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"l. e. t." Discussed on Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

"Audios videos. So there's there's plenty we can talk about plenty that we can go into the other favorite episode. I had was our big finish. One am finally talked about l. e. t.'s for along the beginning because upset about big finish and we finally did it and it was like yay and we've barely scratched the surface so figure how we can talk about more again if you know kind of like. Hey if there's a movie or something that we haven't talked about like a stock about if you've got a big finish audio that you're like hey. I'd like either really talk about this. One specifically let us know. Scratch the surface on what big finish is dow. This is the time to dive into individual audio stories And we'll take those in the ugly. Although there's not much ugly. Now that i think about one. That's pretty terrible. The rest are at least ochre listenable. There's ones that i listened to over and over and over you know i. It's you know it's like the rest of the doctor who like really any who is good. Who because it's so. Yeah so yeah. So send us that feedback or or you know if you if you have a request or feedback senate forever shingles that gmail dot com and go to defy strangles dot com for all of our links and i mean. You're probably watching this on facebook so you already know you're facebook pages because other social media's all social media and are you tubes download the podcast and how to support the show. Thank you everyone for supporting us for three hundred episode technology. I could do like graphics. But i don't see. Yeah yeah just hands me. I that hands. Yeah so again. They kill everybody. Who's during this on this The livestream and For your comments all your support and everything and Yeah three hundred his so I guess for the three hundred ish time because you also throw thrown the little extra squeaky episodes and the side stuff. So it's really been more than three hundred but officially numbered episodes where three hundred so our main radio proper yes. We're like big finish. This is the main range So.

facebook dow l. e. t.
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The Dictionary

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"l. e. t." Discussed on The Dictionary

"And that is called the well, there's a couple of ways to pronounce this. Is it a coup? Let a Kuei? A Call it, C. U., L. E. T.. That's what that is. Let's see, and then we have one more word for this episode. It is brilliant teen B. R. I l. l.. A. N. T. I. and E. Noun from eighteen seventy, three, one, a light lustrous fabric that is similar to Alpaca and is woven usually with a cotton warp and Mohair or worsted filling. Number. Two A preparation for making hair glossy. Yes. To make your make the hair. Shiny and brilliant that is brilliant teen. So we had bright Brighton, bright, line, Brightness Bright's Disease Bright Work Brill. which was the fish brilliance brilliant brilliant, and brilliant teen will I what? I think let's see what what which one jumps out at me. I will pick. Bright work the word of the episode. because. I don't know. Let's see if we can find a picture of something that's break work. That is the end of this episode. Thank you very very much for tuning in and listening and some. Telling everybody about this, and until next time, this is has been spencer dispensing information goodbye..

L. E. T B. R. I Brighton A. N. T. C. U. Brill.
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"l. e. t." Discussed on Wrestling with God Show

"One day as taking teaching religious ED and one kid raises hand question, which is always kind of scary. and. So I said, yeah, yeah what's your questions? I saw you driving with my dad you're a terrible driver. Yes I I do know that I trust a terrible. No I bet it's simply true my God. Terrible and so what I get cut off in traffic. I have to think in all honesty. They probably are just as bad as me. And all humans are flawed and so a little bit of empathy is necessary for life learning empathy remembering that. All other people who forgiven me, it helps me with forgiveness even the March I was talking about. Anger is one of my problems marge just loved something happened I was upset about it. and. She said, you know I'm going to give you five minutes to be angry. And after that, you have to let it go because you've done something like this to somebody else I'm sure. And thought about it and she was exactly right. And so she gave me five minutes to be angry. But. The last. She thinks she said I was like I got I. Am sure I've done that too and suddenly. Forgiveness was really easy. I think that you've said something. That really. is so powerful this idea of whatever the offense was, whatever somebody said or did you. May Have nothing to do with you. And like my when My sister right and when you when you try to look at it and try to be empathetic about what caused the what they did or what they said, what might be happening to them it changes everything. It really does I mean I it's like. My father I came to realize that a lot of his behavior was the result of his incredible insecurity he had developed childhood. Diabetes. and. When that happened with him, it was kind of like leprosy or whatever, and his parents and grandparents whisked him away. Because they were embarrassed by it. You know that that their their son had diabetes and. It caused him to have this amazing insecurity. I think they thought they were doing some good for him. You know they they. Just on that. Doesn't excuse the fence. I kind of think on the other side, we're in heaven looking back and seeing how the tapestry was woven. Then I'll understand. So even if I didn't understand about your father with empathy, I could truly say. I don't he clearly has issues rather than all his issues are directed at me. Yeah. No. That's the point of that I. Think you've made here very clearly that you know being cut off and whatever it is. It probably isn't about you and if you make it about you do get trapped in this prison of anger and resentment and whatever, and you can't you can't get past it. Hits you can learn empathy even before that like I think you should learn empathy. There's ways of learning empathy so that when the fence happens, you have a little bit more muscle there. Okay. So the third step his tell a better story. So that's L. E. T. T. is for tell a better story Just, an example like the Belfast..

