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"You want out and Ah, yeah, and s o. You want out? I'd want out to, uh do you want to know if you can get out? Yes, very, very difficult. You can buy. Bye. Sinfully dissolving the LLC. You have the right to do that A zwah of the shareholders and I'm assuming it's 50 50. So you have the right to just get then you lose your money, but you're on the hook for the $55,000. So the first thing you want to do is cancel that credit card. Mm hmm. And I mean, right now, I mean, right now, since credit card companies are open, 24 7, you cancel it. And if you're both on the if you're both on it, you simply tell the credit card company I'm off. I don't have any more responsibility, sending the email do whatever he can to put it on the record that you're done now. Assed, far as a $55,000 is concerned. Yeah, it's religious Joe. Legitimate credit card that the L L. C. Ose, But it was you probably Here's Here's the issue. And that is if it were the l. L. C that was guaranteeing the credit card. You could just dissolve. It doesn't matter. You're not personally responsible, but let me guess. You guarantee that credit card, didn't you? No, really. You're not responsible. Then the LLC let them sue the LLC. Just tell us see, I didn't know where you are. Okay. You'll have lost your $30,000 wrap up the LLC let them sue the LLC because that's a separate entity. So you're okay. You just lost your $30,000. Yeah. What is that? Any legal? Um Anything. The any laws that were broken by him by commingling is personal. And yeah, I mean, it's Ah, there is you could sue him. You could sue him, but it doesn't matter because because they're no one's responsible for the credit card debt. Except the L. L. C. Okay. And so there's no harm. No foul. Your fight on that. All right. Fair enough. This is.

LLC L. C. Ose
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"Flight lessons. And you have an instructor that you hire and this instructor flies the airplane. That instructor and the airplane if you put it in an L. L C And that gets into a crash and kills a student. They can sue the instructor and they can sue the airplane and the airplane. You know the owner of the airplane, but if it's an LLC, The lawsuit is limited to the assets of the L L C. That's a limited liability, meaning they can't go out of the L. L. C. To sue you as the owner of the aircraft. They can sue the individual pilot for negligence even if he's working for an LLC, so see here's what happens with your wife. If you start an l. L. C. Then her liability will be limited. The LLC is liability, but they can still sue her personally. So so many people forget that they start in l. L C and they think Wait a minute. You can't sue me. This is an LLC. But in the end the analogy of the pilot they consume the pilot. Who is flying in an LLC Unless you get everyone to agree. They're doing business with an LLC, meaning that your wife is be LLC or a representative of the LLC and not individual and that will help limit liability. But then there are other reasons to do an L L C will go over right after this..

LLC L L instructor L. L C L. L. C. To representative l. L. C.
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"Visit not. I don't believe it does okay. Does it have any other features like onstar button or anything like that? Yes, it has on it. It does what? It does have onstar button. Okay. Try Things. Have you hit that button to see if got power to it? All I haven't. That's see what I would be checking for us to see if you've got power to the mirror. So there's another function other than that L. C. D. Display that you can touch and see if it works. Then you'll know you have power to it that should be auto dimming mirror. So. The auto dimming future still works. It's in most likely got power at works. It could be just the fact that the L. C. D. display with that. Now, the L., C. D. Display. It's just one display that gives you both the temperature and the cup depending on the mode you choose. Correct. Yes. Yeah. I would most likely be condemning LCD DISPLAY After.

L. C.
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"L. C. is also here and we're gonna go to Debbie in Milwaukee good morning Debbie hi there what's going on we have a product okay we have a property of yours that we purchased last year and if their parents out of course the older and it has the bat the fighting and part of it and then they built on and out with biting and bottled water we want to restart the whole hour do we have to take all that off and then we have to hire a contractor you have yet you do not have to take it off you you can't go over a couple of existing siding and you can go over the the top of the list will be cutting or the inspectors stating that you might have thought that you have on there you yeah you can you can go over the top of of all of that and that's fine one of the one of the things I would I would just like to know that when you go over the top all layers of society it it starts making your windows and doors look really fast and that siding keeps coming out yeah but if you are looking to have the fastest siding removed you do have to hire uncertified inspectors removal siding company could do that so you'll be off to look up in the area of of where your your place said and somebody more local to take care of that because they do have to take they have to remove it as a specific way so that they're not breaking the boards and releasing the fibers into the air yeah I figured there is going to be some roles without you know actually what yeah and go over the top yeah but like you say even if we get no windows that wouldn't help because the idea right now our right correct yeah you start yeah you keep you keep adding layers and then any of the windows and doors all all circa look recessed so you usually don't leave a paper for me and I have a pretty particular I with all this I would still rather remove all the fighting and make everything look even around the house absolutely so you're just a little bit but little bit more of a process to find somebody that can remove the asbestos siding judge of that Sir brown siding and limited the website is siding on limited dot com right and I would say err too just like you we've always talked about can you put shingles over shingles and yes you can put up to two layers of shingles on your house but getting down to the roof deck you know in checking the the the ply wood on the roof or or or speak but also being able to install new flashings around all the penetrations your roof same thing with your windows you know flashes are on the windows you start adding layers of siding and now you're you really start to create some potential sources of moisture intrusion that he wouldn't if you were to take the siding off correct yeah so you just you really always want to start you know back to back to the new exterior sheathing you can get the the foam insulation that you put on or or type accurate whatever but you know some kind of exterior moisture Berrier flashings properly and then you put your new siding on you're gonna have a much better job we got a the offer question somebody one knows they don't make still signing anymore he he thought they they do they do okay right here yeah yeah they spoke these are not okay put it on but they still make steel siding but what I really look at yeah you can you'd see in it's usually seamless writer they they roll out as they rolled out like a seamless gutter product there is one company that does does bad although I I don't know if they're around one you're not in but I I I I think that companies ABC seamless I'm not sure if they're around in the market or not those up but the franchise deal that there was a guy that had it had one in Milwaukee area he retired a long time ago but I think the French way following the everything is seen okay so the stuff we've seen this is not it it's still nice for for even though I feel I do a lot better in the contract and sometimes he work that we're gonna take a break we are going to be back Eric is on for twenty more.

