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Episode 97: Queens

The Trip

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Episode 97: Queens

"Could. Come. A. Cheeky Full. You unto. You. Not. One non-north. How do you travel in a world on lockdown? Well, easy enough you've just started home. and. In this now I have a mighty advantage because this month I moved from Manhattan to the borough of Queens Leads County New York. City. Turning. Away from all of the unpacked boxes record this episode as a marker for our future here. Today I've got three would be guys to this new life writers Lori Will Lavar and Tiffany Langston and. In. My first field recording since Cuba in February I went out and talked to LP vassiliades the Doyenne of the Souvlaki Lady Food Cart on ditmars and thirty. Third Street Some of the sound at the start of this episode you heard was gathered by my own kids whom I've been sending out into the neighborhood for Keighley scavenger hunts. Find some Egyptian at Greens, get us a UB Croatian soda record the sound of spoken Arabic or the sizzle of Souvlaki on the grill twenty dollars a day for finding and bringing back all the sights and sounds and bites on each list. It's not about the money of course, it's. More in the hope that in the searching, they'll feel the freedom of exploration a little bit. They'll lose a little bit of that claustrophobic anxiety that has gripped us all. I mean, how could you not lose yourself in this irrepressible mix of hard workers dollar store lurker street TACO masters fashion disasters. Strivers, community organizers, pathologically aggressive sidestreet drivers. There are two point three million people packed into seventy eight square miles of human hot pot. They speak eight hundred languages here from Tajani's Haji from walkie to odd because more than anywhere else honor. and. Yes. I know immigrant Queens also pumped out trump but EOS is my congresswoman in this is our home now and not his anymore. And when I seen the praises of Queens I'm really talking about your neighborhood and your town Queens is not a microcosm of the world. It is a microcosm of the United States of America my beloved land of immigrants now and forever. So, wake up smell the PRESCRIP- chugged Apple Gerry. Bosa hit the your Yanni bowel and that Bengali? Masala DOSA. This law summer, we only need open our eyes in a year to find. A world right here. This Nathan Thornburgh and kingdoms. You're listening to the trip the world on lockdown. Now, here's LP yachties of Lucky Lady and me chopping it up to our mass hat her cart on the Super Hellenic corner of Mars and thirty third. Good Nice to see you. And see that. You got bigger. Did sure. This is a new cards car two point now. Know How many cards have you had? You've had many. Okay. I started. I I got the. Con- from somebody as. ME. A small, very small one and he used to have one the LACKAWANNA I. Okay on this fix. That's it. So after I stayed like this. Five years then I got a little bigger. And then I got this one. This is my. Third for. Very years. Now you can ask donated she knows Makoto. Drummer here forever. Forestry in the Acropolis okay. Thank you. Thank. This souvlaki. It's the best in the neighborhood. Okay. So. That's that's. Very Very. Very nice. Thank you. The. Kid and I Know. You're going to hear a lot of. People down here inaccurate neighborhood this come. Shopping on Kit. So this come in. The morning allowed to carry. My parents head of. The. The night's victory style of. A small restaurant. And we use to have said like. and. I up there. With, those things so there were have been familiar for me. I'm from Thessaloniki if you to settle nick and you ask what a pita with everything you don't have to say what you wanted. That's get you get the tomato. Ketchup may must end the French fries. Ho Son that's allowing stuff. When I got married and I came in united, states and if. Not. Kill. You Bet right across from trump close. So the guy who's here he will send me. And my husband thought it was the by this because it was next to my house I had. Little Kids. So before the smart choice got at that time. I could see from him I explained. Tonight say. Now. Did you bring the secret sauce with you from Greece or is that something you booked up here? I knew vessel Blackie the marinate things? It's whatever my mom's. So I know the Mahdi Nate. Of this five percent everything is my mom secret. It's you have to bring any of his like. You can find whatever inside is you can find it anywhere. It's only healthy stuff. I mean it's Actually. It's aborting started because. I. I walk you for thirty years. I know everybody. Was Count The alphabet our over sizzling meat and I would be fascinated. Could thing is that I work with peoples that come here today. So I know my customers when I see them on the line and are exactly what they want. I don't even have to ask them what to do sometimes even though they want to change something as this the same thing because I have ready for them. That's the easy thing because it's not like Manhattan have the Stranger Seventy, eight year war with people that you don't know kids the same people every single. Thanks. Story Ah I live my whole life. I feel. Grateful family. Raised the Katiba. It's Like being in the city by a little. The swords. I think it's perfect here. You have everything here whatever you need. What is it been like now with the Rona virus? What are you are you guys do now these days it's Ok these days. First of all, I wasn't here for four weeks not because I could walk but I was scared I didn't know what to expect I will get fifty body and everything. And I said that after a month thing home, I, said that I have to come out to see what's going on I came out. It was empty nobody will see. I could see from he and the end of the study without pause and business audio. If you live in a study, you know it's You don't see it video of. Saw knoll no traffic no people outside walking nothing. Now, after the last two months I have to say it's back to normal. As a he Notice. You have like a takeout for cars in the back where they can just roll up behind. A lot of people don't know. People they don't want come out of the person. I don't mind if it's not busy in the front, would give them whatever they. How much longer you GONNA make Souvlaki thirty years is. I know this unknown time. Every. Yes. This is last year and somehow I ended up being. The funny thing is when I started I said good for five years. When I first started after thirty years, I'm still here and I don't even know we finish your on your sixth year. I cannot complain I laugh at people like my like people. All right would you have said something? That caught my attention about a planner for four. So I think we need to do a little bit of business. I'm going to turn the tape off in the get down to some. Souvlaki. Here. Thank you for talking to me I'm really saying thank you for coming. Thank you. Tiffany. Langston is unique figure and food media. It feels like she's mostly busy doing more important things namely communications for non profits but every once in a while she just drops banger on the industry. She was a James Beard award finalist for Gorgeous Self published essay about working the Sonic drive-in back home in South Carolina? And more recently, she wrote for food and wine about following Jonathan Gold's footsteps from the documentary city of gold. It was an ambitious gut buster of essay that had her trying sixteenth spots in one twenty, four hour period in La. I asked her for a somewhat pared down version of how she would eat her way through this neighborhood that we now both. Twelve or fifteen, twenty, four hours. I wouldn't I would not suggest that per se the. But you know as far as starting your day off with good brench because. I mean, I, live in New York who doesn't love Brench I didn't love right before I got here. Then I realized it's in its own entirely ecosystem a community of people who brunch. But my favorite place to Brench in Australia is this restaurant called mums. And it is like part kind of diner part retro. Part Freddie. and. I see I see part because they have to have this drink. I think I, call it. Purple Drink. It comes in a pitcher. It's a bunch of different alcohol in it with like a little rubber ducky on the top. But. I get a signal five right off the have. I actually really love the serve the fried cheese curd with pepper jelly. Like fried things and she's things especially for Brunch when I'm potentially could be soaking at alcohol from the night before as we talked about my bar that I haven't the house. And On this call, I can see I can see a very complete and enticing bar states left. But they also they have A. A eggs benedict that they serve on a biscuit with like smoked brisket on it. Right. So it's there things that are standard but they do them in a way that is interesting and fun, and if you just WanNa get wasted, you can do that to me I mean listen if you were looking at an entire twenty, four hours of sort of signature eating in a single place starting off getting hammered is definitely GonNa, that'll just like push you along I. Don't know I'm not sure where I would get the juice to. Pull myself through a daylight that without purple drink to. started. So, MOMS. All right. Get that friendship. Mom's I think I've seen it. It's like it's got white clapboard kind of white painted wood inside. Dig Lines right I remember this even our no it wasn't big lines because it was still in corona time. It was like crowds of people just kind of hanging out yet. They Better Watch out because they've been especially the places that might have purple drink with the rubber ducky on top they've been pulling licenses. Playing around I'm I'm old like I. Am the Old Inter Drinking and Frat parties but I'm in bed by ten person and so when I see these videos of these street parties at four in the morning a who what? Cow. My God to Meka Hall who had been on this show maybe three or four episodes ago I posted something about moving to Queens I. Think it was I think she sent me a video of just insane people doing wheelies and the intersection. sharing hookah 's watching it all go down just like cheek to jowl. Have your new neighborhood. I'd say, Oh, shit and it turns out. Right it's like a block and a half from here are that like thirty nine news time we. Yes I know you and I elderly. Spirits. And like I'm I'm in it but when it gets outside I get sleepy or so let's let's UH. pull up again figure it's midday. We've had our purple drink with the rubber ducky on top and this brisket eggs benedict that sounds delightful credible. What's what's our next? Okay. Let's see I feel like the next thing has to be. A little. Lighter rate like we're we can't go heavy all day or will have the itis and we called up taking a nap. I did I, did notice that was part of your kind of ongoing struggle thought. There was a point where I, just like I cannot eat another thing and yet I still have hours in the day that I have places to be. Right. All right. Let's let's let's be. Let's be the professional eaters it we are. This is our livelihood. Know How to do this. We're GONNA, take it easy. Just a couple bites of thing. Not Not go full Reptilian have to lie down in a cave to digest. So we're we're. We're GONNA grab. There is a coffee shop on twenty. Called son Bob's and it is this woman and she's super lovely. She everyday makes Some type like cupcake, a Brownie Cookie Bar she makes her own lemonade. It makes tea. So we were go have like quick smack the coffee because we got a we got our energy back up again. And this is called. What's an dining? S.. U. N. B. O.. B.. Someone. Bob's. How could how could you name a place on Bob's and have it be like an uptight unfriendly maybe spare modernist. Couldn't. Right. So now we're getting our. Second Wind. Around twenty eighth if thirsty again, it's time for drink. got. To, ride the ride the spirit sine wave. So we're going to head over to sweet Athens. Okay and it is one of my favorite sort of cocktail bar police says. One of them close which is really sad. So I can't I can't talk about that anymore. Yeah so it's sweet afternoons. They are wonderful. They were out there. Also another one that has probably been open maybe a month they just shut down for the first several months though and I got kind of respect that to the idea of okay. We need to figure out how to do this and how to do this safely until for the first couple of weeks that they were open, they just served to go cocktails. In Pre pre bottled the finally kind of their seeding and they put plexiglas up and things like that. I have I have eaten outside one time since this all started and that was where I win. Those were my friends like to go. Okay. Well. That is that is an endorsement I mean. It's like literally everybody's like what's your you know? What's your your your? Last Supper. Where would you go I mean like that's not so much theoretical anymore you know. Yeah. It's they have great cocktails they make a really mean penicillin. They haven't sweet and punch has stuff in it that I couldn't tell you what it is. Amazing. I really love their Zucchini fritters their chicken sandwich. It's a really you know like I hate the term like gas repub sort of thing but that's kind of the feel and the by but it's also one of those places where you could win. It's safe to do so kind of post up there for hours and. Eat and drink and hang out and it's it's fun and it's got a good vibe and I was thrilled to see them back open again because you know when a lot of places when they closed. I don't know if we'll ever see you again. So. When they came back open and They were. Steady Business I. Felt like okay. I don't have say goodbye to them potentially yet. That I mean amazing what they can do for the morale to you're like, okay. All right. We're not all not all gone. It's not all washed out to sea something something that's still here and we'll be here. So I'm getting a sense of your palate to which is like you might be a Scorpion. Right like you're like I don't know what's in this, but it's delightful and it's mixed, and then they have some really good fried foods to. Him and. I say that. I have two roles when I drink. I don't drink without eating something. And to that I don't drink blue drinks which feels weird because there is purple drink. But they don't they don't. That's like a Red Eminem rulers grades, and generally if I'm drinking a lot I want something kind of fried something that'll stuff up so that I may continue on during the daylight hours when I'm when I'm rolling about. That's that is excellent. All right. So we're still in daylight where we're probably about afternoon. Now, it sounds like we lingered a little bit right but that sweet Athens I don't think we got a superb start. US. We maybe we might go to bed early that doesn't mean we have to be out there. For our blue plate specials. All right. Next we'RE GONNA go to motion, which is on Thirtieth Avenue. Kaya. I like it because you can pick like a couple of. Girls Skewers and then you can like it's another one of those sort of we our light and heavies so. That's kind of that's kind of how I. That is not how I did it in L. A. With this we're doing a story and I didn't want to just fall on the ground. I gotTA. Keep it easy. So Right. Easy. We live here. We don't have to go and just can just kind of Bob along the wave light heavyweight heavy. Exactly. So. Yeah. So we get up just a few skewers maybe Sapporo. So I think in a story, isn't that good that's called like Japanese who flocked. Got? Like. Get those little skewers that I don't know what what's what's good. There said like a chicken skin kind of place they've got taken the like the. Beef, the I. We had many vegetables. So maybe we'll get they growth onions, Shishido peppers maybe we'll try to get some little something in there. That's not well, we did have Zucchini fritters at sweet African so we have had some. Fool. California Salad right there. Coast style no, that's right. You know it. The Sun might be beginning to threaten to start to sink. Maybe we're looking back on some of our choices. With a little bit of self reflection who knows self-awareness maybe a vegetable or two might. You know. It's about the time of day you might start you might actually drink a glass of water and you like. Blonde. Let's think about that. That's a good point. I love how vegetables are still I'm like peppers and onions grilled. A Now. Here. Again, the name of the. Most Moshi. Okay. Beautiful. Now next interesting because I before I lived in New York I lived in Memphis and so the very strong. Strong. Feelings about, Barbecue. and You I you when I first met in your official capacity as someone a an official agent of the city agent maybe A. A representative? Of the city of Memphis. Back. Correct. So it is. Yeah those are you didn't live in Memphis you represent. And advocate for the city and I say, Hey, go visit him visits. Fantastic. I miss it every. Something about it. So, do you do it I mean my my sense and we tried this with Mexican food as former Angelinos Californians for a long time my wife and I would just skip Mexican food in New York altogether, which it turns out was a cop out. Right. But we just had this rule of like it'll never be what you know what it was and and I think ultimately the that that was on us do that same relationship with barbecue here like did you just decide I can't I can't come to New York, and eat well. I mean there is good barbecue in New York know living I will say it took a while to find it. Living in Harlem you know there's dinosaur. My thing is, is that if I cannot smell the smoke. I don't trust your barbecue rain, but it's hard. You can't smoke a lot of you in the city, right? Like there's nowhere to do it. So I found that my favorite places. For, Barbecue, if I'm looking for what I got in Memphis pork in things is either hometown out in red hook or. Williamsburg those are like my spots. But, you might think my favorite thing hometown is pushed Ronnie Bacon. Bacon this. So mind what I do is I ordered the. MEMPHIS because I'll tell you secret. When you go to Memphis, when you barbecue don't order the brisket, don't order the beef or pork order pulled pork order pork ribs don't order be. So when I go to my spot in story, which is butcher. Bar. I get brisket. Okay. It's like it's not. It's not sort of New York. It's not kind of because when I, it's also a couple of brisket in New York? Oh Jewish. Jewish Deli League like Brisk No. This is bright. Boys Smokes I. They have this thing they call meet candy which but brisket Burns, and they are phenomenal. You have to order them early because that's the problem we're late in the day so we may not get any a but if we got some, they are delicious. There's like like handfuls of. smokey, the edges kind of charred. Delicious. Burton's me. Man I didn't know we were at desert already but I I'm I'm very into that. Bar. Like this I can almost hear the booming car stereos. Go by I talked about this with Lori the My my surprise and delight at at realizing that we had a drag story like an honest to goodness single street that people go to. Like. CNBC in on from there ours. Which I didn't know had made it to New York. Shows my ignorance of the fastness. Of the. Retina theory. So when I moved to story I, joined the couple of a story facebook groups because I was like, where do I go to eat? Where did I go? You know get things done like I I'd yet to find a place to get my hair done in a story that's a story for another day but. Trying to find who will help me figure out what I need to find in the area and they had a theory that a lot a lot of the people who come in the cars. USA Her but don't live here anymore and they're coming back to kind of relive the time in which they lived here. I don't know if that's accurate but that is a story that I read. Is that why it's like the Greek version of American graffiti every Saturday yes. There's something like Super Retro about. That that's a that is an excellent theory 'cause I live on a street with a lot of. A lot of grandmas and stuff and their. And their grandsons are like. Coming back constantly I mean our neighbors got to see a grand kid who just comes back like showers and hangs out in the back deck and like flips through instagram and eat some of grandma's cocaine, and then goes back to wherever these that he actually lives. You know. So like there's a lot of visit I think I think if I can wrap my head around Mama's boy culture in in this neighborhood, I'll understand a lot more about it. All right. All right. So we're we're in a story, listen you and I. Are. Of A certain age. Oh, come on. We're we're in the in the flower of our lives, but we make personal choices it. We're not going to be out there. So. All right. So Butcher Bar has has done us extremely well with with the Meat Candy, and now we're onto one or two last. So one, we're GONNA go to District Saigon on Broadway. Another place to get a delicious cocktail to great deals but. They also have amazing like. Twist on Vietnamese food. Their fresh mind because I it for. Delivery I remember you are living. You're you're actually walking your talk. Order take out or delivery I tip really well But I hadn't they were another one that was close a little bit and I I was walking my dog yesterday morning and Austriaxs- icon I should get. I should order because I I hadn't ordered from there since since the shutdown happened. And the first bite I was like. Oh. So good. So they have these chicken wings drinking drinking and. So. They have these chicken wings that they toss them like fish sauce and soy they're sweet and salty Earth Tarot. Fries. And they are incredible. So good and they do. My favorite one has a bone marrow and oxtail. At. Drink we're going to do. The. Lee Chee Dockery's. Yes. Don't don't to simplify don't strip it down just let's just keep going. Let's layer flavors into. Into a very expressive. Last before we call it and I it has this has to be a Saturday though because they only serve these on Saturday but we got to go somewhere Greek so I'm GonNa, go to ammonia cafe, and we're going to get the loop Mondays which are these sort of fried Greek donut things for dessert. I know this spot ammonia cafe has has a classic kind of old world displays situation going on like where it just grabs you by the collar from the sidewalk with all of this like pastry and creams from the window where you just like somehow. Exactly right. So, what so tell me about this this dish we have to get the commodities which are fried fritters with honey. It's like donuts because that's that's our day. As. The Sun has gone down. The car. The. The oldest story nights are returning and their cards. To cruise up and down Thirtieth Avenue. And we and we say farewell and we. Look forward to doing this. In person sometime. I like this I feel like this. We've reached the like the kind of PSYCHEDELIC. derangement phase of lockdown there. I have a lot of my conversations I like this that they're getting very specific and they're like, and now we're on it. But what did we bring in the cooler? I don't know let's open the cooler and see what we brought. I fart ally I. I forget what day it is because it used to be what I would go to work I mean okay. A Monday is an all staff meeting Tuesday. I'm like what I don't just is it. Friday. Saturday. On Monday my husband's like it's Saturday if I o you wish. It's You know what it is. It's all one of those Scorpion bowls you lake all the days. Next in the With a with a bit of clear alcohol and Some sort of visual attraction on top and we'll just go. Tiffany thank you so much for sharing your perfect day in a story Ah, I appreciate it. Laurie will lavar think you already know as she puts it she is the retired board lieutenant having been his Co. writer in and afterwards. He also writes features widely publishes books and hosts the CARB face podcast. She has been Iraq through all of these weird time since Tony died and she is one of my most admired queens role models. Here's Laurie. All right I I what do I call a ourselves? This new tribe that I've joined art are we queens? Irs Queen? Guineans. Queen Nights against. The listener can't say me but I'm making the face I think I think just people who live in Queens I. Don't think we need like a a cute. I don't know I. Don't know if we need a cute name and I if there is a cute name. I. It's not the it's like Brooklyn Night Manhattanite Kinda rolls off a ton queen sight to sound like a like a shark. Yeah. Right. That's like geologic and not in a good way. Yeah. The fuck that means No Queens as. Like Bauxite Queens residents, residents. But that also sounds terrible. I I keep thinking of like I want something like Yinzer you know for for Pittsburgh, you know. something that doesn't. Do with Snow Sense. Does I yeah. To to the outside ear doesn't make sense, but it has a deep meaning I. Don't know I. Think I mean Queens is large Queens. Diverse Queens is not just one place Sarnoff you can. you know narrow it down to a single cute nickname I'd. Mets fans. Don't track them come on. This is this episode. Like. oh. Wow. Okay. That'll be the. It'll be a an episode for another time I can tell that you are a podcast house so because you have segue D-. So beautifully into my my next and most amazing question. which is a mine asshole for doing an episode that's just called Queens. And I him. How much of an asshole? Better way of putting it. no, I don't I don't think so I mean. You know you all over the world right with typically with with your podcast and You know you can't be expected to to hit every demographic of every place I go to and go to some pretty far fun places. So yes, I mean Queens is huge and it definitely concerns bowl to troops and There's no sort of singular defining characteristic of Queens despite the fact that people like to sort of stereotype queens but you know I think the thing same thing can be said of Manhattan or Brooklyn or the Bronx and probably to lessen. Mystery borough that that that is definitely a single layer thousand cake. Okay but. What you're saying you're not an asshole. Six that's what I came here for. But maybe maybe you should do more than one episode of Que- If you've got the time in the. Quote. Unquote. With. I. Think you should also do it a New York state episode or a series because you know we're a very small part of a very large and diverse state. Just tell you. I have I have a lot of family as a Dutch. Lineage D- person WHO's one part of my family's been here for Hundred Years, I got upstate Dutch people who are delighting me because they've gone like full black lives matter up in the adirondacks. Which? Out to the STOTTS, clan. KEEPING RACIAL JUSTICE IN MIND Up in the the fuck finger lakes and stuff. Those are two separate our. Guest. As someone that grew up in New York state. The finger lakes. And the ADIRONDACKS are two entirely separate things that don't even want me to name to places I've never been in my life. You've never been there. They always come down to Jersey to see us. Wherever that is I'm real. Proud of them Yeah New York state would be amazing especially since that is the farthest I am ever going to fling. Apparently. Giving me. You should go to both the adirondacks and the finger lakes probably on trips because I mean it's not like you can't get to one from the other in a in a day but link you know. It's it's it's as regional and tribal and specific up there as it is in New York so you probably just pissed off all six people that are listening. To compliment my family. I've now made enemies were. Yeah nothing exists above the triborough bridge it's fine. It's all imaginary. So in order to demonstrate the fastness of Queens and I guess the distinctness of neighborhoods, how how many times have you been to my neighborhood? A story AH IN THE LAST LITTLE BIT I mean you're two doors down right in Jackson Heights essentially. I. Mean. It's it's funny. Yeah. Actually very close geographically. To take the subway is sort of pain in the Dick, depending on where you go in a story AH. From Jackson Heights, it's. Ten minutes by car and about forty five minutes subway. It's ridiculous. There's you know there's the triangle that doesn't. Has the wrong sized ipod news. But but I was just actually in a story last week doing an interview. At a story of Park and I took a car service because I did not want to spend forty five minutes on the train. So once I've been to a story on once since the pandemic. I've also never been to a story a park. What's the deal down there? How how? It's a beautiful, a city park that has a pool. A huge beautiful pool that I believe is now open although of course, it wasn't an at the beginning of the summer. it has this. It's under this train trestle. I think it's maybe the hell gate branch but don't quote me on that There's this train trestle that runs over the park that the Amtrak trains on and it goes down to the river at certain points and it's just this big sprawling park. With lots of different features, shaded areas, and the on one corner of the park I couldn't tell you what corner it is, but there is a, let's say, it's west, it's western. It's probably to the North or South Western corner of the park. There's a beautiful restaurant called on young t that's an old Greek restaurant. That's. At least a couple of decades family run. And they're open now at, they seem to be doing a good smart outdoor business distance Etcetera Etcetera? And they're just very it's very low key like much of Queens. It's very come as you are. Just fantastic Greek food as is as there's a lot of great Greek food in a story. As I'm sure you've already noticed and there's some pretty mediocre Greek Food I. I. Look forward to finding out the difference. I'm I'm we are going full Greek. We're we're studying Greek now. I've met I've met five dudes named Pete. Who are Greek. What is our neighbor Yeah, we're studying you're actually. Studying Greek your as yeah. Yeah. Me and my son Yeah I mean, this is like this is what counts as travel these days if you move to a fucking Greek neighborhood. Blake learn Greek. Eat, eat that partner. So Fed a until you can't see straight anymore. This is how I'm feeling that bust and gaping hole in my soul from being trapped in a closet. I it's real weird. Man I. I can't tell you where it's going but. Yeah, that's part of it We'll see but I as deep as a story is going to take me into the Greek culture I will go there. I don't have anything else. I mean I was like the poor guy came to fix the fridge yesterday and he was like a Turkmen and he couldn't leave i. just kept trying to work some stupid Russian on him. So. What are the kids say today I'm thirsty. Do. You think he liked it or you think he was like to switch back to English. American guys. The you could tell when they're just trying to. They're like, Hey, buddy American now. Leave me alone plus I'm trying to leave right. Queens man welcome to it. You seem like you're really embracing Queens for for all. It's worth. So you're you're welcome welcome to Queens I. Mean I'm hardly ambassador I've only I've been in Queens for now twelve years. How long do you think you want to be living before you can call yourself embassador? Do you have to be multi generational? I don't know I mean I feel like because I was born and raised and went to school. Not, in New York City the finger. Lakes right. No No. No. What we call central New York. The Syracuse region I circus area nobody ever calls it Syracuse region. And nobody cares. I don't feel that. I'll ever be entitled to call myself. A new. Yorker. You know because I came here at the age of. Twenty two, maybe twenty two. So you know and I've lived here now now I'm you know I've lived here more than half my life but you know everything that informed me up until the my early adulthood was Was Not York. So I I, love it. I don't ever WANNA leave new. York but I don't know that I'll ever I think my kid can call himself in New York. If, not then what? Her. You moved from Manhattan. You were you were about to say you had been a Manhattan person that was first experience of the city What was that decision to move out here was just having a kid and being like. Fuck it face. Pretty much. She I I I had gotten married and pregnant in kind of short order and so it was it was twelve years in Manhattan and at the beginning of the pregnancy, we were like maybe plus just stay here people do it. We had this. Kind of Shitty but great East Village apartment that was two bedrooms and it was rent stabilized and. I had been there for a long time. So it it was. You know extremely affordable. And then at some point in my pregnancy, I was like Oh hell no, we're not staying here. It's fifth floor walk up. Just, you know great. But I realized that it was going to be increasingly difficult to be a pregnant person there, and then also not a place I wanted to be humping a stroller up down the stairs and we had one entire bedroom that was just like. Her Shit you know we would have had to like work really hard to make it livable for childs and we really wanted to try and buy something and home ownership was not a financial possibility in any part of Manhattan, given how much money we had, which was not very well. So. Yeah. That homeownership thing it's it's funny. I was having this conversation with my kid the other day. One of the Greeks name Pete that I met our neighbor is a taxi driver and he owns the whole building. And that's like mind blowing that does not happen in Manhattan. I mean not if you're taxi driver pretty much unless you also own all the medallions and the company it's So yes. So that is the thing you can like you can be a regular person In And you don't have to work in finance. To own something. Okay now. Digging back twelve years ago. Do you you? Were those some of those feelings about moving Manhattan? I think there was some sadness for sure I mean it was all kinds of of peace. You know I went from being like somebody who just did whatever the fuck I want it all the time to, and which mostly what I wanted to do was like drinking get high. And sleep and eat ice cream. To being somebody who was not drinking and getting high because I was pregnant. And that sort of in that phase of my life suddenly like Manhattan seemed a lot less fun. You know as a sober pregnant person I was like. Yeah But yeah, it was it was definitely sad. It was the end of an era and there's there is for sure that part of me that was like oh I've. Given up or haven't I, didn't quite win the game winning the game I guess would be figuring out a way to continue to live and manure. And I let go of that pretty quickly. But You know I I love Manhattan. Financially, it could have been a possibility, but it just it just isn't or wasn't, and I don't know what things are going to look like you know in this kind of post pandemic world but I don't I don't see landlords and and real estate developers really coming down too much with their prices even given everything that's happened. So you know I love Manhattan, I miss it I've only been in a handful of times since the pandemic because there's you know there's there's not the draw of of restaurants and theaters and all. Right now. So I definitely understand why you always wanted to meet like midtown east even before the pandemic. Like. Party done some travelling to get here. Yeah Yeah I mean from where we live it's it's actually quite easy. Compared to living in the East village, it's very easy to get to midtown. Now when I lived in the East village everything was a in the ass that wasn't these village took a lot more taxis just because. I'm going to what? Wait for the twenty one bus you know for twenty minutes or walk you know a mile to the F. train like fuck that I. Do you know part of what you were saying I think it's been. It's been a journey to get into this I mean we're obviously very excited to be here. I realized that we could only get excited after kind of deprogramming are Manhattan Mind. which is like. I'm the kind of asshole that is typical asshole who moves to New York, which is that you know it's all. It's just supposed to be these steps like you come here to get a great job and and make more money and. You know live in a a taller building and you know and it's kind of like this this and even if I didn't realize that that was what was ingrained in me that is definitely the mentality that I had and you know it's funny talking to people particularly people I used to work with at time for example, who have one after the other mentioned different assistance that worked for them who live in Queens when I told him, I was moving out here. And I could just tell that like you know that is that you know that was my spiritual home when I moved to this city, that's the mentality is like Queens didn't. Didn't Maria live too I think a real quick. You know and That's a pseudonym by the way. But yes, they all lived in Queens and this was you know like the Burrito that you know kind of created a execs admins for the hungry careerists of Manhattan Yeah. I. Think that's have to say they think that's changed right I mean. I sense that you felt. Do you feel disappointed that you've that you've sort of? made the. Choice out of necessity or whatever to to to leave Manhattan do you feel? No I mean I I. I judge other people very harshly for the decisions they're making particularly pandemic as as you know, judge a judge, some imprint for leaving this city I feel like the move that we made is we're doubling down on New York. Like I am investing in in being able to stay here, longer term and putting our kids who full experience and not not even just being part of that kind of transient professional class that got the fuck outta dodge as soon as it seemed to suit them I'm talking to you Masha Gessen. Calling Out New Yorker writers now. And hundreds and thousands of others. She's the only one who made a cultural argument out of it. And, called me a travel. down. There was also the New York Times person who made a comic strip. Like it was a romantic adventure with the spray bottle. God love. Them. Yeah fuck them. So I know I once again, proud of myself Aren't you glad. All right. I'M GONNA. Let you go but before I do that where? Where's the one place I need to eat? In this borough I will I will go there I'll ride a bike I will take an ice cream truck get there. Okay can I give you a couple places because I can't just near I'll give you. Yeah Let's do it. The first one is is not like a secret at all. It was reviewed in the New York Times and got to stars only it's a Taco truck on the corner, of seventy, Eighth Street and Roosevelt Avenue, and it's called. A land area tacos. Are. Tijuana style beef Toma have to reset you. Because I already had that. Which means we're on the right track so good. So fucking. it's worth a it's worth a return visit There is a Malaysian restaurant in Elmhurst on its Broadway around like I. Don't know eighty third street maybe called taste. Good. Malaysian. Due to do a lot of great stuff. But I always get one of two of their. Locke. Says which are just outstanding and it's I. Don't know what they're. I haven't checked them out during the pandemic. I. Assume they're doing take out and delivery when I go there I always would sit down. Taste good Malaysia some have not been there will definitely do that. Okay, and then can I give you let's get a replacement. On one. The other one is my neighborhood favorite restaurant called the Queensboro. It is not the sort of like. World well, it is sort of the world cuisine that you're thinking about that. Think about what you think about Queens. It's called the Queensboro my friend Tony Lou is the chef there he is an alum of. Danielle and the Keith McNally Empire and all the restaurant and. He runs a place that if you want your your Burger your solid, your pasta, your steak, he's got all that. But they also always have some other really interesting stuff on the menu. He used to work for Floyd Cardoso should be some interesting Indian dishes every once in a while he just had one of his staff teach him Barani. He'll do Sabih Jay. He's It's just great. It's it's the kind of place that Jackson Heights sort of didn't have which is. I don't know I want to I don't WanNa say Manhattan style but Manhattan influence a chef who who had spent a lot of time in Manhattan and so. Fancy wines and. Beers of. Weird origin and. Comfortable dining room like aspirational dining. Yeah but the, but it's but it's put through the layer put through the filter of Queens, which to me is very come as you are. Stripped of whatever irritating pretense. Might might. define. Manhattan dining experience at night. When I go to Manhattan our when I go to in Manhattan Normal Times I'm always like, oh. This is like parents like it's it seems so impossibly like glamorous and everyone seems like extremely. Fashionable and flawless in a way that I love to witness. But also I feel much more at home and comfortable in Queens where it's much more comments you are. All right. Let's get it. Thank you Laurie. Thank you for this introduction and for a little cheat sheet on the eats I will. Endeavour to be less like a manhattanite every week to pass this year. Yes Pete Changing. Literally they're all fucking. Right. beat. Trip from roads and Kingdoms is hosted by me. Nathan. Thornburgh the music by Danny Automated Show artwork by Adele Rodriguez executive producers are me and Mac cooling also of roads and kingdoms. As a reminder these episodes are now free and available on Apple Sicher spotify wherever you can get your podcast. Special thanks to my dear guy and match Shapiro of the Bender Project. For help on this episode and always always vital advocacy for St Cart Gods and Goddesses of New York City. Many. Thanks as well to Brandon Kerner of writer friend whose frequent invites to neighborhood bars in queens over the years. Hooked me on this borough just like he knew they would. He lead a horse to water as they say and made them drink. Next episode is August. Twenty. Fourth. Market. You will meet you there.

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The 'Blues' According to Ruben Santiago-Hudson

The Frame

16:19 min | 1 year ago

The 'Blues' According to Ruben Santiago-Hudson

"From the Mon broadcast center at KPCC. This is the frame, I'm John horn. And thanks for joining us during our spring membership drive. It can be hard to pinpoint an exact instance when your life changes course, but for writer director and actor Ruben Santiago Hudson it was easily when a kind hearted woman known as nanny took charge of his care as a young boy, it's a moment that Santiago Hudson has trained himself to recount from all angles as part of his autobiographical show Lackawanna blues. That's now at the Mark taper forum with music from guitar greats. Chris Thomas king and the late Bill SIMS junior Lackawanna blues uses song and pros to tell its story it showcases a cast of eccentric characters from the nineteen fifties. Upstate New York boarding house that was Santiago Hudson's childhood home. He plays all of the characters who came into his and nannies life as well as nanny herself Lackawanna blues premiered in two thousand. And and one it was also adapted in two thousand and five for a fully cast HBO movie when I sat down with Santiago Hudson. I asked him why he chose to revive lock one a blues. Eighteen years after its debut will in all honesty, I had put it to bed. You know? I thought it had seen its Glorion spilled. It's love throughout the country where we had been but Bill SIMS junior, my collaborator coaxed me into it. And prodded me and pushed me and threaten me. We have to do it. He said he said because the country really needs it people need to hear nanny say it's going to be okay. He thought we were in a very divisive separated angry country right now. And the only thing that kinda heal it was mother's love. And so he said, let's do like one blues. Again, Sadly, Mr Simms was not around to see the revival. Tell us about your partnership with him and what he met his collaborator will Bill thought. He would be around his doctor told him he'd be around but God at a different plan. So when Bill got ill about eight months ago, he was in steady decline in. Decided that we needed to find somebody else if he could make it a Bill could make it here. We wouldn't do all the shows we found incredible. Chris Thomas king to learn Bill stuff and also add a little of his, touch, you know, Bill. He was ethnomusicologist as the best way to put it in everything that he had recorded or composed for any play that I've done it was specific authentic in fit that plate. It would be from that era. Exactly what he wanted. And if he didn't play the instrument he would get the ideal musicians. And so his music was the foundation in the warm blanket of security that wrapped around everything that I've done last twenty years when I saw your plows talking to a friend of mine afterward, and I was talking about nanny who is Rachel Crosby who is somebody who cared for you. And a lot of other people. And I said that to me nanny was evidence of God in the world that she was divine in terms of her kindness that, you know, there are very few people who are like her who have that kind of heart that kind of kindness and are willing to make a change. In the world. When did you first start realizing that there was something really divine about nanny, I was kinda young because I kept seeing her say, yes, the people who would shake my head. No in since I was a little buddy. She would like Lincoln me like Mr. Taylor in the mental hospital when she went to sign him out because he wanted to come out when he was talking to her and I was looking at her. This is absolute truth Mahan. I shook my head. No. 'cause he's kinda strange at one league in his tongue kept moving and kind of scared me a little bit. So he was saying I'm looking for chance she kind of looked over at me, and I'll should my no when she winked in next thing, you know, we're going to an office. She was signing him out, and he grabbed her suitcase in we were in the car going home. And right, Dan. I started thinking why why would you do that? Why would you give him a chance? I I've known people who have stolen from her. And then they come to borrow money from her later, and she would loan it to him in. They would probably never pay it back and I'd get angry, and she would have to sit me down. This is when I was a little older when I was seventeen and. I out say I'm gonna get your money in any in any say, I don't need you to protect me it s between me and them and God. And you know, and so it was like those rare people have understanding with something bigger than you. And me that you, and I will never understand, and we're just thankful and grateful that they exist. I wanna play a couple of clips one is from the H B O movie version of quantum blues and this scene nannies played by as path Emerson confronts Jesse who's an exceptionally large domestic abuser whose wife and children have sought shelter with nanny and Jesse is played by Henry Simmons. This. For my family. Sit down boy you hungry on new Saddam's, Rachel. Still lost. Fresh pot neck moans backhands. Wherever you go have to go through me to get to. Now gone knock me down. Go. If that's the only way, you know, how to do things knock nanna down 'cause I can handle it. I got no beef with Rachel. What all do spec. You all up in between me know, what up between is right and wrong. Now, I'm gonna play a clip from your show in which you're playing these characters and it's nanny in that same scene with Jesse picking up right where that last clip left on and wrong. Now when that child come here in the middle of the night, half dressed would her babies intoe blood all over her mouth. I was there for her. And I ain't gonna turn back now. So if you're going to give me a dose of what you give her bring it on. Go somewhere and sit down cozy few ever put your hands on that child again, baby. We go dance. There's so much to talk about the difference of you doing those characters versus listening to other actors when you hear the difference. How does it strike you? And what changes in the storytelling when you're playing everybody in the in the play. It's interesting because what it pay in Henry did was so close to in. They didn't know this. I was there and saw that I'm imitating what I saw in them who had not seen it knew that. And they had those rhythms in that feeling in that depth. That's amazing. That gave me chills to hear. I said, wow, they doing it. We almost doing it the same way, you know. It's just me playing all the characters opposed to them. But it makes more even clear that this is universal abuse protectors and people that protect people from abuse willing to stand in the storm. It's universal. It's not only nanny it's in communities all over this country in Korea in Israel in Japan in in in Ghana there. Are people who are willing to stand in the middle of the storm in say, I'm willing to sacrifice for you. 'cause you Uman in human in Nestle, we do, and that's what this country needs right now. It really gives me chills. And it makes me realize that this is important is set you aside from entertainment, it becomes about humanity as an actor when you're playing so many different characters. How do you find it? Easiest to go from one person to the next is it a gesture wave speak and way of holding your body. How do you figure that out for yourself as you're performing? I don't do much figuring essense memory since memory of seeing what they walked like how they smelled how they talk the rhythms the posture, and I have to be honest about how different people were. I know he walked bent over. I know, you know, she walked with a hand on a hip all the time the reality of the people, I can't think on my feet. I can't stop thinking. I just got to go through the story in if I really thought about it probably couldn't do it. Coming up on the frame more with Ruben, Santiago Hudson and his one man show. Lock wanna blues? Welcome back to the frame. I'm John horn. We're talking today with Ruben Santiago Hudson, the writer director and performer of the solo autobiographical play Lackawanna blues. It's now at the Mark taper forum. Luck wanna blues is not a musical in the traditional sense, but Santiago Hudson shares the stage with Qatar is Chris Thomas king and together. They intertwine music song and pros to build a sense of place and story will pick up with Santiago Hudson and a clip from Lackawanna blues where a spoken monologue. Turns into a blue song. There's a chain. In the weather. In the chain. Oh in the deep Lucy. There's a change in my be. Going to be a change in me. When asked about working with Bill SIMS junior about how you figured out how text and music would come together. And why the blues it's called Lackawanna blues were so important as a musical framework. We're working with Bill villages come in to the room with two guitars and sit in the corner. It was only he and I am the room. And he would just listen to my stories his stories were very similar minds from Marion Ohio by where Georgia so many characters. I talked about even though he didn't even rooming house lifting his community. You know, he talked about two guys name spaghetti and meatballs. And one guy was short and fat and other guy was tones Guinea, and they were gamblers, you know, so we would have these stories so Bill would just sit there and woodshed on guitar. And when he thought it was right? He would say do that. Again, man. Do tell me the story in and then he would find his way in we look at each other. Shrug and say, that's it. Okay. Let's go to something else. And he was retained in keep it. He was a monster musician. He practiced all day and all night anytime you call him at seven o'clock in the morning because we both got a Burley. What's up brother be just working my art his hands would be bruised in calloused? But that that was Bill in in. I can't tell you how much I miss him. You're onstage with a very talented musician. Chris Thomas king, and he's there with you the entire time. Any normally scores the show, but he helps us the mood and scene changes with you. I wanna play a clip from like one blues where king guitar accompany is one of your monologues. Nineteen fifty six Anke played the dodgers in the World Series Yankees. One. Jackie robinson. A lot of people say I sound like Jack Robinson. Always admired him because. Sounded. American. I spent seventeen years in jail learning how to sound American. That's why South American when you're talking to an American all American like a fifty six Chevy when ask a little bit about that monologue. And about the way that you and Chris worked together with Chris is extraordinarily he's extrordinary. He is the spirit of Bill SIMS junior on stage in I was fortunate to through a lot of digging. I'm talking about two different storage units. Clean. My office out. Totally almost went mad searching found a cassette of the original show. Not great audio, but you can hear music and Chris listen to it in new, okay? This dance that they're doing any picked it up. But then he also adds his own thing his own Louisiana touch. It's extrordinary I could feel Bill through Chris in real wonderful wonderful way. And it's just a glorious thing that to be on stage with him. There's a lot of moments in the play where the audience. Is in on something that certain people understand there's a dance that you reference. There's a way of treating hair that you reference when you're listening to the audience react to the show. How has that reaction changed over the years because there are certain lines that really land? I think in a different way today than they might have landed eighteen years ago. Well, we talking about a celebration of culture when I talk about doing a certain day when I talk about treating hair certain way, when I talk about certain food what I'm trying to do what I am doing is allowing you a foreigner to experience what is glorious and beautiful in my community. What is sacred in my community in the great part about it is that the great majority of audience is leaning in for it. They're curious they want to know. That's what brings us together. Ignorance is what rips apart curiosity brings us together because we lean into the next person. We don't know a lot of my audience has not come to the taper ever, and they respond to it because it's their community. And they get delighted they're delighted that. Other people accept it. The other thing that you do with the audience is I think you get them feeling one thing. And then you throw a curveball that there is a very powerful monologue in the show about somebody describing a crime he's committed and it moves between song and pros, and it starts kind of comedic Lii. And then it becomes very dark and very powerful and audience. I think including myself is is really kind of reacting in real time to how this story's unfolding is that important to you that you're catching people a little bit off guard and making sure that they remember that real things are happening at some of those real things are really terrible kitchen them a lot of guard. It's called that Kadhamy the greatest writers in the world. Shakespeare, August Wilson Strindberg Brecht Beckett. That kinda me how do I get you on that cliff in you think you're gonna fall over in a pull you back down or push you off that cliff? But I gotta get you to the cliff. I gotta loosen. Yup. I gotta get you. You know, nice and flexible, so then I can bend June to the positions. I wanna Benji in two in. Make your valuable soi make you drop your defenses and then lay UN hit. Gotcha. Then you can hear people scared to believe they think all this little fellow. You know, he's talking that where he's funny. And then all of a sudden, they realize he had a story. But what is the end of it? Nanny understood me, no matter. What I did. She didn't make judgement. So when I play these characters I play them the same way. I don't judge them a reveal them nanny gave you a life. And she gave you stories that you can share. Did she make you an artist you think nanny was say to me, whatever you wanna do you going to be very good at it? You could be great. But you can't have step. If you wanna be a garbage man, it'd be the best if you wanna be a teacher be the best teacher, and I said well ninety I think I'm gonna be an actor. She said you're going to be the best, but don't have step. Don't almost do it. And I said, okay, mama. I won't let you down in even in hardest times because it has not always been easy in still not easy. I'm still fighting. I'm still auditioning still struggling I get no eighty ninety percent of times. What I hear is. No. You still here? Nanny say no have steps. Oh, yeah. When I go into stage every night, I call out a lot of names. It's a ritual in I say, y'all come on in this a lot of names some of those names from nanny. And August Wilson, Lloyd Richards, my father a lean Bill SIMS as the come on. 'cause I cannot go out here by myself. I will forget those lines. I'll forget those sounds. I'll be intimidated. It's just natural immune. But with them with me, I'm the biggest man in the world when I walked down like, whatever, I do is going to be golden because I got these people ain't Ruben his people, you know, Ruben Santiago Hudson is the writer director and performer of lock wanna blues is at the Mark taper forum through April twenty first Ruben, thanks so much for coming in. This was great now pre sheet you so much. And that is the frame for today. Thanks for listening both on the radio and on demand. And thank you so much for supporting KPCC. I'm John horn. We'll see you here tomorrow.

Bill SIMS Chris Thomas king Ruben Santiago Hudson Santiago Hudson John horn Nanny writer Rachel Crosby director HBO Jesse who Henry Simmons New York Mr Simms Mon Chevy Jackie robinson Jack Robinson Mahan Mr. Taylor
Breaking The Rules with Maddison Fennell

