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"Of around the world. Oh, I have to go to work. Support comes from U. C L. A is Department.

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"It's obviously uneven throughout the country, but by and large, it's been hugely worthwhile investment if not, just the right thing to do would I trade that for cash? No, I would not You know clean what local communities got provide clean water do I want people go by purified water everywhere now I wanna make sure that the water coming in every faucet every tap is clean. So people need casts. Yes. But people need public goods in public services as well. They are very much not substitute for each other in many cases in my judgment. You Know I. Don't I public transit. We need to build public transit I. Mean you of L. A. and I know you know you all have a bus system, a train system you know how? You can imagine I'm sure anyone who's written outed after can imagine how could be improved and could have huge benefits for everyone right and. Again you know we have families who all they can get is snap or food stamps or cal fresh out there and When you think about that how are they going to buy toilet paper? You don't power they gonNA buy a charitable. What happens if they're fridge breaks down and so we can't. Continue I think as a country. If we believe frankly and freedom I don't think we can continue to allow people to persist with no cash So I think it's really both and and it religious depends on what it is that you're providing even housing. If we had a housing policy that helped us desegregate this country based on sort of having built housing how we? Help people couldn't afford it. Get it. Didn't make sense not to just give catch. On, the other hand if you don't, we didn't worry about that and our housing policy is otherwise just to. Get People, housing. We don't care about the other outcomes then maybe it does make sense to give something closer to cash or cash. So I think we really justify through it need by any..

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"I. Don't hold I was pretty immersed in in watching the speakers when I was there I will say that the the the day before I was up there as well and I can. Attest firmly that there were. Some very unsettling people lingering around in big white trucks with the engines running. Big White, men who? Threateningly flashing the lights every so often can attest to that. And then towards the end of the gathering on June teeth There was a big tone shift you know. Things started to be agitated and they ended the rally early. But I, I didn't observe much there. I know that you and a couple of people were documenting cars that were driving through. Yeah! Yeah, like you said there are a couple of of scuffles because people listen, people were on edge. You know people are thinking of you know and when I say. I'm not saying that I don't think there was going to be more white supremacists. It's more sort of white supremacist biker gang types I think thinking but there was the the clan was mentioned so. What happened was. Is that the claiming show there at seven I? Think we. We started at five. The was show at seven so I kicked back. With an organizer from L. A., and we were just watching everything, and we sort of started seeing like a couple of people started showing up that we're kind of like on the outskirts, just looking around and we're talking about The these are people that part of the. Moment or black men I'm just wanting to see want to make sure like everything was going to be okay. Right around seven o'clock. The one thing that I noticed is that. From five o'clock to seven of all the cars that passed, there may be two two white guys in the cars. And the way that the park is situated is that it's almost like a dead end. There's no real there's no reason to pass by it. It's not even a shortcut. It's slow. Out of the way, not even a shortcut, yeah..

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"You're right. I think more about that because it even speaks to like in healthcare the fact that they don't believe us when we're like I'm in pain, you know and it's like. I because even if we wanted to say okay, they don't have black people around okay. Yeah, but they have numbers. These are people that live in numbers right so even the numbers don't lie. So why would you think I'm lying so then? I'm like it's literally. It's just a cognitive dissonance of like. You may be right, and these numbers may be right, but I just don't believe you. I don't believe that then. We're that much magic that they just don't believe us. They're like you can come back when you're actually successful and then maybe I'll give you money. At an agent at an agency town the when I started when I moved to La to stand up, we're not gonNA. We're not gonNA cover you in the standup department. So until you start doing, stand up in La. You're doing. Stand up in L. A. and you get you get going then we'll come back to us. What are you? That's like that's like a publicist. Right telling you yeah there. They don't want Yet. Not yet. It's like what we'll do. When are we GONNA? Push? It sounds like the need. Of a very slave minded that process that says you do the work. Then, come back and our research benefits. I didn't think of it like that. I didn't think of it like that I think when you say when black women are only seven percent of the population that number to them is not a big number, so it feels small, and so they put us in this box of your small, but it's like. We by forty percent of baby food, and we're seven percent of the population and K. Like, that's crazy. That's crazy. Also. Why are we buying so much? What does that to don't know I? Don't know and I don't know. I get a lot of a lot of my friends. Are Having these babies. He's babies girl having these babies I here and. I'm. I think the biggest thing that's been dope for me to experience a witness with them is. Just their honesty about the process and about the experience, and then, and then at going what you've been saying just that when it comes to not even just black mother, but motherhood in general that they felt like the near the the narrative of. Actual information that you need. Is massed more so by simply justice like fantasy, experience of pregnancy and motherhood, and so like when you need to know like real things you know like yeah okay. If I'm lactating. How do I make the Stop Hurting? Lake they had I've had at least three of my friends like so no one told me that this. Like? No one told me about the the best. The breast is going to hurt. No one's on. Yeah, yeah, I mean. That's why. I only breastfed for three months. I couldn't do it I was like. A forty percent of the baby for. ME. Baby powder. But all the dismantling of like the baby powder versus the breast in like this tough right that we are already feeling like the weight of the world on our shoulders. Let's pile some more stuff on there and say you're not good enough, and your is not going to be smart and. Because you with your teddy, so it's going to be done, and that's just. Mom. Your phone. Every! It's all your fault right so. Exactly..