L. C. Debbie Milwaukee
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"Eight six six ninety right now you'd mentioned this earlier in the show but A. L. C. says the process of uniting Democrats around Joe Biden should be uncomfortable that should be uncomfortable and if you don't know you had Bernie Sanders indoors Joe Biden why isn't she being critical of Sanders and endorsing by you know it's I'm a brit it is very interesting because this is where now she starts to separate from the far left rank and file right because she's not hyper critical of burning she's playing the political game a bite of gov well no I mean a Bernie and his endorsed all burning okay okay because yes you know she is all on board right and she's been very loud and she doesn't care what people think well now she's got I help people bring people together for the party for Joe Biden in in in a hash tag me too world wow as as this is starting to blow up yes the latest allegations are very serious in nature are you and then you have you know again the guy that she had endorsed jumping on board okay fine Joe Biden and then now she's got to answer questions I don't care about your transcript right okay budget transcript about the transgression of transgression or transcript I don't care yeah I I've just learned to that because I realized my impersonation was horrible yeah mine's not much better eight hours drinking vodka when I'm the but the gale sees the world than deal with of course you know again at some point you're going to be the oppressor you're going to be the problem right you because you're not part of the solution you can be part of the problem that happens very quickly on the far far left and she talks about you know that that make it very clear this New York times piece the far left is not you know in Biden's corner and she's said she's she hasn't even spoken with them so well again I don't know I don't know if it's even possible to bring the far left rank and file into Biden's corner completely hi I don't believe it is she wants him to be better better what that I guess I could be the can't be better but I'd quit quit sniffing could be just what whispering in people's ears and doing other things being being creepy be better Joe be better what specifically what what is the need to stop doing to be better well eight this is a number one the not the situation we're in but the politics of this is fascinating that you had the final of the final candidate endorsed who is going to be the presumptive nominee and there is absolutely zero excitement in the Democrat party about it I don't know last time that happened yeah I think it even fake it now because a lot of luck because honestly Democrats you know a lot of affected for Hillary yeah but you were enthusiastic in your favori yes here it's like mmhm okay well Sanders has endorsed him so we all should get aboard and yeah job if if Sanders did it then Hey look.