The Holistic PT Podcast

1:08:51 hr | 4 months ago

Breaking The Rules with Maddison Fennell

"You are listening to the LA CPT podcast. My unconventional musings of broken down into bite sized conversations degree contain the holistic living and self reclamation. I. Your Host Alan Mental Performance H and student to life. I'm here to remind you that life is a journey. Obstacles meant to be overcome and I'm eager to share mine in here about euless. For you I'm the woman wants needed and together we will explore exactly what it takes to deconstruct and reinvent who we are, and what we know in order to feel on and become very vessels. Base is that moment my friend? Right here. Right now. Welcome. You're listening to the holistic PT podcast. This episode number seventeen. Breaking the rules with Madison Fennel now Madison is a dear friend of mine, and she's one of the head coaches at mind and body performance Newcastle she leads all women on a very empowering and inspiring Jenny. She has a passion for stereotypes in choosing your rules, and she is one of the biggest cheerleaders for women that I, nor so I am so honored, and it is such a privilege to have her on the show. I'm so excited for you guys to hear from her. I'M GONNA. Keep this introduction short and sweet for you. If you are Super Cain to learn about what I'm choosing this week, and what my practices are what I'm investing my time in my energy, and my money into what I'm choosing in relation to my health and fitness, all the different things then please Hetero my instagram at the holistic pt on Monday. And I was sharing mindful Monday with you. Share all the things that I'm learning especially now. That I'm turning thirty one tomorrow today is Thursday the fourth of June. So. I turned one on Friday the fifth, and I will be thirty one by the time he he this episode. and I've got a lot of really beautiful things I'm going to share with you guys on Monday around what I do when I have a birthday, and some of my rituals and practices so I stay tuned for that so today's episode is a very empowering episode as said Madison is soy passionate, about challenging stereotypes and choosing your rules and hence breaking the rules with Madison Fennel. Today the topics we cover a just soil, actually quite diverse we speak about. Competing as a fitness model and figure competitive and. What that journey has. Been Lacking someone what that journey? uncovered what the lessons learned that through that experience right and I know that was a very and I share this in the episode, the me competing was became quite addicted to how I looked and to how desirable I became when my buddy certain way, so even touch on the rounds of body image and. Some really beautiful inside around that space. we speak on. lessons in so many different forms around sustaining and coming a debilitating injury and using this as a tool for garth and inspiration there tons of permission slips and impairing your offering strap. This episode by loves I'm really excited Feta he abyss especially. If you are a mind and body performance member, we answer all of your questions and. we give such beautiful advice, it's it's really not shrink and nourishing episode especially. If you're a woman, you know I think there's so many things in here that we speak on that acquire, real and authentic things that maybe that unspoken about enough I don't know we'll say. But you're going to hear about the daily routine of strength and conditioning coach tons of advice around choosing your own work, choosing your Aren Lane, choosing your own goals things that you can do in the gym that are more empowering and less about how you look that still lie you up. That's don't make you feel like you know you can be. Be Do and have all the things that you see. This just sorry much in here that I feel is going to touch your hot, so you know I would love to hear from you. What did you take away from today's episode? What felt really exciting and inspiring view on what you learn what this might have represented for your perhaps a turning point or spock that was lit, just head over to instagram at the holistic dot PTA and let me nor. And of course, if you tuning in week after week, and you're enjoying the content, and the permission slips, and the offerings I would be grateful if you can subscribe and leave me era view on I tunes that just helps me get. You know this really beautiful gnashing, wisdom and insight. Into the ease of other women sir. If you haven't yet I'd be so grateful if you left review and a rating on Chiens. Apart from that, my love's herb. You're having an amazing. Wake up! You're choosing yourselves and your self care as priority. And I will see you guys next week on the PODCAST and on instagram. Dr Forget mindful Monday I would love to use an opportunity to connect with you guys and see you in. I. Suppose you see me in person and I see in the comments section, but just to share live what I'm choosing. What I'm feeling what I'm experiencing how I'm leaving what I'm investing in. You know what life is really offering me at that moment in time, so I love sharing and I love to see you guys so hopefully I'll see there otherwise take care of yourselves on thanks again for tuning in, and I will see guys next week on the host of PT Pocus. All right everybody welcome back to another episode of the hasty pay podcast today I'm joined by one of another one of my favorite human beings in the world This woman is someone I am so immensely grateful for She has helped me build a business and create an environment in vibe for women to feel. Seen and heard and accepted and empowered in their training and then movement nutrition. So it's such a delayed I'm so grateful to finally have you on the show medicine? I Thanks for being a part of this, you've helped me create something so magical. Sorry, thank you. About is okay. I'm really excited to be here. Thank you invited move. You're very welcome. It's my pleasure, so one of my favorite things about you is. is your willingness. You know your willingness to learn and to evolve, and to seek out feedback and your openness with that feedback in. Everything you. Do you always have a smile on your face? And you're always willing to make fun and tended into some form of dance, potty or something exciting always bring that really beautiful vibe and. You're always striving to do better for yourself and the people that you love and I. Know You have faced. I'm making get into this many obstacles in your life and. It has been my experience that you're using this to become a better version of yourself. You know every single day, and he uses to inspire others to do the same and I love all of this about you. Soil soil much and I feel very honored to work with you every single day to call you one of my good friends and I, we share very similar values, and I feel this makes not only our relationship, but Jim home such such a magical in profound space or I know that you really passionate about breaking stigmas, stereotypes which is something I'm Melissa very passionate about again? So What is a stigma or stereotype that you are really lit up about right now? I guess there is sorry, many working or being a woman in treatments or going up in sports the way I did obviously mice to know in have experienced the hardships of the challenges that come with that purely to Lack based on stereotypes. I think one of the biggest ones obviously is women in strength. Spoil strengthening conditioning. Bodybuilding and any type of sport so. I. Think the thing that I wanna do and I think. One of my biggest passions is just to enable people to feel especially women, but just people loyal to feel like that they do anything to spot stereotypes are anything that is or boundary that is set on this photo or whatever they're trying to do. Wow. I love that and it's you're right. It's so prevalent I feel like I. See this all the time especially around strength in strength and conditioning I feel there are many barriers around what that Jenny should look like and who we should be before. We are able to embark on that journey. What we should know what should have what we shouldn't have you know we save every single day when we when we speak to women are. Oh, that's so beautiful. Sir, what is this a stigma stereotype that you've had to overcome yourself personally? I think I'm good of. We'd one I grew up from really really young age. I was a dance off to begin with so. I actually kind of watched the stereotypes that with surrounded with men in more particular in dancing, and as you said like I'm always willing to learn that I'm really are to. Understanding and I'm really interested in mourning tonight more and I wanted to know why and Bang a child. You always wonder why. Spot just wanted to know why they went. Woman Y, this is only women, and then as I grew up and started sort of exploring What not? The row sheep did and it was predominantly males. Sokha and I was screaming. And they detracted jailed saw. It was it was very dominated by by males in. Again I asked the question. Why and not many people can tell you they. told you that that's just the way it was in I- discounting took it upon myself to not accept that. And I was. Young and probably naive, and at that point in my life. I didn't want that to stop me from doing what I love, so I didn't find it too challenging and I was never I was brought up from a young age to always try to give your best shot to give everything. And I? Guess I've got that to crank for. Not, letting any solitary tackle stigma. So to get in the way of Mexico of my love, will my actions. That I, did watch it. Sort of Deter other women and other humans in general doing what they love and passionate about. Yes and you can save this shine to your work. Lack, it's it's no coincidence to me that you chose personal training as you'll career because that offers you a such a beautiful platform to create that change to change that stereotype to. Pivot and and and bring those gifts and what you're landing, what you soul into what you're doing. And I think that's so powerful I think that's what makes you definitely a more exceptional coach having that broader perspective in and not settling, you know not settling with having should be the way it should look Do you feel like this has Jeffey? This has made a difference for you in showing up as a personal trainer as someone who is working with people every single day. one hundred percent. Yeah, I've actually kit has because lackey said I I. Want Settle End I. If you will not going to believe in yourself, I will, and I think that. I'm very grateful to have been brought up black that and I have my family to thank so. Intimate that nothing is impossible, and if you really want to do it, just it so I kind of laughed to take that my coaching and I think yeah, it's definitely gone a long way in making the coach that I am today because support and encouragement having that backing having. So the foundation that will you is is everything you're trying to try something near. yes, definitely, and that's why we get into the work that we get into lack we. It's it's it's this. Is something actually chatting with Amy Las Week on the Puck? Cost is like it has to be something you love something that you that you desire something that you're so passionate about for that to shine through and again. I feel like this just makes you even more of an exceptional personal trainer, because so many times even in my laughing my own training in my iron coaching earn. Spoil lack. There are so many times when I am relying on other people to to give me that foundation to support me to cheer me on and. I feel like we just have such a beautiful. A beautiful role and responsibility to do that for people so what who maybe has been the biggest influence on your life? Like how? How did Madison come to be the woman? She is like knowing what she noise lack being so passionate, being certified up. The knowledge that she has that willingness to always. Seek out more and better lack. You know who who or How many people doesn't matter, but who has been an influence on your laugh? This that's been A. There's been a lot of people and because I. was encouraged to always type that lake. Try New things. Different things get out of my I'm pretty grateful in I've been pretty lucky to make to pretty elite levels in a letter and then from there you may coaches and people who've experienced even more amazing things in. Rack I'm always confer chat a love chatting to people in love asking questions. And very inquisitive and lack I said a very interested, just interested in everything and I will with what people have to say. Has Been a million people along the way, but having a really. Strong my family background. They're all grew up in sport. A grew up in sports. Sorry. They have very different experiences as well, and we were slow digest. We just brought up in that environment and my grandparents. My grandfather with certain courage is always there from where we will will taught starting around the IT'd be putting us on skateboards in in trying to get You try new things than there was no fee. It didn't. It didn't matter if we didn't get it. Time it was just. Just try and try again until until you get it right and then keep getting Erat into you. Don't get wrong and I think that that's a really. Really really imperative. Pot of my life is. Is My family having them there throughout? My whole entire sporting career, and the other things that I've done in my life and then. Y- becoming who I am I mean a lot of trial and error. A lot a lot, a lot of trial in our and making mistakes and lending. Old Types of lessons spot. Just. Honestly just having got. Dot Porsche that constant push to escape going has probably let need to sitting here in front to be today in pain. Our husbands conversations. That's beautiful What does the Word Woods personal trainer mean to you? I who I heard response going until. I. It's it's very. It's an interesting question I. Lack to think of my so ugly COSMO trainer actually when I first got into the industry started working as a payer TRAINA. I. Thought I hate it. I thought I didn't lack it and. It was just a negative experience. and there are a lot again. A lot of stereotypes that surround what a PAI tation. Look like what they should eight lie. have a should feel how they should show up for you and. When you will, I was twenty when facilitating and Black said I like to talk, he shot. Herbal at that time, and he get bombarded with. All, types of advice from different pickling fitness industry. And people who have no idea what they're talking about, so it was really really hard to navigate But I wanted to be. A person I wanted to be real. when I saw working with mind body that was much easier to do. Because before that I. I've given all black eyed. I thought that this may be May. Actually lack fitness industry at all and what stood full. And that. When I met you, and when we moved into mind body, and started doing things to doing outside, you'll maybe. He'd acquaintance by the quarry. Day The change you want to see in the world. Stoop at stuck cat's name and I thought there's no way that you can let this. Just be like you want to obey. Somebody's laid off somebody's best friend somebody's. Honest Accountability Buddy back and that's that's what a criteria to me, and that's what I would want out of. The coach had just sat down Axel. If you wanted to be guided by somebody rack? What would you want it to be there? And it was actually to write down what I do want from the. you know I feel I feel Sir likes listening to you might not my head and I'm like. Oh, my Gosh! She asked like this is why I love you. you know a being a trainer. It's what you make of it. We're so sorry. Lucky in that we have the space to just head to literally make it whatever we WANNA make it. You know I like to to really break stereotypes about what a personal trainer is who she should look like and what she should know and. The journey that she's supposed to take a client zone. I like most of the journey that we. That I specifically take my clients on his a mindset journey. Know like it's you know it's rarely ever about the training, the training, just one pot of the puzzle, but what? I'm teaching them a long ways is is is how they making such amazing progress, and then you hear about trainers that you know just fines through their Trent the client sessions and things like that and he just sort of feel. I guess I sort of. Of Feel so lucky and so grateful that we have the opportunity to do passionate about a work and actually do something with it and make it what it is that we want to make it so that people have those experiences, so we can feel completely fulfilled in in our hearts when we're doing that work. It's not lack work it's it's like women to be. There I feel so lucky that we get to do that. so I guess that's so beautiful at gals. A site so I guess as well you've been. How long have you been doing How long have you been a coach full? So I. Became qualified in two thousand seven thanks. I was just. Twenty. So I studied for six months, and when I started studying I was nineteen, but yes I the Thomas Close by that was twenty years old. And that's when I stood into fitness sane. Awesome, so you've had a lotta. Things sort of go on, even before then or I think it was before it was before off so that you started competing as if in muddle before them yet so that same year. Okay well I. Really do want to talk about that, but I am also curious about You mentioned before how when you sort of came into the industry. There was just like every man in these dogs had so much advice. Notice handing it out left Franson sorry much. Coming at you, I'm wondering like 'cause. I know that I think of our goals and I think about how you know when we run out programs like just how much information is available like how much information there is out there about nutrition and about the way you should eight in what you shouldn't do, and I feel that overwhelm four them and I'm wondering when you first came into the industry and there was oldest information about you know. What you should do, you shouldn't do like. How did you navigate the advice? How did you navigate who to listen to who not to listen to what to make of it what to take on board what to leave behind? How did you navigate all of that? Honestly. It's only really sent thought I! Really Soda streamlined who I do, listen to and who I will take I, was given a piece of Voss. WEASE Gar And he said to me listen to everything and only take what you want from, but make sure you listen to everything. Doing that in this industry like you, said 'cause, every single questions got their idea on how to be the best coach of all Israeli hot however. She'll lack. That has gone away in. teaching mate had had being more open minded. When I first came into the industry. I was obviously from the bodybuilding sane on bodybuilding coaches are McRae. CIA had at the time and things like that and. I was young. And not as open minded and. I had good results in be. end. When he sold to step onto that stage and you do that. Do who pretty proud of yourself and you feel. Like I'm not like this person a like. You'll one step ahead of people so when I stood into the fitness industry naive, as it was I kind of thought that I already had a heads up on on people and I knew a lot. When really anew nothing and. I think. Choosing who listen to is still. A something the. I battle with and I. Don't know if it's something that. Will Be. Easy to me, because I do I. do like to listen to a lot of different paperbark i. think exactly what I said before listening to everybody made is is important and I think. Recognizing that throughout different stages of my life hold throughout my coaching career in Kings again a change and you just have. To that so somebody listened to yesterday might not be relevant in by the time, but that's okay and. I think being in this industry. You really have to be prepared to change. Be Open and just. Yet back yourself. He's as an individual and trust your instincts and think that will. That go that one way in helping me choose who Yes chain fairly is YEP. Absolutely I think familiar when. when I first started this? Lake finding here to listen to felt lack really overwhelming task, and then I found my people. We sort of figured out the people who were in line with my values, and my message type of courage. I wanted to be and that was really just a reflection of who I was. You know I just wanted to amplify my heart. You know my vision, my purpose, and even today I still struggle to stay in my lane, and and listen to people who. You know that really do allow with me I'm always trying to branch out, but I think again like what you said. It's just it's. It's having that mind. That can sometimes be overwhelming as well because you wanna stay open and you. WanNa be. You WanNa you WANNA. Make sure that you not I. Think as a coach for me like I. Want To make sure that I'm not missing anything I want to be informed and I WANNA make sure I'm showing up. The Best I can for my clients But? You're right on the money there. When he said like it's instinct as well like you've just got to trust that what you nor or what you're learning is what is needed right now and that. If you haven't learned something yet, and you need to let, it will show up, you know, and you will learn it, so trust us. Yeah that's really beautiful. I just know how much people struggle with that. They we wake up and we're lack K. like who should be listening to today. You know whose advice semi prepared to to take on board today and think what you said was just a really powerful thing for people to to work within their own in their own way, so. Thanks for that so. What is? I guess I WANNA. Talk About Your Com-! You're competing because that is. I think a line are on behalf. abo-about goals like that's something. They really interested in intrigued by and even as someone who's compete myself like I'm always curious about what that experience was for another woman because I know for me. Though is like it was. That was a myriad of different things Zach. I got to learn so much about my body. Lack what worked? What didn't work for me? The types and styles of training were effective like there was so many beautiful things that I learned, but I also at the same time. As connected as I became to, my buddy also became as equally disconnected in in Myron. Wise Walser. I'd love to hear about your experience competing on stage, and just give maybe just give a little run down just for those who who might not know what competing is like what kind of looks like and and that journey. Yeah So wealth those. Who Don't really know Really know about May in my experience competing on. Two, thousand, seventeen, eighty next September three days before I ten twenty I competed in Bodybuilding Commission which is basically a shape rates of. Bodies Literally and to me. I competed up figure category. I would. The youngest I was beliefs experience I got into bikini put on x seventeen layers of Tan. And John on stage, and quite in front of people in a massive hills. I. The lead up to that was around six months. I think and I- dieted really hard. This six months I train up to three times a day trained pretty much. Seven comes away. unto that about Las Lakeway. He got to relax poodle. My experience. Look. In Hindsight APPs on my love debt. In hindsight. I didn't. A LOT ABOUT MICHELLE And I'm very competitively naked person sight to me. Alaso finish line. And I was told what to do to get there, and that's what I did. and that's just may in Asia anyway. IF I have a goal and someone tells me how to get that I just do it. It's no questions on us. Some way things did some weird things to try and get the results that I always opt. What's the weirdest thing you did? I. Mike. Salmon arrest cakes breakfast. I ate feminine. With sound like that sounds like a dream to show and he loves smokes. On any of it? No me. And best thing in the morning before training section. Anyway I am sending my coaching message. Attorney said you got check out I'm not doing. Now's the thing about how yeah looked experienced as good. It is very challenging. I was ahead to be so disciplined. Honestly looking back I I sometimes question how I was. Site, disciplined end. I didn't at the time. Appreciate myself at what I was doing. Because like I said I was very narrow minded outside their finish line business line A. So I'm just GONNA do it. Put things on hold. Nineteen on I didn't really do a will the things that you do? It's nineteen year old. We should fine. sacrifices a big thing that I let out from that experience which unbreakable. And I suppose. Looking back now, we had done things differently. I wish I kinda thought a little bit more. What I was doing or took a little bit more time to understand what what was happening to my body, an things Role is a really great experience. Would I recommend it to somebody WHO's? Starting at the gym, which seems to be? A very common thing when by. Mice Women Stott the Jenny in the June. dickel mystic compete on stage which. I think is great, but I'll say. Not right at the same time because there's a lot that goes on there, you do a votive. Do a Lotta damaging to your body. Anybody will tell you that it's. It's an if you WANNA. Leave a healthy lifestyle like that's not the way to do it, so I wouldn't recommend it and somebody who's stopping on the fitness journey. However I did I did. A love great thing so. I'm grateful for Yeah I north of me like it I actually did really welling competing and I was able to. Like Bill Physique that was very desirable. Lack I would be complemented all the time on my physique and I actually I became quite addicted to to. That physique became quite addicted to have that looked, and how that made me feel and I started to believe that. That the way I felt was because of my buddy was because of the way my body looked, and then over the years I oversee, stepped away from that, and took my spiritual path and myron healing, journey and. You know my my body hasn't really changed a whole lot since then, but even just the small changes that have had to make our fan lack. It was really. Hard to find a new identity, you know almost like I had to find a new identity around. You know who I was. If my body wasn't the way it was, you know lean and tired and Super Mosley and equities desirable. I guess our Arner. If that was an experience, you but I know that's that's what I that's what concerns me about. New People in the jam. When people in a fitness Janney choosing that path is just purely for that aesthetic sort of I guess the aesthetic gone. And I know for me. That was actually quite damaging like I i. really believed that what made me successful? What made me happy? What made me smile? What made me desirable to other people undesirable in my role as Kirk like I believe it was the way I looked that made that possible, and obviously it's not but i. You could have told me that at the time you know so. I found that to be quite difficult and at the same time. I was also very lucky like I had done a Lotta. Research I used a lot of The ATP science guys podcast and teachings around how to sort of. Retain. Sokoll, as my body, fat dropped and things like that I didn't actually have a courage, but I had a good friend of mine. Helping me through that so I do believe you know there is a way to do it and stay somewhat healthy, but like as much from a mindset perspective I feel like it can be quite tricky to navigate, so it's really cool that you had I guess a good experience, but did you. Did you relate to anything that I'm saying? Did you find yourself lack around your appearance? Yeah one hundred percent We actually But we actually had like you know those things. Circling at the time that I completed, that was west. You feel the buddy look. As literally something we lived by say. Ends Mountains I'd even want to let it get to me. Did and you stop to think how ridiculous he sought to think that? A few felt good. That? He didn't look and you want to do well in your sport. And Lack said at the time that was just. That's the way it was, but looking back. Gone. I don't know why I would do that lifestyle. So. It was very taxing on the body and yeah it it. It was weird for me to to the worried about the Luke's. Because the full event. competing. Ideas and whatever and I've spoken to the about terms. Lack. I didn't give a crap outlook. I just needed when I was a sprinter especially when I played softball. Whatever like I needed to get to the bay? As foster I it. Didn't matter how look as long as my time was good. And I was quick, and you might all the different things that surround the respective sports. I need those to Bam, point. It didn't matter how it looked as a as a body. That wasn't that wasn't. Relevant at all, and then I can cool lately switched and you put some hard working in. Lack I said you feel like crap. Will I did most of the time especially towards end wingstop hello to body fat, and then he stand up on stage. and. People Critique you until you about high just do better next time. Say and even like in Nice I competed a second time. Following year and like I I, D better not once. But I. Actually with buddying inch opted up. After the second time I can pay the which was super weird me because I'd never done that like I was always a school at Specimen, but said I never cared that hard will I was doing it? Black dance got athlete Yeah, you just can't pet how you postponed. It was about how you look sorry. I did I did struggle with body image issues a lot, and still like you do catch yourself every now and then worrying about it. I think it's like. Maybe this is just me and my experience but I think it's also lack when people get into the the weightlifting singing like getting on stage just seems like a really solid goal to aim for to achieve what it is that you're wanting to achieve so I guess like what what something that I mean on the answer. What the answer may be I'm curious that your thoughts away. So what? What's something that we could focus on his women when we go into the jam and you know we, of course I acknowledge that we have goals and we might. Might want to change what he composition. We might WANNA. Make some changes. We Might WanNa get strong like what what else could we be focusing on instead of making such a definitive goal around body lack. What else could we be aiming for in the gym? That isn't stepping onstage because fitness modeling campaigning it's that's the sport I. Think if you get into that, it's we definitely have to realize that it's. That's what it is. Literally literally showcasing your body, and that's what you're being judged for and some of the criteria around that is literally overall prettiness Sir. and that such a subjective thing like? I see reading in everyone, but a judge sitting at the bottom of a staged looking at your body might not see what I say, so it's so subjective. So what else could? Let's just say you know someone is. They getting into the gym in a single. These really crazy beautiful. Women like lifting weights and competing and doing all these really cool things and bodies look amazing. What else could they focus on? To achieve like a similar thing without going to such incredible lengths without subjecting themselves to that path. Yeah. It's really hot, isn't it? Because lack I feel like a whole world is based on. Iran judged a lot right, look when I do speak women or women's time the GM or whatever like that? I often will set. Not Physical goals by goals around performance because that's been my experience and I found that really helped me. So, how is your buddy foaming today? and then way clean rating high feel so maybe like a wellness indicate or something like that. And when people start to focus on. Feel in the gym, in and out of the Damn I think it changes the way that you look at what you're going in that whole, so I hate really set a letter. Performance goes because I've come from that. Industry is well and I found that I wasn't worried about what people? Myself Luke Lackawanna. Jim Because I had out there and time I. Want to be able to deadly hundred kilos or whatever you. WanNa be able to lift that Bob L. above my head in the next month. and. When you get that. You Not GonNa sit down black all the I request this now because governmental but so. That's how I Do It in a Han recommended to anybody I starting at body out in the gym. one of my biggest things. Is that everybody. Publicly just if not more insecure as you are. And highly pace listening, listen to to people that they trust in that they guarded by in. We've both competed. and. Vice for this has just. Kinda deflated at the thought of competing a this people out there. WHO Something that people want to aspire to in yet. We don't think looking at particular bail NBA Ben. And why is it you know what I mean? Yeah, absolutely when I'm hearing. You say is like we can shift our focus from. The way we want to look to how one perform united lack and I feel like we do that really beautifully in the gym I feel like a lot of girls coming in, you can see how fight they on their lack because we give them their programs, and they get to track their progress, and you know having something like that. I think is really powerful at you. Come into the gym with a purpose and you tracking your progress you tracking you lifts you tracking you performance as opposed to tracking your calories in tracking, you know how much Kathi Don in tracking all the little bits and pieces that obviously comprised. A When you when you're going to step on stage and you know it's. It's quite an intricate process so so yeah I think I agree. Yeah, like focus on your performance focused on how you're feeling. Focus on what you want to be lifting. How strong you WanNa, feel I feel like in the beginning as well as as Novus. Notice lifted disarm. Excitement there let sorry much potential because they. We are like this is just part of the science. We know that when a novice lifted comes in like their. Gains is so quick, you know. They happened so quickly before they sorta hit that platter. I think that's a really exciting way to look at it Do you think you would ever compete again? I'll. Look Auditor I. Mean I don't want to rule anything out there often. I would definitely do it differently. Yeah I think. I think if if either of US would do it again I think we would be looking at a way to do it where it's more like around discipline mindset and doing it in a way, that actually aligns with the women. We are not so much trying to fall into. That trap of. making it all about putting me I think we do try and find a way to do it. That impacts us. Yeah, I feel like a good. Is there anything else you want to add anything that we've spoken about before? I get into the mind body. Question Room. Firing, squad and Not really feel like I'm GonNa Cover a find? To pay. Carnival little bit not really at all. WHATEVER COMES TO MIND ERA? Let's do it so What Exercise Mile starring a you moist proud of. How. Sepa we'd I'm I dead lifting hundred. Match good feelings. Deadliest meeting. Like just a strengths up with very new to me before an stepped into my body, stay being out at least one hundred hundred also flurries them pretty cool. That's huge. That is huge. One hundred Kayla's Oh. My God that's amazing and on the contrary is the exercise that you struggle to improve owners. Their next is. You're struggling to to improve on at the moment. Als. Upper. Body is definitely away weakness. Saying the woman I, End I'm however I would probably say one that. Is Difficult. To sort of. Push what Whatev-. Lack stagnation are experience. It is probably pull ups. Yeah, this shit thought. like I've definitely gotten to like they have about getting awfully. Yeah I. I feel like this is so commented. Ever I think almost every woman that I've trained has said something similar to me that the apple buddies always much weaker, and of course like it. We don't walk around and a hand. That's what I say like. We don't walk around on a hand so. Unless we actively university seeing against alert like I like. Abadi shouldn't necessarily be strong, so Pulitzer have been such a struggle. I know many people and I just want to point that out. Because if you're out there, you're struggling with your pull ups, yes. Yes. Yes! Yes like same. Ak Stay what has changed in your mind since the injury Sir Give us a quick rundown of your injury, and what has changed in your mind. Commissioning means like just your mindset. Yeah so I in February, Cabris twenty. Bahia I decided I would join Algal aims on his soccer team. And we play all while I met with them. in the within the first ten minutes I was taken out and I have. Completely should my acl and I had a great one to. MC. L. is also I'm awaiting a knee reconstruction. and Pass fame, some things in my head. Shot At chest I felt sorry for myself. Denial. What even ally I? Remember when the doctor. told me. that. It was completely adult that he thought that I can clear option at I of like started crying in said. He probably done by. You know. You're. Right so I was like I'm going to scan necessary and. I never had a serious injury before, so it's been a very interesting process I know it's going to be one of the things exam from great. One is. Things that changed my mind since straightening is the. Ending to focus on my weaknesses and they that I should just focus on my. that I should. Take more time out for myself been acknowledged my slow six. I think that's been a really big thing. because coming from being able to being able in the gym and just everyday to not being able to use your right leg is devastating Move It. And that I, I never appreciate the front when I took steps out to not being of the and things like didn't. Pat Myself on the back and I wish that I had. An only just starting now to. Really appreciate when I can do something rack. Find can start my leg or a five eight and really welcome today. We're taking completely company or Done something to help recovery the tiniest little bit length that will acknowledge it and appreciate myself, so that's Spain a really. Good a big lesson. Less, so that's so beautiful I really love this like I. Always my clients in my heel her community. I really love celebrating just the my seemingly insignificant things because we saw we so good at dismissing them lightly dismiss them lightly, just darning knowledge them. I think that so so beautiful that you've been able to do that I think well. The next question that had was has something positive. Come from this experience. And how do you so to stay positive? I think that's definitely one positive I know for me when I broke my ankle, it. It, it was really rough bit. It also taught me how to rehabilitate and uncle, and then I started being able to support women who had instability issues and issues around their ankles, and found like obviously in hindsight when broken. I I wasn't like Oh. Man Like this. You know this is going to be great, I'M GONNA. Be Able to teach people how to rehabilitate now but that was a positive experience to me. Do you feel like? You're maybe moving into something like that, or is there another positive experience coming out of out of having? Yeah. Definitely I think that to be gone like being a Hutu. Rehabilitate. In particular than me. But aside just baying to support people when they have any sort of fees around A. A Pre. Pre existing injury or something out Just being able to ny that. I think it'd be for me. Was Finding not mind body five with lacking I? mean pain other. Not Do that and then sodexo. By his in surgeon and soda asking the question why. Should this excetera UNAI so the lack of loop a little bit of pain inside Keiser being say that. I know sloppy clogs with. Today lack. It's the. Same reassurance yeah just. Just being out a out support a graphic is. A really good I'm really great. Not Yet, I know what you mean I know exactly what you mean. It's just like it sucks at the time that you so gratefully been to it because when he stopped working with someone who has similar fees or questions than you can quite literally explained that you've been there before, and you know exactly kind of what they're not necessarily what they're going through, but body is experiencing and I i. think that's really powerful so Let's see. Let's see. What is your fitness and personal go currently if you have one? Do you have one. Look. I want to. My current fitness goal at moment is just to. Get my knee back to if not better than it was the whole. Said just. Really hot at. My rahab stuff off the surgery and get back into the jam and doing all the things like I normally would saas probably my biggest goal. Fitness lies on personal goals Like honestly I've been really caught with. Low these crazy credited I haven't had much time to SIT DOWN! And just kind of be naked day by day on which has it's worked for me? Might not everybody's Cup Tiba. disability stuck on. We're GONNA. Get back into. James. Stay inside slow to Bain on my mind. But without it was just you know making sure. The goes got really good workouts for. That sounds weird, but that's my personal goal. You know like I want to help people in the best that I can in time. Chaos you inner. Nah, that's beautiful. I love that A. Couple of the girls want to know about your daily routine. If you if you have one currently I don't know about you, but I don't really have team since we've been in this lockdown situation that maybe like your daily routine. I'm thinking I'll I'll try and think for them. Like maybe your daily retain on a day that you are training and all well. What, that might look lack I guess what you're eating. What what how you starting your day? Like what whatever it is you WANNA share obviously. Well Yeah. You're right I really. Like. instructed. -struction, but I'm kind of not say I. Lacked to think at what is going to happen anytime, too. Concerned about. instal. Really regimented structure effect. Guys off track which Bane that have done it before I get myself, so I've alone and I feel so. Annoyed at myself that I didn't is targets Get lists complete. Kind of. A bit more. Sensitive break volleying lately. However, I will always get in always A. Way Out one. Priority if there is anything in my lack cities regimented any structured on his, that is something that I think about all the time. It's food. And I'm. Always. Very like not concerned, but just very aware of when I need to eight and. I prioritize like stock advice. Catch up some things to eight. Tree you know what I mean? So if there's anything in my lack, that stays pretty structured, no matter what happens, it's it's. Other than not well I, get up to five five thirty to train the goes at CA. and then usually oeste woods I will train a couple of hours later after eight and a bit usually about nine to ten o'clock is probably. To try on another person. and Ben yet, and then you know today were hustler can do the bits that come to me as in life, Priority Blanca prioritizing. And then as it makes into the Opportunity Nadar coaching, or whatever I, always usually in that soda warning proper fool while they're having breakfast or whatever I try, and if it's funny, get some death cleaner at Hawk now. I feel like that's a really really. It's become more prevalent since we've been at home. but just Gimme, the sunshine and Yeah I'll just feel the day with I want how I feel it's it's dependent on. How feel but yeah I have my main things like my? Obviously, my coaching and then inside that is what needs to be done right now, and what can wait a little bit longer than I disliked like that? I love that end deadly retains I. Think I mean I know goes. I know that what they're looking for is just to understand how it is way. Do things to stay on top of all the things that we do do. Because obviously we, we run a bit of an empire lack you know coaching, the girls and operating Jim and being mess support people, and I think a lot of ladies that Wayne. Wayne are really struggle with routine and in how to of get it right and I. Suppose I just WanNa like the on the retain that Ye need is one that you can follow in that works for you. I guess like I know for me like I tend to get source stock in structure when structure exists, but when I remove the struck Shaw everything just happens like it's. It's like almost. I know can me before. It used to be like I. Didn't trust myself enough to not have that structure like if I removed at what might happen, would I would follow through what I forget things with things Nokia done and if anything removing that structure just showed me that I can do all of the things that can trust myself more. Sir I think I. Don't know I guess I. I think when when I goes. Ask about daily routine. I think they're just looking for a little bit of inspiration and I guess I wanna say to beautiful girls like the routine that you need is the one that works for you lack truly so Okay, so you will kind of that now. Some questions that I would like to ask you so described twenty twenty in one word. Hall Change Change Yes aims Liz. Garard say, deny Cossack put she said gross and I was like. Yeah, and then you write. Grows. I love that. Good girth and gross and change. Amazing if there was a way to go back into talk to your eighteen year old self, what would you tell her? Oh Nancy covering thing. I probably tell small and this isn't the end. Thank there's more to come. It's loneliness. Is Yes. That's so powerful I feel like even today like. I forget this sometimes like an I always tell people this, but even forget. It is like nothing's permanent. Like you can choose one thing and guess what you can reach us. You can choose again, and you can change your mind, and there's so much more to come that I would say something similar. My eighteen year old self, a glock, hanging naked like this. Sorry much more to come like hanging. There might be hard now and might be confusing. Now might be tricky now. You might feel a little bit loss, but But this is just the beginning lack the so much more to come I'm so excited for your laugh because you're so young, and you're obviously surrounded by people who are quite evolved in quite conscious, and they expose you to so many beautiful things at even at when I was your age, I did not I did not have that in my last lack. I get so excited when I think about your future. I'm very grateful. Is there something about me that you've always wanted to. But have never asked. I kinda thought you might office question you asked me. And I was like willing. Own. Me Say maybe. Who? skyway! Weigh yourself being five years later I see myself from five years I see myself in my brand new home. That would currently building. And lots of sacred space for me right like I've spent a lot of my years building and developing they spaces for other people to feel really safe into have very human experiences and I feel like I I want a lot. If not full myself at the moment, sir in five I. See Myself Doing the same thing so coaching still offering. To hold that space as so many people and still be coaching and to also be giving myself a lot more of that sacredness in my earnhardt and I guess like when I think about the future I also think about. How I WANNA be feeling, not just what is existing not who's the not not what exists, but how I'm feeling and. I intend to be feeling so grounded in myself and serve Solomon so grateful for all the have in so abundant in all that I have a really believed everything that I seek in desire will exist, and it will be available to me, and I'll have that and I'm excited I excited. thanks, that's a beautiful question How would you like to be remembered last question? I. Is Crazy yeah. I would lack to remember were works. I would like to be reminded by. Who I am. And not? What. I Would black could be remanded as. Somebody who? Just never gave and they always tried. and If has. Like any type of person that I WANNA bay, and I want people to to feel when I'm around is. An enabler I want to encourage and support I. WanNa be in anybody who does not mean. Orbit has had Niran like I'll always be your biggest fan like I'll always bigger on this once like. Always have you back in I just I want to be the being honest. And loyal in just find. Somebody just navigate often just kept trying for as long as Say So beautiful and you're in lack the MERCED prophet. Like my version of perfect, obviously perfect space in the perfect role to be that person you know like we get to mate I. Just think about all the women that we now have come to know and love who who I stepped into to the German and they didn't. It's not that they didn't believe in themselves. Those just as this very clear lacking of confidence and I just love I love that I'm so grateful that that that is how you want. To contribute united is how you in a contributors you see these women come in in your lack. Let's go. We've got this and not just new people, not just people. We don't know and love yet, but the ones that we already do know and loud, and you know we've been through so many things with them, and you still shop MSCI late Sir. I love that and I'm Sir. I'm so grateful for you that. I think that's what makes us a really beautiful team so. Is there anything else you WANNA. Share anything any advice. You might give two two women pursuing Fitness goals or maybe trainers at all I dunno, maybe someone thinking about becoming a personal trainer. Anything at all that you would like to leave in this space. Thing covid like a lot of stuff I think. The I like. A couple of things. That you really need to remember with a arm. Your Kite translator, somebody who's trying out the gym profess time. I will reiterate what I said before not Basically everybody that is looking at you probably feeling the same way as you. If not less everybody is bundling some slow the way they are insecure. We can thank Saudi, but. But just! Don't ever. Cuba always has of your by. and Celebrate your wins make always just. To celebrate yourself, but what? You've done way bank. You on Ya where you come and I guess just Osha honest with yourself in a with everybody else be honest voice. I love that. where can alison find you? Pardon me. In my bag. Hold! Peiding. I'm on facebook. I'm very look I'm an open book. Lake I didn't mind accepting friends but I am. You can email if you want to get in touch I am at Madison at mind. Body new consoles dot, com, dot a u you know say. Get, to my instagram through the mind, buddy, instagram as well and just Madison anelle on facebook at slow, if you WANNA get in touch, beautiful, and all link Olivet up in the show nights. If anyone would like to get in touch or is interested about how you can work with Madison than yeah, we'll leave that in feet. Have a look at Sir I. Just want to acknowledge you again for all of the beautiful work that you're doing for. Him and for the world, and for your willingness to show up and be that Latvia so many to be about women that. We all need sometimes just that lot that vied on that feeling that sensation I want to know that you all that you're doing into. Thank you so much again for coming on the show and having this beautiful conversation. I really feel Allison is GonNa, get so much out of this. Glass thank you very much for having me. Thank you so much for being here and chaining today. I really appreciate your prisons and your attention truly. If you found value in today's podcast, please subscribe share this episode on your social feed of choice. Guys Know Instagram is my social playground. He can find me over there at. The holistic don't pay. And guys, please. please. Let me know what this episode inspired for you today. How did it make you feel what what can help you to think about or change? Did. You have any specific beautiful and memories. Revelations old on Youtube that came to live. Data reince by his act or embrace. Maybe reclaimed a piece of yourself you will. Look whatever it is, it is a fate. I am interested in and I would love to hear from you. and. If you're anything like me and you struggling to find the right words, sometimes Fu Frito pup, immune emerging on any of my pictures on instagram. And I will marry. Something profound has been here for you today. I would be grateful for the opportunity to celebrate with. If. You're feeling particularly generous today, go ahead and leave Mir of genes. That helps me to get these words musings into Mohawks and. I appreciate it. Four nights resources updates on what I have on a you. And, I am working on some really big hotted things fifty, thousand and twenty. Komo Narva to the WHO CPT DOT com you and subscribe to my notes. This puppy, one my newsletter, so we can get back in keeping touch between. Things again. The Bane he today friends take care and bye.

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The Election, as Seen from Swing States

The New Yorker Radio Hour

31:45 min | 2 weeks ago

The Election, as Seen from Swing States

"To be really informed you need to know what's behind the national news stories and what's going on in your neighborhood. Consider this new podcast from NPR and WNYC helps you make sense of the day subscribed to consider this wherever you get your podcast ch-. Listener supported W NYC studios. This is the new. Yorker. Radio Hour. co-production, WNYC Studios, and the New Yorker. Welcome to the new. Yorker. Radio Hour I'm David Ramnik. If history is any guide at all the twenty twenty election will be decided in a few key swing states maybe even a limited number of swing counties. Today we're going to talk with a couple of our reporters who are looking at what's happening on the ground. I went to lack wanNA county because I wanted to see who these new republicans were in Pennsylvania and how they were trying to capture Biden's backyard. That's allies Griswald. She's based in Philadelphia, and lately she's been spending a lot of time to the north in Lackawanna County. That's the county seat of the very familiar city of Scranton Pennsylvania the hometown of Joe Biden. In Two, Thousand Sixteen Hillary Clinton won the county but just barely, and since then the Republican Party has registered more than one hundred thousand voters in the state of Pennsylvania. These new voters are people who would have been in the Democratic Party for decades whose families were largely democratic belong to labor unions and have grown disaffected with the Democratic Party and really lots of institutions in Pennsylvania over decades. I mean here in the past decade, we've had the Penn State Sandusky sex scandal, the Catholic church sex scandals, and also so many elected local officials who have been indicted for embezzlement and other crimes and. That kind of lack of faith in institutions has really resulted in a departure of long long-term Democrats from the Democratic Party and they've become Republicans. Why would that drive them to Donald Trump? Necessarily you know I think it's different for different reasons for older voters for older democratic largely Catholic voters you know reproductive rights and abortion is just a hugely divisive issue and for that reason, as they've watched the Democratic Party move left they have really they have moved right and that's why they support trump and among younger voters you know there's this belief that he is anti establishment that somehow he's an outsider that he speaks truth to power and it's hard to get around that. Why did you focus on? Lackawanna County in your writing the New Yorker Because Lackawanna County is traditionally been. So blue because it is Biden's home county and because it is turning red and when you drive from from a Philadelphia suburb to Scranton. You don't just see trump signs. You see trump banners and at a factor of like maybe ten to one Biden and. It's hard to know obviously what that really means, but I have to say it is striking. Did you talk with people who are wants Democrats and have now switched over the Republican Party has had a big party reporting absolutely yes. and one of the people I talked to was Dave Elliott. Who is the former police chief in scranton and he has traditionally been a democrat. He has voted Republican. He voted for trump last time too and for him. You know for what? It's worth. The principal issue for him is supportive of the police support law enforcement. Joe Biden, who has always been pro-police and if you look back at. The violent crime control and law. Enforcement Act nineteen ninety four. Yeah. If you look at that, he touted this is the Biden law now is completely flipped and trump is like I said from day one he's been pro-police. First of all, I should say that the tap tap tap you hear in the background is the sound of Elisa taking notes. How do you think Dave Elliott Former police chief at Scranton reacts to the spectacle of the trump biden debate the first one. I don't think he pays any attention. You know I don't think. A lot of trump voters listen to the noise they've already decided now for decades scranton itself was big union town where almost everybody was a Democrat when you were spending time there. Did you sense any tension between these new trump voters and people who are still democrats? Yes. I did sense tension I think there is there is an absolute. Divide in this country that runs right through Scrim and it runs between house to house. You know there's the one. Tiny Biden sign and the massive trump make liberals cry again, banner next door or two or three hanging from a porch and this divide between neighbors was apparent on Elliott's own street I mean he didn't have a sign out front, but there were trump signs lining it, but the thing is Liza. If we if polls are to be believed and we are all on pins and needles about that. Biden is ahead of trump by ten points in the state of Pennsylvania where trump one last time of course over. Hillary. Clinton. Absolutely right and you know some of the trump voters who I have been talking to over the past several weeks and months are actually those we would call secret trump voters. There's so many people that are supporting trump that you would know about I think it's kind of just stay away from the politics because if if you're not a trump supporter, you are so anti-trump if somebody comes up and voices their opinion. So, negative I think a lot of people just you know stay loan they. They don't WanNA, FIGHT But there are regular Republicans did they're not that you know the confederate flag backing trump I always said, well, my father always said, don't be discussing politics religion. You won't be getting these big fights. Elisa, you visited the Republican office in Scranton what was the scene there where people wearing masks? What were they talking about? There was not a mask site in the former bank comes sandwich shop. On Main Street I happened to be there the day before trump arrived for a rally. So it was a mad scramble to put together road signs why? Because they wanted to basically plaster the two mile stretch between the airport and the rally so that trump would be very pleased and feel very loved when he arrived. No campaigning involves a lot of going door to door talking to people. How is the pandemic? Changed the canvassing process, the campaigning process. So largely, what's happening is that Republicans are going door to door. You know in western Pennsylvania, the head of the Republican Party was saying they've knocked on fifty thousand dollars in the past several months. Now, there are figures where the trump campaign will put out saying they've they're knocking on doors a week which are really suspicious and very difficult to check. But that that is their numbers radically more than Democrats are knocking on doors Democrats by the Biden campaign is knocking on doors, and that comes right from the top of the campaign, and that is about public health safety and following state measures to not put people in harm's way out of your household and yeah, basically, that's what's happening. Now. You've also talked to some people who voted for trump in two thousand sixteen who have changed their mind. They're gonNa Democratic in two thousand twenty. How common is that? It's you know it's not that common. I talked to One woman whose name is Patricia Healy. She's a lifelong Republican and a public schoolteacher who teaches Spanish and did for twenty seven years. Voted for trump in two thousand sixteen, she went out to a rally in a place called wilkes-barre, which is rural. She was pretty impressed by the energy around him and she thought well, okay. I'm just going to vote for him and. Basically since the day after the election, she has regretted it. You know I have talked to my daughter kind of transition. I went from hole. In the beginning to disappointment. then. To anger have been really really angry. Angry. Things fees. And so obviously. The last which was supposed to What people don't realize that don't think is he going after public education? And I don't understand what people are more aware. Elisa. When you talk about Scranton, this is Joe Biden's hometown. He manages to mention Scranton within the first five minutes of every speech every debate he's had an forty-seven years. What's his presence in that town? His presence in the town is complicated. If you talk to Republicans, they're gonNA tell you that. Biden left Scranton at the age of eleven and that he comes every time, he needs to use the town as a backdrop Democrats will tell you the opposite that here is their hometown boy good and I have been you know before the presidential election when I was out reporting on a connor lamb, another fraud election in south western Pennsylvania. Biden came out for lamb and he was at machinists union giving his speech the love for that man. Among the labor unions was like something I haven't seen before for a Democrat. So that is also true though it's not as if he moved to Fifth Avenue. I mean he he lives in Wilmington Delaware and obviously he's also a creature of Washington DC. It's not as if he lives in I, don't know a golden tower honestly for many of the people. In Scranton, there is such a divide in Pennsylvania reflects the divide in the nation at Wilmington Delaware is just as much as any guilt tower anywhere Elisa for a Democrat, you've painted a pretty gloomy picture of what can be anticipated on November third and yet. There are many more registered Democrats in the state of Pennsylvania Than Republicans, are they're not. That's correct. There are many more registered Democrats, and the truth is that they are growing because the areas of the southeastern part of the state which are turning from red to blue are actually the places where the population is growing too. So right now in this election, it's hard to call but going forward that's good news for Democrats, and again this a gap in the polls that is pretty yawning between Biden and trump and Biden's ahead. That is so true David and I just think this time around not to make the same mistakes and take the polls for granted. It's worth listening up until November third maybe after Elisa griswold thank you so much. Thanks. David. We're going to shift now to the State of Wisconsin is one of the most watched states in this election after Donald. Trump surprise victory there can twenty six. Speak today more than ninety thousand. Americans have lost their lives this deming. Including more than four, hundred, fifty wisconsinite Joe Biden is taking his campaign virtually to Wisconsin. State representative at a very big hollow Wisconsin. We've been very good together. Contributing writer Peter Sloven has been traveling around Wisconsin hearing from voters and from organizers. Peter I was just talking with Elisa griswold who's been in what can only be described as trump country in Pennsylvania, and despite the lead that Joe Biden has there. She paints a picture where there's a kind of hidden trump vote and in a very enthusiastic trump vote what are you seeing in Wisconsin and you have the same sense? Wisconsin is so unpredictable. Last time around in two thousand, sixteen the polls suggested that Clinton would win pretty comfortably this time. The Democratic operation is deep and broad. But there's certainly huge support for trump what are the pulsing now just so that we have the numbers in front of us, the posers showing consistently that Biden is points ahead just a few just if you there have been some point, some positive suggested two points others, the Marquette poll, which is seen as extremely reliable shows him about four points ahead. A few other polls have shown him further ahead. So Hillary Clinton. Was the first Democratic presidential candidate to lose Wisconsin since nineteen eighty-four. What's so different this time. Well Think Back David to twenty sixteen and what the Clinton campaign did not do Wisconsin. She. lost. Bernie Sanders in April two, thousand sixteen by thirteen points and yet she and her team. Inexplicably saw no reason for her to actually go back to Wisconsin and campaign before the election in November they did not run television ads in Green Bay or Milwaukee or Madison until the last two weeks of the campaign they had a very, very thin organization. What's different? This time Biden has been with ad since June. The Democratic Party of Wisconsin has been organizing essentially since twenty seventeen and they're focusing on places where Clinton's turn out was much much lower than Barack Obama. It's kind of fascinating to compare twenty twelve when Obama. When Wisconsin with two thousand, sixteen when trump one. Mitt Romney and Donald Trump got about the same number of votes. Hillary Clinton got two hundred and thirty eight, thousand fewer votes than Obama. Peter? Did you talk to any Democratic Party leaders about the real stakes of this race and how close it is in Wisconsin? I spoke with Ben Wexler who took over a couple of years ago as the leader of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. He made clear. The extent of the effort that the party has been making starting with his predecessor. Martha from a couple of years ago they have built a really significant organization twenty sixteen. You go into an office and known to be there and a you know someone sitting behind a table would tell you to pick up a clipboard and bring it back when you're. In twenty eighteen if you went to volunteer I, you had to choose a team. Those teams are responsible for organizing their neighborhood. So, all these people around Wisconsin who had turned their houses into these kinds of points where he'd come in the front door and there would be like some volunteers who check you in and get your info. And give you a hand warmer if it was cold and you're gonNA Lavar and you go out to Turfan knock on the doors and then you come back in the checkout process where they bring you back in the feed you and read some cider and. Then you up for your next shift and they headed down to a science and. The Neighborhood Teams in twenty eighteen. They knocked on almost twice as many doors as the presidential campaign had with a ton more money. Two years earlier. And can you have a ground game in the middle of a pandemic allies was painting a picture in which? Republican activists in Pennsylvania we're going around canvassing doing the usual thing without a mask. And the Biden people were not going around at all it is going to be fascinating to see whether this democratic strategy. This democratic decision is going to work the Democrats have decided that they are not canvassing in person Donald Trump is holding rallies in Wisconsin. Republicans are canvassing door to door or the trump campaign has had a bus tour with some of his friends and relatives driving around the state. The Vine campaign is said now we are not doing things in person. Now what is happening? Is a series of decisions by individual candidates at the local level, some of whom are actually going out and dropping. Dropping, dropping literature I talked about that with democratic state legislator I met Gra Neubauer. Past. We would have said. Don't want do the draft, right make sure to stop and talk to someone and so I think there's a combination of of understanding that it is more effective to curse. Conversations, and so if you can't do that hopefully, what we do is you know we drop someone lit we call them and say, Hey, you know I- droplet at your door. Sorry I couldn't soon chat wanted to make sure your. but I do think that people are appreciating that and You know it's a demonstration of our values that we're prioritizing their safety over our CAMPAN's. What did you hear from voters in terms of their hesitation about voting and getting their votes counted? You know I stopped by the clerk's office in Milwaukee and Madison when you walk up to the clerk's office in Madison, you'll see. Two people in bright yellow vast sitting outside. Waiting to collect absentee ballots when people bring them up and they look to make sure that the voter has signed the ballot and that there is a witness signature as well in Madison as well. They're having something called democracy in the park. The city has organized in two hundred six parks election clerks who were there to help voters, register and help voters deliver their ballots when I went to the clerk's office, in Milwaukee. I ran into a woman who was determined not only to deliver her ballot. She was determined to deliver it in person and she said nothing is going to keep me from voting. Peter Levin. Thank you so much as a player. Peter. Sloven is a contributing writer based in Chicago the presidential election just in case you hadn't noticed. is in a month. This is the New Yorker Radio Hour with more to come. This year has turned out very differently than many athletes thought it would since the season is canceled, they don't feel they they're obligated. Salary what am I? GonNa do now. Wasn't Dylan football you don. I'm ANA sale host of the PODCAST, death sex and money in our new series game changer. We're talking to three athletes about how the endemic has upended their lives and livelihoods listened wherever you get your podcasts. A. Silence at times like this can be extremely extremely problematic. Not Speaking up and the temptation for me is to be silent in Tennessee. This is Phil Nordstrom. He's minister. Pastor Life Church in Knoxville also an uber driver. and. That's how we met staff writer Andrew Marantz. Technically my thing was a left not an uber. So you do both. Yes. I ride I drive for both Uber and lived as most drivers in Knoxville do well, even that has its political valances to absolutely. At Life Church in. KNOXVILLE. Most of the members vote Republican and they support the president which can be very challenging for Pastor Nordstrom who does not He and Marantz have been talking about how this intersection of faith and politics plays out day to day. Sometimes, I probably think I chicken out but. You know this has been a time where it's been hard to chicken out for instance. Told me about that. Tell me about. What about this moment? Makes it hard to chicken out or makes that a an internal conflict? George Floyd when the George Floyd incident happens. That was really important. I thought that we address that and we did a my I actually had one of my African American friends. Come, preach for me kind of the Sunday after that. And he preached a message at the sermon titles I can't breathe and it was just it was powerful. It was uncomfortable. But saying nothing was not an option, right? Okay so Tell me about some of these the way these issues play out in the conversations you've been having. When you talk to people either congregants or not like how how do these things come up? I honestly don't believe that the key to the future of the world is whether Biden or trump are in office I. I really feel like that's the huge mistake that we've made and I'm so tired of hearing. This is the most important election of everything's the most important thing that we've ever heard and it's so critical. So. In terms of my conversations with people are honest with people in a private conversation. But I'M NOT GONNA get up and use the pulpit as a bully pulpit to talk about the kingdoms of this world because the Kingdom of our God is it works whether you're in Communist. Russia. It should work no matter where you are. So I had a conversation with a lady in my church who was She was just saying something Real pro-trump open about how awesome it is for us as Christians that we have president trump and office and. And then it was like in that moment in that moment, she forgot that I wasn't pro-trump and she knew that and she goes Oh. Yeah I'm sorry you're more liberal than that. For me that light conversation. I kinda put a pause at at that point and I just said, wait a minute. It's not that I'm more liberal. I'm more conservative than that to say that that trump with his relationship with women is pro conservative values that's not liberal. That's conserve and she she listen she she actually just kind of stopped at that point but one of the strengths I think of our churches. It is okay. To. Have that kind of diversity we're going. We're going for diversity of thought diversity of race and that's a lot harder than uniformity. Have there been any times where it does kind of go off the rails ever. I mean, this is obviously a very. Heated moment like people maybe. So. So yes. So so when I had my African American friends pre for me. I did have one man stand up walk out of the service a walked out of the service but then when we posted it on facebook. He went so far right underneath the comment. White people matter. And then it was interesting so I then I have a conversation after that with a couple of African American. Pastor we're talking through it and I talk about Hey I had Chris battle come preach for me, and this is what happened and this older wiser African American pastors says to me. We're not. impressed. With whatever discomfort you had to experience? Because you had that speaker, we've been dealing with this all our lives. I can hardly tell that story because. It really showed me. The privilege that I have. And how just that little discomfort I've felt from that. Nothing compared to what's it like to be pulled over by police officer And wonder whether you're going to come home that night or whether things are going to be safe for how you're going to be prejudged on that occasion. So so I've had some really powerful. Experiences through this time it's been. Right well, then given how powerful that is and given. How deeply felt that is, what do you say to the guy who walked out? How do you keep a pastor relationship with that person because that that sounds pretty messed up to me. In his particular case, it would have done me no good to try to have a rational conversation. This is going to sound terrible for a pastor to say, but my honest feeling was Don't let the door you where the good Lord split you know. But honestly honestly, he's come back. His brother quit our church at the beginning of covid because we required masks. He's now back. There back. But there's there's just there's just an amount. A level of that. You just you just sort of put up with but I will say this I actually have their ear and they're listening to me and I think I have an opportunity to influence those kind of guys and so I count that as a real privilege actually. have. You had any anecdotal experiences of people who you have seen change one way or the other former against him. Boy I feel like a failure here. I honestly don't know that I've changed anybody's mind. That's a horrible thing to say but I do think that I attract other. People that love the Bible Love Jesus. But. They don't get the trump thing and and those folks are starting to say wild here. There's a safe place for us here. And I don't know that evangelical feel that there's a safe place to go have you heard other people? Around you talking about, you know writing in a protest vote or voting for third party or is that something people in your neck of the woods are talking about I think that there would be I think w group from our church over Biden, and then there'll be another group that will just right in the name. Of Someone Someone else just kind of a protest vote. I. I'm not so sure that trump will win this time and that's going out on a limb A. I think that there has been an erosion even if I haven't seen as much in my church I think that has been i. mean I think we got to say something about Jerry Falwell and the ridiculous. Alliance, that was there between him and trump, and we should have seen the handwriting on the wall when he's encouraging his students to to take shooting lessons so that they can get rid of those. Muslims. When they when they come into do schools, it's unbelievably non Jesus. I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm fired on. No go for it I. Mean. Have you had any sort of recent conversations along these lines interesting. You asked I just got a I just got a inbox yesterday. It was a lady in my church. Sent me a facebook post quoting Jim Caviezel played. Jesus. In. The Passion of the Christ and Caviezel was saying that Christian leaders, there are people in the of the faith in your faith. Christian. Leaders are capitulating mayors and to their governors. And they are becoming lukewarm Christians and it was warning it was warning against these kinds of leaders. So like like covert does revealing who's WHO's weak and WHO's strong in that scenario, how he quan and what is what is making someone like that send that to you is it that you've spoken out against trump is that you are I kind of classic or what? What are they thinking sure. They'd talk to me about stuff on facebook inbox or I'll post things on facebook. I'll probably even be a little more courageous on facebook because I am a private citizen. So yeah, they see me marching rallies. But the rallies that I'm GonNa Margin, I'm really trying to march with people that are lifting up Jesus through all. My sign is going to say. Let justice roll down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream. Because that's to me the rationale we give Abraham. Lincoln, credit for saying a house divided against itself cannot stand. He's quoting Jesus Jesus. said a house divided against itself. CanNot stand. You asked me the question about my inbox. I'm a little embarrassed about that. We ought to be having these conversations a little bit more openly in the lobby and all of those kinds of places but the divisions are really strong right now and those are walls that were were I'm committed to working to help break down. Andrew speaking with Pastor Phil Nordstrom of Life Church in Knoxville Tennessee. I'm David Remnant and that's our show for today. Thanks for joining. US see in. The New Yorker Radio Hour is co production of WNYC studios and the New Yorker. Our theme music was composed and performed by Merrill Garbis of tune yards with additional music by Alexis Padro. This episode was produced by Alex Berend Emily Boutin Ave Perot ran in corby Cala Leah David Cross now go phantom who took Weli Louis Mitchell Michelle Moses and Steven Valentino with help from Alison Macadam Monday Chen and emily man. The New Yorker Radio Hour is supported in part by the Tarinah Endowment Fund. This year has turned out very differently than many athletes thought it would adopt since the season is canceled they don't feel as though they their. Salary what am I GONNA do now? Wasn't doing football you. Walk I'M ANA sale host of the podcast death sex and money. In our new series game changer we're talking to three athletes about how the endemic has upended their lives. Soon, livelihoods listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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Pennsylvania: 20 Electoral Votes