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"It really my god I St on many times but that was funny I get paid to wrap many right how many how many times you guys sat last how many the dad the times you last night how many times how many times how many chances you get you twenty question how many fake in a strange he's from a shame to see behind the smoke them every day really because they saying I never saying anything everybody's got a thing some to make millions of them make means I don't I don't know what the players is this is a matter lane about from a lack of promotions I never was one yes I was hoping the music was for sale but the people want everything else everyone I know what the outcome will be and the don't even lie rebel would come under twenty one savage's hit me at some on a new record he got he called and I chat with the cast and I made it to the top whenever and if it was worth it and because we should notice I never met you I noticed that someone at the local national data minds in this mid as of and I got a tell your friends going on in the system and that is the greatest the data before all lanes how much weather right how many how many times you guys sat last how many do you live how many times how many how many chances you get you well you stay in the home ninety two three L. A.'s new home for hip hop yeah this guy was what was yeah K. mobile I don't know this is like a lot the day will be capped because I told him what well the main message may push he said it is so it really well I'm not the same man industries cut total not the same man and tags and I'm only bags now got it you know what seven one eight three five I get rested this is like to live they will be expected add to that total you the we I give rise to go outside and I I don't know that this is like a lot they will be expected add to that total big boy's neighborhood and what I.

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"I'll tell you how that went right after this because L. A. needs to know that this is just the fabric this is baked in the cake these days KFI am six forty continuing live coverage of the writing including across Los Angeles and across the U. S. when we come back live everywhere on the on her radio out Michael should pay with the news but hearing looters and arsonists are spreading through LA defiance of a city wide curfew KFI Steve Gregory reports live from downtown in Michael just a few moments ago I saw police officers and police cruisers from Hermosa beach I saw them from Torrance and Hawthorne police departments this city is down a mutual aid that means officers from all departments all around the south land are coming together to help the LAPD manage this basic crisis in this curfew a lot of people are in defiance of this curfew as you've been seen throughout the night and hearing about from Chris and Carla and others that the officers are now spread so thin across this entire city if they're having to call in resources from other areas now what is happening few moments ago there are fires going on in the Fairfax district LA fire department is on scene of those fires but I am still position down here near the LAPD headquarters and just a few moments ago another squadron about seven or eight more Ellie PT cruisers just took off with lights and sirens on presumably to head over to another area where there are pockets of protesters I'm also told that the downtown area has started to subside a bit and looks like all the action still remains in the Fairfax district live from downtown LA Steve Gregory KFI news earlier police started arresting protesters in LA Fairfax district for failing to disperse officers have also posted up by the freeway entrances for time downtown make sure people don't block traffic on the freeways only four cop cars were set on fire today in the Fairfax area and more have been vandalized LA mayor Garcetti says the protesters aren't misplacing their outrage over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis all you take a deep breath keep focused on a man whose life is gone and not try to find enemies on our streets here in the city of angels the chief says the first time in two decades of the entire police force has been mobilized Steve Morris apparently he did speak earlier today with the mayor about extending that curfew for city wide it had been only in place for downtown LA that was quickly quashed and it was done at city wide along with LA Culver city Santa Monica Pasadena and west Hollywood have also enacted curfews for tonight's at the expire same time for LA's expiration of five thirty in the morning there were protesters walking through Beverly hills earlier today vandalizing some shop pro shop fronts the protesters were heard Sean chanting eat the rich store owners boarded up parts of rodeo drive Beverly hills has also enacted a curfew as has west Hollywood like Los Angeles has to keep apprised of the activity throughout the night we got to work still going on in Glen Helen on the fifteenth at south outside between at Glen Helen parkway in cedar Avenue the road is reduced to one lane for painting and it looks like it's a really slow through the work zone but the good news in the sense that once you pass that it said clear right continuing south and that's scheduled until twelve AM heading to industry sixty some before crossroads parkway eight car went down the right children bank meant and in south Philly new issue just popped up on the westbound side the one oh five just before the one ten there's a concept car stuck in the right lane can't find this guy helps get you there faster Soren prompt contractor licensed in forty seven seventy one this is Ken Goodrich and many retired after thirty years as a chief master sergeant then he came to work as a manager again it's time for us to talk about indoor air quality tell us about the equipment manning and how it works our system begins with the Merv sixteen filtration system that's hospital great right absolutely and then one day in the air passes through a cultural germicidal light has this technology been tested and proven you bet it has but let me finish sorry go ahead and give that old violet germicidal lights sufficient time to do its job our system uses a carbon filter to slow down the germs this sounds like serious technology manning because we do it the right way not the easy way I could have said it better myself my team has the system rates once told right now indoor air quality from gap the right way let the G. O. E. T. T. L. dot com the marine layer thickened Italy lows around sixty tonight tomorrow overcast high seventies at the coast eighties to around ninety inland partly cloudy Monday highs mostly in the seventies and eighties and we warm up a bit Tuesday and Wednesday inland highs will top out both days under partly cloudy skies all the way to the mid nineties sweetly local live from the K. five twenty four hour news from a Michael surprised if there's one thing the class of twenty twenty has learned to expect the unexpected so to help them on their journey I heart radio is launching commencement a new podcast featuring speeches from the biggest names commencement partnership with the.

