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"lamont doja" Discussed on A Bowl of Soul A Mixed Stew of Soul Music

"Four tops. This song was number one on the rhythm and blues chart for two weeks and on the billboard. Hot one hundred for two weeks from october. Fifteenth through october twenty. Second one thousand nine hundred sixty six and distract also reached number one on the u k singles chart becoming motown's second u k chart topper after the supreme nineteen sixty four release. A baby love. This song reached number one in october. One thousand nine hundred sixty six stayed there for three weeks and rolling stone right this song number two hundred and six on his its list of the five hundred greatest songs of all time and billboard raked this song as the number four song with one thousand nine hundred sixty six and amazing how they came up with the song in terms of holland dozier and holland who were writing new songs for the four tops record for an album and the ma dosier has said that he wanted to write a journey of emotions but sustained tension like a bolero. If you listened to a spanish bolero there's a lot of attention. I loved boleros by the way to get this across. He said he had the ultimate the keys from a minor. Now you notice it got that russian feel the did it did it. You get hear. The russian feel on the song and also has a gospel field because it has that caller response on it and lamont or lamont doja developed the lyrics with eddie holland aiming for them to sound as though they were being thrown down. Vocally you know what i'm saying so this song is considered one of the greatest songs that you know the four tops. This is their signature song. And you know the deep because you can hear the intensity on a song and it was a big stretch for the four tops and this is a bowl of solo. And we're going to stay in motown on the gordy record label miss yvonne fair from one thousand nine hundred seventy talking about stay a little longer and this is a bowl of so this is eric b turner and you're listening to professor t love on a bowl of soul a mix stew of soul music. owner stay a little long and know you have to go home to never thank god time brad Classic soul nineteen seventy. We celebrate here. This yvonne fair who at.

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