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"kylie o. reilly" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

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"kylie o. reilly" Discussed on The RCWR Show with Lee Sanders

"Dane get screw. I just can't help but because you know for me personally drake maverick man. I haven't seen him do it in a in a minute man but i tell you what some of the shit that he was doing at impact wrestling particularly he. That little bag guy at one point that you you just yet you hated him you want for somebody to get their hands on him and beat the crap out of him and everything I can't help but wonder if maybe fans georgia fans are kind of looking at this wrong way when the way they should be looking at. It is maverick is the one that's actually going to be a training killian dane downli and say. I told us an interview. A couple couple of interesting highlights here. I thought it was pretty cool. And everything basically question was atwitter not was it a mistake with regards to You e- the undisputed era As far as adam. Cole is concern. He pretty much carried all of those guys in the u. e. just like he had been carrying an xt on his back pass for years. Talked about kylie o. Reilly a kyle riley him getting my spy. You know it ain't happening you know. He's the new face in the next t. He opened up annex t he then at annex t like he's replacing me now you know. He's he's not even doing an out if i got something to say about. It talked about carrying cross say carrying across is good nassar of. He's great also talked about their first championship title. Rang for carrying cross saying hey a freak accident slash mistake. That happened when he got injured and had to relinquish the title. Adam cole can't help but wonder if it truly was a frequent steak or if maybe carrying across just isn't ready but made no mistake about it that when the time comes. And he has his eyes set for that. Inex- t world title clock is ticking or carrying cross. So i mean that pretty much was the meat and potatoes of the adam cole. interview and Pretty much as far as what's next. He would not reveal it but pretty much one thing you can count on is when he shows up he's going to be making an impact and all that so. I mean just the way that you were kind of left fars impressions go. You're really left with the impression he's not done with kelly o. Reilly not by a long shot. And i just found it pretty interesting. That after his interview was over somehow pan back to a monitor and basically were shown that kylie. Oh rolly.

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