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"la khudobin" Discussed on The Queens Fortress

"What do you get up to and you can't sleep? I read books a get into my phone. I questioned myself. I have a new home while Kia fictional character crush. What's okay no problem between fiction and nonfiction? I was the difference. You since the loss the lies. Who's your crash from? The lies made of me anyone who has to be him. Yeah yes worst thing you have ever been caught doing instead. He picked up. Why you're really come back as you'll get to teach your pitch to say one thing. What would it be would up word? I'm yes or no to mainstay. Yes this great humanity to an alien and we are. We are an organized. Kale's I'M A to simplify. My mind was get was. What color should the ocean be? Wow it was blue blue. What are you most grateful for right now for the current drug? They're busy with and things are coming in abundance. Nanday they're working in a land with the universe and God is like Augusta. You could kill one illness. What would it be an illness? is depression and illness. You Sir yeah okay if you were in a witness protection program what would your name be. And where would you be out? Be Thomas Thomas League. Would you be out be the belly of A DISA- Baba issues. Okay I been. You've been caught doing clear your guys. Okay okay begging. The day with enchanting is homeboys you know they developing a new area in La Khudobin. Yeah and then we stole cats and then we tried to get water and then we open the gifts in this house which was still under development and then we got chased. Our at random chased is in. Then I kinda fascinated by the most important question of the day John Wayne whine. Thank you the best way to start the season. What'S UP YO? You are in the Queen's poachers and we are children with torsten clear. Ripka shot of wine to start the morning. I I guess I continue you choose. Yeah you don't really. Yeah yeah opening white there we go and the last snap. Unfortunately I'd ask Tustin. Yes introduce yourself with the poems. There is no difference between night and day in Palestine. The Sun and the moon out of Palestine's view the earth and the atmosphere oldest collide in Palestine space and time out of mind in Palestine. Heaven is trying to find its footing in Palestine while hell his drenched. It's hot all over Palestine. The people they eat bullets and explosions for breakfast. And drink it all down with each other's blood through eyesight. Fresh air is a foreign thing to the lungs for the only know how to Inhale Death. An army tanks though kneeling. They know his bombs. Dropping from the sky warplanes camouflaged as clouds land. Mines sprouting out from the surface like weeds and the clowns are holding spirits. Hostage in the address lists. This place is the perfect definition of the valley of dry bones. Children used toned-down homes as pillows at night and they sleep with one eye open for the rapid rattling of rifles alibis. Gaza stripped to the call for the world wants to get rich permits rich black sue and the only way to survive. They is sadly to die. Fighting is the daily braided. They have no choice but to stomach. It family members only recognize each other by being part with mothers leg pods here and armed pilots over there. The father's head pods there and parts of this fingers over there. The sisters hips partways. There and there in the is partly some way over there the brothers heartbeats in pods there and his guts are apart every way here. This poem is it. Yeah no I can assure you shortly so people will have to hear it when they get the chance to full in-depth full in-depth to cut into to win. It's like one minute forty seconds if I'm not mistaken. Roughly something. What's up guys this season. Two hundred twenty two guys in your spending with a dangerous dangerous man Yell Pa either as wanting for me but why has now spoke of Palestinians like a very serious thing? That's going on okay. Rate and like. I don't think the media does could coverage return what your opinion is of what's happening in Pakistan right now? I think they're just covering. What is benefiting the news right now? Which is the surface of an oral. You know what we are used to like. They're painting a picture for us to get into the situation. Where it's always bombs killings. Always doing this things armies invading the place and whatnot. You don't know indepth story about it where they are countries monotony me waiting for their own personal use because they know these rich oil and they know if they get hold of the head they know that they have the world in the of their hands. So that's why that is not even highlighted. Because when I was writing this poem I was talking to my mother in because she knows a lot about opinion. You know 'cause you told me like no the main reason because because of the oil you know and like this these countries they're trying to camouflage and try to Pray with all these bombings. The army going. And so it's it's a. It's a yeah. Cover up this okay. This is a huge compensation in the space of a poet. Taking someone else's story and making own remain to go. We need to go there. 'cause there's this thing of okay cool. Some people feel poorer the voice of people and retail. What's happening right now? We tell the truth of what's happening in our hands and other people feel like if you're not a woman if you're a man to not speak as a woman. What is your take on speaking someone else's story telling someone else's story it depends Muscian. You shouldn't but indepence as a poet You must understand as much as your work is sensitive. You must take the next person into consideration as is And it depends how you write it because these certain people who write in order to get recognition other people's work through other people's as soon as you get on I mean but if you come with an intention to raise awareness that's another thing as well My personnel mad about this situation. I say guys you have to skies and it was grass anyway issues at a specific piece Asia. When you add on a new name people do. What do the people who had issues.

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