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"U. V.'s their trucks down there they're all going east right there going into L. A. the other traffic coming the other way is going back is that correct do I read that correctly that's correct admits that whole it's a whole hope area there that's not far from West Los Angeles Sir actually less Los Angeles get ready go Easter coming coming from the east and I'll I do like how you point out the different kind of cars there because you get people in their normal everyday cars you see the type of trucks construction workers and contractors are using it's a real mix and it shows you that it's not just one second society you've got the wealthy and you got the working and everybody in between I'm wondering is the governor of all three states that have banned together to keep the quarantine in shape that would be California Oregon and see Washington that's your beat Pacific watch I wonder if they're seeing their freeways fill up now after they've made these announcements that we will continue let's go to another a revelation this is San Francisco basketball the quarantine way you've sent me a sign Jeff that mime my geometry failed it's a sign that tells you how to play basketball by keeping six feet apart but if I understand this interpretation correctly in a tweet the sign says picture for individuals and it has six feet apart diagonally that means they're actually four feet apart I hope that's good geometry David can you do geometry Jeff well I I studied journalism because they said there'd be no way out there yeah that seems to work out and I double checked it was some a scientist a mathematician they said yes it's about four foot three inches or so if you go with the factor in here but there are there is there they're not quite thinking about everything it's funny is down here in southern California they've taken to removing basketball backboards and hoops in actually taping off basketball courts and volleyball courts another plate court areas up there and they're letting them play but you know how do you play basketball without bumping into people or I've been thinking about that this is a game that could easily go to six hundred to six hundred and twenty because there would be no way to stop somebody dribbling down the court making a layup it would be a foul to get closer than six feet of the rebounding would be nothing but personal you know personal files all the time now this sign with six feet apart is in what looks to be Chinese Arabic script Mandarin it's also in Spanish and a language I don't immediately recognize from the San Francisco government so they work the signs up to display them all around San Francisco this looks like young men playing basketball by themselves so perhaps a bad doesn't there's a really good basketball team in San Francisco right Jeff the gold Golden State really good team yeah the warriors and it yeah indeed and that actually you know you're saying they're going to go to lay out so I think they're gonna follow Steph curry from the warriors everything over three points from now on no blocking and we just take shots okay five now we go to Jeff bliss was criticized last week correctly for having said the homes have disappeared in Los Angeles it turns out the homeless are behind tents are tense the solution for the coronavirus in Los Angeles is that acceptable to mayor Garcetti that they're they're okay because there is an intense I do stand chase and what what's what's occurring is is that there are groups of homeless they weren't Warner before being moved to other areas or they're moving into other areas but still government officials throughout the state are perplexed by what seems to be a disappearance of large groups that were in camp before so let me clarify that but one of the interesting things that we're seeing with the senses that they're homeless when they're offered hotel rooms in other places to go we'll go there for various reasons what's also interesting is people in some parts of the county can be fined or cited in some other ways for not wearing masks on public and yet the people in the homeless population don't get that same treatment so you have people rising up against that inconsistency and it's helping to fuel the anger and frustration we go to Huntington beach Jeff wears Huntington beach in California for a people who have never been there Huntington beach which is also known as surf city USA officially is on Orange County coast so it's south.

