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October 7th: Trump and COVID Updates HR 2

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October 7th: Trump and COVID Updates HR 2

"This is mornings with Kale Northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI. Fire crews holding their own holding the lines with the Cameron peak fire did make a run. But thanks to their dedicated brave efforts. Well, they are making progress seven, eight, thirteen, ten, Kfi k. a thirteen ten KFI K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail from the auto collision specialists studios now working from piece from the Fort Collins, Colorado and by miles bloom heart despite challenging weather conditions on Monday Cameron peak fire crews were largely able to hold off the fire pushed by wind gusts around fifty miles per hour. The fire spotted over line on the north edge of the fire but crews were able to secure a machine line around the fifty to sixty acre fire this between the kill Pecker radio tower and Belair Lake. Weather conditions are expected to improve this after Monday's shallow mountain wave that produce strong winds in addition to extremely low relative humidity but fire incident Commander Sean. Sheldon said crews will continue to face a difficult conditions saying at Monday night's a video fire recap and Q. and A. Session were definitely not out of the woods yet. Now, he said Monday evening the next three to four days include temperatures in the mid seventies low eighties, which we're seeing today by the way with a low relative humidity in the single digits, which is really concerning he added crews will see the winds decrease to ten to fourteen miles per hour some good news there. He went on to say that fire behavior heightens when the relative humidity is below twenty percent which it has been. For the past several days and nights this allowed the fire to stay active night. Time when again, fire activity typically dissipates. Fire Planning Operations, trainee John Norton Jensen's said during Tuesday morning's video update. If we can get through this week, we look really good with containment crews also worked Monday and Tuesday on fortifying lines on the southern part of the fire near Comanche Comanche Reservoir John Bower Find Poodle Valley are e. a chief operating officer said there has been. Extensive damage to the power supply in parts of the fire area mainly along Colorado Fourteen Manhattan Road and the Pingree Park road he said six power structures have been damaged miles of power Poles have been burned crews are working to repair the damage as the fire allows. Governor Jared Polis assigned and executive order memorializing verbal disaster declaration Monday this executive order enable state agencies to coordinate and makes resources available for fire, Suppression Response Const Consequence Management and recovery efforts now. Crews battling the mullen fire in southern Wyoming and northern Colorado those two fires again, the Cameron peak fire. The Mullen Fire, some twenty five miles apart at last report. They once again faced that Red Flag Warning Day yesterday. Now, what about the Air Quality Update? Well, I'm not telling you anything because certainly you saw the heavy smoke that poured over the northern front range actually made its way down to the Denver Metro area Monday resulted in one of the worst air quality days in recent weeks smoke a combination of active fires, of course at Cameron, peak, Mullen, and Williams Fork Norton. Johnson said much of the smoke from the Cameron peak fire came from a long strip of formerly unburned land this between the south side of the fire finger southwest of red pepper, lakes and north of Colorado highway fourteen the fire in the sleeping elephant campground area. This is west of the Colorado. Parks and wildlife fish hatchery threatened structures smoke forecast for Collins, and surrounding, and the surrounding area calls for a lingering smoke before slowly subsiding. As for evacuation updates, the larimer county sheriff's Office has downgraded the evacuation status for the Pingree Park and monument Gulch area to voluntary this as of noon Tuesday, the status previously had been mandatory. Boundary includes South Colorado. Fourteen along Pingree Park road to the housing areas south of the mountain campus and East to penick pass and monument Gulch the voluntary evacuation order along Colorado Fourteen from Kelley flats to stow. Prayed landing has been lifted now as of last check and just checking to see when this piece was updated. this was actually updated yesterday afternoon Cameron Pete Fire. Stands at one hundred and twenty, eight, thousand, one, hundred, forty, nine acres with forty two percent containment. There are eight hundred and ninety one personnel assigned to battle the fire. The Mullen fire is now at one hundred and sixty, one, thousand, sixty, nine acres with just fourteen percent container containment God bless those firefighter firefighters for their courage and their bravery in battling these fires please keep in your thoughts. Seven fourteen thirteen ten, Kfi may thirteen ten KFI K. A. Dot com this time checks sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse where camelot's and it's an incredible performance don't. Miss. The candlelight dinner playhouse camelot takes center stage through October Twenty Fifth Candlelight Dinner playhouse Broadway in your backyard visit Colorado Kenai. Dot Com for more information. It's a party in northern Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI. AM The block party Wednesdays from four to ten PM. Tune into the hall show at noon and no co now at four back to mornings with Kayla. Voice Thirteen ten KFI K. Governor Jared. Polis. Ahead doing his covid nineteen. Yesterday. Saying that president trump's of covid nineteen diagnosis should be a wakeup call to what he refers to as justified caution seven, twenty, two now thirteen ten Kfi a thirteen ten K. F. K. A. dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail live and local from the auto collision specialists. Studios got a great piece I wanNA share with you. Later, this morning Basically the headline says it all reopen. Colorado. Now, governor police here's what gets me. And we'll get into this These recommendations. From Governor Jared Polis and just a few. But we've talked at some length about the fact that the media, the national mainstream. Lame. Stream media acting like it's a national tragedy that. A president, the leader of the free world, our commander in chief Steve was released from the hospital given a covert nineteen diagnosis well seems as though Governor Jared Polis picking up on that thread as well. We're going piece this morning out of the Fort Collins Colorado and by Aaron ooh doodle Who del President Donald Trump's transmission of the corona virus. Last week should be says governor jared. Paula's a wakeup call for all of us. He said this during a livestream update. On the state's Covid nineteen response just on Tuesday afternoon and all of the self righteous indignation, which I'm not choosing a governor Jarrett police having let's not get that all twisted and completed. But all of the handwringing in the Pearl clutching when it comes to president trump saying don't let and I'm paraphrasing here. Don't let this pandemic this corona virus defeat, you live your lives. Of, course with all of the proper. Health Best Practices and safety precautions in place, we don't need to run through the list you know them, but mainstream media losing its collective mind when he said words to the effect of we need to learn to live with this we do. It's not going anywhere and we need to learn to balance risk and reward not to mention the very real damaging effects that these lockdowns in shutdowns, and you know the ever present spectre of additional lockdowns, shutdowns, Paulo's to all of us. Meanwhile. Back to Governor Jared Polis live streamed, update on the state's covid nineteen response. Trump's diagnosis said shows that the virus plays no favorites sure that it can affect any of us at any time did. We. Don't all have the ability to have the same quality of care that the president does when he gets ill it also shows police went on to say the importance of having hospital capacity for any of us. We're all tired of the virus he continued. But the virus is not tired of us. Words never spoken but once again, it seems as though we're just getting piece meal reports of what's really going on with cove nineteen. Yes, over two hundred, thousand people across the country have died from complications according to reporting of Covid. Nineteen. Seven point four, million. Americans affected. But what you don't hear about. And that is equally and I might argue. Just as much if not more important. Is. The hospitalization rate. COVID nineteen here. It's not going anywhere. And president trump had well according to the mainstream media the audacity to say that, but it's the truth. Police. referencing trump's October fifth tweet where he told his followers don't be afraid of Cova don't let it dominate your life. Can. You need to practice. All the safety precautions we get that we understand that, but here's a question for you. So now, you've got Congress talking to secret service agents who are saying that when president trump did the drive-by remember all the supporters outside of Walter Reed military. Walter Reed Medical Center before he was released, any jumped into his armored car and there were secret service agents in the car. And he wave to his followers. Oh. The outcry. Putting them at risk. Well, they all have those n ninety, five masks on. Okay, we're not talking about the Kloppers, the paper version. They all had those n ninety, five masks on. So let me ask you a question. Riddle me this. If masks work and they stopped the transmission of covid nineteen. then. Wild. Hue. And cry a whole lot of sound and fury signifying nothing over the fact that the secret service agents were doing their job protecting the president putting their lives at risk says the mainstream media. Wait I thought mass protected us. Why do we still keep getting this conflicting convergent negative you tell me. Well. Let's said like a lot of things. The president is taking this in a wrong and divisive direction with regard to his council of what he's advising people to do pull a said that he's afraid the president's message could easily be interpreted to mean it's not a time for fear if the time for recklessness yet another cheap shot. that. So defines the political narrative that we are subjected to each and every day. By police said, he also discourages people from living in fear while there's that he urged the message of justified caution. Good for you. Governor Paulus. It's true that this is not a time period said it's true that kids should be able to return to school safely and yes, it's true that we need to reopen the economy guess what Governor Police we're adults we get it. He went on to say so let's do the work to make that happen. We can only hope that he does. Closing in on seven thirty now thirteen ten, Kfi a thirteen ten KFI a dot com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail from the outer collision? Specialists Studios all right little bit. Of Mis, mixed messaging we talked about this and the sex o'clock hour of this Basically President Trump said yesterday. Well, let's just shut down the negotiations that are going nowhere when it comes to re providing much needed stimulus aid relief to millions that have been so impacted by. covid nineteen because while basically Nancy Pelosi is having none of it. It's her way or the highway, right? Well, on the heels of that and the market reaction because the market took a pretty sharp dip over that and you had a political politicians on all sides of the equation just scratching their head over that because yeah it's a pretty risky political move for president trump to do that saying well, we will address stimulus after I'm reelected well, he's seen to. Doing about-face fasted the markets keep wineman presidential wealth management ways in in just a few seven, thirty one now thirteen ten KFI K. Dan Patrick. The whole show Colin cowherd or on northern Colorado's voice thirteen. Ten. KFI K.. A. Catch me Dan Patrick and the Danettes weekdays nine to noon on thirteen ten KFI Koa. So many rabbit holes to explore. So little time seven, forty, seven now thirteen ten day up day teen ten KFI K. A. Dot, com northern Colorado's voice mornings with Gail from the Collision Specialists Studios. All right. did go off on a bit of a tangent there but wanted to get back to our local news around out. This has Greeley, Evans? School. District six schools and offices will close support eight, four day weekend working front piece out of the Greeley trip by and Delaney. Most Greeley Evans. School districts. Six Non Charter schools will be closed Friday October ninth and Monday. October. Twelfth and all district six offices will be closed additionally on October twelfth. Now, October twelve was originally scheduled as a no contact day for students a professional. Day for school staff and a regular workday for all other full-time and hourly employees. This according to a news release from the school. The day off means a four day weekend for students, teachers and staff including most bus drivers and nutrition workers who are also scheduled to be out of school. Friday October ninth for mid semester break first quarter by the way and October Sixteenth Superintendent Dr Deirdre Pilch approved October twelfth. Vacation Day for all employees in late September at a board of Education meeting. In recognition of the hard work, an extra duties employees are performing because of Covid nineteen and the reopening of school buildings. During this pandemic, all district offices and schools will be open and back to a normal schedule on Tuesday October thirteenth this as Most Greeley Evans School district six non-charter schools will be closed Friday October ninth and Monday October twelfth. You know we got into a rather lengthy conversation yesterday talking about the ongoing oil and gas wars and along those lines just to wanted to pass along this little gem. Some good news as Chevron closes that five, billion acquisition of Noble Energy Yup oil giant. Chevron station according to a piece by Dan Mica has closed on its takeover of noble energy giving it control over the second largest oil and gas operator in weld. County. Chevron also named Hajj Walker Nobles Former Senior Vice President for US onshore operations as the new head of chevrons operations in the rockies. Now, noble shareholders approved the deal in special meeting on Friday just more than ten percent of shareholders voted against the combination. houston-based. Noble is the second largest producer of oil in Weld County having produced a thirty point nine, one, million barrels of oil and two hundred fifteen point one, eight, million metric cubic feet of natural gas last year almost all of its Colorado production is in Weld County. Fifty now thirteen ten K. F. K.. Here mornings with Gail Weekdays six to nine and northern. Colorado's voice. Thirteen ten KFI K.. He won football set your dial two K. here NFL Games all season long and northern Colorado's voice thirteen, ten KFI Kanye. Twitter pave. Excited about tonight's vice presidential debate. By the way, it will be the only vice presidential debate. The only one that's been scheduled anyway between Vice, President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris of course Joe Biden's running me to his at the Harris Biden tickets still a little bit confused over that. You'RE GONNA watch it well, here's all the particulars everything that you need to know. Again tonight from the University of Utah and they've got those plexiglas DIS firmly in place separating the two candidates I suppose we'll air from a seven. It's ninety minutes seven to eight thirty tonight mountain time debate will be televised on channels including. Deep, breath ABC CBS NBC CNN C-span Fox News and MSNBC. Many news outlets will also stream the debate on U2 The ROKU channel will carry streams from several news outlets I have a Roku, but I've never figured out my even say that right I haven't even figured out how to use it and the streaming network newsy will carry the debate on several platforms as well. Begging the question are you going to watch the debates? What are your expectations and why pray tell is this debate this vice presidential debate Why does it matter more than most? So we'll get into that in just a few but first ABC News than local news coming your way thirteen ten Kfi K. A. Greeley Longmont for Collins. It's eight o'clock ABC.

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March 26th: Local News Roundup HR 2

Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

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March 26th: Local News Roundup HR 2

"This is mornings with kale in northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. More questions than answers has resolved. Monday's rampage at that table mesa. Boulder king super store in which ten innocent people including a boulder police officer. Eric tally lost their lives. While the twenty one year old colorado man accused of gunning down those poor souls at a supermarket in boulder earlier. This week will be held without bail this morning to a ruling by judge made yesterday seven. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialist studios working from a multitude of sources this morning among them The denver post and Fox news ahmed ali. We elissa of our batta has remained in custody at the boulder county jail since police arrested him. At the king's super store on monday. He was charged with ten counts of first degree. Murder and one count of degree attempted murder on another police officer. He has since then moved to another correctional facility. Outside of boulder county due to as officials say safety concerns and threats now elissa appeared at a very brief hearing yesterday. He spoke only to respond. Yes to a question from the judge did not enter a plea to the charges which will come later in the process. Boulder county district attorney. Michael jordan said authorities plan to file more charges but did not elaborate catherine herald the defense lawyer for a less. I asked for a mental health assessment to quote address his mental illness but provided no details about what he might be. suffering from. The suspect's family has told investigators they believed elissa was suffering some type of mental illness including delusions. Relatives described times when elissa told them that people were following or chasing him which they said may have contributed to the violence former high school wrestling teammate. And how hernandez said that. Eliza would act strangely. Sometimes he would say. Did you see that. Did you see that what we wouldn't say see anything said hernandez we always thought he was just messing with us. Eliza had bought ruger a are five fifty six pistol on march sixteenth. He did pass. Colorado a background checks in making that purchase six days before this rampage at king supers and at this point in time according to this piece i'm working from morning. Investigators did not immediately disclose a where the suspect actually purchased The weapon however that information has since become available it was bought from a store in our vada this according to a piece out of nine news where the owner said in a statement that the sale indeed was lawful. The owner of the eagles nest armory said the shooting suspect. Pass the background check before buying the weapon and a statement is is absolutely heartbreaking. All of our hearts continued to break over this senseless tragedy. statement from eagle's nest armory reads. We are absolutely shocked by what happened. Our hearts are broken for the victims and families that are left behind ensuring every sale that occurs at our shop is lawful has always been and will always remain the highest priority for our business regarding the firearm in question of background check of the purchaser was conducted as required by colorado law and approval for the sale was provided by the colorado bureau of investigation. Statement went on to say that the eagles nest armory in our batte house and will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement as the investigation continues. Meanwhile elissa as you're well aware on that fateful tragic day. This past monday was taken into custody. after suffering. a bullet wound to the leg. He was taken to a hospital for treatment before being transferred to a jail law enforcement former classmates have described him as paranoid and prone to fits of rage former classmate to mr hernandez said that after losing a match at a wrestling pat practice wants elissa yelled that he would kill everyone former classmate. Dayton marvel told the denver post that if something made him mad that he quote went over the edge way too far and when he was a high school senior in two thousand. Eighteen elissa was found. Guilty of assaulting a fellow student in class. Leaving the victim bloodied according to arvada. Police affidavit elissa allegedly complained that the student had made fun of him and called him racial names weeks earlier now. Elissa as we mentioned was previously known to the fbi This was a according to a report by the new york times citing law enforcement officials. Who said that. The suspect was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau. Elissa was born in syria. In one thousand nine hundred nine he emigrated to the us as a toddler later became a you. Us citizen pixels added that he would need to be a citizen in order to make that gun. Purchase elissa next hearing not be scheduled for another two to three months at his attorney's request this to allow the defense team to evaluate his mental health and evidence that is being collected by investigators. Now the filing of criminal charges came as mourners. Continue to pay their respects outside. The king's super is on table. Mesa drive in boulder and the families of those killed at the store began announcing funeral plans including a private service. This weekend for twenty-three-year-old. Never nevin stanzi eric and a public memorial tuesday for slain. Voter police. officer. Eric tally the funeral for boulder police officer eric. Tally will be held at eleven. Am tuesday at flat. Irons community. Church in lafayette. The public is welcome to attend the funeral. Pay their respects at the church which is located at three fifty five west south boulder road though. Attendance of course will be limited due to covid nineteen restrictions and people are encouraged to watch the service on local news stations. All gas must arrive at the church by ten thirty a. And be in their seats by ten forty five. Mass of course are required at the service. There will be a brief procession for family friends and first responders immediately preceding that ceremony but in a tribute to tally. When you have the police officers going to the hospital this past week to formally arrest this twenty one year. Old suspect accused of killing ten people at this boulder king supers. They used the handcuffs. That belonged to eric. Tally eric tally of course. Who so heroically courageously bravely gave his life as the first member of law enforcement on the scene and he was fatally shot at the store. When officers placed the suspect under arrest. They informed him that the handcuffs they used belonged to officer tally. The boulder police department wrote in a tweet. It was hard distinct honor to us. Officer kelly's handcuffs to formerly process him into the jail adding though this was a small gesture we hope it is the start of the healing process that so many of us need at this time. Traffic seven seventeen now thirteen ten. Kfi k. here mornings with kale weekdays. Six to nine and northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Tastes headlines podcasts mornings with gail and more and schedule upcoming sports broadcasters. Find them at thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com us some good news for weld county when it comes to call it a shortage but let's just say that our stores of the covid nineteen vaccine didn't match other counties eight seven twenty three now thirteen ten. Kfi may thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail via the auto collision specialists studios where confirmed piece by trevor. Read out of the greeley trip. A weld county's lower share of the state's covid nineteen vaccine. Doses will soon be a thing of the past. As state officials say an additional eighteen thousand plus doses are planned to get the county all caught up now since the state has been providing county level vaccine distribution data weld county has been on the low end of receiving Those doses from the state as of wednesday state officials reported a rate of twenty eight thousand nine hundred and thirty three doses per one hundred thousand people. This made weld the eighth lowest in the state. Despite making up about five point six percent of the state population weld has received. Adjust tad over three point nine percent of the state's doses. An email from the states joint information center said weld has received a low number of doses. Okay enter the rationalization the justification quote because they don't have large providers that can order large quantities of doses. Okay additionally thursday to community health centers also received twenty five point two million dollars collectively to expand vaccine access deliver care to those at a higher risk for covid nineteen and expand operations during the pandemic. The funding awards were part of the american rescue plan. Now the state health department as worked with the county to send a vaccine support team and an additional four thousand six hundred eighty doses per week for four weeks. Oh we talked about this. At great length. Yesterday officials also anticipate the state community. Vaccinations site This in tandem with fema at the ranch events complex loveland will help ensure that weld residence indeed are vaccinated weld county officials encouraging folks to sign up for vaccine notifications on the weld county health. Department website of the county gets more doses. The website weld health dot org highlights local providers including sunrise community health dale's pharmacy banner health. Uc health and many others weld county health executive director. Mark lally said in a release as we get more vaccines we want to encourage more residents to register online and get the shot while providers have administered one hundred and twelve thousand two hundred forty six vaccines as of yesterday this. According to county data with forty one thousand five hundred sixty one people fully vaccinated and twenty nine thousand nine hundred and thirty eight people who have received one dose. Count me among them of the two dose vaccination series county data shows sixteen point. Six percent of the population is indeed fully vaccinate vaccinated. All right so in case you're keeping track. Colorado is now in phase one b four of vaccine distribution. Okay that's a head scratcher. What exactly does that mean that includes people fifty years of age and older higher education workers frontline essential workers in food and restaurant services manufacturing public transportation workers at the us postal service human services faith leaders journalists and local government and people ages sixteen to forty nine with one high risk condition people of course from all previous phases continue to be eligible phase. Two will be for the remaining public. The start date of that of course on vaccine supply. According to lally we are grateful for all of the vaccine providers in weld county. Who have worked tirelessly to get shots in to people's arms. There's still a lot of work to do but we are. Making progress. says some good news as the state's going to pony up and provide weld county. It's do this as a are lower share of the state's covid nineteen vaccines doses will soon be a thing of the past. State officials say an additional eighteen thousand plus doses are planned to get the county all caught up posing on seven twenty nine now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail brown the auto collision specialist studios all right that containership caddy compass in the suez canal still stock. You got this guy. He bulldozer trying to dig out the that ship. You gotta put it into context though. I mean the ship is absolutely humongous. It is massive. But i i gotta tell you if you want a goal and heaven knows we could all use a little bit of levity. These days jump online and look for some of the means that show this container ships stuck in the suez canal and bulldozer. Trying to dig it out because some of the memes are absolutely hysterical. So going to check in with keith. Whiteman presidential wealth management. We're going to put a price tag on that container ship. That remains to block passage for well. You've got the other ships trying to get through the suez canal. No joy not through. When will they actually be able to get this ship straightened out so that it could beat feet out of the suez canal but there is a price tag associated with that. And we're gonna ask keith. About how the market might finish the week this when keith wineman presidential wealth management joins us in just a few seven thirty now. Thirteen ten kfi k. What's happening in your own backyard. Listened to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten k of k at seven thirty three keith. Whiteman now presidential wealth management. And i'm going to ask you to break out that crystal ball and how do you think the market's going to finish up the week. Probably a little bit higher only a guess at this point and here is where would come so far this week and why i say that of the down. The snp broke two day losing streaks yesterday. The dow rose one hundred ninety nine points though boosted by economic comeback stocks and. We're seeing that in the markets again this morning. Both the down the snp closed about even for the week. This is yesterday's close. The nasdaq was down. One point eight percent again for the week so this morning. The commerce department released personal income and spending numbers for the month of february. No surprise personal income down seven point one percent. The estimate was seven personal spending down one tenth of one percent. The estimate was that it would be down eight tents again. No surprise economists. Expect those numbers to be up substantially starting a month from now when we look march and stimulus. Checks are a factor. They weren't in the february numbers. At least not so much. And here's a big one this morning core inflation rate rose one tenth from february twenty twenty two february. Twenty twenty one. That's a big plus for the markets this morning The down the snp are in the green. The nasdaq is in the red. But not by much. The dow is up another one forty-three on top of the two hundred points yesterday. Thirty two thousand six forty four. That's up a half percent the snp up twelve. That's a third of a percent three thousand nine hundred thirteen and the nasdaq was down for a minute ago. Now down. thirteen at twelve thousand seven fifty seven yield on the ten year treasury one point six five west texas intermediate crude oil up a buck. Eighty sixty three dollars and sixty four cents as that tanker is still stuck in the us and the suez canal. Big one it's still augured in. Have you seen the pictures of the bulldozer. It looks like a matchbox car. Bulldozer advocates guys with shovels on jets crime. To get this thing out well again. It's a matter of perspective. Because the ever given that's the name of the cargo ship is just so huge. Here's the good news. It might get free. You got into your addiction officials saying that. He expects the ever given to be freed over the weekend over the weekend. Really okay okay. So put it in perspective of what is this thing costing and if you put it. A perspective to us is lloyd's of london it remember. Never forget this everything you see around you is in short you go outside next time you go outside to get in your car take a look around. You look up at the clouds in the sky. Look at your view of the mountains. Look at the buildings the pavement the lawns landscaping the people. The cars the businesses the air itself. Everything is insured so you go. To lloyd's of london betty grapples legs. Nestle course ecorse stand terrariums. They play in the eight. Th they ensured betty gables legs for over one million dollars. And this is back when you could get a new ford station wagon for under two thousand perspective. But that's based on what she or. Whoever took out that insurance policy could make how much money they could make off of betty griddles legs arguably going out on a limb. Oh okay okay. So we go to lloyd's of london. Lloyd's of london says that that ship holding up traffic through the suez canal is costing in trade four hundred million dollars and our own. Gosh four hundred million dollars an hour. This comes from lloyd's of london and and that's a viable estimate because they're the ones that sell the insurance policies on that on the suez canal amish ability to transit merchandise through the suez canal. And you've got Cargo ships behind it stacking up. And that said lloyd's of london values suez canal just westbound traffic. We're talking china to europe. Westbound traffic at five point one billion dollars a day. Five point one billion dollars a day. Oh my few just turned her her laptop toward me. I couldn't i couldn't imagine that. In my wildest dreams he's talking about the scale of the bulldozer. It's like it's like a guy with a shovel. you know. long mine guy. It's it looks like something out of fractured fairy tales. Really does because it's this teeny tiny little a bulldozer. You know they're trying to dig out the bank of the suez canal. Free the bow of the ship. The website you you've got this on a cbs news dot com. I'm serious fraud or if you have a chance today to remember the. Cbs news dot com. Go and look for this picture. It's sad but it's if i have to explain. You won't understand kind of reminds me that i couldn't. Yeah because you're kind of like. Oh yeah they need to bring in heavy equipment but again. It's just seeing the visual of this huge cargo soap and this bulldozer. You know thomas league. I just but it. You know what it reminds me of here. We go. We were on vacation in kabul. Same lucas and we decided okay. We're gonna rent some jetskis. Go out and have some fun and there's a big cruise ship. I dunno. I guess there was no room at the pierre for the cruise ship. So it was just kind of you know biden. It's time out in. I mean we weren't very far out from shore but you know a jet ski can get out there. But it wasn't that far out from the peer there was a crew sip there. And he's riding around on his jet ski and all of a sudden i look over. And he's at the bow of the cruise ship and he's kind of going tink tink think with his jetski on the bow of the cruise ship. And that's what this picture reminds me. No he didn't do any damage. I'll come on now. Celebrity and princess come on now play could move it. Yeah he was just trying to move it similar to what we're seeing here in the suez to somebody tells you something you get a picture in your head. Yeah i had a picture in my head and then you show me what it really looks like. I could never have imagined. Now you mean. It looks like a toy piece of equipment. It does when you remember. This ship is what three thousand feet long two hundred feet wide. It has twenty thousand containers on it. Stand it on end. We'd be taller than the empire state building. Yeah twice the height of the washington monument. You can see it from space you probably can see us from space true that maps capturing some very odd images but yeah so the question is the impact that it's also going to have while arguably that it's already having the fact that this ship is well stopping passage of other ships when it comes to the global supply chain particularly impacting commodities. Like a glass and wood. We're seeing oil prices already. Starting to show the impact toilet paper stock. No you're jinxing. Sadly i mean yeah that could be all right. Don't give in to your hamster kopf urges no along the way this is by. Would she need help is on the way. So given the fact that we're anticipating this according to at least one egyptian official that this cargo ship will be free by the end of the weekend serious. Cbs did just talking about did now. No i mean based on. If i have to explain you won't understand. You can't yeah but if you want to understand that your retirement years even better and all of the forethought and planning that goes into making those retirement years every single thing that you want them to be well keith. Wineman presidential wealth management. He might not be able to explain how this little bulldozer is going to help. Free this cargo ship in the suez canal but when it comes to all things retirement he's your guy. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give keith. Whiteman call at his loveland office of presidential wealth management. Keith that number look maybe we can just answer. A question to the number is nine. Seven zero seven seven six. Seventy five hundred. Glad that picks him in now. You understand what. I've been yipping about keith. Whiteman presidential wealth management coming up busy commute road between fort collins and windsor. Yeah closed for two months. We'll have all the details coming your way in just a few sports story in northern colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. Spring is in the air and that means high school baseball will decorate preps radio on thirteen ten. Kfi k well. There's one road that is being used as an escape hatch. Commuters and local residents seeking to avoid is twenty five. Well unfortunately Let's just say that window opportunity as you try to get off. I twenty five and take. This particular road has narrowed well at least for the next two months. Okay it's kinda slam. Shut some fifty two. Thirteen k of k a thirteen ten. Kfi dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios wearing from peace out of the fort collins. Colorado in by miles bloom heart. Larimer county road five. Oh i can hear the collective sigh if a this has been kind of your secret weapon in your commute to avoid and well and your wish to avoid i twenty five but larimer county road. Five closed monday for an expected. Two months why you might ask very good question that miles blunt hearts in the fort collins colorado in answers the closure was prompted by the widening of larimer county road five north of three ninety-two in west windsor to accommodate increased traffic created by the second of two new housing developments along that particular county road the fossil creek meadows developments under construction includes two hundred sixty single family lots on one hundred acres with a nother one hundred and thirty acres for sale that could be developed with up to four hundred multifamily units and commercial retail space now county road five is closed to through traffic on the north side at character road and on the south side at three ninety. Two northbound and southbound traffic will detail tour west on either character road or three ninety-two to the i. Five frontage road now county road. Five was closed a part of this winter to accommodate improvements adjacent to the one hundred acre. Windsor village is at ptarmigan. This near its intersection with ninety two. Those improvements included widening the road and adding oh yea roundabouts at mark lane into term again and county road. Thirty two yes. I am a fan of roundabouts in theory. Yes they do ease the traffic flow used correctly. Unfortunately i think we all need a little remedial driver's ed draining when it comes to the correct and proper ways to navigate a roundabout. Okay i'll give you the reader's digest version. Please please please please please. When you're in the roundabout don't stop in the roundabout as others are approaching. They're supposed to stop. Now i've seen people blow into roundabouts. And i've had to slam on my breaks so once again. Just you know vigilant and keep a wary eye. But you don't stop in the middle of around about okay. That's a hot button for me. That development includes what hundred and fourteen single family lots one hundred plus or one hundred and eighty plus multifamily lots and open space with the remaining fifty acres designated for commercial retail. now when completed. This is the good news. County road. Five will become a four lane road along the One point two five miles of the two developments. The developments additional trapping also impart prompted. The town of windsor to spend a cool one point. Seven five million to add turn lanes to its portion of the colorado. Three ninety two and the county road five intersection. By the way. You'll also if you're in this neck of the woods. Also run into construction this spring on a busy stretch of road near windsor lake. Weather permitting road improvements will start Next week on colorado highway two fifty seven north seventh street this between main street colorado. Three ninety north to windsor lake traffic impacts are expected to be minimal but they will last into early. June drivers are asked to use alternate routes. Whenever possible first phase of the project involves concrete replacement of curbs gutters sidewalk and stormwater pans along to fifty seven. That's between three ninety two and asked street and the second phase will improve cyclist and pedestrian safety. Stop crossing at the intersection of birch street and two fifty seven third phase is scheduled for late may into early june seven fifty seven out thirteen ten. Kfi k. party northern colorado's forks thirteen ten. Kfi the block party wednesdays from four ten pm volleyball in baseball coming to preps broadcast near you. A northern colorado's voice thirteen ten. kfi father of slain at boulder. Police officer eric tally who so courageously gave his life to save others at that rampage at the king sue. I table mesa location in boulder on monday. His dad said that his son officer tally was a staunch supporter of the second amendment and would have hated to see his death used for political purpose so along those lines. What is with the media's obsession with a boulders blocked assault weapon ban kfi greeley.

elissa weld county suez canal colorado boulder gail eric the denver post Boulder king super store batta boulder county jail since poli king's super store catherine herald Elissa eagle's nest armory Eliza hernandez colorado bureau of investigati mr hernandez keith
Repodcasting 42  Fantastic Mr. Fox


