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"laboratory school finance" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"From NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly president trump is imposing a thirty day travel ban on most Europeans entering the US because of the corona virus this follows the world health organisation declaring the covert nineteen outbreak to be a global pandemic the travel ban does not apply to Americans and legal permanent residents or their family members here's vice president pence this morning on fox news the rest of the average American of contracting the corona virus remains low but we do know that seniors with serious underlying chronic health conditions are particularly vulnerable to very serious outcomes the virus is blamed for at least thirty eight deaths in the U. S. the majority at a nursing home in the Seattle area the NBA is suspending the rest of it season because of the virus and P. R.'s Tom Goldman says a player on the Utah Jazz tested positive Utah all star center Rudy go bear had been sick and as a precaution he was tested for code nineteen that came back positive and even though he could play last night he said he thought he could play last night before Utah's game against Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City the game instead was called off right before the opening tip right after his test results came back the NC double a says its upcoming division one March madness basketball tournament will be played without fans as a precaution this is NPR news from Washington this is W. NYC from New York good morning I'm Richard hake it's eight thirty one made of Lazio says two schools are closing in the Bronx after a student self confirmed positive case of covert nineteen laboratory school finance and technology and south Bronx preparatory a College Board school will close for twenty four hours meanwhile all CUNY and SUNY schools will move instructions online starting next week because of the fear of the corona virus WMI see she made about sue reports governor Cuomo says during March nineteenth that's next Thursday classes at SUNY and CUNY schools will move to a distance learning model that will be a way to reduce density and that is a good thing this comes after days of anxiety expressed by students and faculty who are still being expected to come into campuses the governor says individual schools will have to decide what exceptions to make for classes that can't happen online like labs and some dorms maybe kept open for students who have nowhere else to go small businesses that see revenues drop by at least twenty five percent due to the outbreak could be eligible for grants from the city of up to seventy five thousand dollars this according to an official with the Brooklyn chamber of commerce it is Romero was an assistant manager at a local clothing store she says she hopes it doesn't come to that but she's already seeing a significant decline in shoppers the traffic has died down a lot ten fifteen percent two thousand dollars a week yeah I believe it's due to a coronavirus the chamber of commerce is trying to help retailers improve their shopping district on rock away parkway one of Canarsie is major thoroughfares New Jersey Supreme Court has ruled that medical marijuana patients in the state cannot be fired for failing a drug test as long as they're not under the influence at work the court handed down the decision this week Matthew Collins an attorney who specializes in employment law in the cannabis industry says the move clarifies protections for workers who use medical marijuana what this decision is done is made clear that the law is that medical marijuana use a lawfully prescribed medication that can be used to treat certain ailments the ruling says medical cannabis patients are protected under the state's anti discrimination laws the New Jersey department of health says there are more than seventy one thousand medical.

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