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"lamarcus aldridge durant" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"Yeah. That's right. Bogus. Good morning. Again. Moose says good moment. Once again. Everyone just leave. Kevin durant? The loan. I'm asking for a friend named Kevin just wanna play ball. I want to go to the gym and go home. That's all liar that a problem. All right. Yeah. Take that stupid reporters. Asking your mostly valid questions about Duran's future. Look K D unhappy with the increased speculation about his free agency plan since the Knicks traded away Kristaps Porzingis. He hadn't spoken with reporters in over a week, the anger bubbling over after one forty one one zero to beat down of the Spurs who were resting demar derozan. Lamarcus Aldridge Durant had twenty three points. The rockets and kings played a game and made a trade last night in Sacramento, Houston, one one twenty seven one on one. With James harden, scoring thirty six while adding veteran Iman Shumpert in deal. It also included Cleveland Chris Paul excited to add Shumpert dog. And when I say there was no I mean, you know, what I mean, he's scrappy get after somebody like that. I could play with any day. Now, I'm not a Hooper. And so I didn't know what he meant. So I'm glad that he explained what Hooper Shumpert God dog. You've got dog mean. Yeah. Pete's got dog pizza piece. Got drip. We know that. Yeah. Drip, drip, drip. Dr. The pelicans did make a trade. How's your your your deal? You see the little play by play with Warren's Zuck, right Darwin. Yeah. He's. Warren's looks sounds like a real guy. I think. And you know, what a good guy Dr Warren is better than Darwin. Chess-like Connor Benji Travis all those things are better than Brad. What I call them. Yes. They should miss that. I called Brad. Hell I call them. Hello. Sebastian. No. So how was the game? The game was good Fordham women's hoops against Saint Louis. The big ten matchup came down to the wire Fordham, one nice didn't go to overtime play by play in Darwin did the call. He did. Yes. And like I said while we care about is a close game in no overtime. And that's what we got. Well, there you go. That's all that matters. What we got like a few. Also, the pelicans didn't trade Anthony Davis yesterday. They did move forward. Wesley Johnson to Washington for Ford marquee Morris. Davis was held out of a one twenty five one twenty victory in Chicago. The trade deadline hits at three eastern this afternoon. Jaanus with forty three to lead the bucks past wizards one forty three one twenty nine the jazz put down the sons, one sixteen eighty eight and the nuggets lost their second straight one thirty five one thirty in Brooklyn number six Nevada down Colorado state last night, ninety eight eighty two Jordan Caroline scored. Thirty in the first half forty total for the wolfback eleven consecutive wins. Now for number fourteen Villanova. Sixty six fifty nine not over Creighton and number twenty four Maryland, a sixty forty five win at Nebraska, Arizona basketball, assisted Mark Phelps suspended by the school amid allegations revolving around the transcript of Sharieff O'neil shack son, committed to Arizona back in two thousand seventeen then switch to UCLA some see Phelps suspension as an end run at head coach, Sean Miller who's been connected to the criminal investigation of corruption in recruiting Andy San Francisco Giants of the list of suitors officials tutors for Bryce Harper that team than the fridge now fielder reportedly met Tuesday in Vegas off the NFL transaction wire. The falcons releasing veteran kicker Matt Brian to turns forty four and may and the giants reportedly declining their option on veteran running back Jonathan Stewart and the Boston Bruins blew a three one third period lead at MSG last night losing to the Rangers four three after a shootout guys. Thank you. Andrew one of the deals that drew mentioned during the course of his update was the big while not the big, but the trade of between the Dallas Mavericks and the Sacramento Kings in which Justin Jackson, the former North Carolina. Tar heels Zach Randolph longtime NBA star former Michigan state star is. Well, we're traded Dallas as Harrison Barnes was traded to Sacramento, and it's not a case of being critical of when or or I should say the particulars of the deal, exactly Harrison Barnes. What is he going to do in Sacramento and the impact on Dallas here, but in the here, and now it's exactly about the timing of when that deal went down. And let me explain the deal went down in the middle of a game. Harrison Barnes had scored ten points and twenty six minutes. Right. Didn't play in the fourth quarter was on the bench when the deal did go down and he found out on the bench, and it drew the ire of law. Lebron James in terms of the timing of deal because during the game, correct? Look this has happened in baseball whole bunch, by the way. Right. I mean, we we're guys get called up a moved out whatever during a game out of the lineup. Got a lineup. Yeah. We've seen this out of famous. One would Wilmer Flores. Who's getting trade to the Milwaukee? Brewers. Crying on the field sa- deal ended up not going down, polka cry for no reason, but that broad social media. Yeah. The the deal between the Mets Umbro's didn't end up going down. But that was one of the more embarrassing more embarrassing scenes for the Mets Butler. Thanks lebron. James, LeBron James. Yeah. This this bothered him. But it's interesting. Yeah. He's barreled through in Cleveland young players that he got a bunch of heat for with the office with the the front office. He's now barreling through players in Los Angeles with the Lakers a bunch of young players that don't even want to sit near on a bench. Okay. And and and that they can't go out there and compete against Indiana Pacers without vehicle depot to boot. And so like LeBron's to LeBron to say, this is kind of like ironic is kind of strange for him to open up his mouth and chirp about this. It's just I don't