A. L. C. Joe Biden
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"L. C. is that man he has a deep background in should see tearing things down building things up a little bowl for it yeah some of the early part of my career after getting out of the school actually building things you know I said working as a carpenter for a remodeling company here on the north shore still around and then going in into designing additions and project management so the construction part of part of things and then the so I never really did that the tearing down but the the fire and water restoration work that I did yeah you know so it's rather see mother nature worse yeah the tearing down usually year and fires or water damage or or storm damage and then yeah we had to go in back in and put it back the way it was you know and that was always the difficult part to make you know first of all you know sure that the the the homeowner that yeah we can we can fix this yep and that's what I actually say a lot of my a lot of my home inspections today you know you see something you know there's something wrong some that are you know everything's fixable sometimes people get a little nervous about you know foundation problem or a brief problem or something electrical problem you know they they can be fixed and with foundation you know okay I think Chris Manco so was here a couple weeks ago went after it I mean once a basement is repaired it's actually stronger and better than it was when it was originally built so you just heard of her do that it does eight people who yeah so it's not a glamorous kitchen remodel you know but its importance again you're not bragging about that yeah origin are already done in your house take him down in the basement show what you did to the wall yeah dude I would if I place but yeah that that's part of the tour I don't want to look at the wall he put in a bar down there and everything yes and okay that's because the back powering IBM's on my walls citing a limited is here Eric brown normally you is in he's on the road but his bro is Aaron brown and he has been with set him up but as long as Erica's these guys grew up in the business second generation family company and again how many companies have you seen that have come into town made a lot of noise and then they're gone they just that's that's that's not what happens with citing unlimited has got a question for you and I know you guys do roofing and siding unlimited the problems with owns Corning shingles losing granules been resolved so that the current products are reliable now every single is just going to lose some granules I always find my gutters yeah you can avoid it basically it's the it's the shingle composition so with your own Corning shingles there all shingle manufactures improve their technology and improve their product over time they don't they don't really want to you know have these these issues pop up but there's also different lines within the Owens Corning line right so you have your higher and owns Corning shingles and then you have your lower and call on Corning shingles and it's about everything that you gonna pay for but to get to get more specifically with with losing granules yet independent studies out there that show like the atlas shingles and the certainty shingles retain their granules longer and it's just the competence composition of what they're made out of but it was we we provide at least singles we provide certainty shingles and and those are the ones that rate really high so you know a lot of times people want the the lowest price but what you're getting is you're gonna get a rough that you have to replace in fifteen years we just talked about this last hour we're talking about their long gear you know it almost as but I want to cry once you know I mean eventually going to need to replace a rough but you know if you if you step up and by the better stuff it's either you will it's going to run longer and just work better yeah I mean just no different than the simplicity will get on Mars in the in the Briggs and Stratton engines they were talking about earlier in and that's why we use the LP smart side the Pella windows sunrise windows the CertainTeed shingles L. shingles because these are going to these are going to go for longevity right a lot of times we're we have people homeowners come in that built a house maybe eight years ago and they use some off brand window they didn't necessarily do that they're builder dead right this call contractor grade installed contract which is that's great market because it's all all that's fantastic contractor great new no not necessarily no I mean some of these windows they're feeling within a couple years and people are in here they're like our windows are eight years old and and they're failing and there's no warranty and what do we do well if you come to the right place we're gonna start replace them all it's hard to he you can't just replace one one piece of it one aspect of it because the whole the whole the whole window the way it's made up is made for the cheaper cell and and the ten you know cheaper price now contrast that with the builders that are out there I and I don't want them to be mad at me I really appreciate all the little homes that they build because we're we're coming back behind them in in re doing a lot of different things well people I think are probably choosing lesser windows but fancier countertops and stuff like that right it's always the case yeah you know in in even people that are building their own homes and they come into us and they want to put some higher and windows and right we give them the window quote for the higher and windows and they just go they just shy away from it they want a nine foot ceilings they want to the big beautiful bathroom like you said the the counter tops nicer cabinets or or a mud room so they can take their money and spend it differently in the square footage we see it all the time and and of course.

L. C.
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"With the Superbowl comes a Super Bowl party or a couple of thousand around the country he had a two Superbowl party or having a party yeah me either well I've been invited to one I might show up early game yeah for the L. C. R. the left center right dice game whether that game I'll be in my chair by five thirty four yeah that too much you know what I mean too much too many distractions they get quiet during the commercial if they get quite quiet during the commercials and then they'll discuss the commercials as soon as the game goes crazy I got more I'm interested in the game not the commercials and then and eating already into the national chicken council Americans only to record one point four billion chicken wings this weekend new survey found are not the most popular Super Bowl food that honor goes to chips and dips which makes all the sense in the world if there's one thing that does the managers chips and dips by the way the one spring in the the relish tray or what the vegetable dirigible made at home it might as well stay at home yourself yeah thank you one of those planes is number two it is number three nachos number four number five cheese and crackers one is only about twenty percent cookies well.

L. C.
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"L. C. C. O. don't biggest here yeah they call mobile PC to unfold told somebody turned large cargo carrier yeah B. L. C. C. that means something important no very large group here okay also will that wasn't very they didn't figure that out very long left on a Billboard named but they're huge being that was a big from the nor the quarter mile in old they will set about their let me think there are about a thousand feet long gosh and almost three hundred well let's see almost two hundred feet wide good gosh let's fill in the flood one come through there the other day last I looked at the venue until I got a look that ship up it's good even local ships up any kill you right there just put the name and we give you the link the tonnage and the link with them and everything I think it was nine hundred and ninety seven feet long and in a hundred ninety eight feet wide or something like that gosh the other huge there're there go carrying crude all yes and yeah now now boasts big ones those biggest one can only come through the channel at fifty percent capacity okay so the channels not dread not dead set deep enough yet yeah then there's there deregulate crazy you know a lot of well how long list Reginald take because they got to go for all my gosh from the Jedi all the way to Corpus Christi will so what so for long we're gonna be running trips right there in the in the ship channel if we can get the the the king if you come in we will be that'll save me some few people Catholic you'll be happy alone yes so there you need to you know we're good all we just go around so the and you hear me and we go Fishin thank you well the channel all that's restraining he's a he's trolling for king it's yeah absolutely well you know all and they're probably listen I'm gonna get in trouble with all the tree hugging Democrats down here course they don't want no supertankers coming in here well I don't want to put that the most new tanks over their own armor on you know right across from the where my place is probably able to see it all the little one of like that is environmentally unsafe hello could be less safe than having them based on my merry go all the way to Corpus Christi well they think it is will I don't know yeah yeah yeah at the end doctor Greg still feel the same way well especially about the I love messing with them as only a the desalination plant right I don't want to see a dump and all that that water on top right yeah right back in there and everything at that is this the Flamel nothing good can happen from that I'll see I'll see a problem with that well that well yeah you could you have oil spill of course what can you have an old bill now for these big thing runs aground there of course hello we got music will drive talks marcole log dot.

