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"lago kamala harris" Discussed on Perspective

"Prevailed thousands of national guard troops from around the country secured the capital with members of congress and former presidents but few other people at attendance and while the pageantry of a presidential inauguration was still there the lack of crowds and given what had happened just days before made for one of the most unusual transfers of power in this nation's history. Donald trump became the first president since andrew johnson not to attend his successor's inauguration for president. George w bush bill clinton and barack obama wore their jimmy. Carter who's ninety-six didn't make. Donald trump spoke to his supporters at joint base andrews. The future of this country has never been better. I wish the new administration raped lock and great success and then boarded force one for the last time to fly to florida. Mar-a-lago kamala harris became the first woman black woman and woman of indian descent to become vice president and then joe biden was sworn in they parade down pennsylvania avenue and were off biden signing over two dozen executive actions on his first hours in office overturning. Donald trump's policies on immigration climate and the pandemic implementing. The first mask mandate in federal buildings. What will it take for that message of unity that joe biden pushed so hard to hold up in a city in a country. Still so split along ideological lines for that we talked with. Abc news political director recline. We can talk a lot about and unity in. It's one thing in inauguration speech but it's something else when it actually comes down to the nitty gritty on capitol hill. How tough is it gonna be to unite the politicians who are in the house and the senate unity means different things to different people Democrats and republicans view unity in different ways in president biden views unity in particular brand of policies and his speech this week. I got rave reviews the inaugural address but it was stunningly nonspecific. It was about tone it was about ten or and it was about cooling the temperature and those are the kinds of things that americans can rally around when you then match that up against the things that that joe biden doing right away in terms of executive actions and the things he wants to do legislatively pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants one point nine trillion dollars in spending a higher minimum wage. Those are those are things that force people to partisan sides and when you put that reality and impose it onto onto the rhetoric and the high minded principles of unity. You test. Ix democrats are going to have to look for votes elsewhere. They're going to have to find some republicans in they're most likely going to have to find them somewhere in the middle. Senate leaders can't even agree at on organizational rules for power sharing agreements. How does it usually work. And how's it going to work in the senate when it's fifty fifty. Yeah it's happened a couple of times in history and of course if you know you're civics you know that a fifty fifty senate means the vice president Breaks tie so that the party with the white house gets the majority and in that case that that gives it to the democrats now. Twenty years ago. In the wake of george w bush's presidency We had a roughly roughly similar situation. And what the democrats and the republicans then worked out was a situation where every committee would have the same number of democrats and republicans a but that. If a committee was deadlocked it was still go to the floor. So basically it was like. Here's some parody. But a little plus to to recognize where the majority is this time around the democrats and the republicans having come to an agreement at all technically and this is the weirdest thing jerry but right now chuck schumer is the senate majority leader but all of the committee chairman republicans because they're holdovers from the last senate where the republicans were in charge. So they've got to figure out those kind of logistics and then how the senate floor works and the hold up right now. Is that mitch. Mcconnell says okay. i'll give you that deal. I'll let you have control. And we'll do that the power-sharing thing but i want you to take the filibuster off the table which means that everything would need sixty votes anything legislatively sixty votes and that. That's something that democrats are very very loathe to to negotiate away. It seemed like on inauguration day now on inauguration to everyone's polite and everyone is handing out crystal vases and everything else but it seemed like they were willing to work. Can we know you. Joe joe biden and we worked with you before. What kind of hope to hold out on that when it comes to capitol hill. Well the best thing that they might have going for them. Or the the general circumstances not only biden and harris creatures of the senate veterans of the senate. But they're taking over to divide a time where you have these enormous crises that need cooperation. The other piece of the atmosphere is the hangover from the trump era. People are kind of sick of me angry at each other. Some are anyway and the feeling that okay we're lawmakers let's make some laws ellison. The good old days weren't always whatever everyone remembers him to be. And and it's not like there was a wonderful period of five partisan comedy in the in the clinton era or the bush era or the obama. Era the idea that. Hey here's a priority. Let's get to work on it. Let's see if we can find something here. Let's see if we can find a couple of things we can agree on. That's really compelling to members of congress who liked to just do what they were originally to washington to do and we'll see if that happens. Abc political director recline. Thank you so much. Thank sherry on wednesday night. Joe biden's new press secretary. Jen psaki held her. First briefing at the white house. Promising to hold those briefings. Every day there will be moments when we disagree and there will certainly be days where we disagree for extensive parts of the briefing. Even perhaps we have a common goal which sharing accurate information with the american people in the front row of the briefing. Our own karen travers. We talked to her this week. About what it all meant. Over the years in the trump administration we had seen a real change. Because at the very beginning sean spicer got up and also talked to reporters that then over the years. They kind of stopped appearing reporters and their relationship with the white house. How do you hold that and kind of go forward and go okay. I'm now covering the white house a new white house and it's going to be really different. You know i think it just the nature of the content and the substance of what will be covering will be very different than the trump administration. Just starting off with what you were noting sean. Spicer came to the podium for the first time in the hours after the inauguration and right away put out a lie. He said that this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration but that really set a tone for Where things would go over the next four years. The trump administration did not hold daily briefings in his third. press secretary. stephanie grisham which people may not even know her name because she never even held a briefing. So just the fact that Jen psaki is the new press secretary held breathing on day one. They were making it very clear that they're doing things differently. They wanted to show transparency on day. One she ended her briefing by saying. Let's do this again tomorrow. And even that was something we not had not heard during the trump years now. Does that mean that everything is going to be sunshine and roses in the briefing room. Of course not. She worked away around the room. She took questions from many reporters. I got a couple of questions in but she also was a very skilled at dodging questions on things they don't want to be talking about including the looming senate impeachment trial of president trump. Jen psaki knows what she's doing a podium. She did this at the state department. She was a communications official for the obama administration at the white house. We're going to have to ask very sharp questions. And it's going to be about policy because they are certainly unleashing a flurry of executive actions and and policy goals in these first weeks of the administration. What the donald trump did is he got up there and he answered a lot of questions from a lot of reporters you he would go out there. And we didn't see that with with president obama at donald trump would walk out there and he would just answer any questions. Anybody asked most of the time. When you would go into the oval office in the trump administration you had to be ready with seven eight nine questions because you might get half of those to the president and there was one time where he the president south korea in the oval office. And i think he engaged with us for about forty minutes. I remember i got four questions. To president trump during one photo op. That is not going to happen. In president administration is just not his style. I think is going to be very different. They're going to be much more controlled much more structured in how president biden answers and gets his message out the other thing sherry That we haven't talked about this is twitter. President trump of course was silenced in the final days of his Term joe biden can tweet but he is not going to tweet in a way like we saw with his predecessor where we knew what president trump was thinking in real time. It's gonna be very different and that means you know less questions about. Have you seen the tweet. What did the tweet mean. But we do lose a little bit of insight into what's happening inside the white house. What are some other big policy issues that we are going to see you know. In the first one hundred days of biden administration everything is really related to the covid pandemic. And they're trying to do as much as they can through executive action but really for money for the funding to get relief out there to businesses and americans it has to go through congress so that one point nine trillion dollar package is the top priority right now Foreign trips trips around the country. It's not going to happen for some time. They know that the pandemic is the big issue. The vaccine rollout is the big issue. And that i think is what we're going to see him most focused on over the coming months. Bbc white house correspondent karen travers. Thank you so much appreciate it. Thanks so much. Jen psaki by the way well known for her red hair and so is our own karen. Travers sake told karen people are going to be getting us mixed up. All the time with masks on.

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