diabetes marge Belfast Diabetes. L. E. T. T.
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The How-to Entrepreneur

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"l. e. t." Discussed on The How-to Entrepreneur

"And and I felt very supportive loving and they didn't a thing about building a business and There was nobody really around us who built businesses that were friends with. The rich people that my parents were connect to or dentists. And so my idea was you know if you own your own dental practice or something like that, you could have a lot more money and you can have a big house in your kids. When we're stuff, they wouldn't see. And so I kinda grew up in that world. It was like we were rich and love. Had enough money to your private. We did nice things and and it was great and then it was like time for college and. They said, what do you want to be like a dumb question asking eighteen year old 'cause l. e. t. really knows what they want to be answered. Yeah may maybe Gen Z. do maybe I met so many and I mentor a lot of now where it's it's fascinating to me how in some ways? They they have a more clarity maybe they feel that was burden to solve it or maybe because of the Internet they've been able to experiment a lot of things at an earlier age. So they kind of have a sense of what they're into I was in the football was GonNa last I knew my chances growing pro low, but I could play in college and so I said, well, if I, go to college football I'm going to do that and. They said, well, what are you gonNA. Major in and the only other thing that I was into music at drums and a guidance counselor told me I couldn't do that. I never questioned it because it was an authority strangest that proposed to me well, he told me if I broke a finger in practice or on the field and won't be able to hold my drumstick passed by dance and I said okay. Well, then I guess major he's literally a story. So you gotta be careful. But the bottom line is, is I chose exercise physiology because I've always been pragmatic and and it served me well in entrepreneurship to and I was pragmatic even at early age or what that word. Meant. And I figured if I got to spend four years learning stuff so that I like better learn how to lift weights because that'll make me a better of their hero consideration and and so that was me right and I graduated. I.

football l. e. t.
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The Dictionary

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"l. e. t." Discussed on The Dictionary