L. C. C.
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"H. D. L. L. C. there your ticket detailing those forty four yeah so Sir you gotta take a little from those so now that's going to end up being you know forty and forty because you're going to take some money and put ten percent of the overall in the one indeed you know ten percent into once on a ten percent the other so that's going to make them forty forty and yeah so that's that's what I mean by you know the overall portfolio now becoming a little bit more subject to volatility you know a little bit more ups and downs the ops are going to be a little bit cheaper and the day I was going to be a little bit deeper so that's just the way it's going to be but again it's only going to be ten percent not twenty percent but still you know I I wouldn't want you to go more than that okay that would you suggest to keep those other two five eight three in L. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah you definitely got to keep the other two yeah I wouldn't I would there is no I would not I would not want you to change I mean obviously it's going to change go down a little bit of what you have because you're you're gonna have these other two funds but yeah I would definitely keep those two funds that the greater all for not only have I don't have an extremely small position okay at the end I have so if anything I don't I don't have to actually get more I guess they can add to the H. D. and L. C. of that will be recommend yeah so I'm going to add next time you add some scene I would add it to those two new funds and then the next time you add I go back to the H. D. in the LC and you know maybe the next time after that go back I I just you know I wanna keep AT a much higher you know what I wanna keep maintaining the higher level in those first two I truly appreciate it and thank you all right William I appreciate your partnership got a bus you too thank you yep let me go to Mary from Florida high merry good morning I'm here okay good morning good morning thank you thank take my call sure I really appreciate your with them I believe you have gotten the wisdom of the sun that that the car so important the the the the date and that we haven't come body we can trust thanks to Colin we are in our seventy we have three qualified account to irate one creature on rock and we also have a joint and we're trying to move from the qualified accounts at this point my husband's income if anything this month the main he was working part time at making about forty thousand and so we're that the tax implications on I was hoping that we could move it got about twenty thousand in cash in his way I don't want to build up the are I want to build up the joint and I'd like to move maybe six thousand today in six thousand in January so that I can but hi and the joint rather than buying in India IRA we also have lots of cash because we're buying our rental how who are cut our cash is in great shape even without that that can be part of our falling good I yeah the only thing I think that's great I like everything you say I think it's the right thing to do the only thing I would say to you it is I'm wondering it would be better do you do it all in January next week by the end of this week only only because you know you're you don't have that you're not going to have that forty some thousand income at all next year where you know this year obviously you've already are taken that I just think it might be safer and better in the long run from a tax perspective I'm thinking about filing toward the next year and twenty twenty one follow find one that I think it might be better to to do that this year unless you know something about you know maybe you after obviously you would have a good handle on how much your room so to speak that you have this year to not mess up your tax bracket in taxes and maybe you have some losses or something this year you know that that might help your taxes so but that's off the top of my head not knowing those things it might be better just to wait till Thursday to do it good thinking because we it our account has just grown and grown and grown and and all right well that we were wondering we were really wondering between those who thought and yeah and I like the idea of you focusing on the joint account merry I don't know I don't remember if I told you that before or not but either way you've heard it and I and and you get it and I think that I think that really makes good sense how about moving stock from the qualified accounts to the joint sit in Jordan yeah I'm not that I'm okay I'm okay with you doing that I would do this box if you have well I won't even say any that are down but off the top of my head I'm going to say if you have some energy stocks they're probably up the Leister down the most one or the other and I think that in the beginning of the year twenty twenty the first quarter I think we're gonna see some recovery and energy and I would rather it wrecked cover in the joint account then recover adding more tax burden to you in the in the IRA well that's wonderful that's them actually that's exactly what my husband said good good that's what we'll do that's what we'll do now did you say he had twenty thousand Catholic thinking of moving six and then six so would you say move of the twelve in January or move go head move the whole twenty depending on what our tax yeah take take a look at your tax I mean I know just because he's retiring I know with it next year you've got room for the twenty because your comment also year where you are getting an extra forty so to speak you know in in salary so I know you have room next year to move the twenty but if if you've got room this year to move anything I would be okay with you doing it now but otherwise I you know if you're not sure you're not certain you have that room this year then I would just wait till Thursday and I I don't think there's a reason not to move the whole twenty over okay that's good because we we really want to look at the can for twenty yes we might have a lot of them but we really want to add if we don't good and on yeah there's a couple a.