Your Presidential Playlist

34:43 min | 3 weeks ago

Pennsylvania: 20 Electoral Votes

"Welcome back to your presidential playlist I'm your host Emily Tisch sussman for those joining us for the first time. This podcast definitive guide to the twenty twenty presidential election explained by the women who know it best. This season we're examining to state civil, decide the election, the swing states, and how regardless of where you live you can make a difference. Today. We're in Pennsylvania were early voting has already started. Trump one in two, thousand, sixteen by a mere forty, four, thousand votes out of six million cast a difference of zero point, seven, two percent and the narrowest margin in a presidential election for the state in one hundred and seventy, six years in twenty twenty, it's shaping up to be race again if trump holds his strength and former manufacturing communities in rural areas, he could repeat his win from two thousand, Sixteen Obama wants some of these white working class strongholds, but they flipped pretty decisively trump twenty sixteen turn out in Philadelphia often gets lumped in with midwest cities like Detroit and Milwaukee where they're lower turnout was decisive in the state, but that's actually not the. Case Philadelphia turnout was nearly on par with Obama's two, thousand, eight hundred numbers, and it still wasn't enough to put Clinton over the edge Pennsylvania's twenty electoral votes could be decided by swing counties like Lackawanna County home to Scranton job items hometown, as well as the suburban counties that went for trump but had pretty heavy democratic turnout in the twenty eighteen midterms cova play a role in how voters are thinking about their choices and actually casting their ballots pre cove Ed Pennsylvania expanded access for vote by mail. So the process is still relatively new for most voters. Pennsylvania voters can request a ballot by mail online or in person, but they must do so by twenty seventh. With such high stakes placed on the new system. Sure to be a few bumps in the road in November and don't expect instant results on November third Pennsylvania election officials won't even start counting mail in ballots, which could be a majority of the ballots until after election day meaning there's a possibility given the delayed count of absentee ballots which could come from predominantly covert conscious Democrats that it'll appear. The state has gone for trump on election day. Then swing for Biden wants all the mail in ballots have been counted. To better understand how voters and Pennsylvania approaching the election. I'm thrilled to be joined by Representative Chrissy Houlahan welcome congresswoman. Thank you thank you for having me. Your currently in Congress but you're also on the ground campaigning also at home. But while you're campaigning what are the issues that are coming up as most important for your constituents? So I. Think What's interesting is that the issues that I campaigned on remain me issues that are most forward in front and Center for people in our community and I kind of loosely refer to them as the Noda Agenda the another things that. Should be kind of a given for any member of Congress should be thinking about on behalf of their. And so health care affordable quality, accessible health care decent jobs that treat each other with dignity. You know living wage equal pay for equal work excellent education, the environment safety of communities whether it's gun safety or environmental safety as I mentioned those are sort of the no. Agenda that I ran on as a platform and the I think has not necessarily changed over the year and a half or so that I've been in office. But what's really interesting is with the recent pandemic of course, we see why that agenda is such a no DA agenda all of those kinds of things are still the agenda of now even though we really are in unique times with Kovin, are there particular slants to any? Of these issues that are relevant to both your district and to the state largely in Pennsylvania just because of you know potentially what the makeup of the constituency is or of the different economies that you may have like in district state. Well, my district is really fascinating are at least I think. So because it is a very diverse district in a lot of ways, my district is southeast of Pennsylvania it is west of Philadelphia it is. Forty Percent Democrat forty percent Republican twenty percent independent in the east part of my district we are very suburban. We're kind of the bedroom suburbs of Philadelphia in the west of my district were very rural. We have dairy farms and mushroom farms, and in the northern part of my district were very urban. We have the city of reading which people who are not from Pennsylvania will recognize the reading railroad and this is a community that. Was Very, very industrialized at one point in time but at this point in time is really struggling and so we don't have I don't believe necessarily unique issues because we represent America you know because our community is what it is to be in an of Pennsylvania and is what it is to be in of America, which is, why are we vote is sometimes an indicator species for how the rest of the nation will vote as well. Do. You think the factors that led to trump's winning Pennsylvania in two thousand sixteen still exist. Do you think Biden's doing enough to win it back? So we've always been purple place in my community is an example in twenty sixteen. If it was just up to our community, we would've voted for Hillary. Clinton. But we also voted for Senator Pat Toomey. On the same day. So we are you know a complicated place and we regularly I think make choices across the aisle, and so I want to believe I have to believe that I believe. Vice. President Biden really understands what places like where I sit in represented stand for it is one of the reasons why I was a really early endorser of him. I believe it his platform really resonates with my community and with the state of Pennsylvania and therefore with the nation at large, and actually one of the more important parts of that message is a message of decency. I think that Pennsylvanians of particularly those that I'm most familiar with are exhausted they're exhausted by the vitriol they're exhausted by the level of civil. Discourse that's gone to next level in terms of its ugliness, and I think that they're looking for a leader who will not be divisive but would rather be a healing influence I believe that in addition to good policy, it's really important that a candidate b. on the right side of bringing the nation together and I believe the vice president is that candidate He's not just basically from there, but he also headquartered his campaign in Philadelphia before everything went virtual who can really say if it will go back do you think that earns him any credit in the state look at worth anything to headquarters the campaign there I mean I think that there's a kind of silly little mantras of life we know Joe or. Fired up and ready for Joe or you know those kinds of things he's the third senator in Pennsylvania. Many people refer to him as that my district borders on Delaware. So we definitely you know share a lot in common inclusive of a border, and so this is a part of the nation that really understands what Joe Biden stands for and who he is. If you had to sound the alarm bells on something that you think that his campaign is just missing. What do you think it would be. I don't know that it's necessarily missing. I think it hasn't yet been rolled out to people I listen I serve on the armed services and the foreign affairs and small business subcommittees, and so I, think conversations about on the global stage need to be had. It's interesting in my experience as a candidate that most people don't necessarily bring up foreign policy. But right now particularly after the last several years where I think our role in the world has really shrunk I think it's a conversation that needs to be had I believe the vice president has a plan for that. In fact, I'm part of a small. Group, that counsels him on foreign issues from the Congress and so I'm looking forward to his unveiling neo for lack of a better word of how we regain in the world stage. The fact that we really are or have been historically something to admire you know by other nations and other nation states and I would like to see us regain that status in the particularly see why that's important in a time like now can I ask what kind of questions he's been asking the committee that you're on your advising him and the campaign on terms of foreign policy what kind of questions are he and the? Campaign, asking of you I think more we are asking him just to try and be as helpful inappropriate of way to make sure that this is something that is talked about in I. Think you know indications are that his agenda would be something that would be a little bit less toxic than what are seeing right now in terms of, of course, we should ask our allies to participate fairly you know of course, we should ask our allies to work with us but I think it's not necessarily constantly with the stick on rather than the carrot mentality that we've seen in the last several years. So I. Think there's that I think there's also the role and influence of China is should be something that we are all talking about in some ways. This is one of the few areas where I agree somewhat with President trump I think we should be concerned about China and its role in its rise in in the world it's one of the reasons why on Foreign Affairs I asked to be on the Asia subcommittee and on the Africa subcommittee when you think about some, the Belton road initiatives that they have undertaken when you think about their influence in Africa and the continent of Africa we should be concerned about How we we get concerned about it and how we execute on, that is where I would differ from President Trump's approach on this but I do think that it is appropriate to be thinking hard about the influence in rise of. China. Well, one of the other ways that we've been really talking about foreign policy nationally in the last couple of years is foreign interference. In us, elections and trump is definitely setting the stage to doubt in our minds about the results of the election. What steps is Pennsylvania taking both to ensure that people can vote safely you know in terms of covert. Exposure. But also just to make sure that the election will have results that we can trust shore and there is a lot going on in Pennsylvania on this very topic and unrelated to Cova before Kovin happened. Thankfully, Pennsylvania's legislature and governor were able to come to an agreement to allow no excuses from home ballots and that is a game changer. We now have the ability to ask for a get a ballot which gives us a lot more time to vote gives us they safety to be able to now in the covid world vote from home without concern that we will be endangering. Our own health or the health of those people who are volunteering at the polls. So that's a good thing and we were able thankfully to effectively practice that primary process that just happened here. I think this is one of those places where I wish that from a federal perspective we had been or will be more successful because this is not a partisan issue. This should not be a partisan issue. The access to the ballot should be a fundamental right and I think regardless of your party you should understand particularly now in this time why it's important to be able to vote. Safely from your home so far success rate at the federal level has been relatively poor in the sense that for every dollar, the Congress has asked for to be helpful in promoting safe voting and voting rights issues. We've only been able to secure about one dollar for every ten dollars we've asked for. So that's not a terribly good hit rate on the heroes, act that was passed a while back had a lot more funding as well. Carved out for on making sure that the November elections are safe insecure and I'm hopeful that we'll be able to come to compromise on that too. and. The Heroes Act. Being the democratic reform package including a lot of infrastructure in response to Cohen at the houses pass. But Senate has not taken up. Are you hopeful? The Senate may take up pieces of it. Yes, I mean, we've already seen the Senate take-up pieces of it that were related to small businesses. The paycheck protection program had an act that was called P P Flexibility Act. That was a part of the Perez Act that got taken up and pass through the Senate and through the House on there seems to be some energy and appetite for that kind of a work. But of course I'd like to see a lot of the aspects of Heroes Act looked at in my community. As an example, we had a rainy day fund in case of. Emergency break glass kind of money, and we used that money in covert to be able to outsource testing and to be able to outsource P P P way literally in my community went overseas and cut our own contracts with providers for P P P we literally went to a for profit companies that had cova tests available and used our resources in our community to be able to be the front line to protect not just our community but arguably the rest of the country against the spread of Covid. Now, we've depleted those funds and now I think It's our government's responsibility to help back fill those funds 'cause our government in our community was responsible. We have this fund, and now we need to be i. believe made whole so that we can be able to combat what will be the next round of this in a covert or what will be the next thing like as we're talking about making sure that people can vote those resources that we might be able to use to do that. So this is why in the hero Zach we put quite a bit of money to be able to help. On states and municipalities to be able to replenish their rainy-day funds to be able to counteract the fact that a lot of their revenue sources are no longer available to them, and this is something again, that should just not be partisan in conversation. This is something that everybody should recognize our D. Red or blue that you can't afford to lay off your police or your EMT's or whatever. Because you don't have parking meter revenue any longer you need to be able to have those frontline people still hired on on the front line for all of us. And we're on another major moment in our country around. The matter and you launched a virtual town hall series on systematic racism and policing. So I'm so interested to learn what you've learned from your constituents during these town halls. Sure and I'm really excited about this. We started it with Karen Bass is the author of the George Floyd Police Injustice Act of twenty twenty, and so we had the opportunity to have a conversation with her and with my community about the contents of that bill that I was a sponsor of about why it's important to be able to think about making the world a more just place in why? It's important to talk about police brutality what those words mean, what was in the bill? We also had a conversation with, Kyle Boyer who is a member of my community on and the head of the end of Lacey Pe- in Westchester, which is one of the larger cities in my community similar conversation about kind of identifying what it means to be an ally and how you can be an effective ally in times like this because my job is of course to help legislate, but my job is also to educate and to inform and to Kinda bring everybody along in the conversation. Frankly I'm part of that education process I'm learning to I think that people are seeing the world and I mean white people are seeing that world more fairly and they're being more critical of themselves and how they've seen the world and that's good I had the opportunity to teach in North Philadelphia Chemistry in the community that I taught in my classroom was ninety eight percent African American. Mike classroom was about ten or so miles from my community where I serve in Congress right now and sometimes it feels like you know an ocean away the difference in disparity and I think it's Good for people to understand that not too far away from where we sit my kids in my classroom didn't have books you know and they didn't have sometimes the water didn't run and they certainly didn't have you know a school nurse available and those are conversations that are good to have in your community and to be able to bring those forward so that people can use those insights in the way that they not just vote but also how they behave in their communities as well. Thank you so much for all of your time of course, and I really appreciate the conversation. As they say all politics is local. So I wanted to speak with one of the most exciting local leaders in Pennsylvania Scranton Mayor Page Gebhardt cognitive. Welcome. Mayor. It's great to see you and hear your and thank you for having me the page you and I worked on the Obama campaign together in two thousand eight, and now you're back as the mayor of Scranton. How did that happen? Yeah. So we're in Pennsylvania twelve years ago I after that I was able to work on the Obama Biden transition team and spend on three and a half years at the. Treasury Department working for the administration after that I went up to Boston for business school and then in two thousand sixteen, I moved back to Scranton and started kind of the journey here spent a year on the school board really digging in to local politics here I learned so much having been at the federal level really being at the state level in being in a hundred sixty dollars, school budget and. If the federal government, you're not on the ground you're doing the right thing you're trying so hard working so hard but you're not in those communities necessarily. So special election opened up for mayor and I looked at it and made same poppulation that I had with school board that there's a lot of history here in Scranton of unfortunately corrupt public officials and I wanted to throw my hat in for mayor. See if I could bring good government back to Scranton and bring government to people. Again, that's what we're doing every day in Scranton ended up successful in that election in November at now air for since January of this year, it's been a really really crazy ride with covert but I do feel every day that we are rebuilding that trust in city government in the city of Scranton it's starting to pay off. We're listening to everyone and we're all about equitable government. That's something. That's problem. Here. We're trying to make sure that there are solutions at the city level resources at the city level for absolutely everyone. So it's it's wonderful to think back to twelve years ago, working with you on the Obama campaign. That's that's what it was all about to us. Then electing somebody who would reinvigorate government for people and Build. That Trust Act now able to the local on it's It's been quite a ride and I, think we should also really just highlight the timing here for you. So you were inaugurated in January and that was not the only crazy thing happening to you at that moment, right? True. Yes. They did have our first baby December twentieth. Yeah. It's been wonderful though and with the help of obviously my husband and. My mother and others have been able to raise a beautiful little girl here the same time of ramping up the government. So give me the reason we do this show the reason we bring on people who understand the community is like you is to really illuminate for our audience how you really do need to understand the local politics like national polls me nothing right like we learned that on the campaign. We learned that every day that you have to win state by state and you have to understand that state and part of what I think is really interesting is that you ran not as Democrat you ran as an independent I mean northeast Pennsylvania is a must win area of the state for anyone who's going to win the state presidential. What does that mean about understanding the local politics there? Yeah exactly. Right. These national polls mean absolutely nothing to me right now and it just it makes me crazy when they start painting such a broad brush, the country or paint a broad brush of Pennsylvania in rust belt states in all these things in your actually here in these places it so much more complicated than that. I think that the Biden campaign is aware of that in a way that sometimes in the past, maybe democratic politicians haven't been focused in that way. coffee campaign knows that now especially with Joe Biden's roots here in Scranton, but something to think about for Pennsylvania is my election isn't interesting. said, it was a special election reason it was a special election is the former mayor is going to prison for extortion and bribery. He is in line with commissioners, county judges Attorney General. From this region, a long line of politicians who have gone to present who have either stolen or lied or done something to just break public trust break the law and not. Only, do we have that backdrop of public corruption here and that's why I always focus on building trust back in government it's not just government just politicians if you think about having a think about your back to a decade ago even with Penn State and San Dusky issue then you have the Catholic sexual abuse scandals at every turn in the last decade Pennsylvanians have. Had to face that institutions that they trusted have let them down from football to education to the church to politicians. So it's not just politics it's not just oh, some some mayor. Brag. Subcontractor. Now he's going to prison to me it was kind of the the straw after all of these other letdowns. So when you look at Donald Trump's victory in two thousand. Sixteen you look at what we're facing here in twenty twenty, which I think is a very close race in Pennsylvania fantasies snapshots in time from right now September twenty twenty, right. It's all of that baggage of all of the last decade in N. beyond, and there's lots of policies and thanks to go back there. But just in the last second, you have a lot of. Let down in a lot of breach of trust not only do we have to to build that? That's my goal personally here at the local level. But when you're looking at it I think from electoral map perspective, you've got a layer on some of these statements gives a little bit of understanding to what's been going on here, which will help help understand why some People in two, thousand, sixteen, I think we're willing to throw vote to trump because they were looking for anything that seems different. We have a lot of work now to make sure that people aren't continuing to do that that they're seeing why the last four years have been catastrophic and why we need across back in the White House to us right on the right track. So in the context of Pennsylvania when voters already have public corruption and trust and officials in mind do trump's corruption numbers go up is that a story that resonates with voters? I think it's a story that resonates with voters I think it needs to be told more. We need to be tailoring messages, Chew folks in in a in a more localized way because I do think that making that parallel. All of these public officials leading down in Pennsylvania especially northeast Pennsylvania that the story line is parallel with trump. It's just that he can't be prosecuted right now. So drawing that Iran is an independent because the local Democratic Party I disagree with I don't WanNa be a part of a local party that's not indicative of my feelings towards the National Democratic, party but local party, they are part of that. To play who you know structure in that cronyism and people are sick of it in. That's why they voted last year to hire as mayor of women for the first time an independent in a city with two and a half to three to one Democrats Republican destroyed. So the local here in Scranton people are done with this corruption. I, think it. We need to do a better job of drawing a parallel between the corruption that people are fed up with at the local level and with Donald trump perpetrates while he's in Washington and I don't know why it isn't working as well. Think it's important that we tell that story not just in northeastern Pennsylvania across this country. Is that advice that you'd give to the Biden campaign of how to adjust strategy for the last sprint to be more focused on trump's corruption understand that there's so many different messages and I do talk with the campaign on the corruption piece I think is. It really is important to keep that as one of the major issues. Corruption is just not artists like if a politician or someone if an institution are percent makes, you feel that you got the short stick and that somebody took from us something that was yours whether it's tax dollars or something else like that's not a partisan feeling, right? That's just human. It's not fair and I think that if we can tell that story a little bit better, draw those parallels from the local to the national better that that that would be a a wise thing to do. A lot of people feel that we we're seeing that in all aspects of life right now in America all across the board, and I think a real question is how much people who feel left out and cheated going to participate in this system at all, there's registering to vote or showing up vote. There will be barriers this year and it will be more complicated. So they have to have a little bit of commitment to vote. Do you think that either campaign is making a good enough argument to really get people to feel like participating in the system is the way to go right now. I think the Biden campaign is trying in there so much noise coming from the other side including our own US Postal Service. That is clouding things in. That's where the local officials come. Again, I think you at the local level, we have to blanket our country with good local officials who can bill back that trust to the people say, okay, we'll I. Trust I chose the person who's the mayor of my city, and so if I can trust that person go to the polls for her son and if they are telling me that they, they think we have good people at the state federal level. Then maybe I can start to build some trust back into that. It's. Tough. So with with all in ways that the Republicans are throwing out about mail in voting in that kind of thing that's that's they're trying to chip away at the process. That is a very, very difficult thing to go up against but I think at the local level. That's why it's so important that really the ground level where making that case. So I wanna ask you what campaigning is actually looking like right now Republicans have actually been sending out field people to knock on doors for a while and the Biden campaign hadn't because of covid risks but is starting to send people out for the last push of the campaign. What does that actually looking like in northeast Pennsylvania? I really I don't know if the campaign will do canvassing. Hope they at least you let drops or something contactless. Part of campaign season part of that momentum in needs to be visible and so if you're if you're not seeing people in the streets zigzagging in their in their t shirts with their clipboards, it doesn't mean that there isn't momentum but people in a place like scratching really WanNa see the physical manifestation of the campaign that if I really needs to do something I, know they're working on it I know that they know that visibility matters. So again, that campaign office coming is great and hopefully, they'll be some more at least activity that people can see. That will go people that are supporting the Biden campaign some comfort. When you talk to the Biden campaign, what are the questions that they're asking you? We've talked a lot about being Joe's hometown. So we talk about at and they've got a great team here Pennsylvania they really really do and it's been so hard I now for everybody with the remote work and some of the organizers who started out remote so hard for that, because this experience is supposed to be very much on the ground. We have some good races here. That will bring people out. You know the congressional races on are are pretty intense. I think that's going to help drive some voters out. To, make sure that we keep the house blue you served on the School Board Scranton School, district is changing daily. It feels like as all of our school districts are changing and everybody's figuring out what their options are this year. This is going to be a major factor in the presidential in every election this year, it'll be a major factor for logistics. If you WANNA vote and it might even change vote choice I mean it's basically all bad options. How do you foresee schools playing out in the election this year? Here it's tough. The governor left the decisions up to the school district. So we have a true patchwork of solutions and it's hard because it's kind of grass is always greener type of mentality where whatever your district is doing. You wish you were doing what the neighboring school district is doing so For me what it is in an hoping that it's not the actual whether your kids are going to school or not. I hope that people are focusing on in terms of the election. I. Do think the thing too is we need a federal strategy we need a national strategy it would be much easier for kids for parents for local officials. If there had been a strategy that, sad, these are the recommendations from the federal government. These are the recommendations from the state government as opposed to spending the whole summer going back and. Forth in these poorer school officials at the summer you know just working at their school boards in the parents about back and forth hybrid or not. Instead of okay we've made a decision. How are we gonNA best kids it all boils down to we need a national strategy for all of these Cova decisions. For All of this we haven't had it. It's bed miserable to be a local official who people are looking to add not have any true guidance from the federal government and from the state government GonNa Ross To Send A. Really, really good job on the schools piece. I think that's the toughest thing because the mandate didn't come from the state it was given to local districts in. That's just it's so much to put on his individual districts you've worked for Vice President Biden now on the campaign as vice presidential, running mate in the transition in the administration and the Treasury Department you've endorsed him what is it like working for him this time around that's different. It's interesting right? Because he's at the top of the ticket, right? It's different it's different. than running for vice president when you're running for president and I think what's great about the place that I'm sitting in Scranton is because Joe Biden is from Scranton because his father was a regular guy, just trying make a living for his family but trying to do that in a way where where he was respected at work that there's Joe Biden has story about his father working at this car dealership and leaving because he wasn't treated. Well, that's the genesis of who this man is in. It's easy and fun to talk about. Joining us a real guy from a real normal family, and while he's had this story decades long career in DC that's the root of all of this. So in addition to its judgment, he's from here he's genuinely from middle class working routes. When we have elected officials who really come from the the types of families that we need to give more help to. It makes it easier to talk about these things in the contrast with Donald Trump I don't think could be any more clear thing with Joe Biden at the top of the ticket right now to be able to tell that story to tell his story to tell the Scranton story because threatened story is the story of citizen towns in families across the country and. I. Think it's the right I. Think it's the right time for for him. In type of background he has that really resonates here and it's it's it's a story, his father picking up moving the family for a new job related to find dignity in work like we're still fighting for people to have dignity at work and I think that were really Stephanie, still resonates here in Scranton. It's something that should work to to make sure we maintain but I think Joe Biden January. So how do we help you turn Pennsylvania blue? Right now, we are looking for people to call voters in Pennsylvania. So if you can sign up for a phone make Pennsylvania, that is exactly what we need you can sign up for a phone bank with back to blue PA at mobilized that US slash back to Blue Pa. So we are needing to cover the phones because we can't cover the door. So sending up for a phone bank would really help us mayor page. Great to have you on Emily Saga to see you. Thank you. You. Heard the mayor. It's time to pick up the phone and call voters and Pennsylvania join a phone bank with back to blue. To make calls some Pennsylvania's key areas, Lackawanna County, Monroe County, of course, Scranton to get linked to back to blue PA's phone banks visit us on Instagram at your presidential playlist. Thank you for listening to this final episode of your presidential playlist third season. I'm immensely grateful to the women elected officials and organizers who joined us from their homes, their lawns with barking dogs and even from the floor of a closet. Goal. This season was to take a closer look at the swing states that have an outsized impact on who will take the White House this November a lot has changed since we started recording this season, but the voting outcomes in these states remained critical especially given the fact that actually voting this year may be harder than ever before that's why it's more important than ever to phone bank with so. Much changing this year around how everyone is going to vote those personal conversations can help guarantee that everyone knows how they're going to cast their ballots. All of the efforts we've talked about all season long are still live in the lake and our instagram at your presidential playlist. We'll keep you posted about other opportunities to volunteer in phone bank alongside y. p. p. listeners through our instagram and our newsletter. What's next now it's time to make your voting plan and many states you can vote. Now you can find them listed on our instagram at your President Joe Playlist, and we'll keep posting important election updates from now through November third. So be sure to follow. Special thanks to Wonder Media Network in the whole your presidential playlist team for producing this show talk to you next time. I'm Amanda Lippman I run an organization called run for something I wrote a book called run for something and now I host. This show also called run for something. My mission is simple find people who care about solving problems and help them run for office every Tuesday all-talk talk with amazing and incredible candidates an elected officials who are already making a difference there in local offices that might seem small and not so sexy but are actually hugely important for your day to day life fixing our broken system. We'll take all of us and people like you listen every Tuesday wherever you get your podcast. I'd like to tell you about seeking peace a podcast from Georgetown University in collaboration with UN women. It features inspiring stories of women fighting for peace around the world and their second season. You'll hear from Nobel peace, prize winners the CO founders of black lives matter, and even allies like Melas bother. You can find them on all major listening platforms or it seeking peace podcast dot com.

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Politics with Amy Walter: "The X Factor": Will Joe Biden Reshape the Race?

The Takeaway

46:50 min | 1 year ago

Politics with Amy Walter: "The X Factor": Will Joe Biden Reshape the Race?

"WNYC studios is supported by Carmine spader. A national litigation firm representing clients and enforcement actions criminal investigations and trials when the lawyer you choose matters most online at sucker men dot com. This is politics with Amy Walter from the takeaway. In this last week of April. We're still a little more than two months out from the first democratic debate. We're over two hundred eighty days away from the Iowa caucuses. And there are now. Twenty democratic candidates vying for the job, that's right. Twenty viable candidates. We really haven't seen anything like this in the modern era are on the brink of experiencing choice overload. We asked our favourite pundits. You I this is only not from Arlington, Texas. I think it could present a bit of a challenge for the party to stay unified. But I'm hoping that the candidate will work together and support whoever starts to emerge as the chosen candidate Leslie from. I think having a big field of candidates is a good thing. Because there is now a healthy competition for vote which could mean that candidates would feel more compelled to incorporate what loaders need into platform Jones from Brooklyn. I not happy that there are so many. Socratic candidates. It's just gonna start mudslinging with the competition against each other. And do you think anyone's gonna take the high road? I doubt it. My name is Fred Brinkley. I'm calling from wacko North Carolina. There could be a hundred people running for the democratic nomination. And that would be fine nita's, many points of view as you could get. Hi, my name is Dan. And I'm calling from Cortez. Colorado. Twenty candidates. It's ridiculous. Twenty people in the fields to there's no collaboration. No coordinated effort to try to get a democrat in the White House. The fact that there are two front runners who are white males perch, engage years old shows hell out of touch these people are with the American voters vicious Lasca calling from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I no longer think that it makes a difference. Politically, how many candidates are on the democratic roster at this point. If Trump could win anybody could. But see that's the beauty of this thing. We like to call the campaign trail it runs straight out of Washington and into the primary states, and it puts all of those candidates on display. The truth is at this early stage of the campaign. The trail reveals a lot about the candidates and a lot about the voters who turn out to see them. It's certainly more instructive than what you may be reading on Twitter or watching on cable TV I think they're still really excited. But I think they're also ready to have all of their choices and front of them. You might remember this voice. I'm wanna summer is. I'm a national political reporter for the Associated Press covering the twenty twenty presidential election with the focus on Democrats want to summers joined us back in February. When she first set out on the trail, she's in Houston this week, but has followed the candidates to Iowa New York and spent a lot of time in South Carolina. There are so many candidates running and so many of the voters ice hockey to have already seen four five six of these presidential candidates. I think pairs kind of a yearning for the table. He said, and we're gonna to go ahead and make their choices in star task. These these candidates the critical questions that are going to be so key to capturing their vote. I have to agree. I think the voters are excited about the diversity not only sort of large number of women a large number of candidates of color. But also, just ideological diversity. That is field represents and that's anti linski. And I'm a national political reporter for the Washington Post, and he's been reporting from New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina, and is onto Nevada and California next. She told me that the more candidates appear before voters the easier. It is for people to find clarity in a very crowded field. You know, my sense is that it's going to be the debates that will be when people start to feel that there should be kind of a calling that's going on. And there seems to be a lot of patience for the first couple of debates to come around. So that you can have a period where the candidates are actually drawn contrast with each other. I think one of the biggest ones came in the last few days where the idea of whether convicted and imprisoned felons could vote while locked up has come up in the last few days. Bernie Sanders came out and surprise some people by saying I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. Yes. Even for terrible, people and Republicans pounced immediately saying that Bernie Sanders wants to make sure people like the Boston bombers have the right to vote. You're writing an opposition ad against you by saying you think the Boston marathon bomber should vote. Not after he pays his debt to society. But while he's in jail. You sure about that. I do believe look. This is what I believe. And that's a question that number candidates have been asked at various times, and there have been differences. I mean, Senator Warren, for example was asked the question in Iowa at a different forum. And she said right now, I think the fight should be over felony. Rian franchise -ment, what someone is paid their debt to society. They're out there expected to pay taxes are expected to abide by the law. They're expected to support themselves and their families. I think that means they got a right to vote. Well, they're still incarcerated I think it's a different question. And I think that's something that we could have more conversation about where she and some others are more supportive of that right to vote, but they'll keep coming. And that is what sort of so exciting about this phase of the campaign. What will keep coming are the distinctions and the differences among these candidates on issues and priorities. Yeah. Okay. To let's pivot to South Carolina for a second. What you've spent a lot of time there. What are you hearing? Sure has been on. Of these same trips down to South Carolina talking to voters, and what I've heard is that a lot of these voters do feel an affinity to Joe Biden. It is a state that his team believes critical to his path to the nomination where there is a lot of still affection for him. I was in orangeburg South Carolina over last weekend at an event for Kamla Harris, and I talked to a number of voters, but one woman in particular stood out. I asked her what she was thinking as we were still hearing the rumors that this would indeed be the week that Biden jumps in. And she told me, you know, she really likes Harris. She liked a Betto Vork. She liked other candidates in the field. But that if Biden throws his hat in the ring, again, the the conversation before he announced she believed that it would change everything that he has more experience that he's been in the White House before and that he brings qualifications to the field that no one else in this race has right now. And I think that's unbel- Matic of what we're hearing from a lot of south Carolinians and people all over the country is that Biden isn't expecter that does have the potential to reshape that race now that being. There are also a lot of liabilities. One of my biggest questions is how by moldy with black voters in particularly black women in this climate is one of the biggest things I'm looking for in the early days of that campaign will want to spend a lot of time with come la- Harris in South Carolina, and she's been touting a number of endorsements especially from African-American legislators in the state of South Carolina do sense that she's getting traction from these voters or she too is having a hard time breaking through that Biden factor. I think she's doing actually quite well in South Carolina as note, she's had a number of really important legislative pickups from both former and current legislators and the state, and this is a place her team has been really intentional about having her visit often more than any other early primary state. She's been going to not just the urban centers of the state this last visit was actually focused on rural areas in the state, including one place where a local pastor said no other presidential candidate not just in this field, but ever has actually visited so I think they're. Really hoping to run the table there. An Harris herself has actually been asked quite a bit about the Biden factor in this race over the weekend. She was asked by a reporter how after the year of the woman and after voters of color and women of color showed their force in two thousand eighteen how are the two front runners in the race to to be Frank white men in their seventies. And Harris said it's really early. I wouldn't hang my hat on that period. I think is how she ended. So I think she herself is saying explicitly that she thinks it's too early to draw these conclusions and that she is still a big factor in the race, both nationally and in South Carolina and just pulling back then for a moment for both of you in any you can start you all spend so much time out on the trail talking to voters watching the candidates interact with voters, what are people in Washington and people sort of on the Twitter verse missing about what's really happening out there. I think that the biggest piece that really comes from being out on the trail. Just the earnestness voters have when they're evaluating each candidate people really are very honestly and earnestly going to see candidates and just hear what they have to say without kind of second guessing or without adding a political layer, which is something that we have to do to restrain motives as to why somebody is doing something. I mean, they really are just wanting to hear answers, and it's it is a very important piece of this process. I'll point to this one of town hall is that on where this woman who is a farmer got up to ask Elizabeth Warren a question, and she has been really hit by Trump's trade war and her her soybean crop. She spoke eloquently about how difficult it has been for her to sell soybeans on the market right now, in fact, impossible as she put it, and she really wanted to hear from Elizabeth Warren what she would do on trade. And Elizabeth Warren tends to answer these questions quite bluntly. But in this case. Dodged it. And she lost the voter, you know, and it was quite interesting to see this woman who could come, and it was very open to you know, supporting some candidate. And when she was just so disappointed that Warren would not answer that question head on and serves it afterwards. Look, I give her credit for coming out to rural Iowa, I respect that. But when I was asking a question about the thing that affects me, the most, you know, you didn't answer it. And so it's that that really left her with a bad taste in mouth rather than any of the others from national issues that we talk about I totally agree with Anne that one of the things that it's always struck me every presidential cycle that I cover is the fact of how seriously these voters, particularly in the early states take the responsibility in the mole they play and selecting the nominee. They're asking questions about those daily bread and butter issues. I think the things I hear people most talking about are things like climate change. They're worried about the earth the third to leave for their children, and grandchildren or education and whether or not their schools have the funding they need or. Frankly, whether or not their children and be able to have good well paying jobs that allow them to do better than their parents. Did right? One thing you all talked about the last time as well. Was this voters putting on a pundit hat, and he may be called it like pundit ID's or something that voters were trying to gauge not necessarily how they felt about a candidate. But whether that candidate could sell well in Wisconsin, or Pennsylvania, or one of those other battleground states is that still happening that people are thinking about these candidates in the overall milieu of can this person beat Donald Trump, and can this person do well in the rust belt. Well, I have to give credit or credit is due the punted, ideas diagnosis came from Ben terrorists who is a colleague of mine here in the Washington Post and a great writer, and I think pundit Itis is alive, and it's spreading like wildfire. I mean, it it absolutely is a theme in this election of, you know, who can be Trump, and it's like you can feel in here this tug that voters have between their heart and their head where particularly female voters will say while I I'd really like to have a woman in the White House. We do have this field with six women in it. But I just don't know if this country can allow a woman and will elect a woman, so I might, you know, be looking or voting for somebody else who isn't exactly who I would want. But somebody who I think could be Trump, and I really feel that that comes up quite frequently with with a gender divide more than anything else. I'm really glad that anti brought up gender accepts one of the things. That's always. Really been at the forefront of my mind when we talk about this question of left ability. When I talk about it with voters, we know from social science research that often the expectation of who can win is really wrapped up in the knowledge of who has one and in the past the people who have one have no surprise, Ben men. So I think that there's a feeling out there that when we talk about the who can win them. And that's at the forefront of the minded automatically self selects out. These women were out there campaigning who many of them who have been in public lies in public service for decades rolling out policy after policy in staking out their ground. There's a question of does that conversation disadvantage them just simply because up until this year. We've had an example of really one woman before and she didn't happen to win wanna summers any linski. Thank you so much for joining me, and please be safe on the trail. Thanks. The latest candidate to jump into the contest is also the man who was referred to earlier as an x factor with the potential to reshape the race far bummer believed. The my father believed that if I wanted to press the United States, I could be I could be spread. I'm talking about Joe Biden, of course, who on Thursday announced his run for the presidency. Like Memoli is a national political reporter for NBC news and has been reporting on the former vice president for years, and I mean years assignments was to wait and Joe Biden's driveway. When he was waiting to be announced the running mate, I spent my twenty-six birthday literally the hinge on Vitus driveway as he was announced on that day above all, I searched for leader who's ready to step in and be press a man with fundamental decency. And that man is Joe Biden. With a history. Like that. I asked Mike what we can expect from Biden's third attempt to reach the highest office. There's always a sense of you know, he's being coy or there's a lot of Palestine tree about how Joe Biden things my experience has been that Joe Biden will say largely the same things publicly that he says behind the scenes, sometimes I think, you know, the people tend to over analyze his agonizing over a decision or you know, what he really thinks versus what he's saying publicly. And that's I think the biggest thing I've taken away over the years is that he really is who he is. So most folks remember what he his last job which was as Obama's vice president is he running to turn to keep the flame of the Obama Biden years burning or is he trying to chart a new course. And do we think that the president is going to weigh in at all on his behalf? These are big questions that he's confronting. What's interesting is just a few weeks ago? We had a chance to ask him some questions. One of the ones I asked was. About how he views the Democratic Party today. And he said just a few weeks earlier. I'm I'll put my progressive credentials up against anybody. Does he believe that the parties is moved too far to the left, and it was very interesting the way he answered that question, which is in part to say, I'm an Obama Biden democrat Chuck Todd. I think is right. That Joe Biden will have a different first name for this campaign. It's Obama Biden, and he's very much running. I think for the third term that Hillary Clinton was in some ways supposed to serve as, but that, of course, then begs the question, if President Obama himself does not come out with an endorsement can he really claim that mantle and we expect that President Obama is not going to endorse in some ways. He may be over correcting from what he did in two thousand sixteen which was to come out all in for Hillary Clinton, even before the convention, and I think President Obama is very much of a mind now that he needs to let this very big very diverse field when it would self out and how much pressure do they feel to show that he also has. An appeal to the voters who make up the so-called Obama coalition younger voters voters of color. Yeah. It's very interesting, especially among voters of color, what we are going to be fascinating to see is when he speaks to a younger generation who I think will be much more active in challenging him perhaps, especially when you have some strong viable African American candidates in the race. If there's one thing we can remember from two thousand eight which was Barack Obama's numbers in South Carolina, improved significantly overnight almost when he demonstrated that he was able to win in Iowa. It was the sense of you know, an African American candidate who can appeal to voters elsewhere to a broader coalition of Oaters themself that brought people who are inclined to support him in South Carolina. The first state with a majority African American electorate to switch over to support Barack Obama. And so that's the risk for Joe Biden is that if a comma Harris a Cory Booker can demonstrate real strength in some of the earlier voting states that the advantage that Biden's team thinks that they have in the deep south. In this SEC primary block heading towards Super Tuesday can evaporate in a hurry. It seems like they're a couple of other big obstacles for Joe Biden. And in the air of metoo his role in they need a hill hearing has been raised as well. As these accusations from a number of women about physical contact from him that they were very uncomfortable with do you think this will continue to be an issue as he's out there campaigning, certainly will be I think it's interesting. We would have expected I think his team to be more prepared for the kind of accusations. If you want to call them that we've struggled with the vocabulary of how to even talk about this from Lucy Flora's when she came forward. But it was clear to me that they weren't. I asked the vice president to a couple of weeks ago is this going to change how you campaign and he said, yes. But the first thing he does is get to the Mike and say, I just want you to know I had permission to headline. It's going to be hard for seventy six year old candidate who believes that. He ran a certain way with great success that got him to this point that doing something different is is going to be better. So he's going to be scrutinized from the get-go. Well, that's what I wonder for for Jill Biden. Because obviously as you pointed out, he's got a fifty year record here. If all he's doing in his campaign is just addressing each. And every one of these things as they come up seems to me he's going to be on his back foot all the time. So I guess the question is this Mike how much does he just lean into? This is me. This is Joe Biden, take it all in one package and kind of again, make the case for this has been the essence of who I am and my career all of these votes. All of the stuff, I'm not going to piece by piece address or apologize or explain all those. I think those a great question. I mean, it's been interesting in the past few months in the moments where he is supposed to address some of these. Issues in his record that are going to be problematic that the crime Bill has authorship of the crime Bill with it's very strict penalties on certain drug. Offenses, the Anita hill hearings how he nods towards an apology, but never quite goes all the way with an apology. There was an event just a few weeks ago where he was talking on a stage with Jeb Bush of all people, but a few other officials about opioid addiction and one of the local officials who is there talked about one of the successful strategies. They've had as a city in reversing an addressing this issue is the fact that they don't criminalize drug addiction anymore in a way that they used to in Biden unprompted felt the need to sort of defend themselves as beat up on the crime mobile, but the crime Bill did put in drug courts. Yeah. Put in drug courts of a lot of a lot of police departments won't use a lot of states don't use. They've rather locked people up. He he's very proud of his record. And it's going to be very hard for him to apologize. And it's going to be hard for him to also avoid the bate from his oppose. Innints to not spend time defending and explaining his record. Joe Biden's first campaign related event will be held this Monday in Pittsburgh, the kind of place both were there's still a lot of strength in terms of the union movement. But also a lot of voters in and outside of Pittsburgh that were Obama Trump voters that Biden thinks he can help bring back, and so that's I think part of the message they want to get out. Very early is is reminding folks of the kind of unique appeal that he has that they feel he has to those types of voters, but there's another city in Pennsylvania that's associated more closely with Joe, Biden, Scranton, Pennsylvania. It's his birthplace. Also, the home of the office. Stuffing gentleman. And. We're not a former coal town. We're former cold country the way, we're former agricultural community. We have in mind colon sixty years. My name is Boris crouching Euch reporter with the Scranton times Tribune in Pennsylvania for the last thirty one years in Scranton Biden's known as uncle Joe. He says a lot of things that you're might say and almost three hundred miles away from Pittsburgh Scranton and nearby. Wilksbury? Hold a lot of those Obama Trump voters. Mike Memoli was talking about many of them says Boris feel that the economy has improved over the past two years. I think that for the most part you're going to have people feeling whole lot better than they did twenty sixteen in that raises. The course politically with the what's the compelling reason to go in a different direction. Scranton's Lackawanna county only narrowly voted for Clinton in two thousand sixteen for years. Earlier Obama easily carried it by more than sixty percent. I asked Boris which result was more predictive for twenty twenty. I think the trend is of the people will listen to the guy who appeals to working class votes. There's that was one of the most amazing things about the difference between a Clinton's run an oh eight and twenty sixteen in twenty eight during the primary they were talking about Clinton as the candidate of the working class voter. And you know, everybody was talking about what problem Obama was having attracting that vote and then come twenty sixteen it's the complete opposite. The a lot of working class. Democrats clearly voted for Trump. She lost those voters, and it's hard to see understand. Why frankly, did you talk to voters it in two thousand sixteen. Could you pick that up that what they were seeing? And Trump was something that you had not seen before for another Republican candidate for another Republican candidate. Yes, I think it was the same passion was there for Obama. You know, what they really felt like they wanted somebody who was speaking for them. And Trump really tapped into that the NAFTA was. A big issue here. And then the immigration issue was much much more prominent Luzerne county than it wasn't Lackawanna county. Loser in county is just to the south where wilkes-barre is. But that's why Luzern actually I think immigration was a big larger issue in Luzern county. And that's why earn county went so heavily for Trump and Lackawanna county state narrowly for Clinton, I know that number was really remarkable. So the turnaround was dramatic very most Democrats nearly one Luzern wilkes-barre by fifty one fifty two percent Clinton only got thirty nine percent. So that's yeah. That's a pretty dramatic drop off. Do you think that the Democrats in town, the sort of officeholders or other people who are active in the party in two thousand sixteen did did they see what was happening or were? They pretty shocked on election night to see the kind of numbers that came out of Luzern and unlock wanna county. We'll tell you. They were surprised, but I think some of them knew that no some of them knew that promise. Democratic friends were there's had Trump's assigns in their front yards. And that that's just fact the I don't think they thought they were going to lose. I don't think anybody thought that like wanna county was going to be as close as it was. But it was and that the turnaround into Luzern, you know, surprised everybody, and it kind of shouldn't have you know, nobody wanted to believe it at the time. But it happened. I know that number it was really remarkable. So Obama run it. The turnaround was dramatic very most Democrats in the early one Luzern wilksbury by fifty one fifty two percent Clinton only got thirty nine percent. So that's that's a pretty dramatic drop off. So if I were to meet voters in Scranton who had voted for Obama in twenty away twenty twelve had voted for Al Gore. John Kerry, what would their reason before why they voted for Donald Trump this time around and not. Not a democrat economic. No question economic the felt like he spoke to their economic needs. If they were as much as the Obama recovery had improved nation and the region, I think that they had not quite felt out and felt that Trump spoke to that very dramatically. The rallies were sight to behold, he spoke your four times twice in Luzern county twice in Lackawanna county, and they were all packed and raucous just like Obama in twenty eight and you did not see that when Clinton and Biden came in twenty sixteen they played the game of compressing the crowd to make it look larger than it was this. I remember one particular Friday night where Clinton spoke at a local high school. And I'm not sure why they pick the Friday night to speak and done more Pennsylvania, which was nearby. But you know, they really pushed the back fencing toward the stage. There were a couple of hundred people there, but you didn't have the same kind of atmosphere. The Trump rallies they were I had never seen. Anything like that for a Republican? So let's talk about how Joe Biden will be received back in Scranton. He's obviously going to make his growing up there centerpiece of his campaign connection to the working class and the middle class are people excited in Scranton to embrace him. Always done very well here. I mean, I think the one big part of the reason that Obama did. So well, unlike wanna county in two thousand eight and two thousand twelve was Biden things were trending well for the Democrats during those years between await and sixteen they had won a lot of statewide races. Lackawanna county was always the second highest percentage in the state for statewide democratic candidates. So that's that was part of it. But the hometown thing really kind of mattered in a whole thing becomes you know, what can you do beyond that? How broad is that working class appeal a lot of Democrats are counting on and is that appeal enough? Do you think in a place like Scranton to get him back to the kind of margins we've seen for other Democrats in and around the region? More poorly is going to be what he doesn't lizard of place. Like Luzern county wilkes-barre whereas clear that the Democrats deserted the party in droves. You know, he needs to turn that around. Lackawanna county will be there places like lizard county where immigration and the loss of the manufacturing base in Lhasa jobs in decline in the economy had really changed to the terrain there. That's the place he needs to concentrate places like that because that's wing alone in the vote between Obama and two thousand twelve and Trump in two thousand sixteen accounts for the entire margin in Pennsylvania. I completely concur with you or analysis here that the question of who's turning out, and what part of the state are turning out become. Is really important. I think that the Trump campaign believes they can hit those same sorts of numbers in the small towns scattered throughout the state as well as hitting that same kind of support in and around Wilkes Barre and Scranton, do you sense that I don't know some of that enthusiasm that you saw back in two thousand sixteen. Maybe it's faded a little bit. It's really hard to tell this farm. We're still pretty far out. But you know, I have a car mechanic who's I think he's a democrat. I'm not sure, but he got the talking about Trump one day. And he said that he's a big Trump supporter, and he said, what's he done wrong? You know, now, you can argue that question, and I'm sure Democrats will say lots of things in response to that question. But but in his mind, he doesn't see a compelling reason to vote against Trump. So what is that reason why with the economy roaring the way it is do you vote against? Trump and the democratic candidate who can lay out that argument. The best has the best chance of winning that race. If anything the case for Trump is stronger at the moment, and I know a lot of Democrats may not want to hear that. But what is the compelling reason for Donald Trump to lose next year for his scratching yoke is a staff writer for the Scranton times. I want to play something again that we heard earlier in the episode AP reporter wanted summers talking about a red flag. She sees with Biden's candidacy. One of my biggest questions is what how Biden we'll do with black voters embassy. Curly black women in this climate one huge reason why there's a question Mark around Biden and black women voters is because of Anita hill Biden reportedly tried to rectify that situation a few weeks before announcing he called hill and shared his quote regret for what she endured when he presided over Clarence Thomas is confirmation hearings hill says that call wasn't enough and Amy Allison thinks other black women voters might feel the same this week Amy organized and moderated the she the people presidential forum, which was focused on women of color and attended by eight of the presidential candidates Biden who announced his candidacy. The next day was not one of them is associated with Obama. You know, endeared him to many people in the black community black women included. But I will say he is going to have to answer significant. Only these going to have to explain his vote and defense of the crime Bill which was so terrible for so many of our communities people are still serving long sentences for selling marijuana, which by the way is being legalized and a lot of blue states. Give all these entrepreneurs coming making money doing the same thing that people are serving time for he's got an answer for that. And if he does not say, it was a mistake. Here's how I'm going to redress the harm that was done to music color. I think it's going to have a big impact on his support in the black community. And I also think his treatment of Anita hill and the effect for a couple of decades, particularly on black women, but women in general who fear speaking out against sexual harassment in the workplace because of what they saw happen to Anita hill, this this law professor he's got to answer for that. And I don't think it's going to be to complete for him to be number one in this crowded field right now how is. Come la- Harris's record as a prosecutor seen by the group that was there. But do think sort of writ large that her job is well included putting a lot of people of color in jail. This was her room to win as a woman of color one a two women of color in in the race. And I think she spoke to the fact that, you know, we've got the the long term effects of a crime Bill that criminalized people and how to redress harms. She did do that. I think she stopped short of the bold plans that people are waiting for. Well, another big question that was asked of all of the candidates at the forum was why should women of color? Choose you. Good question. Isn't it very much? Do you have time to ask the question right up to sort of the question if you're coming to this forum? How are you gonna win a road, by the way, I just want you to know that has literally never been asked to presidential candidates. No one who's run for president has ever had to consider that before. So. Anyway, go ahead. And and what you're you would argue to it's not enough to say, why should people of color back you because they've been ask those questions before and your reason for why that's not enough to just say, well, people of color should back me, listen in political parlins when you have a reporter or you have an analyst talk about politics, they'll say black voters, or they might say the women's vote and the way that politics is explained even the language of it makes us women of color, not visible. So we're asking that because we're saying if you're going to win you got to win women of color. So are you going to both acknowledge and speak to us in the unique way we're demanding which requires you to think differently. It's really a cultural shift as well as a political shift. So that that was really the thinking behind asking a question that so bet to his answer was not something that that a mode not something that I expect something. That I fully hope to earn by the work that I do on the campaign trail by showing up in listening to the people that I want to serve do you. Remember how the audience responded, and what was your response? I was sitting right next to him. And I was like, wow. That is the most respectful way that he could have responded to that. I think the audience it was well received by the audience women of color are arguably the least respected group in this society. I mean, we're not a monolith. A lot of people within the kind of political term women of color, but we are among the most disrespected people. So just have basic statement of respect is is really meaningful and the other white male candidate. Who did come to the forum was Bernie Sanders? The term I heard as I was reading along about him was audible groans. And I don't know. I know it's always hard when you're the moderator to know how the crowd is reacting. But I'm wondering did you feel the crowd react to Bernie Sanders? And if so what was your experience of how they reacted to him. And how he responded to your questions. I did feel the crowd. I felt what was happening even on stage. There was a question by Siobhaun wanna who's head of new American leaders. What do you believe is the federal government's role to fight against the rise of white nationalism and white terrorist acts, and how do you plan to lead on that in your first year as president what Bernie Sanders responded with was somebody who I know I date myself a little bit here. But I actually was at the March on Washington with Dr king back in nineteen sixty three. The reason that doesn't have resonance maybe some of the groans was like, look we're in a new era. I was not even born during that speech, and we want something. Now, what are you gonna do now directly about the fact that KKK and white nationalist feel emboldened in this moment with Trump in the White House? What can a president do and the answer is a president could do a lot. But to not speak directly to it. I think evoked the kind of like, oh, God, really, you know. And he has to I think his campaign is really gotta get it. Right. He's got to be able to speak directly to racism institutional racism in a way that connects with community of color. What's next for the forum? What do you do throughout the cycle? My goal is to keep women of color front and center in political conversation in the political calculus of how to win in the primary and the general so we're going to be organizing townhall. News and events. Particularly in swing states will be in Virginia on may eighteenth. We're also going to Georgia Florida in Arizona and most likely Pennsylvania. Instead of like, Biden says get the guys from Scranton. That's that old thinking about who he needs to win. Honestly, it's going to be the black and Brown women, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who are going to drive the politics, whether Pennsylvania is one by the democrat. So we're going to be doing a series of events to knit together in national network of women of color with the intent of continuing to build our our voice. I really do think. This is our time the country needs us really really badly. We don't want a repeat of what happened in two thousand sixteen. And in fact, I believe women of color are going to lead us to a new progressive political and cultural era, and that is good for all Americans. Amy Allison, thanks so much for coming in. And speaking with me, thanks so much for having me. Since the redacted Muller report came out. There's been a lot of discussion here in Washington about the topic of impeachment namely should house. Democrats move ahead with the process, but outside of Washington voters using the I word I have to confess I've never had a voter unprompted. Bring up the issue of impeachment to me on the campaign trail, it doesn't tend to come up. When voters are asking candidates questions, at least at the town halls that I've been to across the country. Those are our reporters on the trail wanna summers from the Associated Press and any linski from the Washington Post, but that hasn't stopped some democratic candidates like Elizabeth Warren from bringing it up like at this rally in Keene New Hampshire last weekend. We cannot be an America that says it is okay. For a president of the United States to try to block investigations into a foreign attack on our country or investigations into that. Residents own misbehavior. So I have called on the house to initiate impeachment proceedings. Joshua green has been covering warrants campaign for Bloomberg. And he says that her call for impeachment wasn't exactly a crowd pleaser the overwhelming response. Among voters at warns rally was ambivalence about ninety percent of voters were ambivalent about the question. They would say most of them would say well, clearly looks like he obstructed Justice. And we don't like him and we want to get him out. But on the other hand, there's no clear way that taking this path is going to oust him from office because Republicans in the Senate are going to vote for this. And they worried about the political fallout. The fact that this is going to have the effect Democrats go forward with impeachment of dividing, the Democratic Party unifying Republicans most likely and over shadowing all of the other issues the candidates in in Warren particular have been so eager to talk about. Let's move us back to Washington for a moment because it seems as if the democratic leadership has sort of kept the lid on Br. Being up articles of impeachment, but they're keeping that lid on in part by acknowledging to their rank and file caucus members that they're going to be doing a lot of investigations. Do you think that is ultimately going to be enough to just say, well, we're going to wait in maybe hear from members of the Trump administration? I think we'll have to see what these hearings produced, but Warren Hooley Castro Kamala Harris have come out and said, you know, we should move forward with impeachment. But you haven't seen the kind of rush to take a position that we have in certain other instances one thing that came to mind during the me two scandal when some of Al Franken's problems came to light all of the sudden that dam burst, and you know, within about four hours every major democratic presidential candidate come out and said, it's time for him to go. You didn't see that sort of thing with impeachment because I think that both the democratic leadership in a lot of of elected officials specially though. Those who been around long enough to remember Bill Clinton's impeachment know that. Well, this might be satisfying while it may be just it is by no means a positive political development. It could very well boomerang on them and end up helping Trump get reelected, and that is the scenario that every democrat wants to avoid right because when I talked to especially when I talked to Republicans their assumption is that Democrats are going to act similarly to how Republicans did during the tea party era. Right. That Republicans were so upset about Obama so frustrated that he was looking like he was getting re elected. And then when he was reelected that they could not contain all that energy in anger. You could tell them over and over again, politically, this isn't gonna make sense we can't repeal ObamaCare. He's going to veto it. We can't do this. We can't do that. The grassroots didn't care doesn't feel like it's similar on the democrat. Excited and other words that there's energy to get rid of Trump. But it is very different from that tea party energy that we saw back in two thousand ten to twenty twelve to it. It doesn't feel similar. You know, I spent the three years in the run-up to Trump embedded with the rising populist, nationalist, right? Steve Bannon, and Donald Trump and got a real visceral sense of what the people in that movement both in leadership, but especially just the rank and file voters who gravitated to those ideas the way they thought in the way, they spoke in kind of moral absolutes, not believing the mainstream press having their own kind of facts set. I don't see that reflected on the democratic side at all I was really surprised again in New Hampshire last weekend at the kind of basic political pragmatism that most of these voters seem to a spouse, you know, if you're on social media or cable news, a lot of times, the loudest Democrats have kind of purist in most moralistic position, we must impeach Trump. You don't get those kind of absolutes for most voters. I think if they were. A clear route to removing Trump from office through impeachment of Democrats control the Senate, then they might be more open to it. But I think they say to themselves. I don't see a path for this to be successful in if it's not going to be successful in removing Trump within why go down that road. And then that begs the question what happens if Trump does win reelection than do, you just take that lid off? And I think so I mean, I think at that point halfway measures in pragmatism won't be satisfying responses to the majority of voters, then you've got kind of the forlorn fire, and it would be the kind of extreme reaction. I would expect that we saw around the tea party movement eight seven eight years ago, right? Is your sense when you get back out on the trail that the issue of the Muller report? In impeachment is going to be way way way in the background. Or is the fact that we're still talking about it now and the president's tweeting about it. And there may be an attorney general coming in testifying and Bob Muller testifying going to just keep it in the front mean what's been on for like two weeks? Now, I mean, I already feels like it was sliding to a back burner it moved up a little bit. Because some of these candidates have called for impeachment. But I would have a hard time believing that even six months from now most of the candidates when they're audited Bates stage or out giving their stump speech or going to be talking about the Muller report or Trump for that matter. I mean so much of the primary debate so far in so many of these stump speeches are really about how the candidates would solve public policy problems. What their priorities are. It's almost taken as a given. That the largest Trump and country is Donald Trump. You don't have to say it to these audiences. And therefore, it's been a surprisingly to me substantive for months of campaigning. Among all these Democrats that changed a little bit with the release of the of the redacted Mullah report. But I would expect things to kind of slide back in the direction that they were not least because that formula worked so well for Democrats across the country in the midterm elections. Josh green, thanks so much for coming in. Thank you. All right. So here's my take after the two thousand sixteen election. The media was criticized for spending too much time in DC absorbed in our Twitter. Bubbles voters were telling us the story of this election. But we weren't listening to them three years later, Washington DC and the Twitter echo chambers are obsessed with talk of impeachment and Russia, and yet that's not what voters presidential candidates are talking about in the states, my sense from listening to voters myself am to the reporters who are on the ground covering them is that democratic voters are more pragmatic than prescriptive the grassroots demand for congress to start impeachment. Just doesn't seem to be there. I should Trump win reelection. I'd expect that pragmatism to give way to all out panic and pushback that may change, but for now, we should take the lesson of two thousand sixteen to heart and stop trying to make the narrative fit neatly into a box. We've already prebuilt the race for twenty twenty has. A long way to go. The best way to understand where it's headed is to watch it unfold at its own pace, not the one being set by cable. Thanks so much for listening. This is politics with Amy Walter on the takeaway.

