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"kyw steve tower" Discussed on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM

"Late addition presented by certain a mattress i'm dave barrett it may be cold across the country this weekend in some people may stay inside perhaps curl up with a new book company the seen it a bookstore in dc say thank you sales started today of their scathing review of the trump white house the book fire and fury author michael wolff telling nbc i spoke to people who spoke to the president on a deal we sometimes minute by minute base in philadelphia kyw steve tower says sales at several bookstores were brisk seller of bucket kelly was aware that the publication was moved up four days from the original release date because of demand default hopped there had in the door and nikko dealer michael wolff launch rich was among those turned away wouldn't just how completely crazy donald trump is that he just thought fit to view the person the united states if trump claims fire furious phony lowery and right now that book is the top seller on amazon mr trump did not mention it as he left the white house for the weekend david we have a lot of things to work on a lot of things do aqap snow came in the past day and the cold keeps coming in boston i can in the summer and then when kerry really curry crazy along the east coast wind chills could go from minus fifteen to feeling like 25 below zero from philadelphia to boston work cbs's kenneth craig has the latest resident here in new england are not only dealing with more than a foot now we got very very high where and now be arctic temperature it's a tough situation for some there are a number of communities up and down the massachusetts shoreline that so what and a tide like they have never seen before so a thirteen inches of snow or more not bad enough there are so many people who are now trying to get water out of their homes from flooding that happened during the height of the store in boston 30 percent of flights that logan airport has been canceled today buck flight aware ceo daniel baker says there is improvement since the storm in general by saturday you're like will have a lot more airplanes boukrouh in the.

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