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1811: Abraham Carranza: Program Yourself to Make Millions!

Conscious Millionaire Show ~ Business Coaching and Mentoring 6 Days a Week

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1811: Abraham Carranza: Program Yourself to Make Millions!

"Welcome to the conscious milliner podcast show episode number eighteen eleven day, everyone. This is Abraham Carranza out there mesh of the Mind Messier Reality and today unconscious millionare's ot to program yourself to make millions. Look to conscious millionaire, the number one show for conscious entrepreneurs and CEOS on a mission to build a highly profitable business that makes a positive impact on Egypt's discover how to make bigger money create a bigger impact and live vigor live. You're listening to the conscious meaner network her by over twelve million listeners in one hundred ninety countries now join your host jv chrome the third, the conscious millionaire mentor, Master, NLP, coach, speaker and author of the number one international bestseller conscious millionaire grow your business by making a difference. Are You an entrepreneur, coach or business owner who wants to unlock your potential achieve much bigger goals and fast track your success, then grab this opportunity to have an accelerate session to clarify what you want and map out your success now. Space is limited to apply today. Go to conscious millionaire dot com forward slash accelerate again. That's hunches millionaire dot. com, Ford slash accelerate. Alot this and I am so excited that you join us because I've been amazing show for you today, and as you know, this isn't just a podcast and syndicated radio show heard around the world one hundred ninety countries twelve million listeners. This is a true Niro training. You're in for a treat today because we're going to talk about mindset strategies and execution I have a very special guest. He's an entrepreneur and own several multimillion dollar companies. He's a mindset development expert in human performance and success and author of the Book Master. The mind master realities might guests. Today is mentored by Bob Proctor and the gallagher. Institute helped me welcome Abraham. Carranza Abraham. Thank you for joining us today. As, well, thank you for giving me on the show here yet. I'm excited I of our folks. You need to go visit. I am mastermind dot com. It is an incredible website and especially. For anybody who wants to absolutely master the path to millions, because there's no way to get there without changing your internal world, so many people I watch fail, and it's just painful to see them fail. They're all we focus on the external. They go well. If I just have the right strategy, you are just have the right tactic or I. Just have the right marketing all that's important, but it will not make a difference if you don't change. What's inside of you and that's what we're going to be discussing today, you know, let's let's start with if somebody. Wants to get the result of making millions, and if you're listening, you're conscious, millionaire listener follower fan. You know you want to do that in a way that's going to create a positive impact the world, but what is it that everybody who wants to make millions must do? The very first thing is going to be mindset and mindset is everything. Relatively you can think about it. As ninety five percent might sit upset skill. So I say that you you whatever it is, you WANNA achieve accomplish. You want to center your mind to the end result if it's money you want. The Lob University states you must always give then. He received so things in the right order, so if you WANNA hit a million set, the target is million and decide. What's the value you're going to trade for? A lot of people are chasing the results in the forget the cost. So if if you're listening in urine. What we're really saying is that you've got to I figure out. Because everybody's going. Are A lot of people go well I wouldn't put a million dollars in the bank, but that's really the wrong question, isn't it? It's really about impact. It's really that's where you start. What's that impact I want to be? Making that is so valuable, and truthfully you know word that I like to use around money sexy. It has to be sexy for people to want it. People don't walk in and feels like a cardboard box and go. Yeah, that's what I've been waiting to buy. There has to be something juicy that somebody really wants because it connects with them emotionally how? Abraham. How do people start figuring out? What's that JUIC- offer? What's that juicy difference? I WANNA be making in the world. At the very first thing I was GonNa Purpose universes always looking for the personal acted one of the biggest things that I've noticed been missing. I worked with a lot of people and I work with the People Making Twenty, thousand, thirty, thousand, thousand, sixty, I've worked with millionaires. And it all goes back to one ORTON. Point here one that's going to be personal factor the individual. So insane that I want you to start thinking who am I? And then. Starting to find that. So, what would be the first step? Someone might take because I agree with you completely, and that's one of those. You know. We think that is a one on one question, but it's also. An eight Oh one question, it's also a graduate school question because there's infinite layers to that I. don't think we ever get through all the layers, but if someone you're listening and you're going okay, I've heard this purpose stuff before and I like it, but somehow. I'm not getting it. I'm not I'm not able to move forward I don't feel like I've connected purpose and building business and making money I have been able to put them together. What would be your suggestion for someone? At, the very first thing I suggest is right down. As many wants everything in all creation. There must be desired, and you've got a really want it. You've gotta when you go to bed within. Wake up on. You have that type of goal. Sky's the limit. So finding the right goal says ABC goals. You want to go for seagull. That just drives bills. You encourage you to move. And in the midst of all things, it picks you up in the morning. All struggles. It doesn't matter. You'RE GONNA. Keep moving finally success so right down. Three four or five pages long as many once. Everyone you desire that your heart desires, and then start narrowing them down, and then you WANNA start looking bored while where's the cause or all these desires? What do I wanNA trade my life for? So there's an equation here, and and I often think of it is not an equal equation that you actually want to be trading something that has more value than you actually receive. Because then people bought it at a discount I liked that concept of selling whatever you have at a discount, but it's a discount because somebody's GonNa get a multiple of value like you. Maybe somebody pays you A. A thousand dollars, but they get five or ten thousand dollars with the value. You know I go well. That's a great world you're creating because you're expressing abundance in an expansive way and yet. Why wouldn't somebody want to pay you one thousand dollars if you figured out something that they want, and you could deliver it in a way that will give them five or ten thousand dollars value. What do you think is the best way for someone to frame that in their mind when they start looking at their business? Mo the very first thing is always go to the laws of compensation. The Laws Come station St. you will always be equal proportion to. Your value right so look at this the need for what you do. Your ability to do it. And then the difficulty replacing if you could take care of those three anything that you choose new direction, you WANNA go in. Skies Eliminates Yours. I'll have ultimately. It's about value. and. Let's go over those three again because you probably heard him so quickly on. Wait a minute I. Wish I knew at those were. Can you say those again? Force Abraham? Versus going to be the need for what you do. Second is your ability to do it. And third is the difficulty in replacing you. If you can really really concentrate on mastering number two. The, other ones will take care of themselves. I like difficulty in replacing you right because if you're I'm just thinking. Somebody's making cookies. let's make them chocolate chip. That's my favorite cookie anyway. But if you're just making a chocolate chip cookie like everybody else, there's no difficulty in replacing. You really don't have any unique value, but if you're making a chocolate chip, Cook it and somehow there's some secret ingredients, and there's a little bit oatmeal flavor in it. You know and people go. Oh, my God I've never had anything like this now. You're become A. A little bit more difficult to replace, or if somebody's buying service from you, but their experiences very different than what everybody else in the marketplace you know, then it's more difficult to replace it, or you figured out some angle that nobody else has figured out or been able to one of the things I've been doing clients lately and we've been reframing and recreating. Packages for them is in this time we're in. We're having a compression of time right now. And what I've noticed is people want results to gay? They're not as concerned about six months or twelve months from now right now. And I've been having people take programs. That were six months long ago. How could you deliver the value in four weeks? What how could you reconfigure that now you have something. Other people don't have, and it's more difficult to replace it because they've figured out how to build a long program it. They're not exactly sure how to take all the value and do it. In four weeks. I have one person who took a two year program, and is now delivering it in four hours. So that he can help companies get their employees up to scale on new skills, but they don't have to take a long time doing it, so I'm just mentioning that that that difficulty is kind of an intriguing idea, because you wanna be unique in the marketplace, not like everybody else. Is Correct you, you WanNa, find your personal factor in whatever it is you do and you said something very important earlier out. What is that that extra juice? What does that that extra finesse? What does that extra just little? Sexist there's a second story what does that second is will buy got is going to be the desire. It's the desire of the individual in his personal factor. To become. Chief would surely desires, and that's the zest I'm curious because you've made millions. And what was the sizzle for you? I know what it was for me I grew up. We didn't have any money is pretty simple. By five triggered out. This was not a good way to live life. Right and I said. Mommy and daddy are smart. Why are they broke? On by twenty five I literally had a four storey home in a Mercedes on the water made my first million my sizzle. Personally, it wasn't too later I took a more conscious path was i. just didn't like living. This broke where we didn't know food was coming from right, so my sister was I wanted a better life. What what was it that compelled you to make that first million? realtively is wanted to expand myself. I wanted to really outs worked in corporate settings, and I wanted to mount thing. and. I really wanted to achieve something. Ask for guidance, many many years and I wanted to help you in the same time I wanted to reduce my own income. Only be free. And I think that's something that we're all looking for freedom. I likewise. we live early. a little little income and that's a lot of that stimulated Myers to to be something and do something grand and big at a bigger scale than than what I should have been low times. We go into life and. You, look at the the previous programming for some of us as not enough. Well and programming I'm glad you brought that back up because. What most of us were programmed to do? In the room of money we'd have call mediocrity. We were not program to be wealthy. We were not told the kind of beliefs were not shown how to think in order to produce wealth I think for most people who want to be wealthy, and let's say wealthy is having several million dollars because today's world. To live fairly well. That's about what it takes. are have to have to literally re program their mind because they're not even at opportunities the correct way. They're not looking at their business the correct way they're doing the little things rather than the big things are GonNa, matter. Right, it's in the lead times you can be doing small things in a big way and and the biggest thing that. We touch a little bit on it and you're right. It's programming semester programming. and If you guys get a chance to come legal, we do, but this is what we teach for years. I. I went back to studying the mind after it made. Billions of dollars yearly it took me really easy fast quick. Anywhere win this money. And I started doing best in individuals, and they just could not make it happen and I started seeing that there was something. that it was a psychology behind the belief behavior, and they just could not get to the next level so for. Couple of years two years, three years asked. Universe for guidance I wanted on the mine and white people do what they do. And I knew that Austin helped in. It was something else that I was missing. One so I know that you have a really special program. I want to talk about that and we have a special link for you today, and it's your masterclass. I am mastermind. We're going to give you linked to go check that out. Tell us more about that because I know. This is an ongoing program you have. Yes in in our masterclasses. we teach people We get started in the loss of success and really just. Keep driving home with you you need to be. You need to surround yourself with this information every day all day long you see the mind is moment. And we're not in control of that movement than we've become the plaything the things around us so this this information realatively it realize you back opuses back on the directors and is teaching you. The Laws of success unilateral with the directions aware whether it goes one and chief. If you'd like to check that out, and we're going to have this on the show notes, it's well bring it up again once more on the show, but I want you to get it now. It's conscious millionaire dot com. Ford Slash. I am mastermind. That's conscious, millionaire dot com, Ford Slash. I am mastermind. And we'RE GONNA. Be Right back. We're going to have the twenty four hour challenge and we're going to have the conscious millionaire questions. You'RE GONNA. Stay tuned for all of that. especially that challenge I know everybody looks forward to that and we're going to be right back with my featured guest Abraham. Slow. Hi this is jv. Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs and coaches make make millions while others struggled to get ahead. Well if you want to build a high profit business that makes a difference want to offer you a completely free accelerate session to clarify what you want and map out your plan to achieve it because I want you to get the amazing life and business of your dreams. Get your accelerate session now. Space is limited, so apply today. Go to conscious millionaire dot Ford slash accelerate. That's conscious, millionaire dot com, Ford slash accelerate. Again. Just go to conscious. MILLIONAIRE DOT COM Ford slash accelerate. Welcome back I'm javy chrome. The third host of the conscious millionaires and I have my featured guest with me. Today Abraham Carranza. He is the author of master the mind master reality. We've been talking about how to program yourself to make millions I. WanNa, remind you at the special link. Conscious millionaire dot com forward slash. I am mastermind. That's conscious millionaire dot com forward slash I. AM mastermind where you can go and check out. A Abraham's masterclasses that he has and now it's time. Yes for the twenty four hour challenge, Abraham. I'd love to turn it over to you. What's the twenty four hour challenge for everyone listening today? Twenty four hour challenge I would say. Write down a goal and a go-cart. What you trading word what you want. Sagging is an affirmation. And I want you to write down, and this is a really good affirmation has worked for me. And thought about myself running up in its it starts off as I am so happy and grateful now that I'm getting better and better. At all that I do all day everyday in every way for this, I did. And folks we're GONNA say that one more time, but we will have it written out on. The show notes at conscious millionaire show dot com. Could you get that two issues one more time? I am so happy and grateful now that I'm getting better and better in all that I do. All Day everyday every way for this I did. Absolutely thank you so much for that. I just want to add almost blessings to that because I think that's. You know that this is the truth that it really starts inside of you. You know I'm somebody who does internal transformation and business transformation our work on mindset, strategy and execution, and I can tell you. I've had this conversation with lots of other coaches as well. People. Over and over and over again Wanna come, and just by the strategy, right and I go, you can't do that. First of all wants to sell you the strategy, because until you change your mindset. You aren't even GonNa. Know what strategies to use could thinking too small, and once you start changing your mindset. Right of what you can accomplish all of a sudden. You're strategies. Look different. You're looking at different opportunities. You're executing in different ways because right now I can guarantee you one thing wherever you are on your journey of Crete, making money and building while. You're executing too small. And I say that about myself. I'm GonNa say that about Abraham why. There is no no into the infinite level that we can listen to. An everyday. You've got to be asking yourself. How can I play bigger it all starts inside of you and folks I just WanNa. Take a moment right now to thank you for listening especially you especially you and all our fans in Toronto Canada been there many times and Lovett Texas. Now this is going to be an interesting one. I WANNA. Make comet. Probably, I gotta be honest. Probably not the place I plan to spend. New Year's but I was leaving. Denver and we were having a snows- oh my God horrible snowstorms several years ago. And I actually was very grateful when I got there that there was a motel that was kind of a convention motel, and I was when a few people they had breakfast included, and I was glad of that I was glad to get off of these block. Ice Roads. Because, I had been on a block ice road for twenty five miles now if you don't live where it snows I'm just going to tell you. Black ice roads are where the asphalt is black. And it's covered with ice. And Twenty five miles of I think it was three or four hours to get down that twenty four. You can't you can't. You can barely move right and anything you do. You're likely to slide. And you can't get close to any vehicles. It's a scary proposition especially when it's dark and when I saw that Motala said that's the place I'm supposed to stay in. It was New Year's Eve. There I was at didn't know you were there. We would have gotten together and had a mindset party. Folks were kept coming up next the conscious million of questions and we're going to start out. Yes, we're actually. GonNa. Start out with mindset. Abraham you have built multiple multi million dollar companies. So you're always looking at business opportunities. What's the mindset that you've developed that? Helps you discover your best business opportunities. The very first thing when you're looking at businesses, you WANNA look at processing systems If you want to invest in a company or in any form of of company that's going to generate revenue very first thing. Is You look at the processing systems? Because that's what you purchased if you're not purchasing that, you're purchasing the individuals energy, and if he goes the energies. So you want to when you're looking at system of organization, YOU WANNA look at the structure and have a good for mapping, and is it a value? What's the value and let's go back to compensation? Right so, is it something? Is it worth you? Is it worth your time? Is it worth the investment is is who are the Missouri in the company and A really. The main thing you need to know is a want it. I think that's a very. Good point at as we are doing this show, I happen to be because one of the stages. That I'm now. Add what I'm doing with my work because I happened to be looking at two companies that I don't part of and help built because that's now what I'm looking for and part of my clients at you're absolutely right of looking at the systems. Go going. Is this good Roi for my time and Energy? What's IT GONNA? Take for me to invest my time, not just owning a chunk of it, but part of the deal is I'm going to help it grow. Right and so you've gotta decide. When you're going to evaluate. Should I take the risk on because the way I'm looking at that from a mindset, standpoint is everything that's not guaranteed is risk. Because, it's very nice to think Oh, you make a million from this, but that's all risk actually because it doesn't yet exist and what's the probability? It's going to exist, so you? You mentioned systems. Let's talk about strategy. What's a strategy? You could share with all of our entrepreneur listeners that would help them become more profitable. If you're ready in the business of as an entrepreneur one of the biggest things that had a major impact on me. Many years ago, I met with some some older gentlemen. Millionaires billionaires and. They as well had had come from entrepreneurial, and they came from nowhere. And, no business mentalities, but they were made. Big Jumps made lots of money break first thing they said was. Want you to do is analyze business? Are you very person? Are you working in Your Business? I business. At different mindset. It's true so. So whenever you're working in your business. Your company can only grow as far as your arms can reach. And if you're always a center of that energy. than. You're moving the energy. It's you when you're gone that energy the bids falls apart so very first thing you want to work on processing systems. Instead it up where when you're not there, it's Allah generated. This was a big difference in how I operate in how I move in what I do, and it's scaling the business, and you want to their certain ways of doing it have more time, but very I think always ask yourself am I working on the business or working in the business? It's a different mindset in. It's different way of setting up your company model, and when you can work on the company, and not in the company ninety one in the right rooks. Conscious billionaire we have a formula for creating wealth in its conscious focused action, but that formula can be utilized to accomplish anything. You know one of the most important things when we talked about it before is. Is You actually start with the giving? What is the way that you're consciously focusing your actions on a regular basis to make a bigger contribution with your life? It's always about valley very first. Things in the laws of compensations than Detroit Roy do so when you when you start raising your stock in your your your value, and I want everyone to think about this. Go ahead unaware. Right down stock where you stand and know that there's a level of stop the more personal development you do, the more you improve your abilities and your knowledge that you rate your level of stock and when you do that. You're going to do is just increase s slow and create more value. The more value you you provide for. Millions Billions right so you know that's where you hit. Millions millions billions that is a result of value, consciously creating more value or the need for what you do. You know you have an incredible book. Master the mine master your reality Folk. We're going to have a link for that on the show notes at conscious millionaire show dot com. WHAT'S A book? You'd like to promote. Out. Say there's two three books First one is going to be thinking. Grow Rich and my mentor Bob Proctor. He's that you're born rich and. Bob's on several years of research development as thinking grow, which came out, and he's personalized in different areas and fields. Of levels of awareness hunches awareness in really deep into the programming of the subconscious mind, and that is the kingdom. Is GonNa? Ultimately his Co. specs programming, and and that's the reason I. I am consulted for the company. The next one is going to be Dr Joseph Murphy. And power, the subconscious mind so. Everything originates in the mind, and this is the most important thing that that can take a value. Promise is understanding the mind, and how the mind works in the should believe of your behavior. It's ultimately it's bullying your world. We either operating character or we operate in spirit. I. Absolutely agree you were born rich thinking, grow rich and powered your subconscious mind all of those getting wealthy. Three listed. In case you're driving. You can't write this down right now. You can always know the headquarters. Is Conscious millionaire show dot com that's headquarters for everything for the show, and you scroll down to today. Show program yourself to make millions and everything. We've been discussing answers. The questions are all going to be there on the show notes. You know I'm curious because you're are expensive. You're really young guy who's made millions and you're GONNA make perhaps billions before you're through an impact, the planet in many many ways. What's your next summit? And what might be a challenge for? You are an obstacle. You'RE GONNA have to overcome to get to your next mountaintop. Mike. Go! Is Universe many years ago. It was was here for wanted to do, and this is my big seagull. I know that. Relatively goes back to our programming the way we are. From zero two seven, we'd get a mental programming. I WANNA change that changed help society razor level, conscious awareness. I want bill schools from. Pre k. all the way through universities and I know that that's going to be a big project and a lot of my investments. A lot of our work is Oliver. Companies were bringing person development to our companies We are bringing people from all over the world. Come work for us. We want forms, individuals, and the next move over is. Venturing off into a venture capital where we invest into entrepreneurs, and then we connect with schools of education so that the child and the parent are both learning this process at the same time in within twenty thirty year period we have a different level of awareness and you conscious awareness. Well I I. Love That you know have a nonprofit working with youth who want to enter the question. How do we create a world where everyone can win? And that's certainly a personal. Anna Conscious Development Journey. You know talk about journeys. What's the legacy? You'd like to leave? Leaving? Everyone with the impression of increased. That's a great legacy. Folks I'd like to hear what your legacy is. You can go to conscious millionaire show DOT com. You can send me an e mail or voicemail. Come privately to me. No one else will see them and I will respond directly back to you. What's the legacy? You WanNa live in the world. You know if today show was meaningful to you. Then it would be meaningful to me if you would tell some of your entrepreneurial friends about conscious millionaire in the conscious millionaire's show, because I am absolutely passionate about helping entrepreneurs built high profit businesses that make a positive impact in the world. I look forward to connecting with you on the next conscious million Aaron Abraham. For being featured guest today. Is Row. Thank you present opportunity. Thanks for listening to. PODCASTS PODCAST radio network, the host producer and owner of the show. Shiva's and broadcast media make no claims that information discussing show result in Providence, and may result in loss, the opinions and advice from the host guests not necessarily represent those are the owner staff, management or broadcast of the show, the legal accounting or financial or health advice has made in the show. Your advise the seek. Seek naturally to your business, financial investments or other matters from license advisors always consult your physician or licensed health advisor prior to making any changes in your diet, exercise program, and planning any health, strategies or information discuss on the shows now information provided suitable for your situation as always take full responsibility for the decisions and actions. You take including responses that they create in your health.

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Justin Tamsett  Take Care of Your Health First to Not Lose Your Business

My Worst Investment Ever Podcast

33:12 min | 1 year ago

Justin Tamsett Take Care of Your Health First to Not Lose Your Business

"I was on holidays loss. And we're walking along the beach and I stood to La are going to go to the toilet and she said we are in the middle of nowhere only speech and I said he had gone the toilet did going to be a mess and fortunately that was a toilet. uh-huh arena to that toilet and my whole insides just almost exploded in the toilet hall the low fellow risk-takers and welcome to my worst investment ever stories of loss to keep you winning in our community. We know that to win an investing. You must take risk but the wind big. You've got to reduce it. Today's episode is sponsored by the Valuation Master Class Online. The complete. improven step-by-step online course to guide you from novice evaluation expert. podcast listeners can claim your amazing thirty five percent discount by going to my worst investment ever dot com slash deals. My name is Andrew Stotz from a starts investment research. And I'm here in twenty twenty with featured guest Justin. Tam Said Justin. Are you ready to rock rock and roll. Oh yeah the. Let me tell the audience about you. Justin has been awarded is Australia's most Australia's most host awarded. Fitness business. Speaker is recognized internationally as a thought leader who delivers an unique style with quality content. He will have you challenge how you do things. And as he believes we should hashtag think and do different to grow the fitness industry. After thirty years in the amazing fitness industry he shares practical ideas from inside and outside the industry with a focus on ideas ideas that can be implemented immediately. He is training over four hundred fitness facility since two thousand fifteen. Hey My goodness most of us haven't even train four hundred times since two thousand fifteen and he's done it as a casual visitor to get the true consumer experience. Justin has delivered over three hundred fifty three presentations since nineteen ninety. Nine and again most of us have not even delivered three hundred fifty three presentations. and He's done it across twenty one countries trees and to over two hundred and ten thousand and three hundred fitness business managers owners managers team members and entrepreneurs. He is the only the Speaker to speak twenty consecutive years at Fi- lex in Australia and for fifteen consecutive years. At how do I say that one again earth saw Got I H R s in the US of a people who attend his sessions help him achieve his Y. In Ladies and gentlemen this is important. What is your why? Now I'm GonNa tell you just why and that is to have more people move and move more often to reduce use the healthcare costs across the globe and mom that goes to YouTube. We all gotta be moving. Our Justin take. Hey come in villainy further tidbits about your life well engine. That's in China GonNa take you on the radio with me will head off to a couple more countries a loved it. I'll look at top speed. Beats I think would be at wall. I am a business coach. And I'm using those in Buda Komo's because who Nizwa that definition these these days business guy cheese on so a coach a sporting coach and will ten years. I coached rugby teams Coaching rugby teams. My coach said a fairly high level here in Sydney in Stride I then took on coaching my daughter's nicotine so I've coached the league. kroft Unda I`TS UNDERLINES ON DETAINS NBC The under eleven's Laban's nipple tape. So I am all ova nipple which is of course a women's sport piloting of countries around the world and I can honestly say. I Never Thought I would be coaching eleven year. Old Girls how to find it will. I'm sure that gives you some interesting lessons in your life. Look at settling does the teaches me patients. But you know it's it's a great experience and I think when you're a coach your coach and you would know that it doesn't matter what you coaching business. Oh You coaching kids or your coaching sporting teams. A coach is a coach in the premise premises old. Coaching is exactly the sign. It's interesting I'd like to dig a little bit deeper into that before we get into the question. Then I'm just kinda curious in a bigger picture perspective in the world look at six. I have two questions for you. Why do athletes almost all have coaches and from a big picture sure perspective? What does it coach bring ultimately? Besides you know these drills and this and that and whatever from a big picture perspective Y.. Do Most Athletes have him in. What do coaches bring to these athletes? So the armored suggests the number one reason whether it's an athlete or even a business person has coach approach is it. That coach sees what's happening from a different perspective. We become blind in my own journey Ernie and when someone joins a journey with fresh on is he changes the hall viewpoint. All that journey and I can add to what we're doing and the reason why I think coaching his side critical again in sports or in business is that the coach's job it's really simple. It's to make sure that the ball goes in the net all the bull guys into the Blazers old whatever the in goal is. You'll you run the furnace down down the automated track now. The coach's job is to watch every step along the way and they go to identify with repeats that we can improve while at the same time. High fiving estimate to make sure that they feel really positive about themselves and what we see in athletic and sport that we don't seem business is inspired in athletics. The goalposts sick sick like Donald moves whereas in business. What we see is those goal? Pulitzer often lead whether they're siles tug at all whether whether it's a marketing budget China and so as a coach that becomes really bad if you sing these changes because your your job. is the bully going in the nit is to price the person and support limited. She later because they're gonNA be eating that win tons get tough they missing. The goal is quite simply. He's to analyze every movement to make sure that we got raw sighted. They are not missing the GAULS as I move forward and that raises a couple of different questions. The first thing you mentioned was confidence confidence. And it's a little bit strange thing to think of for the average Joe or the average Andrew out there who have always. He's admired athletes as top of the game. How could it athlete? Have Lacking of confidence the best athletes in the world the athletes at a humble and hungry Roger Federer Rafa Nadal Classic examples of hungry angry athletes and yet still humble even if he had a condo look at tiger woods in his life Spain where he lost that hunger. Knee lost that humbleness nobleness to whip. Perhaps now he's got it back some of the. US basketball is the sign. I think from a strategic perspective ash body women's number number one as waste by. She's incredibly Humble Leslie but hungry for success and we can learn from them because we need that in businesses. Who says well my last question on this topic because I find it fascinating and I love to talk more about it? The other question is okay. Yeah I get what you're saying the value of a different perspective. Somebody look at it from a bigger picture. Somebody to look at all the connecting parts and say. Here's the weak link. We need to work on but that is one part of it that is. Let's say a part of awareness but awareness in our life as we all know doesn't always get us to the result. It's step one. How analysis a coach go from awareness to the Gore getting it in the in the hooper in the net or whatever so they bring a couple of things one is I bring take next but it's also one of the things that do really well? He's the guy back to the by seeks one of the greatest. NFL coaches been somebody and every he went back to coach football team. He started a racing rule season the same way and he picked up the pigskin the football and he said to please players. This is a football and yeah nice sheet because this is a football and we are going to be the best team in the lead at the fundamentals and said that's what coach does coach draws. It's the accountability around the fundamentals. And I didn't care whether it's again. Business will rising family when you get the fundamentals. Ron You win more games than you lose. antacid okay that's An Extra Bonus Ladies and Gentlemen About Coaching in fact you may think this. Jt guys pretty interesting. I may need to contact him. Check the show notes folks all right now. It's time into share your worst investment ever and since no one goes into their worst investment thinking it will be held a bit about the circumstances leading up to it and then tell list your story. Well I guess my worst about Investment Andrew might be a little bit unique but it's probably something something that the majority of your listeners. Right now I'm not going to expect. I'm sure listened to your. You've had guests mentioned things alike. I invested was these marketing thing that I did. I was expecting to get by sales leads and I didn't get any all worst. I investment ever was building a widget for a market and the marketing name. The widget all misread trends will employ the wrong people. I'm not gonNA be totally flippant about it because of my dyes might my many flipping. I Made Your Skin Med- look I'll give you why. I established in my business two years ago. An online member sheet G Minors in Germany is around the world. We supplied racehorses to help run businesses on might in a process point that I thought was just perfect was on my the concept was that just wouldn't even think about I would just join with probably invested around fifty thousand dollars three years and just did not get an IRA walnut because mice the resources we giving them are in the Pikal that could find somewhere online for Yes always heading down the road of frustration disappointment disappointment in bankruptcy. And I think that was a really interesting stike tonight because I'm always incredibly passionate about these products and I didn't want to admit Feidja. Hi Ya and it was finally but that was not my worst investment teaser. That's the Taser. My worst I investment cost me ten years of my life okay. So you're in prison clothes clogs I A- and most importantly that my worst investment he's GonNa cost you strident tax pie which which I mean totally grateful for two hundred eighty thousand Australian dollars if I leave to eighty years of age look pretty healthy to me. Justin interestingly enough and many of your many of your guests many of your listeners might guide through entrepreneur always wanted to own land business. All ICE. You know I was. I used to a newspaper these type of Ron. I used to like a pamphlet or a fly dropped from my mom. I'm a fourth generation entrepreneur and I always wanted to online jeep because I was a teacher. Personal trainer wanted to be. I'm Jim and I wanted before was twenty five and we opened the gym. I think I was twenty seven five months or something so I just Kinda miss out on that that goal very goal oriented individual and I loved what I did I just loved working Jim Lob owning a GM it was amazing and people would site. You know what I do. I think I should look for another job and I'm like yeah look for a job because I love what I do and I never can cheat a going to work work at all. You know anyone like that so few but I'd say I feel the exact same way and because I just loved what I did I would get there at the crack adorn and our lead after the sun had gone down some is is always the first person in the gym and some days. I was the last one out. lethally loved what I did and never conceded that work. Didn't I think always stressed at all. And in fact I love so much when I did. Andrew jeep which is just crazy. That was not why worst investment. But what happened was I guess. Running a business and not taking time out for myself was becoming a challenge daughter Dido still productive and had fresh. ID's but AKANDA KHLOE under GM. I didn't really WANNA work out him. I G because I'd find all the things that were wrong or watching staff or all the men busied WanNa talk to me so I wasn't really looking after myself at all the irony. Isn't it Ironic Roenick that Owner Jim but I don't work out and yeah it was. It was a really tough tough time by just to keep the business going but familiar. I just was tough because I thought something missing but I didn't know what it was and and I gotta would meet again these smart my resonate someplace releasing the my ego and my ego was. I didn't want to start looking at because I had to start from scratch because I lost all my fitness and certified is going to be in mind team you with a lawn members looking at me. I don't WanNa be the black just lifting the by. I don't WanNa be the guy that's walking on the treadmill because he can't run anymore anymore and so I had these these downward spiral I guess exercise just like the majority of people out there. Anyway I am reading on trying to build the tension trying to build. Some ice allies came to an end in one about clubs and we decided to sell that club. And when we just as we were getting to the flannel two or three months of selling that club. Astonishing we get some really bad abdominal pine and I didn't really worry about it. Didn't think it was anything serious. I just didn't worry. Abandoned it over and coming that abdominal pine was all seissan fairly unpleasant toilet any kid I know now what was wrong with me and being a mile off. Didn't didn't admit always thinking of a secret. All I was just thinking Mrs just. This is a summary Passing Shouli Dr. Justine has made his assessment. Didn't they really nice. Is I just say. Obviously just Austin and suddenly K.. was passing run but about two months after we sold the club I was on hold on is being awash and we're walking along the beach and I just did to la go to the toilet and she. We are in the middle of nowhere on the speech and said he find Von Toilet. There's GonNa be a mess. And fortunately there was a toilet and Iran up to that toilet and my insolence just almost exploded in the toilet bowl and Milwaukee to me. That is not normal. You need to get yourself. Checked out came back. Home from Olin is went to the doctors and always diagnosed with a chronic illness code also colitis and what alternate colitis ease is also is like you would get any mouth or abrasions that see on Neukolln said basically the and this is fairly grossly nine for people he but it's important I hear he's at every time you go to the toilet touch a liar off your colon and so you pass blonde and the goal of the Colwyn. physiologically is too tight the fluid out and so that allows us to do a solid who are not only was I bleeding when food but it was completely fluent and every time guy. It's just it's a rendering. I found out later that I actually believe in the Nineteen Forties and fifties enough strenuous alternative. This is one of the biggest killers of Australians because they would basically bleed to death. That were too embarrassed to talk about the missile on seeing a doctor about it and I know when so I was at the height of Mike Illness I was lying on a couch. Always drinking red powerade. That's food are Trombley. The Lost King fifteen kilos and always in a really bad wide a really bad way for ran about seven or eight months. I was pretty pretty seek. Some worst. Investment was not investing in my own body known investing in my own health and putting what entrepreneurial spirit and what it wanted to achieve in a lot in business. I hid all my own health and I was looking in the health industry. It's ironic ironic. But it's a fact and I'm on medication for the rest of my life to enable these disease not to continue doing what I do and that that is my worst investment while well. Let's try to summarize what lessons you learned from. I'm not really and the first lesson is that I got put into hospital at one stage specialists said to me this is a last aust- dietsch effort to get you fixed. He said he doesn't work then. I'm going to have to pull your call now and you'll have a colostomy bag the rest of your life. And he went through what that would actually mean and always like thirty two years old three years old at the time and and I was like that so I mean hospital and I'm having what by Colin online infusion so literally ease Rusty Orange gunk defeating straight into your body to build the on. Because you've lost Street of blading. Let me tell you. It's beautiful natural high. He's he's a mighty as it system and I was in the hospital for seven days. Had these triple me twenty. Four hours a day would come in and she'd bring white computering history so I could catch up with any miles while I was sitting in the hospital and do stuff and Di di three a nurse timing and she he said what are you doing and I said all I am business just catching up on more work and take the computer away. No my mouth to get sent when she hyman. She said he not not know what caused Aussie Columbus unless it not knowing she has stress and she said if you you don't stop doing what you doing you are not going to get better and I'll wait Wa brought. I'm getting better. Shot the computer. Didn't I've been in a game for the next explored is allowing Zine hospital gave up alcohol and thought Ron I'm getting better and the first thing that a length from that experiences what my doctor said to me. And he said he said for most people and he says kind of a little bit out there or not but for most people when I tell them the worst case scenarios the power era positive thinking actually gets better and he said the fact that you started to think you were getting. Your better has meant that you getting better and we need to take you call him out of y.`all thank God for that. That was really the first thing the second thing that I knew but I didn't practice was just how important what we have. And that's our health and I think too many times we take that for granted we take walking all can get the straight for granted we take the fact that we can get out we can ride a bike or we could not run a black but the reality is when we don't move move and we don't move often. It has an impact on our body and I guess one of the interesting things is. I'm a bomb again. Exercise and for me nothing takes priority over my my exercise and exercise for me could be walking the dog it could be running around the Nipple Court with my daughter or it could be gym lifting whites and this important thing that I learned is that it's known about the intensity of how hard you exercise heats about. Moving your body. Because that's what I wasn't doing And I got sick because of it so move it or lose it. The end result for me. Andrew was advice typically step down a law for nearly ten years. You know I had to put a manager in the gym because couldn't work. I couldn't say clients. I had zero La Vida. That's what we I only have one child because we could conceive. While I was on the drugs he had Maija impact on my life and yet I I want people to learn from the said that they don't have to go through. That signed thing that you can still be entrepreneurs you can still be successful sissel but that success will be a whole lot more enjoyable when you're law and when you healthy all right right on. Well let me summarize what I take away from this story and the first one is especially for all the men out there when you get pain go check it out at the doctor. It's just yeah I know no. It's hard you busy. Don't like to go the can be times that it's embarrassing to go. Just go because that makes makes me think of what my mom said. You always heard when I was young kid. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure lovely. Try to get out there and I in my case I tried to get regular blood tests and checkups which I do which gives me a baseline so I understand my health situation in Thailand. We have a place called vitalize. At bumming Ron one of the hospitals. Here and they have a great program. I highly recommend it for any listeners. That are either living in Thailand Thailand or visiting in fact I just went out to dinner with a friend of mine that flew in from Vietnam to do his checkup. It's reasonably priced and it goes through everything it allows us to understand if we've got some infection or any other thing going on. So an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of sure the other thing that you you remind me is that health first health. I WANNA make money business. We're going to be successful. We want to have all lease different things but ultimately if you don't have your health you're not going to be able to keep any of those things and of course you're not gonna be able to keep any of those things anyway but that's another under subject. The point is is that and I know when I was younger. I didn't exercise that much but I had a few good habits that I had from from a young age number one. I never drank. I stopped drinking alcohol at a very young age so basically since the age of eighteen I've never had a hangover. And that's the second thing. Is that twenty eight years ago. I replaced all sugary drinks. We water so I only drink water at meals. The third thing is that I try not to eat much sugar you. I do have some ice cream every now and then but I tried to keep my sugar down as low as possible and then the other thing is I try to go to bed early. I'm I'm an early bird in the evening and also in the morning and that makes me also realized that sleep is so critical in fact sleep is really the only main gene mechanism that our body has to recuperate and fight against infection and all them and so I basically don't use an alarm clock and I let myself I wake up when I wake up now. It happens to be that that's very early and I just my style but a lot of people come to me and say they wanna be more productive and they noticed that I get up very early in so they want to set their alarm clock and get up very early on the one hand. Yup getting up early can add a lot of value. You're but don't try to gain productivity from sleep. You could gain it from family time you could gain it from other time but do not try again it from sleep and those are some of the things that you know you remind me and I think the last thing is the idea of an attitude of gratitude and when things get tough when things are hard when things aren't working we have to say I'm grateful. I have a left arm. I'm grateful I have five fingers. Ungrateful Have Close Friends and family and let's just spend time adding up those things that we should be grateful for and then try to keep ourselves healthy so I kind of went off the track all the things that matter to me. But that's part of what you brought out in your story. Anything you'd add a loved mums gloss. That is pure gold. I love it I really do. And I think the only thing I would add ease triton. I heard which is quite simply he find time to exercise. Then you will have to find time to seek but I also want people to understand that it's not a bad exercising just about moving into okay a Chi to park your car at the other end of the top Hawk and walk to the shops. That's okay it's about moving in and the boy you've moved the more confidence you get. Didn't he can move to exercise. But I just don't want anyone else to have to go through the learning experience the worst team vestment that I went through because it is absolutely controllable. Here's some the investments. You've had gifts on with that. It's not necessarily controllable. This one is absolutely no one else other than yourself can control your own health all right so based on what you learned from this story and what you continue to learn. What one action would you recommend our listeners? Take to avoid suffering suffering the same fate and to a real general view. Loophole move often a real Bisi. He's put in your diary three an appointment once a week or twice a week or three times a week or Iffy game four or five times a week which is way you're gonNa work out where so you can exercise and it could be Sunday afternoon going to the park with Ekeid's but it's putting it in your diary that ease you'll Tolan. That is your tone Tolan and similar to you. Andrew on net like I used to the I thirty in the morning. 'cause I got a bit me not I'd still get the Dallas. I gotTa Bid Now snowline ten o'clock to be able to get up at five because I have to exercise in the morning. Thank full my dice stocks because if I don Oh hell could break loose about unstop Some sort of movement but all hell breaks loose joined the Diana. I don't get to do that. I'm not a very nervous person. Just is my wife and putting Dari Yup. I like that and for me basically. I'm not a person that necessarily ever really liked exercise. But I knew I needed to do it so for the things that I don't like or find tedious. I try to do them first thing in the morning and that's the reason why when I get up and also remember you know for everybody out. There is lots of great research that's been done on building habits. Atomic Habits is a great book also. The power of habit is another great boop Alaba Tariff Habit. That's an awesome book amazing and what I learned from these. These two books is that you can also stack have it so every single morning I get up and I turn on my coffee machine I make an espresso and I wanted to make sure sure that I'm saying like a gratitude saying each morning that I've written out and I I would say that every morning with my espresso so by combining an activity with a habit that's already existing the habit is already been created. And then you know I tried to say okay I go exercise before Seven or I go excise right after my coffee so try to sneak your habits into a sneak. The new activities attached I am to existing habits. So okay last question. What's your number one goal for the next twelve months? And we'll tape around the world slowed Lee more often bingo. BINGO fantastic well listeners. There you have it another story of loss to keep you winning inning to find more stories like this previous episodes in resources to help you reduce your risk visit my worst investment ever dot com as we end Justin. I want to thank you again for coming on on the show. I know it's painful talking about are losers but our listeners are learning to win as a result. And I want to congratulate you for taking your worst. I investment ever in turning it into your best coaching moment. Do you have any parting words for the audience nicer. This has been in an absolute pleasure. And I think you're doing a great service for everybody so that we can learn from each other. Amen thank you very much. And that's a wrap on another great episode to help us create grow and most importantly protect our wealth and health salaries tigers. I'll see you on the upside.

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Episode 402, recorded 2020-04-25

Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple Podcast

52:33 min | 9 months ago

Episode 402, recorded 2020-04-25

"Good morning to you all today. Saturday morning I am here at the main Blue Otas Temple Woodstock Illinois outside of Chicago. This is a regular Saturday morning. Meditation being were too early to be connect with you all disease of a kind of a for our community for awhile. Songa is my noble friendship. Will you when we are not Qian physically at the temple right now but without de intentions? Romo Peo- heart. We are connected to each other name of our practice. Name of the Buddha the seating where I will be We are going to practice of meditation this morning. Maybe some people there evenings so please find a comfortable place for you to sit cheer cushion Yoga Mat. Maybe after this you have lots of things to do maybe not but think to yourself this dying this other very important to me who will be will being my family and they will being the world. I am beak part of this world think. Dsl My practice tremendously. He faked into the world. Sometimes you may think I cannot do much to this world right now nor need to underestimate you but this city this practice Jane Yoursel and changing the world the day would there were sitting under the board etry. He changed his life for whole almost three thousand years later still viola practicing because he's commitment what he did for his own life. They are for these practices contagious going to generation to generation. If you start right now in this morning they are will feel good yourself. I'm going to say I'm going to practice. I'm going to focus. It is a big effect to the woulld. Solis make genuine If would do undestand ourselves. Our practice purpose of life. Good intention to practice loving kindness. Do It yourself thinking I am real. I am happy. I am peaceful Minot harm come to me. We know difficulties. Come to me Mayo. Liz Fine Happiness balance. Good Health and joy in my life this loving kindness. Meditation there is no beginning. There is no end. He's enlists practice no matter how long are doing loving. China's is not a short period of time practice eighties lifelong journey. Apd EVERY MINUTE. Every moment he are practicing this loving kindness in the beginning we use words but when you practice getting better you go beyond the woods. You are leaving in it. Became you become loving kindness. Who become compassion. You become self respectful person. He'll become so great for you. Become more appreciative person. All these qualities Part Year said loving kindness practice who becomes so great having having more vision. Do It yourself now. Cindy allowing thoughts towards the family may all of my family members be real be happy? Be Peaceful or the intentions. You're making everyday with these loving kindness practice. He's a great Blaine. Do you have family yourself and the world is the most beautiful mental lexus. Is We all can do every single day. More you practice this loving kindness you become a divine person. The knee high wind attitude. You how D- wine qualities me. All of my family members might berens grandparents be real. Be Happy be peaceful menu. Think of them the our phases happier. D- in front of your fees. Then decide to them. Then you can repeat those words and Scindia lobbying healing blessing to them. It doesn't take that much time. Just picturing them. My children be will be happy. Be peaceful my grandchildren. Be Real be happy. Bp's my brothers and sisters B. L. Be HAPPY BE PEACEFUL. Now Cindy Lob into stores whole will me all living beings human beings animal beings be real be happy be peaceful having loving motivation towards yourself and others now slowly. Tony attention to your breath. Focus on your natural ordinary. Brett's don't try to Hod. Don't try to do it naturally. It is happening in your body. You're breathing you just focusing on the natural flow of your breath sometime. You may expedience long red. Who showed bread doesn't matter? Whatever you just aware coming out from your nostrils going you feel that cooling sensation hoving sensation. Fear breath each breath beings you wisdom and nozoe each breath. He expedients calmness. In your body. And your mind if you are distracted by Tote Ota feeling or sensation being attention back back to the breadth opus moment. mind wanders that is the nature of the mind. It means you can be great for my mind is working but I am my own manager. I'm Lyn I'm going to manage my own mind. I don't let my mind work. We he wants to work because I am the many of my own mind. Therefore don't become slaves to your thoughts feelings and emotions. You are not replacing them. We are not expressing them. You are analyzing them than you are realizing given again each time. If you are distracted bring you attention back. It Simple. Keep training your mind. Keep many Djing your mind managing those feelings emotions not trying. Maybe a little bit of trying. No we have a tension from the bed to the mine itself. We the focus of our attention to what's happening in our mind itself to the on interrupted stream of thoughts. He manages feelings and sensations. Oh cutting in our mind but without intruding on this stream of consciousness in any way without trying to prevent or control it or to influence it anyway then attitude that is non judgmental calm and kind we just watch the mine itself. We watched this uninterrupted stream of images and thoughts sensations and feelings but with an attitude of calm observer silent watcher observes Wadis. What comes in what goes but he does not get in world like a wise person sitting quietly and hidden at edge of the pond in the middle of a forest. He observes the different animals that come out of the forest to the pond to drink. He observes this mall animals. He observed large animals. The beautiful one serves the ugly ones. He does not really mind which animal comes. And what animal goes. He's not attached to the beautiful ones. He's not repelled. By the UGLY RUNS. He's not frightened by the lie to announce nor different the small ones. He seemed absurd. Does we detach interest what they were comes and goes silent. Watcher simply absurd does the uninterrupted stream of thoughts he manages feelings and sensations which arise and passing away moment by moment like water bubbles rising and dissolving Beck into still clearwater notice thoughts and feelings as they arise noughties images and physical sensations as there is absurd. They are characteristics if they are unpleasant. Observed the unpleasantness. Without trying to make it go away. If they are pleasant observed the pleasure without trying to prolong it or make it st if they are neutral observed them any without diminishing the importance or ignoring them. Watch them rising and passing away. Maintain an attitude that is non judgmental and respect will would whatever ices ward's thoughts is starved of thinking them worse than rising and passing away which feelings and sensations without identifying with them without taking it to be. I or mine. Was something happening to me. Just watch them rising and passing away. Whatever comes up sounds smells. He manages feelings. What expediency presents itself to you? Briefly in the present moment and then disappears observed these without becoming in walling them with are reacting to them without clinging to them or pushing them away in thought of feeling rises. As you watch it understand that it has no substance nor permanents. He has risen. And it will passively. Watch it without getting in world and see how it lasts. What eighties allow it to arise? Passively don't grasp don't push away just watch now observe your mind observability. The moment you started after thirty minutes later now. How do you feel of yourself always feeling emotions? Why do you understand about yourself You relaxed Oh are you beyond the relaxation or you com- if you expedience relaxation which is great. Uganda expedience calmness eighties bitter. That is the purpose when you have a calm state of mind. Who are the result of the calm state of mind? You can see things as they are. You have more bation more acceptance. Maybe already too late goal detach it emotional attachment to things and people were material wall condition world. Then you may understand all the condition things pleading changing passing away. Then you may expedient you have less worries you more prepared for life then you are enjoying it more. This is a good time for you all to think of your life. This life is not forever. He when we don't know this life is how long. Iago into live but we all know we are here right now. Are you aware about debt? Feeling you are here. You don't know where you are coming from. You don't know how you are going in future but you are right here right there where you You are fully present to you this moment. This life being there being in that awareness try to understand the beauty. The nature of this live of this existence to handle this life handled this existence because it is always changing. We need lots of strength. Lots of energy to handle this life because we don't like changes. We tried to change the change disease. This action is so exhaust exhausting to you. All you and myself they are four. Don't go against to changes this thing. You can do except the changes. Learn how to be them. Be Patient does the best thing in life. I can remember when I was a young monk I used to be in invasion. I remember I had lots of issues with that because of invasion then again. Remember one of my teachers said. If you don't get enough patient into your life you cannot continue your life as a monk to be monk to be a good monk. Biscotti di you can have in. Your Life is patient. I think it is seeing. All Human Existence doesn't matter you are monk or not. I'm a Mongo. Not You all need patient to handle this life. Otherwise we expedient lots of sadness lots of difficulties and challenges this stress. He now lives. Are You thinking? What are you thinking high? You thinking mindfully. Do you have a very honest right now. The highest kind of happiness is reports an eye happiness insight happiness. See Things as the Beyond not struggling with those realities. We are not going against to them. You cannot go against the realities person who practice more meditation. Mole introspection mindfulness. He's the person she's the person enjoying this deep containment more than happiness. What you're doing right now. Your practice is not your Hobie. This practice is not something temporary. You are doing to make yourself feel better. You can do lots of other things who feel better temporary basis the day by day moment by moment. Many are being attention to yourself. You become a strong person lobbying compassionate person with those attitudes. You are changing for good everyday when I am guiding meditation for other people in. I'm showing my compassion and my noble when shipped you. All I am thinking do I teach it to other people or do I do my own practice. I myself also considering thinking. I'm already about my own practice when I'm with you. All I am not teaching. I am not preaching I am mindfully thinking my own journey my own practice. My life experiences. I'm talking loudly to the this for you. All about my warn practice. My own journey. I'm really issuer. My journey my practice will get you all. That is the purpose of this meditation today this morning. Therefore don't do this practice to teach somebody. I'm going to be a teacher. I'm going to be among I'm going to be a non then. I'm going to teach other people how to practice mindfulness. Oh loving kindness. Lots of teachers have issues and difficulties their own practice. There will don't become a dead person of this. Practice is not to have knowledge. This is not the cause you are not gathering information. This is your discovery who and what we please consider the purpose of your own practice. If you continue your practice with this attitude with this intention you may experience. Highest kind of happiness in life which we will reports and happiness inside happiness. Please consider that happiness in this morning optimization and also live your life or day today with that highest kind of happiness inside happiness. The happiness may be beavis. You may you be. May you be happy. May you be peaceful now. I'm going to do some chanting for you. All these Miami kindness. This is my blessing studio. You have family members and also we can think all the people working hard pull the wool. Doctors nurses was responders healthcare workers people working so hard to keep. This will save us. You stay calm and focus. I'm going to change for you. All nomhle does bug a widow spider. Had those some Mas Somboon burden does Novel does Bug though they had some mma some burden does Now more does boggle ever go to some somboon does he? Epco SEL bugger. Vara on some some would do we. Yard shot in Assam. Bono's ghetto we do our new thorough breweries ADAMAS auditees at the table. Manos non. Budo Burger Audi's Gardo boggled with Dominoes on the worker. Legal Hippo Siegel over ninety go by Jot. Dong data moving new the Soup Party Panel Burger does workers ongo. Would you party? No Baga does Vika Song Yang Party Bonobo widow saw but goodson goes Me Jeep Party. One Oh bugaboo throw saw Gazon. Roy added done. The reporter is a Yuga. Ni are good is a bog overdose. Song will Only you blah. O.`Neil Dot Gay Naoko on J-league gotTA AND EGO on Bouin. Ya get down low gardens. Aw The it they do would they gerard bio googlers amine a Joe Ideal Olga? Bursa mean they the Non Zero Mambi Zero me wrong ma. Also Sada Non Google logo. Hito the bond girl thin darrow Corn Dino Giannetta go Manga Lobe Oris Able Sumer nozoe minore. The story widow route the art. They know so beato goodness Bondo or no does see. John knew them more pardew. More Pied Geo Nodded. Providers are at the pardew more thorough sodden. There's our me our girl so those are Berlow Garden. Gobi does not able does speak Rooney Coda Madasi domino though that the moral the Zora's on Waddell Musso Budo Pasi our New Burma CD's Abi Rbis ZUCCA COCK GOES ON. Those are the local now. Gherman or nine years ago. 'cause series Bongino go the more gap moon. Gobble the Jay Z. Laid Gandhi mate Bali the non-oda Condo Rogin. Okay Giardi you saw. Bdo Young does Go said to my day. Borrowed one your Sukey. You go but why does a man Manga Lang Ragun does our body Saba Budar new Barbie So the baron they bobber to's Alberto Manga Lung. Ragun does our body Subdued Amano Bobby is Does the Baron to Bobber does OB- Manga Long Rock Gun does the word the Sabra Zonda Bobby So does the Van. They do Gob but Journey Duca by up the journey by So GOB pod idea needs so go on those baby Barney. No Guys are dodger. Boom aren't The My head Dick. Who NEON DON MORE? They did on dog on those on Guys are dodger. Boom the Varna Ga miami-dade the poignon Don Nano more date. Do our data on gun. Today's Gauze Jaboomer Oumar Dave go ahead Dick Neon Dong I knew more did Giron. Dog Gone to the the Miyabe well. May you be happy. May you be peaceful. Thank you very much have a good day and also I blessed this healing Mollahs for people if you want to get healing miles for yourself and your family members for their protection As a blessing please contact the temple thank you.

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Nashville gets its mellow on with new CBD cafe

Hungry In Nashville

18:47 min | 1 year ago

Nashville gets its mellow on with new CBD cafe

"Hi, welcome to Hungary in Nashville may I take your order. You may have heard of CBD. It's one of the hottest trends and food this year and very soon as CBD cafe will open Fairview. It's called harvest and most of its offerings include CBD. So let's start out by explaining what CBD is and why it's become a thing CBD shorthand for Canada by dial. It's an extract from the marijuana plant or hemp without the ingredient that makes you high. It does have a calming effect and many claim it has curative properties as well who will get into that later. But let's get started by telling you about the harvest cafe. My name is Daniel Davis. And I'm the head chef here at harvest where a CB cafe. We do a bunch of vegan vegetarian daring, gluten free options as well more or less, it's we want to educate the people on CD on what it is, and what it can do for you, as well, as you can eat it in putting food and benefits you in your body and could benefit a bunch of other people around you as well. There has been very little research on CBD. But as yet there have been no major health warnings other than did not take it in mass quantities. It can also have interactions with other drugs, such as blood thinners. So it's a good idea to check with your doctor before starting a regimen. It typically comes as part of an oil or tincture a tincture involves soaking the plant in alcohol thinkers are said to take effect in about twenty minutes while it takes oil about forty five minutes, CD self is flavourless, how much should you take a, let's the unanswerable question. I it depends on why you're taking it. If you want to do things -iety, you'll take less than if you're dealing with chronic pain. What I tried it. Michael was relaxation by mistake. I took about ten times what I should have taken very mellow guy for a couple of hours than drowsiness backed off. And I was just very relaxed for me through drops oil under my tongue is just write your mileage may vary, especially with whether product to use. In the show notes, we'll have some links will help you do your own research. So that's what it does. But why is it become a thing well pressure? It's because it's been scrutinized by the law for so long, and we haven't been able to understand nor fully explore with CB can do for us. And now that the possibility in that were out there kind of rake opening these doors. And we're seeing the possibilities CBC can do for us like medically, I think more blessed people are jumping on that and it's more natural remedy versus going through the pharmaceuticals and getting hooked on all their drugs, and all their bad side effects, and everything as well brownies have to be on the menu at the cafe would be wrong, not to what else is there. Try doing a lot of desserts incorporated. In the chicken wings. We have a pretty much to can be anything. That's, that's the best part about it. Daniel was kind enough to whip up some of his food for me to try and sense. I felt obligated to take the bullet for listeners, I got down to work. There's only one dish which I could taste. The CBD mixture was the limit sore. Day by past experience, the CBD tasted oil in grassy. So the first taste caught me off guard the second and third spoonfuls gave me a chance to step back in set, and I liked it. There were various other sweets that were just as tasty. The wings were great. The spring rolls are the die for all of this shouldn't be surprising as Daniel knows his way around a kitchen and his recipes based on what he likes to eat. So I worked at liberty Commons, which is a French breakfast dinner joint, and then butcher, townhall, which is up in a Germantown. It's like a breakfast Mexican smoke barbecue joint. I was the assistant Baker for both of them for me developing recipes, just more or less, what I would enjoy eating or what I kinda see around me, the different types of like savior, fruits, sweets. That what I can kind of combine like put together more or less with seasonal as well. So for like some desserts, we had a bunch of mix berries, which America crumble mixed berry tar and then a toasted oatmeal date ice cream. With a lemon caramel sauce. And then a basement bacon whip cream. I just some things that we saying, either, like we need to use this stuff and what can I do before this goes bad? Or what can I create out of this, that I would generally joy that everybody would love as well. If you've heard anything about CBD you've probably also heard of its healing properties. When we come back from the break, we'll get into that school, boys and girls are having a half of the local soda fountain innocent. They dan. Innocent of a new and deadly menace. Lurking behind closed doors. The burning weed when its roots in hell. This film, you will see the ease with which this vicious plan can be grown in your neighbors yard ruled into harmless. Looking cigarettes, hitting an innocent shoe or watch case? If you want, you will meet Bill a wants to bride, and the strong will as he takes verse stem or enslavement back in the fifties and sixties the were a lot of movies and television advertising intended to scare people about marijuana like the cut from Reefer madness that you just heard now marijuana legal in forty three states either recreationally or medicinally CBD is legal in nearly all states with some caveats. It depends on whether CBD comes from the marijuana plant, or from him him has virtually none of the THC, which produces the high in marijuana for awhile CBD was legal to use in Tennessee. You just couldn't buy it here. Now CBD's store everywhere in federal laws concerning the growing of him have loosened. So now, more of it can be gone and transported as long as certain regulations are followed, Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota have taken strong stance against CBD's. So if you're in one of those states find. Out what the law is. So let's talk about the benefits. Many people have reported about using CBD what research is out there says it can help people with some illnesses, but it's not a cure by any means in a moment, you'll hear from some of the people who benefited from choose be aware. I'm not a doctor. I'm not advocating for or against CBD the stories about a new CBD cafe. The trend for CBD to be added the food and the people behind, what is the first CBD cafe in the area. Now, there are some people, I'd like you to meet my name is no Hollingsworth. And I'm the head roaster in barista here at harvest by lob Cana. I m made to ensure that the best coffee is being served to everybody. That comes through the doors. My life was hectic Oz actually born with a disease called cranial sin Stosic, which essentially means that my brain didn't have enough room to develop and my skull wasn't going to grow with it. So I had my first surgery. Three months old hide around there. And for a long time that was really what defined my density until ten years old. I had to have another surgery and suddenly it wasn't the fun. Cool aspect of me. I couldn't play sports anymore. I couldn't take any head collision, so I was protected pretty hard. And then when I was about thirteen I had my first seizure, which came out of nowhere all that being said my senior year, I went from having a seizure, every six months to a seizure, every four months, two months, and then November of my senior year of high school had to seizures and a day than three. And then they actually had to put me in a coma for a couple of days in order to prevent me from further damaging my brain. And then in January of my senior year actually had a neurosurgery where they removed type. Taniwha screw that they had placed there earlier in a previous surgery. It had impeded on my brain, and they weren't expecting that he was bedridden for three months and experienced what he said felt like painful goosebumps on the brain. I'd you see before after I'd have a seizure because I heard that it improves your brain, health and improves your brain healing. So I figured after a seizure, loft times I'd have concussions alongside the seizure because of the thrashing after the seizure, why not at least take some buys word for it if it may improve brain health may reduce that brain fog that I would have for one or two weeks after of fifteen minutes seizure. But when I was taking it this time, I, I saw those pains that I was mentioning those pains were reduced then eventually they, they went away. And I think that, that CBD made a huge difference. They're still seizures continued. And the prescription drugs he took head their own consequences. April eighteenth around. There was one year seizure, free for me going from two seizures day, three Caesar's day two year seizure, free is absolutely mind boggling, but I'm also six months off of prescription medications, which I mean, it's, it's life changing those medications I've been on since I was thirteen. So I'd knowed nothing but the, the brain fog caused by anti epileptic. There's someone else. I'd like you to meet. Hello, my name's Aaron Crawford, and I am the general manager of harvest by lap Cana. I am a holistic nutrition consultant. So this is something that I have been dabbling in four years now, actually. And I am so, so grateful for this opportunity to make this, my actual career one of Erin schools to educate people about CBD and what it's done for her. My first. Experience with CB was back in college. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and unfortunately, I ended up total being diagnosed and going through treatment total diagnose, total four times, went through treatment toll of three times it was with the fourth diagnosis that I kind of step back and took a long hard, look at what the common denominator was, and that was me and my lifestyle, and I went straight from that fourth diagnosis to the university of logo library, which has amazing library, and I started studying nutrition cancer, how do these things happen, and why into whom and on and on and on. And I started a variation of the Gershon therapy at that point, I did a forty two day juice fast, and along with that in my studies came the word cannabis, and I had been. When I had been in the day or program back in fifth grade so up until this point here I twenty one at that time. So from fifth grade till the time I was twenty one I had honestly thought of anything that had to do with the word cannabis as being illegal, marijuana gets you high stone or stereotypes, and I the more and more, I read into cannabis and it's medical uses. And that kind of thing I started to be blown away and considering that this was fourteen thirteen fourteen years ago. Now there wasn't nearly as much information out, then as there was now there were studies starting to emerge that were showing the healing properties of cannabis and in particular candidate or CBD. Erin toss to away the chemicals in her life, shampoo, and other chemical Laden products, went into the trash eliminated the chemicals in switching to a healthy diet, improved her life. I. Truly believe that one of the best things I did was start CBD it was with starting CD that I saw a remarkable reduction in symptoms. Just started feeling better in every way, I started sleeping better, my mental health with surrounding the entire situation, immediately started getting better lessons -iety, and all of those things are so healing. And so many ways that when you put it all together. I think that is, what really helps set the stage for six months later on test came back negative. All my cancer markers were gone is still a part of my daily routine. The reasons why have changed, but it's still part of my daily routine. It's no longer not trying to perfect the ratio for, you know, cancer or anything like that. I am now actually a competitive bodybuilder. And so, for me, it's really about recovery, and sleep because sleep. Can make or break a you know, your performance in gym and also soreness. Oh my goodness. I get married. Very sore. So as soon as I leave the gym every morning, it's straight Montana. See, I have a bottle keeping my purse take it immediately. And then also again in the evening to sleep really well. And now we come back to shift Daniel. So I was in the Marine Corps and being deployed, I've sustained several injuries and a little bit of PTSD here in there. And it's helped me breakway pretty much from the pharmaceuticals, and I've been on other drugs and getting picked trials and it just was really messing with me in my life. And when I first tried CD, it's it was a big shock of relief just like just release of tension. And the way it made me feel and helping my pain and stomach issues and PTSD, and I was able to sleep. And it just I was able to get off all those drugs, and more or less straight narrow and help me out a lot again. I'm not a doctor and I'm not recommending four. Or against CBD and it's certainly not a cure for cancer or anything else. These stories are important to tell because they help you better understand the people, building this cafe, and why they're doing it moving on, we'll may come back from the break. You'll learn how to cook with CBD at home, and about the future plans for harvest and its sibling firms. Also works really great for these, I personally prefer dark chocolate, because it's a bit of a deeper, flavor and is a little less sweet. We did the math using the brand of peer CBC oil that I buy and found that about one tablespoon of oil evens out across the number of cups, that I make so that eating too peanut butter cups equals about one dosage, but the amount needed can actually vary by brand and really by person. So this is just what works for me. You can definitely try out any kind of nut butter that you want here, the all work, I just personally, really love the classic peanut butter chocolate combo. And the reason that we're using coconut oil here. Is that the CB needs to find with something that has a high fat content in order to help absorb into the body so you can actually add the CD to the chocolate, or you can add it later to the nut butter, because Nassar also high in healthy fats? Again is can go into really anything. So just you gotta figure out what you want incorporate to see the in like I mean for a cinnamon rolls. I can mix it in to the DOE. I could also mix it into the sugar that I put in the dough as well as the butter that spread on it, so that it can be incorporated. Five six different things into one dish versus just I just put it in the DOJ, and keep the, the sugar, and the butter, separate and keep that just regular generally the medium dosage for persons fifteen to thirty milligrams. So it's really not that much. It's like let's say quarter of a penny mic marinate with oil so that you could like 'cause meat I mean it does. Have fat, but it's you know, tough so that you could kinda let us sit and so can generate in the beats or do the same thing with vegetables, Brian them. And that's the way it incorporated. There's also different forms of CB that you can use. There's like tinctures which was made of alcohol. There's a CD isolate, which is pretty much pure extracted. There's no ham oils or TC NS, which is pure city and it comes to, like, crystal inform. You just sprinkle it on food. Yeah. It really is that simple. He does very well with that. But it can work elsewhere. In a recipe harvest is part of the lab cana- family, which grows its own crops, and processes them we have to farms in the area. There's one in the Lakers four caria, and then we've have just recently acquired, what is going to be in industry changing property with our plans for it, and it is, actually the largest farm, not just as far as hamper anything goes, but just the largest farm in the state of Tennessee, it's formerly known as grinder switch and about nineteen hundred acres. I believe it has been you. Used for everything from hunting expeditions to crop growing crops. Hay corn soy on and on. And we are going to turn it into the largest farm, and I think in the region, but our farms being lined up the way that they are. And with wear harvest is we are hoping to eventually turn this highway one hundred here in to the him. Highway Kentucky has the bourbon trill. We would like to have the ham highway where we, you know, have tours so people can meet here at harvest have some infused food, and drink. Get on a bus. Go out to the farm. See how it's grown go out to the production facility, which is in Centerville. See how it is produced into its various forms of consuming it, and then back here for, you know, some education class, maybe as more food and drink just I phone with a lot of fun. The fact that, you know, you're going to get a medical benefit on the other. End of while something great tasting, it's much more rewarding. And then just to see on everybody's faces as well. Hungry. Nashville is brought to you by out of my pocket. Productions this copyrighted twenty nineteen by me, Jim Grinstead, you can listen to hungry Nashville, on our website, hungry. Nashville dot com on apple podcasts Google play, or wherever you get your podcast. Our music is by Kevin McCloud. Thanks for listening and may. You eat well.

