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Starbucks closes 8,000 stores for anti-bias training

Frank Beckmann

02:09 min | 5 years ago

Starbucks closes 8,000 stores for anti-bias training

"The flowing lava on hawaii the big island the rolette endless eruption about killer whale continues to take its toll he gamble and maybe they didn't win steve gebbie is one of an estimated two thousand people who had to evacuate of the twenty four fishers that have opened up since the eruption began on may third several are still spewing and using lava changing the landscape forever more than twenty four hundred acres have been consumed by the two thousand degree liquid rock so far as also destroyed dozens of homes and there's still no end in sight that's correspondent jim rupe four people shot and wounded on detroit's greektown pre are in critical condition before victims males in their twenties police say they got into a fight and then the shooting occurred the second shooting in greek town in the last three days a seventeen year old was stabbed and robbed in bloomfield township on ward road this victim was riding a bike last evening northbound on ward police say that he was about to ride past the robber who stepped in front of the bike demanded the victims bike wallet and backpack at knife point and then stabbed the victim in the abdomen and threatened to kill him the stabber is described as a black male in his mid twenties about six three he wore a white hoodie the victim is recovering on the oakland county lakes of vigil was held for a sixteen year old boy who who drowned unclear lake in oxford township county sheriff's office says ten people suffered minor burns in a boat fire on lake orion kresge foundation says it'll give one point five billion dollars in grants for eighteen new projects to improve the neighborhood of the grants are part of a six million dollar program called kresge innovative projects detroit empty lots in virginia park will be transformed into a new park retail space will be created by this money in southwest detroit the projects were picked from one hundred seventy eight different applications from people in groups living in the city of detroit starbucks will close more than eight thousand stores this afternoon they'll conduct anti bias training what will this be the employees will also be watching a film by the award winning documentarian stanley nelson who has done films on the african american experience on racial bias in the past and in.

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