46:20 min | 6 months ago

Repodcasting 42 Fantastic Mr. Fox

"Re podcasting is part of the berta podcast network locally grown community supported. You ever watched a movie and wondered why cast that woman or that guy. Here's our chance to give it a try re podcasting. Hello and welcome to another episode of re podcasting. I'm lucia i janet. How are you doing. Hi how are you. Oh i'm great ready. When did you watch this movie that we're going to be discussing today. Well i watched it today. So it's fresh in your mind. Yeah as usual. I put it off until the very last minute. But i had seen it many times. So what movie did you pick for us. Men for anyone who wasn't listening last month. I selected fantastic mr fox which is from two thousand and nine directed by wes anderson one of my favorites me too. I don't know. I'm of the wes anderson school. I really enjoyed his work. And i feel like it's very popular right. Admit that anymore. I don't know. But i still think he's such a great filmmaker. I think for anybody listening. Who doesn't know us they just if they didn't already know they know were white. Yes does sanderson via the a very white people things like we are way. Ladies enjoy wes anderson movies. Yeah yeah so. I selected this movie I loved this movie and still do But i was never down with voice casting of chew of the leave into it janet. You love george clooney movie. You love george clooney movie lavatory. Yeah in fact. It was funny. Because i was watching. there was a movie that he did with ryan gosling isis mars. And i watched that recently. And i thought to myself while they. That's how much i love ryan gosling. I was willing to sit through a george clooney performance for ryan gosling. That's like that story So anyway yes so. I was never to into the lead. And so that's why. I decided to recast and i thought it would be fun because we have never done an animated feature on the on the podcast yet. Yeah i i really enjoyed that If felt like. I felt like i had a little more room to play than i normally do. When recasting i love with anderson to is what you're saying and i also this is one of the ones that i just thought it was great right from the first time i saw it i thought with a couple of friends like when it first came out on home video and then he fell asleep and i loved it but anyway. How did it do at the box office. So the budget was forty million and it wasn't exactly a commercial success. It only did forty six point. Five million at the box office So even though it was critically it was very well praised And it was. It was nominated for two oscars as well as best animated feature and best original score but commercially. It didn't do exceptionally well. I'm surprised to hear those numbers. 'cause i read that it didn't recoup its money but probably the because i think marketing budgets aren't usually included in the budget numbers. It's kinda sad. I had read it in the context of. It's a role doll like it's based on a roll dull book and this did poorly and then the next like the next role dull book that came out on film as a film was. Efg in two thousand sixteen and that also did not recoup. Its money to shame. Yeah well. I did. Write up a very brief synopsis. 'cause i don't know i felt like there's too much to say so i went real broad schemer end scammer. Mr fox tries to settle down and go straight with little success. During his last big hit he puts his entire community in jeopardy. So i feel like. I feel when i'm writing these summaries now. I am definitely letting people know my feelings on characters. And even though i loved the movie. I don't like mr fox. I think he's charming. Apparently and that's why he always gets his way he's the little schemer he's a fog. I know but that doesn't mean. I have to like them or have to accept those think they call them. Fox's like they're spur when people refer to somebody as a far oftentimes. It's because they're like peaky right. Yeah definitely and then. I know i don't like fox's wow okay have any pets okay. Well before we go into our casting choices. We will have our first outbreak. This episode of re podcasting is brought to you by the calgary foundation. Proudly supporting community needs for sixty five years. Everyone wants to feel a sense of now more than ever. We are united by a desire to take action and help others by creating a community built on kindness and compassion from small creative projects to larger citizen led initiatives. The calgary foundation provides grassroots grants to encourage and support people who want to create and strengthen bonds between neighbors and communities. If you've got an idea to improve enhanced revitalize your community or neighborhood. Visit calgary foundation dot org to find out more about the foundation's grant opportunities and visit the calgary foundations facebook twitter instagram and youtube channel. And now back to the show. So janet as a was your pick. Would you like to go first with your recasting. And so. I think one of my biggest sort of criticisms of this is why it's the characters are american. It's an american story. I didn't like that so much. I mean anyone loose ya as you know because you are related to me You know what an anglophile iam anything. This british pretty much and i mean roll doll was a british writer and i thought it should have been british actors mainly in the in the leads but i did a little bit of research when i was Doing my recasting. And you know wes. Anderson wrote this. With noah baumbach right. So he's sort of defended He said that because they are american right. They decided to do an american cashed. That's what they wanted because they were writing it. So they're american. They wanted to have an american cost. I guess i understand that terp. The humans are british the humans in the movie. I know that back. When i didn't understand you know i don't know that was kind of the the one thing sort of my one major criticism of it. I would have liked to seen it like as an all british. So george clooney. As mr fogg's i was never really into that. I'm not a george clooney fan at all. I don't know i understand that. He has that voice rate. It's very distinctive. And in fact wes anderson even said like he always liked him for the role because he thinks of george clooney as a heroic actor. Really kind of made me laugh. Because that's really the last sort of descript her that i would ever use for george clooney heroic however that's West anderson's point of view. And then i thought it was interesting. west anderson also said you know the george clooney has such a wonderful voice. That was one of the compliment that he paid him. But i think george clooney's voice is when i hear that voice like yeah. He has a wonderful voice for like a political news correspondent rage flake. Not for for something like this. Who always seem to be really off. I cannot wait to hear from you can. Obviously i went with an all british craft to that i would have liked And i think either one would have been perfect. My first choice was hugh grant. Okay but my second choice was also hugh hugh bonneville so hugh grant. Everybody knows who he is. Obviously i would think. I really like hugh grant's voice i think he's very expressive. And i think he would have really captured a true essence of who. Mr fox is is charismatic. Obviously right both mr fox and hugh grant so. I think that would have through but you also have died like mr fox you get that sense of vanity about him and i think hugh grant would have played that really nicely shoeprint. I always get that sense about shoot grant as well like you get that vanity that he sort of exude and his characters so i would have liked to seen him or is you bonneville. I don't know if you know who he is. A lot of people will know. Hugh bonneville from downton abbey. If you're a fan show he plays. I think it's lord grantham mistaken. I don't really watch the show all that much But also i feel like a lot of people might know him as mr brown from the paddington movies. Nice the dodge she bonneville. I think has a great voice now going back to two thousand and nine i don't know that she bonneville necessarily was very well known in two thousand and nine right so because i mean that's always part of it the casting the they wanted a big name. Obviously someone a big actor until they got. George clooney right. I mean that's why. I went with hugh grant because if you're looking for somebody who has a big name. Obviously hugh grant to solve those boxes. Rate you bonneville not so much but again. He has that greek rich strong sounding voice. And he's got like real comic timing. I fake yes. That's something that is needed in this character. And for me. George clooney if people ever described him as funny like it baffles me. Because he's just more like smug my were you almost like a rise humor to me george. Clooney doesn't have that comic sort of timing at all new grant. I think has it definitely so those were my picks for mr fox. I don't know hugh bonneville. I haven't seen the paddington movies. Although they are on list sewing and a half to look him afterwards to hear his voice for me. I did consider going with all british actress as well but i ended up finding american actors that i wanted for this role so I wanted somebody with like a distinct voice. A strong voice swamp voice and a big name. 'cause like you were saying that's definitely something that they wanted for this role so my first choice is denzel washington. Yeah i think he can be really suave. That's the word. That i was thinking of. When i was casting when i was casting him and yeah i don't know he's not lake. Somebody who you. I think of as funny of course like pretty much every move. He's done is dramatic. But i still think that he could really managed to put a spin on that character that i think he could make it fun. Not necessarily funny has a really a really lovely voice. Yeah he does. And i also had a couple of other choices. This is where. I wanted to play a little more. I don't care if they're famous enough. Or whatever. But i absolutely love the voice of paul f tompkins. I listened to him on podcasts. All the time and also like. I've seen him act in various things to he's never had any kind of leading roles. Of course oh. I should probably probably a lot of people listening. Don't know who he is. So he is at this point primarily known as a podcast. Stor his current podcasts. He's hosting like a star. Trek podcast called the pod directive. He has called staff pumpkins with his wife that started during the pandemic. he's on comedy bang. Bang pretty frequently and then as far as like his tv roles or film roles. He was the voice of mr peanut butter in beau jack horsemen and. I do think that was a pretty popular show. People probably might know his voice at this point and if you only know him as mr peanut butter it probably would be a stretch to think of him as mr fox. But he's a really versatile person. He's definitely to me crazy underrated. He doesn't look like a typical leading. Man i think he's very handsome but he doesn't look like a an american leading man in hollywood so he definitely doesn't get those kinds of roles but that's the fun of the animated role is that to me. There's no reason why he isn't deleting men and so you know have him be fox so Yeah and then my third choice. I went a little crazy. Is is an impossibility because this person passed away before two thousand nine. So we're just gonna have to imagine you're dead because they their voices perfect for this role and that is filled nation. This is my gosh. No it's like dream casting. It doesn't matter if they're alive or dead like i'm not. We're not making this movie in two thousand nine. i case. why haven't i been casting actors like why haven't you years okay. I can't wait to hear this. Well it's phil hartmann. Who has to me like one of my favorite voices of all time. And i think he would have been so fun and he would have absolutely perfect and yeah. It's impossible but let's just imagine because it's fun to imagine that stretched and peace phil hartmann. Yeah so yeah. Those are my three choices. Let's say that your choices. I'm not taking away. That's my goal heart back and be a voice in fantastic mr fox rules. I'm going to start like jimmy stewart. Like let's let's just resurrect all these all these people. If that's the direction we're gonna sweet. I hope you do. Start casting jimmy stewart. And some things can while. Hey let's why not cast jimmy stewart as mr cary grant bing crosby. Who else is dan carey. Grant would have been actually a pretty grievous dependent. We all have okay. Well i've lost apparently so so. Should we move onto felicity fox. Yes okay so felicity fox was voiced by meryl streep who listen i have nothing against meryl streep i think she is an absolutely fantastic actor but i also think that i mean she's in everything so right to me it's like everywhere you look. Meryl streep is in everything. So why did she need to be in this. No i didn't understand. I didn't get why she was asked. I don't especially think that she has a great voice. I think she can do a lot of different voices and accents. I think she's very talented at five. But i was a little surprised that she was cast as Felicity fox so again. I wanted british talent my first choice with helena bonham carter nice. I love her. I think one of the greatest voices that she has done within the corpse bride. Right emily emily the corp and she just has like this fantastic theatrical voice. She has so much character. And i really could have. I could hear her voice in this raw totally And then i think it would have been really interesting to hear her act opposite. Hugh grant for shoe bonneville. Either one brand. I would have been really interesting My second choice was tracey ullman name. I mean hello omen. Kim do anything. She could have made felicity fox into anything that they wanted alex. She's so incredibly talented and diverse with the characters. That she's like she literally could've taken felicity fox in any direction and like what a missed opportunity. Yeah my opinion that she was not given this role. I think she would have just like. She would have kicked out of the park. Definitely so those were my choices. I love it. i came so close to casting helena. Bonham carter yeah but at the end of the day i i had a couple like i also have three choices for this role and two of them. I had already like set my mind on the last one. I was looking for british actress. And i landed on kristin scott thomas who i really enjoy. She is recently. She was mrs danvers. In rebecca the twenty twenty movie version of it she was belinda in season. Two a fleabag and she's in english patient. She was catherine for weddings and a funeral. She is a really strong actor. She is always like so good in everything. I see her in and i am always shocked at how she's not she's not known of course but she's not a household name like i bet. There are a lot of people listening. Who don't know who she is off the top of their head. And that's a shame. Because i really think she's amazing and i think she would have been like just a really dignified felicity fox. So yeah but so. You would have had an american mr fox and british felicity fox. Yes one of those. Fox's had across an ocean resting and then the other two choices were americans at the first one that i thought of. She was actually the first person i thought of was halle berry. I think that you won't necessarily know her by her voice. But she has a relea- nice voice guys. Halle berry does have a really nice way. Yeah and of course. We all know that she's super talented. So i think she also would have been just great in that role. Meryl streep wasn't missing anything. In my opinion it was almost like it was a waste of meryl streep. I don't know how to describe it. But yeah i thought it was kind of weird that she was there too but i feel like halle berry would have been more. I don't even know what the word is. Because it's not like if you're comparing actors. I'm sure there most people will say meryl streep is a better actor. But i i don't know i feel like halle berry would have been a better choice in this role but it's voice acting it is and that's differing those. I don't think you can compare you know what i mean. It's going by the merit of how their voices sound. Yeah so you know you're that's sort of it's different criteria. I think that you're looking at yeah. That's a really good point. So on that point my third pick is somebody who i love her. I love her voice She's actually she's not alive and she. What's this is blue. We have this janet. When did we start doing this. I don't understand. When did it start being the we could like cast. Jed actors receive play back in like one of our earliest episodes. I didn't cast dead actor. But i cast somebody who like it did not make sense to have them in that role in that time. So i remember saying to you like this movie was made thirty years earlier or something like that so i don't know i'm just being imaginative. I don't see it. Is that big a deal. I feel like i really thrown you. Sorry of imagination from heaven. Find so i will never cast dead after again but this is my last one. I cast lynn penn who she was probably best known as the chief on where in the world is carmen sandiego. She was in godspell. She was on broadway. She was a stage actor. Many times over. I saw movie from the eighties recently. Called the warriors. And it's not an animated movie by any means but you don't see her face at at any point. She's a deejay and so you hear her throat the movie kind of like a really narrating what's happening and stuff like that and i just. Her voice is so great and distinct an interesting. ed. I think that i think she would have been great mrs fox if she hadn't passed away in two thousand three. Wow you're like lunch in serious condition. I want whatever you ask my goodness yeah. I played on see. I don't know who Who that actor is so definitely send me their name and stuff. Just so that i can google look up. There's just so that. I can hear their voice posta clip of her speaking social media. Yeah all right. look. I won't cast actors again. I just thought that this was such a fun. Opportunity to like. Pick people whose voices are amazing in. Like who i just love. Well you think if i'm not necessarily opposed to casting actors i guess i don't know but like just next. Let me know that you're going to do that. Because then i could not choose to will mean. I'm not gonna do that in a live action movie because usually look. I'm not gonna put cary grant in a twenty fifteen movie or whatever because they have a certain look and they look of their time. But that's why i think to me. It felt different with voice actor to be able to that. She's dead in two thousand and nine. Just just he's dead in two thousand fifteen so yeah like but i can imagine their voice well again like i. I wanna know that what hallucinogenic. You're you're taking. Because i can't i don't know i can't sit here and go. Oh yeah i could totally picture this dead person's voice in two thousand and nine you know what i wish. I could give you something because the happy you. How are you not able to imagine. Someone's voice in a role like it doesn't match but it doesn't make any sense way for purposes. I mean al. You can have it like. I'm not gonna fight you because sure i mean. Let your creativity go completely rampant. I will never one to like stop on nine. But but i feel like you just dumped on it. It just sounds really far. Sh all right. Well i didn't realize that. We were actually applying to be hollywood agents just for fun and i felt like i could. Okay imagine it sure so you were saying you did a lot of research on this. Did you happen to. Because i didn't find this. Did you happen to know why meryl streep or how they got involved. Well in terms of george clooney. Like i was saying earlier west anderson said that when he was rating it they instantly wanted to cast american and he said that he just always liked him he always liked clooney for the role and i got percents that he reached. I think he didn't specifically say how meryl streep got involved. But from the little he did say it. Just sounds like wes. Anderson is super connected to all these people age and he is a with. Anderson is very connected rain age. I guess now but into nine like his stuff was still very very indy and he kind of had like to me he has that cast that he always works at the people who appear in pretty much all of his movies but meryl streep doesn't feel like she's part of that clan so like Nor george clooney. It just was interesting to me that like how were they able to get them. But i guess it had a huge budget. So that's part of it was interesting is has always been connected. I mean Like his projects are not necessarily super commercial or at least. They weren't like nisha in the sense that his audience each but in terms of lake the way he works like he knows everybody and he kind of always has like when you look at the roots of who has like. He's always been friends. Yeah and he always works with like scott rudin has always been one of his producers. Scott rudin is like the pentacle. Trae be reach out so interesting. I would guess that. That's you know it just came out that he was working on this and i'm sure that he was connected somehow with meryl streep would be my okay. I was pretty impressed at lake because at the time this came out stop motion and was just not very common like i feel like it has seen some resurgence here and there but it was kind of a bold move to go that way and like everything in the movie stop motion except for one scene that cgi which is the flooding of the mine bay. I it's just really nice to look at like that. Sounds so silly but really. It's just a beautiful movie to look at. I love the look of it. I love the feel of it. I was really impressed from the super. Well absolutely and you know the amount of work went into it like just in reading about it and in doing my research like you really start to understand all the were all the labor that goes into something like this. It's it's absolutely monumental. It's wild that you know when you think of just the amount of our is the amount of work that goes into something like this. It's really diapering. It really is and they meet some interesting choices like they the voice actors instead of recording in a studio. They recorded their dialogue on location so lake some times. It was like in a forest or in an attic in the stable. It's a really interesting choice too. So fantastic mr fox was. The first book that was anderson had as a child. Yeah so it has early special place in his heart. Which is lovely. I've never read the book. But i guess the source material makes up about one hour of the running time of the movie and then the rest was written by wes anderson and noah bomba anything I mean i saw Really hesitant to tell this story that i read. I don't know if it's true. It's also like. I don't know how i feel about it but i'm gonna tell it. Meryl streep says that. She saw fox outside a central london apartment. She was staying in. They stared at each other for twelve minutes and mesmerized. By this experience she used it as an inspiration for her performance in this movie. I see that story. Yeah yeah i'm sorry. It was not told minutes. Do you know how long told minutes if you're just sitting in staring at someone or something now you're saying that meryl streep is a liar and saying she probably exaggerated on this there and also you'll hardman there but like can you imagine staring at a fox and saying now i can voice a fox character that to me unconnected. I don't know why that bothers you so much to be on even if it's not true thanks them. She's just making doctor. You think that everything they say is true. But even if it's if it's not to press tour if it's not true it's even worse because it does not make sense how that would inform her performance casting a thing that doesn't make sense either but you did at least ya. I did a podcast. That doesn't make sense last year. The last person to be pointing a finger at meryl streep in her fox. Oh i guess. I don't know. I saw that story. I was just i didn't really. I saw it. But i was like okay. That's fine whatever. I don't know why bug me. Phil's pretentious like ally. Well do you want to know the ratings for this movie. Sure tell tell me and our listeners. The reading well as you mentioned before it was critically acclaimed so on. Imdb sent from thirty four critics which is great and on rotten tomatoes. It has a ninety three from two hundred and forty three reviewers so yeah critics love. It definitely like free. I didn't read one. Single guide review. Oh nice about it so it was very very critically lauded for sure. I meant to look up again. Like what was the order of wes. Anderson's films 'cause like this was probably what his fourth fifth well he was really established at this point and he had such a distinct style and while this is animated and it's different. It is interesting that he had reached the point. Because i wonder if so he has a new movie coming out soon. Who knows i. i think it's done. I think they've just been kinda waiting out but like you. We were saying early on in the podcast. Is you know it's almost like it's not okay to like him anymore. It's not cool to like him or whatever like or it's boring or too easy. I don't know what the reason is. But it almost feels like you kind of have to be embarrassed to say you like wes anderson now so i'm curious like it's nice to see that all the reviews were positive. I wonder if that'll still happen. I don't know. I mean you know what i will be honest. I don't care lake weather. People think it's not cool or not like him. Like i lake his work. I think he's talented. You know if it's not cool to stirs a lot of things that are you could say that about anything that everything has its state. i think. Great filmmaking stands the test of time there are films that you know you could say that about other films. That are really older old filmmakers or whatever right like i'm sure people have said that about i'm gonna use alfred hitchcock as an example like yeah. They're old movies and maybe some people might be like well. It's not cool to say that you like old people. I don't care what you think. You know what. I mean when it comes to movies. It's very subjective right. I think a great movie is going to stand the test of time. It's great arch rave. I'm totally agree. I and that's what i think about wes anderson like whether you like his work or not i think one thing is for certain. He definitely has an eye for detail. His movies are all so detailed. Cinematography is always really beautiful. The visuals that you get from them the storytelling might not be for everyone. The storytelling was sure. I think his work has definitely become a little more mainstream over the last couple of films that he's done if anything i think i've liked them less as he's become more mainstream but his films are all lake fear. His attention to detail is unparalleled. Ecedented mean there's very few filmmakers that you can put next to him and say that there. As detailed as wes anderson is so Like i said. I don't care what people think like if it's considered a very white thing to like well whatever i mean i like. All sorts of film with anderson is not necessarily like people type of film that i like. I like all sorts of film. I like all sorts of filmmakers. He's just happens to be one of my favorites right so i'm not gonna apologize for liking his work for liking the fact that he i think he is very talented. I don't think that it's necessarily that. We have to apologize for that. We should feel bad or embarrassed. That's just my a personal take on it so like yeah i mean like i said. He's more mainstream work. I'm not like super into because wes anderson to me now they a lot of people like him a lot of his work he become more mainstream which actually has made. It looks appealing to me. Like i'll never forget going to see the grand budapest. Who tell. And that was. The first wes anderson film that i had ever gone to where the movie theater was like packed. Look for a siege. Because i couldn't find why it was so full. And i got really upset. It was like wait a minute. Wait a minute wes. Anderson movies are usually. I can go and there's no one in the theater and that's how i like it like watching it like with maybe one other person or maybe there's three other people in the theater right and suddenly it was like all these people were there laughing. Things weren't even funny. I was getting so angry like watching that movie with other people. And i mean i love that movie. I think it's it's really well done. But i think it's definitely one of his most commercial film. Oh yeah yeah and yeah like. That's the thing for the longest time was anderson lake. This i don't know he was like this sort of niche filmmaker that not a lot of people liked and i think that was one of the things that i liked about his work right. Oh my age and the minute. He started becoming more mainstream. It was like no like everybody else likes him now. I don't know maybe that's just something about me. Like meryl streep and her fox story. Well it didn't bother you. So maybe i don't care i don't care i just i really don't give a shit right but so i don't know lake. That's the thing about wes. Anderson's movies for me has always been that. They haven't had a huge following. And so i think that's part of the beauty of his movies for me anyway yet. The grand budapest hotel was the last wes anderson movie i saw in the theater. I think he only had. I love dogs after that. But yeah i also like i had almost identically. Exact same experiences. You is for previous movies of his. There'd be a handful of people at the theater and this one was jam packed and people like laughing and reacting in. Whatever you know. For a lot of times i enjoy that. I enjoy having the communal experience. Go with see dumber to. I liked it more because of the people around us that were laughing to like. It was a more fun experience that way but it somehow had the opposite effect with granted pest hotel so while i'm really looking forward to the french dispatch. I'm not sure. Well i mean for various reasons. I probably won't see it in theater. That'll be one. That will just be more enjoyable to watch I think the dis of movies in a theater over lucia. I need to find a new career. Okay so let's take our final break and then we will come back for our final segment. This episode of re podcasting his brought to you by the northwest best. International documentary festival running online from may sixth to sixteenth. Even though north west fest can't happen in a movie theater this year. They've still put together an outstanding lineup of some of the year's best stocks. In fact this here there are whopping forty feature films plus forty short films available for viewing to anyone in alberta. This is your chance to stream some of the hottest new docs from canada and abroad. Many of which are canadian international and even world premieres all access streaming passes ticket packs and single tickets are available now at northwest pest dot ca. And now back to the show. So it is time for tony danza. It's time for. Hold me close. Young tony danza. The segment where we cast tony danza into one of the rules in this movie. So janet how did you do at fitting tony danza into this mission. Well i gave tony the mr fox rule because i wanted him to have the lead role. Yeah so that's where i put tony. Well that is also where i tony. Squires fair she gets the lead trade for sure and you know i was like while i was watching it. None of the other roles are media enough for tony. I think their role that i actually considered was casting him as The rat roll. That will willem just so ways. Because i thought well you know i could see tony as mr fox. But then i also wouldn't mind seeing this kind of like a bad guy like sneaky bad guy. Yeah a very bad guy. That red is mean. I thought for a second. But then i was like no. I'm going to give him the lead role. Yeah mr bucks. Feels like a good role for him. The patriarch exactly. We always customized the dad. Okay so that about. Does it for fantastic. Mr fox for this month and next month who. I haven't told janet yet. But i picked the film colossal starring in hathaway end jason syndicates for us to recast for next month okay. I thought maybe there'd be like some reaction of i've seen it i haven't seen it. Oh okay oh. I thought we've talked about this movie before so this'll be interesting then. So that's the movie that will see next month. It is available on amazon prime and on. Cbc gem for anybody who wants to watch and recast along with us so if you have any suggestions for movies that we should recast or any comments about our casting choices like let lucy cast dead people or don't cast dead people at stupid you can email us at re podcasting at dot com and you can find us on all the social media things at re podcasting. So thank you as always janet for joining me. Thanks bye bye.

George clooney mr fox hugh grant Meryl streep calgary foundation wes anderson ryan gosling hugh bonneville janet phil hartmann fox west anderson felicity fox halle berry jimmy stewart Mr fox wes anderson school mr fogg West anderson wes
 What A Relief Podcast  101 : Fighting Hunger and Malnutrition on World Food Day