"Hello were nerds. Welcome to another episode of the podcast called the dictionary. How're you doing? I hope you are doing wonderfully. They've got nothing to say. Except the first word is beef. Wellington beef and then the second word is Wellington with a capital B. This is a noun from nineteen thirty. A fillet of beef. Or is it a fill it? I've heard both I think it depends on the spelling. This is F. I L. L. E. T. but I'm going to say a fillet of beef covered with pay day Foie gras and baked in a casing of pastry. And this is probably from the name. Willington will whose name Wellington is at first name. Last name was there. Somebody named Wellington who made this thing and then somehow they got this named after them. I want something named after me next. We have beef would all one word Noun from eighteen o five one the hard heavy reddish would of any of various chiefly Australian trees number two. We have these synonym Australian. Pine next is be. It is an adjective from seventeen. Forty three one a heavily and powerfully built as in a beefy thug. One be synonyms are substantial and sturdy as in beefy shock absorbers number two To a of or suggesting beef as in a beefy flavor to be full of beef as in a beefy steak next we have Beehive Noun from the fourteenth century. One we just have the number one definition for the word hive number to something resembling a hive for bees as to a a scene of crowded activity. Well you don't find many of those these days if you are listening to this during our quarantine time in two thousand twenty you could also be listening to this fifteen years in the future after I finished this whole thing. In which case welcome to the past. How's the future weird? Probably cool to be a woman's Hairdo that is conical in shape. Beehive is also an adjective next. We have beehive oven two words Noun from eighteen. Seventy two and arched oven used especially for baking food and formerly for coking coal. Not Cooking cocaine with one. Oh next is be keeper known from Seventeen. Eighty three person who raises? Bees and beekeeping is a noun next is B. Line one word and it is the I form. It is a noun from eighteen thirty a straight direct course and this is from the belief that Nectar Laden bees return to their hives in a direct line. That's pretty interesting I like I like seeing etymology. That is so specific that whether or not it's true I don't know but you'd think it would be. You'd think that A. B. Would want to make as direct align as possible back to its hive if it's got nectar it wants to get it back to the HIVE Queen and for the babies for food and all that all right now we have the second form of Beeline. It is a an inch transitive. Verb from eighteen eighty two to go quickly in a straight direct course next is B. Elza Bob so the pronunciation the spelling don't totally make sense to me. Although it does look like one of the correct pronunciation is bells a bob or bills above which makes more sense. It is capital B. E. L. Z. E. B. You be so you could say B. L. Shabib AB- or bells above it is a noun from before the twelfth century number. One we just have these synonym devil number. Two a fallen angel in Milton's Paradise lost ranking next to Satan. So they're not the same person they're different people okay. This is from be Elza. Bub which is the prince looking at the etymology. Now the Prince of devils from the Latin word I guess Burrell's above from the Greek word Burrell's a Boob B o u from the Hebrew bar. I'll zebra hub. Oh do I want to spell it? Okay be a apostrophe a L. Next Word Z. E. B. H. U. B. H. And that is a Philistine. God literally Lord of the flies Interesting next we have been B. E. N. it is it is the past participle of the word. B. B. E. next is beep. It is the I form. It is a verb from one thousand nine hundred thirty six to cause as horn to sound and the in transitive definition says olders two of them number one to sound a horn and number two to make a beep and I love the road. Runner goes made me sort of not a beep but it still beep next. We have the second form of beep. It is a noun from nineteen forty three. A short usually high pitched sound as from a horn or an electronic device that serves as a signal or warning next is beeper all you young kids today. Probably don't know to beeper is its a noun from nineteen seventy and they synonym is pager. Well does that help not particularly unless we go to the word the word pager. But we're not GONNA do that today but specifically one that beeps oh a specifically a pager that beeps next. We have the word beer. Many people's favourite word ever probably maybe it is a noun from before the twelfth century. It is an old word number one. An alcoholic beverage usually made from malted cereal grain as barley flavoured with hops any brewed by slow fermentation. I'm not a big beer fan. I like the sweeter things as I think mentioned before but I especially don't like hops. It's the bitterness is the thing that does not sit well with my taste. Buds and my brain number two a carbonated non alcoholic or a fermented slightly alcoholic beverage with flavoring from roots or other plant parts as in Beer. No Birch Beer. I mixed up the words and then I think related to that would be root beer which I love. Because it's sweet. Now we have number three fermented mash and number four a drink of beer so this is middle. English from the word bear or beer with only one e from the old English. Be Your which is b. e. r. and it is akin to the old. High German Beer B. I. O. R. Which means beer next is a fun one beer and skittles. It is three separate words just like it sounds Noun from eighteen fifty-five a situation agreeable ease as in won't be all beer and skittles. It does not tell me but I really really really want to look at the etymology of this because beer and skittles don't typically go together in my brain so I want to know why that happened. How did this become a thing a phrase beer and skittles but I might have to start using that next? Is Beer belly? Two Words Noun from eighteen twenty nine we have the synonym pot belly and then beer bellied with a hyphen. Is An adjective? Next is beer goggles. Two words now from nineteen eighty-seven the effects of alcohol thought of metaphorically as a pair of goggles that alter a person's perceptions especially by making other others appear more attractive than they actually are. I think many many people have fun fun stories of having beer goggles. And not being fully aware of what's going on next is beer pong noun from nineteen seventy-two a game in which a set of beer containing cups is placed at two ends of a table and in which a player scores by bouncing or tossing a ping pong ball into an opponent's cup from which the opponent then has to drink a beer. I love that. There is a very standard sterile definition of beer pong which is all about just getting drunk wasted in a very fun way. I I mentioned. I'm not a beer fan but I played beer pong. I was willing to drink a little bit. Just because I love games I'd Love Ping Pong and the idea of just trying to throw a ping pong ball into a cup is just a fun challenge And so I have played that once or twice and I thought I had something else but I don't know I also think it's funny that this has become such a normal thing not only. Is it in the dictionary? But there's there are APPA games for beer pong and it's it's just become a very big thing around America and probably the world too. It's not this thing that only college kids play all right next. We have beer e adjective from seventeen sixty four and. I just think it's funny that there are extra forms beer and Berry Est. That beer is beer beer even though that beer is pretty berry but that beer over there. It's the bureau August number one affected or caused by beer as in berry voices number two smelling or tasting of beer as in Berry Tavern. Next we have bee's knees B. E. Apostrophe S. second word knees Noun from one thousand nine hundred eighty one a highly admired person or thing and a synonym is. Cat's meow something that. Is You know if you if you were not using those phrases back in the day or if you're not familiar with them having that synonym isn't really going to help you. But that's what they are a highly admired person or thing and last for this episode and this might know it does not go onto the next page. It is be sting's B. E. S. T. I N. G. S. and it looks like it could also be spelled with a b a okay. This is a noun from before the twelfth century and it says the colostrum especially of a cow. So it's not be sting's it's bee stings interesting and this is reminded me of the we came across this word the one with the BA spelling. And I said Oh it looks and sounds like be stings. But it's not but then I said it was And I can't find it that's okay. The etymology says this is from bee sting. B. E. S. t. y. n. g. e. from old English by Sting B. Y. And then the word sting from be oast which means beatings akin to the old high German. Be oast which is bee stings. What is the colostrum of cow or especially of a cow? I don't know we'll get to that in the seas so my favorite word from this episode has got to be beer and skittles. Which again is a situation of agreeable es thank you very much for listening Maybe I should tell you another podcast. I'm listening to just because I like giving them more exposure if it's something that people haven't heard and I don't remember where I left off so I'm going to just say star talk radio with Neil degrasse Tyson. Go listen go learn something. This has been Spencer dispensing information into your brain. Thank you and goodbye..