CBD Daniel Davis CB marijuana harvest cafe Nashville cannabis cancer Hungary Erin Canada Fairview Tennessee lob Cana Kevin McCloud Centerville Kentucky America CBC PTSD
 Kevin Thompson: The Hands We Shake  and the Money We Make

Influencer Networking Secrets Podcast

1:11:40 hr | 1 year ago

Kevin Thompson: The Hands We Shake and the Money We Make

"The welcome to the influence or networking secrets podcast. This is the gathering place of radically generous entrepreneurs where you learned to master the three M'S of servant leadership in business, and in life are interviews with the world's most successful leaders and entrepreneurs will help you become a magnetic source of guidance wisdom and accountability. You'll become a magnanimous source of generosity fellowship and coaching and you'll become a marketable source of entrepreneurship, small business and social innovation. This episode is sponsored by the book business beyond business. Get your free copy today by going to the Paul S Edwards dot com and signing up for our mailing list or text, the letters are GE two six six eight six six. Now let's begin. Here's your host Paul Edwards. Radically generous entrepreneurs, we have a master, in our midst from just up the road in the other Arlington, not DC and not Texas. But right here in Washington, it's a privilege to welcome. Kevin Thompson to the influence or networking secrets podcasts, Kevin. Thanks so much for joining us. My pleasure. Paul happy to be here. Great to have you with us. And there's a funny little back story here for the because this is actually the first time Kevin and I have ever spoken to each other apart from instant messengers. And we got acquainted through rob Kaas Berg. I'm in his bestseller publishing mastermind. And he told me to start paying attention to what you're up to. So that's, that's how I suddenly appeared out of the woodwork. One day started commenting on your stuff. Rob is a great guy. I love raw Robert, but he's, he's doing great stuff over their bestseller. Publishing to offer for sure. Yeah. It's, it's been wonderful for my book in for learning all the PR stuff that I'm learning now so terrific. Another another shameless plug for others, which both you and I are really good at doing and. What I wanted to. I wanted to give you a little bit of a overview of what we're gonna talk about here Kevin because I've, I've covered this topic before with other guests, but I believe in attacking topic from several different angles. Okay. And then whoever's listening will have suddenly, it'll suddenly catch catch fire with them, and they'll be able to replicate. It. So I called this the hands we shake in the money we make. And I read recently, I was going through a book by Daniel Lapin, rabbi Daniel Lapin called the business secrets in the bible. And he said that in ancient Jewish culture, the handshake symbolizes, how much more dynamic, and powerful, we are when there's more than one of us involved when there's at least one other person involves in. So all of a sudden as I was preparing for this, I thought about, you know, you and I are both heavy on building relationships establishing rapport with people, you know, just dumping value into their lives and all that. I want to hear just if you could start with a little bit about your background, and how that exploded your business, and how you came to use it so effectively to spike growth for others. Sure interesting. You talk about handshaking pretty much. I mean at this point, I've worked to get on over six hundred different collaborative and strategic partnerships and all. All, but two of them were done on nothing more than a conversation and a handshake and a lot of times it was virtual handshake, because we weren't even I in doing, you know, having that conversation was the detail, and, and the only reason even I two of my partners over the years. Have they just wanted me to sign an agreement and all that, Mike? Okay. If that makes you more comfortable, fine. But everything else is just been done on a hint checked. And, you know, my, my introduction to the business world and the marketing world if you if you will was was Joe, polish all the way back in nineteen ninety seven when it's time I owned a cleaning and restoration business here in Washington state. I actually lived in Marysville. The time. I worked up prior to that. I worked for seven years as a commercial fisherman in Alaska to save up money to be able to start a business of my net and cleaning restoration was the business that I got into because I had met this guy in Seattle and from the outside looking in his his life, his business look pretty darn good. And I'm like, well, gosh, if that guy went so cannot, and so that, that was, you know what it was nothing more than that. I like to say that I had these Wafi aspirational goals, I wanted to change my community. What it wasn't. I decided I make a buck. Yeah. And, and within the first year of being in that business. I opened the doors on business ninety six within the first year I had gone through about two hundred thousand dollars that I'd save up and I still was not showing a profit. And what's interesting is when I quit fishing in Alaska to start my business. I was married at the time to my wife, she was less than the Asiatic. In fact, she told me she like Kevin, you're just a blue collar guy, you know, the first thing about writing a business and, and you just need to keep fishing in Alaska. And I was like, Nope, I'm gonna do this in when I insisted a long story short, she opt for divorce left me. Oh, wow. But about a year later thinking to myself, gosh, maybe she was right. Maybe I don't have what? In so right. I saw a trade Assad trait magazine for the industry, and there was this article nearby. This guy, Joe, polish and, and what he was sharing an article really resident he offered this free reports like all this phone number goddess rated part red suit that it was about twenty four page report invested in his system dot Joe's. How data join us is coaching group for cleaning industry in all that he helped me turn that business around and over the next three years, that's exactly what we did. And so, I'll to say that, you know, then I, I ended up creating this little website as an extension of that business, probably one of the ugliest websites, that was ever on the internet called get mold solutions. And I decided when I first found out about the internet. I, I was like gosh, wouldn't it be cool if I could use the internet and use technology to not just have a local business, but to be able to have some sort of an impact be on rand local area. Would it be? I can have a nationwide or even a worldwide packed. And that's what that website allowed me to do. And it was really excited. We started building a subscriber list of people from around the country and around the world talking about mold of all. And, but we got that website where it was produced in an additional about twelve thousand dollars a month for for the company. Joe was like, Kevin, why don't you come down here? This was in two thousand three's. Why don't you come down here and share at the annual event, Sean everybody what you're doing with your website? And I was that sounds like and that was the beginning of my very first strategic partnership, and it just happened. So organically as Joe was, I kept your cool step with that website. People here would really appreciate here. I got all these big common. So he had an audience. So people I had knowledge and information insight he thought they would benefit from, and he's much come down share. And I was like, okay, and now when you do he's, I'd be sure, and take the time to document what you do. And how you knew it had put into a course because there's going to be a certain percentage of the people here that, once they hear from you, they're going to want more help from you, and you want to be prepared to offer that to. I came prepared with that an MBA completely honest. I, I, I was so Doug nervous for my dot they're it'd get ready to take that stage. Like, I'm all this stuff going through my head. What if I let John, what if they don't like relapse here? I've never done this before. But in the end, it was a great experience. And, and we ended up some thirty five thousand dollars worth of that coach was just like yeah. That's what I said, why that's a whole lot more revenue than I make in a day in my cleaning restoration. No kidding. Yeah. And, and you know that I didn't even realize what I didn't even understand the west right where the impact of what we just done. I mean this was just two guys. You know, me Joe, I, I love Joe and just had so much respect. Neckbrace brand re offered to have come down. I was white. I just help Joe added height, you knew this. That'd be great. And that was, it was nothing more than that. But afterwards, you know, looking back from that experience I was looking at what we did there by combining our efforts in our resources look at what we were able to do to get that was kind of my entrance into this whole idea of strategic, partnering had just unfolded, so organically, that I was, you know, I wanna do a lot more of that. And here it is all these years later in a lot of water under the bridge, and a whole lot of relationships Reiter. We spent a pretty cool time along the way so well, because look at the power that, that, that, that introduction. Right. You know, Joe has the audience he introduces you audience respects entrust? The host in here comes the guest so automatically that scribes a certain degree of credit to the guest, the guest presents useful information that the audience. Wants to know and bingo success. It's, it's, it's, it's tantamount to like a you know, a well run advertising campaign. Exactly. They return. Yeah. Yeah. It's kind of like, what you shared with rob you in our mutual friend, rob who just at some point suggestion to you. Hey, you should follow cabinet. Check him out. And because you trust raw, you're like, okay, I respect, rob. I trust rod, and he would waste my time. And so I'm gonna go check out this covering just because somebody you trust. And so have that trust then gives transferred to us and over that in a huge thing that is a huge thing. And of course, by the same token, I it's something that we was looking for a week, we never want to abuse either. You know, we want your mind goes, I know like with Joe. I mean, I'm sure I wanted to provide value to his audience that I wanted to I wanted to do right by Joe is well, you know. Well, so from like, what you said there and. That sort of segues into what I was gonna ask you next which has to do with so from my personal experience. I use this principle extensively in a crowded crowded field. I was in the insurance business for several years. And for me, this whole separate category of building relationships and offering expertise in an area where I didn't actually hold the title but I had the knowledge was away of totally distinguishing myself from my competitors. You know, here in Olympia, Washington, there's got to be at least five hundred different places. You could buy insurance from, you know, when you came at the internet, all the different major carriers that you recognize and then all the brokers, and all that kind of thing. And then, so, so what I did the put me in a class by myself. One of the things I did was teaching courses to entrepreneurs and, and sales people on how to build relationships, not how to, you know how to ensure properly against an accident, right? Is this has this worked similarly for you? Because the way I see the way I perceive you now is more like a you're almost like in a consulting role, but I can't I can't say for sure I, I'd like to hear in other words, what exactly nowadays now that you've built off of that nowadays. What is it really that you're doing what's the business model there? And how does that are you in a class by yourself? Are you still needing to distinguish yourself from others? So we got two different business models. Now. A couple of years ago. So I've been I've been doing the strategic partnerships for well over a decade now and that course that I originally created back in two thousand three we updated on how many times over over the ten twelve year period, but we ended up over little Rebekah my, we sat ended up selling over sixteen million dollars worth of that course and the ongoing coaching that went along with that. And so for longtime that that was my whole business. And, and then I ended up at some point you know what it was Bill Harris. He was one of my partners that in two thousand thirteen to fourteen him, and I were having a conversation Bill and I had done a lot sweep the very first partnership, human. I ever did was so successful and he was the first one where I ever got connect with, who had a business that was so much bigger than. And, and people had told me, not having you'll, you'll never get intention of a guy like Bill, just sipping because you're not playing on the same business lakeville. And he he had a company called center point research institute and had been established in in. I get what people were saying there, because like this JV world is joint venture world, this, you know, that there is a lot of that kind of stuff that goes that you do have to have businesses of similar size in audiences of similar signs in order to make it work because lifetimes there pro, it's opera you, you promote be kind of thing. And if somebody has a much bigger business much bigger audience. Well, then it, it just doesn't work so, well, but thing is, is when we figure out how weak could be observance to them said now that, that whole thing doesn't matter. And I never really liked those conversations. Anyway, about this scratch my back. I'll scratch your back thing because the customer, an end user gets lost in that kind of a discussion. It's always been about how can we how can we do something great together that will ultimately serve the people that get served through as doing what we're gonna do to get? So, you know, by by doing this kind of thing. I just ended up building a whole lot of relationships with a whole lot of mazing entrepreneurs over there. Somebody many of them, I never parted with never did anything with a Bill was one of those guys that I just really connected with. We got to partner together just amazing day that we create a lot of revenue together, and he was the one that suggests the Kennedys that you're right. You are absolutely brilliant at creating relationships with people, and you do it in a way that I've never seen anybody else do a you're just you've just got this natural gift at doing this, and you should start helping other entrepreneurs by showing them how to do that. And so that's what started be going down this path. And of course, my first knee-jerk reaction res-, like, well, I don't know how to teach this, this kind of do it. And I, I didn't think about, like, well, how do you doing? I just I just do it. I just like talking with entrepreneurs but once built put the bug in my ear now. I started looking at well what do you do? You know, and the way I looked at it was like, if you're going to get your best friend, how to do is what would you tell him to do what would you tell first second third? What what do you do? And I just really had to analyze that. And so we started I kind of helping entrepreneurs that way, Allenstein now having this thing called the relationship accelerator network where we can help entrepreneurs, what their business by by making the right kind of connections for them. And then I do consulting with clients soon. As far as helping them not just build relationships, but us strategic partnering and be intentional about it in their biz, because like you mentioned before is when we're doing advertising marketing and going out to prospects who, who don't know, us from Adam, you know, there's that trust building process and you know every every. Every business has it that they have that trust really process that could take, you know, a month or two eight, depending on what's going on the sale cycle might take a year, ten years and whenever that sales cycle is, but when you are able to like you said, get an endorsed introduction from somebody who has already created pressed with their people, and now that trust it's carried over the will now that cycle about sale cycle, or that trust building site. Now it goes for my best. This is. And that's what I help people with. That's all I help you with his shortly. That trust building in sales cycle. So you're, you're so one of the things and there's probably several components of this. But one of the things that I've learned from a couple of mentors of mine is you're basically offering speed. Yes, big be forget to the results, much faster. What would or what would our Ganic take you potentially year to do? You can shrink that down to month or so. Yeah, I get it. I'll go back to the example of rob again. You know. And I don't remember exactly how you me if you just sent me a friend request on Facebook, but, you know, it's very interesting by anybody I have ever got connect with, if they came to me, you, have you came to me, and said, you're, hey, you don't know me, but we have a mutual friend in rob Cosby, and he told me that I should have a conversation radio. The reshi. Talking. It's no each other rug display. I'm all about that now because we have this mutual friend, and you're telling me, the rob said, we should talk. We're guess what? Now, I don't, I don't have to know who you are the fact that we have this mutual friend that I have a lot of respect for that. I know you have a lot of respect for will now the doors wide open for us to have conversation. We don't even need to know each other. And not only that I'm excited to get two million just because we have this, awesome mutual friend, that we both respect. No. That's the that's the hands you shake. And then some somewhere down the line, you get the money you make. That's right. That's right. Yeah. I like it. I like it. Okay. So I'm I've got show notes linking to your website. I want people to come and check you out, but you made a statement I really like this. I wanted to read it back to you. And then ask you a question about it. On, on the what is it maximum maximum shoot? I've all of a sudden I'm having a mental block maximum results dot com. Right response, maximum and response. The response dot com. Yep. Maximum dash response. Yes, you said, relational capital is far more valuable than financial capital and relational capital leads directly to financial capital. Just the same point, we were just making their with rob. I have a slightly different way of wording it, I say, monetize your magnetism, right. And I talked about talked a lot about this in the first chapter in my book. You shared some stories here. What's, what's a recent example, maybe that you could talk about where? From, from the kind of report that you, you, you have built up with so many different people. Now you in almost leads straight into. The monetization side of it. I'll give you a perfect example, because it just happened last month. I met a gentleman online, on Facebook as named Chris, Chris lob. We have some mutual friends on Facebook and stuff. I've been kind of following him a little bit. And I might just like I really, really liked this guy like stuff. He's put now and I'm like, I like to get to know him a little bit. And so sending a message and to say you know what Chris, I'm working on some goal staff, and I really appreciate being able to share it with you, because I appreciate your, your thoughts, and we up making time to talk. And I was actually getting ready to put on an event here in Washington state. I I'm not a friend of mine who's got a sixty five foot boat down at Seattle and he called me a couple of months ago that Kennedy's summertime his common man, and we hosted a big party on his boat, a couple of years ago, and he's like I wanna make the boat available. Let's get some cool, people together at invite him down at so, so I've been trying to put an event together. And so I was like thicker as. Mike. You invite Chris to this thing. Talk to him about it and stuff. And he's can't I'd love to come in that thing. But you know what? I'm getting ready to go to Hawaii. And plus he he lives down in uh South America. So not, not necessarily easy to get to Seattle. Thanks. What do you studies like man? Thanks so much for me, if they for the invite, and we ended up soccer to stop and just do the course that conversation he was like, heaven. I need to get you in front of my people. We need to do a training. Are you open to do it, something like that? And then you, you serve entrepreneurs I wide open to do that. And so within two weeks, we, we hosted a training for his faults, and Chris put put a couple of promo paces, not to let everybody know about it. We did this face behind for his fogs. And in, in that scenario, it was kind of a Cuban eight Chris was like your western puts precious together, and I'll ask questions. And I told him, I said, you know, you know, your audience really rouse, office questions together, and if you feel I should add anything else that we should discuss different kind of free flow it, and, and we'll do a training and just give guys some value in. And so we did that. And we even had some technical glitches because I say. South America, and he had some internet challenges the day we did that. But we still and in the end, I ended up picking up a client and a client value. I mean I it's when I'm doing client work. I mean it's, it's worthwhile for me for no doubt about it. So that was that was a big win. And, and that's just an example. Once again, the whole thing, just came about organically. We were just getting to know each other, and he was captured, would you be willing to do this? Like, sure that's right. I on the I love doing. I love talk and help them out and, and so, you know, just completely happened organically. I won't say that everything happens that way. But lot of times, I pretty intentional about this stuff. I mean I like I said I I love doing what I do. And of course, haven't experienced like that was Chris on. I mean I I love doing this. I want to do more of that stuff. And so people know when they ask you what, what are you, what are you working on I let them know about stuff like that. So that they desire, oh, maybe we should talk about doing something to. I remember that boats story. In fact, I remember commenting on it because I saw you posted about it on Facebook. Can you can you refresh my memory on what the what the whole idea there with the boat was because I was thinking about trying something like that down here in Olympia with the we have a yacht club here as well. Gotcha. Gotcha. Well, so okay, I'll tell you, I hosted an event at my home right here couple years ago. And we actually did too of a back to back a wanted, August one in September of that year. And, and I was just reaching accident entre preneurs that I knew that I really wanted to. What by because I'm like, yeah. I'm just like okay who I my whole purpose was digging get together some really awesome entrepreneurs who are doing great things and just get him in the same room. So they can meet each other and get to know each other in my theory is if you get the right, people that business is gonna come out of that. Soon. And, and so one of my friends that I invited was this guy. Jeff and Jeff runs a real estate company and he's a local here to be in Arlington and, and Jeff, Kevin. If you're invite be I in and he told me that, you know what he's like my friend, Michael, yet, you need to talk with Michael, because he would be a really great set for this. I only thing is I think he's in Bali right now. But let me connect you guys on Facebook and is open the door for you guys to have a conversation, and Michael, and I ended up talking about how me about a month later and on the day that we spoke. I mean just getting to know him a little bit. And once again, we had this mutual French in Jeff also us, just had all this respect an aberration for. And so it just opened the door wide for us to have a conversation. And I spoke with him. I don't know for about forty forty five minutes. And, and he's like, Kevin, if you're invite me he's like, I'm ended. I'm why I'm definitely invite you might love to have you join us. And and Michael is an Amazon salary. He runs a successful Amazon a business back that I won't talk about numbers. But he, he runs a very successful office. We hung up. He was telling me he's like he's like, my, my biggest concern cabin is honestly he's a I just don't know how I'm going to be able to contribute to the rest of the folks there. And in my comment was Michael, you know, the, the fact that, that's your biggest concern. It speaks volumes about who you are, and others can let you know, right now, you can let that go, you don't have to worry about it. You when you're here, it will unfold ill unfold perfectly and just let it go and just come here and just, just be in the moment. Stop. And he was like, okay fair enough. I agree with you on that. And you end up calling me two days late. And he's had cabbie thing. I've been thinking about this for two days and I know you know, you're you're up there in Arlington, and I'm down here in Seattle. And I don't know for the work if you think your folks would like or what have you, if you can figure out how to work in the event is at, but I got this sixty five foot boat down here. And, and in if you think your folks from like you can fit it in I'd like to off. For that up. You know, because August is a great time of year, and it's beautiful Seattle here, and I'd like to offer bought a week, this common hanging out here, the day, I could take everybody cruising around Seattle and stuff. And, and you know what's interesting is might my initial nature response. In a way, I would probably use to respond in the past would kind of, like, you know, like you're investing your time, and your finances, accommodate you don't you don't need to do that. And the worst thing that I could done for him because he had spent two days thinking about how can I contribute? And that's what he came up with. No. I just accepted that remind man that is awesome Baso, which let's figure out how to make this happen. And so we did he we had everybody when they flew in, they just just went down to Ballard. We got hung out there for all all the day in prison that he is the next or not that Amy came from my husband, we spent the next two days of Mike is here. So now might go, he loves doing it. He he loves hosting groups of entrepreneurs on his box. A kevin. If you know anybody that has a great group of entrepreneurs because I dislike hanging out with entrepreneurs man, he's by boat available to them. And, and he's I you just let them know about is. I don't want anything. I don't want anything for it. He's like, I'll make an available on how Trina well and, and they just come in and use the boat and I get a hang out and many that's his motivation for that. Yeah. Yes. And now he called money to do. Another 'nother thing on the boat. And my okay figure out how to do this. Let's doing. Yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm it makes me curious. Because like like I said, we've got the yacht club down here and I know enough people here in business in Olympia, that I, I know somebody who knows somebody who's who owns one of them. Okay. Anyway, I, I can conspire with you about that later. But, but I just thought you know that gave me an idea that I never thought about doing doing a networking. I kind of a an opportunity, a gathering of entrepreneurs in that context, mostly because, you know this, the weather is, is not normally conducive to it. But if you do it in August. It's a great time. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. One of the thing you said, I'm glad you brought this up. I, I wanted to include a question about it, and I nearly forgot. But you've spurred my memory you mentioned the I read in your on your website that you used to have a lot more difficulty. Accepting generosity from people, you are totally good at giving it, but it coming in the other direction was like you were taken aback by whatever. Let's talk a little bit about that. What, what, what, what was the mindset shift for you? There. I'll tell you hit out this this half. That, that mindset shift took place, I can remember this vividly in two thousand twelve I, I was down in Texas visiting a good friend of my Jesse. And we, we started digging into this topic pretty dang and he starts asking me is that kept. He's like your when you get to somebody else who really appreciates it. How does that make you feel house us man Jesse has there's no better feeling in the world? And I love that field. And he's like, do you realize though, by you not openly, receiving from others? You are depriving them from that feeling that you just told me was the best feeling in the world. Now. Yeah. Well, I had never looked at it that way before as I was always like, oh, I don't want to bother people. I don't want to inconvenience them, you know, and even when people would ask me what can I do to help you I'm good. I'm good because bother you know, or God forbid that I would ask anybody for anything that I want. I would never do. But, but with Jesse and I started having this conversation. It really shifted my whole way of thinking and any went on, you know we start we said he's he's carries it. You know he's giving him a saving. It's kinda like breathing. You know. And if I were to ask you, what do you prefer better, breathing in reading out? And if you were to accidentally give me an answer, I would tell you great try doing only that for a while and see how far you get. Yeah. Yeah. It depends on what part of the breathing cycle, I'm in. But I prefer the other one. Yeah, that's right. That's right. And he's gotta do both. You gotta get good at both. He's your already great at giving. He's at. But you've gotta get just as good at receiving his well, it'll allowing other people to do for you and, and, and even asking and proactively asking for what you would because everybody around you Kevin. They know who you are. They already know who you are. I mean he's know anytime I talk with anybody, and your name comes up, he's like nobody ever says. Anything back about you? Everybody loves you because you have always been this giving generous guy who just wants to help other people, and he's like so that being the case and everybody already knows who you are is okay. To ask for what you want to, because you have built up all of this stored relationship capital and you don't even realize it, and you got all these people that are surrounding you that would gladly help you, if they just knew how, but you know what they don't know how because you even tell him why has you don't wanna bother them because you don't want to inconvenience them. And you're depriving every single one about from the feeling that you just told me was the best feeling in the world. He's, I start giving that let them have that fear led them have that feeling an experience that too, because you love it. They love it, too. And so that was a huge mindset show. Let me let me ask you a question about that kept 'cause 'cause one of the things that is troubling for me. I'm the same way. Right. But my, my client avatar, I call them the radically generous entrepreneur, and that's a projection of myself into the marketplace say, who identifies with that, right. Now, I'm I'm I would be a little bit may even more specific because people do nice things for me from time to time and I'm quite open to it. I'm you know I'll I'll I'll push it away at first. But if you know if, if they say something, like, don't hurt my feelings, and I'll be like, okay. Well, thank you. I can I can do that. Just more the social custom there. But what really? What I find really difficult is the ask in. It's not because I'm like I feel greedy or like I'm taking advantage of someone. It's just half the time. I'm not even sure what to ask for okay? You know, I'm like, like, if I knew I couldn't even tell you what if somebody asked me, what do you want me to do for you? I'm like I couldn't even tell you, I, I don't even know what, what I want you to do for me. I'm just I'm just happy to, you know to have the opportunity to be friends with you and, and all that. But I'm like, you know, I am. An and then, you know, but the problem with that, that is, that's all very nice, but the problem is, then you go home. And you face all of the difficulties of becoming an entrepreneur and getting a business going and learn in getting your name out there and all that, and you think I got to do it all myself. You know, that's the irony of, of being. So in, in such a haze often very often that, I, I don't even. I don't even know what to ask for so anyway, I just thought be curious to hear your thoughts on that. Yeah. So you and I can totally understand where you're coming from on that, Paul. Because you went with Jesse and I would I haven't that conversation two thousand twelve I was kind of in the same spot. You know, why do I ask for, you know, and, and so we need to get some clarity around what we want, and that's I will let you know, from talking with solo video preneurs over the years, that is the one big thing that pretty much every entrepeneurship is lacking is, is real clarity on what the heck they want, you know, where they wanna go all of that stuff. And until we have that how can we? How can we get it in? Yeah. So give you what one of the intentions were. I was talking with my daughter few weeks ago and stuff. And, and we were talking about how she was telling me Kevin you should start a podcast. Now my like I don't know if I want to do that, and she goes, why wouldn't you want to do that? She goes you love talking with entrepreneurs. Right. And I'm like, yeah. She goes, why wouldn't you wanna do a podcast. You're just gonna let you have more conversations only eight. Now she just going to record his all. And I'm like, you know, now that you think about it. And so now, I'm just like, okay, I do want to do a podcast. But, you know, whether I do apart caster, not what I knew I wanted to do is, I'm going to start interviewing so cool. Entrepreneurs and so I've done that. And as soon as I set the intention of I wanna do this now said, I mean, I remember the first conversation that came up a few weeks ago, the day after I had that conversation with Caitlyn I was talking with my friend Jeff hates. And we were we were just having a con. Mercedes catching up on some stuff, and I was like my gosh, Jeff I need to interview you and in the end, I was at the way that you are using strategic partnerships in your business is absolutely amazing as our just talk with you about that getting records the week and share with other people. And so if so, I haven't interviewed Jeff yet, but that's where the counter for next week, but I interviewed three other entrepreneurs on this subject of strategic partnering than the unique ways that they're using them in their business. And I've also been finding myself. I mean, I have I think, in my whole lifetime. I've been on maybe eight to ten podcasts in the last couple of weeks. I've been on like eight in the last couple of weeks. Yeah. Because I it it wasn't there. Now, is it helping me get in front of our people show? It's doing now but also the, the active just doing this, now having a conversation with new all. This is like so stimulating for me. I just robbed talking with other entrepreneurs. And so if it was nothing more than that, I'm, I'm, I'm liking. I'm wondering this stuff. And so, and what you'll see along the way is that because we're recording it, what we're doing is we're, it's like lighting. You know, it's like, lighting a thousand candles with one flame. Yeah. Right. And so we're going to spread other people get the eavesdrop on this, and then they begin it begins to circulate in their consciousness, in, I if you start the podcast governor, tell you this, you'll be, maybe you won't. I don't I don't know. I'm always shocked. The people come up and say, I've been listening to your podcast. And I just want to say you that's a fantastic show. I love I learned so much from it. And I'm like you listen. I'm sh- I never you never know who's listening, unless they tell you. And so you're walked through the crowd of people I go to church on the weekends. When people occasional person comes up and says, I've been listening to your podcasts. And I'm like, you know, I could be standing in a crowd full of people who listen to me. And I don't know it, you know. So it's, it's, it's magic that way. That's cool. That's cool. Yeah. Yeah. There was another. This was one of the thing I wanted to ask you about. So we both have that radically generous spirit. But you said this in an I kind of understand what you mean. But I'd like to hear you expound on a little bit. You say you wanna match that spirit with the right people, and that's where the magic begins to happen. I talk about it in chapter six my book. I talk about curing relationships, you know, choosing an picking and choosing the right. So let's just talk a little bit about what's your criteria for doing that. When you when you make a decision to invest or not to invest, whether it's time money. You know, talent whatever what's, what sort of governs your criteria there. So, you know, there's really only two things and yeah, there's a lot of people take about client avatar my friend Lennon partner. He he's really and teaching how to identify your ideal client habits, and he's got a process really in depth and I, I was. Fat joking with him not too long ago when we were talking has that, you know what? This is really cool. That what all he doesn't, I, I'm just one of these simple guys. You know, I always just looked at two things. Are they an entrepreneur who's doing really cool stuff through there is? I don't give a rip what their businesses. I don't care whether they run a man, my friend, Darrell runs a manufacturing business. I've got friends that are run run ad agencies. I've got friends that run speaking bureaus. What have okay what their business is? But, you know, they, they've got to a level where they're established that, you know, the and they also have a track record of getting great results for their clients. And then on the other side of the coin it goes back to this, this giving generous peace. You know, are they giving generous person who's, who's default position is that they just lead with a helping hand. That's just who they are in effect. That was the criterion when I when I hit those initial events at my home a couple of years ago. That's what I looked at is that when. I was looking at I who do you want to invite while that's that's who it was. It was people who, who had, you know, bright, businesses and a good track record of getting results for clients as well as they're just giving generous lead with a helping hand people. And I knew if you got people of that, caliber entrepreneurs of that caliber, who were that way you get them together in a room and magic is going to happen. And I, I don't wanna get like to wamu with this, because I've been tons of mastermind groups over the years, and I, I been in the sum for really long term. And I've been part of this one that I you know, it's always a great experience goer there. And the members of that group are just amazing entrepreneurs and the format of the group, just because of the win it starts in the attendees, share best practices in the goal of that is I, hey, I'm going to share which really working in my. Business. So that if you decide you want us this, your business that ill that's the whole goal. Maybe this can help you to. And so as a real that format just leads to talking about best practices. But what I wanted to do was because my belief is, is way. Don't get what we need when we. The setting isn't as good for getting what we really need win. The focus is on best practice, and we're and we're all having conversations. This is all the great stuff that's going on in our bits here. We really get the help that we need is by talking about where the fits hit the shape where things are not knowing. Well, and where we chain open up a little bit and talk about Maxine stuff because I witnessed when that has happened. And when you are surrounded in a in a space where people who were just giving generous lead with a helping hand kind of people when they hear from you. And when they are entre preneurs of that caliber, who are awhile of fide to offer insight because they're dealing with the same kind of stuff they too have connections in their own mind that depending on what your share they, they might say. Oh, I need to connect you with my friend so-and-so and. That kind of stuff. It's not all this thing. It's not for everybody because you know what if you cannot openly talk about where you're having challenges. Your that makes you uncomfortable than this probably for you. And that's why you can just Ackerman how great everything isn't just no way. But we know is entrepreneurs things aren't always great and his greatest. Things are we've got real challenges were dealing with as well. And some people don't wanna talk about that, because they're concerned about what people make in a what would people think of me if I talked about that. What would they think about me if I said that, like I dealing with this, and, and I've just got this point my own life where I don't care what people think about what people say if they're if they wanna be around meeting invite if not, that's totally fine to and stuff, but, you know, but by being able to be opened a candidate talk about this. We're going to get the help that we need for people who qualified to give us that how so I love the rebellion. That's that's. The I call it the quiet revolution against posing. That's come out in the last couple years. We've just at least at least among everybody, you know, the funny thing is Kevin you and I are, are, are daily in contact conversation observation listening, seeking from dynamic entrepreneurs and leaders. And so, for us, this is a language that both of speak fluently or two near fluency, right vulnerability being opened in sharing what your weaknesses are in? I'm always curious, you know, again, there's an end there's this great big world out there who aren't doing that supposedly, I you know, I'm never sure how far this is gone. But what I do love is, is getting to be part of it because in so many circumstances. I've been able to do exactly that just come and say, you know, quite honestly I I'm I'm stuck in a in a problem right now. And I, I don't know how to get out of it and. It's helped me in a couple of ways one has been the example you provide there of if I'm telling a fellow radically generous entrepreneur about that. I get all kinds of help all kinds of reframing all kinds of suggestions. You know, possibilities different ways of, of approaching things and all that the other thing is, if I'm not dealing with somebody like that. If I'm dealing with somebody who you know, this is a bit of a funny thing, if I'm dealing with somebody who just wants my money, right, this pushy sales person, and you tell them, I'm sorry. I'm I'm, I'm broke. I don't have any money. They leave you alone. So it's, it's, it's wonderful. It works on everybody. It's, it's the it's not pretty right. It is. It doesn't involve taking the rest of the people will judge you. But I for one have always said, you know, I I'd rather people judge me poorly for who I am. Absolutely judge me. Well for who I am not. Yes. Yes. Anyway, that's what that made me think of. But, but great answer there. So you've you've been very generous, you've got this tool we're going to we're going to linked to in the show notes called the relationship capital scorecard. I took it, by the way. I got an eighty six so I have a little bit. I have some room for improvement there, but eighty six out of one hundred I feel good. I got a b plus on, Kevin's tests. I, I wanted to ask you. I mean, do you actually can you actually use this scorecard in helping if you form a strategic partnership is that something that you build into the process? There are people are receptive to it, and they actually use it to identify in grow towards being a better version of themselves. Yes. Yes. Because once once people have used that scorecard on the small how long did it take you to do that? I mean just a few minutes. Right. Yeah. Because in a lot of the categories, I'm like, I, I wrote a book on this stuff, you know, so I'm I it's, it's, it's one of those things where it's it, it wasn't too difficult for me to make up my mind about several questions. Anyway, that's, that's how it is for most people that have ever done that and taking that, you know, that test for themselves is just it's just a few minute, processes audits, because it's pretty intuitive and nowhere. It's sometimes they don't like bidding, where they're not. But, but it's pretty they know where they are on, on each of those eight feels step may know right where they sit. And but I'll tell you that is such a powerful to, and I cannot take full credit for that, Dan Sullivan of strategic coach helped me develop that tool because I was looking for a tool because I provide tools and resources for my clients on that, that help them expand kind like this thing we were talking about giving and receiving, you know, and, and I, I hope on that day there's a lot of different ways. And it's, it's, it's all tailored to the claim. But that scorecard kind of gives you a picture of where you're at and sees where you need to work on 'em whether somebody ever shares their results with me or not is really irrelevant. Because the goal is to, like, let people see where they're at. But once I if I you know what? Happen is people will take that, that us that scorecard, and they'll, they'll end up reaching out to me and want to have a conversation around, and, you know, because, you know, whether they feel like they need. Okay. I'm at this point, and really wherever we are odd NAT we, there's doubt you're gonna you're gonna max out on the score. Anybody is maybe somebody, I, I haven't had the half yet but, but wherever somebody is, there's always approved. And, and so, and if they feel that they want to improve than lifetimes, people will end up having a conversation with me around that kind of thing. And depending on wet, they share some people are an open book that just like Kevin. Here's rhyme at this, this is what I see. This is the problem habit in all of this kind of stuff and it's just a tour is all about. It's, but it it's a pretty badly too, as far as even like. People playing out where their act and just being able to like you know what this makes sense. And now that I've got these areas defined. Now I've got clarity, this makes sense. And maybe they got handled on their own. They're like, okay, I'm going to start making adjustments CD's areas. Now they go back thirty days later and restore themselves. And they find out that, like, well, look at what happened here, and they've also seen manifest either life, you'd never relationships in recover stations, and what's going on their business than I now all of a sudden, they're business are growing. My just take it off. They started getting more clients. Whatever. No. Another guest. I've recently had Luciano Del Monte. So good guy, you should know him. He said, they're clear, sign of entropy. Is that relationships begin to get superficial, and the and you start valuing people more in terms of the dollar and cents figure? But you made this this, this other video, I watched on your website, everybody should go check it out. You came up with these five best questions to spur engagement when you do, like webinars and events, and they steer people the way I interpreted as what you're doing. There is you're getting people to focus on the benefit if you ask them, do you want to do you want to increase your income, and then you follow up that question with, why do you want to increase it? And what would be the benefit of increasing? It gets them to stop thinking about the dollars and cents and start thinking about the people in their lives, who they could spend that money on. Right. And if you if you. To get if you were to ask me, those questions, for example, and I start thinking, well now, you know, if my son wants to travel lit little league baseball team because he's getting really good at it. I can, you know, I can afford to do it. And I'm I have the freedom in structure to go and do it. So, yeah. That's a great reason. You know, but that's a reason that is so intimate to me, as opposed to just having the money in the Bank. That I I, I was like he's on when I was reading that I was like he's onto something there. And I'm thinking. A we should encourage entrepreneurs to when they are thinking about how they can serve the marketplace identify some of those things some of those broad categories like if I can I can focus on instead of what I'm going to get out of it focus on what that person, I'm going to serve can do with the value. I impart to them for the people in the friends and the relationships in their lives that they love. I think I think you don't even have to worry about the return on investment. But of course that's easier said than done. So I wanted to throw that back to you and say, you know how do we? How do we encourage entrepreneurs to think about that? What would you what would you do if you were golfing in that category? Well, it's all about asking the right questions. Dan, Solomon go back because Dan has been had such a profound impact on my life. Over the years. Dan is brilliant, and that's why I liked being around him this because he makes me think, in a way that I would didn't use to end. He does that by asking really powerful questions. And, and when we ask the right kind of questions of people, especially if entrepreneurs, it gets them thinking, what it does in the process of doing that. It helps get them more clarity on why am I doing what I'm doing? Where do I want to go from here? You know what am I really trying to accomplish? Do I really want to serve all of this kind of stuff and you on the surface, you know, they went that might be talking about it. Well, I wanna make more business in our wanna make more revenue by business. I want more clients. You know, that's just surface level stuff. Why do you want more clients? Why do you want more revenue? You know. Well, you know. Okay. I got kids get ready to go to college in a few years, and I want to be able to send them to a really nice school, or might my wife and I are looking at getting the second home down in Arizona. So that in the wintertime, we can go down there and we consumer time be up here. And, and just to have the best of both worlds. I wanna do this. I wanna I, I spoke with a few months ago that she she felt bad because she she's an attorney and she only works five days a month in her practice. He's got systems that people in place in allow that and she was feeling guilty because they light and go into Hawaii, and she goes but I still gotta be in my office for at least five days a month. Now I can make those five consecutive days. But you don't let up she goes, I wanna be in Hawaii. I wanna be there for free month's strikes and she. Was I so what I need to do is I to figure out how I cannot even have those five days a month, but yet at the same time she was, I said, she was just feeling while who am I to be completed because I only wear it five days worth by. But, but you know what there's no shame in what you want is what you want if you want to be on the infant, three minutes straight in Hawaii than it is what it is. You don't have to apologize for that. That's just what you want to do. So let's figure out how to make that happen. Yeah. Validating the an honest desire. Yes, the desire, only becomes an issue when, when you get out of proportion in irrationally, you know, fixated on it just having it, and, and using your intelligence to be able to figure out a way to actually make that happen. I mean, that's just I, I realize, you know, telling us to people living eight hundred years ago is not even in their imagination. But it's the world we live in right in the and there's nothing wrong with it. So I appreciate that. As as you were talking. I was thinking about something I used to talk about. I did this kind of unwittingly in, in an insurance, I would talk to people about carrying what they call an umbrella policy. And it was one of the easiest things in the world for me to sell not only because it was not very expensive most of the time. But also because I could it was one policy. I could always frame it in the category of if you know, it's very unlikely that this scenario will happen, right? It's very it's, it's statistically unlikely you will be taken to court and sued for personal damages, you know, to the very max of your ability to pay. But in the event that it does. Right. And I'm talking mainly to an entrepreneur, as my target client, I would say in the event that it does. What would you rather do go and spend your days in court fighting it off or continue working on your business while your insurance company handles? It you know. And, and, and it was a no brainer to them. Yeah. Like oh, yeah. No. I'd I'd really. Yeah. Sure. I'd rather go to court. I don't even like meeting with my attorney. I wanna go. I wanna go spend my days in court. Yeah. Obviously. So I said, then then we don't even we were just going to throw that on there. You know it's not even it's not even worth deliberating, whether it's worth your investment, or not, those put it on there and set it. And forget it so yeah. Yeah. So what's this, this whole thing, I just had a brief story come to mind, Kevin to sorta to circle back around this, and that, and I wanna get your take on it about were about focusing on when you're when you're talking to that client focusing on what is important to them, but beyond the surface level, and this kind of goes the, the it's the same story, but it's in reverse rather than approaching it from the point of view the sales person a few years back. I did my, I did my first stint as the may as the emcee for the miss Lewis county pageant, which is part of the Miss America program, and there was a it was strikingly beautiful young girl there who competed and she saying, just incredibly, and it was my first time ever. I didn't know anything about the judging process. So I said, I don't know how she doesn't win with that performance. I said to myself. So the pageant went on. And when it was over not only did she not win. She didn't even place in the top top three and I could I could read the disappointment all over her face and. We went after the pageant was over and they crowned the new winner. Everybody went downstairs to the gym of the school, and there's a big after gathering in everybody's taking pictures and all that. And I walked up to this, this, this girl who was by now had should, you know, should dried her face and all that. And she was doing her best, but I could you know, I knew she wasn't too. She was feeling the heat from that one. And I just said to her. I, I don't know how you didn't win that. I said, there's, if, if I had been on that panel, there's no way, there wouldn't have been one vote for you. And is she is she had this expression on her face? I could read it in her is that was that was exactly what she needed to hear. So a few weeks go by and I opened up Facebook one day and I've got an instant message from that young lady's grandmother, who has since become a good friend of mine, and she just couldn't think me enough for having. So I guess word got out. That I'd said that, you know, through the family back channels, and she just couldn't thank me enough. Took me to coffee and then a couple of weeks after that I'm getting another message saying, can you come and help us, we need an insurance quote for the building that we're that we own down here in Lewis county and so. That, that to me was like a microcosm story of the exactly that same principle. You know, when you are as an entrepreneur, as a human being is in any, any relational sense when you take care of the people and the relationships that matter. There goes my clock, the background noise when you take care of the people and relationships that matter to another person. I'm going to let this chime and then I'll start that point over again. And I'll plug plug the phone, so it doesn't ring again, I usually do that, before before I do something like this. So oh, yeah. No it. That's funny happened in my last interview to we had last minute interruption, the clock started chiming and the other the guests doorbell rang it was funny. Anyway, when you take care of the people in relationships that are important to a person, that's all the sales, they need. You know. And, and I had done that inadvertently just by giving an encouraging word to this young lady word got back to her grandmother. Next thing you know, she's, I'm I've got to be line straight to the front of the line when they have a need for what I offer in the marketplace. So anyway, I wanted to get your take on that. Yeah, yeah, you're totally right. When you, you just, you know, I mean, yeah. Yeah. I mean, it was so interesting about that story while is that you just had empathy for this girl, you know. That's all you, did you just felt for her and, and you just just just a quick comment was so impactful for her obviously, because she shared with family members. And then you get a call from her grandma and all that stuff. And so, she's obviously talking with others in her life about how much it meant to her. And you know, there's this term, but I, I don't know that I coined it. But it's, you know, active appreciation, you know, because gratitude, you know, to be grateful for something implies that someone had to do something good for us her something good had to happen to us, or for us in order for us to be grateful. And we can't always control that, but appreciation in empathy. On the other hand, are something that we're always in complete control NAN, and I can tell you, there is not a person on the face of this planet that gets enough appreciation or empathy either for that met and, and just letting people know that we genuinely appreciate that mean like you in that situation just like, wow, I can't believe that you, if I would have been there, you would have got at least one boat from me, just like saying that in just like no letting somebody. Know that we care about them, and it can go so far. And, and you know, and it doesn't matter how successful somebody isn't doesn't matter helping a business, they run. It doesn't matter who the heck they are. They don't get enough appreciation. And when we showed genuine active appreciation towards people, and it's in it's not it's not with, you know, expecting to get anything return later. You know, tightening church. I mean a lot of churches teach tightening. But a lot of people have this thing of, like, well, if I tie, then I'll get back and, you know, that's not why. Not why you give it's not a give get that you give gifts. And it just comes back, and it comes back in multiples. It comes back to throw that you don't give to get you give to get your just do that. Like you just share the experience and I can't tell you, I haven't so many experiences like that in my life where things came about that. I gave here but came back over here. It just just and some do more of that, you know, do more and show appreciation, I make an I make a conscious effort to every single day. I'm showing appreciation to somebody, you know, because it all comes in all comes back now for the first time, I ever did this, it was two thousand twelve minutes, Saint meeting with Jesse when we got to talk about that concept to vacuum appreciation, and I started sending out some text messages to some people in my life. And I just looked to my phone. I looked at my phone and I was looking at some people in my office went down. I really like covenant send out a message and I just let her know that you're Cinemax saying, do you know what? I really appreciate you because and I just let her know, a single reason that I had so much appreciation for and within a couple of hours. She gets back to me on. Oh my gosh. Kevin you made me cry. That is exact I needed that. So today, I love the catch up with you went can we can? Yup. Lid to business or anything. Right. But we have well you know what? Waiting for that. I was waiting for that because I know I know how this works, right? You it's not. It's not it didn't lead. Oh, hold on a minute. It didn't lead to business between her and I, but she was I, I would love to have a conversation as I just wanna talk with you. And, and I, I am know what she had gone. Right. But I think that's absolutely has had a conversation in will we had that conversation. She she just shared about some stuff, she was known soon. Kevin, that was so great to get your message at max ride as exactly what I needed and might so that we can talk. And then she left making a connection for me that Diddley this, you know. And so, you know, in this whole thing like you just again. But look at that example, right there. You know, unsure you could give countless more examples, just like that yet. That's exactly. In fact, on in, in my book, I, I tell people I use the phrase not for profit is for profit. And the whole point of it is not to not to go and join a border, volunteer, an organization with the expectation of making money directly from it. But with the full confidence that if you genuinely and in a now shit, what's the word. I'm looking for in a benign in a totally sincere way, if you serve in help that organization, expect the law, what goes around comes around to come in and blindside, you, and I've been sitting there in my office, you know, back in the insurance days, working on fundraising for local pageants. Surfer association of the US army, and my phone rings my office to pick it up Hella, and it's soda I got referred to you by so, and so, and I need a quote, for my insurance, you know, it's, it's passive outbound marketing, that I'm not even thinking about let alone executing or spending money on, right? People are just doing it for me. And that's why. I call it recruiting your own unpaid Salesforce. Yeah. Good seven. It's, it's been fantastic. Having this conversation with you on influence or networking secrets. If people, we've got links and the show notes, but I'm always like to hear it from you as well. If somebody's driving or anything like that. If people wanna learn more about you see a little bit about what you do. What's the best place? We could send them. Yeah. They can go to partnership playbook dot com. And that, that our relationship capital scorecards that you and I were talking about. They can I get that there. There's, there's right down though, it does require an update and I don't know how some people say they oh, he's just trying to build an Email list and whatever, you know, if you went to relationship capital car without getting on my Email list. That's totally cool to you. Can hit me up on Facebook or whatever I'm happy to share it with you don't have to get on my Email. Give me your name to be able to get it. Yes. And I run on Facebook at Kevin, the connector is, is a Facebook and in. So but yeah, I mean I, I love to share that relationship caporal scorecard with you, because that will be a very valuable to other Mike in about three minutes, it alleged right where you're standing eight different areas of a relationship building in your rights and for most entrepreneurs, especially if you are a gimme generous personality is kind of the co. Or who you are? I will tell you that you're just like I was you are surrounded by people, you built up, so much relationship capital already with people who would be glad to help you that you just don't even realize it's even better. I don't like to use the word capitalized, but, you know, to, to start tapping into not, not, not just to create more revenue to get where clients all of that kind of stuff that will certainly happen. But just to even further those relationships that you already have and start sharing with them. You're letting them have more of the experience of giving just just like you experience, you know, that when you have that experience of give me to somebody who really appreciates it. How good that makes you feel that other people have the same experience. And so, yeah, so we're they hip capitals for our risk. Relate partnership playbook, is where you'll get you can get the relationship capitals for Carter, you can hit me up on Facebook. And if you're entrepeneurship who you know, some of this resonated with you, and he had like a conversation, you're, you're like, I think it might be unhappy might be worth compensation. I wide open the having conversations with ultra preneurs, who are doing great things, and who are just giving generous people so. Yes. Yes. Well, thanks so much again. Kevin for joining us, and we'd look forward to having you back again soon on influence or networking secrets and until next time. My pleasure. This episode is sponsored by business beyond business. The international bestseller by entrepreneur coach. Paul Edwards if you're tired of stress and anxiety from the rat, race and life being all about the Benjamins. You're not alone. Do you wanna go from struggle and scarcity to success and significance? If so business beyond business teaches you how using the mindset and qualities of the radically generous entrepreneur, I claim Ted ex speaker? Ron Carucci calls it a masterful blend of self-discovery, faith honesty and advice about amplifying our impact in the world bestselling author, STAN Miller ads. I wish Paul had written this book twenty years ago available on Amazon starting at nine ninety nine business beyond business is free for listeners like you just go to the Paul S Edwards dot com and subscribe to our mailing list or you. Text the letters are GE to the number six six eight six six.

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Business Opportunities Growing Cut Flowers with The Flower Grower Benny Pino (FSFS165)

Farm Small Farm Smart

53:45 min | 2 years ago

Business Opportunities Growing Cut Flowers with The Flower Grower Benny Pino (FSFS165)

