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"lake lake buji" Discussed on Genre Junkies | Book Reviews

"Weirdo bookworm unite. We want to share our love of genre fiction with you. Some readers leaders out there may look down on you for your love of horror sci fi and fantasy but not us so stop by as we discuss what we've been reading. I johnny junkies. This is sandra scott l. Welcome to another installment of john junkies tonight. We are discussing singing a highly highly anticipated fantasy conclusion. Call it call seller tori episode. Call it a week. We don't be don't be sad that it's over be happy that it happened. Yeah okay. I'm going to be very soon. I'm going to be very sad for a long time. <hes> <hes> of course we're talking about five dark fates can dara blake's conclusion to a series that you and i and amanda have have loved so much three dark crowns saga and it's coming to a close. The sun is setting on this story. These characters is our queens and their friends and foes horrible. It really is difficult. I this is going to be a little bit live a different episode because a lot of you have experienced the series with us and some of you have not fight. We're going to talk about the story thus far get you prepared to say goodbye to our favourite. Queens defend burn <hes>. I'm just going to go ahead and say right now. <hes> our scores are up in the air. You all know how much we love the series but i'm gonna say this book was a struggle for me. So ah now this is not at all. Oh yeah in a good way i plowed through this book for a good portion of it and then about two thirds of the way through a closed the book and i just i couldn't bring myself to finish i think in the spoiler sections we will address what that part was. Yes mangy meiji stop but even even without the events of the book itself. I was not prepared for this series to end. I love it so much. It's means so much to me and i just i knew when i picked up the book again after that point. I knew that would be probably the last time i knew that that would be see the point where i would finish it and it would be over and it would be done and it was really hard for me i can't i think the last time that i had this experience experience with a book was the final book of harry potter just i i wasn't ready for it to be over a relate very strongly to that <hes>. I absolutely loved this series. I adored the series. It means a lot to me as well. It just fits in so much of my. I idea of you know kind of like a fantasy world. How i kind of sort of wish things were like if i had to pick a fantasy world to live in there is like i can see myself into a lot of facets of fen burn now. Obviously we're not gonna spoiled this book until the spoiler section which warn you about but i mean at this point like hello like you have to read the other books in the series to even be interested so i guess light spoilers for the the rest of the books you know this is a story of a matriarchial on a goddess worshipping island called fen burn. There are three major factions sion's on this island. There is the elemental which control the elements and that's where queen mirabella comes from there is the naturalists which work with the natural world and plants and animals particularly they have their animal's familiar along with them and then there is also the poisoners which are right people which are the healers but also the killers and they have an affinity for working with potions and poisons uh-huh and concoctions and they're a little wicked just a little little wicked dork yeah there little dark and <hes> kind of lake lake buji and ornate and okay final. Stop talking about the poisoners where the best people now. There's a couple of other types one can be and we've learned about it thus far in the book but those are the three like big ones you can also be war gifted which is obviously you have an affinity for fighting and telling helsinki yeah strength and then you can also be an oracle which there's like four oracle's left. There's not many sierra because because they are typically around at birth because they are thought to have this horrible gift which is actually curse sell at this point in the book we we have our group of gals. They have not done what they're supposed to do. Which is fight to the last girl. They're all three still ooh but you know we got my poor katharina i can. I just call her cat because that is hard for me to say that. I can say to my head but i can't. I can't say it out loud. I don't i don't know if i can if i say cattering in my head either but yeah cats find selley have cat who is just full of ghostly queens. I've gone on record as saying she's a clown car. Full of ghosts just packed packed to the broncos and they call her the queen but people don't even know the half of it. There's very few people that know that she's full of these queens. That were the ones that died at the hands of their sisters sisters. Yeah the whole. The whole hook of the series is that there are three triplets that are born every generation of the queen and a and each one has a different gift and they are destined to fight each other to the death till there is one queen who will rule and give birth to the next set of triplets so at this point in the book we got the dead queens over here that we got some other dead queens that are going on to their kind of in the midst and then there's queen ilian who likes to make appearances in arsonist dreams and shows arsenault like things from the past to kind of help them with the future and then there is another queen on top of that which is of course jewels who is a naturalist who we've had since the beginning. That's arsenals like little protector her b._f._f. Off her and her cougar camden <hes> but now jewels was born