What a Relief! The IRUSA Podcast

52:36 min | 3 years ago

What A Relief Podcast 101 : Fighting Hunger and Malnutrition on World Food Day

"Uh-huh. Simek relief USA is a nonprofit organization that provides relief and development in a dignified manner, regardless of gender race or religion and works to empower individuals in their communities and give them a voice in the world. You done. Now. Can we start the podcast and having to let will Salat was Cellamare era Soula wiler? And he was the woman whaler. A water leak podcast. My name is Carl. Or or more on those two is correct. It was so real. It's ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls will come back to the what of relief podcast and here we are. We've passed are one hundred episodes. We have gotten our third nomination for a podcast award three years in a row, and it's all due to all of you at home, all the listeners all the fans. It's you guys that make this possible. It you continue to download and you continue to share and they continue to let me do this. Absolutely amazing. But yet here I am in here. You are in here. You are. And here you are. And for those of you listening at home who have heard episodes before there's free hut in the back. And if you don't know who is you need to head over to Vinnie. Oh and search for Islamic relief USA in watch our videos over there because she is our amazing video Ghafur who films all of this for you to enjoy. There was that good. So welcome to the I R U S A official podcast what a relief. I am your host B C dodge. And joining me today once again is my co-host Nuff say Dominic. Why we gave her a Mike once again is beyond me. But yet we did. I know we do. And also joining us today for a very what I'm expecting to be educational podcast because I watched them his videos of him speaking on YouTube today. Is Mr. shutdown of the and you know as much as we practiced up stairs. I've already forgotten. I know it's the FAO. But. Of the United Nations. FAO for short short not FAO Schwarz FAO for short. Why? But FAO Schwarz is a classic toy store. So no big with Tom Hanks? Go watch big with Tom Hanks that takes place in FAO Schwarz. That case, right. It's a concern. Thank you for joining us today. Slum one of them. So tell us about being the director of the North American. Not chapter. What is it? You're the director of Nelson market office full fare. But if there was something specific with like the North American liaison office, ever, new Liz office, another see I was trying to remember all that. So, but yes, tell us about that. What is oh do. Long story shot Riera UN organization dedicated to it's a working with the poor and hungry of the world working with national governments to put policies in place for advocation of hunger and malnutrition. We work in the field of for agriculture fisheries forestry food nutrition at all associated sectors to show that the rising hung a numbers kept in check. And are those numbers rising? Sadly, yes, it was a it was a very positive story for a decade ran the numbers really came down. But over the last three years, we see the graph sticking up, dick. It's not going to twenty one million people in the world suffer from chronic hunger. And by that, I mean, these people all across the world, including. Parts of the developed world indefinitely Africa issue. Who are going to bed hungry as we speak? So what is one of the main causes? I know I was I was watching a speech that you gave today in you were talking about the children leaving the farms. I think it was from this year. Yeah. That's about the disenchantment of the youth with our culture. But that. Have not says the main calls for uptick in the graph. I think the major reason we see for these numbers rising the last three years increase in conflict situations and conflict situation becoming into protracted crisis in may the world. To impact a climate where -bility comment extremes, which again is causing havoc can lot of countries and third, of course, is a economic downturn. In many countries coupled with the. If you miss say inequitable growth model, so while the rich get richer, the poor staying where the were refined intersection of all these three other countries, which are really really suffering mistake, for example of Ghana stone. Somebody. So that this. Conflict and climate conditions intersecting, and that is where the real problems coming in. And the last three years we find that instance of. Conflict and the instance of. Frequency and intensity of extreme climate conditions. Have really risen. And that is what we have been able to isolate as the calls that said is the wool doing enough. I would send. No, I think we need to do much more. It's it's not I think it's obligation to ensure its duty to ensure that everybody in the gets enough to eat because there is enough. It's not that we do not produce enough. We have enough issue is the faxes issues of physical access issues of financial excess food as Dan, but that is a problem physical access because of crises or conflict or war. Some of the issue all that is a problem financial access poor food if they cannot buy that. And I go hungry issue. Fact. Assesses really looked into address. I think it'll be tough to feed the population. Despite the five of producing enough what kind of. Climate issues. Are you seeing in Afghanistan? I was just curious 'cause I know you said that that's that's one of the intersections that you're dealing with there. And when we think of climate change, we think of Florida getting smaller, we think of I know a lot of the stuff that I've seen I've seen like maps of where India loses because the ocean overruns the coastline and for me. That's what climate change means. But what does climate change in a place like Afghanistan? Look like we go to understand climate change in a much larger perspective, especially in the tropical countries heating. Increasing temperatures causes has an impact on the full production on productivity the for example, a steak. Maze. Await the productivity nag goes down rustic Lee with every. One degree increase in temperature. And all the tropical countries are going to get really hurt by this. You got to seek climate change in the changing rainfall patterns you go to see climate change the changing in density of rain. So what is to be? A rain spread out was a forty five day baited is not getting concentrated in a fifteen dip period. And you have a torn show rain in those fifteen days. There's a problem of landslides everything has washed away flash floods and then there's a bitter drought. You have a prolonged drought periods. Now coming in. You have the frequency of these jobs have increased intensity of these droughts have increased. So it's it's got to be seen all its sets. It can't be seen just in domes of. Hot again, Florida striking goes that also is is is. A very sad thing happening for the people living that who get struck by. But it's that is just one manifestation. Off the whole whole gamut of issues which come up, so even the shifting rain pattern of completely disrupt the sowing and harvesting season. So especially in countries, which are so dependent on on rainfall, and the cropping pattern is totally rain fed. Irrigation is not dead. So such countries really take a heavy toll and. Ghana STAN with it. Tremend- protracted crisis. You two reasons very well known. Saddam Somalia with the reasons wherever known why the as a crisis that now they are the ones who are really taking the brunt. And these countries have been on the verge of. Near collapse of the economy. So lot of effort needs to be put into an show that people living in near famine can not call it family. We have not yet called famine, but they are just on the precipice one shove into famine. So what would you say let's say we got to eliminate climate changes issue. What is the percentage of? I guess things that we can resolve aside from that. Because right now climate change is something that obviously is is a siphon lake weather in all that stuff that makes us have to work harder in having to work the farms or work in locations have droughts. The thing is let's save climate. Change was not an issue for your job in your position with that. Make it easier in a sense in having to resolve anything would the locations that have initially of ghanistan in India. If climate change was not an issue. Yes. One negative impacting factor would be out of equation. But that's not to say that everything would be honky Dory. If if there was no issue of climate involved with if the percentage higher though for climate change compared to let's say the crisis that humans do vets. Let's let's put it this way. It's not the drought and floods are happening today is the frequency with which they happen, and they density with which to happening which is causing a problem droughts. And floods happened through the history, and they will keep on happening. It's how how frequent they are how intense there. Similarly, it's also an issue of what happens when there is a drought. Are we to counter it are we resilient enough to face it? Famine is in a way, it's not a it's not a natural phenomenon that it's a failure combined failure of mankind. When you're not able to reach food to people who are in desperate need of. And that is feminine gets declared where the deaths due to hung now. Can we counted? Yes, we can definitely under it. Climate variability than extreme make it difficult to counter and conflicts make it still worse because in conflict the issue of physical access, which I was reffering to become pronounced. So you have situations where even relief agencies. You might have experienced yourself in the field that you're not allowed access, and that is is a major issue, and we have always from the side of the UN always been talking to all governments all parties concerned that humanitarian relief cannot be sabotage and cannot be made a victim of politics. So we are of the opening that it's it's is that right for every citizen of this world to have adequate nutritious food to lead a healthy life and not just because he or she. Deserves it as a human being, but also because every mouth not fed adds to economic cost of the world. And what we losing to malnutrition as nearly about three trillion dollars. Can you give us that number one more time sorry about three trillion US dollars because of patients related to malnutrition, the growth of the human being the child is not to its fullest potential, and that is not just repercussion on the individual concerned. But it has a percussion of society number Konami because he's not able to contribute in his fullest fullest potential. And if you really take it up, it's costing quite a bit much much more than actually providing food for the million Zo it's cheaper for a farm in the mid west to over grow their we crop. And export some of that than it is for somebody to go hungry. It costs more on the society. I will not even go to that accent. You the best possible. Route is to encourage local production. To have production fiving in every part of the world because trade has his own issues associated transportation of goods has its own offered grant has issues associated of safety of again, carbon footprint of transport, using shipping, etc. Cetera plus the pricing part of it. Plus you also then have to depend on. Food variety, which is not country. Yours locally grown food is is a cultural synergy of Fidelia with the people and is the best possible answer. So we always feel left out we need to support local food local a haircut shell local market because that is also the way to increase resilience and able to people to get back on their feet the moment something like a drought or flood or crisis strikes. How fast can you get back to your job? How fast can you get back to owning your livelihood? I've read somewhere where you yourself mostly in the UN, you guys have you teach in in schools for younger students for women for men, inform example, I've read is in south Sudan, where it's like a class on how to farm in how to kind of take care of your farm in the I think the resources they can find if I'm not mistaken. I know there's a certain project where there is a lot of younger young younger generation trying to farm in the locations that I guess this more difficult on to find food in resources. And the thing is wanted to ask for projects. Like fella say, for instance, in teaching younger generation how long does it take. Or how successful is it to actually encourage younger younger generation to to help out in make a difference in the locations that they're in because I know when a lot. These places they feel a loss of hope in even making a change or helping each other out, but the strength of actually making a difference is what keeps them going. But I want my questions mostly honestly with like how? Programs like you guys offer in these kind of locations in how is it that you can encourage such young generation 'cause honest here even for our job. It's difficult is great to have all in tears work with us. But it's very difficult to convince someone to donate, and for someone to encourage in neuro very very truthful in this, my personal view is that I don't think I cut you can survive on. Voluntary workout donations. It has to be a business model. The youth will take to our culture of theirs adequate rhythm. And if there is no adequate return. There is no reason why anybody would be attracted towards agriculture because at the end of the day. It's the profession and you work in agriculture because he won't to livelihood. You're not working in agriculture. Just for the reason that you want to feed the world that that is a very altruistic notion if that comes to fruition go, but the main purpose is to on a livelihood, and for that as a national governments where policies are made they have to cater to a couple of requirements which were then show that the youth of the day fines agriculture able and finds it interesting and those first and foremost access to land in most of the countries specially in the developing countries of the world in Africa. Show you find access to land extremely difficult. Second access to finance. Most banks around the world of would be hesitant to give money without collateral. I do not have land, and I can't access money than value by the land for. It's a chicken egg sort of a story, but the banks are pretty much hesitant to really look into this to find a very effective solutions. Have a problem. Faxes land of access of finances problem access of. Inputs you have a problem access of education where agriculture education has been ported effectively to the youth. And then there is this huge aspect of of. Perception, which we have to somehow deed with I culture for some reason still thought of as a back breaking job in the sun, which actually does not it's it's one of the most technologically sophisticated signs of will -able today. It's it's it's far advanced than the Ma. The look and the plough concept of nineteen twenty or nineteen thirty s it's now precision agriculture is like satellites drones. The woods and this perception of agriculture needs to change the youth has to fall in love with the job. So. You know, the discount traction that you have here you call a young guy, or if I bring my son, and he'll be immensely impressed with what is happening here. Looking all this, but he's taking to our culture farm. It doesn't impress him that much because somehow association agriculture's, but something backward and. Rest of the sector where the child wants to work. He has seen something more modern. And that is a perception which we need to really fight. If we want the used to be back, forget the developing world, even US it's a geriatric profession today. And the average age is climbing. So even the young in US are not willing to. Take it as a profession, and you have still that averages aside is climbing up. So before we get into World Food day, you actually touched on something that I was going to ask you about you touched on it. And you said that because I grew up in a small town in New England and everybody there's a cow farmer. And that was what we did. We raised corn we raised cows. And that was essentially our entire Konomi unless you working at the local factory that was everything. But you said that it's not like even what I remember anymore. That technology is kind of starting to even seep its way indoor farming. If technology is helping the farming industry to grow and be more effective. What role is technology playing in fighting some of these environmental factors because you were talking about how we used to have forty five days of rain, and you're down to getting the same amount of rain, but at ten days, and then you'll have a drought is technology playing an aspect or are. We researching the technology to help combat those kinds of situations subsequently. Both on the mitigation and adopt action side technologies playing a big role. Because most of what we see today what we are loosely. What will loosely call climate change is they impact of greenhouse gas, which is meant for which agriculture is also major culprit of for example, dating dusty is one of the biggest meeting guess, so, but how do we we eve- even research, for example, the feed that is given to cow whether that field without feed without lowering productivity can lure the meeting out. Changing what they eat. I yes, changing like death. So there is a lot of research, which is going on in how to adopt and how to mitigate and on both sides. There's a lot of research, which is going on drought resistant varieties of seed so that they can tolerate higher increased temperature. India has done pretty well in finding solution to submerged varieties of rice, which can last on the covered flooded fields for much longer duration deliver writers and do not lose the production productivity. So there is a lot of research going on. You have recessional in in in in in biotechnology of. But I don't mean just GMO's. My mean, a whole gamut of tolls which are able in the biotechnology agriculture, which is coming up in a big way. So. Technology of the big big big role to play. And how do we know how do we manufacture more with less is is the real clue which we need to come to using technological innovations? Specially in a situation where nevi find that the human hand is becoming less and less adapted handling agricultural wanting to hang lager coaches, obviously their own technologies coach so just one last question we're going to World Food day because so I love sci-fi like a huge Ray Bradbury fan love lot of his stuff. And you're talking about this technology, and I'm remembering the planters and feeders where they would drive along behind the tractors and. It used to be but by hand, and you'd have somebody. But now, I know when I was growing up there was just a feeder, and it would just it just drops the seeds into the path that was being cut by the blade in front. Are we in a window? Let's say the next fifteen years where we're going to include the the roomba technology with that kind of technology and will be able to send the room but out to plant the seeds by itself because we've programmed in the map for the farm itself. This oppressed. Learn that manage fifty thousand hectares with four guys now. So that the technology is dead, but you have to keep the perspective, right? What can work in US on the huge foams is not the prescription which you can go out within at UP, yoga and Pakistan and India and some idea and Saddam eighty five percent of the world farmers small farms, which means less than acre to of land. Now when you don't have twenty thousand thirty thousand or forty thousand hectares of land, you can think of big machine reason, you can think of robotics artificial intelligence coming into play when you're really thinking of one one and a half acres read. What's of technology return? It's not much land. At all, really. So we need to contextualize technology to the place where it's going to be used and that is the real challenge. The challenge is not so much these big foams and technology the challenges with eighty five percent of our farmers worldwide who are small. Farmers dad lies the challenge. How do you get it to Derrick Thomas because it's ironic, but that eighty five percent is also the poor that five percent not the whole lot a fair amount of them as also one one hungry, so they grow and yet the hungry. It's ironic, but that's how it is. Because they are also the consumers, and that number's actually that numbers actually a lot higher than I expected that eighty five percent of the world's farms are small farmers small one acre farmers, and like one anchor isn't it's not much land at all. I mean, that's probably what this office all fates. Yeah. And and to think that eighty five percent of the world's farms are that size or smaller. And yet countries have proven that they can be very efficient Japan. Extremely productive even the size is small. So there are ways and means by which you can make these femmes very productive. You have to provide them with the right input to provide them with ROY dedicated the right tools, the right methodologies right agricultural practices for which you need commitment for which you need finance for which you need to roll out your policies and implement them effectively on the ground. As I said, I am I'm not missed. I don't think it can't be done. It gets all done, and I've been arguing with lots of people in my own country in India that a country which can send mission to Mars has no business. Having twenty five percent of children malnutrition. Absolutely, no business say if I have the science, and technology and finance and vital to reach where have reached in in in the world. And yet have the. Sad distinction of having one full of children under five suffering from nutrition. I think there's something which needs a depot taught by the policymakers as to where we're going wrong. But that's a worldwide thing. That's that's. That's that's. I don't want anyone what take my own. I don't want to call out to any other countries. I can call up to my own, but it's happening on across the world all across the world. There are one hundred and fifty five million children today who are suffering on account of something and count of what on account of stumping weather growth in growth, stunted growth hundred fifty five million and that's on a small number. No, not the rate at which it is going down. As g twenty thirty is just about ten years away. While the rate at which it is going down might take another couple of decades before you can radically stunting. And these are children, you can imagine the plight and their growth button will be so adversely impacted that the whole life will suffer because they are not getting adequate nutritious food when they're young. And that is the perfect segue. What is World Food day? Very very light noted suburb. It's a birthday highest day. If I have I have learned something I didn't realize it was a birthday. So it was f- AL was founded on sixteen of October nineteen forty five so that's the day, which is celebrated wound food. But on a more somber note, I think it's also a day when we stand to refocus our energy refocus thoughts and bring our ideas together to think about people who are not as lucky as you. And I who do not know where their next meet is gonna come from children who are suffering from hunger and mother's con feet them. And it's to bring focus back on them. And that's what we use the full day to do we go to the schools. They go to the NGOs society private sector. Government pharma, straighten all. Everyone. So that at least one day a year. Is is spent thinking about people other than those who are fortunate enough like us to set an air conditioned offices and homes, and he gourmet food served to us there. We have to remember that there are people dying of hunger and the death due to hunger. Cumulative that hunger is is higher than perhaps the to say typical also any other disease that and that's that's the whole idea behind the food to get hung up back on the center stage to for a spotlight on issues around hunger malnutrition. No, no, I'm gonna go because. Personalizing that a lot. I my immediate reaction to that was. Okay, great. It's World Food day. I used to ask tech. It's center stage in my brain today. And as a typical internet user, it probably won't be tomorrow. But what do I do what am I going to do that that that's gonna what can I do that helps? What can I do that changes? What what what can I what can I do? Because I mean, these are really large numbers you're throwing out in some of them are fairly scary to be honest with you give you a very simple example of. One that of the food that we produced today is either lost a wasted lost are the lost of aced it. How okay. So stay out of what you define that. Get lost. Getting me lost. We lose. Yeah. You lose in storage and transportation aground always. So let's take. Name a country. Let's take one country from the rich west say USA, Canada or France, Germany. In. On average. I'm not take particular name particular number at forty percent food is what you waste after it comes on your plate from retail to consumption, forty percent of the food would heating very nutritious is being thrown in the bin and goes to the landfill that forty percent can feed off vote, which is hungry. So what can you do or the small portions? Do not raised. Love your leftovers. Do not buy from your heart by from your head. Don't love things which every individual can do. Which every retailer can do which every supermarket can do whichever government can do which every organization can we just have to look inside to find a way in which you can help. If you are running a platform on social media, you can help by just ensuring that this message is something which you keep getting back to irrespective, whether it's the World Food day on not because to my mind, it is the day of the hungry. Every day for the hungry. Sixteenth of were is the same as seventeen as the fifteenth to them. It doesn't matter. What matters is when will the food come on the plate. So all of us have a role if you're a farmer, you're grow. If you're retailer you sell can you as part of the government put the infrastructure in place, so that the transportation facilities increase, can you put a coach in place that you do not lose the fruits and vegetables when they're being transported. Can you work on the behavioral change of the consumers are invited about any restaurant in Washington DC to any restraining all your food said there for half an? On naughty tting, but observing what others do I can bet I can get into sixty percent of the people who walk out of the restaurant would have left foot on it. And where does that go straight back into the? So we have to really take it as a as a mission as a challenge and do all bit. We have to do our little bit one of the reasons why developed countries are wasting so much is because the fraction of the income that you spend on food is so low that you do not it doesn't occur to us that it doesn't mean jus- suffice spending just two or three or five percent of the income that I have on eating. It doesn't really pinch me if I st-, but if I were to spend sixty percent of my income on eating then I would not even raced one more. So and that is what is happening in the developed will in developing countries dead issue is more on the on the food lost sight because they infrastructures week therefore, your storage transportation, and in processing site in the rest, the issue is more on the consumption side. And therefore there's enough for everyone. Everyone you meet. Everyone to do their bit and keep shining the set the life not just on sixteen but on everyday everyday make everyday World Food day. Absolutely. And I will say that I feel bad about myself now, so. One obligatory question that we have to all our guests is as you know, the internet is forever. When you put something up into the cloud. It stays it. Goes it travels, and we're going to push this out on World Food day, you notice I'm not putting a year on that is just world through day. What as the director of FAO? What is the one lasting message that you would like our audience, and we're downloaded all over the world. We're not specifically in American podcast. We get downloaded England, and France and Germany, and even in I had to look it up on a map. There's this little country inside it's just north of South Africa. And it's a little country inside a country. We even have some downloads there. So we're downloaded worldwide. So what is the one message if that you will leave the you wanna make sure that these people here forever and ever ever ever, no pressure. If it's if it'd be one message, I think it it is. Incumbent on the humanity to really not for those of us in humanity. Who have the very tall not look at working for it advocation of hunger as a favor that we are doing to the poor to the hungry. But as duty and obligation for the fact that we have enough, and I think we need to join hands. Because it's it's a universal combined. Shame on the world that eight hundred mil plus million people are rather than sisters after go hungry everyday. Nuff any any final comments thoughts. Questions makes me feel like everything I says, it's not important anymore. Just makes me feel like I have to spread what you said honesty since barring. Because even though you did mention something you wasting your food, but innocence, there's a joke in our office. Because every time we eat something. We always like we make sure that it's completely finished. But if that's the same case in everybody's mind than hopefully that can be wants to closer to change even if it has a joke, even if they buy reverse imports. Apple you buy cutthroats in the market. You say giants by bull of cut foods, take a minute and look at the shape of that cut fruit. So you buy what melon I know exactly the rings that round. And this of you in cubes now, imagine cutting cubes out of fear. How much basic? Basic. Is that face going? A simple thing that it's it's you go shopping you find every cat. Straight and shapely major dozen major made me you'll local make may mean him look alive every person is different. So it why can't we accept every vegetable two different the nutrient value of the carrot whether it has two legs a one thing. You have problems of. Supermarkets overstocking, and we will discussing with a couple of markets this to why the do it. And one of them's which came was that. It's the visual impact. If I don't have those red peppers lined up nicely followed by jello, followed by green and all flew, it will that visual impact doesn't come. And my customer is not. Falls deeply affected or satisfied. If you to say that. So they have to ensure a look of abundance. What does that mean? Obviously, unless you are unless you have started your market, so well on your customer so rail that you know, exactly how much in need to sell and your design your shelves in that fashion. It means that you are left with things that the end of the day. Don't set you. Either you throw all if you are a socially responsible organization, you will contact a food Bank or some other organization, dealing and then donate. So our effort is that. Okay. We do not want to stop the business model, but do not waste to not throw at least tie of with some foot Banco, some charitable organization say, for example, one additions, ladies occasion, or whatever and see to it that y'all. Raced so-called waste is not ready. So I'm actually sitting here, and and I thought of a challenge, and it might be too late in the year for this. But I'm gonna throw it out there. And if it's a bad challenge, and I'm in the wrong. Please correct me. But I think for anybody that listened to this and didn't know that those perfect carrots that you get in the grocery store that they don't all grow like that. Go to a farmer's market. Because farmers markets are gonna be grown on the small farms. It's going to have the same nutritional value. They may not all be, you know, the glamorous sexy potatoes, and carrots and stuff. But it's, but it's going to be less expensive to and there's not gonna be overstocking either. So I think I would issue a challenge to anybody downloading this in in in North America. And I assume in in Europe in England, I don't know if they have farmers markets. They're anybody. Okay. Senescent Email the Email address this is on the web page. Let me know if we have farmers markets over there. But I would encourage you to go there and get your vegetables and get your food because I it sounds like a counter to some of the things that you are saying might be a little bit of an issue. Why not you have to inform yourself educate yourself about issues such as these and as I said eat with your head more and less with your heart shop with your head, more and less. Aren't you're open. Your fridge open. Your fridge. We got enough taking notes over here. Now. Certainly feel refrigerator and just go on hunches don't bend just sit down and try to see the thing that at the back of the shelf. You would realize that they perhaps belong to the grocery shopping. You did about three weeks back, and then you just pick them and check them. So trying change those habits making a list, which your and my grandmother's used to do fantastic idea. Now rarely do you find people with this? They go and buy because it's pleasing to the eye or bit just light the stuff. So by asked by your needs, not as your fancy. So are you going to allot you can do immense and there are as Asian? They're individuals were really doing fantastic job. I was reading about an open about IT company where which encourages people. The launch time to eat only what they can. And then just have a common place where they come and put the have not say. Leftovers, but what they decided that they would not be able to eat today, and they have a camera on top. And that photograph or that image them just goes to all the screens and office. So I see a Muffin there. And I think well, I didn't get a Muffin let me go and get one. So I come and just pick them that Muffin for all. And that has really helped reduce waste because they have done an accounting process by looking at the waist coming in the dispense. So what would be thrown in the dustmen is now kept on the table for those to share? And it's a very small step. Maybe it is not going to solve the problem of loss and waste in the world. But it's a positive step its support in the post of direction, and that is what really matters, and we own need to do it. Whether we are in our homes and offices in all nations in our government's every person every open as Asian every leader. Needs to think and do Asper his or her capacity on the prime minister of the country. I should be thinking the whole country. But if I'm individual living in one room house somewhere, I'm responsible for myself. I'll think for myself depends on the role that you play in the society you do as much as you can. And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end of a nother is as I said when we opened this was going to be educational, and I know I have learned quite a lot and I wanna thank Mr. tone for for Sharon for joining us today. Taking time out driving out to you know, the outsides of DC, whereas may take a minute to get back, but he came out and joined us, and I'm really grateful for that. I'm really grateful for this conversation. And I think as my parting notes, I would just like to tell everybody shop with your head not with your heart and have your heart in it. But radio percentage of the holiday. Dongo and target and get everything. Because that's my problem. It's like I wanted to just buy vegetables I by about vegetables, and then I buy clothes than by anything else that see those stores those stores, it's because those stores they have saying, it's they have everything. So why you know, you go in for oh, let me get a half gallon of milk. And next thing. You know, you're like, oh, I got a half gallon of milk and a food Thanh for my spare. The way you're saying how they're displaying everything is so that they can attract the customers. Does on north against you buying your on? When you buy a gallon of milk. I'm against buying two gallons of milk way lead up to half a gallon, and then checking the other gallon. Yes. No or get on locate. The the the way ice cream sold by to get to more who in this world for tops. Vice cream is the price of my boss. I swear we she right now. And he's a big guy, you know, like to actually means fifty percent off. So why can't you just say fifty percent off on every brick or every top? And Trump is still that you make the consumer tick more because he is she gets enticed by the to for to offer you take four home. You can eat it. She can't she Chuck said, you don't know. I eat all of it. Trust me. I said. And the flip side if it will the fifty percent off on every top. You can still go ahead by four if you need to eat full, and I probably chic and by one because she needs only one. So these are all ways in which you can you know? And on that note, ladies and gentlemen, I will thank you all for tuning in. I will thank you all for downloading this. I will think you all for watching this on video. Thank you, everyone and. Again, thank you to and Mr Sharon on too much. And remember hashtag it World Food day. Tell us how you're going to reduce your waist after listening to this episode. And until next time, ladies and gentlemen, we will say Sam. My name is Carl here with me. Or or more on it? One of those two is correct. I have this this up yet again. I didn't know what you're going all of that as well. List badly. Excellent. Slama cruelly. Few essay is a nonprofit organization that provides relief and development in a dignified manner, regardless of gender race or religion and works to empower individuals in their communities and give them a voice in the world you done. Now. Can we start the podcast and having to laugh Salat to seller Marla in and he was the he woman while. The water leak podcast. My name is Carl and here. Or are more on those correct? That that was it was so real.