"What about growing something on your farm that you can't eat today? It's an episode all about something that will never make its way onto a dinner plate. It's all about raising in growing cut flowers. Coming up welcomed the farm, small farm smart. I'm your host Diego. DIY ejido. Today's episode of farm small farm smart is brought to you by paper. Paiko paper pod. Co is a company that I own and our goal is to make your job on the farm easier. Now a lotta people so she ate using the paper pot transplant her with transplanting vegetables. Did you also know that you can transplant flowers using the paper pot transplant her just like with vegetables, the paper pod transplant is a great tool to save you time and a lot of bending over in the field when you're planting flowers, so as you listen to this upcoming episode, and you're. Considering raising flowers if you're thinking, oh, that's a lot of transplanting. I don't wanna do all that transplanting. I don't want my staff to do all that transplanting. And I want to bend over that much. Then look at the solution to your flower transplanting problem, the Papon transplant her available at paper pot dot co as you've probably gathered from the information so far this episode is all about cut flowers in this is actually the first in a series of episodes about cut flowers because I partnered with lob lolly farm to do a whole series going through the a to z of growing cut flowers for market growing cut flowers on a small scale, most of the episodes that have done in the past have been all about growing vegetables on a small scale. But in a lot of areas, there's a very profitable crop and an untapped niche in. In growing cut flowers. So I wanna bring that niche the light get more information out there about it. And hopefully give you some more information. So you can consider and look into is there room in your market and on your farm to add cut flowers to the mix for the first episode in the series today. I'm joined by farmer Benny Pino of law. Molly farm benny's. The main grower at lob lolly farm his wife. Courtney does a lot of the flower arranging side of things. So Benny spends a lot of time in propagation area in the field in learning about the cultivation of flowers in today's episode. We're going to talk about why flowers, what's the aperture unity. How big is it? And why should you consider growing flowers on your farm in? Why it might be possible to make a really good living growing just cut flowers on a small scale here. It is. I hope you enjoy it. The flower grower with Benny Pino. Benny it's been a while since you been on the podcast, you you're last on the podcast ovary year ago with your wife, Courtney, and you all run a now flower farm, lob lolly farm at the time. I think you're producing some vegetables. And now you're exclusively flowers for people that miss that interview. And haven't heard of you. They don't follow you on Instagram. Can you talk a little bit about who you are? And what lob lolly farm is in one. It's about jor. So LA Boeing bar is located in southern Maryland were actually Charles county, your town Waldorf, and we have eight acres of arable land recall today about two this year. We did one last year, and we're hopefully moving into two we are covering everything with tarps. And and so that takes a little time to open up new ground. But yeah. We're going to grow exclusively cut flowers like you mentioned, and we're predominantly selling in farmers markets to local Flores to do, weddings. And we're using about a quarter of those flowers also in our own wedding design business, so horny mostly does the designing I go with her on the wedding day or the event day usually a Saturday. And so we did forty weddings last year. And hopefully this year will be able to use a lot of the powers that were going on the farm in those weddings in a lot of people listening to this. They are in the veg- world there. Veg farmers growing at your scale. But vegetable crops, what are the big differences between flowers in veg- from a sake cultivation growing standpoint? So yeah, that could take up the whole interview easily, but I would say that it's a little more. Technical and horticultural in what I mean by that is there are a lot of subtle nuances in starting your seeds and the types of cross. Growing. So you know, I never considered perennial vegetables much when I was growing for market in that world. And now, it's all about understanding. What's a biennial? When is it gonna flower how quiz it gonna flower because getting to market with that is a lot more tricky? You know, your days maturity on flowers are extended considerably like a hundred twenty days when I first saw that when I was getting into those like, how am I ever going to make a profit because you know, you look at a lot of other models in the veg- world in. It's like crank those days to maturity down as far as you can with flowers. It's like a car ball. You've got a thing. Okay. I am going to over winter these or I'm gonna plant some Perennials. And the Broncos will be the first thing is that lower spring. So there was a lot of going back to the books and and learning a considerable amount to shoot get myself. You know aware of all the different possibilities. So. Yeah, it flowers are. I mean, I love it. I love nursing out on this stuff. And I feel like it's expanded my agricultural horticultural knowledge considerably since I've gotten into it. And I still have a lot to learn yet from visiting your farm from talking to you. It's definitely a specialty. It's something that I think if you're going to go big into even on a small scale. But if like if it's all you're doing flowers like you really need to specialize in that same specialization is probably there in the veg side in maybe I'm just more familiar with it and take it for granted. But I feel like just hearing some of the nuances that go along with flowers like all the little tricks in things you have to do to get certain seeds to germinate. It's it it is more horticultural along the way. Wouldn't you can pair say a- veg farm? To alive stock pharma a lot one other thing with Vegf farms is a lot of edge farms kind go the model of eighty twenty at down to will. We're not gonna have a bunch of crops, and we're just going to focus on that quick turnover crops with flowers, you you can't do the same thing is flowers more of a variety game. Or can you specialize in a certain thing on a small scale in in still make it work. So what a lot of veg growers who side hustle with flowers. Do is they focus on summer annuals. And that means a quintessential sunflower Zimba and those flowers are fairly plug and play. We grew those way back when when we first started getting into flowers. That's what we started with an S like the gateway, you know. That's how you get to to understand at least generalities of for exam. Apple picking time. You know, you you get used to how you harvest when you harvest what you do in post processing when you bro those silver Endo's in. That's where I would say most people should start. If you like have never grown flowers at all. I would definitely start with summer annuals because they're very forgiving. And then they also have a a much shorter turnaround time. But yes. There's for example, you get into the details of the flower industry, and you look up some stats in floriculture, really cut flowers is is kinda down towards the end of how much you know, in terms of millions. There are over the course of any given year. So, you know, the floor clincher industry is in the US right now around four point two billion dollars, ry and garden plants bedding plants are over a million of that where you look at cut flowers, and they're only about three hundred seventy four million. So, you know. You can get really into the details of growing or different market streams and make a lot of money in flowers going that that way, but you have to you have to consider all the avenues. And then kind of make your choice if you want if you want to specialize flyers wanna really only grow them than I would save the good to take a step back and get a full lens picture of what the industry is like. And then choose what to go into in the give people some perspective on what the industry sector is. Like what opportunity is there is there room for the two acre flower farm in the three hundred seventy five million dollar market. Can you carve out a niche out of that? Or is it dominated by imports and bigger players that really specialize in one thing that quote, commodity growers. Yes, that's. It's a really big question. And I've spent a little time researching that recently, and I feel like the answers resounding. Yes. In terms of there's opportunities. So the first thing to do is like you into that look at the import market, and you know, we in the US only grow about a quarter of the flowers that are consumed locally so Columbia by a long shot imports. It's like close to seventy percents of the flowers that we see here. And you know, you have to do is think about the seasonality in Columbia and the days of the year that most people consume flowers here in the US, and it's you know, the winter holidays, so you've got Christmas and Hannukah and that two huge like if you look across the grab across time. They're like these like bunny ears these really high outliers which are mother's day and down. Tines day. So you know, you can sell most of your cut flowers during that time of the year. If some way you're able to grow the reduced during that time of the year. So if you had protected culture, and you've got heavy into that, you could I mean overnight, the a success in growing Thouars, you would just have to have, you know, a series investment in Rena houses at protected culture. So that being said there are lots of other options there are like I already said the annual garden plants, the ones that you find it nurseries. Most often pot in flowering plants or another sector, so you can grow things that like balls that people buy so that they can put them out during Christmas time like amaryllis, you can grow those for those. Seasons as well. Those holidays, you can grow other specialty products like wreaths reserve, a popular that just you know, in December that just passed you can grow herbaceous perennial plants and another category is even like, you know, your starts. So all of those categories that I just named actually in the US are more limited than cut flowers across, you know, this assistance that I found the the USDA so you can look into each of those in a great place to kind of introductions all of that. That's like berry user friendly and a little more readable than you know, USDA statistics is this book called the fifty mile k which is by Deborah frenzy. And she does this really great job of syrup touring the US and interviewing a lot of different. Successful florists and companies that have found creative ways of selling mostly cut flowers. She reviews really a lot of individuals who are like I said selling stars and other things, but there's interviews with people who have started markets a really big place in US is like Washington in Oregon. They got a really booming cut flower industry out there. So if you get into this, I would definitely pick up her book, and, you know, maybe even visit those places where you know, cut flowers are a real big thing. So with all those different niches there that people could plug into on a flower farm level. Do you think the small farmer has opportunity to compete in those niches? One thing is I think, and I don't want to say this is true. Is you look at say farmers markets in small farms. They're selling CSA's, they're selling at farmers markets. There's a lot of vegetable producers all competing, but I would like to think in this might not be true that if you overlaid that same area or that same Marquette with small flower growers. There's a lot less. So a lot less could mean more opportunity, or it could also mean there's less for a reason. There's just not enough demand to support more are flowers a sneaky way to bypass a crowded market leg veg, or is it more competitive than we may see on the surface. I have two answers to that one. Which is the macro look at the marketplace. And again from my reading, it's a growing industry. It's an industry that year over year has seen by percent increases, which is it's also pretty resilient. You'd be surprised to secede. It like, you know, weddings, especially people don't. You know, restrict their spending during downturn years in empowers which I found really surprising. So so, yeah, I I noticed that there's a even a five percent increase year over year and has been for quite a while in blower culture in on the antidote or or personal level. I went to market last year with Courtney, and we sold out almost every single time with games market with UK's. And so, you know, you know, how it's talking about the, you know, annual flowers being a gateway the same. I would say in terms of market, you know, like UK's are an easy simple straightforward way to try your hand at getting into cut flowers. You you can also do you know, like like people will say. Sell individuals stems and bunches. But I find that a k gives a value add that catches people's eyes and allows them to drop some money Whitley for an occasion. So the old think about flowers in terms of do I am I going somewhere later in even if you walk up to a lot of Flora's stands at in arms market. It'll say like where you going like, no be like posted question, or, you know, do you have a special occasion coming up a special that you can ask when someone comes up in their like browsing, you know, it's all about gifting flowers. The number one person who buys flowers is a woman buying for another woman. So that really opened my eyes you you, you know, you sort of look for this individuals in. So we use those tricks in sold out almost every single time. I can't tell you what that would look like in a. Very large marketplace where like let's say you read up arms market that has forty plus vendors, and you have a few other cut flower growers. We damn our, you know, had to compete against a lot of that. But I can attest that most markets in DC area in their slop arms markets here. They don't have a lot of cut flower growers who are really killing it. You know, it just just go in and take a walk through your arms market and see how many producers there are that are doing cut flowers, and in what most people do do like a small little dinky thing. It's got like ten stands. Maybe fifteen they're they're gonna hit and miss and they're not really arranged. If you just upped your game from them in stood out, it I mean flowers that the whole pilot high wash it fly tenant, you hear a lot from from, you know. Bench producers. I mean, the flowers of all to attract us, they bald to attract pollinators, and so they already have a huge one up in in that they can show off. And so if you arrange them to to have a big abundant looking display like that we sold out almost every time from from day one. And and it was I think the other trip was doing price at ten dollars. So people will part very easily with that ten dollars and annual. I think you'll be impressed. If if you give it a go, so what I'm hearing is there's a chance to go in disrupt the market if your strategic about it because there may be isn't as many producers in maybe the producers aren't as savvy. I mean, that's painting with very broad strokes. But but I kind of look at it like, I don't know. Lot of young exclusive flower growers in I've tried to find them in. I've tried to look in. When I go to my local farmer's markets. It's kind of old school flower growers that have you know, carnations and flowers they've they painted in there. They wrap them in the colored cellophane I don't know that that appeals to the more sophisticated customer the younger customer in the definitely not young people at the booths. Yeah. I really do think that there's an opportunity in terms of updating your your your flowers seeing and you know. Again, our experience was that you we we did we did elevate things a little bit. We thought about our presentation and in how we we wrap things. Yeah. We we tried to stick a little more to something that looked like it was recyclable in eco-friendly in and used paper products in in. I think that made a difference for sure, and I would I would say you could start it, you know, alive. It was funny. A lot people started growing flowers in selling them when we when we they noticed that we were selling out each week. And you know, they would just grow like half ten bouquets at their checkout, and it would sell a number of them. But it was like, you know. They weren't really really trying. I don't know where the mentality comes from. I don't know why people think that they're not a serious product that people are willing to spend. But I read some market research from, you know, growing for market and across the nation. If you look at bombers markets, the number one selling item. Across not just number of sales. But, but, you know, take home, hey, is is tomatoes. And then right after that is lowers. So, you know, it's like, I don't I don't get it it it's like a one of the industry's best kept secrets. And this is all stuff, you know. Now, if we go back in time in forget what you know now in everything that you've learned when you all initially decided to do flowers, what was the business plan where was the market gonna be in. What were you gonna wanna grow because where I wanna follow up with that is how did that play out? How did it change? So if we go back to day one ignoring what you did during what you know. Now, what was the initial plan based on assumptions, then it was pretty much always case and enjoying farmers markets. That's where sold most of our badge. And so we just naturally segue into that. I would change significantly over time is that we had so much success, weddings. So are predominant income stream is is doing design with flowers. And then putting them in wedding. So so I mean, that's a that's a whole nother discussion. An honestly Courtney would be much better suited to speak about it. But the. From the floriculture agricultural standpoint value at the most to a flower when you sell it in an event and even more so at a wedding. So I can take a stem of say Dalia in south farmers market for at the absolute most like a dollar two dollars. You bring that same Dalia stem and sell it via a wedding. And then you put it in Brian's K that Dalia stems were six eight ten dollars. So you know, that was like an aha moment. And we said why don't we do two things one make more money per stem. You know, circulating those flowers through weddings. But then the other big thing is that we can we can value. Add we can we can make our weddings, so much more robust in interesting in. Run the gamut with color, and you know, supplement with overabundance to how our brides, and then have a lot more material visually so to speak to to grab hold of a marketplace. And in standout him. If you strip away the design chunk of the business the endlessly just sold cut flowers. I know that businesses profitable. Is it enough to? Make a living on in your area on an acre. I will caveat this by saying that we're still pretty new to it. But from a pretty objective standpoint, if you look at a bed of sei's zinnias Juanita's, popular flour. And you do the math per square foot bursts is some of the best veges out there. Absolutely. It competes not only does it compete, but dollar for dollar that you can you can produce more. And so I feel like while this is a very underrated searched market space in terms of like, you know, small sustainable Ag. I feel like I've set in very interesting place where I'm going to start researching details of that. And and sort of report back oblique over the next few years as to you know, what the nitty gritty are of each of those crops. And I've got a lot of like this hideous, for example. They're they're very exciting mate. They're very productive. And I feel like you could very easily hit the numbers that John Martin encouraged all those guys that that, you know, have these video circulating about how much you can make off of a one acre farm, I feel like flowers could easily easily do that in with flowers on a small scale in. Let's just stick with cut flowers. Not any other selling starts or potted plants or landscape plants, but cut flowers, you're not gonna play the game that the mega producers would be you're not gonna grow, you know, one primary crop and sell it to a wholesale or or somebody like that. Right. Like, you're having to make a business on a small scale work growing cut flowers. You have to find the higher value Ma. Market streams or is there opportunity at your scale to sell to some of the quote house. A bigger company buyers out there I had done some market research in that respect too in terms of florists. So you can you can go to ways that I've researched and one is bouquets on a very high like intense around and and crank so that you can sell them to sake grocers, and in the other one that I am leaning towards a little bit more. So is due to sell to Florus. And what I think you really need to do is do some market research get out there and find what people don't have access to. So the way the most Flores yet, they're flowers is like we are talked about. Lumbia and these importers and there's an Evan flow to that in his issues analogy, so sometimes you can get a dollar yet. And other times you can't. And what we found were people telling us that there are a lot of gaps there. There are a lot of opportunities or you to produce one that we've heard a lot of greens. And so if you take a perennial lightnin bar that is a bushing perennial herbaceous, and you cut from that say a third maybe a quarter of it stems year, you could easily cover Nacre with just a few plants like that. And you would sell out you. I mean, if it's anything like it is here in, you know, the DMV your or the DC area, you would probably find a lot of demand for those it there. Are there are some plants that are difficult to ship? They fall apart Dalia is one of them. And so, you know, I can't tell you how many times the opened up a box that we've ordered from a wholesaler, and we literally can't use the product. We just have to throw it away. And so it's a crap shoot what you're gonna get whether the colors are gonna come in correctly. You know as a local producer of flowers. You have a huge one up just the same way that they don't get your, you know, lettuce from California to live you live over here. If you wanted to have some shelf lie, it's it's even more. So with flowers, you know, they get the they're very delicate. They get beat up very easily, and it's very hard to color match. So you can show your local buyers that you have XYZ product in presented in person and cut it in the next day. Bring it to them your value, adding on a scale that will really. Catch there. I and and to really answer your question. Yes. You could just grow say five or six things there. There are some local growers who just snap dragons, for example, and they've almost entirely made their living on growing Snapdragon. That's not year round. You know, they have unprotected culture. But they for the most part grow just during the warmer season. And in no living entirely snap dragons, let's not the route. You're currently going down in you are selling to the wedding market through the design section of the business. You sell bouquets does that in a way necessitate or dictate that you have to have variety on the farm to mix up the bouquets to have flowers kinda consistently over a long period of time. The the way is for us right now. Or at least when we started was, you know, smart annuals will give you about four to five months. And you do have a riot in there. You do wanna have like fifteen to twenty different kinds of flowers, and then within them, you wanna think color, and so you're gonna expand that out to have say Rita four different colors within those variety, grow mixes. Also, if you want to sort of make that a little easier on yourself, you know, if you if you just gonna grow for case, and you're just going to slap together in catch people's eye without having to sell to like another market stream like we are for example with the the wedding flowers. You can you can kind of Kate with broad strokes and variety mixes to get your your colors in there. And then just grow like, I was saying fifteen or so, and then you have a pretty solid. Foundation. And so that's gonna give you or to five months or so just sell a lot of of those. But then you if you really want to get serious about flowers, you you start to look at your your shoulder seasons. You start to branch out into growing, cooler weather lowers. And so, you know, one thing I've learned over the last few years is that real you can take flowers and divide them almost. It's accurate down the middle with your annuals at least, and you can say there are cool annuals and there are heat loving annuals and the way treat both those flowers is not the same. And I love the cool weather flowers because they have all these like superpowers like they basically sit out there and laugh at a frost. And I mean, the first couple times I did that I almost had a frigging heart attack because you know, how much time and effort is it to to plant a whole bet of something just to have it like. By frost? I've seen it happen with tomatoes so many times. And so the cool weather flowers allow you to branch out into spring in give you the ability to sort of circumvent that really long date. Immaturity problem that you see when you look at lowers verse. You're like, oh my gosh. One hundred twenty days, I'm never going to get to market me this darn thing. And and so really with the cold flowers to plant them in all energy over winter than their bite. The first thing to pop up in spring. So the day maturity thing it becomes like almost in big use. It's like what 'em how I think about this. But so so that's one the weather's. And there's the Perennials. So as you like really, I would suggest people pick up a book by Lorette. It's called the cut flower garden, and if you go on her website, she also has a really excellent blog and she. Now has a seed company, and you know, you considerably fall in love with flowers through Florette because she is she hasn't technical media. Her. Pictures are like jaw-dropping and her flower farm, you know, she grows into Skagit valley out will Washington, and their soil is just remarkable. And so every little seedlings she throws in the ground turns into this glorious. Flirt, so out what you do is you you just you kind of tour the seasons in her book, and you. You can see that from spring summer on winter. She's got different suggestions of what you're going to be harvesting during those times of year. And so that's like one of the ways that you can you can understand how broad the flower world is how obsessed people across history of been in cultivating all these different varieties thrive into times of year in in basically at that point sky's the limit. Like, I probably will spend the rest of my life learning about all of the different varieties. They have all the shows where people compete, you know. So so yeah, you can run your season that way and then Brian yard stream, you know, as as you you get more expertise would your USDA climate zone. So we're in seven. You know, I think we're sort of inbetween A N B zone seven. What's the earliest? You can go to market with a nice bouquet. You know? That's a moving target for me. I it. It's a question that I ask myself all the time. And as of right now may is is my target this year. And I hope if you were to make it April that would be April would be protect culture and may is getting good at weather flowers in June is with your warm weather flowers. Okay. So that's that's somewhat parallels. Veg-? I mean, there's obviously parallels more than maybe the warmer than crops. You can definitely get a lot of edge out Rollier than that one thing. I'm thinking is say somebody's listening to this. And they are. Or a competent vegetable grower. They don't know the problem growing crops. They understand the aspect of growing that civil soil managing weeds all that type of stuff, but they feel like, you know, their market is crowded. They're not getting as much further vegetables as they would like to. And they're hearing you talk about flowers and they're considering looking at flowers or switching over to flowers. If they were to sit down in front of you. What would be the things that you want to ping them about or bring to their attention before they made a shift from veg to flowers. First of all I'd say be confident. I think that sometimes when I I described flowers get so excited, and I talk about how much there is to learn, and I think a beginner might find that a little daunting. The the truth is still crops just like the bed are, and if you have experienced rowing bitch in you know, how to manage the, you know, the big topics like soil and era Gatien in host harvest and things like that you're already pretty well suited to to get going in. You will have a successful year with most flowers as long as you just do a bit of preliminary research in decide on a market stream. And then you have the question would be to them. What do you want to get into? So let's just say, it's bouquets. I would say. Trying and give yourself sort of a little will room and say five you're gonna have five to six months where you're gonna produce. You can have five to six months when you get started that you can feel pretty confident in that. You'll have a a bouquet the flower production field, and then as the years go on that will slowly creep out. And you'll expand that production cycle in you'll get to seven eight months, maybe even nine when you're really good in becomes a game of how much are you willing to invest in protect your culture. So yeah, I all the big, you know, learning curves in terms of Bej production like your production. You're you're you know, infrastructure and your soil working in things like that. You've got that nailed down. You can you can pretty much jump into the deep end with flowers and get started on that five six months cycle. I guess a way to you know, really dabble in this. If you're curious is to do that. What you're saying? Is that on business start selling bouquets while you sell veg? And that, you know, most people who are growing veg have some extra land that way, you're not really a shooting yourself in the foot. You're not killing off the edge to go to flowers before giving it a shot you can sell it in parallel. See how you like growing them? Get your experience. All you like doing all the post harvest processing, which is easier after having seen you done do it. But it is different in it seems like an easy relatively easy add on for some vege farms if they're curious about going down this route deeper. Yeah, I I want wanna win out that the post harvest I didn't quite realize its first, but you got to walk in cooler. You've already got most of what you need. Some people don't even have a walk in cooler, but you know, you can process flowers just by bringing them in the feel is if you of them that you might want to, you know, like basil, for example will wilt pretty easily. You don't see her the ends of the stems. So there's a little bit of care there. But honestly, I had to like take most of my post harvest stuck on the bench world and either give it away or use it for some other function because I wasn't doing any of that stuff anymore. So you free up huge amount of time. Not having to worry about post harvest processing, it becomes a little bit more about bunching shortening. You know, but again nets like something you have to do veges anyways. So there's I feel like I I don't want to say that there's no post harvest, but it gets truncated by like eighty percent. Cents which you know, it is eaten up a little bit more by the fact that when you go out to the field, you are you are cutting for longer. So you you don't have like a root digger to come along. And and pull everything up real quick. You don't have a quick cut breeze harvester that you can just zip along the crop the top of the bed. So yes, do spend more time in field in terms of harvesting. And and that can be a little bit of a bear. If you don't schedule yourself directly or break it up, but still overall time as I would say you not having to wash vegetables at the end of the day saves, you way, more time. I I can say that berry bike accurately, I think from from having transitioned from the veg- world into this. For example. I walk people through what a week might look like on a one flower farm in the middle of the summer. How onerous is the workload? How many hours are you putting on just in terms of say the field work in preparing for market? Let's not count the wedding work because I see that is that's a side business. You know, your the way I break out my week is I think about the nurse refers. And so it's all about I start seeds on weekly basis, and you wanna really nail that game down. So that has flower seeds can be very tedious and difficult to work with, but I'm not gonna get too much into that is just you you spend safe four to six hours on a Monday doing that. And and getting all your seat started. Then you grab a hold of your transplants. And hopefully, you got a systematized way of transplanting via the paper Potter water wheel something like that. And you get out there, and you drop those hopefully, you've got weather's cooperating in on say that same Monday or Tuesday, you basically should finish up your transplant in. And then by the time you get around to Wednesday, you should be harvesting. So you really wanna have like I mean in on farm like no gaps. You know, you need to be you need to be constantly in production. So you're going to get out there, and you're gonna cut from all your like half of your fields after your beds. And so you know, that comes the the largest task that's can take up say that Wednesday in either into Thursday as well or in a your your staggering, and you're going into a a Wednesday in say a Saturday cut the thing about. Flowers. They'll they'll keep for like almost universally from five to seven days. No problem. And and that'll give you enough time to get to market. And then when those people bring that home, they should get another by seven days in vase at home. So, you know, that's where you're wanting cooler is gonna help and you're gonna cut without having to worry too much about you know, what day of the week that then on Friday Saturday, you're going to essentially do like field work. I'll pray beds. I'll turn things over again out there, and I would suggest will use a flail mower or something in the store to to knock down your your cross because in flowers can get pretty big, you know, some people would do a hand clear with badge. I think that that's a local. But anyways, you clear out your fields. And then you get them ready to plan again on Monday when you compare some of the potential problems, or maybe more labor intensive processes on a veg farm harvesting. In washing product. Like, that's obviously out in on the washing side one area that a lot of edge producers spend a lot of time managing is we'd pressure weeds versus flowers. How does that compare to weeds versus vegetables, I find that? It varies a lot. There are some flowers like, you know, the state flower here is Rebekah, and I feel like it grows. So well that there's no we could beat it. But at the same time, you also wrote things that are a lot more fragile into flour world than most Dench. It's almost a little more akin to say trying to take on a. Specialty cut green or curate. I wouldn't say it's onerous is a carrot. But you know, you you definitely want to give your flowers clean bed almost every time. And I I honestly simplified in almost entirely down to using tarps ally. And I find that if you can get your perennial weeds situation under control, you know, your annual leads the the I use transplants so transplants give you a pretty good leg up in terms of being head of the weed pressure. And then once, you know, if you're planting intensively, you're headed the weeds out there, and and the flowers will cover them out in in they'll be fine. So honestly, I think it's more about like how good is your your cultivation game in general. I didn't have to change things very much. I didn't have to develop a whole new system from. Going from bed to flowers. It's more like how clean is your bed in in. How systematized is your cultivation practices? And when you think about setting up say, a flower farm, this is a point that you made to me when we're communicating before the show of comparing say startup expenses advantage to flowers. If I glance around in my mind, flower farm versa. Veg farm could the obvious is you're not going to have to have the whole wash station infrastructure that you'd have to have on a veg farm on a flower farm are there other differences that would make say setting up a flower farm less expensive in there. Maybe things that a flower farm would have to have that veg farm wouldn't have that could make it more expensive. I thought about this question. A lot of light. You know, what's the minimum out that you could spend to start a small scale farm like this and. Honestly, all I did was get rid of a quick moment when I transitioned from veg into flour there you like buckets, for example, become like more of a thing. You know, we Prokhoda buckets. I can't advocate for them enough. They are a pretty straightforward square boat. It's tapered a little bit. So that it's, you know, getting wired towards the top and has handles on either side, they're built into the bucket, and they they just hold way more stems than say, you're five gallon. So I would really suggest people if they're going to get into you know, a series production model with with lower. Today that go towards proponent Baucus. But honestly, I I need to buy anything new or extra. The only thing that that really stood out to me was the flail lower because you know, in terms of turning your beds over there's more Ganic material. So, you know, you want to think about how to handle that in in the flail mower is actually an investment I'm gonna make this year. I haven't used the debt. But I mean from all the research, I've done it looks like it will be the perfect tool and NASA, bow I honestly, I own one other big thing. I would say is transportation. So one of the limitations with flowers is that you can't put them in a box and stack them if you you can do that when you ship them like if you like when you go to the wholesaler, that's that's they have them in buckets. But then they'll put them into boxes to ship them. Or like they'll arrive. Directly from say Columbia in a box. But then there's like a ton of packaging in all sorts of tricks that you have to do to keep them from expiring. So you know, you really when you're bringing them at a small scale roar to to sell them, you can't stack them unless you Bill shelving in your transport vehicle or in your walk in glitter. So that's something that I would have people think about your swear digital walk in cooler isn't gonna go nearly as far than like when you're producing vegetables in. You can just, you know, stack them in boxes as high as you want. So all in. I think this episode. Makes the case that small scale farming of flowers cut flowers, specifically is a viable business. Do you agree with that statement like you can make a living doing this? Obviously, you know, there's the the nuance of well, you have to be business Avondale that type of stuff, but a well run cut flower farm on an acre. That's gonna make sense, you know, I wouldn't just go as far as viable business. I would say that. It's the curve ball. I'm gonna say that I heard an analogy recently that you know, if you want to get into an Ivy league school, you should go into fencing, you should specialize and learn how to fence because no one does that. And it's a way to Padua resume. So that you get in without a whole lot of effort. This is. As far as my experience has shown me in the last three years. It's it's a very easy way. If you already know how to farm to Padua resume to to increase your offerings. And honestly, if you wanted to just simply do flowers, you probably would make a tidy little living yet in this is going to be the first episode in a whole series of episodes that we're going to do in the first half of twenty nine teen with both yourself in your wife, Courtney talking everything flowers, so people if people are interested in this. They can stay tune they'll be more ahead in the coming months. And if people wanna learn more from you, you do offer advice consulting for people for people that want to get in touch with you if they have questions about the flower business or wanna get some advice. Where would you send them we have a website that has contacted nation on it? It's WWW dot LA. Lolly dot far or you can type in lob lolly organic farm dot com. And then we're also at loud lolly farm on Instagram. You can just shoot us. A message that way or you can always Email me, I'm at a Benny at mob, Lally dot bar. There you have it the flower grower. Benny Pino of lob lolly farm, would you think of this episode? What do you think of the idea of growing cut flowers? Do you want to hear more about this? Let me know shoot me an Email Diego at paper pot dot co- or hit me up on Instagram at Diego footer be sure to check out everything that benny's doing on his farm at Lumley farm, which I've linked to in the show notes for this episode. And for those of you who do want hear more about growing flowers? Stay tuned over the next few months because I'll be doing an ongoing series with both Benny and his wife Courtney who you didn't hear today, but you will in a future episode talking all about cut flowers and everything that they've done to Bill the market and Bill the farm around growing them at lob lolly farm, that's all for this one. Thanks for listening until next time. Be nice. Be thankful and do the work.

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Shiri Azenkot on Accessible Virtual Realities

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23:24 min | 1 year ago

Shiri Azenkot on Accessible Virtual Realities

"What I'd like to see more of is looking at how we can make the mainstream technologies and any application accessible to everyone Welcome to get killed. Our weekly podcast on ethics in a digital world may name. Is Jim Lob. I'm visiting journalist at Cornell Tax Digital Life Initiative and I'm your host. Our guest today is serious and Gut. She's an assistant professor of information science at the Jakobsen Technion Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech her research focuses on accessible technology and recently she. We started looking more closely at accessibility. In virtual augmented and mixed realities I sat down with her in November at Cornell attack and I began by asking her what brought her to this area research and why accessibility was important to her. I have I have always had a connection with accessibility. I have a disability myself. have low vision. And that's a visual impairment. That can't be fully corrected with eyeglasses glasses or contact lenses so it means that I have difficulty seeing but I still have a lot of vision. I'm not blind and growing up. I was always given all of these. Various assistive technologies and I always hated them I advocates. They were always designed in a way that was incredibly unattractive active to look like medical devices. They were different than what my friends were using. They were really expensive. You know there was no choice involved. They couldn't pick out what was desirable to me and I was stigmatizing to be perfectly honest so I didn't want anything to do with assistive technology. I didn't want anything to do with low vision with disability with blindness I was I was totally anti this whole thing altogether and I went to college legit. I studied computer science and then I became a software developer and at some point I started to wonder what was next for me. I felt like what I was doing. Really didn't have the kind of impact on the world that made me happy that made me feel fulfilled so I started getting interested. Did in going back to Grad School in computer science and doing more research and I came across accessibility as a research area and the work that I found it really really resonated with me because these researchers were saying that they were describing the same things that I had experienced. They were saying that current assistive technologies were not designed in way that was usable that provided a good user experience. They stigmatized the user. Hit me suddenly that this this is not necessarily okay. The way things had to be it clicked all of a sudden you now look more specifically at extended reality technologies so also known as X.. Art Technologies the incumbents things. Virtual augmented mixed realities. Can you just for the people who would not know exactly what these mean. Can you just give us us a sort of an overview of what that encompasses and what that means. Sure so ex are is one of many terms for this new New Paradigm of computing. So it's basically the idea that we have virtual elements that are embedded in the real world so a lot of people have probably seen pokemon go though. This is An augmented reality applications. So you have these pokemon which are virtual right and you you find them embedded or are located in the real world around you so this is one form of czar and then if you take this to the extreme you can yourself can be completely really immersed in a virtual world so you can put on an Oculus or some other kind of Vr headset and feel like you are more or less uh in another world. So what's the difference. Exactly between augmented a virtual and mixed reality so there are different definitions. One that I like to use. It says that makes reality. Is this entire continuum and on one end we have reality. And all the way on the other end we have Virtual tool reality with virtual reality like I was just describing VR. You're wearing a headset for example. And you're immersed in this virtual world different world and anywhere in between only part of your environment has virtual elements. It could be something small like Pokemon that appears or or we you and I could be sitting in a virtual room but I could still see your face so your faces real but then everything else you have. An avatar body could be virtual rule so that would be much closer on that continuum to the virtual reality end of it. And and so you. You believe that. These technology has a great potential for accessibility enhancing accessibility to people with different types of disabilities. Why is that? Why does that? Specific technology hold so much promise in that field. Well it's two things really so i. I believe that this technology is becoming mainstream. So what I mean by that. Is that right now. You know we typically use our phones throughout the day we typically sit in front of our computers. You know a lot of us might have a fitbit or some other device that's honest a wearable device and what what we see now. There's there's been a ton of research on virtual and augmented reality throughout the last few decades. But now it's starting to gain some traction action and it's becoming mainstream. This is coming to everyone to consumers. And we're GONNA see a huge shift. In general of how people are using technology how people are interacting with computing devices. What motivates me in in relation to accessibility is really two things? The first one is the need to make this mainstream technology fully the accessible. If we don't make sure that a blind person can use virtual reality application or a deaf person can experience virtual tool experience then these populations these people will just be marginalized from all kinds of different Experiences and applications of this new technology. So that's that's on the on the one hand and on the other hand I also think that this new type of computing technology can solve a lot of accessibility needs so so for example. Let's say a person with low vision might have difficulty Way Finding you might have difficulty getting from campus purpose to a nearby store for sighted person. You can okay you can easily pull out your phone pullout Google maps and you can use it to navigate their but for a person with low vision. It might be very difficult difficult to see the map on their phone and keep track of their environment and walk all at the same time. So it's a great opportunity to be able to use augmented reality so we can augment the users path with this virtual indicator of where they can go so that's just one example of a need of a certain population of people with disabilities that I think can be addressed with this new type of technology cularly. Well yeah more specifically used to As you were just starting to say you study ways to design for people with with low vision. You've done a lot of work on that. Now I understand from your own history but why these group of people also why not look look the blind or the blind and visually impaired in general. That's a good question So yes I do myself have low vision. But that's not the only the reason that I study low vision so I did in fact start designing technology for blind people people who have no vision when I was in graduate school but what I was finding was that there's actually very little research on technology for people with low vision and unload vision in general at the same time. There's a ton of research on technology technology for blind people and I thought this was really interesting and I think that one of the reasons for this is that it's much easier to understand blindness you you can close your eyes and more or less experience. What a blind person is experiencing at a certain point in time but then when it comes to low vision? It's incredibly difficult to to describe what someone sees and I know this personally my entire life people have been asking me. What can you see and I really don't know how to answer that question because first of all I don't have a baseline I don't know what you can see and second of all it changes with time and space and context and there's so much more to seeing than you know whether I can recognize a letter on a chart or whether I can recognize you from I'm across the hall? So Vision is incredibly complicated. So that's a major challenge but it's also it's incredibly interesting and it made you the perfect person to understand. Try to grapple. Yes so I do think I have unique insight here and I think that's incredibly important when doing research I think it's important important to leverage. What whatever you personal experiences in insights? We have to our research into what you explain that I find interesting. Is that for these people bowl. Of course there's the possibility of using the technology that would be developed for the blind but they would prefer solutions that enable them to use their vision right. What we've been seeing over and over again in our research is that people with low vision typically used their vision and they rely on their vision and we can leverage their vision so vision is a powerful sense one of the main challenges and this work that we do in general? Is this question of how can we. I understand people's People's visual perception in experiences in different contexts and then how can we leverage it. How can we design in a way? That really uses the vision that you have have and also suits your preferences. Let's dive into some example of the innovations that you've built in the backfield you've worked and I just picked up on two things that I thought were I believe interesting from your research You've worked on augmented reality to facilitate stare navigation. I I thought that was really interesting. And you build a tool cold. Hugh seem Designed to help people with low vision on conducting daily activities like shopping stores. So could you just elaborate on these to tell us what you were trying to solve in. How what that? Technology does in those two cases. Sure so I'll start from QC So one of the first things that we started to do is to you just understand what challenges and what tools people with low vision are experiencing in using in their daily life and daily tasks. So we did a study where we observe people as they walked to a nearby store and bought a specific product. We told them find a nearby pharmacy. Chrissy and purchase this very specific tylenol products in this task had many sub tasks in it. Interestingly in this study we found that that people experienced a lot of different challenges so that was the not so surprising part and possibly the most severe challenge did they experienced in. This task was finding the actual product on the shelf so once they had found the pharmacy nearby and they had found the correct correct. I'll like the aisle that had all these medications. We realized that there were no tools that they use. That could help them with this task. This is what is called a visual search task. Ask So it's finding unknown item among set of destructors so there are lots of items on the shelf spill a kind of similar by design. And if you're cited did what you're looking for will pop out at you so for example when you're walking you're constantly doing a visual search for obstacles if you're looking around for a bathroom you know you're going to glance lance around and the bathroom sign of one it'll pop out right but then if you have low vision this becomes very very difficult almost prohibitively so slow so so people were taking one product at a time. They were examining it possibly using a magnifying glass to read what it was and then putting it back and then taking taking the next one and doing the same thing in this was extremely slow and also strenuous and we saw that the tools that exist magnify of various forms phone applications etc.. They all help you see details and that's a different visual tasks that's not visual search. So there was this gap so oh. Qc was our first attempt to address this gap so we were looking at this. Particular application of product search. So here are idea was well if the person with low vision can't do the visual search and locate the item then let's use computer vision but now the question is. How do we communicate kate that to the user in a way that's convenient and doesn't feel as you were saying earlier doesn't feel clumsy or that you don't like exactly so we AH decided to explore this idea? This communication between the computer and the user through augmented reality cues there have actually been different applications in the past. Ask that solve this type of problem and again they focus on blind people. So they'll give the user feedback with sounds so like they'll give you beeps or something saying that tells you where your hand should go but for people with low vision we can do this much more efficiently at least this hypothesis. So we designed visual cues to leverage the vision that they have and we drew on some cognitive psychology literature and also some of our knowledge on different types of vision conditions and then we designed augmentation reality system that can locate the a specified product. And then it it overlays these cues over what you're seeing so that you your attention. Chen is drawn to the target suggest that our listeners. Visualize it you would have. There were several Q.. Options so you would have the product appear with. What kind of cues? Yeah so. We designed several Q.. So for example one of them was a set of lines. Eight lines they each line starts from from appoint. Around the periphery of the display and then they converge at the target product. So that if you're wearing let's say google glasses or innocuous aura known on what you were doing that you would see the product with the lines around it so you would be drawn to this immediately exactly. Was the idea that these would be applicable. Oh for people in the future on say Google glasses or other augmented glasses that they could wear all the time today with augmented reality with Google Glass Sir with a bulky headset. That's this is not a feasible solution. But what we're really trying to do is look into the future what we will see in what we're seeing starting to happen already is that there will be smart glasses. I'm wearing greg standard glasses right now. In some number of years these will be instrumented with a digital display. A microphone a speaker. You know various other sensors a camera at this time. We want these devices to be effective and to be ready to be inclusive as well exactly exactly and so what. What about the other example that I was just bringing up this example of stairs? Can you just quickly tell us what you try to do there and how it worked. Yeah so oh. This is one of the first ideas that I had like going all the way back to when it was a Grad student so You probably have noticed that a lot of stairs have this contrast stripe towards the edge and sometimes they don't and sometimes they have a contrast right but it's not very contrasting so I was thinking can't use augmented reality to to put virtual actual contrast stripes on the stairs before actually implementing these contrasting virtual contrasting stripes and augmented reality. So we I did a user study where we actually wanted to observe people with low vision as they walked up and down different staircases here on campus and what we found was that it was really most important to communicate the location one of the first and the last stare. So you did add this contrast on the first and last Yeah so then what we did was we designed a system That enhanced the first the last stare a lot more than the middle stairs and we also experimented with different ways of adding animations like flashes of light for example to the first and last there so that we made sure they attracted people's attention to avoid tripping. What about other types of disabilities? He's I know you mostly look at visual impairments but are you or maybe your students. Trying to address other types of disabilities or starting to do some work right now for students with learning learning disabilities specifically math courses. So that's been very interesting so we're trying to understand what challenges students with learning disabilities his face in math. And we're looking at the technologies that are being used in the classrooms now and whether and how they support students with a range of of abilities extended reality is definitely a hot topic in tech right now. A lot of people say twenty twenty will be the big year for extended reality. There is a lot of innovation happening especially in the the entertainment side. Let's very cool video games and stuff like that but what about accessibility in the field do you feel like this is also a hot the topic in the field or not yet So I think that there are many researchers right now and also many companies That are interested in seeing how we can design these technologies to address specific accessibility use case. Oh like QC and like the stair project so looking at how we can design and application specifically for population of people with disabilities. But what I'd like to see more of is looking at how we can make the mainstream technologies and and any application accessible to everyone. A lot of your research is is looking at a enabling systems. Are you looking yourself or is that maybe the next except for you looking into how to make the mainstream applications of V of x are available and accessible inclusive to these people so like those school video games I just talked about all those things that if technologies inclusive we would want everyone to be able to use them. Yes definitely so this is going to be a major focus of my research moving forward and this is also why we started the Xsara access initiative. What is this? It was a a seminar or conference this summer. Can you tell us a little bit. More about voted and why it came to be. Yeah so we started out by organising the X. axis symposium and. This is a conference that I put together with Larry Goldberg and a few other colleagues from Horizon Verizon Media and the goal of the extracts the symposium was to bring together people from different sectors so we brought academics people from industry in a variety of companies represented People from government and also from nonprofit to bring together people who were interested in accessibility and also in x are and to set an agenda for how to make extra accessible to all we all know. Oh that this is a technology that's coming just like you said and we all know at the same time that it has a major accessibility challenges. So we wanted to catalyze more more work in this area so it was this summer in New York. What have you seen? Do you think that's creating. Momentum is a movement of excess ability emerging so this was he was a great success and we had about one hundred and twenty people which was at capacity so we had to wait list. There was a lot of interest. People are very excited. Everyone realizes this is an extremely ainley important problem. So after the symposium we decided to establish the X. Axis Initiative and during the symposium the output of the symposium was a list of goals we put together an agenda. Basically just like I was saying for what needs to be done. And so the the the goal of the initiative is to work on this agenda to make it happen The initiative has several components to it. So there's going to be a research component where we're going to be doing research on making extra accessible and we also have a working groups so these are groups of people from The different sectors people who attended the symposium who are personally interested and passionate about this area and bring them together in different focus areas. It's like looking at how to make the hardware accessible looking at how to make The content accessible specifically looking at how to establish standards and guidelines around accessibility and several other groups were organizing facilitating these working groups. And we really really want Xsara Access Dot Org they initiative in general to be a hub for everything to do with Xsara and ability and this is just the start this assist in research and are indeed exactly. Yeah and so would you say there's an ex our access movement emerging or is that a too early to tell or is that your hope that is certainly the hope I would definitely say there's a movement emerging. There's a lot of excitement that we've seen and people are definitely silently energized and we've had so much interest and follow through with the working groups. I always end up my interviews by asking guests. What is the one thing they would change if if they could if I gave them a magic wand I would like to see more people with disabilities in the technology industry Right now they're extremely underrepresented and I think that fundamentally until we have diversity of the people creating the technology of creators of leaders. Then we're not gonNA have have full and complete accessibility of our products. What can listeners do to help technology be more inclusive in the future? I think that one key aspect aspect of this and this came through loud and clear in our symposium also is awareness being aware of the fact that accessibility is important that there is a diversity of user. Zor needs out there Diversity of people and abilities and just like anything else. Technology should be designed for people with all kinds of different abilities. One more thing I want to mention a lot of times disabilities left out of the diversity conversation and I think it's very important to make sure that it's included looted. It's a very good point. Well she isn't God. Thank you so much for the time. That was a really great conversation. Yeah thank you very much. That was good code collaboration with Cornell Text Digital Life Initiative this podcast is produced hosted and edited by yours truly career. Shrapnel is our mix engineer so he saw an is our music composer. Thanks for listening and if you liked it tell your friends. Share this episode and more more social media leaks five stars on itunes. To help other lease knows find us but most importantly come back next week. I'll be here and.

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Babylon Gone 2: "Let No Stranger Wait Outside Your Door"


31:36 min | 1 year ago

Babylon Gone 2: "Let No Stranger Wait Outside Your Door"

"Welcome to a special San Francisco Chronicle. Datebook podcast stay tuned after for a message from our sponsor the San Francisco symphony to from our nine. Oh one mission street studios you are listening to the San Francisco Chronicle check one. Check one to ten fifteen minute. Recall fifteen minutes until showtime fifteen minute. Call wow I mean you know. People used to people used to say you come to San Francisco and you go take a cable car. Go to the wharf and get a loaf of French. Breads and you'd come to see. was that although she mentioned all in the same breath com. You're listening to the deep book podcast and this is part two. You Babylon gone our series about beach blanket Babylon the show is ending performances on New Year's Eve after forty five years. I'm any vein Stein fine. I'm Peter Hart Lob I'm Lily Janik and that was Steve Salvo. The show's trumpeter of thirty. Four years here is at stage manager. John Kim Johny on the first time he saw the show at the Savoy to volley a San Francisco bar in one thousand nine hundred seventy four but a bunch of my friends said. Hey we're gonNA see Wacko show. No that's at the Savoy and North Beach when you come along so I did. And at that time I thought it was a bunch of wackos jumping up down and thrown into each other and singing stupid songs. Don Things on their head and I was right in San Francisco one of our biggest struggles and sitting down to record. This podcast was thinking about how we were going to describe beach blanket. Babylon it's silliness that sense of chaos but but also the professionalism and talent of its artists and crew within that chaos. It's Camaraderie so we talked to John. The stage manager WHO's the company's is longest serving employees. He is nearly forty one years at beach blanket under his belt. He retired shortly before the show announced it was closing but then came back back from retirement to stage manage the show until it closed. Anyway we were sitting with him and club through Ghazi a couple of hours before a performance and we were struck by his ability to encapsulate. What beach blanket is all about in a single? The show must go on story. It takes place just a year into his tenure and I was backstage pulling flats with my assistant on stage left and I was on stage right. We opened the flats. She went out on stage and started singing the song and as we close the flats behind her one of them jumped off the track that it's on I had and I thought this is going to be a nightmare but I don't get in fixed so I said to. My assistant grabbed a ladder out of the bathroom and bring it here. We have to fix this before she exits and only had like two or three minutes worth of the song and in May be a little bit of dialogue before I would have to open it and it wouldn't open if it's not on the track because it was it was jammed. You know kind of at an awkward angle so John fell from the ladder and dislocated his kneecap but he didn't know what his injury was at the time I said I think I broke my leg. I I can't I can't fix this so shelly work One of the actresses grabbed me by the scruff of my neck and told me through the the back Scenery and I said and you got to open this flat. I don't care what you do you got over the flat because Elizabeth is gonNA run into. It was her big fat hat on and so I was lying on the floor. Backstage calling out the Q. I counted it out three to one pull. They opened the flat and she came off and then they close the flat behind her and then they opened the back flat and I was still lying there on the floor so they got Elizabeth out safely but there is still the trouble of what to do with John Lying there on the floor making looking back and I told them when they call the paramedics. Don't bring them through the theater because that's going to free people out bring him through the basement and they can come up the backstairs so they did that. That's in Moscow. Show must go on God and I did want to die on my on my watch and then the paramedic said they couldn't get John Out of the backstage door on their own. They still wanted to go through the audience. John said no way so they called the Fire Department. which is about two blocks away so we had four four firemen and paramedics and as they started carrying me down the stairs Six tap dancing. Miss piggies came dancing. offstage ah just visualize that and I said wow this is just a very beach blanket moment and and it was and so they look like they were part of the show Pretty much who say they weren't too everyone's favorite theater story. sub-genre is a the show must go on story. Are you kidding I got a I got a million of them. That's Rene Lubin. The show's longest serving performer. She's he's remembering a performance from before Snow White was in the show. Unlike our last one this features John the stage manager and the ladder back then. We had dorothy instead of Snow White. This is going way back. Yeah we're going back a few years and she was flying on the FEU and as S.. She came over the is that she came back. She got she got stuck and she's was Sushi was on the rope waving waving at people took forever so finally John had to make an announcement said due to due to things beyond our control. We're going to have to Blah Blah Blah. Whatever it is so he he comes out? He gets out the ladder. The audience is clapping and laughing the whole time. She's dangling by a string he goes up the ladder and gets her down and brings her down and the audience just gives him a standing ovation. Gratien must go and then after that the show went on And this whole zany energy. This whole crazy atmosphere came from the one of a kind brain of Steve Steve Silver. The show's creator. Silver already had a company called Rent Freak. Where you could hire people in ridiculous costumes on say roller skates to show up to your parties? One night in nineteen seventy-three handsome friends were out to dinner on union street and they spontaneously started singing along with a street musician. Drying crowd Stephen is crew ran back to his place to grab the rent of free costumes that night he wrote their first show show in a VW van on the way back in thirty minutes of performing on the street they made twenty dollars. That came back the next night and made eighty five eventually. The street crowd got so big that they had to bring the show inside and the rest is history. Steve died of complications related to AIDS in nineteen eighteen ninety five but his vision continues to shape the show. That's due to the leadership of Jo Schuman. Silver Steve Silver's widow in almost twenty five years that she's run the show after his death. She's been firm about not deviating from his vision. His vision was electric in our interviews. CAST members and crew uh-huh described Steve as a whirling dervish and a man with a cartoon brain. Here's Rene on the experience of auditioning for Steve Back in the eighties. I just know that. Back then Steve entertained. All types of acts people came with pets. People came on skates. There were just some strange things. I remember an audition where there was a guy skating across this stage and I was watching like is he. I do but I mean it was a wacky show Zany. So you'd never know. I mean who would know that years later. I was in the show and we had two girls all skates there. You go that playing Nancy Kerrigan and and you know the whole bit with the the whole Fight Packs Tonya harding. Yeah Tonya harding. So you never know you never know you know everyone running around like a chicken with the head coach. Pretty Frenetic backstage. I mean you've got Steve Given and Dialogue changes to the girls in between shows and they're readjusting their makeup with dialogue taped to the mirror as they're trying to to reapply makeup and they've got new lives going in we got another solo going in and another Existing solar is going to go up or down a half step or a third or whatever her so it was It was crazy. So you had to have Steve's Steve Silver's concept which was to give performers a platform to do what they loved In a manner that that was whacky and slightly off which was San Francisco. Don't fast soon. There was a time. What if you were a celebrity? You saw beach blanket and not just if you were already in San Francisco famous people flew up from La and beyond just to see the show you had people like Jimmy Stewart. Clint Eastwood Tony Bennett. Beverly Sills I could go I could just recite for twenty minutes on the names of people that came Camilla and Charles Dr Ruth Westheimer and Larry Hagman and his mother Mary Martin. And I'm my favorite Sidney Poitier Sydney Potier came to the show and watched did and I was really impressed with him because he came backstage and part of my job when we have a VIP backstage. I stand up the door and welcome them. When I say Mr Poitier I welcome to the beach? Hope you enjoyed the show. And he looked me in the eye. Look me in the. I shook my hand and said John that was a great show. I had a really good time and I mean just the recognition you know because a lot of the VIP's are you know they want to go back there and talk to the cast and that's fine you know if they're if there are an actor. That's you know that's their connection. But just the fact that he took the time to to stop at the door and say I had a really great time and you know okay look me in the eye. It was kind of like I feel special. Sta Please don't more of Babylon gone is coming up and stay tuned after today's show for a message from our sponsor the San Francisco symphony but some of the most meaningful connections made it beach blanket over the years have had nothing to do with Hollywood stars. Steve Salga met his wife Val diamond at the show. It's been ten years since diamond known for her powerful voice. Charismatic stage presence left the show but she remains its best known performer. Diamonds been succeeded by the hilarious. Tammy Nelson who recently celebrated her twenty fifth anniversary with the show. And then there's Rene who had a very unique method of getting the attention of potential suitors. Here's how she met her now. Husband of twenty seven years back in Saturday. I was a fine little thing so you still are at thank you so back in the day. When I was single I used to see gentlemen in the audience and I if I saw them before the show is the note and we used to have a Next door used to be an old Italian Italian restaurant called caps. That was another historic place. That's no longer here and I used to always say If you'd like to join this Lubin for a drink after the show meet caps. You're like a movie star. They were always. Is there girl always there so this one time I was on stage but I missed it I came on stage and I saw. There's a nice looking guy out. There wonder he looks like a teddy bear. I wonder if he's as Nice as he looks. And I. I thought I'd never meet him. Step down under the awning and WHO's coming down the group ten coming down the street but that group with the Teddy Bear that I just saw an audience and they said Hey. Hey we saw the show Coming have a drink with us and I was like well. I'll go with him but I'm not going to have another drink so I sat there and before the evening was over found out that He was new to the area and the group that he was with. That was his team. He was there Boston he invited me. They said well. We'll see the rest is history. So what did you like about the theater world. I think the the fact that that everybody is accepted for who they are. And I think that was a big thing to me that The people could be whoever they really really are in real life and then they could do these different characters and they're accepted by everybody and I think that's I think that's a big thing. Theater is life. You know We we you we mirror life images and I think people who are in the theater Know that and they that's how they get along with everybody not everybody gets along. You know it's it's just the basic principle That theater is life and everybody is accepted there and I like that. It was awful to have to ask these cast and crew members about their thoughts on saying goodbye to the show their ideas on. What's next in their careers? Santuary already has another Gig. He Left Beach. Blanket to design wigs for Harry Potter Curse of child at the current. There were times asking these questions when I could feel these folks if not getting defensive or bristling exactly than maybe leaning back a little and rightfully so because since it's speech blanket I'm not just asking them about their professional lives and asking them about their homes. uh-huh their families. Here's Steve Salga reminiscent. On the night he found out the show was closing. They still had to perform a show that night. I give the cash an enormous amount of credit for that show that night because it took reach down deep like you said to pull that off. I mean you know it was a meeting. We had to go out get a cup of coffee. Collect our thoughts. Come back and put the show on at night and it was probably one of the more difficult chose goes to to play. I would say playing playing the show after Steve died was the most difficult show for me but it was. You know those those moments are you know life's moments and show you just have to Kinda whether whether it and make the best. We were all surprised that was that that was a surprise. That wasn't something anybody you know ever projected or or even thought about. I mean even if even if numbers were low it wasn't something that was even fathomable. Hello this show would ever close so I tell my musician friends you know cause we the show every night in San Francisco and this you you know. It's the key of D same key so I joke with my friends and they say you WanNa make me cry and have a meltdown. I play San Francisco Kid for over twelve thousand performances asked me to plan a different key and will probably might be start weeping and breaking down I I can do it. But that's my attempted a feeble joke. You know there's you just get used to play the same stuff sad. I don't know what to say just said I can't even imagine i. I think the sad part to me is that there are people who still have never seen the show. And that's sad that's sad they'll never be anything like it ever album depot. PODCAST is produced by Peter. Hart La Lily Janik and Anne Vane Stein supervising producers are King Kaufman Kitty. Morgan and Tim. O. Rourke our editor in chief is Audrey. Cooper Music is courtesy beach blanket Babylon and we also played shades AIDS at Spring by Kevin. mccloud if you enjoyed this podcast support our work and subscribe at. WWW DOT SF chronicle dot com. Where you you can read more beach blanket Babylon stories and columns and now here's a program from our sponsor the San Francisco Symphony? Hello I'm cherise Morrison and I'd like to welcome nick. Play Talk to our holiday breasts podcast sponsored by the San Francisco Symphony. So Nick what what are some of the most iconic holiday brass songs to play well. I'm a huge fan of the Classic Leroy Anderson Song Sleigh ride as a brass ask player and especially as like a a classical musician. I've played many Christmas concerts every year since I started playing the trombone and almost all of them have included. sleigh ride sleigh ride as I think sometimes a bit of a controversial topic In that some people you know some people don't love Christmas music. I'm not one of those. People have really love of Christmas music. That sounds amazing. So do you just play sleigh. Ride to get prepared for the season or are your neighbors hearing it like year round. I'm practicing sleigh ride every single day. Not Not actually just for the brass concert. I think there's too much music to play the rest of the year and then you guys also have a percussion and I remember. I played played sleigh. Ride once and I remember the Santa's Sleigh like the slap like the whip. That's what the name officially the whip. Another piece that I'm really looking forward to on this on. This concert is Arrangement that our principal trombone Tim Higgins just made of the Duke Doc. Ellington version of Tchaikovsky's nutcracker suite the Nutcracker by checkoffs super famous ballet classic holiday hit everybody loves it And there's a really fantastic Duke Ellington Big Band Jazz. Big Man at station of it and Tim made it really cool arrangement minute of this for our brass section So we won't have saxophone. We'll have French horns and trumpets and trombones and we'll have our principal basis Scott Pingel and our principal percussionist. Jake Nestle on that and you know we'll be blowing some improvised solos and swing and real hard. That is like I love love Sleigh ride and I I really love everything. Christmas music like every genre of Christmas music I absolutely love but like jazzy. Big Band Christmas is one of my favorite things to so. That's that's GonNa be really really really fun. I'm looking forward to that one a lot. Absolutely I after you said. There's a new arrangement. I got really excited ascended about that. I'm so this'll be the first time that it's performed. This'll be the world world premiere performance of that arrangement. That is so cool. I wish that we could play it. Now we'll play the original and then we'll say imagine this but even better yes but even more arranged yes awesome okay. Why do you think holiday? Brass comes back year after year. And we all love it so much It's basically I would say like a staple like Santa or Christmas tree me. I mean I'm biased as brass player. But I think that there's there's like a lot of different genres of Christmas music and like we do a lot of them at the symphony any like. We're doing handel's Messiah. We did the past couple of nights Like a Gospel Christmas concert with this Amazing Gospel Choir. The Oakland Interfaith Gospel aspel choir and Brian McKnight. And we're also GONNA play love actually with the film and there's like all and then there's the nutcracker and then there's the Ellington Nutcracker there's like Charlie Brown Christmas there's all these different sectors of of Christmas music and Christmas culture and I think that while brass music is as its own sector of music period. We kind of like really come out to play around Christmas. There's something about brass instruments playing Christmas carols. That just feels really right. If you haven't heard brass ensemble before it is a really marvelous. Sound it's warm and bright and shining running and I think it's really. It's really beautiful. There's a lot of variety in the show like older classical music like Baroque music. Chorale that were playing. Sounds really just absolutely stunning. There are moments of incredible beauty in in this concert. That made me feel like there's like fireplace Christmas and I think we're going to get that in corral and then there's also you know the Joan Tower fanfare for the uncommon woman which is like bombastic sound like you know glorious militaristic fanfare like pay attention to this. That's something the brass can do but jazzy Christmas is also something that holiday brass can do and anybody can make Christmas. I missed music. There are a lot of like special things about brass playing Christmas music. I just I really love it. It's really one of my favorite things to do as a trumpet player. Is this concert. So you have a lot of different kinds of mashups from old to new Christmas music and Different ways that brass gets involved. uh-huh tell us how maybe someone who doesn't know a lot about all the going on site inside a brass ensemble. How do we tell the difference between the instruments? I think that the brass instruments are pretty easy to tell apart. There aren't that many of them. We'll just start from from the low. The Big One is The big daddy of the brass brass section is the Tuba. You'll definitely know the Tuba. The next biggest is the trombone. And that is you know. In my humble opinion the the greatest and within within the trombone Abon family there are a few other subcategories. There's the Bass trombone the tenor trombone. which is like what you think of? When you think trombone that's tenor trombone? The Bass trombone is like the big hairy. Older brother of the tenor trombone can play like low. Fat Low notes like this. And then there's the Alto trombone which People have to make jokes about like. Oh did you put your your trombone in the dryer because it looks like ten or trombone except it's a little bit smaller and it can play a little bit higher above the trombone. Is the French horn. 'cause there's lots of pipes in the French horn. Unlike French. Horn is actually a very very long instrument. But it's like all wrapped up And if you're thinking about what a Christmas tree ornament brass instrument would look like like. You're thinking French horn. Although my mother does have trombone ornament as well in case anybody cared about that I care about that cared about my mom's Christmas tree. Yes if she had just a French horn born and not a trombone. She wouldn't be very good mother. I don't think not at all. Yeah and not very Christmassy. No so that's that's the French Horn and then above. That is the trumpet. And you'll see a few different kinds of trumpets on this show on this show the they're sort of the normal sized trumpet and that's is L- either going to be a B. Flat or see trumpet meaning that the Fundamental Pitch of that instrument is a b flat Orsi and they'll be switching between those you'll also see flugel flugel horns which is like slightly wider bore like the pipes are a little bit wider. And it's more of an open smooth gentle sound sound like if a normal trumpet is debt than then AFL horn is more look really nice. Like if you think like kind of like Charlie Brown sector of Christmas like that's more of a flu horn color like a warm bath with some Lake Nice essential oils mixed. That's Flugel Horn and then there's the Piccolo trumpet in which is like a normal trumpet but smaller and higher and for Baroque music. So like the Corelli Our principal and associate principal trumpet the players Mark in a way and Erin Schuman will be playing roles as soloists on that on Piccolo trumpets. And that's more like like like that's more of a Piccolo trumpet sound and it's really spectacular. I mean everybody in the brass section is really supreme artists and I have a huge honor to work with them. And it's it's really great to see mark and Aaron Orrin featured as soloist in that Corelli and then how many different types of instruments maybe in the same kind of category is one person responsible for good question and trumpet. Players are going to be switching instruments a little bit more often like on on this one concert. You'll see any of our trumpet. Players playing be flattened seed trumpet but maybe also e flat or D. Trumpet as well as Piccolo Trumpet and Flute Horn then. Most of the time French horn players will play just the horn. Unless it's sort of a specialty thing in which case they might play a desk can't horn which is you know. It's still French horn. But it's pitched a little bit higher so like the pipes yes will be shorter and might be able to play high notes more easily with that within the trombone family. It's pretty customary for switch around a little bit and so tim will be playing. This is Tim Higgins our principal trombone player. We'll be playing some Alto trombone on this concert. And then Paul Welcome or another wonderful member of our trombone section. We'll be playing some euphonium which is an instrument. I forgot to mention a minute ago which is a member of the two family but is often performed by trombone players and it. It's just a small Tuba a small Tuba Small Tuba NBA loud. Yeah I still want to call it the baby to Buffalo. You can if you want to. Does anyone else call it. A baby to a A lot of people call it a baby Tuba. And what Paul all calls it and this is like Paul is hilarious. And he's one of my favorite people on Earth. He refers to it as the iron cello. Yeah I'm sure the string players appreciate that Fisher do do you. Sonja is I would say like the Awkward Band Geek of of the brass family and really of of music period. People Make Fun of the phone him a lot and it's really satisfying to make fun of the volume and people who play it a tiny tuba a tiny tube exactly at jumbo shrimp And then you're the trombone so you're kind of middle of the pack medium. Yeah right on the lower end. We're we're in low brass but yeah like if you're talking about like Soprano Alto tenor and bass like we're in the tenor family. I would say well we would love to hear you play so if you wouldn't mind signed dazzling us with some of your skills and your music we would love. That would be happy to Law A- Ah