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Going Inside: Life Before, During, and After Incarceration

Illegal Tender

55:47 min | Last month

Going Inside: Life Before, During, and After Incarceration

"We have learned how the prison, system works and how prophets off of those incarcerated within its walls. Now, it's time to hear firsthand account. Johnny Perez is director of US prison programs for the national. Religious campaign against torture he shared with us how his thirteen years inside prison walls led him to the person. He is today and why he does the work that he does, how did you get involved in this work? So I got involved in this work through two ways was through my death experience of incarceration in what I mean by that is that after I was released, I took the job at the Urban Justice Center, which is a nonprofit civil legal services firm that provides legal services for people who just can't afford it and I got a job they're working reentry with people who have mental health concerns in also folks who had. Histories of incarceration and there they had a campaign going to end the use of solitary confinement and the staff found out that I had served time in solitary because I said it right in the interview. And they asked me to share my experience one day fell into that mode as far as the way I was able to convey the experience having facilitated classes inside having poke speaking before. So that worked for three and a half years while help people get their SSI get their food stamps, get their housing advocate for their landlords or against their landlords parole Gordon to court sometimes, and then I did that for three and a half years in an after that I moved into this role, which is more policy oriented role where I'm more engaged a policy level engaging governors directly engaging legislators died. Looking to change the laws in these different states. and. If you're comfortable sharing, can you talk a little bit about your time incarcerated? Yeah so there's a lot so. Much as you want Espinosa. I'll say I'll keep the prison industry topic in mind I'll say. How. Did you end up in there? So Yes. So My I. It's my first interaction with. The. Legal System was at the age of eleven years old distilling candy out the store. The store owner grabbed me call the cops and I spent about four days a precinct. For still in the Bar I think those early forays of having engagement with the legal system, and after I think after those in those young formative years from like eleven to fifteen I had a lot of interactions with police officers for yes. Some of the things were. Crimes for se I was dealing at the store or I'm hanging out outside or we say drinking publicly. But what felt more like on a harassment side of what I mean by that is that I would have so many small interactions with police officers and that later on as daughter almost become desensitized really shaped the way that I would think about the system. And I say that as a backward as is when I was sixteen years old. That was the first time that I was really arrested really went to jail. Joe In New York City rikers island is a prison on New York City's East River. It's one of the largest correctional institutions in the world and also one of the most controversial. In fact, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced in twenty seventeen his plans to shutdown rikers island within ten years, and then October twenty nineteen the New York City Council voted to close down by twenty twenty six. So for the people if you've never been to rikers, Allen, you would. You'll go through a number of different emotions one you would just go through complete like shock in the sense that there's it's a large institution is nine different buildings on the island nine different smaller jails they used to be more, but they've been closing one little by little and ask the operates like a prison as we know, no presidents where you go after you centers in jails where you held before you have your day in court and when you go there, the places really ramp it with violence and I will say was sixteen year old and the minute I walked in I literally got into a fight the same day. Now. What's As a sixteen year old you are. You're still in a place where you're trying to find yourself you're trying to find out who you are. You are still either going through puberty trying to get out of puberty are there are a lot of things that you don't understand about the world, but prison and jail forces you to grow up really fast. So I six years old I had to decide really fast house go to survive an unknown environment to me. Although I felt already prepared for having been already to group homes and having been like through. Like through the juvenile system as a kid. In the first minute I got there. The police officer said should be corrected officer. Said you go into the chop? Shop? And I'm like, what does it mean? The chop shop going to put you in his large area, which is one large cell called. The bullpen does about thirty to thirty to forty men standing in there some people haven't slept for the some folks haven't showered for days totally doesn't work. The sync might only spit out a little bit of water. There's one phone and the question officer said Hey Johnny Perez calls me up and he says you're going to the chop shop and I'm like the chop shop. What do you mean the chop shop? He's he's that's the place where we put most of our like are dangerous folks. This is where they call it the chops because most of. Where where we put people who had meeting slashings, etc.. And I don't know what was more shocking to me. I. Don't know if it was the fact that this appraise called the chop shop that I'm going to all the fact that the person who is supposed to be looking after my protection, the crescent officer. Is telling me this information about where I'm going and he's telling me in a way in which he's aware of the dangers that are there. and. I, get it housing area, and as soon as I get in. This is all their kid because at the time sixteen year olds were still being treated as adult. So they were being sent to adult jails, rikers island. So you have this big seventeen year old who looks like he's forty and you have myself who sixteen but Wayne about one, hundred, thirty, thirty. And he said, Hey, you can't use the phone on your gang affiliated and I wasn't gang affiliated neither that I want to be and in that moment I hit him I had him out of fear I hit them out of this unwritten code. Says if you show any signs of weakness, you'll be victim for the rest of your time. That's their. Sense of also not feeling protected by the larger system, which in this case was correction officers and that's when I I ended up in solitary first time sixteen years old as a kid sixty days. rikers island wasn't always a correctional facility for just adults. Up until twenty eighteen teenagers were imprisoned there as well. Even if they were just awaiting trial and hadn't actually been found guilty of a crime. One of the most notable cases is that of Caliph Browder who was accused of stealing a backpack when he was sixteen years old. Because his family couldn't afford his three thousand dollars bail. He ended up being imprisoned at rikers island without a trial or conviction for three years. Two of those years were spent in solitary confinement. Remember he wasn't even an adult. Although, his case was later dismissed browder eventually died be a suicide only months after his release ended up doing entire year. In rikers island. I served my time there eight months for a Suny ten months for gun possession and for listeners who are wondering, what does why as a six year old? Carrying around a gun is because I come from a neighborhood in a community where where we've been forced to protect ourselves, we can't trust police officers where you call the police officer for help but they ended up arresting you or God forbid even killing you and we've seen Iraq interactions. I've been extorted by police officers that kind of thing it was not uncommon to find people to find ways to protect themselves not relate or whatever it is society put in place to protect us and I got arrested ten months later I come out and I'll tell you. I think about this ally in a sense that. The time that I spent Iraq is Allen I was I spent it. Trying to think about a different way to not get caught carrying a gun not the fact that I didn't need to carry a gun or that it was even wrong to carry a gun they walk away with that impression I just walked away with the feeling of I just have to find a different way to protect myself or something out effect, but I continue to break the law and then at twenty one. I got arrested for robbery in first degree and first degree means that I had a weapon and that the person or harms had reasonable. Believe reasonable belief that I would harm. An essay relevant of whether the gun was loaded in that which was it. It almost surface seems to be A. Violent crime or this person's anti-social IFA myself has understand that was really reaction to poverty in reaction to a lot of societal factors our in place before I came into even into the world but yet I decided to apply criminal solution to poverty Joe Schmo down. Brock's if he's GonNa get addicted and has a kid on away and needs money whatever he'll go and get on food stamps or find some other social support and decision to. Pride chroma solutions. Later on I would understand that a lot of system does place the emphasis on individual while also ignored the environmental factors that influence this person's decision. So while at the same time I know that it's wrong. And people do break the law right and we we look at with this person did. The core as a whole design, make room to look at what environmental factors played into this decision. So when I have clients who are released in the winter with no coat and they end up stealing coats, stay warm I'm angry in court that the judge never ask why was this person release a coat? In a distancing I could see what is person did synapse stolen. In. person in custody for so long not released without coat, which is a larger question or that kind of thing and yeah, twenty one years old fifteen years. I was twenty five years. I couldn't understand why I was being offered so much time twenty, five years in prison time. Known physically hurt again, I said the gun wasn't over there were things about that would like I've seen people do worst in my is that gotten more time including including being involved situations where people lost their lives only got about eight years. I seem folks get arrested for sex offenses where a lot of harm has been done and only eight months. So I couldn't understand why was getting. Twenty five years in the reason for that was because I had already a long history of having come in contact with the system. So the sentencing guidelines started a little bit higher for me. Especially having already had a felony for gun possession while I was incarcerated I five years we were really difficult in the sense that I'm twenty one years old trying to find myself trying to find. My way in a world in which is completely backwards upside down. It's all men there's women. There's no money. There's there's no like free market. If you whale, there's a culture that I now have to understand very quickly very fast. Their norm that I have to understand where we fast like not looking in someone's I've not touching anyone if someone touches you to also respond violently because if you don't, then this is the way that your time look for the next fifteen years and also that question of says, can't protect you. Again, that was again reiterated throughout my entire sentences that I remember Clinton Correctional. Facility when I was waiting to receive my mattress and and we were all in line and a person came up behind me and he ran up behind everyone past the line all the way up to the front line with a question of sitting he said officer I got these guys in my cell right now they're taking my commissary they're taking my TV 'cause I was facility where you can have TV's and the officer said. Getaway from my so get get away. Sorry. Okay now. and. The officer says get away from my desk get a knife like everyone else. I'm twenty one years old no mustache yet standing in a handcuff waiting to get my mattress just got to this facility just hours and the first thing that I hear is, of course. Another person who's in obvious distress go get a knife like everyone else. So two things one, I can dine here. because. This is what kind of environment I'm stepping in to I. Better. Get a knife like everyone else. Because obviously is better to have one to not have word. This is ended up in solitary after that ended up a three and a total of three years in solitary for cannabis consumption. And you know candle while you were inside. While, I was incarcerated. And if the test your urine and if you test positive for any substance, you end up in solitary confinement the I ended there was for thirty days. The second time was for ninety days. Third Time was for a year. And then and then they test you, they used to just come test me twice a month. and. I'll let me pause there. It says something about US system right? 'cause today like my my psychologist I have a diagnosis for trauma. But that is a direct result of my experience in prison specifically, my spirit's solitary. So. You get put in solitary for smoking pot and then solitary damages you enough to where you experience trauma Ptsd and then you get released in society says, Hey, you have pizzas traumas result of your experience. Would you like to try cannabis therapy? So me as an individual I'm like you got to be. This. Like you can't be serious but the system is so backwards is that it doesn't. It doesn't do what it's supposed to do. So we have a correctional system that supposed to correct behavior. We have to ensure that same system does not exasperate. That very behavior in which is trying to change. The biggest thing that corrections fools itself, the biggest lie correction tells itself. Is that the more we punish you the more that's GonNa make you WanNa change knowing that punishment in itself exasperates the same behavior. So we get into the cyclical behavior where. I'm reacting to mind vibe that you punish me damage me now I come out and I react even worse because of the damage and then you turn around and continue to punish me. So we had the cyclical process that really does it does it work in has it worked and? The same way that society response to Public Health Problems with incarceration homelessness mental health concerns. Poverty is the same way inside of prison where if you test positive for drugs you're going to punish you're going to be putting solitary. If you know if you don't have money, you are definitely are going to have your your wages. You're already small prison wages garnished to pay any victims fees to use to pay a misbehavior reports because every time the the cost five dollars, and when I'm getting seven dollars every two weeks when misbehave report is wiped me out for the next two weeks. So there's a lot of that I'll say eventually discovered education for the wrong reason. I ended up engaging in a lot of prison programs specifically, college because I wanted to get out of out of prison earlier maybe meet my time in. Parole. Not because I thought that I could be a doctor or do policy work when they just because I knew that if I'm in his program more likely to finish to come home early. But while I was there. Education literally blew my entire perspective, open my disposition of the world and and really deepened my understanding of myself others in my place in the world in the way at the world functions. is unfortunate that had the discover education while I was incarcerated dealing costs races so about no means that it costs Reysen had the impact on me. It was education too. So happen I, discovered it while they're. In. Utah you mentioned you were in solitary several times. What is it? What exactly is it like in solitary? You said that you had a book with you. So that means that you were able to do at least something in there I guess paint the picture for us. Yes, if you close your eyes, you can think about is small spot. If you if you close your eyes for a second. And you re child both hands right imagine that both of your hands can touch both walls of the rule. That's how small it is. The. Salads has a little bit longer than your bed except that I'm six feet tall when stretch my. Legs out I can touch the edge of the bed to a lot of times I. Sleep with my knees tucked into my chest. The Room is very small, very quiet, very hot in the summer every cold in the winter get so hot that the wall start sweat at times during the day. Sometimes, it gets so noisy listening to the yells and sounds and of other people who are elected Saturday south that it's really hard to sleep. Psychologically. You try to escape because there's really nothing to do and one way to escape is just to sleep all day. So you sleep all day, but the problem was sleeping day is that you're up all night. You have little. Property inside of the cell you have, you're allowed to have two books a week, sometimes the library of surpasses by sometimes he or she does not pass. You're allowed to have ten pieces of mail with you in. You're allowed to receive mail everyday you'll have to have five magazines. And A, you're allowed to have ten pictures. Allowed to have. Only. One set of clothing You're only allowed to wear one layer of clothing at a time. So I can only have underwears ends my uniform I can't wear an extra sweater per se. Oh top of layer if I get too cold. The Taller, is right next to the bed. So when you lay down the Tony it's going to be as close unit bed their towns when I would put my head deal the way. But because of course, it officers have to see you a walk. By to make sure that you didn't kill yourself commit suicide or or harm yourself. In any way, you have to lay in a bed and way was to see you in that a lot of times as you head directly adjacent to the toilet. If you have a good sell the toilet will fresh if you have a bad. So the twenty flush, if you need a fix, it can take days for that toilet to get fixed you get one roll of toilet tissue per week you learn the save it out. You have to get creative about how you're going to replace that toilet paper, and if you have excessive property in yourself, for example, if you try to save food or you collect soap if you collect toilet paper, you can receive a misbehavior report for that and that in turn leads the more time in solitary. The first male is at seven o'clock in the Morning Second Mills at twelve o'clock in the afternoon. With the last Melbourne about four five o'clock in the afternoon. So you go over fourteen hours without eating again. So you have to be mindful about how much you guys you have to be mindful about how much you talk you have to be mindful about how much energy use because you're not you're going to be famished I went in Wayne One. Five in went out. Weighing about one, fifty five after doing ten months straight in. In solitary. I'll say this last thing that. There's Psychologically when you're by yourself, you want to, we have this need to hear a human voice into touch people. There's been studies that show that if you leave a child unattended. Like without human touch they lasted you can't survive flowers. Asked me the same way to know this study with music the how we how is ecosystem of how all connected And in solitary, the most humanizing pieces are the fact that you have little to no meaningful human interaction. The only person that I spoke to was the same person, the officer that brought me my two three times a day or that walked by myself to ensure that didn't commit suicide. But when it's one person, does it talk to you when it's one person doesn't even look at you sometimes for days weeks at a time it does chip at you a little bit when you don't have nobody to talk to you'll find that you end up talking to yourself. You'll talk lie it starts off maybe singing songs out loud or Maybe, thinking aloud but there, but you I wasn't getting to full-blown conversations with myself. Now looking from the outside and someone will say, wow, this person's losing it there. They're going crazy look at them. This is why they are in there. But another. Analysis would say it's not that this person's. In their because he's acting like that he's acting like that because he's in there. It's a different perspective because it allows people to understand that if you are locked in a self eight months without nobody to talk to, and you can only see about six feet in front of you heads wise. There were glasses to this day after a while you're not gonNa, you're not going to act normal because this is not a normal environment. So forces you to act normal and completely no more environment in that is the cruel joke of the architects of incarceration. With kids we hold fifteen year olds to the same standard we hold adults will we know they have a larger plans to leave for risk and they don't think straight I don't. Think straight when I was fifty years old I thought that I did but we treat them the same. So in solitary because we still put kids in solitary, we put women who are expecting in solitary. We shack a women who are giving birth inside of these systems and. We have to ask the question is, is this accomplishing what we want, and there's a fine line between accountability and punishment, and for those who think that well to some. People Accountability looks like punishment. Just know that the the outcome of punishment is not. Never actually gets us to whatever we we weren't the goal to be. Even when you ask crime survivors about what they would want to see, happen all the women majority of crime survivors actually did not respond with incarceration they responded with what is now known restorative justice practices that are central accountability, and that also leads to chew change not. Change that is fleeting in a sense. Yeah. So. Why have trying to think which question to go with next? Won't. Bring Them Up. Is so you mentioned about earlier on, you said about how you have a minor infraction, it'll cost you five dollars in maybe make seven dollars over two weeks. So what happened how does it work when you will have some sort of income while you're incarcerated? What can be used towards? Does that transfer to once you're finally released you get that money. Yeah good. Yeah. Outset set the because I remember when of was run the Thirteenth Amendment Yeah so the thirteenth amendment. Had supposedly outlawed slavery. Except for people with criminal convictions. So we live in a country that where the constitution says that slavery can exist if you are under these conditions, which is really the essence of Thirteenth Amendment and what that does is that it allows for. These institutions of incarceration both public and private right to use prison labor to. For almost nothing. Throughout my incarceration, there were times on the low end when I was paid about thirteen cents an hour in hind being paid about sixty five cents an hour. I'm thinking I. Ever made more than sixty five cents hour throughout thirteen years of Corporation the Thirteenth Amendment Abolish slavery except for those convicted of a crime. Because of that people in prison can legally work for next to nothing no matter what kind of labor is being performed s across nine different prisons in New York state. Now, as a policy person is also similar in other states now visit prisons in Torah prison talk to people in other countries, other states, and they also echo these slave wages and you know. Why you're incarcerated, you're not only forced to work for. What many would argue slave wages, but you don't get a lot of of things that we've have just come to understand art like standard in society as it comes to job we come to expect that if you're sick, you respect call in and say, Hey, I can't work today Outfield, Phil? Well, people in prison can't do that in fact, people in prison who refuse. To, go to work and ask to be placed in solitary can give misbehavior reports to have their have their their their privileges taken away whether that looks like phone calls. You can't talk to your family on your birthday, a recreation having access to commissary, which is very critical when the last mill is at four o'clock every day in the next knows at seven o'clock. You also not allowed to take bereavement time vacation time you're not allowed to take any of that. Now they're times when across an officer. Just because of the relationship may say, Hey, I know you're going through something had to take the day off, but there is no policy that says, Hey, there's this amount of time away for these people to take Tom during their employment here because we're not seeing as employees in his almost seen as a duty of what it takes to be incarcerated like you have to do this, you have to take a program if I don't even call it a job, they call it a program. and. Regardless of the program that you have, you will be paid although some prisons in institutions have more people than they have opportunities for people to work, and this is important because if I have fifteen years to do. Regardless of whether I'm getting paid seven cents at thirty, five, I WANNA do something with my time and I can't just sit that's going to sit at myself at thirteen years. I'm jobs include data it's services, for example, and that means they may not even clean it all the way up. That's like sweeping and mopping the tier they file out five dollars every two weeks or something like that. Those funds who can then you see the spending commissary you can order from an outside catalogue if you're facility allows it to there were times when. And CAC was Hillary took me a year to save a thousand dollars and then in Christmas I sent that to my daughter, a boy, her bike, and some other things it her daughter's a moment Madonna's mother. At the time, but it took me to save a thousand dollars and that's also with spending spending money on my cell phone commissary and things like that. You're allowed to take home whatever you have in your account but the truth is because many people who are incarcerated. Many of the folks are held inside of these spaces many come from poor backgrounds. Many folks come from a lack of education. A mental health concerns forty percent of prison populations have mental health concerns and I would argue sending be there in the first place. So people not being released with tons of money people being released with on average forty dollars right the state in New York does garnish your wages throughout the entire time that you're there until it adds up to forty dollars, and that is money that you're guaranteed to have not is not money that the state gives you that is money that you yourself earns. So for criminal. His say, Hey, we give them forty dollars. No we helped them save forty dollars garnishing their wages because. Again. When you're? When you had next to nothing you have time to do I. Don't I. Don't have an auto make enough money to save anything unless he's already taken before it even gets in my hands and then most people are released with that as a minimal into a society. For me it was at thirteen years you go back into society in this case, Forty Second Street, and if people have never been forty second street, a lot of lights, cameras action, the coffee. Yes, it's Manhattan. Manhattan Times Square. Forty Second Street, which is sensory overload for some who's coming from a place that is lacking in sensory stimulation. Right in prison everything is gray drab colors. In Times Square New York everything is Bright Neon Greens oranges the blues colors that had not really seen in person in years because they're just not allowed in prison. No smells that had not smelled in years sounds that I had not heard in years specifically, the sounds of laughter really sticks out to me sirens things like that's out to me but you're taking from that environment placed right in the middle of this sensory overloading Environment Times Square New York and. Society says, Hey, you have to figure out how to navigate this society that has changed so much now, there's no tokens anymore before I went in there were tokens that you put in these coins that us to take the subway. But now they have these cars that mirror that they're like metro card. So how do you use that? Everyone has a cell phone? How do I use a touch screen phone when I was when I went away did they were not touched green we had flip phones how do I use the hat turn it on but here why is everybody walking around talking to themselves? And then find out. Oh, this is called Bluetooth in. Abdel inside and they may look like they're talking to themselves but they're not. An trying to adapt to all of these things and some people make it some people don't I've had clients. Say what year was it that you were released I was released in two thousand and thirteen September nineteenth two, thousand thirteen. What we're like the big social media things what the culture was like at the time. Yes. Yeah. So in two thousand, thirteen, I'll tell you some of the most shocking things in my re entry or thanks ever stuck out for me. was just really adapting to everyday life I don't know. It's I gotta I gotTA. Remember that I'm like this is for the podcast piecing. You get later on edit there were some towns in Maria not only for six years and although have excelled past. I've excelled differently than a lot of my peers I still struggle with a lot but the I I out, of course, Australia struggle with relationships with women. Having, been in a relationship for years in prison although there's there are officers who are women you're not to talk to them. You are not to even look at them only because there's A sense of literally, you can get sent to solitary for was called reckless eyeballing, and that is if you look at a woman long. And that's like visual harassment and hey. I learned not to look but what happens is? What happens when you do this for years right when used to walking in not acknowledging etc, and then how do I say hey, I want my name is down there I love to take you off ice cream is something I don't know. So dating was particularly challenging although it's not challenging. Now I'm engaged have entitled we're about to get married. You Know Yes oh, that's but there was a learning curve there and There's this education where I started my education while I was imprisoned but I said I really wanted to finish my education because I have a criminal record and unless I find something to equalize that people are just not going to respect me in society not just GonNa I'm not going to be able to survive in society has most of my peers they have. These masters degrees there and I love it but I didn't need that equaliser wanted to finish my degree. So I found myself in Saint Francis College. Who thanks to post prison program allowed me to complete a private education at this institution right after my incarceration. But that's it wasn't always easy I hear this I'm thirty four years old at the time sitting next to a brilliant eighteen year old who's typing ten miles a minute and I don't even know how to type I know how to finger peck with this China to academic life. John To. Adapt to spaces in a world where. It's just architecturally different I. thought there was a park there. Now it's building though there was a building there now there's a park. Going back to the places that hung out as a kid and seeing how much you chains going back to the place where I was arrested. Which? If I could do it again, the first time that will go back and will not be with cameras. I have really overwhelmed assimilating back into society isn't easy especially if the system doesn't seem to want to let you move on. This happened to Marcus Jarvis, who's the outreach and communications associate for the Juvenile Law Center So our was certified as an adult for address hires and Light WanNa county whereas the year accounting prison beer and. Released least transfer back. Philadelphia. And I served on my probation the. Thought was amalgamated ahead to paint I was going about my life and just one day I was stopped on the street. And stop and Frisk type of stuff where concert stopped me for being black and walk down the street basically and Iran my name and they said I had a warrant and he didn't know what the war was forced who's going to take me in. So they brought me up for the warrant has video court and the video core person didn't tell me I didn't go in front of Leo. But when they had record than, they said that warrant was for lack county. So they had to take me to lack lack what they had to see you like line county was gonna come get me they had seventy two hours. Me I will be released and I would get a vague. So I was hoping that I would give. GimMe. Lackawanna County came, and got me the next morning. So these two. Officers from accounting drove to Philadelphia. I. Was handcuffed shackled place in the back of a cop car driven for three hours in the back of account car to go WANNA county. Then process brought into like WanNa County prison and I'd still like A few days in a white lie county prison and. I. When a court, the person that court league, the judge who was like it was like releasing really rigged that he has an attitude about life not paying if you don't pay this money and this is what I found out at. This is all about money and when I got to the courtroom in his all at the same time finding out like. Our oldest money at saying you owe. Eleven hundred dollars. If you don't have anybody in the courtroom to pay, you have anybody in the courtroom to pay for can you pay it off now and I said no exit off, you can't pay it. Now you have to spend a year in prison. Six months a year. Start again when you said so the judge said that if you can't pay this than. The judge said that if you can't pay this amount of money campaign US eleven, hundred dollars today or there's no one in the courtroom to pay this money in today was like a joke because the courtroom was dead empty. So it was like being like condescending says, clearly, there was nobody there to anybody core the core oil I've been a courtroom, his people in it sitting in fused seats. There was no undercoat Rosaiah like there's nobody here that you can't pay. There's nobody ear pay for you. You'd have been that six or two year until you can have somebody. Pay someone else pay or you can work in this recycling program for twenty one days and it was lightly said that it was just okay. This wish you want me to do whatever settle. Into seemed okay. I would have to do six months two year or recital program take off the to pay off the fine. So I was brought in his please told his number of time that can't pay. There's no getting on a payment plan. Metra my bet and I had to work in this. So I read to do the program and I was like forced plant and it was crazy to just had just got hired at the stadium out supposed to be working at our would you and I loss in at the time and I had a job I had multiple jobs in the. People that would be able to say that I work with them but I wasn't even allowed. You know that out tune said me having two jobs and that was enough was. It was just you had to get into work in recycling program was forced to work in that it was just like a regular police inside the community where if you didn't know if you didn't know what it was, you wouldn't know that everybody was getting offered bus could wear handcuffed and shackled. We got off the bus and just went into the building. You might think it was a group of just arrived in few with you'll probably knows prisoners that were working in this recycling plant. How old were you when you were arrested for these outstanding hines a rose twenty okay. And know that you had these fines to pay regard about it or nobody cared. About not record qualified because the case was lack of WanNa County. When I was released I never leave like WanNa County in the first place. So when I was released from that Gel I didn't even have the teacher from one of the staff members of the prison pay for my ticket back before the W.. So I had when I left the jail and I got that Dang, I didn't have any money on my books. I. Not Have Twenty, two, hundred books Thirty seven does so I knew you had to pay money to cast on. So I didn't have enough money. So I had walked to the bus, they never our data and I was going to ask them to like get on the bus or whatever show stuff was a staff member from the jail without bought a ticket for Rian gave me four dollars and that was how got from Lackawanna County. I didn't have any address of once I went back cases transfer Philadelphia. Never received any aside from me probably changed addresses I know live at the on my id and I had never received any type of metal or any type of Casey for my probation officer or anybody. Stay in the old sometime before our old any money. So I was. Only money even when they say the core causing fires were for me being in like WanNa County prison. I s what eleven hundred dollars in core causing science for me being in prison. I never knew this. You owe money for being end I never knew that was. Prison at all it it's own money for days in jail like I. Thought. It was bad enough did. They were paying like. Will send our job layer things like. You're only paying. You'll shoots in power. The first place was like if we always are old money captured or something I I never knew I was encouraged fees every day. For. Donald Do. It almost seems even when you're out of. The incarceration system, it's like they still find ways to make money off of you. Really. Well, they have a lot of different. is set up really well for you to have to like. Hey like the difference friends in ways they find like license. Somehow as a part of my case, my license was suspended. Like. I had my I never had I wasn't driving I was arrested inside of a house in our was arrested inside somewhere it door the house I had. A. Took me jail. Somehow that lead somehow was in my case, it leads me have my license suspended I. Don't know how that what I want to get my license. They told me that my driver suspended was harder marquees and. Pay In runaway. For that and I don't know we just part of the case are one of those things are not getting a paper said Oh you're. Going to be suspended. Driving. But that was one of the things that aimable marquess. I. Never had any piece. Thank for no paperwork from me getting students that day but I would love to see what does it say something somewhere by you're going to have these finds polls or you're not gonna you're driving privilege is going to be taken or renew when I got out that I had duties thing. But I got my ged route sixteen like I thought I was doing. Your thing that I had to take care of started college when I was seventeen when I got out. But. It was just like things like that was like. I've never live and that was before I was supposed to be going back and starting another semester at school as opposed to be starting another semester to school when I was supposed to be gone gone in Montgomery County. Community College and stuff matter in court when I was like trying to tell the person like certain collins ahead of a job working our laws in La you don't have money right now you can't pay this. Fine. Then you're GONNA have to be in this site appropriate. I. Wasn't about the fact that I had already had been gone my wife and it wasn't like I was just running from the fines or something like that. Just like they had planned they wanted and didn't make any sense because. It just seemed like they were spending so many resources to get something that wasn't. By worship Muslims to take me. To, drive to Philadelphia Dry Day. Worth multiple. You're paying people to drive to fill up the drought back for hours gas in all of this stuff. Just for me Oh in the thousand dollars. They didn't really make any sense like how many thousands of dollars you spend in pursuit of forcing me to come and work for a thousand dollars. So is this part of a larger issue when it comes to court fees and binds because he said that your work with the jail is part of is the issues finds fees you find happening with other young people as well. Yes it's very relaxing. In the problem with this is that Microsoft was an adult case. So I was certifies adult the juvenile system is doing this exact same stuff to g when I was in the system they're getting charged find her day for this where youths were charged per day for them being in this system in various purse different states in different placements charged youth a different amount her day for every day that they're in assistance. These type of fees are on top of many different other types of teas that are directly to any type of restitution for what a person is done is just another feed the government ends up spending money to try to collect. Is Not, even like once if they do fee the money that they sought out the amount of money that they have spent since outer use resources to go get the money just negates the positive effect of they will gotten for getting any money in the first place. So. Do you know when it came at least your fees and fines and all that Gino specifically what they were charging for or do they say just order appearing X. amount of dollars I'm just curious how they put a dollar symbol on a specific things. Are my PA docket of not too long ago to try to see. The so P. Docket every state has is a resource this you can type first name birthday in cases that will come up in his free. So if I had a friend of at like that Disney personally in that could reach I wouldn't get in contact with says, state I would look I might associate name on docking to see if they got locked up or something like that. That's what my personal face various But isn't resource for. Many different things like that is actually like any person she knows new purchase name birthday. You can type it in their legal cases were come up because of other formation differ websites like charging for those things. But that is just a free resource that is at store that I've known about for years and is used it for really that Looking out by my brothers. I of three brothers. and. Enter. We'll try to find people like that. It's just the thing I've always used ever says then always good resource. I'm not sure if there is a version of the in Mike every other state because it's a docket but I. Would probably be because. So. For years, they were able to see specific things that you were being. Order, no not only shows the amount that you owe. It doesn't I What we pull it up on the docket is only it does the itemize. I, was trying to personally see need say. Or what exactly retarded before I know that in the conversation, this say. The she incur her day and I'm not exactly sure what I've is didn't see that itemize the itemization if it was just that her keys per day with that will consist of. exactly sure what it was. that. was just based on being you know pals in prison had feed weather. Catholic the Steph licensing to be nine at night. It's related to the county jail as but it was like apple dismounting to forgiving in the lack of out in prison. That was it that was. I was sixteen at the time when I was in prison The entire thing was ridiculous in the sense of like when I initially had agreed to. Even. Though to be certified as an adult I did note that has was Hatton by just like you wanted to or. Four eight and it was like what? I know man, let me do I'll take the one to me. You'RE GONNA. Have there wasn't. For explanation of what that wanted to come along with it seemed to come law like this line you've listed things that are the know about. So it seems almost the system doesn't WANNA. Let you go. There's a saying I know it from the episode of the Sopranos where they just when I think about they put me right back in China seems that's the case at least Rio? A lot of times in it does this was especially young people their families where you'll have a person who's been who has gotten is placement brought back into the home, and then at Bill Watt family says, there's these it come back to the home in there already kid the financial burden in the first place. Then you have the state place in these financial burdens on top of the things that you already have, and that places makes people less likely to want to support their own leads the. Clashing of people within their own household because now the is seen as bill at your place on the back of somebody who already trying to reintegrate immunity, and they don't have the resources to have been out of the community for a certain amount of time at your place in the back end to their home along with a hefty bill bills are usually where he big and for different states, they placed bill on hair. So the the bill will come to Paris name and that's going to make a person full of certain way. With an array China, help somebody reintegrate back into life, and then you already are putting your starting taking away from a person's ability to help somebody. Place his bill in front of that ability to help any might you might have put towards a basketball camp or some resource for them expensive time to as opposed to them, going out and trying to make money off they're trying to dig themselves out of this virtual hold. Did they selected in? They could be doing normal but suffering from doing normal things in the community and slow by the have space to learn you after school programs. It's all about you know try repay this debt and that's what makes it so much more punitive action without you. Be like supposed to be. Rehabilitative. System is supposed to be rehabilitating young people that a lot of times like these friends are very harsh punishments on US end entire families because they're the. Only was ready defined the. It comes into parrots. Next let's not even end. The US name Bill will come to the parent and that's like A. An enormous way to place on somebody WHO's already low with the youth that's already had problems. When it comes to mass incarceration what comes to mind. Do. You think of criminals. Men behind bars. Or maybe orange jumpsuits. Otaly Perez and Jarvis's stories reminded you that at the end of the day these are still people. I read a lot about historical movements when was incarcerated not because I had an interest. To be honest, it was because I was the only thing I had read and stuck in a cell phone week or you got that one book and that book is nine hundred pages or ten pages. That's what you'll read over and Oregon. So I read and peace like that nine hundred pages twice. Also, read Viktor Frankl's Mercer's for meaning, which is like ninety six pages or something like that and pages. And he talked about a world war and then also wrote about a lot of different. Movements no women's movement labor movement. and. A lot of what we're seeing in his current administration is like some. We see these little remnants of some of those press attack except people in power using at the time and was was really what's most Think similar to a lot of things that's happened over the last four years in his current administration mirrors a lot of things happened during World War Two it what I mean by that is by no means, you may not actually want to put this thing but only because I got a lot of. Folks though that I was comparing. Like black suffrage movement with like the Holocaust and the Jewish struggle which. Trying to compare struggles hair now. Who was worst? No but from the other side of how power. Can if not checked can be unruly innocence and from that Lens, we've seen this current administration. Changed things in his country that is really alarming too many of us. Contrary to popular belief, black people that are angry about the way that things are going there. A lot of folks Aubrac who are also angry about the way that is gorgeous. Is this not reflective of the society that? We would like to live in that. We strive to live in reflective of our shared values and is not based on. Any of this is not based on behavior. There's something different when hey, johnny put a gun to somebody and there's a whole conversation there but it's different when we treat people like this based on who they are not what they've done. And when we start doing that. That is very dangerous. We hear it in the language which I don't WanNa talk about language we humanize people using language. It's funny I went back and I read this book in prison called them less than human my how we to mean enslaved and exterminated others, David, Livingston Smith, and this was one of the books that were incarcerated but it gave me insight as to. How How do we dehumanize people? How do we get to a place where we're? Able to kill millions of people, and this author doesn't use use world to. He also talks about discovering America and Columbus in this bells that narrative in how native peoples who are treated you ask question what does it take? What do we need to really dehumanize someone? Are Know. What does it take for us to treat somebody as such and then he talked about these stages but how we have to humanize them first because if we see them as human than we can't. Like our innate. God given what lettuce treat, other humans like that. So we have to almost view them as if they're less than human and one way to see that is actually reflected in the language, and if you look at what was every moment lasts under years, you see dehumanizing language world to yes. You heard the humanize allows at other WanNa repeat but you also hear now in specifically to the criminal justice system, you hear this language around this person. He's a criminal, a murderer he she's a killer. She's a baby killer like some women get to see their criminals. They're this they're that they're convict. saw in all of the language allows us to treat folks because how else would you treat a criminal is things that I can do to a killer? That I can't do to somebody's daughter. Right then I can give myself internal permission to be like. Well, this person did do this or whatever the case may be if I see them as such and all of the. Stereotypes that become somebody's labels. Then we give ourselves permission to accept the death penalty to two separate kids from their families to to not feel bad about the fact that folks don't have equal rights and access to a lot of things that we've come. To value not because of. which we come evaluate not because some of us, some of us were given some of it we have earned. Illegal tender is made by Yahoo Finance Outer Studios, and homes in New York City. This episode was written and hosted by me, Adrian? Belle Monte. Illegal tender was created edited and produced by Alex Sug. Thank you to Johnny Erez and Marcus Jarvis sharing your stories with us. If you enjoy this podcast head over to apple podcasts and leave us a five star rating and review it for the show. Until next time. Thank you for listening to a legal tender. Um.

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The Election, as Seen from Swing States

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18:52 min | 2 weeks ago

The Election, as Seen from Swing States

"I'm Anna sale host of death sex and money, and our new series game changer. We're looking at how the pandemic has upended the lives and livelihoods of athletes. Could be the end of my career. I I. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. This is the politics and more podcast I'm David Ramnik. If history is any guide at all. The twenty twenty election will be decided in a few key swing states maybe even a limited number of swing counties. Today, we're going to talk with a couple of our reporters who were looking at what's happening on the ground. I went to Lackawanna County because I wanted to see who these new republicans were in Pennsylvania and how they were trying to capture Biden's backyard. That's Elisa Griswald. She's based in Philadelphia and lately she's been spending a lot of time to the north in. Lackawanna County. That's the county seat of the very familiar city of Scranton Pennsylvania, the hometown of Joe. Biden. In Two thousand, Sixteen Hillary Clinton won the county but just barely, and since then the Republican Party has registered more than one hundred thousand voters in the state of Pennsylvania. These new voters are people who've been in the Democratic Party for decades whose families were largely democratic belong to labor unions. have grown disaffected with the Democratic Party and really lots of institutions in Pennsylvania over decades. Here, in the past decade, we've had the Penn State Sandusky sex scandal, the Catholic church sex scandals, and also so many elected local officials who have been indicted for embezzlement and other crimes and. That kind of lack of faith in institutions has really resulted in a departure of long-term Democrats from the Democratic Party and they've become Republicans. Now? Why would that drive them to Donald? Trump. necessarily. It's different for different reasons for for older voters for older democratic largely Catholic voters you know reproductive rights and abortion is just a hugely divisive issue and for that reason, as they've watched the Democratic Party move left they have really they have moved right and that's why they support trump and among younger voters you know there's this belief that he is anti establishment that somehow he's an outsider that he speaks truth to power and it's hard to get around that. Why did you focus on Lackawanna County? You're writing for the New Yorker. because. Lackawanna County is traditionally been. So blue because it is Biden's home county and because it is turning red and when you drive from from Philadelphia suburb to Scranton. You don't just see trump signs. You see trump banners and at a factor of like maybe ten to one Biden and. It's hard to know obviously what that really means but I have to say it is striking. Did you talk with people who are wants Democrats and have now switched over the Republican Party had big party reporting absolutely yes. and one of the people I talked to. Dave Elliott? Who is the former police chief in scranton and he has traditionally been a democrat. He has voted Republican he voted for trump blasted to and for him. You know for what? It's worth. The principal issue for him is support of the police in support of law enforcement. Joe Biden Google has always been pro police and if you look back at what was it the violent crime control and law enforcement nineteen ninety-four. Yeah. If you look at that, he touted that this is the Biden law now is completely flipped and trump is like I said from day one, he's been pro police. First of all, I should say that the tap tap tap you hear in the background is the sound of Elisa taking notes How. Do you Dave Elliott Former police chief at Scranton reacts to the spectacle of the trump biden debate the first one. I don't think he pays any attention. You know I I don't think. A lot of trump voters listen to the noise they've already decided. Now for decades Scranton, itself was big union town where almost everybody was a Democrat when you were spending time there. Did you sense any tension between these new trump voters and people who are still democrats? Yes I did sense tension I think there is there is an absolute. Divide in this country that runs right through Scranton and it runs between house to house. You know there's the one. Tiny Biden sign and the massive trump make liberals cry again banner next door or two or three hanging from a porch and this divide between neighbors was apparent on Elliott's own street. I? Mean didn't have a sign out front but there were trump signs lining it but the thing was If we if polls to be believes and we are all on pins needles about that. Biden is ahead of trump by ten points in the state of Pennsylvania where trump one last time of course, over Hillary. Clinton. Absolutely right and you know some of the trump voters who I have been talking to over the past several weeks. Months are actually those we would call secret trump voters. There's so many people that are supporting trump that you would at Novo I don I think it's kind of just stay away from the politics because if you're not a trump supporter, you are so anti-trump if somebody comes up voices their opinion. It. So negative I think a lot of people just you know stay low and they they don't WanNA fight. But there are regular. Republicans did. that. The confederate flag backing trump I always said, well, my father always said, don't be discussing politics or religion. You won't, be getting the big, fights. Elisa you visited the Republican office in Scranton. What was the scene there where people wearing masks? What were they talking about? There was not a mask site in the former bank comes sandwich shop on Main Street. I. To be there the day before trump right for a rally. So it was a mad scramble to put together road signs why? Because they wanted to basically plaster the two mile stretch between the airport and the rally so that trump would be very pleased and feel very loved when he arrived. Campaigning involves a lot of going door to door talking to people. How is the pandemic? Change the canvassing process, the campaigning process. So largely, what's happening is that Republicans are going door to door. You know in eastern Pennsylvania, the head of the Republican Party was saying they've knocked on fifty thousand dollars in the past several months. Now, there are figures where the trump campaign will put out saying they've they're knocking on a million doors a week which are really suspicious and very difficult to check but that that is their numbers. More than Democrats are knocking on doors Democrats by the Biden campaign is knocking on zero doors and that comes right from the top of the campaign and that is about public health safety and following state measures to not put people in harm's way out of your household and yeah, basically, that's what's happening. Now. You've also talked to some people who voted for trump and twenty sixteen who've changed their mind. They're gonNA vote Democratic in two thousand twenty. How common is? It's it's not that common. I talked to One woman whose name is Patricia Healy. She's a lifelong Republican and a public schoolteacher who teaches Spanish and did for twenty seven years. Voted for trump in two, thousand sixteen she went out to a rally in a place called wilkes-barre, which is rural. She was pretty impressed by the energy around him and she thought well, okay I'm just going to vote for him and. Basically since the day after the election, she has regretted it. You know I have talked to my kind of transition I went from hope. In the beginning. To disappointment. Then to anger. have been really really angry angry things fees. and. So obviously doing the last which was supposed to enforce the what people don't realize that don't think. Going after public education I don't understand what people are much more aware. Knowing. Elisa when you talk about Scranton, this is Joe Biden's hometown. He manages to mention Scranton within the first five minutes of. Speech every debate, he's had an forty seven years. What's his presence in that town? His presence in the town is complicated. If you talk to Republicans, they're gonNA tell you that. Biden left Scranton. Of Eleven and that he comes every time, he needs to use a town as a backdrop Democrats will tell you the opposite that here is their hometown boy good and I have been. You know before the presidential election when I was out reporting on connor lamb another fraud election in south western Pennsylvania Biden came out for lamb and he was at a machinist union giving his speech the love for that man in among the labor unions was like something I haven't seen before for a Democrat so that is also true though it's not as if you moved to Fifth Avenue. I mean he he lives in Wilmington Delaware, and obviously he's also a creature of Washington DC. It's not as if he lives in I don't know a golden tower honestly for many of the people in Scranton, there is such a divide in Pennsylvania reflects the divide in the nation and Wilmington Delaware is just as much as any Gilda tower anywhere Elisa for a Democrat. You've painted a pretty gloomy picture of what can be anticipated on November third and yet there are many more registered Democrats in the state of Pennsylvania Than, Republicans they're not. That's correct. There are many more registered Democrats and the truth is that they are growing because the areas of the southeastern part of the state which are turning from red to blue are actually the places where the population is growing too. So right now in this election, it's hard to call but going forward, that's good news for Democrats and again this a gap in the polls that is pretty yawning between Biden and trump and Biden's ahead. That is so true David, and I just think this time around not to make the same mistakes and take the polls for granted. It's worth listening up until November third and maybe after Eliza griswold. Thank you so much. Thanks David. We're going to shift now to the State of Wisconsin is one of the most states in this election after Donald. Trump's surprise victory there in two thousand sixteen. As I speak today for the ninety thousand Merck. I've lost. This endemic. Including more than four, hundred, Fifty Wisconsin is Joe Biden is taking his campaign virtually to Wisconsin State representative a very big hollow Wisconsin. We've been very good together. Contributing writer Peter Slavin has traveled around Wisconsin, hearing from voters and from organizers. Peter I was just talking with Elisa Griswald who's been in. Can only be described as trump country in Pennsylvania, and despite the lead that Joe Biden has there. She paints a picture where there's a kind of hidden trump vote and in a very enthusiastic trump vote what are you seeing in? Wisconsin and do you have the same sense? Wisconsin is so unpredictable last time around in two thousand, sixteen the polls suggested that Clinton would win pretty comfortably this time. The Democratic operation is deep and broad. But there's certainly huge support for trump. What are the poll saying now just so that we have the numbers in front of us, the posers showing consistently that Biden is a few points ahead just a few just if you there have been some positives, just two points others the Marquette Po, which is seen as extremely reliable shows him about four points ahead. A few other polls have shown him further ahead. So Hillary Clinton was the first Democratic presidential candidate to lose Wisconsin since nineteen eighty-four. What's so different this time. Well think back David to twenty-six teen and what the Clinton campaign did not do Wisconsin. She. Lost a Bernie Sanders in April two thousand sixteen by thirteen points and yet she and her team. Inexplicably saw no reason for her to actually go back to Wisconsin and campaign before the election in November they did not run television ads in Green Bay or Milwaukee or Madison until the last two weeks of the campaign, they had a very, very thin organization. What's different? This time Biden has been up with ED since June the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has been organizing essentially since twenty seventeen and they're focusing on places where Clinton's turn out was much much lower than Barack Obama. It's kind of fascinating to compare twenty twelve. When Obama when Wisconsin. With two, thousand, sixteen when trump on. Mitt Romney and Donald. Trump got about the same number of votes. Hillary Clinton got two hundred and thirty eight, thousand fewer votes than Obama Peter. Did you talk to any Democratic Party leaders about the real stakes of this race and how close it is in Wisconsin? I spoke with Ben Wexler over a couple of years ago as the leader of the Wisconsin Democratic Party. He made clear the extent of the effort that the party has been making starting with his predecessor. Martha Laney from a couple of years ago they have built a really significant organization in twenty sixteen you go into an office and known to be there and. A someone sitting behind a table would tell you to pick up a clipboard and bring it back when you're done. In two thousand, eighteen. If you went to volunteer I, you had to choose a team. Those teams are responsible for organizing their neighborhood. So they're all these people around Wisconsin who had turned their houses into these kind of launching points where he'd come in the front door and there would be like some volunteers who check you in and get your info. And give you a hand warmer if it was called and and you're GonNa Lavar and you go out to, Turfan, knock on the doors and then you come back and there's a checkout process where they bring you back in the feed you and give you some cider. Tenure up for your next shift and bad down to a science and. The neighborhood teams in two thousand eighteen. Knocked on almost twice as many doors as the presidential campaign had with a ton more money. Two years earlier. And can you have a ground game in the middle of Pandemic Elisa was painting a picture in which Republican activists in Pennsylvania we're going around canvassing doing the usual thing without a mask. And the Biden people were not going around at all. It is going to be fascinating to see whether this democratic strategy. This democratic decision is going to work the Democrats have decided that they are not canvassing in person Donald. Trump is holding rallies in Wisconsin. Republicans are canvassing door to door. The trump campaign has had a bus tour with some of his friends and relatives driving around the state. The bind campaign is said now we are not doing things in person now, what is happening? Is a series of decisions by individual candidates at the local level, some of whom are actually going out and dropping. Dropping, dropping literature I talked about that with one democratic state legislator Greta Neubauer. In the past you would have said. Don't don't do the Electra right make sure to stop and talk to someone and so I think there's a combination right of understanding that it is more effective to Paris. Conversations, and so if you can't do that hopefully, what we do is you know we've dropped someone lit we call them and say, Hey, you know I droplet at your door. Sorry. I couldn't soon chat wanted to make sure you're safe. but I do think that people are appreciating that and You know it's a demonstration of our values that we're prioritizing their safety over our campaigns. What did you hear from voters in terms of their hesitation about voting and getting their votes counted? By the clerk's office in Milwaukee and Madison when you walk up to the clerk's office Madison, you'll see. Two people in Bright. Vast sitting outside waiting to collect absentee ballots when people bring them up and they look to make sure that the voter has signed the ballot and that there is a witness signature as well in Madison as well. They're having something called democracy in the park. The city has organized in two hundred six parks election clerks who were there to help voters, register and help voters deliver their ballots when I went to the clerk's office in Milwaukee. I ran into a woman who was determined not only to deliver her ballot. She was determined to deliver it in person and she said nothing is going to keep me from voting. Peter Seven. Thank you so much. Here's a pleasure. Peter. Slow is a contributing writer based in Chicago. The presidential election just in case you hadn't noticed. is in a month. This year has turned out very differently than many athletes thought it would since the season is canceled, they don't feel as though they. Paving that salary what? How football wasn't doing football you. I mean a sale host of the PODCAST death sex and Monaco. In our new series game changer, we're talking to three athletes about how the end DEMOC has upended their lives and livelihoods listen wherever you get your podcasts.

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Joshua Henshaw Wants A Shot At Jets Kicker Job

Boomer & Gio

16:31 min | 1 year ago

Joshua Henshaw Wants A Shot At Jets Kicker Job

"That's GonNa Josh Jets Cam Josh. What's happening brother. Hey how are you I am at the jets facility right now trying to join the kicker for the tryout. I you serious yeah. I am standing out here with my sign. I have a career long fifty seven seven yards in James and over the past five years ninety two percent of my field goals at her level yeah. We're we're. We're Josh where where did this happen so this happened in tandem in a few different leagues. One of the main ones in this area is called the L. S. It's major league football. It's predominantly New York City spanning down into Jersey and up a little bit into Connecticut the M. L. F. Yes M L F in what teams deployed for in the MLS I played for the Tri County owls that try. Oh of course the tribe actually now city but I took a red eye flight so you're hoping to just be able to get in and show off my talent. Did you kick in college. Josh I did. I kicked at the University of Vermont and I played at Lackawanna College as well. Wow Junior college in Scranton now. What is your full name. Josh you don't mind me asking Joshua Henshaw Joshua Henshaw. You're right from Josh so I'm originally from Philadelphia now living in Salt Lake City and if you look me up on Youtube under Josh Henshaw Kicks Yeah you can see my practice footage has up to seventy yard field goal kicking and also I have some game footage on which includes my fifty seven yard field goal on trying to do whatever I can whatever resources to get into camp today and while this is this is a good way to do it. We know some people people over there. You're thirty years old. Josh I am yeah. Have you ever been a part of an. NFL training camp or abroad in for a tryout before I have not now excellent football team and it was my grandfather's alma mater so I ended up seeing Vermont as opposed to the University of Utah and University of Massachusetts after I finished my year at Lackawanna Junior College. Do you have an agent that I do not okay clearly clearly because you're standing outside with a sign. This is something let's see if we can get you signed. Can we be your agent and take four percent of the money that you get. That sounds like a plan to May okay. I'm willing to deal with the devil to get in. Oh Wow here's a guy that cares harnesses as they should be able to give them a shot. Wh What's the harm in that you. You're not like a weird guy have criminal record or anything like that. We need to know about before we start supporting you and then we find out that you've got people that you're holding hostage basement. We have to do a little background. Check on Gosh. No I do not have any any bad background. What is your sign say. I signed said Josh Hinshaw doc kicks at the top and it says please let me kick took the red eye from Salt Lake City last night ninety two percent last five seasons and semi pro fifty eighty seven yards long. It's way too long. He just needs a cap something on the side like it wasn't your Miami Atom and then you'd probably get let in that's don't do that. This is interesting so do you see him on Youtube. yeah. I've got. I've got his profile here on some sort of website all right but I have not gone to youtube yet because I was told I have a profile on airplanes dot com. That's what I was looking at it exactly what I was looking at so John the websites it just kind of for players trying to get to to Europe although that the organization over there significantly less than it was who says you can do this at a high level in the NFL this. I'm watching you now youtube channel. You're you'RE A guy. A tank top was kicking seventy art field goals and that's great but you truly believe that if you're given the opportunity you could be a kicker in the NFL the national football league absolutely way. I have one hundred percent confidence in. I know what my skill set is. It's just a matter of getting in trying to the right people so that they can see what I can do. Z. Kick Seventy art field goals. How about about your kickoffs. YOU'RE GONNA kick them through the end zone yeah actually at the end of that video you'll see there's quite a few one of actually goes through the goal posts on the kickoff this guy's this guy's no joke. I'm watching them right now. He really he has now. He's not in pads. There's nobody in front of him but real unease kicks. There's no doubt about it. You know when people they are Matt Prater. When we saw Carli Lloyd do it at Carl. I took like four steps to kick it. C- can't do that. You take a look at him. He's visited drilling. These field goals guy so boomer. Can you help him get in now. You don't have any weapons on your anything. No I did not have a backpack that has my Clinton some workout attire one football kicking key and my my kicking stand to hold the ball field goals. I'm just trying to just trying to like fast forward to Monday night. Football and let's say that the jets actually do sign you because you can press them on the practice this field and everything and obvious confidence in yourself and your drive to make this happen which I do admire very much by the way and then all of a sudden. You're there to kick the game winner and you miss a twenty five yard field goal. Can you imagine the jet fans on Tuesday morning what they're going to be like I can imagine it but I don't see it happening. Wow all right right. I liked the confidence man. So what about like if you have to make a tackle or you in enough shape to do that I am. I don't have any footage of making tackles but I'm about route six foot. Two and two hundred thirty five pounds not easy to run through boomers grabbing his cell phone right now and it looks like he's going through this. Should I send it to like Adam Gays Joe Douglas. Who should I send it to Adam Gates. He's probably not in a great frame of mind right now but that's a he'll be like basil. Give it a shot Yeah Yup because he would be a guy. That would probably give it a show. Douglas would probably maybe even entertain. I can't speak for them. I don't know them that well but this was still todd bowles. He'd walk overtake your ten dollar Bills Scream Josh. Here's a I'm Josh. Here's what I'll do. I'll send attacks that. I'll say there's a guy outside would assign somebody. Go Talk to them. Please got vouching for the guy ideas now i. I'm looking at them on video. So Joe Douglas's listening name or Adam gazes listening or somebody over there at the jets is listening. They should say that. There's a guy outside. That has a youtube bid. Take a look at the bid. The Guy who was kicked and kicked in in college is also play through the semi pros the Tri County frogs and the county owls who event and then give them a look. The called seems normal. No criminal record doesn't have any weapons in his backpack as far as we know Josh. How did you not call this radio station. I just saw your article posted online one of my good friends from college. He's huge jets fan. he sent me away to the article he thought that they were hosting open tryouts dry out and so. I took a look into it saw. They weren't open book the next flight. I took a red eye from Salt Lake City eight thirty last night. It landed about five thirty this morning. Newark and now I'm here. This is crazy man. This is crazy. This is great. I know it's yeah but at the same time so you so you thought it was open when you were on the plane and then when you showed up you found out that it wasn't open tryouts no I knew that it wasn't open office wow and just said that I'm GONNA be showing up and hopefully you guys will let me in. I have the ability and I want to showcase okay because I can compete for the starting spot. I'm telling you just put Adam gazes number like in my phone and I started just I caught myself as women timeout number another doing. I don't think I could do this. I do it other personnel people over there that I can send something to but I can't imagine sending it to the head coach coach. I mean it's like I'm trying to think of how he would respond to like boomer you serious now. Listen Josh I do not work. I know that I don't want to minimize what you've gone through to get here. I don't want to minimize that and I'm having we're having a lot of fun with you and and I think this is awesome that you guys chasing a dream right. I love that I do love that so I want. I want to do this the right way. I don't want to just like hammer the coach all right well. I know a guy to over there independent of you. Oh good for you so I'm going to send him a message. That guy I know will get the message to the right people. If you're not GONNA do it. I gotTA TAKE I can get it to the right people. You your dilly dally try. She said it's GonNa ruin my relationship. Can I've after this guy would have returned as a Weirdo and all this stuff. I don't care about any of that so what I'm going to do is I'll. I got you josh all right. Don't worry about I'm GonNa take care of that. It's awesome. I'm going to do my best and I'm going to try to convince blow to his best because just do our best. Yes we will. The question is what we believe. Our best is I mean I could go to head coach or it could go to the general manager but I think there might be a little bit of my credibility on the line here to you. Thank you don't lie about your credibility if you're right about that. However House is going to ruin your credibility just say hey. This dude sounds nor flight from Salt Lake City. He called the Radio Sharia right all right all right. That's what I tell me. Well go through a full background around check. If you guys need to do that live in solving other stomach drugs or anything so what what do you want me to write to Adam. You tell me what the right to Adam Grace. A guy just called our show. Okay Guy just called our show who is a kicker show who who is who is a kicker kicked in college in semi pro who kicked and Dan College and Josh semi pro is that right yes semi pro semi pro k. he standing outside he standing standing outside outside of your of your facility with online facility with with a sign he flew. We took a red eye from Utah. He took a red eye from Salt Lake and if you could include in there just Youtube Josh and saw okay so that he can see the bus job what way and wants a shot at shot at the job you know he just wants to try out. He'd like to try and what's a shot. He just wants a shot. Yes Abbas shot. You can check them out. You can check him out as we did because we saw him out because that as we dig gives you a little bit art hang on for a second. I'm not takes me a little bit longer. Texts all right sorry you can check them out as we did on Youtube okay. What's what's Youtube Channel. Josh Henshaw Kicks Josh H. E. N. S. eight of you yeah kicks. Maybe Josh so I'll just say seems like a pretty solid a dude right chasing a dream free like a pretty solid Dude Dude D. U. You D E right chasing a dream. Hey Josh do you give permission to. CBS sports now are to use who's your youtube footage on CBS sports network. Yeah absolutely okay all right. Well we'll do that. I'd so here it is. I'll read it to you. Okay Hey Adam a guy just called our show who is kicker who kicked in college and semi pro you standing outside your facility with a sign. He took a red eye from salt. Lake can wants a shot. You can check them out as we did on Youtube at Josh Henshaw. Henshaw kicks seems like a pretty solid dude. Chasing a dream may end up being may end up being a psychopath. No no no no great story. We'll be out of it as seriously this. I'll call my my producer friend. Oh Yeah charting that guy he gave them to disobey awesome great story but but then again it may not or just the whole end up being a great story now now. I'm just driving wanted to see how I want to end this just to make sure by the way a by the way me and Geo are his agents and we will will negotiate for him not only put that right. I don't put just let me but if it gets to that point Josh don't sign anything if you impress them and let me take over from there. Okay okay. That's that's the caveat right after police pulling up now awesome the concert. Sir The cops are showing up because they're listening good luck okay all right so go go what what does that say may end up being a great story and decide who are sending it to sending it to Adam Gates. Yes you WANNA hit. Send that out to this going to be a great thirty for thirty. What if I told you doing this for. ESPN doing it for radio. Dot Com combined doesn't showtime have show or something like that that we can do it. You WanNa send it. Yes yes. I do all right so we're going to said that. Gio wants to push the Button Josh all right here we go. It's really hard to do this and you're holding the phone and you guys are awesome all right now. We're going to call you back. Do you have his number on there. Josh don't embarrass us. I know don't go on some psychotic lunatic and then take a poop on the practice. I said you you if you get a shot. If you get a shot remember where you got that shot from but I appreciate you making the call and I appreciate you chasing the dream. You guys don't get tickets already. I'll send them your way or just stay. Don't don't hang up. I'm going to put you on hold so our producer. Alcan talk to you and we'll we'll talk at the end of the show right. Okay all right all right there. I don't know if they're having kicking tryouts tryouts or any of that stuff. I'm assuming they are assuming they would because Korea bed. Vic is not been great for either Minnesota or them. They're probably working with him and watching him and also the stuff and I'm I'm not I don't want somebody lose a job but you know a guy calls in listen. This is one of those things man. I know you are what you're worth in the NFL and if you can't get the job Bob Dole in week one. You'll lose by a point see. That's the way it works. We all have pressure on us. When we get to a certain level of whatever we're doing. I will say this. I will say this if somehow someway they showed men finds himself on an NFL team whether it be the jets are anybody. We are all going to be rooting for this of course yeah. It's not gonNA. It's GonNa be a a no brainer. This is incredible. It looks like he can do it on his youtube video. I mean if it was just him kicking in a clown suit out we you got played here. Al No no swear to God no no. There's no way the weights speaking you getting played. Did you see what Jerry Rice said about Antonio Brown. Did he say you played yourself said he played us. We were all played out there in the bay area. Because Antonio was telling Jerry he wanted to play out there in the bay area yeah well. I think he did did until he founded his guarantee. Money was gone all right boomer and Geo on the Fan C._B._S. sports network will keep you updated on Josh Henshaw and him trying out for the jets potentially today the.