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Fambul Tok for Girls

Make Sierra Leone Famous

59:53 min | 1 year ago

Fambul Tok for Girls

"Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Any I don't know say you go listen to these. So I'd agree. It's you in all the different times of the day. Meaning. I we ke Mo Bamba suggestively children General today. We get conversation bamboo talk for girls became this message and this conversation. They come to you from Radio 1 J 101.1 direct from Pooja District. Kuchh old town southern province of Sierra Leone. So today we did bring together the pagans them of the Galaxy Indianapolis districts, when they pass save the children in the accelerated education program will tell box telling about later. But today we did talk to the parents of Susan Kuhn been do facts matter camo. These days if it's liquidy talk to them. Because then three galti kien de Diya na gets the highest results than four npsc pilot program received the children. They do now Pooja and districts with his so exemplary in our say example in an Ideal World. I would say with you so good, but they achieved and stuff of Faith then, the remote areas than a program where they far from town. And so normally we know they expect the the fact that we come out and stuff aside. We don't get sources Altima days or the lights. They will take such good results, but they did and so we feel so sick very important. Let me talk so then play against them because I'm you say them and says that between that way we know Sabbath because if they're able to support them off. I believe I need to such high level of academic and Scholastic Excellence is not see not just for celebrate. But thankfully we talked a lot from there. So all the parents bought salad. We also get small kitchen there, especially guilty Kingdom go no waiting for do you like tacos contacted you need now, you all switch it became fully you able supposed to begin in learning and Google's because they all know say educational not in the the key with it open opportunity for p Quinta each bring in our society and that make the work with each other then they do not put your own these kids especially kind of these kids even back now Western area all bombs so important so thoughtful ask me patience that we David's with today for today. It's possible tell we you name Komatsu site on a baseball fan and the name the dog Yep game Google tell me your name your name off and we keep score this year. And if you want to use the Google operating. Mhm. It includes madala Ami for today talk. Doing good. now Banda. Saddam became okay. We've already agreed to grades are your opinions known my name is banana song. You know, I'm not a man. What I do now when Deepika. until Why not listed agrees on but off my name, Michael Palma? It became bedroom Wing Wah. Now I will not be there in D. Okay. All right. Well not tanky. So today we did talk to the parents of seeing and gave and with Scotty. I'm getting twenty-five M. Think. We also did talk to a minute, I mean 1 p.m. PST and been due moisture away Scott 321 off the national of the top posthumous Corner country when you sell a keyboard ingots 365 we on top people students then pujol with several children The Accelerated education program score 320 and 321. So you go Cinema City distance, you know at all on that same education program be passive actually very high as high as 91% compared to fifty 90% It's not I mean the southern provinces before winner Jose. And about 68% So you go realize say the performance of picking them within attitude and then program almost 30% higher than 10 PSP done being meaning that something is happening. Something is happening call directly with safety children. So I want to ask this first question. So you'll see I'm gay Brandy, So this question to ask you now fully you tell me about youself your life. How long before you will you be the exact as small peaking with, you know, your family situation and how you and see anger. They leave now off 70 bucks Pune Pune a life. Jamie Foxx you not inborn Vandy mature not to as we are. In fact, it's so small. Like do I not like right after everything just for the untranslatable get everything else really think both. So let's talk then you can then do this calculation on Thursday. Is that okay? Okay. Fantastic. Thank you so much. A well as you know in an hour-long really well. Bangla Song long as long as I'm using my phone. I love me. I don't want to lie down. Around what time? I'm like jumping 1498. So what's in your life way that same way it really crap if people are not put some cool. But if you put an OB know say for Mega picking of school will be important. You know Bingo school at all a gravity bong sangy shangy grew up in a poodle skirt quick that same way they put some schools and they don't big boss or you know go far from the school even one picket. They also they bolutife in Papa Modi. Able to take care of it also say the wall. Open, although you know the last school. I mean, you know the the school but they don't censor me for putting beginners callback even we don't want so it puts an eight-bit it unless their support and say bath in sign language from Lexus and the seats mpsc. Ninety coronavirus sickness, the lock school. Let me Saddam but CST off dummy puts a tech teacher for ten minutes off in the evening monitoring to Sante Sangre goes off in a minute, That's all it is. And the teacher it is Tori. Also the time will school be open saying it all go back it all sits down. p p s c h as in Albany free cell number, but it in several think it for this number saved put level fantastic the damnedest so studiously posting. They tell you lies say anything if I am fully be know decide say today with a quick fix over the left when I go try again, just because you know, you all something up before you let you know the way I am so young Peking also your own posting or even if something big so you became like in the case of the younger so even picking maybe not look like for damaging the Elan one. Clearly as we don't seen I also weeks and see I'm gay because in my math get an instant programming also save the children then at the community with this accelerated education program young people get the opportunity not just for land but for XL for Comfort aapna not even convinced. So that is so important our for understand how we able for eight people getting money or the resources for pain lessened during this covid-19 crisis fully table for 10 teacher for younger them back. I want to wait see make sure he's insane and nuts in or acrylics young comments. La Quinta and you got some money off of work off. I'm a wannabe everybody knew now this country says now big big Luma Place way during the week off of Tuesdays and Wednesdays all of us really own business too. Mundane. They gotta be then it sounds like business. So in the morning it is sent off or will sell us more flexibility trading now that money even they gotta repay teacher for Angela off in the evening and went to make you know, they allowed Sanger for comments in the evening. They don't learn less entangled. We don't bond 198 take care of the pke is it you know, because the community open to all kind crack kind because of the kind people they gotta be every week off. If we let them eat a full month and they got some problems I get a bond APK Council and the mundane okay as possible. So now that's easy if it allows them to, no more than another bordelon make a very strict. Okay, and almost. Okay. And it just passed for mpic almost years with we speaking? Okay, then between the time we wait longer be involved with class they at the time. So, you know been on start school at all by 16. Wow, so we spent language the game can be the program. Yeah. Okay. So basically what the exact specific days that you know the input strongest real quick. So even at the age of Sixteen it'll be longer better school. We took and Gamble and born but because of the education project with safety children get signed Community T. I guess that's one level one like, you know ever goes to school and you know, that's basically in two years younger people go from level one like the you know, when they go to school today, we don't kind of become one of the best performer not we're not in our community also. Yes. Okay, that's is. I I really want for congratulates you and see I'm gay but specifically you as the Impala because sometimes they really begin the the office make mistake we get this tendency for say we want punish them say okay you and you don't go get better really puts on like Christianity begin them false. Like now you do wrong thing you do bad things. So now you folks offer. So I really want to congratulate to you where you able to recognize you became importance as a human being fully able to recognize say no matter which happen now you can still go guides for land. I like young fifty-eight. I like the old 50 Watts opportunity come for landfill easy and a chance and that's supposed to completely heal. And so I don't know if it's a clarify you said, and they both if I'm in San Diego The athletes because now Unity, hi Mama and the type of woman. We we all for for sky for copy. Nocello. So I just want to say you've got solutions for when you sign up for you picking in this way if the opportunity where you need not just for instance now but also for your grandpa came because if if they don't go school it all down. You don't need back to somebody not life in a benefit to indicate a benefit. So you end up benefits to put your own and you want to sell. Oh so you get for you have to be very proud of that opposites Yankee also Cloud now I want for ask the mama of the next begin with score. So well not worth saving to get a project when you accelerate education project if you just stay join me be releasing so Vicki demo when I disable sugar and Google and pass it off of Stallone dead. Is program they come to you from Radio 1 J 101.1 nah, Pooja Pooja to Southern province of Sierra Leone. And today we did talk. So the parents them off the map project specifically Banda Peak Community when adding score the highest for the national primary school examination, when I am PFC we talked to the parents them more than three gap between them will not even be with Scott 320. I mean the the primary school 321 and then do more injury with school together in sir. And 21 with busy. We make this program. So unique last month not go see this programme also do accelerated education program recently children. They do not put districts now for boy peeking and gap between their wage Donde out of school either the envelope out of school because then begin they're not continue for any kind of body away. They either Financial or otherwise or whether or not even in school. They don't big. What's the most of you know, when they release you don't have class so save it should get creative projects back in 2016. When I be educated accelerated education package with the implements. Now, then really aggressive remote areas, they call daily value in cognitive meaning of waves in the southern province in this field, as you know, the areas we will call the last mile communities meaning this not really remote areas. They will know they get access to get a good education access to Good Health Care and other government services. So this Project's yeah starts with 721 clicking there. I believe we're being dong. Out of school. You got got people even get better. We know we're being affordable files or may not be delivered in a school majority of the beginning and I think it's about the 6248 issue with you make this project so unique not because the beneficial is the owner out of school and vulnerable girls and boys and for this year the packets for the one that we take and PSC on the display object and 91% packet meaning that they don't pass the entire past the past a big basket of the entire project this the entire life with a about 68% So today we did talk to the parents of the three girls the way that the accelerated education projects. We scored the highest marks for ntsc. We're not seeing a bandwidth. We've got Millions Wednesday. I mean, that's our panelists are getting twenty one and then do mujha we did talk to them my mother because if they get out they are so evil rich academic Excellence educational phone number. So, you know say not because their parents them invest in education and prioritized and safety and well-being. We just don't put up to tangle Gandhi in Miami. Wait till we see shanghi be dinner school at the age of you know, being really this even up to the age of Sixteen and O B. Really like better but at the age of Sixteen became better off and finally in my my really box is educate accelerated education project. It puts the darkness filter and get that level one the way with the accelerated education project, you know say regularly, but occasionally Nalick six yards you go flex 1/2 Classics The Accelerated when Alex speed of a fast educational project will see they're doing they take each each of us each two class in a pan one. So class one and class to my level one class B and class finally able to and confide in class. That means say very beginning. They start based off. In level, you can either static project a level 1 level two or level three see I'm gay is one cuz you know anything but in just two years younger able basically home completes the entire projects not just a complete the entire sixty hours in 2 years, but it also not able to go one of them has Max in community of conducting up to Jerome. So in my Master P a t too important seen them where you do for making calls to them but doing this code between you say school lock the particularly with and they do with younger people sell them take it put on towards less than teacher for this study before the exam as a use of them back in make sure stay home with the issues of Sanity harmful things and the Community Legal limits job teaching English and education and follow is say the big thing and and of course they all kind people in them. We if he left for the commercial Nets and Monday and Google do harmful things that we potentially either maybe take advantage on and they could seduce and let them get available not applicable any other kind pads you happen to have so invest in the education, then you could take some back from half and he's now one of two of the things that we're very very important from dealerpeak every age, but especially young and vulnerable gap between their these are the things that they need. So the next possibly why they can move on. So now do my mouth I mean after find a home so I mean that's an abundance of day you how you come up my life and are you being there with my mom was crying family you're born into and within the opportunities that we you being get so we're you know being yet so you grew up and how you and you can I mean except holiday off. now increase you so we are here. I mean, I'm so far now. Let me know really know look again so long like you know, so you're off. Let's see. I look forty-one for all that and vegetables be way off off. We don't we're not. And this woman named Mohammed banana the time with them when they come up then people don't believe in education. They're not put off at school. I mean I get a little man by force as you begin make like a macho. Thank you. You too, man Yvonne, I'm not I am not saying preferred day. They said they sell agunah Village the relay School business not being greedy. That's it. Is this little I begin realized a way to make it for fun? Because you know lamb exec Village accounts outside the the big people there where Sally between A and B. It's a study abroad program going to repeat. It has been bloody it taking picking the same. I'm gonna the ABC school but I'm saying I'm not allowed to pick it because you know been there on the 2nd floor and normally from cleaning business that one they'd be in jail for soon will be Wireless because even sister back in the sofa if I'm not continue for the Monday picking and so, you know, I'm not trying to soften go past you'll be making talk to people and a mini study. I'm Not Dead. I'm so December 8th become. throat any other places Apple jr. How she never married young boy. I see you got damaged. The man man. Well quit story song remind. You gentlemen. So, you're better off without any Not the a preschool is the same thing. I mean they talk to people they sit and they take a class. Because we'll see see if we allow I'm not in the evening monitor. I'm not sure makes most move markets. I'm not I'm not about to sell the one that way in the world. I mean they take I'm not I'm not a form a study a small small frame will call him because he knows what you mean even way in Lewiston they have you know, I'm not I'm not I'm not I believe it's 10:00 PST. It's a manual labor has not been examined. And from where the results come over they say I'm not I get that kind number you said today? He has bloody really really happy for waiting happy my life. That's amazing know I think say the same way people are knocking remember that when you want to know the effects you between right we both became no matter how how how much your age will you boil became, you know, the it's typically it's you behave the way you to bleed. It also so acid, that's the way he liked the the the the the Disco you you blend in a ability for kitchen phone Nissan for land for Poland still not seeing where you pump leaking. Yes, you know biologically they change your body and you get it now added responsibility to see okay now you got home Yogis between you get four provides programs feed except except but the reality is that in order in a in a recoil you braid. So if it for barbecue not available because I am currently pants and Like You Go-Go member that say just because first because it became The Unborn namaste in brain. We're right off any age between brain only twelve. So if you get the chance and the opportunity and I like what you do because you realize they okay I get something they want for me became may not get that that is education knowledge, but let me be able to be cable gets information when you realize say, you know able to that. You know, she don't say midnight you say okay. I'm not sorry, but people then they will be waiting me go able to do for mix and people they are so for building relationship with the letting-go table for coming home. Cindy Salon in we may not get not one of the things we also speak to your character. So you're not really really good, you know, really good memory, you know exemplary in my mind because you're not taking me because I know gets larger zero so you say I'm not gets box Mega see how I go able to do. So, I really think say you need for you. You're not take you know a m m p s c exam, but you said this call came back because of the kind investment where you make falafel and I mean after which one for us cuniff or waiting with some of the dangers of them with similar way, they humble Galaxy within our bond. P. We know they didn't chance for living wage. They really better in a society of a little be an intimate a while for bewitching that if the dangers then bonded people get the kids. What if you gotta go off? Five. I just got yourself off. And in order agreement promotes near at all, because the box in the way, they're not gonna be nine Lake weather Monday King Kong. From Monday night in business money making, then go, with speaking and gamble a moment. There's no set up bikini. Don't get better know what kind of game long as the now that's make another alarm at all. And back is if they get older delay 9:40. No matter too it's a bad day. Then go go bad no matter what. Do you need mama? Do that picking the I like you talk to her or can we enable believe we see the talk with him. A little too long. It will make sense, Not the community and will not be even other side or make, you know, get access to a gig tell me last question I asked. Would see that it seems to be kind seen that we sell a minute every day. We you see stay there until we tell and I mean, I understand say and you care for them and you want the birth. You're not able to call the lady apology. I hear something up off off. It connects also Ami Woman to Woman college and how important for gal picking. You don't see say it took example, fine self say although minalin and domick you today so Fidelity today, but if you learn you go pull minimum wage and that these guys so far all day so far you picking their nose of a game suffering go and find me at all days have to read a thousand women. They go through a Nolan book they talk to you know, get sober whatever little thing that we get. We are not once it again here is to make an emphatic in order to allow for me get other parties mistreats into the make phone and they play play any secrets were dead. He gets if you cancel alarm and make a maleficum in all believe other customers believe anything until I mean, I mean, I believe in between and that's not so into for me. I'm close to and believe in. Okay, thank you so much. If you just did join the program being applicable save the children gal ambassadress Masala today this conversation with indecent to home. They come to you from Radio 1 J 101.1 Tampa General District the southern province of Syria today. We did talk to the parents them off from Banda Pina and John the streets. When are the score the highest Hannah off? Now Daniel. Happy birthday party, 1:00, 1:00 to 1 to 1:00 a.m. With the song was number one table for you at least. In in Miami, my name, Yvonne bedroom been in papa took the nobody's you don't together again, you know puts men do not cool at all a big Community Thursday 9 going to happen this program kind of thing. Now, he's also been when you say not a Ghost full you say don't dig in order goes off most not begin the class well enough or encourage violence and grab a really wage for Wolf 98 be in the morning. It can walk now Bush far more to do if you go after we're dead. Bob smokes lots of data. It being rude, even we own the morning 8:00. So 10:00 then then you're gonna eighteen way, my school back Waikem. It is in Korea now that I mean they say School of yes, the immunity talk to people in four million politics been to class. Day, it's Gardino. Been exam. You don't pull this kind number. Okay. Thank you so much again. I just saw let's say and you know, I hope said, you know, we're not doing my mother and be Wonder within the same. We have been 15 taking off their way. They don't get time and land because especially with the Monday it will be no soonest alone. And if you look at the industry serials the language have either like the Monday disability rights to pass because wage Bill to get this and really dangerous English same Monday Galaxy Kingdom, you know, Do you have anything stronger like with friends and family? And so the whole Vin suggested we all the way across all the cool things in different communities them the ignorant get small morning. Then they say, you know, it's in Genesis instead. Is mediocrity neighbors. So usually an employee beginning making him Transformer screw off and leave the same possible if internal Lan the corner from the church, but anything is absolutely no go to school then opportunity deck Millennium between those two is not putting gap between that that. The note example off. Because we know about One responsibility as being wonky came in about one responsibility that you create as many factors should make sure subscription-based website 1 a.m. And we losing any kind of runs within an hour. It came in, Orlando. the with another another question lack of Education because education also necessarily the the stock the education begins with cold education. We landing page so you blame the way with education they would be really I don't even think so even when you were fantasy possibly good efforts. Remember the off-season if this. Because then bring the electrical people in like machine learning and education, we need to log back into a machine for the remote, but if you don't must it's like your brain very much they come on. Eating in minutes with you because it won't like I said five years ago, if you know this kind of more than enough off the world moving day was just now in convincing Village the artist of the last minute but now the Maltese yeah so much of a chance today, but simply repeating po14c for all my land mines education. So I want for events and individuals would not be Monday. When when I own one of the beautiful people they do not form a home phone, but burned and so you said Thursday the settings the games to Max for 29 when I don't do phone number to the last question. I want to ask a game. With seen one program and Gabby speaking. And now by we on support switching the news weekly going to get off here. Then when she went out and bought these activities in education because of the same you choose not they improve the community and also many Americans now, but then again, I didn't expect it was still mean this week this specific to the subject if these projects will gain anything that seems to be happy and to gather kindling within a bundle today boy ya girl. No, they are not off today guys here if we get five program with you and that all of them will not be no. Well, or 9 in the morning, yesterday, I'm going to know that his brother-in-law. He did plead so you for make you bisa Babu. When it was supposed they became implicated or make a complete the application. And this would somebody not exercising. Is that the one that went down last night in communities? We know get access this guy opportunity to this accelerated education program yet. They actually asked then they plead for make you miserable also medicine get this opportunity. If not, so bad will not be Community will get problems. You think I know Moe speaking and then the community the Nolan book they prompt. Oh, okay, but single system, so I feel that maybe somebody will also made this program your continued. now now slip down in Miami said, I mean, I'm fine. So why I probably, boom-boom-boom Gomez. One would go down women work and more and more than able to each other. So that is Amma. How may dial it under my mother to you and the government's or may not be Cebu Cebu supports the beginning. We don't pass through this system of Education. They don't go and about and steamy for continued on Cedar complete the sunlit will not see dick off. so you and the government's for make this program continue now Banda fee because we need this facility them back for men and sign language. I'm not sure they don't consider that don't go through this system. Yeah, although they don't wanna go school. They don't go school. They don't complete by my education. They don't pass. They don't go now. If you click so you and the gulf mix When do babies suck off the car? Listen to Ben AMA back say maybe feel a strong strong feeling on that then Wednesday or make them picking that we don't go and defend off, hold and they also for the one that we don't have many Community themselves opportunity so that the concrete at Large. We did today and go outside wall one other country. And that's not complete. Okay. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you for waiting on taking time for what? I'm going back to some kind of videos off this conversation. I also congratulate sooner of me as Monday. We we need lessons and The best time my mom with any inconvenience. Just because we kind of how we were watching with Team know, 5,000 sitting on a Google Apps used to be our best to use so far for you for you with some opportunity for you. Now that I'm on my way home and this means I want to congratulate Suna but we are being done crying. I'm not in that kind of doing so we really wonderful on the job as a as a bonus. We grow plants benefit from learning and education on just a solid truck roll for State you really important police finally taking place learning world as a great nation with Automation and we'll book club. For diabetics shown and guidance for Halloween games for the life of the Galaxy Kingdom. Now we constantly because if we get for long as he's still, you know blaming we can do anything in the fingers America, I think of England and people from Philly or China or India because of the things that fits a concealer and then considering not ever follow me to say that they talked about protecting the rights of children boys and girls and make sure and get you guys education and health care and just maintain just the lights, became became it became and so I can always change that for me as interesting as a business person as an interpreter as a game. And as human being with them the parents and Guardians are being invested give you the opportunity to be believed meal and allowing you for being you know sneaking up and just became like any kind of team that another thing they they make it will employ 12 people then Saloon and God and I really something so natural developments within that 6. I know it would be this time posting that we conventionally country, but we're having slow leak in an Indian cooking. I don't even choose the line and Float Development Center. So they message we are 1% almond and Guardians. Please continue to provide moral support for me picking them because God became Team Deep and see the women allowed out the kingdom for me. So we need to do like See, I'm dating my mom. I mean outside in my mom been doing my my full name. He makes us to him and close them got a few human voice of him and close when he came to play that game Let's see. We mean valuable value them and value the Life Community does reception and she can look up sequin Paramount shape. Maybe Mom with pasta dish receiver Society. I'm talking media. We need one for me to do not insure City governments doing within government supposed to produce and protects me to Kingdom. If you're not convinced me that you know, she she gave him a clearing wonderful and cleared you but let you continue purpose and bylaws the interface for a child marriage because picking not be kimd opportunity came along. Now and if he cannot pass Engineers, so the only way when we were able to protect the kingdom off and for the inconvenience and it has a little to survive by Los Angeles and child my team teenage pregnancy because in them off and then they've been calm and descendants music. C-17 people talk about it when when picking it will not reveal personal and now now liability meeting speaking instead of maybe I said, so see we can make one effective I believe so, if you want to bring it will be called an asset valuable assets on and prevention curriculum committee composed by now. We then nothing came on a hypocrite text when you bring it in sometime and last name. You don't need it to the government. Our government leaders policy-makers. The one they they they have a preference of agencies. The one that wage twenty minutes. They live meaning meaning of salut a Tous. Because the control the next day because you have any children evening. So you took the center of all the 200 say, you know, is this good for our children now that personality problems with us anytime. I want to know more expensive as clumsy actors these these weapons policy this long. Is it good for our children? They're going to protect our children. So they aren't War isn't going to give them quality education. Is it good for our bearings? Is it legal to kill anyone? Who is it? Yeah, and even answer is no we don't do but in India in embracing with your best when our children because you know off. The alarm send this message. So every single government came with the seller wanted a message to Universe a minimum wage and don't tell you you need for those days without thinking you will not see you live. Make little special with them for lunch time for lunch. If you're not hearing you want Book Table. You said the patient's the named they gave seventy-five an indication whether you learn information Google Google best settings for my life because now I'm just pissed off. Some kind of science used to commute spaceship. We've okay kaise dalu knock knock knock space. So kind of young people feel for Council to find out he was a business technology company like Facebook page because if Gathering to keep up with all the opportunities that not so long. Memphis. So so thank you listening to this program today. We come to Home Town in the southern district Southern Providence. This is a sign of pregnancy mean. I've been here more mean I got ambassador to Iraq where they got the understanding. It's an education program. Now the same way only ideas for the worst fear and fifty people of birth. The building on bond 19 19 19 19. I think the more dependents for like two decades to me amazing work in education amazing work in health care and just leave me they were working as machines with the government and civil society and convincingly that for push the welfare and well-being followed of Silence between them so that song again. Accounting from radio one day. We have to spank them. Thank you to all my love you wondering one point one afternoon, make sure this program but also on consultation to say, but you left that I really didn't make this conversation possibly also work until things to all men women. Do not a supporter of civil engineering wage doesn't get a real Global me because without that means it's activated education project. It's a little longer possible. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you. Bye mom or your birth. Mary speaking. Thank you for listening and I've been saving of New Jersey and I said look, I'm sorry, but please God became outside of knowing which is Anthony. We are we're definitely thank you so much for listening. Have a wonderful wonderful thing. Goodbye.