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318  Leprechaun Hill

Jay and Miles X-Plain the X-Men

54:37 min | Last month

318 Leprechaun Hill

"So j. r leprechaun's marvel standby or are they strictly an x. Book thing good question miles while leprechauns have made most of their appearance is an excellent Jason stories they actually predate mutants on the pages of marvel comics. Whoa so did the fantastic four fight them spiderman remarkably. They have been around for longer than either of those although they did debut in the same series. Aspire ed so amazing fantasy and know the title actually changed to mazing fantasy with number fifteen the issue where spider man debuted exactly and before that it was marvel comics presents. Amazing adult fantasy cool. What i'm jay edited milestone six and we are here to explain the x. men because it's about time someone did welcome to episode three hundred eighteen of j. and miles explain the x. Men were we. Walk you through the ins the outs and the right cons of comics greatest superhero soap-opera and to paraphrase the title of the old podcast of our first producer. Welcome to this whole thing. Yeah yeah. I am upset about leprechauns but not for the reasons you'd think right Okay i mean. I is going to be a mass. I already know it is and hopefully it will be an entertaining mess. But here's the deal. Listeners are wonderful lovely listeners. This is the generation x. Arc that involves cassidy keep you know like the castle the banshee is from The one with the leper one with a leprechaun's and this is an archaic features. A whole bunch of fantasy creatures. Some of whom may or may not be those leprechauns and it is ambiguous for the entire story and jay and i have been gradually losing our minds trying to figure out what the hell is going on in this arc. It's bad y'all it's real bad. I mean we are we are. We are slight this. This is our supervillain origin story. This is our slow slide into absolute disconnect from reality by which loosely next than continuity. Yeah there there's that i mean okay. We'll get to it and you know some of the stuff in here is good. The first issue will be covering. I think is a great issue. They're great things in the. Maybe leprechaun may be not leprechaun arc. But wow we are. We are challenged by the work. We have chosen this day. Jay could have ever would have thought it would have been the leprechauns that finally broke us. Like really figured it would be onslaught. I used to love leprechauns. Maybe i still do. I don't even know so. I feel like we should. Maybe maybe discussed the leprechaun's briefly before we talk about generation x because we have we have talked about the leprechauns cassidy keep before on the show in fact in an episode. Titled the leprechauns of cassidy keep. It was a fairly early episode. Because the leprechauns first made their appearance in uncanny x men number one hundred and three way way way back. Immediately after the phoenix like was phoenix. Saga leprechaun's there is a lot going on in bronze age. Men like a lot a lot mostly though leprechaun's there's not really much to say about the leprechauns like there are the families who hang out and cassidy keep and their leprechauns and they seem pretty cool and they get along really well with a mino- donal the senate of cassidy keep who's like a dude. I think we just summed up everything about the leprechauns. Well i guess there was that one time that they told the readers for the first time wolverines name was also the other x men. That's true. Yeah that's where we all found out that will ring was named logan thanks. Leprechaun's yeah they they were they were. They were there. It was it was pretty goofy story. Arc it was clean. You know they live in cassidy key. They have for centuries been the responsibility of the cassidy family. Cassie family protects them a handle a lot of the day to day running of things that the keep and weirdly in that capacity the leprechauns actually represent one of the more straightforward. Bits of weird action continuity. Is it weird. That i find so much comfort. In that fact well. I did did find comfort in that fact until we got to this arc of generation x. But now that we've established the leprechauns back story. Let's talk about the book that we're gonna be discussing today the team that's on it. Okay right so after. The original x men and the new mutants generation acts is the third set of mutant teenagers to be routinely put into danger while being theoretically educated the teams headmaster and headmistress our son kathy that's banshee formerly at the accident and interpol and emma frost. The white queen formerly of the villainous organization the hellfire club so aside from the headmaster and headmistress who's in the class slash on the team. Well quite a few people actually a couple of them we know from before the team was even formed right. The first among those is of course jubilation lead jubilee. Scott firework power. She talks a lot about. How did things back when she was on the x. Men and she. I hooked up with marvel's mary meetings back in their australia days. We also have cannonballs kid. Sister page guthrie. She is husk. She has the awesomely gross power of ripping her skin off to have different various kinds of other super powered skin underneath and she also takes her job very seriously. I think she's pretty sure she's the leader of this team. That definitely does not have a leader. Yup that that kind of some syrup well more of the team more members were found when the villainous outerspace teknor organic phalanx was making a habit of kidnapping young mutants. Who are these guys. Well we had angela spinoza skin. He's got prehensile extra skin and prehensile extra attitude can attitude to be prehensile. I'm going to go ahead and say can oh accepted. We've also got thomas sink. He can synchronize his aura with other stuff. And he's a nice kid and then there's monet's qua- 'em she's pretty much perfect including all of the superpowers. That i guess go along with perfection like telepathy and super strength and super intelligence in flight and stuff. Angie knows it. She also has a habit of occasionally doing childlike things and occasionally spacing out at this point in continuity. She's anywhere between one and three people. We'll get to that. It's very complicated. One could almost say it represents an entire family of cold opens. Oh i see what you did there. And and i'm glare natural real hard once. The school got started. A couple more teenager showed up if jonathan stars more chamber and chambers shoots psychic energy and unfortunately he blew off his upper chest in the lower half of his face. The first time his powers manifested. He's pretty gloomy in these days. Mostly communicate via telepathy by virtue of not having a mouth or vocal hordes lastly and not exactly a member of the class or the team. We have pennants. She's read and sharp and silent and mysterious and she just sort of showed up one day. She's she's in the class at this point to travels with them. So i'm gonna say that. She's she's officially part of generation x now left our heroes a drunken husk and try to kiss chamber. Who promptly got nervous. Sendak dental blew up the girls dormitory. So how do you kiss a guy with a continual. Sonic explosion where his lower jaw used to be like. I'm genuinely curious miles. You don't just have to kiss people on the mouth i mean. She was leaning in tortoise face. But maybe that was a fake out and then she was gonna go. And i don't know kiss him on the nipple or something i mean. I assume that she was just gonna kiss the area where his mouth would. Ordinarily have been which was covering the scarf. that's fair. i wonder what that feels like like. You see. He sort of has a chin shape underneath a scarf. But there's no chin under there isn't just sonically constructed. I mean the ninety s and sonic powers can basically do whatever so i guess it's like the platonic ideal of chin made manifest psychically under a scarf. Tinguely yeah anyway. That takes us to generation x number seven nights and bolts written by scott lob dole pencil by roger cruz eight by mark buckingham color by steve collado and lettered by richard stockings and craft. So how much covers have to do with the interior. Plot of comics varies wildly. And in this case the batali drawn cover which unfortunately is the only part of this you. The pathology refers to the best seen in the whole thing on the cover itself is such a good station of that scene. We see skin and sink holding up these power drills and they have these overfull tool belts on and ardian leader in the background pouring lemonade and hanging out with a random bunny because crisp shallow just loves drawing random little animals every freaking page or cover. The pa- cello does is just gold. And i just want to get lost in it. It's just inordinately charming. And i really wish he'd run this arc because i feel like he's the only artist who could have really pulled it off. Who was working in comics. This point scotty. Young could have. But i don't know if i mean he was yes. He's older than us so he was. He was definitely born by point. But i i don't know if he was. He was old enough to actually be drawing comic books yet or no life l. Started pretty young and other. Some other artists started pretty young too so hard to say. Anyway this issue starts by foreshadowing not this coming arc. But the next one which is about shaun cassidy's history with omega red and the result of that opening. Is the vague over. Lying implication. that omega red is somehow responsible for the shit that goes down in this arc which she is definitely not down just imagining. A bunch of stereotypical lucky charms leprechauns but with mutant death factors and big creepy tentacles. Coming out of their arms. I feel like a story involving. Both omega red and leprechauns would be very x. Men it really really would. But what i want to talk about. Here is that since d. Dream of the bench having that the issue opens with is a flashback. We can see ban. She's amazing ponytail that he apparently had back when he was in triple. And what. I can. Only assume was like the sixties. Do you think that he was hired to interpol for that ponytail. Maybe i mean. I think it's actually his ponytail. That has the badge and the license. He's just. There is a chauffeur for it makes sense to me. I do wish she kept his ponytail though. I mean he hung out with four july back in the day and they could have been ponytail buddies. Maybe that was why he didn't keep it. Maybe it was out of respect for new generation of leaders. Okay gotcha like he didn't wanna you know steal forest pony south under and he wanted to make space for new ponytail styles to come in for for people to really establish their own their own ponytailed signature. Looks but i feel like four already. Had so much signature. Look going on. Do you remember those tiny tiny shorts used to wear benching shorts tiny at least not outside of various extremely kinky scenes with myra trying to remember now whether we've ever seen banshee and tiny shorts i bet we have. I bet we're going to in this series. If we haven't that's that's very likely Anyway let's get most of that stuff for now. Although i do appreciate that. Emma frost who is staying in bantry placed in. She gave her place up. Two girls who lost their dormitory gets really annoyed. The banshee is dreaming so loudly and yells at him in his own dream. Yeah that's gotta be really frustrating for telepathic. Because no matter how good your control is i. Imagine there's there's a limit to how much you can prevent other people's dreams from seeping in. Is that something you have to train yourself to do. Or maybe i don't know we do know that games master who's an omni path. Essentially became super evil because he was so mad at hearing. Everyone's thoughts all the time. So maybe it's kinda like that in game masters defense. The majority of my thoughts suck lake. Most of what. I think is a name and terrible and wouldn't be interesting to an outsider. Because i mean most first of all most of it doesn't even conscious but most fitness is sort of the vagaries of moment to moment existence. There's that yeah and like other stuff. It's mostly suffer. Most people wouldn't care about like. I'm about evenly split between feeling really guilty over minor stuff. I did years ago and thinking a lot about how to use different sound formats to fix the audio dilan. My sound bar. Which i finally did but still see i'm thinking even more mundane terms like how much of your mind you can hear ev- everyone thoughts taken up with like constant litany of i think i kind of have to be but not really enough to justify getting up yet. This would explain why. Emma frost so salty to everybody right. I feel like we're getting a little bit off track. And the important part is that we're closer to leprechauns. Well let's talk about some of the other stuff in vis non leprechaun related issue. I all right We are going to skip the rest of the omega red stuff. Moma gerrad foreshadowing. We're going to talk about that some day in the ambiguous future now. This issue is a pretty quiet issue. It's basically a status quo. Return round robin check-in as the kids catch their breath after all of the gene nation stuff. That went down famous for his quite as she. He does a lot of them and he certainly some of my favorites and yeah. I think honestly that's probably where most excels rather than you know leprechaun stories his plots kind of suck. He's much much better. At at at moments i agree. Yeah and speaking of those moments. We get page and jonathan discussing the explosive results of that. All kiss it's awkward arguably even more awkward than the almost kiss itself especially because the conversation ends with jonathan storming off the suming. That page is ashamed of having tried to kiss him instead of just being ashamed at having leaked to him. Yeah i gotta say. I'm really here for all this teen drama. Yes it's based on misunderstandings and immaturity and that stuff is fine. That's part of why i liked new mutants. That's part why later on lake new x men academy acts like you have to have teen drama in a team superhero book. Otherwise what's the point. Yes this is i mean. It's a character driven title or run. It's it's weird because it's a title that feels character. Character centered but the events in it are very much events that they just kind of get dragged through this one. For instance now. Meanwhile before that event Jubilee tries to take away monet's book and discovers that it's a coloring book at which point moment monet. Storms off to hang out with gateway we're getting more and more clues that something is up with 'em that she's not just the perfect composed teenage girl that she portrays herself as and essentially because she is composed of two little girls merged together pretending to be one teenage girl. That's what keeps leaking out hence all the childish stuff that we keep seeing. It's actually kind of sweet and kind of sad how she feels like she has to play off the fact that she has a coloring book as it being a memento from her past instead of the fact that she likes coloring. She doesn't play it that way. That is what other characters assume of it. A true true. She just doesn't contradict them. Finally we have the scene. That's referenced on the cover and that is sink and skin building. Ardian leech treehouse. in the danger grotto. Ardian leach are now with generation x. They are questionably members of generation x. Because they're still mop at age although they're drawn like tina dots here. Which little weird. Maybe it's like those old paintings of baby. Jesus where he just looks like a tiny middle aged man or ninety percent of the time baby cable was drawn. An x factor. Hayek point anyway. They are at least living with the team now. The team picked them up during the gene nation stuff. They were being held hostage by gene nations. They could use litas power cancelling abilities. And i guess they live here now they do. And it's kind of weird that our favorite pink and green mop. It's just randomly show up in this book. But i'm fine with it in part because that means that crisp shallow when he comes back we'll get to draw them some. Yeah but this is the scene from the cover. This is sink and skin building a treehouse for these adorable children in generation. X's equivalent of the danger room. They're not supposed to put come on. How can you say no to those little pink and green faces. Let's talk a little about synch and skin because you mentioned that these books were they really excel his character. And i find that the friendship between those two characters is a really fun one i. It's hurt a little bit by the fact that sink doesn't have a ton of personality at this point that sort of thing with ever it is his powers that he synchronizes with increasingly vague concepts. His powers go off the rails almost immediately when he shows up but that doesn't mean that he's kind of a social chameleon he gets along with everybody and the main thing we know about him is that he's positive and confident and so i agree. That's a character weakness in some senses but it seems to be a deliberate one and i of lake what that pure positively brings out in a cynical world weary character like skin'll i think here we see skin at his best. He's complaining about having to hang out with children and to work a bunch but it's clear he's having a really good time and finds a really rewarding but he's also clearly one of those characters who enjoys complaining. That's a very fair thing actually. It's it's it's like. He obviously has complaint when he's actually upset about things but he like friendly. Grumbling is clearly one of one of his ways of interacting with the world ida co worker like that. Every time i just wanted to hear someone very entertainingly complained for like ten minutes straight about whatever was happening. I was just go visit her. You know saying needed to upgrade something on her computer. Yes so this is. This is lovely. Now you asked who could say no to the adorable faces of ardian leach and the answer to that would seem to be emma frost to notably kicked one of those faces when we when she last saw them Although in her defense it was because leach leach being conscious was knocking out. Everyone's powers and basically making generation x. Useless against you nation. Who were about to kill them. But she feels bad enough about it to confess to banshee. I'm not sure how i feel about this. Like i don't know that ammo would really feel all that guilty about kicking a child in the face if it was necessary for survival but i do know that one of the things the book is doing is sort of working on softening her as character and redeeming her after. All the horrible shit's she didn't the past. I think this is a version of emma justified. Left by previous versions of 'em then by subsequent versions of emma. This is an ama- consistent with the versions of her and with with the arcs that we've seen written by morrison written by weeden britain further and further on where she is actively trying to do better and it's consistent with what we've seen of her here so far in that. She is really self aware. That said i think even if emma would not normally bulk kicking children in the face. We're not just talking about any children. We are talking about the signature mop. It's of the x. Line off a really good point. Yeah like as far as it being easy to kick a child in the face for zipping hard dick a child in the face like if that's a spectrum right there already leader on the hardest hardest side of that spectrum. Oh and especially if they're drawn by crisp tele which i believe was at that point. Oh yeah good point. Yeah this nice conversation. Though is shattered by an urgent call from across the pond because according to some random old lady in ireland cassidy keep has just sort of vanished jubilee chimes in. Can you say road trip. And that in fact will be our next two issues so when i was in third grade i had this classmate who whose family was was really wealthy and they were going to go on a bike biking trip in france and this was dead convinced that they were gonna be riding bikes to france and nothing any of the rest of us could say or show her could convince her otherwise okay because jubilee talking about taking a road trip to ireland and thus guest though. Iran appears anthony. Book called mercer That was about this. Long distance underwater scienc- bike trip But now that i think about it it was actually mostly about sex with mermaids so i guess what i'm saying is that it was a pierce anthony book sounds about right. Takes us to a book. That pierce anthony didn't write generation x. Number eight what happens to cassidy. Keep written by scott la dole pencil once again by roger cruz by mark buckingham and al milgram colored by steve book lotto and lettered by common craft. So here's a question that i'm now mulling over. Do you think piers. Anthony would have handled this better or worse. Oh that's a good question. While i'll give pierce anthony one thing. His books were coherent like they made sense the continuity even though it started to loosen after a book about seventy two of his aunt was generally pretty decent. So i'm gonna go ahead and say better but there would have been a number of squeaky sexual situations that a thirteen year. Old reader wouldn't have been freaked out by but adults would yeah fair enough but i mean that's also something i kind of associate with labelle not not quite as pervasively as anthony. Yeah that's that's a fair point as well and speaking of in the last issue man. There is so much cheesecake going on like when emma shows up and banshee dream. She is posing like a pinup model wearing extremely skimpy underwear and all the teenage female students are wearing giant shirts with tiny tiny tiny shorts underneath. I think it's probably okay like there's always been a playful sexuality to this book that has been on the acceptable side of things. But it's definitely noticeable. Okay i will defend the latter group of outfits you described because that was like default sleep wear lounge wear for girls in the very early nineties. I guess that's a good point. Yeah I was still pretty young in the early ninety so i didn't really hang out with a lot of girls and lounger situations. I mean i was. I was still generally kind of presenting as a girl in the early nineties so this occasionally came up. In my life like the you are underestimating. First of oversized the default oversized t shirts of the early ninety s. Were that's true. Yeah definitely still have some t shirts that i wore in the early nineties. That are still intact. And they're big on me now right what you're describing so what you're describing basically loose shortish dresses over tiny shorts. Okay okay well case. Chirp that totally works but emma frost totally cheesecake. Yeah yeah absolutely anyway generation x. number eight the team has indeed made it to county mayo in ireland and they're hanging out on the edge of this giant misty crater where cassidy keep used to be and they're all in these sort of winter. Cold weather east civilian outfits. I do appreciate that. Jubilee is still wearing her yellow coat and santa hat from the christmas issue. A couple of years ago. I like the idea that that's just her winter hat. I mean this legit and honestly she looks pretty good in it. So that's fine. Yes she pulls it off excellently. Black hair is also there. You remember black air from caliber there. The new version of the weird happenings organisation. But they're much less whimsical and militaristic and much more spy agency and stabbed you in the back in the dark. We even see agents kicked luna. Who's one of. Pete wisdom's nemeses. While i much less whimsical and militaristic is quite a phrased to hear all in one mouthful happening organization. They're totally both of those things yet. Their presence here is kind of gratuitous. They're not going to tie to the story at all and they're really only gonna appear in one sort of brief and kind of confusing cameo. If you've been reading excalibur you'll have a rough idea of who these guys are kinda but otherwise they're just sort of randomly thrown in. Although that does bring me to a question. I never thought it would ask which is is mid-nineties generation x. The new old caliber because excalibur got really dark and serious under warren ellis and generation. X is sort of silly and character focused in a lot of ways. What i think. And i'm saying this entirely on speculation. Is that ninety s generation x. Is what became the dumping ground for. Scotland unused excalibur. Backup plots. you know given it. A lot of this feels like one of those mediocre scott lobbed. Lx caliber fill in issues. That kind of sense yeah. That's that's the thing that that this really feels like that. Well as they stand at the edge of the crater sink start seeing visions of the nights and stuff in the midst because his mind has sinked up with another world. I appreciate that this character has been around for seven issues plus a couple of pages and his powers are already getting the kind of confusing power creep that it takes decades for most characters to get no he can sync up with anything. Anyone a man. He's he's a useful tool for getting getting stories started. I guess he very much is. I mean honestly ever since night. Crawler teleported into the astral plane in the age of apocalypse x caliber story. Like fuck it. Let's just go with it. That was an alternate universe. Still still wincing touches the missed he disappears as chamber who jumps after him but not skin who jumps after him because the missed only was teleport he briefly and there's this great splash panel as the rest of generation accident dives into the crater wearing their totally normal winter civilian clothes. I gotta ask though so you just saw that the missed stopped working and your solution is just to randomly into a giant hole. Because you don't have a better plan like who are these people. James sunderland from silent hill to the leprechauns of silent hill. My restless dreams. I see town cassidy. Keep to promised to take me there again someday but he never did well. I'm with the leprechauns there now in our special place waiting for you waiting for you to come and see me but you never do so. I wait wrapped in my cocoon of leprechauns. Okay i thought it was going to be called the broke me on this one. But no it was huge. It was you. You are my red devil. You are my pyramid. had you are my persecutor. I thought this whole island was our special place anyway. Very much nodded silent hill our heroes reappear on the other side in cloaks and gowns and tunics and medieval shit because apparently there is still enough. Teleport missed to take them to definitely not silent hill so i assume that this stuff is this clothing is illusory and i assume that for one specific reason and that is that penance can wear it. That's a good point because penance. Cut the crap out of everything. She touches like her. Skin is composed largely of sharp angles. So maybe it's that or maybe it's just that it's magic and therefore whatever. This is new territory for generation x. Despite their other adventures as banshee chides jubilee. Who's going on about. You know the stuff she's done with the x men for most of your fellow students. This is the first time they've been to another dimension but not the last skin replies considering how in our first semester. We've already been attacked by plate nearly pureed by penance toe-to-toe with orphan maker and mix it up with kim nation. Like to think we're handling things quite well. Mateus grasses skin works really well audience surrogate. I mean okay. Maybe not in this generation x. Movie but he totally doesn't the comic he really does. Yeah however there's not enough oxygen here which will kind of be explained and so everybody falls unconscious. It's time for a scene transition while unconscious. The party is divided and banshee and emma wake-up chained up in a dungeon as one does in other dimensions or sewers or whatever also chained up is amen owed donal maybe right because eight donal was essential of cassidy. Keep back in the seventies leprechaun story. He was the hung out at the keep. And talk to the leprechauns a bunch in major. The place was locked up at night or whatever he was. Just a dude. Yeah notably donal. The one we've seen in comics. The one who exists kinetically was like normal sized human slightly short. I think he's drawn a lot shorter in uncanny number one three than he was a number one. Oh one it's a little ambiguous more than i thought it was. What he definitely was not was a two foot tall strangely proportioned leprechaun dude wearing rags like later on. He talks about how humans are ridiculous. This alemanno donal is clearly not supposed to be human. This doesn't make sense plenty of humans. Also talk about how humans are ridiculous. I mean i talk about how humans ridiculous. I suppose that's true but that's clearly not the intention so okay here's the thing. I remember this art. Which i read like a million years ago. As being about the leprechauns of cassidy keep. But i don't think it is or or maybe it is. Maybe there are elves that are the same as the leprechauns. Or maybe they're separate and now imminent donal is here. And he's maybe a leprechaun and his family's here but they're pink and he's just like a caucasian looking dude. What the fuck is going on. So i wonder if this was supposed to be related to her a spin off from that one siren backup story. Would the one where she was in that ghost castle that used to be cassidy keep. That was the only connection i can think of. I don't know. I mean that story didn't make any sense. Nobody's really referenced but there was actually a different backup story in marvel comics presents number forty three because i went down a deep research whole as i gradually lost my mind about whether alemanno donald is actually leprechaun in marvel comics presents number forty three which was also written by scott. Bob dole actually siren answers the door. This irish super team called the kinsmen shows up looking for banshee. And there's this big fight. And here's the thing about the kinsman. They're all ridiculous. Stereotypes like they make alpha flight. Look respectful they are led by a character named we one who is a leprechaun but not like a leprechaun's from cassidy cheap. No like fucking lucky from lucky charms. These little dude in a green bowl or with a clover and a green suit and he punches people. He's got pixie dust and there's also this guy in boulder on the team who just some random dude that we won gave a magical boulder to after the dude saved we one from something and during the fight like the voter rolls over a we wanted so so i guess he's dead so i guess siren gets his pot of gold and there was also this water nymph and her name was dyke and. I don't think that's necessarily a great name to give a woman in a nineteen ninety comic. And oh god but the point is is aiming o'donnell a leprechaun. I don't know what was intended. I don't know if this is scott. Labelle having been completely confused by continuity the way that was by sidewalks backstory or if he just didn't care or if there was a disconnect between the writing and the art or if everyone involved in this comic just specifically laid a trap for me to completely go off my gourd in twenty twenty and already terrible year. Because i don't know if ayman o donnell is a leprechaun. See my theory about this. Comic is first of all the the recycled excalibur backup story plot but also look everything we know about lobbed approach to comics writing was that he just kinda did stuff remember this is the architect of onslaught at least onslaught made more sense. I know for a fact that onslaught not a leprechaun oh shit onslaught of leprechaun. Honestly i don't know who who who is. There is a leprechaun anymore. Like that's that's the point that i have come to with this art like i have been left in the state of absolute existential uncertainty about leprechauns chair. We leprechaun's i don't know i don't know how to tell. God i mean. I can only hope that someday some writer follows this up with some kind of explanation. So anyone if you're a marvel writer listening to this podcast rights. A resolution to the leprechaun are tell us whether alemanno donald is a leprechaun. I feel if we can figure everything else out from there. This is really upsetting like we have been texting escalating league horrified and swear text messages as we dive deeper and deeper into the continuity for like the last three days this has consumed every waking. Ought god okay. Well there are some other magical creatures going on here. And while they do make the plot more confusing at least they. Don't make this part. Dig it's daggers. Deeper into our hearts. So we do meet a fairy woman named grande dame. Are we supposed to say grants dot dom okay. That sounds way cooler grunge dom apparently she used to run this place and she teleport's in the rest of generation acts aside from emma. And sean wait. So she used to run cassidy. Keep no she used to run this other dimension. There end cassidy. Keep has been teleported into for reasons. I still don't understand what's confusing here. I think is a writing are disconnect so grandmom. Has this bright pink skin the elves that were later gonna run into also have bright pink skin but fairies and elves are very different things. That's clear whether or not elves are also leprechauns don't know i think maybe they're supposed to be will get to that anyway. Generation now wearing breathing masks lake. Same kinds that some of the alien characters war in mass effect two in three just a little clear ones. I guess that's part of ground spell to make it so they don't continue falling unconscious from the lack of oxygen in this dimension. It's very unclear hopeful. At least it is helpful so grandes explains to them this dimension that they're now in used to be beautiful and magical nature but has gotten all messed up since the glamour machine broke j. What is the glamour machine. All building sized machine. That's where the sparkley magic comes from. I guess it is kind of a fun concept. The idea that this magical fairy dimension would be run by like a big ugly steam punk looking monstrosity but yes. Apparently it broke a few hundred years ago. That's part of why there's not much oxygen okay. And also all magical creatures are having a hard time so grondahl tells them kids. It is your destiny to fix this. Look at this magical. Ancient scroll that has pictures of you clearly fixing it. We're gonna learn later that the lack of oxygen isn't a direct result of the glamour machine breaking. It's a result of the fact. The dragons have gained power because the glare machine broke and their combustion eats up the oxygen in the air. All can understand that part before. Thank you this story now makes one percent more sense yet still nonsense. I do appreciate though that skin quickly realizes that the scroll showing gen-x fixing the machine off is still covering wet paint because dime clearly painted it right before. They showed up to try to convince them. I appreciate that. She's bright. pink magical con artist. Yeah yeah i mean. She's not the first one of those. We've seen i mean i guess gossamer wasn't bright pink. True true she was just pink tinted off white. haven't thought about gossamer longtime sorry. I dunno gossamer was kind of fun. i mean. she was horrible but also kind of fun here enough. I guess it's just my rose colored glasses though looking back at the past. Can that was a bad joke. Even for me. I'm sorry listeners. Despite realizing they're being conned m suddenly goes mostly catatonic and wanders up to the machine and starts messing with. This is very much like when she went unresponsive in new york city gen-x number five. So we've mentioned before that the embassy here is not monet. It's in fact her. Two younger twin sisters doing the equivalent of kids standing another another kid's shoulder wearing a adult adult-sized trenchcoat one of the twins is autistic. And when that twin sort of takes over that's when m goes unresponsive that also corresponds with when she starts doing very intellectually impressive thing so basically from what i can tell with that one of the twins were seeing the the rainman stereotype. The autistic savant tropes going on. I don't know how it seems to you. I think there are. There are aspects of at least in this context what she does the the ring reasonably valid. But i just. I really have problems with the the whole concept and situation. That's fair if nothing else. It's very confusing anyways. All this is going on suddenly a cigar chomping dragon bangs on the gate and is pretty pissed at someone's been messing with the glamour machine because like you said jay. The dragons have been able to take over over the last few centuries because the glamour machine is messed up. Some and this was definitely originally next caliber story. It really really seems like one elsewhere. In the same dimension since shaeber remember got their first are wearing kilts and using medieval weapons to protect the aforementioned pink elves and to clarify. These are more like keebler than riverdell style elves from dark nights. I really like that distinction. That's that's a really good way to delineate thank you. But they're they're murdering so many dudes like i assume these nights if not human or at least like living sentient beings there's no mention of them being robots or whatever and there's blood flying everywhere and i think we at least see some severed limbs or heads at some point skin definitely cuts off. Someone's head in there is definitely blood. Yeah like the dialogue tries to sort of fix it at one point chamber says they should attack the nights breath tubes since the oxygen. This dimension is low but a skin and sink aren't wearing masks themselves resorting themselves. So apparently it's not that low and be even in the panel that mentions breath tubes blood flying out of a dude's face who's getting smacked with one of their morningstar's i mean it's a tricky as technically a breath tube. I i suppose that's true. It's just kinda weird. I don't know it's like in the Third arkham video game where batman who we assure you doesn't kill anybody just runs everyone the fuck over in the bat mobile and we are told by some of the documentation that it's merely gently electrocuting them out of the way that's questionable. Also how does he know that none of the people he hits his car. Have pacemakers He's batman he's the best at knowing whether people have pacemakers. I assume if he that's actually one of the things i really like about the playstation four spiderman game which i really like an most but not all because of treatment of police ways They take pains to show. That spider man does not in fact ever kill anyone little punch somebody a hundred feet off a building and if you go to the other side of the building they're just webs to it about a story down Good work spiderman. That's why we like you vista light full anyway after sink and Chamber murderer like basically one hundred people The little pink elves and they're happy medieval font offer to take them home and that brings us to generation x number nine someplace other than here sure is written by scott love. Del penciled by tom grandma inked by mark buckingham and al-mil colored by steve buca lotto and lettered by richard stockings and comma craft. I kinda like tom. Graham villain art here is still no crisp. Shallow were but it's got a nice soft liquid ish slightly exaggerated field. And i think it's the book you also draws a really great skin. I love the skin is always frowning. And has a very point. He knows engine. Yeah he's he's got that patillo s cartoonist. And i think buckingham zinc's help a lot with that as well totally. I have a question though that that goes back to cover. 'cause i can clearly identify chamber. On the cover i see johnno. But is the person with him supposed to be penance. A leper kahn or penance. As a leprechaun. I don't know. But i will say that if penance was a leper common. Her cereal would not be lucky charms. It'd be happening crimes because that stuff will totally cut the shit out of the river mouth. Okay anyway what happens in this issue. Well we get one of the genuinely good bits of this arc. And that consists of skin fucking with the dragon and basically annoying it into a eventual defeat. Giving tenants an opening to defeat it. Because he so persistently thwarts it just by being there and being kind of i really appreciate how blase. He's about the whole thing. Like at one point he realizes that his bl strategy of bluster is not gonna work such much the macho tomato. Riff go get a sword or something. Skin is really fun. I don't remember liking him as much back. In the day. As i as i do on this read through of genetics. Oh yeah he is the delight. I also really like the panel at the end of the scene as penance looks mischievous and just pokes a single claw into the dragons. But that's the only part of their conflict. We see which is probably for the best. Because i'm sure she turns him into dragon us a shimi yes. She is pretty much a humanity. Oh man i. I know a lot of people you included who have done some damage to themselves with those things. But it's potato so nicely but also slices thumbs. I mean parts of them sometimes girl back anyway so this issue kind of explains what's going on like the elves who are maybe leprechauns colored light fairies take shaeber and sink back to their village but lake ayman refers to the elves clan o'donnell and there never was a clan o'donnell because o'donnell was just ayman's last name and the leprechauns were just the families and the leprechauns were definitely not related to aim. And as far as i know these guys look totally different. And they're all pink anyway. What with what the hell this is where you just stop. Stop trying and lean into it. And just kind of like shared their leprechaun's their elves their donald one of. Them's probably chris. O'donnell he gets to drive the batmobile. And you just you just kind of dive headfirst. But i can't stop thinking about all the things that don't make sense. Why did cassidy keep get teleported into this dimension. In the first place. I mean i guess grandmom could have brought it here because she needed help fixing the glamour machine or she just needed slave labor from the leprechauns of cassidy. Keep to run the glamour machine. But if that's the case why did she wait. Three hundred years after the glamour machine broke. Why didn't she do this way before. Miles nothing in this arcus ever adequately explained ever stuff just happened speaking of which apparently leprechauns or elves or whatever the fuck they are are also being oppressed by the fairies. Trolls and or dragon They are expected to function slave labor and run the glamour machine. So i think i think your take on. It is is plausible. Maybe maybe the other dimension doesn't really lineup spatially and she was just sort of wandering around for a couple of hundred years trying to find a source of cheap tiny labor. I mean we know. She wasn't expecting generation x. To show up because she painted the tapestry of them helping her the morning before they showed up. So maybe that part was accidental. But her stealing cassidy keep was was deliberate. Yeah maybe it is a grand conjunction kind of thing except instead of the sketch season the mystics turning into a unified glowing species. It's that a castle. Teleport's into a weird dimension. I give up. This is this is where i just kind of give up but i feel like a if we give up now. Scott labelle has won so be it. Look there are battles. That are worth fighting our battles. You want to engage in and then there are battles where you look around and you realized that what you're fighting over the hill you're about to die on is is just solid shit and pixies. That's it just just lairs. Oh man like the ruins of a long dead civilization that anthropologists will later discover an ask the question that will play them for centuries was ayman o'donnell of mother fucking leprechaun. This is so upsetting anyway. They fix it up and chamber uses his powers to repower the glamour machine. And everything's fine and everybody goes home. I guess they don't actually go home in the issue and it does not address the question of how fixing the glamour machine will get home or weathergirl even get them home so i was sort of expecting them to still be there when the next issue started but they weren't so i guess they got home as with so many other aspects of this arc will probably never know god damnit so leprechaun's come back in in mainstream marvel in some other worlds stuff but the best use of the leprechauns. Cassie keep an. As far as i know the only time that they've appeared in comic sense. This arc is in uncanny x men first class number eight which is delightful. It is an old school murder mystery. But among the leprechauns of cassidy keep with with With banshee as detective. I love everything about what you just said. That sounds like the best way to wash the taste of this baffling out of our mouths. Oh it is. It is utterly delightful. That's a good series in general really. Both of the first class series are But that issue is is charming as hell. Highly highly recommended also on marvel unlimited. If you look it up. I want to do that. After we record anyway. We clearly have had a lot of questions about a lot of things during this arc. Let's look at some questions that we can actually answer earl of flakes asks on. Tumbler have cable. Or rachel summers slash grey ever had on page conversations with their uncle havoc. They both have at least in passing but for rachel. At least what you're going to want to dig up is x men unlimited volume two number eleven. Which has a whole story about richland. Alex going out for pizza and discussing family stuff and is also the source of panel that i regularly use on social media in which tavak is sort of awkwardly. Saying that's what alternate timeline. Uncles are for right nice yet. It's a really lovely quiet issue and it's it's it's it's a great snapshot piece for both characters as far as havoc in cable. I mean there was that one time and executioners song where were they really only two people who could get through strifes big genetic barrier on the moon. But there wasn't a lotta time for conversation there. And i was thinking okay. They were both in the uncanny adventures book but have quit before cable joined. I'm sure missing something. I'm sure there have been at least one or su great conversations between have cable over the years. I can't really think of any right now. via email. Back in task is kid apocalypse and external hajjis. That's a really good question because that apocalypse is one of the journals. So i guess he'd have to be right. I guess i mean okay. Let's let's break this down. Kit apocalypse evans saban a character. We both love a great deal. He's a clone of the child apocalypse. That phantom x killed at the beginning of uncanny x force. We know that that child apocalypse was just apocalypse. Resurrected a straight up resurrection of the original. So we can obviously agree that when apocalypse resurrected he stays external because he's been resurrected a bunch of times but would that carry over to a clone one of the questions that would raise his weather being a and external is is genetic whether it's it's a genetic status or it's something else and i mean i think what we've seen implies the ladder just because sam guthrie is or at least was supposed to have been an external right like it's not passed down the same way the mutant gene is is. He was more of a destiny. Mystical kind of dealey. Yeah exactly so. In that case you could have one person be an external on their clo. Not be i guess so. I mean we know the externals are really obsessed with finding their next member and if they could just make next member that seems way more straightforward but this we also know that the externals power is finite. It's kinda like the phoenix five. When one of the externals dies the external who killed that person gains their power or possibly the power flows into all the other externals equally. I don't really remember. So they're just highlanders kind of. But does that mean that. When evan was cloned he joined away a fraction of each other externals power. Like wouldn't they be pissed about that. And furthermore wouldn't that have been the best way for sinister to defeat his old boss apocalypse he could have just cloned apocalypse like a hundred times and thus divided all the external power among a whole bunch of clones apocalypse would suck and sinister could. Just push them over. I mean it's way easier year than the whole rigmarole of engineering tables birth and it would have had the further benefit of achieving one of ministers other tangential goals. Which is just fucking nonstop with gannett. That's a good point. Yeah what with the whole external thing. I guess when it comes down to though is that there's the external portion of apocalypse continuity and there's the everything else portion of apocalypse as continuity and neri the two shall meet. Yeah what it means to be. An external and how that status is achieved. Is vague enough. That we can't answer this one conclusively. We're fully listener supported podcasts and certain levels of support. Come with on. Eric from various fictional characters and concepts alternative over to the angry clementine narrator. Who may or may not be a leprechaun. Remember when things seemed simple. Steve surena cau- when continuity meant something when crossovers were big deal. That happened only once in a very long while. Not the engines propelling any grinding gradual movement of the multi-diverse. Remember when you learn about new characters from trading cards. And sometimes joe roberts kind of showed up and made everything worse. What would you give to go back to those days hot out. That's actually a trick question. It doesn't really matter how much you trade because there is no going back. Only forward attorney into convoy soon an intricate of based marketing the lingering suspicion that it's all your fault and with that jay and miles explain the x. Men is recorded in new fairfield connecticut and exile from forest hills new york and in portland oregon and produced by matt hunter who also arranged our theme music. You can find more of matt's work at moon. Hyphen talk dot band camp dot com. We don't think that's a leprechaun but it's hard to say you episodes. Come on most sundays on. Itunes stitcher. Google podcasts spotify and unexplained the x men dot com. Check out explain the x. Men dot com for leprechaun companions to every episode. Our show is one hundred percent possible leprechaun supported if you lays elvis. Stay on the air and add free. Check out the patriot link at the top of explain the x. Men dot com next week. It's hawk talk followed by our giant size holiday special assuming of course that we survive the holidays. And the leprechauns fucking leprechauns.

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Episode 3: The Story of Jasmine + JD featuring Amy Porterfield

The Jasmine Star Show

32:00 min | 1 year ago

Episode 3: The Story of Jasmine + JD featuring Amy Porterfield

"Boots for you to hear it okay I don't really wear I'm actually not wearing boots right now actually barefoot with my toes running through the carpet but if I was wearing boots I would totally welcome to episode three of the Jasmine Star show today we're going to do something a little different and they have to admit I am shaking in well well well I met jd at just seventeen years old and also jd will admit his biggest pet peeve about me I hope you guys already for some straight up vulnerable kindest best as friends and I am so grateful she agreed to do this we get real today from the details of how all that I got to ask the questions I was excited but then when I realized you didn't even want to know the questions in advance I got a little nervous because moment I laid eyes on her but that's not how it really happened we shared a counselor and so he was the one that made the introduction and my parents were at this event I'm good is going to be so good what I'd like to do is start at the top and I want you to tell us how you two met I'm not sure if you're going to be okay with the questions I'm going to ask but they're all the things that if I didn't know you to I would want to know all about so are you ready for Jasmine and JV welcome to your show hey thank you we're happy to be here I'm so excited to do this when I got the call husband and my business partner in amy is like basically the beyond say of podcasting and she also happens to be one of my sweetest dearest most ready because you guys are going to hear it all okay without further ado here is eighty porterfield interviewing me and jd high school we were at a mutual fund raiser so we didn't go to the same high school but we were in the same district so there was an event that had both of our schools attending jasmine was yes I am I am I was ready until now right when we started I feel like my my my judge has got locked up openings were there for me was quite embarrassing a little awkward the counselor did he introduced the both of us and jd we shook hands Oh yeah most likely to give a teacher apple that was my okay come on like Oh my God learning so much already I'm annoyed at just hearing this story likes the second you matter did you see across the room and thinks she's cute I want to get to know her gosh amy all I wanna say is yes it was love at first sight and I fell in love with her eleven pm so is way late and I just remember being mortified and I was about to say so sorry but jasmine just straight hung up the phone and that's it of course the senior president senior class stop haters and she also got the award in high school most likely to bring a man we we were seventeen amy so I thi I if you want us to tell the story you really have to rewind and take yourself back to when you were phone numbers and I remember thinking okay it's GonNa be a quick phone call I'll talk to her for ten minutes we spoke on the phone for probably what was it two or three hours well yeah because seventeen years old okay we made in everything we did was in that frame so okay you know I we were both okay so it started in such beautiful ways now as adults but goodness I almost I could see it I could see at the age of seventeen jasmine did you like him right away I it's like every time someone asked this question I always like to go like how I really fell head over heels jasmine a couple of weeks later when we had exchanged was the call completely dropped so I was actually thankful because I did not want to talk to jazz's mom under those circumstances but I think that it was really important that we knew immediately there was something like different there was something different in how we connected early on Oh yeah I think that it was jasmine's way of thinking her brain I fell in love with her and I was like we're going to chat for like thirty minute right and you know what that was our first conversation and then it was two hours and it continued I think I called you almost seen my mom picks up the phone chessmen are you talking is very late you're not supposed to be on the phone with boys and I was dying all I hear it at that point saw like his energy like in five minutes I was like this guy is like different like he's kind and like he's soulful without even trying and so this is not to age us but this is the time we're phones were connected to the walls and one phone in our house and I literally dragged inside and I hid inside of my closet L. Like I want to punch myself in the face but you'd like to be you want it too much has changed jazz you know hey did you did we go our separate ways and then that school counselor ends up sending letters to each other back and forth or school so he would come to my school in the morning and jd school in the afternoon nine years which feels like forever but you were really young so you went to college you went to separate colleges you kept a long term relationship that whole time he was really really really nice like he was so different than the other guys in my school that I was attracted I know this Super Woo but I was attracted to his each other so we came into adulthood on her own and then he transferred back down to UC Irvine down here in Orange County California and so we would see each other on the weekends I laughed he's bedroom and I saw a book on a bed stand that said is it love or obsession a book that his dad gave him my life I started to really get behind me became our courier fleas told me this man was at the wedding he unfortunately passed before wedding I know he didn't get to see you guys and her Brennan tell this tell us to hear all the time I was just floored by the way that she approached life and it's crazy because it's manifested every day that week and each conversation was at least two hours I remember one time your mom actually picked up the mom picked up my my mom said are you still on the line we did this for the first two years judy had a soccer scholarship in the bay area so we did long distance for two years which is really good for us because we grew up like together but we were away from the three programs so she says okay so one day she's like hey I'm GonNa meet you outside the restroom after Class I say great let's do this Mike Class just got out so in there I have a clear shot at women's restroom and the and I see a couple of girls from my class come out of the restroom and right behind those girls I see yeah I was really into this guy I was really into him came in hard like I was just like whoa take a fourth period every day and say I have something for you I get there and the letter from Jasmine saying hey really good to meet first thing I thought this was really weird but college is in the restroom jasmine ends up going to the restroom and she over hears these girls in the restroom talking about jd allogeneic like legitimately we were on payphones every night and I was so into him that we were nineteen twenty I walked into the people that I had been corresponding with for a while we walked out together and we're and we're all going to the restroom I went to the restroom some of my colleagues went to colleagues there is calling me Mary no but we had deeded like nine years so it was a y the big that's a big thing so here's the thing you guys dated cut off to be later here's one thing ladies if this is the one thing you take you find a good man you do whatever it takes to protect that thing okay you love affair I mean seventeen years old they dated for nine years then they got married so now I've got some questions about I want to know what one I just don't like throw I don't throw shade for the sake of throw shade if you're going to talk about my man so she ended up taking design course and I was like I really WanNa take this history class we'll both we'll both go together but we'll take this different courses since you know life is like now are you ready okay first of all I actually wanted to talk about what it looks like in the business with both of you because a lot of people are listening and they know you from social curator and everything you guys do online especially Jasmine so what I think is very interesting about your relationship up is who does what in business and in your personal life so break it down for me first let's talk about business we know jazz you oppose that or I leave the college amy here's one thing I'm just so good at picking a man I get my clause in Nice and deep connects drought always really back well there were countless ones but we decided one one one summer because you know I got a letter in the mail from Jasmine we got to we've got to grow and and spend some time apart I know I was on my payphone every night ask for being online that is so against every my power plays or whatever my strength might place of power I am so behind the scenes that I would prefer Mendez essentially. Jd what is your place in the business you know so this for me being on being on the front of it like we're we're doing he's seeking counsel and so I feel like yes for me I like to know the INS and out of the business in regards to our team how people are feeling on the team just being there for them so if I can jump in a one of the biggest things that I think the assets is that we can see the exact same situation from two entirely different perspectives where I thought that that was like a liability yeah I know about you look times there goes your left I just say something I'm scared of her you guys so now we know this is a true now see it as an asset because we don't need to people looking at the same situation the same way I need him to come in and fill in the gaps and I can be extraordinary the the invisible person behind the scenes so I take a big role in the finance part of the business making sure we're running a healthy I'm service I I like to serve others and that's just my skill set I love it I do it in our personal lives I've always kind of been that person so that is something I liked Hasman right behind them I'm like and Jasmine Darts through darts through the line so she breaks their little walking walks right up to me and lays one on me entity as part of what we're doing in our business because I can get so singular focus I know amy you could get the same get so focused on that thing that come hell or high water it's like no this is what we have to do and he's always make sure I'm doing jasmine told me once that you're really good at creating experiences and you did that for the team like when you guys went to Napa early linear like I just see things as they should be done and he comes in and he knows how to finesse this situation he knows how to help me see bigger but also how to keep the Ontai okay this story I think is going to get cut out of the podcast but what was the story you told me of you mean Jealous Jasmine okay so now that was really cute he is and how they like talking to him and how they how they like talking to him how cute pace and I'm reporting that down jazz we can make some decisions on the marketing front and all the other things like that other than that I do I wanna make sure that Jasmine's and j d like added touches that you normally jasmine you weren't thinking up because you were in work work work mode is that right that's correct yes the experience of my life and opens up the most expensive bottle of wine we have in our pantry and he said if we can't drink this now when can we drink this and still feels comfortable and where we can cycle mentally be present because for me having quality time when we were sitting down relaxing that experience can't just be pulling out Lee to its fullest sometimes just a little reminder only because jasmine so good at getting things done working hard and driving goals and I love that I feel like I and I thought it was so great right right because I thought to myself my God like he gets it if you can't drink the best now we don't deserve to drink the best it was like right in the beginning of US get get starting in like this marketing sphere in teaching other entrepreneurs and we had started this project and we were in the middle of launch and we were like bombing it was like the plane is burning make an active role to just kind of be meetings throughout the day still find the wall but I like to listen to different departments and things that are going on and important in your personal life what does that look like because Jasmine and I talk a lot when I'm on a walk with Scou- I'll get messages from Jasmine and jasmine shaking why because I might add amy Porterfield on the show to interview me and Gd now for those of you who don't know Jd. Ah I was like Oh my goodness jasmine you guys are she she really don't come around her man and believe me I in you know helpless captain and I'm sitting I'm sitting in the House and I'm like I don't know what to do this is the worst thing in homeboy goes outside and he lights a Fire Oh God I I just can't deal with you right now out there's there's this I'm so glad that we have a balanced though because you know I can be the CEO of fun all day every day Oh my God is love this okay so tell me this you told me a really funny story about when the woman that came to your house about a dog yes asked about Roy be celebrating about experiences that I think embodies definitely that balance between work and home and like living every moment the good the bad and the like we can we can do more with less and enjoy the process and he thinks seeing it from that perspective is always been giving I'm naturally more of a service oriented person like it has to be on point honestly in regards because just as always is like this might bleed into our personal lives for me it's a high value to make sure that we're operating our personal lives in a way that to take summer school college courses at the same college we okay JC or stream that we go to school together so I said let's go to J. C. and take a summer class to do it table dinner although we don't even have a microwave but we against microwave waves but honestly you know like you know him if he could break in me like I seen each other in years and I'm just like all four and four but I was like what's into you and she's like that's right doc and pop a bottle of champagne in dance a Jig every afternoon that's what he would do his best life he's like we I remember one time probably a crush on GD and I don't get close an aquatic because you value value value right I because I would hugh we have that's what he said he didn't know when you walk out of the restroom okay and I'm waiting and as part of the adoption process assoc worker will come over and she has to interview each like each parent separately to get their perspectives on things and she asked me polls in the house and you're like oh my gosh she probably thought I was crazy so talk about the roles in your house and why it's not the traditional roles so we're sitting they were housekeepers they did other people's laundry and now I'm at the point that I'm living out my dream will I apologize no men are talking to a social so who does the laundry I was like well I don't know how to turn on her laundry I like I said our laundry washing machine like there's just so much I actually like I said Acsi service is Kinda comes natural to me I actually drive a lot of fulfillment in making sure that the house is operating properly then you know but jazz is really good she's she's always very very thankful so it makes it easy for me like a lot. Jd she talks about your skills in the kitchen do laundry nowadays so okay so I'm glad you see that but here's my question for you and I've been asked this question about Hobie and I and or Hoagies Manassas questions Jaydee she's like okay who does grocery shopping and I was like well I sometimes order groceries on Amazon prime and so she's just like okay so that we can thrive at our best we can actually function and work and be really excited about working for me I do drive a lot of satisfaction from okay I love cooking for Jasmine to hear what you have to say how do you feel before you outsource I know that's your next step about being in a non traditional role in your marriage worker about adoption and I'm like yeah well you see let me explain here okay I mean I just reducing we just had to be one hundred we just had to be one hundred is the hugest smile on his face so he loves this right we talk about powerplays I'm legitimately like to levy in the iron lung when it comes to our house holders fulfillment and a paycheck but doing my laundry ver- years my grandmother's and you're at the other people's laundry that is how that is how our families came to this it until I can't take no more there is a powerful thing as business partners to be able to advocate responsibilities in your home to somebody who gets I love that guy that just does things in hope she says thank you that's my days made take outsource now I should not be doing laundry because and then I started thinking well I was like a cost how much it's actually costing me a lot of money India for me the forefront I would just like when I when I listed all the things that I did I'm just like I need to get some peop- I need some help he in the fact that I get excited about Jasmine Lob softballs all the time that's just like an easy like the kiss of the Park Jae like here's your dinner asked right they have to be mortified I mean you know but listen listen you okay okay 'cause one so he is I don't know if you're familiar with come on down to now yes now okay so I watch abby jd refused. I ain't jasmine as in seventeen years I think Jesuit to loads I dry my mom okay one are my mother and mother-in-law better not here this podcast from Downton Abbey comes out on a feature length film it would mean so much to me if we went and saw this period piece and to which he obliges and I'm like okay he had to have loved it well your jewelry you will eat the most amazing meal and drink the most decadent wine and he takes joy watching you enjoy what he does so in that regard like he's very well he's okay I was so excited to hear her response is GonNa say she does what are you gonNA literally she's like okay so let's talk about who does the cooking I was join it by Carson and he's like the how he the House and I look at Carson the way he takes pride in what he does in link if you come to our house Hey Jamie you are one of a kind so when I hear I didn't know all this about you I knew some but not all so I am loving this in his power plant I yeah I have a book where I plan probably two weeks in advance if amy if you're coming over for dinner it's a two week you this lack of it tell me this jasmine you go first what is your absolute favorite thing about jd he is so selfless he is yeah and not just with me deep legitimately like he can meet strange in the airport and he would put that that person above himself a thousand times over wow okay that's that's huge right you're up jd and for some reason she gravitates the person in the back of the room who's being ignored or not really talking to anybody and she goes straight to them every time and Your absolute favorite thing about Jasmine my favorite thing is that she makes people feel seen and heard I I light up every time we walk into a room the about this woman what does she do that just drives you crazy you'll love her till the day she dies but she still drives you crazy in this one area can I see so perfect and that's actually the most annoying thing is no it's not no I am he wants to keep everything perfectly key aligns imagine talking about my lashes that's having trouble for that one but now we know he's being one hundred shirt as okay favorite thing water I love that I wanted to start with the good because my next question you go first what drives you crazy lacroix all to be facing out on our fritsch he's just like he honestly like he can only by a very particular type of toilet paper like everything like everything on the kitchen table you cannot put them on the counter with him on a coffee table You can't put them on a Sofa you can't pull my shirt if we're watching TV land on my shirt certain anybody's come on a whole different topic judge me now all right let's hear it I can't even imagine what it's going to be because of your audience they had some questions Beth says I'd love to know how you create boundaries in your personal and work lives with your team in your fans today let's go do something fun during the day I know that work hours are what I consider you know nine to five type of thing usually dinner served at six o'clock what time in your personal life as a couple and your professional life as a couple separate for example or perhaps you're still working on this so personal boundaries haven't always respectful about that time and she honors our quality time so for me that's such a big thing and jasmine just really good about it you know obviously launches happen and things like that I am not annoying things thought he also packs a candle we always knew we were going to adopt period did we think it was going to look this way not exactly but we are and I feel pretty confident to say this on both obviously there's a lot that you J. D. want to keep private how did you decide how you both would maintain those boundaries both with fans and with each other keeping the things get crazy and things change during those periods of time but after that we use and take a nice little vacation or something so we're good nice okay so another what is it about experience even down to his hush and he's like that's wonderful but like to live with things across the board back packs wrong like something we'd do at home yes okay all right this this is all right so I actually want to switch gears because some of your listeners and Shen is have you always known you're going to adopt did you always know you weren't going to carry a child yourselves jasmine like was this always in the plan yes rears its ugly head and what people what we've been pretty private about is how many times we've gotten close to the end where we're like one of three adopt title for work so here's the thing we're working in our hotel room all the time where either rehearsing jetsons talks or something so you know candles keep Russian that one of your listeners had was about your decision to adopt and I was hoping you guys talk about that a little bit specifically my first that technology computers everything's turned off and us to jasmine found a little hack to this started started waking up at four in the morning magically wave the wand are thing that we do now is we make sure that we we have a full workday with a full schedule so I can't I'm not going to be interrupting or saying Hey let's go watch a matinee already decided so can I can't even imagine jd taken over this role like the the daddy of the house in my heart like literally explodes is important the surprising part was this overwhelming sense of knowing like it kind of stinks but like we know like when she comes most challenging or the most surprising about the whole experience I think the most challenging is the unknowing like I one hundred she leaves her eyelashes everywhere you meet you cannot put eyelashes annoy my self myself I know myself I it's a secret nobody cares being and then you wonder like Oh are we enough which which totally speaks to a childhood weird thing for me and so I always go back to knowing which was leads to this we turn off and Sinn Fein table it's an excuse because the reason why I served in her every day at six o'clock is because that ensures of our behalves like we couldn't be happier with the way that life has worked out for us and we know that there is a perfect child fresh waiting to be born for experience like he's the CEO of fun so he wants to make sure that that hotel room is like escape it all parents and then you know at the end the mom ended up picking somebody else for reasons we may or may not ever understand and I think that it always feels like you're in that perpetual state of much I love doing this and congrats on your podcast I can't wait to hear every single episode on Love You Amy Thank you guys Papa Glitter just waiting to come out they get it so this whole idea you guys are

Jasmine Lob abby jd Jaydee Downton Abbey Amazon Hobie Park Jae India seventeen years nine years two hours two years thirty minute five minutes ten minutes three hours two weeks two week one day
Special Report: The Power of Grayskull

The Projection Booth Podcast

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Special Report: The Power of Grayskull