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The Client w/ Melora Hardin

Office Ladies

1:05:18 hr | 9 months ago

The Client w/ Melora Hardin

"I'm Jenna Fischer. I'm Angela Kinsey. We were on the office together and we're best friend and now we're doing the ultimate office rewatch podcast just for you each week. We will break down an episode of the office and give exclusive behind the scene stories. That only two people who were there can tell you where the offs offs ladies season two episodes. Seven the client that Cli- welcome to office this ladies everyone. I am still putting note cards on. The table is more note cards than I've ever seen. You have ever done. I take my job very seriously. I am keeper of the note. Cards bust of her name is Jenna. I'm keeper of the Note Cards Angela. You know I don't know that. Show what I'm going to quote it at you. You are the real slow okay. Where are we at? Let's get started. This episode was written by Paul Lieber Stein and directed by Greg Greg Daniels. You have nothing to say that you're not a gazillion note. Cards and nothing that I made that. Listen sometimes you say things that or just facts. That's just a fact I don't know what to do with that. So yes that is true Gina. That is a true statement. That is who wrote this this and who directed this next. Okay well I guess next. I usually do a summary. Yeah but I'm not GonNa do it today. What hey because maybe like? I don't like that you're not responding to me today. No I'm kidding but I'm not going to do the summary today because I got someone else do the summary I don't know about your husband leaves me. I'm going to let you listen. All right. Hip Place them in the kind Michael Coll- heads to Chili's with jam to try and close a deal with a major client while Michael is Gone Pam discovers a screenplay Michael has been writing cold threat threat level midnight an action movie about an FBI. Agent named Michael Scon- who is married to yours. Truly Catherine Zeta Jones. Owns the staff divides up the roles and reads the script allowed also in this episode. Jim and Pam Shag grilled cheese sandwiches on the rooftop of Abdundant Mifflin and Michael Jan.. Sheriff Kiss is Catherine Zeta Jones. That is is Catherine Zeta Jones. fricken kid I've you would I be including what is going on. Yes should I explain what all right. I've never met her. I should start i. I did not know that we've never met on my mind. You're like you have this whole friendship with like a big movie star and I'm like Oh that's cool. I guess with whatever well I'd like to say I would love to be friends with her. He has a love of movie musicals like traditional movie musicals. She's so good so antastic but I also also have that love so I have daydreams of watching like old movie musicals together and then tap dancing a little bit and then maybe having a cocktail from T- reenacting scenes from Chicago. Yeah this this is what I imagined. My friendship with Catherine Zeta Jones is like but I did do a movie with Michael Douglas. I played his daughter in a movie called solitary man. He's so good in net it starts him and Jesse Eisenberg in that movie. I did my first New York City walk and talk. You know those movies. You see our nine yard. Yeah and they're just people just walking and talking. From the time I was little I would see this in movies and that to me was like you're a movie star to in a while you walk and talk on the streets of New York. You've made kid so. I'm shooting the scene with Michael. Douglas and I turn to him and I said Michael. This is my first New York City Walk and talk and he turned into me. He got it he goes what you got to be kidding me. This is fantastic. I'm your first New York City. Walk congrats he. It was it was everything I wanted the moment to be. We'll so flash forward to. I'm on the office and they write this joke in this episode. That Michael Scorns wife. Life is Catherine Zeta Jones. Cut even more forward. Their kids are now. I think big fans of the office and she started posting about the office so I got up the courage to DM her inside job with you. Slid into Catherine Zeta Jones Diem. I did and we've had a nice nice little. DM relationship ever. Since and then I became brave enough to ask her if she would please please record our summary and that brings us to now. Okay well Catherine I don't know you but that was fantastic and thank you so much thank you now. Can I go in a fast axiom. Please go into your fast facts. Fast fact number one big news. Everybody big news at two minutes fifty seconds Mendis hair is down why it is down. Why what a fricken quicken still one of my big no cards dammit? Geno lovely running my running bit about Mendis hair running bit running to our running running bit. It's mine I I after today is kind of yours. You scrape it okay. Yes it's a half a half down but it's very slowly very very flowing. We are starting our transition to all down. This is half up half down because in Halloween there were raided. But you said it didn't count because it was a costume that's right and I also claimed that I thought the first time we were going to see her hair down was casino night so I stand corrected it is two minutes fifty seconds the client the client grant also in that scene. I think we're getting closer to the Kelly Kapoor we will all know and love. She was gig lay. She's like say it's not your fiance. Say giggly us. No more morose French twist Kelly for those of you who've been listening to the podcast here. You know why this fast fact was so big. For Kelly's hair is almost all the way down. We've been tracking her transfer win. We'll see become mindy. We're almost there speaking of hair. What is up with John's hair in this episode? Did you notice well. It's like kind of like is flipping out a little no the front like the bang. Bear usually Kinda like sloppy and real cute like shellacked a little bit. Well it looks like someone just took a pair of scissors and just did a real blunt horizontal cut. Well I said I said I feel like he has a bowl haircut. This the most bowl I've ever seen well so guys you can check that out. Yeah fastback number two Tim Meadows Does Stars in this episode. As the Lackawanna County Representative Christian. I feel like we had this rule where we weren't going to do any stunt casting and and this is the first time we kind of broke that rule but we had to because he was good. He's so good and actually John and I both know him and I was able to connect with him this week and we hopped on the found and talked about this episode and he was so delightful. So I have some fun. Tim tidbits for this episode. And I'll get to those here in a minute well. I didn't work the day that they I shot the scenes with Tim but I was such a big. SNL Fan that. I went up to the set just to meet him and I had lunch with him. I was I totally fan girl and eventually we would end up doing the movie. Walk hard together and so I actually got to work with him. Talk about fan girl. I did a pilot with Tim. Meadows for Fox called the Gabriel's Brill's and Rob Riggle was in it and we had so much fun. He is so hilarious. He's he's who did I just say. He's a hoot. Am I nerd. You did say he is a hoot. Why don't you give us a fastback? Fast fact number three. This episode was inspired by an idea that they had in the writer's room early on that Jim and Pam would go on a date without really being on a date so that was the card that they put up on the wall. How can we get Jim and PAM on a the date without really being on a date but then they also wanted to do the same thing with Michael and Jan.? They thought it would be really fun to have both of these couples couples. Have this romantic evening right convention. Within the work day that they would somehow end up on a date they also had had the end of this episode written first and then they wrote toward that ending so that look that you see between Jim and Michael at the very the end of episode where they both Kinda Shrug rather like the ladies in our lives. They knew that that would be the ending. And then they tracked it back interesting interesting because another thing that they wanted. Was this moment where Jim and Michael Relate and bond over something so that's what they decided it would be. It doesn't matter fast facts. Okay can I start my note cards. I think we have to take a break. What is with you today with you? What's going on? We are taping this like two days before the Christmas holiday week I am I hi and check it off the list. It is pretty funny that because you're saying something and I'm just looking at you and you're like that's it. You got nothing. I know you're just staring at me or nodding and I'm like it's it's an audio show. You have to have some audio cue that you've heard me or you. Okay all right. We're going to a break. Nothing Ed Hey we have a pretty special guest in this episode. We do coming up after the break. We're GONNA talk to malaria harden who plays John. Yeah we had to talk to her because as we were not at the Chiles now. So we had no first-hand knowledge of the chilies of the kiss saying that smooch we had to go straight to the source so when when we get back from the break. We're GONNA talk to Mora. Turn your dream into reality with squarespace. squarespace makes it easier than ever to launch Your Passion Passion Project. It really does because I have been using squarespace for years. My husband and I have a baking channel Bacon with Josh Dot Com and we decided to have a website because people people want to know. Where can we print the recipes? Can we learn more. 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And so was Greg Daniels and and you know I could feel. Everybody was kind of excited and Allison Jones casting director. You know you can always feel that as an actor right when when it goes well and people are responding to what what you're doing and then the next day I was testing for pilot and Allison Jones casting that as well. She came out into the hallway and I was about to go in for my test and I was like. Oh that was really fun yesterday. I really like that. You know those sides and she's like yeah and I said maybe I'll get you know. Maybe I'll get them both. Because that was the character of Jan at the time for the pilot was a guest star possibly recurring character. But this one that I was testing for was a lead character regular in a pilot for an actor. You want to get the pilot. Because you know when you're the regular or one of the stars of the show because that's better money and just seems better and she's like well. I really want you to get that one meaning the office. She really wanted me to get the office anyway when I did the pilot test. I didn't get the pilot test but I did get the office. Well the client client is a very big episode for Michael and John. Oh yeah you know it is where you have your smoot in the parking lot and we have a fan who wrote in his name Ms Ryan and he asked. How far in advance did you know about Michael and John's relationship? Well when we were filming the pilot I remember sitting at but The tables having lunch with Greg Daniels and Steve Carell and we were all laughing. At how kind of weirdly interesting. Jan and Michael Michael. We're together like we sort of and we were like well. Yeah that's funny. You know if we get if we get it we get a pickup and we get an opportunity to do this more of the show then just just the you know the six that we're doing which was our first season. Then you know it'll be fun. We should we should have them hook up because we felt like there was a little spark between them and we kind of conjured it on the pilot. Well you guys had fantastic chemistry and I think they were all picking up on that and seeing the possibilities because you in Stevenson's together gather we're just amazing thank you you know what else is like. Everybody is so perfectly cast in this show. I mean that's one of the things I think that makes the show besides the writing which is unbelievable but also just every single person is perfectly cast. There's not one person I that you look at it and go. Well you know I mean everybody's just absolutely spot on I agree I already jinx you. uh-huh okay. Well can we ask you a little bit about what it was like filming those scenes in that Chili's I mean. How did you get through those scenes? I was dying laughing. It it is ridiculous I will say that the stuff that Steve and he's he's actually a friend of ours. He was so great that he is so funny. And the stuff that they did and the Improv that they did and I it just it just flattened me and I. I swear it last night when I was watching I watched it with my husband and and you know I was just like I kept going. Oh my God it was so hard to keep my straight. Oh my God it was so hard I was so amazed mazed at how incredibly straight faced I was. Because I'm telling you every time we got I would just burst into laughter and I had to look so irritated and so oh you know so like just completely put off by all the stuff they were doing in reality it was. It was tough. So do you remember anything in particular that those guys improvised like was the baby back. Ribs Song was that improvised. Yes I think that whole little section there was really. I think that really was just spur of the moment. The way that they they kind of went back and forth. Well I have to move US along. Yes we have another fan question that I'm actually dying to hear here because when I watched it I was like. Oh my God I forgot how long you in Steve Kissed. You really switched quite a bit. David Arquette Dr Carol said. BJ Novak has been quoted as saying that the kiss between Michael and Jan was rehearsed and filmed many many many any time. I don't remember rehearsing it. I'm certain that when we rehearsed it we certainly didn't kiss during the rehearsal and actually last night. When I watched it I was like that was a really sweet and like kind of awkwardly? Just bumpy bummbly kiss that but I kind of Love I. I thought it was a really great first kiss for the two of them. Yeah do you remember any direction that Greg gave you during that scene. I don't remember. I really think we did it like one time or two times. I don't even know what he's talking about. I remember it being really quick and I actually think that the take that you see on there is the first time we did it so I feel like and it just has all that it has everything it needs it you know it has the tension. It has the kind of like wait that so wrong and wait a second. I want more of that kind of thing that John I struggled with the entire relationship with Michael so I love that well. That was really a spy shot. I know that Randall was crouched behind car. And he had this idea of shooting through the car window to you the threat and I remember doing some scenes like that and they always fell so so real. Because you couldn't feel the camera you know a foot away from you. You really felt like you were out in a parking lot. Exactly you really really do feel like you're in the middle of nowhere doing your own thing having that private moment that we're all trying to strive for at all times as actors. Well Laura. There is a scene in the Chili's I thought you you did such a phenomenal job in. Its at the end of the night. And you guys you've had a few drinks you're over it. They're having beers talking. And you're just sort of checked out and then you realize realized that Michael is about to close the steel. You've see what he's doing and you perk-up and you look at him with the smile on your face and it it. That was the moment for me that I realized why she even entertained. Being in a relationship with Michael she saw that side of him and was like Oh my God and he's crushing it and it totally made everything makes sense for me. Yeah you did a great job it is a great moment. It's Jan really rarely smiles in the show you do so much scowling. and kind of you know disapproving looks and So it's really it's really nice to see her kind. Have have that big full expression of you know kind of enjoyment of all my God this whole thing that you know that he's been doing all night that I thought was just just a bunch of BS. Actually was you know there is a method to his madness and I do love that and and I think that is the thing that leads to. The kiss is that he feels the you know he gets to have the the moment of of victory and she has she kind of is like. Oh there's more there's more to this guy than I thought what you know. He's not just this idiot but I thought he was. Yeah Laura thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us about this. We you consider coming back for future episodes. Perhaps oh sure well when you get to the details going to say is I mean it is like one of the best episodes ever and you're so phenomenal in it and malaria wet. Are you up to now. Can we give a little shout out. Oh you're sweet. Well I mean. I'm doing the fourth season of series that I've been starring hiring on for a while called the bull type and I just directed an episode for season four. So I'm currently editing that episode. So that's exciting and I love everybody to check that out. That's episode twelve of Season Four. But they can watch the bowl type seasons one two and three streaming on Hulu and on free form dot com now and also so Season four begins airing on January. Twenty third on freeform so everyone go check out the bull type on Hulu informed. Yeah that's right. They'll pay sweet. And what an amazing thing we've been part of together with the office and everything. It's really exciting. And I love that you guys are doing this for the a fan and and Revisiting all this was really fun watching the episode last night. All right well. We'll see you for dinner party lady. All right I'll see you. Then thanks the Laura you guys Angela. I think we should get into this episode. Let's start talking about the client okay. Can we talk about Michael in his jeans. It's Yes oh my gosh. This cold open made me laugh so hard. I just think it's really funny that when Michael is dancing around in his jeans. There's this tiny spy shot of Angela. Martin's ahead that's to the left of the potted plant while Michael is dancing on the table. And she's just looking there snarky. But I'm so short. My head barely comes over the partition. And so there's the plant and then my head just for like a split second at eighteen seconds and then back again. When he's goofing off I'm like judging him from the copier so i Martin is just being placed in these little spaces in the background judging? Well I remember that I had to have a big wardrobe fitting of quote unquote casual clothes so so that we could shoot these flashbacks. Oh yuck casual. Fridays but Angela. Are you just wearing your regular grey office where I am never. I never participate in touch Russia. Friday what's interesting to me. Is that this cold open implies that we have casual Fridays at the office. But so far we've never shown ONA casual Friday or reference to casual Friday and I believe we never do again even though we very often have episodes set on a Friday. No this is the one time I I said. Also there are some real great Pam Sas in this cold open. Because what do you do at the end. You just chunk is jeans under the you. Flip them over talk awesome. Have you say chunk your whole life. It's chuck you chuck him. No have you been seeing chunk for your whole life. Some food chunking SAM. I'm Chuck Right. One hundred percent sent. Chuck wiffle Oh my God you chunk your Wolf Football. I chunk it get real hardest artists from one. Oh my God my glasses off. 'cause I'm crimeline chuck it. You don't junket get Lord Yup Pam Chuck's the genes into the trash will. There is some Pam. Says there is also. How long have I been savings wrong and now I'm just learning about owned the podcast? I don't know God okay. Well in other cases intimidating art right there okay so after the scene with the jeans the show opens with Michael John Having a meeting. They're talking about how they're hoping to secure a very big account. Lackawanna County the whole county. They will buy their paper from under Mifflin. This is when Michael Tells Chan. He has changed the meeting from the Radison which he describes us to snooty. Yes it chilies. which he says is the new golf course where business happens success? I have that on a card. I thought it was so funny the Radisson to Snooty to snooty who snooty too stuffy. I have to note cards from the scene that I have to bring up. Oh well then go I mean at a minutes and at sixteen seconds you guys. Chan has hot pink Nail Polish. She does yes. I think Angela Martin's probably judging her. I mean you know. She judges her but hot pink. No Polish in the workplace. I'm just saying and then a minute. Thirty one seconds. Jim has a talking head and he says that. If we get this big lackawanna account we might not have to downsize. But didn't we just downsize in the Halloween episode. Well we let go of one person but I think the bigger deal is that they're saying an entire branch might have to close So it's either us or Stanford God's GonNa have to close completely. I don't know this would save us. I got it. This moves us into the scene in the kitchen where everyone is telling their worst. First Date Stories Oscar tells the story about how he went on a date and he found out the woman had background. Check Tim though woman. I have this under no credit. I'm like Oscar's telling this it's like kind of horrible date scenario where he went on a date with a woman so did did the writers not know that they were GonNa Make Oscar gay yet or is Oscar kind of covering thing in front of his coworkers. Well that back story of being on a date with someone who done a background check on you. That was based on a real story of Paul Lieber scenes dating life life what he said he went on to date the woman for a while but on their first date she revealed that she had done like some a real deep dive on him him to make sure that he was on the up and up. I have a fan question both Sarah Clark and Kim asked who came up with Pam's worst. I state story well. Pam Story of being left at a hockey game was not based on anyone's real story but the writers went around the room and they just pitched worst. I I state stories. Where is the worst place that you could leave a date? That was their assignment one afternoon. That's a little insight into the writer's room when they sit in there we're on a bunch of couches and they eat snacks. They eat a lot of snacks up. There they really do deal there snag. What's there but they also do sit at a table with computers as well? Well they do but sometimes when they pick these ideas it's really in there because they'll say okay. What is the worst place to leave a date and then they just just go around the room you just shouted out? It's it's so fun and a writer's room because I feel like when they do that kind of stuff it's almost like playing a game a pictionary or something. Yeah yeah in your living room so they said that they had a lot of alternates but this was their favorite they lane. I wish we could know. What their alternates? Were I know this. This is the one that ended up in the script but I think it's perfect first of all that. He took her to a minor league hockey game on their first date. Second that he brought his brother and then third that they left her there. Yeah and then that it was Roy. Yeah it totally supports the backstory. You made up up that he bought CDs with the money. You're going to plan your wedding with. Yeah with his brother. Yeah yeah oh I loved it. I thought it was perfect at three minutes. Thirty five seconds in background. There is a mail cart like a rolling mill car. Oh Yeah it's there are a lot. No one ever pushes it. No one ever delivers no. Sometimes we've had people push that cart heart. I think I feel like Oscar has done something with that cart really. I don't know guys. We don't have a designated male personnel. Like comes around around with their male. We don't have a mailroom. We don't feel like pam handles all the male will then. She just pushes the cart to the back of the. I never pushed the cards that maybe anyone anyone out there comment us let pushes the cart at three minutes. Fifty four seconds. You can see three photos on my desk. Yes I have one of them Oh Jin it. There's a photo of your sister and her husband tape to your desk. Yes that's Ryan and my sister's husband's name is Dwight. Isn't that it crazy now. The writers didn't know that that was just all like by chance. Yes here's a little bit of interesting Trivia. My father's name is Jim my brother-in-law's name Amos Dwight and my niece's name is ceecee. Well a named the character after see see that the other two were already happening. Yeah but that that one was all you my niece e was born about a week before we filmed the episode. Where Pam and Jim have their baby and I asked if we could name their baby? DC after my niece. I think that's so cute. All right ladies. Shall we take a break. I think we should receive pared-down your note card bearing down my note cards I've collected myself. I'm no longer laughing at you when you just simply look at me thank you. I'm for knitting that. All I'm doing is looking at you but it's a expression most really fine now just do again. It's implied that there's some way I'm looking at you. Oh this is your thing. I'm GONNA take a sneaky photo of your face. Don't you dare lady eighty you. Do I have to do the impression ready. This is my impression you made me look down at your Whatever you're doing okay? Ready and those are my fast facts. Nothing you have. Nothing Angela. 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This is me Okay we are back Michael and Jan or getting ready to leave to go to Chili's for their big meeting. And did you notice in the parking lot Michael says chilies at least just a couple of blocks away they should strive together. However Closest Chili's is actually about thirty minutes away in Wilkes Barre at the Wyoming Valley Mall? Somebody did a little bit of a deep dove. I remember this. I remember when we were shooting it. That We discovered that there isn't really a Chili's in Scranton. You have to go outside. Oh to get there. And it wasn't a big deal when we did the Dundee's but here Michael does say it's only a couple of blocks away but it's not and then he goes on to say you don't know Scranton at all it was like like well. Maybe maybe you don't know it. What was it like for all the people in Scranton to see this episode? And be like wait. What where's the Chili's well? They probably have the same moment when they saw a palm tree or two every once in a while. It'd be like wait. What was the palm tree doing in there? I also want to say I looked it up. There still isn't a Chili's and scranton chilies missed opportunity here. You guys want to go go ahead and put a Chili's and scranton already chilies. Maybe you should call us. 'cause Jonah has some business plan for you we will cut the ribbon. The ribbon ever done that. That'd be fun. I know I've always wanted to do that. Where you hold? The giants scissors. Don't chunk of though not chunk on anyone so they walk inside the Chili's to one of my all time favorite scenes. Yes I bet. I bet it's this. I'm young at my note card. It is it is Gould dead no gould old when she says no gold. When Steve's face as Michael when he whips around and goes gold like it is your see everything in him go electric yes is dead? Do you WanNa Talk About Your K- we're in a meeting Michael Michael. We're in a meeting. And then he has to give that look to camera. Yeah Oh my God. It's so good. Oh Man Stephen so good nineteen Oh we have the same thing written down now. I just peeked at your no card. The waitress Meghan Agan. You hold your paper up so I can't see it but my no cards are right here in front of you. That's your business. Five minutes. forty-seven seconds Megan. May We have an awesome and blossom. Please I think this is a great detail now. I don't know if this was in the script. I don't know if Steve improvised that. But I love that Michael Remembers burst the waitress by name. I absolutely believe that the character of Michael would remember every waiter or waitress by name. I think that every flight attendant S I was GonNa say I think Michael Well knows the name of every person he has to interact with. Yes and it's his pleasure to get to know their name and I love that. He knows the waitresses Megan. It is a great great detail. Tell six minutes nineteen seconds. Michael Calls Pam on the phone back at the office to get him to read her a bunch of jokes from these joke joke books in his office. I got a lot of questions about this people wanting to know the punch line for that joke about the lighthouse that Pam starts. It's an Michael's like no not that one. There is no punchline to the joke it was not in the book those jokes quote unquote were scripted. And and they just wrote the beginning of the jokes. Oh I love it no endings. I bet the writers had a lot of fun with that just writing the first line of joke they know they have. They don't have to worry about the payoff off. That would have been fun. Well and I had the challenge of having to memorize the line but look like I was reading from the book that I was not reading from. Oh yeah that's tricky. I was a little tricky After this pam fines threat level midnight. The script Michael has written where he is an action star. Michael Scorn learn and at seven minutes. Eighteen seconds Jim finds drawings of the threat level midnight poster when in the script and we had a fan in question from Becca Ramirez. She asked who made the drawings in the script of threat level midnight. Do you know I don't great question Greg. Daniels didn't really made the drawings himself. Oh my Gosh I could see him sort of sitting on the side quickly drawing them so he sketched them out and then he gave them to. I guess it would fill and fill hired an artist but this was the example like Greg sketched it out to say here's my idea of what the poster this is. What the drawing should look like and Greg said the artists came back and the drawings? Were so good that he thought he thought maybe his kind of crappier beer drawing stick. Yeah Michael would do that. Yeah so he kept his own drawing in. I think it's just perfect. Okay well two things number one on here is the actual joke that Michael tells at Chili's at Chili's here's the actual joke well. I'm an astronaut. So I drive a Saturn second guy says. I'm a pimp. So I drive a cheap escort third guy says I got you both beat. I'm a proctology so I drive a brown prob- yeah that's what's the line that makes Christian the client just roll over laughing. How about seven minutes thirty six seconds? They're all eating this awesome blossom with no L. Drinks not even waters. Megan wears their waters. Again I mean those are kind of salty. You need your water you do. Oh I I have a fan question okay. So a lot of people asked if this was the same Chili's where we shot Dundee's yes all right. I did some research so we got a lot of conflicting information on this one when I went to research it first of all the Internet says it was not the same chilies yet. They have no citation citation for the nation. That's right so I asked Phil Shea. He said he thought it was the same one but he said it was close to our set. Ah But the original Dundee's was not close to are set. Then I asked Greg He said he couldn't remember but he knows it was an empty black angus. So I know so I actually asked him this as well I said Tim. Can you tell me a little bit about where you filmed. Because we're trying to figure out if it was where we filmed the Dundee's and he said well I can tell you this. It was like this really gross head boy out of business justice restaurant and a kind of sketchy area so maybe it was. No that makes me think it was the same and he said it was gross because no one had been in that building in so long. They're like little nooks and crannies of it that were kind of dusty Carotti as I was watching it. I couldn't tell if it was different. They did an excellent excellent job of making. It look like it was the same place. Yeah I couldn't tell either. But Tim's description of it kind of brought me back eight minutes thirty four seconds Michael Tie hi with the little mouse on it. Yes that he uses to eat awesome blossom That was scripted that he would do that. And the wardrobe wardrobe designer actually had to make that tie. That is a custom-made tie. She made seven different mouth options that she showed to Greg and he had had to pick the mouth. That would go on the Thai. Or my Gosh. This is what I'm like. Our jobs are crazy got hey how was your day while I had to make ties with mouths on them. We are two different mouth I made I made seven different mouths and then my boss picked one Oh can we get to one of my favorite scenes which is nine minutes. Seven seven seconds the baby back ribs. Yes alright I was so excited to talk to Tim about this now. A lot of you guys wrote in and said was that improvise was it scripted. And here's what Tim said. Tim said the beginning of that song. When Michael starts off singing within the script and in the script that he was supposed to join at the end okay okay baby back ribs right hand and he said when they started filming it? Steve started to sing. And it just wasn't working when tim joined in so tim started doing the other part. Just kind of improvised that one. My baby back. Yeah Yeah and then it was like lightning ball races got it and he said one of his favorite moments. It's in the bloopers and I went and watched it is. He goes to do his. I want my baby back. And Steve Improvises. No you come in later. And he's like. Oh Yeah I like funny. It's a great little moment in the by. Watch those deleted scenes as well so good. So good and Malory's right. Laura could not hold it together. I mean can you blame her or no or so funny. And they really wanted to hold that three-shot. They really wanted her to be the anchor of the scene so they couldn't carve it up. They can have all these singles or anything so anytime she laughed. They started getting did. You can also tell that those guys are having so much fun together. They are having a blast the week after this scene Steve was going to shoot to host Saturday night live and so when I was there that day I remember Tim giving him like some little. Yeah all the insider Info on what it would be like. Well I I actually said to him Mike Tim. You and Steve had such great chemistry. How'd like how long have you known each other? And he said we've actually known each other a really really long time so they met a long time go before any of them were famous when they were really young they were all at second city in Chicago and they also did Improv Olympic. And then Tim was cast on. SNL With Nancy Carell. and Dave CNOR. Oh my gosh right. But he said honestly he said when they became really really tight and got to know. Each other is the summer summer when he had off from Saturday night live. All of those guys went and did a second city tour in DC and they were there for the summer and he said that that was so much fun he said they would do their show. And then after the show they would all stay and do an Improv set and he said it's some of the best Improv. He's ever been a part of could. Could you imagine if you could go back in time and buy a ticket to that show. I love that. There are people who got to see that yeah and Tim said I was like who was in the cast and he said it was Steve in Nancy. Jon Glaser Adam. McKay Theresa Mulligan who I know who is hilarious and they just had the best time. We'll some of the most fun we ever had. Angela off camera on our show was when we would get to hang out with the cast of Saturday night live because remember there and NBC show. We're an NBC show so we would often have to press with them. We would go to New York. They would fly the cast of the office to New York and we would spend an entire day. Okay do press conferences and then in the evenings they would throw a little party for all of the actors on the NBC shows and it would be the cast of the office office and the cast of Saturday night live and we would just crack up crack up and dance parties that those are some of my most fun memories and I even remember being there and pinching myself and gang remember this remember all of this yes I remember one of the things I remember that you and I going to watch Saturday night live and we got there and we were started hanging out with everyone you know before. They're kind of getting ready so we just said hi quickly. We went to our seats and then afterwards we went back in their dressing rooms and hung out like another half hour. Then we went to this like after party that they have after everyone every taping. That was really cool but then Chris Parnell was guys. Do you want to go to the after party. The after after and I was like wait. Isn't this the after party. And he goes no no no the after after party and then we we went to the after after party and it was like in this bargin that looks like a forest and you and I I think I just had on a denim. I'm dressed I got it. The gap like everyone was dressed so cool looking and I turn to you and I was like it is three in the morning. Oh I think the sun was coming up up when we finally called it a night. I remember going up to Chris Cornell and being like so I think we're done he's like all right guys they were still being crazy we left and they were are still there. Those are some of my favorite memories. And I'm so glad we did that stuff. 'cause we are kind of the people who don't normally stay on low we don't but but we went for it and I was. There were two casts that we hung out with a ton in our heyday of the office. I would say and one of those was SNL Fennell and the other was madman. Yes Madman that show was coming up at the same time that we were and I would hang out with the cast of madman a lot also same the thing we would have to go to these press junkets and the stars of all the shows would be in their various conference rooms speaking to the press. But then they'd have some like big buffet lunch for all of us and I would Chit Chat with all the people the other cast. I ended up talking to quite a bit who I really thought. Fantastic was community. Oh yes yeah. That's right everyone on that in that show was just so cool and fun and I I loved getting when we got partnered with them. You know to do press will bring us back to the episode. You know that scene where they're eating the ribs. Yeah okay I found out a really interesting little tidbit. I listened to the DVD commentary. That's actually Paul Paul and greg making the slurping sound. Oh no they recorded. Oh slurping sounds in the editing room. Lay on top of that scene to just make it even Grocer Burma Laura's reaction funny. That is so funny and just makes me like love our show because I felt like we were just like this little this little engine. That could this little team of like. We need to people to make slurping south. Oh that happened all the time all the time. You have some more stuff about tim though. What do you WanNa say well well? I just asked him if he had heard of the office and how he came to get the job and he said he was a humongous fan of the BBC version. And he said that when he I got the call about the show that it was not hit right it was kind of early on it was sort of like what is the show about and like he said in like inner comedy circles people were like the show's really funny so he knew it was funny but it was like the world didn't really know about this show yet and he was kind of busy and he was like I don't know Oh guys I don't know that I can do it. And and so he initially said no oh he turned it down yes and then they called back and Tim said his theatrical managers. Manager's assistant was like Tim. This show is so hilarious and he was like all right. All right all right. I'll do it. I'll do it and he said he's so glad he did. Of course he had the best time with. Steve and Tim is right now on on a show on. ABC called schooled. It's on Wednesday at eight thirty. PM So check it out. Thanks so now Angela. I think we should go back into the office and talk a little bit about threat level. Midnight Right Oh yes. Everyone in the office goes into the conference room. They divide up the parts and they start reading threat level midnight. I think this is a great example. Of what a table read is like what we would do every week on the Office Tuesdays or Wednesdays at lunch we would all go into this conference room. They would hand out the next next week's script and we would read it out loud. Yeah and usually the director was the narrator. They would read all the stage direction and on threat level midnight Jim. Am is the narrator when you guys all read it. And he casts Oscar as golden face but when threat level midnight is actually made. Jam Is Golden Face. Yes Catch there one of my favorite things in. This is the fact that Michael's bumbling assistant clearly used to be named Dwight. So that talking had that Pam gives where she explains a Typo and all of that the first time we shot this episode that explanation did not exist and so that was a reshoot actually like that talking head because it helped it make sense for me because Samuel L.. Chang was actually direct. That's right well. Here's the cast that we see in threat level midnight at the table read. Now it's more flushed out and things have changed once it's an actual actual movie and we found out in season seven. Phyllis is Catherine Zeta Jones. Dwight is Michael. Scorn Oscar is Golden. Face Ryan is Samuel L.. Chang and and that's the only people that are cast in what we see everyone else's sort of sitting around but those are the ones that are called out. Well I had a big fan question here. A lot of people asked if threat level midnight was a fully written script it was written. They did write quite a bit so that we would have something to work with but as you you see in the show. It's an unfinished script. So it was not a fully written script they also wanted to know if we read from the script or if it was improvised I was GonNa say that. I thought we read from the script but I found an interview with Brian. Baumgartner where he said we improvised it and Bj backed that up that we were sitting around for about five to ten minutes and we were just throwing out anything at all which seems almost impossible to me. But there's two people in the cast who say that's how it was. I remember it differently even Phyllis when she said I have two things to say first thing is I love you notes so I should say some of it was scripted but we did also improvise some okay so it was both and that happened a lot. When we were shooting they would leave the cameras rolling? Yeah and then we would throw stuff out there and some of the improvisations stayed in. I loved that but you could definitely tell the beginning of the scene was scripted. Getting you into it yes. That's true back chilies guys. Let's have a little bit of an adult beverage. Time Code Count. Oh dear so at seven minutes. Fifty nine seconds Jan orders. Orders of vodka tonic. We never see this vodka tonic. Oh that's right. Yeah at eight minutes thirty five seconds. They all have Margaritas. So is John on in her second drink at thirteen minutes. Forty four seconds Michael in Christian or having beers jam looks like she's having a water with lime. I can't tell it's a tall glass. Maybe silence podcastone it. I don't know that's our adult beverage. Count for those of you. Who loved the background stuff like me? Angela I'm ready to take us on a date to the roof to the roof Pam and Jim's roof date. I have so many questions so many technical questions. Okay have some just you know. Fan of the office office question. What do you want to know? How did you get up on that roof? Okay so the latter that you see in the episode Really leads up to the roof. You really climb that little fire escape looking ladder. John and I did. Not That is how the crew got up there. Okay John and I for I guess. Safety reason insurance prince reasons. We got into a harness. Okay and then. They lifted us up to the roof. Like an a forklift. Kinda AH in some sort of weird platform e forklift which seemed scarier and more dangerous than if I just been allowed to use the ladder and we shot on the actual roof of Thunder Mifflin. I've done and building I'm the latter same. I asked to climb the ladder but we went up and down on the platform forklift. Okay I have a question about the roof. Okay James K asked. Was it cold on the roof. It looked cold. It wasn't it wasn't a Angela shooting. The scene is one of my fondest memories of all time from the show because the only people on the roof were me John Greg Daniels Paulie Burstein our first day D and Our camera operator and and DP Randall. Einhorn it was warm. It was a warm summer evening but like a beautiful summer night. Warm breeze it was. I can't explain it but this little group of us up on the roof. It hit me while I was up there. I'm on a TV show. I'm living my dream. This is amazing right. I'm sure it felt really magical. Just like a magical moment completely magical. We had really gelled as a group at this point. You know we were really in it altogether. We all loved the show so much. We love being at work so much. It was just really really special and the grilled cheese sandwiches tasted so good. It was great. I have another fan question. Donna asked was anyone hurt by the fireworks. That looked Kinda dangerous so I saw Brian. Baumgartner recently and I asked him about the fireworks fireworks he said Jenna it was insane. There was no stunt coordinator for these fireworks. He said because because they had to get the shot of us from so far away they really left the two of them out in the middle of this parking lot field which let alone looked very dry. Yeah well you know fireworks are illegal in La. Oh hard time even getting fireworks for this breaking taking the law. I'm not sure I know. BJ said once in an article that There was a rule about how big the fireworks could be. They weren't allowed to shoot anything up in the air because La is very dry. That's I think I do know that so you can do the thing. That's on the ground. Yeah but that's it. Yes so there were like the sparkler thing on the ground. Yes and and Brian said that they could barely couldn't hear anything they could barely hear action or cut They just were out there playing these fireworks but at a certain point he heard someone shout hop over them. Kick some thanks Greg Probably Greg screaming but But Brian that they were just it felt very real and that I think that was part of it about what made that night. So magical was that it was really like we were watching. Those guys goof around with fireworks because they were as you were. Yes yes and after this when we come down from the roof you know Jim and Pam they leave the office and they're listening on the headphones. Oh at fourteen eighteen minutes thirty four seconds. I have a note card that says old tech alert. What because it's an IPOD? Yes it's an Ipod when you guys have like the low headphones where each take a little ear. It's so cute. Will Matt hurt asked. What if anything were you in John Listening to when you shot the swing playing dancing scene? Okay that's one of my questions to Matt. So what was it. Okay the song you here in the episode is a song called Sing by Travis us but John and I were actually listening to an Interpol song. which song I don't remember but you know it was Interpol yes I remember that And I think I think that was John's actual ipod and that he suggested that song that we listened to the Song Jam Damn Fans are going to love that and that was also lovely same warm summer evening. It was awesome so we talked to Laura a little bit about the next scene which ages Michael in Japan in the parking lot. That's at fifteen minutes. Twenty one seconds. It is the big SMOOCH. Yes the big SMOOCH. All right so I feel like there's there's just this brilliant moment and I don't know if it was written are Steve improvised this that just shows how over the Moon Giddy Michael is that him and Jan just kissed and that she said Let's get out of here. He's so giddy. I wrote down the scene because I thought it was so adorable. It's at fifteen minutes. Twenty one seconds Jan says Jan is sort of like all of a sudden camera. Where right yeah? She says he's looking for. The camera is getting caught on. Doesn't find the camera but she wonders right and so she says let's go and Michael Goes what and she lets go and he says where we going. Oh okay doesn't matter go go go go go Gogo. I thought that was so cute. He's just so excited. I thought it was adorable. All right so it's the next morning now. The doner Mifflin film crew enter the office. Do they have a key. Do you notice that Dwight is sleeping on the couch. Maybe it's not even locked. I know maybe he never locked the door. That night is dwight in blue underwear as tanktop under like a foil like a fema foil blanket. Well I'll tell you there was a very big meeting about what underwear underwear he would wear. Of course there was yes. Would it be boxers. Would it be briefs what color this is what they decided. Of course. There's a huge meeting about Dwight's underwear of of course. Yeah I know and they decided on those blue kind of tidy ladies. Yeah there I guess. Bag cheery baggy. Oh you know rain loved that he loved every second. What about the scene where he runs to the window? Angela sees Jan.. That's right so so obviously. The camera crew bus Jan Right. Yes you so busted but there are two thunder Mifflin employees who also now know Angela who's arrived arrived early in the parking lot and dwight whose peeping down from the window. Yeah Anjanette Dwight. I'm assuming she sees Angeles. She drives by but I love that it twice. Liangelo totally clocks you. Oh Yeah I do too but I love that Dwight and Angela who go on to have their secret relationship totally bus Chan. I love that. It's Angela in the parking lot because I feel like the very last person who you WanNa see during your walk of shame is is Angela exactly all right so Michael arrives into the office with his delicious secret me so I felt like malaria described that so well how sweet and innocent and happy he is. He's so excited and really he really is like. I'm not going to talk about it. I'm not gonNA speak about women. Don't Kiss Intel and neither do I ha- you know and then the next thing we know who like we'll have to disclose we'll have to write a letter about our relationship. He just oh man in that talking head. I love the camera work in that. It's a very very slow. Push cushion on Michael's face and you can just feel the camera putting all this pressure on Michael to tell the truth. How long does he last? He last like fourteen since he's like he's like all right fine. We went. We went back and we hotel we made out. I held her and she talked to me about her divorce. Oh my gosh that phone call with John where he goes under the desk. Greg directed that Greg told Steve. Why don't you take this phone? Call all under the desk to avoid the camera crew. And he said it was great because they were able to edit together. All of Steve's improvisations because you can't see his his mouth. Oh so are. Yeah because Steve was improvising. A lot of that phone call and the things that he was saying back to Jan.. Then we have jim in Pam's kind of their first fight they have that hiccup at the Dojo but this is different. They have little moments I mean and he got his feelings hurt when you suggested he try. You know go for that job at the other branch and then there was the DOJ. Oh and now there's this well. This one doesn't get resolved halt and I ended this episode. Jim Suggests to Pam that maybe they had their first state that you could say this was there for state and I wanNA say something. I understand. Hand why Pam Bristles at this. Well let me just take a minute. First of all pay 'em lies to Roy. Boldface lies to Roy and says I have have to stay at work. And he's like are you kidding me right now. She's like no. I have to work so so already like she has probably within her moral. Oh compass stepped over a line. I think for Jim now look guys. I'm a huge Jim and Pam Fan and I wanted them together from the beginning. But I would think as a guy right like I was talking to my husband about this. And he goes this kind of move chimps. Doing you know he knows she has a fiance. Yeah but he makes a grilled cheese. Sandwich takes her up on the roof like he knows he knows. This is his moment. He's going for it. Ultimately there they end up together so it's great but that's not that kind of breaks Guy Code of what you do someone else's fiance well and then I think for him to call it out so clearly the open I think pam is willing willing to pretend like none of that is happening and they're just friends while it's happening but for you to just look at her and say say hey you're kind of unfaithful. Last night was very shocking for her and she had to shut that down she had to be like. I'm sorry I don't know what you're talking about. You're just my friend and we were hanging out after work. I don't know what you thought that was but UNCALL- right. That was her way of trying to get her boundary back and also. Oh just being defensive. Knowing that she did something she shouldn't have I think well I think whenever like there's a moment when angela catches her with Pam Pong then meredith catches. Just the shirt coming up and then this moment when he calls it out. All of those moments are win. Pam gets a mirror held up to her behavior and it makes her uncomfortable. Well because she knows the right thing to do is say Roy. I'm in love with Jim and we should break up. Yeah but she's got all of these layers like you do in a relationship and feelings probably family of guilt and obligation and all of that all wrapped up into it so she doesn't know how to make that break and I think this is one of those moments where mirror is held up and she feels bad and she bristles at it and then it all ends with that final. Look between Michael and Jim. The little shrug women. Where are you going to do a Too Lonely guys. Well guys that was the client. That's the client. Thank you so much Laura Hardin and Tim Meadows for making this episode. That how much more special and I want to say. Thank you to Brian. Baumgartner and Phil Shea and Greg Daniels all of whom I reached out to for this episode. Thanks guys for your help. Thanks everybody all all right. We'll see you next week. We're going to be junk and performance review your way. Oh boy point. Hey I'm proud of us for pulling back together whether we are really on the edge of the beginning I got a little giddy. I have a little punchy so thanks for sticking it out. That's what she said. Good ending thank you. Thank you for listening to office. Ladies Office ladies is produced by Ear Wolf Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. Our producer is cody. Fisher are sound engineer. Sam Kiefer and our theme song is Rubber Tree by Creed Bratton for Ad Free version of the show and our bonus episodes candy bag. Go to STITCHER PREMIUM DOT COM. Tom For a free. one-month trial of stitcher premium use code office