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"In your bank for moving costs for upkeep to your house for emergency funds if you don't have it the fact that they're really high third batch about sixteen thousand dollars a year so that quite a bit that payment and you know we're going from a house that was captivated the fourth so we don't have taxes in our payment L. when you add up at roughly yeah now I don't know what sixteen characterized by twelve but it a lot on top of that payment it does put us at a point of where almost thirteen hundred dollars more on top of that you get kind of close to that thirty five hundred and we have N. H. L. A. and that the area as well so that's kind of where I was thinking I should put more down than twenty percent to get me closer to that email but that's I guess that's where I just wanted to make sure that with the economy the far coronavirus doing fell allow and the stock market making sure I didn't get the exact thing that money and status are putting it down on a house but it it does sound like you're an I. agreement that I should be in our monthly payment I feel comfortable with more than investing the money it's not exactly what I'm saying what I'm saying is don't buy a more expensive house because your realtor is pushing it and so that that's what I'm saying I'm not saying don't you know or put more money down on the house and then have less to invest because in fact I think if your payment is a couple hundred dollars a month more than the thirty five hundred that you're comfortable with keep in mind that you only put down a hundred and thirty you've got seventy thousand dollars in the bank for you to be able to then use to help to make those additional payments per month sure so my thinking on this is Indian you mentioned you know with the stock market is volatile that has recently and I get it your fear is if I take that seventy thousand and I don't put it into the home what will happen to it could I potentially lose it if I invested on the stock market.

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"They said they were getting reports of an earthquake they didn't know where it was located I just found it on the net thought you might like to tell your L. A. listeners where it was located I would rate if you could tell me hahaha so this is the first time getting of that I will say this though oh wait a minute let's see where is it three point one so it's not a big one not too big five miles northwest of upland two miles northwest of the Sierra Madre fault zone well good okay so we do know where it is I didn't know down far enough I have a feeling earthquakes are on the way folks just feeling very strong one and it's backed up by a lot of others I'm getting a ton of faxes and if you have been tracing where they have been in the western Pacific moving then to South America and Mexico then it's fairly obvious there's going to be one of the west coast or on up through Alaska somewhere and it's coming in the next pretty soon that doesn't do your bit of good I'm sure the next pretty soon that's all I I can feel and I do feel there is going to be a pretty soon event they aren't my vote is for Steve Forbes he's a kind of nineties Dr Strangelove don't you think I can just see him in a wheel chair smoking a cigarette with the other hand totally out of control he also has the same wild look in his eye can't wait for the first presidential press conference Forbes is interesting but I I want to hear more of Forbes in other words if I hear him talk about the same one paragraph one more time on television I want to throw up hope for America positive message blah blah blah but you never get any of the details you get that same little speech and then of course given a second opportunity immediately throws in the flat tax and you don't hear anymore that's it's sort of always about I'm sure he's about more than that but we're not getting it do any of you out there other than an occasional debate you don't get any more than the little paragraph Mr Forbes has he almost looks like a marionette sometimes when he says it I'm just I'm not entranced with any of these candidates I think that's what's wrong with me I don't I I do occasionally get excited one primary occurs but this last primary just shuffled the cards you know the same thing is going on we'll see maybe South Carolina will somehow change at all but I doubt it on the first time caller line you're on the air hi right art how you doing fine how are you where I find where you I mean your gene Oregon K. BMW yeah I got a question for yes alright what is the time of your book signing at the Oregon convention center hi news twelve o'clock okay and it's March sixteenth right correct among those are wonderful okay thanks art all right you're welcome it's going to be interesting because I'm doing the show Friday night Saturday so we'll do the show Friday night Saturday get on an airplane Saturday morning and go up and do a book signing all day then I suppose by late night they will pour me into bed this is not gonna be a lot of time I will take that Sunday's Dreamland and do a repeat but I'll tell you you know we've got years and years now of programs of wonderful Dreamland shows worthy of repeating that so many of you have never heard east of the Rockies you're on the air good morning art yes hi how are you okay Sir it's great to talk to you hi where are you in Columbia Missouri Columbia care for you yes Sir yes the first time I heard you was the morning of the Oklahoma City bombing that was a rough one you're live with that care for you when you're on the air and it's the first time I heard you and I've been listening to you now for some time that was a very hard show yes hard you know I've heard several times Simon and mark referring to the morning and we've heard we've heard we've heard our bill and he never stays on Cape are you with the most intense was when that was going on well events dictate and I've had a lot of intentions yeah I mean it you've got to admit this is been in intense time in America yeah all the way around and it was a going in now yes I do I'm.