H. D. L. L. C.
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"L. C. may be a helpful step it's not necessarily an antidote to AB five by itself and some of the factors may prove to be tricky for owner operators so what's next various industry associations are are pushing the state legislature to dropped to adopt an explicit trucking industry carve out as they would call her a a pre emption and challenges will be made in the courts but even so it is likely it'll still go into effect in January in the meantime is recommended the company's companies access any potential look at that your possible explosion by analyzing end up your independent contractor relationship make corrections insurer contracts contain a relevant arbitration agreement and evaluate your business the business relationships that's the advice coming from quote industry experts eighty five just just a matter of days away right all right welcome back horse feathers out to me like it or not operate on California I would take a lot of California any more like them we would like to not get there very but what the bottom feeders try to get all the migrated to California there to just live here but as everybody says we've got about not by California what they try to you know right right down through the rest of the country what they want so anyway it will be how all that turns out a large but anyway that that was my question I had about that although it may have the data one the one thing I think they have a disclaimer there was that they were saying that you know that their products contain nicotine and you know it the gene product I guess whatever age restrictions that are supposed to okay go with that so I guess that's that's where they're open their their state that way though we'll see how long the apple out orders everything subject to change so I did hear something about it an airline pilot I don't he was in the process of flying in or get ready to live but but he was bought some where and now that his blood content was cell call content was four times the legal limit was for him being a pilot and I didn't I didn't realize that the the pilots were down a point zero or as well as the you know bird or you know the CDL no I I get that I had never heard dad or by ad I did that that we're really filed that away to think about it but but anyway your number back in the day probably by the time you got your learner's permit eighty eight your driver's license what what was the alcohol content all content back there with hi I thank you York with like one point two point one two or we were point one when it was point yeah no yup yeah it now we got moved down but but you remember all of the federal government has always gotten that change that you know they you know the federal government did not a thing and they wanted down the you know what you wanted and then you know they they you know they they say that you know it if they don't comply with that that they're going to hold up but not him there better off highway money you know that that's the way that you could get that they become compliant right knee that kind of what the house is there a bit Donald Trump it rain with the with the military money in that kind of the same area that you know it did you don't comply with what we want them to you're not going to get this you know this money it is but any court that's not even really what happened but that's what the house is claiming right but but it's strange how the U. S. Congress can say you know it's not right for you know our country to do it to another country but it it's all right or the US Congress to do it thank you the states you know yeah so I don't know just did that that that you know I I'm just the truck driver I don't know about them but I just got it got it got curiosity factor about that but anyway it up I let my curiosity come to read here tell you what I know propane extreme weather chaser ones out here all orders working tonight for you the lan we're just starting to get on the plane just nobody answered just start removing the the central Maryland here so we got them doesn't result but on in the state they were out in full force yesterday's Brian down all their pre treatment which I think is the worst thing that's ever happened the I don't know my my own opinion is that it seems like that when you first get the snow on top of that retrieved Bennett that's right up quick it doesn't you know it doesn't seem to melt it like they think it should develop what my opinion is that it gets more slippery with what coming down and every treatment and then when you get any amount on top of it it really turned to what mass be kind of grainy out out almost have to call it almost feels like it doesn't really you don't get any traction and on what so ever and it just kinda you can't ride on top of that you got it got through it we got a bit nasty watch that you just can't really really get any correctly and then just to find all the all the way around and so they get it that is great Bob we get the real ball put down on the road he might get you know does what it really needs to and of course being a liquid it itself down in all the cracks in the road in fort potholes are in and they get underneath the surface of course be in all it draws more moisture and so.