"It's the sale. You've been waiting for now through monday. Get a huge fifty percent off the sales uni now with fifty percents off all jeans fifty percent off all dresses and fifty percents off all altis. That's right fifty percent off gene started fifteen bucks for adults. Ten bucks for kids want fashion a flash by online and pick up in store for free hurry hurry. This sale ends monday at old navy and old navy dot com valid eight two thousand nine hundred ninety two excludes in store clearance jumpsuits bubbles active licensed and men's package cheese. You can get any hot beverage for one dollar. Seven eleven app wait anyhow beverage any hot beverage. You want for just one dollars even a pumpkin spice latte day even a pumpkin spice latte judging me because i'm a man who p._s._l.'s mostly judging you because you're rooting for the other team but also because you can get any hot beverage at any size for one dollars seven eleven app and you only get pumpkin spice latte they meant like what like seven eleven b game day ready plus tax where applicable valid at participating locations christopher media. Let's make some noise when he messes i have the power is saying the kids. You don't have to do with your old anymore. You can be your own person. I got my masters toys on my birthday. It was just love at first sight and some of the he man became this billion dollar and merits figures also win. Why don't we do a massive fake and he called this one. Take head they call. This one bullet head. They called this what he meant. A universe when i heard heard and so males soberness did not turn you ever worked and then my dad this could be a great show. Hi it's jamie progressive's number one number two employee leave a message at the hey jamie. It's me jamie this. Is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about at your acapella group mad harmony but you will bounce back. I mean you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk now. Get out out there hit that high note and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year sorry it was pitchy progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates price and coverage match limited by state law. We have two weeks to do. I just flying everyone. This is ridiculous. It's never going to be hit when they and they were doing. The show action for children's television was up in arms. Just because of the title editors wrote feasting portray human reading three small children will be moved to emulate now. It's deal to play toy of superhero and those days city potentially damaging to clear twenty. My favorite rose remained so always the we'll be it goes so quickly and we made so many figures in excess as and poised to the in six eighty seven bigger army for your little boy when you find this character in this world where imagination is beyond dream. It's just amazing. Hey folks will special episode of the projection booth. I'm your host mike white on this soda. I'm talking to randall lob. The co director of the power of grace skull the definitive history of he man and the masters of the universe before we begin. I just wanted to say that the quality of the phone call. Maybe not the best during the first little bit then we eventually switched over to phone she my new skype and i also wanted to say that the dark crystal documentary which randall refers is now available on net flicks. That's the making of the new dark cristal series also. I wanted to say that the term i._p. Coming from the internet world i kept thinking internet protocol in means intellectual property so wrap your head around that as you enjoy this interview with random lop randall lob. Tell me about you and tell me how you got involved in doing. Gosh do a little bit of everything producing writing directing acting acting miscellaneous crew. How do you know about acting outed. That's secret get out there. I think you acted in the short brothers in law aw i forgot about brothers in law i did. You're right about people who have to do all the things. I've never had <hes> sometimes. They're called what hyphen as i go into some inordinate detail. There's one detail that are used to be in the film industry league making commercials. I'm from south western. Ontario rural part of ontario kids tend to get jobs young and kids work right. You might go work on a farm. You might work for your cousin your uncle in my case. My dad sold tractors. I was not a good employee over there a. Uh but my uncle was action near. He's learn how to drive things and deliver things impact things and load things and you have a different way of looking at the world that the city could have you have to learn to do a lot of stuff. You're resourceful so when i got into the film industry out of film school i already knew how to the drive trucks and i knew how to load stuff and like i just had a general laborer skilled certainly not a skilled <unk> not good with any tools in specific justify but in general group of kids where p a pack and trucks i would immediately say he'll let me go in the truck and you know you can rise through the ranks quickly quickly of people see you to sweep. This guy stays late this guy's first year. I was that guy and did well there until i fell off my bike bike hit my head go ahead two kinds of amnesia retrograde enter grade and when you have that you nowadays we know but post concussion syndrome back then i'm one hundred years old. There's no such thing you just got your bell wrong. People expect to work and of course the sharks smell the blood in walter and they circle and it's hard production is hard work so i couldn't do it and i didn't know why and so i became by fluke that goto into became a high school teacher and i thought i can and in my so called spare time can get back back into the film industry and maybe i'll teach and get myself figuring and and by the way why would a head injury make you a teacher because it's controlled the bell rings and you go go to the next class. You're familiar with early september the seasons change your back at school. You know it's a very structured kind of lifestyle and you know it since the time. You're five years old so it's a very smart way to live. If you had whatever i had long story made longer i as a teacher started to understand stand this group of kids. I was teaching so these would be sort of people born and <hes> maybe coming of age in their born in the seventies and early eighties and they're coming of age in the nineties and i think we all know about millennials jen's eds and all that now but i was watching this generational shift and these kids weren't like me exactly i was the age that immediately understood what the internet was going to do. From a nation perspective we saw that technology with mesh into the world and sort of had a front row seat to building it so i saw well how education was going to be encompassed by the internet and how the internet would department and then i immediately extrapolated that onto entertainment so very early on was thinking about how the film industry that i was doing on the side working development for people and you know writing freelance on stuff and features and all kinds of whatever you wanna say freelance writing and so on it all started to go in a direction towards tack so very early on we were putting coursework online we were looking at how hypertext get used in learning and you would say what does this have to do with making movies. This takes me to a place where i'm making or using technology to make education material more palatable to a group of people all that we now know as millennials later jen's ed gen z. If you're american i started to presumably learn some ways of building handles or this age of person and i started to see how the currency of that culture whence change it became more pervasive. It became more developmental up mental so you would see something. That was just sort of out there. Batman batman is out there in eighty nine. Batman gets turned into something else. Send you realize batman can be this and you know this idea that subsumed batman or anne of these franchises the big corporations were learning how to get people to come back to them again and again and again and there was a time you remember i'm sure when superhero movies kind of didn't work and marvel movies were particularly not hitting the mark and at this time when this is happening as a teacher. I am seeing what i think would do a better job or what doesn't mean i'm right what i think this age group group of people or what these younger looking for and i started to get further down that road and eventually we started working in two thousand eight nine on the teenage mutant ninja turtles franchise and that's a whole story of its own which you may or may not know or have heard but that film became the testbed sped for all these threads like the use of technology the 'democratisation of filmmaking technology in tools the social the proof of pudding your material online in a context where someone else's material was only that other person's a professional musician or filmmaker the idea you being you put your website. Mike's website and it's in the same space the same parlor as you know bill gates his website and all of a sudden you are as good as bill gates in some presentation away and the idea of having a place online nine in this space and having content to put into it and building handles for people to grasp that content that was what we see in turtles us on to make six was released and that process really refined those skills. I ended it up working with isaac elliott fisher <hes> cinematographer and he's very d._i._y. Filmmaker and younger than me and younger than markazi two mile so worked who was a post production in tech wizard and so we realized just the three of us have this wide range if i'm writing directing in producing and kind of during the strategy and thinking about online and what you might say if you're in a corporation innovation management or or forecasting where we should go with this or that and thinking about marketing and content and all of these sorts of kind of boring semi-barren corporate things but applying them to education and entertainment and intellectual properties and these big franchises and then i meet isaac and isaac this young guy who can build anything and sets and he's a painter. He's talented artist production designer. He's got a camera. He puts his own skin in the game. He knows how to shoot. He can light and we we get working with him and markazi. He has a lot of you know at the time cutting edge computers for editing and teaching himself all these programs on all these workflows and and building them from zero we have this entire production line marks 'cause he's blur matthew hussy. He is singer keys a keyboard player you can qatar and he can do soundtracks compose and perform looking around in the small town where in and we think we can end to end these movies please but the big question that we would have had is can we approach i._p. Can we sort of perform some with this that adds enough value that these big corporations will either edison or point echo which would be a story of this in how that works or would they reach out and say just either to get it off or to allow it in the room and sold it and we finished. It and we're able to do everything that we needed to do that. Movie is called drill power the definitive history of the teenage mutant ninja turtles the people who owned the turtles at one point kevin eastman and peter laird and all of mirage that grew they were all happy with us and they really liked us and they shared their information with us learned this way of doing things immediately after that and by the way you'll find this interesting we started conan but we started started ponant because it was in the office of the lawyer for turtles grabs. Your layered brutal french official or you've been lingers in his office was a bunch of conan's not about conan material and i'm just saying actor turtles the parents happy we did yard. We have the con- san comic con. What's happening really great and we really wanted to platform into the next film. He called me. He should render world. Donna ex wanted to be <hes>. <hes> any won't have to work with me. But what are you thinking of doing next and i said conan the barbarian and and he got dead quiet and said you're not going to believe this and i said what he said. I represent coenen. I can't get you through tacona. Properties paradox entertainment. I believe was what they were called an end named fred malmberg and fred momberg who lives in los angeles and he's from sweden originally regionally he and his husband jay own basically we're we're managing the franchise at the time and i thought oh here these two games. Swedish men are running opponent franchise. This is amazing is an incredible story. I loved it so reached the fred momberg we became friends and we started isaac and my alphand markazi we started working on conan and we got along down the road doing conan and you're gonna say randall. You've been talking this whole time. I wanna on and nobody power of grace skull. You have been yeah well. If you know about your history you know that the turtles in human where of concentrate he man comes out and really influences aspects of the turtles toy line and you can see that in the sizes shapes and the fanciful characters send you know the bizarre mutations and all that there's an this kind of an interlinked there but there's more than that there was also a guy named mark taylor was involved in both franchises sizes critical to human for many became important in turtles and a few other people decide except to me you should do he men next i said knowing that's a complex france. As it's all all split up. It's different parts at universal and different parts are are they with mattel and who's doing a movie and it just seemed like it was distributed weirdly and wasn't wasn't focused right. Nothing was coming so i said neither wanted to. He man we're going to stay with conan. Well we find a document in the conan archives that linked pieman and conan. It was some kind of a lawsuit some kind of activity between in effect conan properties at the time and mattel and it was all about the john milius movie so there's one and we interviewed bill stout william stout the artists and he's talking about conan he worked component component while i really did a lot of work on he man and isaac and i looked at each other and then williams so chose team and stuff on my god amazing. I i say not to things aren't enough. We have another one well we ended up at gary goddard's office and he did the universal show conan live <unk> show whenever you look stunt spectacular sort of thing has set the sort of model for those types of shows but he directed the human movie so isaac turns this to me and he looks at me in gary gutters office and he puts his arms up and he was okay. How many more do we need. I was skeptical. I thought this is never gonna work. Mattel l. is a very big company and i thought there'll be protective. Whenever you want to say is negative so component was something we were developing really thinking. We were going to put out in twenty fifteen. I want you to think about that. It's twenty one thousand nine hundred. We're still not a so we got a lot of stuff shot a lot of stuff in the can and during this period of <hes> summer twenty fifteen odd mccallum had done nintendo quest he knew about turtle power and there were actually a few filmmakers who reached out to me into isaac or to mark and just said hey. We like turtle power. We're wondering how would you approach this or what would you do for that and i'm not talking like it's not the hollywood moment went. Were sony calls you up and says can your under whatever version of that it's more like a filmmaker saying saw that i'm curious. What did you do how how did you do can solve this problem. <unk> from general quite friendly so chatted up well. Rob mccallum did a little bit of a trick on isaac komo message on facebook and he said i'm going to do a documentary on emek panicked lord of the rings and take whatever big franchise new feeling fear the one who should do and probably some of that is an ego but mortgage payment right. You're passionate about a french inch so isaac contacted me and said you know this guy rob mccallum he lives near us strangely enough sitting nearby and he wants so do eamon and should we like hurry up and do it or what a nicer we'll. Why don't we team up. See how we can deal with that and so we over couple all month period. We hit it off with rob. We thought we had a workflow by the way if you make films you know it's not easy to pull someone into a system that could be addio syncretic or whatever you wanna call it. We have our own workflow and i do not envy rob coming it robert if he prefers robert it coming into that workflow and then having to you know basically wear these clothes that we made and robert. Here's your suit right so i can imagine it. Was you know he probably got on this call. He might disagree because he's a nice guy but he might have had trepidation trepidation nations he wanted to co direct and co write and i'm if anything is known about directors. They're probably control freaks. Male female young old doesn't matter so we figured out a way to work together and we started that documentary kind of set conan aside because of other factors which i'm happy to chat what about you know if you want if you ever get a word in edgewise and we thought about going to kickstarter because that was roberts kind of area of knowledge that once compared with us. I'll be honest when we made our it. Will you know mortgage. Your house can make a movie see what happens. Try and sell it with conan it. It was we'll take if the at a little bit of money leftover from turtles. Can we put that into another picture yeah. We did <hes> he man. It wasn't gonna work that way. We were going to run out of money immediately and rob had the idea of kickstarter forward is nintendo. Can we do a kickstarter starter any kind of campaign using our skills to have a really nice opening video and put together some added value materials and and just really all that we'd be make work and that's how we <unk> king on it before started we had some pieces birth and not the jump into full till if you've seen a lot of you know about you know we've got a lot of people unsure here. You have questions about some of that. I have to stop here so you something that. I know that you're there the he man. What did he mean for you you and the rest of the full pop media guys to say this is going to be our thing robert mccallum one of the reasons reasons why it was good for us to work with them. He man was incredibly important to him. He was the perfect age. He was in a situation where he wanted and needed some role models. He wanted some comfort from that show and i don't think i'm speaking out of turn about him. I mean he we had quite a start. He made a film called missing mom which if people saw that they know that's it's quite a strong and so i think he really bonded with the characters and he man and it was meaningful to him for isaac. It was something that he wanted toys. A beautiful castle grace called place that was to him something really powerful than totemic or mark hussy my business partner and person who is in that's room with me right now. I don't think it was particularly important him either. He had younger siblings so it was on his radar for me. It's important that i'm on the outside i if you approach these i._p. Deeply inside the tendency is for its color color your choices and if i don't find myself at a remove a safe for move i can't make the decisions i make in quite the same way. It's it's like you can imagine if yours your son or daughter hands you a piece of work from grade two or something and it is beautiful to you. You love it because is that your child and so you don't have quite the same perspective on it so i really try to be objective about all of these i._p. So for me. It's it's been merging my enjoyment of the franchise both in the turtles and inhuman comes from the people that i meet so when we start making the documentary it a voyage for me to discover these amazing people behind the scenes and we really i think i speak for mukasey as well and then is it can robert. Are we really come to like people that we work with and we're talking about and talking to and so that's how really the franchise in each case is as colored entirely by the world behind that character behind all the different versions action figures and what have you so so you see what i mean. It's very different. People used to say to me. You know who's your favorite character then. My favorite character might be mark taylor. My favorite character might be adult one grand or franklin jail. You know what i mean. It's it's totally based on the way that i interact with the the behind the scenes of of it which is probably the opposite of what a lot of your fans would think you talked a little bit about some of the inroads made with he man inadvertently certainly while you're doing your research for conan but i'm curious about how you went about the rest of it as far as who you managed to talk to and especially when it comes to some of the for lack of a better term the super fancy that you talked to because they have super interesting stories which i wouldn't necessarily think you'd think about really hardcore super fancy okay yeah. They're kind of blinded to everything else but these guys actually had really interesting stories to tell what part of it is who you choose. I'm not pointing at anyone or not pointing in anyone but if you were to look at any fandom as a filmmaker coming in from the outside you know i'm accusing the ones that have good stories not necessarily in advance but you know it's possible. There's someone on the cutting room floor not for any fault of theirs or anything negative get of about them but their story perhaps wasn't as touching or as you know interesting. Someone else's so you do have that effect of the editing process is waiting. You know it seems like everybody. We chose had a great story. The other side of it is that people remember things that happened to them in their childhood with a different color and they remember things that happen to them when they're in their say their thirties or forties or or even their twenties their twenties this kind of an interesting period separate conversation but the things that happened when we're children. They actually form our brains right. Your brain isn't done when you're a boy. <hes> your brain is growing and developing thing until you're probably twenty seven or eight or something. Maybe more your four brain and so a lot of your emotions a lot of your sense of yourself. These things are literally created created by the activity of proceeding something and then amalgamating it into your experience and your thoughts and your feelings so you know in my case if if i watched the spiderman cartoon that old crazy old cartoon from the sixties throughout back she <hes> produced cartoon with the great jazz music that music is very powerful for me. It's short short circuits directly to my emotions and i think the case can be made that the feeling of nostalgia we have comes right out of the power and the primacy of the emotional actional memories and so somebody who watched it at a certain time has a certain feeling and all of those feelings are are awakened because you know your brain works by association creation so all these things are clustered together and i think people they do get into the heart hope their feelings or their ideas. He is rather <hes> about the franchise at the time they watched it. I think even did not david wise say that different documentary the writer david wise is you might have known david wash transformers or turtles. He made a line he said the perfect era for the perfect age for science fiction and people were trying to say was it the fifties the sixties and seventies i think east it was theodore sturgeon and said the perfect age four science fiction is thirteen. I really like that's a great and then by the the way i probably misquoted probably said the wrong author and probably said the wrong age that david y you get what i'm saying you mentioned before that you had had a head injury when you're growing up and when was that so actually i was twenty three everybody my age had head injuries in the sixties and seventies these parents back then were more love affair. They let us do stuff and we got hurt when we got banged around so i've had probably eight or nine good concussions and cushions and i'm fine. Trust me this one in particular. When i was twenty three it was a it was bad enough that <hes> i had these kinds of damage. Yeah i lost about a year. I don't know i don't know how long i was just curious because you're talking about that whole idea of the graham the brain growing and then what that might have affected your maybe even your take on pop culture with that payment. One hundred percent true might take about culture comes one one hundred percent from being a desperate kid in small towns in rural ontario canada with no access to the things that i am interested in and and kids growing up now have no idea of the scarcity of enjoyment so you think about yourself again. You can tell me your age or or you can just tell me something. He loved as a kid and i'll know but if i loved david bowie in nineteen seventy four and i did it was next to impossible to get any information about him. There's no inter. I can't go buy a magazine cream magazine or whatever rolling stone magazine. I don't even know about those until somebody's he's older. Brother leaves one on the floor. You know what i mean. It was hewer hunger so i'm from an era when if you want something you have to go oh and actively get it and you have to participate in it in a way that is really really active. I'm looking. I'm going to stores seeking what i want and i'm going to people's houses and looking through their records. Oh my god you've got this so if i figured out that neil adams did batman at a certain time periods to go back to our batman structure. I don't think i knew neal adams was until i was in my twenties. I just knew that name is good. That's a good batman. I wish i could find more of those. I don't know who he is. I don't know where he is. I don't think i was even aware of how comic book was made c._c. This way of going hang out into the i._p. Digging through it and approaching it with reverence and elevating or or recognizing that it is elevated by my need is giving me specifically me a certain mindset. I'm very much a hunter a secret to hold and look at an exam and and then you know if you've ever had that experience of sitting down with your album or cd and you read all the information on you figure out mutt lang produced use this a._c._d._c. album and you you know you start to make a composition of the world that is not the same as someone who's just listening to music watching the music nick for a lot of kids my age. It was star wars right. Who's this george lucas. Who's richard edlund. Wait a minute what somebody made this. You know that's a real switch being flipped but i was always that kid. I was like that my whole life always wanting to know more and desperate to get as much as more input martin which is handy for doc filmmaker when you approach he man. Do you always know i mean there is a at least until maybe maybe a year ago when are two years ago. Whenever the she rock cartoon <hes> started back up and now we've got the announcement yesterday of kevin smith read read the turning with the animation of he man but until then we had a pretty clear beginning middle and end of the he man story but how do you approach. I'm going to give this much focused to this era of it like the movie itself. It could have been an entire documentary yeah and we cut a bunch of stuff of course so what you have to do is go by feel. The first thing is it's the best idea always wins and you can't put your ego in the in the argument or the discussion so if i'm sitting down talking to the other guys and and we say you know this whatever this little threat is this story thread. This is really interesting so and he man one of the really interesting threads for some other. The people was who invented he man. Can we see if mark taylor and roger sweet can have an argument or get too. You know there's some loggerheads to play out there. That's valid for for someone to do. That's their decision. I approach is a little more like see what people say about our creative and you start to as you. You listen to people if you really listen to them. They'll tell you what the movie is about. They'll tell you what the story is. It's because they say the thing that is most important to them and when you hear if we interview sixty people and sixty people say these important things and i start to line up all the commonalities and then way might eagle gets out of the way anyway because there's the best ideas are the things that they said so then the other filmmakers that you know they're sitting here with me. We go okay. They're saying this. We should say that too so there's best idea win second part. Is you have to come up with something that allows. I was itself to grow so if you imagine having a checklist an interviewing someone they're going to give you basically an answer to your question cia. But what did he say something to them. That elicits an unintended response now you're having a conversation and so by just talking to the people listening to them and letting them sort of decide what they're going to let this interview be or where it's gonna go where what it becomes <hes> you get into a place where you're sort of following this as we call it an emergent story so go back to your question you you start off and you get some pretty cool stories and that's interesting. Let's keep that <hes> but that second thing we had there that feels like the same thing only different so you pull that out and you just keep doing that over and over again and you see these connections and some of us you know again. I'll say i proven this overtime. I'm able to hold hold basic thesis points in my head and i know okay go back to turtles one. We're talking about. I first comic first cartoon first movie. You know you talked about verse with he man it talk about how the group comes together group think how the different contributors layer in elements elements so if you were gonna say what's the narrative thread there that you stuck with its when people add interesting elements so mike barbados says well snowed spout. I'm i'm an engineer. My job is to figure out how to get the water in squirt the water out that's interesting because here's this engineer layering his element and you watch the duck differently when you realize oh well these people are doing is saying it takes a village so anytime. Somebody says i did this and i did. That doesn't really fit. The a senior you know doesn't fit that idea. See might discard that way. I would suggest we do it. We have basic points. We have basic ideas. We have themes teams and theses. We have metaphors in our head. We have all these kind of markers that we wanna hit and then we just let it feel like it fits and sometimes there's a special trick. I'll do a big jump like you might be point. Someone's criticism of the film could say <hes> well at the handed kind of russia's they go over. They gloss over a bunch of stuff quickly fiene yeah we did because there's really no end in a way we you wanted to talk about the movie that was in development and we get it yeah. We didn't get a chance to get their like you. Were looking for something and then you realize oh it's not there and then you realize this franchise never ended and all of a sudden. You realize that's with the movie kind of shows so a lot of stuff happening and there's this pent up feeling. There's this sense of. There's there needs to be more. What's what's next. What's happening wears he met and we kind of put that in that in the film that feeling like and so some people don't like that and that's fair but some people feel the excitement at the end like oh my god what's next and by the way if you came to me and said hey would you make the second half i'd say yes. That's art of the feeling you never feel like you're done. We could do this again. We could pick up where we left off. Yeah how long does take between when robert mccallum kind of tricks you and when you actually show this for the first time at what was at power con yeah. I think it was two years. Let me just that's mark mark. He made was two years right summer summer twenty fifteen to summer twenty seventeen yeah. I think so there you go. That's remarkable that you could fit all of those interviews and all of that in just a two year period of time. If you saw how quickly we got together those interviews it would blow your mind. There was not mistaken. Maybe a two week period where isaac counted up that we had done over thirty. Yeah it's crazy. It's not possible like i don't know how we did. I don't remember exactly how we did that but you do it. In in in in bursts right it would be nice if i could work eight hours a day and then that would be much pick a movie but it's more like exploding exploding periods of time and then waiting for something to happen and exploding period the time and then waiting for something to happen. Nestle teaching at this time are you. I was for for a big part of it. <hes> i was teaching high school english and i was head of the department <hes> but i was you know you're teaching stuff that you really know well. I have the kind of memory. I'm able to read something kind of retain. Obviously i make these films but <hes> i taught up until august fifteen and then pulled that of you with franklin. Gela was probably one of the best things i've ever seen. Oh man near so kind but i have to say i loved it and i think you can do that. You can totally tell that. I'm having a great time with him. He's just so oh sincere in that. He holds that performance of his in such high regard. It was so wonderful to hear because there's so many times where some of these in something that is an entirely considered a box office boom or whatever and they just know brushed under the carpet but he is so into to that was great. I'm going to have to say here i again. I've said this before but i i i'll make it make the point for you and your listeners. It's adam s. goldberg that made that happen adam f goldberg who made makes the show the show the goldbergs on a._b._c. That's about his life. He's a huge fan of he man and he reach out to me during the kickstarter and said you know i wanna see this movie if you would come out and talk to me about it. I'd like to be involved doc and you know. I didn't go to them and say hey can. You cut me a check or anything like that like. I imagine lots of people do because why wouldn't they. That's how it feels hollywood works but i went out and said i'd love you know to have you involved. How would you like to be involved. Decided if you're in trouble and you need something. Let me know particularly people people so he got us grin and franklin jill which would be if anything. It's two of the best parts of the movie like you go. Oh my god they're they are and it's exciting citing and it was exciting for us that he made that possible and here's the crazy part. Franklin jila told us is it can i that he loves loves talking about it. He wanted to talk about it and he was relishing the chance of think of that. He hadn't had many opportunities to discuss the film and and he really wanted them so when you get a chance to get him on camera and we were by the way at his place he will come to his place. I won't say where but we went to where he lives and we sat down in his comfort zone and he just gave us the truth and you could tell even use it to yourself. You could tell he really really wanted to talk about it. It was important to him and his kid and those great the other thing that i was really compelled. By during the documentary was on all of the discussion discussion of gender roles and i know that that's very important of course to kids that are growing up but just the here the adults talking about how they wanted to make shirt that genders were being presented and just the way that she was kind of being put under the current. Now you're talking talking about these things themes that are important not just to me personally but to says a group here i don't know if you have a mother forever did but i did and and almost everybody i know has her head mother and i don't know if you've ever had a sister or girlfriend or a wife or daughter whether you're gay or straight you you interact with women on an ongoing equal basis but if you do something culture especially and what people call nerd culture a geek culture you you often don't see a lot of women and you often don't see good representation and if you are on twitter right now you see a lot of and so it was important to us talk about that you know when you talk to fifteen dancer and she talks about some of the things that were called for her to be a toy designer and to be taken can seriously and to be accepted as a person and not as girl doing boys job and whatever they said at that time period it becomes obvious that i have to talk about it. I would have liked to have gone further at one point that mattel. There's a female c._e._o. And she was very powerful there and obviously fleet you know it would have been nice to talk to noel richardson who show running the sheera show on netflix. I think that's her name. Correct me. If i'm wrong. Sorry <hes> milk noel l. stevens. I'm sorry i've i've dropped her name but those opportunities to talk to women and to talk about their perspective on pop culture is critical. A lot of young girls growing up you know had some pretty unpleasant role models to look at a guy with a daughter her. It's incumbent upon me to do what i can to stop that if i can play a part in getting positive messaging at their responsibility as the dad as a teacher as a co equal person in the world full of people who are both men and women and whatever in between works so what is the plan to have have the stuck inventory rollout now for the public. It's a complex world. We live in now. You know you sell some rights to net flix or or licensing rights. It's for certain window of of streaming there and then there are other rights that you try and sell off elsewhere or you get a sales agent to help you sell those rights off for you know there's some of this. You can see universal soon. They're putting something out and you'll probably see it and it's going into a physical media in september through high-octane pictures and it's just building sort of ways of getting the movie out there that become tricky cookie and so took a long time obviously and you don't get hold for a while. I wanna movie like this. I mean people. I know some of the kickstarter starter fans thought hey man you're done whereas all the stuff and then we compile everything you know there's a lot of work involved and some of that work is dictated by uh-huh distribution deals so you might be told you know netflix has requirements that you behave in a certain way or publicized certain things are not other things so at affects what you do or don't do at a certain time and then you know the next rights windows after that or affected so again it's boring and it's business and it's not as fun as where's the movie by september. I think thirty this you will be able to go and buy this available other places nice and we've wanted that all along because people ooh you know and people who are happy off. Don't the physical d._v._d. As many extra s- on there i don't wanna say where the extras will oh be but there will be extras you and you will have access to them. In a number of places we had to make a number of different extras in a number a different forms. Yes is the answer like i know this is important to fans and it's important to me and to everybody here to robert isaac and mark. We want everybody to see everything that we can get in there so there's a way to ten pounds of content five pound bag. We'll try everything we can to get it in and tell me about riddle of steel and how that's going for you so this is a <hes> one of the vagaries of being a filmmaker in modern modern culture <hes> we are very close to fred momberg and he's running the franchise and he's doing any here's the whole robert de helped <hes> library the state and not the state the intellectual property attached to our e._h. and he's trying everything possible to get conan back out there and everything and not just from a business perspective like he doesn't just say hey. I bought this i._p._m. Wanna make money. He's a true i believe he loves it and he had been in it for a long time so something was said. I'm not saying anything secret here. This is all public information. Something was set up at universal and it looked like there was going to movie and it looked like arnold who's going to be an and we thought we would be putting our conan documentary sort of in the ecosystem system around that movie that movie didn't continue on it fell apart in whatever way and so there was something somewhere look like to be at a particular company and perhaps be a television program to some degree a series and that didn't work out as expected for a number of reasons and so they're back at at square one. Try setting up something else in what we hope to be a manner that allows us to get that documentary put together. We're ninety percent done by the way i could sit down and watch a. I think it's a three hour cut of that movie right now. Yeah i had a five hour that i was cutting away way up with isaac and i think we got it down to three and we just have a few more things. We'd like to get and one of those things is not a secret. We can't put this out until we aren't. We just can't for one third of conan fans. It's about arnold one third of the conan. Fans are marvel comics people and by the way marvel and dark horse. I should say but marbles new cone and stuff. I don't know if you're reading that. It's great. I love what jason aaron's is doing. Gerry duggan. I'm really enjoying it and and i love seeing that happen. I like the conan games you know. There are some coney games that right now that are i think are killing us. There really really interesting. I like it being back but we really need to come out with something else a movie or a series or else you know you just can't go to arnold's hosts and shit shoot with them. There has to be a has to be something there or you know his times. He's still arnold's right and he needs to know like oh. There's a world around this. Now i get it and i think you'll agree other way. I'm speculating remember should franklin. Jealous said he wanted to talk about it and it was hard to get him up until we got him and then he said man. I'm i we should call me sooner but like that happens a lot. There's a lot of <hes> a lot of that that goes on where people well either act like they wanna do or act like they don't door. You just don't know how the business works so. There's a lot of layers out there too. That's it's right and once we get him where we're basically done on. Honestly there are three or four things that that would be nice to get having him would make this like we interviewed john. Milius think about that. If you interview john milk you need to have arnold because that's really that's two guys that we associate really strongly with that film and the film's uh-huh very important. Did you shoot him before he had the stroke we shot with him in the fourth or fifth year after his recovery and and it was it was amazing we spent the day with him and he's he's getting out of the world more often now but and it was a very difficult thing for him to come out of the stroke and you know i don't want to say too much. It's not my place to come in someone else's help but there's a guy who really has had it will climb and it's still that way having a stroke i mean you are your brain and with the brain that that man had you know that's a lot of stuff stopped got impacted a lot of a lot of big guy to deal with and so he's had a really tough go and i don't <hes>. I don't know that many people would the strength to do what he's done but he's getting back every day. We haven't seen him in a while. We hear that he's going out and doing conventions and stuff. The time now which is amazing mandolin riddle of steel comes out. I'm definitely going to want to talk to you about that so i'm. I'm putting that on your calendar for. I never oh man i wish asia. I know you've got a lot of irons in the fire. You know you're doing not only documentary work but then also working on narratives. You've got screen plays. You've got and then <music>. I'm curious what else you have going well. There's something that i can mention but i can't talk about it. <hes> august thirtieth net flicks like says dr cristal series comes out dark could the dark crystal age of resistance and i am pretty sure there's a documentary going behind the scenes on the dark crystal that will blow people's minds. You'd like to go in places where nobody gets to go. Oh and you like to see things that nobody sees. This documentary about this stunning achievement will be very appealing and i feel very proud of that documentary almost as if i was involved you know what i'm saying. Now you understand me yeah. I think i'm picking up what you're laying down. Sometimes have you really feel and this documentary. I've seen it many times. I really like it but more to the point. That series is a stunning achievement. It is visually insane. I don't know if anybody is ready to watch this that it is incredible. You need to have more than popcorn. Let's put it that way. You need a lot of snacks a lot of drinks. It's going to be multi hour trip through a fantasy world like very few people have imagined randall was the best place to keep up with you and your work people who want to know what i'm doing should check out definitive film with no s that's definitive senator film on facebook or twitter or you can look for me <hes> on twitter or instagram. I'm the lab coat guy and <hes>. I usually louis post stuff. That makes you wonder what i'd like. What you know the time i make a frustrated comment but normally it would be look. We met look. We can't talk about look. We get specific. Let's say we were shooting at the entry about something and we were traveling and we couldn't didn't show why doing i might shit your shoe and the floor in a place where not allowed to shoot and i would put that up and people would say i don't understand what he's doing doing here and then later can tell the story we kinda flood with the pictures so that that would be after august thirtieth it would be good to find us fun twitter facebook and you can go to our website definitive film dot com randall lab. Thank you so much for your time today. Listen thank you for being patient. There's a lot a lot of monologue here. People listen to the cut down version. That's probably ten minutes long. They'll be very surprised by how much is on the floor. <music> uh-huh <music> <music> breath sir <music> ooh aw aw doc uh-huh <music> <music> uh-huh eh clearly <hes> <hes> book bad unbelievable and if you enjoy this show and what more people to know about it head on over to i tunes leave a comment and rated five stars. Make sure you like insurance on facebook and don't forget to follow us on twitter just search for christopher media. Thank you in advance for supporting christopher for media by clicking on the paypal and by clicking through to all the sponsors who support christopher media dot net most importantly we would like to take the time to extend an extra special thanks to you. Christopher media could not exist without your support. Thank you for visiting christopher media dot net and thank you for listening christopher media yeah. Let's make some noise stylized lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. That's you go tickling the ivories he just saved by bundling home and auto progressive gonna finally by airing for that gal of yours hugo send my condolences. This is next in my thinking progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. It's discounts not available in all states or situations. Can i get a drum roll please. It's time for the best deal on xfinity and ask about even more savings and you add xfinity mobile. It's that simple easy awesome. Click call visit store today. Restrictions apply not available in all areas.

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252: Limiting What Comes Into the House Podcast

A Slob Comes Clean

27:21 min | 9 months ago

252: Limiting What Comes Into the House Podcast

"Welcome to a slob comes. Clean the PODCAST. I'm Dana K. White I blog over at a SLOB COMES CLEAN DOT com. That's where I share my personal diesel vacation process as I figure out ways to keep my own home under control. I share the truth about cleaning and organizing strategies that actually work in real life for real people even those of us who do not like cleaning organizing. Thanks for joining me today. This is podcast number two fifty two and I think I'm going to call it Limiting what comes into the house. We'll see anyway so I'm answering a couple of listener questions today and In it there are two questions related to that and then when that's not related to that but whatever anyway so that's what. I'm going to basically be talking about today in case I'm super rambling. You know the stuff that's going on right now. On March of twenty twenty you know. It's a little overwhelming and I've had kind of a morning but hey I am recording a podcast. Let's see if I make any sense. We'll see what happens okay. I'm before we get started though. I want to remind you that I do have books that are not super rambling. And that had editors and everything who like make sure that everything all made sense and I went back over two million times and spent over a year writing it and Blah Blah Blah anyway Those are available. Wherever books are sold you can go to Ace. Lob COMES CLEAN DOT com slash book. And that will give you my I Anyway it'll have links to wherever those books are sold which is everywhere all the different formats. So they are how to manage your home without losing your mind if you're feeling completely overwhelmed in your home right now like. Oh my word. I just don't know how it gets this bad all the time and what is wrong with me. That's the one you need 'em and then there's decluttering at the speed of life if you're wanting to declutter and you're feeling overwhelmed and paralyzed. That's the book for you so anyway. There's no one to start with. I'm just saying but Those are available in audio form. E-book kindle nook all any paperback whatever okay before we get to the two questions that are more related to the actual title of the PODCAST I did have one that came to me And I'm just going to be honest. I have been meaning to do this. Podcast with answering questions for a while and I had written out notes for it and then I didn't save it and my computer turned off and I don't know which documented is and I just don't have the energy right now to like do a major dig in my computer to find the recovered about whatever anyway so. This question is from memory Also I it's been so long that the questions. I thought I was going to go back and check in my instagram messages. Yeah those do go away after a while so anyway this is one of the and it was basically about the trip up issue of there being one or two dishes that need to soak When you are getting your dishes done at night now to be clear especially for those of you who are all day and have weird schedules right now yes I am I mean. I have t shirts that say do the dishes. Okay I mean like I am huge about doing the dishes but the time of day is not actually the issue. Okay for me. It works best for me to to do them before I go to bed. Put them away in the morning And then that way I can just keeps things running more smoothly. Not that things are running smoothly and my house right now but whatever But that's not the like whatever time of day works best for you and you're GONNA only figure that out by doing your dishes and figuring out what works best in your home so it's not so much an issue of nighttime but anyway it was at the question was what do I do when I can almost have the dishes done and yet I have one thing left to soak okay. Here's what I'm going to say about that And this is one of those things where I don't have all the background and everything and because I don't have the thing in front of me I just remember this being one of the things I was going to talk about so I don't actually have the what somebody wrote as their their question. If it was you were not okay. There's like what twenty thousand of Y'all that listened to each episode within the first week or two and I just said I don't know if it was you which feels weird but whatever anyway. I think this is an issue that a lot of us have however for me. This was an issue that I had before I was actually doing my dishes every day like it was a predicted issue for me. I assumed that would be one of the problems with doing my dishes. Every okay well. Yeah but what if I get them all done and then I have something that has to soak and so they're not technically all done. That was my tie. It was a predictive trip up something that I was. Pretty sure would be an issue if I would do this everyday k. Here's what I have to say about it once. I started doing my dishes every day like literally every day. I found that I rarely had the need to soak things because a lot of times what I was soaking was something that had sat for awhile. Sat sets it. We know it's not sitted but y'all seriously my brain issues. Anyway that had been on the counter for a while. Let's say that that had been on the counter for a while Getting Christine Christine. Okay once I started doing the dishes pretty much every night you know. Then it was only a couple of hours at the most after the pan- had been used that I was washing it and things didn't you didn't need to be soaked as much the other thing too as a. Lotta those dishes I'm not telling you which things to put your dishwasher or not because I put things in my dishwasher. I'm not supposed to just deal with the fact that they're not as pretty as they used to be so. I'm not going to tell you to do that because that's your business but by doing the dishes every night. I generally have room now. It's a little bit harder right now because at the moment we're using a lot of dishes okay and I'm generally running my dishwasher twice a day but or at least like an extra time every other day or something anyway. Whatever like I said things are not great right hearing them on that front but when I was running my when I'm running my dishwasher every night I generally have space in it for some of those bigger pots and pans. And here's the other thing. Make sure you're using high-quality dishwasher detergent. You're doing dishwasher okay. if you're handwashing and you are sure that it needs to be soaked let it soak at the beginning of your handwashing okay and then by the end most likely if you only used it an hour or two ago. Most likely by the end of this round of washing the dishes. It's GonNa you're GONNA be able to wash it pretty easily kate a hand. Wash it if you're using a dishwasher. I recommend that you get the tablets or pods okay. And I've explained this before. I think I had a podcast on getting the most out of your dishwasher This is something that I as a super duper cheapskate used to not do. But when I went to the Maytag labs years ago eight years ago now. Goodness gracious that's crazy Or longtime ago at least however long. It's been one of the things that they talked about. Was that because of different changes in what was allowed to be in dishwasher because of environmental type things When they had they had to remove one of the most common ingredients that they use to To have in dishwashing detergents for dishwashers. And when they did that Was around the same time that pods and tablets and things like that started to be really popular and so they started putting all of their science all of their research into tablets and pods and so that was. That's why those items are much more effective. Okay so if you put a pot or pan or something and it's not getting that clean check and see if you were. You're using the more expensive stuff because I'm telling you it's not that much more expensive. It's more expensive. Yes but it's not much more expensive and it is so worth it to me to have my dishes. Get sparkly clean okay. Let's take a moment to talk about this episode sponsor. Better help if you're finding that staying on top of your mental health is very challenging. Check into better help. Better help us online counseling that you can use from home. It allows you to connect with a licensed professional counselor in a safe and private online environment. So you can get help on your own time and at your own pace. You can schedules secure video or phone. Sessions plus chat and text with your therapist. Better help has US licensed therapists across all fifty states. If you're not happy with your counselor for any reason you can request a new one at any time for no additional charge you can start communicating and under twenty four hours though it is not a crisis line. Here's a big advantage through better help. You have access to broad expertise in the network so you can address your unique needs. You're not limited to what's available in your local area and the service is available for clients worldwide and you can check out testimonials posted daily on their site. It's more affordable than traditional offline. Counseling and financial aid is available. For those who qualify. I want you to start living a happier life today as a listener. You'll get ten percent off your first month by visiting better help dot com slash clean. Join over eight hundred thousand people taking charge of their mental health again. That's better help. H. E. L. P. dot com slash. Clean Okay next question. I'm a super impulse shopper. I have to be really careful. Which sale shopping sprees? I know you said that this is talking about me that you had the same problem with yard sales. How do you deal with the increased price of intentional purchases for example once in a while? I hit up stores after holidays and get toys. That are at least seventy five percent off. I can spend a hundred dollars and get enough toys for the year at regular price. It would only be enough for one or two items. I don't know how to get the best deals while not going overboard. How did you cope with items for pennies at yard sales verses the prices after the yard sale break So I have another podcast on how to stop cluttering and it basically is on this concept. That might be another good thing for you to listen to at that point I mean or whatever after this. I don't know like I said random words coming out of my mouth today. Here's the thing for me. Yard sales were my Kryptonite. I mean like I was obsessed with yard. Sales loved them. Planned out had so much fun. I really honestly. It was something I truly enjoyed doing. I enjoyed the hunt of to yard sales. Not Knowing what I was gonNA find. Getting shockingly amazing deals on all kinds of crazy stuff that was I. I'd look back now and even though at the time I would have said that I was doing it to help my family. I look back now and I acknowledge that it was more about the hunt than it was about the deals I was it was much more about the thrill of finding staff and getting great deals that it was about me actually needing these things that I was getting great deals on okay. So as I've changed now you know we do. My daughter and I went to some garage sales well back a couple months ago before there weren't grudge hills anymore and You know we were specifically looking for an office chair. She wants an office chair for her room. And so I still will go. But it's when I need something specific now. The hard part about that is if you go to garage sales every single week. Oh you go find a lot of office chairs. You're gonNA find one this week and then you're gonna find even better when the next week and then the next week you're going to be like. Oh my word. This one has all the things that those other two didn't have an. It's only two dollars or whatever and you're going to bring all this stuff in your house. That was me okay. So did we find an office chair? No we did not have. We survived. Yes we have okay so and here. Here's here's the thing and I always hesitate when I'm answering questions because I don't want anybody to feel like I am picking on them but I wanNa make sure you understand that I'm coming from my own. Having had the same exact issue. Okay you also know that. I was a coupon her when I before I started the blog or when I very first started the blog and so yes I was all about getting those deals even when it wasn't a garage so but shifting that perspective and realizing that I had too much stuff in my house. And that's where I have to say that if you're listening to a podcast about decluttering and if you are sending an email to me I feel like I should be safe to assume that clutter is an issue. Okay which means at other thing when I answer these questions is y'all we all have these same issues. I mean that's the thing I've learned over and over so I'm not picking on any one person but I'm saying most likely clutter is a struggle you otherwise you wouldn't even have sought out or found my podcast and blog and books and stuff. Okay so you know because I know people who are major bargain hunters and don't have cluttered houses. So obviously there's something different there. Okay it's not the bargain-hunting what the real question here was. How can I stop from getting too much? So here's where the practical things come in going when you need to. Even though it's taps a maybe you you can still shop for sales at the time when you need something. They're not going to be as great of a sale as they were. When it was seventy five percent off but often I have found. I'm more able now because I don't get things ahead. I feel like I get things that are a little more personalized for my kids. Not that they're necessarily toy age anymore. They're not wage anymore But I'm able to get things a little more personal than back when I would just grab grab grab anything that they might like. Okay because then the things that they might like would come into my house and make our house harder to manage okay. So it's kind of a win win even though they're not getting as much stuff. They're getting a little more like okay. This is what they're into this actual moment so we we have my sixteen year old home. Goodness you guys. Teenagers are really fun and they really are. I love them like it's so much fun but who anything you thought you were getting away with when they were little. Oh it's GonNa come back okay and one of the things that my sixteen year old brings up all the time he's like. How did you convince me to ask for a tool set for Christmas? How did you convince me that I wanted a tool set for Christmas and I was like because I found it on sale? That's why I did it now. That's what I had to do when the kids were little because we didn't have a whole lot of money but So there's nothing wrong with that but what I'm saying is it's kind of Nice nail to be able to wait now. It's hard now because we do have more money than my than we did when my kids were little so I. WanNa make sure that I'm not acting like oh just spend more money. It's no big deal but at the same time even back. When I was shopping for sales I was going against my GRANDPA's which was always. It's not actually a great deal if you don't actually need it. Do you see what I'm saying? My husband just walked through the room everybody. He waved. Okay soon now. This gets awkward. Okay anyway so But but it's not it's not actually saving money because even though yes. I only spent ten dollars for what I might have. If I'd paid full price I might have spent four hundred dollars for a whole bunch of stuff and I didn't actually need it so I would've saved even more money if I would have only gotten what I need whatever. So how do you go about doing that? Well the container concept okay first of all. Try to just shop for what you need. Which is really hard and I know. That's difficult to say But it it comes down to the Container Concept K. The container concept is. This is the amount of space that I have in my home to store toys. That are going to be given to my kids over the course of a year for their birthday for Christmas whatever. This is the amount of space that I have. That is your determining factor on how much you buy versus how much you can get for one hundred dollars make sense so ultimately you know that amount of space. This is the space we have which means you go. Look at that space before you go. Hit that seventy five percent off sale. You don't go to this or if you get to the seventy five percent off sale and you realize that you didn't look then You know maybe you run home and look at it or you ask somebody who's allowed to look at that space to take a picture of it or something and send it to you and say so you can have visual realistic understanding. Of How much space do I have to store these things ahead of time because it is great? I mean it's a great way to make your life easier and save money and Blah Blah Blah to go ahead and pre by while things are on sale. However if you're struggling with clutter. It's likely that you're overdoing that okay. Which is what this email is about. So I understand that. It's just all comes down to that container concept. This is the amount of space that we have to do that. And maybe if you can't resist the sales to realize okay because I know my kids had way too many toys. I mean it. All kind of went together back when I was shopping at garage sales and couldn't believe that I was getting this fifty dollar toy for two dollars and so I was buying twenty of those fifty dollars toys for two dollars. Each my kids at the same time had so many toys that are play room was literally knee deep and couldn't even be played in and their rooms were complete disasters and so all that stuff kind of went together for us. Was this meat overbuying. Because I was putting myself in situations where I was finding all these amazing deals on toys and so I was stocking up on toys and their spaces were disasters and we couldn't keep that under control and it was very hard for me to stay under our clutter threshold under the amount of stuff that we personally could keep under control easily and that being unique to each child of what they personally could keep under control easily. All that went together at the same time me over buying them having more than they could handle. Jerem saying okay so The other thing too is to go ahead and declutter right. Now if you're listening to this in real time and April twenty twenty. It was March earlier because I might have. Who knows anyway? But if you're listening to real time you can't go to these sales anyway although you can do them online but you know what I mean And your decluttering instead. Go ahead and declutter declutter their toy area. And be honest with yourself as you declutter. Be Realistic about the money that you spent on this even though it was a great deal. And what did it didn't get get used because that for me personally was the very best way for me to get over. Spending money on sale items was decluttering and realizing. Oh yeah that was two dollars wasted. That was fifty cents wasted and it made our home harder to live in and gave my kids more than they could handle. Who which was my fault and and with that I started to change my mindset in go maybe instead of ten toys for one hundred dollars. Maybe it's actually better for me to have to toys for that hundred dollars that I was going to spend anyway or even best to toys for twenty dollars so the decluttering will help to change your mindset So it all comes down to the container concept comes down to clutter threshold and realizing realizing your clutter threshold by doing the decluttering and acknowledging which things you thought were going to be great and weren't and that's going to change how you look at things even when there are a great deal you're gonna see things differently because you've declared so much stuff in your house. Okay let's see. Here's another question. Do you have any questions you use for new stuff? That has just come into the house to decide whether it should stay. She doesn't mean intentional. Purchases but like for example empty kitchen roles for craft. I think that's paper towel rolls Or a pretty shaped box that something came in or nice wrapping paper. That could be reused. Both of her children left a craft but only intermittently but they both loved the idea of it and so they always want to keep stuff like that and she says I kind of do too because it's useful school projects CETERA. Do come up. Is it a container concept thing and the answer to that is yes okay. We're done no but yes it ultimately has to be a container concept thing meaning you know designated space for craft projects and then as things come in they go in there and when it's a designated space it will trigger in your brain that it's completely full or almost completely full of empty paper. Towel Rolls. Okay or you know pretty boxes or something like that and win. It's a contained space. A designated space and pretty box comes into the mail. I mean comes in the mail just recently. My daughter has been taking several really cool boxes that have come in the mail. And she's MoD putting them and she's using them for something specific okay and so. I am more than happy for her to do that. The reality though is we have boxes come in all the time and so I'm not saving them for just in case. I'm just saying Oh. This one's cute. Do you want or feel free to take any box that you see but I let them go. Because I know that more are going to be coming in the future but if you want to keep it if you WANNA keep it in a space it needs to be a designated space that you can't afford to give to it okay. So the container concept is you have to fit your whole life within the space that you have to live. Which means that. It doesn't make sense for you to have an entire room dedicated to craft staff and then there's no place for the new baby to sleep. You know unfortunately as much as you may love craft stuff. The reality is the new baby. Needs a place to sleep okay. So that is how I had to change. My thinking is is to go. Oh okay while prioritizing people I people come first. We need the space to do the things and live and sleep and do the things that we need to do. And that takes top priority over storing things but if you have the space to store it and you want to keep these pretty boxes then as you get a new box and you think Oh. This is such a pretty box. You go take it to the space where you have designated that those are going to go and you go. Wow I have six other boxes that I've saved and we haven't even used yet and so it may make you go. Oh Yeah I don't need to keep this one or you may say. I have six other boxes that I haven't used yet but I really like this new one that came in. And then you just say okay. What what in here do I not like as much? Maybe WANNA keep all the boxes but there is fifteen paper towel rolls and you can get rid of three those to give room for this box or whatever but it's space for space concept of the container concept and it applies to everything. Okay or like I said I had on here or use it right then and that was what I was talking about with my daughter and using the boxes. We just kind of as something comes in we say. Do you want to use this or not? And you know you might decide my kids really like to use these repurposing more than they like the set of really cool paints and paint brushes that so and so bought them. You know the paints and paint brushes. Sit there while the boxes and the paper towel rolls get used so that means that the boxes in the paper towel rolls deserve space more than the paint or vice versa. Whatever okay I feel funny saying. I hope this has been helpful. I think it may be has been mostly. I hope it's been comprehensible. I think that's a word. Okay that's where I am today. I don't even sure what words are. Words okay I will talk to you guys next week bye.

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Survivor B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Season 18 Episode 12

Reality TV RHAP-ups: Reality TV Podcasts

1:29:01 hr | 5 months ago

Survivor B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Season 18 Episode 12