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"Barricaded roads blocked access to the trains and patrolled the airport at L. A. acts passengers aren't taking chances I do have a mask in here so probably when I get on the airplane I'll put my mask on concerned about this is I don't want to get sick CBS news update I'm Deborah Rodriguez gets prison time for the former top boss and founder of insist therapeutics a pharmaceutical executive John could pour sentenced to five and a half years for what prosecutors say was his role in fueling the nationwide opioid crisis accompany prescribed large amounts of the fentanyl spray that the that the prosecutor said leads to that crisis in the country the sentence is the longest prison term given to seven former executives it insists the Astoria case centered on a medication called subsets a powerful highly addictive narcotic intended to treat patients with cancer suffering from intense pain well dozens of small businesses looking to open marijuana dispensaries let their voices be heard during a meeting with the cannabis control commission in Worcester we get details now from WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe one by one economic empowerment license applicants got up to voice their concerns about the commission's license approval process they say that process has created an unlevel playing field for the little guy in low income areas wanting to open a marijuana dispensary we are not just numbers on paper as we are real actual people Jonathan Spencer of Boston says some applicants have been waiting for months to find out if they are approved and in the interim they're running out of money the regulations are affecting us personally it's making our business is unable to compete with these large corporations which you need to do is possibly lower the qualifications make it a little bit easier for smaller businesses to come into the space and operate the commission says it's committed to adding more licensing staff to speed up the review process given time the cliff WBZ Boston's newsradio six nineteen on a Friday morning and partly cloudy skies thirty five degrees this morning some sun a few clouds later on in the day high temperatures in some cities and towns could reach fifty later on today tying students to some profitable jobs in the tech industry it's part of a technical education reform plan from governor Charlie Baker he makes an appearance a greater Lawrence technical school to map it out Baker calls it the career technical initiative it seeks to team technical schools up with employers to push in Rome and both during the day and at night for don't you want to do something like get a certification Baker says the market demand is there the traditional school the chance to come over in the afternoons and double down on some of the more high demand programs and then make programs available at night the late afternoon and early evening for young adults and adults who want the same opportunity develop the skill game the credential and put it to work in Andover Keren regal WBZ Boston's newsradio this is pretty creepy using modern technology scientists now have a pretty good idea of what a mommy sounded like listen and scientists at the university of London used a three D. printer to copy the vocal tract of the mummy of an Egyptian priests to live three thousand years ago they were able to reproduce a single sound here it is and the kind of sounds like the priest is rather unimpressed with the whole thing and or if you could certainly wake up groggy after sleeping three thousand years maybe you'd have the same reaction and what can't yet the snooze button for another half a millennia or and where is my toothbrush and what's with the body size tourniquet trucks he returned ABC news just.

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"Investment news we was just recently but it talking about a possible plan being floated to L. A. to just the the idea to get into retirement savings plans to pay for different things now the the idea here is to be able to get into a four one K. plans to pay for long term care health insurance premiums or pay off student loans those those are the two ideas now this person writing this article what's his name and and you know we do this was writing this article and I don't even see how you might be just the editors of the magazine there at saying who it is probably as but anyway they're saying that that the issue is that they're just fixing one problem and exacerbating another one which is just the retirement plan and savings issue a lot of people just are saving enough for retirement and they're talking about the median cost for a month stay in a private room in a nursing home but eighty five hundred dollars Korean Genworth about at the hundred thousand dollars here now in some areas I I've kind of mind that say he's a doctor that deals with running a lot of nursing homes and he says it's a it's a bit less than that but it's still high I mean it's pretty still pretty expensive long term care insurance can help pay for such care but the premiums for long term care policies have skyrocketed and a lot of it has to do with just the fact that the end of the expenses and then mount the number of people actually going into long term care facilities was higher than what they thought it would be and they actually thought that people would be dropping the policies at a greater rate than they do once once people why long term care policies they don't get rid of them LA hang onto him for dear life and dumb yeah that's an issue you know the you have a lapse rate issue going on there so since people are dropping them the insurance companies are on the hook for the claims and therefore what they've got to do to be able to get the money for his raise the premiums and I think that stabilized to some extent but anyway there a lot of people are just not willing to pay for the long term care insurance unfortunately in some these people again they're buying hybrid policies I'm not a big fan of the hybrid stuff like near yeah nearly days because what they do is they lower the interest rate that they pay you to pay for long term care premiums the annuities with long term care benefit riders and yeah there there are tax advantages to and people say one thing and there are some tax advantages but all we've done research on it not been have not been a big fan of any of these things special of life insurance because now yeah life insurance that well if you don't go nursing home you're definitely going to die so we got to have a long term care insurance and life insurance put together again you know their hundred pennies on the dollar one of my mentors used to say and you're paying for this stuff some place and it's a lot more expensive than you think it is really gets down to it so I'm not that I've never ever recommended them but I'm very very slow to recommend him and I typically tell people don't take advice on this kind of stuff from somebody selling the product to you they're not gonna be objective I as much as they you want them to be you think that they might be there might be nice people but it's really hard to be objective when you don't get paid unless somebody by something they always say alternatives these needing long term care include paying for out of pocket in spending down assets until they qualify for Medicaid I you don't necessarily want of qualify for welfare and it's just not really palatable because then the government's deciding where you stay and you know it's just not not one of the better ways of handling nursing care expenses in my humble opinion either Mr tuning in enter Mr to me in this plan to allow retirement savers to take up to two thousand dollars a year are there for one K. accounts or individual retirement accounts IRA's tax free and penalty free to pay for long term care premiums I mean you could just make the premiums completely tax deductible I guess it would have the same effect but now they're some limits on that now but that they're you know there could be some tax advantages for people to buy maybe you can get people to buy that way now the other one is to allow savers to withdraw money from for one case up to fifty two hundred dollars and fifty dollars fifty to fifty per year tax free and penalty free to pay off student loans finance college education also some people are looking at that can we have people do that can we get people to be able to pull money out for that reason and you know it all these things in there the good I kinda like the idea in a way yes they would be okay if you get really just become conscious of the fact that retirement faster after every time you go over to get into the retirement account for the first ten percent penalty is this money out because speaking to an older gentleman one time I started this this is my fourth call one it is a state or now can't figure out how to retire hello things you have to consider only four dot com is the website home is about how you get to have their yes if you want to check it out this is the best coaching show through the talks and then seventeen the.

