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"lake lloyd" Discussed on The Final Lap

"Yeah, so it was the race, the Cup race was supposed to be Saturday. It got moved to Sunday. Did you see the pictures of the track on Saturday as we're trying to get the cup racing? Yeah, it was like a river. Yeah, it looked like the track was Lake Lloyd. Lake Lloyd had expanded to the entire track. No, I tried to go to bed watching the Xfinity series race, but I guess it was Friday and Saturday. And thinking, oh, you know, this will be easy, right? No problem. And it's like caution after caution after caution. I finally gave up. I had to go to sleep. You went to bed? Yeah, yeah. Oh man, I stuck it through. And it was interesting, but then we'll get into it here in a little bit. Yeah. Feel goodness of it. We're off pretty fast. That's true. Cup Series, ten to one. We've got the Kyle Busch. He's a normal guy here in the top ten. David Reagan and Martin Truex Junior, those are your three there so far. Yeah, David Reagan's a guy that when he shows up to these things, he's kind of a threat to get a solid top ten finish and he's running for Rick ware racing. So we're going to look at this here in a second. That's going to be too Rick wear racing cars inside the top ten there. How crazy is that? Wow, that is amazing. Martin trix junior there at number 8, man. Just a few more spots. Just a few more spots. It all comes down to this. There's obviously tons of places throughout the year where he could have made up those points. Yeah, and he's something gone one way or the other. Man, this is just excruciating. Especially when you factor in his main opponent here for this thing, crashed early. And it looked like, oh man, he's in. And then chaos takes place and the guy who crashed early is able to stay on track, and now you just watch that point lead shrink. And shrink. And shrink and eventually he's behind. You're like, oh no, this is bad news for Truex. Yeah, totally. We'll get into the playoff implications in a second. But my son calls this next driver, BJ McLeod. I mean, I can see where he's going with that. It makes sense. It looks right. But yeah, BJ MacLeod, this is his second career top ten finish. First career top ten came in this exact race a year ago with a 9th place finish, finished a 7th this time around. It looks like this is like a yearly occurrence for him now. Yeah, well, maybe you need to get to a few more, but yearly I guess is better than nothing. Yeah. Cody wear at number 6. I think that's the second of the two that you're talking about. Yeah, the second of the two Rick wear cars in the top ten. He actually looked like he was going to win this thing in the closing laps. Did you see that? It's crazy how this particular track does that. He had a little bit of a surge there. He was running inside the top three. I was like, oh my gosh, we might be seeing a Cody where win ultimately got shoved back to 6th and the closing lap there. But man, really good run for him as well. He got Noah Gregson who typically does well at these tapered spacer races. Yeah, and with his aggression level, I thought for sure this might be another thing, too, because he was up in the mix there in the closing laps. And he had a few chevrolets to work with with castle on a couple others that were up there. I thought maybe we could see a Gregson win. I mean, there were a lot of guys that could have kind of done something here that you don't usually expect to do something. Yeah. Yeah, totally. Then you got landing castle at number four. Is that his best finish or no? I think he's had a third place finish before, but I'll look that up while we talk here. Good nonetheless. No, it was. And when you look at the starts he's had with spire this year, it's been kind of a disappointment. I know the 77 car isn't super stout, usually. But you expect him to kind of get a few lucky things here and there and work his way in from there. But man, and actually this does tie his career best finishing cup at four. Okay. Austin Cedric, he won the Daytona 500 earlier this year, so not a surprise here at number three. Yeah, and as Joseph shrigley from Toby Chris dot com pointed out with his shrigley stat this week, Austin centric is the first rookie since Jeff Gordon and only the second rookie all time to finish top 5 in both Daytona races during their rookie season. What kind of shovel does he have? I don't know, 'cause he is digging out the stats. He just doesn't stop. He's had three this week. I don't know if you've seen him, but Joseph shrigley has been on fire. Let me pull these things up, man. It was crazy. Hold on. We gotta nimit stick. He has a stat shovel. Yeah, no kidding. So he had the Cedric one we just talked about. And then here's another interesting one. So Peter Strata of J one O one sports noted that the last 5 starters in the race actually all finished top ten. So Joseph and I, because he had me roped into this one, spent the entire night looking into it to see if this has ever happened before. Well, it's the third time in NASCAR Cup Series history that this has happened where the bottom 5 starters have finished inside the top ten of a race and it was no BJ MacLeod Lana castle David Reagan and Cody ware. But the interesting thing is this is the first time it's ever happened and a field of cars with more or in a field with more than 12 cars. So the other two times it was 12 cars literally like the top two had mechanical failures, which elevated everyone else into the top ten. So it's kind of cheesy, but this one was a real field. Pretty wild. And then he also had land castle P four Cody where P 6, BJ MacLeod P 8, all scored top and it was actually a P 7 for the cloud, but he already noted that in the graphic. Scored top tens in this race, which means for the first time since the system's debut in 2015. All 36 chartered teams have recorded a top ten finish this year. Wow,

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