"Some game right. Off Sounds Law. As, the R. H. A.. Day. Off. I can sell you. The OUR ASE? Hi everybody of come to the RHA BNB for the penultimate episode of Survivor Token Chiens in the Brazilian highlands my name is Mike Bloom, and if that voice is any indication, we are here to take the monastic approach the podcast we are unbend unyielding unbroken in our commitment to creating this stupidest survivor podcasts out there. Of course. I'm not alone on my journey here in exile I'm joined on the Dune Biljana Boris Leon how are you? Doing Great Mike as with many episodes during our rewatch this has just been so fun I. Mean Come on token chains eight. No joking teams. That's All about the delivery, I had no idea where that was going token chiens. So is supposed to be like token chains ain't no ain't no joke in. Like is this being said to or is it saying that token genes are not like jocular adolescence? Well, it started with token chiens ain't. No joke. was added because it right. I remember when we covered on survivor historians, we turn token chiens into token teens like, Oh, a guy goes teach cocaine's canes not smoke. Yeah. Yes. This is actually just a dare commercial. There were going for listen I mean coach kind of has the look especially with the beard of a guy that would sell you some speed under under ensure way. Yeah. His sign says Tokes fourteens. I've yes. Actually what it is I, remember when Angela I got into survivor and I was having her binge, a bunch of seasons an inside joke that we have. She would constantly purposely mispronounced token jeans as token cheese just to get under my skin and she's exceeded in that regard what what was your response to that? I'm just like it's not tokens Cheez its token cheese is like kept digging further and further what would token cheese taste like is that like a like a soft cheeses that? I mean I think when we're doing like the family feud like if I'm getting a cheese plate from his stop and shop what's on there? It's probably like a like a very mild white cheddar yellow Cheddar Maybe A. Swiss. Pepper Jack Okay Yeah. Great. Well. Next time I go to my my local stop and shop Kroger all day is whatever just grab on that token cheese plate Well. Let's talk about a very cheesy episode because this really is a fond farewell to one of the biggest characters in survivor history of course one of the reasons why this was picked because this is the coach Wade boot episode of course, coach would go on to get booted and survivor heroes vs villains and go all the way in. South Pacific before that coach was one of the joke in teens characters that were out there in the survivor universe and this episode bond bid a fond maybe not so fond depending on the way that you've viewed him initially to the character. So Liana obviously again, as we talked to many time, you sort of had a different approach to the way you watch the season's. To try to catch up, you know as things were going on I'm so intrigued what was your first take on both tokens and the character of coach obviously is going to be the main talking point of this episode. So I had just missed token chains one I was starting to catch into survivor and they brother because I sort of started watching them at the same time. But I quickly, of course, went back and started watching previous seasons and and I remember being fascinated by coach because he was someone who was felt so delusional yet also somehow tuned in I guess at the same time like because he I mean, he was able to make it so far and I think that was because at least or some of his connections that he was able to make. With everyone else on his season. But I think really this episode in particular was like you describes such a love letter almost a love hate letter to coach because they're willing to make fun of him so much within this episode and you can tell Jeff probst is throughout the course of the season like. Over coach but also very interested in coach. And I think that definitely comes out in this episode and they spend so much time on him, giving him of course, the poem moment at the end during tribal council as well as being. Thank you very much. Yes. Of course, helmet. But. As one says, of course. Of really the whole thing is just so much about coach as as a character on survivor. And that was really uncharacteristic for the time. You know I think that maybe the closest equivalent up to that point had been sugar inca bone in terms of like the advent of one character really taking narrative focus and making. So much of the about them to go back to your point about like what Jeff thought about it Jeff I remember at the time he ended up doing blogs for entertainment weekly after every week actually in the style of one of the token sheets cast member Stephen Fishbach and Jeff loved coachee absolutely adored coach Wade and I feel like maybe the difference between coach and someone like a judd sergeant for example, from survivor Guatemala is that I feel like. Coach was not like antagonist towards production like judd or a Shane powers that still made 'em entertaining from our perspective. But actually interacting with him was a tough time. It seemed like coach was maybe even overly respectful and in admiration and awe of what they do considering how much it goes into the honor of the battle that is survivor. But that was not what the audience felt at the time I remember and I was part of it admittedly that the first time I watch coach on season eighteen. I was channeling Aaron Lob. Deli were all asking who is this jackass? He was such just a pompous a-hole admittedly took me a little wild to like come around and see that humor came from the fact that like he was. So over the top and the editors knew that and they were staring into the curb, it wasn't necessarily that like Oh we're really just showing how much. Of An asshole, this guy can be it's no no no look at the stuff. This guy is giving us. We need to pump it up to the biggest extreme and to your point it really comes full force. In this episode, I think that is one hundred percent on the money because when you talk about this episode, the shots of him on exile island or you know wherever exile. With arms outstretched of course, like a gift that has permeated through time today you know that we see him lying in shallow water just of course, meditating in exile. Are. The shots, the moments that production must have been like his can you believe this guy like is this for real this goals? We have TV gold here. Yeah, that's the thing and I. Think. This episode is entirely made like you said, coach provides a lot of material but I feel like the Kudos for this episode honestly should lie on the editors. Yes. Because there is so much incredible stuff done. From you know like you mentioned the establishing shot of coach on exile when he's lying in the water that flout looks like he's dead for a second that coach because the last time we see coach go to exilees like I'm going to do this. I'm going to be such a great person taking the monastic approach, unbending, unyielding unbroken, and then cut next time he looks dead in the water quite literally just something that makes me laugh every time there's so many great musical moments like I was obsessed with the music this episode between like I thought they used all their mythical mystical music choose for a lot of this because of how much coaches connected with his inner native American Or even the epic D S Era Music, it's brought in when coach has his final stand during the immunity challenge it felt like they did over time the just embellish coach somehow even more in the course of this episode and I have so much appreciation for what they did. I think the first moment that I recognize the music was when he goes to jail and he's like walking slowly up that sand Dune and there's this swelling music. The just is like pushing him on word like he truly is that you know that martyr that he is taking this noble approach and when you put the visual with the music, the music is like telling this super grand story and he. Slowly like limping up the sand Dune, it's hilarious. There's so many moments of I dunno intentional or unintentional comedy in this episode, and of course, it all centers around I, think the editing of coach as a character on this episode. We'll even before that musical Qa, because obviously like coach coaches trip to exile I on forever and always be the best ever trip that's made to like an exile island or exiled dune or or hero arena or whatever. Because again, it's so fantastically over the top but I remember one of the first thing from this episode is you know we start the episode in coach fashion you know Stephen and jt know Debbie was going after you and coach says like, wow, you know they were able to mount a counterattack to protect me I have the best friend in the entire world the next day you you have this great moment. That coach even admits to have him kind of like watching out of exile when he starts complaining about his afflictions and they play in the background a sad piano music that you hear US snatch of other times in survivor history, and it's usually for very sad moment. Sushi. Like I think I heard like a similar thing gener- Rosca announced that her she was leaving to go visit her dying mother. You know it's usually for much more saccharin dour situations and this is from coach being like I just sat near that fire and it felt like I inhaled twenty cigars you can't send to exile and again it's just they're really stereo. On this and I appreciated every second, even like Weird Wah Wah guitar of JT getting in the shower. There's so much little stuff in this episode that really makes it an Alzheimer in my opinion Oh my God mike shower moment sent me. That was so funny at the reward when it was like I i. don't even know how I would describe the music like the first thing that pops in my head is like a little porrini Klein Jose sex very poor. Win like the bromance of the season right they're going on like there. Overnight SPA data bit. Yeah. Yes. Exactly. Right. So but yeah, they're going off they're getting their overnight vacation they get to take the private plane the first time. Mentioned work we're GONNA. JT. That probably had a few parties. Yeah Right. Have some Brazilian barbecue, their very own meat festival, which again if you're going pouring like yeah. I'd seen that title before somewhere. Yeah exactly. That's a loved that rewards assuming we're not going to talk about it much because again it's a lot of coach. Tells them fully snobby dodd which I couldn't remember when this season film I'm GonNa have to look it up right now because for all we know I do remember there was a time when they did film those even-numbered seasons. In the well actually. Yeah. I mean. This filmed. Her second to December tenth. So maybe jt was wishing them and early Christmas or maybe that was literally the only Spanish Portuguese. He knew and he decided to say Merry Christmas, the person serve again barbecue in late November. mean. At least it's better than like what mid June? Or like on the amazing race we see all the time that when people are in definitively non Spanish speaking countries they decide to use on delay for some reason, right 'cause. Yeah. That's the phrase you WanNa go with felice navidad is that this is a better or worse can't I? Don't know but I also don't know like why would say that to someone serving me food right like Oh. Thank you merry Christmas. Yeah. That's point unless unless maybe jt is one of those people that just loves to celebrate Christmas early he's like, Christmas die hard and that just makes even more lovable and why everyone voted for him in the end that's right Christmas in July baby. It's so interesting also to. Token jeans I think token is a solid season. I know a lot of people put at the top of people's lists as to like what to show people as one of their first survivor seasons when getting them into it I think it's a very solid season I think luckily to season is not really moored by a myriad of twists like there are idols but none of get played there's no swap, it's sixteen players. Exiles put in there, but it's us you know not necessarily to a big strategic effect but I think the the reputation this season has it's very important top heavy and it's member ability in that obviously to season with coach Tyson jt and Stephen, and those are the only four people from the season who are going to be called back, which is unfortunate because I feel like has been robbed of spot many many times. But it's weird to see like little baby Stephen Fishbach especially when he's doing his weird like Golam. Crouch. Did you notice that in the beginning of the episode Leon when he's like Crouch by the fire and for some reason, he doesn't want his to touch the ground. This was Cambodia. Stephen for some reason I feel I Cambodia Stephen is very flexible in a weird way like he does and the Dahlem crouch because I remember Steven from the beginning of the season and he looks nothing like Stephen by the end and also like the Stephen that I, know today. But yes, I did notice that and then jt is like sitting so normally. Like people typically said I. Don't know what he was sitting on a log or something like that whereas. Steven is doing his best goal. I don't know if he like maybe the grounds wet or maybe he feels like this is like I could see Stephen like actually from posture perspective since the neanderthals. Walk away sort of like how the squatty potty has that mentality of like. Well, actually, you want your feet to be brought up to get your body in the right position to create the least amount of exertion. Oh, I, one, hundred percent believe that. So there's like a pose in Yoga where you're crouching just like that and you best believe that is challenging to do so but but it's like Oh, this is opposed that our ancestors could easily do because they would be doing work like that. You know I don't know like didn't like sit down or whatever. You know obviously. Search. Did they didn't invent the chairs until certain point to like what could they sit up? They could just never say so we know from archaeological digs and bones and whatnot. But yeah. But this is like him just tapping into that that mentality I wonder if coach like encouraged him to do it like we will all live as the ancients once did jt please start fashioning spears Stephen I don't want you sitting ever. Yeah. When the Dragon slayer makes his Dragon Cain ye shall no longer. So a few weeks ago we obviously looked at the infamous effing stick from Mike. Renisha does the dragon came like how close is it in the family tree literal tree to the stick in terms of ship why was going to say it's got to be some sort of like grandfather just because it's a bigger but yet it did happen later in terms of like the timeline of survivor but I, I, remember be like well. It's going to say, well, shaved. The IMPROV. Shorn. Yes. Well whittled. Widow. Like. I remember it being smoothed when he first finds the stick, it's still got all the like bark on top of it. and. That was not the version I remember. But if we're talking about the version that is that is whittled. then. Definitely, they're totally related like they even look the same like if you put a little face on the Dragon Cain, then hands down there related. Yeah. I think my favorite about the dragon candidate didn't notice until this time around was the wisp of hair. It's like a little bit of leg I. Get I. Don't think coccia fashioned the hair onto it, but I guess it was sort of leftover. But outside of the SNOUT, there's like a little tuft of like would leftover that Kinda makes it looked like it has like aggressor haircut and so that's what I imagined. Coaches. Dragon came to be like word to come alive. STOMP it on the ground or something. It would become agree sir. And become a dragon yeah. Okay. I'll have to work on my imagination envisioning with I would look like a recess. Yeah. That's something that coach could come up with. I would believe that I mean he sort of has the grease for Hairdo a bit as well. Right ponytail the Steven Seagal haircut has I think he's called one of these episodes. Yeah that's true. He really does have that because it. Okay. So asked me. slicked. Back is that what it is because? School. Sleep back and pulled back as well. Okay. Gotcha. Yeah. Because sometimes it feels like he just pushes it back in it's like slicked back. Him. But at the same time like come on, you've hair products out there unless that's something that his his degreaser. Dragon came. To him. I believe actually, there's a really fun moment release fun small moment from token jeans where that says everything about what coach does where Brendan brings back a tree mail that has like a band around it and he goes like tree mill, everyone coach, your hair hairband and coaches takes it entice his hair back with it. So coach was truly living off the land quote Unquote on survivor token jeans by. So you know it's some people Bob Crowley use some production supplies to create a fake immunity idol coaches, production supplies to make his hair straight. I mean if you're going for this even Seagal like you gotTa do what you gotTa do. I suppose. So let's they're going into this episode Ileana. Game, this is from the Great Sarah from Sydney was just been a batting a thousand with all these games from these episodes and it is no different here. Liana time to get colorful now coach is a is a colorful character of the Brazilian highlands, our full of colors themselves between the verdant green's of the jungles and the harsh browns of the do and in which coach almost died. So Sarah has posed a bunch of different color based questions here, and we're GonNa see how many you can get and see how closely you were paying this episode. Okay. So I have no concept of what color based question entails that being said, I am one hundred percent game for this. This is the frigging life Romanian coach. All right. Benjamin. please. All right. Here we go. At the Reward Challenge Leon who wore the green headbands. If you remember, they denote colors for people in reward challenges I. Think it was a black a red, a green, a blue and a yellow in this one who wore the green Bandanna. Okay. So to answer your earlier question of how close How close attention span? The answer is apparently not very. Kim Kelly. Clip can of no not really. Yeah. Right. Okay. So this was during the reward challenge and this was Oh my God who had what color. I am going to go with. Shade. Shot in the dark hit. That is correct. Jt Worthy Green Headband, and you'll be seeing a lot of green soon enough when he wins the money. Five hundred thousand Benjamin's with his face on them. Over the this streams are connecting. Now, it's crazy to think about that jt wins both challenges in this episode will win both challenges in the finale leg jt is GonNa win all the challenges and the last two episodes. Does he really when. He wins the last two immunity challenges as well. So he and that's the big argument as well as like Oh, you should steven have gotten rid of jt but there's also a scenario where like Stephen couldn't have gotten rid of jt because he won the last three immunity challenges. Yeah. No, you're right. which then I mean then he would have had to have gotten rid of him earlier. But then of course, like that jeopardizes so much. So yeah. Yeah and I think also jt. Jt got invited on either one or got invited on every reward of the season so like. Crazy season for jd you see in green in so many ways. Liana. Well I was just going to say like I know terrance are doing the whole legacy watch thing blah. Whatever. But like jt is such a fascinating one for me especially because now like We're watching him reverse order to watched his folly in heroes vs villains two weeks ago. Now we're watching him play is definite best and arguably one of the best games of all time in token she well that and my I had watched the his moment in game changers with the coffee like sugar interested whatever which was obviously he gets voted booted not long after that. So that was like watching. Just such a terrible player for. Two weeks and then being like Oh my God he's amazing. Mets season you know of course, editing is part of it but like to see jt play like jt one point Oh. Wow. Fantastic. So Liana what color was the hat that Jeff probst wearing in this episode I'll give you a hint. They were two colors. So. Do I have to name both colors or do I just have to name one color? I'll I'll save you could name one color I'll give you the point I'll give you a bonus point of you name the other. okay I feel like sometimes his caps like the front part is a color and then the other part is. Not a color well, not not not. True. It's like a gray or brown or you know one of those. So I'm going to go with Bulak. Sorry that's incorrect. Jeff's cap was green and white. You were right. That has the two tone hat thing going on but the one sort of base color was white and there were panels of green below it. I think it had this survivor logo on his tummy to hats hair. Well I think this is this is jeff like experimenting with Wardrobe, 'cause the kept changing location. So like we're still in an era where he's really trying things out of the out of his wardrobe, do you remember when Jeff became producer for the show? It was around this time actually I believe because that is I was just I was thinking about his fascination with coach and like I feel like he's always so frustrated with coach as a host. But I feel like coach as a player from a producer perspective as someone who you absolutely want. So I, wonder if there's something like Oh, Jeff, looking at it from two different perspectives of like Oh this is why I appreciate coach so much. But I don't know. Yes. An interesting thing to think about I'm trying to remember I do feel like around like this seventeen eighteen, nineteen period was when he ended up becoming producer I'm more of a of taking the realm of the helm of show runner. So maybe to your point if it was less so about him, you know dealing with coach in person as much as him hyping up coach everybody else you guys can get believe this like this guy. Disguised unreal. You believe he's going through because this is also Before, coach will flip him off when he yells at coach during that challenge heroes vs villains. That's right. That's Oh that's such a great woman too. Many good moments and survivor. All right next question here Liana, what color was the sweater that Stephen had tied around his waist. God Was this one he was doing the Ghalem crowd show this before that. Sort of where's it habitually throughout the episode you see like a sweater. Or Sarah calls it a jumper that he has tied around his waist like easy. No. Doing a college catalog cover from the mid nineties. I'M GONNA go. With. I'm sorry might have been brown or some severe gastrointestinal distress but no, it is read in line with his old tribe Jolla POW. Oh. Darn, I should've just shot that. Okay. All right. That's all right. I got the next one. who was wearing an orange t shirt this episode. The Fallen Comrades Jeff Probst person says loses this yeah. I'm pretty sure Taj was wearing an orange t shirt. That is correct. Yes he's called your shot. So the thing was is that it's actually a pretty fresh or insurance because I don't know if you remember this Leon up, but the last episode was the auction and Taj had won the right to spend it and overnight on exile with Eddie George. s maybe two episodes ago and so Eddie. George much like HP gave Serie his shirt a couple of seasons beforehand she. He gave her his big orange t shirt that she proceeded to where the rest of the time. Okay. Yes. It's coming back to me I. It's like super oversized on her and I remember thinking that's such a cute luck. Well. She doesn't hear them when she liked ties it autumn Yeah, and it's Kinda like pulled to the side or something like that. I think and so it looked very stylish. Liana let's go to the governor's treaty. Perhaps have a party at the governor's retreat. What color were the hammocks? There are three of them. have. You tried to get to. Is Twine. A color. No that's some material I know saying that's very cotton colored. Cotton. Oh, my God I'm trying to even remember they were him well, okay. I'm just GONNA go with Brown, right? Like one of them's got to Brown know what Liana this is the governor's retreat, the partake capital of Brazil this green, red and yellow, of course. Of course, of course. We're the like. Know what to call them the twine bits where those colored. They're talking about like the canopies themselves off the hammocks. Okay. All right. Sure. Before we move onto more funding games, we're GONNA take a quick break to listen to a word from our sponsors. Support for this podcast comes from state farm with surprisingly great rates. 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Of course, we always get like a dream teamer showing off what challenges all about is. Jeff explains it. So in this immunity challenge, what color were the walls on the one panel that the Dream Team was showing on Okay. So I definitely was paying attention to the walls and not the dream teamers APPS for sure. I'M GONNA. Go you know what? Let's stay on the green train I'M GONNA. Go the green. Unfortunately. It is yellow as in some might argue coach was yellow for pretending he had a back spasm and holding out of the challenge. Well, technically blue plus yellow equals green so. All right I guess to get Herschel Credit for nude one element no way yellow study. I guess yeah. I guess a couch because you're saying like. So according to your logic, if you said the answer was four and the answer was to, you'd say, well, two plus two is four. So therefore, I'm right. Hey. Math. That's a logic works right Liana at tribal council. What color were Tajiks bra-strap underneath that big orange. Shirt. Oh. Okay. I think I think she has a red Bra like I don't remember it's in this but I remember having a very bright Red Bra. Yes. To loosely the shining red bra that is correct. Red Bra read. That's a different version of the citing that I saw right after meet festival on certain double feature. A OH Our final question, Liana let's go to the jury here who were surprised surprise not very amused with coaches final antics. Of, before jury members who is sporting a very fetching lemon yellow shirt. Now that does feel like a very tyson kind of thing to do. To. Wear like something. Very Bright. Shoot but you know what? I feel like. Oh my God I have no idea. I think okay. You know what I'm GonNa go. With Tyson. But can I have a second answer for half a point of Debbie because I feel like when Debbie came out, she was like she was like mad but she also looked very like she she was wearing okay changing my answer Debbie I'm going Debbie and I feel like she had a really big necklace on as well. I don't know if that counts. You talk yourself out of the correct. Tyson. No issue. I. Literally. Saw a Mandela effect manifest itself in real time. It was Tyson no way to wasn't Tyson it was he couldn't have been tight said. because. I remembering Debbie coming out wearing something very vibrant. I'm going to have to go back a lot of golden jewellery I think maybe that's what you're thinking. I might have flip flop them. Yes. Because I was very taken with jewelry. Darna shots. Okay. What's close? Yeah you got I. Think it's I think you've got about. Half the answers correct. I believe which again considering this is a pretty granular ways that Sarah put out here. I'M GONNA, call this a success though I think to your point. If I think if it were a failure, it'd be like a failure is. Not. Enough successes. So therefore it to success just because it's a part of the whole. Yeah I understood none of that. But I'M GONNA call this success. Exactly exactly. But yeah, lots of lots of big bright colors in this episode including Tyson's lemon yellow t that maybe it was from Debbie's wardrobe enticing Tyson just decided to wear that I feel like that would be something that especially Tyson, onepointoh would do. High Sun one point Oh is such a fantastic. Tyson of course, is still like absolutely wonderful but like being introduced to Tyson for the very first time especially when he puts the immunity necklace, which in this season is absolutely gorgeous five. Oh My God, it's so pretty boney puts it up like that headdresses link wears it into travel like little a-hole. Fantastic. I mean, I'll be complete I don't know if this is a hot take. I my favorite Tyson. I think twice in one point now, just from like a character perspective because he is such an unfiltered unmitigated asshole the entire time to the point where he's saying, you know like I love to blindside people and make them cry and watch their dreams be crush like kids. So over printing a, it makes his his boot episode arguably one of the highlights of the season because it's just. So much fun to watch and be he just like having so much fun out there between like the naked dancing between the challenge the challenge what they had to throw the ceramic pigs pigs and he's like smashing. That's his tribe wins literally says I WANNA smash them runs over and just starts throwing the other pigs on the ground celebration like this is Tyson embracing tastes always sort of been like a heart. Even in his his parental age I feel like this was when he was most that way in his first season it's so fabulous and his his boot episode which you mentioned there is a video. I'm pretty sure it's still online. It's on Youtube but him giving commentary to his own boot episode and it's Hull hairiest because you get him like in the actual episode. He's like Lincoln at people and he's like doing his whole thing. It's just a a truly cinematic moment that will live in infamy. That is incredible. I'm sad the one. Thing. Missing from this episode because again. Every time the quote unquote big four of token jeans. The only person missing was Tyson though I guess he was there in the form of a very loud shirt. Very loud yellow shirt which we have learning youth. Thank you. Okay. Well, I so okay. So I have a question you asked me about. What bandanna color jt was where during the reward challenge, which we now know is green but jeff probst. said a pretty funny thing during the reward challenge, which was that this is like follow the leader. which for some reason, got me fascinated with like children's games and somehow trying to figure out what other children's games we could make into survivor challenges because you know look. It's it's we're in a challenging time when it comes to creating television sometimes, we might not be able to build large sets of these big challenges. We might have to revert back to a simpler time, for example, children's games. So things like tag things like Marco Polo and I wanted to ask you could we come up with some ideas for good children's games that would work as? Survivor challenges like wood duck duck goose for example, translate to a survivor challenge. But I think the question is would duck goose. Would it be a matter of like once you get tagged you have to do something you know because I feel like you'd have did the other thing would be you'd have to create something that adds more of an extreme intense element to it not like. Tag now playing on Fox but maybe something that like you know a adults and additional challenge. I was thinking maybe something along the lines of like a Jeff probst mother May I do I feel like if people are accusing Jeff probst of favouritism like that's GonNa show right outright they're they're like you know Jeff May I. Take Four big steps. No, you may not this big Alpha male may take ten large steps over to me. Yeah I don't know how well how well that would work and I think what like Red Rover right the one where you like hold hands on through the hands that one also might not survive until they. Flee I. Think they've been trying to get rid of that was the whole Shmerkin mergen brawl deal. Riva's they got rid of those challenges that really injured people I wanNA feel like a game where you're supposed to like. A clothesline people on the opposite tribe with grown adults is not going to do really well, how about what about? Though. If Jeff probst instead of Judah King Mother May I does red light green light instead. So that could work right because then you know theoretically like he's unbiased, he doesn't know when people are running right because the green light go everybody starts running and then you know they have to stop when it's red lights stop. The other thing that I was thinking of too is I know they did the classic Botchy Ball Challenge Right Win Jeff probst didn't even bother to show. Up. What about like horse shoes or something in a similar vein? I think some maybe something that you would like maybe like I'm surprised we haven't seen a cornhole like I feel like this season, we had the tossing the beanbags onto the tiles, which is probably the closest thing but. I feel like we've had sort of strayed away from doing those sort of backyard games as of late, which is weird because like big brother has now done the same thing of like even that do backyard games they're amping and up with ridiculous production values. My. dodgeball. Oh. addition. Yes. Absolutely, survivor dodgeball needs to be look ahead. It's big craze in the mid two thousand right with the movie dodgeball True Underdog Story. I'm sure we all watched on sandy real life dodgeball tournament that did indeed occur like there are rules to this. There is competition, but it's not like exactly dependent on athletic prowess like I think this is a an incredibly perfect thing to put it in the next survivor I doubt it'd be fantastic. Also you know the two sides are going to be six feet apart. About this now, the thing is, do you use like red rubber play ground balls or do you use like do you? gussie. May or Yeah I. Guess I guess coconuts try to like gussied up a Baltic look native enough or making look like a coconut giant coconut. Yeah I think that's probably what they would do. Right like you put some sort of, but like coding over it or cover of some sort. The coconuts, it'd be a little challenging. Again if we're trying to lean away from challenges that. Inherently injure the participants. We might not want to have people hugging coconuts at one another I like this though because what this does is present you with a choice because you can either when you receive a coconut road at your opponents or you cut it open and drink it up once you do that coconuts removed from play. So like what are you going to pride your own health or are you going to done for the win? Eva What happens when you use up all the coconuts? Coconut is there like an infinite replenishing supply of coconuts? Assuming Fiji at this point especially, if they're taking some time off of survivor that they'll replenished certain point, you know that's another not to be too too much on a tangent but if we're talking about the deforestation, of Fiji, like, thank goodness, we're getting a little bit of a break. Let's get these trees and coconut are grown again let's make things grow could actually all-time my question for this week into the reward challenges because I was. Interestingly, tickled this idea that Jeff introduces this challenge goes with is pretty impressive survivor maize and then. Grabbed the key with your palming long enough and strong enough and knock down three little polls to raise your flag and he says Oh and one more thing. Your ankles are going to be shackled together, which just seems like the most random obstacle to me and I remember there was a period of time like this would happen but it just seems so odd and it was such a weird image. Have these people sorta like do a little boots scoot through his entire maze of shuffling their feet because they can't move their legs very far apart they will literally wrote Omg. The running is hilarious because of exactly what you're saying this like shuffle through me, it's Just, like because I get I mean obviously there shackled together. So they can only move probably like I would say, maybe one foot apart like as shuffling through this of me. It just felt like if you're talking about obstacles that you want to introduce the players to help you know make it a little bit more challenging like really you're GonNa make them just like shuffle around that being said survivor is also the show that has given us fantastic worm challenge. I'M GONNA say look I didn't realize I think we all felt the worm challenge came out. Of. Nowhere we didn't realize the seeds have been planted years ago of them doing this just like embarrassing the players I'm just so weird out because like amazed is enough right to figure out like okay I got to work by way through a maze you don't need to like add an extra physical stipulation to make these horrible people have to suffer more I just have this. Eerie that like they ran it with the Dream Team and they were like. We had someone run it in two minutes now that's that's you know that's too fast. We need this to take a little bit longer. How do we just slow them down? Well, we obstacles in the way of the May that would take too much work just tie their feet together like we've tied their shoe strings together. We'll go with that. You think aren't they could've could've just blindfolded them. That's right. Thought for a second because I thought I, saw them as and that the the maze walls for some reason went up to like. To like chest height, which I guess makes sense if you're trying to get an overall lay of the land but I thought it was a very curious height to the maze until I realized that like if you were blindfolded, you can very easily feel along the rails and that would help maybe they should just in the full thing and like I don't know have them shackled one arm to one of their legs to make it like it's. Awkward and essentially hopping on one foot or stumbling all over themselves. The entire time we'd so how? What's the distance of the shackle? You know what I mean like if you're going to have, you're right. Let's say you're right arm is heather to your right leg. I do like is it do you have one foot of distance? Do you have two feet of this stance? All right. So here's here's what it is. We're GONNA take we'll do to shackles right arm to right leg left arm to left leg and they'll be. They'll be two feet. So now you're essential your own puppeteer, right you're controlling how your legs move with your arms. Good luck. Okay. So you know obviously no, one can see this but I've stood up and I'm trying to hold my hands about two feet from my legs and this. would be even more comical. Like 'cause I, lift my arms as I lift my legs and I can't. Forward, because I would fall over, left them to the side. Maybe, this is what Stephen was training for with his swatting key new. There will be a challenge coming up. It just wasn't as extreme as he wanted it to be i. mean that's exactly the motion I'm like squatted down trying to like keep my arms within the two feet of my leg. So yeah, absolutely. I don't know I personally would rather have this than the worm. The worm just feels so painful to everyone involved like people talk about you know I. Love the beach. But like I really don't like the sand. This is. One thousand because literally take your face and shove it in the sand and then go through this and with your face in non sand. Exactly, and use your ve your face primarily to make your way through the sand. Yeah as well. To Dig your way where you need to go, you can't use your arms. You really are just flopping down through it Oh what a disaster. So maybe they'll take step up and just do the to the puppeteer of chaining your arms to your legs. That might be a nice step up. And send it to some. Oh, we got some ideas for you. We have dodge ball and chain you're augustine your legs. And a waddled through a mayor's, that's what we've come up with listen there. We're making time merger effort here in the survivor opposite everyone sitting on their duff's, and we're here bringing some ideas to John Hoffer. Exactly what else are y'all doing like we're bringing some great ideas. All right. Well, speaking of great idea. So of course, I was inspired by what did you call at the coal column? Calling the moments, Palmans. Yes. Of course So you know I had to think about you know I got to come up with a game inspired by this and it was this poem plus so many other fantastic coach quotes which the one about like when a woman sees a boulder drop when men drop a pebble like so many like weird antiquated but also just fantastic quotes and literally him. Quoting. Other people, right. This is where he quotes Marcus Aurelius I believe it's been founded after the I don't think that is an actual quote from Marcus Aurelius. Imports. Mark, Twain and Tribal Council like he clearly is trying to be that that book of motivational sayings that you buy when you feel really down or you turn into like a cal desk calendar that you give to that acquaintance for Christmas. The quota day type calendar. What I've done is I have pulled a bunch of coach quotes from his twitter. Okay. Because I had to make at least a little bit more challenging for you Mike. But what you're going to be trying to do is you're GonNa try to guess is this quote said by coach on his twitter or Dr, seuss. Oh This should absolutely be the comparison that we need to make today and I am. Just I like I have no idea how this is going to go you may do fantastic and you may be able to suss out exactly. which quote is which but? I don't know how it's going to go. So let's just go ahead. On in to this bizarre game that that I have created? So your first quote is. Only, the sage warrior will be able to see clearly the plight of the unworthy in the final chapter. Don't even know what that means. No one gets. Like the most sage warriors have the clearest is to see ahead of so considering how I think the key thing to decipher coach is like if the quote is meant to complement himself than it's coach over, it's more about like a first person than a third person that feels like it's going to be coached so I'm going to go with CO chair. That is correct. Yes. and the sage warrior comment. Also, you know I feel like he's like the type of guy talks about that kind of stuff. All right. How about this next quote? If there is a silver lining it is this absence makes the heart grow fonder? ooh. See I. Would say Dr Seuss. But I feel like coach may maybe he said this when his assistant coach visited last episode and like he lost his family memories like well, there's a silver lining absence makes the heart grow fonder. But I'M GONNA say that that sentence structure feels Sushi into me someone to go with Theodor Geisel alias, Dr? SEUSS Well much like me talking my way out of Tyson wearing a yellow shirt. Unfortunately, this was a coach quote. Wow Yeah I believe he was talking about his family in this instance. Alright. How `bout quote number three fantasy is a necessary ingredient in life. It is a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope that is. Because coach would never admit that he's living in a fantasy that is a one hundred percent. Yes. Dr. seuss. No, coach would insist like, no, there's no wrong side of the telescope. The telescope is one hollow tube of all the same size and I'm looking at all angles and also I discovered that planet that we're looking at. Right and and it was when I was visiting the tribe in the Amazon that they showed me the way of the distant land. Yes. I was I was going to be the first to Kayak to Mars, but I wasn't able to make it past the psych evaluation. No I heard it was his asthma actually oh yeah. It's has been acting up has herniated discs. Yeah. All. Right. You're next quote is. He who makes a beast out of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man. Hugh makes a beast out of himself. It's rid of the pain of being a man is sounds like a plot of the movie the fly. Would want make themselves be so I guess is the question that like if you become to be still you lose your humanity. I feel like that something I feel like Dr seuss thing I? Feel like that's a moral that he would put in one of his books. That is correct, Mike your three for four. You're doing a fantastic job this quits. I'm Barry Brazil. You remember what what did he put is that like the general quarter he put that in one of his books. Okay. So if you're wondering where I got these quotes from his like quotes, dot com or something like that. Small. So can be one hundred percent false in the same way that you know coaches incorrectly quoting other people I may also be Greg. Because I couldn't pick one because. Okay. So look ahead to get past like fifth six page because they're all like lurex quotes like exactly. Are No so So you can make some sort of fun story regarding that quote. All right. You're next quote is sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Who? I feel like that's something coach would say as a smart ass response to Jeff probst. Complicated in the answers or simple unless I mix those up today, mix them up, the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. I'm going to go I'm going to go with coach here. I'm sorry that was Dr Seuss. Not. Show the context but But yeah, I don't know maybe we can find I mean redfish bluefish. Complicated or simple. Exactly as I, I don't know I think it's a complicated concept because you have to understand like the myriad species of fish and but once you like if you're just told to discern what's a red fish or even what are to fish and that's a much simpler answer. Yes while you know, you can ask your one year old. He might actually have a better answer than. Okay, you're next quote is evil never sleeps fight the good fight. I feel like this is coach he has this is probably him saying about like Aaron or Sierra or Brendan Right. Yeah. Good coach quote there. Okay. So Mike, you are still doing a great job four out of six. Correct. Your next quote is you know you're in love when can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. Oh Weird. I don't know if that's coach because that sounds too like idyllic for coach I coach was too much of like an honorable man to truly talk about when things were good. He felt like it constantly had to be like working to against the odds to better himself. So I'm going to say that's Dr Seuss. That is correct. My yes. Quote was indeed from Dr Seuss. All right. We got a few more quotes left. Let's see if you can continue to do a great job. You're next quote is you have to overcome the fear and anger inside you let a bright light shining and melt coldness of your heart. That's what being tough is all about. WHOA. Did you grab a quote from the next episode of tough as nails I called Phil Key was like Liana, I got some key phrases for you as well. Smother quotes. That's what it means to let those what the son in and melt your cold heart. Yes. Today. That again that a very pointed criticism of somebody but I don't know if you put that into trick me. So I'm going to say it's Dr Seuss. Coach really was he saying that about? Again no idea. So you're welcome for really putting some context, all of these quotes. I'm so most of these I did poll from his twitter which they were comments about like seasons that he was. He did have some that were just sort of like random thoughts. But anyway. Okay. All right. So we got two left so. Your next quote is Vision. Without action is just a dream action without vision just passes the time and vision with action can change the world. This is brock paper scissors toll shit going on right now. I don't want to do math. Okay. So wait. So this this this yes logic puzzle with this is missing this on a Tuesday that she lives at a Red House. Okay Wha Liberty again vision without action is just a dream action without vision just passes the time action or wait vision with action can change the world. Okay, I something reverberates in my head that I feel like coach said that at some point. Yes. That was a coach quote. And this one was specifically like he was referencing like something from winners at war actually he was like. Eating something. Yeah. But it was like super generic he like re tweeted it. And it was like, didn't make any sense because he like re tweeted what did he re tweet like some random survivor tweet actually Watched survivor and then he like re tweeted it with this comment, it was like, sorry what doesn't actually make any kind of? That's interesting. So he brought up this like random trio of elements that sometimes work together or work against each other and then reference winners at war in the middle of it. I mean it's going to change the world. It was vision with action. So therefore, we're going to change the world. All Right Mike, you have one final quote, and that is remember me and smile for it's better to forget than to remember me and cry. I, don't think would save forget about me I think he's much like what a pad Ben Atar he's quoting simple minds saying you forget about me I gotta say that's Dr Seuss. That is correct. Yes. That was a Dr. seuss quotes well congratulations my you have answered I believe seven correct which Talk about passing grades I believe that one is a passing grade. Well, you know what they say action without wisdom but addition to decision on Thursdays doesn't like anchovies on your pizza makes for a good time divided by logic. Yes. There was. One other quote that I want to mention because I got real deep into coaches twitter before my browser crash got up to like funny? Eighteen. Internet's like, Leon I'm I'm cutting you off. This is for your own good I promised stop looking at this he actually tweeted poem. In response to survivor I can't remember what season but it was survivor was premiering because the end is survivor is back on tonight and he said I have walked across the desert sand, a journey of drought and despair. But tonight, my thirst will be quenched and life will no longer be bland because. Well, guess what survivor fans survivor is back on tonight's which I hope is not a rhyme scheme in any way because. This again because I got very thrown off by the first four lines. Okay. I have walked across the desert sand A journey of drought and despair. So standard despair not rhyming. But tonight my thirst will be quench and life will no longer be bland. Also way. Okay wait. The first hand with bland with a fourth line. Okay. Yes. Sand with. rhymes or not sandwiches. You just put it in the middle despairing. That's fine. Words in the middle as long as the first in the last one thrive it's fine. It's fine because even then he says because guess what survivor fans which doesn't rhyme Sam Santa Sanz's fans. No I guess it sort of works. Survivor is back on tonight which doesn't rhyme with sand despair or quenched. I think he just. went out of steam by the. Survivor's on tonight. Yeah. It's fine. He likes started writing it because the first part is like, Oh, I've watched across the desert sand, a journey of drought and despair. There's probably like hoping to like fit another line and they're like Okay Sandal eventually, Ryan with something terrible venture arms on the screw it why think even coaches poem in the episode it didn't rhyme. or at least it like loosely rhymed Oh. Oh, I wrote it down. Okay. Oh good. Let's let's. Let's break this. With friend and foe, we marched to the battle plane. Some seek success others to seek fame. Okay. This is good. It Kinda rhymes we play with honor for the love of the game. And with armor or without we will toil in vain so that someday someone somewhere will remember our name. So the meters a bit often the last line because he's emphasizing the importance there but men, he's much better when he's malnourished and. Nearly, on a stretcher with his back in terms of poetry is on twitter well-fed exactly playing fame game vein name. To me rhyming dictionary like we agree those rhyme. Yeah, exactly. Well, speaking of coach there there is one more thing I want to read before we get into the next game here because Liana I've found a is book no turning bath hole in the south. American expedition of a dragon slayer. I. Found it on Amazon and you can read the first chapter for free. Would you like me to read it? Yes please. Okay. This is called the pages of an atlas I'm just trying to check to make sure who's Eso. Oh. So this covers the life all. So it's no turning back, but the back is mirrored. There's another bath basic in reverse next to the first back at slightly faded away as a reflection in the water. This. Also uses about like five different fonts on it and a in the actual like printed crass version of the the cover of it. Cover Okay Yeah Dragon slayer is in a different font that looks like it's from the Medieval Ages but Benjamin coach Wade is a different font than that. Also added a three time contested on CBS survivor I'm not sure like added that after the fact or if AH, oh, it's copyright two thousand eleven. So it looks like he may be republish it because I remember this book I thought he came with this book for some reason before survivor but maybe He waited to to really push it out until after he made his biggest splash. Yeah I mean I guess. So when is the optimal time to release a book I mean Just Ask Boston Rob. There's also a very confusing thing where the colors of it make it look like one of those old wrinkly pages like you get when you're like doing a school project about colonial Williamsburg and you're like, Oh, I want to write on paper that makes it look like the old times but the cubs looks like that. So it's for some reason, the covered looks like a page from the book. That doesn't make any sense when you wanna Megan seem like. The, more sturdy thick kind of deal riot. That's what that's what I'm thinking here I'm going to. Check it out for themselves. Leon, I'm going to send this link to you. See if it links directly to the the cover alone. It says a lot say don't judge a book by its cover, but I'm judging the hell out of this thing right now. All right. So so I'm looking at the image right now and yeah, you you weren't lying. But what's weird is that it's like it's a crumpled up page, but then they're clearly has to be a backing behind it. You can't just have like a crumpled up pages the first the first but this also doesn't even look like sneezing look real like it still looks like Photoshop version of what the book would be. Once it's made. Exactly, like it looks like a mockup that you would send to like the publisher of like this is what I'm thinking of and they said, no, no go with it it's fine. Okay, sorry. I'm looking at all the funds. What did you say five one, I like at least three different ones yeah. At least three or four. Okay Yeah. No turning back. Okay and what are these pictures? So looks like I'm assuming these are pictures, but this is about coaches. Kayak expedition that he took. So I'm assuming these are pictures from that. Can We? Get a real. Okay. We can get her paperback version of this book like, Seventeen. Let's a paper bag. It looks like paper. Oh and we can oh, customers view. This item can also view the Boston Rob Rule Oh God. Is there a package deal for them? Either frequently together. Buys them bolt together I don't know but for thirty two dollars gift both be ours. Gobble my birthday is coming up. Oh. Let me let me let me give the read. The first chapter here called the pages of an APP. Let's I've always been drawn to the ocean transformed by beauties afraid of its powers changed by its pleasures and Mesmerized by mysteries. The massive bodies of water that surround US have a magnetic passion full of life and energy that defies logic. The mind of its own, the ocean gives us a glimpse of its storied and wealth both hats. I've seen it's raw power with churning surf and raging swells throwing anything that dares the IT. So to have I, experienced it's calm beauty and splendor on a quiet night in a secluded hove reflecting the moonlit sky waves pattering softly against the sandy shore. All the focus today on man's progressive achievements. The ocean gives us an into how ruggedly beautiful as the hand of God. Some of my fondest memories as a child took place near the water. I remember one day many years ago standing on top of a Grassy Sand Dune on the coast of Florida with my brother Peter at my side was the spring of Nineteen seventy-nine. We stood holding hands feeling proud of our new matching shorts and shirts on. It's really cute. Looking out over the vast expanse of water that's fresh before ss are as we could see, why was why did he break his brother with him as part of the family visit? Yeah that's a good question. Other. Brother, became part of the ocean. I mean I don't know maybe his brother replaced him they were matching. Shorts. Maybe. It's like a signing thing again, going back to Red Brown. Red Brought Red Bra our data taking us out of school for a week of vacation which only adds the thrill and wonder and excitement of standing before such a creature. I sense even then at the ocean carried with it a soul, a mind, a personality of its own. For us at a living breathing powerful being pull was inevitable will whispered in my years beckoning for me to partake of its challenges. The surf roared through my soul scaring me to ride its thunderous currence. Love with the ocean. I think so too also how long? Chapter. Several pages, but I'll read the first couple of chapters invite cutoff. Point. I looked over I at my brother and then my dad both seem to be struck with the same sensations as I was all in love with the ocean. All right. Let me see if I can do some character voices here. Gaddi I, said, what countries all day on the decide I mean if you took a boat and headed straight from Deir where would you land? Actually. My father replied. Coach yes, that's little coach. One countries. Five years. Yeah. It'd be like kind of older, my older son. He was here. I'M A. Daddy. Back by by doubles for. Other. Side the delay on. Collection. My father replied after a moment of thought we're not too far from Cuba. Once you get past. Cuba null go you can go all the way to South America. Colombia probably. Knew, the answers to everything. Shock swimming around down there. Get that accent. Baby. Jay ways dead. We got sell to pay. So Mr Poll doesn't take away hedge. Cap here. Sure. But they won't bother you if you stay close to the shore. We talked for a while before I decided we play around in the surf. After retired from swimming, we built a magnificent sandcastle. Its spires seemed to reach toward the deep blue sky late afternoon sun shone bright on the top of our new creation, passing long shadows over our heads or the hotels. The beach was covered with seashells of all shapes and sizes. Now is amazed at the variety of treasures that flourished near the ocean. Already I was beginning to discover the rush of excitement that nature and the ocean hat differ. I would never forget the feelings of awe and excitement that filled my mind that de rumble of the waves and the cries of the seagulls. shoprite there. Maybe this is the problem Liana is that coach did not get to play near the Ocean in survivor token jeans. I mean yeah. I think that's clearly a problem. Obviously, you know they're a little bit landlocked there. They didn't. He didn't get to see his true love for the ocean. Really could've helped him although in heroes villains they were in the ocean. So I don't know about that although in South Pacific obviously that clearly had an effect. So I don't know jury still out perhaps. Yeah. Well, I believe in Samoa, they weren't allowed to go into the ocean because of like uproarious tied or something to maybe coach was just could not really harnessed the water as much as he wanted to maybe his father is decided. Yes, that makes sense. Let's go through Greek mythology and place coach. Listen I know he would be loving that if we actually did that. Okay. All right. Hold on does it does Poseidon Have Chil- I mean obviously he's a Greek God. If Percy Jackson is Ken than he does. My Gosh. Can you imagine especially like if he's GonNa be his baby version designed. Not Threatening. That is necessarily. Coach. You'll. Get over the news evert. Chain ways. SERVES ANC the Pacific. It's slapper come on coach. We're GONNA make it there one day. Disaster. Let's move on here to a coach adjacent game from the Great Elite Bay Shimon he writes in a low Jimbo and Libor bore. We all love coach and his defining characteristics are him being a maestro at a soccer coach? I thought of a game that incorporates coach and his time in Brazil. It's pretty simple bleep as going to give the name of a Brazilian figure and Liana, you have to guess if this is a soccer players name or the name of a musician. Own. How experienced are you in either? What's a level lower than week? Say. That David. Coach I believe is that level Yeah Oh man okay. This is GonNa be because I was like trying to decide which I actually think I probably know more Brazilian soccer player. But. Yeah Man. If I only got about fifty percent of the questions on the previous. It's GonNa be a disaster. All right. Let's start. So again I'm GonNa read a name it's other Brazilian soccer player or a musician. Neymar. And why they are okay, that's a soccer player. That's correct. How did you know because I know again, very little about soccer but I know Neymar as Brazilian Tiger player? Oh `bout Tom Jobim. Are the musicians also Brazilian. I believe so. Okay, well, I am unfamiliar with this name. So I am going to go with a maestro. That is correct. It sounds maybe I'm sure I'm butchering the pronunciation sounds a bit like a Lord of the rings character when you say like, Tom? Jobim. Like. or Jim I'm thinking. Of Tom Bedell is probably what I'm thinking. Yeah okay. All right next one Marta. Marta, that is I believe a character from arrested development. Is that an option? No. Unfortunately girlfriends of Joe, blue and future celebrity apprentice contestants are not eligible as an option here. Okay shocked. Okay. Well I have never heard this name. So I'M GONNA go with Maestro I'm sorry they saw player. Launch Excel apart after ten questions. Yeah. My strategy was like if I know the name and then it's a soccer. I don't know name, it's a musician. Announced Strategy. That's right. That is my strategy. So all right next one. Carlos Cayetano. Last Name C. A. E. T. A. N.. I just want to apologize to every single resilient out there. Musician. I'm sorry to soccer player. He's better known as Donga Oh of course, of course. No. Okay I wasn't sure I. Don't know doing doomed might have been might have been on your list of random Brazilian soccer players you know. Okay like Neymars I feel like the most famous Brazilian soccer player. Right. Yes No. Literally not the audience for this. Okay. All right. Well, that's okay you. You know who's the most famous soccer player me Dunga, so there. Okay. All right next one. Anita spelled a n I T ta. I feel. Okay. What if I said for the past I feel like I've okay. You know what we're. GonNa go. We're GONNA go artists. Let's go maestro. That is correct. Yes. Eventually it had to pay off exactly it had to work eventually is your next one K. Tano Veloso. Okay. So do I think that that's sounds like a soccer player as name I think that's like or is this more a musician type? You know what I'm going to change my strategy. I'M GONNA go soccer player. It's a musician that's what I meant. That's what I said. Mike. You misheard me I said I'm sorry these fall two years I always think people have saying soccer player when they mean maestro. Very similar, very similar sounding words or adheres this next one, Ronaldinho. Oh okay. Yes. I Know Ronaldinho as a player as a soccer player. Is he resilient but would he be? Okay at soccer player soccer player. What am I even saying that is correct. Okay. I. Was GonNA say. Jamar this is the one that I feel like even I know role Dino. I was like trying to like guess my way out of it for some weird reason of like he wouldn't put something in there. That's that obvious. Finally go Berto deal. Okay. So let me try to think new mayor. What would we had the most of? Trying to think Let's go with. Musician that's correct. You actually. Go Berto gills frequent performing partners back in the day was number six Caetano. Veloso. Oh my gosh it all comes all circle. Cute I'm looking at pictures of them. They look very fun together Leon I think he did better in this game than actually you did in the other one blame your limited but a working knowledge of Brazilian soccer players. I can't decide if I'm proud of myself or disappointed myself for doing. So poorly in the other game but no, both of these games were so fun. It's always fun to test myself and things. I theoretically should know everything about and then also know nothing about and do you essentially the same. Better in the things I don't know anything about. So to finish things off here on the BNB each and every week. Of course, we want to highlight a different 'cause and our charity corner. This is something that we actually brought up in our big brother B. and B. But we decided to bring it over here as well because it's an extremely important 'cause Adele from BBC Canada to has put out a go fund me to donate to the families of first responders were. lost. In the tragic explosions in Lebanon last week for those that don't know a tragic series of explosions rocked Beirut to its core resulting in thousands of casualties including several people on the front line. What Adele. has set up a gofundme page where you can go and donate any amount of money. You want to guarantees that any money made from this will go directly to the families of those who passed in the explosion Adele himself. is of very good friends with a firefighter who firsthand lost kind of his colleagues. So you can understand just the the wide spread of the tragedy that happened there are of our hearts do go out to those who were affected. In Beirut by what happens if you want to donate other, there's not really a short link that I can give just go into the show there should be a direct link to the gofundme there right now over seven thousand dollars raised and I. Know that we can do more to help these people who very, very much need our help in the way of such a disaster. So please if you can take the time, click the link in the show notes. Fill this out and again, our best and our very deepest sympathies to those that were affected by the lotions in Lebanon and that's GonNa. Do it for this week on the being we finish things up or starting to near the end here Liana we have one week left in house. We've announced beforehand it's the finale of survivor Borneo. It is. Unbelievable. Now. We're finally finishing this up because this has been such an incredible journey to go back and watch all of these episodes and to now go back and tied in to the very first episode the premiere of Borneo that we talked about going to be closing out with the finale of Borneo I mean I. I couldn't have asked for a better episode to discuss. Yeah, I mean, this is an probably will always be survivor's most watched episode had a fifty plus million people tuning in. I'm sure we can get into certainly at the time you know just how big things were between the fact that they had to film. Separate endings with all four finalists so that in case spoilers got leads, people wouldn't necessarily know who one of course with the finale of the I ever reunion hosted by Bryant Gumbel, which is not required viewing, but we can certainly dote on that likely honest. It's a great way to go all circle in one of the biggest and most important episodes in survivor history between the first ever Thai. Richards big brazen move at the final three, and of course, the rats and snakes speech that took the nation by storm and led to the first ever survivor Viktor being crowd. I. Guess Right. Now because it's still TVD. But I'm hoping if all things called come through and we're going to get a very, very fun way to close this out, I can't believe this thing is coming to an end either you know I I think reminded remember this this started you know only a couple of weeks after the war ended because of the twentieth anniversary of the survivor premier and it feels like the world and we have been through so much over the course of these twelve weeks I think of it only as twelve weeks is pretty mystifying to me. If, feels like. An entire year and yet a week at the same time like what is the concept of time anymore it doesn't help the also going covering like twenty years of survivor to you know like we're not saying with one cast of characters. We just keep jumping around all the time that does make us feel a bit displaced especially in these times. But yeah, we're going to be back next week to finish off this re-watch series of course as we sort of alluded to before Leon and I, are double dipping BNB for a couple weeks. Here we are doing the big brother twenty to be in. Be where we are doing weekly in game segments there this past week we had Maggie Morgan from the class of twenty twenty. She was an absolute delight. We had a lot of fun breaking down week one of Big Brother twenty two between talking about intro packages over the years getting a deep dive into one of the houseguests rap career trying to paint one of the characters that showed up in a recent competition as a possible serial killer. The limits are endless here on the BBC if your big brother Fan, make sure to check that out as well as what we have coming up in. Because we'll be here for the long haul for bb twenty two as well. Liana. What else do you have going on? Right. So I you can find me on twitter at Liana Rha he. I am talking about Canada's drag race, which is in full swing. Oh. My Gosh, we're having so much fun. It's you are a drag race fan and you are not watching Canada's drag race get on et because it's been such a fantastic seed as season just lawing drug race out of the water and we are talking about drag race with new video podcasts. If you're interested I n looking at the loop, all the colors Liana. Oh my all the Colors Green Red Felice Navidad Brown. them all we're doing them on. Dot Color. Insert. That in their. Jamie, was argument I think I did also ask before of. Color so I'm not sure. took. That's on my list of like, what do you call a group of baseball players? Do Dogs, have. Brothers. Brothers. I still my gosh. Sticky notes place. So we can refer to that later and have no idea what we. Think. They Jiffy pop probes the only currently surviving. that. In BB DJ before big dig. Johnson. Laws. Right. Anyway. So yeah. So definitely check that out and I'm also was a guest on the ninety day fiance podcast with talking about, of course, this week and ninety day fiance you can always follow me at a Mike Bloom Tifosi Leon as well at Leon Rha. P. Just. Finished recording beyond top chef or this week where we did a food show potluck or we talked about everything from you know. Very. Food Network shows that are thirty seasons deep Kulu series that debuted. So that was a very fun podcast. Of course, toughest nails also reaching its homestretch we had a great recap with Phil Cogan of episode seven. We also are going down the hatch with lost be celebrated our one year birthday again time is weird nowadays especially for a show like lost Gordon I celebrated our one year anniversary of down the Hatch on eight fifteen with a clip show that ended up being a lot of fun and also sometimes cringe which also made it more fun. So be sure to check all that out. Of course, I'm doing exit press for Parade Dot Com with big brother as well, and I also was a guest this week on A. Kids pod. Just a very fun podcast where I had a lovely group of children asked me questions about what it's like to be a podcast her and I got to talk about that and weird people out hopefully, not too much with stories about how I ended up getting a survivor tattoo determined by a podcast, which also if you have an order jet, there's a set of temporary tattoos base around about available at rob has a website dot com slash bloom tax with all proceeds going to benefit direct relief and so. Check that out. I know I'm going to cover myself with Sir Whittington in honor of the fact that he will not be permanently on my body and make sure you're subscribe to all the other reality TV wrap up stuff going on. Liana. As mentioned on Canada's drag race I guess it on ninety. Day. Fiance. The Bachelor is still going strong with its greatest seasons of all time clip shows when I really want to highlight this week is the Purple Pants podcast hosted by the fantastic Isaiah who recently unveiled these daddy calendar for Two Thousand Twenty one because again, the time is weird. It's still flows and so will the Saudis. But if you haven't checked out the Purple Pans podcast just celebrated its one year anniversary. It's a fantastic mixture of serious and silly and you know covering everything from a lot of the social justice initiatives going on to the Zany -ness of love after lockup and Bryce is just a fantastic person and host whether he's by himself or bouncing ideas off of somebody else if you are in. Survivor withdrawal right now, which might be you if you're listening to. US Prattle on about random survivor nonsense for the past hour and a half I think you're GonNa like the Purple Pants. Pot You have a year a backlog podcast listen to so chop chop that's GonNa. Do this what Mike I do want to say and the Zadie calendar is now out so if you are thirsty in lock In Quarantine. Bryce as a I think he was on with rob right to talk the Zadie calendar. So if you're thirsting for some survivors that is out as well. Yeah, and we won't reveal exactly WHO's on what but it's a nice. It Goes International Nice. Old School new school mix like I dunno Leon in one day. Maybe if I'm if I'm truly plumbing around with a barrel for content, I could do as Zadie brand seal, a Brenton zeal who I would be very down for something like that. You know I love me some Zadie he's exactly. So be sure to check out all the great stuff that Bryce is doing if you have games and know we only have one more survivor podcast, but it's a big in and Dame's we want them. You can email them to us rha AP BNB AT GMAIL DOT COM special shout huge Kudos to Philippi Shimon and Sarah from Sydney for sending in these fantastic games and we only have one more week. It's sad it's crazy thing. This is all coming to the end but I think we're going to have a really fun guest lined up next week and hopefully some very fun games as well to close out this wiggled through time BNB rewind whatever the heck you want to call it. Scott saint-pierre for editing everything behind the scenes, both of America for his fantastic theme song that only rivals the great epic ballad that was playing during coaches struggles in the immunity challenge in terms of just pure beauty leon and I'll be back next week with a special guest to recap the season finale of. Barnea. But for now, we'll check you out at your next day. the. Sum Game, right. Done. Off Sound School. The R. H.. E. Ambi. Your mom. All School. I can sell you. The our ASE. And Three.

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Tackling Challenges on a Small Farm (FSFS187)

Farm Small Farm Smart

1:01:53 hr | 1 year ago

Tackling Challenges on a Small Farm (FSFS187)

"Second-year growing flowers. What are some of the mistakes missteps and challenges that Benny and Courtney Pino have faced at Lob lolly farm let's find out out in this episode coming up welcome to farm small farm smart I'm your host Diego Deny each geo today's episode of Far small-farm Mall Farm smart is brought to you by paper pot co it paper pot co our goal is simple farm fast live more we want to provide you view is a small-scale farmer with tools that make your job on the farm easier better in quicker so you can get off the farm into the office into the house or onto the beach and do other things in life check out some of the time and labor saving tools that we have to offer at Paper Pot dot co in today's episode? I'm talking to Benny Courtney. Pino of LOB lolly farm we're recording this episode justice summer turns into fall here in two thousand nineteen and we're going to be talking about some of the challenges that they faced production-wise on their farm this past summer things like we'd pressure things like growing under culture and dealing with Caterpillar Tunnels and irrigation and how they're tackling some some of those problems not just now in the heat of it but how they're going to try and tackle some of these problems into the future and hopefully get rid of some of these problems into the future it's their second year of growing flowers full-time and they've learned a lot along the way and it's one of those prime examples of you're not gonNA figure it out eh soon as you think you figured it out it's not that Benny Courtney don't know a lot because they do but the environment changes we'd pressure changes things is always evolve in it's in that evolution that's really humbling almost saying this is going to take a lot longer to figure out than we the F. Ever thought so let's jump right into it with Benny in Courtney so bettencourt a lot of things that you've struggled with this summer a lot of challenges a lot of things on the learning curve that came your way and just talk in before we started recording one of the things you did yesterday or this weekend was you took down your Caterpillar Caterpillar tunnels you've sold them to a friend you're moving on from those in one of the lessons you sent me via email that you really want to talk about was you're done using caterpillar tunnels and you're looking to go to high tunnels can you talk about why that is yeah it's it's been a lot of challenges in terms of light idiosyncrasies and heat management is principally what's been most challenging in particular with flowers there aren't a lot of flowers that love atop heeds and so you really have to make sure that the sides are up up managing the sides being up becomes challenging whenever there's a windy day so you're constantly watching the tunnel making sure that the plastic stays on on because it's really windy the plastic dislike blows right off the side and then it becomes like fifteen to twenty minute chore to Restrict that Plastic over the brain so you know we used a lot of tricks I can tell that the company we bought him from Barbara's friend is also trying to you know contest with this in in do a lot of work to make their product not base the challenges anymore and they have like things like lift kits and Wallsend even even people I was talking to recently invested in wiggle wire and I'm sure that someone's probably out there figured out how to do rule upsides and and so if you wanted to invest in them and go the whole nine really through all the whistles and bells on I'm sure even make them work but you'd probably have to spend an extra two honored to five hundred dollars to get them like really dialed in for the type of operation that we're trying to use them for and we figured at this point as long as there's the NRCS bran out there and We penalty friends that we talked about all these details within you know for example in our county Charles County here in Maryland they last ask year didn't give out all of the monies that they were awarded to grant recipients so they like had judge a not enough applicants to to disperse all there and so our friends you know you're missing out if you don't apply and so we got pretty excited about that and and feel like there's a pretty good likelihood that will get approved I've I've gone through most of the process at this point and it's pretty straightforward word of but of course you have to you have to front the money you know it's like a reimbursement grant so we are also trying to get employees on as soon news we have them because it is a bit a fair bit work to install a tunnel like that at least for for us it'll be and once we get that we will have to deal with those issues with the caterpillar elder tunnel anymore like that's a big thing that caught a creek Moore says he's just like you know when I totally agree that that why deal with all those issues when you can install something that's much retire tag and even in some ways you can get like automated aspects to a high tunnel you can get not just side inventing but Ridge Venting C can really likes her off gas all that heats and and that would make it so that we could grow a lot more for a perennial style flowers in their keep our Dalia as for example that's probably star but protect the culture is very important for flowers in the spring and so we will put low tunnels in we'll have like lo tunnels for a few crops that we want to just boost the heat on for getting ready early early early in the season and then we will have a high tunnel hopefully installed so that we can put more and more in their year to year so that's the good thing about caterpillar tunnels was it it got just started you know got you in the game you're able to grow with them and then you you sold them down the line to another farmer who could I use them in your set in what you're doing right now like now you know flowers were committed to flowers when you think ahead too high tunnel would you choose a high tunnel differently if you were growing vegetables versus what you might look at for growing flowers yeah that's a really good question I would say probably not too much different like high tunnels can get pretty expensive pre quickly like you you look at this entry level kit it it comes in at like five to six grand if you really WANNA go low end you can go like three or four but we're looking at like a thirty by ninety six and on average that's going to be at least six ish brand and then you know as soon as you put up the roadsides as you especially like a ridge talking about it can get close to ten grand really really quickly so we have to consider what the energy as willing to reimburse for they don't necessarily award you the full amount out and so we have to offer that more so than like I can compensate what we're growing in terms of like to to what we get awarded so if I install the high tunnel and Rabaul to get temperatures in the eighties and like like if it's ambient let's say like during July and it's ninety degrees outside and in the high tunnel it's only a little bit hotter than that because of the type of you know venting that we have in there then that's great and we can grow most everything that's like he tolerant with those conditions but it's it's up higher and higher than that then we have to light it and think about like selling more whistles and bells and so he's going to be a lot of learning curve I think in we're going to have to also think about mitigating bugs that's that's a really big a boon of the high tunnel versus Caterpillar like the caterpillar will wolf negate most pest pressure but won't eliminate it and so for example these Japanese beetles that are are just ferocious on some of the flowers that grow and if we put up like basically insect netting along the outer aspect of the tunnel Oh and then put our Dolly is in there and heat those Japanese beetles out entirely then we can we can grow so much more like a production of the dollars always goes up considerably because those Beatles universe war to in there they find the flowers they like just like hone in on any bloom and just after one or two nibbles else is like that that product is now worthless so you know that in of itself will be worth the while but you know I don't know how how they'll weather a lot of heat and if we start them earlier will they be more heat tolerant as they're like adult plants and all these are sort of question marks that we have to to a game out but there's people out there done it you know there's a lot of the people who grow roses in California they almost exclusively used tunnel so are people out there doing it we just have to continue to experiment bite out with this is actually a few flower farms not too far from me a and they're all plastic on the hillside and it just tunnel after tunnel after tunnel Lohan things that are more like glorified caterpillar tunnels but the they're all under plastic for you guys this is the first high tunnel that you'll be putting up on your property when you think about Roi and things things like okay how much how big do we go with this first one how much that we want to spend on this first one knowing what you might be able to get out of it what's your thought process there so I really want to definitely pay top dollar for good brand and invest in something that's GonNa stand tested time you know I I feel like there are some types of tunnels out there that are limited in terms of what they offer and or companies that you know they don't Shit or you know you have to manage if you want to install an N. wallover particular tight and so you kind of have to be more diy some companies in an I'd rather be a little plug in play because we just don't have a ton of building experience so we're also going to get like a lot of people behind us we were even at a a small farmer party last night and everyone was talking about how they're interested in producing these tunnels up in that they wanna have like a sort of a loose crew of friends as far as well amid than that we can kind of like not cow one tunnel time and then just move onto the next one the next one so that we can all like you know tackle these big projects and get them done in a realistic timeframe you know it's investment of several months and so you know I mean obviously it depends greatly on your experience and your ability to to bill but if you're looking at like I have a friend just down the road and for unite help them bear bait with putting their tunnel up and it took them two and a half to three months and they're tunnel is pretty straightforward you're so you know they're just doing a few days a week you know you can't spend all your time on it unless you are aloe just don't have to worry about that sort of thing but we feel that we have to to spend a considerable amount of time we be ready for all of that alike you know accrue investment investment in Yeah the answer your question I would spend the money to that we don't have to spend all that time putting up something that we regret I ended at tonight you know the type of flowers that we would end up putting in the tunnel we would would be the the flowers that bring in a high dollar for Sam so Dahlia's we were talking a lot about starting to grow roses so those garden roses in Dolly is there can be from two to four dollars stab so the return on investment you know I'm putting up a a tunnel in order to better growth those just those two flowers along the absolute in a one of the things you've we've talked about before is big flower days are Valentine's Day and Mother's Day would Valentine's Day might be a challenge for you guys in Maryland to hit that ah but mothers day things you may ash every year would would a high tunnel versus a Caterpillar tunnel give you the chance to possibly hit that holiday and if so are you going to need to go some form of active heating or climate control to make that happen yet that's an excellent question and absolutely that's a big part of why we're doing this too so you know if we're doing them in later for doing any like we do roses than we would have to just make it about about the roses and then we wouldn't be gaining we might put in a second tunnel in order to capture the market that you're talking about just ending on only putting the personal so so it's true we put it involves early in the season and if you especially over winter them and then he at a certain time you can you any time you're you're production alive growers in in South America they have it down to the point where they a cake bulbs and they put them in the freezer of big walk in coolers on like that and then they essentially cold stress them make them think that okay I've gone through winter now is Frau and then they pull them out start beating them up and then all of a sudden day they start germinating and then you put them in the ground around you can time to like almost the day when you're going to be producing flowers and so we have to learn how to capture those markets like you're saying Mother's Day we can hit you know no problems but when you start thinking about moving at another month back into veterinary than we absolutely absolutely need to think about minor heating you know enough to just make sure that we again we have to see whether temperatures alike in this tunnel but you know the plastic itself would be enough most likely we probably also have to cover with row row covers with Agar your bond and then if that's not enough then we removed to like a a Modine ears unlike you some propane and get it over that Hump so that we can produce for that mark one of the biggest markets you know non-chinese day is probably a number one or I know it is number one in the US and and then mother's Day and then actually technically the winter holidays you know Christmas time our number three so we might even try to move back even further further in time to to catch those markets with this tunnel when you look at sizing one of these I think you said thirty by ninety six was the one you're looking get now for somebody who's putting up their first high tunnel in doesn't have a fleet of them already on the farm experience operating within different footprints how do you come up with that number do you do you build as big as you can are you sizing it that way because that's a a land constraint that's what would fit where you want wanted to go in a why not making some size up fifty by one twenty or some other size yeah just the sizes that we we've seen for the most part you know where we've been shopping is thirty ninety six is very popular size in doesn't stretch too far out of our price range and also the space that we're a growing yes absolutely yeah we are sort of limited in our area so yeah when you look at the NFC as grants I think they're cautious are actually pretty generous isn't something like eighty plus percent you can get reimbursement for yeah it is is and I mean I think it you go lower like our friends put up a tunnel that was like five or six brand fully reverse okay so fully reimbursed so really league there's no guarantee you will get the money but assuming you do get the money you're fronting it so there's some dollar cost to tying up that money fronting it there is the labor cost of installing it whether it's your labor you pay somebody to put it up but the return on one of these through the grand program the end ended the day I mean it's almost a no brainer right yeah I mean as long as I have met some people through the years who installed them in in not Donna super professional job in almost become more of a headache like kind of what we experienced hats Onnell's so you do you absolutely do a good job installing them an in so don't don't approach it not thinking about that Labor aspect that's like honestly the biggest consideration is if you can install all them and install them well then they're like you're saying super worth you think about one of the earlier topics that we talked about which which was the cool season warm season flowers if you start putting stuff under a high tunnel whether that has supplemental heating or not how much I do those flowers maybe migrate from list list do the cool season ones become warm season when you start sticking them into a high tunnel not really you just essentially you just have them earlier but they you know because it's it's a bit warmer than you could start them earlier in the season earlier winter they're they don't really are they wouldn't like become you know all of a sudden super tolerant of heat for example but some you know there are some warm Ramsey's lowers the do very well in in tunnels like Saluda in Dahlia's roses so you could prolong along their production I think because it's more of a controlled environment so you can control pressure disease pressure water wiring schedules but I don't I the general concept of of of ours in worms flowers essentially the same you know the general idea review the same dramatic shifting yeah exactly right yeah the the timing becomes Keaton like we were saying earlier you know if you can you can get to this earlier markets that's that's let's for us very peril in one of the other challenges you've talked about this summer is the need to have a solid succession plan from warm and cool weather mean if you if you remove the tunnel aspect out of it whether that's a caterpillar tunnel or a high tunnel can you talk about some of the challenges challenges you've had there and how important are realizing this need to have a succession plan is yeah so one of the things things that we learned throughout the season this year more than anything is that you with flowers you gotta trawlers right so you are pulling that Trauma Sing Tao from all of your cool weather crops when they're done and so for us at least that means towards the end of June going into July all of a sudden those cool weather crops are just done and so you're looking at your apartment all of a sudden it's like oh say sixty for us at least sixty to seventy percent of DAD's needs to be turned over all they just are done so we have to spend a lot of time like close close to an hour per bed to turn that over in terms of removing all that traumatizing so that was really one of our critical pain points this season that we learned that that we need to have labor to help with that and system that allows us to to then transition those beds very quickly so ben turnover really would be like for for us especially in that in that during those months light something we have to consider try to staggered a little more to like have a game plan where all of those beds don't lead turning over as quickly and so we spend a Lotta time in the last few weeks gaming out our crop plan because we still have those cool weather crops they're like some of the previous fires that you can think of and they're very popular with Laura's an have a lot of color the variety is that that appeal to people so we absolutely prized those flowers but we need to be able to then transition into our warm weather crops is that are you know they they need to be put into the ground right before July and so it's like where'd so you move the needle to hit the perfect transition point and you really have to like game that out and have a plan ahead of time we we still we were sort of caught caught without as much of a plan as we needed in order to make those transitions smoothly but once you do the transitions in your just just sort of like working with warm weather flowers your is pretty smooth sailing you just have to to mitigate that at inbetween time 'cause what's the transition are bad turnover process on a Trellis te flower crop you have the Horton Nova it's a plastic product so you're not just gonNa flail flail Mo the whole thing I don't even know if you could probably find it up but higher removing this so you were for us at least right now our our crops get pretty tall grow up through obviously want to have them grow through the trellis things so that it's supporting them and and then they continue to grow several feet sometimes passed it and then you go to remove it and you look at the name like how am I ever we're GonNa get this Outta here is yet so tangled so you pull out the states in you have this netting where what we're doing wing is looking to chop off the tops of those beds using a hedge trimmer and then that netting is able to be pulled old so we can do that with most of the flowers but some of them you can't so what we're doing to work around like say a sunflower as thick sock that you can't cut very easily it's just corral trellis throwing them which just means that we're going to put the stakes in every five to ten feet and that's just around the board or the bed and then when those hours lean a little bit they sort of all support each other slash they they hang onto a line you tied to the stakes lakes that are around the perimeter of the bed and so that can be removed very easily we're we're just starting to experiment that the other thing we're trying to do is take varieties is that we can turn out very quickly so that they don't need as much support you know with sunflowers you can do branching types which need more support but you also do these single cut flowers that you know we don't know for certain right now but we feel like they're going to need less support a raucous just just grow up in less than sixty days he caught on done and they're not going to be facing as much wind in they're not as tall so so you can pull them now weekly and not have to deal with as much Charles Issues yes I guess the back side of this too is that's going to require you to have all the nursery stuff ready to go because because I think almost exclusively right you're transplanting most of the stuff you have so were you prepared for that this year when when you knew all of a sudden that sixty percent of the farm came off line did you have the transplants ready to go to you know fill in even though all this other stuff took a bunch of time as a not all of them ah but we did have a you know a lying ready to go in but I don't think we were prepared for the quiet the amount matt that was coming out at the same time so which is something that we learned a lot this year or next year got got it got it okay so yeah no really interesting on that front of just the challenges of bed turnover I mean compared to to Veg it sounds like with the Trellis and there's a lot more more involved there so planning that out going to be really critical one of the other things that I know you're struggling with and maybe high tunnel helps at this is perennial grass and when I visited your farm your production field is cut out of just feel the meadow of and a lot of that meadow is encroaching on your beds can you talk about some of the challenges you're dealing with their yes so we got all the way to July mid-july with Serve the plastic that we we so most of our field has been in under plastic like a big solid car for six months to a year those beds that have been under for a year sure you almost don't have to deal with the grass very much all except for what blows in and then we have to is the six beds deal with the the grass coming up even sooner and so like I was saying July oh my gosh the grass was really coming on it was amazing almost like night and day okay when you walk the farm all the way through May when there is barely any we'd pressure we all chopped with ourselves and then when the grass shirt coming on it's very difficult to deal with it without like hand weeding almost you know you can't you you come with a tool and you cut it and it's like okay well I'm I'm just GonNa go right back or you you hit it with like sometimes when I just doing bed number I was like well there's not much brassier so I'm just GonNa hit the Tiller Ciller in and be done with it because I don't have time I like saying we have so many of those beds turnover once and so when you do that obviously you're just multiplying problem mm-hmm and you're like literally almost crime as you're doing it because you know that you're GonNa have to pay for those sins in the future and so you know a lot of people people were they do is they get into putting their flowers on landscape fabric or plastic to deal with that issue and we're not interested in that because the the amount of labor you know the virus describing the bed turnover with the Horn Inova in the support I mean forget it it's like two to three hours per bed in order to remove fabric remove drip tape is you have to your the gate that way now and then reinstall it and make sure you have the right sizes available and pull things out like through the plastic instead of just you know mowing tilling it it there's so many time constraints when it comes to to using it so we we don't want to go that way we just went to continue to work on the grass over time and so we're going to continue to cover these areas with silage tarps until the pressure's low uh-huh and then we're just going to like stay on top of it with a weekly meeting so that anything that comes in seed wise because we can't control you know the whole I don't in quite know how far of the sea will blow in from but it can be as much as a a mile for things that are that are wind blown so you know we have to obviously contest with that continuous basis but if the grass is a chance to get established in we're waiting on a weekly basis than you know we should be you should be fine with the pressure over time what are your thoughts on perennial grass and using some sort of chemical the control it I know this is contextual some people listening to this they're going to get turned off right away by me even bringing this up out of the box sir you cannot use it obviously if you're certified organic but for non certified farms I look at some of the struggles that a lot of these farmers face fighting grasses for years in years and years and part of me is just like you know something like rounding up as a tool in the toolkit it's a means to an end it's not part of a regular use program damn to spray consistently forever but get rid of the grass with the chemical that will work move on yeah so we we have talked with We were part of a email group that discusses these issues from time to time nine and one of the recent threads was talking about mitigating they're Montecot pressure with sprays raise and so you know this farmer was explaining that they utilize it fusilade and they just spray for Vermont lots of grasses and you know we're discussing net because if we could spray to take care of that problem it it just takes care of young grasses and you use it sort of early in the season to keep them from from getting out of control all in so we spray let's say two or three times and that took care of the issue and then down the line we used mechanical cultivation Dan to you know to take care of any we'd see that continues to win than it would be like just just taking a moment moment too to dip into those that tool bell of using those those sprays inorganic on a nicely don't worry about that as much because we don't like no one beats our flowers while we are growing some edible flowers but obviously Britain spray there and and we would not that the pressure down with actual and not have to use it anymore I think I think really for us if we WANNA be very balanced about how we approach taking care of these these we issues and and so we are tempted we haven't decided for sure yet but if you know let's say we get into the springtime in in those Monaco answer just like out of control from us like tilling them in this year than I I may very well make that purchase and and go for it so that we don't have to deal with an overwhelming problem yeah I think for some farms it can just makes sense and like you said it's a balanced approach it's a it's a one time use thing or once a year use but when you have limited labor when you only have so much much time when your livelihood is dependent upon these crops getting to market in a way that they look good in you have tools out there again gotta Fit your context but I think people could maybe look at those more than they do now and not a follower farm you know I mean there's what to bed turnovers per year I mean are one bad turnover per year is that the most you turn over a bed like one crop in next crop out out or do you have beds doing more than two crops in a total year yeah the maximum usually is going to be too and that's only if you your her ruins like I started to try and target I like some of our crops sixty day and so in that case if I have been growing our early in the season with protected culture then I can like crop that out by May in N. doing sixty day in sixty days so threes absolutely the maximum annette's if you're like really squeezing but most of the time you're GONNA get to crops out of a bed per season though it makes up for that is number stems per bed which is astronomically higher higher in terms of production versus most of your badge so you know there's there's the investment on the front end but the production when you get cranking you can produce way more per square foot and then you can produce over a longer growing season typically like a month of harvest I versus other veget- doesn't last that long so given that the beds are occupied most of the year I mean there's cover on the beds and I'm thinking okay that's that's crowding out most of the weeds but the grass is that do get in there the weeds to get in there you can kind of mechanically control those hand we'd what you need to how do flowers competitive edge when we'd pressure comes in her grasp pressure comes in you have a bunch of weeds and grass and a bed of lettuce that you've got a harvest with a quick cut it's it's a mess you can't harvests it when flowers are growing vertically up there higher you're picking the stems themselves as you're not cutting at the root base how do you how are you affected as a farmer by we'd pressure on the ground when your product it is higher up so that's the beauty of you know a growing flowers universe the the the problem is more in the pathways than it is in the bed so we plant pretty intensively in our so everything is is at a ray of distance of either six or twelve inches apart and a lot of flowers fall in the eight to nine nine inch facing range so we'd kind of gauge a sign that plants characteristics are that ours characteristics the royal cabinet whether it's GonNa be reduced to mistakes or increased to twelve inches so everything's really close together and then just shave out a lot of our wheat so we don't have a lot of pressure in the best we occasionally have you grasses that will come up and then when you're cutting you just kind of way that you know so it's really easy to work around for us the problem is you know the our our power walking pathways are pretty becoming overrun with and then it's just really challenging to get in there and you know we whacked those or damage to the hours you know we tried various methods of trying to reduce that ally why were you know something like a spray would come in handy early spring but then we would immediately follow that by take a mulch absolute we didn't have that have to continually use up a or something harmful engine soil don't watch us so you can really easily just you have a row Leigh Anne how much of the weed we'd pressure do you think is more of a Labor pressure thing or time pressure you know these things are just the pathways getting out of control it's just another thing you gotta do right when you already already busy over the summer and when you have labor you know maybe some of these problems themselves out naturally they sort themselves out unnaturally by the introduction of labor who can be tasked to take these things on quicker and more with more frequencies so they don't become a huge problem that's all we're hoping so the goal is you know were increasing the amount of production that we have but not you know we're not certainly not doubling it so that you know what Benny and I are managing if we brought on to our p all it would be twice as difficult you know do work through so I would say we're growing by like the of quarter or a third by adding in those employees the the hope is that we would be able to have a Lemur to mitigate those those problems else and be able to do both time and attention to you know keeping those that a so that we can have more glocester farm this year how much land underproduction for flowers so we have about q air gets a little less than that underproduction right now the two acres underproduction do you guys feel like given the Labor that you have available between the two of you if you take into account the wedding work you do the design work all that type of stuff that with the two of you production wise like you're you're you're at bandwidth like adding on more or even keeping up with everything you have is challenging absolutely I would even say what we have is slightly more than the two of US see manage by not by a whole lot so I I would say we have how many beds do we have a number investment yes so we have like one hundred forty now and we're planning on bringing sixty more on Lloyd Ray So I would say probably if we did maybe like a hundred beds that would be manageable for the two of us so the that extra forty is she dan little bit on the edge yes the harvest honestly like the with the paper Pot we can plug in things really easily I can do better with the BCS no problem problem you know everything ride up until harvest soup breezy but as soon as it comes time to like cut hundreds if not thousands I mean we we literally each week do like four thousand six thousand stones you know bats when you can't keep up and then everything compiles naturally so if you think about that the flow of a flower season you're planting a bunch at the beginning of the season to get all those beds established then they're only going to get turned over most of 'em one other time later in the year there's the ongoing maintenance of them you know some some weeding the watering all all that type of stuff on a week to week basis with one hundred and forty beds between the two of you what do you think your combined hours were spent just rushed harvesting this year most most of it I mean most spin about sixty to seventy seventy hours a week on the far end I would say you know a solid three quarters of that are harvesting yeah obviously making the case right that the post harvest part of it that you have to deal with yeah so I mean one thing you looted to in the note here was we're gonNA try harvesting with a bouquet recipe and counting mind instead of by what's available is the thought there to help solve some of this harvesting problem or is it to make it for employees easier or can you talk a little bit about that yeah so there's this he conundrum when it comes to harvesting bars which is you wanNA marist all the bed in order to continue to have that reduce so it's like you know an industry standard think about deadheading and you know that's on something that we really don't like to do because it's like you're you're getting rid of spent flowers when you should have been harvesting those flowers and and if you don't then the plan its job is done and so it it basically starts doing to seed and you're you're you're looking at a production that only lasts for a a two or three weeks when you should be getting like say even as many as six weeks out of San Cosmo so we we were at first doing now I like clear cutting each bed you were getting like insane production and it was really working well in terms of the flowers hours but then you know it wasn't working so well for us because two things happened one we had to do way more work cut and then we also had waste waste we didn't even have a way to sail channel to absorb all of that production all the time and so you know he can do two things one you can pick it all in just find sales outlets for in hustle on the sales side which we're we're GonNa do but but the other solution is to just has paid according to what you know you can sell into the recipe that you're writing for so he started doing that and it did cause our beds to like I was explaining name to go by faster but thankfully we had production enough to keep up with that for the most part what we're trying to do is hit the sweet spot where we're harvesting exactly exactly as much as we can sell and so that's a a moving target and we have to continue to work on that but I would recommend people only elite pay what they're going to sell and not really like overwork themselves in terms of trying to make sure that every band is producing one hundred percent capacity because let's be very productive they just will they won't hit that like full potential until you find a way to to sell all the flowers and then you know that feeds into your land so you know based on how much able to harvest you can then plan plan the next season around that type of schedule so that maybe you're not seeing as much of a certain type that we could harvest it all every week inside all the alternative to that would be to you know go plant as much as you could but then you have to be prepared with your you succession plantings right to becoming online once those flowers are going by though is like a like a dance choreography Fuego uh-huh crop like lettuce lettuce is GonNa grow for the most part year round when it's warm and I can plan it now and not okay it's GonNa come due for harvest and fifty days and then I can cut it and cut cut cut it and then I can wait two weeks and can plan another bed of lettuce and assuming like the day length changes are stable like that lettuce is all going to grow at the same rate so I can kind of keep a consistent supply of lettuce us up their fresh lettuce when you look at flowers and you have these warm and cool season flowers are flowers really limited to a calendar window lake this don't this is not the right information but cosmos is GonNa Bloom between June one and July thirty first and whether you plan it you know now or you wait two weeks or then you plan another bad two weeks after that like you that your window to harvest it and there isn't this idea of stagger planning to extend that window or is staggered planting something you could work in Yes oh you actually stagger but there's like two buckets that you sort of look at the Senate and one is weather flowers right and so you over winter flowers I to have the earliest production I'm talking strictly about annual flowers right now by the way and so you you look at you're over wintered cool season flowers to come online first then in the springtime also planned a second succession of cool season bowers and those are gonna come online just a little bit later just just as soon as those those over winter flowers are getting in done on it's not true for every single was he's environment for the most part that's how it works and so you have a harvest window of say a month for the overnight ones and then the following month you have the ones that you planted in spring and then by the time those springtime season powers are done then you should have your warm season flowers coming online it's it's it's very like it's almost perfect the way timing works as long as you're you're working around your frost day and making sure that like for example it's very important that you plant your your springtime postseason flowers a month maybe even six weeks ahead of that frosty and so they still get to to get the opportunity donate a benefit of that cold weather and then you want to make sure that you putting your warm season bowers in just as soon as the weather warms soon as you're you're pretty certain the prostate is is pass and so that gives you the opportunity to then just I moved into the warm season buyers in essentially when you're getting into July those are coming online and you're producing those in a staggered sense continuously all the way up until your vinyl process a few exceptions in their their things like MOMS or astor's that you plans and they take a super a long time to producers burying crop times on all of these in so you have certain things that'll pop up at later months but for the most post part that's how the dance goes and and so you can't have continuous production and and when you think about like the Veg- world it I would they are warm seasons like that you the lettuce example you're giving you know you're you're staggering it on a continuous basis so that you're never having any gaps you're always always putting in another bed of cosmo every month or so but but as far as the cool seasons you just get to plantings you just get over wintered one and you get the springtime one and that's basically Nicole Seasons 'cause you have they have to be kind of by definition in the cool season correct and they can't you can't do them like in the fall all except for one thing which is people have success in cutting back your let's say snap dragons and then then they will you eat them in the ground and then when it cools off again they will produce again there's a few crops like that but for the most part you're only getting them in in in just the early spring so from very generalized perspective is this might would this be how the land layout works going into the spring the the farm is divided into thirds one third of that has been over over wintered one third of that is going to get the new batch of cool season flowers planted in it one third is sitting in wait for who are the warm season flowers to go in when they when they can go in a little bit down the line then when than those warranties and flowers go in when the first batch of cool season flowers the ones that were over winter come out new warm season goes in and then when that last batch of cool season flowers comes out the next batch of season goes in and that's how you're you're rotating the bed through yeah that's a really great simple way of looking at it I mean obviously again anders on the nuance but yes that's essential reducing knowing your climate how flowers grow in that area When you talk about crop planning I mean are you guys looking at sitting down and saying all right mid June this this is the bouquet or we're going to need to be making so we're going to plant these crops and then two weeks later this'll be online so this is what our bouquet is going to be looking alikes instead of a CSI box are you can you sketch out? Okay here's what are bouquets will be and here's what we need to plant to produce those bouquets absolutely we do a lot of our crop leaning around tightening book as we would make and also the propeller combinations and then you know the ratio Oh abs- sites to vocal loans to Filler as though we're constantly thinking about looking looking at in our heartland and ensuring that I know we also have a season -ality so you know they'll change from usually change from mind Samantha's things come on lying and things you know go go by and then seasonality as well changing from from spring to summer you're changing from summer to fall is one of our goals next year so this year we didn't have a lot of of fluctuation from of the title from summer to fall as a lot of the summer crocs kind of segue right into all but you know we're we're looking the united doing like ornamented that irs and more his saving Amaranth for example were ball action and just making sure that we're it kind of having a change so that people are seeing the bookies involve we get a lot of response from that at the market you know the customers and clients really like seeing you know the how the type of hours in action boss throughout the year I guess that's one way to keep it interesting too right if somebody's irregular bouquet buyer or if you ever go to a flower CSA THEY WANNA see the changing if you're getting the same bouquet week after after week for the cool season the same bouquet week after week for the warm season it's like I wanna see something different here kind of boring so yeah they definitely like to see in the change one of the things we talked about at the beginning that allows you to control crop growth results was putting and the flowers under culture going into a high tunnel one of the other factors you have or one of the levers you could pull is really irrigation Russian and I know a lot of the US on the eastern side of the US and Midwest has had real patchy rain this year lottery in the spring and then somewhat drought over parts of the summer here how have flowers dealt with that when you look in Maryland where you guys are at your in your needs change from year to year genetic better control over that or has been interesting to learn here because is what we really sure going hard with our bar game last year and this year so last year was the when you're on record here in Maryland since recorded history it was seven or seventy inches and it literally rained almost every single week I think I counted like like two weeks that it didn't rain and so there was a lot of standing water you know our field is pretty well drained you know we do have a nice loamy soil that that mitigates most water but that was like air for everyone I mean people would show a bit you know meetings with other farmers ars and there was just endless tales. WHOA right it was standing water for any plant is a bear and flowers are no different so we had a lot of production issues because of that in this year it was a very quote unquote textbook so we had generally healthy amounts of rainfall all the way up until it became really really warm and then we experience during something new which was flowers getting up what we call crunchy like if they go for three or four weeks without getting irrigated gated and I when I say three or four weeks any rainfall wise we we always irrigate every week if we noticed that there's not gonna be any any precipitation by it's almost like you have to do way more than that because especially when they're they're the flowers are sizing up they need like like a constant watering and if you let that go for evenly say two weeks without giving them water every three third day or so then it'll be a moment where they just get really heat stress and that sort of shows across their lifetime time for that on like they they never quite look the same they're never gonNA size as well as their day you expect into an I'm talking about like continuous heat of above ninety degrees for close to a month and a half as what we experienced an axe where they got crunchy brown like if committed in the eighties they probably would have been fine but what you do is you sort of like irrigate that constantly to keep them from experiencing that stress Asan so for the bands that we did that for like we were able to successfully keep your Gatien going we refine but the ones that didn't they they had stressed that that showed over time and they never quite sized up as much as our previous beds and and then the flowers like would go by a lot faster there is even conditions like one of popular flowers that you've grown the summertime is called Zenia and as can experience wooded lot of other girls called meltdown and so you know you you cut them they think they're doing all right and then after like three or four days they experienced this like sudden Kenedy paddling in just they they die and so you your flowers that you're picking in the heat in also be way more stress dressing have a shorter baseline which again is another challenge you face any issues with just even harvesting time like having harvest harvest really really early in the morning when at school where you would notice a difference if you harvested at the middle of the day when the sun's out in the plant has you know a lot of plants wilt purposefully purposefully in the sun too is part of a survival process yeah absolutely we have none of y'all per se but as soon as you caught cut them you you see that and and we have to be very very careful about which flowers more easily it's almost like on a spectrum from most wealthy to lease wilty that we've learned over time and so we go to the most wilty flowers you know the number one every time and then we stagger it according to that that knowledge and we we've mitigated most of those troubles troubles like you know you just make sure you pick them at the right times and you don't have to worry too much anymore but it doesn't matter