Wellington Burrell Beehive Neil degrasse Tyson L. L. E. T. B. Elza Bob cocaine Elza Berry Tavern B. L. Shabib AB Willington Milton A. B. Spencer E. B. H. U. B. H. B. E. S. t. y. n. g. America
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"l. e. t." Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"The Lakers or lebron or something like that that's how that is but if you want a conversation a different sort of conversation their talks about mindset and process and what was I coming up in the business and he and I had exchange of ideas it's one of the best hours I've ever spent I I really thoroughly enjoyed that and I think that if you have an interest in how this thing came to be and what I was thinking about on the way up when I think about even right now things I don't really talk about on the show I think you want to find out I've got to hand it to the top of my Twitter feed you can look for right there or you can find add and add my leg across his social media platforms and my leg M. Y. L. E. T. T. this is a really fascinating dude with a really strong and healthy message especially during these challenging times so do me a favor give it a listen and then hit both of us back on social with your thoughts and I don't need to mention that again this week but that I'm really really proud of that conversation and I had a great time doing it I think you'll enjoy it I DO let's go to Huntington beach all right so I mention the Matt money Smith came on my podcast and one of the first name is that he dropped in the conversation was none other than self brought like come home I'm all true story I only hope that when I go to the phones right now it is the real sell Brock two responded not fake cell bra or fake fake cell bra all right in fact I don't put myself out there now that I know what these guys walk up music would be if you have something to walk up to what he does this show go ahead.

Lakers Huntington beach Smith Brock lebron Twitter M. Y. L. E. T. Matt
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"l. e. t." Discussed on KNST AM 790

"L. E. T. T. a twenty two hundred feels mighty swell G. O. E. T. T. L. two things right and I've got this pack of four shar pei rescue dogs Jimmy coco another shar pei the one who is Joe I have stuck with the dynamite my goodness probably five figures hi N. L. P. I. T. people remark on really how well my dog what do you hope coach they I told me up they get a regular diet a dynamite with every meal kind of fight is it trash and all I have to do is say dog food that pandemonium they can be half asleep and they're often thrilled you don't need to wait until the problem presents itself it's far better to keep the dog happy and healthy at all dynamite for life we'll be all right I tell I get my dyno bites from the I. N. O. V. I. T. dot com the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment this week apparently everybody is suddenly concerned about corona virus good news for for you is what we have been on it and if you've been listening this program you're probably not as panicked as everyone else who's just starting to pay attention to it every day at this time until this fear passes we will be giving you our corona virus update a lot of information new information has come out and the case numbers have changed and how prepared are we really how much testing have we done here in the United States what is the status of our testing all on the corona virus update next this is the Glenn Beck program remember back in the old days.

Jimmy coco United States L. E. T. G. O. E. T. T. shar pei Joe I N. O. Glenn Beck
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"l. e. t." Discussed on KNST AM 790

"G. L. E. T. T. a twenty two hundred feels mighty swell G. O. E. T. T. L. things right a prison inmate admits his role in the death of other prisoners a man serving life in a California prison confessed to killing two other inmates imprisoned for child molestation after warning a prison counselor he should be moved before he becomes violent forty one year old Jonathan Watson wrote a letter saying he beat the man to death with another inmates came he says he was angry when one of the sex offenders was watching a children's television show both of the men killed were imprisoned for life for convictions on charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child under fourteen Watson has been moved to another prison unit pending an investigation into the men's deaths rich Dennison fox news some pizza shops in Indiana must be busy because they've never reported the murders of their delivery drivers it'll be a seven hundred and fifty dollar fine for Rico's pizza whose delivery driver sixty year old Philip Hern was shot and killed in October of last year Luigi's pizza will have to shell out even more till fifteen hundred dollars and did they didn't report that their thirty year old driver David Shelton was killed in a botched robbery in November according to Indiana state labor laws businesses must report an employee's death in a work related incident to the occupational safety and health administration John saucier a fox news the NFL is set to allow betting and some of their stadiums in a certain way it'll be a seven hundred and fifty dollar fine for Rico's pizza whose delivery driver sixty year old Philip Hern was shot and killed in a a drug enforcement agent is accused of conspiring with the Colombian drug cartel in while South Korea has reported a six fold jump in viral infections in four days the three hundred and forty six most of them went to a church in a hospital in and around the fourth largest city where health workers scramble to screen more than nine thousand worshippers there's concern the death toll currently a two could grow America.