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"L. A. annual line from the Rush Limbaugh show great to have you with us well mark it as a pleasure to talk to you you are just my favorite for Russia and it is just an honor thank you for having me on Hey you've just made by Christmas and old seasons greetings to you too well I had a quick comment for those people and I don't want to do it Euler but I'll tell you I set my husband kicking and screaming to go see the new Star Wars the reviews on that were so terrible well I'm a Die Hard Star Wars fans even allows the ones I wanted to see that we would call and I didn't expect much I have to tell you mark it wasn't good it was outstanding remotely out standing now for those of you who have not seen the movie you cover your ears a lot because why okay pulled pulled pulled spoiler leave the room if you don't want to have that he gave me the the amber pal but time gets impeached leave the room right now okay quotes will again again on and what I've got to say is really not going to spoil the movie there's so many wonderful things that happen in the movie this really about going to be a surprise but I remember I told my husband kicking and screaming when the movie was done she had tears in his eyes that I want to stand up and cheer why why did they give that will be such a bad review and I thought I can tell you exactly why they did they gave that movie a bad review because then in the end of the ordinary arms minister that made the difference the that is done helping the the army is and things of that nature and back why they hated that you know I have often pondered all what Ronald Reagan said on so many times maybe you can remember to mark where he said they're counting on you to be stupid counting on you to be smart hello my friend they said you know you can vote your way in salute them but you're gonna have to shoot your way out or less you will I that's let's start well yeah yeah that is a good lie so you think there is a second amendment subtext in this new Star Wars movie that is why the critics didn't like it yeah yeah what would you you you put them brilliantly they should you should be to you whatever the the new Siskel and Ebert is because you've just given the best two thumbs up I've heard for a movie and a long time I may have to join my kids and go and say it you will love it you will want to stand up and cheer we are taking all of our grand kids tomorrow to go to see it I think that everyone in America should see this movie unless you are working all day you're not been appreciated at all but it's much through the land good versus bad right first things along you will see exactly what I saw okay well that's the best explanation I've heard them as to why a second amendment style wools Bates Judi Dench as a trans gender cat that is let's see we should get you on every week today capsule movie reviews that's brilliant merry merry Christmas to you and yours and and I hope the grand kids enjoy the trip to see of the rise of sky Walker we should we should we we should do we should do that level little bit a little bit more of the motion picture chit chat as of the close of the show dole's neighbor we are supposed to be taking what Nancy Pelosi in kind of a doing seriously I find it a little harder to to do it each time you know I was listening to and say who it is out of embarrassment rises in some of the show and they would go on and on about the various statutes but Ted James pomade do you know James Comey the guy you should have been imprisoned whatever it is three years ago now but oddly enough he still going around plug in books and signing Dale's and we keep getting told the the inspector general's report was really gonna nailing him and it didn't quite nail him if you read all the way up to the fascinating footnote on page seven and thirty four he was kind of semi nailed but they never quite close today on listen to people talking around these broken this statue these broken that statute and the problem with the United States at the federal justice level right now is more basic than that it's small basic than that and we all know it now people said oh well the inspector general's report wasn't really anything wait'll you get the Dow rumor Paul then companies really in trouble he's really going to get it with both barrels right right think about it just be honest I use saws politicians in Washington when they could see if that would if they could seriously give a date as to when the multi trillion dollar debt would actually come down and you can see in their eyes they didn't they didn't think it you know they didn't have that this is same thing now just ask yourself seriously if you can picture tell me ran in any of these people on trial in a criminal court facing the loss of liberty for attempting to genuinely subvert the constitution of the United States and now let's fight at twenty sixteen election okay this report didn't quite do it but now the dumb reports going today really it's looking more and more like it's a it's this simple there's a club and if you're in the club you can do anything you want and if you're outside the club like George Papadopoulos pull manifests road just stone if you won't just stone you'll die in prison for nothing if you George Papadopoulos you'll go to jail for mis remembering to the FBI and the FBI will so dramatically question your wife about your norm crime that she'll miscarry and you lose your baby because he's not in the car and Brandon's in the inside and companies on the inside that's the swamp that's a swamp and this one preaches done go to jail it's as basic as that and that's a very sobering force to confront honestly in I suppose Republic with equality before the law that's a sobering reality to have to confront on Christmas Eve mark sign for rush love small still to come you're listening to the EIB network here is some great news if you missed the deadline to sign up for health insurance or if you sign up for a plan that you're just not happy with you still have a choice it's called medics share it's the affordable alternative to health insurance and it's worked beautifully for twenty five years they have more than four hundred thousand members now around the country Medicare is.