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Envisioning our Automated Future (With Marc Verbenkov) Ep #52


53:37 min | 10 months ago

Envisioning our Automated Future (With Marc Verbenkov) Ep #52

"Automated podcast welcome to automated. I'm your host mark for bank of and in this weekly podcast. We'll be exploring the impact of emerging technology on jobs society as well as us with business and technology leaders researchers and independent professionals across the world. So this week's episode is going to be a little bit of an inverted one. So i was actually invited to speak about automation. The future of impact on technology and other things by tamil liang. This is one of the hosts of the data for future podcast so actually discussed many different topics from automation to ai vr. And even some of the potential impacts of covid so i really found that the conversation was interesting engaging but it ended up being quite long. So i've gone through and edited the more than one hour conversation down to the more relevant talking points for this podcast But if you want to hear and see the entire conversation it'll be up on the automated. Podcasts youtube channel. Also do out tammy and pavlos podcastone again. This is data for future. If you're looking for discussions focus on the intersection between data and sustainability. I think they have a lot of really interesting. Discussions and episodes out thirty to listen to the topic and we want to bring it to the show to share with everyone and the very first topic we talk about during our conversation was emerging technology such a automation vehicles or virtual reality how they are impacting. The workforce for now and for the society in the long run but among rich we focus a lot on the topic employment. We have this argument among eve. The emerging technologies such a. It will cause more employment on the way and we had a pretty big disagreement that was about a year ago when we had the conversation so the first question i mark do you have. You changed your idea about technology and implement first of all. Thanks for inviting me onto the podcast. It's great to be here. I'm also glad that you're able to start. And keep going with the podcast. Yeah for your question to respond to lake. Weather will cause unemployment. There's really two different camps that you can fall into. And i may have been playing devil's advocate but doing my own podcast for the last year or so has changed my thinking on it a little bit or maybe not changed it but baby made it a little bit deeper right so In one camp you can think of ai. And any other emerging technology that causes automation as creating something called technological unemployment and this is where technology replaces the human employees right so it creates jobs to become obsolete. Good example of this is like a horse carriage driver right. It's something very visual that all of us can remember the pictures. There are no real horse carriage drivers anymore. I mean they exist in tourist attractions and things like that but the car replaced horses in general and the driver and many other people right so you would say that. Those people have been made obsolete due to technological unemployment now the other argument is something called creative destruction right or falls within the camp of that and this is maybe where we were discussing the point on. Ai right where new emerging technologies destroy but then they also create so you have a right now is part of the hype cycle many people believing that it is kind of the last technology that humans need to create and it will create tons of unemployment if not all unemployment for for potentially all jobs that humans do. Which again going back to our discussion. Maybe that was a little bit hyperbolic and i was taking that point of view in order to spur on the discussion. But yeah through the through the podcast. That i have myself to the discussions that i've been having in through the research that i've been doing. We are currently seeing now a to an extent destroy some jobs or at least transforming them however in the long run there is. I don't want to be too hyperbolic. But there is a high percentage chance that many jobs will be automated and we can get into the wise and into the into what specifically later on. But if we want to kind of recap on that discussion. Currently a is destroying some jobs but in the long run yet has a great potential to to eliminate many different kinds of jobs. Okay so i think we're more or less reach to closer agreement on that but it's very interesting to note how the your idea definitely evolved throughout the year. You were trying. Our podcast automated. I'm curious what do you think was your biggest learning throughout all these interviews. You've done and other research preparation you've been doing. And there is some cases or discoveries that really change your perception on this topic. A good question. i think for the most part it's been just defining appreciation and understanding of these emerging technologies right One of the interesting technologies. That i've personally been quite interested in over the last year is virtual reality. So i've had a lot of virtual reality. Ceo's come on and one of the interesting things that i've learned from that is that of course it's an emerging technology and. There's a lot of hype around it especially a couple of years ago when the hype kind of its all time peak but now that the the industry is getting of or has been flooded with a lot of investment. There's a lot of new services tools and even products that have been built out over the last couple of years and what this is leading to is kind of more potential to actually have new jobs being created in the vr space. And maybe we'll talk a little bit later on in the in the episode in the discussion here. But it's also been highly influenced because of covert right because we're living in this socially distance world now our socially distanced era. Vr though it might not be fully utilized right now. Many of the people that i've had on are definitely thinking that yet. Maybe give it another five ten years and there will be maybe not four mass adoption but there will be a greater amount of adoption of vr and use it than previously believed. And i one year ago if you'd asked me about. Vr would be a little bit about it. But i wouldn't have kind of the appreciation. That i do now about what. The potential future of it is so among the many branches and impacts that technology can bring you focus more over the aspect of employment and we can talk about air or anything else. How do you think that will. Impact the workforce. Yeah sure thing. So i mean it's it's it's going to impact a number of different parts of society over the next couple of years if these predictions stick to it but specifically with employment one of the big things that is going to impact his training right. So there's one specific use case which You might find interesting. There's a training center in finland for truck drivers and bus drivers so like large vehicle drivers and there's only one main center in all of finland and with a new government regulation These truck and bus drivers had to renew their licenses through this training every single year. However this one center only had. I can't remember the exact numbers. Say fifty buses and fifty trucks so it wasn't enough. You know physical tangible devices in this case buses and trucks in order to train all of these Drivers out there. So what they implemented was a vr training station right. It was also a bit of a test because they didn't know whether the are training would be as good as actually training on a truck so there was a A multi year study. That was done with this and at the end it was found that so a number of things one the amount of people that could be trained on it was of course vastly greater because you all you need to do is put on a headset. You can have a couple of little training sessions and then move onto the next thing the resources that are saved our fast. You don't need to burn up any fossil fuels or even have a truck or bus in that sense and the third was that though wasn't one hundred percents as good as actually training on a truck. The the Results were comparable in the ninety percentile range. Where somebody who had only been trained on. Vr headset Was then put in a truck or a bus at the end of that training session and they were able to perform at about ninety percent even in some cases a little bit higher As somebody who had only been trained on a actual physical truck or bus so the vr experience was the technology now is good enough to enable that these training centers are good enough to replace the physical situation. That's in terms of employment that actually gained abel's more training that means more people can come to the job. So that's the one case we were talking about where technology is creating more jobs for people but meanwhile our dear cases desk going to the theater direction. Sure well if we wanna stick with vr. So it's a little bit of a double edged sword right. So so yes we see. The trainings are enabling new people to perhaps come in even those Those drivers that house explaining are able to keep their jobs. But you also have to look at some of the entire industry right. So if you have just vr headsets and no more training centers than the people that are actually Typically setting up an entire workshop for the trainees or the actual experienced truck drivers who actually do the training for the people. Those people might be losing jobs. It's a little bit of job. Creation and job destruction each time that one of these emerging technologies. Come in the. I guess the ultimate question here which hasn't been answered. As far as i'm is specifically within the vr training sector is whether one is greater than the other right weather more jobs will be destroyed or whether more jobs will be created. And this is. I think something that like many different reports out there are starting to look into a little bit harder for emerging technologies. Because there's not that much data about them just not enough years of experience with these kinds of technologies out there but with more stable technologies that happened there for some time robust and since then the it's the date is a little bit more clear that More jobs are destroyed for every new robot. For instance that is that is implemented in in different kind of companies for sure like the balances. Depending on the industry's never we can never fugard's searching number or the question will have announcer but what fascinates me. He's less use the case you're talking about with vr and trucks river drink training to certain scale this kind of technology deployment only apply to maybe companies will come afford them. And sometimes if you're not at scale the ultimatum of certain task doesn't really make sense because the investment of the technology requests too much and then people tend to clean back to using force in these transition like these as a constant barrier where. I don't see that automation will take many jobs very soon because there are just so many clean street is is a very tedious task. And you need to do your job like no matter. The weather no matter their location but if we imagined the flea ultimately solution to clean the street for us is hard to imagine that who invest money into this and make everything fully automated so for me. Certain job types. They're going to police the right for very long time. And they're not going to be impacted by the automation even though they're the most basic and the job that needs to be replaced the most yep absolutely i couldn't i couldn't agree further with you so i think you also hit on one of the key things here is the investment cost right Because a lot of these automation solutions weather. We're looking at row boss autonomous vehicles. Ai etcetera are very pricey. You're absolutely right. That certain businesses even certain cities or certain countries couldn't afford a lot of the kind of full automation solutions. That are that are available right. So what you see is a lot of you know kinda half solutions or part solutions in the in the Fulltime work that. I do i also work on a collaborative european projects and one of them has to do with collaborative robots which is a robot arm that is able to sense when a human employees around and slow down and stop rather than you know the kind of traditional industrial robots. That don't know that you're there and might even crush you or break an arm or something like that. So they have to be kind of enmeshed in a cage. The collaborative robots which are an emerging technology right. So the they're not as developed as the traditional robots They are cheaper So they are more easy to implement for say a small business an sme as we as we call it in the work that we do So you have a cheaper solution. That only partially automates certain things right. So but it's it's your right as things get more expensive. Fewer solutions are available however once the technology improves to such an extent once the cost of that technology are reduced or once you reach economies of scale when you're able to fully grow your company then those technologies are going to be cheaper. They're going to be able to be implemented to different places and in a wider. I could at scale solutions. Totally agree aberdeen. Vr which we've been talking quite a lot about. Are there any other technologies that you think they're very promising and there will once we reach a point when technology's advanced enough we can see a huge impact. Yeah for sure I mean as we talked about at the beginning i mean. Ai is one of the one of the main ones and we can talk about it a little bit later on but also as we were talking about the kind of gartner hype cycle. I would say that we're right. Maybe not at the peak. But we're very close to the the hype cycle of the autonomous vehicle. Market for instance. Right so i mean nobody. Does it better than yulon mosque with with tesla. I know that you're a fan of c- We're we're experiencing kind of almost weekly or even daily large news. Bits about the autonomous vehicle market. So there is a lot of promise there. There's also a lot of interest for investors because There have been some numbers that have come out recently saying that you know the robo taxi This is obviously the autonomous taxis in cities across the world could lead or could be a one trillion dollar market. Just the taxis themselves. We're not talking about Bus transport or Boat transport or rail or or long haul trucks or anything. It's just the taxis right just Urban vehicles that could be a one trillion dollar market. So there's there's tremendous hype surrounding this technology right now however this This is one of the things that we were talking about at a previous discussion. Was that of real automation versus Or hype automation versus real automation. I could say so the Most of the press coverage of autonomous vehicles is focused around this robo taxi right the the urban vehicle that can take you from your house to your job and back again or from your house or from your from your work to your groceries and kind of anywhere in the city that has gotten i would say ninety nine percent of the attention if not more however it's only at sea level four right if a maybe i can step back a bit. The there's kind of five levels of autonomous vehicles zero being. There's no digital autonomous support and level. Five is you don't even have a steering wheel or gasser brake pedal your full passenger. Everybody's a passenger in the car and the the system in the car does everything for you. So we're only really at the best solutions right now. Level four yulon moscow especially this year has raised that hype cycle a little bit more by saying that tesla motors will have level five by the end of this year in december of two thousand twenty. Very exciting if that actually happens. We'll see we'll see we'll see you right but when it comes to other like it'd fully autonomous transportation solutions. There's already many examples out there so we have fully autonomous trains right. Because they're relatively simple. It goes along one track and you only need somebody to either slow down or stop the vehicle or i guess then started up against the the amount of situations that a train can come into is vastly less complicated than a vehicle in a city which is why there are numerous fully auto level five autonomous trains out there also for metro car. So the subway and things like that. I lived in to lose a number of years ago. I think even some seven years ago and they already had fully autonomous metro stations throughout the whole city so there are a number of these technologies that have been implemented Same thing for autonomous ships. This hardly ever gets any news coverage but we have a number of autonomous ships already traversing the english channel for goods. I don't know if they've been using passengers lately but definitely for goods and also for planes right because you're not likely to crash into another plane when you're in the skies because the skies are so so big and so clear We do have level five autonomous planes. And that's now actually being moved into the military but but that's a whole other discussion for for another time. maybe so yeah if i can just Summarize quickly we have kind of the hyped level of automation which typically gets the most amount of press coverage. Because it's exciting. It's it's going to impact more people's lives but it's maybe a fair amount of time off. Thank autonomous vehicles. Could be you know a decade or two decades away before the fully implemented whereas we have kind of the real autonomous solutions. That are already in place which rarely get any news coverage but there are already there Which is which is kind of an interesting juxtaposition between the two. I'm sure people also expressed different concerns toward this emerging technologies. not only in terms of employment. 'cause if there's automated vehicle means drivers are gonna begun and there is a more automated plane that means is the cost be lower and people is going to be easier to travel however we also sync about if there is more planes flying guy. We're closer to the one point five degree allowance. So what are some concepts that you think. People are the top concerns together with the technology. Yes certainly so of course. I like talking about unemployment Concerns job concerns but there are two other kind of really interesting concerns. I think that Don't really get talked about too much. So one is cybersecurity right so When you have a automated vehicle for instance it's it's it's significantly easier to automate an automated vehicle than it is say a nineteen fifty which has no digital parts in it right so you can. You can then extrapolate that to all different parts of society or civilization even wanna go a little bit bigger. You can have a fully automated manufacturing plants right so there. There are fewer humans if not no humans in there. It's easy or easier to hack into a robot than it is to hack into a human right same thing for Logistics you've seen there was a there was a viral video years ago. It was with the amazon warehouse vehicles. I don't know if you've seen the like little orange. The called autonomous guided vehicles. So they just very simple they lift up boxes they move them around but they're in something called the dark warehouse right so you don't need lights on anymore because there's no human workers in there but there's just thousands of robots moving working collaborating in order to move the goods that you and i enjoy from from amazon. See a hacking is a is a big concern. I think there are also like a different prices out there from a number of these companies that are bringing about these autonomous solutions again. Most notably a tesla had a think it was a one hundred thousand of not a million dollar prize on several years ago for anybody that could hack one of their vehicle models. It didn't happen. So they're kind of robust in the in the hacking sense but that's one of the industry leaders right definitely going to have problems as time goes on as more of these autonomous technologies are implemented with a hacking concerns. But those are. I say smaller localized problems right. You could probably hack one vehicle. You can probably hack one robot but it would be significantly more challenging to like an entire warehouse or an entire autonomous fleet. The of more systemic problem actually came from an article. And i have it written down here because i think it's really interesting for people i recommend to have it in the show notes. But it's also for people that want to listen to it. it's by james p crutchfield in two thousand nine article the hidden fragility of complex systems. So very very interesting article not too long. I recommend anybody who's interested in this to look into it. As i said it was written in two thousand nine and he was talking about the transportation system across the globe becoming more interconnected becoming more complex becoming more interdependent and because of that it becomes more fragile at a systemic level. Right so many people said he's a little bit of a prophet because he actually uses a virus hitchhiking on Transportation systems that could eventually lead to a global pandemic right so many people are saying okay. Well he was. You know i think. At the time he was talking about the h h one n one virus but It's much more relevant for today's no covert situation. So i think the interesting relevant point here is that this article talks about ask systems become more an interdependent. they become more linked to become more of a system. It's much easier for the entire system to collapse rather than one small isolated aspect of the system to class which that which then can be repaired or replaced We're really looking at as we move forward into kind of an automated future a bigger kind of systemic collapse or systemic risk rather than the smaller changes. Yes very interesting for decide of cybersecurity for sure it's something especially the big tech company star to pay a lot of attention investment into because the potential disaster. He's just purely out of imagination like if we look at the budget for the us army versus for education and we see that to defense. You need to invest so much more and to think about so much more and on the other side. I really like the idea you shared about this system fragility. When is getting complicated. There's also another question. I wanted to ask you about as we go into more advanced technology more automation a super exciting. And we can just. Maybe there's a tool so easy to use your two buttons and we can achieve whatever you want maybe we can just think in our head and the things will happen but we'd reached a point where we really don't understand the very basic about how things work and i think we as a society are rising higher and higher from around of the knowledgeable. The today we were having conversation with our friend who talk about nowadays. We do need to remember any knowledge because google is at our fingertips. Ed whatever we google. We need to learn how to search how to find the answer using tools viewed by other people rather than find ourselves. Do you see that as do you have some thoughts on that. In terms of how the development of technologies balancing with how people really learn and understand an intact. yeah absolutely. this is actually a really interesting topic. So i've had multiple debates or you know conversations on this topic over the years especially with people that are at a different generation right a little bit older. This seems to be a trend that there's always this idea that the newer generations are getting ruined right because of new technologies know our generation. It's cell phone use right. We're losing as you said our ability to think our ability to calculate our ability to to think in the ways in which previous generations attributed value to and From from what. I've been reading over the last few years this is. This is not a new trend. This is not to go away right if in the next couple of decades. If we have children we are going to be critiquing them and their generation about the the things that we value right probably a good deep interesting conversation is something that value now that might not be relevant in twenty forty years from now one of the things that i think is interesting is yeah we we are potentially losing some skills some characteristics that previous generations valued but then we also gaining new ones. Right like as you said our ability to Thing on google impossible to think of twenty years ago for for our parents generation However we are losing the ability to to maybe retain that information as you were saying so essentially. What does this conversation come down to. It comes down to. What do you attribute value to society attribute value and then. How do you argue to people that think. Okay it's really important to retain knowledge in your in your own personal brain rather than having it stored on the collective brain. You can make that argument because it was valuable twenty years ago. I would still argue that. It's still valuable to retain information euro mine but as the searching capabilities becomes easier and easier and as it becomes less important to retain information because searches become so easy that argument starts to dwindle. Starts to fade a little bit. And i think this is the same argument for any other skill that we see that we value. Now we value. Because we're young. We're ambitious because we're using our skills in the in the world. I do think that you know. Give it another forty fifty years we will probably be holding onto the vast majority of those skills and valuing them still wall. Society has moved on to other skills that we don't necessarily value because they are different in foreign to us. I think this is kind of the the generational argument that comes all the time. And i think it's an interesting one but i also think that it's one that's going to continue interesting thing i've actually think about is down the road. Maybe a one day in terms of for revision nationality. We talk about okay. Do you use the product from apple or google or at exa or epa putting your house. I see nowadays we are. We grew more and more reliant with those service providers who able to basic day-to-day working life communication between friends however we are social and entertain ourselves but on the other side is really creating this distance and polarization of the society and talking about unemployment people who take the trend. Can't your skill site constantly learn can maybe take advantage of it and then stay on top of the game and the be benefit from this chain cycle. Hovered are also people who are not willing to are able to feed the trend of the society. not digital. don't like it. They don't have the knowledge resources to think about that. And then those people we think are eventually going to be people who chop into the unemployment pool. Baby will engage immoral jobs like surveys entertainment art. Which i don't think we'll be replaced by robots as much in the future but meanwhile what should those people do. Yeah that's a bit of a sad and complicated question simultaneously so Yeah i think you really hit the nail on the head here but this is all remember. This also happened in all transitions in the past right. So i use the example of the horse buggy versus the car right. That's kind of one of the the more recent the last hundred year. That was a significant transformation. Right you had many people completely out of work. you know. Their their life skills were no longer useful on the market But then you also had other people that transformed their business their skills to make use and value for the new emerging car market right many of the like the large car suppliers or parts suppliers. I should say actually used to be carriage suppliers. Right they've evolved over the last hundred years So there is of course this capacity to survive these transitions but more to your point about those people. That can't necessarily do that. Maybe one other thing. That's quite interesting. Is that things are a little bit different from back. In the horse and buggy days things move a lot faster so even even if some people are you know they have the desire to as he said. Continuously learn. Take on new skills Get new education to become relevant to the job market. They might not be able to simply because things are moving too quickly. Or because there's now you need to be hyper specialized on something in order to become successful at it right in just takes it just takes too long. This kind of goes to a partial answer to that anyways is it goes to some different kind of regulations or policies. I should say that are starting to creep up especially now with the kobe situation. The most famous or well known out there is of course universal basic income so. This is something that has been around for decades. It's been talked about by both sides of the aisle both left and right however we are now seeing specifically because of covid because many people used to think. Oh it's going to be automation. that's going to bring about. Universal basic income because jobs are going to be raced but no is a tiny little virus. Little microscopic virus that has forced everybody into into lockdown into shutting. Down their business. Right of an enforced. Shut down if your business. You essentially be are being made obsolete simply because of new government regulation and policies so because of that we now have of course. A lot of stimulus plans across europe and across america and must fi most of the world and there is a new resurgence of this idea of universal basic income. It has as i said it's been around for four decades One of the earliest full pilot studies of this was actually done in canada. Province called manitoba which not too many people know of. But this is already in the seventies so some fifty years ago It was It was an entire community that was given Between one or one and a half to two thousand canadian dollars per month Fix for inflation and They were giving it four. Believe three to four years right so it wasn't just a six month period. It was. It was a considerable amount of time. Of course then. The government. Canada shifted It was a little bit more of the conservative government in the shut down the project but sociologists and apologists since then have been looking at that one studied because it was one of the longest was one of the first. And what they find. Is that a lot of socially abbott behaviors. You know crime. Violence drug use pregnancy unwanted pregnancies teenage pregnancies etc were drastically reduced in the community that had this universal basic income implemented over the three years. So i don't want to just say like this only happened in canada because some people might think. Oh it's just in canada but not specifically this This pilot site but many different other forms of universal basic income have been piloted across the world. There's a an example of alaska they have this Dividend every citizen in alaska gets. I can't remember exact number a couple of hundred. Or if if it's like a thousand or two thousand dollars per year Simply because they live in alaska. It's not universal basic income per se. But it's part of it. But i think most. Interestingly you have examples in places where really go far. So there are numerous cases in india where you have entire just a community but entire smaller towns are given universal a form of universal basic income right. They're given enough support where they have enough money to to satisfy their means for a considerable amount of time two years three years sometimes and they're able to be measured against another town as a control group where more or less the rates of violence and crime. Excetera were the same. Before and again we see the same sort of thing we got a lot of these Abberant behaviors decreased when universal basic income is implanted there. But i think the more interesting part here is that you see something a little bit different. And that's you have a new higher levels of entrepreneurism so you have people who have their basic necessities taken care of and they know. I think there's also key point. They know that it will be taken care of for the considerable future. So it's not like a six month project you you know you hoard that money in in fear of the day that this project has done. No there's this there's this continuity with the projects so as i said you have these communities where they they feel at ease for some some of them the first time ever right at thorough like a small farming community or far small farming town There kind of at the risk of different weather patterns but now doesn't really matter what the weather does. They have enough money to to do what they need to do to survive. So they're able to take on a new Water purification businesses or new kind of seed planting businesses or all these interesting kinds of entrepreneurial ventures that you wouldn't find without universal basic income in that sense. Well when we we're were talking looking toward the future and talking about aim point universal basic income is usually stick out as a one of the best solutions. However as you introduce. It seems very promising through the research examples and the tests. But are there any drawbacks of it. Like wouldn't people just mean these and do nothing and then people abuse money. How can this system really be balanced and fair. If certain people really worked very hard and the money and the wealth generated wide they should be distributed to other people like what are some concerns behind. Yeah i think. I think you touched on some of the main concerns there so i think this is also why universal basic income was always closely tied to automation. Right because if you have a significant percentage of the population that is not that. They don't want to do something that they can't right. Because there's just too much automation that there aren't enough jobs than what are these people going to do. It doesn't matter how ambitious you are. Which is the the real fear for that kind of the far future. No matter how ambitious you are. There's no job for you to do. This is why universal basic income was kind of always used By the by the futurist out there that talk about this as a potential solution or at least partial solution. But no you're right. There are significant drawbacks to universal income One of the one of the first ones is that. It's very often not universal. Right it is only in part. It's very expensive right so the actual opportunity to to have it for an entire western industrialized country. Probably not going to happen unless you cut back on a lot of other social support schemes. Which is there's a. There's this big argument. Especially in america with or andrea was explaining as he was running for president. He was arguing like no. You can have both. You can't have the support services that are needed as well as universal basic income so it was much more of a math argument there but in other places in the world that might not be the case right. There could be cuts to certain social safety nets in order to bring about universal basic income One of the other things which is which you did touch on the the laziness argument right if people are just given money. What's going to happen. They're just gonna sit on the couch all day and watch. tv this. I would argue is actually a bit of a myth right so in all of the universal basic income pilots that we've seen in all of the tests There is of course. A percentage of people that do that but it's typically much lower than expected we're talking like one percent or lower typically people want to do something with their lives even when they have the money to to take care of themselves and they don't need to work one of the things that That was found in a number of these studies across the world. So this is. This is irrespective of the culture. You have a number of people having universal basic income and then going out and getting a job right so not just becoming an entrepreneur but getting up or keeping their job because they appreciate the social connections. They appreciate The sense of value the sense of contributing to a company. Or maybe they're working for an ngo and they appreciate something like that so there are problems with universal basic income but there are also a lot of these kinds of myths that are connected to it and maybe the last thing that i'll say which is kind of more my personal critique of universal basic income his the fear that a population will become very much dependent on the government that hands it out right. Yeah that's that's a significant concern especially depending on which country you're living in right You come from china there's lots of human rights abuses and issues with the government over there. That's not we're seeing in totality in the west yet. But what were to happen. If you know a government were to have more or less control of a population through doling out this cash right there they would be much more able to get away with things because the population would become dependent on them. So i'm not a pessimistic. Kind of person. I don't like those kind of You know even conspiracy ideas out there. But there are things that are brought up in in the discussion surrounding nerve universal basic. Come i think the point about how we will grow more. Reliant on the government is very solid but is that the problem only for those who rely on universal basic income. Because if you are in the league work you create solutions technology and new. Seldom you generate enough wellesz. You're the one who is the government to read. I you in that case. Is that correct. Yeah so i would say that you could go further saying that. The government would then be relying on the automation. Technologies that entrepreneurs or or or leaders of industry are relying upon right But no you're right. The the population that receives these cash dividends would become reliant on the government and the government would then in essence rely on the people that are actually doing the creation. Doing the work. So which is which is why. I'm a little bit critical of universal basic income. If i can throw in my own personal opinion here. I don't like the idea of people becoming dependent on a system. I prefer the ambitious nature which we've talked about previously off off air it just. It just feels better to be an ambitious person. That creates something yourself. The argument for universal basic income for the last fifty years has been when we eventually reach to a more fully automated society. Then the kind of question of ambition or entrepreneurialism is a little bit moot because there will be such a high level of automation that many people won't be able even to create jobs in that sense very conversation work. A i feel we touch a lot upon the future of technologies very broad topic and we touched really many aspects is interesting to see your understanding as you developed after looking into the specific topic for so long and touchdown many specific use cases. Are there any other thing you'd like to share. Maybe it's kind of a final thing. I want to leave the audience with maybe a little bit more of a like a tangible action that they can do right if you have. Maybe a younger audience who are still in school. And they're looking. You know what. Are some of the skills that i could potentially have. What are some of the the actions that i can do whether it's in education or otherwise to byu still relevant for the future right so i mean there are tons of reports out there. Their tons of books tons of podcasts. That touch on the subject. It can get really quite complicated quickly for those of you. That are interested. I will. I will share the links. Tammy but there's a really good series of reports from a well known organization called mckinsey institute. They right there well known in the series of five reports they do touch on like what is the potential automation. And then what are the kind of skills that will be impacted. So i do have a little quote here that i think would be relevant to kind of maybe. Summarize this as well as a and the podcast on but So this comes from one of the reports and it talks about the the activities that are most susceptible to automation and these are the physical ones in highly structured and predictable environments as well as data collection and processing right. So it's Data's interesting but if you're involved in the process in your collection of it you might wanna think elsewhere. This is of course taken from the united states. Which has really easy access to statistics of employment over there. Also it's interesting to note that these activities right the physical ones that i just mentioned make up fifty one percent of all activities in the economy. So we're not. We're not talking about a small percentage. We're talking about more than half of all activities in the next ten. To twenty years will be automated in some way or another whether they're actually automated whether the the company takes on the technology to do so is another question but they're actually capable of doing so and For those of you that are maybe working in these sectors. The places where these are most prevalent in is manufacturing automation and food services and retail trade. And i think the thing is that it's it's not just like low skill job types that maybe we talked about before it but it's also middle skill and even high paying high occupations that have this potential to be automated. Which i think is and it was for me. I can say when. I first heard about that. That was very interesting. Because i always thought it was the the low level. The low skill type jobs. My first job ever was out working at mcdonald's. For instance right does a line cook. It was very repetitive. Very easy very easy to be automated. But it's it's definitely different things now with the different kinds of technologies that we have out there. The last thing here that i will touch on our specific skills right. So that's more about the the jobs the occupations in total the specific skills also comes from these reports. So if you're if you're a worker and you're thinking about the future think about this. The workers of the future will spend more time on activities. That machines are less capable of right rather obvious but these these are broken down into activities. Such as managing people applying expertise and communicating with others. Much more of these human kind of social interactions so we will be spending less time on predictable physical activities and on collecting and processing data as before Where machines already exceed human performances. So the last thing. I want to say on this. Is that the skills and capabilities. Required will also shift requiring more social and emotional skills and more advanced cognitive capabilities such as logic reasoning and creativity. So maybe he's kind of one of the final things that really. When i heard this really kind of sparked my imagination and made me think about what the future of work will be like typically in the medical establishment we have the hierarchy where doctors are at the top and nurses are below them. However if you if you believe in these reports if you think that there's some sort of validity to all these things that are coming out that might be in verse or over the next while right because if doctors especially diagnostician are just simply spending seven plus years of school to repeat to their mind that they can then see visualize and communicate it to somebody whereas maybe in the future on ai system would be able to do that in a split second but the real activity that would be done. There would be the communicating of say cancer diagnosis. Or something else to somebody else and in that sense. The nurses would be much more relevant than the doctors themselves. So that's just one example of this is this is applicable to many different industries across the world. But i thought that was relevant. For the for the podcast. I really like your closing thought. Because personally i don't see it every day but i am sure ruins thinking about. Okay where should i be in the future like. Where should i position myself. Do so much as i shouldn't. The what should i do to get to where i wanna be personally. I learned that. I believe is future but still there's constantly questioning and beat you want to be in the league where you follow the technology trend to enable the change or you can be on the other side like you said like being. A nurse doesn't mean is inferior than being doctor. There's no hierarchy in fact in the future. Well we're talking about automation the occupations. That's most worth automating. Is those very specific expertise. The jobs because they're high paid so he's worth the investment to start with and then like machine operations are more precise even however on the other side. Let's see a nurse or a teacher for school. That's carrying about the kiss. Because they're they're very human and they need a lot of interaction unpredictability. Those are actually the the few of the where we'll see people would etiquette more time into oneday. We through reading a book of artificial intelligence by carefully. He mentioned how in the future we see for. Ceo society where we have majority elder population and as a society. We're trying to be very smart and use artificial intelligence to help them to leave a better life and they develop really intrigued. Intricate future past that can basically few any need elder people need they can say to the pad touch a button and have different entertainment however people never use it and after research development. They tried so hard. Don't understand why they don't design to well but the thing is that they the older people they simply don't wanna talk with a pet. They want a real person so you pretend they don't know how to use a tool they will break it but because they want real humane action so he comes to the very basic like being creative interpersonal skills communication and to build a real connection. I think those are some valuable skews and the ss. We should taking so talking about but it will come back to interpersonal today. Life the human aspect. I mean as much as i love technology automation my eventual hope. Is that a lot of these tools. These technologies in place will allow a much more human and interconnected society than we have. Now i really hope that we're just kind of going through a transformational period. Where we're sensing a little bit more disconnect between individuals through the use of cell phones. And maybe these apps and platforms that we talked about but a fully automated future right if we look you know. Far far into the future is is one that i would hope. Just takes care of these kind of mundane tasks to enable a much more rich vibrant interconnected society very nice closing mark last question. If people want to reach out to you and get to talk more about the topic about automation employment. How should they get in touch. Yeah for sure so you can. Of course check out my podcast automated podcast dot. Org a time he said at the beginning. It's a weekly interview podcast. Right talked to ceo's and leaders in multiple different industries but always try to touch on automation and house impacting jobs. I'm also active on linked in. So you can just find remark for pankov. Send me a message. Like some of the stuff that i send out a happy to have connect. Okay thank you very much mark. Well that's it for this week's episode. Thanks for listening if you like what you hear. And you want to support the podcast and the conversations here. The best way to do this is to go onto apple podcasts and leave a review as it helps the algorithm to reach out to new listeners and brings the show to them also feel free to check out the website automated podcast dot. Org where you can find the show notes for each episode written articles on the themes of the podcast and a library of resources on the topic of emerging tech and automation. Also if you want to reach out and leave any feedback or you have any questions about the podcast or any of the conversations. There are general contact links such as e linked in twitter etc. Forty there on the website and finally for those of you that want more than just an audio conversation. The video recordings are now going to be up on youtube for the newer conversations. So feel free to check out the videos by searching for automated podcast on youtube. We're of course you can like and subscribe if you prefer to support the podcast. That way the automated podcast.