NFL fox rich Dennison aggravated sexual assault California G. O. E. T. T. L. G. L. E. T. America South Korea Jonathan Watson John saucier robbery David Shelton Luigi Philip Hern Rico Indiana
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"l. e. t." Discussed on List Envy

"Type of map the new scholar to represent data. It's called a core. Laura Place Map C. H. R. O. P. L. E. T. H. several long word Corpus. And this map is zoo's particularly by the Trumpian right to argue. That trump has huge popular support Mainly because the mamelukes like an ocean of red it with a few small islands of of blue here and there and they recently they are usually. They're they're recently using it to argue against the impeachment meant so they published that map online and they overlay the label impeach these right yes that right And the problem with that. Is that that at that map. There's nothing wrong with the map itself. The map is fine It's only at the map is beaten us. It's been used for a purpose that he was not be signed for the map. That map is the sign was created to to show who won wear that's the purpose of that. They Republicans one here. Democrats won there on the map works great for that. The challenges that it has been used for with a completely different purpose purpose. Mind which says show popular support and that map cannot be used to show popular support because when he's representing is not number of people who support one candidate or the other. It's a map that is representing territory. One of the features of the political landscape or the political demographic.

Trumpian C. H. R. O. P. L. E. T.
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"l. e. t." Discussed on Pet Life Radio

"All means right you can reach me at T. L. E. T. T. I live radio dot com find me on the Facebook page Facebook dot com slash Cutie Anderson the website get positive results dot com thank you again for tuning in thanks to my producers for making the show possible and I hope you'll tune in again to get positive results on pet life radio this is been TOT Anderson thanks for listening let's talk pets every week on demand only on life radio dot com you a third and damn proud of it and our four legs and a tail we go to the bathroom outside well we may not be too proud of that around then like your spot right here at life radio let's talk pets stressed out does your pet need annual vaccines which pet is best for a child would you know if your dog was in pain Pat life radio presents the pet doctor where you learn everything about keeping your pet healthy and happy that leads and grooming to pet food pet insurance and dental care this is the place to find out everything there is to know about Pat wellness whether you have a dog cat reptile a rabbit you'll find answers for your pets straight from the rats because it's your health matters please welcome your pet doctor host veterinary media consultant and veterinarian Dr Bernadine cruise one of the reasons we have pets in our lives is for their companionship the bond with canines to strengthen over the thousands of years that they've cohabitating with us for the fringes of our human encampment to now sharing or bent but with this body some issues have arisen call them what you may my little shadow supercoiled dogs don't grow DOT these are pets that may be suffering with separation anxiety how do you know if your dog is fact what do you do to prevent it from happening and if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety panic attacks when you're not around what can be done to relieve the angst my guest is doctor sharing medical lead for veterinary specialty operations for the wedding we'll be chatting today about building confidence in your dog with love patience and medication where appropriate we'll be right back after this short break does.

Cutie Anderson consultant DOT T. L. E. T. T. Facebook TOT Anderson Pat Dr Bernadine
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"In the house and everything suddenly the teams in the series can I just sing choose me online I season in the online you would us and knows it's one of two point seven KIIS FM Hey it's let the V. happy fourth of July Hey what is up man how you've been it's been a while right let me know what you're up to today though I know that there's gonna be some barbecue and going on some fat NASA are sure anybody headed to the park to grill out with the family let me know and I am at the B. if you wanna hear anything at I. N. L. E. T. T. Y. beat.