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What's the Best San Francisco Movie? A (Sorta) Heated Debate

Bay Curious

28:08 min | Last month

What's the Best San Francisco Movie? A (Sorta) Heated Debate

"From cutie. Hey everyone. i'm olivia alan price. And this is bay curious. Let's get right to it and meet this week's question asker ben kaiser and leave or not i live in atlanta georgia then visited san francisco for the first time four years ago and as soon as he got here he felt a connection. Sort of seemed. Like i'd been there before or that. I belong there and i just absolutely fell in love with it and i've been back in four years probably nine or ten times. That's a lot of flights between atlanta. And now when benn can't be here he's found a way to visit without leaving his living room. Because i don't live in san francisco. I want to be connected to it as much as i possibly can. One of the ways is watching movies. Shot there anything that can transport it here even if only for a few hours benzene a lot already but he wants more so he came to curious. I asked what were some of the movie. Set in san francisco. They were actually shot in san francisco. And which ones are your favorites or your recommendations support for bake curious comes from sierra nevada brewing company family owned operated and argued over since nineteen eighty proud supporter of independent thought whether that's online over the air or in a bottle. More at sierra nevada dot com. Now we don't often del into subjective matters here on the show but hey it's the holidays. Were all stuck inside way more than usual this year. And we thought maybe we could all use some solid recommendations. Today's episode will sound a little bit. Different from you. Usually here on bakeries. We've got a panel of local cultural experts. Here to convince ben and you how you should spend some time devouring the bay area in all. Its cinematic. Glory so throw some popcorn in the microwave. Who's yuck on your couch and press play all right. I have to start this episode with a confession. I olympia allen price and really bad at movies like possibly the last person that you would want on your trivia team during the movie round. So i called in some much needed. Backup on this one here to help me out. Today are peter. Hart lob is a bay area native a culture critic with the san francisco chronicle and co host of the total. Sf podcast welcome. Peter thank you so much for having me. Also i've got carly seven here. She's a bay curious reporter who you are probably familiar with. She's also a former co host of the cooler podcast and one of k cuties resident movie. Obsesses hey carli. Hey hey pita lovely to be here so before we get into recommendations. I'm curious. what do you guys think. Make san francisco a good spot to shoot a film internationally. Recognizable landmarks golden bridge alcatraz. The topography get up on a hill and see those landmarks. You can have a chase scene and get a little air. The biggest thing is the weather and it's sort of the secret ingredient because it allows the director to convey mood in the city sorta becomes the mood of the director. You have the fog coming in. You have the sun coming in subtle shifts. You can't do that in atlanta. You can't do it in houston. You can't even really do that in la. And i think that's a big reason. Why san francisco ends up being a top pick. If you're a director and you wanna shoot a thriller action film something like that. I would agree with all of that. And i must confess. I do have a similar cinematic relationship with san francisco as listener. Ben does i grew up watching san francisco. Onscreen as a kid in the middle of nowhere in england and it just seemed like the coolest place in the world to me so i get it. I get quest now despite all these things all these sort of great attributes that make san francisco place to shoot. You still. don't see it in films as often as a new york or la or maybe even an atlanta even though you don't necessarily know you're in atlanta when you are in atlanta a lotta movies are shot. They're why do you think that is. It's expensive to get a hotel here much less a bunch of hotels. If you've got a lot of people coming people are all crammed in together. And if you're gonna shoot sister act in nowy valley or if you're going to shoot a car chase scene going through russian hill. The neighbors are going to notice. And i think san francisco more than some of those other cities because it's sort of compact like that makes it harder to film expensive and compact logistically. You have all of these issues. But i do think this semantic problem with san francisco. It's so in your face. it is does end up being a character if you wanna just have like any town. Usa to set your story and like san francisco is not the place to come. It really isn't because you'll end up having to do all of this narrative work bending over backwards to kind of explain why it's a san francisco story. That's my take anyway. Well i do. Wanna get onto answering ben's question and get to some of your san francisco movie recommendations but i thought we'd actually start with his because he has seen a lot of movies and he has his own thoughts vertigos. Probably my my all time favorite movie. In the fact that it shot in san francisco But you know a lot of the real common ones you know. I'm not embarrassed to say the other night. I watched the rock and enjoy the rock but mrs doubtfire milk the room. Those are just some of the ones that i enjoy so it sounds like he's definitely seen some of the classics which i know. We aren't necessarily going talk as much about today. In your lists right vertigo. The conversation the hitchcock films the coppola films. If i'm teaching a film class about san francisco. They're going to be right in there if i'm turning on my tv. Right now. because i just need to chill and escape a little bit. I've got a whole different set of films. That i'm gonna pick my favorite films and that that's what i'm going to pick today. One hundred percent coastline. And may i just say to ban that he never has to be embarrassed about watching the rock. There is nothing to be embarrassed about that. It's totally cool to just love the rock and shouted from the rooftops all right so i ask each of you guys to bring you our top three recommendations and what we're going to do is through all of those and then let ben decide who has been the most convincing and which movie he is going to watch next. So let's dive in carly let us know what your number three pick and why first of all. I want to kind of set up my thinking. I wanted to pay homage to the classic. Tlc album crazy sexy cool with three picks that makes san francisco look either crazy sexy oracle and so. I'm going to start with cool. It is always be my maybe. It is the two thousand and nine thousand nine. Netflix movie directed by notch com. It's ali wong as a celebrity chef and she returns home to san francisco where she grew up and she reconnects with her childhood. Boyfriend randall park. Hey hi marcus. Yeah i saw i lo- i i love this movie so much. It makes san francisco look really cool but it also makes it look really normal. And it's not the kind of parade of golden gate bridge golden gate park ad nauseam like a lot of. It's set in the outer richmond like the farmers market that they go to. It's not some buji. Little farmers markets the civic center farmers market so as a resident of the bay area. There is such a pleasure in doing that. Thing where you're looking at the screaming like oh. I know that that's really cool. I should admit that so much but is filmed in san francisco at these amazing locations. That had like stupid. Normal stupid lived in but vancouver. Of course it's always vancouver. Vancouver actually doubles for a lot of the san francisco locations particularly good luck dimsum which is where ali one. It's one of her favorite restaurants in san francisco. She's inclement straight. She says it's where she grew up e saying she really wanted that set there. But they had to double the interior in vancouver. Can't believe this place is still in business can do here so terrible. Are you insane. I eat here twice a week here. Tribes oh i remember this. This is so bad. Because that's how you remember your entire childhood. You painted the whole thing with the ship freshman. Not true right. this is good. Doesn't change more than either. She thought that the restaurant would really love the fact that she had given the shoutout and it turns out they didn't cash. She put on instagram that she had gone to the restaurants. And this is her caption so the pitch is of her waiting in line at this place that she's just made super famous and a movie and she's like hello. I'm ali wong dim son scene in my movie always be. My baby is based on this very place where i grew up eating. Good luck. dim-sum staff we. Don't give a bleep. We have no idea who you are getting mine. I love that. Tough being famous in san francisco. There's a lot of little things in there. That are san francisco to allie wong. Got dan the automaker to do the the score and also write the music for the greatest san francisco band in a movie. Hello peril which do three songs in the movie including the closing credits. My only complaint carly mentioned it. And i don't wanna start like negative ad campaigns here but were winning benz vote and there's only one vote. They did the exterior on clement's street and they're walking down with supposed to be clement street in his so not clement street. It is so vancouver. I love the movie. But as a location san francisco location movie. I find it to be kinda hit. Miss miss all right. Well let's get onto your number three then mr heart. What do you got. Mine is invasion of the body snatchers. I think it's the most underrated san francisco movie Shot it came out in. Nineteen seventy eight of philip kaufman movie. He's a san francisco resident to this day and It was a remake of a nineteen fifties movie about alien pods that come in. They're replacing the human race slowly and you can't fall asleep And it's there's just a lot of intrigue in its thriller in its horror. I love it. Is the san francisco movie. Because a lot of directors come in and they love san francisco but they shoot from the same seven places. Telegraph hill golden gate bridge Policy fine arts philip. Kaufman shot in places. That i think he always wanted to shoot that that really add to the movie. The tenderloin is is a huge huge character in the movie civic center and there's a couple of really cool shots are obscure places like pierce seventy right here. We have donald sutherland and very famous scene where he is Revealing himself to be one of the pod people by screeching the screech is a pig squeal. I believe played backwards pointing he's pointing at you on the other side of the screen. He's in the civic center point. You great san francisco movie. Great horror movie invasion of the body. Snatchers i loved this movie. I actually was ashamed to say that had seen it before. I started practicing to have this conversation with you guys and it starts off a little bit cheesy and i was on what is chosen. I couldn't have been more wrong. It is such a great movie I could not agree more with everything he said about the way it used a san francisco. I'm particularly like a lotta civic buildings around civic center at the department of public health. Which i always like it when those guys are the good guys in the movie. I haven't seen this movie yet. It's now going to be on my list. I will say. But i am. I love the idea that there's a movie that really highlights. Some of the lesser used locations around san francisco. Because i think there is a divide between how taurus experience the city and how people who live in the city experiences city. Let's move on to your number. Two picks making our way up the list. Currently what do you have. Well i did say. I was going to do crazy sexy cool. And we're now into the sexy phase of this pick it is nine thousand nine hundred. Two's basic instinct and i thought long and hard before choosing this one because many parts of it have an age twelve. Let's be honest. But it is a prime example of the ninety s erotic thriller. It is made by paul. The hoven and the plot is ludicrous. Michael douglas is the shea san francisco. Detective is investigating this bombshell crime. Novelist sharon stone. Who definitely maybe almost certainly killed one of her boyfriends. It's a romp. It's a riot. It wants to be a hitchcock noir very very badly so it looks way better than it needs to and it sounds way better than it needs to. I tried long and hard to find a safe. The bay curious clip from this movie and failed miserably. So let's just listen to a little bit of the trailer. Thirty one stab wounds wasn't icepick. Speak to him as captain. Terrell please issue suspect a suspect. Dr learn about the murderer retired rock star. Does the boyfriend. Icepick intended the books of your alibi. I love the way it uses san francisco. It goes all the classic shots like north beach hill. One thing i should note. Is that san francisco. Like wasn't always thrilled about being the poster child for this movie. Sharon stone's character is bisexual and setting a movie with an lgbtq woman who has a lot of sex and kills the people that she sleeps with in san francisco in one thousand nine hundred ninety two at a time when aids was still so prevalent and claiming so many lives like. That's a definite choice and this isn't just like twenty twenty hindsight. The movie was picketed at the time by. Lgbtq groups for being kind of prejudice in its representation of that community. So i do feel like i should flag that a lot of the animosity. I feel like house gone away over time but it's definitely something to note. Also i think the reason people don't like this movie is that they take it quite seriously. And i think if you look at all the heavens back catalogue like starship troopers. Total recall like showgirls. I think he has a sense of humor about what he's doing. So i think that this movie should be taken a as a time. Capsule and with a hefty fistful of salt. I love this film. I think it's a great pick. I think it's underrated. There're more helicopter shots in this movie of san francisco of someone driving a car around a wine road road. His embracing san francisco making love to san francisco with his camera. Budget was off the charts. So i think it's a great pick. I really liked this movie a lot. Definitely that makes san francisco. Look sexy carly. don't you agree. Well okay so this is where i genuinely want you guys as opinion because i have spent the best part of a week thinking about this question is san francisco sexy city and i was trying to think of cities that are like off the charts. Sex new orleans sprang to mind. But then i'm thinking as it just about like sweating is just like the weather is. Is that all sexiness is to me. I gotta say the the the weather is it. You don't sweat and san francisco. La new orleans. sexy city. miami miami vice sexy city. Streets of san francisco is not a sexy. Tv show. i'm going to have to disagree with you guys and you are the cultural critics here so your your opinion has more weight than mine. But i don't know. I see fog and i want to cuddle. That's that's my take on it. Yeah i don't know. I i think peter and i say mind hair. Where would step one guys. It's a kodaly city. I don't know if it's a sexy city. Let's i cuddle my dog all right. Well let's get into peter. What's your number two pick. My number two is zodiac. It is a david fincher film. He shot the game first and then zodiac in san francisco and second to hitchcock. I think he's the one who Really is a great sensibility. For san francisco It is shot also in the san francisco chronicle newsroom. They shot in our publisher's office. I believe outside and they used our lobby and elevator The story goes that david fincher came up to our newsroom. Walked inside said an expletive and said this is too much of a mess walked outside they recreated our newsroom pillar for pillar you cannot tell the difference in los angeles but absolutely absolutely captures a place in time the music choices visual cues the production design. Nothing's wasted and honestly even though they didn't shoot in the chronicle newsroom. The newsroom banter is pitch perfect. Here's a little bit of it right now. august i. He wants his code in the afternoon edition. If the examiner doesn't have the balls to ride we scoop the bow. This man is talking about shooting twelve people and not running. This might make him do that. So that's the way we talk. That's the way we talk to each other. It's all like david. Fincher or aaron. Sorkin drama film janice date fund new party before from got naked. Now this is. This is a great film and the plot is a secondary in this film killer from the seventies and eighties who they never caught. And i'm giving away the ending but the ending isn't the important thing. The important thing is the mood the city what it felt like to be in the nineteen seventies and be scared. I was a little kid. I remember hearing about the zodiac killer. And this movie brought that back so well my favorite shot in the film. It is a visual effects. Shot of them in sped up time building the transamerica pyramid and again just david fincher using every little arrow in his quiver to capture that mood of san francisco at a particular time. It's a fantastic location movie. And i think it's the only one on this list that is based on true story. Unless there's something i need to know about invasion of the body snatchers. That's true and and and you know there's a little bit of myth in there but he stuck a lot closer than a lot of other people due to the facts. I will say as somebody who was not living in the bay area. At the time of zodiac i found zodiac to be really helpful. Just to kind of i guess get a sense of what it was like to be here during that time like you experienced peter yet and people remember if people were around. They know the myth when when people come to the chronicle and ask for a tour the two things they want to see our hurricanes typewriter and zodiac files. Can you show us zodiac files. All right let's get onto your top choices. These are Top of your list. Let's let's hear it carly. What do you got okay guys. I'm reaching the climax of my crazy sexy cool plan which i think paid off my number one pick. It's crazy san francisco it star trek four nine thousand nine hundred ninety six. It is directed by mr spock himself. Leonard nimoy i find it hard to talk about this film kind of critically because i love it so much just to quickly tell you about the plot. It picks up where nineteen eighty-four search for spark star trek. Three left off. So the earth of the future is being menaced by a big alien. Probe only kirk and the crew of the enterprise can save the planet by time travelling back to nine hundred eighty san to bring back to wales to talk to the alien probe and get it to leave a th alone. You have to go with it. That's the plot. And i can't change that okay. It's not the best star trek movie that's the wrath of khan. That's just undisputable. But it is the best movie set in san francisco with wales which is to say. It is the only one of that. Where do i start with. How wonderful this movie is. I'm joking when i say that it's the reason i moved to san francisco and i'm like percent joking about that but the other ninety five percent is really serious growing up with this movie and watching san francisco just looked so fun so warm so crazy so inviting like wants to be a part of that. It is totally joyous ban. If you're listening you haven't seen star trek for. Don't worry you don't need to watch any of the other star trek movies. It stands alone. It's perfect in that sense. The pleasures of watching like the quite serious crew of the enterprise traverse san francisco and just have a bold doing it. It's just great. So i really wanted to play you. One of the most iconic scenes which is kirk and spock on a muny bus. That is traveling over the golden gate. Bridge mr spock has to take out a young punk on the bus and get him to stop playing his music. And then this happens. What's your question of languages since our arrival is currently laced with shall i say more colorful metaphors double dumb ass on you and so forth giving the profanity. Yeah that's simply the way they talk. Nobody pays any attention to swear. Every other word you'll find it all the literature period for example while the collective works. Jacqueline susann is in novels. Are harold robbins Giants the gag. That of course. Being that jackson. Suzanne and harold robbins had to look harold robbins by the way like. They are not the giants if chip. It's just hilarious to think that the people of the future have deemed them to be. So i know of no movie that is like warmer and sweeter than star trek four. Pick me pick trek four. The choice is easy come on. I don't even want to argue against you. And i'm going to pick a number one but i love this film so much It is just a lovely movie. Funny movie finds all kinds of different ways to explore san francisco and make it part of the gag but in a funny warm way. It's one of the greats. One of the classics are up. There with one of the greats must be your number one choice. Peter what do you have for your number one. Two thousand fifteen pixar film inside-out it takes place. Inside the brain of a twin girl coming of age riley and then also outside in san francisco riley has moved from I believe a minnesota to san francisco and she's horrified and what the pixar people did with. Animation is so fantastic. They take san francisco and make it like to fifteen percent more. The streets are a little narrower. Parking's a little harder. Street signs are a little more incomprehensible Fantastic fantastic use of san francisco. It's more of a character in the movie than than any of their other movies. They had always kinda flirted around with the bay area and maybe dropped san pablo avenue in the incredible. This one they really talk about san francisco. And you don't see that often. You see a lot of mainstream set and san francisco and san francisco is a backdrop in. It's almost like a prop Very few films are a commentary on the city. Last black man in san francisco medicine for melancholy and inside out inside out. Is poking fun of the city. It is completely honest. If you live here you totally get it. If you're not from here you're going to Get some of the humor including taking just an absolute absolute dagger stab at our pizza. Hey ad saw place down the street. Maybe we could try that. Pizza sounds delicious castle. What the heck is rocky on pizza. That's it. I'm done her garage license. San francisco ron bates up faster hawaiians. And now you honestly. The first time i saw this film i didn't love it. I liked it a lot. I'm glad i didn't review it. Because i think i would have given it less than the highest rating upon rewatch. There's so many little things that Come out you. Learn more things in the san francisco parts become clearer and clearer. I just think it's a fantastic film. And it's a fantastic san francisco location film. Well i think that is going to have a really hard time. Deciding between all of those very compelling pitches for for movies. He should be watching this weekend. Peter hart lob native culture critic with chronicle co host of total sf podcast so much. Is there anywhere that listeners can connect with you further. Yeah my twitter at peter. Hart lob and then sf chronicle dot com slash total. Sf is our homepage. That's heather knight are San francisco columnist. And i do fun things around san francisco ben. If you're visiting we have all kinds of fun things for people to do hikes to take the tourist traps we love. That's all on our total. Sf page on sf chronicle dot com. Awesome and carly. You are my long-time pop culture. I don't know guru if you've really helped me with questions over the years. Thank you for coming on the show. Where can people connect with you. Thank you well. I should say all of the coolers episodes are still available to hear on eighteen. So if you wanna go back through the missive time and do that you can. You can also hear my worked for baker's with you in the podcast feed but you can also follow me on twitter at teacup in the bay. Where i'll be tweeting about a variety of things but mainly kiana reeves and michael matt movies. All right well thanks to you. Both episode by our question. Asker ben kaiser and he got back to us with his pick carleen. Peter i appreciate your suggestions for which san francisco movie. I should watch next full disclosure. Three of them. I've already seen those are always. Be my maybe basic instinct and zodiac. Which is one of my all time favorite movies so it comes down to the other three but i'm torn between inside out and star trek four but in the end my vote is going to go to star trek four. I've never seen a star trek movie but it seems to be sociable loved film and carly campaigned very very well so tonight. That's what i'll be watching as it just so happens. Carleen peter we talking more about star trek for on next week's total. Sf podcast go and subscribe now. So you don't miss it if you've got a favorite san francisco movie that we didn't talk about today or you just want to tell us which of these movies tops your list. Head to the k. Q. e. d. facebook page and join the discussion will include some of your thoughts and recommendations in a post going live next week on dot org big. Thanks to ben for asking this week's question. Big curious made in san francisco by katrina schwarz. Jim bennett and me. Olivia price cut a great week.

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Howard Beck on his oral history of The Lob

The Lowe Post

1:11:49 hr | 8 months ago

Howard Beck on his oral history of The Lob

"And now the has welcome to a Monday edition of the low post podcast, where some traditions must be honored, even amid the worst and most tumultuous of times and one such tradition is this it is time. To say the three most anticipated words in Niche Basketball podcasting because of my guests identity today so I will start by saying. What back what up blow good to see you I'm glad we're not just talking, but seeing thanks to the wonders. Of Technology. How. I'm good I I'm I'm fine. It's all things considered I'm fine. I'm lucky I'm fine. Everything's good I I am not as lucky as you. Because you had a speaking role in your own voice in game of zones I did not get to speak my lines about the swamp dragon I one of the Malou. Brothers did that for me. You've got to speak your I think you did I like like? Be Be not quite a I'm not ready to like line you up for regular voice work in different accents, but like decent I was. Kinda hoping for an emmy, but maybe that's too much to ask for my my acting debut, but a be I. Mean I'll take that I have no acting background. I faked one of the worst British accents person could come up with. But Yeah I got the voice myself in game, Abso-. Career Highlight Zach like that like I could retire right now, and there's nothing left to do. There's nothing to accomplish like like a Pulitzer. Who Cares about a I got voice myself. And game zones with a bad British accent. I don't know how it's going to get anybody. Is there like a six hour outtake reel of you? Who may going the line or trying different variations of the accent and like them having to take breaks? Because you're so badly, you don't let. Let's just take five becks. Bets take five back. They gave me the line. Months ago right before the shutdown and I had said. Do you want me to do this in here? Like in their studio in front of them, which I thought that was going to be too self conscious, so I did it at home. and. I pro- I probably just because I'm. A crazy person I did do probably like twenty takes sitting here at this very desk. Trying to get it exactly right and figuring out what my tone was, and my cadence was. Yeah I mean listen if you're only if you're gonNA, get one acting line in the history of your life for a beloved animated Mash up of the NBA and game of thrones. You better nail it right so but be I'll take. There are a lot of basketball fans in the comedy world, many of them are involved in projects that are in various stages of incubation that are about basketball right there I like none of these really ever been made public a couple have and then they start and stop because this is how movies work apparently their ideas that sit there and scripts that sit there for fifteen years and I've told them all. If there's a press conference seen, just let me be one of the reporters. Wear the stupid hat like the stupid old school reporter hat and I'll raise my hand. Question question and it just let me be that guy and as I. don't care if the question is dumb. Just Gimme that opportunity. I have always wanted to do that as well. Going back to I think it was the movie and Bill Paschke and some of the other LA reporters maybe Steve Springer guys the LA I remember being in one of those scenes, and even getting to like do the getting one of the. And like being able to shout out the question, and you get your one moment in there. And I think it was the Ali movie and. Then I thought. That that would have been the life goal, but game of zones. You know I'll take on the other hand while you did not voice your own voice they did nail. A Great Zach Ism within that, so can we. Can we talk about how Russell Westbrook is attacking US right now? That was pretty good. I have to say and I got a good death. Anyway. The reason you're on this podcast is because. You just posted one of your one of your Beck one of your back. Stories are Beckett too long or history of game, seven of the two thousand Western Conference finals, between Portland and the Lakers, which is of course. The infamous either the famous Lakers come back, or the infamous blazers collapsed depending on your perspective culminating in the Kobe Shack Lob dunk that puts the Lakers up six. I believe in Isis. The game this has become. You can only do like one of these a year because they take a lot of work and they're it's. Even if it's a flash BULB landmark game from twenty years ago, it's still twenty years ago in the public appetite for twenty years ago is not ever going to be as strong as for what's happening right now, but I love to these stories. I just did one in conjunction with the last dance on game seven between the Pacers and the Bulls in nineteen ninety eight. And I. I love it because. All these years later, the participants are much more willing to actually tell you the truth about what happened behind closed doors, and be candid about how they were feeling, and what they remember I love it because it gives you a chance to really like I was much more interested to talk to. The Pacers been the Bulls and I think you probably as much as your story was about Shaq and Kobe come together for this moment that signified the cement partnership and gave them a pathway to a three peat. I bet you, or is it more excited to talk about the Blazers? Because the losers are always more interesting to talk to just to get their perspective, and like the degree to which they still feel that heartbreak, twenty years later is. It just seeps out of your piece. Yeah, so. The heartbreak. Part of it is interesting so I talked to Mike Dunleavy senior. I also got Mike Dunleavy. Junior high did not end up using my apologies to Mike, dunleavy junior, but he was sitting on the bench for I. Think Four of the seven games were behind the bench. No Way, yeah, you could see him in the highlights, so if you watch especially game seven Mike dunleavy junior sitting there. He's like nineteen years old. Just finished his freshman year at Duke. And I figured he was a great perspective because he witnessed all this so but I ended up with just so much great material I couldn't use, but I talked to. You Got Scottie Pippen and Damon Stoudamire. Steve Smith Greg Anthony. So had five players plus Dunleavy, senior and junior, five of the Lakers in a quick exchange with Phil Jackson. Who did not participate vote very much. So because I had so much, there was a lot that. Had To? Decide to take out but one of the through lines with the blazers that single person to a man. Without even asking most in most cases said I've never watched that game and I'm never going to watch that game. It's just too hard. It just too much heartbreak. It still pains me to this day because they're all convinced that. If they won that game, they would have won the championship and maybe more than one championship and the Lakers. Don't disagree with that. The Lakers also yeah. They were that good. Yeah, they would have beaten. India and Lynn team was awesome and I. Remember in ninety nine. When they built that team when they acquired pippen, and they were going to run twelve deep in the. We're GONNA play all these like giant IW lineups, and like the like Damon Stoudamire doesn't even play the fourth. They don't play a point guard. The entire fourth quarter of this collapse will talk about I love that Portland team and I had a friend in college out to Lindsey. Moore, who was a huge Lakers fan and we made a bed. Before the season started that the blazers would get further than the Lakers and I took the blazers. Think we bet fifty bucks. And then we kind of lost track of each other, and and obviously the bet came down to this game, and was feeling feeling myself in the third and fourth quarters like I'm going to win this bet I'm going to get in contact. Lindsey and get my fifty bucks and I reached out to her on facebook that she if she remembered this after reading your. She doesn't remember it. She is now going to charge interest for not paying which is completely fair and I'm gonNA calculate. The interest. But I love that team and I think what happened in the fourth quarter to them was. Somewhat. Baked into the construction of their team in terms of the kind of shots, they took in the kind of shots. They Miss, but I I love that team I went back and watch the game in preparation for this I loved watching them play amid a collapse. But you were at the game yeah. Yeah so so, where are you sitting? Did you see the lob? Could you see it? Could you have a good angle of it? So one of the reasons I wanted to always go back to this game, and I nearly did this four years ago, but the story kind of got shelved. For reasons beyond my anyway. So it's. It's. I wanted to go back to because I was at that game, because I covered that series I was a Laker beat writer for the Daily News at that time, and it was always one of my favorite moments, one of my favorite series, and that Portland team was one of my favorite teams to have watched play against the Lakers, and obviously the the kings during era, too. But I've always contended that that was. The best thing they face Robert Ory agreed with me and said in fact it's the best team. He ever played period in his life and Robert ory seven championships so that that says a lot. that. We just was amazing and I thought. Unfair or unfortunate that they've I think almost been forgotten. Even when espy nation recently did their thing where they did the best teams of all time not to win at all. Like, I, don't know they were like in the third tier or something and I'm like. I'm convinced and I don't have a ton of history before. That time in terms of like being immersed in this, so I I can't tell you definitively from the seventies, or even some of the eighties, but to me in the time that I've been covering the League in twenty three years. That Blazers team is the best team I've seen not make the finals. But the love. The love. We're sitting. Baseline are seats at Staples Center. The the beat writers. We sit baseline on the same end of the court as the Lakers, so we're opposite their bench on the baseline, the opposite side of the basket. So as the play unfolds Kobe's Bacchus to me and so when I see this, play my mind's eye all the time. It's always Kobe dribbling against Scotty crosses him over and starts to drive, and so as Kobe starts to go up, and his hand goes up. I thought he was shooting in the moment. It's a split second your perceptions right? I thought he was going to shoot, I did not see sheck and Rick Fox who was on the bench at that time, so he's at the same end of the court is as I. Am you know almost? Almost ninety feet away. It's the same thing he said. I didn't see shack until I saw Shaq like he just came out of wedging, not seeing shack. Like what kind of specific angle do you have to be sitting where you can't see shack will also, this is part of the you know. If you let yourself get sucked in as a viewer to watching just the ball, and of course, why wouldn't I be watching Kobe Bryant? Going up against Scottie Pippen of my entire focus was there, so I ended up asking various people or pretty much everybody for the story at the time that Koby drives past Scotty, and starts to go into this motion to do you think he's shooting or passing? And it was basically evenly split, and I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one who thought maybe it was up for a shot now. I think it was Robert Ory who who pointed out. If you see the way his hand goes up. It's clear it's not really a shooting motion. Just kind of this little shotput motion. But in the moment, and especially from the perspective that I had from the baseline watching from his back. Tell and I didn't. I didn't know. Shack was was about to jump up so the athletic much. Chagrin. wrote, this wrote a version of History of this game. Kind of that published the day before yours And if you add up the quotes, their story and the quotes in your story about this very particular subject. I think it becomes like two thirds one third people saying they all thought Kobe was gonNA shoot like like thirds of the 'cause now we all thought Kobe was gonNA. Shoot which is which is funny, because it's Koby normally Kobe shoots but it's. It's obviously an iconic play. My favorite thing about it has always been shacks reaction. which is a wide? sprinting back kind of has lost control of his senses and points at which I didn't remember. Point is pointing the two handed point, which is to his son. Region the crowd and why I love that is because. You know you hear like Gino Auriemma had a rant about this like a year or two ago and I think there's some. It's a little bit of a Crotchety old man thing but I think there's some truth to it about how Sort of he was talking about raw effort. Raw unadulterated effort in run, raw unadulterated emotion are not cool. You don't look cool when you're really really trying hard, and you don't look cool when you're really really just overwhelmed by the moment, and you're making goofy facial expressions and running and goofy ways, and jumping around and trying to hug people and I think a lot of athletes like being cool as part of the job, and like it it it. No one wants to look cool in any walk of life and I love when there are moments were any even if it's just? Just a little subconscious party our brain. That's like I gotTA. I gotTA. Keep Persona that I that I want to you know, have the public. See I. WanNa be cool just melts away completely, and you're just a kid out of control. Looking goofy and shack was as cool as it came, and that's not a criticism. Shack is just cool. Should the way Shag dunked was cooled away. Shack played was cool. The Way Shack just rolled over people with Shag broke backboard. The whole deal in that moment shack is completely uncalled. It's completely overwhelmed by an I. It is my absolute. Favorite shack moment ever. I hadn't thought about it, but it probably would be mine. It certainly should be i. mean there are there are some others I mean on. There was a time I think the first year I covered them where he gets knocked down. This is again the side of the court. That's closer to us. This is at the form, and he falls down, and instead of just like falling plopping to the floor. He spun it into like a break dancing. Yes, that was cool. That's cool. That's what I'm talking about. That's cool. That's betsy are so a couple of different thoughts. One is that. While she was the ultimate image of cool and a lot of different ways. Shack was always the overgrown kid, so check never worried about dropping his guard, and showing his emotion, whether it was anger or joy or goofiness. He did all kinds of crazy stuff. He wear crazy the suit he wore the day of the. This is really pulling from the archives. Go, look up! The Doug Christie versus Rick Fox fight that a preseason. Game. Lakers kings and then Mrs Christie gets involved at Shack is back in the hallway because he's injured and. In this crazy ass suit anyway shack never worried about. Needing to project cool, he just was cool, so he I think he had the latitude to have those moments without ever worrying about it, but the other funny thing about Zach when re watching that game. So Kobe throws the lobster shack, and before shack comes running down the court with his mouth go. Agape and his eyes bugging out and pointing all this, he has a quick, little slapping five with Kobe, Kobe stone cold like there's no emotionally Kobe whatsoever. There's not even any emotion in shack at the moment that they slap hands, but then the timeout is called Shack starts running down the court doing all that stuff and. Kobe Steel Kobe like there's no like he's frigging locked in and shack like and it was such an imperfect can. To shock was always the overgrowth kid Kobe. He's twenty one at this point. There's nothing about him sure. There was immaturity in his game, but in terms of his demeanor. He was totally controlled and hyper focused, so that contrast is fun to the other thing. If we're going to get old, grumpy, old man with with with gene auriemma agree. In going back through. Just the archives going into the next dive, and also just talking to these guys now not only. Are they really candid about it now? Had you know a lot of stuff to say a lot of smack talk as well both sides. Going back and looking then they were talking like Phil Jackson, referred to the Blazers as jackals. jacker celebrated, usurp the bench. That's you can't say Phil Phil I. Love that stuff fills lexicon of jabs. JACKALS is troubling actually if you think about it a little bit more than just the first layer of analysis and that and culminating in Posse, phillies had troubling some trouble. He's much more explicitly bad and obviously bad. jackals was just I I don't know I would. Have not looked into the demolish. My immediate reaction was. That's troubling. Yeah was not that that's funny. That's that if he said that today, he would be called out on immediately as troubling I so without getting into like the layers of that particular term because I honestly as I'm sitting here right now, I oblivious. To what else imply, but I will say that my point is generally that. Phil Talk. Dunleavy talked some stuff done leaving rick. Fox got into it in the midst of a game because Rick and Scottie Pippen. We're getting into it and Dunleavy kind of jumped in because it happened by their bench. There was just a lot of stuff talked by both sides back then and those kings laker series used to get that way to. You know it happens occasionally now, and but I think more of the the trash-talk which has always been a fun part of this game about this league. It's confined to the court between them. Back, then, it was not unusual at all for them to be saying all this stuff between games and you know. Interview Sessions scrums and I just think it was a lot of fun because they weren't. Nobody was so image conscious back then or so brand, conscious or worried about who they were going to piss off well, one of the one of the fun things about doing this twenty. Whatever years later is that? You have a quote from Bonzi wells in which he admits when they're up seventy, one fifty, five late in the third quarter up by fifteen early in the fourth, he comes out and says I'm from Indiana. I'm starting to think yeah. I'M GONNA. Go play my hometown team hometown team in the finals. How cool is that going to be and when I? wrote the Pacers Bull Story from ninety eight. The Pacers jump out to a twenty to seven lead in that game and and Jalen told me Jalen rose on the Patriots. Team told me Hell Yeah. We're thinking. We're about to blow the freaking bulls out of the gym and go to the finals and Derek McKee and Dale Davis who's a key factor in the aftermath of your story. Both on that Pacers team told me yet during the conference finals I'll admit it like I. let it get into. Enter my brain that I think we match up pretty well with Utah like I. I think we can win the championship if and when we get to the finals. Players will never say that at the time. Because it's sacrilege, it's heresy. It's Belinda born aerial, but it is so completely human when you're up sixteen in the fourth quarter to have your brain flash forward, and it was cool to hear bonds. You say yeah. I didn't like it was running through my mind. We're going to the finals in my hometown. Because that's that we can relate to that it's it's premature it. It looks in retrospect like overconfidence, but that's just human emotion. Yeah, and he was one of the younger guys, so he was a little more excitable the veteran. Veteran guys when I asked. Did you think you're up sixteen late in the third up fifteen with ten to go in the fourth? You thinking this, is it? We got it and there were varying responses to that but I mean the more polished and veteran guys were mostly like you know you always understand blah. Blah and Dunleavy said absolutely not I did not assume that for a second. I've been in too many games Bob. Whitsitt said no absolutely not have been too many games. The was one of the younger guys on that team and was excitable and you know he. He was great regardless. He was such a fun interview for this story because he's. He's just so completely candid about it. All and he's got a really great perspective on it. That this was a great moment to be part of even if they lost and Dunleavy, it's funny, so Dunleavy's the one guy who has rewatch this like. Almost like maniacally, so I don't know how many eight he's talking about. Miss Rotations on corner. Shooters like this guy needs to let this game. Go Man! Oh, man! He's the level of detail that he could sight I think because of how many times he's reviewed it. It's it's UNCANNY, whereas everybody else was like. I'm never watching that game against to painful. He did say that he re washed. maybe just the fourth quarter. Earlier this year because he wanted to see Kobe and he said is I, watched it I felt happy for Kobe in that moment, which is an interesting thing kind of out of body experience for Bazi twenty years later in a game that he's involved in. To See Kobe make the lob passed a shack and. In light of Kobe's passing Bonzi. Just saying that was I wanted to watch that I wanted to see in that moment, so that didn't make the story. That was also just a funding from from Bonzi. Saying that somewhere in the series. Maybe it's before game. Seven game seven was a Sunday. And Bonzi was saying on that Saturday night. I'm at the hotel and bed at ten o'clock. Because I knew I was going up against Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant was not going to be out on a Saturday night before playoff game, he was gonna be home in bed or preparing getting ready. Whatever and if Kobe's doing that, I gotta do that, he says Kobe nobody else but Kobe. Bryant would make me be sitting in the hotel or going to bed at ten o'clock on a Saturday night in La. Well first of all, you mentioned that you. I mean Kobe. In this playoff run is I think twenty two years old, twenty one years old, maybe twenty, two twenty two later that summer. You mentioned. Kind of kicking around the story for years ago and executing it now this year. colleagues not quoted the story. Had you already passed away by the time that you kind of dove into it? Did you try? Did you have preliminary discussions about trying to get him to talk about the game? He's quoted in old interviews on the Laker. Easy Network Yeah. It's actually not that old the two quotes that I think it was two from spectrum sports. Net La. Am I getting that right? It's a very long title. They have their TV partner did A. Documentary last summer. About the beginnings of the Kobe Dynasty, and so they spent some time on this game, and on that play, which I didn't even realize I kind of found that found that by accident while I was doing the story which thank God because it did the Kobe quotes are great, and I was able to put them into their all history, no so four years. Years ago identify very preliminary. Work sketched out what I WANNA, do sketched out who I wanted to talk to chat with Bob Costas for a bit talk to Jason Quick who had been at the Oregonian covering that game as a sidebar guy, and of course today is working at the athletic where he bill teamed up on their version of this story. So I talked to cost Jason Quick and I'd reached out to several of the participants. We didn't get anywhere and then somebody shelved. So it went into into hibernation. By the time that this came back, it was because Kobe had passed guts, and all of a sudden editors were like. Hey, it's the twenty anniversary coming up Jim. Would you want to write about that game? I wanted to? Yes, of course. I WANNA. Write about this game. So four years ago when I've initially thought about this story, I actually wanted to do it more from the Portland side of it. It was more about this sliding doors moment changing history. How Great is Portland Team? Was that I thought it was one of the best teams of all time not to make the finals that it's been forgotten that I I was so much more interested in the blazers part of it and. And, then you know here, we are in twenty twenty. It's taken on a different context or different meaning, because of Kobe passing and so the lobby itself. Not that didn't always have great resonance, but I just think it was that much stronger now and that, plus the twenty year anniversary gave us an opening to do this and I was still able to kind of even a lot of the Portland's aspect as well. T so is the official watch of the NBA still undecided on Father's Day. Gift Father's Day's coming up soon. Tesol offers a variety of watches for dad range from classic Sporty and contemporary. Styles is not so watches dot com to explore the collections that Best Fit Dad's everyday style tea so is a Swiss watch brand with a broad range of high-quality watches at attractive prices, they bring performance end style to the game by offering painstakingly accurate timekeeping in stylish authentic watches. T so this is your time. Follow T, so dot us on facebook INSTAGRAM AT CHECKOUT THE HASHTAG! This is your time for more information about T so. Before we talk about Kobe because? He's actually He's the appropriate lens on a lot of different levels to look into this story through neither you nor the athletic. This is a very important question i. just need to know I clarity on this. Neither of your stories has any quotes from Rasheed Wallace. What would you just not want mean? Rashid has a a bad fourth quarter. You Mrs like a million shots She was however an absolute destroyer that entire series just just eviscerated the Lakers. They had no answer for him. It's one of it I love Rasheed Wallace then I love this game I. Love Watching that series to. He does not want to revisit the game. Rasheed was an amazing amazing player, and it's unfortunate that his career stats will never attest to that and that. That that I? Think he kind of gets forgotten. Sometimes, Rasheed was incredible, and they had no answer for him so I figured that the the guys who are going to be hardest to get I didn't I wasn't gonNA. Even try so bonus because I know that he does very very little. I wasn't sure that there was much chance of him. My goal was to get at least five players from each team. And then as long as I got the right five or the good talkers, the guys who? Had the best perspective I'd be being good shape and in anything past that I'd have too much anyway. When I spoke to Bonnie Bonnie machines started a podcast of their own together within the last few months. and. It's a lot of fun and they do a great job and. I watched them. Talk about this game on on the Youtube version of their podcast. And when I got bonds the. We chatted and he said I really. Let's talk to sheet I. Know He's not great with the media I know. He's never really liked this much. I know that you know throughout his career, but you know. He did an interview with some local paper because these coaching in Highschool Down I. Think North Carolina. And so I thought. Maybe there's a shot and body says I'll ask him for you. Bonzi went to him a couple of different times, and I would check back with Bonzi occasionally, and the answer just kept coming back as I, guess no, thank you. I gotTA listen to that podcast because I'm dying to hear sheets thoughts on the game because he was. She was ahead of his time as a player. And and the Lakers just had no answer from him other than just hope he misses these fifteen footers over Robert Ory in the post, or whoever is guarding him in the Green Yeah. just know the guy was a monster does hit big three after the Shack Koby lobbed to pull shortland back within three and give them a chance to win the game in the last thirty seconds. We can talk about what happens after that Let's talk about. Kobe in the lead-up, so here's the lead up to this game. Here's the circumstances of this game. This is Phil's first year. As coach of the Lakers, the previous two seasons have ended with the Lakers. The shackle be Lakers getting swept out of the playoffs ninety eight. It's the jazz ninety nine. It's the Spurs, and the Spurs series is a humiliation I remember it at the time being a humiliation I remember watching it with my college buddies, and listening to all the commentary on ESPN, TNT about it, and it was reported and perceived as a humiliation for shack and Kobe as the more polished defense, first team playoff, ready team, tougher team, embarrassing premadonna Lakers. Lakers not ready for the moment. No Chemistry Blah Blah Blah. You go back and read the clips of that game. It's the last game in the forum. The Spurs closed down the forum. You go back I. Read reread some of the Clips Mario Elie. WHO's on that's team is talking so much about closing down the forum and embarrassing the Lakers now he wants to go steal a piece of the court with the letter L on it. Because the probably cause. They just hung some ells on the Lakers. According to the San Antonio Express Account express-news account of the game. Kobe was booed during the starting lineup introductions in Los Angeles in game four, and the crowd during the game was chanting for Eddie Jones. who had been traded to make way for Kobe? This is so like this is. This is what the Lakers are perceived as when they meet the Blazers in the Western Conference finals, and what's at stake for them? If they lose that series, now shack inches in your story about all. I would have been traded if we lost everyone. WHO's that? Says No way and and said we would. We would probably traded everybody but Shack Colby and rearrange the roster, but. The Lakers. I mean everyone knew they were going to be awesome. You don't get shacking Kobe on your team. Coby was just twenty one years old. He was just becoming what he was going to be. In a lot of ways, this playoffs was his breakout as a true trueblue NBA postseason superstar, but the Lakers were perceived as unready particularly in comparison to the Spurs, as not a playoff, tough team, and and this was a game where they had to wipe that perception of women. You live that people like the Lakers were humiliated by the spurs the year before. Humiliated by the spurs swept by them, as you mentioned, swept the year before that by Utah and of course shacks, Orlando career ends with him being swept in the finals and so this running theme of Shaquille O'Neal can't win. The Big One Shaquille O'Neal keeps getting swept. Not just losing. Beginning swept that hung over him hard. He went off on this tangent that I did not include in the story about how he knew if I don't do this. You guys are going to tackle this stuff. You Guys GonNa Rattle this stuff, and that really motivated me because I knew I can't let this happen again. That that weight on him a lot. Because all right Kobe was only twenty one, but shack was like whatever twenty six at that point. And had already been the league. Several years had already been to the finals with Orlando and here he is paired up with this young phenom and Kobe and he's playing for the Lakers and expectations are through the roof for for you know used to say back in the day he goes. You know I know what it's going to be if we lose. I, it's going to be an remember. It was I mean, and then del or I delvin me or whatever, and of course eventually, del Harris got fired. So, but he knew he he understood that. That's what it means to be. The Franchise Star and it was more on him than Kobe Kobe was young, and was not established as as a franchise centerpiece yet. His his obviously, his potential was boundless. So but it's an important point Zach. Among other things that I wanted to really emphasize in this story that the Lakers were not the Lakers yet and yet they won sixty seven games, which at that time was one of the best records of all time top five, or whatever of all time, but it wasn't expected. And the LA. Times had the the Lakers as fifth in the West in their preseason. Rankings sports illustrated picked the Spurs. Vegas had the spurs a bunch of papers newspapers, which were that was most predictions back then was newspapers. They were all either blazers or spurs coming out of the West. I don't. I couldn't find one I didn't. Look at all of them. I couldn't have that much time, but I did not find my search a single paper that takes the Lakers to win the West that year much less the championship they were. They were immature. That supporting cast people were constantly even after they won the first championship by the next year. It was back to well. Who's going to be the starting powerful, and of course they make the trade. The trade gun rights for grant horaces older at that point, but it was always Robert. Ory Isn't big enough and strong enough to guard the Carl Malone's and the the Rasheed Wallace is and the Tim Duncan's in the Chris. Weber's like Robert Ory because he was more of this kind of like. You know skinny almost a small forward in Houston. Played. Or has a quote in your story about how Phil Phil was always trying to get out and get rid of him and get off him and didn't want him on the team I'm like. HOW DID FILL NOT ALLEGRA? How does any coach not love? Robert like he's he's A. He's a prototypical three and D guy. Positions? He's the greatest entry passer of all time. That's what one coach told me about him. One time, which is like a thing that only coaches would care about and love. How do so what's that about like? It was just about what you're talking about now. Yeah, I, think Phil, like his mind to power forward was more of your traditional manly man power forward who banged in the post and Rebounded in high numbers, and and whatever maybe hard screens, Robert was more of this kind of three four type and yeah, he was, he was. He was a an early version of the three point shooting. Big You could call him. A big and rob was really clever defender, but he was not a particularly physical defender, so yeah, Carl Malone overmach him, and some of the other guys get overmach him, but Robert became a really great defender at that position, just with his Guile, and his knowledge of how guys played Roberson Incredibly Smart Player, and so eventually I think he did win. Fill over in that regard, and he did start I think for their third championship when they played the nets, but you know the first few years every and this was the fans to by the way fans and media. Talk Radio it was always. Derek, Fisher isn't good enough. We need a better starting point guard. Derek Fisher can't can't stay with the Damon. Stoudamire is the world or Alan Iverson or whatever and it was always Robert. Ory Can't guard these so those two particular always targeted by fans in media, and there was always question, and so you know harp was older Brian Shaw older, so the wasn't just whether or Shaq and Kobe were getting along, and we're mature enough as a duo it. It was always disappointing casts all these doubts about them, which is funny, because as you and I have discussed before all anybody looks back on now. Is there a dynasty? They were amazing. They went three in a row, and they had Shaq and Kobe. So of course they were dominant, but they weren't that dominant. They're this close to not winning in two thousand and this close to winning in two thousand two, and that's the great sliding doors moment that I wanted to explore. If they lose this. Not only are the Blazers winning the championship that year, but then the blazers probably stay together the Lakers, even if they keep Shaq and Kobe together and I think they would've I don't think shock. Yeah, you don't you don't trade you don't. Know, what would have been crazy, but Rick Recruit Rick Fox and Robert orey right the rest of them. There would have been major consequences, and when we see looking back, knowing what the great chemistry of that team was, and how those guys were such. Great Glue Pieces Smart Veteran Ball movers defenders that I'm talking about Fox and fish Orien- Sean, and Harp. If those guys don't stay together. Whoever's replacing them? The chemistry is probably not the same. These things matter. So. So I one of the reasons that the blazers have disappeared from the discourse. As you mentioned his aide, they disappeared their own team with an with one of the all-time Asinine win now traits was Jermaine O'Neal for Dale Davis in Jermaine. O'Neal immediately goes to Indiana's like Oh. Yeah, he's good. Although all the player all this stuff is doing practice turns out. He could do it in. Games Mike only just didn't play him and and Mike Dunleavy's defense. That team is legitimately thirteen fourteen, but that was Jermaine O'Neal fourth season. It wasn't like his first season. Is the teenage rookie coming in at? At High School sitting on the bench, that was his fourth season in Portland. He never played nine hundred minutes in any of those four seasons. That is incredibly unusual for a first round. Pick to just not basically play for four years in a row, and they eventually like right. The coaching play plan Bob. Whitsitt said he'd made a promise to Germain. If the coaches and play on trade, you and they make this win now. Trade which everybody knew when it happened, even though Jermaine O'Neal had never played well, that's dumb, and then they trade Brian Grant for Shawn which was disaster by. Exchanges to, but. The other reason is the kings rise up. and become the Lakers sort of a short term rival in absolute. Classic Playoff Series in obviously very controversial playoff series in two thousand two. And then the team that sort of is hovering around that discussion and outlasts all of them is the Spurs, and what's interesting about this season two thousand one you wrote about? It's the only season six years that the Lakers and Spurs did not meet in the playoffs ninety nine is the sweep, and then every year from every year in the three peat, and then the point four shot. And then the year the Spurs went in two thousand three, so every year from two thousand and two thousand and four five years. They meet in the playoffs. This is the gap year and the year. People forget this. It's the year when Dunkin is dispersed. Sit Dunkin from the playoffs Dunkin gets injured at the end of the season. I think he has a meniscus tear. Tear wants to come back working comeback. Papa subsquently said Yeah. We thought about it. We actually don't know we made the right call. We hope we did for his. We think in retrospect we did for his longevity, so the spurs sort of vanish off the face of the earth for this particular playoffs, other than that the Spurs and the Lakers I love that rivalry. It feels like there's not. That rivalry to meet five out of six years in the playoffs is really rare an awesome and yet it doesn't feel like we talk about that rivalry enough and I'm not quite sure why that is, but this was. This was the year they didn't. This was the only year they didn't meet and I think one of the. One of the missing questions about that playoff run for the Lakers is is boy would have liked to have seen a rematch of that of that sweep in all those storylines colliding. I think this is the spurs the sons that year with Dunkin a guy believe. They got swept or maybe one one game they got hammered swept by this. So it's. It's funny, too, because even with the Lakers when I asked them. You know. Where did this blazers team? Two thousand rank of all the teams that you guys had to go through in a three peat. And a lot of them said they were the best team, or it was maybe a really thin separation between them, and the two thousand and two kings, and nobody mentioned the spurs at all, and then when I put it in a different way to shack, and asked about toughest team, and he says yes, they were the toughest micro tougher tougher than the Spurs and said Yeah. It's like it's weird that the Lakers don't go out of. Them. I think it feels like they never met at the peak of their powers together. Well input in two thousand one, which is the Lakers title and the one where they just big fifteen and one in the playoffs in just APPs obliterate everything in their path. They face each other in the Western Conference finals at your, I, it's the only time they face each other in the conference finals and the Lakers. To say that they. Returned the humiliation from nineteen ninety nine onto the spurs is actually putting gently they run over the spurs like a mack truck, and like the scores of the last two games. It's like one eleven to seventy, and like one ten to seventy. I mean they just. Absolutely. I don't even know what the right word is. They just run them over like a mack truck, and like to to look at those score I. Mean I remember those games? I remember that particular. Lakers team in two thousand one the second title team feeling. Utterly indestructible, but to look at those scores and see Tim Duncan team losing by that many points and getting swept is like Oh my God. Yeah and the the Spurs. You know that's still so it's it's. We Got Duncan and Robinson together but perimeter wise. They don't have have the weapons and. Honestly hard for me to remember back to how those series unfolded, but Duncan and Robinson together. Of course, that's A. that's a tough of big Montana. Shack is going to. Win a fifty eight win team that the Lakers squash like fifteen when team. And that was when the? Year where you could say. The Lakers were truly dominance in the playoffs. They always played with fire all the time. Play with fire, the two thousand postseason they played with fire in two, thousand and two. And you know as great as they were in the in the abstract or in the in the totality of their run. It's you know they did they just had. There were just some weird glitches with those laker teams and you know. The Spurs. Spurs should should rate a higher. A higher number in this whole pecking order of of their rivals, for then and I think in the again in the totality of it, and if you take the entire, Shack Kobe run from ninety six sto for the Spurs stands the biggest rival. In terms of number of times met and some key moments, but somehow the kings and Blazers, I just think the nature of a seven game series, and how testy though series got and how close those teams were to keeping them from the finals. In the last possible moment I, think just somehow stand out more and the Lakers in four, the Spurs series of the five or second round series, which is sort of. Less memorable less fewer is on it than when there's only one game night and it's an it's you know a birth at the finals. is at stake here. You've made this point very artfully. Many times that like the Lakers. Three P. did but two of them were really really fragile, and on the brink of like they're they're. They're very close to winning only one title in three years, which would be perceived as disappointment. But they do win. All three and I think the nature of basketball. You know when these superstar teams get together. We all every the the all. They're unbeatable. They've joined up. The odds are unfair, and yes, when the superstars join up they generally are going to contend for titles for a long time. There are twenty five other teams we can't win and all that but to actually win in the end to be the last team. Standing is hard even for those teams because of injuries and and tear and chemistry now the warriors I think we're an exception because they collected four stars, and that was kind of unprecedented, the level of star power on the warriors was unprecedented and yet. I think this Lakers team. There's no, there's no. You don't lose points for barely winning the championship. You don't lose points for having shaky fragile championships at bookending three. You don't because it's hard. Every time they won three period, they got three and I think. All of the focus has always been on the what if of and Kobe? What if they could have gotten along? How many could they could they? COULD THEY HAVE ONE? There's and the what if his tinged with disappointment right that the subtext is. They didn't win as many as they should. I would prefer maybe I'm trying to be optimistic. I would prefer to look at it the other way. I think they're going to age well, because if you look at what's happened before. Before them. The Celtics of the eighties and the Lakers of the eighties did not three peat. The Bulls did twice, but those teams did not after them. The Spurs never of a repeated. Let alone repeated the heat with Lebron could not manage a three peat. The warriors could not manage a three peat. These teams keep rising, and they seem inevitable unbeatable, and they can't win three in a row. The Lakers won three in a row. It's unbelievably rare, and I think. They should be celebrated for that more than the what ifs and the controversy. They won three. Nobody. Does that very few teams ever doing? So yeah of course I. AM guilty of this I've said it many times I like pointing out how fragile the three peat was, maybe because I lived through it, and saw it in real time and felted real time. How fragile it was is not to diminish by any stretch. My point is it doesn't finish it. It actually doesn't sit up. It does, and it also does help to. Your point underscored just how tough it is, and sometimes how close these things are happening, and if you were to go back through history, you could probably find a lot of these little potential sliding doors, moments, or you know the. Phil Jackson's turn on a trifle phrase, but there are a lot of these championships that turned on a trifle probably. Could have gone the other way and. It's been eighteen years eighteen years since the Lakers three, which makes me feel really old, but that nobody else has done it and we have had some incredible teams. The Lakers were not a super team. Yeah, the check and Kobe and they're both top five players, but again Kobe's twenty one at the beginning of that that run, and they never really had a third all star they brought Glen. Rice to kind of be the third star, but Glen Rice. If you look at what he did for that team, he was fine, but they were able to easily flip them for an older Horace Grant, and not think twice about it when Glen Rice priced himself out. And they needed a power forward more than they needed him because they had Rick Fox so they never really had a third star. And now we're talking about seems to three stars and four stars and super teams starting with that Celtics team. This whole era of super teams and none of them have won three in a row. And so I think you're right I think the longer we go. The more history will smile on what Shaq and Kobe accomplished in terms of the whole. Regret into. They leave titles on the table and all this. I'll give you the short version, which is at the time that they broke up, which was my last year covering the team in Oh four after losing the Pistons I I thought that way I thought. This is a tragedy. These guys should suck it up. Figure it out. They just blew it I still think to this day despite Carl Malone's injury despite Gary Payton not liking the triangle. Despite the aging issues, they had with that roster. They still could have. Have beaten the Pistons. Shaq and Kobe were actually on the same page, and not running away from each other as fast as they possibly could. Because they knew the break-up was coming, they were done with each other and that lack of cooperation. Just poisons everything else so at the time I thought it was a tragedy in some regard that I thought this team that those could have one more together the reality. Is this the salary cap at that time? was much lower than just today of course. The luxury tax just in a few years before Shaq had been grandfathered in his salary, had been grandfathered in before the concept of Max contracts existed shack, what was essentially a super duper quadruple Max and was he would've nick. He would have nicknamed it like a shacks or shack Max or like if he would created some nickname for it Shocks. Some so maximum. There, we go. He and Kevin Garnett. They had the two contracts that broke the system. Enforce the lockout in one, thousand, nine, hundred eight, and so, but they got grandfathered in, so they kept getting the raises on top of their old A. Huge salaries everybody else was now limited to at that time like sixteen million as a starting salary. Shaq plus Kobe was already. At the CAP or pretty close to it, and so the Lakers, they're getting older in two thousand and four rick. Fox's is is just you know decaying horace grant is just done. Carl Malone got hurt that you didn't have. They didn't have any core around them. And when you're drafting low every year, you start to erode. We saw that with the Miami Heat of Lebron. Wait even by by. Just eroding the cast is eroding, so the Lakers could not have replenished very well around them. UNLESS SHACK GONNA take a pay cut. And the opposite of that was happening. Shack was asking Free Max three year extension that Jerry Buss was balking at which had a lot to do with the trade to Miami. Also, it wasn't just about Kobe, so. I don't know that there was any if they'd if Shaq and Kobe. We're sticking this out together and we're GONNA. Get along, and we're going to be the best version of ourselves with each other. Their salaries and cap issues and aging of that roster would have made it incredibly challenging to get the right guys around him. Now more than ever, we have to look out for each other and count on each other marathons you to know that you can count on them for high quality top tier gas marathon. Gasoline's formulated with esotique additives. 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Keep making plays, and it begins to just feel once it just be it like it's all cascading. Everything is falling apart. And watching it again in preparation for this, it still feels that way and Steve Smith has a quote about I. Don't know if it's or the other one where he's like, we could have just taken shot clock visions, and it would have just been about the same in terms of how are they ms thirteen th straight shots all that what stuck out to you about either either watching the fourth quarter it now all these years later or talking to the blazers or the Lakers about? How what the Hell happened here? On the blazers side of it, there is no one thing to point to and the interesting thing about the way the blazers see this game all these years later. Dunleavy as we said has examined it down to the tiniest detail and says. I didn't do I don't think I did anything wrong like he's. He's confident in every decision he made. He feels really good about the way he coached that game. The players say we got good shots. We just missed them. And I think for the most part you can look at that and say that, although all come back to that one in a second. The players all feel like. We didn't do anything wrong. It's not like we started like kicking the ball into the third row. The just couldn't make shots anymore, and it's not like I think maybe the LAKER defense may be turned up a little bit. I don't know how you gauge that. It didn't look substantially different than in the third quarter to me in terms of that part of it. But the Laker role players really played a huge role, and there's a point there were shacking Kobe combined for like eight straight points or something for the Lakers, but before that it's know Brian Shaw hitting a couple of threes and Robert Ory, hitting a three point Robert Ory gets his own rebound dribbles out in his very. It's a very Robert Ory play casually. These policies and are these plays, and if you're a blazers fan. The Shaw Bradshaw banks in three at the end of the third quarter to pull the Lakers within twelve there and it's just. It's just one of those every game like this has a shot like that. Like the Clippers rockets come back from two thousand fifteen as the Josh Smith Corey brewer random freezers always just like stuff that what had happened. You're like Ooh, that one that seems bad and the Orient is. Shack is just so big that it takes to the blazers to try to box him out on that play, and they can't corral the rebound in Bounces to Robert Ory. Who just dribbles backward and shoots a three and you're like well okay? I, guess I guess those are the ones that stuck out to me like those are. The kicks in the balls if you're Portland. Those shots, yeah. But it is funny that way the blazers view it themselves or not view it because they refused of you decide from Mike. Dunleavy is that. They they really don't have some major. Regret it. Scottie Pippen was the only one and Scotty was the. He was the one to say this, and it was interesting as another piece of Scotties. Quote that I did not get chance to use but. Scotty was the one who said we weren't getting the right shots and everybody else says we got good shots just missed them. Even when I asked, did you get tight? That's the obvious. Question. Did you guys get up tight? Did you start to feel the pressure the the moment? And they don't even feel that. They don't even say that now I would say that there are some shots that maybe look a little rushed. A couple of threes in particular, a couple of deep this narrow when the mid range was fine, but there are some x sixty eighteen footers in there. That looked like maybe they could have worked for a better shot. Nobody could stop Rasheed going inside as we were talking about earlier, so maybe they should have been. More for Scotty posts posts Rasheed post-ups body like in the post. The Lakers had a very difficult time with those guys and. But that's that's. That's not the way it unfolded so Scott. He's the only one who said we didn't get the right shots into him. That was an indication of among other things. We hadn't been together that long Scotty Steve. Smith Daedalus shrimp had all been brought in the prior Somerset's their first year together with this group You got the holdovers in Stoudamire and a young bonds and an older. Visa Bonus and Scotty just felt like you know. Maybe the the chemistry and the trust wasn't there especially for a game seven on the road and he said. Like scotties view where they lost this. Was Not, getting home court advantage, there tied on February twenty second or something that they play in Portland. Game between them the Lakers win that and they go on to storm down the stretch of the season while the blazers go like five hundred or something, and that's the difference in their records, the Lakers and up with home court. It matters and game seven. Scotty thinks if it's at the rose. Garden, they win it and another another parallel with the ninety eight Pacers because Larry Bird on the first day of training camp. Tells the team. We have to have game seven at home against the Bulls First Day camp says Gumbo one goal this season. We've gotta get the number one seed, because if we played Chicago and game seven, it has to be in Indiana, and they don't get the number one seed in the Games in Chicago when they lose the other funny thing about. The Scottie. Pippen Elements Zach So. The Lakers had wanted to acquire him. The Blazers get him. And Well Phil Scotty. You're obviously fond of each other. Phyllis fill, so he's trying to tweak him in the lead up to that series, if I'm recalling correctly like he kept saying Scotty S to lead them if he doesn't lead them, they're not getting anywhere I. Think he's trying to totally trying to beat them and put this this autumn Scotty told me. That you know we were really well prepared because I knew everything Phil was doing I, knew his offense. I knew like we had I had. These guys trained essentially, but when it came down to the leadership that fourth quarter. This this this leadership idea when asked any of them about well, who was the leader team who who should have bailed? You guys out? Who Saves you from the Super? Vents this from happening? WHO's your go to guy? WHO's the heart of your team? And I got all these different answers from all the different blazers and. What Scotty eventually end up saying this is a quote that did not make the story was. I felt like it was just my first year there and so here he was with his six championship rings, and this off from the Bulls Dynasty. He didn't feel like he was the one who was going to make demands of these guys. Yes, he told them what they should do. In terms of defending against the triangle. But he he said to me that he he really didn't feel like he could put an imprint leadership. Why wouldn't he couldn't really speak up and be the one to pull guys along or get them in line? Because this was a really veteran team that predated him, and it had guys with a lot of standing on their own like Steve, Smith and Savona so. That was that was interesting I watched it. With. Scotty was never wired or really didn't have skill set to just take over games. That wasn't how he played. He wasn't just going to go score. That's just not wasn't in his wheelhouse. I watched it and I. Get what the Blazers are saying by. We got the shots we wanted to get because. That season they were a very slow pace team. They took an above average amount of twos. They worked the post a lot. And that's what they did. In the fourth quarter, they worked the post a lot, and they took a latitudes, and they missed a lot of twos so i. get what they're saying however. I viewed it as Story mentioned this. I I'm watching the game and I'm thinking. When you say they don't go to guy, and like there's too many a minus players, not in eight-plus player, there's no hierarchy what they really didn't have on the floor was someone who could beat the defense off the dribble, and that, and so way of penetrating the defense was to throw the ball into the post, and that's fine that worked for them a lot, but like Scotty. Scott, he couldn't get downhill. Steve Smith could barely hit the ball up the court. He wasn't like a lot of separation guy off the dribble. They just didn't have enough to drill by kept thinking. I wonder I the one name that wasn't mentioned a muff is that I kept wanting to put even though I know they didn't was I would've thrown Damon Stoudamire in the game just to give me a little north-south speed just to give me. Who could get? He didn't play in the fourth quarter. Until there's forty seconds left in the game. He doesn't play the whole quarter. And I would is throwing him in there and just give me someone who can get into the paint off the dribble. Draw some help, and like get the ball moving a little bit. Because the blazers had a ton of great players on the court, they had a ton of size. They didn't have anyone who beat anybody off the dribble. Dribble and I. think that more than their shot selection and more than not knowing the man was that was their undoing in the game. So here's the funny thing, so Bonzi and Steve Smith and Scotty I'll talk about how their strategy was to have their bigger guards go at Kobe, post them up. Get Him Ninety four feet away from the other basket where him down, and all this and Damon Stoudamire does tell me about how he would start out on colby because. It was just kind of like to play mind games with. They baited into posting up on offense and hosted him up on defense so Kobe's. That was really fat, a really fascinating part of your story so they so they had to go with both strategy small with Damon Stoudamire Bates Koby bigger with the other guys. They can try to wear them down physically. In the was looking this backup before we got started today the third quarter. The Blazers are up fifty to forty nine. In the third with about six minutes ago and Banzi comes in at that point, and it's Waban's. He's in that they build a sixteen point lead. And Damon doesn't play really in the fourth. So among the things it did not make my story. Bob Whitsitt, and now you could see. Dudley Whitsett really go back and forth about the trades of Jermaine O'Neal. There's some disagreement there between MOH and GM and Brian Grant you. No love lost between Dunleavy and Whitsett. Here's what I did not use. This dog wits talking. This is not a dump on Mike kind of thing at all meaning Dunleavy. And dumps on him. He says fill likes guards. He doesn't pressure you. He doesn't have what I call the Classic Point Guard who's going to go. Twenty and ten likes big guards. So we had a team that could go big bigger and big big big, and we can go small if we had to, but our success was when we use more of our big lineup and less of Damon Stoudamire. And so that he says, but for whatever reason we kept wanting to play Damon a lot when our bigger successes when we had the bigger lineups in there, so he's just killing Mike's decision to go with so much data Meyer in that series now. If you look for the series, his mom's go wildly up and down. He's thirty one game thirty. The next and stout admire average is like twenty four minutes. Minutes a game in that series of twenty five minutes a game and bonds. He averaged seventeen minutes a game in that series, so is convinced all these years later they should have had more bonds less Damon. And of course you're making the case for why Damon actually was actually important to them, and I think Dundee, but obviously agree with you excited. Employ them in the fourth quarter I mean look to. It, but they've gotten their lead with Bonzi I. Don't know if that I didn't ask him that particular thing. But. Would ask him go back and ask him and then report back on the next podcast because I that's that's. I would have asked him that question. It's it's an absolutely. It's his gutting as losses get in the NBA and You know it did change things for both franchises it you know, and and and look back to Kobe. So Yes, twenty five eleven and seven in this game he outplay shack for the most part in this game and then of course they get to the finals and coby has I think his first capital M. Moment, which is He gets injured. He sprained his ankle and game to. Sits in game. Three doesn't play the Pacers win game three. It's two one comes back for game. Four game goes to overtime at Shack. Fouls out, and coby has shack out with two and a half minutes left in overtime, and Kobe has a three minutes of just. Like jump shots a tip into ice, the game and and The Lakers go up three one. They went on the road in the end. I believe in that game and that's. That's. Probably two weeks after this this game or something like that, and that's all of this is sort of Kobe's cemented himself like Oh. Yeah, this guy is going to be a guy that likes the moment and can play in the moment. And in that series in the finals, only averages only, but he ever like fifteen six and four or something. It's nothing leaves off. The page and shack is just a frigging beast like he's thirty eight fifteen. Like Shaq just destroys the Pacers. In that series and Kobe plays very much the supporting role, but they don't win game four without him and the fact that he was doing it on that ankle that had kept him out of game three, and that we thought we thought he might Miss Multiple Games that was when Kobe went down. Go back and watch that that's the. Jalen rose stepping under Kobe play which he now admits years later. Yeah Kinda wanted to I didn't want to injure him, but I wanted to hurt him or somewhere distinction that Jalen has made. and. We weren't sure if he was going. Play again or how many games you might miss that he that he was back in game four at all. Not to mention saving them in overtime after shack fouls out. Critical and even in that moment that night and the next day the entire conversation was this kid who everybody was saying. Oh, well, he plays a little like Jordan and he wants to be like Jordan, but he's not Jordan and is he's got some nerve trying to be like Jordan edited that moment was when everybody said Oh. Wow, okay. Maybe, he does have some Jordan. Maybe there is something really special here and that he can rise to a to a moment that he can really deliver in. This is huge huge moment on the road in Indiana with this game and the series kind of in the balance, and it did like that that was the lobster shack is like a moment for them together, but game four against the Pacers Kobe's. I true singular moment. Well, it's it's a great story. Did a great job with it? Everyone can go to bleacher report in read our story on love. Lob! twenty years later before we go. Any quick thoughts on the NBA's twenty two team playing tournament. Extravaganza to restart the season. What are your first impressions? Not like when you got in mind. Quick hitters on this I would have been fine with sixteen teams I understand why you want twenty two. A lot of that has to do with money team in the game. That not a lot the whole. The whole thing all of it. That's A. Your employer in mind, both will be happy to have all those extra teague TV Games but I think sixteen. If we were talking about the just safety, which is why the season was shut down in the first place was about health and safety, then the highest bar for health and safety. If you're going to play, it, all would be just go with the sixteen teams in the playoffs if you're just talking. Talking about health and safety. You don't know Sports League is playing right now i. mean that's that's so. That's that's. That's the assumption that you have to make and get past. If you're going to talk about this, there is no governing health body that right now would say yes, congregate sweat and hit each other in indoor space. Here's frequently. That's like you would not play. I'm not making light of it. If health or the only reason you would do this, you wouldn't. You wouldn't be sports. That's it. There is the most puzzling part of the Zach. Is this discussion of how and we'RE GONNA? Do social distancing in the arena when guys are not playing, they'll be sitting in different rows with Massa. What's the point of that? You've just like banged into each other sweated on each other breed? Them other screamed at each other tucked smack. Smack. Yeah He's other and I'm not making light of it by saying that no governing health body would recommend this. I'm saying it's a very serious thing and it absolutely. Yes, you're going and you start you better. You better take every precaution like the NBA isn't the only sports sieglinde the world restarting almost every sports league is trying to or currently we're going to so, but but that's that's the assumption you have to just. Be Able to live with. And frankly it's it's. It's not an easy. It's not an easy thing to live with I. Think for the for the decision makers. I do not envy any of them, not the league. Not The team's not the players. No one I would be very very nervous. for for all of them I am nervous for them and. I would have preferred as I. Say fewer teams fewer bodies. Less risk. That's just the basic math of this all. That's how this thing works, so, but that's fine. I understand why they want to understand the need for TV games I understand the need for teams to be involved to play to feel relevant still to not nine straight months without playing all of this I get it and I also think that the biggest caveat on all of this for both good and bad. Is that if they're not GONNA? Play a single game until July thirty first. Give or take. There's still a lot of time left for things to happen again. This could go either way. Maybe we're much much better place as a country with regard the virus by then, and maybe we are in the midst of a second wave that actually throttles this whole thing for all we know. So I've been trying to withhold too much judgment just in the sense that. Our lives our world. Our surroundings have changed so many times so dramatically in the last few months that trying to anticipate where we'll be on July. Thirty first is foolish, but I have no doubt that the NBA. I know that they have an exhaustive list of protocols that are being finalized that we'll. We'll learn about soon and I have no doubt that those will will be the best that anybody can do the circumstances, but the circumstances are still you're bringing together. Hundreds of people thousands of people try to play a bunch of games and by definition. It's going to come with some risk and. You just hope for the best I'm also really honestly again. Where this is where we play amateur epidemiologist, the idea that if somebody test positive, they're only going to isolate the one guy so that they can just keep going. FEELS RISKY TO ME? That's what they're gonNA do. You know yeah, that is what they're gonNA. Do and we'll see how it goes well. I think I think they're you know look. There's no foolproof way to do it, but I think their their hope is. We're, GONNA test people every day. And we'RE GONNA. Take People's temperature frequently. And in doing so we are going to close as many of the spread windows as possible. Totally shut because. If you talk to sports, scientists and experts on this you know. The word asymptomatic gets thrown around a lot, super spreader and in a lot of cases. A symptomatic is actually sort of a misnomer because if you take their temperature. They, do have symptoms. They might have ninety nine three. and not feel it. And the hope is that as soon as we find that ninety nine three. You're out, you're not you're out, you're you're being isolated? You may feel fine, but that's a symptom, and so that like the frequency with which I do that, we will hope day. They hope to close as many windows as possible that there's no way they can close them all. There will be windows where there is somebody who has it and they don't know and there's a practice and what happens there is you know? We'll see I do know that a lot of people in the league remain very surprised that only two people with the jazz got it. When when two players were. Had it and we're around each other, and so people that that's just one isolated case, but there's no way to close. All the windows are the best they can do is close as many as they can, and we will never know Zach. How many guys had it and it just wasn't reported out because the League had no obligation to, but once they shut down. You know there was some self reporting, and some you know players players there. Maybe, there were more there probably were more that we we don't know about. Almost certainly was and so. Yeah I, look on the competition side of it. The only thing I. my only thought is this. Again. I understand the need for more games rather than fewer because of revenue concerns, which not unimportant but. The longer they're down there, the more there is the longer down there the more of a burden it is not just players, but all the NBA personnel and teams and everybody else who have to be there for up to two ninety days potentially, and you know they could compress this you. Did you have to go eight play in seating games or whatever they're going to call them? Do you have to stick with best of seven in every round? I don't think so. There are ways to speed this up and condense it and make it more less risk, more efficient, less onerous, and they didn't. They're going for the Max number of games. They can squeeze out without going to thirty teams and. You know. We won't know if that was the right call. And what consequences came with that for a while Yeah I. Mean you know there's just again these are? Not Going to be a right answer to how to do it, the right answer is probably you don't do it, but no one seems to be going that direction. The direction is can we do it safely? But the ramp up games. Eight struck me as a lot, too, but then you get into the you. Can you go zero to sixty that fast? You know what I mean like. Do we need to be even preseason games or whatever the games that don't count to the standings? Because if if you make these guys, go right to playoff level intensity your risk of injury, increases, and there are some people in Sports, science community that are actually more worried about that than they are about the virus, more worried about a spate of hamstring tears, and this and that and you know we'll see whatever comes to fruition, but. It's it's a it's an unknown, and it's June eighth, and as you said that there's a lot of time between now, and even when there's a there's approximately a month, I think before they teams are going to start going to Orlando and there's a lot that can happen in that time so. The. NBA is watching every league. That's playing now to see how it all unfolds and. You know it's. It's it's scary, and it's an unknown and we'll see what happens. Yeah You know we're all hoping for the best. Obviously, we're hoping for great basketball, no injuries and no no virus, right and but but all those all those things are in the mix there and look you know. Stepping back from the serious matters of it all. It's just GONNA be fascinating fascinating to watch these guys playing with no fans. Fascinating just to see what this looks like with no, no home courts, and no, no anything it just it's just going to be bizarre, and when we all start talking about like how we're gonNA perceive in an actress. No, ask stuff I don't know how we're going to judge it until we actually see it like it is such a the beholder thing, and it is such an in the moment thing that until we actually see these games being played and how it unfolds, I. Just don't know how we're going to classify it. conceptualize it. Until it actually gets here and. That's still lead to Asterix. Discussion is the least interesting discussion of all of it to me, but like you said we're GonNa, we're GonNa see what happens, and there's a lot of there's a lot. We're going to learn the next month our back. Rights for bleacher report just wrote about the lab. Has A podcast called the full forty eight? That has a very interesting gamut of guests. You've done a good job. Pandemic guest list as bishop and as been ECLECTIC. It's been all over the place in a good way. I may be making an appearance on that next week. SPOILER ALERT AND I will try to come. Prepared Howard I you always you always. There's always something you spring me when I go on the full forty eight. There's always a list that I have to react to. There's always there's always something so I gotta get my game now now you're putting the pressure on me to come up with something clever in the next week which? Absolutely going to thank you, sir, be well, be safe. Best Your family. Thanks you too appreciate.