legion cursed where she has multiple gifts and in this case she's a naturalist and war gifted and she's kinda really supposed to be the queen yeah. There's there's been there's been a prophecy that the that a legion jin cursed queen will either be the the the salvation offend burn or the destruction of burn right so that's kind of a problem with oracle with oracle. Kohl gift is that you don't necessarily know which direction that's going to go and we've lost some friends along the way when we come into this book. We're in a very dire position to so already sort of launching into this book. It's like we have so much to wrap up and let me just start by saying gene may think she tied up. Everything very nicely in this book are blake did she did this. Is this is one of those series where where you'll never be happy the way that it ends but you'll always be satisfied. The way that ends she does a really good job of of taking you to. It's inevitable conclusion asian and it is it is satisfying and idea. I i totally agree with that so good word for it. It's satisfying and it's hard because we all love these characters actors in the story so much were super invested in it so yeah and it's like you know that it's not all going to work out so perfectly and neatly because that's just not her writing style. That's not the character she makes. She makes very realistic. Characters who are going through very very hard things things and there's something happening on this island where the goddess is really like. I need to change things and there's going to be an upheaval of this world so already going into it. You're like while anything could really happen. There's like this crazy. Divine intervention going on. 'cause you know something is wrong. This is this is a land and where the goddess absolutely exists the magic absolutely exists both because of the gifts and because that's the only way that the queen always gives birth to three triplets triplets but somewhere along the way things have gotten perverted yeah diluted exactly you have these different factions who are controlling the queen's means and and making up their own rules and and turning it into legend. Oh this is known this is this is ancient laws and it's not there making it up as they go along and it's yeah it's kinda like how a lot of organized religions liked to change the narrative to suit political machinations sion's machinations. I can't say that word but it's very much the same thing and if you love books where political maneuverings what's going on then you must have been super happy with the series. That's one of my favorite parts of it is all of the shifting moving parts too big cast of characters as there's all these shady alliances being formed behind the scenes. What i love about this series is the character work. She does with her character's every single book. I feel like i've had different favorite character and those characters have existed since the very beginning everyone has such strong growth rose while also maintaining being themselves throughout the series the the <hes> the arsenault from book one is the same arsenault from book four but she has taken a journey that has turned her into a different person and made her experiences different. Every character has how's the strong growth they don't end the same but they're consistent right and i really appreciate how much growth goes on realistically when and you look at this. This series has taken place over like a year. I mean besides the the flashback books the novellas that kind of fill in some back story and stuff but it's not been like a long time. It's been a lot going on absolute. Chaos in these characters lives but it's been pretty quick. I believe it's been two maybe three years since the beginning of the book or you sure saw because because the initial quickening and and that whole event that is a year long okay that's true so let's say two years yeah i think i think it's about two years because we could be wrong. Somebody screaming at us right now in their car as an listening linked to this. I'm trying to do the time on my head because there is a reference in a way to how long it's been yeah and without going back i wanna say it's three three years almost to the day from the beginning. I'm going more like two years okay so anyway. It's not been a lifetime's worth of stuff in this series but it's been a lot crammed into because it's so important and everything that's going on is such an upheaval and and so so incredibly monumental these characters lives so i guess we kind of gave an experience or you said struggle though this is a little bit different than unusual for me. It was an absolute obsession absolute obsession. Yeah absolutely yeah yeah. There is no point when i struggled through this book even some hard hard stuff that happens. I could not stop not only turning the pages but devouring and hanging on every word and there's not on a lot of series that i love like this. There's not a lot of authors of that. I think her slow amazingly this and in case you couldn't tell from clicking into this episode we have another interview with the author the woman herself the queen of queens kendra blake and we are so incredibly humbled and thankful to have her sit down with us via skype again and let us into her world and her thought process us and allow us to you know kind of laud her with praise because we love her books as we said at the last time she's kind of r. J. k. rowling of this decade kate kind of is for these two jonah junkies anyway alright so i guess s. without much further ado cisco right and with the right into the interview and when we come back we're gonna talk. Spoilers for the end is nigh. Five dr traits <music>.

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