N. L. E. T. T. Y.
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"Too prepared in no word regardless of its length or language of origin. Could take them down. So they were forced to make a decision and they just crowned all of them champions. This went till about eleven thirty. I believe that's a really that hasn't happened before. No, that's why it's fun. So now they're dubbed the Octo champs and they'll each get a trophy and a fifty thousand dollar scholarship so good on them. Lots of smart kids out there. Let's see if they're smarter than we. All right. So Ryan has compiled a list of actual worse that, we're using the spelling bee. Donna didn't watch. I didn't watch. So it's not like any of us have had a cheat on this, and you get to play along wherever you are. I don't know Ryan. I feel like it should be ladies first. Okay. Okay. That sounds fair. Go. Your first word is outlawed out slugged. Okay. I don't know whether to go with an a. I'm gonna go oh you s. L. A UT. Oh, you s. L A U. He. I add any. I don't know e o. US. LA UT. House lout eighty? U. S L, A UT. It means final position in a word, especially as a conditioning environment in sound chain should have done with the. All right. So I got I got the first letter wrong, okay Steve your word. Thank you. Are you ready for it? Here. It comes. He. You spell it. I era civilised. Era. Simple is. Era. Syphilis. Could you define it? And acute, sometimes recurrent disease caused by a bacterial infection. I should've been my word. E. Are. I. S p. U. L. U S era. Sipa. Era. Civilised. E. R Y, S, P, L, A, s era, syphilis, that's hard, so, oh to goose eggs for Donna and Steve, Donna and Steve spelling bee, Donna your next word. Thank you, Steve. Again, I'm gonna have to use the pronounce pronounciation button here. Bougainville. Bougainville Bougainvillians, that is your word, polish word. Well language of origin. It is English actually. Okay. I have a definition, please. An ornamental climbing plant that is widely cultivated in the tropics. Okay. That changes things because I was gonna put an instead of an e. And now I'm gonna go back to the Bougainville Bougainvillians. B. O. U. G. E. N. V. I. L L. A I was gonna go by the way you would have. Yeah, but I don't know. A final. Bougainvillians. B. O. U G A. I N V I L A you're close got the part right. Reclosed. Invidia bougainvillea. All right, Steve. You're next word. Ready is let let let is your next door pronounce it again. Gua let, let like how you're saying. I like how she's saying. Let. Definition, an ornament, on some military, and naval uniforms, consisting of braided loops hanging from the shoulder and on dress uniforms points. Let. Gonna change it. E. G. U. I. L. E. T. T A. Alette. Hey, hey, you I l l e let you were went to the L E T E after you mentioned that it would be adorned on a military member. Donna your, your next word would change. I cannot find. Penn did look punk milk. That's right. It's this is the only definition I could find. Okay. Does she even saying look Pendle ok-?.

Donna Steve L E T E Bougainville Bougainvillians UT Ryan Syphilis LA UT E. G. U. I. L. E. T. T A. Alet Invidia bougainvillea Penn B. O. U. G. E. N. fifty thousand dollar milk
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"Poignant, poignant. Easier. Like fifth grade words, you want me to. Our who's, I wait let them finish writing fun. I don't know why it's taking so long. Changed that. He. Oh, why? Jason Ardo hugs p. You. Poignant peo-. I. No buzz so far, so good. P O. I g in a n t. The word. Doc. I never saw myself that one. All right. Get a lot of these wrong. I have moved down to the fifth grade spelling words. Lorde. And your word is Pamphlet. Stressed out about this Jared, and Katie spelling? Bee wrong word number three hundred twenty nothing is right? So far. We'll start with hugs when their pencils are down rain on Jason Goodman. All right, Mark something out. In the face with a paper ball. All right. Who's going, I hug. P. A. M. P. H. L. E T..

Jason Ardo Jason Goodman Katie spelling P. A. M. P. H. L. E T Lorde Jared Mark
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"It's thirteen before seven. I love these kind of shows literally two minutes before the broadcast beginning at five. I said something to Sherry which I say at least once a week. They say what are we going to do? There's nothing to talk about today. Right. You did. Yes. And then she said you replied by saying, oh, these are the best shows Brian things just happen. Yeah. It's true. I mean, I always go once a week or maybe the ladies will tell you like there's nothing to talk about today. There's nothing. Those those turn out to be the best shows. So this show is good. Because of you, the caller you guys were checking in right away at five AM. We're talking about the student loan thing. Now, let's move on to this. So you've never heard of this guy before he's at a TV series called empire. He's an actor. Name is Jesse small let s M O L L E T T. So he's an actor. He's black. He's gay. Last month. He said he was the victim of a hate crime. He said two men beat him up in Chicago right on the street. Poured bleach on him. Placed a rope around his neck. And then yelled this country. And of course, he went to the police the victim of a crime. And then before you know, it I mean, he is a celebrity the likes of which he'd always dreamed. And camera Harris got involved camera Harris got involved. She said Jesse small Ed is one of the kindest most gentle human beings, I know, and I'm praying for his quick recovery. This was an attempted modern day lynching, no one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate. Now. Kamil Harris is running for president. Camarilla Harris was at one time, the attorney general at the state of California prior to that she was involved in law enforcement is the DA of San Francisco now one would think someone in that particular position would be used to looking at all of the facts before rushing to judgment, right? Modern day lynching. Modern day lynching hate that's what she said. But she wasn't the only one listen to we have a montage of of commentators on the networks talking about this attempted lynching prior to this weekend. Take a listen.

