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"lkn k" Discussed on Computer Talk with TAB

"Ubuntu it is yeah so it works i mean both of them monitors work of the problem is is that um you know i'm using wireless keyboard and mouse and they're just they're just not working well sometimes they work sometimes they don't work day you know stutter when i try and use them so i'm really looking for what's the best solution to set this up with most laptops have recalled docking stations were they have these additional la usb bars in the back on trying to think of an dot the third comport replicate or gator so if you go on hp site where you should be able to look at your envy and look at look at the accessories and sometimes they're wrong with various be partners and we found that even though they're listed as an accessory it may not work um but it should work so if you look at the website it'll have accessories within the accessories look for a port replicator okay for your laptop and what you're gonna end up doing is plugging the port replicator into one port on the laptop and the neronha already have your monitors plugged into it you're going to have your keyboard and mouse plugged into the port replicator as well and now you're able to just kind of plug it in an is count your docking but but it's a that that laptop is not daca bullet on thank trail at one cable rightist connected to make everything every lkn further if it keyboard and mouse her they were they're not wireless fan will you can make a mile so you could actually plug the little usb wireless dungl in the back of the port replicator so you could communicate that way if you want to be wireless i i hate wireless stuff because the batteries are now they go ban and they don't connect nicking i mean they can be a big pain so wired always works for me not but you can make it work through that poor replicator so if if they have it if they don't have one for that model laptop your cadillac you're going to be dealing with what you've had been dealing with because.

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"lkn k" Discussed on Today's Health And Wellness

"All right trevor brought you guys ready nagas raided vitamin hey i don't get to our become in his own vitamin ice i see a sweat i'm asking questions first so you're describing those right there yet atta him all right and he's going to try to answers mazy can i'll tell you run times up or if you never need to pass if you can't describe it just go ahead pasqua on the next one ready cassette and go artists a big vegetable for irish but it's sweet potato but what kinds sweet potato their regarding okay um robert cds carrots boom okay oh man this one's tough night in the skipper heard this is the first that you can get out of a can tuna tuna there we go this is a very sweet fruit but it's on orange it's more tropical pineapple not quite nyg way it's orange going so an orange it's orangecolored nile orange mandra orange mundane come on stuck in the orange loaded a 10second hall here this is this is the number one ingredient of a salad what slow skibbe had number one agree universality of that led us civilian we'll give it to him at times up at all or polikoff ira guide air dan what was the arrangement on this amazing go mango jerry lkn goes our award i didn't i was trying to find a way decided it without really say as good as okay okay so as we'll get a help has nice job by the way bret half by the way truscott completely rigged this.

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"I don't remember i don't remember where luke skywalker is i don't remember i i forget everything and then i go in and so to me i'd always here since you were twelve no no no i know i'm you for all of them even seeing the last one like i like the lat elect rogue one i don't remember now what i i liked the force awakens i don't remember religous story for me star wars i want to sit there and i want to be entertained and i wanted to feel like a star wars the the most important thing our to feel it histone wars movie and i wanted to be a lot of action and i want to be entertained i did you will get all of that a dislike us in the middle area fun movie senators were walking around town enough pass we don't talk about those those don't exist is you don't have to think about those in a bad dream i i don't tune into wsb really here view as you've gotta anything else that conspiracy theorists alex jones says that the alabama sit at race was rigged really you saying he doesn't think it's on the up and up and they as they do all over the country have the dead people voting and had the folks loss in and those democratic areas and they stole the election when my research shows why more probably would have won by six seven points your research shows what's your research we poll on for people in the state well vile all a noisy we determined that uh voter suppression efforts wadi white majority we're not working with it should of and so so so they got blood busloads of black people come little mississippi and they all boded in his election one about the right invoke that's a your feed the right in vote was most of the republicans and then there was a by a larger percentage than what you lows lkn were locked troy people all over the country were noting in this election is terrible every leaders that your alex jones research center is what are you got this at where's that landed basement of infowar dot com we had five or six very tractor brunettes who are busti.

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