L. C.
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"Law firm L. L. C. and die it's going in front of a judge now that gets interesting where does the judge go with that it's juniors name the fact that he's his nickname is Ted or teddy you know it's that doesn't do business whole Lotta good does do a lot of good for business when it's teddy saying attorney at law so I don't know which way the judge gonna go on this because there is legitimate confusion and it is his name I think they're gonna have to figure out something else because there is going to be utter confusion here other than maybe sink senior says make sure you ask for me thank you saying senior and not junior who I fired I don't know which way the judge is going to go on that that's sort of up in the air everybody's got a case on this one all right trying to get take some phone calls on a list to him I haven't looked at this yet I'm Mike hello Mike your turn welcome hello yes Sir yes our bill my question is for forty years or or in divorce forty forty years out one forty years forty okay question we have a house we built the blood there when I speech it's all paid for now thank the question is is the deeds have always been in her name does that matter in divorce court okay generally the answer is yes whoever owns the property on the property however in the case of a forty year marriage where both of you have paid or you have paid into it and you've lived in the same home how long have you lived in the home we built this seven years ago okay and you use community assets I'm assuming she didn't take out her money and down and use it right separate property or did you build it with your money together we both awake harmony together yeah I think I you're not gonna have a problem splitting this one up okay I think race yeah based on the fact that you took your money were married that long are you built the house down I you know even though technically it's in her name usually that controls who owns the property but I think you're okay how do you know by the way what happened after forty years Walt external hard shells public right gold strange say it myself but you know it happens things are not nobody cheated on anybody or anything like that it was just just a gradual I'm sorry see I know and I don't know what happens no more more people that I know actually that does happen to hi and that's far better than staying together when you don't want to be together for so long my parents for example hated each other for fifty five years and what a nice way to live all right Christy hi Chris rock welcome him along the wall yes ma'am hello yes hi bill my bank account I three bank accounts with bank of America and and all three of them were levy I wouldn't know I wasn't notified about anything I was never served papers for a lawsuit or anything they were just clean down cleaned out and if you contact make I did and then they said there was a federal thing that they're there sharks serve them into the ideal put the money in a holding tank and then they told me it was at this company called mid land by nineteen and if that third party there I guess the pot as but first why don't even notice my debt from two thousand twelve okay we'll hang on hang on a minute you don't even know that this is your dad has anybody ever contacted you for money owed it have you ever been sued or is it just out of the blue your account was cleaned out what my account was cleaned out but then there is a case number and I went into this website and I printed out all this activity that supposedly has been going on since two thousand twelve I'm saying that the Serbs somebody papers in my household by this first and last name the first name it's spelled with this seat but they put a Kay and then they used my last name and probably this is the mail that is my spouse and the last I never changed my last name clearly I've been hearing scanned then you've been defrauded and now you work with the bank and the sheriff's office and you try and you see I think the bank would be liable on I don't know I mean people I know there's so much stuff I don't I just don't know what to believe because anyway so I I went into the bank if they don't really tell you much in the legal department there it sounds like the a thirteen year old children working there so I went to the courthouse were supposedly was originally filed in two thousand Paul which Santa Monica and then they said they couldn't help me because of over by noon it was moved to tax work so then I went to tax were courthouse and he had me a file these for I mean I told them what was going on but all they did was have me file this form called exam forms meaning that like the key the reason why they shouldn't levy my bank account alright let me ask you did you pull the file what do you mean by pull the file to get the files public document it was a lawsuit a levy you can actually just requested it's a available to anybody wants it yeah well actually a week after a bank account was cleaned out the court and the people probably so he needs that need this packet in the mail a week later I contacted the fraud department of the bank not the legal department the fraud department I don't know I have not that's where you want to go and you also want to call the D. A.'s office and ask for their fraud division what what he ate and LA county LA county and they have a fraud division and this could be part of a major scam okay but this also this is saying that it was a lawsuit filed by this third party what they're saying they bought a death in the body two thousand twelve in on this documentation is required this account in two thousand fourteen that doesn't matter so said that someone had a dad against you we aim probably fraudulent and then they sold that to a third party happens all the time oh okay yeah so that's that part if you owe the money is totally legitimate that it's a company you've never heard of that suits you the problem is like you been scammed you want the fraud department and you want to contact certainly I would call the DA's office now as for their fraud division and see where you go with this hopefully the bank it gets stuck with this although if it's it looks like a legitimate document a you know how far do they have to go back and it could be just got screwed and.

L. L. C. Ted
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"With us after L. C. U. N. security council the north will only hurt its own economy by continuing with its testing Kim Jong hoon sets a deadline for the end of this month to restart talks with the U. S. in depth coverage of campaign twenty twenty on ninety five point five W. S. Joe Biden's ahead in two big states in the latest poll of democratic presidential hopeful news CNN poll show the former vice president with a slim lead in California at twenty one percent support behind them as Vermont senator Bernie Sanders with twenty percent but a different survey shows Biden has a mass of lead in Texas reporter Tom Roberts as Biden has thirty five percent support in the Lone Star state twenty points ahead of Sanders scientists say a new breast cancer drug targets tumors like a guided missile some therapies often stop working as the cancer becomes resistant this drug kept the cancer from growing longer than usual an average of sixteen months it's been so successful that the FDA is fast tracking approval and could have it ready by next year mark may field reports in almost two hundred trials the drug shrank tumors and sixty one percent of patients a wipe them out and six percent WSU's time six thirty five twenty five minutes till seven o'clock AT prior eighty of nonstop news for you check it out clock this morning fifteen uninterrupted indepth minutes of news weather and traffic plenty of information between now and then including Atlanta's most accurate forecast we get that W. S. bureau district Miller right Scott forecast for today and eight to the train Mellish meter increasing cloudiness this afternoon with showers sixty percent likely by this evening eighty percent overnight hi fifty two loads thirty six to thirty nine tomorrow rain eighty percent likely in cold high forty seven low forty three Saturday a thirty percent chance of a morning shower mostly cloudy to partly cloudy hi fifty six low forty recapping the forecast for today increasing cloudiness this afternoon with showers sixty percent likely by this evening eighty percent overnight and a high around fifty two yesterday was fifty three right now thirty three I'm meteorologist Kirk knowledge ninety five point five WSP at six thirty six back to you as being a carrier sky copter here's my because get that dust all critical completely all right we are going to be bad we rightly tell the lives of course seventy five northbound exit thirty five highway ninety forty one Cobb county but I crack that our lane seventy five with the quick wit yell at dell growed up about traffic flowing in the area by the body by start that back up before and after I wait Audi Q. in Woodstock I've got a little more crowded usually Mansell road in the Chattahoochee River for the ride out of Russell four hundred south back to the northeast market eighty five south already stacked up leaving three sixteen delays in spots all the way.

