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"landover ridge dr" Discussed on 106.1 FM WTKK

"Erica's listening to fox news continues with one oh six one FM talk by death investigation is underway this morning in northeast Raleigh ABC eleven reports a man was struck and killed as he walked along Landover ridge Dr police say the driver will not face charges another fatal prison fight at the eastern correctional institution in Greene County for the second time in eight days an inmate was killed in an attack with a homemade weapon the deaths of two people are being investigated in the Buncombe county town of wood fan a man and woman were found dead in the living room of a home Friday night six hours after she was reported missing both had been shot just about time to vote Richard Stalin reports super Tuesday is less than a day away in North Carolina and thirteen other states voters head to the polls tomorrow to cast a ballot in the presidential primary polls are open statewide from six thirty AM to seven thirty PM you can head to the state's board of elections website to find out where you can cast a ballot close to eight hundred thousand people voted early president trump is in Charlotte tonight for a keep America great rally I'm Richard spelling protesters gathered outside an annual meeting of the sons of Confederate veterans Saturday in Raleigh police had to intervene and block the protesters from the venue Brier creek hotel there were no arrests around a hundred employees of a yarn manufacturer and Rowen county or losing their jobs Parkdale mills will close a plant this spring due to what they say are changing business conditions the company's close to other facilities in the past three years college ball number seven Duke and NC state will rematch tonight in Durham the blue devils dropped in eighty eight sixty six decision of the wolf pack in their first meeting a little over a week ago you would see in Wake Forest face off tomorrow in Chapel Hill for more news listen to the daily dive the big news stories explains not shouted listen to the daily dive each day on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your favorite podcasts I'm Kyle Wilson whether he did win a racing here mostly cloudy for the afternoon sixty seven tied the mid fifties maybe a rain shower Tuesday overcast with a few showers around possibly a thunderstorm all the way up to sixty nine ninety year.

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