know. I find it out that he's he's pissed. Not right to the the Gallic that I'm not condoning that. It's not right. But nothing's perfect in life either. I mean, you are getting paid a lot of money. You're playing a game. You're you're an NBA player and Harrison Barnes. Good NBA player. It was a good college player North Carolina and was in Golden State won a championship there. And then and then was obviously paired off after Kevin Durant went from Oklahoma City to Golden State and trade down. So listen, that's all well a good now. I get it's not right. But for LeBron now to say, so let me get this. Let me get this is cool 'cause they had to do. What was best for the franchise right traded the man while he was literally playing in the game and had zero idea I'm not knocking traded him because it's a business, and you have to do what you feel what's best. But I just want this narrative to start to get a real change in what a player wants to be traded or leaves a franchise that he's a selfish ungrateful player. But when they trade you release wave, etc. It's best for them. I'm okay with you with both honestly, truly am just call a Spade. Speed. So I mean, yeah, I but Seattle look at MBA players because he talks out of both sides. That's why you're struggling I'm struggling with because he talks out of both sides of his mouth pro that because his actions that he deals with the young guys and how he comes in. And it's supposed to be he's supposed to be a motivational player a guy who. You're gonna win. What a guy who's a legend the best player in the world and his young guys ended up end up. Just not it's just he he I don't wanna say I don't want exaggerate say destroys careers because that's not true. That'd be a really gross overstatement. I this. He's just not he injects like some just a pessimistic negative feel for his young guy. So Famer come out and say this about this guy. Yeah. I respect that. Lebron trying to be a leader amongst the league amongst young players by saying this and speaking like he's the big player rep. That's cool. But he of talks out of both sides of his mouth. Well, right. And that's an entire I'ma critical. I you and I both have not been critical of Anthony Davis. He wants out of New Orleans soapy. I've never critical of a player using his leverage. I hold pro player guy. Totally agree. And and that is I'd rather see the players get paid more money. What am I root for the billionaire owners? No room for the players the more. You can make the best. I enjoy watching guys play. I enjoy watching guys do what the playing at the peak of their athletic ability and doing stuff on the court that is jaw dropping. So I never hold it against any player. Now. I'll be critical of teams where they overpay a player that I don't believe it specially a team that I root for that. Don't believe that that player's worth that kind of money. But if the player can get it so be more critical of the team than I am ever of the player. But with that being said, if you're LeBron now, all the sudden is a case of. Yeah. We understand it's a business. Harrison Barnes didn't get traded to Siberia, he got traded to the Sacramento Kings. It's not all of a sudden like Harrison Barnes was in the middle of playing for the Dallas Mavericks and got notified like, listen China. We just trade you to China. You're not going to be playing for Rick Pitino in Greece. He's playing in Sacramento. MBA? I get baby that he did not want to leave. I get that. He is a Dallas maverick maze. Maybe a excited about being with Porzingis. At Luca dodge down there getting rid of the headache. That was Dennis Smith junior. I get all that. But honestly, he's still getting paid. He's still inside. Now, he's a member of the Sacramento Kings. I know the timing was not perfect. But oftentimes these deals come down when it was time to make the deal you have to make the deal if you're an NBA team. That's it. I mean, if they felt like the deal was basically gotta get made before that game started Harrison Barnes never would've played. I know I said they said you're not dressing tonight or potentially going to make a deal. So obviously when that deal that game got started in the span of that ninety minutes. That's when this deal really picked up track. I it's not like they're trying and solitaire trying to be sneaky and swerved the kid. You know, like, all right. Look he's he's playing right now the game to start. Let's trade. Yeah. Right. And that's kind of like how I understand LeBron's like disdain. But it's like that's not happening that no one's trying to swerve the kindergarten behind the kids back stabbed in the back here. I mean the team didn't do that to him. I mean, it's to your point. That's one of the oh was made. And so when the time happens the time happens Jay out of the game. Excuse me, this guy he LeBron and Tatum when this guy is finally done whenever that is. He needs to be the president will leak just meet the president league because he just he's got all the answers. He wants to. He wants everything done his way. He's got he's he he really thinks. He's the king. Like, I think he really thick thing. And Russell called living. A gimmick. I did it. I was I'd lived my gimmick when my prime this guy lives the gimmick he thinks he's the king. Hey, Brian that you're not the king. But I will I don't think he I will give him credit for this task. There are a lot of guys that have been. Well, save comparison to Michael Michael was never as vocals LeBron. Correct. When it came to these. No, no. I didn't hang out there. My thing is that LeBron realizes he has some influence, and maybe sometimes oversteps it a little bit. And but at least LeBron's willing to step out and speak up. Okay. I won't give him credit for that critical about maybe him talking about out of both sides of his match the. May. Disagree with that. But LeBron at least will use his influence and say something where he believes that he'll give voice to people..

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