L. C. U.
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"About that's done Democrat congressman L. C. Hastings is under investigation for his personal relationship with the stuff for I don't know whether to be can you remember what was a woman's name hello Katie hill I don't know whether it was to be disgusted again or impressed I've never heard of democratic congressman L. C. Hastings but he's eighty three years old let's go straight to your goals let's go to a math you align for in Nevada welcome aboard math you Dr darker love your show first time caller so I wanted to say in regards to the circuits on Capitol Hill none of it matters it doesn't matter it's all a smokescreen it comes down to one base issue where politicians that have spent decades tightening their stranglehold on the American people and Donald Trump is now pulling back that curtain and exposing their corruption and their lives and they are scared that they are going to lose because of it that's all about can I add one thing to that not just career politicians are afraid I think it's also the Caribbean crafts absolutely absolutely and the only thing it doesn't matter what Matthew I'm just what do you say it doesn't it in what way does it not matter if you think it would affect the president or are you saying the issues they're discussing an impeachment are irrelevant I don't think it's going to affect Donald Trump at all no matter what they do whether or not we succeed in the impeachment is not going to affect Donald Trump overall why why because he doesn't care yeah but people people who in across America of seeing these people in the these you know these sophisticated people in the Tom eyes saying that he's a nasty orange man that won't have any effect absolutely not because as one of your previous callers were saying the American people are smarter than that they are starting to realize the corruption that exists in career politics and they're ready for a change and that's what Donald Trump represent this is whether they succeed or not doesn't matter it's not going to affect Donald Trump now I do believe that it will have an impact on the country overall if they happen to succeed and do manage to remove him from office I fully believe it's going to throw this country in the armed revolution but as far as Donald Trump himself it's not gonna matter he doesn't care and it's not going to affect him one way or another alternately from your lips to god's is but we still aligned math you first I'm called I'd like to give you a signed copy of the will of America so yes Sir thank you all right stay on the line Phil line three Philly in Philadelphia welcome back fill Hey doctor Gee we love you and our sanctuary city of Philadelphia well what I decide to city thank you for conservative will thank you for bad guys our Mike excited headquarters clear that way that it is because yet tonight I just Dr G. I don't know why for the life of me nobody's asking Joe Biden why he had to have that guide wire white why with a criminal investigation in another country nobody is asking the question but I'll tell you right now the answer to that question would not have come from then because when he said that at present to Ukraine call my boss I mean what you listen to Joe Biden so you're not get money without call bomber no way no way absolutely not Barry with Barry that's why Obama needs to be put in front of the Senate when this goes to the Senate one didn't know when did you know it can I read you would treat my friend this is I love this thing think of this is I I in the break so let's try and be as that of the social media this is somebody called fluffy be unicorn water so I I to do about the beauty of the show should Donald Trump pardon Roger stone and make him a basket to Ukraine okay a lot of people like that and this is fluffy be unicorns response he should also this is the president okay Phil he should take his youngest son to every S. whole country in the world hi on hang on hang on hang on have him put on the board of every to import corporation do mom payment for said and then return home brag about it openly at a conference and use all the money to build the war that was right after she did one race the doctor G. do you think that that president trump could be classified that conversation from that call from the president of Ukraine to a bomb and find out what the answer was to let absolutely he can he can be classified by law he can be classified any secret in federal government maybe you might want to run that file all right we're on a your doctor Jerry all right you got my book right fill yeah thank you so much keep spreading the word you could turn it all back let's bring family back home I'm so sick Coker this is America first I think you enjoyed calling in what a great what a great great guests if you like this show is much.

congressman L. C. Hastings Katie hill eighty three years
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"General yeah so I mean you're gonna be fine unless you have one or two bombs in that portfolio I mean off the top of my head I don't think that you do he income investing is is challenging you know because there is L. C. phim common whiskey and calm and even you know even the stock like eighteen T. which by the way I hold in a drip and I've held for like my basically my entire life but even the stock like eighteen T. is a little bit questionable you know eighteen tea is a triple be credit could get downgraded they could cut the dividend Dino there's some rest there so you know even though you have a pretty solid portfolio it's not without risk and you just got to keep that in mind cell okay well I may lighten up on individual equities and just focus more on the farms that that are out there and if not you know avoid the volatility of of of individual stocks yeah yeah I don't know I don't have a lot of advice you're doing you're doing a pretty good I would say well thank you and just just to let you know I enjoy your newsletter the TDD and all of that so I really appreciate your efforts and keep keep up the good work yeah thank you for calling in we're talking about focusing on the top line focusing on revenues focusing on what you get paid I am now we're gonna talk about the mechanics of how that works where to talk about the mechanics so the first way to get paid more is dumped on time ask for a raise and that's.

