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"kyrie curry" Discussed on Game Theory Podcast

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"kyrie curry" Discussed on Game Theory Podcast

"And I think it's something for Milwaukee going like, yo, we need another big, our front course of Giannis and Bobby portis is just not enough, and that's a correct assessment. We don't know what's going to happen with brook Lopez. And if he's coming back, this is just good another good big and he could stretch the floor a little bit with his shooting. I think that was just for me. That was actually a very sneaky, good trade from Milwaukee to just add another big man that they desperately needed. And who knows what they're going to get in the buyout market? Yeah, I'm glad that you mentioned the shooting aspect of Serge Ibaka, that's a really good fit for them. They need the shooting. I worry a little bit about him and drop coverage. He can kind of float a little bit all over the place in drop. He's not like, he's never been the most positionally sound defender, I guess, surge. But if you can kind of limit the limit the movement, maybe you make it easier on him and it's obviously easier on him whenever he has since had a kumpo floating on the backside and cleaning up every single mess imaginable. But it's a really good offensive fit. It's another big to give them minutes. I agree. I think it's a really good pickup. I mean, I'm surprised that they, I guess they got two seconds as well with Dante, moving daunte and getting two seconds is probably a better move, I guess. But I also think the addition of the ultimate heel Grayson Allen has kind of allowed the lesson. In need of deep Vincenzo, right? Like I don't feel like they're gonna miss it. There's no way they were resigning him. Yeah, and so, you know, just getting that value now, I think it's a smart one. And this is in a position of need. I thought was like a really, really good one because like we just said, like, yo, teams need big men in the east, you know? The one thing I'm looking at Brooklyn's roster. I'm like, you guys don't have a stretch big. Old ridge a little bit, but you don't really have after that, not the way Blake Griffin's looked and things like that. After that, it really gets very tough for them. But a lot of these teams are going to need that. And I think that's why Serge Ibaka is going to play a pretty important role for Milwaukee. I think going forward. And I thought that was a sneaky little pickup for them. Yeah, like I'm assuming that Brooklyn will play small in most games and then they acquired Andre Drummond in this deal, essentially to bang with Joel embiid when necessary. How small can they play? Can they get away with Kyrie, curry and mills? Like that's too small, right? Like that. That's like mo, you're going nuts, right?.

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