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Who is next in line to get a vaccine?

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Who is next in line to get a vaccine?

"The people over the age of seventy and some living with and caring for an elder. We'll be next in line to receive the covid nineteen vaccine. The state health department is now providing details about who will get the next vaccine doses in the coming months. Here's more from kywz. Tom ponzi the state. Health department in washington governor made significant modifications to vaccine allocation guidelines from the. Cdc right now. Cove shots are limited to healthcare workers first responders and nursing homes. The timeline after that in washington state will be divided into four tiers says assistant health secretary michelle roberts tier one includes two groups all people age seventy and older and people aged fifty and older who live in multi generational households. These older americans will probably get inoculated beginning late this month to be followed in february by teachers cops bus drivers and other vulnerable essential workers as long as they're fifty or older adults of all ages with multiple underlying health conditions will get their turn after that in march. I'm tom banzi in olympia.

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