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Marty Lurie on Baseball's Changing Game

Giants Splash

08:52 min | 1 year ago

Marty Lurie on Baseball's Changing Game

"What if there were a podcast just history class except five minutes long and fun? I'm King Kaufman. I think there is one. It's not your century. Join me for it. Wherever you get your podcasts. Hello and welcome to the giant splash. Henry Shulman the chronicles beat reporter on here with Marty. Lurie for part two of our podcast from spring training in Scottsdale Arizona. In the first one we talked all things giants. I hope you'll listen to it if you haven't already wherever you get your podcast today we're GonNa talk about some bigger issues in the game itself. Just a reminder. I that we would like to give you a chance to have a say in what we cover. WanNa know what you want to hear and how you feel we can make our podcast better. Please take a short survey at. Sf CHRONICLE DOT COM SLASH PODCAST survey. If you complete it you'll be entered in a drawing for one of five one hundred dollars gift cards it short. And we'd really like to get your feedback. That's SF CHRONICLE DOT com slash podcast survey onto part two. Marty Lurie right after this. Hello Hello Peter Hart Lob you may have heard from the east coast media and even the White House that San Francisco has literally become a toilet and we completely disagree. The big event podcast is becoming total. Sf and we're going to highlight with still great about Francisco will interview colorful characters share history pay tribute to our favourite. Sf movies and just have fun to listen for the Cable Car Bell Total SF wherever? You get your podcasts. Reshow that with Marty Lurie I? I went to the press conference yesterday. That Rob Manfred here. I actually wanted to ask them a non astros question and then I realized if I stood up did I'd have two hundred journalists who pick up their laptops smack me in the head. I mean you've been through so much you've seen so much in this game. Where where does the Astros signed ceiling stealing scandal rank in your mind as one of the big negative developments in this game? Well it does look you go back a hundred years. John McGraw talked about it and then the Great Hall of fame and you had him on the radio. John McGraw Nineteen Thirteen. He says you know we can steal signs If the CATCHER has hand too low and things like that but telescopes and binoculars are no good. You know and that's the culture of baseball as baseball. A developed science stealing through telescopes inoculations and other nefarious means were used The giants did it in one thousand nine fifty one Al Worthington pitcher wouldn't go to the Chicago White Sox because they were stealing signs in the scoreboard. So in baseball was always. Don't do it and if you get caught they slap on the wrist. They give you parking ticket because it wasn't that big a deal. This thing became a bigger deal because of the cyber attacks we have in the world and the technology how it's taking over the world and taking the hardaway so they clearly used means that when the Ferris that should not have been used and they did it in a super technical way and they did it during the world series. It's like a movie at a Hollywood. This is a movie and they did it during the world series and they won the world series and this offends the sensibilities of everybody. So it's bigger than it's ever been for because of the technology involved in because the world that we live in where we're panicked about the next presidential election about every state we can't even get out of Iowa without a with a primary being subject to all sorts of questions because of the apps and things like that so it bothers me all right. You saw that. The game took a big hit during the thought took a big hit. During the strike of ninety four ninety five came back took a big hit From the steroids scandal. And it came back. You think this this is really going to take a long time to get you know baseball back in the graces of American public after this one. No no I don't I think the the public wants games. They want the story they WanNa know as Stanton and hit seventy home runs. Is Aaron. Judge GonNa do this? How will other teams treat? The Astros is ver- lander going to be the guy you know goes on the mound and does thing will the giants breakthrough with this young hungry team. People want the story. This doesn't go to the integrity of the game. It went to the integrity of one team using technological things to steal signs. It doesn't go to the heart of baseball not at all. I think we need games when all this stuff happens over the winter not that talk about twenty four seven look. You're the hardest working guy in in baseball you writing columns and tweeting and doing stuff all day long. That's the off season. Once we get games this is going to be forgotten. You have a twitter account right baseball at Baseball Marty. You don't use it a lot. Do you During the season I do during the season. I do and let people know when the show is going to start. Who's going to be on and things like that and while the Games are going on I like to tweet Because look for the post game was very helpful to get the discussion going getting ready for post game so I would tweet in the seventh inning. It's time for Bocce to make a move or you know better hit and run here. Put a pinch runner in here and you know do this or that and it got the conversation going. I like tweeting during the game. I don't tweet as much during the week and rogue ops they may be coming to spring training here as I understand it as an experiment. What are your thoughts on that? I love it. I saw it. I went to the Pacific League. Whatever that thing is over in San Rafael Indie Ball in the ball? I saw it. It was when Eric Byrnes. Who's doing that whole thing this special on HBO? And I saw Jenkins writes about it. Jenkins and I are on the same page. We like it and you know why like it. I'm tired of the bellyaching during the broadcast of broadcasters players. Everyone saying that was a ball. That was a strike. That was that was a striking their umpiring from five hundred feet away. I'm sick of it. Kevin Automatic Strike Zone. Whatever it may be let it be called. There's no delay the Saw IT in action. The umpire calls right away. Tired of the bellyaching I'd like to see a game without that we're gonNA bellyaching about something we all we always do. Yeah all right so the calls at first base and we haven't gotten into replay it and what's going on there but as far as the pitch ball strike and all that get it called by the computer whatever it may be. If it's accurate enough and stop I tell you. He's the empire and he's a high ball empire and this and that I'm tired of it. I'm tired of it. During the broadcast might feeling on replay. It was always that if the people in New York can't figure out in ninety seconds that the call was wrong then it should absolutely automatically be upheld. You agree with that absolutely absolutely. I think it's ridiculous. How long it takes there should be a replay booth In every stadium this eleven. Twelve billion dollar industry come on. This should be every stadium. They should have it. It should be instantaneous. It should be initiated by umpire in a replay booth. Who can look at it quickly and make a decision and that's the way it should be. I think it's nuts that that we go on for three or four or five minutes waiting for call finally this year. They'RE GONNA. They're at least going to tell you support right isn't an empire going to be miked and tell you you know what the result. I don't know if that starting this year but yeah it's like the NFL referees right. Yeah no I think the replay thing has got to be worked on the the Guy Popping off second base and getting tagged and all that kind of stuff. It wasn't meant for that it wasn't meant for that and you can't have every play every look. Abner Doubleday member George Carlin Bob. Newhart said boy. Mr Doubleday you figured it out ninety eight. How did you know? Then it's the perfect distance every player's Bang Bang every place bang you can't have replay every time. K. Marty. It's as always it's been a pleasure and thank you for joining me. I look forward to being on your show coming this season. No absolutely Saturday. We got a spot for you. I love having you on. And it's what the pre games all about it. It's the anticipation this is. What baseball's all about the anticipation of the game? That's going to happen. The giant splash is a production of the San Francisco. Chronicle support the splash and all of the chronicles great journalism by signing up for a chronicle membership at SAF chronicle dot com slash pod.

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Hour 2: 3/21/19

The Paul Finebaum Show

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Hour 2: 3/21/19

"The. The pride passion and patterns of college football leaves here. This is no Paul finebaum show. Our to podcast. Everybody. Welcome back to the Paul finebaum show. I'm not fall. I do have glasses. And I did go to Tennissee as Paul did. Although he was there about forty seven years for I was I'm Ryan McGee sitting in for Paul mama's. I will do from time to time particularly when it's March madness. And there's plenty of madness Auburn probably should have lost. But they move will move onto the second round. Michigan state. We always talk about Tommaso being the man in March. We'll right now they're down by point to Bradley at halftime. And there's a whole other store about Bradley that will we'll get to in a little bit. Listen, we will go live. Now, we're about Auburn that dramatic game that they tried to lose. Let's go down to the podium, and this would Pearl and his boys have to say about that. Engine McCormack to the dice. We'll go ahead and remind you to when you have a question when we opened it two questions. Please hail the microphone holder and ask your question into a microphone during the student athlete period. If you can direct your question to student athlete, that's helpful. And we'll go ahead and open it up to questions urge to brief opening statement from coach Pearl coach. I congratulate Mexico state coach Chris Johns outstanding season his team place. Like, he coaches, no fear. Well, coached they play together. They're relentless on the boards. And I told my team the toughest toughest one for us to was probably going to be the first one the next game. The team will play Kansas on north eastern are not not better than no, no state. There is good. I just compliments in Mexico state. But our kids worked hard to build that lead. And obviously, we did not a great job of taking care of the ball. But given to Mexico state credit for push. List direct questions. Now if we could to Auburn student athletes Jared Harper, Giovane McCormick. And when we've exhausted those questions will turn it over to questions for coach Purnell question for student athletes. Question for Jared Arbor. Jared every time they made a run there in the second half seemed like you came up with the big shot. Same in the SEC championship talk about the play in the second half and the timely shooting the three point line from you feel like I started shoot the ball. Well house I get downhill and get up early in the second half with confidence. Now, I have not my first three to start a second half. So just being able to make place on my team. Trust me. So. Air questions for student athletes. Jerry was the atmosphere like at the end of the game in the final minute of intense insead first round matchup. Oh like oh. Shit before our first game. It's gonna be a hardest game. We kinda made some plays down the stretch that that didn't help us made a lot of mistakes me personally, I made a couple of states couple of turnovers on bath foul situation at the end again my stuff at the game. So I just glad my teammates Bill milk. Giovan you're planning the choke gesture at those last free throws reopened. They get the free throw shooters attention there. I see is facing is pretty scared and we knew coming into the Baffert shooting team. So they have played a key. Did you could you kinda describe Auburn swagger for me? I feel like we really. We all got a chip on our shoulder. So we just come out with swag. And. All right. We'll dismiss the student athletes and then direct questions to coach Pearl. Thank you us. You guys were spectacular. Thanks, can I follow up on that chip that swagger. I'm glad you think we have a swagger, but I think hesitation answering the question is because I'm not so sure our kids to in this sense. He came back with it. He's kind of got a chip on shoulder j von was not Heather player. Most of our guys most guys were three and four three stars. So we've developed a confidence and trust in one another and our deficit seasons for guest. I don't know that we really have a swagger yet. Burst. How agonizing for you was that last you minutes of that game. I mean, I can't have you ever been involved anything quite that preposterous. During the only time I can remember almost losing like that was when we did lose it. Jarrett's freshman year against Missouri. First round the tournament. And it was kind of unfolding. Same way. How many times practiser spacing? And what you want to do it on situations. And so you get that moment. You just don't know how you're gonna react. We obviously panicked. And. Made our share of mistakes, which could have cost us the game. But at the same time we had made enough really good place throughout the game against a really good team. That's a really good five twelve win for Auburn. Because I had to Mexico state team is. Formidable. I don't wanna do it again. Coach on that final sequence. You know, they were gonna look for a law towards the basket. I even did a great job of forcing it in the middle forcing the kickout. A while three was at the plan, you know, tuck into the middle and force little along jumper again. Chris a great job with that. Call your thinking one seven we got to protect the room. They've got some good lob things in there. So I put my center one of my centers on the ball. I actually played two centers one to protect the rim. But we did not switch out on the ball side shooter. And so that was a mistake. They gotta clean look. Obviously could have knocked down. But we got. And. And we're fortunate. Do you take anything from this game? And a it to the next round. Could you repeat that apologize? Do you take anything from this game and apply to the next round? Guys. This was our fifth game in eight days. Stop it think about that is our fifth game in eight days. It looked like it. Bryce was tired. Jared was exhausted at the end of that game. And so. I think what I'm gonna take away is that we're going to be fresher. Horace is is the he's the energy bunny out there. He didn't have a ton of energy. This is his fifth game in eight days. We played we played Sunday travel across the country. And I mean, we had to play hard because we're into Miskel state place. Our kids were popped at the end. Time for one more question. If there is one. Okay. Thank you coach. So I think the most important question we can ask at this point. Is is Bruce pros voice gonna hold up. Right. That's the pace himself. He's mentioned five games in eight days. He's our pre game speeches showed it on on Gabriel. But he needs to pace himself, or if I'm not having a voice, and by the way, it's a fair question about swagger as a follow up to. Hey, you gave the guy the choke sign. The free throw line to participate in the game. So. That's a that's a fair question. But yes, this team has swagger whether they would like to go into great detail about that. Or not brisk pros lose his voice Elissa Lang has not. And she will join us live foam all right outside the arena there Jacksonville. There you go, right? Okay. Somewhere hundred is the arena. I think listening to Paul finebaum show podcast everybody. Welcome back to the finebaum show. And I was just coming about the fact that this Jacksonville regional so great. There's nothing like being in the building. When there's good teams, and you have a chance for good games. And we just happened to have somebody that's down there for that. And that'd be missile Lysa. Lynn how you doing? I'm doing well. I'm feeling really blessed to be able to witness some good, basketball and LSU and Yale. Got it going for us pretty early today. Right. Listen, you start in the morning with you know, you got statements going out from the Kentucky coach late the night before you got statements coming out about injuries the morning of that in a second. However, tell me about the feeling in the building that LSU team. Did you get a read on them when they walked in based on what all they've had to deal with off the court of the last couple of weeks. You know, having seen this LSU team for the last couple of weeks. I think one of the things that's impressive about them. As the read. I get from them doesn't really change from Nashville into this tournament. They're always kind of cool, calm and collected. Even after that win. It was a hard-fought win. It was an emotional game down to the wire and in the locker room, they're all very relaxed, and they're all very confident and playing LSU basketball wasn't something that they did down the stretch against Yale. They were able to recognize that they trust each other. And they're confident that this is a team that can go far into this tournament as long as they can clean some stuff up. Of course, they came out a little bit of nerves a little rusty today after not having played for a couple of days. But this Yale team was a talented team. I think when you look at Yale schedule this was a team that lost by over thirty points to do earlier in the season. But that's not the same Yale team. We saw on the floor today, especially in the second half. So I think it's a testament to LSU the fact that they are able to battle through some of these games. We saw them obviously lose a game that they would not have liked to drop. In Nashville the SEC tournament. But I think they've really turned it on at this point. They know who they are they know their identity, they know their backs are up against the wall. And that a lot of people are counting them out, and they feel a little disrespected they're ready to try to go as far as they can here. And obviously that starts in Jacksonville with getting the win today. Joining us from Jacksonville for the first incidentally tournament. No, I'm not there you are. But I have seen this so many times with teams that have had to deal with the headline have had to deal with and your case, the will waive situation, there's sometimes a sense of relief when they can get on the court and just worry about basketball, and yeah coach isn't there. But maybe that's not a bad thing. Did you get that sense from this team when they got to the arena yesterday? Absolutely. I mean, this is a team that understands completely. What's surrounding them in one of the questions that we were asking them after the wind today was do you feel disrespected and how has this team dealt with adversity? Because a lot of people are looking at this LSU team looking at all the noise that surrounded them looking at how they exited the SEC tournament and saying this is a team that won't last and they hear all that noise. But they're able to kind of take it pack it in and turn it into something that you know, we saw today pulling out a win against a good Yale team to survive an advanced to Saturday. So I mean, this is a very talented team. This is a team that we've seen play some really good basketball this season when you're led by guys like trauma waters in Schuyler maze. They understand what's at stake. They know what's on the line. And they wanna represent their LSU team. Well, they wanna represent will wait. Well, they're playing for everybody. They're playing for tiger nation. They absolutely understand that. So they had a little bit of a chip on their shoulder. I think there were some nerves going into today's. Game. They said that in the locker room today. But I think that was more of hey, March madness this year, we're in the tournament kind of nerves. We gotta get that first game out of the way. And they all said they knew that the first game was going to be the hardest one as long as they could make it through this one. They feel confident about what they can do for the next couple of weeks, but it was just getting past this home, and they were able to do that even though down the stretch yielded give them a little bit issue. This porn so Kentucky. It's been an interesting week that it have the week. They obviously wanted to have when you saw them last in Nashville now they're in the incident tournament, which there are year coaches saying I'm not going to take the UCLA job. And now there was also news this morning about one of the best players or not. Yeah. The the big story line here going into tonight's game. Whether or not PJ Washington will play that was kind of the story yesterday to him arriving to the arena, obviously, he did have an injury in that Tennessee game which coach Cal said yesterday. But he said he wants to play PJ Washington wants to play obviously, it's the tournament. We're not sure yet whether or not we'll see him what will happen tonight. Obviously this isn't Abilene Christian team. That's ready to put it all on the line. They're playing with house money. They know there's nothing to lose. Sometimes that's the scariest opponent when you're a Kentucky team. So obviously they like to have PJ Washington on the floor. They're different team with him on the floor. But they are. So are also very talented on the rest with the rest of the guys on that team, and they can certainly get done without him. But again, there's that outside noise and everybody asking if they can get it done without PJ. The one thing that I'm curious to see if Kentucky makes it through tonight without PJ Washington. How Saturday we'll go, especially if they face a Wofford. Team who you were giving some credit to a few minutes ago Wofford might be able to give them a bit of a hard time. If PJ is not on the floor. So it'll be really interesting to see if he does not play what kind of Kentucky team comes out right out of the gate tonight. Because you know, coach Cal is doing everything he can to get his guys ready. He's pretty good at getting his guys ready. Come tournament time. He knows this when it matters. So I think when Kentucky sets the tone if they set the tone right out of the gate. We'll get a really good idea of what kind of Kentucky basketball. We're gonna see over the next couple of days here. We'll learn joining us from Jacksonville for Sean into tournament talked about LSU and Kentucky. Let's we're friends. Right. We're workers uneasy to well. Yeah. Absolutely. So Joe go guy to coach from Abilene Christian has finish entire press conference on his ripped pants and the man needs another pair pants, but he says I need you to let me know as a member of the media how everyone reacts to and covers this are you going to tweet. This a photo of this coaches, rip pan. It's. Gosh, put me on the spot. You know, I'm probably not gonna walk up to him a picture of his riff pants, but I can confirm or deny via Twitter whether or not the pants are ripped when he is on the sidelines. I was gonna say I lived in Jacksonville for a couple of years. I might give him some Taylor recommendations here 'cause there's plenty of Jacksonville. Maybe not apple lean. But I'm pretty sure he could get his suit fixed Jackson. They make it to Saturday. There's a coupla out malls in divall county. I remember, I I think you could probably just to appreciate it. Thank you for joining us. And I look forward to your hard core. Reporting of the Abilene, Christian coaches pants later tonight. Thank you, very we'll keep you updated on the pants. There you go. That's the most important thing. I mean, all respect to see schools. We're we're turn with defined bomb show, and you can join us if you would like to eight five five four to seven to eight five that's a five. Eight five two four two Paul. You're listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the foul ball show men are moving in the group. And we've got a lot of basketball going on. We got a drew lock pro day. We got people call in to tell me about the great legacy of wimp, Sanderson Alabama basketball of more importantly, we've been covering auburn's nailbiter win over New Mexico state one of the heroes of that game joins us now. Jared Harper Jared, you got a few minutes to kind of decompress you got away with one today. Man. Congratulations. Thank. By going out. Well, how tits was that atmosphere in that building? When it wasn't that close for a long time and suddenly in the closing minutes of that game yet got the free throw line with a chance to take the lead. Definitely on tough situation for like a team that plays to make route thirteen at one point. And we make some team I'm missing takes not self. So on just come out with a win five games in eight days. But you guys didn't look tire by any stretch. How are you keeping that energy level up for this thing just playing a heart without some people that we can have in court on where I would play harder. A lot of pains don't know have as many players on their as we do and we'd like to use are thriving. Now you had a question in the post game. And you didn't really answer it. But I'm gonna thought back at you in this team has swagger man, tell you explain the attitude with this team right now the ability to make this run that they are here marching on everybody having chip on our shoulder just on is. No that we that. We've been counting a lot just having our model of being on an unfinished. Business. So coming in this year, we have everybody filling his business from last year. So just looking to make anytime take us in the locker room and owned the bus. What is Bruce Pearl? Really like when now it's marts, and it's time to get on with it. Oh, just very energetic. And he he's happy to be playing basketball. Just this is a special time for basketball Martian fairness. It's just everything could do to hopeless, and it is being air force into something that we can enjoy at times co pay are y'all gonna take him to drugstore because I'm worried he's gonna lose his voice before the next game. I'm sorry. He's he's gonna get his voice right beside it. So what do you do? Now, take the mindset of a team you gotta wait to sue Hugo play. Now, you gotta game. It's a little more than thirty six hours. What do you do over that time now to make sure you're prepared for your next round on? This was contained by look at this. Who play the new covenant sitting aimed at first one was going to be the toughest game. Always the the happen of tournament. Play still when I go go get together on price star tonight. Get ready for playing the make sides. But how you feel it out there in the desert man you like a mile high air. Okay, you breathe it. All right. Yeah. I was it was an adjustment only got here on Tuesday. But now so normal so. You get acclimated. Well, you got acclimated to the to the tune of seventeen points today. Congratulations and good luck. In the next round. Thank for shut. It. Jared Harper Auburn guard they. So ridiculous. I'm still not convinced. I'm going gonna have a letter from a lawyer saying I gave too much play by play the heat, haze. Did he answer the swagger question because he wouldn't answer the press converse about trying to give it to them. Again. He answered it better here than he did in Salt Lake at the press conference. I mean the team's got swagger. They do thing about this way shot forty three's in forty minutes against Tennessee in the SEC championship in Nashville. If you're that confident, then you've got some swagger. That's a lot of threes. And the give chokes on it a guy that was a swagger that was again, I mentioned this earlier, but I'm looking at four televisions, and I've talked to coach is about this a million times. And we'll ask Pat Bradley about layer on the show, but there's no better atmosphere than being on the floor on the bench with the team coaching a team in the incidentally tournament. But everyone looks this Rable. I mean, it's awesome. And it's all you've ever wanted to do. And then you get there. And it looks like your looks like you're completely run out of air. And if you're in the case of Auburn, you're actually playing like in the desert like a lot higher above sea level. Than on the planes Michael in Alabama zone alive. Michael welcome into the five ball show. How you do it give. Let's go. Oh, man. I'm first time caller on the fan. All right. Yeah. Basin. I've been out in house. So I'm almost in Georgia now dry. Appreciate you staying on problem. I just wanted to put my two cents on the subject of Alabama being football school. When I hear that. I hear figure nails Crichton of light board. This does entertain people to say Alabama has peaked and basketball best possible. But man, when you say Alabama football school this respect so many sports, south baseball hall. You know gymnastics, these people are really over chief at their national championship winners. So we're more than football school. I agree with that. But your identity is your identity. I mean, you know, UCLA. They're still basketball North Carolina could win the next costlo playoff. They're not going to they could they're still going to be a basketball school. I don't know this a I don't know that it's necessarily a dissed everybody else. I don't see it that way. Well, I don't, but we can agree to act can't accept the fact that Alabama Kim out of Ford to hire basketball coach that will take on this challenge of because the recruits are in basis cycle. They hear that. Parents are yo you don't go out. Bama that's football school now. Guess what? In the end. I just relates to have good the basketball team going to be. Yeah. So I mean, that's just about two cents. And I feel like Alabama. Can I mean, I'm old enough? I remember morning with fantasy was the young man. Wow. So yeah. Yeah. With. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And I just want to send out pre that. Now. Let's listen to you. I said, I hope you get into Georgia safely, man. I had to call. You've been a whole so long almost George now. Let's get it. But your identity is your identity, and that's why when you have a school like Michigan Stanford. You know, when you have a school, Florida when you have a school that has national championship success simultaneously. Go into final fours 'em playing for BCS champs. What ball or we're going to sugar balls or whatever doesn't happen ever? And so when you do have a run, Ohio State has had little windows where they're always going to football. But then the basketball team is pretty good doesn't last very long, but they're pretty good for a little bit. So I I just always blown away when a school can do both of the premier spotlight revenue sports, and there's plenty of schools that are really good at one and pretty good at the other one. And then there's a lot of schools that are really good at one. And okay at the old. And so it's. But it's okay to be a football school in by the way football pays for everything everywhere. So if you are a football school than all the other teams get to have much nicer vans to go ride to all their Vincent. That's the most apropos as we say Martin McGuinness apropos sound effect. The second Homer that we've had on the show today. Actual name Homer Homer was up. Home. Are you there? Homer has been on hold for so long. He went to sleep. I'm looking at the magic thing here. He's been on hold for almost two hours. He'll be so mad. Because he was on hold for that long. Tom and Dallas Solana Thomas up. Not a whole lot. How're you doing? I'm good. I'm good. Cantors thing does Williams my cousin real and. Yeah. In fact, my sister, I'm gonna call her in a little bit. He's thrown are out San Jose second year in a row, he flew her. And mother mother is our first cousin and to the Tarn about and. We hope he likes the see in that the end of the year whatever's best for him and his family. But what I'm curious about is IM, historically, it looks like in football and basketball. They can get rid of their coaches pretty quick. Essay. I mean, let's you have guys are there. There have been people who there for a long time. But it's been a long time since people were there for a long time. Again, you take been really good to me. Of course, he could. I'm sure I am too. Offer pretty good. They tried to get him back about. Oh when he is Marquette, they tried to get him. And but anyway, I'm actually I'm a big Texas Longhorn fan. But I'm a lot more most invested in football and basketball. Obviously, I'm all for him wherever he goes. So it's it just cannon interesting situation here. I saw him back my summer, we all got together. But I never ask him anything. I did. I did tell his wife that I hope he never takes the job at Oklahoma. Yeah. You said you all agree on that? Yeah. We're gonna agree on that. But I don't I don't know watching what I hope you got Justin Robinson back hoping to win a game or two I figured. Are you going to win out there in that region? Now on ask you something is the region you have to win three games or two. You went to games to get out of the reason. Yeah. To the to get to the to the Sweet Sixteen right? Okay. So MRs forty four games. Total get to the final four. So to be the regional champion. You've got to win four games. Right. But to get out of your current for you. Yeah. This four wins to get to the to get to Minneapolis to the final four. Okay. Because solid Yuka their thoughts Mississippi if they can win Mississippi State forgot missive stikes plan would play Virginia Tech last year. You know, Alabama beat them in the first round. We'll tell him. I think he's at a okay, I hate to cut you off. I appreciate that. And it's a good reminder buzz Williams is a Texas guy. And that's a good Ahmad opposite to call. Yeah. He's risen from Greenville, Texas, and we didn't get any super inside. But we did hear from family member. So we'll goes a, and I wanna know if if my man there's actually going to put on an Aggie shirt, I we're gonna have live reaction to what all is going down in. March madness is to ball show, man. We were full on hoops. Okay. Forcing football on me today. Summaries to listening to Paul finebaum show podcast there days when you come into this show. There's like nothing going on like in the middle of June. And there's like today, and it's just basketball everywhere. And breaking news and people are in attendance at these events, and we're talking to going live, two podiums and coaches and players calling in oughta Gonsalez joins us. Now, he's in Salt Lake City for what turned out to be probably going to be the craziest game of the day. What was like in the building there, man? It was crazy. I mean, this was really pack house. I think it was a very pro Auburn crowd throughout and you could tell them this stadium in the arena that people were stunned. I mean, Burnett a five point lead with fifty seconds left, and you could tell throughout this game that Auburn was the better team, but New Mexico state just would not go away this one all the is funny when these teams have to make these big trips out west and Bruce Pearl talked all week about altitude and they got up there Tuesday. I think to acclimate. What was that? When it hit the floor five games a fifth game in eight days. Was there any sign of any fatigue with these guys at all? Well, actually, Bruce Pearl told me right after he came out of the podium. I ask them about that final minute. He told me flat out his team was exhausted that they were pop at the end of that game. And I think you could tell Auburn made basically every mistake possible within those last fifty seconds. They had to turn overs. They lost a rebound out of bounce. They found the three point shooter. They let another three point shooter slip in the final second because they didn't switch, and it kinda got lucky that that the New Mexico state player did not make that shot air here mailed that shot but after the game you could see it in Auburn players faces. They seem kind of down because it seemed like this was a game that should not have been this close and Bruce Pearl told his team going into the tournament. He said the first game was going to be their hardest game. They had four games in four days in that NCAA tournament a flu across the country. They were playing an altitude make you said, and he saw it in his players faces at the end he knew that they were exhausted Mejia's needed a hold on outing dollars. Joining us from co worker from ESPN dot com. He's Salt Lake City. All probably into the game. And the day. I want to ask you this for for Auburn. And you said this was a kind of a pro Alva crowd into game started as you know, when you're in a building for these first round games. Sometimes that crab was starting to shift over to the underdog. What was the this fear? Like, did you feel maybe some of those other fans of switching over there allegiance as that game. Got tighter ten. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I went into it thinking, it was pro Auburn, and you saw a lot of these New Mexico state fan, especially in their section just kind of get really loud. I think a lot of these fans who a lot of them were coming in for that for that Kansas game. I think they were just really excited about about seeing such a close game at the end. And you know, the thing about Auburn. I mean, you could tell even in the first half the New Mexico state coach is really concerned about just auburn's athleticism going into this game. Because they don't see anything like that in their conference. You could tell that first half. Auburn shots were not falling. But it was so difficult for New Mexico state to get shot off in its half court offense Auburn in the second half morphed into the team that we expected they hit a bunch of three pointers. They made nine of them. They forced a ton of turnovers. And I think that's what's gonna make them so dangerous about this tournament. They could make threes. They could I force turnovers with the best of them. They just need to kind of hold on at the end. And if it is fatigue at the end for Auburn that it'll be very interesting to see how they respond on Saturday after getting that day off on Friday oughta go dollars join in the snow cone. A worker from ESPN. And I wanna ask you this. You said you talked to Bruce Pearl after the game. He said his team was exhausted. All right. So would you do now to make sure that they're ready to go when it's more than likely one of the greatest programs issue? College basketball waiting to play them in the second round and cans. I think BRUCE'S very hopeful that just having a day here to acclimate to that altitude is going to help his team. But I also think he said something really interesting interesting in the podium afterwards. He talked about look this is an team that was not supposed to win the SEC tournament. This is an opportune that's playing its best basketball late. They've won nine in a row ever since that loss to Kentucky. But one of the players, I think it was it was John McCormick. Got a question from a media member about just a swagger of this team. And Jeff McCormick. Just didn't answer the question. And then after the players let Bruce Pearl wanted to chime in he said that he doesn't feel like his players have that swagger yet. Because a lot of these guys like he pointed out, they were not heavily recruited. They were three star athletes coming out of high school, and he feels like this is a team that has built its confidence as the season has gone on. So I think his hope is more. So that they could build off a win like this beating a New Mexico state team that obviously wasn't heavily favored going into this tournament. But that's really physical. And it's very well balanced. He hopes that this. Team is just kind of growing into itself as this season prolongs. And I think he's hoping that they build off a win. Like this get you out of here on this. We were watching that press conference when kept throwing the swagger question, in fact, out through that question out to Jerry later on this show, and he just won't bite. Do you see that swagger in person that we keep trying to go back to? Not yet. I think this is a team that as I touched on here. I think they were little bit stunned with just the way that this game finished out. They could've lost his game. There was a a free throw with a second. Let coulda tighted that hit the rim. I think three times and open look to win this game. I think this was a team coming off this game a little bit stunned with the way finished out. But I think if they looked back on their performance they'll realize that for most of this game. They were the better team in the hope is that they tap into that a little bit more moving forward. All right. All listen writers. We all these assignments. Right. You're going to this game. Or that game. You win my friend because you guys crying on the bench with three minutes to go three point three free. Throws it could've wanted mystery pointers. So congratulations, sir. They call it madness. And you were right there for the start of it. Got a choke sign at the end and everything. There you go. I'll toss. Thank you, buddy. Good luck with the rest of the games. Yeah. Let's get you. See the flight it will back there. Right. Says March madness with the brackets and he wins. You get these assignments. Right. So last year I was assigned to the first second round in Charlotte and the games were stinkers. There were terrible. And the fourth game that day was some team you BMC BBC. We didn't who they were playing a one seed in Virginia. I went to dinner. Had a few drinks in me. And all the sudden somebody's like, hey, man. You might want to check in on that game. And I looked at my wife, and I go baby. You gotta get Uber. Home me, and captain Morgan's going back to go. The last five minutes, you BMC or UNBC, whatever.

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Jeanne Larsen reads Reading: An Elegy

The Poetry Magazine Podcast

11:30 min | 1 year ago

Jeanne Larsen reads Reading: An Elegy

"This is the poetry magazine podcast. I Don Chair editor of Poetry magazine. I'm Christina PUGH consulting editor and I'm Lindsay Garbage managing editor this week. We spoke with Jeanne Larsen in Roanoke Virginia about her palm reading. An Elegy Larson wrote the poem. After visiting the ching-kuo teak national wildlife refuge huge. Since this poem is set at dawn it does record actually a real experience where I was out on the wildlife refuge waiting for Sunup so I could see these of Tundra swans there and the light came up behind a forest a string of trees that eventually I could. Let's see. Were Lob lolly pines because I could see the long needles in them and then I saw that they were all dead because of salt water from storm arm and so it was a series of repeated decoding 's which undercut one another and reminded me of how beautifully seductive you've language and all of its metaphors are and how ultimately treacherous it can be to us if we cling to tightly to. This is the one truth about the world world reading an elegy draws on Larsen's longstanding interest in oncology and epistemology because I'm polluted by language because I'm a reader reader because I'm a word user because I'm Homo Sapiens. I said Oh those are swans and I I made from that visual perception. And then later when they took off the kind of clattering sound that their opinions the strongest feathers on their wings made against each other. I made from that kind of solid thing. But Larson says there's a long tradition of eastern and Western philosophers who suggest we shouldn't think of things so originally what I think of as my human body or the bird's body is a kind of collusion. A kind of collection of complicated implicated molecules and molecules aren't little ping pong balls. Molecules are subatomic particles. Whatever those are sort of spinning around they might not even be particles they might be waves so I'm back in high school? Physics with light is either a particle or wave or both oath and and all of that kind of fed into my understanding of what I was seeing. Larson finds it thrilling to think that what we read is not the thing itself. I'm less S.. Convinced that the things out there do indeed have some ultimate essential reality at most. It's temporary at most. Though swans swans are going to fly away at most. The ocean will wash over the pine trees and the saltwater will kill them then we're off to to sea level rising so we have to keep all of that in mind as we do our readings. Here's Jeanne Larson's poem reading an Elegy. If I claim this poem presents the Tundra Swans we saw at first light. You might wrongly think of Yates at Cooley or nine. And fifty other suppositions in fact the blue slate of this lake reflected formerly Lee some block chain constellations. Alas now from a macy's a star necklace makes an atlas windless endless spyglass. Free Pass. So you say but come on. I Swan who ever took the mark Ark for the squawk the squawk for the Ding on. Zee The weird. Ding is the things themselves swanning about out are also Mir wavy car-bomb Axel collusion's on establish -able is is not as Marx. Who here over here? I shop your is the swans in their ghost. Forest were long. Needles also inscribed lob. Lolly Pines are vehement enough past the Cannell early Savannah shine presumes on grass heads fog. Don't make a deal of it. Sun Dogs Will Yep soon pinions may clatter your your head may stop throbbing hold fast stop doing great the way this poem it just gathers so much diction from various sources so many words you know who wing Hush don't make a deal of it right. There's onomatopoeia there is colloquial language. There's scientific language like Koksal and of course if I we get yes and that allusion to his Wild Swans and I love the way. This poem inductive. LII is just thinking through this notion that you can't see without seeing through language you know. This poem is kind of doing what it wants us to think about which is putting things into motion realizing that things are in motion that there is no static the quality of of anything in the world. And there's just so much energy in the way this poem does that. It's always nice to and I'm always thrilled when a poem reclaim something for poetry so like most people probably don't want to write a lot about Swans V8's and certified the fired do that without looking over your shoulder. And I like the sort of death. Division of the gates here is saying basically like you're wrong he wrong you think think of which is true. I mean literally true because one of the great things about the poem is like Talking About Tundra Swans and lob lolly pines things that I think it's fair to say great number of US probably don't really know much about her picture anywhere let alone palm so so by having that diction that you're describing. It's almost like the poem teeth. You know it's really you you know. It's sort of struggling with the changes in this landscape in our relationship to it. And you know the temptation to look for abstractions and images when the reality is is corrosive and and vehement. I love that word here vehement because they're sort of it's like the trajectory is our human way of living on this planet has vehemence to it but then that that is we see now increasingly at least we're increasingly aware of the fact that what nature's doing his country now with its own vehemence is not a pretty sight. I mean literally. It's not a pretty sight but you know the palm is really struggling with it and it reclaims another thing too. which is allergy? Because you think of allergies is being sort of gentle reimagining of something. That's or someone departed in. This is not. It's not a gentle palm at all. It's analogy for so many things and frankly even the title reading. That's that's very eerie too. Because we're sitting around reading all this stuff while these things are happening and it's almost I like reading is beside the point in a certain sense. Yeah it's definitely not a gentle poem but it is playful in a way the reference to the Ding an Sich and then the weird thing is I mean that's funny and then you know there's that change from the noise marks who over here over here at the end it says stop canoeing but this time it's W. H. instead of H. O.. And so that's sort of a commentary on we need to stop anthropomorphized are being so anthropocentric Appropos centric about the world and who had exists for and why you know why it's here but at the same time. How can you write a poem without perception without being a human being writing the poem you know and so I think that that's where that playfulness comes in because there's awareness that like? Well I still you want to do this thing. I still want to write this poem. I know all these things logically in my head but emotionally. I still want to do this or you know. I'm I'm trying to do both things at once and I think that's where even if it's not gentle it's still an enjoyable reading experience in its sadness in its rationality and in its acknowledgment of trying to bring a larger perspective to appoint about swans. Yeah Yeah and I think what's it's also interesting about this poem in its insistence on movement. It's counter balanced by its commitment to a kind of discrete form on the page age. It's interstates three line. Stanzas accepted it's ending. which has a couplet which is kind of a sense of a of a missing wine align or sort of missing line in in movement perhaps? But what's fascinating is that. It resists the impulse to make it's flux. And its commitment to flux in nature my medically imposed on the page. So in other words if you can imagine this poem as dispersing itself across a page that might be one way of approaching it. However this poem chooses not to do that and and to stick with the left margin the Tur- sets and make itself discreet artifact in a kind of counterbalance to do the fluctuation that it's celebrating and lamenting and wondering about Gene Larssen's third book of poems is what Penelope choose? She's also published four novels two books of translations of poems by medieval Chinese as women. You can read reading an Elegy in the November Twenty nineteen issue of Poetry magazine or online at Poetry magazine Dot Org. We'll have another episode for you next week. Or you can get all November episodes all at once in the full length. PODCAST on soundcloud. Let us know what you thought of this program. Ram Please rate and review us on Apple podcasts. Or if you listen and other way email us at podcast at Poetry Foundation Dot Org. We'd love to hear your thoughts else. Are you thinking of buying someone a book for the holidays. Have you considered giving them one book every month for an entire year. We've got you covered for a limited time. I am by one subscription to poetry magazine and Gift One free that's to subscriptions for the price of one give the gift of poetry today. Go to poetry magazine in Dot Org Slash podcast holiday. That's poetry magazine Dot Org Slash podcast. The Poetry magazine podcast is recorded by. Ed Herman Erman and produced by Rachel. James the theme music comes from the Claudia Quintet. I'm Lindsay Carpet. I'm Christina PUGH and I've gone share. Thanks for listening.

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Russian Opposition Politician Alexei Navalny Has Been Poisoned and Is in Intensive Care

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04:33 min | 5 months ago

Russian Opposition Politician Alexei Navalny Has Been Poisoned and Is in Intensive Care

"Russian opposition politician Alexia Volney has been poisoned and is an intensive care by Dario Litvinova. Moscow Russia opposition politician. coma and on a ventilator in a hospital intensive care unit after falling ill from suspected poisoning that has allies believe is linked to his political activity the forty four year old foe of Russia's President Vladimir. Putin felt unwell on a flight back to Moscow from Tomsk city in Siberia and was taken to a hospital after the plane made an emergency landing and OSC. Navan spokeswoman Kira Your Mitch said on twitter. He is in a coma in grave condition she said on twitter. She also told the Echo Moskvy radio station that during the flight of all new was sweating and asked her to talk to him so that he could focus on a sound of voice. He then went to the bathroom and lost consciousness. You're Mitch said the politician must have consumed something from t he drank at an airport cafe before boarding the plane early Thursday. Doctors. Are saying the toxin was absorbed quicker with hot liquid. She tweeted adding that novel niece team called Police to the hospital, Anatoly Kalinic Shinko deputy chief doctor of the. Hospital where the politician is being treated told reporters that novel knee was in grave yet stable condition clinic Kinko told doctors are considering a variety of diagnosis including poisoning but refused to give details citing a law preventing doctors from disclosing confidential patient formation. State News Agency Tass reported that were not considering deliberate poisoning citing anonymous source in law enforcement. It is not unlikely that he drank or consumed something yesterday himself. Your Mitch on twitter bristled at that suggestion. Of course it's just the tea was bad. This is what the state. Is going to do now yelled that there was no deliberate poisoning he did something accidentally he did something himself. Last year Navalny was rushed to a hospital from prison where he was serving a sentence following an administrative arrest with what his team said was suspected poisoning doctors. Then said he had a severe allergic attack and discharged him back to prison the following A. Navales Foundation for fighting corruption has been exposing graft among government officials including some at the highest level. Last month, he had to shut the foundation after eight financially devastating lawsuit from your Guinea pig ocean, a businessman with ties to the Kremlin. Belarus's authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko accused of all knee last week of organizing unprecedented mass protests against his reelection that have rocked Russia's ex-soviet neighbors since August ninth he did not however provide any evidence and that claim was one of many blaming foreign forces for the unrest. Like many other opposition politicians in Russia navalny has been frequently detained by law enforcement and harassed by pro-kremlin groups in two thousand seventeen he was attacked by several men who through antiseptic in his face damaging one I. The most prominent member of Russia's opposition navalny campaigned to challenge. Putin and the two thousand eighteen presidential election but was barred from running. He set up a network of campaign offices across Russia and has since been putting forward opposition candidates in regional elections challenging members of Russia's ruling party United Russia. One of his associates and capital of a city in Russia's far. East that has been engulfed in mass protests against the arrest of the region's governor was detained just last week after calling for a strike at a rally. In the interview with Echo Moskvy Amish. said she believed the suspected poisoning was connected to this year's regional election campaign. Vodka Lob Giamatti a lawyer with Navales Foundation said, the team is requesting Russia's investigative committee opened a criminal probe. There is no doubt that Nevada was poisoned because of his political stance and activity Giamatti said tweet on Thursday. Now, any is not the first opposition figure to come down with a mysterious poisoning and twenty eighteen peo- traverse a member of Russia's protest group Pussy riot ended up in an intensive care unit after a suspected poisoning and had to be flown to Berlin, for treatment. Opposition Activists Vladimir Qatar Mercer was hospitalized with poisoning symptoms twice and twenty, fifteen and twenty seventeen. Both said they believed they were poisoned for their political activity.

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