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"lady tommy murphy" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"Bill. Whole thing. Build build pools in the parking lot. Tiki bars the whole bed out of here. Oh, yeah. How you tailgated? The Jimmy Buffett concert. You build a pool in the parking lot? Yeah, you should Google it. It's amazing. Then he came out dedicated Song stores and New Jersey One night on the candle waterfront that we went. The next night to Connecticut came out into the same thing for us and dedicated soldiers to us. In Connecticut as well. My gosh. All right, Ryan. Thanks for calling New Jersey One of 1.5. Okay, We have a leader. Now I'm gonna keep track of these Joe. 56 52nd Jimmy Buffett. Second place would be you, I guess 16 for Bruce Springsteen Walton Lot and saw Bruce. He's had 15 times. So what act have you seen the most times in concert? And what was the best show you've ever seen? 1 802 83101.5 to 31. The latest New Jersey news from NJ 115 dot com. Phase one A of covert vaccinations continue in New Jersey now up to 134,000, plus shots administered across the state. And while inoculations for health care workers and long term care residents and staff will not stop anytime soon. Phase one be starting tomorrow with police and firefighters more than 450,000. N. J. Residents already have pre registered for their shot. The Daily Cove in numbers in the Garden state creeping back up again is we're starting to see the full after effects. Holiday gatherings today, more than 5000 new confirmed cases. 104 official deaths added to our statewide total and rate of transmission those still below one now at 10.96 after a recent low of 0.92. Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund, which started last spring, has raised about $64 million from almost 62,000 adults and Children giving donations. First Lady Tommy Murphy says the money has been used to help those who have lost their homes need food and health care assistants. And funds have also gone to mental health clinics. It's just such a New Jersey moment, and I'm incredibly proud of all that we've done and all that we will do because there's a lot more work to do. The pandemic Relief fund is also helping child care clinics and struggling small businesses. I'm Patrick Lavery, download our free app to listen, live anywhere and get instant New Jersey News, weather and traffic from New Jersey one of.

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