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"lacombe lindbergh" Discussed on The Librocube

"So. Making your way in the world today. Take everything you this comes to us from Jordan Maywood except we have Jordan, he's gonna tell you. Jorda maywood. Yes would may. Hello, this is pendulum. The possibility exists that if I were to actually listen to the liberal puke podcast, featuring host Jordan, may, would I could potentially enjoy it. Endorsed, I guess, potentially enjoy this episode which will start after the other half of by magical comedy. Duo teller gives us a countdown it away. Deller. Hello, welcome. Welcome to liberal cube. My name is Jordan. I in the Lacombe Lindbergh here, we're going to this show is like a journey into the dusty attic, that is my mind to pull fourth. All the media have consumed, so it does not rot up there. Unloved unseen, unknown. A third thing. I should say at the top of every single show which I feel like I have been somewhat lackadaisical. Abode. So good. And that is there will be spoilers in this. I used to say that the top of every show, religiously but not crazy. But a few, like I haven't as much lately in, particularly in this episode, I do want to do so because I've got vendors endgame, and somehow some way, I managed to was weeks or our week or somewhat felt like a longtime manage to not see a vendors and game and somehow avoid spoilers. I think I'm pretty good at it. It's like if you see the word endgame or vendors post use sort of let your eyes cross, and then just keep scrolling. The there's like tips and tricks and things where I think I might be of the things I am good at which is not many, I think avoiding spoilers is actually one of them. So that also game of thrones game thrones on that note. I am going to start watching now but it's just about over. In fact, I think from when this comes out, I think the final season might be a finished Aaron. I do believe if my math is correct. Which very infrequently is is. All right. I guess that's for the top of the show. I will push a button that will start a series of five five minute timer is like this. Some things. Movie, mama. Love today's movie along sponsor blockbuster. Thank you for that sponsorship. All right. You know what I just realized I feel like this hasn't happened in a while actually movie TV book game. And internet's each segment of this episode is actually factually devoted to what it's supposed to be quite often all not watching movies, and I'll have maybe two TV shows or won't finish a book, and I'll do a couple of internet things and things will be a little jumbled, but no, this is a nice neat little package like my but. Okay, so movie, the first vendors affinity war. Yes, what I decided to do. And this was all yesterday. In fact, a stew of a marvel movie marathon, m basically, I, I knew I was going to watch endgame. So I wanted to, you know, get the, the refresher of Infinity were been reading to rewatch for a little while. Now, you know what I, I will say of my rating of this, which I'm sure, when I watched the first time I gave it a five out of five the fact that I have rewatch it as soon as I have after the initial watching, which is not something I often do for movies means that, that rating of five holds up, which I liked because fives for me are, are enjoyed well, watching would watch again, in the time that I would watch it again is very short. Yeah, that some of the criteria of things I give a five and adventures affinity war definitely meets those criteria. If you haven't seen it. Wow, that's present. If you don't know what happens in vendors, Finnity war, you know, have you been under a stone that fits in a glove that kill..

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