Camarilla Harris Sherry Jesse San Francisco California M O L L E T Brian president Chicago attorney two minutes
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"President begins to speak, which would be any minute. Directly to him. As you are this Jesse smaller case out of Chicago is an interesting study. Now, we don't know for sure yet. But the police are leaking a lot of details on this thing, it appears they slow walked the investigation because they had a pretty good idea. What was going on long? And there are sources telling media that his friends had said, even when this thing for started. They didn't believe him. Jussie smollet is apparently on a TV show called empire. I've never seen it. I'd also don't think I've ever seen a show promoted more on a network could watch football during the season. Without seeing this TV show promoted. And it looks like it's like a black godfather or something like they're sort of this show business or I don't know what the business is. But there's a lot of drama between the husband and wife and a big business that they owned. It's apparently successful that they fight over. And you would see these trailers. Throughout. So one of the guys who was an actor on their Jessie, j U S S, I e small at S M O L L E T T. The story goes now. Some people closest situation say that he was being written out of the show and didn't want to be written out of the show. So he made himself a crime victim because then it would be hard to ride him out of the show that have to keep him on because this would be good for him. Because remember victimhood is good. So the story comes out that he walked to the subway. Walk to subway sandwiches at two o'clock in the morning. And was beaten up by two white men in maga- hats, and they poured bleach on him in the yelled slurs at him. He's gay and black. And yell slurs at him poured bleach on put the noose around his neck. And. Yeah. Pretty pretty pretty bad stuff. So all the presidential contenders came out and said, this is exactly what Donald Trump has caused this is white nationalism. Okay. All right. But the story never seemed to make sense from the very beginning. Second. You called the cops. You were on the phone. Oh, so he was on the phone with his manager. While all this was happening. So that way we had somebody to verify this this had happened. Well, then they wouldn't hand over their phone to the cops to convert them that he was on the phone with his manager. It's kind of a red flag. The two people who police have in custody now that they're that that they're questioning are from Nigeria. One of them is on the set of the TV show with him. And they flew out for Nigeria. After the attack happened. What's what are the chances of that? They've also gone to their house and ransacked it where they found maga- hats bleach rope and all sorts of other materials that were claimed in the supposed- mugging or hate crime. Even better. They won't hand over the the the phone records when they did hand over the phone records. They had deleted certain or redacted certain numbers from the phone records. Well, one source is saying that that made the police's job, easy the numbers. He redacted wants to police got hold of the official list. They just went to the numbers he redacted because that's the numbers. He was trying to hide in the first place. And they're not investigating him necessarily. They're investigating a crime that he's the person claiming occurred. So then you have to ask yourself. Why would he come up with his hoax? Why involve the gay slur and the maga- and the racial elements. Many of you just wanted to put yourself in a good situation. Why not claim you'd gotten sick claim? A black guy in the neighborhood had mugged you. These hoaxes fill their need for the crimes they for the four what they claim is happening and isn't. You remember the case of Tawana Brawley? Young black woman in New York. She went out she left with her boyfriend who was quite a bit older. She was gone for. I think two days. She knew when she came home. Daddy was going to be mad. So she was found out in front of the house. Butt naked with the N word scrawled on her back in poo poo. No less. And claimed that it was I think originally it was a white assistant district attorney and maybe a white cop. I can't remember all the details. But this case blew up and at the time there was a shade tree preacher and activist a fat guy with a bouffant hairstyle who became very famous out of that. And that was our Sharpton that was the making of Al Sharpton. Well, it later turned out she'd made the whole thing up. Well, why would she claimed it was a white man who done it? See the thing about these things is they get all the attention because they say, it's a white man who did it if she just said, it was a black guy that said military put the case bed moved on. Daddy, would hopefully been okay with it. If Jesse small at claims that a black guy mugged him because black on black crime and Chicago's through the room. It never makes national news. You don't get all this attention. You don't get all these amateur sleuths digging into this and pointing out that you made the whole thing up. All you had to do was say a black dude mugged you. But by saying it was a white guy in a maga- hat. Yelling. Gay slurs. She came to the attention of the national Democrats, and they came out CNN was talking about it Kamla Harris was talking about Cory Booker. They all Nancy Pelosi issued a statement on this. Wow. How many crime victims don't elicit the concern of national elected officials? But this one did. Because it's a hate crime. How many of these hoaxes have we seen? Where charges claim that they were the subject of of white nationalists. How many of these people how many Duke lacrosse cases like this? Or they're going to be heck we were told Nick Sandman in in Kentucky. Had bullied. The Vietnam veteran Indian that whole thing was a hoax. Things aren't going to stop. They need these stories to keep you distracted from the green new deal from wide open immigration. From high taxation rates that will kill jobs from ObamaCare. And and worse they have to keep you distracted with this stuff. And they will exactly what they'll do. I think the president is going to be speaking. Got a camera trained on the lectern. I guess it's technically a podium because it.

