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"la allott" Discussed on Fame is a Bitch

"Uber's especially Uber pool. Do report that's. Uber for people with not a lot of money. Now. Really when you see the prices next to each other. You're not in a rush you go spend twenty three dollars to get there in fifteen minutes or I can spend six dollars to get there in twenty eight minutes or thirty five minutes a bargain. So that's what I've been doing. I think I'm breathing into much of the real quick Roger fucking stone. So when I get to LA in ninety seven, and I got the job at e you know, me and car young Donau, then we kinda broke up because I was in LA Allott and the people in New York New all the fucking billionaires and multimillionaires knew she was on the loose. And Donald Trump came calling. You all know that story. Well, I was getting these postcards sent to me at e and it would just say famous bitch. And so is car young, and it'd be a picture of car or picture was creepy shit would've fuckers doing this this one on for months car calls the other day. She goes, hey. I know you love hearing about crazy things that happen to your life. I said, yes, she goes. Remember, those postcards you got from people someone saying famous bitch, so's car. So yes, she goes that was Roger stone. I said are you fucking? Why don't you tell me? She goes, I I couldn't I had the way I had just had to way he's crazy him and Don little crazy. They were jealous that we were together. And that's what he was doing Donald and tell them to do it. But this is what Roger stone is like he was doing these things because he knew his friend really wanted to be car. And maybe she was me. And you know, what these are the people that are running the country, and I'll tell you twenty years ago. Roger stone had to be talked out of rolling over on Trump. I'm gonna tell you something right now twenty years ago, he wasn't arrested for lying to congress. He's gonna turn on Trump. And I got the headline already picked because this is the way my sick. Mine works you've read one day Rolling Stone. 'cause this motherfuckers gonna turn over. And Trump is going to be facing something he never face because when I tell you Roger stone, no knows where the bodies are very how about if until you he brought the shovel in the lie. Okay. So Trump is in beds is in bad shape. He looks to feed. It looks pummeled. I still wish him well. But I don't like what's going on. And fuck Nancy in shock. And then Alexandra occasional court is not about them. It's about all the bullshit. It's happening. And the fact that these guys who were good friends Cohen. And now stone stone's gonna talk stone is a Rolling Stone mocked my words. Anyhow people. Nobody's giving you that story the whole fucking world. But me tell you patriot friends get on it patriots number up. Can't complain. You guys are doing it your friends sign up. I mean, we gained like thirty people. God bless I love you guys. I've got strangulation on my mind AJ. What are you a horrible thing? Let me clean between the black Dahlia TV series with. Pine and then the other night I stumbled upon conversations with a serial killer with the Ted Bundy doc on net flicks. And then when I was watching the Jimmy breslin, Pete Hamill, doc on HBO. I kept seeing all these scary headlines that ran in newspapers back in the day and Jimmy breslin column when he covered the sun is Sam murders..

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