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"l. hallmark steph nora" Discussed on The Stephen King Boo! Club

"Now go we've got. I've got well so I've got one on this like an actual literary analysis section. And you've got something about our learn. Sabo Jesus Christ and I do and both important but definitely yours more important. Definitely I would say that this is maybe the most important literary analysis I've done in my podcasting life. Yeah yeah for all of the episodes of the Dean Koontz Boo Club. Where you know how we just like to tear into the literary backbone that the Kunstler provides us. I think this is your hardest hitting work. Do you actually start us? Gal Kick is a yoga. Yeah I've got the timer out Just yeah three to one kick. It is Geen Kunst. Is the face a Christmas book? We've all heard the argument. Is this a Christmas movie? It always comes up regarding die. Hard and since diehard is my favorite holiday movie and is also ICAN. Truman's favorite holiday movie. You might see where this segment is going. I'm going to talk about die hard a lot and I asked the question though does does it matter why absolutely it matters you can order. Matters can be hard for some people. I'm sorry the Christmas the Christmas season Stevens the Hawk days. We're GONNA get to the head. The stress the capitalism the family. How many people do you know that love Christmas time? What about people that hate it for many people? The best part is a gradual delightful shift in media to messages of hope. Togetherness home alone L. Hallmark Steph Nora. Roberts doubles you. Know the drill for me. It's the media that makes this season and the definition of media then becomes about providing people with joy in time that may be joyless with that said of course the faces a Christmas book Specifically Christmas 'cause let's be honest Dean Kootz probably spouted off about the war on Christmas at some point and likely doesn't say happy holidays. You know yeah sure for sure so like any great holiday film or book. I'm thinking specifically like a few key holiday books Like the Bible like eyes are burning your time. I'll give you another thirty seconds. I read let it snow than it. Smell it snow by John. Green this year on Christmas. That was really nice. You should read that two extra recommended reading for you so like aunt actually in kind of like the Bible this starts on a dreary day in December and the main character does not recognize it. All that it's Christmas time. It doesn't cross his brain. Why would it? How could he? He's dealing with these wacky tacky messages from these psychopaths. Also his wife is dead. He isn't put up a tree. Any more you know what I mean the villain however knows. It's Christmas because like the wet bandits. He knows that the best time to 'cause fucking problems is Christmas time. Don't even tell me. Also doney does not represent angel on top of the tree with Agnes. Joel Dead Ass Techs. John does definitely does he. I mean he is the Guardian Angel in your book is literal yet. Also Frick to think about at least one scene with frick. A boy who does not have normal thinking longingly about them for the same reason the ABC family plays Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone on Christmas every year. Frick is used as a symbol of hope. He's he's the young boy opening the present and the love of of being saved by Truman. From Psychopath we shall be saved this Christmas as you know if you read the book some major scenes take place on December. Twenty four th twenty fifth and Twenty Six Which encapsulates diehard argument? If it's on Christmas it's Christmas movie right. There are some books that are even less. Christmasy that get the Christmas designation also. Let's think about the other things that make holidays Besides the date sides December twenty fifth does the Book End With Hope. It sure does sure does like many holiday films in books and albums. Is there a weird dais x? Makia you bet. Does God get involved at some point hundred percent? You Got Twenty seconds. Does the Word Santa? Appear in the text. A Quick Control F. Says yes it. Sure does Ethan. Gets his heart worm kind of in a roundabout way? We'll call that the grinch treatment honestly. I would love to see the hallmark Christmas movie version of this book time. That was beautiful. You I mean it was amazing you perfectly budgeted that extra thirty seconds. I gave you interrupting constantly. Yeah Man I mean you've sold me. I'm definitely going to reread this every Christmas season. I can't imagine spending Christmas without my favorite x cops current cops and A small boy named L. Frick. Because really that's you know that's just what reminds me to worship. You know all right. I'm putting four minutes on the clock. Ready set anarchy and media babies. So this book is many things it's a thriller its horror kind of. It's a buddy cop book. It's a Christmas story but maybe more than anything else. This book about its main chaotic Falen Corky Lepore own. Now as we've mentioned corky gets up to all sorts of hanky business including handing out free access to the children faking racist graffiti which is itself a racist act but whatever and terrorizing an English professor for weeks because that professor like Mark Twain or whatever corky is a classic archetype chaotic villain. Which is the topic of not so silent corner. Today you may be familiar with chaotic villains. One of the most iconic of our time is the joker specifically. I'm talking about Heath Ledger. Joker from the no-one Batman trilogy say it with me now some men aren't looking for anything logical like money they can't be bought. Boyd reasoned or negotiated with some men. Just want to watch. The World Burn. Chaotic villains are interesting because they are motivational quite simple while being complex from a textual analysis standpoint as characters they can be fairly flat that's because they are defined by their single-minded dogged pursuit of chaos disruption of the social order what makes them compelling is not who they are which runs counter to what makes many villains interesting in modern fiction. These