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#250 - Mental Health and Online Coaching with Cory Roboch

Change Lives Make Money

38:31 min | 1 year ago

#250 - Mental Health and Online Coaching with Cory Roboch

"My name is Brian Morgan I'm host to be number one podcast for on that. Betas. Coaches want to make more money changed more people's lives and more of an impact on the world without spending any money on ads websites or even a funnel. My fitness business over fifty thousand dollars a month over the course of four years, and in the last two years over five hundred on my fitness coaches quit their jobs and take their businesses online. Also, fifty of those students are over ten K. each and every single month now thank you so much for being here. Let's get into today's episode. What is going on I finished coaches it is your mentor be market coming at you with another episode of the change lives make money on the train of podcasts. This is the number one show for all my fitness coach who are trying to go successful on a business. I'm joined today by one of my best friends and also one of my Partners Anything Coaching Academy. This is Corey Rohbock Nakuru doesn't. Really need introduction. Corey is one of those people who has his own energy but corey bro Welcome to the PODCAST superstar happy here was sub. What is up I'm really happy to be back on the podcast here. It's been a hot minute since we did one of these by I know every time we do one, we always have fun we always drops. So really happy to be here man thanks. Dude So it's been like a long time yet has been a long time since I've brought you on the podcast and I think the evolution over the course of like the last year has been pretty crazy not only in our business, but also just in use a person. So I think the last time you came in the podcast, your business was sitting around ten or fifteen km month and you were kind of Part Time Coaching for Pizza Dom now. But why don't you give people a background story? So since we had you on the podcast I, think it was back in seven or eight months ago. Where have we progressed what's been going on in Corey's life? Like. What's different? What's new? What's exciting? All men walls since last time was on the podcast as literally right before everything happened with coded businesses fucking rolling Shit was going nice was great and then the world took a fucking spend whole leader to take a spin and at the time I remember talking about it and we were like whole we have no idea what's about to happen. But over the course of quarantine and how it needed to evolve in adapt not only are business as coaches, but also how we're going to be able to adapt into the new type of a lifestyle and the new mindset is well. So a lot of those things really changed since then. His honestly exploded like a feeling Kobe really either I'm really ruined a lot of people or really opened a lot of doors to a lot of people. But the thing that I kinda noticed was even though they coping made happen at Coslada issues it opened up a lot of those opportunities that we talked about a lot of people were very glad to see in the opportunities that open. Themselves to because there are so concerned about with what's going on what they can't control gyms closing down and they just kind of shut down to do and then lots of those including myself you bunch of other Saudis Doors Open, and we've made the steps into those new opportunities, and since we did that a lot of things have changed like my business blew up I think is even making. Than I was ever doing just having gym's open and then it also kind of transition me from the mindset of wanting to help people with their fitness Lynn happier healthier lifestyles to wind really help coaches and really able to help them do essentially the same thing. I did two years ago with leaving the gym and things like that. So being able to do that now that ripple effect is coming out a lot more and from there also a really showed me a lot about myself. Motto my shortcomings a Lotta Limited believes that I didn't really have beforehand that kind of into light. So insecurity is unsure of the future lay lots of these things that really caused by I had to spin itself and I needed definitely work on take that time to not only work myself because as you know, I, go to the gym I fucking sleigh workouts work on my body physically my. Biggest shortcoming was working on myself mentally I'm going to pause you there because I think that when it came to covid when Kovin hit I, think that impacted everyone like I think everyone was impacted and I think that obviously there's like a big media like bias around that like if all you read newspaper headlines then you're constantly seeing another death from Kobe country like getting shut down Italy this. Like quarantine that and so I think that collectively what ended up happening is we just ended up retreating. We're like, oh no, we need to hide in her houses and we need to S- quarantine and we need to wear masks and we can't go out and we can't move forward in our business in our lives because I think that a lot of people were just like that's what we. were. told to stay inside and don't do anything and I think that that sort of mindset of quarantining yourself and closing yourself in the world really impact lot of people and you're right like for us in the tank academy especially like we made a big transition like we were transitioning from a five thousand dollar coaching program and now we're like, okay, let's do three hundred dollars a month which. was huge because there was a lot of trainers that needed our help, but there's a lot of training I couldn't afford it because it's like all these trainers are out of jobs nobody can afford coaching, but everybody needs to go online and so like we saw the opportunity and we like we jumped on it right away but I think that you know when it comes to the way that. You view the situation and covert. It's happening to all of us is still happening. Now, if now there's like another way of shutdowns with that being said I think it's important that you can control the things you can control, and like I can't control covert, I can't control what gets shutdown doesn't. But what I can control is my mental state what I can control is how I view the. Situation and what I can control, what opportunities I choose to jump on and move forward with you one hundred percent and at the of the day this kind of like made everyone break everything down to themselves ozzy with society and they how many people are out there everyone is always about they're always like in these different groups acting certain ways and they're not really like a lot aware of. himselves in the issue that they had because there's so much shit going on. But then when we were really close up, we were told to not socialize stay inside be by herself. That's where a lot of people they started getting those insecurities. We started feeling that separation and they and they got inside their heads and then when they get inside their heads, you know you put one fucking negative thoughts. How much, Tales, Nike Mate with people and it really made us all All made me aware that either break myself down and really focus on myself where before it wasn't so much. It wasn't so important to do it at the time because I had so much other shit going. It was almost like you had distractions yet. Distractions all along. You never had a restrictive lifestyle like you do dream quarantine. So that was like the time where I the breakdown myself now that I'm seeing all these different things on noticing things about myself that I needed to change from a mentality standpoint and it really pushed me to obviously said they build your body to all the day but it really pushed me to really strengthen my mindset and really focus on a lot of things that only I can control it. All starts breaks down to you only. Control is what you're doing and how you respond to situations. Like I want to offer a second because I saw an opportunity to jump in. There's like you said, was super important because I think that you said that you put one negative thoughts and like once you're kind of closed off it almost makes you kind of get inside your head I. Think two things number one, I think human beings are social creatures and so like if you take a baby away from its parents for like four weeks that baby's GonNa die like it's just like. The, baby needs to nurtured and I think even as adults we need that like social interaction. So that's important. That might be a cause of some of the mental issues that people are going through but I think another thing is that quarantine just made us all realise that we have shit because when you're distracted when you go out when you can see your friends when whatever it is all these things you're. Doing like once you're locked inside your house, you just locked inside your house with yourself and your own thoughts, and you've got to deal with your just forces you to base yourself almost as like. Okay. Now, all of these issues that I've been hiding these like fear of being alone fear of abandonment fear of BIS or B like like all the scarcity might like now you're actually forced to face it community. Dude and you're you are forced to face it, and that's the thing is like when pigs win on a lot of it again, not saying people in terms of everyone goes through it but certain individuals when they come up with things like this in their faced with certain situations like that a lot of people tend to crumble where those fierce star taking over Holy Shit my gym's closing our Shit, my job's closing where the buck may money how can I pay for Food I'm GONNA lose this. Bills I've this X. Y. Z. W. ABC people fucking start freaking out about the things that they can't control and then they start caving in. Okay this sucks this bullshit, but I cannot allow myself to fail and. Was People. That saw those opportunities even though all struck with the exact same Buchan Bang everything happens to everyone across the board. Why wasn't that some saw success and others saw crippling fucking signs mindset it's all mindset that and then we'll talk about so much in the academy it's like two people can join the same coaching program given the same blueprint with the same starting point and one personal may ten thousand dollars and ninety days and the other person makes two K. and it comes down to their mindset and that's actually really disappointing for a lot of people to hear because if you are one of those people where. You're like you're driven. You're passionate. You're like I can make shit happen ooh this programs for me. But then if you're one of those people where maybe you started something in the past and you fail or you tend to like fall off track really easily you tend to get discouraged easily then think to yourself Oh man maybe I'm not going to be able to make this work. Maybe this program isn't going to work for me or maybe I'm not meant to be an online coach because I tend to fall off track but it all comes down your mindset exactly in right there. You just did right there how you Used to one negative fucking thought, and then you went into a tailspin of Shit. That's GonNa Happen afterwards, and that's what happens is the so many fucking people is they allow those to hijack their mind and then it throws them into a Tailspin Rwanda. Next the next the next and need to be able to interjected there and stop that negative thought from basically burying you. So that way you can again take that fucking setback kate his fucking sucks, and now how can I move forward from this to make sure I am thriving and not fucking losing every cent my bank yeah I think that's super important. It's almost like for me when it comes to mindset I view it as like there are. Days that I'm GonNa Awesome and amazing and I love days like that. It makes me super happy and there are also days where I don't feel that awesome and I don't want to get into bed and I, I'm not motivated and when it comes to those days and when it comes to those situations where Kobe or somebody in the family's sick or whatever it is when it comes to those days I think it's really important to be aware of. Your thoughts and not get identified with them. It's almost like for me I like my thoughts or my mindset is like something. I'll have really really good dots and then had those bad thoughts and I think that if you see something comes up like, Oh, I don't know if I'm going to be able to pay rent and then you think that and then you like think it over and over again that's where you're gonNA lead to the Tailspin. Like, you just described it that's not gonna be able to Iran, and then this meant for me like, Oh, my God this I'm stressed out and overwhelmed, and then you get over here and over here productive guests on because you're in this negative head space like for me I almost view it like have. You ever heard that quote? There's like the good wolf in the bad wolf and there's like the one that wins is the one that you feed. Your mindset. It's the same thing, right? So like your mindset. It's like the thoughts that you feel are the ones that are going to win, and so if you're constantly feeding like socks, what was me like I can't find clients nobody's out there I'm broke like everybody else's bro Kobe's happening like you're constantly feeding that then that's going to grow. But if you're constantly feeding the other thing like this is possible I, can this I was meant for this this is an opportunity for growth like. Even though I lost my job, I can study more like I have an opportunity to make a serious impact on if you feed those more and surround yourself with people that think like that like you will also think like that. Yeah. One hundred percent with Alli it get. It just goes down into how are you going to react to a situation that brought or on your like when your face was something, you can't control that that just fucking happens. It's life. It happens. From point you have a choice and that choice gives you that control of what outcome you're gonNA have. If you just give up and you just curdle and spunky go Y me. Well guess what you're GonNa be exactly where. I think everybody thinks about like success and they think it's all strategy look I just need to get the blueprint I just need to the blueprint but like that's never the case because if that was the case everybody would be fit they would hire fitness coach and they buy program that's designed for their body type and they follow it and they get results. But the reason that that doesn't happen is because success is about psychology and systems success equals psychology plus systems like, yes you need a blueprint. Yes you need somebody that knows what they're talking. About yes. You need a program that actually works and you also need psychology to be able to follow through those things. You also the mindset and the willingness and the dedication to be able to work through adversity you also need to be able to overcome your own shit in order to grow into the person you are for you I wanna know like what are some personal struggles that you've of had to overcome during Kobe like mentally like what are some personal things you've had to overcome I'll share to? So I'm not GonNa put you on this fight. Is, an? Okay. Gone now. The honestly the biggest thing the I add to overcome that really kind of affected me for a little bit was the uncertainty and by then. So the uncertainty of what's going to happen in the future because even though like my business was thriving beforehand, it was the uncertainty like are people going to be able to have money for coaching are people don't even WanNa do it because they wanna say, how's that going to? Affect me all my clients going to drop off. Am I going to be but then that's also where again instead of allowing myself to again thank those things in do those things I again call myself fucking back in. Okay. What sucks the what other areas of opportunity are there that I could walk through? Well, I did I didn't really think of it but with a pandemic health became one of the number one priority. Also on top of that, let's be honest how many people really know how to suck work out at home when they had the gym disposable to all the time never many he goes snotty. You have people that literally like before they didn't have an idea what to do, but they can still go general workout but now they have no fucking clue what to do other than push ups and bodyweight squats and sit ups at home and they'd have no idea what to do. But now they're scared they're not gonNA they're gonNA help you gain a bunch weight X Y Z, and now that all the opened up that op judy where people need traders more than ever menu all that happened. In the first slave and apparently there's a second wave coming I'm just finding out about this is i. don't fucking watch the news and watch each emetic. I don't give a shit anymore but again now this is coming again where we saw it happened to four. So now this again, going to give people a second opportunity at the second wave does come and your Jim does close in bursting coach while you need to make fucking steps forward. So that way when this does happen if it does you're not gonNA fall into the same bucket position where last time where you hated every part you don't do shit. You're worried about absolutely everything well, you just gotTa fucking awake in call over here. Now you need to again, are you going to be personally didn't learn their lesson I I'm against smacked again or are you going to make those steps forward? So that way if this does happen, are you going to be an a good place with your business to make sure that you can actually make money to support yourself and to are you in a good mentally to take on the load of this type of stress and not allowed to crumble you again? And that's kind of where it's coming down to this end. Honestly. I've gone through a lot of Shit my life I've done a Lotta Shit and a lot of medic drama. I got depression anxiety from it. I've had overcome an eating disorder lots of things, right but one of the biggest things that I did for myself was literally asking for help because. Way What do you mean by that? Yes. So asking for help from someone that knows what I'm going through and how they can essentially navigate me to a better place what I mean by this is asking for help because so many of us are so scared to go out and say I'm week here. I'm very depressed here I'm sad here I don't know what to do and I need someone to talk to it. So viewed that if you share anything like that, you're fucking pussy, which is necessarily case because here's the thing you can be in the talk shape of your life. You could have all the money in the fucking world but if you're weak mentally because you are too proud to say you're not the best somewhere than you're literally should yourself in? The fucking foot I agree does your fucking to go anywhere and no matter what's given to you? You're not going to be happy like I'm GonNa tell you this right now this is something that I didn't really realize for long time but I mean like just like you didn't grow a lot of money I add new work my ass off to get all the things that I. Wanted and essentially with this is in May, we actually need to take those steps Ford so that we can actually understand that I am not the strongest person with my mindset. I had to ask for help because I wanted something better for myself. 'cause I knew that until I got locked on my mindset I was never going to be happy going back to the whole house before. You're not make the most money I had money growing up is I thought if I have more money in my bank account that's where I could be happy when I can go buy whatever I want. That's where I'll be happy. I, drive a fucking brand new three I have more money in my bank I ever had and I can have all the freedom in the world, but there's still that part of me where I wasn't happy. I got out of my way and ask for help and I even want to see a therapist or probably three months every week and like there's tons of examples we can dive into and we'll hear second but I'd kind save out. It's kind of one of those realization moments for me is that it's okay to say that I'm not the best something. because. Me admitting a weakness allowed me to take a step towards another door that opened up to me, which is now allowed me to experience another leveled up version of where it was before i. love that Bro. It's so powerful. The only thing that would hold people back from asking for help or being able to admit that they might need insight is ego. And the EGO is always like I'm right. I got this I can figure this out I don't need help I ready to go to therapists. I don't need a business coach I. Don't need a personal trainer I can figure this out of my own guys. If you're listening to the PODCAST, your ego will keep you stuck the ego for me is like. The need to be right the need to do it on your own the need to be, and this is like men and women, men and women do this I got this I can figure this out like I'm capable I'm strong in like I'm not taking away from like I'm a big believer in being self starter being super-motivated, being super driven that super important. But. You can be the type of person that's a self starter and you could still be moving really fast in the wrong direction as an example like if you're working out, you're exercising and you like I got this I don't need a personal trainer I'm motivated myself enough and you've been working out for a year and a half two years and your. Body still in the same place, you need to train her like you need a personal trainer somebody that can give you some insight so that you can direct that focus and that energy and that passion that drive same thing with running a business rela. If you're running a business right now and you're listening to this and you've been an all night Venice coach. For the last year or two years or six months or whatever posting every single day, you're doing all the things quote unquote that you're supposed to be doing but your business hasn't grown past two, three, k four k like you need a coach because the coach can take you from two to three to five k. but the only thing that would hold. You back from asking for a coach is the ego and for me I'm actually GONNA. Open up and share my like mental struggles and because a lot of guys might not think this but it's true. I feel like my business is one of the things that I'm always good at. I'm going to knock on wood. Thank the Lord because I've been really looking. For the last few years. So I feel like my business is good always growing my fitness I'm on top of my game I'm working out exercising eating right. The one thing that has always been a struggle for me is relationships which might seem super weird for you guys. But I'm just going to be open and transparent Mike relationships are my struggle and like Mia Kirsten interrelationship we've been in a relationship for almost two years now, and this is the longest relationship I've ever been in because I have this massive fear of abandonment and some of you guys noticed about me, some of you guys don't. Like when I was younger I'm just going to go right into it when I was younger like my mom had me choose seventeen I'm the only dark skin number, my family, and so like pretty much my entire childhood life I felt like I didn't really belong in my house I felt like I was kind of like an outsider in my own house and then at eight years old I remember I walked into the kitchen and my mom like I love my mom is like no resentment there but I remember I walked into the kitchen and I heard my mom on the phone call my grandma and Say if you don't come pick them up, I'm going to send him to foster care and that's like into my brain. So deep internally I always have this fear that if I love somebody, they're gonNA leave me and that causes rifts in Mina Kirsten's relationship because she'll do something that does isn't even that bad but I'm like Oh my God she's going to even I'm like instantly triggered, which affects my business and a lot of guys. This is the funny thing about mental health is most people listening to this podcast aren't aware that the shit that's happening outside of your business is impacting everything that's. Inside of it, and so if I'm struggling in my relationships because of XYZ, fear of abandonment, I always pick fights whatever it is whatever it is dealt with violent past dealt with a violent stepfather anything alcoholic mom whatever it is anything. But if I'm troubled in my personal life and I'm trying to build my business I'm bringing that troubled energy into my business and so for me Mike, yet business coach Bryan who's on top of his fitness game like I had to ask for help too and I'm going to see a therapist now and I'm seeing a therapist, every single weekend sin version that you are. Seeing. Janin's the Shit don't see Janine Plug Virginia. Janine. Janine. Senators episode shadow to Janine. But. When you start thinking about that lake weather, the past experience or it's currently affecting you ought to look at that. It's not so much a stressor or so much of a situation. It's a trauma and what we know about trauma is that logically speaking trauma doesn't start in your head trauma starts from the ground up and moves through your body. So even though co bid. Is a big issue. Your trauma could have been something linked to failure in the past been or in the past four things in the past whatever and it triggers and trauma and Kobe is triggered what was already inside of you that triggered. So now all those traumas are coming up in the thing is, is the worst thing you can do to fuck your whole damn the. Worst ranch that can be thrown is a trump and you said nothing triggers you in a triggers that trauma. What happens is a census into that Tailspin. What happens is when we send it at Tailspin because it doesn't start in our head, it's within US and starts from the body and works its way up your logical mind cannot disciple you have foments where you think in. There and you're like the bottom nation bother me. But then how many times when you try to motivate yourself, you're essentially shaming yourself like a should be doing this because I need to do this or I need to be making money or not being lazy 'cause I have to do this but they won't be shame ourselves. It's falling into that deeper tailspin that we talked because it. Doesn't make sense why we feel this way. So in covert happens, triggered all shits search bubbling up. You're like, why can't I told myself out of it is because you don't understand the traumas that are going on inside your body for years and years and years, and now you got triggered and now it's completely fucking everything up and that's what I mean is asking for help is in so much senior week but it's trying to fucking take that bottle top off and let that shit spill out so. What stops affecting, and that's where this goes with your mindset is you need to get out of your own fucking way smelly. You can be a better person just better than your business a better coach just a better person overall I'm GonNa cut you off there for a second because I want to jump in at a perfect time you said you need to get out of your own way and I'm going to add to that and I'm GonNa say you need to get out of your own head? Yeah because. One of the things that Janin's talked about with me you is like when it comes to trauma guys, that's literally like mean core. If you go off for like an hour and we're definitely not experts on trauma and we don't pretend to be we're still learning and here's one thing that we can both agree on is that when it comes to the way that you're feeling right now, one thing that we can both agree on is if you bury it and you just try to motivate yourself without expressing how you're actually feeling, you're just building up a pressure cooker. One thing's going to happen and you're GONNA, explode. So Corey's right. If you're like dealing with shit like you're going through something right now and you're refusing to admit to yourself or to other people, you're just literally burying due to do and that was what was happening in my relationship full transparency. There was little things aroused feeling triggered and I wasn't communicating and it kept bearing bearing bearing burying bearing bearing it and one like something stupid happens explode over this dumb thing and then I realized like, okay, I need help but when I was talking to. Janine one of the things that she said that was super powerful is sometimes the easiest way to alleviate the pressure in the mental stress and anxiety, and the fear is just to express it because in expressing it, you're just like letting it out and the key is a super important because listen to podcasts you guys need to tune in the key to expressing it is you need to express it with somebody that isn't going to add gasoline to the fire because if you express it to somebody that super negative you're like oh man like this Kobe. And you were talking to somebody and they're like Yeah Coleman sucks. It's the worst like this is terrible and then you guys spend thirty minutes bitching about Kobe like that actually isn't productive that can be counterproductive I think you guys need to. Express how your this is be marks advice for those people that are looking to develop more positive setting get out of their own heads is express it in a way that you get it off your chest. So you can relieve and then move the fuck forward like Corey said, like, what are you going to change it? Now this is how you're feeling and you can't really control that. But what are you going to do to change it now like Are. We going to make shift? What are you going to do in your day to day life to actually shift? So we've talked a lot about like kind of like navigating and why mental health is so important and so corey for you and your fitness business right now, what are some of the things that you're doing on a day-to-day basis? This could be organization wise to prevent overwhelm, or this can also be like Mike Morning. Rise like what are. Some of the things that you do in your day to day life that help you with your mental health besides working out obviously. Yes. So we'll with that I wouldn't even say work lake really is like the big thing for me when I looked at working on my mental health and things like that like for me, it's all about number one is quitting. So fucking hard like seriously you are people are the absolute worst fucking critics yourself and the. Reason why people think for some fucking reason by you can ask for help is because you got to be hard for some reason being heart and blocking though not admitting that you're needing help and you want to on inventing that you're okay. Yeah like Yo, it's okay to not be okay and then when Brian goes back and like one of the biggest things is like it's not an a day to day thing it just knowing that I have that. End Brian is at outlived for me and Brian. I'm that I live for Brian where no matter what it is Brian could have done some right fucking stupid whatever it rob done the same thing and we'll call each. Arrests but again, it's Judgment Free Word saying he tells me. You're finding. The Arts. Don't be so fucking on your sat. Billy he said when you are in that time, we need some don't talk to someone that's going to be fucking added and it's like if if you are like really stop someone in your home, you hates the same person you're talking I'm he got. Up and then you WanNa, go fucking. Do something beat the shit out of yourself in trouble. Blake Brian. Early mad at someone I'm really mad some of your. Book. Her head so bilateral, let ruin your day. And then it brings it down. So it's the people you hang with an having the proper let's is going to really help you in that knowing that I don't use a day to day but knowing that really really helps. So number one is it's okay not to be. Okay. Yeah. Number. One. Up on one side of the bed. Yeah, it's okay not to be okay. That's super important number to having an outlet where you can express judgment free I. think he's also super important. So if you're in the tank engine Kademi and you're listening to this, we fucking got you number two is having an outlet where you can express free I think that's super key and the third thing that I think that you said is really important is your environment matters yeah your environment matters. I. Mean You were talking about this this morning and we tend to the Maverick Willa quote you hang with five geniuses you're going to be the sixth genius you're hanging out with six more on you're going to be the sixth moron. Six more on. So it's like who you hang out with matters and that applies to how you manage mental health to like if you look at your life right now, look at the five people that you talk to the most what sort of mood of those people usually in the five people that you talk to. The most are usually frustrated anxious nervous overwhelmed depressed whatever like that's going to rub off on you whether or not you want it to. So a big part of your mental health is like choosing your outlets wisely on their dominant emotional state like for me I love calling corey when I'm feeling like not the. Best, which happens because when I'm feeling not the best I call corey like I know he's level headed enough to like hear me out like let it go versus I I might not want to call I don't really have any people in my life super negative but when I did I, wouldn't call a super negative person to bitch about something negative because we would just be negative together and bitch about it, and that just isn't really constructive destructive. So it's okay not to be okay. Was Number One, and then number two is having an outlet where you can express a judgment free and number three is your environment matters I think. And again, that builds all what I view as essentially long like mid to long-term type fixes for stuff like that or at least supports for that. So what can you do today? Yes, we're talking more acutely. Let's talk about. Let's say you wake up and you're wrong. So, let's say somebody's listening to podcasts right now and they're not having a good day. All right. So for you listen to podcasts of you woke up in a real shitty attitude I completely get it number one, take a deep breath and show the fuck out because it's okay to. Feel better. Real thing that you can do is honesty like the daily we talked about it. Shit's going to happen under your control these negative shit, a world whatever's all going to start with you and it's all going to start with any. So you need to get you agam Toronto bed Shitty Day, or you're stressed out about all the negative shit going on your allowing all that negativity to flood your boat because there's a quote that all the water in the world cannot think ship unless you let inside Oh that's good for you to actually make. Sure that water to seep inside, sink your ship. You GotTa do such put yourself in a good position. So some people like to turn towards physical activity taking their dog for walking morning going for Ryan Hidden Gem whatever. But again, physically, that's a lot of superficial things I'd like to say not so much working in here you need to do something. That's GonNa put you in that happen state that feel good place. So for me I, wake up and again I like a lot of structure my life because for me I'm very adhd unburied. Bucket Jim you look at that. Haven't that organizationally helped, but a morning routine and cold talks about it Brian Sounds fucking jackhammer about it is it Over and over again and it's I. Know It's pretty fucking basic and it's pretty. Self explanatory. But Waking Up and meditating. I. Wasn't doing that for the past couple of weeks and then as I mentioned over the past couple weeks admit house deal with my own issues. I wasn't the happiest person and that's the thing is it's okay. But what I did is I start meditating every. Yeah. One morning I went to meditate when I got up at five in a fucking close Myers will eight thirty that kind. Of side but I still did then yesterday meditate this morning meditate and mind mental essentially like my mental capacity to handle the day after that is been going up and up your eyes. So dealers shit had stressors each day. But now those little things don't trigger don't trigger trigger. So meditating yourself a good head space to start the day off is GonNa be number one. The next thing is get yourself some fucking self love. Go right down three fucking great things that are going on your life. Three things they love about yourself for three things that are just even happy thought. So you need to force yourself to have but right those out because getting those affirmations and feeling that much better about yourself again on top of the meditation, how elevate your mood. So even if you went on the wrong side of the bed, you now have a higher. Capacity Jewish Shit but you also understand that it's okay to not be okay. Clo- live and all that stuff together now will put you in that position where you can take on the day. I'm GonNa tell you this right now and again this is a clear fucking example is last Friday get I told you I wasn't having a great day I was in a pretty shitty because me not Janine really uncovered a bunch of stuff. Out So with emotions processing Shit Valley I was mentally affected. What waking up Meditation Migrate Bills Putting Myself In that place where I have a higher capacity dealer shit I went to build Your Business and even though walking the library sparking up you guys couldn't hear me and it's frustrating. You didn't even know something was wrong until we're at the end of where we had a call twenty. Minutes after the line was done, and then it's just the way I said by that's when you some walk. But is because that's whereas dealing with that. But yet I was still able to function and do everything I need to exert a higher capacity. I put myself in mindset to deliver an awesome live to show value to our clients and to fucking slay the rest of my day. I wasn't okay. It was still located not be Okay I. Love It. You realize that until after I said by up what's wrong? Yeah, I love it. So for those of you guys listening right now that might not be having the best day of your entire life, take a deep breath and understand that it's okay not to be okay like you're a human being like you're not a robot oral I robot number one is understanding that it's okay not to be okay number two and. I think this is really important is take a breath and go for a walk. Go for a drive get yourself out of your head. Go Get out nature take your car for a ticker dog for a walk do something for like five, ten, fifteen, twenty minutes. It's just going to get you out of your head and get you into your body goal round. Do something see some stimulus three when you come home like sit down meditate for like five to ten minutes and for those of. You guys that are listed as meditation sounds hippy dippy bullshit. You should do it anyways butts. If you literally can't connect to the idea of meditating write in a journal for ten minutes about how you're feeling and thinking right now and just get your thoughts out on paper and number four, show yourself himself up. Do something to show yourself how much you love yourself. You can write a note to yourself. You can write a list of three. Grateful but guys the number one thing that. I want you guys to get from this podcast. We're GONNA wrap this up now is that your business will never mindset successes systems in psychology. That's why two people can join the same coaching program with the same following and follow the same blueprint. One of them crushes it. One of them doesn't because it comes down to systems and psychology, and so if you WanNa win and your coaching business that you need to understand the importance of systems and psychology their any final notes you wanted to. Know, I just really WanNa just really drive home. The fact that you guys can have the best system in the world. You have the best lead Gen in the world's best on sales calls could be the best fucking ever. But until you really master your mindset and you can have an understanding of being okay. When you're not okay and having that balance, you're never gonNA see level successfully want because you're always going to be getting in your own fucking way in stopping yourself from achieving tire levels because you. Want to neglect the fact that you don't WanNa ask for help. And Again, union have to be in a crisis again, this is the last one is at Union fucking crisis even if your CEO of a Fortune Five, hundred company. fucking what they talked to therapist all the fucking time. And I know that walls Janine even told me she has fucking CEO's and alleged to. But that being said that needs to hold the way that even though you're inverse and trainer or you're essentially what you call on known special, just remember the people that are the most powerful in the world. Still haven't the strength to say that week it saw. Love that I guys that's it. That's all corey. Where did they find you on social media? You guys can hit me up on idei Corey underscore rohbock or you can search northbound face but I'm only quarter world and if you WANNA go get some laughs. Obviously you can go take a look at my Tiktok at padded. Jack. Has Nothing to do with fitness business, which is funny. Should I post Guys that is all. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is the change lives make money on the Internet podcast number one show for all fitness coaches who are trying to go successful business. If you got valued from today's episode, go to the podcast APP, you gotta use your thumb and school all the way to the bottom below the first episode and you guys can leave me review. If you leave me review in the month of September October, I will be reading them out on the PODCAST. That's it. That's all see guys. In the next episode, we'll talk to you soon. On my fitness coach. Thank you so much for tuning in the number one podcast from their fitness coach. If you're getting value to the podcast and you want them were closely with me and my team to scale your fitness business and learn how to go online I want you to do is go to my instagram happy market and deal with awards ten K. Academy. Our mission is To make? Elite. Business coaching affordable for every single personal trainer in the market, and we want to give you the tools strategies and tactics are best clients are using to thrive right now in the online training landscape. So go to scream at mark fit and with words ten K. Academy and me, and you can have a chat whether or not. I can help us your fitness business online.