Limbaugh Russia L. A.
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"Is the Lakers mount the hell up if you haven't already the battle for L. A. so much better than our expected so much better and now I am no longer ready to concede it to the clippers this is good one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six best record in the NBA right now yeah I love the way they're doing it lot of swag lot of Jews lot energy entertaining as hell they're relevant again the stars are back out really quickly smother MBA notes Carmelo made his debut for the trailblazers and I want to get into that no one eight hundred six three six eight six eight six double Sweeney came on the show yesterday and we talked about trouble Lawrence and how the way he has turned his season around actually Dallas and was he really was out playing poorly at all if you bat place early on he's playing better right now than he was even at this point last year the devil made was he kind of just block out all the outside expectations word expectations and you take that next level and you've got a star quarterback for Penn state and John Clifford deleting is social because he was getting death threats here we go again had this conversation how many times this is me even a Sean Clifford thing or a Penn state thing is just a really despicable thing I'll get to that lots of it NFL to talk about some really good match ups this weekend and I tried to cut this off before I could get there but it didn't work this email reads dear Carmelo Anthony don't worry about your stats sometimes you just have to knock the rust off I do it every day regards Matthew Broderick Kleinian his spurs together before he takes his wife from morning ride shop online war I ray signing his book by dipping his finger in bird poop like finger paint see that email just all wrong there's nothing good about that your Jimmy even I thought mellows numbers were bad last night sign it Russell Crowe's blood pressure this is why I've got to take on Mel I would not read too much into this it was one game Damian lowered in play he had one shoot around with nobody else involved would you expect this got a shop like Gary Payton these guys show up like John Stockton distribute the rock and they just keep coming Hey wrong seeing mellow back in action last night got me feeling nostalgic it's been a while since I've seen him Jack up a bunch of breaks turn the ball over and his team lose good luck Portland Jeremih in Greenville stop my take on that he ward delante west making a comeback th Hey Rome mellow look great last night and really help this team sign up poop in ice cream bucket of open there's a bucket of ice cream you can put all the ice cream in that pool that you want it doesn't change but one little pitcher that poop in that ice cream Williams at ice cream man out tell a guy you my man or the poop in our ice Chris so good gal John Calipari back in the day you my man or the poop in our ice cream Steve Jackson more mellow heading straight to the LA fitness after the game he has confidence back I'm actually sort of kind of to a certain extent gonna take out form as always I'm going the other way from all you clowns sometimes clones enemy all of you but some you sometimes my clones you are the poop in the jungle ice cream not only that Alvin you see the story about Jerry Jones such a Jerry story to share did he ran into bill Belichick after bill Belichick up broken up by the Browns and Belichick said to him Hey listen I'm coach now I can coach a little if there is an opportunity you might wanna keep me in mind and share it didn't promising that story but doubt Prescott playing a really high level right now easy playing well enough to going to Foxboro via the pats all that still ahead plus cow waiting him Bryant McFadden arrives Markazi and a good phone call if it's there we've all heard of Casper you know the.