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Margaret Sullivan

Words Matter

55:35 min | 1 year ago

Margaret Sullivan

"And. Welcome to words matter with Katie Barlow and Joe Lockhart. Welcome to words matter. I'm Katie Barlow. Our goal is to promote of genitive reality as a wise man once said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Not their own facts words, have power and words consequences. Joe, and I are honored to be joined today by Margaret Sullivan. Margaret is the media columnist for the Washington Post and before that Margaret served as the fifth public editor of the New York Times. And was the first woman to hold that position. Margaret is a native of Lackawanna New York and began her career as a summer intern at the buffalo news becoming the first woman editor there and managing editor in its hundred and thirty nine year history of that storied newspaper. Margaret Sullivan, welcome towards matter. Thank you, very much fun to be here with you. So Lackawanna New York is in the western part of the state located in Erie county, and that's also the birthplace of the late. Great, Tim russert. And while he was born in Germany CNN's. Wolf Blitzer also grew up in Erie county and considers buffalo to be his hometown. So is there something in the water over there or what's going on? It's just a great place. And it seems to you know, seems. To sort of spun media types. I can't explain exactly why. So it's even but I certainly knew Tim, and I know wolf, and you know, we wear our buffalo routes proudly buffalo pride I like it. So you recently wrote about the state of local journalism in in that context. Tell us about your time at the buffalo news. So I was there a long time I came as a summer intern. And I kind of made my way through the ranks. I mean, it is funny because you know, when I came there there were two papers in buffalo as there were in a lot of cities, and I hit internship offers at both places which made my mother, very very happy. And you know, but I said to dad, you know, what should I do? And he he said, you should go to the buffalo evening news because that is the dominant paper and dad was kinda right because they hired me at the end of the summer and two years later, the morning paper was out of business, and I was at the evening paper. Yeah. So you know, I was a reporter and a columnist and did all kinds of different. Things and eventually kind of worked my way up through management. And you know, was really honored to be the first woman editor of the paper. And did it for a long time. Did it for twelve years. Yeah. That's an incredible honor. Has there been another woman in that position? There's only been one person since my Connolly is the editor. And and he's been there since I left in twenty twelve but I was there in two thousand eight when things really began to tank in local newspapers, and we had rounds of buyouts, and we did not have layoffs. I'm happy to say, but, but it was tough, you know, the print advertising model was disintegrating and in it has an the whole situation has not improved in this is true around the country with rare exception. So what's what's the solution was the future? I mean, I really wish I knew that Joe. I really do because it makes me very sad. I mean, it's got it's some combination of nonprofit news organizations, local people deciding. To really support the paper local philanthropy. And I don't know what else there's no clear answer. So as we noted at the top after your time at the buffalo news, you served as the public editor of the New York Times explain for those who may not know what a public editor is and what she does. So the public editor which is position that's been discontinued at the times and a lot of other places. But not while. I was there. I'm happy to say is a kind of a reader Representative and internal media critic. So you are not exactly of the times you are. You are looking at it as an observer. And as a critic, although an employee of the paper, and so there's an inherent tension there. I think I was a pretty tough critic. Although I also think I was fair, but it's very tough to come to work every day and essentially be in the role of criticizing your colleagues. I would imagine. Yeah. For the first time, Margaret I ever crossed paths was that's right. When the New York Times story on the front page about the NFL, which I objected to. Issue with and it was a very interesting process because you know, from the editor side, I got we stand by our story. And I you know, I talked to dean, and he was like, I appreciate everything you're telling me, but we say by story, but Margaret, and I had a very healthy back and forth at the end of the day. The story stood, but you know, just as a communicator. And as a reader, I felt like at least I was heard right. And it's a way to people don't get satisfaction from the paper. Like, I want a correction or this is wrong. This was unfair. I've been plagiarized or something, and they don't get any help from the usual channels. It's a place for them to turn sort of like an ombudsman in any organization at a university or or anyplace else. So when you were in that position, I believe we counted correctly. You wrote six hundred ninety one blog posts or columns productive say the lease airy. You were the first woman to hold the post as we said in your the long. Longest serving public editor at the times to date. How did you approach that assignment differently than your predecessors will for one thing? I approached it in a much more digitally forward way. So that instead of in. This is not to say that my predecessors didn't on of this. I just did a lot more of it. I basically decided I was going to kind of treat it as a conversation an ongoing daily conversation between myself and the readers of the times. And so whatever issue would come up. I would deal with it immediately. It was funny because the first day that I was on the job. I think that the editors expected me to kind of come in and get the lay of the land go to launch a few times and do a few different things. But I was determined that. I was going to write a blog post the first day, which I did. And it it was about the whole issue of fact checking which was sort of hot at the time, you know, kind of new and hot, and I had a great assistant. I always had these great assistance because the assistance at the time are these. Overqualified young people. And so I wrote this thing and my assistant read it. And he said, are you sure that I'm Michael Cooper is at the democratic national convention, and I was quoting him and saying, you know, I talked to him by phone from. And I said, no, not really let's take that part out. And and then the post went live, and I went out into the hallway. And there was Michael Cooper in the halls of the New York Times. So it would have been extremely embarrassing be especially because it was about fact checking no kidding. Luckily, I had a really sharp assistant, and I always had fabulous assistance. So they helped me tremendously. It was again from a consumer of the public editor, it was a really important change because it used to be all or nothing if Margaret or predecessor would write a com- critiquing story that was a big deal once every two weeks along, and and it really meant that the story had a fundamental fly in it as opposed to. Story was thirty degrees tomorrow after right? That's right. And with the blog posts it allowed people who were being covered by the times to make their point in a way that wasn't as dramatic as and probably as politically charged right? Really wants. No arm of like, okay? This is the thing today. And I would do this. I had the sort of process where I would, you know, we got tons and tons of mail, and my sister would sort of do triage, and send me the things that seemed important, and so I would sort of pick a topic, and I would air the readers complained normally quote from some some of the really smart readers of the times that I would go to the editor in charge or maybe the top editor who was Jill Abramson at first. And then dean back get their point of view, put them both in the post. And then it sort of at the end, I would say, and here's my take. And I would say who I sort of sided with or say, they both have good points, or whatever it might be. So that was that was my approach very disciplined approach. So in your last column for the times three years ago this week, you offered a few recommendations based on what you would heard from the readers, and among them were remember that speed kills keep click bait at bay and protect credibility with readers above all else. Now a lot has happened in journalism and the world in the three years since you wrote that how well do you think the advice was listened to not just by the times? But by journalists and journalism in general. Well, this these are all kind of continuing issues. The speed thing is is always a problem. And now in the in the digital realm where there's so much competition. It's very hard to slow down mistakes have been made to use the passive voice, it's problematic. And I think we learned all the time. We all learn it all the time, and then have to learn it again. And when you think of the school shootings or just. Some of the huge events that have happened covering Trump. All those things I think the record overall, you know, it's really hard to talk about the media writ large. What are we talking about? Fox news. The New York Times Breitbart. But I think people are aware of that click bait we like to call that engagement, but it is an issue. It's always an issue, and you know, right now at the Washington Post volume of clicks has become less important than subscriptions. And I'm pretty sure that's true at the times too. And that does sort of that does sort of change the focus a little bit because we're trying to develop a long-term trusting relationship with readers that they are willing to pay for. And that's a lot different from just you know, I'm gonna put some stuff up here. That's really sexy and now moving on right, especially in the world of Twitter where you you click on the link and read the first three lines. And if you're lucky if you're lucky, and that's how you consume it, superficially. All right. So. So switching topics here. Now talking about your most recent column and talking about Julian Assange, he was arrested and on the day. He was arrested. You framed the debate in the Washington Post this way, quote is he essentially publisher though, notably strange one who believes in taking radical steps to expose government secrets and who thus should be afforded the same first amendment protections given to news organizations, or is he a reckless trader and by no means a journalist who deserves no such consideration and who should be prosecuted without worrying about free press concerns. So we'll ask you your own question is a publisher journalist is he reckless trader or something else. I will. I don't actually see Julian Assange as a journalist, and it, but this is tricky point because while I don't see him as a journalist because I think journalists not only expose secrets, but bring judgment to bear and make more considered. Decisions than just dumping tremendous amounts of classified data out into the world and saying well kills people. So be it. I don't see him as a journalist. But the the problem is that what happens with his case will affect what happens to legitimate journalists. So as journalists and as press free press advocates and first amendment aficionados, we have to be cognizant of that and defend him, even though he's practically indefensible, so my column essentially made the case that reporters and press advocates need to be very careful about sort of throwing him to the wolves. Or just saying, well, he's not one of us. And so we don't care what happens to him because it may well come back around to bite us. I like the way you framed it. But I think in the current environment. It's a little bit of Australia's because you can be both and it's not so much journalism anymore. It's publishing. Yes. And he. He is publisher. There's no doubt that he has a platform. He puts information out with content people consume it a classic publisher in. My view is also a traitor someone who has served the interest of Russian intelligence over the idea that the pressure be free, and he's not he's not a classic whistle blower. I mean in the same way that Alex Jones at info wars is a publisher he produces content. He distributes it. And it's a despicable human being where do you come down though when you look at the indictment, and how narrowly it's drawn. I mean, it seems pretty clever that they started this as a way to go after leakers, but got pretty smart on this. As in like, we don't want to touch the third rail of the first amendment and really are just focusing on the to put it simply breaking and entering the hacking, the prima facie case of illegal in criminal activity. Right. So the charges is not done under the espionage act, which has been used to go after leakers. Journalists, but it is a very narrow charge, and it essentially says well, you helped Chelsea Manning hack into a defense department, secure, computer. So you're right. The breaking and entering part of it. It is drawn very narrowly. It's I think it is an effort to kind of move around the press rights issue. But because it talks a lot in the indictment about you know, sort of the methods of encryption of source protect protection all these things that we do that are actually very important practices. I'm afraid that it all gets swept up together. And that opens the door. I'm not convinced. Neither are any press organise free press organizations or advocates and most first amendment attorneys are worried about this. Because even though it is drawn narrowly. It could have wide ranging affects. I think you made a really important distinction about you know, how real news organizations handle classified information. I I. Hand for my time at the White House when the New York Times or the Washington Post or someone would get a hold of something there'd be very serious conversation said involved company, the New York Times lawyer, the Washington Post editor the reporter who had the information information was sometimes delayed and use sometimes it was buried, but it was done in a very serious up front way, and like any industry, you get judged by the worst actors. How do you make this case to people that you know, there are times that this kind of whistle. Blowing is in the national interest in the public interest and other times, it's just raw sewage going out. Right. Well, you know, you can remind people if they have the historical perspective of the Pentagon papers. So, you know, very longtime ago early seventies. When Daniel Ellsberg sensually, stole these documents from the Pentagon and handed them off to the New York Times. And then the Washington Post the secret history of the Vietnam war did that serve. Country. Yes, I think it did was he stealing classified information. Yes. He was a lot of people will say, oh, but that that materialists is secret and classified so you should never ever expose it while if if we only told people what the government in its wisdom wanted us to hear I think we would be much poorer as a society. But unfortunately, the extreme of that is again these data dumps that don't redact anything that are irresponsible and Assange used to be more responsible. He used to he used to consider more redacting conversations. Like, the ones you're talking about Joe. But that has changed as he's, you know, become I think more extreme and downright weirder. The other, you know, element of this. Which is a undercover scandal is the overuse quest for occasion. Absolutely. It's become very very it's become a political tool to keep things. It has gotten worse over time. And that's something that I think regular folks don't really understand. And and it's and it's hard to explain the stuff. It's been very hard for me over the past twenty four hours to try to defend my stance on Julian Assange because of this thing of they don't understand how much is unfairly and wrongly classified. They don't understand that what Assange happens to him can affect regular journalists. And it's it's pretty it's pretty nuanced. It is not something you can sort of explain in a in a quick Fraser sentence. So going back to your original point about whether or not he's a journalist. I think that is the first of two important questions. So I think step one is is what he did journalism. No. But the second one is is what he was indicted for journalism, and I think that answer can be different. And I think that answer may be was different and looking at the seven. Page indictment short indictment. Single count indictment from both journalists and a lawyers. I I understand on the one hand it is very narrowly drawn it is under this, computer fraud and abuse act. It's a single count about breaking and entering a computer that you don't have authorized access to. But to your point Margaret the language in the indictment, particularly I think around paragraph twelve and thirteen the language the indictment doesn't necessarily follow the the law that that's in the count that the computer fraud and abuse acted actually says the issue is that he you know, knowingly was providing classified receiving classified records and knowingly manning was knowingly providing those records and that was the conspiracy. And I think that to your point where the issue is. And that language in the indictment under the auspices of the computer fraud and abuse act could give them room to expand in the future. If they wanted to to tack on charges. Oh, that's absolutely right, then and that's the way. Worry. It's not while the nub of it is about breaking and entering the language around it, and the sort of possibility of interpretation is much broader journalists. National security journalist, particularly receive secret or classified or sensitive information in careful ways all the time. And that's why we have secured drop boxes. That's why we reporters use signal which is a an encryption messaging system were phone system. So all of this stuff has kind of come along in recent years since Edward Snowden, and Chelsea Manning. So it's it's all wrapped up together. And I don't think it can be separated out as easily as people would like it to be. So now, here's the question is is what's next? I don't know. What's next? There seems to be three different answers from it for most. And we have a perspective the journalist Howdy. Where you see the story going? The lawyer appointed Katie this likely could take years and get tied. It up, and I'll back clean up and talk about there's some really weird politics that are gonna come into play here. So why don't you go? I I think that Assange is such a it's going to be hard to sort of rally support behind him. I think he's going to be a test case, and that'll be unfortunate. But it'll be cheered from the legal perspective. I think it's gonna take a longtime law. Fair had a piece out today talking about people who had been previously indicted under this LARs similar laws in other countries that we were trying to extradite takes three to even ten years. And even then it wasn't successful. I think then cabinet secretary Theresa May blocked the extradition of one of the individuals. And I think we're looking at the same thing here. And there may be convenient outs to where we don't even have to answer that question, and maybe he doesn't ever come here. But I think the legal battle is just the beginning of a long road. And finally the politics. I mean, this couldn't come at a more awkward. Time for the president loves WikiLeaks. He mentioned it one hundred sixty times in the last two weeks. Now did now he denies now. He doesn't know what it is. He said, it's not my thing, which I hadn't heard that phrase in about thirty years, but you know, he's an older guy. It's not in the indictment. There's nothing that ties Julian Assange to what mower has done Wiki leaks as an organization is it's organization one in one of the indictments, but he could play a big role in in at a minimum in the Roger stone case. And I think they'll be a lot of pressure on the prosecutors to make sure they win that case. I mean, it's it's this it'd be highly charged political battle, and they lose that. We may see a lot more of this ration- victory tours, and all that stuff certainly with the character. You know that Roger stone is so he comes with a little bit of political leverage right now. And I think that that may turn out to be the thing that cuts through you know, katie's three to ten year time. Time-line because when you want to drag your feet as a lawyer you can. But I mean, this, you know, when I I was sitting at CNN onset getting ready to talk about Trump's taxes. I think when this broke, and my first thought was boy, this is mixed news for President Donald Trump, which is in, you know, in one sense, they get they get a guy who's been a thorn in our side on the other hand, it really complicates things for him. Unusual for him to say, I don't have anything. He has something to say about everything. And so for him to sort of just really, you know move away from it is telling so we want to talk about another recent column that you wrote and the headline was serious. Journalists should be proud of not bullied over there. Russia reporting. And then it you respond to conservative critics like, Sean Hannity and national reviews. Rich Lowry who say there needs to be a reckoning on news coverage following Bill bars letter on the mullahs report. And you say case after case where journalists got the story right and give your own reckoning quote. I reckon that reporting by the Washington Post, the New York Times the Wall Street Journal BuzzFeed CNN, Bloomberg news, the Daily Beast mother Jones propublica and others drove forward a national conversation that needed to happen as Americans we saw with their own eyes. Trump's bizarre f. Efforts to ingratiate himself with Russian President Vladimir Putin that reporting mattered and provided context, and that shouldn't be forgotten or swept aside. Now, quote is the criticism purely political or do you think that some people heard what they wanted to hear didn't manage their own expectations. And now blame the press for getting it wrong. Well, you know, I can't say that the press was perfect in by any means in its coverage of what might be in the Muller report. There was a lot of anticipation, you know, at MSNBC, particularly Rachel meadow. Particularly there that you know, there would be indictments shootin have any way of knowing this. But she certainly had a lot of guests on MSNBC made a cottage industry out of this whole subject. And so the finally the bar letter. We can't call it the Muller report because we don't know what that says. But you know, there are no new indictments in it and everybody of courses forgotten the indictments that have. That have already come to pass. And it looks like at that point like, wow, that was all very terribly misleading. What had been reported? And there was a lot of a lot of criticism of it. And some of it was legit. But I stand by the fact that the serious news reporting that broke stories was was important President Trump has mocked this. But the New York Times and the Washington Post both won Pulitzer prizes for their coverage of connections between the Russians and the Trump administration or the Trump campaign. So a lot of important reporting got done, and I don't think that it needed to be disparaged the way it was. I would take it further. I think that the last two years has been really the revival of the great New York Times Washington Post competition to break stories to really push. And the reason that I think there's been such spectacular. Porting is the context, I tend to judge everything against my own life. So in nineteen ninety eight the last time, we had something of this import some of the investigative reporters were more lax Tanaga, I they would just call up the independent counsel's office every morning and beginning something on a silver platter. These guys is far as I can tell we're getting nothing from office or very little maybe some guidance a little bit here and there so they were out doing old-fashioned work of reporting the story, and they put together, you're right. We haven't seen the mole report. So we don't know what the answer is. But we have some idea based on the reporting. So I I completely agree. Let me go post bar letter though and say did the media overreact to the bar wetter. It's a leading question because he'll tell you can tell what I think I. Yeah. Do they overreact? And and basically give him a pass for something that they didn't have the basis for. There was so much anticipation about the Muller report. When's it coming is going to be this Friday at five o'clock, or you know, when will it happen? So then you know, we know that it it's out and then bar puts his letter out. And there was so much sort of pent up anticipation that I think I mean, I'm not making excuses. I think the media did a poor very poor job of reporting on that. And basically reported it exactly the way the Trump administration would have loved to have it reported, which was to say in many cases, think even to use his words, complete and total exoneration. Well, that's not true. In fact, the bar says in his letter that Mollard would not exonerate on obstruction of Justice. So it was accepted to credulously. There was a lack of journalistic scepticism, and you know, headlines went too far. And I mean, I think since then it's been sort of real back in a little bit. But pretty bad pretty bad performance from your. Effective. How much of it was going to your leaving note at the New York Times the speed of trying to be their first and how much of it was the residual effect of the sustained attack on the media every journalist that I know gets every morning and says I wish Trump wasn't attacking. But it doesn't affect me. And I don't believe any of them. It does affect them. It does feel to me. Like there were a lot of people who were doubting themselves for two or three days at few. I think you're right. But how how would you? Well, you know, how would how would you look at that? I mean, I think a lot of it was there, you know, there was some content to report here there were not going to be any new indictments. There was exoneration on collusion or conspiracy or whatever we want to call it. And there was you know, sort of an odd maybe maybe not on obstruction. So those things I think we do know. Although now there have been a little there has been a little bit of leaking. Thing from the special counsel's office to say, we don't really think the characterization was quite right. I mean, it's hard to parse. Exactly why. But I think some of it was speed not really knowing what was there and going with the kind of cartoonish just the top line of information without enough nuance without enough attribution. I mean, it really was not attributed to the bar letter. It was like this is what the mall report says in many places again, I mentioned this McCollum. But it I I was shocked that you know, it was the same weekend. Maybe the next day or something or maybe even that very day. But Scott Pelley, who I have a lot of respect for on sixty minutes, you know, of written columns praising him for being tough as he introduced sixty minutes that night. He just sort of said, you know, there was that little bit of news that they lead in in with. And he basically said that the president had been exonerated in the mall report. And I'm watching it going like, wow, really actually does not say that we don't know that. And in fact, we know something other than. That. So you know, it was that was not good one of the other really interesting parts of that calm was when you talk to the editor of the Huffington Post who said, and I'll characterize it. And then you can tell me a little bit more about the conversation that it's not that. They don't think it's a big story. But when they travel around people aren't as obsessed with it as we are tell me about that. And what does it mean going forward? So I mean, I I found this in my own reporting that when I talked to people in western New York, which I've done a lot of because I hang out there in the summer. Sometimes it's not on the Russian investigation is not on their minds. What's on their minds is pocketbook issues their mortgage their children's economic wellbeing, healthcare, right? Those are the things that matter inside the the melt line show, not at all. And so you know, what what Lydia pogrebin green of Huffington Post told me as she did these two listening tours of the country or. I don't know what she called them. I think that's Hillary's phrase. But anyway after doing that they decided not to put a lot of resources against the Russian story. So speaking of Hillary and former presidential candidates, we want to switch gears and talk a little bit about the early coverage of the twenty twenty presidential campaign and the battle for the democratic nominee who are the Bibo as and why do they seem to be second all of the air or maybe the ink out of the room? So I wrote a column with the the phrase the Bibo on it, which is also it's a reference, but that's not what I meant. What I meant was Biden, Bernie and Beto was right after bell Rourke had launched, and you know, when he launched it was with the Vanity Fair cover. Joe Biden has still not declared his candidacy Bernie Sanders. All I felt getting a tremendous amount of media attention and some of the women candidates. Some of the other candidates who weren't established while I guess battles not really established. But the usual suspects were getting shunted aside. And I mean that happens, of course, they're going to be people who are immediate attention getters. But I think we have a very we. I know we have a historically diverse field. A lot of women. There are people of color. There's a gay mayor of a small town. And it it's grading to me to see only the boys getting the attention, not only, but largely most objective people after two thousand sixteen looked at the coverage of Hillary and said, you know, we didn't get it right there. We didn't. We there is something that we missed. And I mean was the autopsy done over an a day? Have we have we learnt has talked talk about within the Washington Post. You know, what kind of conversations have gone on about? How do we start treating? Men and women equally hours equally as you can or as fairly and not have the only Shooting Stars being meant. Well, you know, I have to be clear about this. I'm not in on those conversations. You know, I I'm a media critic, I'm not sitting in the room with the national political staff. So I go to the cat you go to the Catholic share. But I think I mean, I'd I'd rather talk more generally that there is there is an admission I think or an understanding that there was a false equivalency in the campaign coverage that Hillary the coverage of Hillary Clinton's Email scandal, if you wanna call it that, and I guess we can was pumped up and made larger and given way too much attention in order to sort of measure up to the all the things that were shocking and weird and wrong about Donald Trump's background and and statements, and so it just never made sense. And I think so much can be explained. D- by people in the media, and in politics, and in the FBI and elsewhere being quite sure that she would be elected. And so therefore, you know, you did these things therefore you're coverage was tough. Therefore, you're if your call me you come out and make the reckless report all of these things because not many people believed that Donald Trump could actually win. And so he stood everything on Ted. But I think so much can be explained by that that no she was going to be the president. So let's start covering it in this tough way. Now, you're keeping moving forward to two thousand twenty in in your opinion. Why is it so much harder for a woman candidate to be likable than a male? I mean, there's a it's a weird thing. I think that there's a lot of built in sexism and misogyny in our society. There's just no way to get around it. And you know, there's this whole thing of well, I'd like to you know, you hear people say this, and it's been sort of become a song. Sort of bitter joke. Well, I'd like to see, of course, I'd like to vote for a woman just not this woman. So just not that woman and not this one and not the next one. So then would g there seems to be a pattern here? So I don't know that the media can fix that. But I think being aware of it is really important. I think the likability standard is also different for men and women for men we often say somebody like to grab a beer with. I don't usually hear that phrase applied to female candidates. And I think what's likeable in female candidates on the national stage, at least in the current American mindset is different than what's likeable in the mail candidates. And so they're they're not only battling it being harder to be likable to begin with. But they're also battling against a different set of standards and rules. Well, there's something that's really interesting to me. And I've, you know, Maggie Astor at the New York Times wrote a great story about this not just about this. But this was part of it is that in order to get elected men. Actually, don't have to be likable. It helps. But they can get elected if they're not likable, right? Women must be likable. One of the things that makes women unlikable. This is all social science research. One of the things that makes women unlikable is ambition. So, you know, I think if you're running for president, you're probably embellish ISS, and and if your ambitious that's going to help make you unlikable, and if you're unlikable you can't get elected. I mean, I think that's too simple, and maybe we've grown up a little bit. And we've certainly seen lots of women get elected and other countries. And you know, it's not black and white. But I think that factor is definitely there look at different characteristics. You know, men male candidates who are louder forceful women candidates who are louder. Shrill exactly men who throw themselves south. I are seen as leaders women are seen as overly ambitious. There's you know, again, we're not going to solve this problem sitting around this table. I I am interested though. And this is cafeteria talk. Not particularly the Washington Post. Or anything what's the fix on that if there is one? So I just came back from this this Nieman foundation, and and university of Chicago look ahead to campaign coverage in twenty twenty and this is one of the subjects that came up. And I mean, I had this panel of Jonathan Martin from the New York Times, and and Eliana Johnson from politico and people like that and said to them as anything going to be different. Or are we going to kind of do it the same way? And you know, you do hear people say, and they said, no, we have learned some things, and we are going to do things differently. But it's not in the probably aren't going to unveil it to me or in front of a crowd like that. I think though that the horse race coverage the tends to dominate will continue. I don't think it has to be split between horse race and policy. I think there are some ways to make that stuff a lot sexier and a lot more interesting because policy issues matter to people I mean immigration, obviously has mattered to. People healthcare really matters to people. So and it's the economy stupid. Right. So all of those things I think, you know, are ways that we can get a little bit more serious think we keep you here for the next conversation. We never even said the words, Fox News. You know, we have Fox News on the west. Yeah happen. We were like, that's that's. Evergreen we can come back. And we will definitely come back because there's nothing that gets me going more, the cancer of FOX and the the impact it has not just on the country. The impact it has on Republican leadership. And we will will we can talk about please come back. Please come back for a second date. Thank you for joining us banker. They're having me. It was fun. All right. So now that we have Joe here is a regular co host. We like to pick his brain about the happenings of recent times. And actually wanna talk to you Joe about your recent column with CNN talking about Donald Trump, and let's talk about Trump and Reagan beyond shared campaign slogan. Donald trump. Ronald Reagan seemed to be two different kinds of Republicans and in Reagan's farewell address. He famously said that if there had to be walls around his shining city on a hill, quote, those walls had doors and the doors were open to all with the heart and the will to get here. But there's another Reagan quote one from his inaugural address that does apply. Here government is not the solution to our problem government is the problem. So isn't this just a logical extension of Reaganism if you talk to Republicans in Washington, they'll say, yes Reagan is the guy. God of republicanism. My guess is that he's rolled over multiple times in his grave over the last two years. But what I was thinking about the column, and it struck me that there's something very different about Donald Trump, and that's not that's not new or novel. But Republicans always talk about the market being the solution. The government needs to get out of the way needs to be smaller. It needs to be more efficient. We need to allow the states to make decisions we need to allow the markets to make decisions we need to allow individual families to make decisions rather than the federal government making decisions. Now, they don't ever follow through any of those things. But that's the that's the philosophy. And Trump is not there at all. And I it got me thinking as to why. And what he's up to. In fact, I think Donald Trump is trying to sabotage the actual performance of the government. I mean, you saw this very early on with healthcare rather than put an alternative. Ran up on ObamaCare. He tried to kill and he is gun taken many steps to kill ObamaCare will who gets hurt. They're the people who are paying the premium is the premiums are up because the government stopped doing the things to make it easy to to access Hobo Macaire, then you have this whole specter of anti intellectualism anti professionalism. Anyone who's got any expertise? Anyone who says to the president? No, sir, you're wrong. Or you can't do that gets fired half the cabinet. We've got Rex Tillerson. We've had Jim Mattis. Kristen Nielsen all these experts are now gone. And I think a lot of people talk about how Trump just doesn't know how Washington works. He doesn't how policy works, and I kind of bought that for the first year, but I don't anymore. I think now and again, I don't think he came into office with a plan. I don't think he came in and said. By the end of my first term, I'm going to abolish congress, and it's going to be an -tarian state. But I think the way he's reacted to people who push back with him. He's decided I wanna run this like I run my business where I make all the decisions like the convention where he said only I can solve these problems. And he's taking a switch hammer to the infrastructure of democracy. Just this week. We saw the two I think most stark examples the Federal Reserve Board is little known in the country. But it's probably the most important independent agency in the world, it sets our monetary policy. Our economy runs based on what they do which way gets pushed up down in out the rest of the world's economy reacts to what are fed did. When the world's financial system was collapsing. Two thousand eight it was Ben Bernanke key at the head of the fed who who sat down and got everyone of the room and save the world. Financial system. I mean, I'm not being hyperbolic here. He did it. And it's the west bastion of nonpartisan policy making in Washington DC and Donald Trump in the last week ten days has nominated to incredibly unqualified political people to put on now, he wants interest rates to go down before the election. So that the economy grows faster, that's not the job of the fed? The fed doesn't look at the electoral the election calendar. It looks at the economy and right now, they're holding rates steady. Not cutting cutting them he nominated Stephen Moore who is a Republican partisan used to write editorials for the Wall Street Journal has an economics degree is not an economist. Nobody considers them communist, and you know, is somewhat of a joke in in the economic community. Then he raised the ante in and nominated Herman Cain. You might remember him from the last election where he had his famous nine nine nine tax plan that I still don't understand more importantly Herman Cain dropped out of the race because several series incredible charges of sexual harassment. But the one that gets me is what k- what did he do? Once he dropped out. He went into business. Promoting penny stocks, and I wonder penny. Stocks penny. Stocks are stocks that are hugely risky that get marketed to unsophisticated consumers consumers who you know, khanate. So he writes letters to consumer saying if you invest in this stock you can turn thousand dollars to eight hundred thousand dollars a year people should go to jail for that not sit on the Federal Reserve. So he is he is so demeaning the institutions of government. And once they all get to mean and start to crumble, then it's very easy to look up and say, hey, this democracy ain't working anymore. Maybe we should try something. Different. So I think it's really insidious and really dangerous. What's going on right now? So do you think that's the ultimate motivation to this? What you describe this ledge hammer approach to eventually create this mentality. That may be democracy is not I don't think he came in thinking that. But I think he he has worked himself into that place where only I can solve these problems. And I just need the power to do it. And we've seen this route history, though, the worst despots of the world where originally democratically elected, you know, I'm not going to break the rule of comparing him to a former leader of Germany, but their democratic elected. And then they they mold the system to their own devices. I think he has evolved. And that's exactly what he's trying to do. Now give you one example. Why does he keep talking about election fraud? Why is it keep saying that in two thousand sixteen three million people voted illegally for Hillary? Why? In two thousand eighteen did he go until the Republicans? You ought to be more paranoid. Because I don't like the way the votes were carried how could all these elections have gone democrat. How could all of the close ones gun democrat? Something was fishy there he is setting up the predicate for saying the next election. I'm not going to recognize the results here. I'm going to do what's best for the country. Again, we see this. We see this on other continents in the world in third -tarian countries. And it's like I said in the calm. I hope I'm wrong. But I really don't think I am it certainly scrubbing a grand plan to him where to your previous point. Maybe he's just looking at what's in front of him and has more peace field motivation. I want interest rates to go down. So I'm going to do X is that an alternative way of looking at it and perhaps more optimistic one. It's it's a more optimistic one, and it's it's not an unreasonable point. But I don't think he's particularly interested in moving the levers of government to better the lives of people. Would it seems to me he's focused on is? How do I accumulate the power to do whatever I want to do what kind of government is that it certainly not divided government where you have co equal branches. I mean, look at what the way he's approaching how he feels jobs. He's very happy to have acting secretaries because each of these acting secretaries replace someone who is next in line who is not beholden to him. So we now have a number of acne. Secretaries acting chief of staff we are he's moving into a place where the most important levers of government are are filled either by a loyalist who's acting or in some cases, a loyalist who who can get confirmed. And if you look at the entire scope of history when you've got someone at the depart running the department of defense, who is a loyalist you've got someone at the department of Justice, who's a loyalist those are two two pretty big places that. If you wanna make some very big changes in how we do things around here. The those would be your first two calls. Speaking of other things that Trump has done this week. I wanna talk a little bit about actually a divide between the president and his White House. There's been some back and forth, and they actually have kind of acted as two different entities. And how they've approached this sanctuary cities issue the White House issuing a statement. And then not unheard of the president subsequently going back on that statement via tweet. So what's going on with the sanctuary cities? One of to do this on a couple levels. Because I really interesting thing. I'll start with the easy one the absolute moral depravity of this president may let's take one step back. This is a president who has said on multiple occasions that he thinks the majority of these immigrants are criminals, murderers, and rapists to the point where and I think he's the kind of person. Whereas he says enough he believes it. So I think he's of the mindset the people coming over the border want to do bodily harm murder rape to the American people. So his latest idea is rather than to hold them at the border is to put them on buses drive them to sanctuary cities. But only where Democrats control the congressional district and put them on the streets. So again, just following his own thinking, if you're a democrat, and you don't agree with building the wall. I am going to send a several thousand rapists and murderers into your. Strict, and let's see what happens. It's sick. I mean, it's just absolutely depraved thanking and it's shocking to me that this idea didn't die immediately. I mean, there's lots of bad ideas that get thrown out in meetings in the White House. But this is now this this came up in November it came up in February and he came up again in April. So this is an idea that the president has tweeted, he actively wants a pursuit the reason that it's important and you've worked in the White House or more important if you worked in an agency, you'll get this. When you get a call from the White House, saying the president wants you to do this ninety nine times out of one hundred you do it and better be way morally reprehensible out of a hundred well, something that's clearly a legal or morally represented. I'll give you Zampa when the president told his DHS secretary closed the port of El Paso, I want the. Border closed there. And she pushed back and said that I we can't do that the way you're trying to do it is a legal and she lost her job over that. And and other things when the president went was in California and he said to the border agents. I don't care what the law says tell them they can't come in. Even though the law says they have a right to present themselves and request silent and the border patrol had to push back saying I can't do that. Because I'm the one who's going to get sued. I'm the one who's gonna go to jail for that. But he doesn't care. It's not just a request for you to think about it. You know, these are presidential directives, and it's really hard to say, no. And I respect the people who did say no here, you know, at the border, particularly in California. The third thing is though a a functioning successful White House needs to be able to communicate consistent message to the American public everybody talks about Donald Trump's, gene. In marketing and branding look at the last couple days you have whiplash. You have you had a situation where a story came out in the Washington Post about the sanctuary cities, the White House went into overdrive to say, no, no, no, no, no. It was just an idea that was briefly considered. We're not doing it then X day because there was still interest. They put out a written statement saying we're not doing it. And then a half an hour later. The president tweets were doing it. It creates chaos, it creates uncertainty, and it certainly doesn't allow this White House to support their agenda with a communications and marketing plan that you know, we'll get where they want and need to go. I just was having a back and forth. A few minutes go with a friend and his shows my little narrow focus, but if they did a briefing every day at the White House this wouldn't happen because every the briefing enforces discipline, and it enforces the sort of. Point of inflection point every day where everybody has to look around and say, are you good? Are you good? Are you good is everybody? Good. With an includes the president. Like, here's what we're going to say. I can't tell you. How many times there was a tough issue where the last person I check with would be the president a couple of times. I'd go in and say, okay, we're I'm going to say this and he'd say well who decided that? And I said, Bob, and he goes, well, you know, thanks for asking for my opinion. And we are not going to say that because that's not how I feel and put they just continue to blunder into these things. So this story is revealing on multiple levels at just shows. I don't know whether it's the immorality or a morality Donald Trump. But it's you you look at him saying this becomes clear he does not see these migrants as human beings. He sees them as chess pieces in an in a political game. He doesn't see people who don't agree with them as human beings because he wants to put these people to put in his mind. Once these Democrats have few of their constituents killed and raped. They're gonna come to my side. He's not thinking about Americans as human beings. The only people who are human beings to him are people who voted for people who tell them how great he is. And that is a personal sickness for the president. But it's a it's a cancer on the presidency that you just can't overstate go on CNN most mornings, and you know, it's some moorings. It's like I'm outraged by this. I was outraged by something else yesterday, and I'll be outraged by something different tomorrow. And you are, but the cumulative effect is to numb you. No one can be numb to this. No one. This just this reveals so much about his character. And so much about the dysfunction of the government. If this goes the way my com says, it might you look back on this and say, this was attorney point this is when our democracy fell apart. This was when the present. It was allowed to impose however sick his will is his will on the American public. And it's just it's really scary. All right Dell we always love hearing from you on what's going on. Otherwise, it's been a great week. Who knows what will be in the news next week sunshine and rainbows per well. It was great thanks for being here. And we'll see you next week. And now katie's final word on Friday, April twelfth President Trump's ban on transgender troops serving in the military went into effect. The ban prevents individuals from serving who have been diagnosed with the condition of gender dispora. It effectively means that most transgender persons that are now serving in the military are disqualified from service with a few limited exceptions one for members who have been stable for three years in their biological sex. Prior to joining the military, meaning thirty six months after completion of surgery and it carves out room for transgender persons without agenda despoil diagnosis or history as long as they serve in their birth sex. According to government numbers, there were approximately eight thousand nine hundred eighty servicemembers in two thousand sixteen who identified as tr. Transgender that means today. There are thousands of men and women who have bravely sacrificed themselves and their families in service to their country who were told they didn't belong now. I cannot speak for members of the military or members of the transgender community because I'm not a member of either. But I can give them the final word to speak for themselves. Today's final word comes from army, captain obvious Teluk soldiers matter to me, and they're the ones who will suffer. If medical providers leaders like me are banned from service has my transition made soldiers uncomfortable. Absolutely not on the contrary during my recent deployment Afghantistan soldiers opened up. They talked to me and told me things they never would have before things that they said they've never told other people. I asked him why? And the consistent answer was that the valued my authentically, my courage in being myself. It allowed them to do the same thing. Thank you. For listening to words matter. Please rate and review words matter on apple podcasts and other podcast providers.

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Evaluating Zarcos Honda Debut - Episode #10

The Tank Slappers with Lewis and Uri

26:00 min | 1 year ago

Evaluating Zarcos Honda Debut - Episode #10

"It's cutting into your exercise time it stabbing you in the back nine and relief with active OTC ingredients plus the added benefits of THC free hemp oil get all the way from Malaysia as Motorsport Dot com global motor GP editor Oreo pushed amount we can for Zarka with the weather Lorraine A- wind bought first time on the bake he made Dr but to be honest than listening to the guys in front like Mark Asia for she would have a much better picture about his bed for Emme was not to thirty three seconds away from the win and Australia picking up where he left go better than Lorenzo bombing four seconds is ridiculous via but in really well on but it does really bad dental you know what I mean yeah north conditions we just we know that he's not he's not confident enough anymore ever since greasing he was greasing hopefully pylon it is simply unacceptable okay jumps into the bike that's the big thing for me is no we've talked about this before new mentioned as whereas come and never really propel him forward it didn't give him any motivation we thought that maybe attitude I don't see him imagining himself on information regarding his future I mean I have some input but not nothing I know that year like these because it's not a matter of twenty races and that's long championship to be finishing sixteen seventeen what does he suspecting I mean the very not Hondas ADM DNA yeah I mean different so but anyway let's spoke with spoken enough about Lorenzo for nobody bell up to go to bake I think we could see a really strong weekend from Zakho Disney you can take profit of the Honda in Long Straight and liberal and and that Honda and then we saw in Philippians and couple of practice sessions estranged ricky was liquid or yeah an in-depth yeah I think that we he has shown something but he ain't so do join us again for the second half life you want to live CD medic target your pain added source it's fast acting I have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease getting in between you and the life you want to live CD medic targets your pain at its source these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure is pain and it's getting in between you in life you want to live CD medic targets your pain mining at CBS these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA this product is not intended to diagnose Phillip Island we finally finally got the answer to the KCM of course we mentioned the last week's podcast that echo honor the mortar to raider was weirdly lane for that are easing March Jose but with much more pedigree concert promoter do without making any any Grazie Greece with with the with that there was conflicting comments from which I was fighting with until they told me it was bender which I'm not so happy with strange a second of us an odd reffed that KTM created. Yeah I on talk radio I mean I can understand in a way what radar set I agree if he takes factory seat okay but he believes to jump into that factory bike considering his his performance this year the ease the key buyer of detector team on Ktm just to to retain him you know to keep him with with these result lesson to have so then ktm taken bender I think maybe annoyed just see I think he said look at Your Door Spirit Lackawanna has of all the parties overexcited if we see what he the here's a veto over oh we're excited on the on the motor to raise this whole thing of to take three in ktm taking like a warner as very much locate that but it's GonNa be harder for Lake owner to replicate Oh he came into the world championship at one start with the Super Moto and move I'm excited by the same time I'm not sure about hold and when she can read on autosport dot com the I think there's maybe there's a have raiders are able to raid you know fairly big capacity or to the not ridden the KTM chassis and then they will struggle and more GP yes in a way think I'd emigrating its own way because unique so maybe that why this factory is grading inch different concept show that's why maybe grading they don't yeah method bender I think the you know they're quite competitive and it was the same in their mortar two watch a very crucial time when contracts are about to be discussed and you have to think the deal is not

Ktm Lake thirty three seconds four seconds
Episode 27 - Lost In Battle...Found At Home


17:11 min | 1 year ago

Episode 27 - Lost In Battle...Found At Home

"Hello and welcome to this episode of no home for Heroes Know Home for Heroes Explores histories military mysteries regarding Americans who are missing in action from our past wars these long forgotten you my as or remembered here. You're today's episode is titled Lost in Battle Founded Home and I'm your host Rick Song. No home for heroes is a trademark production sponsored by the cheaper extended family charitable foundation for more information on the foundation visit our website at W._w._w.. Chief Rick Stone Dot Com. If you're hearing this preview of no home for heroes on Youtube or audio burs we invite you to listen to the complete podcast on Apple Apple podcast or whichever podcast platform you prefer and available for streaming also now on iheartradio radio not radio. That's radio today. Story is one of the most unusual and sad cases are bottles. Sometimes family lower passed down from generation to generation bat. An American hero turns out to be just plain wrong and tragically a hero's final resting in place is lost to the family even when it is just across the street state and we will provide you with the details of most bizarre story loss and remembrance all of us here at the Foundation Dacian want to dedicate this episode to our loyal listeners who are family members of the seven hundred ten casualties of the Fifth Armored Division who lost their lives in the battle of the hurt good forest may the heroes of the victory division never be forgotten and now on with our show. Today's episode is from Case Number Zero three four three in the investigative case files of the chief Rick Stone and Family Charitable Foundation. The featured in our story. Today was really not an official M._I._A.. The to his family he was missing and that makes our story all the more unusual and really sad private dominic. Joseph Colangelo is one of seven hundred ten casualties who lost their lives in what is today a little known battle near the border of Jim Germany and Belgium in one thousand nine hundred forty four and his burial. L. Location remained a mystery to most of his family until two thousand seventeen. Stay tuned while we feel you in on the strange case of a presumed law soldier who has found almost literally early on his homes doorstep on today's episode of no home for heroes in October twenty seventeen the chiefs down in family charitable foundation received requests from nephew of private Dominic Nick Joseph Colangelo investigate his case. The request stated that the family is private Colangelo was wounded during the battle of the bulge may have died of his wounds after being taken to feel hospital but concluded that quote this is all the information I have in quote private. Colangelo was born in done more Pennsylvania Dominic smother Lucy Rinaldi colangelo divorce dominic father on eight March nineteen thirty nine and then immediately married Martin Goober in Lackawanna County Pennsylvania at the time of the nineteen forty cents. This dominant was living with his mother and stepfather in done done more Pennsylvania Dominic stepfather was employed as a laborer in a coal mine in one thousand nine hundred eighty two dominic registered with the draft board at four number six in Lackawanna County Pennsylvania and he listed his residence in done done more Pennsylvania Dominic stated that he had completed four years of high school and then he worked in a laundry dominic was only nineteen years old when he enlisted in the United States army on thirteen March nineteen forty the three in new Cumberland Pennsylvania enlisted and he was assigned as the rank of private. The period of is enlistment was for the duration of the war or emergency plus six months subject to the discretion of the president or otherwise according to law in Private Colangelo listed his mother Lucy Guber of one one one more Mer street in done more Pennsylvania as his next of kin the house built in one thousand nine hundred ninety still they're probably Colangelo was shipped overseas to Europe in May nineteen forty four and probably joined the eighty first tank battalion during June nineteen eighteen forty four while they were stationed in England while the invasion of Europe began in Normandy France on six June nineteen forty four private Colangelo unit did not arrive off Utah Beach until the morning of twenty six July. By nineteen forty four the battalion's first combat did not occur until five August nineteen forty four but then on the unit was a part of a continual march of allied forces toward the heart of Germany. The Eighty first tank battalion contained fifty three m four Sherman medium tanks equipped with seventy five millimeter gun that was divided into three different companies. There were seventeen. M Five Stuart Light Light tanks equipped with a thirty seven millimeter gun in one company and a support platoon was six Sherman tanks mounting the huge one hundred five millimeter Howitzer Probably Colangelo C.. D. Company Company was the company primarily signed in equipped with the m five Stuart Light tanks. These tanks were no match to any German tank in the European theater more not intended to go up against enemy armored vehicles. The stuarts relatively puny thirty seven millimeter gun was effective only against unarmored defensive positions infantry and very light skinned vehicle the function of company as light tanks was to provide defense to the headquarters and service companies release and to defend the supply trains. The light tanks were also used for reconnaissance downside road that might be used as an enemy approach line and for resupply and evacuation purposes it is is likely that private Colangelo I direct combat action took place in a dry for the sane river an infantry battle to liberate the town of drew was launched with tankers waiting south of the town prepared to lend fire support. If it was needed the company's light tanks moved in with the infantry providing marching machine gun fire and cannon fire from their thirty seven millimeter they secured the town while the infantry mopped up the rest of the enemy and a cemetery just on the edge town the town of drew was liberated on sixteen August nineteen forty four the drive toward Germany continued with periods of action and inactivity or the eighty first tank battalion during the first first week of December nineteen forty four the tankers were not actively engaged in combat and they were living in the open on nine December nineteen forty four orders received for movement toward the Hertgenbosch forest. There's no indication any available record of exactly when private Colangelo received the wounds which ultimately caused his death or what those wounds were all of the available records simply state that private Colangelo. Angelo died of wounds on twelve December nine hundred forty four. It is likely that private colangelo would have been I evacuated to battalion aid station or field hospital located behind the front lines in these areas he would have received emergency medical treatment during the battle of her in forest. The age stations were often located in captured German bunkers according to the battalion's December nineteen forty forty four after Action Report Twenty five enlisted men were wounded and evacuated during December's combat. Only three of the enlisted men were noted as killed in action. It is likely that private colangelo would have been considered one of the twenty five there were wounded and evacuated the report also confirms the Combat Action did not begin until ten December nineteen forty four interestingly it. It is known that First Lieutenant Benjamin Tea pots was in command of private Colangelo De Companies Light Tanks on twelve December nineteen forty four the tenant pots was given the mission of carrying supplies to full re troops oops aboard his light tanks unable to locate the guide who is direct the tanks to the forward units Lieutenant Potts attempted to locate the troops needing the supplies by making a personal reconnaissance on foot Lieutenant Potts chose this action despite the fact that the area was known to be heavily mined during the mission Lieutenant Potts was killed when the forward tank he was apparently walking in front of struck an anti-tank like Mine First Lieutenant Potts received a posthumous Silver Star medal for his actions in personally leading the light tanks of practical Angelo's company on this mission assuming that private colangelo succumbed succumbed to his wounds on twelve December nineteen forty four he must have been injured on either ten eleven or twelve December so it is likely that private Colangelo was injured in the very same action that caused lieutenant potts to lose his life at that point the family lower regarding private colangelo appears to have become tangled and lost so our researchers and investigators stepped in to untangle the mystery or the family family private Dominic Joseph Colangelo and what an unusual mystery it would turn out to be I there's always been popular confusion over the more well known battle of the Bulge and the almost. Forgotten Battle of Bergen fours these were two separate battles. The Battle of the bulge known in Movie Lor did not begin until sixteen December nineteen forty four and sadly private Colangelo had been dead for four days when this battle was initiated by Hitler's attacks in the area are investigators found that those killed during the battle of Perkin forrest were later congregated in one of two to American cemeteries located in Belgium the on re Chapelle American cemetery or the our dens American cemetery after the war ended in Europe in May nineteen forty five the next of kin of personnel personnel killed and interred overseas were authorized to decide on the permanent disposition of the remains of their loved ones. Essentially the families were allowed to select one of the following alternatives one permanent interment German and American military cemetery on foreign soil specifically designed constructed and maintain in perpetuity as a memorial to American war dead or to repatriation of the remains to U._S.. Soil her interment in a national cemetery in the United States three repatriation of the remains to the individuals homeland or that of their next akin for interment in a private cemetery foundation investigators found Pennsylvania veteran burial records and also noted in the United States Rostro the dead which concluded that private Colangelo mother selected the option number three the option of having him return to the United States for burial in a private cemetery but our team didn't stop there foundation determined at Private Colangelo was recovered from an American military cemetery and transported sport home from Belgium on board the transport ship Joseph the connelly and if private Colangelo arrived in his hometown of done more Pennsylvania during the week of October twenty seven nineteen forty-seven further we found records that noted that he was buried in range a plot fifty five of the new Saint Mary of Mount Carmel Cemetery Yen. You guessed it is hometown Donovan done more Pennsylvania when our researchers called the cemetery the staff there confirmed that private Colangelo was actually buried there they located and shared cemetery records that Liz private Colangelo. First name as Chevy which may have been a nickname and it has no doubt complicated efforts to find private colangelo actual burial location for over seventy five year he currently has the the following inscription on his burial plot under the family plot of Goober son private Dominic J Colangelo born may seven nineteen twenty four killed in action in the bulge the December twelfth nineteen forty four the cemetery is now part of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Parish Church. It's located at three twenty two chestnut street in done more Pennsylvania if you if you live in done more nearby go by and pay your respects and thanked private Colangelo for his sacrifice to deserve the freedom that you enjoy today unbelievably the location is practically just across the street private Colangelo last residents on Mortimer Street and done more Pennsylvania. He lies just across the street from his home and all these years at least some portion of private Colangelo family never knew or they forgot that an American hero had returned to live just across the street the home he left behind. Thank you for listening to this episode of no home for Hero. We hope you've enjoyed today's production and we invite you to check out our other episodes. You can now subscribe to listen free on apple podcasts or whichever podcast platform you like to listen to and now you can even tune us in on iheartradio. Don't forget to tune in every Saturday. We will post a new episode of mysteries. Military misters missing in action episodes of no home for heroes are produced from the actual investigative case files of the cheap Rix donen family charitable foundation dedicated to providing information to family missing American servicemen missing American servicewomen as always we greatly appreciate your comments and a special link is available for you to contact us on our website at W._w._w.. Chief bricks thrown dot com you sure don't WanNa miss our next episode with another true story at bow one of our missing American Newroz tune in to hear it for yourself next week on no home for heroes until next time be careful these say and wishing you fair winds and following sees. I'm your host Rick Stone reminding you that wars the nation that has no heroes but shameful is.

Dominic Joseph Colangelo Colangelo Dominic Nick Joseph Colangelo Colangelo De Companies Light T Private Colangelo Family Charitable Foundation Lucy Rinaldi colangelo Rick Stone Pennsylvania dominic battalion Apple Europe Youtube Germany Rick Song American military cemetery Lieutenant Potts Belgium Angelo
Matt Walsh "You can only work for the Devil for so long"

Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast

55:53 min | 2 years ago

Matt Walsh "You can only work for the Devil for so long"