L. C.
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"Nothing much nothing much all right. L. c. was nineteen when worse i hear people talking the backgrounds the people in your room they're now. They're like two rooms away. A thought here autumn talking yeah <hes> hang on a second clearly here or here over there all right here we go here. We go.

L. c.
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"I could use a few weeks ago right down to no talk to what is a body feeling pretty good I was going to say you know what we do get sixty seal your body I guess I'm looking forward to it for I hear it's better than the alternative there's only two younger players than you in the pro football hall of fame trip and read just a couple months younger than you L. T. L. C. the year young right that's what he wanted pretty sweet well you know you get into your first year you probably gonna be one of the youngest no doubt want to ask you for let you go for fans back in different listening to us what what keeps you busy nowadays what do you what you got going on a little like you Dave trying to do a little business internet you know what thing I realize you know since I've left the game is you know athletes we don't really understand the value we have no after did some understand that learning more about business I'm able to put myself in position to monetize the net value in it you know it's not like you're taking advantage of anything like okay this is what we're worth you need to know it and and utilize and really trying to educate other got to do the same you know gas think they need somebody for something well you really the one that's opening doors and creating things at least understand them the walking for that you know how many family members here for this induction on Saturday roughly forty eight that's just family friends I would say we probably total over ninety yeah it does it out and I left a lot of people out you know I hated to do it but I couldn't invite everybody was a man I know I know your time is valuable here we appreciate it thank you there were probably a thirty after graduation I great great.

L. T. L. C. Dave football
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"The service I am mirroring messaging today rescue to to leave a a L. C. representative Presley they're they're they're the new mod squad the millennial mod squad a freshman well they were testifying in front of Congress and they were crying for real tears passing around the did the tissue this is what I'm saying you know a real big girls don't cry this is why you can't help women be in Congress to can't control their emotions is that fair access yes it is please take that with a grain of salt now we have a another woman who was also in that chamber and we actually we reached out to a Debbie lesquels office today but the because she was not available for us to talk to but luckily luckily she did speak to somebody because we have we have comments about these women's did these women folk and their performance here here's what Debbie Lesko had to say about a deal see if she had to leave please comments and Democrats in general sometimes I feel have you ever seen a movie or they have well the universes where you're in one world in in this in this situation you're in another world in this situation well that's what I feel like we're in a quite honestly in some of my Democrat colleagues worlds they seem to think that all of a sudden out of the blue thousands of illegal immigrants showed up at the border and they are just oblivious oblivious to the year long calls by Republicans and some Democrats for years for immigration reform knowing that are loose immigration laws are what's incentivizing people to come here and what's causing the crisis while Debbie Lesko representative Debbie Lesko sounding sounding same maybe it's just Democrat women who are you know you just don't have the don't have the maturity to to serve in Congress this is the generation of of old criers in whiners she said she would like we live in a parallel universe is like we're living in the twilight zone it's like we're living in Bizarro world Democrats had known about these issues for years and they have done nothing not paying Debbie Lesko in my world what I believe is the real world the crisis has been mounting for years and people like me have sounded the alarm for years over and over and over again and try to enact legislation to fix that but unfortunately many of my democratic colleagues have fought me over and over again at every turn tell it like it is my democratic colleagues have for me Democrat colleagues have fought Republicans Democrat colleagues have have skirted the law shredded the constitution right now we've got Democrats that are telling illegal immigrants how to evade ice what we've got Republicans yield a call a coalition with down to the border they invited Democrats to come with them bipartisanship one of the big tweets of the day well the Republican guards which are showing the plane half empty what the Democrats didn't show up to go down this is nothing more than there Debbie unless go is pointing it out unfortunately in my democratic colleagues world in judiciary yesterday I am a member too I heard over and over again how C. B. P. R. child abusers and one member one of my colleagues said they're getting treated worse than prisoners of war I mean really let's let's get down to the business of solving the problem and I encourage everyone to watch a video by Tucson sector border chief patrol agent Roy via Riel in the video shows clearly that there are supplies in the detention centers and this whole issue about drinking out of the toilet is wrong is wrong is John are big I'm telling you what we're watching here is our Republic unraveling what we're watching here is just lies and we're watching corruption and we're watching the complicit a compliant media yesterday I told you that the A. L. C. we talked about civil war between a L. C. and of the Nancy Pelosi and how then nessie blows ME she's handing herself professionally is a L. C. this tube to playing the race card will I have to tell you and that the push back against a L. seed from the establishment Democrat party is under way and today they got some unexpected help we'll talk about that at five thirty five twenty.

L. C. representative Presley