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Franken Nerd Episode 21

Frankenculture Presents

1:14:26 hr | 4 months ago

Franken Nerd Episode 21

"Hello everybody. Welcome to franken nerd our weekly podcast where we go over our nerdy. And tv's and movies and anything trending and today's like. Oh yeah is that. I did synopsis up a new one every week. I think that works. I'm your host. April and i'm joined always with my co host chase. What a hello. how's it going. Oh jinx No for real. How is it going. I saw you earlier today. you did. Yeah yeah like. You came too close to my house. Let's do a side tangent. I'm possibly in a live in the exact same neighborhood as you. Just like super close. Yeah we would say that like you're a cul-de-sac away. From me but really. It's just a few houses you technically wanted to just hop the neighbor's house to the left of you. Then get into the next yard. You'd be in the yard. I'm buying pretty much. It's literally literally it's literally it's wild we. I mean just side tangents before we get into our show today. It was a hard market obviously to buy a house in this literally just happened within the last week meal. There was a week ago where it was a week. No is probably two weeks ago now. Right now steve looked at it. No it was last. Tuesday is like two weeks go. You're looking at the other house the garbage house which is so funny garbage inspectors. Were like not other house so bad you saw them like no no Does is said he said that like this one was nice one. I just don't feel like they'd be liars. No i i think they have every incentive to basically say the opposite. I was really happy that he was like. No this. is you can move in. Move moving ready That's a big accolade. Yeah so we're just waiting for the next steps of it but it's possible i'm going to be your literal neighbor which means i can walk to your house every monday to record the podcast walk. I i turned on the step counter When i walked back how many steps take a guest okay I don't know how to calculate this in my head so seventy that's too little raise two hundred thirteen okay. I was like that's too little but yeah that's nothing no took two minutes. That might face to walk from my house from my baseball. Like the little family was so sweet our in there like they were asking us to like sit down if we wanted to and like the people who are selling the house like they were there near just so nice they were. I didn't know that was your realtor. I thought that was like the owner of the house. For a moment. I caught up. Oh yeah that's my realtor. And almost i was rushing to get to the gym. Go fuck you literally. Okay i if i if i'm not there by ten fifteen the fifteen after i lose my time slot for oliver to stay in the daycare and then i won't be able to work out which seems ridiculous because there was no children in the daycare. But you have to reserve the spot for your kid to be in there. Why can't you just like workout with you right. I just bring my four year old. He's just being an crazy nuisance. Put on a treadmill. Just run run. He'll probably grab weights and laussane. Yeah no my god bench me. Just give him a trampoline So i'm like rushing and i'm not thinking straight because like that the house thing and then everything that was just happening in my mind and i took russell instead of going to galleria and then i was like no my god i turned the wrong way and then i was in the left. Hand lane nausea. Wait like i was in the very left hand lane. There's two left hand turn lanes and then they're straight to go down. Russell has the street and I was like no if i go straight. I can cut through the church. Parking lot through the church parking lot and i was like So then i. I just waited until the people on my side turned and i wanted to merge over so i just merged over crazy Almost hit my realtor while and she was like. Who's this dumb bit. No she looked to be. Like what the fuck. And then i was like. Oh my god so. I texted her after i was like clearly. I don't know how to drive when i'm rushing. I am sorry. And she's like clearly. I was also checking my phone for a door code of the next how she was going to. She turned like right before the church so she was obviously going to those houses right there. Oh yeah okay. I was just like oh my god. I'm so sorry. Felt like an idiot. You were looking at places over there and originally longtime ago right. Originally there was a house over there that was for sale. But then i don't know why we never went to look at it like i think it was like when we were too early like we hadn't even met with like the finance people yet. That's probably a good good thing. Because every time i drive by there It's a real bitch. Turning left i forget bad and given a little bit of traffic in you to see like five cars stacked up like wanting to turn left and there's not enough place turn right either so you're kind of just fuck you away. I mean that's a mega church. That's right there. That's the fifth largest church in the fucking. Us why how it's big. Yeah no. it's huge. So they have a lot of people that attend there so now no. I would not have been happy. Being there would have been pressed lot. Yeah it's kinda like now with like the stadium right here on how it's not being used that traffic's gone now. I don't know if they're gonna hold events there anymore Like a week ago they had something. There was a inconvenienced though. Was it a huge event. It was just like it wasn't like a unlv football game. Yeah that 'cause whether you will on trump trump or russell you're just fucked so that one blows but no haven't had that in quite a while. have you been watching wall. And let's get off our siwei. We have a podcast. We're just talking to my wife. Russell hang a condo. Yeah out sash Have you been watching anything new or now. Have you just been watching loki. Let's see i've watched loki We think what have i been watching. Well i do. I went crazy. And i started watching The show called manifest. Have you heard of it. Is that a netflix. The preben promoting that. But i don't know what it is so my friend told me about it so then i was like intrigued by the idea of it. So then i st- i watched an episode. I stayed up til midnight. Mind you. I went on a three. Am morning hike yesterday to see the sunrise up in the mountains. Then i stayed up all day. It was father's day. So i hung out with my family. I was like supposed to be so tired. I barely slept the night before. I think i had maybe like three hours asleep. Then i started watching manifest. And i stayed up till like twelve thirty. Well so manifest is about these passengers on an airplane and they get on their flight like normal and then they land they go through a little bit of turbulence and they land and there like the people like when the pilot. I'm just giving away only the first like three minutes of the show the ending. I'm still watching it. Like the first three minutes of the first episode there like the pilots talking to the people like okay. We're landing there like what's your flight number. What's your what's your this. What's your that and they're like You need to go to a different air landing. You're not cleared for landing. So then they get sent to like a really tiny Airport and it's like fbi there's media there. It's all this crazy stuff in there like what's happening there like you guys have been gone for five years then. Okay so we just thought he were. All dead and those people have just been gone day. You're like their flight like they're normal. Flight they just literally had their normal flight. Had a little turbulence in landed. Okay so they're like what are you talking about. It's only been like eight hours. Something supernatural so. Yeah it's it's sort of like that so it's a little it's a little cheesy there's definitely Some there's definitely some drama to it for sure because you've got to think like okay like let's say you're married to somebody says just an example but you come back five years later like. Do you expect the person that you're married to. Just wait for you. Even though they think you're just basically dead absolutely totally. Yeah okay you will hold out So it's just it's like drama like that you know and then there's then it's getting a little like super naturally for sure but i'm intrigued. I'm on episode six okay. Did you ever watch lost now. I ever watched that same I thought people here you should watch it. But am i Is that like tensai. Seasons fucks me. I'm not doing that. This gives me like this amazing. Did you rain no. That's and then everybody liked loved that show that i heard ended like we're in right. It's actually been so long. i don't remember. Yeah something happened. I think the weirdest ending of a show. I've heard of his sopranos. Does those difference. Did you watch it or we. I've seen that you didn't think it was. You didn't think it was crazy. People thought their tv had cut out. It literally just ends with a black screen. They're literally sitting in a dining room and journey walks in the near like. And it's a black screen you think. That's a normal ending. Well no it's like are they gonna kill him or not like you. Just it's it's you know left up in the air. That sucks no. It's amazing that's stupid. That's like such an unsatisfying ending to anything besides the dexter but then alerts back with browns. Okay that last season fucking blue. Yeah i think what you meant as the whole series bloom. No no actually just just the last season. It's somebody's sleeping in his bed. This couch. I took a nap. There just wasn't a prolonged right here. I took a forty five minute nap. Wanna fucking hard life you have chase. You know so tiring will do you remember that. I just told you i went on a three. Am hike yesterday. that's easy compared to what i do. Pardon me what's what that's bad so wild statement to say well. I'm glad you move your pillow. 'cause i wanted to put my feet here. My shoes on buds mind. You wanna let you know. I was watching manifest. I don't know if you get into it. It's a little cheesy. But it's like. I don't know i like it though. Okay one thing. I told you i did finish Handmaid's tale so you're all caught up caught up. That one really took me a long time to get into. I have to admit like i started in a stopped hands me. It's like probably five times throughout the years like watch an episode and then it's like i don't know it's so dark. Oh it's heavy like there's very little satisfaction. But i have to admit the last episode of this current season very satisfying. It's hard win. I'm not going to try to get really into this. But it's hard when i feel like that's something that could be a reality so i don't wanna watch it. Yeah i mean. I know i know plenty of my friends who Had such a hard time getting pregnant. So like i can just see like how like okay. Like women can't have babies but there is a certain woman who can and then if like the world and the rules changed. I could see that being a thing that actually happens. You're forced to have somebody else's child in be a slave in. Like i guess i forgot. I forgot certain parts of it. Were like they have colonies and they have like breeding colonies. Just women get pregnant over and over again like a cow. It's fucking nuts but even then like like. Sometimes i'll get pregnant. And they'll like immortality is just like so common i remember watching the series and being like haha like what timeframe does is take place but then i remember like if flashes back to her like no life where she had a job and she was working and then they're like all the women have to leave. You've all been fired all of a sudden. Now you have fucking your name is off. Ridden off joseph and can stupid shit like that. Yep and it's gonna be the fruit blessed be the show. I started dude. All me and my co workers would do was walked on the hobby. Like it'd be the first and then what was the other one over under his eye under there. I thought that yeah yeah. That show is wild to anxiety. When i feel like it's you. It's too similar to something that i feel it. Could i mean it would be really dramatic. I don't think it would ever happen. But i am saying. Is it a possibility and good. Dystopia in that is pertinent to the world. We're at and just just how strong people's opinions against each other are. That's where i can see it happening because it's like what if someone truly believes that the only reason your Accepted into society is because you can have children you can bear this powerful persons child is they deserve the child. Not you not. It's an growing in your body. Don't matter yeah. Well it's wild. You're definitely never ever gonna tell me what i can and can't do with my body. That's for sure. Well just thinking of like gilead and yeah i mean. Imagine if the united states went to war with with itself and gets broken up and now you have like a crazy. I'll say religious but this is like next level. It's yeah this isn't the they're not different. Totally just a whole different belief system. Yeah but then that takes over and almost like oh. I'm really sorry if i'm gonna offend. Actually i don't think then. I found anybody on this. But it's kind of like scientology like how this whole realm of like completely opposite of beliefs of most of the common people. Yeah i mean that would be fucked up if if all sudden scientology like had half the country and you had to be in doctrine in that and let me just make a psa right now Scientology is definitely. if you're a scientologist. we apologize We're going to offend you because we don't give a fuck actually stupid. Scientology is very sought after for money. I mean that's he's he's a science fiction writer kamar. Yeah it's wild it's wild But so you've been you've finished handmaid's john what season four or five five shit. I don't remember it's it's one of those either four or five. Well i told you. I ended so i know i'm a couple of seasons behind and i know i definitely watch at least two seasons minimum. Okay it's definitely four okay So i'm really behind on. Not but god and just feel so heavy it just finish up to you so i think that was the the had been. Yeah that was definitely the season finale. Oh my god it's just funny that we sat all that and i think that elizabeth moss is like super into scientology. She really i've that's what i've heard. Yeah yeah fucker off. Oh my god. I'm pretty sure. I'm pretty sure she is On that note yeah. We're talking about loki episode to me. That's the only thing we're yeah we're on break it down and Talk about everything that happened because there was obviously a big reveal. Yes very big. Reveal no are you ready to get into it. Nope o. k. So low key episode to is called the variant same length as the last episode. But it starts off with Obviously does like a recap from last week. You know bobo. Blah's will happen last week. And then it starts off in oshkosh. Wisconsin sound like a renaissance fair Have you ever been no renaissance fair. I have not plow use. I went to several say. It's by choice. But i don't mean to be the defiance about it like nothing that i have against it but i've never been one. I remember when they had one at the park. Right by sam. Boyd like these have it there. Wow i always knew at sunset. Sunset park yeah. I went several times young younger. I used to go there all the time. I mean like. I would never go now. But like i went a lot when i was younger. I feel like dress up. no Okay so they're at a renaissance fair so and then like the minute men. just show up right I liked the quote. The renaissance person says she said some of us need this. You know 'cause she's like you guys aren't dressed up all right annoyed that they're not dressed up and they just ignore her and they head into like this jousting area must like wherever they fight and this announcement comes on but it's a song and then a song plays which song is in. You didn't write it i. I didn't spend too much time on this part. What oh my god. Steve was an was obsessed with that song. Because it's i need a hero. Which i thought was like a obviously a weird song to play during the scene when the minute men gets possessed to start fighting her own men and she literally beats the shit out of them and then she faints and she gets dragged away by the cloaked person until like a door. Yes yeah that's all you got from the scene though. I just thought it was wild that the played such a ridiculous song and obviously it's just like hypocritical. i guess for me. I like if i'm thinking of like the plot of the show. I didn't get the details of this. I just knew that like this was a crime scene and then they're going to go back and like try to figure it out. They didn't think that it was crazy that she was possessed by the chick. Oops that's a huge boiler woopsie. Yes i didn't notice that until like the second time i watched it and then at that point already knew because i am the end of the unknown but yeah i guess from that point of view. I i'm watching it. You were watching something that's weird. 'cause you're like okay. This person obviously has local powers where they can enact into somebody else but like lou heating like did he. Oh yeah 'cause obviously act like odin and all that stuff. So yeah. But i mean. Wasn't it just a replica. It wasn't him in their bodies. Writing no yeah. He doesn't have that ability only Allusion projection and What was the other one something casting something like that. So this person who i already spoiled with a defining who they were but Yet they are like in their in their going into this person's body and then the minute men chicks she starts beating the shit out our staff so that was pretty crazy I liked the song for it and That's how the opening scene starts the the low-key person steals like all the reset charges bounces yup yup and then so then it opens and then so credits and then loki is training with the little clock. Okay that's where i picked up. My one note was like. Oh yeah oshkosh. Wisconsin like of a buddy that lives there. That's all he wrote. Fat alternate. Wow i like that. Opening scene was like pretty important. While i wrote like we leave off. Episode one locus helped capture the variance. Which is another low-key though we know so far and this person is like messing with the sacred line and killing. Tv a so like just what we had the like episode one. So it's more of that all right so then like after that whole battle thing. Loki is training. But it's like the little clock is like talking to him. Miss bennet is her name. Oh and There she's asking him a question about like a next event rate. Yes well does she ask or is it the computer like i know. I think she might have asked because like she's like are you like. Are you listening. Ball blonde he was just like yes. I know what the next event is black. Yeah i mean 'cause he's and then he starts like messing with our he's like are you real or are you like fake. She's like both and then he shot his start hitting her. She's like basically like she reminds me of the stupid little paper clip from like microsoft word. I two you need help right. The little paper clip. That'd be like i have. I'll help you asked me any question. i like. she's that here so Then moebius walks up and he says there's been attack let's go. He's just basically like okay. Let's go and then He had his magazine in his hand. He's like put down my jet ski magazine like okay and The minute men are basically going to go to that site. That was ambushed. He's like on. Let's go and It show this is when like it shows like they're explaining what they're doing for the mission be on alert and they show like all the different variations of loki. Yeah that was so weird that was cool so they all look different that even like different powers yeah Yeah one of them's like blue lake. How he normally would look right as he's like blue skin. Yeah and then one is like monstrous at one kind of like almost like a whole. Yeah looking with horns with horns and other like viking all these variants of it. It's a was interesting and then Lohia like realizes that in during this mission He'll have his powers like normal. 'cause he's not going to be at the va and And then like moebius is kinda like if you behave well maybe you can an appointment with the timekeepers. He liked teases him with this idea. And he's like really. Is that possible. And then they go to the mission. He knows that slow keys. Only motive that what's driving him. Yeah yup so then when they get to the renaissance fair Loki bakes basically asked the question. I think everyone's thinking he's like. Why wouldn't you just like go back to win. This event happened. And just stop it from happening and like you can't because nexus events destabilize the time flow and that's when he's like. Are you even doing your training have you. Have you read the shit yet. And then the guy behind what are these. It's like the reset charges and low key. Just like yeah. Those are reset charges. They they you know. Set everything back to normal. And he's like okay but basically that is like a weird confusing but he's just like yeah. You can't go back now. He was like it has to be in real time 'cause like that branch is already like creating more problems. See have to kind of like back. You have to go forward in order to go back So so many rules with with time that let it get so confusing for me like it's gonna be really hard for me to follow. I feel like. I remember the tangent off the first movie that i felt like really mess with time in a fun way. That was kind of confusing. Was like harry potter to me. When like her mind turner. Yeah were you. Had you watched the show and then like because of sequence of events you wanna watch it again because like different things died prisoner of azkaban. Yep so i. I remember i remember the the shows definitely going to be one of those i can just tell with its lab and like young. Get confusing it's gonna get real then by the end of this so They look at the crime scene and they're just like you know what is going on. They took more reset whereas our person. They're not here and look he just starts telling them in a man like this whole story. Don't leave they're going to be out. There are no other thinking and just totally plays this whole thing. And you know wilson is trying to give him the benefit out. He's like wait in the chickens like we ought. There's like a chick that's out to get lucky. I don't know her name have her name. Oh yeah it's like. It's like b b twenty. They have a number She's like the main minute men. But she's a bitch you'll like her. I like her. But there's some elements where she's funny but like she just does not like loki leno. She she's supposed to be a bitch. I think she's in the right because she is and he's on trustworthy like he is not a trustworthy person. She knows a. He's trouble mischievous camp. So she's like no fuck this guy. So he's ranting for too long because now the brands like they need to leave before the branch hits a certain Lying and so she's like come on. You gotta go one decibel or whatever the hell she says. And he's telling the minute man it's scheme and he moebius finally want you to go after them like they're planning they're planning at this way movie is finally is like he's lying. Let's go he's like you almost had me so they reset the time. Line that red line disappears and they go back so now moebius and who is this person the judge. She's the judge. I don't know her name either Run slayer oh. I wrote judge Their powing about the botched mission. They're kind of doing like playful banter he has like his drink. They get drinks and his drink has like Ring the ring coaster like the co-starring and she's like put a coaster holder. There whatever who he's like on these aren't even from me you know so and then you notice that the coaster hexagon shaped i didn't yeah. It's a reoccurring symbol or shape from all from one of vision from guardians. Like when they go through the time or the space shit now yeah so. Something's got to be present with that. They did it like crazy because they kept calling it. The heck's in wanda vision. Yup so i know it's gonna come ford has to has to pay off in the end. No shave just love the shape of a hexagon so then He's defending low-key though during this meeting yeah he's like no. I'm learning more about this other variant through this one. I know that we can't trust him like any anything. He's is more than nothing like he's learning from it. He says luckily he believes in himself. More than anyone else's or something. He says something like that because he's like she could she's like do you think that this will work like do you think that he's gonna work out. He was like well. He believes in himself so la and then like he signed something and did you notice the pen. I wrote it down. Because i thought it was weird. Whose like franklin roosevelt right or something high school. Yeah franklin d roosevelt high school. So i didn't. I didn't understand the significance of that other news like this other analyst. Yeah i just weird or some that. This is the second time he's brought up. Yeah he doesn't like a weird like jealousy thing Are they hooking up. So then he comes out to loki. Who's sitting there waiting. And he's like lucky just starts immediately defending himself. Oh see. I was trying to teach you a lesson. There buddy and movies is just like. Do you remember when you told me didn't talk. Can you just go back to that person. He went to the judge because he needed these like. Just give me one more chance with him. Oh yeah and she basically tells them. This is your last chance and there was like this is it. yes. I wanted to tell him off. Such a failed mission. Yeah she was like You botched him really wasn't good but she really not that angry. I mean she'd seems like just very calm demeanor. i just think that they don't care. They're they're so above above time. It's like okay like whatever. How bad could it get. You know until it really fucks with things. Yeah wall who they're going jinx real no So yeah logie's offending himself and then they're walking and moebius is basically offering him like okay making up for me you can do all. This work takes them down like a library looking area. And he's like you're gonna look in every single case that's had the variant have fun Loggins like reading the case Is like allowed. You know he's being like kind of sarcastic but to himself. Were i mean like he saying it aloud but talking to himself. The person's like shh. Oh yeah i liked when he He goes up to like the librarian caller that and like he's just standing there and she's minding her business until there's one little little bells and it wasn't until he pressed that that like got her attention even though she's right there. Yeah and that's when he's like trying to be scheming because he's trying to ask for like tv files at are classified or just like he's trying to ask for anything but what he's supposed to have. Yeah he wanted like the creation of the tv. A animation of time classified classified classified. He's like what isn't classified and she hands him a file. She walks into this place and he goes here you go. It's a file on himself. He's disappointed he's saying But this is where he discovers ragnarok happened and he gets like super emotional. Yeah he sees the death of everyone would nine thousand and some people now. Yeah class seven apocalypse. But this is where he notices out on that same paper. It says zero variance energy detected. So then he goes to find moebius because he now he has his theory. You have the theory written down. So yeah i mean loki. He figures out or he thinks he thinks that on events that will cause like total destruction that a very could hide there and nothing he does. What would make a difference like in. it's not going to disrupt. The timeline consists all going to be wiped out. Yes yeah and then moebius is ma and like he. He thinks he's like yeah. That's really good. But then loki wants to like proving right. He's like well. We gotta go gone go to apocalypse. He's like okay. So you can just go to your people and leave us. He's like no. I don't care take me that. Any apocalypse go anywhere. Do anything. I just want you to see like. What's the worst that's going to happen. He's like basically he starts questioning him. There he's loki says at the table with him because he's trying to basically convince them to do this. He's like if you know one thing about me is that you know i love to be right. I thought that's that's chase right there or do not write that down. What wow but yeah. So then this is when they go to so go to pompeii italy. seventy nine eighty so. Yeah it's where mount vesuvius erupts and kills off everybody. So he they go there and loki and moebius go there and low key is kind of like sede nothing matters kind of like running around and like there's like goats and shit like on a thing and he lets them let them free and dislike search of speaking to them in either latin or latin. And just like you're all going to die In in basically like nothing matters than guess what mountain blows up or the volcano ups and they all get wiped out and it did not them being there to not disrupt the sacred time line. 'cause mobius was watching on his little detector yup but like wait so this is a real event. That's real. how do i know it's real. I don't know how the in hisato read i know. Okay but seventy nine eighty means after death right after like jesus died. Yes okay wait. So we in the gregorian calendar keep time okay. This is where i get confused with life. So how is it possible that we know that this happened just because it was written down while was a mountain in it. Blew up so people after that so that when did this thing blow up and then there's there's written history okay. I guess. I'm just getting off into my own tangent. Yeah no this is a. It's documented is not from the bible. This is from like reliable. This dot lake greek folklore. That's what i was thinking. Nevada education system is. It's we're like. Oh we're not on mount olympus zeus. So that's what i want. You said the mountain name. That were mount vesuvius. I was like oh. It's a fake mounting and surreal amount. It's real mountain right now. It's real like i could go to it. It's gone april fucking. Blew up two thousand years ago. Let's you watched it on this episode. We watched it blow up. I watched it in a fake show. That's why i'm like. Was this a real event. You know what's so. Was thor ragnarok. That's real it's real. Was that when they had that crazy. Tangent at the table where they were kind of talking about like what they believe in or was that leader That's gonna drive me crazy. I guess i didn't. Maybe i didn't write that down or maybe that happens later. Oh no it's later. I have no right here. Just getting chase okay But they find out though that correct they won could hide there and the tv would not know because it's natural event it doesn't it's not a nexus events that fox with the time line this is supposed to happen and anyways let's it so nothing is going gonna matter. Yeah that's wild. So then that's when they try to start finding apocalyptic things right. They go back to the library so the so they start. Trying to look for apocalyptic events in there like in the library like starting to like. They're just starting at tired so then they go back to the break. I'm gonna call it a break room. And this is when they have the co conversation about the jet skis and they have a whole conversation about like a. Why do you believe in the tv. A low key is basically questioning. What do you believe in. And he's like while. I was made by the tv a and it's real. Because i believe it's real and loki starts telling him like why was born in asgard in this he's like yeah. We'll yours also. Sounds like a fairytale. same way mind. Sounds like a fairytale. And he kept calling loki a scared little boy and he. He locates basically trying to ask him like what happens at the of time. And then like owen. Wilson is like piece piece at the end of our time and then when loki tells him well not until like berkshire bubble but no one has ever truly bad and no one is ever truly good and he like says that line to him. And that's when moebius arts to like phase out. He's like scared. Little boy scared little boy and then he makes the connection of the or the is a gum or candy candy candy so then he's like then he remembers the cab. Louis yeah so they had that but that long conversation was like just all about lenk whether what each other believes in because look he's like why do you believe in them so much. They're like three little lizards in the sky. Or whatever they're doing blah blah blah and movies is like. I believe it's real because it's real to me. That's what i choose. So i thought like that whole conversation was kind of interesting. I interpreted that as like loki saying like how foolish all sound like. There's you know. Tv is doing this in the three people. Like it's like win wins your job finish. I'm finished when there's peace and i'm saying no but that's true. That's literally what he's saying. He's basically like being like okay. That's naive you know. But also it's like the same thing of like truly believe in something no. It doesn't matter what somebody else tells you. Atlanta's in moebius was like well. Just turn it around like you're a guard you know you live in asgard. And whatever he's like. Yeah that's just normal. It's like it's not at all. And then he kept saying scared little boy and that's when he was like wait then you remember the kids he goes on. They go back to the file room. And that's when he finds the kabui and he's like did you have candy on asgard any said boy l. a. grapes and nuts. He said no wonder. You're so better. And then so then. Now they're gonna look into future. Apocalypse is because obviously that's like a more advanced candy. yeah so they. They looked at that. And that that narrow down winds you to find them Variant so. They saw that like that candy was like made on earth because like two thousand forty seven and two thousand fifty one so that game the timeframe of like let's see what like events happened there and they find alabama twenty fifty. He has to go. Ask the judge for permission to go. Find the variant there. So you like so. You want like a full taskforce leg whole task force on a possibility to find them there. Yeah but he's like excited. He's like no i. I feel like this is it. This is definitely it so she approves of it so then they go and she's like this is on you she's like. I don't know what's going to happen if you fail. Basically threatening him not threatening him like she wasn't mean but she was just like. I don't i can't protect you. If this doesn't how this doesn't go through ooh so. This was labeled as a class. Ten apocalypse jesus. The asgard one was level seven. Like why is this. When so much worse i didn't catch that. Maybe more people died or someone. If only ten thousand there may be what more that sears. Something wild the i was like. That's scary. i don't like anywhere where they have storms. I would never be able to live there. I don't know if i if it's climate change kind of thing looked like it was kind of like flooded and shit and i mean hurricanes and which is alabama's right in that so that's very plausible. That's like a dead town. That's known to have storms right or town. A state goes like john. Jay thomas tommaso fake. I've just i okay. Like for example. I've never been anywhere. Where like they have like tornado warnings. And he's like i was. I was driving will. I wasn't driving. My husband was driving in florida when we started getting lake weather warnings. Like go somewhere like and we were driving to the airport. And the airport shutdown. We were there for about like eight or nine hours. It was so fun. I i hate Oldest orlando because i've been fucked over there so many times. That's where i was in orlando. I've had to sleep on the fucking ground Known for that. My yeah i well i used to go down there every other year for work and the in it's always the summertime a trade show that goes between vegas and in orlando and in the summertime. You're going to have fucking monsoon shit. It'll be like ninety degrees and fucking one hundred percent humidity and then it'll just poured down rain Harm india's fuck. And yeah so i mean. That's the normal. That's normal down there so like planes in are always getting fucking delayed and it. It sucks. I remember like telling my husband. I was like so weird. I haven't seen any planes come in. He's like it. Shut down the whole airport compound. Then i was like whole airport shutdown. The cancelled like so many flights. Our flight was delayed literally by like. I was supposed to be home by like two o'clock in the afternoon. I think home till eight at night. And i had to go pick up my kid i to work the next day. During i was pissed i had to sit next to the worst guy ever on the plane. I was just so done. Oh my god see. I used to I used to take Another leg to get more air miles. So i remember like when i flew the last time to one of the last time florida I did that like flew united. But i went to newark new jersey. I then went down to florida So i went completely out of the way but it worked And then but the same thing was on the way back but Because it was delayed so bad. That are just like sitting on the tarmac. For like two hours it was fucking ridiculous in the plane in the plane is sitting there And then they were like they took us back in. We caught off and then like few hours later took off but now it completely fucked up my next flight so i had to stay in a hotel for like five hours in newark Anyway blah blah blah. Florida sucks no just flying. That distance is like i. I could barely handle being on that. Five hour nonstop flight. I was like dude. How do people travel internationally. I love a good twelve hour flight. I can't. I can't sit still for that long. Can't it's fucking unbearable for me. I don't know all over be able to do it. i'll have to do it. I'd i can't sleep on the plane. It's just i'm not. i'm just so bucci. I need like a blanket and a pillow and like a bed to lay down in. So unless i'm gonna go fly like Buji first class like my own. Private jet helio while i love. That's a fifteen thousand dollar ticket. Yeah that too cheesy bed. Nope too cheap here. I'm not doing it so i don't. I'll just look at it in pictures. I guess because. I can barely handle florida. I could probably handle it. If it was in gap so lake i could handle like i would rather have stopped speeches. I need to get up and walk around and have a break which is taking me so much longer to get somewhere well I mean knowing that if he did want to ever go to say europe you dislike fly to new york. I know to newark. It's like a five hour flight but saying but thin from new york to say london is only five hours okay instead of from fucking l. a. All the way to london or something. I need them faster. I need to be able to just like flu powder myself to wherever destiny shai wanna be. I wouldn't mind like enchanted car. Yeah like when like the freeway gets all fucked up. I wish they'd just plop on my on my steering wheel on his needs flight float. Yeah dear i need another. I need another i need. Magic is what. I need So they had into this apocalypse. And they're like atta. What would you consider not a grocery store but like a like a supercenter. Yeah it's it's hard rocks carts. And i imagine like a costco. Yeah yeah. I don't know if that's really accurate but like that's what i had in my mind would sought it's big. It's like definitely like a. It's it's like it. Seemed like a had because they said it had a warehouse that's where people were sheltering in place but then like you saw. They had like they were selling like dove. Lucien like i just remember. Seeing there was product placement their plants plants. Yeah just like everything. so So this is when like the minute man. The what is her name. I'm going to car a minute man. Yeah one She's there there into the store right like let's branch off a teams and she's like well. I'm gonna take loki. He's like no he's my responsibility. He's coming with me. Like i'm gonna take mistake number one party new from there so This is when loki and the chick run into like the guy at the planet's seemingly dislike a person like shopping and then they're like what are you doing here and like oh i'm here for the hurricane sale or something like that so steep then it's not really that person it's not it's the variant and in the variant takes over the body of the minute man. Yeah so this is where at least maybe thought they showed it before but like touched chesser person's arm and then you saw like a green like spirit flow from one person to the next person's collapses and then on the other person. Yeah yeah and then there is turn green yeah so then Then this one is going gonna start cutting rapidly. I have to keep writing. And they'll yeah and then the variance starts talking loki being like. Oh this is the person they sent after me He realizes so then moebius and his crew are like They're like walking around like shelter lake the where people are sheltering in place. And they're like are you going to said what are they asking. What else like. Fema fema ounce what it is. And they're like no the guy's like really mean about it. Yeah the one other minute man is just like you won't go because they're gonna die. He said they're going to die. He's like who cares about sad that they're they're like they're thinking they're like help them and save them in their dislike. So and i'm like thinking like how come them being there doesn't link for some reason. Change the outcome of these people. That i guess doesn't matter because they're all going to die so weird so this is when they find the girl though. The girl that was missing from the beginning the minute man yes. I'm going to call them minute man. It's women sometimes but this is when they find the girl that was possessed in the beginning and she's just like repeating over and over it was real. It was real. It was real and we don't know what the fuck she's talking about. And then Cuts back to loki and possessed minute man. And they're talking about i. They're talking about whatever right like this is when it's just kind of like they're trying to figure out each other. What are you here for. And that kind of stuff and low key try and says say like this was all my plan in trying to win them over. He basically tells her him they like. He's like my plan. Is to what i'm going to take over the time keepers and blah blah blah and like various like. That's not my plan. Like they say after eight to ten seconds of hearing you. I'm basically done like. Oh my god oh the answer is no. I was like damn okay ruthless sedan. And that's still being in the minute. Man's body. I can't remember if that was of the grocery store the grocery like That's when it's a and look. Like what should i call you. And they're like randy. Isn't it really futuristic. Like the name bad was just like a like an led thing So then it cuts back to moby ass and he's like what what's going on like are you okay and talking to the girl that just keeps saying it was real it was real and then she says i gave it away. I gave away where the timekeepers are which is weird because she literally just told loki that she's not interested in that So that's that's weird And then they try to radio like the the chick memory now. She's passed out because she is no longer possess them and she starts waking up and she's like oh like shit really remember any of it or anything. Yeah yeah and then. It cuts back to loki Getting annoyed now. Like what do you want like. What do you want from me then. come out lumberjack. dude just to kick his ass basically. Yeah because then like variance. lucky Was like now you're too late. And he's like what she for. What like what within surf kicking his ass literally start beating them up with lumberjack. Dude who like a monster and then like what he must like. Ask the variant something. Oh something like you should face me man face to face like you're like basically saying you're chicken and the jn lumberjack. Dude says i have shit to do now is just link logan wow But like did you notice like all any of the products in the background. I kept looking in the products in the background. And be like. That's when i saw like the dove lower and there's like They one point he uses like a roomba. It looks like to fight. The lumberjack dune he did. He likes fucking uses power to like random. Yeah and then acted a vacuum. Just like random shit. This store is amazing. Where is the store So then it cuts back to moebius. Who's coming out to look for loki. Now because they're like we didn't hear from that chick to radio back to us he bumps into the minute man and she's like he he's gone. He's on he was like what the how like. You're supposed to watch him. And this is when the lumberjack starts like setting up all the charges Of like all those little time. Mich- will those little things as recharge sense Just says brace yourself to loki there because it was like what is. Your plan is to blow me up lois of thing. It's just bombs. Yeah they're like no and that's when then reveal themselves basically 'cause like yeah he's like what's your plan here and the lumberjack dudes kinda laughing being brace yourself and then they clap slaps and then that person and the club comes out spoiler chick which i already accidentally said in the beginning of this podcast katcha which she's like. This isn't about you. And she's like god crown liquid little horns on them their tiny little horns. She's blonde chick And she has a green glowing hands though. She knows that when she walked out. No i didn't certain green out but not. oh yeah. Her hands are like green and glowing like she's holding like sears and the charges just go off like crazy they start like they draw or like they start disappearing your circle. They whatever they use like open up like the portal or whatever the time gate. What do they call that. Like each of these little bombs drop somewhere and then what happens that time line just starts going berserk. Basically just newts the sacred time line. Yeah and They're losing their minds at the tv. Judge lady is looking real scared like minute. Men just aren't she. She like gets up and grabs her live little baton weapon thing as if she's like. I gotta go fucking take care of this. Now loki chick. Chick loki opens up a portal. Just walks through it. Just like invite other loki. No but loki like looks at her and in moebius is like running up. he's like logie loki. Don't do it and low key walk through and the portal closes and that's the end. Wow this was a lot. it's a lot in. It's difficult to explain especially when you're talking timelines and like yeah. This could straight me a movie that they're putting into like weekly episodes which actually could even be a movie because they would have to be like a four hour. Zach snyder movie you know just make just make like extra might as well. So what did you think about this episode. What do you think about the chick loki. I don't know where it's you. I don't know where it's going like. That was definitely news to me. but you're right with the whole like What sexual what was gender fluid. Gender fluid yeah. I didn't pick up on that and thought that was interesting. But that makes sense now Yeah it i'm curious. what what. Her plan is Where they go all that. And you kinda kinda bummed to like loki. Still just a fucking bagai. This you know. That's how he was though. I know everyone not all bad guys. They're all bad and not all guys are all good. I mean so we're setting up for like you know. I'm sure that lady key will end up being good and i'm sure that i don't know anything can happen so i did. A little deep digging. Well not really. But i watched some videos. Did you watch any videos. Consider concert the surrounding the key. Chick fil like any like what what her character as possibly. I i did. I watched like the new rock star. Like recap of that. And they're saying like it could be lady loki or there's another character like That's the one. I wrote down the other character okay. So apparently in the comics. There's a character named sylvie and this is what this is why you know. Everybody loses their mind on the internet. So in the end credits when they're doing all the different languages and different names every single one said the variant with the actresses name but the spanish version said sylvie with the actresses name so and then in the comics sylvie has like green glowing hands like literally. This is what's weird. So when i was watching recaps about comics. Is that the low key in the comics is. Looks like loki dark hair. Really big horned outfit very dark and mysterious looking every comic. That talks about sylvie blonde hair green outfits. Ren- glowing hands the other chick. Loki is like wearing like maybe a green top lake black everything black hair. The chick loki was broken horn. Yeah yeah so. What was so sylvie was another. What was the superhero or the name interests. Okay enchant trysts in is that have. We already seen that character now. Remind i'm fucking getting mixed up with dc comic bullshit you're thinking of the caribe levin thinking i was thinking you that yet but okay. We know no now. I'm going to get really confused. Okay but in this. One is supposedly like a bad person that works with doctor doom. What is the name of the dc one is. I think it's same name. Okay all right. let's my mind. I feel like it's the same name. I don't know that character was fucking garbage. Oh my god now. Movie is so bad. What movies on suicide squad you okay. Let's see if it'll bring up the old one. It turns you and sixteen okay. So we're just looking up this character's name this has twenty s. Suicide squad has a twenty six percent on rotten tomatoes. I just wanna put it out there. Really helping them out. I wouldn't even give it that. Oh my god so okay. So her name in the movie which i cannot find right now because there are so many people and an is to enchant dress. June mohan mohan moon june moon m. o. an e e Her name is janice. But that's what i mean like. I mean proof ups so weird that they're dual names. I would i don't get it. Yeah okay see okay so enchanting all the images i saw oh well you know what though hold on. The enchanted is a fictional super villainess appearing in american comic books published by dc comics. Oh and there's another one right after says marvel comics wile so they both have seen this is like enchanted the the marvel one lawn. Hair green glowing. So i'm like is this. Even a girl version of loki and in her her name is sylvie. So it's just weird that they would put that in the spanish credits They didn't make her look like die. Loki and so it's interesting. I like our are our the writers like just combining two characters and were to slake thinking too much on it. It's like the tv because It's a good question. Because i i the tv america's calling it low-key and it's like well if they don't fucking know than what is anything. What is life but It'll be interesting so supposedly like that's going to be like a a whole mystery. I think that's what we're going to figure out during this searcy. Look this is a lady loki. The like from the comics like dark hair. Do you know what i mean. Similar hella but not with the antlers shit. Yeah so. I just like the other chick doesn't look enough even though she's wearing like a warned thing like maybe she's just trying to disguise herself as loki knowing that he's a god of mischief anyways. I don't know we'll have to figure this out along the way but all along this So now it's like what's going to happen now. So he's going to be with her somewhere. Who the hell knows what time line they might be a real apocalyptic events because that's where they're going to be hiding rain. Oh actually who knows it this way. Maybe they can they hide anywhere because there's so much fucked up stuff happening. Oh yeah if if she knows the location of the timekeepers are they gonna go there like. Yeah but also she literally tells loki. I'm not interested in your thing. So like she after the timekeepers like it doesn't make sense. Are they going to hook up as it. Is it just pleasing yourself because it's the same person as you legitimate questions. We have all the questions that need to be answered. So i don't have a lot of easter eggs for this one. Did you read an easter eggs down now. I i took like a funny like the funding. The funny was lucky was like i'd never stab anyone in the back. Oh yeah in. Moebius is like i've studied almost every aspect of your entire life. You've literally stab people in the back like fifty times literally. How he killed. Colson literally stabbed colson. And he killed. What does the the sex year here just with global. Here's a giant ball. I'm gonna push it through you The yeah the stupid spector was so sad when filc wilson died so yeah no he's liar but The only things that i wrote down is i saw The clock girl in the beginning. Who's like oh. How do you like teaching him. Whatever done in their leaving. She went back into the little computer right. It's had her looking angry and it said like you failed. Catch a very fast. I only saw from that youtube video. I watched so it's like a little. It's so fast. But i was like. That's pretty funny. She all mad because he was being told ebay. And then the number three seventy two which was like really big and bold to me when they were down at the library I guess that's significance. Is that issue number. Three seventy two of the comics is what introduced the t. a. Okay now. Because i was like dude so brian bold like why is it in. My face are saw. That and i didn't get that Seen other like he was in the recap of Like the different Like levels like floor shit like one easy or and none of it makes sense. No it's just so weird. It's not very like what's on supposed to be like real world. It's obviously a whole different world but it's just so weird like their own little language. Blessed be the burnt. Oh god raise be. That's what they say as well Praise yeah he's be. Oh my god why don't wear life. That is the commander the commander is. I mean i you have lightning my hate that actor now i don't wanna see that's like tall scrawny looking guy with a beard like i just wanna fuck in. I feel like. I've seen that all the actors are like. This is the nicest man you will ever meet. And he plays the worst character. He's still an ass then. I'm assuming right. He still the worst. Yes the spoiler. If you haven't seen handmaid's tale the last one of the last really bad things. I remember from that show. I think that's why checked out. A little bit is when i remember. He cuts off his chicks. younger punished. her by cutting off one of her fingers and then when the kids died when they killed the kids in the swimming pool. Yeah i checked out. Pretty i was like i was sobbing so many times. I like just checked out. Because then like i just know this is not gonna end. Well like whenever there at the Anything with aunt lydia. Also this is a handmaid's tale podcast either way. I actually haven't even watched all the way up until now. So i don't even know what saying but hate that actor though Yeah i mean. Yeah i mean what are their actor. Do you like immediately hate. Because they were such a d. bag. I felt like kway damn really felt that way. About bradley cooper ferment. in and what. He's a total dick and wedding crashers. He's the worst he's shooting quail and he's like a total just any stream. Rachel mcadams like shit. I don't really remember that movie who i am old school more than than that. Only gonna hate him. He was such a d. bag in that movie and it may not like him for a while then the hangover. That's only not the only thing. I think that's the one i think of like. What made him really famous in. My mind was that i guess that's how everyone thinks. Maybe i dunno that's when he blew up In the eight team to don rockets watch. Oh i know it's crazy that he's rocket i i can't picture him making that voice. My god i have to send you the tiktok. I always see it on. Tiktok him doing it so weird. I'm like god pike. I can't imagine he doesn't match. It's so weird. And he's never on any of the premieres he's like never because Well he used to date donna for a long time. Do you really. I didn't know that they did a for hot minute. So i was like. Maybe that's maybe that's part of the contract. You don't go to the movie premieres. Because zoe is much more into this So how would it have been if instead of her getting with star lord. She got with rocket no but raccoon. This weekend i watched a guardians galaxy to yeah For fun or i put it on. While i'm doing shit and i laughed hard when ego calls in like. Oh that triangle face something like talking about rocket like a raccoon but like trying to face monkey and he's just like touching space like oh man number two so guardians of the galaxy. Number two is sad. It's the happiest one went. Gosh somebody told me that. That's such that. They think that one is so bad are may not be your father. But i'm your daddy boy or something like what. Yeah part was. That whole thing was sad. He's you always wanted to sell me you you're to me. I was kidding. Boy sure though that was his dad. I mean ego obviously was just the cloud just went and impregnated wherever he wanted then he then he gave that whole par of when he's like Too bad that tumor in her brain and he's as his mind what's he like gets out of that hole. Like transit just goes quo. Oh he was fine bad. Yeah it was pretty bad. I what we watch like. How long has that one chick bend with ego though. Oh the like antler mantis mantis. I'm assuming for a long time. Yeah i'm assuming she's like a not a creature. That's not what i want to say. But like i don't know she's not like human concubine. Okay would. She's not like human. You know what i mean. I don't think she's like really aging course. She's not human stuff from earth. No she's from earth that i always see that scene on tiktok when it's like endgame and it's like when robert downey junior spiderman and doctor strange finally meet the guardians which is like chris pratt drafts and mantis and On the spaceship yeah on the spaceship. And he's like who is your master. Who do you serve. And he's like what. Am i supposed to say jesus is like you're from earth like i'm from missouri or whatever he says and he's like yeah that's earth idiot and he's like what who are and then like they do that whole thing and then he's like where is good maura and then like a what is good more and drags like i'll do you want better. Why is good mora any threatens him with that big gun he's like i can cheat. It was at the point where maybe it wasn't where he was like his foot lease or is that still the best movie ever or best song. Or what peters is like never was. He's like yeah so he's so offended Yeah the whole thing is so that whole exchange is great endgame that that seen as always replayed on talk on my talk feed i. I was happy to see that. James gone is doing the third galaxy. I didn't know that. I remember like when he had his shit it was like no they fired him or whatever. I didn't know that he got back into it. I was really good. Oh that's that's been known for a while. I didn't catch that. The whole cast protested and like sent out like they sent a public letter like on their instagram pages. And everything being there won't do it without him. I guess i just didn't know the outcome of that clearly. They got it and and and that was like this last. He's only gonna do one more movie. He's hired drax. Bassi was like well. James guns when he calls a quit. I'll quit well. That's my guardians of the galaxy to was delayed so long because he had already signed up to do suicides on so he's like for that trash to come out before they can work on something. Good with what you think that's going to be trash all the new one. I thought you're talking. Okay no so jamie gone on mine was fired by marvel signed on to do suicide squad then. They brought him back because they're like just kidding. We can't do this. Wow you though is literally refusing. We're going to lose a billion dollars if you don't do this. So here's like well too bad already. Have contract contractual obligations to do This one i. So that's why was delayed for so long. Because they were not going to do it. Without james i mean james got had already written script so they already had the script so they could have used that no matter. What with different director. But i think that like it'll be a good movie but i'm not gonna care about the characters in the suicide squad. Yeah wow going to get me into it okay. But but what if you liken. Because there's an hbo show that's gonna you know there's are already signed on. They are they already signed on john. Cena and james gunn for that. Hbo series they already started filming it. that's a side from this movie. Will you like at then Maybe and he supposed to be like a horrible captain. America's when i've heard i'm probably not gonna like deceive stuff until they get bought by marvel. Wow that's you know what really gets into the fold. I think that james gunn is a free good director and writer. So i think that he can make that series good. But it's gonna take a christopher nolan. How i don't is christopher nolan even gonna ever do those. Never the other than like the batman. That's i mean he's gonna do them donovan. He soon busy making tenant which bombed making really good but she that just came out. It just came out the wrong time. He should have waited. He should've waited until now. Yeah why did he push that release. What a weirdo. Think they already delayed it and then it was just like oh they waited for by me and look at that. Look how long they delayed black widow delong. The delayed watched a quiet place to my bond movie gal long they deliver your bond movie. Do you know what i mean. I can't it's either october or november. I can't remember but it's gonna the bomb movies coming out. And oh god dune dune. What is dan spice launch. No never seeing doomed. The old horrible. Like sci fi films. Like i can't believe your husband has never made you watch that. Maybe he hates to buy. I would be shocked if he didn't like see must've but so Wow dude so you're gonna have to go see we'll you are we there by the way. Oh do we have to see. Go to see black widow right. yes Yeah i wanna go see them theater. I want to support it down okay. Because that's going to be coming out like not to toga coming out like when i'm moving it'd be fucking galaxy though. Oh yeah only way to do it. Even though i went to town square and it was all assigned seating even though it wasn't like lounge but it was still assigned. God's nice I'm trying to see if he knows that he's seen tune. So wow it's by david. Lynch steve loves david lynch. You know that right and then the the main character in dune is like that actor has been in all his. Y'all god he made me watch that eraserhead moving. It's the weirdest thing i've ever seen in my whole life. I'll never watch the whole thing. I remember being a kid link going to our one movie store. You know in my little town and seeing the cover of eraserhead like scare the shit out of me also made you want wanna see that steve said it's the only one he's never seen you know what i think. We're good been eighty minutes. Let's fucking podcast. I'm tired all right. Well book you were looking forward to the next episode of loki. I heard six episodes to be halfway through lame. It's wall at least four. What he was scaring me. So i think it's six i don't know for sure from what i'm hearing. It's going to be six okay So next week we're going to do that. I'll try to get some news in next week. I did watch a quiet place to was great for anyone that wanted to see it. It's definitely worth watching if you watch one bunt if you wanna follow us on instagram. It's franken underscore nerd. And what's our twitter. Just al franken nerd. And then my instagram's atler crap l. arpa k. r. a. p. and cheeses. And it's just my name at chase mcknight as it. Is it like the bank. The bank chase like the bank cool. They know how to spell it now. What if it was like nope it's chase like see age a c. e. e the best ever had is c. h. y. c. e. I love it. It's like if. I want to pronounce my name like an australian choice. H. y. choice. Wow starbucks in barstow. Oh my god did you see. There's a tiktok that was like saying that the starbucks employees misma- misspell your names on purpose. Now mike now. There's no way now. We needed to find out if april okay. Cool am a y. Here you go. And i'm like muslim even my name. We will see you guys next week. What a great ending go by by money please.

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1006 - Isthmus of Newts | LW7