"Hey, guys, remember that time Cameron Hughes the man. The legend came in here live and we did a wine tasting. I forget we got drunk with you. Here's a taste of that. Now. Now, let's pause wanted for you guys. All right. So this is Santa Cruz mountains. We bought this from a winery up there and it retails about thirty thirty five bucks a bottle under their label and folks wineries they like to make more than need. And it is. It's agricultural business. You never know how much you're gonna get. Certain years yields are low, but oftentimes in California, the weather's fantastic. We knock it out of the park, right? So that's why when they have a surplus, that's when you get that crazy like eighty percent off or whatever able to. That's right. That's right. And even in the lean years, always wind to buy, right, and with our model, we can always save you a ton of money. And it's really that simple. Okay. Here's the other cool thing I found about the website, right travel even if you do not allowing or you don't know wine, you're sorta like, I don't get what I'm buying exactly. Your descriptions are really like dead on. If you know the description is really and it's not like one line, it's really you take your time, right? If you're going to sell wine to people online, you need to appeal to their imagination. But. Also needed. Keep coming back. So accuracy is key. You've got to describe the style of the one. I've turned people away from a lot of wines. It said, no, no, you don't want that. That's not your style, right? So we do have an adventurous clientele, but we also have folks that want what they want, urine you're out. They want that Arroyo Saco Chardonnay. They want that tropical fruit bomb, big vanilla style. So we've we've got we, we have the spectrum right again, it's your corner wine shop. We've run the gamut different flavors. This is why you remind me of in person my best wine shops because the best one shops here and first of all, nowhere near your prices. Like I know the winds I buy. I'm sure there's some of the same ones nowhere near prices, but they're good like that in that they don't always steer you to, you know, the the best wine people don't want expensive. They're like, right. Do you like that? No, that's for the price. Our staff lakes this. I mean, that's kind of what you do and and it's not about, you know, the wine shop is about consistent quality over time. It's not about the same wines all the time. Right. And that's how we are there. Unwinds like us Chardonnay that we pretty much have your in your out. But the rest of the portfolio is it's a treasure hunt. They're here today. Gone tomorrow, get them while you can fun. It's a great adventure wine for a limited time. Save up to fifteen percent off with one of the new radio mic sampler packs and get free shipping. Go to see dot com slash Stephanie or text my name. Stephanie. Do five eleven five. Eleven fifteen percent off and free shipping what text my name's Stephanie to five. Eleven five. Eleven or go right to see h. y. dot com slash Stephanie and now Matt Walsh. Yeah. It's Matt boss, happy, happy hour, met walls. The feels good to say, curse words. I know just right out of the gate fucking a. And you're the guy that squares the least on veep. Right. I think Sam Richardson Richards characters pretty sweet. The Richard. He's pretty sweet. He probably curses, the least this is so fantastic. We ran into a fan of veep, I think, right? Yes. A little bit of our own. We have so many one degrees of separation. Let's start first of all, I lived in Chicago. Sound like cubs win called win. I'm a Harry curry. Pretty good. Thank you. All right. It's pretty good. It's been a few years eighties. Late eighties mid eighties. I did morning drive w c k g. what if I put not Rome? I listen to, you know, Miller in Hal more than everybody. One of eighty four issue said, I'm gonna say six eighty seven. I was there. Yeah. Let me tell you who won the every year. The contest that what wait is fridge. Gonna come into training camp at to me what Wade is refrigerator. Perry gonna be in training camp Rio two. Yeah. If you were always good if you just a little over three now he was the first three hundred Pounder in the NFL. Yeah, very calm. He was the fattest ever was yacht tastic. Yeah, big, big man. Yeah, that was fun. I love when they go, oh, this is good this year. He's only like three ten. Can I ask you what song you think you got sick of when you're at w. c. k. g. like what song they really all the time. Like really guys, we gotta play this one again. Well, do you want to hear the number of times? I did the job they related, but they do brothers here comes long train runnin. Everybody w. c. k. g. what a five point nine home rocking mo- Miller and Hal in the morning. Sleep, they'll in there, it's still in there. Yeah, TJ never leaves you Matt. Thank you for that. I enjoy is where because I know you are a big sports gave a podcast, but I don't know what I grew up in buffalo, so we love our bills. You're yeah. I mean, OJ was the star when I was growing up, go go juice. How fantastic is he? Oh, he's. Turn out well. Nothing from buffalo does. Well, listening, but Boston, Boston sports, crazy bitch, icago. There's just something about Chicago. I never missed a bears game when I was there. I didn't even follow football, right people socialize around sports, so it's not like your answer -sarily a football fan. Now it's just like we're all going dummy. Come on. They'll be food and beer, and the TV will be the background. So it's a reason to gather and it's very unifying especially when they win city comes out. Right. It's weird too, because I noticed in LA, like of course they got the chargers and the Rams and they got the Lakers and the clippers I get splits the city. Yeah, like you need one football team, but you need one thing to unified like the Celtics unify Galveston. You know what I mean? Yeah. Well, this Zoe know what a, you know for whatever reason about I'm Chicago sports fan and also a trader is I went with all your Chicago friends, including my friend, John that I met you at his house, the Sean Casten event razor, which will. Get to go Sean casting, Greg's congressman. Right? But anyway, I went to a hockey game a what is it? Blackhawks something? What's our team? I didn't fucking know who cares things. We have a team kings, right, right, right. Right kings. I'm Jay. What do I know? But I went, they want to, but I went with all your Chicago friends and John and I found myself cheery for the, I guess. Okay. Yes, Blackhawks a bunch of pussies fucking canes. There's no ice in LA doesn't happen here naturally imports. So you, you reverted back to your Chicago loyalty. Is that what you're saying? I started cheering for the kings again and then of course they lost like the fucking loser. Pussies they are. I was like h Gago but there's, I'm just telling you there's something about Chicago in Chicago people that just make you breathe sports. I think it's a drinking town. First of all, Chicago could be certain time. Like I feel like New York is a weed town. I feel like there's a lot more pot smokers in York or lease. When I landed there and Chicago. Oh, was all about drinking like the heaviest ever was when I was like touring for second city in Chicago and two hundred and thirty five pounds, which is a lot of weight, a lot of beer, wait, but that being said, your beer, wait, those might beer way. So the socializing in Chicago wasn't sports related or not is around alcohol and alcohol. Always folds nicely into sporting events because if tailgating because skyboxes of that. So I think there's a perfect synergy of that. And also the cold weather must have something to do with it. It's like pregnancy, weight, Matt beer weight is you can lose your right. It's not drinking, isn't that real weight? I agree with you. Right. Okay. Jacket off for you to say that that that's why Chicago, such a great town because my dad and Goldwater my dad brand with Goldwater in sixty four and he was a congressman. He was chairman of the NC and they all went out drinking together all the time. And I'm telling you, alcohol is it's the lubricant of life. It's a lubricant of bipartisanship friends state rank together. They may deal Trump was drink problem. Yeah, interesting. A weirdo doesn't a dog. He doesn't drink. Yeah, weirdo. He's not like he put it down. He never picked it up. I don't trust that now. I don't either. My wife doesn't drink, but she she had her dance with it and she knows she shouldn't. She has a reason. She has a reason why I respect that. Yeah, I do too, but it is weird because like teddy Kennedy and Jesse Helms used to drink in the Kennedy and. From Thurman? No. Yeah. It was just no, no, Republican Guard the basically the canal? Yes. Yes, right. No, you're correct. They would like their diametrically opposed, but they would still like have a drink and find a way to like work some kind of deal together, who am I thinking? Because you know who's always stuck in my head is Chris Matthews, who's my spirit? Animal was under tip O'Neill, Chris Matthews. Right? But no, isn't he always among? Yeah, my boss, they scouts. Who am I thinking of RGB and squeezed to drink together on. It's true. That's true. Just saying that's the Chicago, but I mean, and the current climate Republicans and Democrats never have drinks. It seems that's when I mean, we have gotten the guys from the old days. We were like completely different Kennedy with somebody like, I think it was Strom Thurmond not just, you know, we need. We need like a Jack Nicholson in the Senate. Just you got a lot of buttons up your ass. Only at good. Drink can kill. You know what I mean? Something from terms of endearment something you got a big bug up your ass because they do the full. Can party has a big traders bug up the rouse, and it's just it's the, isn't it the worst you've ever seen? It is interesting. People always ask you political questions. If you're on a political show what you've been political. I mean, I'm I'm reasonably political at you could probably analyze and predict politics much better than I can. I am now more involved or more educated about politics. But again, I'm not like a Frank rich or some of these guys who right on our show. Right. But it is a very dark time in a very bizarre. Sort of broken congress in that there's no check and balance and the craziness of the executive branch. Yeah, like you would expect some of those people in McCain broke ranks, and that was kind of kind of neat to see the funeral in the sorta old school values and Michelle Obama getting it from George Bush goes beep. That was very, yeah, but it makes you style for sort of like she's his Asian if she would have broken tooth that would be veep. Right, right. So they had to leave that would have been nice on that. You and Julia Louis drive us. Both re tweeted that somebody put Trump tiny use the phone to call the Mexican president in the closing credits veep and someone said, I'll just try. This is an experiment and Juliet, just tweeted, this experiment is a success tweeted this works. It's really there's that's happened on a couple things that Trump to the first one was when he signed a Bill, didn't sign. He turned. Right? Everything they do fits either in the veep closing credits or an curb, your enthusiasm. Betsy DeVos getting every doorway down done. I mean, okay, because you've been asked this a million times, but I see you were Mike. Obviously your character is much more like Sean Spicer who's just totally horrible in hapless, but Sarah Huckabee senators, this isn't it sort of track with what's happened is she's just what's the word I'm looking? What's the favorable? Good, Travis just intrinsically evil. Is that what I'm looking for? She didn't even really funny anymore. At least Sean Spicer was like your character kind of hapless and fun. Just pathetic and just like, oh God, there was a haplessness to Spicer. I agreed in which made him sort of likeable a little bit. Yes, I agree with you and Sarah Huckabee. Sanders does not have that quality. She's very like, I don't know she, they both worked for the devil. I always right was being compared to whatever your and a half ago when Spicer just started to my character who had existed for five years people like, are you doing Sean Spicer? I'm like, no, he's his own. He's wonder. Yeah. But they said, what would be your advice to Sean Spicer? In my my advice, it was like, you can only work for the devil for so long, and then you have to quit like you can't rationalize like this is a great opportunity. I've been knocking around the hall ways of DC forever like anybody would be a fool, not to take this job. But at some point, if you're working for the devil or the worst president in history, you have to leave that job, right? You have to quit that job to have. Sort of moral ethical standing, and it's the same thing with Huckabee. Sanders like you're defending the devil. Like I don't care if you're conservative philosophy going in like that guy is rotten. He's running. All right. It's gotten to be like, oh funny, not funny terrifying, but we were just talking upstairs mad about how this anonymous New York Times. Editorial is another veep episode for who knows? It could be anyone. 'cause you're horrible and everyone hates you. We don't know who it is. You think it's Pence? I do. I think it's coming from Pence's don't. I think somebody who hates Pence framed him but putting it out. No, Carl. I said the same thing who said it today who said it, someone just said it. Today's came from Pence's office, not from Pence, but it came from. I do suspect him, Carl. I said that someone else prominent said that, yes, it was in your show prep for. Yes, find out. Give me one second to look into the Email. But yeah, that was a, that's a crazy. And that was all that like broke. DC yesterday, apparently all my friends and like really deep political minds. We're like going crazy about it because it's like I'm Tom stain on top of the Woodward thing. I mean, it's just it's, I mean, that's the thing that you feel like they ripped veep off. It's hard to tell because you go like everyone is awful at their job. Like everyone is awful and she is like you just, I mean, you almost feel like it's like house of cards. You think I, it's probably wasn't even dip. Kevin Spacey was like, you know what? We can't. We're out. We can't write anything more evil than what's happening. Omarosa that Senate guess she's inch how what's happening went home Orosa saying the same shit that Bob Woodward is doesn't. She's more quaff corroborating. I'm Rosa. But it's the same world. Yeah. I mean, it's all I, there is no fiction anymore. I don't know where you guys are going this disease. Good luck a challenge for the show because when the the normalcy of what political satire was was, was fractured when Trump came into office was more difficult. But fortunately, our last season was she was in the private sector. She was starting her library. She was raising her foundation, so there was a great. It was great to have that reprieve from the Oval Office because there was no way to understand that kind of craziness. Now that we're like almost two years out. I feel like this season I've seen more jokes, the writers like, oh, that's good because it does nail what's happening much better. But you need that time. You need that brand that you do. You have to be able to step back because when we were in it like a year ago, we are all out of breath. I'm like, I didn't understand it right. Well. You've talked about some of it like, wouldn't. I mean I've talked. We've talked about Bryner, but this is like some wouldn't pass the writer's room. You were talking about like Spicer hiding in the bushes. You're like, no, you, that's is something Mike would do, but you're not like we can see you. You're still there. I think you said something sleeping mind, clear plastic wall, like we okay, mic better hiding. He might hide read his foot or something, but you wouldn't see the whole outline of the body or anything. Spicer shaped Bush. Yeah, lets you really not think everyone's gonna use that Simpson's me, which is like really. Matt. 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So you actually have said, I would rather have Selena my here in the White House's Donald Trump, but don't you feel like we're just like just fucking anybody. Anybody fictional real anybody just literally anybody would be better? Well, it's interesting. Yes, totally agree. It's interesting because I have friends who are against Mark political people who say that Pence is worse than Trump, which I'm sure you've heard to. You might even you might even hold this. Listen, Shaun feel like he will tell you Mike, please jump in alpine eyebrows in this. Yeah. Mike Pence is up to Trump Russia. And is. Brian eyebrows, but yet he is. But I mean, I don't see any world where any human being is worse than Trump. Like I know Mike Pence says, he's crazy who strict religious views on things and. Vice presidential candidate VP's that fucking guy. He's that ambitious Roger came from someone. Someone came Pence anonymous. Yes. James played by Hugh Laurie. Yes, yes. Yeah. You think he's like that even so, doesn't the. I mean, just anything that Trump does is on a given daily basis, even that treacherous planning scheming president that Mike Pence might be still not more dangerous than Donald Trump like, there's I just don't understand that argument. Well, I think Trump is a traitor to the United States is in active Russian asset. He is insane going. He is. He is a great thing more policy. Yes. The kiss his ass to dictators rashes the free press and is a threat to the freedom of press is a full on wire like consistently ring. Second of every. Yes, yes. I mean, if there's a scale like I think that's here and anyone else's here. Did you see he used Kim Jong as a character witness to, yes, we're gonna get. We're going to get a lot done together or something like that, said, very nice things. Don't what don't know. Okay. Yes. All right. You said unfortunately, I think pretty much every character in our show is is better than ones we've gotten Washington, which I never thought I'd say, I don't know how it happened, but even Selena, who's a terrible president of rather of the Donald Trump, Mike McLintock not a great press secretary, but better than the one we. We've I, that when we rather have. Fictional character flawed fictional characters, right, right. From any show really. Oh my God. I mean I okay. Can we go back to a half year time? Nineteen eighty s. Nineteen eighty s. Chicago Bears now like. Did you ever go to Zeller house. Kossi probably had a pork chop at that because my friend Scott gives. What do you want me now? So we got to meet what else do you want? He has his own vineyard. There's a dick old red you can get, and then the proper right and of course sausage. Yeah, I bet he. Well, he tried to run as a Republican governor candidate, but then they shot him down somebody inside said, now you're not. Now that's, but in this day and age, like why not like, yeah, his campaign. So it would just be Dubliners bears. Yeah, that's it. It's all I got. No, I was thinking that are Mando who created veep used to say like when veep came out people in DC, it's uncanny how accurate your show is like they were saying, like way things get made the way talk scheming the ineptitude, the sort of petty vanity that drives, you know legislation perhaps. Yes, like and he would always say like, it's unfortunate because it's the stakes are so high. Yeah, but nowadays it's like there's not that level of competence is being topped in the real world. Yeah, like we're not. We're not matching it anymore. Now in that was a trend now. Well, that was a tragedy back when we started in our little fiction. So it's it is crazy, truly crazy. Okay. We have one other one degree of separation might tiny baby nephew. Paul FitzGerald played the really super dumb congressman. Oh, on one year that I can't remember what season Paul FitzGerald. He's like. Does he live in upstate New York? He yes, I know who he is. Yes, he was really funny, isn't he funny played the super none phony congressman that you guys tried to bribe off for his vote? Yes. And I just remember Julius character watching him on TV and going God even walks dumb. And then they were like, what embassador ship would you like? And he was like, well, you know, I like Dallas Texas very much and they were like, well, it needs to be somewhere not in America. He's like, oh, all right. Well. And then you lied to him and promised him something that he wasn't gonna get something I like Paris then. And then they were like, all right, he's not getting that. Who's the guy that, oh, it was the Chicago banker who gave a list of his preferences for investors ship. You remember that one? Yes, there was the bankers. He also a man was in the metaphor. Yeah, list of cabinet positions first. And then he was like, if you can't get me that it was like Blagojevich days, it was all for sale. Oh, my favorite, Chicago character. Wife, Patti. Oh, yes. Fuck it back up that come shit, rob, you tell Ron. Can that come shifts not now. About motherfucker, Ron. This is me recording, right? That cuts shits over man. She was Eddie vrdoljak's even if they never microphone. You could hurt it. It will. Yeah, they're cutting Chicago to Kogyo light. Yeah, there there. I think he's probably still in prison. You might be someone's calling from shamburg and then the guy who replaced him and I can't remember who got it. Instantly bought a headstone that said Senator like he was so proud of it. Wow. Always with Broadway, which is what says, like fucking cabbage, patch haircut, like, what are you look? He didn't look like a real Persia hitter. Really thick. Had a Harry. I had a health hit a helmet and then he was on. He was on apprentice celebrity apprentice, was he yes or get off the island celebrity, whatever it was. I think he did. Did he because he was on that with France, LA? I'll. Yes, yes. Oh, fradulent day our friends the show. Oh, love them. I all my God. They're the greater the second city. Wait a minute you. She was in my first improv group. Francis Collier. Oh my God. Wait a minute. I know so many windows separate. You also founded upright citizens brigade with aunt, Amy, Poehler, and others in Robertson. Two minutes over here on Franklin. Yeah, that's right. Oh my God. All right. So right. And we have the other one right by the target. My just starting. They're going to start building. Again. It's gonna argue, it's going to happen. It's going to happen to they voted and they said, you can go back to construction, which is very exciting, I think can we go back to the nineteen eighties bears again. Now I was in the Jim McMahon era who I thought was my straight phase. Then I was dating the son of the guy who won the improv. It's a whole long story, Matt. So how to brief flirtation with the guy that who was the tight end wide receiver. Something very, super cute guy Cavs Vosa now keep a Reitman Tim Reitman. Now. Mike Ditka was tight end, but he was too old for see what you're saying. I guess you could go to eighty four eighty five, Ron Thornton was there. He was rove oak. Oh, well, that guy, yeah, we will. Thing, but will go affair. No, flirtation Donis. Yup, Jim Thornton. I believe his name. Wow. Yeah, Jim McMahon was the the dude man at that time. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, you were there for that? That's pretty cool. Yeah. Yeah, it was the heyday of the gas. Yeah. All right. Comes a little bit, but just just for the Harry Carey. Yeah. Did you ever meet hurricane didn't? I'll be fantastic. On pair is what is white is still around. 'cause you're kidding. I didn't even know he had a wife like he didn't really talk about her. Yeah, it was a great name like pink. It was like, drew Carey, fucked like tip O'Neill. Right? That's what he looked like. Yeah, yeah, big, big glass. I mean not literally fuck, but you know, saying their genetic was Ryan's like spliced together. Yeah. I, but you out there. You tweeted, I'm from dairy and Illinois, dupage county, right in the heart of that great region to fantastic candidates who both care about the environment. They're not dummies, Bridget FitzGerald, Sean Casten, this November. He's I mean to say, we have all the smartest people, but he, he's literally a scientist. You did a video of very funny video where you played the his debate. You played his. I was prepping him, yes. All right. Well, that was. Do you so you impersonated his, what's his name? Who cares? Let's not say his name Rostom whatever Peter, yeah. Okay. Stadium for Republican. But your lines call him the six term climate denier changed. We'll call right? He's an actual scientists, Sean Gasson. Okay. So you, you said as rostrum you're full of fake news. You think the environment is a big problem, hey, trees, green flowers are blooming. It's not a problem. So that's fake scientists. I'm concerned. As and tries to respond, Matt Walsh is, can he do this cheating. I saw, I love reliving my jokes. You can read all my jokes. Go back to anything. I've done read it as if it's like literature. Oh, I will wait. I wanna read your favorite lines because there were some of mine to first of all. I don't remember exactly why you had to piece so badly at the podium, but what it was a diet, you moron liquid diet. What were you doing? There was a cleanse that Mike went on, Mike has like various fads. He gets into the boat, the cleanse the babies, babies are for life, so that's different. But I like to think of us being married to Kathy Jimmy in real life. I know you're not, but I just think it would be funny. She has a great husband already. She does. I know her. Yeah. Why was he urge? I think because it's one of those things. If you don't drink, there's so little like carbohydrate or sugar and what you're drinking that if you literally don't drink for five minute, note that away from me, that's bad news noticed pendency can't. It's still popcorn. So I think he understood that he needed more so that made them p more. I think at some point. A shot of your leg just going like this, the podium? Yes, yes. Wait, oh, no. I know your favorite moments which are some of my. Why does soup cost so much? And I'm a grown man. Why don't I stop eating when I'm full. That was in the trigger? No, she had a horse. The barn. Yes, whatever that horses named was that was the episode, Mike, and her get drunk. That was so fun. That was a really fun episode to trash. The sad. Asked you this, but you obviously had this huge in Prague background. A lot of people on the show do the writers are great. Did I mention that Matt walls is a two time EMMY nominee ladies and gentlemen, two time EMMY nominee mount Walsh. Let's let you know what, what? Let's give him the fucking EMMY. He deserves the week, people of his nomination. Bullshit. Just the campaign starts on your. Let's get this Bill. Let's get it done. Let's start knocking on doors. I need some interns start knocking on doors, but some people ask you this. What degree is it improv went degrees at writing. What degree do you get to? You know, like in like in that case, I would say the shows like by the time we film and it's like ninety five to ninety nine percent written truthfully. Yeah, because we do. They do rewrite after rewrite their tirelessly rewriting and their willingness to like throw a whole script away like they're, they're not worried about the time crunch. Like veep is uncharacteristically. Once we filmed the first five episodes of the back five, they're always chaotic. It's just it's just in the DNA, the show, it's always been that way. And part of it is like whatever costs. Let's just find the funniest episode. So that being said, by the time we get onset, that's script has been home. Dover rewritten broken apart, blah, blah. And we, we improvise around them as well. In the in the table res, we'll put the script down and we'll we'll work shop them on their feet and the right. The right is we'll take out. So it's mostly written. But in that case, the lines you read there, I think one of them might have been improvised in one was written. So there are moments where like, okay, you're gonna trash that just riff and then the writers might throw in some alz or they'll just tell you to rift. So there are moments where you can improvise scripts are really long to for half hour. Oh my God. Yeah, there. Well, it's true half hour which is an HBO like twenty nine thirty. Whereas televisions like twenty one thirty. And then I would say they probably are like fifty to sixty pages. Sometimes back in the early days, I think there were like seventy pages, which is ridiculous. It should be like thirty five. I think if you're gonna shoot a thirty minute episodes. Yeah, you according to saying it's just as one episode you said it's just hard to come up with so many different ways to curse. Yes. Well, they used to have a guy Ian Martin who is the British one of the British writers. He was an expert at coming up with very florid curses, very creative cursing. He was like the go-to guy when they were stuck for a really. Funny way to curse you would do what we learned about when when Trump went to Scotland, they had the best curse words for Kirsch names form over there. OJ used the tangerine ask, maggot, wink, MAG, Maggie for week magazine, something like that. For you. These were like just hearing on the internet sort of signs. Cheeto faced fair wearing shit gibbon. Polyester cock Wandel. You income addressable ges, trumpet, you weasel headed. Fuck nugget, leather face, shit bugging. Cup juggling thunder cont. Oh my God. Those are amazing. So those are on signs as Joe's. Plus the Scott. God bless Scotland the Brits to I'm. Really good at calming new model drive us how fucking I mean, how great is she? Like I just, you know what? Okay. I don't know, people know, but so Dreyfuss is from Dreyfuss funds. So she already was born to basing wealth is incredibly successful. I mean, it's not just signed foam. People go, you looked into. I mean, she's so talented, you know the adventures of Christine. And now this show like she's just a force of nature comedic -ly just she's a national treasure. I know she really is. She's getting a Mark Twain award at some point she should be. I think she is. I think she is, but he, no, I mean, even, you know what? She's like you politically and then she she, you know, what was the tweet valley? You know, one into however many women will get breast cancer today. It's me. That I mean, really, she's the real deal, like whatever you think she is. She is. She's not like a public face like she really is like hard working sweet thoughtful, super talented, tireless, always chasing the best comedy, receptive input, great collaborator, like I'm very fortunate. We all are to like land in his show with someone like that at the lead of it, cushy sets the pace, and there's, you know, there's no nonsense when somebody's that good and they're always there and they're always working in psych, you've no excuse, but to be on your best focus behavior at all times. Now, I mean, we're all very fortunate and she's really fun. She's a good, hang like, he's Djinnit. No, that's everything I've heard, but I also think he's just extrordinary that like she's, she didn't have to do any of this and she after Seinfeld, she'd have to do anything in the fact that she's so creatively and politically driven in his, you know, just like what you've said. The nicest person in the world. I mean, it's just it that even that just gives you hope and Trump's America. She is not sleeping Meyer. She is really the. She's almost like the anti Salita Meyer, right? Yeah. In real life. Yeah, I think in like, I mean, she's not an angel. She has a good sense of orca style like, well, I would hate her. But I mean, I think we all cling to that, like tiny acts of kindness will hopefully keep the world sane and keep the world civil so. But yes, she's and she had her sharing her or deal with breast cancer was super brave. Like I personally, I would just retreat like I would just like I can't deal with this. Let alone talk about it with people and be an example of how to battle this and give strength to those who are getting going through like that. Is it an exceptional person that can do that? And so does he know what you go? She's doing without riders and lighting and make up, and she's going, you know what I'm dealing with this, like everybody does. Yeah. And in those situations like you are, your life is threatened. So yeah, I would just retreat to like a very small circle of people and just weep and pray to whoever. Yeah, yeah. So she is remarkable. Yeah. You know, it is interesting for people like you in her that are, and I'm sure many of you on the show that are so smart and politically aware that they keep. They said the same thing to us at all of us that are in the comedy were like, oh, this must be so great for you. The Trump thing you're like. I guess like good for comedy, but horrible for America if you actually care about that. Right. I mean, and I know you've been quoted about that too that you're just going well. Yeah, but this is quite a while ago, pass from funny to not really so funny and really fucking tear. Right? Yeah, I totally agree. I think. I mean, who's making money off of Trump, I guess, like CNN and MSNBC like the fight, the networks that are benefiting from people's engagement because there is tremendous engagement now because people are so furious at how mismanaged the executive branches like we're terrified. So the benefit of that, and and obviously the birth of this, like unified women's movement, knock on wood. I think that alone could swing the November election because those are the people that are showing up in big numbers since Trump got elected out those of the people that as a group, you know, as a singular voting block, like I have great hope in that group of people to said this Blue Wave is going to be female, and we see, yeah, woman after woman winning and people of color and women of color, and it's exciting. And I think it's it's, I mean, you know, which is her name St.. I'm getting her first name wrong Abrams from Jeff Stacy doing a show. Tonight. Okay. Doing an improv show? She's doing the monologues. It'll be too late when people here. Okay. But but meter, I guess I'm bragging that I get to meet her. She's in. She's a, that's a good one. Right. Fantastic. You know, but here's the thing when people keep asking you about, like you know your show and the Trump administration leg. I, it is true. There are similarities, everybody's horrible at their like it's, but this is not for comedy. This is our country and you know, I, I think you you had recorded this thing. Everyone's terrible their job, Mike, exceptionally so, but nobody is really great including Selena. I mean, the latest aren't. We just heard today speaking of Sean Spicer having to come out and go, this is the biggest moment. Inauguration crowd Trump had the photographer photo shop the photo of of his inauguration crowd. So it looked extremely was really because it's Rudy Giuliani said, there's no truth. Truth isn't truth. I mean that's beyond the comedy of. Mike McClintock or Sean, right? That's like nineteen eighty four Orwellian several speak. Yes. Yes. Again, another argument for why Mike Pence isn't more dangerous than Donald Trump just throwing it on there. Hey, here you focused. No. Here's the other thing you said recently that which I thought so apropos to this tweet administration. Mike is loyal. He's been with Selena for twenty years through the good and bad. It's it's a Kim tune addiction. You just need a little bit of goodness and you're still hooked on her. So whenever she's giving you positive feedback or or praising you, it makes you lighten airy, you said. Yes. So one nice moment makes up for twenty not so nice moments. Yes, because he's still working on the corner thinking. Oh, no, she likes me. She's just in a bad mood. I mean, how many people in this administration with what you hear about this treatment and all these books corroborate each other really fucked. Are they doing? He's horrible to everybody. Why is anybody loyal to him? I mean. Well, I think one of it is like the celebrity of it like like getting that position like we talked about Sarah Huckabee. Sanders like you knock around DC you get no respect, and now you have access to the Oval Office. And so all these people who were shitty, do you now want to talk to you? So there's that element, like if you're in the center in the way that like Al Gore wanted a closet office, no matter how small it was right next to the door to the Oval Office like he wanted access. So everybody wants access to that because that gives them power to any room they walk into. So there's that part of it. But after that, like I guess people make money if there's some weird way where, yeah, you're apologizing for this dirty animal. That's our president. So you can go to your coal guy and say, I'm gonna get you this. I'm going to get the EPA to rollback this. But when I'm out you give me a little this and it's not official until I get out. You know what I mean? Like, I think I think that goes on a deal. All be tainted. Ma'am. I think forever. I mean, anyone that signed up for this. You know someone was saying someone tweeted about, like, yeah, you know what we called people that you know try to rein in Hitler, but you know, still worked with them Nazis, we call them Nazis like, you know, they're, I mean, it's just this is not a hero that all these sources that are anonymous. These are not heroes. This is not how our constitution our country works. You come forward, you say to congress and you say to the country, it is time for the twenty fifth amendment or impeachment. This man is dangerously unstable on fit. I think there might be though positions like like the way people imagined Mattis perhaps is like, okay, we're not going to assassinate him. Okay, sir. Like Trump would literally. I think they've said that he wanted to assassinate someone and then. And not just Assad the entire country of Syria? Yes. Okay. So I think there's value to somebody who's in that position, you know, say the military side to go. Okay. Sorry, I heard you. We're going to work on that and then telling everyone don't worry. We're not going to assassinate anyone. I'll come back and talk them down. So there's that there is a just file justifiable position to like saying, like, I will continue to work for this guy because I know I can knock the gun out of his hand. Right? Can knock the new kind of his hand. Yeah. But after that, I agree with you. There are people who should speak up like or should quit, like I think you have to quit. Like I think ethically you have no ground to stand on. If you're like working for the devil like Spicer did and Sanders or whoever, like even sessions, like all them like, yeah, have to quit. You can't work for that. Yeah. Okay. So you you also, you said it's sort of misfortune. I've been a terrible press secretary for six years. And then lo and behold, the embodiment of takes off in real life meaning Sean Spicer. I honestly feel like that the buddy Mike is better than our current. Press secretary. We do have conversations and writer's room about the plausibility that how big a buffoon Mike can be. You can be that big. Otherwise, it's not believable. So we rained him in certain arenas, like the podium. Right? And then you can you were just saying, like in five minutes of Sean Spicer like, oh, he's worse than McClintock like people were saying that before you right on his first day, right? Yeah, there were discussions like about like, 'cause Mike, there's a lot of great comedy. I love playing like sort of dumb person or getting away with the dumbest. There was a bit that we discovered in rehearsal where I'm pitching Selena jokes, and then she turns her chair backwards and leaves the room. And I'm I continue to pitch jokes to her for like five minutes, not realizing there's no one in the chair, like I love stuff like that. So I love pushing the boundaries of stupidity, but there was always a plausibility thing like in that podium when he's in front of the cameras when he's in front of the press right has to be believably good or decent at his job. So we've made great said words that, right. There's something outrageously funny about the bold face lying that's going on in a general way. Just the blatant denial facts, whether it's climate change your crowd sizes. We were just talking. But I mean, it really is like you're right, funny or Williams fine line where they just he's literally saying, oh, lesser whole fudge. The tape where I said, I fire Comey over Russia. Oh, in the access how he apparently privately tells people the access Hollywood tape is fake. And even though he apologize for it, just this is the world we're in where this is there. Another word for lying is not even lying. Right? It's a pathology like instincts like drive. My question is like, explain you explain the family dynamic like I want to know what's going on with, you know, the family aspect like Don Jr. the kids tell me your take on all of that. That's what I want to understand. 'cause I don't understand that like his daughter. Tell me what, what's your take on her? Well, like explain it are Jake on. That makes us all barf because educate me what father your father. You have three kids. Right? What who goes on Howard Stern and says, bam, doubters hobbies, ass lake. No, you can say you'd banger in front of me. That's fine. Like what would happen to that guy talking about your daughter? So do you think she seeks his approval still. Yes, you do. I think they all. Do you think she she married Kushner to like her dad was like brings bring a nice dowry into the Trump business, you think so? Yeah. Yeah. He's called Eric retarded. Just like these countries that word Stephanie burn. It's like that. He said, I've never not only did call Jeff Sessions retarded. I've never said the word ever cut to like a montage of him, saying it on on the Howard Stern show calling a bunch of people retarded. Like I just I would actually would love to see my Quintana situation. Like if reporters played the tape for you in that, what would you would happen to have a compilation of you saying that. That's a great province of the pitch up to the writers. You also said I would love to see Mike elevated to pundit celebrity where he gets sit on CNN or MSNBC post-debate and just meander on and probably screw that up as well. I think that'd be really funny because I think there's a certain like Mike, when he start when the show started, he was sort of aging out of his job. Anyways might he didn't understand social media and he didn't understand the twenty four hour news cycle like that was a revolution to him because when we talk to these press secretary's like the first couple of seasons, I talked to a bunch for Clinton and Bush. Mike mccurry. Jay Carney DD Meyer to name a few and they would like, I think it was Mike McCurry who said, who was Clinton's guy. He said he would like read eight newspapers in the morning, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Chicago Tribune LA times Atlanta, whatever cover the cover the nation. Yeah, get a broad Christian Science Monitor, get a real perspective of different takes on the world, and he felt like he knew the new cycle and then he could. He could face the press that day and then he could chill out after the press conference. And the next morning he could learn what he needed to know, but that doesn't exist anymore. And I think that's where like Mike started. He started in that world where I can read the paper and understand what's going on. Guess you also tweeted as yourself, Mr Mandela researched by the way? I wanna like he's a little subtler. Listen, I'll give you some fake radio applause. The morning. Everybody were on off. It's one point. Nine. That'd be KT Chicago, the most music into moan. And with Mr. Matt Walsh, which do be UB what was the Doobie related? But they do be brothers, whatever. Now it is China grove, love that the DV brothers that never gets less funny. Everybody. We got tickets to Sean Casten. Unreason visit Matt Walsh coming up and worth the fat cone non KGB's Patas prog rock and roll the Ron. Good channeling. Nothing former life. Thank you. But you tweeted, John McCain was a politician. I didn't always agree with, but mired would have loved to met him, had a drink even. Yeah, that's Chicago in Utah. And he spoke from the hippy summarize our current president perfectly when he said, flattery secures his friendship criticism, his emnity and. It is Selena. But like again, not in a funny way. Selena doesn't actually have the nuclear codes. I mean it just it, whether it's Putin or Kim Jong on. I mean, it just it's, it's it is hard to wrap your head around right that. I mean, my dad ran with go waters. I said, who the one that asks the Nixon to step down and I cried several times during the McCain funeral. My dad was buried Arlington. He was a prosecutor Nurnberg. He was chairman of the RMC that they all have to be spinning in their graves at not just I was saying it felt like the the death of decency and my dad and go waters party, not just the death of John McCain and didn't it feel that way. You just the something happening at that service where you're like, wow, okay. These are all. Would you agree with them or not whatever side of the aisle you're on? Decent public servants. Smart, decent people? Yeah. Yeah, I think you're right. I think there's like a civility and a willingness to lie. Have discourse resolve conflict in in an facts. We're facts like we can all agree on like a set of data like, or this is a fact Europe is around. We can get past certain things in that in this current environment doesn't exist. But I will say like there is at some point there. I think the world has unanimously rejecting this gone. I feel like I do. I'm very Otten. I'm not very often. I'm slightly optimistic that reason will regain its foothold. I do Jimmy tale. Like there's this groundswell of fucking like enough like every country every leader is kind of like this is a fucking madman Gideon, and it's an and I don't know why these people, the Republican power brokers aren't like relinquishing. Some of them are involved. I think some of them are complicit. I think some of them knew some of them have Russian money who knows. Yeah. I mean, I, this is not. Normal. This is no, I know. And it's so competitive. I understand at some point like like, fuck everything a democrat says, I just want to get a victory. You know, like the way they attack ObamaCare, they don't even. They just know his name's on it. Like many of these people. They just want to strike it down is because a black man pushed it through possibly. You know what I mean? Like it's that for some of them. And so it some point though I'm cautiously optimistic, I don't know. Did you? I mean, maybe these rich have had a glass of red wine just had red wine. You've had Cameron Hughes lot. Seventeen and a half ago. Okay, absolute bartender. And then you can ring me out. Thank you anything. My friends, no charge for you? My anything. My friends earning, look him out. Thanks for coming to Billy goat tavern. Have you been? Yes, I got another organ. I know everything is Chicago. Ask me something. Where is the best hot dog. I don't eat. How does pizza you don't eat meat? Did you when you were living there to g. o.. Oh pizza. Hang on deep dish. I don't. You know, whatever. All right. Now we're gonna fucking fight because your tone deep dish pizza is it's not fucking beats. It's fucking cake, man. It's fucking cake with shit on it. It's it's not. I'm not a huge deep this guy, so I'm not going to like I kind of agree with you, but if you were going to get pizza in Chicago, when you went back. Where would you, where is it the deep dish. Lou malnati's. It's kind of it's fantastic. You want cake or casserole or what did I not actual pizza? Like New York. Okay. Now, fucked everything up. I was so Chicago Centric, but he grease of me. So it's still a happy ending. What year did they reverse the flow of the Chicago river. Audience. I live for up Wecker which upper lower. I lived on a hat. I kinda one Randolph grave, right? Yeah. Well, I actually I lived off on lowland new up on that off Plaski jer because I'm a Polack. So I lived up there the first year, and then I bought a candle on her Randolph right off, you know, and then I got fired and. Right after I bought a condo. I was like, I'm one, no, I'm you're fired. All right. Yeah, so yeah, and we were what we, oh, we were saying about oak park. The funny thing about oak park, there's no parking and far. Fine, a bad. Is there like a documentary about oak park right now? It's a very well integrated city. I think it is a city, I guess. Yeah, I think there's a good. I came from buffalo well, actually lack for which is right up the transit from buffalo in Lackawanna tattoo, Wanda and cheektowaga. So I already was into the I and the flat worked perfectly for in Chicago. Oh shampoo. Did you ever meet? Tim? Russert is in the big buffalo? Yes. Yes. Yeah, he was from buffalo. Yeah, I'm no. He didn't meet him though. That was okay. Yeah. All right. He's dead. Okay. You don't have said he had a great. Listen. Alec Baldwin says, twenty five guys could play his joke movie part, and one of them is Matt wall. What have you heard about the snow? They said that you could play Bruce Wayne's dad in the new joker movie because the director is you've worked with the time times fate and read no from Todd Phillips. Oh, really? Yes. So Alec Baldwin is saying. Like he dropped out. Okay, gasoline stat, Matt Walsh is busy. As this Phillips film bedroom is the v. comedian, could readily deliver a gravitas with a wing performance Roman twist. Well, here you just take this. Get this to my age right. Gonna make a call John Sachs UTA please. I'm giving you breaking news who wrote this. I don't know some writer. Okay. Send it to him cue for guys. I gotta go. I gotta go, knock on Philip. Kringle. Get you go next jokin movie. How well, you know God bless United States, but is it going to be less the United States? Yeah, but man Walsh has to fucking go now because he's got a call agent. So listen man wall from the and from just general awesomeness. And from, you know, she can't go shit like that. God bless you for doing this for us. Thank you. I mean, this is fun. This was a love coming down to the studio here. Please won't. You had a little more came in Hughes lot. Six, twenty seven, PM delightful. Isn't it? The sponsor the show? No. What are you talking about? No, you just like him. He's like them before they give you free faces. It's from Oregon. It is delicious. What is it? The Willamette. My wife is from Oregon. No wonder you like lapping this up? Yes, that seem weird and I apologize. I don't know what I meant by that Matt Walsh. I'm so sorry. Casten go, cubs, cubs win. All right. I love you Matt Walsh. Thank you. This is fun. You guys. Thank you. Do it.

Chicago Donald Trump Mike Mr. Matt Walsh Sean Spicer Mike Pence Trump Selena Stephanie president Slash Miller John McCain DC Sean Casten Kim Jong Cameron Hughes Sarah Huckabee LA teddy Kennedy Ron Thornton
Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc 2019

The CheapWineFinder Podcast

10:09 min | 7 months ago

Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc 2019

"Mm-hmm day from cheap wine finder again and again and again and again. And we have another one coming from lockdown which hope everybody's doing okay And it's not the worst thing in the world your home here give me twelve hundred for some reason and we got wine so what we have. Today is a kind of a cool wine. I I did not expect an. I'm dig at the most. It's the Ken Forster. It's on the cheap wine. Fighter DOT COM website. We we wrote it up and then forced her petite Shannon Block twenty nineteen and Ken Foresters Pretty Cool. He's like when the leading winemakers of South Africa Stellenbosch region and the farm that he owns was started like sixteen seventies. The Shannon Block goes back on the first time it was planted in South Africa was like sixteen fifties. It goes back a long long way way longer than you think. Then you know most places the Ken Forster's like only been around since maybe twenty five years or so maybe more but he's like when he took he took US older state and brought him back and he's like one of the leading Shannon Block People in the world and this is the Ken Force. Petite Shannon Black Twenty nineteen petite in. This case doesn't mean small means young and it's a young wine and young wine means that they don't Do a lot of aging what they make it in a style. That doesn't need agents young. Bright it's fruity at citrusy. It's everything he would want in a one and that's what they do here and I have made everything you wanted to wind up. 'cause I drank it so I know it But that's me and It's tastes great. You know I'll always love Shannon but block and but Lately there hasn't been a lackawanna. I'm reading about how Clarksburg which is just a west of load is starting to be a great place which block but you know how many Shannon blogs are coming out of a couple two or three but that's about it that I know of in the price range we talk about but this one is delicious. I think I found it for eleven ninety nine on sale and you know it tastes greatest got This kind of Syrupy. Mafia NOT SWEET. But Surp- him out. We'll just a little bit of viscous to it and it's got a nice blend of both tart and smooth and it's really kind of apricots peaches pears and oranges. Yeah I mean it's it's it's really a nice little salty on lease thing going on a sip because that's what I like to do. I drink wine a SIP. I don't know about you. Yeah and it's got the kind of a city I like. You know it's the same way that at the bar. We are drinking beer. They have pretzels or whatever. Because it gives you a salty thing that makes you wanNA drink more or the acidity here. Does the same thing to you. I mean it actually says on their tasting notes by two bottles and I agree. If you're thinking you're going to sit down like you got a well you know a significant other against this point because you can't really go visiting but You know you buy two bottles because you're going to be like done with the first one way too soon. They're going to go now. What and Yeah this is that kind of wine so I'll say them again. Ken Forced Her Petita Shannon blocked twenty nineteen. And that's kind a cool South Africa's been doing gentle block forever. Ken Forster's Knowledge Masters at it. So this is a really for twelve bucks. This is a really good wide as a young one but seat one. This is a one you got to drink right away. Take it home and drink it. You know. This is twenty. Nineteen vintage justice. Twenty twenty was probably in South Africa Z. Reversal the US. They probably pick the grapes in. May this is still march. They haven't this is not even a year old. That's what you want on this one. You want to get it when it's break in the full life male next year you get the twenty twenty. Don't bother between nineteen to twenty there by the twenty the sooner the better on these wines. And that's what young wines are all about at their best and this one is not simple sometimes young just these simple winds of our all that interesting but this one sky complicated you know gets different flavors. It's gotten personality and a and here's another thing like since it makes you wanNA drank in. Sometimes I'd do these podcasts. I have to drink just because I'm supposed to but this one I'm going to be drinking a lot of sips so they'll be pauses. Thank you will you know drake along with me people? Yeah it's got really good. Mafia got flavor You know up you know the the finish. I don't know the finish line because he take another taste before the I get to the finish. Hey you know maybe the finish is is important as you think it is. I don't actually think it's important but this boy but now this is a nice little wind Shut him block. You probably aren't drinking enough of it and there's a reason I think every Shannon block is different. I mean the lower values where it came from and they can have winds. That are very expensive. Being put away for twenty years there it can make sparkling wine. It can make everything in between two young young wines. Every different style wine you can think of Shannon Block and do and. That's not that much different from Chardonnay. The differences that for most people like you and me we know what to expect from California on the price range. If it's from eight to twelve bucks we kind of know what to look for. They're all different but they're all going to be variations on a theme and they always do a little bit different. No one does it exact same way twice Sharon and then it goes up. It's going to be more goes up. It's going to be this way in that way that you know what to expect that Shannon Blunt. You don't know what to expect this up with a petite can force the petite of General Block Twenty nineteen. I'm cutting coupons saying that that you know and expect them to young one. He's going to be bright and alive. But sometimes you like Geno blocks when those winds we have a good one. You WanNA get your camera out and take a picture of the label. You buy next. Oh Shannon Black. It could be completely different. And that's one of the problems with because everywhere it's grown. It's going to be a little bit different. And you know it's kind of weird you know. Laura Valley is home to some of the Best Saab young blacks and inexpensive ones. They're my favorites in the world. And you know it's awesome but you know when you think of Soviet block if they can New Zealand and now Shannon was from War Valley to and you think of Shannon blog you think of South Africa you know what else they got that cop frock and Diaz start you starting to think of gala for new Cap Front for some reason. They don't hold onto their grapes. They don't push them enough navy. There's enough for the locals. They don't really care whilst gets it. But now these grapes are really great. Drank in Shannon is something you should you should drink. It's inexpensive tastes great. I'm loving you know I was kind of in a weird mood. You know lockdown for. I don't know how long I'm not get anything all the things I said I was going to get done. I didn't do. I don't know why I didn't do any of them but I just can't seem to do him In I had a whole list. I didn't actually write them down. Maybe I should but I thought I was going to get stuff done and now Shannon block is as I go. I'm going to do everything all over again. I'M GONNA learn to play the to blur something NOT GONNA learn that but You know I'm I'm feeling great. I went from being kind of like The old on we as they say go porter. Thank you Into being happy again which is I. Guess what booze all bow but show block. But it's Sarah can forced her South Africa Stellenbosch region West Cape Cape Town. They these all good. So that's it for me I'm digging to shut them block. You should too but be careful what you drink. Try to find one you like and you're going to have to. You're kind of on your own little but I'll try to help people as I can but you know you know I can't do everything but that's me and be safe Don't touch nobody wash your hands. Be Good dear neighbours. Help your friends and keep it cheap. And we'll talk to you in a couple of days Adios Bob by an have on it again.

Shannon Block Petita Shannon Ken Forster Shannon Black Twenty twenty General Block Twenty South Africa Shannon Blunt South Africa Stellenbosch US South Africa Ken Foresters California Ken Surp West Cape Cape Town Bob Sarah Geno Sharon
Motoweek - MotoGP Thailand Post-Race Show!

MotoWeek - MotoGP, Motorcycle and Racing News

34:45 min | 1 year ago

Motoweek - MotoGP Thailand Post-Race Show!

"Differ Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed and out of touch at Harry's our approach is simple here's our secret hey I'm andy if you don't know me it's probably because I'm not famous but I did start a men's grooming company called Harry's plus free shipping go to Harrys DOT COM and enter five thousand at checkout that's Harrys Dot com code five thousand we hope you give us a try with this special offer get a Harry starter set with a five Blade Razor waited handle shave Gel and travel cover offered just three bucks caused the right now maybe I need to go back and see it again but we had so many riders in this race dive up the inside of other guys no matter how experienced or inexperienced those riders thrilling vinyl corner of thrilling atmosphere and inevitable Moto GP championship is finally made official hello and welcome to the motor we because bender didn't times move right and he was coming from too far back and instead of letting off when he realized what was happening he forced the issue and that did obsessing over every detail means we're confident and offering one hundred percent quality guarantee millions of guys have already made the switch to Harry's so thank you if you're one of them and if you're not strange championship drama really was race that we were hoping for an arrogant and didn't get there was a big pack all the way up until the very end but there was a reason for that lots of slipstream action dicing lead even though all of the action at the front was really centered around one writer in championship leader Lorenzo Della Porta but it was still far more compact enjoy from Moto wheats dot net it's the motor week podcast with your host Wilson L. A. Porta Aaron Connect- and Tony are below the three main protagonists in the title race it all fell apart pretty quickly for the latter two riders about active then the last round up at the front a while the title drama started pretty early on in this race because what started out looking like it was going to be an interesting fight with owner between mark and the rider that is very likely to be a fixture in battles with the ninety three in the near future Fabrio Coiro but that wasn't the only exciting for none of them hit the other guy so and then this does go back to ride a reputation as well in Darren Bender is a guy who's known to be ultra aggressive ask would have loved to have been there for the race and it all started with motive three m what an exciting race for the lightweight class that was overshadowed by some very three thousand plus people on hand we're treating the entire day a lot like it was a rock concert as opposed to motogp erase the atmosphere looked like it was absolutely nobody like him somebody like Red Meat Gardner somebody like his older brother Brad Bender when you have that reputation and then something like that happens. There's more of a chance that you're going to get penalized laps or so into the race Darren bender runs in the Aaron connect- who them wrecks out taking along with him John mcphee Totski Suzuki a bender gotta ride through as the two thousand Nineteen Moto GP world champion and wasn't exciting way to do it too in yet another final lap thriller this went down to the final racing the day moto three was back Grade Action Motoo saw rider return to the top step of the podium that's been long-missing and throughout it all the ninety post ratio for round fifteen of the world championship at Chung International Circuit Am borough Thailand. My Name is Wilson I'm your host and Martin Marquez is is that when things are border line more often than not the decision is not gonna go your way so he got penalized which is bad for him but even worse for Aaron Connect- who out while he was leading the race and if that wasn't enough help for Della Porta in this one we got a couple of laps later when Tony Albano unexpectedly while running near the front of the field just sits up the bike coming out of turn four runs a little bit off track he debris join and it was a really strange situation and the commentators thought he might have had a technical issue kinda thought the same thing but then when they went back and showed the replay he was doing something he was like adjusting his glove on his right arm the reports have read Farve said and a right arm that was bothering him right arm injury look like maybe it was an arm pump issue and it was getting so bad that he felt he needed to loosen up the velcro on his right had nothing that he could do he ended up coming into the pits going back out but it was far too late for him to make up any ground score any points and that took Lorenzo de la Porta's main championship rival out that's the downside of being an ultra aggressive rod or the upside is that a lot of times you know making moves other riders wooden and you end up getting places extra places on track because of it the downside movie for the contact with the commentators and this all a couple of articles so far there were confused by that but I I'll be honest I didn't disagree with that penalty it's not really that big of a deal and was a great comeback effort overall based on what we saw out of him in Aragon I'm in speaking of comeback efforts how about Albert Arenas I mean this for a podium position all the way down to twentieth and he only ended up recovering to eleventh by the end of the race so connect- was out of the points are bellina was temporarily out of the points he controlled the majority of the race only to get beaten out in the end but I will give him a ton of credit because he was positively terrible in Aragon Glove and after the race they were showing the the onboard camera and you could see it already taken his right glove off so obviously there was some problem with his right arm but that dropped him from fighting that kicked the door wide open for Lorenzo Della Porta who couldn't take total live in edge because like we've seen so many times so many times this year points even dive bombing into that final corner in a last ditch effort to get back to the front on the final lap so another near-miss for him but considering what he gained in the championship and then it looked like he might have been in kind of a gray area to start this when he qualified ninth for the race but not only did he come back strong in this one but he was absolutely willing to again it's the sixth time can you believe that the six time the season that he's finished second but he gains a huge twenty to hold his line in that final corner knowing that he was gonna get dive bombed and knowing that if he plays the bike in the right spot he could get on the throttle earlier while Lorenzo drifted wasn't his first win but I bet it felt like it because he's had so many things go wrong this year that when he saw a little bit of daylight up ahead of delicate well he didn't get Max points out of the race but Lorenzo Della Porta still had a fantastic day in the title competition fully recovering from arrogant cases here and there and he's come closer to the podium a couple of times but he always seems to run into a problem more just come up a little short but he finally gets it done in this one I think sorta like a dog with a bone he was going to get to the front on the final lap of that race he fought so hard really across the final two laps and then had the presence of mind mix it up in the latter stages of this knowing that his main rival was completely out of it he didn't play it safe he was willing to risk getting into trouble himself to get maximum being struggled the rest of the season and there was some talk that he might be moving on at the end of the year this might do a lot towards keeping him exactly where he is for the future I'm in the championship put up a twenty two point lead over connect- With his arm problem Tony Our bellina falls to forty four back and then delaporte says teammate Marcos Ramirez right and tried to gather the bike backup and that's exactly what it was able to do is fantastic show between those two guys it was a lot of fun to watch it come down to the final EPA specially after what we saw gone where was no contest at all and then also want to talk about Lonzo Lopez amazing to think that Lopez had never scored a podium before I mean he's had Berta rain us his first win since Australia of last year and his first podium of two thousand nineteen Lorenzo Delport finishes second he comes up one spot short I think that if Andrea Menial was not on his Christmas card list that he needs to definitely send them on this year and a fruit basket to because menial broke those top three loose from the rest of only remains a two rider race between Della Porta in Connecticut and I think there's a very good chance that even those twenty two points or another four races left impeach it because it does have the potential to go down to the final round and maybe maybe even the final lap so motor three they were back to what we expect out of those guys racing in a big gigantic pack motoo while it didn't have the same excitement as mode three for the win but there was still plenty of action we'll talk about that action in a minute is a distant fourth down sixty eight points but hunting arellano for a top three spot at seasons and you know the championship is certainly not over emoto three but second half of the season and even though delaporte has been far more consistent can that has been the one that's one more races and seems more capable of winning around that seems to bring out the best Marini I mean last year in this race he stood on the second step of the podium and that eventually propelled him to his win in Sapang and runner definitely was built for a lot of action but I don't think anybody anticipated the action will be quite like that so go back and watch it if you didn't have a chance it come all the way down to Valencia now invalid Erica might have a lot of work to do but you never know because both of those writers have had some unexpected things happen in the at any given race as opposed to Della Porta who likes to do that thing where he leads for three quarters of the race and then finds a way to not win at the end so definitely keep your eye on the Moto three an exit the corner and he nearly high sided that thing before he held onto it and got that podium that he should have gotten back in Germany and then behind them Dan more Sunday magic he just wrote away from everyone after a brief battle with Alex Marquez and that was that was a dominating performance and impressive has it wasn't the best race I mean it wasn't terrible but you have to remember that he was leading off the start of this race but then he got passed by Marini then by outside going into the final turn the outside and I'm sure that caught like a wounded by surprise it would've caught Martin Marquez by surprise if somebody had tried to pass him on points in the championship over Aaron Connect- which just a handful of races laughed I'm an end Alonzo Lopez rounding out the podium is I evermore three podium and it comes at a critical time in his career us all think that he was going to be a championship contender the season that part of it never materialized but we get back into the flyway rounds and all the sudden marines back on topic either way it was a blast to watch and it shouldn't though even though it was a really great move by bender and it was really exciting finish for second it should not take monetary team while it was happening when they did a little bit but it was an impressive move and it's likely something we're not gonNA see again for a very long time at Thailand and that that lasts the outside of the final turn if you did not see that if you didn't watch moti race just go back and watch funnel APP because it was they make such a big deal about it anything away from eaker lackawanna and that American racing KTM team finally getting on the podium and leckrone getting the podium that he tossed away at sachsenring the league pack when he wrecked and took out a Yuma sake and that ensured that nobody could come up in ruin Alonzo's stay this particular time uh so you're podium in this mode of three race lot of riders and you know when you're the main championship contender and you've won so many races this year the last thing you want is to be leading and then get passed by a bunch of debt although he did his damn this to try and toss this one way to he almost lost the rear the bike trying to deal with bender on the outside because now dinner's coming around there's just no room for like a wanted to come certain that I said that this was happy sirens home race I'm gonNA blame that one on cold medicine also on right now I'm sure you can hear it in my voice first thing though welcome back to relevance Luca Marini all wondered where you gone I don't know exactly why but there is something about the Pacific not sure I haven't read all the comments yet some not sure if anybody pointed this out hopefully somebody noticed didn't did because I made a mistake on the pre ratio I'm pretty although although I'm sure that the Thailand fans wouldn't mind puffy siren him well they seem to want to cheer for anybody I think that he's going to get a little bit Kaluka Marini we'll have to see if that can carry through to the rest of the fly away round but the real fun in this one where the battles for second and fourth and the best of those homes on the box the one that he should have scored in Germany his first dry podium as well his other top three was ending the season last year Valencia that race of course was wet and it was from people now in the end it doesn't really matter because Fernandez made up a grand total of what two points on him Tom Lucy was all the way back in seventh and then Navarre wasn't even on the radar a an equal Colona Brad Bender the two KTM's had a fantastic scrap trying to sort out the rest of the podium Benner made a spectacular move around the out went into brings it back around to the crowd that was talking about the beginning of the show Some couch entre he finished ninth Thailand rider in his home race and the crowd had another great battle for fourth between Alex Marquez and Augusta Fernandez they put it on a pretty good show themselves in Fernandez almost made his way onto the podium because like nearly run but he got it because like I mentioned a minute ago Tom Lucy lackluster again in seventh and the previously streaking Navarro who's starting the put a little bit of pressure on the forty point lead into Japan over Augusto Fernandez who moves up the fourth been there isn't too much further back in third he's trailing by forty four points and this is where called was a riot they were chanting his name beforehand and when he came across in the top ten at the end of this race there were going nuts and that was Lona then by bender them by Fernandez so we got passed by four riders during this race so fifth was not what he wanted if he had started at the back made his way up to fifth in the title race right now but one way or the other he is proving that he does deserve to move up to motor gp because he's able to get the most out of that KTM now both of those l. let's face it this is certainly Alex's championship to lose right now all he needs to do is maintain from here on out if that means fifth-place finishes oh well as long as it gets okay not a big deal if he started with an finished fifth also not a big deal but he started on the front row he got up there and he led the race and then he got passed by much fun watching everybody and listening to everybody cheer for the Home Writer and then they just cranked it up another notch at the end of the mood of GP race I'm in them by the way that reminds me because ended on the final corner he lost all of his drive here comes Fernandez I it was probably a tenth of a second the margin between like a woman Fernandez at the checkered flag I'm now for Alex or love in Malaysia when they get to Sapang so yeah sorry about that so you're putting memo to look Amorini only his second podium of the season the last eight races we'll talk more about him in a minute wow Alex Marquez better be very grateful that bender started the year very poorly and rounding out the podium Meeker Lackawanna he finally get you're in this race so in the end job done not really as well as he wanted but it was job done for the championship and the other Irwin the talk about in this ride the bike at that point and try to too much wreck out he just took with the race gave him so it's GonNa be really hard for those two guys to apply pressure but they've theoretically could in the end Alex he was out of the points altogether all the way down in seventeenth and he was just it wasn't like a problem he was just bad so now Marquez takes a very healthy we make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each we care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like by a world class German blade factory great result for the American racing team so congratulations to them in the championship Alex Marquez didn't really need much more help in his championship that Alex Marquez should consider himself to be very fortunate at this point because if brad bender it got off to a stronger start to the season he could be a serious challenger the job done while the championship is the trophy the only trophy at this point that means something Alex Marquette when it comes to getting to motor gp now if that gets over fifty points then at the his first win in nearly a year's time Brad Bend or finishes second he continues his blistering pace at the end of the season it's his sixth podium in this year he hasn't really been that susceptible to pressure he's been really riding very mature early then not letting things get to him like in this race he got passed by four guys he didn't over if you didn't see the motorcycle race it was an incredibly brave move that if it hadn't worked able to be an incredibly stupid but it did work and so if falls in the category of Brilliance is Augusta Fernandez Ambra bender they're not totally out of this thing they're still in it to the point where they could apply some pressure to Alex Marquez though in the past that might have been a big deal Gilpin up the reigns a little bit more and he goes more for wins at the end of the season as opposed to just maintaining the points but right now he's in that gray area where he does have to think about points quite a bit because he's not completely out of the woods yet but there's a glimmer of hope off in the distance for him the title is going to be his at the end of the season so that was moto three moto to them we what's in your water that's the way to one bank U._S._A.. But before we get to him I wanNA talk first about Fabio quattro because Fabio was gutted after this race you had to feel bad for him failed to finish second to the best writer in the world right now by point one seven one seconds any other one riders haven't been able to figure out yet and that's how to make up for that lack of straight-line acceleration and hang with Marc Marquez in a one on one battle in think about over the line one and he's that devastated about losing this race now any other writer any other writer in that position would have been three a landmark victory for ricky rider I mean and and that brings up a big question that maybe we'll talk about it on the full show later this week and I would love to hear your opinion on it because especially wants quattro gets that full ace Beckham won like Yamaha says they're going to give him heading in the next year and if they don't do that they are idiots Laura was able to do what those other young writers have not been able to in so few people have been able to do at all and that's ride toe to toe with mark when mark is on top of one on one battle and then the couple of races maverick one before that mark wasn't running at the end he got caught up in wrecks and things like that and so probably watch the amount of performance that Fabio quattro gets out of that bike is pretty damn astonishing I mean he's able to do what the factor on the best equipment out there he acted like a factory rider he acted like he should have won that race that he had the bike to

Fabio quattro Harry writer Martin Marquez Della Porta Darren bender Aaron Connect Marc Marquez mark Wilson Chung International Circuit Am Yamaha Tony Albano quattro ricky Beckham Laura John mcphee Totski Suzuki one seven one seconds
36. Los colores y su significado segn la Cbala

AstroC?bala C?smica

27:32 min | 5 months ago

36. Los colores y su significado segn la Cbala

"Kabbalah Kostunica but we stand Going to be sure you asked me. Go foot gusts and Karema's the governor phenomena the dicta Glenda the courtesy of the so distant Yo plus Solo. At least as you yourself. A holiday Medica or use musical is basically the modules dainty is remembering EKO governor. Chris nonsmoker radical as Detroit. It'd be so the color is lock the outset set bill beyond this cordell. Get in La where any of a him of gratuitous yet master. Luke Comoros because Ernie thousand running. Thou- Yes I said. Of course I was with them. Being was pregnant. Weather's relievers to bend even useful to you. Free said he gave up with Luke. F.a.s.t billion Shourie in car. Extend Show Billion Salihu eighties when orbison helical nup label that review these sports sport gusts committed? We didn't and they must be brewed this gays winter and Bushman you. Here's proceeded in other specialty in baking. Gabriela Rita got in that unity media or they might stop in this look. Olbermann win against as bill in the British Preto Lackawanna Podium L. A. Studio Inter University Those Beautiful California said Said Mono Lia's curricular book your Yemenia in Liberal district. Unions is account for still continue owner city as us? Forget law sticks posters or Sixers thick-skinned influencing individual your recovery says it's our hub like our in-depth under sectors. Yes he does. This of Mush hosmer for human got up for keeping Romo's the media today. I WANNA former partisans Carla the into day issue. It'll fathy doing dental to the chef. I crisscrossed complex. Binomial hinder income you correctly Lena. Maximum you could look into going from Seventy Brigade COMP- company and they must come from unity. Competent Emerson Museum buckle from the government. Not for the big only restaurants. In this Article Bridge Leslie is eater. Plunder northeasterly that Alydar in another worst multiple it to me is the CMO loss. This is wishing you our dog. One of for years coupable him from over on your radio show schedule better. They want us. I'm Marie yes. President trump inaugural. I cannot explain how the she number you corresponding I'll northern cosmic. Oh I see her then. Donald Gordon Lucia Salad interim important pop and healthy skin. Bella your you'd have coach Luna's Lenka Gallon Theriault Coffee. Yeah that donated plan on alcohol towel or where she got. Those thick with leader got by Hebron auspicious getting much better his puts winning when the Donyo Cuando couple in Luna thirty days a signal Otani al case she merely but I guess Gobierno in most Bush commuted under in bisected by Morales in shoot show. Husky almost more at us out of one dish wounded in our Marine Corps of the venue. You Love Della Porta Hebrew. Komo Study Sports Dhamma deal mostly this to the chorus each week. They get cars to be that. Get deponent's area on and look at their punish Cassini if you guys get what you told her but but spur twenty four zero feet of Colorado's look mother is the former Shimoda dinner here keeper us it the most Kathak Guy La Vida book here she say most Kenneth Push them in cane. Here's how she said. I must have this for you. Gordon from GIN and August of Colorado's Shukan birthdays today to this their signal. Ill there's one zero necessarily mentors put this me. We Geeta yes. See ONE THE CORNER. Finish a says he has in this. Is that Louis steeple. The elementary while she via condemnatory news delamore was in Mariya. Yes if you're at an IRA. Let's get front that she got they. All went. Down is rented now. Uganda Spanish because he correspond. Prescription Coalition Brandon. Don't call your signal represent and to. This is to Halliburton Hambro. You'd have congressman in this aisle of signals has nothing almost cloudy historic score push our April Paulo and Moscow. You've worked on but it came up out by the media but the fourth goal Delio Nina to rent not assure and Sheldon Sarah into the your quarterback hemlock Johnnie hope when there are beginning to grow into this. You think you're really made them into semi is you'll see children here. Squirrel full yes he bonham become Rojo Cinema Sri productivity this show shorten for come before. Wtm SQUIRREL CATEGORIES BUSTED. His Butt hidden left with in and again kidney on cheating ministry. We are deputy the examiners blow or interact to internship but I still younger though but y'all moisture Shakoor Stella Schwinn. Ucla appropriate. She Bruneta theon postponing Muslim. You sure it over. I mean just staley somebody this way. If he does sure it a hold on channel here been in this real chorus and the color scheme comedy sequel stuff or mouth or the offenders in in Pakistan goes into this is Sheila Proton donors cameras Amir mischaracterize. Go TAMBI N T National Hill ideas but it previously immelt assure a ethic of Promo Dodge. They'll call overhaul giving does what he does. The amount of the Russian here that Bush's yell they lacked eat peligro see an unofficial redo this or say for US hostile. Hilo without piloting barrow is offering table. Hambro Wonder Trinity. I won't people they should be in the NFL. There's dot org understand what until Indica in thirty peligro director in the bureau Hornish Lankarani beleaguered champion. Greg activity Los Angeles me to include Seattle quarterback or or shaky Quintas insperity. I'd my active that. When the stables for populism noses pretending to asthma when establishing and wind over Hebrew their body of the CIA not a this whole `nother Shona the eight you going on the mutual here. Rahood local with he'd get if he can go to local squatty anytime but that wasn't even here. They getting here but eventually got louder. Snap let it. Actually you start Porgera. Pushy extension diminished. She Talamo Brook from from Prague. I mean now but the diva who is likely to union for the the role in investing the cuisine considerable Hebrew by narrow. Help wish he almost went up or Maria buddied up or owner and in other words that give it up if you don't think because that's other and issue there s Martis moles auto. Emc He took a core of their religion as he it up and go on leave right. Seeing is essential the Hamilton is your body commercial corporation. Implement either she has row Goro. Ameri Yorkshire don't Grow County consider medical. She told Sharon Reed have been lashing. Mandis let's get sweaty. You Sean Grammar. You in your going stemming do this as many tests are illuminated plant skull mandis combative approach. Bro Been Janice lived yellow in his especially individual mandate or getting a today's tornado into squandering as Rosie. That has now postponed grammar. You shouldn't be that. Of course is the least. Become a hamburger was a unical swinger for number two muster. You Go Marija Represent Brenta. Komo tell is deal or more parachute she got keystone LISA G. Must he them yet? Local liberal mafia scores for Muslims emiss-. Worry and be that Nigga is if you don't know shit he called us. Roberta Success Ameri. You should be for them to birth Olympia more chef. What is for this hour? Those holiday about Vietnam Unity Bob Wars by Hershey heavies him at a similar comey's some promoters day in Greece. Noise MEMO'S MASS AGREES. Hambro did did adult or shall almost twelve. I'm an recess segment. Carry the hair really heading director pollen developer Steven indirect. What these boys. But then you don't get all they've able to suspend Chicago personnel former. Say He's no no no no no nausea breath here in an he should say you should have yet is guessing ECHINACEA Nagoya gun sale promoters global community at this. Isn't Gordon Ethical Dilemma? Which over these special that as a studio for catch a director by the scabby big. And you know she's Memoria route boy so she reference Canticles Role Manigault. Mona's baby powder or they're gonNA former different cameras up with somebody or say goes into a building especially if he can give you that plus military much colder community that union at the trump ingram shop the recycle coal from Golden Luna. Yes it is washing machine. Qiaotou Cato. Push if you've got to be in yellow. I'm showing in Tacoma and he's inclusive. I say goodbye key that Syria little book is if you go give. I'm hoping back at academy and other user ago you should hinted Luna Ethic get. A dose does is still quarter should the healthier Lilia Sorcerer Henderson? Who's going to stand gives them no matter. Yukio breath you go the owner Stella how she said Oh it rather noshehra Marcio poor shock and almost the SME railway they daily routine and Colorado Katina's crush for us as they did he go show whether she truly forming capacity Yoshitomo synthetic. That's how you're out. Like a three has improved or she brought US Brennan. Brenta weren't able to feel superior check Rallo. The format represent the Laotian but he's had auto loan the fuel Lackawanna Shukan nuclear route. Ibm potential baby. She visual I'm inconsolable religion. They Study Aquino's liberators taking taking would either in the rural Komo rather usually staggers us to this episode on the radio with Application Edna Quality. That gives transmitter see se corrected appeal nausea own hotel. And is that a different says they won't show surfaced Astros yellowstone cycle eastern had yet the beagle mammals videocassettes seem version. Marin would grow your own a former seemed as seniors. I'm gay close Colorado's marijuana growing exponentially that extreme marrone. I mean how you said Noah and savvy released in theory sukey actually mental have hit up in my your is in their special eastern direct wellish poverty home next habitable author. Excreta rally to push Nashi duggan organism. On Baron Ram rattle grow number. El Planeta hinted she healthy Special Cola. Comic ASEAN guns she with in Palestine reliquary Wolfing marrone poet I spell. Tv winded on with. Get a special. And I think kilometers per ship by Rail Marin Economic Officials Roberta wound up the grammar. You can say how hot issue very them of the heavier is. Lebron is seen as seasonal. They'll rent I e the Masakhane. Marie humbled Jeremy Irons. Podcast says only on Reinvest in the that? I knew you benefit Theo. Boys that chat yellows undeservedly union. A post gay can a Hilo ported safety than Numero Nomo she. Attic IS NITSA CAN Scorpius multi is worth as the OCCA- you're Kim Shale Griffith e Aparicio Galore Scorpio. Bush had yet again. It's a his extra Su. They're still bestows then. Shinwar will forego y pull Caponi forth again. In addition to grow old Cordelia the combat the richer. They conflict grammy. D'etat queen but a Super Gilliam into controversial infant. The mortgage should uncle Gay Aminu both energy and copious standard. Able to get your hinters Martha issue the Mattis. So he tell you who has conditional their their growth in the listed represent and I wound up to the girl that could deal with knowledge e controversial reader for Sharon Kathy. Fathi demented rats designers. Get who can help us more repeal repealed very much it said speak as es three that's the growth and expansion on that that wouldn't more than into Asthma Book. Patty on Bunkum who is British? I mean with Obama. Corporately by their when Grenada for throw the Book Gomersall Installation Wearing Claro rougher of mushy Rita by relish worship. They must pronounce however each or and another area. It is UNAMERICAN weather in cornell the Gurion theon girl through heavier guppy Saddam notion of NATO. And of course I'm worth a little bit more thinking or she has to noise fishy guessing speech. Well Capricorn. They could just be honest is that he influence here. Just you know in our Christmas. Or they'll do or could you assume practica or Shiite gave diabetes. He's alert is look at the Shankar. Ruth Compete Greenwich London Game. Similar that appropriately. Then spazio gay cinnamon demeter but up. Catheters Look Kimbro GonNa negative she in the nigger. The few there a musical. Our check mushroom recessions. Yeah he British show a up which he must've have curiosity if you're comfortable it is implanted atavistic. Eunice normally control as he book with the that pushed for won't be coordinator coordinator without going to shut. Minister grow prefer either Negroes in Pacific. Either you that push the disciplinarian manner for another show for Malakand. Communist Union Rep Euthanasia Recall. Different been is that number. Two this is Brandon Saad Kacem coordinator eastern yet is how would be somebody from the honestly do knows the ABL? If you're going to be admitted into the Aquatic Porsche Pushing Contrary Sagi- dessino. The must who ran into this lipoic acid ignited when a former in CORRINA SEATTLE FINISHED GAPS. Bush. What he does and she's GonNa be in any other inventory their shortage means. Let's get is at one. You said we were the video. Chat competitive will get shape. Lobbyist internationals now is global. Did I'm wondering my use crush e atmospheric? It is the swim Brenston with us. They match thank you. If you have seventy primary amorphous please get this. What is this quality was off the kiss up rope yellow but in Malcolm two when Tom unicycle open up? Israel's they'll that our readers of maybe get push Gorgonzola impartial. Eat out rookie. Been decision if you hard rookie of mortgage released this Easter. Now it's gotTa Focus. A I leaving Amira Fortuna Get bus. Alangelo here Amir here but I can't be Nari inconsiderable Republican and then on either hosmer. If you remember those you know a Stanislav yellows are now be these cylinders. Cedeno they Hobie Shoe Korotich later. Fica sales lunar than eight. I was going to be three billion Zia. Resume on your K- enrichment irritate persona. Stop this hungover. There are hoping mush is operatives from three much. In in Korean district that he gets Douala's connection Colossus Fair. Superieure is. Go check it out. Go on Caracol tactical speed according to the interior humidity with musical mustard that inform your for him and this should we be eligible spiral your view on dental clinic. Tar Feed Them. Bathroom does speed. It was our. She knows out until they must k. We'd eilly other. No they're not. They're not finished considerate Tom. You you've got to be there reporter for a police official and channels Rita Guest Mushy Logistics. GonNa deal for them to the school. Marone Negro political rhetoric. And if you a sort of our show Alamos Ambien is able to. The completion. Comprehensive was pushed into colorized corrupting and run Kushner. Oakland call off your speed of which are reddish should be in two thousand sixteen said with medical familiar steelers. There are a number of standard of collage. Theon I until this one definitely with us the areas get into what yours the heat up their Shinkansen others convention interest boom cameras. Albacore our up. Y'All shit our show minutia she plumping lack of Europe's Glorious Love Planet that Bertha do our community entity you provide. And he's so it gives from television and you would. I KIA brewer. Melania e they must dimly discoloration gay in Dakar rewrote fantastic guests. You get concise. I be back in Lafayette embarking on your home decor that Mosquito Berkshire Weirdness. Stoker the lacquer test. This study pharmaceutical go by cabins. Get assure that he's thinking from the he get equity business about unity being come here.