Lakers L. A.
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"Yeah but there's so many of, them but they're switching them. Out there was one, really really sweet when you could see it on my Instagram, page which is current This is exciting, have you posted Because your last, post was during the juice cleanse. I. Know which, was months ago yeah so yeah but there is one and I was afraid that. It was going to bite me I swear, this thing has like one tooth you know how, you like year at the top you have like five teeth. Across the top of your mouth they just have a big unit to. Just, look, like a Uni tooth yes so but, the owner of this particular goat I was afraid, it was going? To bite unlike is this yours and she just went up and? Kissed, him right. On the mouth no the? Mouth, so, she's in time out. No no I kinda liked. It I thought. It was sweet Kiss on the mouth right? On, the mouth. That's the dumbest looking animal? 'cause, Llamas. Have got to be. In the on the shortlist I had a I had a pug Pugs just, look like are. Up, to no good and, they're adorable, yeah but sort, of, like you. Know I don't. Know Llamas they're beautiful? They are gorgeous would you agree Ryan the wacky they've got the beautiful eyelashes in giant is friendly a goat and a sheep. And l. a., draft all got together Whereas horses majestic Oh man it. Was really nice one of the guys to the horse barn, opened his, little And allowed our kids to. Go in one and. A time to the horse and this. Is a. Big old, horse too so they. Went in it was very exciting for the kids I love I love how passionate the folks, at the state fair are who come. Out, with their animals and their livestock, cetera how passionate. They are about it. And they love welcoming state fair doors to just come in tilts answer questions and they take real pride in it I I find it to be. Very just just great we love the horse. One thing I wanted. To know because some of the horses. Have like I don't know they've got.

Ryan l. a.
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"What do you say to the the argument in this isn't an argument or a feeling that I have, but I can imagine that in l. a. showroom would say this is that focusing on the negative brings more negative or focusing on them, rings more of that, you'd know, I love that. What do you say to that? But that's bullshit. Yeah. I mean, I used to believe this the so maybe I should have started off with this like I used to believe all of this. I used to believe in manifesting. I used to believe in like being good, white, spiritual woman. There's so many photos. I have my mollahs and all of my things like I'm a good white woman. Okay. People's like I really participated in the spiritual world, a yoga teacher, like I did so good. So I just want to say that I'm sharing all of this because I've been through it. So I'm not a preacher. I'm not on some high horse. I'm not here being like, I'm all evolved follow me. No, no, no. I'm just sharing my mistakes. And my journey and my path. And so I used to believe that, like I don't want to surround myself with anything negative with the haters with the with the bad news because then I'm gonna feel shitty right instead, the way I look at it now is, you know if you don't look at a wound, like if you get a cut on your leg and somebody big gash and you don't look at it and you don't tend to it and you don't get it taken care of. It's going to get worse. It's gonna fester, and eventually it's going to become so much worse. They're going to probably cut off that leg. Right? So it's not that we are now obsessing with only looking at the bad stuff. Rather it's the invitation is if you want to have a clean closet, you have to clean your closet. If you want, if you want to have your life, the incongruency you have to look at the ways that it's not this is the epitome of shadow work and looking at the shadows of our society. If we want to have the ability to stay with all of who we are and not be afraid of a part of ourselves, we have to develop that muscle by looking at the things that are uncomfortable to look at. That's how you develop resiliency, that's how you develop strength. You develop strength by going through the dark..

l. a.
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"An Email Let's go Good l. a. this, is logic and since I got a, new song I had to come by and. Drop it with my boy j. crews. On l. a.'s hip hop morning show About Money Got no Actually What Before Mom where you wanna a road the highway Yeah Cast Grasp Get no better Especially, with a pass No I never Get to what. I, love is Girl Got..

l. a.
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"Did you hear from your bride that this will make fashion choices for the charity preview a little bit more difficult Yes and I'd love to be able to make some announcement on what that's going to be but it'd be just. A little premature but I think. The, odds might. Be pretty good that that a black tie won't be required for certainly for. The charity preview and I and I might add a guy that that's still is a fundamental, part of, this celebration and this week and it's our our intent to make. Every effort to continue to build on that that evening and the dollars that, it raises because that's such an important part, of what we do for our city so it's gonna be exciting whatever format it ends up in but we'll have to reserve more for a little bit later on that, well I know a. Lot of what happens will depend on what the automakers want to. Do with the space. That you offer them, outdoors but having attended l. a. and. Participated in ride and drives and. Things. Like super crews and think where you can actually take technology out and experience it it offers a lot of promise Doug. So, I I know this was not an easy decision and a lot of effort went into it we appreciate that thanks so much guy, were really excited about it and I know we'll have a lot more to talk about here in the very near future all right very good Doug north. Take care we'll see you soon Thank you guys appreciate it very much so I, it, works, for the DA. D. I, think, it's, gonna, work, for, manufacturers. Will get a bigger bang for their buck? I know what's going to work. For journalists who hate coming here in January and my question for you is does it work for..

Doug north l. a.