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SonicFox Wins Mortal Kombat 11 Championship

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SonicFox Wins Mortal Kombat 11 Championship

"Fox wins mortal combat eleven pro competition with K. And mortal Kombat gets spun gameplay footage and an animated movie trailer a whole Bunch of mortal. Kombat stuff happened this weekend and hand with the mortal combat. Eleven pro competition with a K. Here's a quote from the press release detailing all the new mortal Combat News Nether Realm Studios and Inter sport hosted final combat. Twenty twenty the championship. Finale of the mortal combat eleven pro competition in Chicago at the historic Park West Theater bringing together the top sixteen mortal combat eleven players from around the world. The tournament culminated with the back to back world. Champion Sonic Fox from the US plane as the joker defeating CG L. Ninja Keleti twelve also from the US in an intense performance during the grand finals match to take home the final combat with a k. Twenty twenty trophy and the forty thousand dollars first place prize. Sonic Fox actually won one of their matches by coming back from having about one percent health which was needless to say pretty impressive and they also closed out their acceptance speech by saying vote Bernie while wearing a transgender pride flag on their back alongside their iconic big Blue Fox head that Sonic Fox always wears. It was a pretty fantastic way to close out the competition in terms of news developer. Nether realm shared a gameplay trailer for spawn. Who is the last fighter being added to mortal Kombat eleven as part of the Combat Pack? Ye will be available on March seventeenth to those who purchased the combat pack with a k. His gameplay trailer showed him using his chains predominantly to attack but also has the ability to turn invisible and cycle through a number of weapons can magically summon like axes and guns. He has one big attack where he leaps in the air and opens his Cape to reveal dozens of guns and summons these demonic hands to rip his opponent apart. His fatality was also shown and it features a cameo from Mal. Bolger spot is also voiced by. Keith David in Mortal Kombat eleven which is fun because Keith. David is great. We all know that. But also because it's a callback to when he voiced the character for HBO's Animated Spawn Show Back in nineteen ninety-seven a trailer was also shown for a mortal Kombat animated film called Mortal Kombat Legends. Scorpions revenge in the trailer. Scorpion gets some very violent revenge and familiar mortal KOMBAT phrases like get over here and finish him are spoken and then Johnny Cage who has voiced by. Joel McHale appears. He says things like this better not go straight to video before the trailer flash at the movie would be available on. Blu Ray on April twenty eighth. The trailer also had these title cards. Hyping up the fact that it is very violent and that has a lot of bad language. The movie really seems to be earning its R rating. You can find a link to the trailer in the show notes but in terms of visuals it is reminiscent of DC's collection of straight to video animated movies. I've never been a big mortal Kombat guy myself but I appreciate Nether realms focus on making sure it's fighting games are fun to play as single player Games. I would like to see more fighting games

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