not tend to be complex characters. What does make them? Interesting in? My opinion is primarily three factors. One they serve as narrative foils for their adversaries to they allow us to feel fear and anxiety about the potential downfall or disruption of our own society and three they can be evil entertaining logical ways in order of the three for Corky corgis actions and sensibilities served a highlight. What is good about? Ethan's actions in sensibilities where corky wants to undermine society. Ethan works to uphold and reform it as an ex-cop although really he's treated as if he's still a detective for the entire Book Ethan. Works to uphold the law. It's only one corky. Actions put him into crisis that he must find his own balance of working within and without the system and must look at what is just versus. What is legal to Corky is a very clear analog for late ninety s early audits fears about the decline of society. His chaos is not ultimately that chaotic his undermining actions all take the forms of prominent social ills and concerns personified so to go back to him distributing drugs at the arcade. This action makes him a kind of magnifying glass. Putting into sharp relief the ways in which we may have been afraid about society falling apart at the time side note. He's ledgers. Joker does the same trick by blowing up several important buildings in crowded city. Neither form of chaos is random but rather specific to the fears of the time third violent entertainment value. Chaos is fertile ground for novelty. If you have a villain who has a specific set of motivations that can be interesting that person however is unlikely to to pull random action out of a hat ruin four out of every five yards in a nice neighborhood because he wants to create infighting nine chaotic villain. Just AIN'T GONNA get up to the same glorious cartoon nonsense because they have to abide by like logic and character motivation or whatever now Stephen if I have any time left. I'd like to invite you to join me and try to find other fun chaotic villains. So the Joker. We already have all of his various forms. I also thought about Loki specifically from the comic sometimes veers into this territory. God of chaos hole. Thank what what came to your mind. What do you think Chaotic VILLAINS VILLAINS LIVE JUST TO PRODUCE FEAR yeah chaos fear Specifically this isn't like villains that don't care about the law this is specifically villains that want to produce massive disruption for no personal gain but just like like bullimore isn't recognized villain yet. Yeah of all the more. It's a communist for sure which is very different. Yeah I mean I just heard your brain stall I'm having A. I'm having a hard time thinking the first thing that came. Yawkey so first of all. I'm having a hard time thinking of Regular VILLAINS EVEN. I know there's a bunch of them but I can think of a bunch of real people like serial killers and some disorganized The Green River killer was super disorganized. Richard Rodriguez he just lived to make people as many people as miserable as possible. Why would sometimes leave some people alive and things like yeah? Yeah yeah well. It's just like review Red Fox five said you know. It's scary to think that people like corky exist so I thought was fun that ties into what you're talking about is you mentioned that. Corky kind of represents like nineties decline of society the S. hundred percent now. The joker is famous for always following whatever? The major fears of society are the forties and fifties and sixties jokers gangster. And the two thousand and ten gang. One is a terrorist. You know what I may yet and so interesting to see. Like what would the Corky look like of two thousand twenty? Would it be like a like a crazy urologist? Who lets out we have covert night? Yeah yeah so we have kind of that going on in the most recent joker movie where they reimagined him as kind of like the lone gunmen outside or figure Which is totally in line with our fears today in American Society So you know we we kind of because the joker is still in our public imagination. We're going to keep seeing that happening over and over again. Which is awesome. I think we should keep doing that. I really you know I just really like unlike Media Stephen. You know at the end of the day. I found that very cathartic to actually think for a hot fucking second. That was awesome learned. College I'm sorry I'll stop cooking up the PODCAST. Do you want to go to our adaptation section? Which one do I shoot alright? So as you all know there are relatively few adaptations of being Kuhn's work which is a shame liberally. There's like twenty with over a hundred and five novels published. None of them got really any critical acclaim. And you. You know we hate doing things liberally on this podcast right now. Don't even want she said on. The face does not have any known adaptations. So we'll play our favourite game on the Dean Koontz. Boo Club cast that show. Yes Sir would you like to go first Steven? I sure would do it all right. Ethan. I'm choosing Liam Niessen obviously fair point while we do this let's give our audience a brief reminder who all these characters are because there's so many fucking characters in this book okay so either as the main character ex-cop detect next cop detective grizzled headed security. Yeah that Dude Hazard Fancy side. I'm picking Reginald L. Johnson who is the black cop in the movie Die Hard Jer Definitely For Ralph Rayner who is sidekick to the main villain yeah kind of social outsider obsessed with old movies kind of Weird Jesse Eisenberg ally by that. Yeah I buy that for sure for Alfred. I'm picking Noah's knock from thanks. Yeah I mean. He's no jar he'll do it he's GonNa crush it. Donny I saw Donnie as Martin Sheen. Why no hold on? Why does how I that was? Well I guess he was kind of a like gangsters flash party boy in life so Martin reform typecast. He has so many good roles like you into any generic white guy. He'll make interesting. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I'm the same way.

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