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"lane blocked university" Discussed on KOA 850 AM

"Lifted retail stores could re open by may first nonessential offices could resume operations by may fourth and internationally renowned Denver physician is helping Colorado determine the impact of covert nineteen Dr Richard salmon Denver had been working quietly behind the scenes I'm gonna start calling him Colorado's doctor found G. Dr Samit is a world renowned epidemiologist and dean at the Colorado school of public health he had this warning for anyone wanting to relax social distancing measures too soon if we had no restrictions at all let's imagine we're just completely mixing chilly out there inspecting one another we would have a huge spike the cost of that would be devastation Dr Sam it says the team developed its model with Colorado DHEA scientists who watch traffic and cell phone big to help determine if people are so social distancing anyway to tell how long this is gonna go on Dr Samit you know I think we're going to have to learn as we go and they'll be close monitoring close surveillance if you will the goal is to slow the spread I see use don't become overwhelmed masks and staying six feet apart must become a way of life at least for now thanks thirty one percent A. araneus reporting here today is Earth Day but be prepared for virtual celebration of the planet earth day today the fiftieth year celebrating a look a little different due to the corona virus in fact the group environment Colorado will be hosting the first ever virtual Earth Day along with the national and state elected officials professional athletes artists and warm the virtual event kicks off at about ten thirty this morning at NASA as well as Earth Day dot org also hosting other virtual Earth Day events through the day today I'm Christine rapper came a news radio Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt is suing the Chinese government for withholding information about covert nineteen the lawsuit alleges that the Chinese government actions to suppress information about the virus led to more deaths and severe economic want consequences for his state Schmidt says the Chinese government lied to the world about the danger in contagious nature of covert nineteen silence whistleblowers and does little to stop the spread of the disease actress Tracey Ullman is talking about living in isolation during the covert nineteen pandemic and playing a feminist icon in the new drama series Mrs America Tracey Ullman is safe at home in London spending our days watching your grandson it's a wonderful distraction having a toddler and no sense of calm down no regards to social distancing she's meditating reading and missing people notable excited excited miss people about in line almost plays a kind of feminist Betty for Dan the new series this is America which chronicles the fight for and against the equal rights amendment in the seventies and tonight's episode focuses on Ferdinand's complexities yeah there's a sadness to Hannah points yet that's what's so great about this series is not a liberal bubble show you can see what it all I'm Muslim this is America as Wednesday nights on FX on Hulu J. sentencing ABC news Hollywood we are asking you this morning here on Colorado's morning news is since we're moving from a state home to safer home order and salons and nail spas and places like that dentists and doctors offices on some level are opening up would you go to them and when you can next week I kind of agree with what Jeff has to say on our Facebook page he says all go to my local barber a couple weeks after they open once it settles down and they've worked out the Kinks yeah yeah I I would agree with that and then on the give Twitter feed right now people about fifty five percent say they will go so again forty four so say they're gonna wait Angelus as I've continued working but will wait to get hair cuts and nail services for a bit as much as I want to it's not a need for as long as you can stay home and you're okay with that please do and one last comment Ronald to seventy by the way he says I need to still go to the gym at my age she says I look for to engines can open up and get back to exercise I think gyms are gonna be awhile and hard to keep everything clean isn't it horrible constantly body fluids or sweat everywhere that's not exactly what I was thinking about young but yes Sandler breathing heavy coughing wheezing using yeah I'm not seven thirty seven on Colorado's morning news as we head back out and check on the driver John Morrissey well I'm glad there's no reading heavy and stuff this morning but there is there are there are a couple of finger gestures going on and stuff and I twenty five down south the council rock that's a rollover accident southbound I. twenty five Richard green little left lane blocked and that is a big slow spot westbound C. four seventy look at the left lane blocked university because of construction construction delays on I. seventy six starting at ninety six this morning and the boulder turnpike eastbound your work starts before federal goes past bagels they've got that the right lane blocked again two one one Colorado's been activated to connect us with human resource service resources statewide are you could reach two one one Colorado online at two one one Colorado dot.

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