Jesse small President Chicago Daddy Nigeria Al Sharpton Jussie smollet Tawana Brawley Donald Trump football Nancy Pelosi Jessie S M O L L E T New York Nick Sandman ObamaCare Kentucky
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"It is three twenty three we demand ski and Doyle talking about painting. The Walt Whitman bridge, rainbow colors and celebration of LGBTQ causes because they believe what Whitman was gay change dot org petition. They wanna know who's for it. One eight hundred twenty three one one point five Jim from Piscataway, New Jersey one zero one point five. All right. Yeah. I think it's stupid got if they want to celebrate. Well, Whitman put a line of one of his poems up there like Trenton bridges got you know, set makes the world. Find a line from his poem and put it up there fifty years from now people will look at the bridge and say why it's painted rainbow colored. Oh, it's the celebrate dangerous or won't Whitman was gay. And then you're looking to you say, maybe not maybe not. Why not? It celebrating gain is it's not celebrating. Why won't you know? What else Jim? I mean. The bridge is going to be there long after all of us. Right. And would you think of how fast society changed in accepting, gay rights and gay issues? Imagine fifty years from now it's going to be it's going to be looked upon like, well, why would they even be pointing that out? It's not gonna be any big deal, Admiral, or at least it should not be should never really have been. And they're going to be looking at this like, well, wait a minute wasn't. He like a great American poet. Why is that the part they're celebrating? And I think he's right put several of his lines up there. I mean, that's clearly what he wanted to be known for. That's what he was open about. He was not open about whatever's preferences were so like leave the guy alone Cody on route eighteen you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Hello, cody. Cody you with us on route eighteen no, Cody. One. Sorry about that. Cody, Don in Deptford, you're on New Jersey one zero one point five. I mean, if it was fifty six and a half million dollars the last topic that it'll be seventy million. Now, if you're gonna do that, why don't you? Help your your calls and help the people that are gay lesbian transgender helps them. I mean, all that's going to be as somebody's ego get pad it because all we got that done all with the money. You mean help them help them do something God that you know, what that is probably the best argument against this. If they could raise that kind of money. Do you know how many bullied kids in high school from the L E T Rex? Exactly who could use that for counseling or so many other things if they really believe they could raise tens of millions. That's much more practical actually spent on people that are hurting down. Thanks for your suggestion. That's that's great actually, Chris from Chester. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five. My main point is it would look like a giant eyesore giant rainbow going across the river, just look ugly to me. That that last caller brought up a great point the apparently some of the largest homeless populations at aren't welcome. In shelters are transgender almost people. So they can build homeless shelters do charity for the LGBTQ community instead of forcing their smug views on everybody. Yeah. I mean, honestly, it's just kind of like ideology to paint the bridge. But yeah, you get you get young gay kids or transgender kids, and they get thrown out of their house disowned by their families, and they're on the streets. Imagine those tens of millions of dollars actually doing something to help them rather than just oh, well, a poet from the eighteen hundreds was also gay and the bridge shows it so what I guess, maybe it would give them hope. I don't know. I guess that they could become important to. I guess, but I think. Warm place to sleep. It'd be the more immediate need you Jason on the turnpike. You're on New Jersey one zero one point five. Lou..

Walt Whitman bridge New Jersey Cody Whitman Jim Chris Piscataway Doyle L E T Rex Lou Jason Chester Deptford fifty years million dollars
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"Literally and figuratively. She was thirsty on the red carpet for attention and got it. Her name. A we know it. We know we just wait for this. Her name is keleaf Culbert. Can you spell the first name, please origin K E L L E T H Colbert? Claritin in the word, please origin beautiful lady on red carpet. Battles of water for celebrities to drink. Socialism legitimately Calif Cuthbert last night. At the Golden Globe awards was carrying a clear tray of strategically placed bottles of Fiji water to hydrate. The celebrities walking down the red carpet because it is such a strenuous experience. And the reason we gave her this Thurs trap award is because when you see the photos, she knows exactly what she's doing. She's a consummate professional. She's looking directly into the camera. Even though she's off camera. She's up at the cameras still catches her. And she just turns and looks like I know there's a celebrity there. But I want you to see me with my water. And she does a great job. Does. She not does it ten thousand yard stare directly into the camera. She does such a good job Bradley that I I saw keleaf Cuthbert the Fiji water girl on the red carpet. And I was like that's photo shopped somebody put that it does look like a medium it looks like it looks like maybe there was one photograph of her. And she accidentally got into the background is a photograph. She's literally everywhere. Jamie Lee Curtis a whole variety of actors light. She's even photo bombing. Also, can I just tell you police Culbert? We're friends on Twitter. Show almost almost got on the show fingers crossed it. She'll join us later this week. But here's the thing. I was able to get a hold of her and said, you know, something to the effect of, hey, we want to talk to you. Join us, and this is what she said. So please, I'm actually crazy busy all day as I'm sure you can understand. But we will do it very soon. If that suits..

Jamie Lee Curtis Fiji Calif Cuthbert Golden Globe awards keleaf Culbert keleaf Cuthbert Twitter Colbert K E L L E T Bradley ten thousand yard