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"lando milon sand" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"There was one listing available in circle, See to put it out. Put it straight. Don't want their head of like 4500 home today. One active Steiner, which there's way more homes and Adam that direction many and it's you know, past the ratio. There's two for sale. There's two for sale out that area. The restaurant in Great Hills, which is an amazing area around town, right on their side of 3 60, you know, kind of behind the arboretum there. There are no homes that you could actually put a contract Unless you're put in a backup offer is right, right? And then Alan Dale, where I live, no homes available to put a contract on Wow. And then in Millwood, it kind of describe who will be the biggest well, but it's also different from the ones we just mentioned, because historically, it's a lot less expensive, more affordable in this area, too, right? Turn over some renters and things like that. What is described Millwood for our listeners, and then what? What's happening there? Yes. Oh, it's named, You know, Bill Milburn Kind, was the original builder that named the Subdivision. But, yeah, you know, one more packing Parmer and stretching out up to McNeil. And then even beyond that, um One listing as well or was zero or one That was there was there was one scene away with. You know what? So this is this is I mean, if you go back in time, all of the whole city limits let's let's go. Whole City limits just go well, Bill Miller would break because the property this is the place that you and I were investing in back in those six or 78. And that was like 330,000 back then. Correct. What are they going for now? Hi. Four hundreds and hundreds of dollars last last month. Okay right now could be more down. Okay? Yes, I do the whole scope of it and let me before you do the scope and one of things we talk about is we do the whole Austin Board of Realtors reach right of all the homes they have listed, and it's you know, X amount of counties out there and it actually 18 counties that we're about to talk about. This is what makes it so surprising. Not wanting to Travis Hayes and Williamson County. Which radicals the Big Three here in the Austin area, right. This also includes bathrobe, El Blanco, Burn it, Caldwell Come out Fate. Gweilo Gillespie, Gonzales Land Passes Legal Lando Milon Sand, Sabah. Those were included in this tattoo. It simply homes out in these areas sit for a year, six months. Things like that. You know, there's just a lot slower moving. Yes. So for the whole MLS, That's all those counties. I just mention single family homes detached. There are 1284 actives. Today, and there's how many 6000 and something that are actually under contract. Indeed, 53 70 53 7 single family, So that ratios 70.24. It's great. That's the surprise I wanted. So it's been a few weeks I've been here and I think we were talking about last time. I was here for you even green, Maybe even like high four basically so houses inside the city limits of Austin. There's 267 active listings, so, but it's not like a and probably a lot of those air just went on the market. This'd do you think that the number of listings is going down or they're just turning over so quickly or what, or both? Both. Yeah, That's the problem and what Kevin and I've been talking about is and we asked you before we went on there. What's your number? Sean? Your homeowner in Austin, Texas. And if you sell your house? Yes, you're going to do very well on the appreciation side. But where you gonna live? And so that quandary is a question that a lot of our listeners are dealing with a lot of people cross Austrian dealing with right now. Wow. I've got a lot of appreciation I've built over the last 532 month. Um, you know on this house, but if I sell, I don't can't afford to go anywhere else and unless I go out, but it's some point can't go out either anymore. So I guess you Sean to get those lights going on. But you could go out to say Smithville. Maybe. Maybe Right? Yeah. Look, Okay, Let's call it West Texas somewhere, eh? So what is Shawn's number? I feel like I'm in a disco show. I wanna hit that light switch. What is your number? Sean? And that's what everybody. That's the question that everyone needs to know is when the market is going to turn again, Maybe we get some more inventory. It was when those numbers start being hit where it makes If I could sell my house for 500,000 of butter for 100,000. That's my number. Yeah. Or if your neighbor across the street sold two months ago for 600,000 well, and they have exact same houses that you have, what would you say? If somebody said okay, I'll give you 700 for years. Would you take it or 800? What's your number, Shawn? So think about that, guys. We're gonna take a break. We are taking your calls. You want to know what's going on in your neck of the woods? Better communities, Zip code in military. Whatever it is. Give us a call here on the show 512836. 05 Dani. That's 51283605 90 you can call or text to. That number will be happy to tell you what your little neighborhoods doing, too, And it's pretty surprising how even it is his all spread out all over the Central Texas, right. You're listening to the real state zone. We'll be right back. Like what you're hearing. Would you like to have John McClellan or.

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