything else. But that game was representative of that. And you know you saw with the chief's losing Um, Eric Fisher and Mitch Schwartz. You know, going to that game and get without their tackles against defensive line that had dominant Sue. And Shaq, Barrett, Jason Pierre Paul and like you said. On the other side, you know it's It's investing in the first round pick the 1st 1st trumpet they had with Tom Brady. They're in the right tackle interesting works and adding it to a group that already really invested in that already had Donovan Smith and Sean gents. And then Ryan Jensen and You know, in Alamar pet on it. Um, you know, we saw the difference. We saw the difference in the two teams really kind of came at the line of scrimmage. And you know the deficiency of cheese had there not only Meant, you know. Patrick Holmes is running for his life all night. But it also meant more three and outs, which allowed the bucks to establish the pace in the temple of the game and kept it from being the sort of fast breaking chief sir are more comfortable. And so you know, I think everything came down to that. You know another great example of how football's a game one blind scrimmage, Albert, you've covered Tom ready for a long time, so you can have perspective of this. So where do you place Tom Brady amongst the grace that you've seen your lifetime. Eyes. I mean, boys, the greatest football player without question, you know, and I didn't see You know, Johnny United or, um, you know where Otto Graham play, but I think it's safe to say that, you know, um, you know, 20 years from now on, we're all old. Not that we aren't already but Uh, that that Brady is going to be, you know, regarded, probably is the greatest football player ever to play. The heavens. Have on sports in sports is tough, You know, and I sort of and I know that I don't want to take a fight with you guys. I know it's city around. But, you know, I think that this does sort of, you know, kind of Elevate him to another level from a lot of other guys could being able to do this another city at his age. And look, I know there are degrees of difficulty and all this, but When I looked this up a sort of blown away. I mean, we all remember what Michael Jordan was with the Wizards. Brady's five years older Now then then, then Jordan was when he signed in Washington and you think about that, and it just sort of. It's crazy to think like How much you know Tom Braise, you know, accomplished Senses. 37th Birthday Four championships is he turned 37. You know it's I don't know. You know, I think we have to kind of let it breathe a little bit The figure out where he's at But, you know, I think we're way past arguing if he's the greatest football player of all time. I think you know now we're looking at things like that. Where I'm preparing him with Jordan comparing the Bay Bruce, you know, compare him with whoever you want. Wayne Gretzky. You know, I think he's very solidly in the argument. As you know, one of the three or four greatest Came sports athletes in North American history. And I hope he grew up here. I grew up here. I love Michael Jordan, all of it. I agree. Tom Brady for me, is the greatest team sports athlete. He the most dominant Lang Gretzky. Wilt Chamberlain's numbers were insane. But in terms of Dropping a guy under your franchise and the effect he has I go. Tom Brady number one. Yeah. You know what's interesting about two guys is like I remember, you know, so I covered Brady now mold up to have covered Brady when he was in his twenties, but Um, you know, I remember my first couple years covering the league and you know I was on the Patriots feet. And so I was every one of their games and five and six and I You know, I just I remember there were even then there was like a feeling of inevitability that in the fourth quarter, whether they were down by 10 are up by 10. He was gonna take over and it was the same sort of feeling. It was the exact same sort of feeling. I remember having Michael Jordan when he was a teenager. You know what I mean? Like where you knew the ball is in his hands at the end of the game. It didn't always work out this way. But you knew what you felt like you knew who was gonna win. You know what I mean? Looking again, like there's almost shocking when it didn't happen in the world points in time for both Jordan and Brady, where they had the ball in their hands, and it didn't work out. But more often than not You felt like it would happen and more than just that. You knew they knew it was gonna happen. And so I think that that's just such a I don't know. I mean, we could talk about like our generation versus you know, kids who are, you know, 20 years old. Now there's so much focus on like Um there's so much focus on like rock athleticism and, like, you know, the ability to you know, put together a highlight that wild people on social media I think sometimes.

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