Bush Colorado us director Los Angeles Hilo Gabriela Rita Donald Gordon Lucia asthma Seattle Luke Comoros Tom Mush hosmer Amir mischaracterize coordinator Detroit orbison Chris nonsmoker Sixers Karema
Dynasty Fantasy Strategies

Fantasy Feast: 'Eatin

37:09 min | 4 months ago

Dynasty Fantasy Strategies

"It's time to eat. Four sit down and get ready to consume an abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Ross. Tucker and Joe Dolan me now. On the fantasy feast, eight and podcast. Let's eat. Maybe is the fantasy feast eating podcast? It is presented by fantasy. Points Dot Com for two very good reasons number one. That's my Guy Joe Dolan works for as a CO owner at F. G. Underscore Dole and he's the star of the show, so we're gonNA give him some love. Give his site, which is awesome, some Oh, and by the way when you use the code feast, all capital letters at fantasy points dot com. That is how you get to go against me NGO in the next best. Best Ball ten draft were about to announce the final two entrance for the June best ball ten draft, but we got a whole other one still to go in July so ten more of you. All you do is go to fancy points DOT COM, all caps code feast, and I gave this tip on some of the other Ross Tucker podcast network shows this week. You one other thing that you know you rating review. The show Amazon. Order might be just what you need to get over the top. This is also our first fantasy feast podcasts. That is also on Youtube. We have a new youtube page. Check it out. Check out the link I. Think we enough subscribers to have a custom URL now. I'll do that later today, but I can give you a specific url, but right now you'll get a chance to see what Joe Dolan actually looks like an i. get a chance to see Joe Dolan for only the second time ever. Joe? It's Ross good to see you buddy I. Ross Good Morning. Good morning, everybody, who's listening to the show or watching the show? I am not typically a morning person so this is a little bit horrifying for me, but Hey you got to adjust to what people want right of course. It's it's ten oh five am. Oh Yeah and the the. That's still a morning thing for me I'm still drinking coffee. You. Get on a better schedule by the way I understand that, but I am I'm a night owl. I am very much a night out well as you say that because I know a lot of people that are like you and I am the exact opposite I get up between four am and five am so like. Oh? I'm almost ready to say good afternoon to you, you're you're like my mom? My mom up when her Jim closed down. She was, she was our fide, because St would go to the gym at like four in the morning, and it would be the same like three people there, so my mom was like social distancing, but I mean it's three people at this huge gym at four in the morning, so she is the exact same way. My wife is a morning person I am not never have been. It benefits means some ways and not in others as long as you. Here's how I feel as long as you're getting it done whatever you need to get done. If your best hours are midnight to two a M, go for it if your best hours like me or like five am to eight am then take advantage of your best hours. My name as I think most of you know is Ross Tucker former NFL offensive lineman five teams seven years now. I think I have five podcasts a bunch of them yesterday the. Awesome tips for NBA NHL MLB betting on the even money podcast, Andrew. Brandt dropped some bombs on Prescott. July and others on the Ross Tucker football podcast. You can check me out at Ross Tucker NFL across the various social media platforms. We are at Ross Tucker Pied an intern Casey. Who was part of our virtual happy hour last night for the are patrons of the raw soccer podcast network? She is phenomenal. She's helping us out. Out with the social media clips that were posting youtube page. which guy should all checkout so here's? Why Joe is awesome. Okay I don't know about Joe Shirt right now, but he's got a fantasy points hat on right now, and he keeps sipping his coffee every three seconds because it's a fantasy, points dot COM Mug, joke, you right now are reminded me of Wayne and Garth in in Wayne's world where it's like newprint little yellow. Ross. If you're going to put us on video, I have to take advantage and by the way. So, I know you can't see that. It's actually it's really comfortable so at the. Time, to be talking about that, but of it yeah, it's a I'm a. it's going to be half my apparel soon so just just by by nature of of of having the company's just can be half of what I'm doing I'm like a pro wrestler like like like when. Steve Austin would wear the Austin three sixteen shirts all the time. It's like yeah, by the way I am Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yes I do work for. Dude I think it's great. Honestly I should wear tiger podcast stuff more than I do. Why not right I mean? That's your business. It's a it's our small business on the podcast network. It's your small business on fancy points dot com, which is growing because of all of our awesome listeners impart like the last two winners of the June best ball ten draft. It's Eddie Hanson and Levi store, so we now have all ten people better going to get smoked by you and me. Joe Expect an email in the next couple of days to find out when. When the draft will be how to access it at Cetera last week we went over our initial best ball ten draft, so the other people I think all the other folks know who they are. Deborah Kramer Carson Right! Donovan Gymnast Mahindra Dick, Ari Angle norm. Physique, Bend Mullins and Nathan Chewed Yoni, but we got one more next month in July. We'll have another best ball drought in August. We actually give away picks spots in our season long draft, which will be fantastic the to all of us. Fantasy points dot com so I thought it was interesting Joe. Last week we really focused on best ball this week. We're going to dive into dynasty. Fantasy football with my buddy. Dan Lamantia from the dynasty fury podcast. You can follow him on twitter. At F- F coach Dan. Dan Welcome to the show it's Rawson. Joe Thank you for coming on it is an absolute pleasure, and as long as I followed you raw and Joe I know it doesn't matter what time it is. There's so much energy and passion on this show here today and I'm excited that your first episode on Youtube I think your listeners are going to get a tree. So before giving it in the year background Dan because it's really interesting for a fantasy football player. Joey might have touched on this last week. Is it fair to say. That dynasty and baseball are basically the opposite so beach other like best ball is the least involved you do the draft you're done. It's over and you see what happens during the season dynasty is like the exact opposite truly is like a year round endeavor. Is that fair Joe Yeah, and even even if your team stinks right so because if your team stinks dynasty that gives you all the more incentive. To, keep grinding, and you know sometimes it just redraft league. You start to lock out the teams who aren't GonNa make the playoffs from doing transactions, and you know to prevent collusion and all that stuff, and to make sure the teams to have a chance to win. Really are the teams that are pursuing. The players, the right players on the waiver wire and stuff like that in dynasty. If you're sitting there at and eight, and you know you're not going anywhere, will now it's time to unload you're you're better? Players? Go get more draft picks. Go get younger players to trade them to the wind now team, so it is the opposite in that man. If your team stinks, you might even be more active in the dynasty league than you would be. If you you're team was six. Or seven Brie and look into win a championship. Is that kind of how look at it and is that why you're such a dynasty? Love her. Do you feel like it's more? Similar to like real football in the sense that. Every years not a new year like you gotTa have some carryover from the year before with your roster and you really building something. I love building whether it was when I was a football coach, or you know owning a semi pro football team. I love that roster management building a roster. Only one think about being to eight Joe, so you know hopefully I never have to grind like that, but it is a grinded as a management You have to be organized. You gotta stay on top. Top of things and it's year round, and that's why I enjoy about it, too. You know here. We are during a pandemic, I still have football. You know yes, the Best Balls Fund I do my share best balls, but I love mansion that dynasty team in the offseason keep a knowledgeable keep ahead of the game and I think it gives me an advantage. So you should by the way if you like dynasty football, I know a lot of you. Do you absolutely need to follow them on twitter at dynasty, theory, F F and listen to or watch? Dan Show. It's on Monday nights right then. Monday nights nine o'clock were live on Youtube, and then we're on every online platform regular podcast. We released it the next day on Tuesday. Yeah, so you're absolutely should check that out. He also is a gigantic cowboys fan. I'm loving the dichotomy right now because we have on the one hand. Joe Dolan really is affiliate Guy Likes Phillies sports loves Roy Halladay and the flyers and the eagles. Hand. You Got Dan. Who's got this Dak Prescott fat had behind him. He's in his suite cowboys chair. He's got a cowboy shirt on they you have me who actually played for the cowboys, but grew up eagles fan, and is the Eagles TV analyst, so we've got like a straight battle here going right now. Yeah I mean NFC east across the board I just know giants representation here I don't think that Ross where you ever with the giants I know you've played for thirty eight teams, but worry ever with the giants now the giants of the NFC East Team I have no, no connection to. Not to. Or whatever it's interesting though Joe, I met Dan. This is important. For some. I met Dan. Was One of my other businesses. Go big recruiting for high school athletes because they couldn't me if I'm wrong. You were the recruiting coordinator I. Know You still work at Lackawanna? College, but you're the recruiting coordinator. Right? Yeah, as part of recruiting and coaching the running backs at the time I, think it was two, thousand, six, two, thousand, seven, Ross, and You know I think for your listeners that just shows a pays to be good people and follow your passion. 'cause it connected me what you and here we are many years later. Yeah now dynasty theory is part of the Ross Tucker podcast network, but so Dan has a background in recruiting as a coach as a player and Lackawanna I duNno, Joe. How familiar you are jost from up in the eastern area. Right Joe Yeah I'm from the Valley and. Just a just to throw out there. My brother-in-law is a coach. The offensive coordinator at Moravian College in Bethlehem so he my brother-in-law coach the tight ends for a year or two at Villanova, He was then the he was then the quarterbacks coach up at up at. Mercy, Hurston Eerie and now he's He's coaching. He's the offense coordinator. Moravian College so a lot of Pennsylvania connect. He was actually Ross. a quarterback at Lasalle College, high school and in the Philadelphia area, so he so we. We have Pennsylvania. Football got on lockdown here and then Lackawanna Joe I. Don't know how familiar you are the listeners, but they have like twenty guys. Go D one every year. Not White played there the former number seven overall pick in the draft for the bears. I don't who else went there Dan that people might know. Brother Xeres a linebacker for the chargers right now. He's competing for a starting job with them. Mark Lewinsky's the right guard for the colts. He just signed a new contract. He's doing excellent there in Indianapolis. We got prospects all over the place. Right now we got Dijon Warren. WHO's got scholarship offers from about twenty five different institutions probably selling them short. They are Alabama Georgia. Penn state we have a bunch of kids at Penn state right now and we been high, and it's a great experience. When I started there, Ross. I really learned what work ethic in film study is I. Can't tell you how much film I did. Get the opportunity to watch. Watch in Kinda like your boy. Greg cosell analytics, guys, fantasy football, and there's film guys I love watching the NFL film and I learned a lot like want college to help me do so well. That was going to be my question right, so you're really a dynasty fantasy football. You've been emailing me last couple of years about how much you love it. You listen to the fantasy fees and everything like that. So most of your decision making is it fair to say comes from Your coaching background, and actually studying in watching the players. So then like how much time do you spend watching the rookies? So you know who to draft? Yeah it rookies has been like the next evolution for me. You know it starts on football Sunday I've got three TV's on I got the ipad on a separate screen. I picked the players I wanNA watch each week during the week I'll watch the subscription to the NFL access I'm watching you know things. I might have missed. There are certain players I wanna see, and then it's trying to keep up with college football, and then when the season's over you know absorbent, as much college football as I, can't it to catch up with the rookie class, and it's you know, believe believing in my eyes and a combination out of much knowledge. Knowledge as I could soak in listening into the analytics, guys follow in your show Ross with an incredible amount of great guests. You have you've always had your thumb on. I think a lot of the best talent in the industry The word Joe's doing over there at fantasy points with the Dream Team of staff. He's put together there and I'm not blowing smoke with that, but that's part of my strategy. I have no shame in my game. When we're on the dynasty theory podcast we, we give credit where it's due. You know because we see how hard people in the industry grinding so I. Try to combine my film study with. A select group analysts that I follow religiously and just Kinda Combine Nuno, the analytics with the film study, and you learn the market value and apply at the dynasty football all right so I think most listeners know what dynasty football is you know I think. I mean guessing it's fair to say Jomon. Ask You about this is fair to say. Everybody knows redraft is. What percentage of people jody you think know what best ball is. What percentage you think, know what dynasty if Well if you were to say to the typical fantasy football player, are you in a redraft league? I think the average fantasy player would say I'm Min of Fantasy League? I don't know if they'd know that term specifically. I would say. Oh, God. Twenty percent of people who play fantasy football. What best ball is an I'd probably put the same percentage of people to at least know what it is on on a dynasty link, which is different of course than a redraft keeper, League which which a Lotta people are familiar with where you can keep two or three players or one player, or whatever in that a dynasty league is like the. NFL you carry most of your roster over to the next to the next year. So Dan. Let's dive into it then with some of your. Roster Strategies for people that are in a dynasty or want to learn more about it. What is your sort of? Do you have like a core philosophy when it comes to your team? Yeah most. Certainly you know and I'm a little bit newer to the podcast circuit in the industry, but I'm far from new from fantasy. Football had been playing since I. was you know in the ninety s? Back when they didn't. Have you know the fancy software that does the stats Fria Joe Ross getting that USA Today or whatever that newspaper publications I think you know. Greg Embryos had back in the day and I would do the stats by hand for my league, and people would win wonder why I always would finish first or second I had such an edge doing adding up the stats and. I started doing keepers and redrafts, and then dynasties like potato chips. You know you can't just have one. And I take that coaching mentality and build a great team around me. I'm lucky to have you know John Bauer Mitchell source and over there at dynasty theory they got about no word of lie, one hundred plus dynasty teams between the two of them, their wives have got to be saints all right, and it started with me getting in one dynasty league, and I became friends with Mitch and he's GonNa. Get you up to five or six and then five or six now. I'm about twenty dynasty teams and. It starts with all that knowledge I talk to you guys about in our listeners. Sometimes they get intimidated by dynasties God's a lot of work. It's a lot of time, but utilize my time wisely I got about two acres of land, so I'm on the line more taken in about three or four Ross Tucker shows a couple Dole. Fantasy points shows. Absorbent all in I'm listening when I'm in the car. I'm in the shower. Driving at the gym. The podcasts are always on I think our listeners have got to be on twitter. If you're not on twitter, you're missing out because it's like a cult, their fantasy football knowledge, and then he should be subscribing to some lists I've got less than you could subscribe to mind. That are for just some of the best in the Biz when I want to just you know, eliminate the clutter and just get certain analytical takes, and I've got some larger groups. And then I'm doing my film study like I said in the I've got a good gauge for market value from there I love tears. I think organization is very big piece of this I. Love Joe Pippi in the black book. He does a good job of this of rank and tears by value. So when I'm drafting I'm looking to hey, you know if I have a mid late first. First Round Pick and do I take Travis Kelsey your George Biddle, that's GonNa. Give me a big advantage over fade and tight end, versus maybe taken a hopkins or a Julio and I could fade wide receiver a little more than still be pretty strong at the position, so I love draft in tears and trying to create an advantage throughout the draft by grabbing guys higher in the tears. Now, there's not one-size-fits-all biasi format. There's GonNa. Be Some people that listened that lake trading their first and second round picks. Adding draft capital and loading up in the fourth fifth sixth seventh rounds. That's not my style. I like to win now and still build a young roster. I like the train. My draft capital because a lot of those rookies don't always pan out and I have very confident. Might trading ability where fighting get a guy? I'm going to trade from somewhere along the line. There's going to be an impatient owner. That's going to give up on somebody and I'M GONNA. Get Him. So I try to get an advantage in year one go to win now. Trade some draft capital. Get a two three hundred point advantage by building my roster early. But then as I build my tears my rankings, I'm targeting. Those guys based on all the information I've taken in young have upside could break out, so maybe you. Don't have it all in year one by an attractive roster and you're too so I felt a little bit short i. still have guys I could trade. I'M GONNA be strong year to and I've done really well. I think I dynasties. Kind of supported Christmas, the dynasty winnings. You know last year. I was cruising. You know I think up till about week. fifteen was a little bad to me, so I had a lot of second and third place finishes, but profited, and it paid for Christmas and then. Then I do some DFS that pays the bills, but I try to draft young. I tried to anchor my team a running back. Ross I, think especially now this Belco. Running backs are very rare. WanNa. Make sure I got at least one. I like to have two good running backs, if I can to get an advantage at that position, and then in Dynasty I. Try to make sure I also like Super Flex format, so I like to have two quarterbacks anchored by at least one study very often this. This guy I do some shares of Mahomes Russell Wilson Deshaun Watson Young Superstar quarterbacks, and then my roster always has at least one superstar, so this off-season evaluated my twenty rosters. There were one or two that I wasn't really happy. The direction they were going in, so I had a super superstar that I could trade get a lot of draft capital still find another good player to replace him, and I kept those rosters strong, so that's a little bit of what I'm doing Ross. Just keeping on top of. Of the knowledge I think the last thing I'd say. Is You I? Stay really organized with my charts. I try to get one mentor even each year last year I spent the year working with Nelson Soza is like a redraft shark. You need some other business and he. He had a little service. They are and I just sponged knowledge from a year and plied something to my game of do the same thing this off season. Learn from someone else and apply it to what I'm doing enough fantasy football. Dan I love it. That was a very thorough and perfect explanation of kind of how you go about it. I want to get your thoughts on some specific players for this year, because that really transcends any of the different fantasy formats, but i. I hope you already have the draft. Kings sportsbook APP on your phone Dan because you live in Pennsylvania and Joe. You should as well because you live in Pennsylvania it's the top rated sportsbook APP and is putting you in the center of the action right now. They have a sign up bonus of a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars so get ready for NBA. Always got Dan shown it to me. whether it's NBA NHL or right now we've got. Got You know NASCAR golf people. Everybody on twitter seems to be loving betting on golf download the top rated draft King sportsbook at now use Code Ross. When you sign up for a limited time, all new users can get a sign up bonus up two thousand dollars again. They're going all out right now. They're not messing around. Sign up bones up to a thousand dollars. Just make sure you enter the code. Ross when you sign up only at. Boards sportsbook be twenty one or older Colorado. Only owners comprise meet first deposit bonus any I bet match Egypt of five hundred dollars deposit. Bonus requires twenty five times. playthrough restrictions apply see draftkings dot com slash sports for details gambling problem. Call Joe or one eight, hundred five to two, forty, seven hundred. That would be amazing if instead of telling you the number right there. If you have a gambling problem call. Joe Here's his cell. They'll try to talk you through it, but I'm probably just going to be talking. About what picks I actually had Webb Simpson to win the tournament last week, so that was very nice. Much did you win? Over thousand bucks I mean just because of some of the offers that draft Kansas presented. This is not this is not part of the read by the way like draftkings had a great couple of offers, so if you combine the fact that I made the bet with the fact that I got three dollars for every stroke that Webb Simpson was under par, which was twenty, two under par, and then also that I got an odds boost on an American to win the tournament yet. I clear cleared a four figures for like for like twenty five dollars worth of actual, so that is amazing because I'm moving. I'm moving to South Carolina soon so I have to get by the way draftkings get on that. Get somebody in. Get Lobbyists in South Carolina a Philistine state when it comes to when it comes to sports betting Trust me when I tell you. They've got somebody on. It everywhere, yeah! My added Yeah. They're working on it. Just make sure you use the code Ross. If you're in a state, that's legal right now. All right. Dan, let's get into a couple of specific players, so whether it's redrafts or I just I'm in a fantasy football league Joe said or dynasty or best ball. GimMe Gimme. One Guy, give me one or two guys that you are really high on and you're. You're looking at a lot in your different leagues. A good point here for dynasty. Strategy Ross when you get these tips in it, and that's what I do. When I listened to the Ross Tucker show or fancy points, Joe or you guys are collaborating on the fantasy feast soon as I. Get that inside tip, I'm going through my twenty twenty dynasty leagues, and seeing where I could trade or acquire them. You know it's hot. Quick News in your stay aggressive in a couple of guys, I like one. I heard on fantasy points, reichheld Armstead You know when you hear that insight. That team is very high and organizations high on a player, and you know they want to move a guy like Leonard Fournette and I love Leonard, Fournette, because as you know my shameless plug. I got to play basketball with a few months ago, but if I wanna both Gimme. Leny Gimme right cal like lenny ends up going now. I got two good running backs on my team so. So you know at an ADP of to twenty eight late in a draft armstead's a nice guy to get I by the way, and you didn't hear that on fantasy points forget enough fantasy points. Okay. That was last week on the fantasy. Fees podcast as Joe and I, talked about my stellar best ball draft where I got it right Keller Reich well I. don't even know I always call them Reich well they are. Brought the fifteenth round or something deny Joe I got. Gray you did. It was an awesome pick and he's a guy. I've drafted a ton of so yeah I mean it's just it just makes sense. You know that the Jaguars tried to trade muntarbhorn and you know he's been suspended by the team for conduct detrimental to the team. At at a point, you know each sat injuries. What am I missing here? Why is Leonard Fournette a third round pick? And why is Reichel Armstead? A fifteen sixteen, th round pick I? Mean that just. Drafting him. Just make sense. Maybe he's not there back in the future. You know maybe you have to keep in mind. The colts tried to colts. Not Try to they did. They traded in front of them to draft Jonathan Taylor, so we know that the colts were at least scared that the Jaguars draft on at the Taylor but they did it. The Jaguars didn't get him. Reichel armstead could have an opportunity. I mean he is like. I'm not even sure it's fair to call them handcuffs because I. Think he could have legitimate opportunity this year. The there's just so much upside for that level of pick I I. Don't know if hype is getting out of Control in dynasty, but it's still really hasn't gotten there redraft so. He's going like seven eight rounds after Alexander Madison which no Madison showed more last year. delvin cookies holding out I. Understand all that, but I wonder if there's a similar level of upside there. You have another Guy Dan. You guys were locked and loaded for your show pal. Another guy like his drew lock. You know a little bit more of a popular name, but still being going a little late one fifty ADP. They're We had woody page on dynasty theory. If there's an episode you WanNa Watch is the one with woody he's. Drinking. Tequila and going off the camera and tell us some great stories about Michael Jordan. We talked about drew lock with them, and he's been covering Denver for thirty years and just being around the team. He's like he's got it factor. And I believe what he there you know. He eats his off. The Judy GonNa Denver before. The draft even happened in Denver. You know they're telling you what they're doing. They are invested in drew lock. They establish so many offensive weapons around him. You Know Sutton's back. They bring in Melvin Gordon. Jerry Judy gets drafted. Hamblur, it's a very talented offense, so I have high hopes about a young quarterback drew lock this year for Dynasty. When it comes to drew lock. You know it's a different. It's a different thing that John always doing like he is tried ever since losing peyton manning to retirement he's tried to. band-aid the quarterback position bringing in case keenum a bringing Joe Flacco to be fair. He did rap Paxton Lynch. It was a horrific bus, but he did try to get that quarterback of the future but this year we did the right thing. Do I know the drew lock is good. No, he was the second round. Pick for a reason and I mean that both on the positive and the negative. There's a reason drew lock wasn't a first round pick in the NFL draft, but there's also a reason. He wasn't a fifth round pick in the NFL draft and I think he showed more of those positive traits, but we got this five. Five Games it was a small sample. He didn't drop back to throw all that many times, but we saw a lot of positives and I. Think John Elway made the right call surrounding with talent. Bring in Judy, bringing Ham or bringing Gordon they drought drafted Ochoa Bonham the tight end to go with no fan. They have a lot of tight end. They have a lot of weapons. They're Andrew Oxen Athlete. He's Got Kinda Cutler. Ish Quality to yeah I would buy right now. He's getting a little bit a hype because of the weapons around him, but I'd I'd invest in a young quarterback like that G and Dan I'm looking at your. Notes you sent me about guys that you like? Irv Smith Ian Thomas Tyler higby Gerald Everett you get a lot of tight ends. Bro, you're a lot younger ends that you like, and you know in a season. Where if you're not getting to me the big three there of Kelsey kittle I'm very high Mark Andrews number three, but if I'm not getting them depending on how those first couple rounds were Faden. Faden and everyone who has one or two strategy getting the big guns, or you're fading and they're the guys I'm targeting a very high and tight ends this year. I think Herb Smith. Super, young talent I think he's going to be us like a receiver from what I'm listening to. You may be the number two option in Minnesota Ian Thomas. He flashed on. On film for me last year he definitely pass the eye test and you know he's replacing alleged in Greg Olson where things are going to do well in Seattle or talking dynasty here I, really like the and Thomas and then higby Gerald. Everett. They both look good on film to me. You know I mean. Hagi was awesome last year and it kind of. Of goes with Jacksonville strategy where you know Joe was talking about for net and Armstead. You know that he likes. There's two running backs. They're so. I'M GONNA. Draft them. Both Everett's a free agent after the season. Then hopefully, my dynasty roster has to starting tight ends next year, so I'm playing for this year, but also help myself a year from now. Joe Does, it. Make you like I'm curious when Dan called it the big three. And it's Kelsey kittle, and Andrews and he's other than those three. Do you think he's correct. That hurts. If you don't get one of the top three, you fade everybody else or is this. His Eagles hate as a cowboys fan who saw his completely healthy more talented team choke last year against the Eagle. This is his cowboys hate spewing from Dan Lamantia. I don't I. Don't know about that. because. There is some rationale to I mean Erz is getting older, so there's there's two sides of the same coin with Earth's. He was never a guy who kind of one with explosive athleticism. The way that the way that Kelsey kiddle Andrews can do. So the question is. Does somebody like Zakar fade away earlier because he didn't have the next level, athleticism or To bring up a Dallas Cowboy. Does he hang around and produce deep into his career like Jason witten because of the ways he wins as a route, runner and move in the chain, so I agree with Andrews's number three for for dynasty, and by the way it's, it's not just speculating Oh Zach ertz getting older because Travis Kelsey as well. It's the fact that the eagles have a really good number. Two tight end in Dallas. So there's both of those things if I can get it. For cheaper I have seen him falling downdraft, or it's not just in dynasty, but in redraft that I'm going to buy in, but I've typically employed the same strategy more so in best ball than dynasty this year. If I didn't get kindle, kittle, Kelsey or Andrews on kind of waiting, and I'm going to get two or three of those later around tight ends. I'm really on Herb Smith I'm in on Ej. Hopkinson this year Hayden hearst. Guys I'm, GonNa I'M GONNA build with those guys as opposed to drafting Hunter Henry Oren, Evan Ingram or a higby in the middle rounds because I really liked the way my teens look if I go early tight end or late tight end I. Don't love how they look. If I go in the middle, Ross, you and I talked about that on our best ball podcasts where I took evidence Ingram I. believe in the seventh round and I thought it was an stake. If I could do it again, I drafted a wide. Wide Receiver there. Joe As as the official here I'm using my challenge flag on Ross here all right that that dig of the you know the eagles cowboys game last late last year. The clapper's gun roses is a new season a new era in Dallas football and you know on the theory show Ross Tucker was a guest and gave us some great insight as he covers the eagles on how high they are in. Dallas got her. So I think there's going to be going elsewhere. The Big Three I gave them. Joe Do I do I get to win that challenge I think that was a cheap dig on on last season, which is over, and he forgot about the great insight. He gave his on dynasty theory. Well. I think you're right about the dynasty, though, but the cowboys should be embarrassed. They lost that game weather. Case. Frankly it was the eagles practice squad. Ted All their dudes and they lost the Elsa Carson Wentz and the broad street backups. It was unbelievable. But that's another story for another day. Make sure you check out Dan on social media at F- F coach Dan also his show dynasty theory at dynasty theory, F F two great show part of our network, and you can tell how passionate Dan is about it. And he kept sucking up to me and Joe by mentioning our shows and fantasy point, so he's got it Dan. You got you know exactly what to do. Because now we'll have you on again. Because flattery is everything, so we loved it. Thank you so much. Dan for coming on the show I'm a team player man love with both of you. Guys are doing always a pleasure Ross. Thank you for having me. It is our pleasure, and we cannot wait to have more of you. Guys sign up at fantasy points dot com, using the code feast all caps. Against when I in the next best ball ten draft, we've got ten more people that are getting a chance to go against Joe and I in a best ball tender, which by the way you can win, one hundred and ten dollars like. Joe It's like we're giving people a free ten dollars I. Don't know if people realize that we're handing them ten dollars absolutely and looking. If you think you've got the skills, then come come. Come at us and I gotTA. Tell people it's the best way to prepare for your actual draft for the draft. You really want to win one against your buddies. I get that, but it's the best way to prepare. The mock draft is dead. The fantasy mock draft is dead. Best Ball has replaced it and is better because you can win actual money. That'll do it for this week's fantasy. Fees will be back next week at a really cool guest in mind. Make sure you're subscribed. Make sure you're taking us out on Youtube. You can see how branded Joe Dolan is. It's incredible. I love him for it and other than that stuff. That was a pretty beasley fantasy feasts redone. Thanks for listening to the fantasy feast pot cast. Make sure to also subscribe to the Ross Tucker Football podcast, even money business of sports and college draft all available at Apple podcasts, Ross, Tucker Dot, com, or wherever podcasts can be found.

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Palabras para hacer viajar 106 Integra el destino en tu estrategia de marketing

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I donate a lot. I la La like I did a number on my e one of the few. I say Dana which I got E bummer. I brought on my okay. I got Theater over almost have not shown that this team but a nationally Komo primacy. Not just ARISTA call. Can you tap into this new data on this team not Omar PRUITT's out to dinner. Then throw the do nostril I mean given this towards diminished has not listed on your store. They're Komo important a decidedly Steno are out of the Patel or we doc and bobby harder to simply purchase today. It'd be academic context to go be had this little event your safety. No concrete boost car owner bill east. Hell in Dante's only or by letters to the Komo entitled Maximal in St No issues characters because they put him off. The Blue Daily living metal can be sorted in Dubai wave and fatal. Oh Gosh if it does Bookham. All KOMO. TV took a Mars chocolate here the Democrats gained under curricular accuser. The email mistitled dead it everyday coriander. He ate corn bodies. Simplest netted We blow practical Mushek Distinguished Look at Boston's Kyrie up on issue. I guess in these teams they eve content on Goma Makino your to Komo Sadler's paddlers In the the issue and not listening three yes in La Regular Molly INAUGURA diplomats make Western mcnutt daily Blue Hole Lucia lawyer Kamal Mambo tossed by sacrificing three layers Or Lord I see Orion on boogied assistant here this pony so luckily seaboard vehicle other notebook dumb about it about Dalai Lama theon. They'll appalachian law came went onto another three s to often him on Montgomery Activity University district. One Oh three limit still yet. Mister Lord Lord. Es The diversity Dante Guy Lido toilet on the premier concert with your supervisor Colonel Go Nazi you may need at least look me. Makino you Grenoble English three. In last year regulators almost ultimately think was three billion in Don via a la Costa Yucky. GimMe Makino medal daily Provide us on those in immediately night. Apply Ya inclusive away. Fear style GOING BUDDY SPCA on restored until lukasz. Okay they said even but are limited aveline Englishwoman she last year lows in rebuilding Iraq. Ah Gordana Bush. Then they put him in helping myself through the the people that do these almost almost three years in Lereah in Medical Yawkey. Yawkey me monkey normal looking also tell not portray dietary employees nobody COPAYS baby want the steeple Yoga Martino Soothe exclude Tight to win is he has the DC mass MoD. The NIBIRU belong to lose your starts making considerable a ah the architects we cottage people. They list or by Mil. Moscow demands on this. You know brutal ikuyasu boy. I started listening grocery asking who said of Ethiopian irregular noisy important Dondo lives in Bordeaux Homeowners Debbie it on my you know she says definitely numbers to see. If there's nothing like nothing like I could see the lineup Here Sunday Kennedy got enormous looting. More him does that mean they think three hospital in Murray one key loopy medical advice. Look for that. Maybe they're not got a few you on seven three car Pretty volatile win forgot Guadalupe Consolidate Confidence He has came Nassuer. Ask Your Gordon Suits As my own indefinite diva wooden when people are looking into and they could not love your travel even at Fathi awesome. You've got access on the streets. You believe Boone. Few studying those Quattro can't bless your most break up into the. Yeah he did get kid laboratory Bilton by Ingram party the Tino Dino energy she rica Important adult to six years in office committee one for the mutual. Look within grocery as North The but I see Lorde the dagoes get but I say totally with the W that might might entertain exploited their style into MUI with practic on your mouse. Alah said wound up both. I looked at your body of course but declined videos boom does but but as commentator Stina then drove a lost boy I said look on format of the won't they are split. Look do I said about Bill Bill. Alabamian is that I do having good a single lovers Pushtuns did I say they are taking the battle article steps into this. Larry wants to this thing. On the e- Yucky nursing leafy is finished. Dino Bird said motors yet almost can blow own not elaine balance. Put Him Blah Blah Wallace enlisting hockey one. The limbaugh says win on the been there. I built Iguanas to rekindle interview. Melania blessed spotting up your honors blessed in Romania but Gates Gables cottonwood only glassy. Go to these more slowly. It's still data boy said bid on Lacombe on CNN. But out of your haters anaylyst off by liberty in the worst of Indian delay is the only in the Estonian blue north of embiid Lackawanna Alexander Commodities Dino Been. Laugh you even without suspended. The game is no no no modest. Could no Slovene Olympia. She don't give me see dealer. Illinois is can Novi seat they lack only the Audiencia nocco Mar Hyun Seok in Olympic Games like Bwi Important but retired Maxwell team GEICO With S we import Dante definite goodness Dino Benedict through the rest of the steelers restarted. They've been don't Miss Either team of political dirty owner over your destiny. E- cut the Tino Mean Edna Daddy even a lot more to this dino Yucky look he almost left. Big Shoes are tables. Book is going to go into Iran. Give me boy your try. Yvonne Yucky way up ornate but Philadel- so you must have made that renew Connecticut dinners from Barcelona Uber this parking workings up. We don't install superstar a Los Que. Combative Is Still Janos. Allowed them in. The combative characterize guessing. Menefee off-spinner went up from be saying infiltrated because you collected Yucky but Moore's about Philip Morris deal went. It's not good I'm through this. If in dumfries she daily been biking luckily Turkey beanie benefitauto EDS Gomo. Lana Celona Gomo Steno. It'd be about a gun. kick years from Finish from Barking Daego biking pretty vital characteristic cassia. Easterly that loaded to that. All been bigger dealers picked law or Dealers Wallach coming up on C. N. bulletin is indexed indistinctly blogger BLACKJACK and respond greater openness Achey Diaz Island New Sean Sears Monarchy Center Dr Scott Characteristics Cafe St. No only go finish law comedy lesson beneficial let the Habit Gomez Integra listing on immortal Yucky Dino a lago they do static yeah bit obliterated local Willison Simplemente. That's what it is. It is that of interest I keep with legitimacy MUNC- Yesterday but mocking to Dale who are important to the series. But I can blown To blow in in mathematics. Dennis from the BUCO could people must get duties tussle or so on embrace ask again without article Bishop Industrial Galen Dale Order confidentially through talented instant in this denouncing thin thin and one zero via is not necessarily Muthu. Shaving does native nine potent economic umbrellas rush on we wouldn't look efficacy delivered in which interview incident. Don't this is important thing in Tehran list. You must be fed. The cardinal allow dot the bill. Haughton in La Mancha Volley. I seem therapist. Picked indeed Bukamal then skin data last Tuesday media. Meal is the keep it must believe in taking stay. Es Ta da Evinced l'hotel bipolarity shootout. Put they are Devi. That the the the Catholics pushy feel the talent of the KAMEDA theater guessing. I'm big on you're telling networking yes. Most key kiln backing us. Alot Colossians awesome doubters garbage looking E C Segar team figured out within I listed Lancaster when when Naga Haggadah DOT COM I picked out of Padilla eat law would give people the Plato's beseech on his list you know by the DOC reluctant article Louis Vuitton theories Elubode Mbeki Severe one on McConnell Stadler this hypothetical more Commodity Day Lincoln Center. You said seven movie and get people not unto Auden No I keep it is on the radio in Kimbrel Wifi Taylor community in Banana Republic. Okay at Reiver's session polygamy pedometers on covenants under Spanish Komodo Pale on another fierce dog on office showed world wide. This is last seen not guilty. Look on Sydney's together in the context on people out of the ordeal in in REEFA. Yes operator biggest top local pushing for no DAS various collage these concentrates Siesta people have a circuit relevant. Curious who tilley born had done during their ideas to villain industy. No allow people in Gambill. See us I could tell contract. You look while it's not it's not one in Talkin specific light. We thought Ronchi Lau within donate fit in the Bundy dilemma. To Levy Sal is in theory this will lobby to activity as William Lean but under severe Avi while maintaining industry. We know you're still had Elegant stuck I'm GONNA say Alabamian polictical. Es fiddlers have seen hidden in goose deal means most people into smarter logo. She took his athleticism use multiple All she gets going through the window the worst off idiotic Today start laughing No Mountain Hotel. The way obvious offices at impetus has done to the three dollars Komo explicit Komo different still down if I UTICA doorstop Dino could do wound Bello into Washington Getting Dehradun the Tino United Tat Chat Law the Maximum Dose Day. beat out a okay. I can tell you student off your personal decay. Marketing or two sisters gotTa Khalifa's seat. Wardell starring in day in Kerala Do this or she knowledge or she once said yet afford the the integral as he can study them in Oakland Hills. Coming Daddy O skins can you actually made more inclusive see you. What are you gotta stay out? meet up with. I if I'm forgetting this. Tino focused in the alabamian Tacoma left the look at that. We were not not just in one door in Guangdong on. ESPN but polychaete Reluctant Hamilton. Take local the district on government No SUPERNOVA win we windows but not gone the opposite it was cutting its laughing. It's becoming the minimum. Louis does not as dumped a little more than this thin. Okamoto's behavior's going forward. It's going to get the navy stopped me in the Cam We have to get out of the as he gets a toffee though door labradors she must have almost how they store should be Soviet saying spotify. NIBA chain nighttime. Contacted me Tamie fix nearly identical in contrast copyright leap back. If they're starting to see the Darbyshire Donovan Doi- that likely in proponent Betty Betty When muscle hit anything Brousseau Gay Mitchell? report me as he gets he gets couldn't if that's Musky me dot com but he's like a Middle East say something in the home when I would also.

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Interfaz Podcast Episodio 145  Retos en las comunidades tcnicas de Latam con Tito Stainbach

Interfaz Podcast

30:48 min | 5 months ago

Interfaz Podcast Episodio 145 Retos en las comunidades tcnicas de Latam con Tito Stainbach

"Still is in fast. Food is software. This he saw skills. Vm New as long as fast as they architect today software this Arroyo novas skills Yulia though companion t to stay back king. At Minto's in commodity developers Yobe thing necas Potter Latin America ought has led to be Stasi to begin. Because let's do this. A Ezra Komo Saleh lower lower in Microsoft Latin American honest assignment stole America. Latina Kamala cosimo's no booklet forensic exacly by here for Laura Linney Miami. Florida stock is key but become nope. Tony Latin AMERICA LAST LITTER UP ACADIA. Perfect Groupie till the Zamel persona ask and accomplish worldwide it just did a keep fluid either solely a little Saudi. Oh that which is a mass but for the company has to Italian Soto components that much so he would daily last six Rania because they will this. You see pro. They'll get a computer associates. But I'll do those. E Lee has the royal were of anything which animals architectures stay. Brooks your sequels CETERA. Immaculata follow the UNIX Lennox. Neil in there and cut onto pimple cloud cloud soon. Sc Keep Microsoft Commission Microsoft. More safe persona has he'll throw in can open source center. Microsoft condo forty fourth forty common source would Seco. Say's what's the US Open source? Software may humidity camale cassette a mindset CETERA. Microsoft coming you got jeter me now so low levels at regular course at Cisco Coin Civic on Saturday the Baltimore Okay. So so Microsoft complimentary Sacramento People Solo illegal jarred just outside Or you was now look democracy police last quiz the Kiss Thomas in the Munira lamented honest upon them. Yeah I told. Crissy's moon the allentown surprises and Latin American Dolo Global Iraqi. Laredo Ski US young to represent us. Referrals Komo News. Obviously audience tecnicas though. On the ways lacking Costa Brava. He'll say I will meet up. You sell into confidence by our own bla-bla-bla ready to say at twelve vic competitive with they realized actresses Vapor Campbell's mind ZIP I-I've Ferenza air continue our ten in the answer performer. The Clintons see way down. It doesn't ask the -SEGO per gallon Allie Reynolds maintain on us. Now semel said Moon and BLU ray interest star calls Ngozi flexibility. Leeann throw simplisafejoe remote but had this Derek book to interment seal those movies to explore. The opportunity is not Kemal Kara Service. Coit support yes now. A survey his cheap fiscal. This is Julia Scientific. Cut The assays or choices to must say does lay there. They don't bill parsoes commodity tomatoes. Thanks a Tanto. Tanto shoot more here so pencils. Komo quantitative blockchain guilty to Lebron won all parents the CTO helier. Latakia kill you know. How does this impact? Mocatta the Microsoft. Those approaches. I because your Mama's case driven Nikola Microsoft your Komo gamble circle at the central talented. I party their body but a political developers because Okinawa sent a muscle casinos. Donda KHUMALO SKI sequences. Get an Trahan to national can. Sabic came up and I said what can also keep split up. Senator the widow so keeping correct Patrick pay. Jabba junk. Look does this poor cable. I should as they go through a look at your competency utilize the Korean software. Portia Para Que. La Sipple Theresa is is look at yourself on an empty what we. Ceo Your City. Say Oh you come on if you compare that okay. As as as far so they say as a technical is an oil you guess it. Does THE WHITE UP ON TORONTO CANONICAL NASI OSCAR? Important to kick the vehicle is key to up your so damn plenty of city of the events something about Microsoft a mental. They beat up. Because you're so sweet. Made this will cynical. Says he went to see the cornea? Eat Jameson Cajun Salon owner DOT COM. Though say you also say you didn't Redondo Temple Salvia? It does as a demented Gore Bayern aspects. Nothing Phone Lebron teams. Three teams live to Sarah Communicators. Must Mr you do talk to each Horace Lesser? Starting out to the city see was a little bit of meat. And instead it's those sin of the repented this act those experiment that they don't experiment. The phone relates three militarism. So you want them to put my life streaming parallel S. But I can tell you come little bit on equality packed almost got to see though. I see Mayo the we in the Kasese St David Anna Simona EC. Quintals a Komo through this somebody defended. The platform is Switzerland to stop because it's to exhibit dental. Look say been out the capacity. Local hopefully can talk. This containers look changed now. Say I shouldn't Lavar a cloud. Cloud cloud though does allow not working. Dona a kit of our two zero two. Can't we run the the affluent they to send the shoot of tryon's assembled the Amazon percent approval for gathered us to open? Maximum oxidised Macho Star Star. Star is what academic you get. Aws Okay a carrier though at the top sustained us into the Yes this is seem. That doesn't mean of go on looks can't handle that anymore. Lack in committee is best of those percent. Stock and barrel. By Greenwich Capacity. Name was the processor the total. Don't Dr Joy Ceelo Meteo Claro Claro See Megastar. Look at commenters. You Know Portal Nevada. Is They look task? Tanno Merkel automakers Landau in intermittent case. Can you say Kindy No NC so L. C. Own so bad. Cto Kobe this environmental gasquet. Claro Moore Callo. They'LL WANNA Manila. And this is you developing here gets just our because to is to sell go. Yes stubbornness twice possesions Pero file. Tavist important is my question. Obama IMPACT ON T. And also see that all but I love it is his interest fantasy where Kamara show now though lassen place as las goes Komo we income and thus implement that does testing here's K. St an E. rapid a mental Kabul they will amass the name of the L. Can Say yes the impact O- whiskey. I'm only near Seattle. Roddy on see what people say. Put Moss in lost juts. They they they this is the sweet the League physiology but the network says the roles of smashing learn a difficult. The speech speak to them. Why you got the the cost for several for chat bots shut was Intel's Alyssa look in their primarily at the the dinner get represented Lo bue structures and also identify the packet US superstar. Honest projectors don't they cisco now and as the Los Angeles area in the probably fits your on Oprah resellers in Lilia pissed but the has sorta this Tequila by the week that yet the parasail the multiples for Lloyd daily a royal the Alonso ekamol Savar Contra Standard you guess mass aesthetic would aisles or compensate online. Set up on. Pj and it said So parameter Bros Komo's letting go here sub IOS per se SI SI SI different Yeoman. A dashboard schedule community. Bp's campus is pushing the campaign bubbles. Inquisition those were asked to stay impact on the house. E as Noah's. Musk started poorly here. He get an almost William. The Yan still cancer that has knows make our we saw it. Impulsively happen say call. Mutational teeny chemical policy. Massias is or. You're talking to a person to walk the case as we took the on the Kosovo key problem interest us. That are one hundred miles candies Kayla. Does we also GONNA stop because get to embiid? Allocate cast academic? I'll also still look the into consideration. Even look at the Jamal. Eighty Las Gatos. The much US yesterday beginning impresses throw hamels on infrastructure. Joy came on big data traffic. And say what was happening. Don't go they don't that the stocks go brand Super Lopate loud. I know which is the this out up to Yvette. Babies don't carrier will seal eight hour to sustain collaborator because visas contained coordinators mackinaw star. The MODEL number looks to indicate Gerrita concept get Indianapolis. Carol Look Talk. Living IS GONNA the Hill Brzezinski. Anything no here for come up with the Ron Palo years hinted at dingle thing no here. Either the euro. Because I'm looking in in packaging racers way in corporate ask interim mayor you indicate romantic contact play House. Not Those employer. Motos are hard today to dis Iran. Celebratory let me yesterday. It's Komo TV. Settle does this seem combined. Motorola explosive you hear discarded. Wbz A winter. Pete Bill. Stop the The may connector. Our continued our computer Dorian. You nothing of a successful too. Many books of timeless ideal. You know the Star. One hundred repented did the Tobacco Geek. Lap LIQUID CASA general. We'll get okay to kill them the little. Ko You excel here today. This is a dollar and olive oil prosser wondering Mississippi or widow people list of what people I they sort. Sociology cal he Alert this festival tour. Emily Steel Alloy. Lana he'll hinton the manager here depending on kokomo Lillian Jet Coronado Victory E. camale elementary open it up economic tussle sweat a key equivalent Fire let's is. What your optimism. Costas Costume News Agency pretty elaborate wounded by accident. Korean ancestors costs cost us in be physical in lower and upper biggest comparison. You see this on Dos Kilo quotas. You know it does this. Komo your optimism Costas Optima Sarah Cosstalk twelve solemn and physical. But I'm not just almost a year to curtail dylan kill. Look look at you go on up those Pearson or essay. Costatini say sure does it. Pacifica tennis either. So it was a thunder shower Baba's or the this. What are you because a lot? These these big a little sexy that they'd actors budget there at sit under the radio of Bows Casino key. It said that it doesn't W W D up either stoldas. We've ops it because containers because we issue coupon tutor a cloud native Entity the domestic eleanor. We're Super Mercatus. Impress Alaska States in speed? I'm Donna Momento policy. Relevant Kieran me get a payroll tempo. Kuchen reconcile all the Sade or get him relatively saxl on the coastal the with the toll. Okay Ya Lana. To bus. Halla in technology has not was no this act the act up thirty thirty the next step. Ramon. Coal can resource Akinsanya. Now it's like a call mainframe. It'll be an excel as a couple of what exactly they don't tell you pick. Cnc mainframe the better almost traveled. People look will Tamar. You'll you'll kimmel. Must older intimidated accessible. Does this to save into some light looking up here. Sal increases took in your buys Selah Dog Latin Motto Is this your Spaniel hit? The millerbrook was from the Columbia is achieved Mexico. It said that he served the worldwide Cuckoo's become to argue Kamala DECOSTA'S COM Mellon or Komo Mobile. Application is webpage thing physical ability. Delay Layer elope approach. They just started a as I say. Book Wickham on how moment audio-video. Nothing has all of this look. Nervous Osama total letting America know he traveled participation. Explo- thunder civil target audience toys. Lewis bigger killing. She's this to K. Bob Mussa will wear Komo. I'm scientists in sociology until the Technica see communities this Kilapa Mamia. They'RE GONNA BASSEY DRAMA. Currently story to took risky by most women towel. Our weight loss of intersperse in Alycia Dole Carragher Beyond this or Chris. Godollo is took most in those time. Most Randall Manila silicosis Therese Times. He simply walk inorganic. The Body Manila. See without they'll go now to the the Yondo you. Skin assembled stomach capacity means also limited political Microsoft or see no Lackawanna Dallas. Yoder'S IMPRESA induced. Three US beamers Fabric Software D. C. Posse that these you got out out through. Niche callow Walter. Dnc those twist capacitor. The Taller Sorrento Casino. Jehlum almost all McChrystal by co-ceo tail is God that he can feel man etc etc etc Cetera. Call for papers your to wrestle the he took key west. Icm Tennyson those look at your limb almost Aberdeen dark capacity streaming in our. I'm skeptical at Paseo is not in the event of Hippo. Blerta embiid Tarik to worship or you hack. Atone Joe Capacity. On Line conclude this not explicit proctors policy mechanical. Our where it took the momentus will for physical either. Bulwark in the born. And don't they were love with the CEO Jeremy Now almost thirty two posing custodian Australian come? Mike breys grandma's by this said said no voter at the middle level. That yes you know. let's see. I'm on Alpha. I'll fuck you not get pundit and Sunday. Kokusai commute is only because Limos commando seized lane see community on Youtube t the post London sector the the best rental soon Florida here. Dont`a capacity utterly humorless chameleons get the random but then emerson three politic. The deeply the event does settled Okita sweaters canal which experiment also basset are Okita. Gobert Larisa bookcase for my Cohen. Kassian see also they? They are only in Canton apathy on it simply services and a bit. In case see the lack of Simpson's Yeltsin pray is important e Talamante qualicon as nor was severely bad. Oakland Claros to move hormone eight. I'll know mcwhorter Manhattan complementarity momento or not top West Nile to temple cassette is is the Cassini Zecic. Kamal Jessica Young Actors. Actally inspector or your team starts prepare. Charron HIM UP. Roomba Air LAPUTA liberal Ed Porky north recommend. Ac Liberal. Looking Gustav. Mauler Lake on you. I don't limb which is similar Manica mental me. You will greer But are you looking at Tsim? Monarchists plenty land their plan. The we okay. He is Lebron Medical Gavilan. Villa's picked the Komo millions. You know push those s come away extended but are still put Avista Mathematical Alexa in you see this as the scientists elbow the packing and you see we. Winter is something we entered the the bacteria the one we call cacique over precipitator. Okay okay. Excellent Milania every adult. Is I static almost Dennis to win? Amigo Tito oriented yet. It up normal Chima which is Russell Kansas Korean though because what I meant Takara Cassie. This onerous mass. No Ultra automated monogamous from Red Bull. The storm is no here cafe but I think of Leonard here but he was promised Kiss La Primera and beat the soon the US Aquinas. Protest Easter Perfecto. Tito mature told US newspapers. Police Kucha knows most in Las Emission. The interface is Dane step blocks.

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