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"kyw gardner" Discussed on WTMJ 620

"The pact's lost to the ravens sunday there's marquette in mali this afternoon the bucks at home tonight against the wizards doug has sports fifteen a baby for refugees in milwaukee the milwaukee jewish federation putting on a celebration with a group open arms now walkie health acclimate the mothers to the us organizer kyw gardner miss love says the support in the community is amazing have donated throw donated i feel so about the warm that the general community is extended to refugees tralima projects helping provide basic items for babies that can sometimes be very costly communities affected by severe weather this year more help from the white house federal funds are needed for recovery from hurricanes harvey erma and maria which together ragged parts of texas the gulf coast florida and the caribbean the fourbilliondollar recent request brings the total so far this requested to one hundred million dollars leaders in affected areas say that simply not enough senator john cornyn of texas says he'll continue to ask for more help we are asking to be treated fairly and we we intend to fight for the the white house responded to critics saying that forty four billion is a lot of money and the texas needs to come up with some money on its own clayton neville dallas firefighters and west alice now believe the fire in an apartment conflicts over the weekend was caused by a candle the fire was contained to a single apartment in the senior living facility near one hundred and 18th and cleveland one person hospitalized are expected to survive wisconsin is he libanan also furthest coexist ripoll season thanks in large part to a stifling defense uh their best players on that so the wall national recognition tg edwards is named one of the finalists for the but is a word this morning give it out annually to the nation's top linebacker edwards is second on the team and tackles tied for the team lead in interceptions with four but he closed out the big ten season at minnesota saturday and then wait to the big ten championship in.

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