"Own trends beyond the binary ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. It's time for the podcast. Or who's here to keep you company really. I'm here to keep you company and take your mind stuff So you can fall asleep. Most sales doing that by goofing around and getting mixed up but right now have a guess a piece of lucidity instead of silent lucidity today. Just say loop dity in the castor. Pretty sure my brain said waisake. I think you meant to save lucidity but then you wondered if you knew what the definition of lucidity was you said lupe thity and i say well i feel like something that rhymes with lupe right now. But it's still time for sleep with me. The broadcasts boats shoe to sweep scoots here in raiders. Were rolling into episode thousand. Right around. now. Thank you so much for all the feedback. You gave me our patriot. Membership program about being a rebel and paying for a free podcast especially the patriots or the former patrons at rishon. 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And there's also people that love the story only episodes all night episodes so if your ten dollar patron where he said. Hey i love the show. We more than ten dollars out of every month. And i love intros while i love story only. I love the options. You're talking about checkout patriots sleeping podcasts patron. It's sleep with me podcasts dot com slash patron. And if you're already patron kit that bonus content set up in a podcast. App see can be listened. Laws all interrupts. So i start my night with a free one of the episodes from the free feed. And then i go to all interrupts. So it's our goto story only episodes and that's the flexibility that the membership program offers me on patriot on is offer a little bit wider variety. Check that out sleeping me. Podcasts dot com slash patron. Thanks ever about a sleep with brought to you by progressive. If you tried the name your price tool yet it works just the way it sounds. 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Show he your you up all night tossing turning mind racing trouble getting to sleep trouble. Staying asleep will welcome. This is sleep with me. The podcasts put shoe sweeping do as a bedtime story. Those you need to do is get embiid journey. Restful way i'm gonna do the rest. Would i'm going to attempt to do is create a safe place where you could set aside whatever's keeping your wake you know it could be sought you things you're thinking about on your mind so thoughts about to pass prison or the future could be physical. Sensations could be feelings or emotions related to anything or feelings It can be changes in time or temperature routine work schedule. Works stuff Whatever it is it could be a lot of different things but whatever it is. I'm here to keep you company and take your mind off stuff because you in your sleep is important and you deserve a good night's sleep. That's why i'm here mir to keep you company so ideally you get to sleep you need and deserve in your life so a little bit better tomorrow. That's important to me because it's important and it makes our world a better place if you can live your life a little bit more fully. That is deeply important to me in. it's also important. Because i know how feels in the deep dark knight tossing turning mind racing trouble getting to sleep trouble stain asleep and i feel like i really like i do have gratitude rate today because i woke up early and i had to visit the wc but the sun had already started to rise in all my blinds. Were open upstairs. Were my restroom is an light was coming in and is innocent but it was a before six and i sit. Oh boys echina- seromi off. And then i lied there for probably an hour but i still needed to make it to like ideally till eight to give the proper number of hours of sleep in a part of me is like okay analyst. Gay kidnap today. Would if i'm up for the day and they just kept telling myself different than this. Podcast would a similar. I just stay calm. And let's not get to frustrate delicious ally here. We'll think about some nice stuff and see and then if we can't fall super. We get back up in right when i became resigned. Banat with resignation more of like well. Okay elsa here a little bit more did off. But i know how their feels like especially i know the other side words and at where i said. Okay normally am not like that but the bad cast new listeners. Of help me get like that. So recent it's important to me but whatever keeping awake a minute. Try to take your mind off of that. Woodham going to attempt to do as already said winces create a safe place. I'm to smooth it gonna pad it. I'm gonna rub it down in a safe place limit. Send my voice across the deep derek. Night him to use lulling soothing. Creaky dulcet tones. Pointless meanders superfluous tangents. In what that means you're to get mixed up. I'm gonna go off topic then a minu lake Forget what i was talking about. And i'll repeat myself then i'll try to remember something. All illich circuitous. Alijagic is what i say Did they say to us along soothing. Tones pointless majors. I think it sierra to get mixed up but the purpose of this show in the way it works is. I'm a little bit of a distraction. Am barely distracting. Talk about flying high. He scoops would is. Would you call the pinnacle asleep. And say barely mildly distracting. Barely mildly distracting or mildly distracting or barely distracting at say partially distracting. Doesn't make any sense but it could be. Maybe partially distracting. Could be saying is okay scorza. Don't understand say okay. Let me explain more if you're new. I'm so glad you're here like i said I really hope. I can help you fall asleep. But let me give you some information and regular listeners. How you doing so good to have you back So good to go off topic. I wonder what i'm gonna get mixed up about tonight. I mean you already heard visited the water closet. So yard of dc got cherie had some giggles in there. A gently tiptoed up the stairs. Because i live in a reverse place. Were you sleep downstairs in your kitchen in your bathrooms upstairs anyway. So oh so if your new few things to know if you're doubtful if you're skeptical if you're ambivalent if you're not sure you like this show that is very very normal response even big fans of the show say it took tourist. Retry is to get over that initial say. What is this thing. What is this person even doing in. I would be skeptical if i tuned into the spag issue. Bullet believe me. I'd say what is this. What are you up to. i don't even know. What are you doing man. If i had a dollar for every time. Someone said that to me before. I made the podcast would be so. I don't know. I be seriously be like on a boat or something somewhere like many many times. You'll said what are you doing. And i tried to say. Well yeah no no. Here's what i'm going to do in high. No i know it's a strange thing. And what other listeners have said is give it a future is and see how it goes so. It's one thing if you're doubtful if you're skeptical. If you're unsure believe me that's normal regular listener say give if you try and there's a couple of reasons for that one and this is a podcast you don't really listen to like. I said a mildly engaging or whatever words i used earlier oh mildly distracting and so you just kinda barely listen to this this podcast. It's not quite background noise but it could be. There are people that turn tune it down or put me under a pillow or across room. So i'm just kind of a faint vibration or you could just kind of listen loosely and just say okay. Scoops candidate barely distract and may here. Yeah just like if you're watching clouds or watch in a river or stream flow by so that's one thing don't really pay too much attention if you're waiting for the show to get started or to go somewhere it i said it's natural but eventually say oh rivers just flow in rare here. It's it's going somewhere down river but right here it's just goin' is bad guess never get started and barely goes anywhere but eventually does kind of is also a bad kiss. It doesn't really put you to sleep. I'm here to keep you company while you drift off. Ideally you just wake up tomorrow and see hunter even know what that guy was talking about. I just look. I'm here to keep you company as you drift off to be your boyfriend your your friend really in the deep dark night. He's more friend. Board bay burkas or best busty more sip. Whatever it is because he yeah. I'm here to make the darkness in that Rigmarole round bedtime less lonely. Because it's lonely for me. Even when i'm not alone and frustrating show i'm here to counteract that had So those are hard to get used to podcast. Don't listen to and it doesn't really put you to sleep at you just fall asleep during it now. If you can't sleep for some reason don't worry i'm here to bear variant or berry end as strawberry shortcake would say To keep you company because whether you're awake or asleep keeping you company barely so those are a couple of things. If you're new. They can throw new listeners. Off so other things that i get a lot of feedback about usually from non listeners or people that sapling in the few minutes but even regular listeners this show you can eventually kind of adjust how you listen to it in customize it especially depending on the podcast app you use or if you subscribe to other our membership or whatever but the design of the shows intentional but flexible so the show starts off with a greeting so you feel welcome in seen then it has support for listeners then a has support for the show so the show can be here twice a week for free instead of like what if the show only came out. Once a month that would be a bomber Or if it was just part of some paid service like. I like it coming out choice a week for free. So that's what the sponsors and the patrons allow us to do. Then there's the intro intro introduce from whatever six or eight minutes into the show to twenty something and two or three people to two or three percent of people start to show it around twenty minutes in. Just listen from their twenty five minutes or even thirty minutes. They elect to listen to story only part and then a few thousand people listen to story only episodes patriot on so that's Those those are a couple of different ways to listen. Yeah what was my point with. All that Oh structure the show so the intro. So the intro. That's an expert of the show in it goes. It can feel like Frustrating for some new listeners. Because you see we'll don't can't you get to the point i say well it's kind of the point is the intro. Eases you in bid time or gives you time to get ready for bed or to your bedtime routine and start to relax or even get in bed and get comfortable in just start drifting off there is probably two or three percent of people that are fallen superority sleep and oh boy do they look cute sleep in there so cozy and then there's other people whose partners are already asleep and snoring we try to just You know move on from them because they're so rested it's great for everybody terrific day you're asleep partner So that's why the intro goes on and on and on is it's kind of show within a show where it's similar every time it to where i unsuccessfully explained what the podcast is but it's different every time so whatever parts you keep. You can't quite get used to it or grab on and say oh boy. I know it. Scoots is going to say next. You're more say i know it. Scoots is gonna try to say next but he might forget and get mixed up. So that's the intro. Then there's business between the intro on the show again that's essential to the goal of the podcast of free twice a week. So i appreciate that. And then there's our story tonight. Ob episodically modular series tales of lady which beard and that'll be fun and then at the end of the episode are thank you. So that's a structure. Show the reason. I make the show. In some of the things they can throw new listeners off. But i'm really glad you're here in a really work. Hard i really. You're a strive to help you fall asleep. Give it a few tries because it doesn't work for everybody. And the i try if it doesn't work for you at all or you're already positive you say dude. I loathe you. See that's okay is leaving me. Podcast i come slash knows thank you. There's other sleep podcasts. There because you deserve a good night's sleep at lake weather this podcast works for you or you like me or not like you still deserve a good night's sleep so i hope you find something out there to give the show a few tries. Ju just because if it helps you. That's great to Yes so here's a couple ways amenable to do for your free choice. We thanks abor scoots here. It's time to talk about tonight's sponsor feather making furniture so easy and convenient. I don't know if you've heard from any friends or family about trying to order furniture right now and the long wait times to get stuff delivered. I've been trying to get this one console for my tv. I can't even set up delivery because it has not been in stock and who wants furniture six months from now right. It's like I want something put my tv on right now. And that's why you gotta check out feather do this. 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There's even new challenges iowa's cabin and that's where he get to keep your friendship. Bracelets are fiend ship race. Let's say column in the game so wherever you are taped scenes along even if you don't have the internet best scenes works off line. That's the best so he could win. I don't have a connection. And i'm looking to pass some time lucan ham. Some fun gameplay does not stop where the wi fi does so. Download the five star rated puzzle game best fiends free today on the app store or google play. That's friends without de our best means. Thanks for about a Raider scoots here and back with another episode of our episodically jeweler series. Just because they said episode choice in one-sentence episodically modular series tales of lady. Which be here does have a touch of syria. -ality but i'm gonna take the siri -ality out of it right now and tell you everything you need to know in. This'll be if this is your first episode than all the other episodes are prequels. Or you say oh. It's like you know it's where you can listen to them in any order. You know whether you're waker sleep or half awake or half asleep or two recorders or one. Quarter one eight the or if we're on a metric system. I'd say well even more confused now. So tales of lady which beard are the tales of lady which beard. She's a pirate and she's a witch and she's a heroine out there and adventurer and she has a sidekick named daw who could be very similar build scoots who follows her around learning from her adventuring with her they also have another companion currently done danko. Who is of once. I guess was a full-fledged pirate this story takes place in the realm of the thirteen sees so not in our world more sea-based realm if you're pirate you'd say it's a pirate realm and you see are there a lot of witch fire. Say nope lady. Which weird's the only one that i know about that. I remember currently and she was originally from a witch realm at lake around a witch world. I don't the difference between worlds in realms but it soon which world has better literate asian and shoes growing up. I think from my memory. She worked on a police that made some ingredients for spells and everybody had their own. You know even within the realm like suddenly we'd be like oh which are realm but you kind of have to be outside realm to realize your realm may be but She was in her own little niche within the which world in but she said this isn't for me and i she said well just not you know whatever you know immortal and pedestal. Her stiller. whatever. I you know i i'm not into that Within something happened. And she got exposed to another world The buyer around. She said this is what i'm about. I'm about this adventuring on the high seas in so she buckled her swedish and headed to this realm and ruled there for a long time. I mean ruled in not as a a monarch but just kind of like whoa lady which beard rules like. You'd say if you're in the eighties since she was skateboarding she doesn't skateboarded. That's just an example. So that's normal. That's normal existence a lady which had before she met me then i she met old scoots aka daw and then she went on a mistaken adventure trying to in another very similar universe stars with or non cortez trying to teach him the perils of count as asian with. You know with an edge but that didn't work. I don't know how it worked out. But i ended up getting scattered across multiple universes And so then lady which we head to go collect me and reassemble me. That was never recorded. None of the that. I was still like an ad. 'cause it wasn't a official adventure it was kind of a sidetrack. She didn't wanna be on. She was just obligated by our friendship. In you know she's she chooses to do even though she might not brag about it she does. What's right so she collected me from all these universes. This didn't happen in any season. Then she needed a big break because she the needed a break from me and that went on for a while. But then i kinda got an enc. I said man. I miss adventure and with lady which beard this. I'm speaking as a character in now. Am you know what i'm saying. And eventually she'd had enough arnuhar also her Her whatever pirate clearance had run out And she needed to get a re- re- 'em certified as a pirate and actually went so long that they said no you're gonna have to go back to being an apprentice to a journey to to a pirates or something and lead what you said. No way i'm on. I'm on i'm gonna be on a mission to find brandy. The woman who loved the man who loved the sea. That was kind of my part. I i said what about this song brandy. It's a fine song we could. You know we find out what a good life would be or whatever and she said okay this does sound interesting and it kind of goes with a myth So we went out to find brandy in the world to thirteen sees very quickly we got sidetracked because dan danko from the pirates skilled came in gatley which weird said you're supposed to be my apprentice To requalify be a pirate. And i go by the guild rules you have to go by the guild rules and later wishart wasn't super happy about it but she said well it's it is a guild rules so unfortunately okay then we get further sidetracked because We're still kind of questing to see brandy. But dan danko wanted to do some pirates stuff and we found. Some weird was happening that there is this rooch those more valuable than gold and everyone was you moving all mining equipment to my minus root of a plant or tree and done danko was still like we gotta do pirates stuff. Let's figure out Something else we were kind of also using brandy brandy songs guidance So whatever we're trying to figure out the balancing finding brandy and dan dangles agenda of the pirates skilled also lots answer trend tricked on danko apologized danko. Then we found out. The pirates skilled was gone in a guest on danko leader which we had found out that levy or brandy was wanted by the pirates skilled when it was functional. Not sure why they never showed me to post or maybe they did. And i just didn't read it and of course at various points along the way we lost da li which chip then we lost. Dan dangles ship Then we were shiftless while we're trying to get to the bottom of what was happening We'll also we had brand also spilled lot information of brandy. Because you know. I'm not good at keeping secrets. So brandy took dan danko ship. Maybe another ship and all the pirates Lake both our crew and another cruel pirates that it also spilled showed a magical map to this. Was all library island good news. Everything's good on library island because we left then. We headed to this place i saw. It was going to be like bermuda triangle but it turns out. it's just very foggy in very narrow. We discovered there that they the another ingredient they were in search of which in very small amounts sailing needed. That exists it on some sort of What is that called. Net crevasse ravine. That was like touched by the fi. One part of the rack rack has touched by so many hours a day. Something about it. They needed a whatever was it was just at one place. But they didn't need a lot of it. They just need to buckets of and also during a time lady which beard get captured. She was in bird form and Dan danko and i were in frog form. We were frogs. I mean essentially and so don danko and i. We hid in buckets of muck. Whatever this muck rock sand mud. Whatever they're collecting. They were collecting buckets of it. Then despite didn't get recorded by the because even more boring we hid in the mark. They put it in a hold on the shampoo. An open hold where they could. Dry the muck And it was closed off a for a long time. The door was shut so dan danko night just kind of hung out there. Good news is if your frog you can be in an open holt. 'cause fly still go down. I didn't mean that that something you venture adjust to or i did. I don't think don dankali ever adjusted to it. Being a frog and have been a frog practicing. You know we're having been three squares day or you know you don't actually don't you frog you kinda just your brain can all happens. Fly goes by next thing. You know you're satiated road ever till the next time you see well. So i don't know sparta your amp amphibian brain so don danko and i like a were basically in the hold of ship hanging out and as were more or less where we are right now but i Our first full return when were recording this in person and we're going to Now the good thing is already practice distancing because they say he got to be quiet man lake and what do you do like Your hair so silky makes it j. j. jingles like Like i imagine. Would i you know in heaven but yeah i'm looking forward to it. We're gonna play. We're gonna play a little koran and and hang out and drink some tea and just say you know just but first he has to remain perfectly still after he records this he needs to remain perfectly still for about a seventy four minutes or so without making a sound breeze you know he can breathe just now loudly. Hollywood hollywood people from hollywood breeze loudly will only per se. No from hollywood is The person who's about Would happy to present our hollywood announcer. Mr antonio banderas So ladies gentlemen is a boys. Girls of friends began by harry. It's time to set sail on a tale which beard. Well that was. That's worth it does worth every creaky elbow you have. Also maybe do. Can you keep cut down on the blinking two outfits. My imagine nation probably is my major nation. Because there's other times. Are you ever around other times because he see any. Antonio banderas blinking. Is that what that sound. I'm hearing is you know but it could just be like the sound amount harp. I mean when you blink may heartbeats anyway but this is That's mr antonio banderas in. This is the tales of lady which beard. Okay so let me go over the plan as you explained it to me done dangle they have started coming into the hold and stirring up the muck because in parts of it are dry but parts of it aren't in their kind of seem like they're doing some sort of sieving in into a powder and then they put a bullet laguiller's burlap sacks over that so we're going to wait for a person to come in and then we're gonna climb into their pockets. Okay and then. We're going to stay in their pockets for awhile. And a sewer. We go and try to get into the pockets of the person who goes up to corrosiveness. I guess it makes sense because we'll be in the massol. We should be able to as long as some would have. So what if the person comes in. And they don't have by over here. They do have packets okay. Scooting re-communicate buying power of mind. You know that that's handiest frogs okay. Don danko yellow while they're leaning over. Okay wow we're in the same. I thought we were gonna get in different pockets Okay so we're here in the back it Wait that person's getting called back okay. We'll boys is rocky. It's kind of nice. Should we own fallen asleep to end. Dan danko early sleeve. Just listening to me. Have a casual ovum. Su i'm waking. Backup now okay Oh we are in mess saw. Okay sudan danko dangle. Hey so you're listening to these key. I've been listening to the converse you. Oh you've been silent would if you heard would I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were silently listening. Okay da so i. If we go under this table in goto tables over you have to follow me and we just gotta be careful and stay. Low can't kick. I know the person who's next on shift in the corrosiveness and that is where they're keeping lady which beard they said a perfect staffer crow according to brandy in had been listening to other things but we need to go nasu Okay keep following me. I'm gonna keep evan to look. It's hard for frog to look backwards. You why don't you keep actually daw normally who get them. And i would if you keep bumping into my rear end. Yeah that's good okay. So let's go between these okay. Wow great job daw you really good at a like You know whatever frog would run into frogs rear okay. So now we're going to see these boots these greenish ones. That's the person you're right. We could I didn't realize these boots do have extra thing. I guess at st catch So we could just climb up under here. There is a little bit of us. Boots are almost like a hat Okay so were under the boots. Were each under a separate boo now. Do da remember to hang an because now we're getting up And now we're going up some stairs and then the verses drinking some water fairly good do they have good Brand new runs. I don't think brandies have been a member of the guild. But she does seem to follow a lot of the guild protocols which is good so yeah so okay So let's see so okay now feels like this pirate is climbing up To the corrosiveness. Whoa whoa go ahead. So what's our plan. Once we get up to the corrosiveness. De don dangle to get set lady which weird free okay but won't the lake. How are we going to do that. If the pirates up in the crows-nest oh were opened. Wait hold on the pirates greeting other pirates and they're switching rewatta even switch harnesses So they on harness one and then they harnessed the other. this is really this brandy. I'm impressed okay. The other part is going down so always should start talking to lady which beard but she can't and shouldn't she be able to talk to staw. Yeah that's dan ankle. I think the first thing we need to do is deal with pirates and then figure out like make visual contact with lady which beard. But i think we should have a plan because i've had so many experiences without a plan or making assumptions kind of lake. Seems like you did. Oh we'll just rescue her. No i think you're very good at it. Sorta kinda freighter. You're good at some stuff that i'm not good at don ankle in a different way than lady which beer delay which beard no fences superior both of us. And they're not even with her ability to practice witchcraft. That's just a bonus But so we should go good deal with this. We're going to have to deal with the pirate somehow. Okay dau- well. I don't know what to do. I mean we could do it. I i was thinking we could try to lake. Have the pirates slip on one of us but that wouldn't be a good idea for whoever gets slipped on. And i don't know what if you would have you like You seem to be very good at We're doing something. The whole time when i was trying to think of all the plans. What were you doing us practicing. Flicking my tongue against stuff. Because there used to be this. I already told you. Stunned danko There used to be this thing. We used to be a toy like it was a sticky thing with. I know you don't have elastic or slime or any of that kind of stuff But it was like a frog's tongue. I am i mean it was marketed that way but it was also like i used to imagine that and sometimes you don't need an yeah so turns out of frog's tongue is different but it is similar it like we've talked about max who are rowing but So yeah i was flicking my tongue against stuff or us practicing immediate did at first we were down there so long you so boring. I made a lot of different competitions in games Frog tonko olympics. Okay will let's just What could you use your tongue to do Wish pirates will buyer had like water. You said something over. that's it would. If you flicked the pirates hat off it said and then they would have to go down and get their hat because that must be one of the protocols brandy has know practicing proper protection from the sun. okay. I think i could do that. you to stay put done danko. I'm gonna hop out here okay. I'm on shoe and now and hop up here. Goud dan danko. You should probably forgot. You should stay in the set when you get off the shoe. Just stay in the center of the platform. Okay okay thank you Okay so okay. I'm gonna try to flick through. This could be tough. But i think if i could pro- done dankali got the pirate. I miss the hat in. I poked pirate in the pirates. I okay okay. I tried again in did now. The pirate is saying. Can you hear that. We can't believe. I just got was a frog doing up here Now the pirates did fall. The pirates is go to i wash station so have to climb back down on. Oh okay there yelling be blade back down or something and so they can wash their eye out from frog goop And it seems to be a big to do okay in the pirates getting lowered down very slowly so we probably only have so much time sudan. Danko you stay. Oh you jumped good thing you jumped out of that booed. I didn't even notice Oh haley which can you hear us now lady which weird shaking her bird ahead. No lady which we're to say like Okay assuming you're muted just okay. Lee which bears muted somehow and okay. It's a bird proof. lake saying latch But it's an fog proof. Susan take me long lady which beard we don't have done danko we. We didn't come up with a plan after we set lady which beard free And parts going be up here soon. Oh boy So boy got to think out our frog feet now. Oh you know what dan danko. Is she a basket. Coming up with Extra set of glasses and a hat. They must have some sort of they said. Oh let's keep extra hat and glasses up here now so if we jump in that basket as it comes up We could get back down. Lady which weird. I'm guessing that They're not keeping an eye on your latch because there's swimming it's bird proof in the i think they probably just sink. Weren't annoying frog. So we're going to hide in the basket to hopefully and then jump off and done danko. Why don't you unlock way. Which beards cage later which we are we will go back down and We will hide in the. We'll we'll go back to the hold with the the mud because you can fly back down at night And then we'll go from there. Okay does that. Sound like good blandly. Okay you're unlocked. Lee which feared but it looks like the cages still lacked a so you should be able to just kick that cage open once night falls rigging to jump in this baskets and danka once. We're about halfway down. I think we should jump into the whole because we know that the mucks gonna catch us hop into the whole don danka. Once we get a little lower. We should happen that okay. Follow me down. Danko who that mark feels. Good after being out in sun and stuff that feels. This is a little bit lake. I would have wished to mud. Baz would be like okay so this feeling good. Dan ankle boy away way. Which you're do you waking us up. you can talk now aleady which we're yes. Don don dankali can speak now. That was a magical cage. She was blacking my ability to communicate or use any magic here It's too late in the night early in the morning at the. It's you belittle bit before the next shift change. We need to change out of these Disguises and gather some of this mock and some of the root Which is probably stored in the next old over and we're about to approach. Newt is mrs new well known as nude island even though it's just an isthmus with newt's largest concentration newt says some of this. I heard yet did lady which bear i heard it as well. I was going to tell doll. This dads were. They're going to collect all the new And also later which beard brandy has some sort of big meeting tomorrow at dawn or today at dawn So we have a few hours on this missive nuder nudist newt nude. I'll depart scott nude island. But i guess it's because they're landing in a porch in everything's kind of a port or an island but you're correct it is is missile of new dismissed. Seriousness of newts and again it is very rare place. Even within the thirteen sees is just a high concentration of these certain. Newt's i assume that's the nudie poo that they're looking for and they'll doctor and collect the new to new so later which we were you thinking. Okay this is interesting. A- where brandy gun magical birdcage from. And i wanna know who brandies meeting digit. They say anything else. Yeah the some of the pirates were arguing. Who was really in charge brandy or who brandy was meeting. Like who's giving the rewards say. Were arguing back and forth and laughing. Who were they laughing at Lear imagining so trying to boss brandy around gets brandies. Seems like brandy runs a tight ship. yes in the same thing done dangle so show so later which we had will re what would supply and i mean dawn. I have done pretty well on her own but were team again. So i think we gather those two ingredients so we get some new and we figure out what they're trying to make. I mean we can only guesstimate things will just take of. The rowboats will You know will cut the line make it look like drifted away and eventually they'll know i'm gone but they'll just assume i flew away or something but Yeah let's go and click this new figure out what it is. If if those are only three ingredients in what you're reading showed you don dangle and then see if we could find out where brandy is meeting this person and figure that out sounds good later which beard we were already okay. So we're now we're back in human form and were follow. Okay we're following you in does not talking. Oh i guess. I get it. I am just going to barely talk Or already in a row boat A lady richard gin ingredient. Okay you did get ingredient okay. Okay so we're going to row ashore me everybody said okay. We'll take turns arresting out cam Oh hey dan. Danko sound wakeup were already. We gotta go. We were were beach in the boats. Thanks toy fell asleep. There was talking e. n. No one could hear you. I think you were just talking inside your own head though. Luckily you're still used to frog. Now were actually talking with our voices obu okay. We okay later which go ahead i wanted to. If you know how we're gonna find new in the dark As ned good Don't even even know what new would look like in the wild. I mean we carried it. I mean it seemed dry like usually we would sell it. Nudie pu was dried new but a large amount of it collected. Dan danka. what else you know about just nude smithson newt's Lady which weird. I don't know much else. Excuse me done daycare. Lady which weird. I don't mean to interrupt. But i don't want to brag in. I don't know. Any of the differences between salamanders and newts but there was a time in my life where i would go and look at salamanders and not over new. I didn't do it more often. Other than time. i might tell was Like i'd lift. You'd have to lift a heavy flat rock in the woods and if you did that. Sometimes there'd be salamanders under there and you could look at them. And so. I think i could probably find a new and then more good news is sometimes. I'd hold the salamanders also like out hold toads and frogs and invariably in understandably from their perspective even as very gentle and kind and i would talk to them. Baby talk They would go and leave me preson in their hands. Sometimes the present one sometimes approach if you give them enough time though in. I talked to them in baby. Talk enough Maybe i'm just comforting them so much they say oh boy let me like just let this go. Okay do i. I like that idea. And then maybe let me see what i can think up here. Maybe you could talk to the new In the basic way don't overcomplicate things. Daw actually will tell you okay lady which would have found a neuter already unless it's a salamander that lives on an isthmus of newt's okay. Da here A rub your mouth with this feather. Ask if it's a newt. Hey are you newt. Oh cool. Don't not bill okay. I'm sorry i was going to ask your name. But in a lady which bearden dan danko want me to. Don't worry i'm like if you want to. Here's the thing if you wanna go number two or number one in my hand you can because it's ri- weird again talk to buy a human Humanity again no. I'm human okay. A which number two. How do i explain that Oh good group. Like who so rule looking Lady which we're done danko. Could you help me. This would be your area da. Da da. I think you can handle it. Okay so anyway might. Could you mind if i call you. Nudie okay cool nudie em. I'm dawn although sir. Let's get back to number one and number two. So do you get most your water through your skin. Kaz frog once Or your moisture. Yeah do also kind of like Drink water from stuff Okay yes showed like wind water. Goes your body in your body. Does a body stuff and takes the water and whatever lake. Does the water water leaves your body at some point rate and you feel. Do you feel relaxed when that happens. Yes so that we call number one in the human world or p p o you call whiz. That's something we that's funny. I wonder if like some sort of So newt whiz Oh yeah you don't need a new whiz. I don't need new whiz Thank you so number two then. Can you get run going. Y'all yet that's it. That's number two right there. It's very tar like No problem always lee which wenda danko do some so forgot to. You are a new to though not a salamander. Okay go ahead lady. which beard. Well where do they go to the where. Well thanks. so listen nudie. Do you go to the bathroom under rocks or just in the grass ore down in the ocean or the sea. What you just made a scoffing. Sound oh your whole community. Black bass yeah. Why of course is so okay so wait a second so you all all the knutson nudist. Smith's oh okay all your neighbor. Newt's you all use the same place to go okay. That makes that's what we do too. I mean somewhat. Okay like at the edge. Oh so then. Rain washes into the sea. Okay so can you show us where those so are. Maybe later kaz lady okay. So can can. I put can do do jemaine hanging in my pocket or something so he could talk to you later yet. No there's some crumbs in there. Oh okay all right so later which aired dundonald that. I'll make sense yet. Ause so okay so i have this bowl here. Look we have the roots and from what were seeing from what they're gathering the root is going to be this ground route Is going to be the largest ingredients so have about a third -able filled with roots and it's crowned and dried and then images us a little bit of this this Whatever fog rock will call Animosities about a third of what we have of the route. So a third of that just guessing based on some basic alchemy did back in my other world but the other thing is it could be that the nudie pooh Well let's just take. It actually is a substantial amount. That's about a third to so the nudie poo in the ray now in that are equal ingredients in the root is the majority an let me. Just try to mix it together and it's just kind of all gummed up with Anybody seeing this Whereas we're done danko where a dog. Oh lee which were. He went to wash his hand in the ocean. 'cause he said he was a little bit. Gross stab by heaven. Nudie within pooh-pooh understands. How did he thought he only had on one hand. He rubbed his hands together and then he tried to come. I think he's gonna go. He's coming back. He's soaking widely. which beard. Okay before he gets here. This is nad doing anything except making some sort of mock or like missing an angry. Oh wait a second to dock. Come over here. Sarli which beard. I get some nudity new to do my hair her new or whatever. It is Okay drip some seawater into it will okay. Now something's happening. Keep tripping aw lately which would. What's happening kilometers stirred up here There's some sort of Al chemical relax reaction happening lee. Which looks like it's a lady. Which were did i ever. Did you ever have jello jig before. Let me just keep sitter. It's getting harder to stir it's getting thicker. It's turning into vis from viscous to. I've never seen this before because it was sandy. And now it's kind of a gelatinous italy which were this what let's Wow i can't even look at that. I can poke it and i can be kind of break it with the with the stir y- lady with your debts lake at gela jig ler okay. Doll woodson jello jiggle. Please tell us while that. But that's made of nudey peru and Seawater okay so what what's a jello jiggle or we didn't oh jello gigolos like a treat to so wouldn't be it's usually made from like a powder water and I think you need some sort of degel. Jelica a gelatin or santen. Oh so some sort of yeah. Okay we we've had. We've had those kind of dishes but this is not meant to be eaten though what could be the possible value of this substance Confused dan danko. Do you have anything We which. I do net. But i see that the sun is about to break the horizon and if we climb up a hitch to that higher that peak up there. I mean there's another peak further west than where we act but we should be able to see brandy exit. the ship in and we would still be in darkness. Okay let's kill and we think about what are they. Would they be doing with this. Ju jiggle jello jig. jello. Jig lers guess i am stumped Real okay so there's brandy. She is walking tours ashore. She's looking in the sky for bird to make sure i'm not watching. And she's preceding. Oh looks like the pirates scantily created. Something lee said That's like a like a big pod. Like almost like a witch's cauldron is she gonna make stone soup or something. I don't know maybe she's making a big batch of this would be stuck in the cauldron dono daw. She sending the pirates off in their going further away. Oh some of them have boats. They're looking in the sky for me and their kindergarten the past but the further along. She's all alone now. She doesn't she shouldn't seem to be mixing anything in their lady. Which beard hager. Right about at dan danko but she is putting her hand in there. What do you think she's doing lay which beard Wait a second. There's onell woodley which we would. What is their steam coming out of there said. Do you think that's there's no fire though is from a fog machine or something no no. It's not this is this is not possible. What's possible possibility which beard only which we looked. Somebody's rise out of the steam there. We just looks like is that later. Which did you know zelic animatronic like is this for decoration. Voters wanted to buy or these For the trick or treating season against for which that might seem diminutive gazette looks just like a witch dot is which. She's kind of like a purplish blue though not green utah that's Which of ledge in the gis is impossible. We we're going to have to get. We're going to have to go back down the hill though we can't watch any further unfortunately what donde ankle Just wondering why. Not lady which beard. If that's who. I think it is shown no were there. We have to be out of the line of sight all of us which is come down this hill bid were far enough away zoe's rattle linux cited that Cauldron leader richard. You can seem surprised too stunned. I am Can't okay lady which we're just taking. This is just take a few breaths here. You said that was a witch of legend who what legend is so. That's not one of your contemporaries. I mean it could. It looked a latte lake Oh l. which our myths that was also historically real. You know dan danka. We've had these conversations when daw hasn't been around but You know when miss in history can of But she was a conqueror of really created in a similar to the guilt piracy guilds. It created the great which unity in our world and hundreds and hundreds of years of peace among which is But yes she ruled in the time that was a very distant past for from world like So i've learned not to say anything is impossible could be an allusion but my sense was that it wasn't an illusion and that was a poor. Oh sorry dan danko. You may not know. It's very rare in have tried to keep people. I've never taught any of this. Anyone in the pirate realm and very rarely connected to the witch world. Budget call cast cauldron casting as what we were watching happened and she may have been casting a call from a witch realm. It didn't think it was possible though to cast it from another time in history into this world. Okay lady which sure let me repeat things back to you with a who what. Why where and how things seem to be getting more confusing then less If we say yes who A witch conquer of world sis come into our realm to meet with brandy. What are they doing talking about something. But we can't listen in because it would be too risky is what else are they doing. Collecting ingredients To form some sort of jell o. J. j. some gel is some gel with seawater and these other ingredients and what we don't know but later which beard if you say what you're saying is true then the white While is the what is unknown. Yeah then we we have to stop it. Done dangle Lee which weird done goes dishes me here. I would nudie. We're like we could talk to nudie. Okay dau- Y- you're right if we if we can ask annuity. How many Community toilets are. There's always surreal lady which beard. Okay so nudie suit can nudie show us where the three are. Maybe we could flush them out to the sea or Wait sick second. I might have enough ingredients if we just. We could turn them into jail now. I don't think the gel can be d- constituted okay. Which we are this one community toilet here. I'll squeeze my shirt into it while you put okay. He hits its gelatinous So we're gonna have. I don't know we're not gonna have enough to do all three. We'll do the next one. Okay it's just over here lady which beard okay he and squeeze pants into this one. Okay that one is gillette and up Okay the last one we don't have anymore. We're gonna have to wash it out to see okay. We could just dumb. I think if we loosen see if we go down on that side we could just push you. We could just put we'll have to push it We're have to all three of us push nudie pu like okay like Yet this is not pleasant but okay. We're pushing it into the sea and it's gone news new lak- oh and now dawns broken the sun's rising above us but we we'll have to To were who all the new tsar coming out It can you ask nudie. What's happening new nudie. Said it's time to go most newts Get up in. This is a community that they actually have kind of a commute in casual community conversation. They use the bathroom in a social way But all their bathrooms are not usable. So they're going to the other side of the island. Would you mean. I guess over the next peak that we didn't go up How many bathrooms. oh so. There's only three bathrooms anissa part of the island where nudie lives and other side. There's like about three hundred or something. Oh dear let's go to if we go up this side of its later which i got a bad feeling about sia. It's not good Why don't you sit nudie free to go usa restroom and social manner. Low awo nudie already winning my bank my may hand again at wiped pants Okay okay if we just cra clear this crests if we crawl oh goodness lady which they're slick thirty ships there and realize there was a whole nother harbor on this side of the smiths. We're on the other side of this miss yellowy. Which were there's a harbour there and looks like already collecting all the nudie pu. There's hundreds of people collecting new and there's brandy coming through alone. No cauldron okay. So wha- brandies to supervise things Where do you think that cocker is. I don't know da. I think we should go back. I'm assuming shall return the cauldron and she keeps it on the ship or something. Well we'll have to make our way down and and get to the cauldron. I we should get some rest though and all of us should since we don't socially use the restroom we should hydrate and use the restroom and then we'll sneak back on that cauldron and i'll try to come up with a plan with the two of you after we it's some rest to. How does that sound sounds good lady which sounds good lady which beer to go yeah. Let's get some rest okay. Good thank you. Became a patron recently glitch clerk katie. Thanks the next thing. Jackie christina and sarah thank you thanks thanks and good night. 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