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"la geyser" Discussed on Gangland Wire

"And you figure I'm next. I'm on the hit parade. Yeah. I'm look I was looking at the wicker pedia. And it's the dragnet approached him about killing Brunson. No dragon was dead by then is that maybe that's not why it's not right. Require Brooke liar, Clair's you. Yeah. Brooke layer. Jimmy didn't like the idea. But he realized then that the bomb was talking to the FBI, but he stalled around close a bricklayer went into prison and in Jimmy was co acting boss with Tom dragnet Lewis, Tom drag, and he kind of stalled around because Jimi knew he was the only one that could probably kill bump zero. But he thought maybe we can fix this. So. They talked everything over and then dragging the had the idea Louis. Tom dragon said, look, we'll just have we're going to give bump and Sierra a promotion when it gets up promotion, he'll be all calm. He won't be nervous. So they made him constantly airy of the family and it did Jimmy Senate did calm him down bomb. He wasn't so angry about everything, but it relaxed him and he dropped his card, but Jimmy said I never thought about killing myself. You know, he just he said if Brooklyn survives prison term, they can worry about it later, and I'm not gonna do it. Take that some of the region he fell out of favor because he wouldn't Jimmy. Yeah. You know, he's speculates on those things, but he knew those guys in like him. Anyway, you know, he knew that Burke liar and the other newer guys in the family didn't like him very much his only friend the newer LA mob. Members was microbes attell microbes attell. Oh, and Jimmy were pretty close friends. So Chicago couldn't protect him anymore. Sounds like from what he wrote. He he knew he had to handle it himself. He could kill the guys in the mob out here that we're trying to kill him. But you know, that's hard to do member. He was like sixty two years old at the time. Of course, they were older guys do, but but still he tried to get the Mexican mafia to help protect him. And he was in the middle of that the Mexican mafia from what he wrote was going to help him try to hit the LA geyser trying to hit Jimmy. But then in the meantime, the FBI flipped him because they came to him and said, hey, we can't watch you all the time. Wait on kind of thick. Yeah. We can't watch you all the time. Jimmy, but he was right outside your house here. Did he tell you? Did he tell you? He was going to be here. Jimmy knew they were telling him the truth. Yeah. They had the recordings and stuff head of talking about about him. Yeah. Bad math name. Yeah. Those kind of look turn Frank who lot of afr- Kuwata moment where they play back a tape and Frank knows? And they're telling is Tony spurlock. He needs to clean, his dirty laundry. Yeah. Aaron used to work LA still works at Saint place. But this guy that started this restaurant guy named Jimmy d cap. Oh, they called him. Chebbi started his restaurant named Chevy's. And he was a bookie also they came with the bureau pros tan, they put him into joint for failures testify gave him immunity and put him in for failing to testify testifying and bureau had a tape of them bad math named and saying, you know, there's a little nervous about a movie. Would he hold up because he was he had Italian last name. But he was only half a talian, and they're really worried about whether it hold up or not and they protest him. But he wouldn't do it. And. And you know, he was right? They didn't do anything to him. He came out of his little stint. But that that's a pretty common common tactic. Among the FBI. You get any kind of conversation, and you can then add little of your own engineer, witty scissors. On it. And these guys, you know, they're gonna kill you you might as well come on in. Yeah. It was interesting with Frank Lodha said today ever, the former police officer that was in the hole in the wall gang. Yeah. I don't like working with former cops. Plasco. Yes, Joe Blasco that guy. He he was he was actually even in their intelligence unit. And he was feeding stuff to Tony's tro all wrong. And then they got caught. They actually they changed up. The old sheriff went out the new sheriff McCarthy came in and he started cleaning house, and they also combined the metro and the county PD with the metro of Clark county with the metro PD and created this new intelligence unit, and and it came out about Blasco, and they fired him. He was actually had been fired when when he are probably quit before he got fired when he was working with the whole, but he had done that kind of stuff as a cop that got there's an organization called L E. I you law enforcement intelligence units and Las Vegas had been kicked out of that. Because of Joe Blasco that was the FBI told the other of police. Departments that were involved with Elliot you as national organization that hey, they got a bad egg down there in LA. And and they weren't they weren't admitting to it. So they just booted him out. And then after Joe McCarthy your was Joe McCarthy Joe McCarthy. I can't think it was the first day was in Kevin no might have been but his name was that's another actor or something. But McCarthy after he took gold, install Kim Clifford as the new and Clifford clever as the new. What's his first name? Oh, I said Charlie McCarthy. John McCarthy, Charlie either. But the kicked Blasco out, and they got back in L A L E, I you and they start working with the. Laws with the FBI real closely. Matter of fact, that was a combined task force that night with the LAPD. I mean, Nevada metro PD intelligence guys in the FBI that that did that. Oh, when they captured wall in the gang that night, and they were pretty happy to take Joe Blasco off. He did a little time it came back down. And he's died since I was going to try to find him and try to get an interview out of it. But he was dying. No five was gone out. I know he worked as a bartender. Yeah. The Crazy Horse to the exotic dance. Oh, God that was owned by of some story. So yeah, he would he would have had some great stories, wouldn't they? So we digress off with Jimmy Friday. I know he's gone into witness protection program now through used him as a traveling horror, basically all over the country to testify about my guys. Would you start to say what did we talk about what I want when I'm just looking at their Wikipedia about him. And it says he kind of he was implicated by Rafer Reto in the murder of Danny green. Yes. No. That is a story. I forgot about that story. According to Wikipedia, I'm just looking at this. We're talking and it sounds like this is part of what kind of drove him into witness protection. Yeah. That's all that you. We're going to try to kill Danny green. And he was an old Cleveland guy. Yeah. He's in oak. Cleveland guy. Tony dope. Dallas center was Jimmy's buddy and Cleveland. Okay. And Tony Tope told him. We have a great plan to take out Danny green. He said we put the bomb in the car next to his. So he doesn't suspect anything, you know. So he parked his car somewhere and Rafer ITO drove the bomb car next to. Were Danny Green's car was when Danny green came out from his doctor's appointment. They United the bomb and almost cut him in half. Well, where they had been trying to kill Danny green

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